Accio (Year 4) Pulls something towards you.

Age Line Spell (Ritual) Keeps people from passing it based on age. Aguamenti (Year 4) Produces Jet of Water from tip of wand. Alarte Ascendare (Year 2) Shoots an object or creature into the air. Alohomora (Year 1) Unlocks a door. Door must be tapped three times. Anapneo (Year 6) clears a target's airway if blocked. Anti-Jinx (Year 5) Anteoculatia (Year 3) Target grows antlers Aparecium (Year 2) Makes invisible items appear. Apparate (Year 5) teleports target Aqua Eructo (Year 4) control water (summon elemental?) Arania Exumai (Year 2) Pushes spiders back. Aresto Momentum (Year 3) Slows target Ascendio (Year 4) Lifts caster into the air Avada Kedavra (Year 5) Kills a person. Avifors (Year 2) Turns an inanimate object into birds. Avis (Year 4) Shoots birds out of wand. Bat-Bogey Hex (Year 3) Causes a targets bogies to grow wings and attack target. Baubillious (Year 3) Shoots a bright bolt of white light from the tip of the wand. Bombarda (Year 3) Creates a small explosion. Carpe Retractum (Year 3) Produces a magical rope attatched to caster's wand that pulls objects towards the spellcaster.

Cave Inimicum (Ritual) Warns of approaching enemies. Can also be used to write into objects. Episkey (Year 6) Heals minor injuries Expoximise (Year 1) Sticks an object to another like glue) Evanesco (Year 4) Makes things vanish . Cistem Aperio (Year 2) opens a chest. Diminuendo (Forces an object to shrink (Year 5) Dissendium (Year 2) Opens a hidden door Engorgio (Year 3) Makes an object larger. Descendo (Year 5) Lowers an object from a height. Colovaria (Year 1) Can be used to change one's hair color and style. Confundo (Year 3) Causes the victim to become confused and befuddled. Deprimo (Year 7) Presses down on subject. Colloportus (Year 4) Magically locks door Colloshoo (Year 2) Used to glue someone's shoes to the ground. including walls and stairs. Crucio (Year 5) Inflicts horrible pain (Dark Curse) Defodio (Year 6) Causes gouges to appear in the object. causing damage Deffindo (Year 4) Tears a target or area of target. Used for digging. Confringo (Year 7) Causes anything the spell comes in contact with to explode into flames. Deletrius (Year 4) Removes magical after-effects Densaugeo (Year 4) Causes a victim's teeth to grow rapidly Depulso (Year 4) Teleports victim to other location.

Everte Statum ( .

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