EDC 6610: Lecture 3

Learning occurs in realistic setting

Complex interplay among students¶ existing knowledge The social context The problem to be solved



Their interaction creates knowledge

Activity (practice)

Concept (knowledge)

Learning (Brown et al., 1989)

Culture (context)

As a cumulative history of interactions


As a reflective tool in constructing knowledge

Provide learners with the means to understandings by assembling prior knowledge

Transfer of knowledge occur through«

Involvement of authentic task that create meaningful context

Understanding= effective knowledge Structure of learner + Thinking and performances + Activities/task

Jonassen (1991a) Stages of knowledge acquisition

Introductory Advanced Expert

Objectivistic Approaches

Constructivist Approaches

the identification of the context in which the skills will be learned and subsequently applied the capability of the learner to manipulate information

The need for information to be presented in a variety of different ways Supporting the use of problem solving skills

Assessment focused on transfer of knowledge and skills

Reigeluth (1989) The task of ID

To instruct the student on how to construct meaning, as well as how to effectively monitor, evaluate and update those constructions

To align and design experiences for the learner so that authentic, relevant contexts can be experienced

To show students how to construct knowledge To promote collaboration with others to show the multiple perspectives that can be brought to bear one particular problem To arrive at self-chosen positions to which they can commit themselves, while realizing the basis of other views with which they may disagree

Constructivism & Cognitivism

Learning as

a mental activity

Constructivism & Cognitivism

Learner actively involved

in the learning process

Learner must have prior knowledge Teacher should know the students¶ ability The reality is only in the mind of the learners

` Yes,

it is applicable to teaching but it depends to many factors from many sources. Teacher should be able to manipulate these in order to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and learning process

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