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Vendor Invoice

Vendor Invoice

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Published by: praveeena on Nov 22, 2010
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Vendor Invoice


Enter the date , vendor code , the necessary G/L acct and the cost center. Enter the business place , section code The reference field is for putting the bill no.

We can make enteries directly for service vendors invoices ( without PO based) through this screen . . MIRO.Enter the business place . For PO based invoices we have to make a PO and route it through MIGO . section code.The reference field is for putting the bill no.

PO based Invoice Verification : .The above invoice entry is manual invoice entry ( Non PO based).


Then . . Now .Put the tax amount only when you need to deduct TDS from the invoice .The steps to invoice verification: Enter the invoice date ( i. In the amount column put the invoice amount. The transaction code F-51 as listed below in the screen.e the date on which you are doing the invoice verification) . since for this since a reverse entry ( through ³MR8M´)is passed we have to manually clear the FI entry generated at the time of Invoice verification with the reversal entry passed. Enter the Bus place / sectn .The bill no can be taken as the reference no . which is wrong .e the date mentioned on the invoice)and posting date( i. If we put the tax amount same as the invoice amount as done above then this will mean that the whole of the invoice amount is deducted as tax . put the PO no along side the ³Purchase order / scheduling agreement´ and the system will capture the relevant PO.

Here as we can see that the tax amount is taken as Nil and then we simulate the invoice by selecting from the Invoice document field above . .

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