The Tablet PC and Pen Computing

Aaron Brethorst Student Consultant U of MN

Previous Attempts  The Tablet PC  What differentiates it?  Advantages of the Tablet PC  Disadvantages of the Tablet PC  Demos  Wrap-Up

Previous Attempts
Grid GRIDPad It ran DOS 3.3, weighed 4.4 pounds, and cost $2400. Grid stopped innovating and died.

Previous Attempts
Windows for Pen Computing It ran Windows 3.11 (WfW) Before its time and underpowered.

Previous Attempts
Apple Newton MessagePad (don’t laugh…) Another device before its time.

Previous Attempts
Pilot/PalmPilot/Palm Light, cheap, easy to use, durable, long battery life.

The Tablet PC
  

The best attempt yet. A “real” computer. Tons of power.

What Differentiates It?

Electromagnetic Digitizer
• Not a touch screen. • Very high quality results.

Pressure sensitive.  Good battery life.  Usable handwriting recognition.  Runs Windows & Windows software.  Performs speech recognition.

Advantages of the Tablet PC
Usable for graphics design.  Light and rugged.  Convertible models allow keyboard use.  A natural way of computer interaction.  Tablet PC SDK is programmable through the .Net Framework.

Advantages of the Tablet PC

Produced on a Tablet in ~15 minutes

Disadvantages of the Tablet PC
Handwriting recognition not 100%.  A little too thick for prolonged (2+ hours) Tablet-mode writing.  Hinge only has 180˚ rotation (on Toshiba Portégé 3500 at least).  Speech recognition leaves much to be desired in noisy environments.

Check out for links, this presentation, and more info.  Raffle.  Play with the Toshiba Portégé Tablet.

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