Other Kinds of Speech

y Manuscript Speech y Impromptu Speech y Speaker Introduction y Team Presentation

Manuscript Speech
The most formal kind of business speaking is a manuscript speech. In manuscript speech we read word for word. We can¶t made any addition by ourselves. Example 

Business Presentation Business Meeting

Situations for Manuscript Speech 
Company Rules  Company Policies  Company Mission  Legal Matters  To Introduce Someone

Guidance to Write Manuscript Speech 
Establish the Object  Analyze the Audience  Structure the Message  Rhythm  7c¶s of Business Communication

Establish the Object
What do you want to achieve from this manuscript speech Example  Provide Information  To Introduce Someone  To define Something

Analyze the Audience
You should make a speech according to the level of your audience (you centered approach) We can analyze our audience according to these factors: 

Knowledge Personality Perception Attitude Behavior

Structure the Message
In structuring the message we can noted on these points for getting better results 
Effective Opening  Effective Closing  Supporting Details  Audience Interests  Length of Message

Rhythm means flow of the words, sentences and paragraphs It is most important for the writing manuscript speech
Example: ³Give me liberty or give me death´ (Rhythm) ³Give me liberty or death´ (Unrhythmic)

7 C s of Business Communication
If we are writing or speaking we must follow the 7 C¶s of business communication
1. Completeness 2. Clarity 3. Conciseness 4. Courtesy

5. Concreteness 6. Consideration 7. Correctness

Main Problems in Manuscript Speech
y The main problem in manuscript speech is the

y We used the writing style instead of speaking style

Suggestion to help Manuscript Speech
y Page and Margin (1/3 of page) y Never break the sentence between two pages y Never staple the pages y Underline the keywords y Audience the interaction y Non-Verbal Communication y Speak with out break for 50 minutes

Length of Manuscript Speech
The most important thing in manuscript speech is the length of the speech For a 10 minutes speech you must have a speech on 20 pages

Impromptu Speech
Impromptu speech is talking on the spur of the moment with out advance preparation Examples:
A customer may ask you to explain a certain services Your boss suddenly says ³Bing up-to-date on a certain project´

Suggestions to help Impromptu Speech 

Anticipated Keep it short Organize as well as you can Relate to experience

Speaker Introduction
When you are asked to make an introduction for someone who is about to speak, your job is to make the audience want to listen. You want to interest them in topic and increase their respect for the speaker.

Important things in Introduction 
Start with greetings or welcome Certainly no longer than 5 minutes Maintain effective eye contact Control on facial expressions

Team Presentation
In team presentation instead of one person delivering the entire presentation, a series of people deliver it. Team presentation is fairly common in business. Example: Group Presentations

Problems in Team Presentation 
Each member focus only on his own task Lack of coordination No Rehearsal Different slide styles Different languages Lack of communication

How to get ride on these problems 
Listening Coordination Sharing of Information Respect for each other Language Communication Hard work Rehearsal (at least 2 times)

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