I Mariz S. Dela Cruz of IV- Newton is the President of the Supreme Student Government at Sarrat National High School for the first, second, third and fourth grading. Here are the list of Accomplishment as the School President; I and the SSG officers implemented all the Rules and Regulations of Supreme Student Government in our school. I and the SSG officers conducted a fund raising program in our school during the Christmas Program in which the fund we gathered are used in the school farm of the school. I and SSG officer were able to solicit two big speakers, amplifier from Atty. Kris Ablan. I and the SSG officer provided the financial assistance needed in the fixing of the musical intruments in our school. We were able to make our own t-shirt as the SSG Officers. Every Program we are the organizer of it and we make sure that it will be a successful one. Every testing period we make sure that test permits are distributed. Every morning during the Flag Ceremony it is our obligation to go manage discipline among students. We roamed around to gather the fines for every grading period, the gathered fines are the one which we are using during programs and whenever our school is need of help. Last December we made a Project which is the most discipline section, cleanest and most organize zones and areas in which every student and teacher are cooperating with one another in order to have a clean and green area. We also made a project last Christmas in which the winning student in raffle Bonanza will win cavan of rice, cellphone , 3 grocery items , electric fan and 10 load worth 100 pesos it is also our way to help the students in our school. I attented all the meetings regarding on how to be an effective leader, like National Leadership Training held in Baguio. I attended seminars like tree planting, tree growing and tree caring program in

Very Truly Yours. 6 Sarrat National High School.which I was able to implement it in our school as a matter of fact we the SSG officers of Sarrat National High School and Newton students planted trees at Brgy. DELA CRUZ SSG President Signed: __________________ MR. In Behalf on the SSG Officers thank you for molding us to be the future leader of our generation. MICHAEL MALVAR SSG Adviser . I uphold the name of our school as I won in the election of Supreme Student Government Secretary in the entire Region I. Tan and Mr. I uphold the name of our school as I won in the election of Supreme Student Government Vice. ____________________ MARIZ S. TAN SSG Adviser _____________________ MR. Malvar we are able to do our task as the SSG officers. Being the SSG President is not easy but thanks to God and with the help pf our SSG Advisers Mr.President in the Division of Ilocos Norte. Michael B. Romeo P. because of your guidance and support we are able to made all of the things listed above. ROMEO P.

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