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Hnd everything up north" from cultural heritage sites, to excellent cuisine. from fine sandy beaches to cool mountain weathe'r ... it's all there! Covering the four northern regions, of the COlin try - llocos, Cagayarn Valley, the Cordilleras and Central Luzon - North Ph ilippiines has much more to offer than people had previously imagined.

For inquiries, calli the North Philippines Visitors Bureau at (632) 637~679'8. or any of its affiliate loe:a I Conventions and Visitors Burea us locatedin Parnpanqa, Greater Clark" Greater Subie, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Pangasinan West, La Union. Baguio, lIiocos Norte, and (agayan North (see directory listing at the bock if the magazi1le)

It is fast becomlng the preferred destlnatlon for meetlnqs, incentives, conv'entio,ns and exll iibition:s because of iils great faeil ilias and dose proxi mity to Metro Mili11ila .. Just 1I1 car rideaway, And now, the North is even more accessible with the new North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and the recently opened Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway t(SCTEx).

Together; let us experience North Ph ilippines, Red iscover the North!

ReiJiscover lheNCJRTH

_- -- .--



QUICK TIPS FOR PINOY FESTIVALS Braving the crowds at PiMY festivals is a piece of cake if you remember some helpful tips.



Tile Greater Subic Bay TOllrlSm Bureau intensifies efforts to make

Subic even better,



With 80 many things to do in Sublc Bay, this vacation spor has remained a favorite afllong visitors.




VIVA LA INDEPENDENCIA! PictLU"CS speak volumes about Philippine history"


CAPONES LlGHiTHOU5E Tile need for better navigation guIde, in '!he ""''''try during the

SparJl5:h cQ'lon'ia' times 9~ve I

to the oonemrctlor» of tile Ten Plrer Order SI)bnish Li9h>thou~.8_ One of wni<n ... the Cap" nes ligh,h 0<.""

bullt in 11'190. This lig:htihou~e servecl as the rnaln artery of ~hlps navigating t heir way towa rds CI1Jina.

"".'_.pb •• b~.IOI.AN ANrTONIO ,ill: ~ ....... _ ...... .:ooo._ ...




The North boasts of <u handful of pristine beaches,

-.- _-

... ~~~. ~



Clark Freeport offers so much more than what t~pect.

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.iiill .:iiMARllJu'ga,I, walans iligil ang 'lIat, "",aJang ,:isilllns .:lara. Me .nlll me talaga ..




Pangasinenses are grateful

that something is fishy in their province.




;. LUCVIl: Let's Dance

> MNTCTree Planting' Activity



7 NPVB Welc:ome Note 6 Northbound Staff 46 Directory

54 North Luzon Map


MANAGING EDITOR Ivan Anthony Henares

EDITORIAL & PRODUCTION PICO ]nteg.mted Marketing Agency


Renz Joshua Posedio, Roald Gallliope, Ian Dexter Marquez.TB Delgado, Arnold Zafra, Claude Tayag, Dan St. Mars

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Claude Tayag, Krist}' Ann Texon, Christa de la Cruz, Sol Racelis



Joan Cyril Malhri, J canna Montoya, Malvin Romero, Anne Chavez,

Carla Tolentino, Bobby Buenaflor, Lorena Castro

Published quarterly by rhe

North Phlllpplnes V,lOwr. Bureau III partnership with PI CO Integrated M IIrketing Agency

NORTH PHlLIPF'INES VJSITORSBUREAU 291 St.joseph Street, Oranbo Drive

l'asig City, Metro Manila, Philjppines

Tel; (632) 631 6198 F,..: (632)631 ]614

Email: northbOllllld@northphilippine.iorg


P-aI"""'" Makoti Clty, Phlllpplnes

Tel: (632) 9700318/994 -05'64 Telefax: (63:2) 8312067 Email;

www.plcomanlja .. com

Opinions expressed 11= are solely of the writers and not nee es milt endorsed by NPVB or PlCO. Reproducdon of photos in full or in p on is prohibited, unless permission is secured from the Editor and the publishers, EYeI}' effort

h as been made tc ensure the 'OOIJ.n)gt of the information contained in thls publication. However, NPVB and PICD cannot accept 1~ga1 responsibility for anY'@t!or Or omission.

Dear Frien,ds,

We100me to North Philippines! lam pleased tv invite you to explore the exciting destinations that make North Philippines a great place to visit anytime of the year.

The North Philippines Visitor Bureau (NPVB) and its network of volunteer private tourism srakeholders, aim !;O boost visitor ani\llll.$ in the

p;;",~~!,!!!!~ .Iloeos Region, ~~n Valley; the Cordilleras

aM t?ntf.i1 Lu~Goug)i tillS CfUM~. marketing approach that we proud:1y 'e0me out Wii:Il this second issue of Northbound Magazine.

This issue features the Convention and Visitors Bureau (eYE) in Bataan, Olon_gapoand Zambales - the Greater Subic BayTourism Bureau (GSBTB), Subic Bay and several beach


we've thrown in some wonderful beach discoveries in Pangasinan and 11= Norte .. The issue also features destinations and activities in the nine other eVEs thatmake up the NPVB, such as a Clark Freeport adventure and recreation activities related to Mount Pinatubo.

I am sure you, will enjoy this second issue of Northbound Magazine.

Together, let us rediscover North Philippines, where y1m will certainly enjoy the natural and oultur;u heritage, lively and coloitful festiv;.ls, and! exceptional.recreation opporeunities that the entire n:gion has to offer.


Congratulations to a job done weill! The articles are timely and the cover is a cool shot!


Editor's Note: Thank you very much Tltis: The cover shot .of the' previous Issue was photographed by Atty_ Eric Gabatino_





Thanks for sending me the maiden issue of NORTHBOUND MAGAZINE. Yes, we have been starting to rediscover the north. Your mag will be a very good guide on our next travel. My husband usually takes his students to 8a9uio for his Science. Technology and Society class and we have been bringing them to the not $0 "rourlstlc" places - rnore places-to discover and enjoy. Good luckl


; , , , , · 1, .. 1 .. 11·.,.·,.1 ,1<1,··,' ,·""-1·"." •• "'1'"4_'''''

II am encouraged to respond because I am convinced that your INORTHBOUND MAGAZINE is very timely and serves too, <35 a "perfect gift" for most of our comrades who are based abroad.

~. had the chance to get free brochures and magazines from Central Philippines and was very much thrllled with the different photos and information about the said regions_

With your introduction of NORTHBOUND MAGAZINE, people will now start looking up and anticipate what natural wonders the North promises. Congiratulations. for such wonderful endeavor, More pawe r to your org anization,


ROXiS located at Bonifacio High Street, all three levels of it, a one- stop shop for outdoor sports recreation gears and equipment from hiking, climbing, water sports, surfing, adventure travel, wellness, cycling and

even scuba diving! This outdoor superstore has 1,800 square meter of retail area of top-of-the-line outdoor sporting brands-The North Face, LaFuma, Millet, Sanuk, Life is Good, Columbia, Golden Breed, Aigle, Snowpeak, Oxbow, Eagle Creek, JanSport, Timbuk2, Hi-Tee, Phiten, Giant, Keen, Denter, to name a few. ROX is de finitely the ultimate one-stop



resource for outdoor experiences,

Because ROX is not just about outdoor gears but a genuine passion.

for all things progressive and truly innovative mixed with good 01' rough fun, from saving Mother Earth to persuading and convincing people to Get Outside. ROX organizes regular talks and clinics like trail running, basic mountaineering" wind sur fing and eco-oriented topics like organic farming and bird watching that promotes social and environmental awareness. ROX has successfully positioned itself as a true provider of outdoor experiences.

Inside ROX is the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition (CORE), the s tores advocacy arm. CORE divided its initiatives into three distinct missions- outdoor edu ation

programs, athlete and expedition management. CORE has been involved in di (ferent scientific

and athletic expeditions from mountaineering expedition in Nit Denali, Alaska to scienti fie wildlife research mission in Palawan. ROX also has a publishing program

that collaborates with writers and concerned groups in publishing travel, outdoor and conservation titles to provide Information and resources. To date, ROX Publishing has funded Robert Alejandro'S The Sketching Backpacker and Jethro Rafael's Backpack Photos, both showcasing sketches and photos from their Asian backpacking experience. And together with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

Tc.p."f.1Iie"line o...tdo<>' .porting brands fill.up the 1,800 square meters of retall erea,

and the Department of Tourism, it also co-published the rsr 0 cial bird watching guidebook in the country "Bird Watching in the Philippines VoL 1."

With such a massive surge

of adrenaline generated by these activities, a veritable cosmos of

good will and good living has been created-from promoting a healthy lifestyle to championing environmental conservation. And at the center, beating fast, pumping life" ceaselessly reminding us to ge't outside, be aware, and be a part of doing good for the greater Fil.ipino populace, is ROX. Visit ROX at Bonifacio High Street, Bl ROX Building, Taguig City, Philippines. Tel: + 6328564639 or email


2 13




In an effort to expand the tourism opportunities of BOSZ,Bataan, Olongapo City, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, and .

Zambales-a group of businessmen founded the Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau (GSBTB) in 2004. This collective of ho~~'I, r~sort and theme park owners, recognized by the Northern .PhdlPPllle Visitors Bureau" envisioned the area of the Greater Subic Bay to be one ofthepremiertourist destinations in the Asia-Pacific.

To r alize its vision, the GSBTB specified Co tegorits in which the Greater Subic Bay should be recognized for, namely: ceo-tourism, fiesta islands, land aud water sports, reso.rt center, , entertainment, shopping paradise, convention center, culture

and arts gourmet haven and . retirement destination. On top of aU these qualifiers, the Bure<l.u is prioritizing the protection of its diverse ecosystem and the rich heritage of the area. After all. these are the attributes that made it (he second leg and main anchor of theW-Growth Corridor, a socio-economic srraregy coined from the shape ofCentra1 Luzon. The e traits are evident in the peninsular province of Bataan, with its historical landmarks

of World "Var II; the City of Olongapo, with its innovative


PI' gnmr for peace and.order; Subic Bay Freeport, which

was the first ex-military base converted into a tax and duty free zone; and the province of . ZaJ])bales, with its long coast of rich marine Ute. Each of these preserved unique environments bring in more tau rist and investors in the area.

As a springboard for all its plans. the first m;1._j r activities ofth~ GSBTB were the Subik Travel Exchange Convention

in 2006 and the ubikl Subik! Festival Event in 2007-both events adherent to its mission

of fad uta ling the efforts of government units and pertinent private sectors. Events such as these are usually held at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, the biggest convention area in the country with a total

r I I I

flOOK area of 12,000 sqllare meters.

Presently becoming

one of tile leading tourism organizations in the country with its more than 100 members, GSBTB is currently headed by Chairman eorge Lorenzana, owner of White Rock Resort In the town of Subic, and Mount~ljn Woods Resort Hotel imide the ubic Bay Freeport. With the need for further expansion, the Bureau started utilizing online networkina through 'lin online press rele a ~ep a ]·tn.~r in l1'1 idJ- 2008. Supplementmg the traditional media releases, event announcements are now reaching more members and interested _Rarties through the services of PRLog. ASIde from an improved online presence,

the accessibility of the Greater Snbic Bay area has also improved after the opening of the Subic Clark Tailac Expressway (SCTEx). A Manila-Subic travel time of less than two hours has become beneficial ~o both goods tran~port and tounst travel.

UPC0n111W events 1n the Greater Sllbicl3ay area include the Grand Sanracruzan by the 5MBA Tourism in !layatrhe Subic Bay Freeport Zone and the Salsa Salsang Salpukan. sa Subic by GSBTB on May 28.

~ dditional derails on the Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau can be found on their onlin press release center ( sreatersu bicbayl), webloz nlttp:l/ apps. greate rst~b]c'bay. com/blog/) and website (http;/I IlIllI



~ ~~o!!:tt~~,UI1d . ...-x::.

A unique vocotion IJfestyle of odventure, bay lite ond clvilizotlprl that are distinc~ly Subic Bay's.

An ultra-safe haven of modern accommodations, blissfulillduigences and thrilling activities

set amidst a backdrop of nature's best and iinest that can only be found at Subic Say.

SWldlO,! R~ ZMe.2222 ~PI,*"'''

.... Nt> c~ 2152.<iOOOl262,.2111):'15llM'140 Ell'INO .: (~3<t7) 25241'14 eMoll:J"'"'_""'n'l!'~com

military background is evident in its organized system, with the

Subic B:1JY Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) overseeing the harmony in the area. Here, the rules really are rules; they are not mere suggestions.

While the SBMA is particular with pea,ee and order, Subic Bay is far from boring. The freeport is thriving with so much activity, and its, vibe is infectious. Most visitors enjoy going back to this nearby getaway because there's so much to do both on land and in the water,


Most visitors troop to Subic Bay to spend time ,at the beach. Numerous resorts line the area, so


there is enough sea and sand for visitors who want to have a perfect swim. Everything is vibrant in Subic, .including the marine life. Here, visitors can dive into the deep to see shipwrecks and coral reefs. VVhile such activities are already pleasurable to most people, Subic also has adrenaline rush-inducing pursuits,

Subic Baly"s boundless e:nergy is evident in the extreme sports offered. Water sports are a huge thing here; surfing, jet skiing, byaking, and parnsailing are jusr among the many things that visitors can do 'On an otherwise. tame day. The adventurous will definitely have their fill of excitement through doing these daredevil activities in the water.


Activities on land provide

variety to the visitors. Subic Bay has numerous facilities fOJ!: well-loved pastimes like basketball, tennis. badminton, baseball, golf and

hiking. There are also racetracks

for car and go-cart races. Moreover, visitors may opt to e:ngage in mock

wars at the paincball grounds.These activities provide uncontrived bonding j experiences among friends and family members.

Camping is a great WolY for ,~h:iIDrs to test.whar they're made of, and Subic's carapsires allow for such unfussyexperienees, Visitors

can mugh it by 'ii,leepill8' in tents '<Ind "

lighting their bonfire. If visitors feel dlat they know little about living in rhe outdoors, then they can sign up for jungle survival workshops. Through such workshops, they will learn-> among other things~- how to. make fire.

To experience the outdoors without getting soiled hands, visitors may op'!: to visit the theme parks in rhe area. These provide wholesome entertainment tor the entire family.


The freeport is definitely alive with happenings, Sabic rhus has its own pulse. A handful of events are held .regularly in Subic. Among those events is the prestigious ITU Sullie


International Triathlon 2009 (SuBIT) presented by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and Asia Cup series. The triathlon presented new challenges to this year's participants; top athletes from different countries are expected to participate in the event.

'While SubicBay's offerings

keep the energy up, relaxed activities provide visitors with balance. If there's one pastime that Filipinos love to do regardless of the economic crunch, it is to engage in retail therapy. Duty free shops are abundant in Subic where visitors can avail of huge discounts on imported brands. Some people come to Subic just to shop in these discount stores,

Subic also gives varied options for dining; visitors can take their pick


from the different restaurants in the area .. Moreover, the freeport boasts of a Houris.hing nightlife.

There is so much to do in Subic,

~Uld most visitors would attest that they C.11l't do everything in a day. CL1SSY hotels can accommodate guests, so they can

stay longer to enjoy the exhilarating and relaxing activities. VISitors who decide to stay can also try the destination spas. These spas offer premium services, and allow guests to unwind after a busy day.

Other resorts and provinces have become aggressive with their strategies

to entice vacation hunters, but Sum" has remained afavorite site among-visitors. And with the continuing efforts to improve the area, it seems that there-will be more reasons fur people to keep coming back and enjoy the exciting rhythm in Subic.1mJ

wi .Ho~iday lnn C~ark

'WhJ~U1i!:r jI!l;ulr 'III'!!, ~ 'lit" bldlr:_h:.1' ..... fr:ll!:nd BalP.f. HIl!IIdt,yllllli, (llfk 1:1. ).001' OIdd_ jar oomr.z.n ~n.d ,~."i~~'!!l)fjlll ~

~mI:.:I ~ 1uT.~. N:.::.<H.1lI MJr.lIa, lhh.ldw :l1l'11I'>~i'if 11_ .:;1 Clall:i: L:.lggil':ll: :Ii>c! .... t. """ ~1 ~1tI' .... l;hh,)d ~ldilo)' ~ Om" ;pff~l ~ I'tfrI:Wirql nnd rtl~mll, lL ...... ~1IJ, ] 111\"1)' m1rrom.~ n:tIJ!T'Il, 1IJil~~~f1(hillQ. (llIJir ,gUi5D N~"e Vo'w:ty m:

OC[~~~~ to ~I! frrIm. " {l1lr!Ji: Vl[];II.rn l'e:!1lJ~ ~I'i litO' fil. W~r' Del-: v.Wtr EY~M!' ,m'llr, P~bIrI!.~~ msrll:n:i:ll; iI"id ;r, ~hl'lK<'llJJlcib1 ~ hlilold. 91'il:1ilabormllnlklTliic ~1:C,.g h OililJo iI'II<.iIJIDr_

Ih~ ..... "url>«ll'o~nl·r!!lllll'lnlrrt .. ff,," lJ.,.,.ulUmOkiilti!lngl ""p!"fI"n~ ....... O'lllr flC"I'II'<Q:F"" ~ !;jlr.h..., ~Ilnl:l!pt,.~ lint jii I".. ~If"" (~;I"(I l~ ..... II ~. ,rd ~'i. '~':O:I"fI 'jlii~¢'!i~ • 1ht ..,..I!II·I[ .. (...J M~It!l1 RI\!!I:It"~,.,., '"S''' p'<(lhi'~~;j. ~t~ rr'lOl '"" !11m ~"'= ~roq '!'Prf~m;: '!1 W ~Qn. ut 1m )'lJUf t¥::.-L·} 'l!!:ktrJ ~ I, t!111!ffKlIri. ·C'r R"'lJr "II'l'<;!IWJ

.!....n .. ..,..~~ "!II <»pIlVliI!<I b:r o1unrnng Il"~.u. OJj .Oj; Ih .. ~dlr,.., 11 d'lap c;rliL ¢.or ... ·"';"oJng. J>lgI1'!i<i!I,l'.un....lnrJ

IYI II Co!;j'llll'll!.;,r .... hkh boo'jloU I':l ~ """;d~ wl.~ d lnll1, O!l;!WIb, t.a~~ ~1lp.;itllf"Il"'''rI!I <:~'1.

WiJhwmU! 1ru1lJr~ 11m" .,."," ~~ b.,H1. und .... tna sun II! It!~ h<>l:r;;lf.' ~"')' "" ...... I'lI .... ""'m ~ .~WL ".:0;:, SpoIl11lr ~ rni!~.IiI9g iIi'Joill"~~h !O~L"'II"I'" ~_ ihl!MI ~ Cu ~Ir~ iJ«"!II~ rll ·11~f.,;,..,.;rJ.·Villo(:rl"'r.i1oIl ~11:d (1!Iilllr~' C~

M.I o,JJ.lI Orht-l1olll$1l.t. su Ern~, tw ~ FI ~c.l. ZoOt. f'Il_I~I:illtj IOU

111 fQZjIM5 IIiRii <If V:M~J ~'fjI1illtl;I Ih (Ol) iii I I JI\1 ~M ''''o;II''''~; 4N m ('J ..c'tr\!;I: ,_holO'"llI t~u"tJO;'k allal 11I,~fili~ .. «:Oli




Unknown to most Filipinos, Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo celebrated the first anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence at the Paminruan Mansion in Angeles City, Pampanga on June 12, 1899 .. He unfurled and waved! the original Filipino flag sewn in Hong Kong; it was the same flag used in Kawit, Cavite the previous year.

The served as the military _ headquarters and presidential headquarters of the first republic in Asia. There was a grand celebration complete with an open-air mass, civic and military parade of some 2,.000 troops. The grand rnilit';ury parade led by the «boy" g:ener~ls Gregorio del Pila:r (age 25) of _Bula·can and Manuel

22 NO RT H B 0 U N D I ISS U!; 2

Tinio (the youngest general at the age of 23) of Nueva Ecij·awas followed by the civic parade participated by the townspeople and their pretty muses

on top ofborrowed religious carros, A luncheon attended by high gavemment and military officials 'NaS also part of tile festivities. This was the first (and perhaps last) celebration of the fledging republicon-the-m n, relentlessly pursued by the American imperialists. Tbe pursuit led to Ag\linaklo's eventual capture in Palanan., I~bda on March 23, 1901.

The Angeles City Tourism Office and Kuliat Foundation, Inc. will lead

this year's Independence Day celebration with staging a re-enactment of the momentous event right at the Parnintuan mansion on.june 12,.2009 at 7:00 A.M. The public is invited to witness this commemoration free of charge.


The stately mansion was built in 1890 by the. pare:J;lts of Don Florentino Pamintuan. According to Daniel Dizon, after the [ail of Malolos to American hands in March 1899, Gen. Antonio Luna immediately moved his Army General headquarters from San Fernando to Angeles at the Parnintuan Mansio», While in Angeles~. Gen.

Luna quickly drew-up the Sta. RitaPorac~Ang<des~Magahng~ Maballl.~at defense line, with Angeles as the Center Command Post-e-supposedly the

most formidable defense line against

the Americans. If was also in a foam downstairs where Luna edited the newspaper "La Independencia",

At that point, the then mayor of Angeles, Don Florentino, moved his family to Manila permanently. Even afser the Pilipino-American wa.r} Maj. General Arthur Ma.cArthur and his staff used it as their headquarters until 1901. During the Japanese occupation,

Maj.Gene.ral An"", MooArlhur(%nteol.r>d hi, staff used > tine' Pe!milT~lJ:an mension a~ their 'gener.a I he:adql]art.ers UPlHl 1901 just ""fore the-oHling up ,,/ Fort Stot •• nberg in 1902 (futl!.li"e Cla.rk Air Bas:e) in tr.~ nor-thern sectionc.fA'I'OSeJes. (Photo'Cletk Museum erchjvesl.

the mansion served as home to a group of Kamikaze pilots. After liberation, the Americans used it again as their headquarters and as United Service Organizationcs Inc. (USO) center.

In the 50s, itwas Ieased and converted into a lodgin,g house. Thet! in early 19'608, it was boughc by- the 'Iungol-Tablante spouses, and was leased to the local government to serve

as city hall annex. .

In 1981, the property was bought hy the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas through the efforts of its Governor Jaime C~ Laya; the heirs of'Tungor~ Tablanre estate donated the structure, The mansion was restored to its former g:l.ory with the help of a consultant, Don Ado Escudero of San Pablo City~ In 1988, it was in;mgurated as the hank's dearing office in Angeles City.


Take Angeles City-exit of the North Luzon Expressway, and head towards Sto. Rosario Parish Church. 'm;!




Clear waters and fine powdery sand characterize the beaches that can be found in North Luzon. While most vacation hunters usually travel to the islands of Boracay or Palawan for the summer, the coastlines of North Luzon present an equally captivating experience. Discovering these destinations can enrich any traveler's repertoire of ideal places to encou nter the gifts of



ANAWANGIN COVE (SOli Antonio, Zantboles)

The famed! beauty of Anawangin Cove has spread

far and wide as being one of the best beaches in the country. The bizarre landscape actually feels mysterious in a way. It doesn't look like one is in the Philippines with all the pine trees right beside the beach. Walking the dry river bed with that pyramid-like mountain

in the background adds an eerie feeling to an already uncanny trek goi ng to the beach. Anawangin got its name from fluting the Ilocano word for carabao since there is an abundance of it there.

VVhile many take a boat straight to the beach, hiking is an option as well. As you near

26 NOR T H B 0 U N D I ISS U E 2

the end) a shady clu ter of pine trees welcomes you. Guides

say that many were planted after the Mount Pinatubo eruption bu r the trees were then' even before that. To add to the my:;; riq lle are crysta I dear streams that reflect the tall pine trees on rhe surface like one was in some enchanted forest. And to think this whole area was devastated in 1991. It just

haws how fast nature heals itself

The beach is a long strip of near-white volcanic sand dumped by rV1011nt Pinatubo. The locals said that before the eruption, this area was mostly rock. The sand from Mount Pinatubo had created a wonderful playground for beach lovers. And it's even

more wonderful that the locals take good care of it. So whatever they charge you, they most probably deserve it.

NAGSASA COVE (San Antonio. Zambales)

Less than 30 minutes from Anawagin, one can experience

a nether magnificent beach location not too many people get to visit - Nagsasa Cove. The volcanic materials from .Mr. Pinatubo's eruption found its way to Nagsasa and created its idyUic landscape,

Although only a couple of picnic tables are available for use of visitors and campers, the place is still ideal for camping and for a true outdoor experience. Visitors can also mingle and hare a meal with the local Aeta community

who relocated to the area. Truly, another one of nature's hidden wonder; Nagsasa is a perfect spot for YOlll" summer getaway.

Nagsasa Cove can be reached from the same jumpoff point as Anawangin, in Bg)'. Pundaquit, ZlUubales.

CAPONES ISLAND (Srl1l Amonio. Zambales)

Capones Island has always been famous for its white

sand beaches and the Spanish colonial lighthouse perched

on top of a hilL People visit

it as part of a San Antonio, Zambales beach-hopping trip. The island is so picturesque and perfect for a picnic or an afternoon nap.

NOR T H B 0 UN D I ISS U E 2 27

POT I POT ISLAND (Candelaria, Zambales)

A IS-minute boat ride

from the shores ofPundaquit

will take Y0ul to Potipot Island. Visitors can rest in the shade of lush trees abundant in the island .. Surrounded by fine cream ~ colored sand, Potipot is another ~ beach haven fou nd in Zambales. ~


(Anda, Pangasinan)

Tondol Beach is is arguably the best beach in Pangasinan

and perfect when the tide is lo-w. What is great about Tondol is the: powder ivory white sand. In fact, : there is an island one kilometer : from the shore which you could : walk or wade to. And it's powder : white and all the way. j

28 NOR T H B 0 U N D I ISS U E 2

When the tide is IDW, you can pick a spot in the middle of the water and just sit down there the whole day.' So if there is any beach that can claim to be the Boracay of the North, it's Tondol! Bur why even claim such a dung? "Vhy are we always content with being a CDPY of the original when each beach is unique.

It's a five to six hour drive from Marilla to Anda. Tondol is actually a public beach and entrance fee is only PHP5. You can rent large huts for PHP200. for now, there aren't any good resorts to stay in so the best option when visiting Tondol is to stay overnight in neighboring Bolinao which is about 45 minutes away.



PATAR BEACH (Bolinao. Pangasinan)

Patar Beach in Bolinao, Pangasi nan is another

Pangasi nan beach worth visiting. It's actually one of the more popu Jar beaches in Pangasi nan, with a good number of resorts

in the area. And their numbers are growing, It's very 1 icruresque with strong blue waves lashing at the cream sand along the shore.

On the way to Patar Beach is another iconic attraction of Bolinao, the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, The lighthouse, constructed in 1905, is one of five major lighthouses of the country and the second tallest after Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos, Iloco Norte.

Patar Beach is actually at

the end of the road. Resorrs US\JaUy charge you PHP30 for parking and you GUl enjoy this really great beach. There are also huts for rent for the day. Just a warning though, while the cream sand on the beach feels really great once YDU get into the water, it becomes rocky and it's difficult to walk Oil.


[Alatninos, Pangasinant

Hu nd red lsnands in

.Ala minos, PangasimHl is one

of the iconic attractions of the Phi]jppines. We've learned about it through our elementary text books and seen itt extensivejy

in our tourism campaigns. But have you actually visted it?

Vis~ting the Hundred

NOR T H B 0 UN D I ISS U E 2 29


Islands is very simple . just make you r way to Barangay Lucap in Alaminos where boats are available. There are standard rates as well so no need to haggle. Just check with the dispatchers office as soon as you get there. You can do this as a day trip if you leave lVhuula early. But irs best to experience Hundred Islands by sta.ying at least overnight.

Anyway, the boas will

rake you to Governor's Island where you can climb several steps to a view deck for the Hundred Islands. You can opt to swim there or proceed to Quezon Island where the white sand beach is much better or where yon can rent kayaks and snorkeling equipment. But if

30 NOR T H B O!J N 0 I ISS U!" 1

you want a beach all to yourself, simply pick another island!

The Hundred Islands definitely deserve a second look.

MA.IRA-IRA B,EACH (Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte)

V\Te're all familiar with Saud Beach iill iPagllldpud.

Hut further north is another beach in Pagudpud that is fast becoming a popular beach destination: Mairaiira Cove

or Blue Lagoon. Mairaira

got its monicker becau se of the immaculate blue waters around the cove. And because of the strong swells, it's perfect for su rfjng as well.

So surfing lessons are offerred around the area. 1m!


Add spice to vourrand


291 8t. Joseph St., Oranbo Dri:ve, Pasig Ci.ty, Melro, Phil~ppines Tel. No. (632) 634-3162· Fax No. (632) 631-1674

One of those activ]ties_is __ horseback riding at El Kabayo Riding Stables. While you can take the horse around the area, if you are adventurous and up to the task, why not go for a ride down to the Sacobia River and e~oy the lahar canyons created by 'the Mt, Pinatubo eruption? The trek can last for hours. But for those who love the outdoors, it's worth it. You can also ride on the horses around Clark.. It's all up to you where you want to go and how long you could last.

Then there's another wellness spa from the hot sulfur-rich waters of Pinatubo. You'll board 4x4 vehicles that will take you to the Puning Hot Spring. It's in the ancestral domain of the Aetas so you'll get to meet a not of them

as you make your way to the hot spring. In fact, the employees of the Puning Hot Spring are mosdy indigenous Aetas.

The ride is an attraction

in itself, passing through lahar canyons and small streams in Sapang Bato. In fact, some canyons are so narrow that the 4x4s li terally driive on the water. The ride

from Station 1 to' 3 was about 30 minutes; bumpy but exciting!

Station 1 is the Base Camp and has a garden restaurant. Station 2 is the spa and massage area. While Station 3 is the hot spring itself As you near Purring Hot Spring, you'll feel the water of the stream warming up as you splash your way through.

At the Puning Hot Spring, make sure to trek to the source of the pools which is a steaming holt waterfall. The water in the stream is close lto 90 degrees Celsius.



They divert some of the water into various pools with different temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees Celsius. There

are eight hot pools and one cold pool. So if one pool is too hot for you, you CaII! take a dip in the next one.

The Puning package costs PHP3,OOO. And that includes buffet meals, the 4x4 ride from Garden Restaurant to the hot spring and back, entrance fees to the hot spring and use of

the facilities, sand steam (that's where they bury you up to the neck under volcanic sand), body mud pack, and. a foot massage.

Finally. do you want to see a different view ofMt.


Pinatubo? PhP4,500 can take you on a fifty minute Cessna ride over the crater of Mount Pinatubo. Just drive over to Omni Aviation and book yourself on one hell ofa ride for a different view of this natural wonder, 1m

EI KabayoRiding Stables

Gil Puyat Avenue cor. Pan day Pira, Clark Freeport Zone

(045) 49909'20, (02) 8523117


Puning Hoil: Spring

Sitio Target, Sapang Bate, Angeles City

(045) 4990629, (0920)8664.246 & (0919) 3392795

(0917) 5360618 - Korean

At Angeles Sports & Country Club, you are not just buying .. a ho~se ?r an apartment, you are investinq In a lifestyle that is unique to this area which is second to none.

Omni Aviaition

M. A. Roxas Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone (04.S} 8926664, (045) 5995524

Contact: MR .. PERCY MITCHE.Ll

Zeppelin St., Hensonville, Angeles City, Philippi""" 2009 Telephone: +6345 8926358 I Fax: +63458926303


Hove a pleasant stay in ovr consistentlv dean, secure and comfortable rooms with the much talked about cbtroprcctor-cpprcved "heolthy.for-the.back" beds. ExperTence

the some great hotel when you check-in 01 Miaotellulsita or in any 01 the 330+ Microtel~


Sleep better for less!

Micro!el also offers packages tor golfers end groups that require Venues for conferences, meeHngs and social 'fundions.


Hotels- Resorts

Luisito, Torlcc

Call (1045) 985 1770 cr (0927) H3 8454 Ern all tarlac@microtel,p~

www,microtelphilippines com



MNTC pI ..... s 20,000 _.t ,NU;:ll The Mooli. MoM Tollweys Corpcreficn [MNTC), cperetcr 0/ the <inod.-"'it'Od Noeth w..:.-. ExpreSS'!M3fy INLE)Q. aChieved another cor-po rate rn:ilestone with its "Green illg. ti-e N LEX:.u progfalln by planting, 20,((0 trees OIn NLE.X 'tt'it;.;:tch;!,~!jl and Qtn~ p laraable ~r!!:~ of dio;; S4-~i'lomete~ toRw")' (:Q"~"1tin-9 S~~ ,hn~ In iJi.:I mpa rqgt"l 't'Q- e ~hnt&lak ln C~! ceeen City. The ye.r.k>n9 actMty ""'. 1'"","",,1' rna inly to rotU9 h employee,"" '"oteen. ITO .0 d ",~ffirrned the cOlnponio comm ilrnent to promote. dean

• ""ironment stthe NLEXI'h"t" ,10""" MNTCch.irrman M.fllOel V. Panglli''',", anel former MMTC president he P De J"""" (4th and 3rd frcrn l'eN joined by ~ro'" 1..f0 MNTC p""",dent and CEQ Rodrig" E. Franc". Met"'" I'",,;~o In_I",_ O:>'Porb~<OO IMPICI preoidl.otJo .. Ma,1( lim. M"1SS Earth 2COOKioria Paula Hemy, and Tol'''''''Y'' Management Corporation (TMq president Rillnonciro S. Fernandez.

The Bagnio Convention & Visitors Bureau CReVE) served as the secretariat of the Panagbenga Festival 2009. BCVE President Anthony de Leon Was one' of the co-chairmen, while Executive Director Amboy Guevara served as chief ofstafffor this year's festival. An estimated one million people went up

to Bagnio to witness the festival this year.

The main events were the Street Dancing Competition held 011 February 28 and the G'!lQO Float Parade 01) March 1-

Also i nclnded as major events Were Market Encounter and a landscaping contest in Burnham Park; Session Road ill Bloom; and Abanao Nights. Panagbeoga or the Bagnio Flower Festival is the brainchild of Atty. Damaso Bangaoet, Jr. It was first staged in February 1995. On irs 14th year, it remains [he bigges-t. crowd drawer in Baguio City.



Toprornote tourism in La Union, the La Union Conventions and Visitors Bureau organized a ballroom dancillg event entitled "Le'C's Dance". The event featured fundraising activitie~ held last February 28 at the Thunderbird Resorts HoteL

Participants were able ro hone their skills in ballroom dancing, as workshops were conducted at the Ccconut Grove Beach Resort. Basic and advanced lessons allowed participants to take classes according to their skill levels.

A dancesport comperition was also held at the vera.nd-a ofThunderbird Resorts Hotel, The student category had four entries from colleges, while the open category had five entries. Participants came from Vigan, Baguio, and other nearby towns.

In the evening, guest'S were treated

wcve, members and partidpal'it~ during thE- L.3't"!l D"aRO:! esent.

to a. ballroom dancing party at' the Thunderbird Reser ts'Hore]. The Star of the Night was also awarded during the program. Guests ap'parently had a grea t time dancing rh~ llight away,. as. most of them. requested for ~mother Similar event

in the near future. Thunderbird Resorts Hotel will hold another ballroom dancing event on May 28 ::IS pan of their anniversary celebratlon,

[1) ~!:'rful and ~.xIi:n:I'~~:ant Ifoatsline-d the sneeu of Ba!iluig; t2) :B~UiOFIQ'r\ier F.:!~tiv.:;1 F"ol.illdatiolll lne; (BF.:FFI) 1"09 t:J'.:EI{\!..ItivE! Cemmlttes-ee-ehahmen :Fr.eddie· AklI..I rrca and ~rf)" de LeQlil t~r>3:s.i~D1; of 1h!? B a.~ui I) Convel1tiOl'l &. 'ViIi t~ 'Buf,:,.=.1J) d!.Jri"lg the Plower Beat iPalr.ade held last t.tareh 1: (2) 1 .. 1.31"'1 Amthooy I-lenarE!'.Ii.. Mad.;.etif' Uper.rtiOO8 r..:tmlloillije[ c'[Ihe North IPhilip,~fl'll?i Visit-Colli Bcraau ,tf\IP'VB) lr£;gE:itJerwk1f1 ,P.aJ'l8gben~d founder .6al:y. ![)amase. Banqeoet, J r.


III 0 II T H B 0 U N D I i s SUE.2 43




A boat-rowing race on the waters of scenic Pinacanauan River.

A C 'o1",I:),allo 01 th~ ehJ Iter D,yof Bilt..,; as a crty accented with the staging of the Elnpanacla Fe~tlv,,1 to better promote- Barac's 10~t f.d ous pt'xktct.

Th", 422fid ann tVefi,ary ,)f th .. foundll1q ,)1 the ';Ivol governm~ljt of Cagayan_ Activines lrrclud~ lectUl€S galmes, h~c.uty I)~g",at ,t, aglO-\t ade ,;"d ~)U, ISm '"''


f!.1 Hotel, Resort Ii'! Restauld,nt n Services

Trans portation 1[1 Farm

a Leisure Park

D Specia!ty Shop

Flitness I Sports ,.., Association

m Gas Station

w Market


m P~ivate Company C School

F.:I Government

g Mcmey Exchange Affiliated Merchants

.H~di~c:an,. lJi=rr NiNtJi P.rrnl~y Cam


- - --

Victory Liner Rassenger Center. UtilityRcl. +6374<442.4088

Abanao Shell Station m 75 AbanaQ Ro"d +6374- <1448182

Aj,abanza Meat Store'CI

2/F NI3W Camderia BU·lldin91 +6374-442-3143

Anne ReJ<;luel's Pawnshop a .& MOM)! Exchange +63;;7·4-A4b-5047

A.r<l1"T'lln Orchids D Bumi1am Pal<k +6374-442-6283


8agUio Arts Guild I!J Greenhouse Effect Ga lIery + 63 74-446-7405

8aguro-Benguet Market Plazail'l

1Q.A Caldera & Tobacco Sts, +6374-4429825

Bagufo Country Club r:'I CcurYlIyd.Jb Road, South Drive +6374-619-2050 to 2064

8aguio Flower Festival Founda1Jion m +6374-442 -4315

8oguioNe.v0lyS!..pemal<Etli'i Piae Yan Shoppesvllls +6374-442 9842

Bagulo's Best Choice Food til 1 ~ ManZ<lnillo Subdiv(sTol"] +6374-4421946

Bagllfo Burnham Sulte:st':'l 6 KisadRo~d +6374-4242211

BUSS Cafe I d

1 J Fe~rpe Street cor Gibraltar St +.63-74-6190367

Cha let T epeyac rl'

177 Leonard Wood Road +63-74-442 -3956-

Child & Family Service I"! Philippines, line, +6374445-3800

Chow-late de Batirol.1i1

Smut 1-1 i~I, Camp John Hay' +6374-446-7006

City TOl.jrisrn Offke f'II' BagUjo ConVeiltion Center +0374-442 1006

Co"dillera Coffee 1;·1 SM OtyBaguio +,6374-424-0781

D' Motorist Pitstop, Inc. 'B3g.uio Petrcn Setv1Ce Staron

146 KisadRd. cor. M<lru:G Htgf-tNay

Department of Tounsmr!iI! Govemor Pack Road +6374-442-7014

Elegam Hotel ar.JdRest.8urantr..'l 421 Mag:saysay Avenue +6374-443-5366

Ei!1:<lbethfs Fan1;3S)' Resort!'l Purok 2 Ambayao lrisan +6374-445-.5174

;Eve.'s Garden .0

La lrinidad,. Benguet 0920-9416264

Goldilocks til

Ginutld Floor SM BagLJio +6374-304-1 S53

HeiOWeri 's; Touch Couture A ;Planners &0 Ccordnators

144 M. ROJ<.a.S St Alfonso Taoora

Heritage Prornerlens 30Camp7, Kennon Road +6374-442-8538

'Hotel Supreme I'l

111 Mag5aysay Avem.l@ +6374-443 2011

Hotel VeniE!\

1 Abanao S't!Ji)€!t +6374-446-0701

Hotel Villa Rosa'i "1 Gen. Luna Road +6374-443-8132

Kalapaw .

17 Martrne.: 5t. Englnoors Hill +6374-304-6564

.King Louis FlIrmsO

M:rn &f'q:I '11VO.S€!55tn Rei +6374-443-9286

K-Y'llng Spirits!il Egan,ladi"I"l, Mt. Province 0918-407-6879

La Trinidad Organic.!!! L<'I Trinidad. Benguet 0917-92.5-8499

The Manor:'"! CampJohn Hay, tesken +6374-424 0931

C MiaotellM and Suit,as Upper Session Rd +63750193333

Mil~liwel& fuSl"l Upper Mabini Street +6374-44:2- 189'5

Mitos Home Bistro Ii1

436 M."nyhurst Road, Lucrmb +63.74-44:2-7620

MI,)~lntain Lodge n

27 Leonard Wood Road +6374-4424544

Narda's Trading Corp •. 151 U~erSeli5ion R,oad +6374-422-2762

National Asscciation of"" Independent. Travel AgsnitsBagLllO Chrpter +6374-442-5041

'N;rt\ooa! ~htcCoond I!!'/ U.S.Square.Gen. luna Rd. +6374442 6590

Nevada Square I.'! Nevada Squa~, 2 Lmkan ReI +6374-44 3-5904

NOANTS ConSlilt3nq-I"I' "liJR"zal Park +6374-442-5041

Northern, Philrppinesn Tr<ivel ,& Tours +6374-443-4075

Northhavan Spa n

21 A\o\?llro St, Ferguron Rd +637~300 5022

Pain! Grove Hot Springs n & Mountain Resort +6374446-5758

Phil. Eeonomc.Zene Authority (PEZA)r.\'l Philppne Eccromic Zone, Loakan Rd.+6374-447-3329

PniL Infonl1ationAgenry (PIA) Lualha1i qxi., RomlJlo Drtve +6374442-2150

Picart Inri ProfessionalM Career DeveiapmEfTt Center CFSPj Buiildin9. Easter Road


22 Session Rood +6374442-4567

FN«I-b"na&d&a..~n'l 13 Leonard WOQQ -h63744467094

Ouadrelmage Ganlter n 30 Greenwater +&374-444-7836

Rosebowl Steakhouselll 7 Hal'rlson Road +6374-442 4213

s..o.u. L Cafe., '

Camp~, Rosan .. ·0, Ul Union +63n~712 OS52

Saint LOLllg UniverSity C 8onFfaeio Street +63.74-444 8246 to 48

SI'mII\Il.b"Id 1iM& Teusn

8 GlFL<paraI Bldg, ~!~ +63.74-4427792

SollbaaRestauranHII Session Ro.;d +6374442<3867

SWISS Baker 1,1 SM CIty Bagulo +6374442 -3834

TlQng San Supermarket Gen LLraRiro:~Ae. +6374442"6782

Tomay Farms D!

Halserna Rd., Lower Tomay. La Trinidad +6374-422-3784

TcpOL.lW.l1:e Perbrman::":e, Inc.. G!FVIIe5t BLmrn-n PB::e, ~sa:iRcl +6374-446-7937

University of Baguio Q Gen. Luna Road +6374-4423071

University of tne Cordilleras CI Govemor Pack Rood +6374-442-3316

Victory Liner, Ine. E Pl'HeIlgerCerite; PNRColTpJl.I"ld +6374-619-0000



l::,nnR~ Ill..mFI\U 251 ~ B, Samat St.,

PhTlfivl3( Techno ParkComp~ex +6345-499-1; 146


An~les Irrt'l Trave~ Ce.nt~r, IreM Clarkvhew, Angeles City +6345-888=2175

PUliJfl,Jnslc (Baln~n Es1affi) HensGlwille, Angeles CIt)' +6345459-0165

C' lta!ian Drnlr)9,.1

Big)!. Malabanas, ~ngelESCfty +6345-892-405.9

CyberOty Teie:elVicaL 1D III CyberCity IT Park, CFZ

+ 634S-599S353

PIl9"les Sp::rts & CounllyCIL.ib H~scNwille, Angeles Crty +634,5.-;892.6388

Fonjqna Villa I Leisure Par~ Q CM Recto H-way, CF2

.... 632.-521-8652


5414 MA. Highway, CFl +6345-499-1'000


M'orttevi~:ta VillarS r".

Golf kademy Lane, Clark +6345-599-7000

02lSi$ Hotel, r:cI

M ala ban l-as, Ang elas City +6345-625-8301 to 04

Batis hu I Cate r~ro m Mac: Arthur Highway +6345-888-1499

Parkson Duty Freel"!

4032 CM. Redo Hlghw8J',. Clark Freeport Zone

PAGCOR- MimosaO '2!J'31 MmosaDrive, Mimos;;! Leisure Estate, CFZ

L & 1. [nt'l Group (PI-fils,)', Ihc, Bldg. 7500, A. Bonf:faclo cot J , Tinsay, CFZ

Mister Fr~l ..

29-19 S.l Oc:&'l&, DarmrdSLibd, +6345-625-8.232

PLDT Clark Telecom" Inc. 1:::1 5665 MA. Roxas Highway +6.345-599-2000

Nil)OOg Pilipno-darkExpoC Clark ,Expo,CFZ +6345-599-7568

Pugad Dando's SM City Clark

D Teriyaki Boy

- SM City Clark


Rm.02. Balay da Bias. 10 Giron St , 'Brgy, 7-8, l.aoaq City

Balay da Bias Pensionne f:l lOGiulStBr!:N 7-a lLo;gOty +637 -7704389


H~rencia COile In San~ladan, Paoay +63'7~140214

PalaZIDde l.aoeo Hotel ~ P.Pa't,:!mo Sli>:et ~oa.g crty +637-77.31842

PI¥ TlDpiCal lileOClrt Hotel~ 81'9'1. Victoria, Currim30 +637-6761001


Serarrsarn Cafe III Bar.:lngay 7 -A. Lao<'lg City (0917)5702110

StbR~Hetiitaga\,1.II3gp~ Barangay Victoria/ Currjrnao

(091.1") 3320217 ._ .... ,., .... , .. , .. , .... ", ...... ,,_, .. " .. , ..... , ... _ ... ,,- ..... ,

'ShCfestcp .1n & Re>tEiLf<lr1l:r.lIl"~ 8rgy. Sail. Isidro, P'asuquin (0918) 6923522

Ln- uu L tlldg. Agullar<d .. , San: Femando

D CaCfut Gro1J!3 Beam RE'oontQ Nat'l Hi--W'"d)/, Pcringao. Bauang + 6372-607 -6604

China Sea Beach Resortr:'l Parlngao, Ball<lng, la Union +6372-705C833

C! Sanjuan SuriShop"" San, Juan. lot Union +6372-7200340

Thunderbird Resorts n Pora Poilit,. San Fl>rnanoo +6372-8887771

21F Fragante Bldg, •

1 Aguj~aldo GO" Blumentritt SCi., Tuguegarno City +-637Eh844-0755

800& Breakfast 1,1

?Blum StJeet TUgJEgaraaCny +6378·8448155

Bedfellow Inn n +6378·8462447

Hotel Candlce rc'I BJumentritt, TuguegaraoCi1y +6378-844-2148

Hotel Lorita t3

67 Rlza,15t, Tugueg.<:tClo City +6378-844-1390

Hotel RomM:1

Luna St., Tugu.egar&O Ctty +6378-844-1057

Carmel ita Hote;1 n Balzain, Tug_u.egarao City +-6378-84-4-7027

Hotel Kimikarlain UgacSur, TLJgu~arao City +6378-844-9098

Pampaguena Restaurantr.l Rizal Street, Tuguegarao 01'1 +6378-844-4746

Catagayan Restaurnnt II City Wine Bar& Cafe I., +6378-844-0087

ABC P1lVilionReoortJ1 Mad::laluJug. Solana, ~

+6378·501-7044 .

.6b-~~I6" 55 BlumelltrittSt .• Tuguegata:l +6378-13444746

M.6lIl.iIe& ~A"l h:n 29 Burgos St., Tuguegoarao +6318-844-1.298

Sali LeISI.JreClw, ThePortn + 637 8-844-7 888

GMB>3rn Tra.el,llg¥qn Baniladon St, Tuguegarao +6378-8449238

MediSPA n

~ ABoorfa:io St,Tuguegarao +6378-8447678

las Palmas De SariIJosen San JoseVillage, Tuguegarao +6378-844166,1

Pai";'lbur E~c..D

San Gabriel Viii" T uguegarao +6378-8443196

Kainang PilipiOO III +6378-8442663

Nat'l Eronornic DM AurllOriIy[Neda)!'Il1 +6378~441243


- - - --


No;tl-lI''IIll k Pfaza. J0S2 ,8bad S3il1l:6l'we. Cfty of San Fernardo

Aling Lucings 5i31g m Robil'ison's Statrnills & SM Food Court

NorlhwolkPlaza (Shemrrfnfl JOS;9 Abad Santos Blvd. GIrt of San Fern ando

Everyl::Jody's Cafe m

01'0/ of San Fern a]:1do +6345-860 112 1

Abe's Farm D

Brgy. Ayi:lla, M1lgal-ang +6345-865 T 9J[l

The Lakeshore ~ate I'] Ktu.71 NLEX, Mexico +6345-4555253

Hate! Gr,<lcslalle ~

San AglJstin, San FemaMiO +6345-9613696

SM City P,01mpanga'"' BrwSinJcre,'Sotil FemaxbGty +6345-9637681-85

fl T eriyaki Boy [;'1'

SM City Pampanga


3d FIr. CGICBI::!g, Jere Al::ed Sa-ttcsAR. San FetT'E'IXb 0Iy

33 Gov. AAtonio Sison 5t Ungayen

ALAMINOS crrv Hundrecllslands Mgt. ~ (Partner To u r P ack<l _ge.s) Ai<millOS Ctty0917.61 04144

Tourism Office of f'l-klmnosFnl Allamlnos City, Pangsin;an 0921-'E9Ol1to


Rock Garden Hotel r.I Arnedo, Bollnao +6375-544-2876

rreaSl.lles ofBclin eo Hotel ~ Matilla: +6.32-497-11368 Bolinao; +6375-696-0608

L<lS Residenci<1S n PClt;lr, Bcllnao +6375-542-5381

EI Pescador Re;ort & Hotel r.l Poblaclon. San Mdres +6375-554-2559

Punta Riviera ~

Ilog Malll"IC, Bellnao +6375-69613S0


Capt01 ,Resort Hotel n Ung"_y€h. Paf'tgasinan +6375-8932;662--0848

The PreSident Hoteln Maramba Blvd. Ungayell +6375-54-230516

EI P"uero Marina ~ Pangapisan North, Ugayen +6375-542-5328

UrduIa Real Estate Development Cellt,ere LiI~gaye n, Pimg asi n'8n

Hotel' Consuelo Resort n Alvear St, Maramba Blvd, +6375-542-8932

Narciso Ramos Sports Civic Center~ +6375-542- 5941

Pangasinan 'Iounsm Officer.'! CapITol Gornp::iwr'Id, Ul'igayen +6375-542-8007


Covelendla DlJlabradorl'l TublJ3n. Labrador, +6375-549-5198

Vllila JlrehJaphet Holistic Resort Hotel n 092(y577-7S'5iJ


Star Plaza Hotel r::1

AB. Femandez, Dagupan City +6375-523-4888


lennox HGtelr:!

RrzaI5t., Dagupan C(ty +6375-'515-8889; 515-852

Matl.ltina Rest<Jl.:ll"iltlth1 Banuan, Ton d1;illgiln 075-614-2076; 0756143162

M~lre Hoose Intffilel: ~fe n DagupanClt,I


Boouiln, Dagup<in Crt)' 091750B1266

Borasinta Beach'CI,ub n lJyong, Labrador, 091(),9S03Ci95

M~'s Urd~neta ~ Ci:ty 0918-3131272

P<ingasil'1an Council' Qfrr'l Tourism &.IF1dustriies

If'./o TaPAD [07-5) 542- WXJ7

SBMA Bldg. 662, SBFZ +6347-252-5212

Animo JWS Corporation 1m B Sword~ish Terrace, U~33 Cluster III, $BFZ +6347-252.-2569

ATavola .)

1131, SBFl +6347-252-65.56

~HctBa1.dR~I~ Moonbay Marina. S8FZ +6347-252..3148 J 1948

Blue Note Jazz Cafe hi

RizaJ Hr,vay, SBFZ

Careen Upper MaLI Inn !l Sub ie Bay Freeport Zone

Cesa Kalaya3n~leari ' CenlEfC S1MAit::J:::iaJt" • '~l +6341-252-191


Cocolime I Breaa'tjmeJil Rizal Hiw~y, SBFZ ~-6341-2.S2'-2412to 24

Ccul:tY:.m1Inn r-cI ,~ Wateifront Road. SB"FZ +6347-232,a6~~

Da_ys Ini'1 $1.1 ltes n

8271, sOOd St"SBFZ +6347-252-9&£4 to 65


Bid, g, 3,3.2, BurgO!> ;;t., SBFZ -I-6347-252-37T9 I 524

5:1 Kab<lYO Riding Srnible~_ 1411. 1:1 K<lba!lo~ood, SBFZ +632~c3117~m

I=Mgh'S Spor"h Shack,

Subic Bay F:reeport mne

Wremely :~5, resso 1',1

Sa ~fbi:Ja:f '4e,SEFZ

+0347-252-368'1 f 642

f'C:oj &'l3e.eT<g:S~In::;m el::b.11'13~kcrAq::nu~ "·~47-252-511S

R~~Co~1B Bldg,', ',.7110, SBFZ +63,linS2-Un

C~ Tetlllinals, & [)e;./t, 1rc.(]J Bldg 12-J': SRF Area, SBFZ +6347-252-5951 17064

Grand ~etCl[e Hotel r. Wattrlront ROCld. Subic +6347-252-2764

Gtal1d@ Isl3 nd Resort ICl WaterfrDnlt.Rd., 58Ft +632-68&-7300

,Intet'isand Tr<Me1 <lIll:HolJl'S M Bkb 331.A.q~atdJSt, CBO +6.J4f-2S2-S136

InIBn~IFre;:;p:;t TradasO Bldg., 640 Burgos St.,SBFZ +6.3"2-8 i 3-56M

Kainaruo'l Puno.llI

Sublc Bay Preeport Zone +6347 -Z52"s781

Le$ Belle. Filrprnas C' PerforminQ Arts +6347·815.487~

MBK GI<1nd Leisure Hotel"" l,otMC-9, Wamrfimt Ret +6347-252-2764

Meat plus Cafe I.

BIQwS5. sam~n R::I'. SBFl +6147-252-6090

Mount<lln Woods !-Iore,ln 6;~St~,~am +6347.25~-[9g5

lliB;wG:ilf&~Clbr.l +6347-'252.-158810c 105

9j::t:~lVtJlre5pl~ p;.m A:.Wtiu",/'l¥fi Emdi) +6341'-252-9000

SLJ±.Bay£p;;ft; Mgnf, I1C Il ~_b~rhmm +6~4r;252.:28tiS to 86

$ubic Bay Y<!l~ht Club ~ Riza:llHiw~ay, SBFZ +6347-2.52" 1m1

Subic BoardW<llklnn r.1 bwinn@il'1fo.colll'.ph +6347-252-2893

Subic F<lmjly Land c GI{)61~ 3, lIan, in 'F'oost, SBFZ +6347·252.8269

Sl±~Eler.vb..ll"ll:al~I.l s:.A13l'rDffi~ BIi:ll::mS3fZ +6347-2.52-1907

Sll!bic InternatIOnal H atel r.J sClles®5ubichotel. com +0347-252-2222

Sublc: Legend Hotels L'I WNW, :swbide,gendcom +6347-252.9457

Subic Majestlc HQtel t'I CBO Area, SBFZ +6347-252~5136 to 37

NetwCIr.'XJetsIDOft'>I:] Waterfrol1t RQ<ld, SBFZ +6347-252-3469


MoonbaYM, "Trna,56FZ +6347 -252-7098

R~11's 8<M' and Gr'llll,l Subic Bay Fre, eport ZiDfle +634?252~1147


Indian Cuisine III +6347-252- 3663

Ritz, li'DpiCal Spa n

Rlzal H~y. SBFZ +6347-.252:-3342/3346

Rwal Duty Fr-wShops" It1C ~ Bloo. 1 roo, Palm si, SBFZ +63"47·2.52.3258

Se<ilOrsE) Toors&. ~lr.; 1/IMN\t92a1'1l:'l1!:&JDLMsmm +6347-252-5617

Segye IRC- _ Grmcje Islald TerrllfnOlI, SBFZ +6347 -252-32:4 1

Subic Media N€!tm +6347-252-1843 bedimayug<

Subic Park Hotel ":'I ~!~lJlktafcrJt~ +6347-252- 2fJ92

Ten::Jer Tc:udl EntepriSESm Bldg. 640,Rrn. E SampsoF1 St.,SBFl

The BayMag< +6347-252c7B.21

TreE Top AcI:verrtur",n


SlI:H1 B~r and Restaurant .il Lot 2 BJk 4Moonbay Manna +.6347·252·1488

Signature BrandsI'

Sllbic Bay Frooport Zone +6320915.2911

Slrmm€!IJs worldilit'l

2F Times 5qllOlll> Bldg,. SBFZ +6347-252-65"14

Sports Va'lues, lnc t r< +6347·252·9069

S tar~a nd F'J:operties, Inc. C (SubiC Holiday Villas) +6347-252-79'73

Vista Ma~lnaQ ~M;;raV\~ntH:I sales®Vmhotel.oom

WIlSt<M' T l<Il5fXlrt S€'M::Esl_ 13100. 1124ArgJnaJt H-way +62"47-252-5106

Zoobl<: S afurin WNN.zooblc,comph +6347·252·2272

Brew's Bistro III

~llis Bar&J[iI(Cone::fy 'B3~ +6347.,223-3528/1682

By The Se,a Resartrl

l3o. Barrettp, 0<.'l!93pO Oty +634'7-222-2888 { 4346

CiiSInO Alil=1inO (PAGCOR'JO I\i1a~Dive,O~ +6347-2224565 to b6

Chcas For EV9lythir1g I ObngapoOty

City Span #51~Dl\e,~ -],6341- 2i3: 1682

Connsa Cotpol'a;lionC R~IIwe, • EaSr Baja::: +6347 -222-53111

CosmetJd~rrnn Olpng~po crty



Goldilocks Be~hofLl U

1 M~Dive,Obh9+0 +63.47 ·22"4-2283

Greds, W<)ter;vorld q 0920-920-7313

Hagpy VaHey SLlP'lrslore S/21 it St. \IVe5t:BaJac BajOC +6347 -224-2(lSO

HillSIde Guesthouse~ +6347-222-2778

Jelln~€)r'Codctajl wUnige 101 a,bngajJO, eft)'

+6247 -222-2586

Jclllbeedo~~o;t21)m 3M'l~ Cl;\<e,0b1g;p:J +6347-223-2078 '

Los PollL~e I os han ,~ 2753 Ave" Olongapo +6347-224-8155 '

New Cflerry: Blossom D +6347~224-7B']I1; +6347-223-3283

p.hoto De,nsltyl"! 7Mll~ [::rl\.e1,Okn9'lX' +634/-223-771

Plal'a Papagayo'::'

60., Banetto,OIangapo +6347~224-1 D02

Sam's pjzza I

Mag'~ CJrI"e,Olangcp::l +6347-222-3686

Subic Mirage Hatelt'!

cro Nat'l H-;iv3Y_Brg{. ~, +6347 -223-"92:45

9..h::B:vIe:::fls~"" Adamos 101 Booch +6347r224-6372

HiJrley's I

Ma,nqo's Restaurant r •• +6347 -22341 39

ManCJUo,le Hotel & Resi7llrnnt n +6341'-222-7909"

Mrdniqht Rambler ,;'I +634]:223-4142

SeilsG;lQ9 Inn n +6347·224.0928

Siena 8each~

The Coffee ShgJ I,j

2 Rizal 5t, Bo. Barretto +6341'-222-4530

Zsebra Beach (.1

49-A N"t'r Highway,

&:.. Barretto, Oongapo Cily

Verl<!fDerg (iI

VlctOl)' UQer. 111(.

Arlonas 5t, WfSt BaJac Eq"r:; +632-361-1 516

Bom1 To..iFmCo..rdr"l Gpitcl GIl:!ltrls i3ataal +6347-237-4785

Ba\aan White Coralsrt:! Painibdluhan, Morang. 8ata:3n 0928-501:):YOCI1


Crown ,Royale Hotelh'l' o:tDVIm@::roltdloY",leOOteI,oom


JC!f.1l>~crdRe;taU<ll1tln 8al"I'1,9a City. Batoran +6347-791 -3313

laJ-ls Pe:atmd Res!'aLr.;rrt1'I City ofBalanga, Bataan +6347-237-3517



Morrtemar Beach Reoot11'l BagiOlc, Bataa n +632-811-5234/5235



County Co!tage Resort ~ Casti.lleJos, Z"mbales +6347-232-1364-

CI)'S\aI Beach Su rf Resort ~ Ssn Narciso, Zambales +6347-913-4.309

Club Morocco'_' Cawag,Subic.-Zambale> +6347-252-2724 to 25

Dream Plazar:!

Subic. Zambeles +6347-232-4989/5293

Philippine Merchant Mar'in,e Academy 1;1 +6347-913-4395/4398

Punta de Uian 1:'1

San Antonio, Zambales +6347-2S2-2692

Wi"nite Rock Beach Resortl:! Mataln, Subic, Zarribales +6347-232-5716

za~l€S Tcurism Council "" +6347-811-7216

AerofliteAi, rtotays Corp. +632-831-\1161 oo-ofue':"<Matb~<:om

ANA lnt'l Placemet~tM +632-404-2595

Ayala, Land PremierG +632-7594715

DWB Marketing and Advertising" +632-724-2131

Giardinni Mfg InttlO

P RS Commercia I Vii'ltaQ:e Product]on'M +632-"303-0050



SeaetariatOffice- CafeMaja Hica At La Maja Hiea Horel. Mcart. hur Highway, Ugtasan, Iarlac City 2300 0918 480 6885 t3rloc_cvi:;,ph W\MN;1;arlao:»'!tiply.rom

C Central rark Hotel ~ Haderda Wsita, Sa1 M~uel +6345885.(J683

C La Maja Ric@ Hotel tl Me A.rtIiJr Hqrw.ay, UC)1man +6345-611-2053 to '55

Sun Garden Hotel r.::'I

Me Arthur Highway +6345-982 0688

NeNBut!eMKlrld ~'i1 Marketvlei. Subd., Ma'liwalo +6345-982-9482

Cafe M ajartCd'

Me Mhur HJ..Wa't Ugtra5an +6345-611-2060

C Coo::nut~rill REs1aurartl&i?snt"" N110/PqJtnoBM:.!ard Magic5m' 1\Aa11+6345-491-282\J

C 0eI"lcio's'~1_ _ ..

l!1sit:t Ihd..strial P2f1<, San Miguel +6345-985-1390

Daisy TanjuakiosCateringl~1 Hilario St, lfotasan +6345~982-8585

~rgT<lIocSa..A€f1ir& Trurs tarlacsoLIIEllIfrs@gmai~.oxn I vlI"..w:tarlacsouve

D 9smsCutfr:u,ers&PatyT\ffi:!; .Bk5MH. Del RI<rSt, $to. GiSb ~982-8754: 0916.800.0524

rvIo M:lri<Eliirtg

4:JS?M2d¥th..t H~ +634s. 982c(l(l9O; 0917-506-0090

C TaMc.FQrlLreH(~Patrucm:J 1(3) McMhur Highway, San Nfcdas +6345-982-1 S)l.

Horn Kee Tea House III

San SeiJa.stian Tarlac City +63:)5..9821 <ff9; +6345-982-1383

L Paras Pavillion 1'1

San 5abas!ia1,Gate 3, D:n Greg:>rbSt, +6245-982~3715

l2!ti\J.lde Cafe I Koffee Kopl [, j 3M Bldg. McArthur Hfghway

+6345-4-91-0168 '

Latnos Se:afoocl Grill III M:;,Ilrth._rH~S;ornN~B~5 +6345-800-2007

Max's Rest<wra.nt I,j PI<lZJ L~rsiti3, TarlacOty +6345-611-2202

Microt·ellr'1n and Suites"_' Lulslta Industrial Park +6345-985-1770

N;9YS House Re5taurantlll RomuloBlvd

+634S-982c 5286

Paseo De Hilario GriliUl 04 Hilario St. +634-5-982 0706

'Ru stlca Rest,a lira nt 'I San Sebastian +6345-982 0344

Sarangbarng Rest.aut"ant III LotOCB G-25itl0 Parcba, Tlbag +6345-982-1117

Tessie'$ Grill·& Roasters III McArthur Highway, San Roque +6345-982-4100

TlI'a PatS Res!aur'fl1t & Catering r" McArthur HigrnWEy, San Rafael +634-5-491-0 ~ 33

Tn Gold CaterIng Servi(:esGl Sm. Cristo St Cub cub, C4las +6345-9250158

Bagui:o Country Clrub

C~'''' ere" i!Qa~, Bago.JiD City, P.hiIippjnF.!s P,Q. BI!I;t;.G$

TOt, No, lb3-NI6W-1!J5Cloo 64 eo, (6 .. 14,44UgJl: ~4;!.1'614

~-mail: bag uioccurarse 1ub2(lCii.~g mai] . .:::om W9bsi~'o§!!; b.a~I,Iij(jl!o~trr.=lub,~,ph

UrdLJ Flestaurant & BakEshcplll 71 P Burgos St Poblacion +6345-982-2981

RPC Travels, s lour$IA

La Maja Rica BuSine. ss Cernsr +6345-611 2178


Sunrise Subd .. Maliwalo + 6345-982-0505

lan Gacutsn PhotographyM Salud, Pcbladc!l1, GEron<! +6345--608 0235

lYlytarl ac.corn 1"'1

+ 6345-982 0403

Arlyn Angel Orchestralnc. C! Capitol Villas, Carangian +6345-800 1946

C Pancake House III - RObinson's Tarlac +6345-985-1348

t1 Pancake House 1,/

BGH Rotunda, K)sad Road +6374-446-1285

c Pancake House iii

G round Level SM City Clark +6345-499-0275

Pancake Hous.€I,'

8 Waves Hotel & Waterp;orik + 6344-7 66~6851

Pancake House rn

Pe!rm, tv1an100~41'eJrn ~~'1)+6344-975-1881

Poo:.n Bocaue !S:::uthb:JJrri) ITh II Bulacan

D Petn::n Mai~iNcrlI100J~r;Jl1l BulaC<'lIl

C PatcrI~N;Jtb:un:WU Paril'p<;Illga

Pug ad Den rids 1,.1

G/,F -Robtnsoo '5 Starm 11 ls +6345-875- 1212

Microte.llnrn omd SUites Q Upp2fSsssbn Rd., BcguioOy +6375-619333

D Microtellnn and SLtltes'"'l Cabanatuan, Nueva EO]q

Microte.llnn and SUfWSi':'I Lulsita Industria I Pa rk, T1.rlac +634-5,985-1770

Teriyaki Boy ~i'I SM Cit'j Baguio +6374-619-7714

Mamil!a Office

1!]..'f R.mor'lIMiI!l;I~~$aY Ctnu!;. Rcoes 8001 evsrd com er

Dr. J. a!,jii'it~ 'SIt. St. M .. 'hni!l, Mil" II,. Tel No. !lJ2> «O-e.12; to 29 1'.~r-61.2is:lMIC6

~-rnail: tlxGalEs

Villa Cerellllera

6 Outlook Dri'i'E', Bequto City"2l:.«l T.' No, r6374,,442 11m

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