ASSIGNMENT#2: Roll # 14-10770


a.Find the topic sentence.what is the topic and what is the controlling idea of given paragraph? Ans:The topic sentence of given paragraph is Behind my childhood home,there is a large piece of land that is sorrounded by banana trees growing in wild disorder. The topic of given paragraph is My Banana Garden The controlling idea of this paragraph is in topic sentence because there are many questions in topic sentence which raises the interest of reader to read further.these questions may be What is behind the writer s childhood home? , How the large piece of land is sorrounded by banana trees? , How banana trees are growing in wild disorder? b. Does the paragraph have a concluding sentence? Ans:Yes,the given paragraph has a concluding sentence.That is whenever I hear the plopplop-plop of rain drops on my tidy apartment in the city I remember the beautiful,banana garden of my childhood. c.Find any spatial order expressions in the paragraph.Add them to spatial order signals.Is there any spatial order pattern or not? Ans:Spatial order expressions in the paragraph are:      Behind my childhood home. Crowds of banana trees grow freely everywhere. Underneath the trees the ground is so moist. In the centre,there is a wide field Plop-plop-plop of rain drops on the roof of my tidy apartment.

they fall on leaves. banana leaves. Sight Banana growing tree in Smell Touch There green Taste Hear sound Rain produce strange melody on leaves are so thick.2 Seprate supporting sentences related to five senses. Banana leaves are too wide to make in I hear the plop-plopplop of rain drops on my tiddy apartment. .it is in spatial order pattern. list the details in the paragraphs. I used to listen wonderful song of rain drops when banana trees grow freely every where. Sunlight cannot passed through thick green leaves. nest. d. wild disorder.ASSIGNMENT#2: Roll # 14-10770 Yes. Crowd of The ground is so moist. Question No. What adjective is repeated four times in paragraph? Ans:The leaves of banana trees.

Birds arrived lookfor some rest. center of wide field. . During rainy season leaves become glassy.ASSIGNMENT#2: Roll # 14-10770 Children kites in fly the During rain leaves become slippery. Beautiful banana garden.

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