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Date : 5th January 2010

Time : 8.00-8.30 am

Class : Form 2 Cerdik

No .of students : 30 students

Proficeency Level : Low-intermediate

Topic : Looking Good, feeling great! ( Sequence Connectors)

Curriculum Specification : 1.0 Language for Interpersonal Use

1.2 Take part in social interaction by:

Level 1

iv) Giving oral and written instructions to do something

Level 2

vii) Making decisions with others to do something.

Prior knowledge : This is the first lesson on sequence connectors.

General Objective : To provide practice on sequence connectors and further reinforce the focus of

the lesson.

Learning Outcome : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to :

1. Fill in at least 3 out 5 blanks with the given answers correctly.

2. Write a correct sentence using the correct sequence connector based on the

picture given.

Moral Values : Self-awareness and co-operation

References : Ministry of Education. ( 2003).

Curriculum Specifications for English Form 2.

Kuala Lumpur : Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Rationale:  To introduce sequence connectors. What was the cartoon strip about? 4. 1. What was the order of the sentence? the lesson. ( 3 minutes) Instructions: 2. 2.  To inculcate moral values. Manila card 3.Pay attention to the cartoon strip that will be students. ( 7 minutes ) 1. Teaching Aids: Cartoon strip ( Appendix 1) Presentation Instructions: 1. 3.Stage/Time Activity/Content Presentation/Rationale Set Induction Whole Class Activity 1. shown. Teacher gives feedback and relates this to 2. Teacher explains the function of sequence connectors and provides some relevant examples. What are the words that create a sequence Rationale: in all the sentence?  To attract and focus students attention to The lesson. Teacher asks students few questions based Questions : on the cartoon strip. Practice/Stage Individual Activity 1. Teacher gives instruction. Teacher distributes Worksheet 1 to . Pay attention to the notes given on the board. 3. Teacher gives a brief explanation on Teaching Aids: sequence connectors. Teacher reads the cartoon strip with the 1. Teacher gives instructions.

Students answer the question orally. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate answers 3. Teacher gives instructions. Teacher reviews the teaching point and connectors? concludes the lesson. 11 Instructions: 2. Work in your own group. 2. Teaching Aids: Rationale: Pictures ( Appendix 3)  To provide more practice and consolidate the focused skill. You have 5 minutes to finish the task. 2. 1 Instructions: Students. Manila card Teacher’s Comment . Teaching Aids: Rationale: Worksheet 1 ( Appendix 2)  To provide further practice on sequence connectors. answers with the class. Teacher gives instructions. 2. 3. Teacher facilitates and discusses the 3. Teacher reads the speech to the students. Write a sentence based on the picture given. 2. You have 2 minutes to finish the task. ( 7 minutes ) 1. Closure Questions: 1. 4. What are the examples of sequence Rationale: connectors?  To summarize the teaching point and Teaching Aids: conclude the lesson. Work on your own. Practice/Stage Group Activity 1. Teacher asks students question about what ( 3 minutes) 1. What is the function of sequence 3. Teacher facilitates and discusses the 3. given. 4. ( 10 minutes) 1. What have you learned on sequence they have done so afar? connectors? 2. 3. Teacher gives each group a picture. Teacher divides the class into 4 groups. answer with the class.

Lecturer’s Comment Part B .

It would be difficult for me to continue the rest of my lesson if I lose their attention at an early stage. It would be hard for the students to interpret the saying and discuss it in a group. conducting such activity would take up much of my lesson time. My presentation would cover a very basic explanation of sequence connectors and the usage of it. It may be seen as a very easy lesson . then and finally’. I opt to use a cartoon strip to focus my student’s attention titled “How to wash our face?” This cartoon strip has a significant message on personal hygiene and clearly shows the use of sequence connectors. I plan to use again the same cartoon strip for the students that to elaborate my explanation on the usage of this sequence connectors.My lesson plan is based on Chapter 9 Looking Good. Feeling Great! from the English Form 2 textbook. So. next. I have decided to use the practice provided in the textbook itself for the practice stage because I find the exercise is related to the students directly. For the set induction I did not use the activity given because my students are low- intermediate students. I am going to focus mainly on the use of ‘first. Also. This might make the students restless and I may lose control of my class. I would also be able to inculcate some relevant moral values. I have gathered some information about sequence connectors from the internet and also from the textbook itself. Moreover this is their first lesson on sequence connectors so I would start with easy and important points for them to understand the topic. This is because I can reinforce the input using the same input and I would have more time to explain on personal hygiene.

I modified the lesson by deleting the sequence connectors so the students can fill in the blanks after I have read the speech. At the end all the sentences would become a process using sequence connectors. The first exercise is more to an individual activity which is teacher centered and the second is more to student centered where I can check students understanding. To close the lesson. This exercise would help them to co- operate with each other to answer the question.but I have incorporated listening skill in this exercise. To check student’s further understanding I have provided the students with practice stage 2. This activity is a group activity where students work together to come up with a sentence using the picture given. Worksheet 1 ( Appendix 2) SMK Cannosian Convent . I would reiterate the teaching point and conclude with an open -ended question related to the skill taught.

Miss Lee invited a grooming consultant.Name:……………………. Mrs Sandra. Class:………………. Then After that Finally Next First Appendix 1 ... Date:…………………… Fill in the blanks with the answers given below. to give a talk to her students on how to take care of their hair.

How to wash your face? EDU 3061 .

English Language Teaching Method ( Lesson Plan) Name: Kirubayini Palani Matric Num: 142921 .