Syllabus & Assessment (On & Off-Site

By Fri 26th March First Draft of all End of Year Assessment Projects written. 7th April - 30th April From 1st May Review & Edit Period for End of End of Year Assessment Year Assessment available for teachers 17th May Begin End of Year Assessment Off-Site (18th May) Begin End of Year Assessment On-Site (24th May)

Reports & Parents meetings (On-Site & Off-Site)


7th April - 30th April Weak students identified and put on 'sweep form'

from 1st May End of Year Assessment Projects Photocopied

17th May Start End of Year assessment Projects

From Tuesday 25th May Reports given to teachers Reports will include space to record marks from End of Year Assessment (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar & Vocabulary.)

7th June - 16th June reports handed in and checked

From 12th June Parent's Evenings On-Site


These students will be ones who were identified as weak for the level in the December Progress Report. They will have done badly in the Mid Year Assessment in January. They will have made little or no progress since Mid Year Assessment.

Parents asked to come in for meeting with teachers (date to be confirmed but probably end of April)

MEETINGS DATE 2/24/2010 3/10/2010 3/24/2010 LOCATION & TIME Bonanova 12pm - 1pm Bonanova 12pm - 1pm Bonanova 12pm - 1pm

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