Assignment . No : 2 Study a store for its merchandise assortment. Profile the merchandise assortment and come up with a merchandising policy of the particular store.


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Villa Minelli is a complex of sixteenth century buildings of great historical and cultural interest. the entity known as the "Benetton Group" is formed. the Benettons opened their first store in Belluno and three years after in Paris. the eldest of four children. was a 30-year-old salesman in Treviso. and sold a younger brother's bicycle in order to buy his first second-hand knitting machine. as well as a wide selection of accessories. The Benetton stores carry complete collections. Luciano Benetton. offers high quality customer services and generates a total turnover of over 2 billion euro. his brother Gilberto in charge of administration. The stores are managed by independent partners and generate a total turnover of over 2 billion euro. Headquarters: Benetton Group's Corporate headquarters is located at Villa Minelli in Ponzano. entrusted to architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa. their younger brother Carlo running production.000 stores in 120 countries. and soon after he asked his sister and two younger brothers. Benetton has a network of around 6.Benetton Group is a global fashion brand. the leisurewear brand Playlife. based in Treviso. Today. Benetton Group is listed in Milan. He saw a market for colourful clothes. The name comes from the Benetton family who founded the company in 1965. quality and passion are clearly seen in its brands.000 contemporary stores around the world. In 1965. about 30 km from Venice. the glamour oriented Sisley. the leisurewear brand Playlife. The Group produces over 150 million garments every year. to join him. Its core business is fashion apparel: a group with a strong Italian character whose style. the casual United Colors of Benetton. has been supported by a major programme of investment worldwide. Italy. the Benetton Group is present in 120 countries around the world. characterised by prestigious locations in historic and commercial centres and by the high level of customer services offered. The villa was acquired by Benetton in 1969 and the task of restoring and remodernising the complex. Gilberto and Carlo.000 stores worldwide: The development of Benetton's commercial network. with Luciano as chairman. the glamour oriented Sisley. The design team . His initial small collection of sweaters received a positive response in local stores in the Veneto region. From the mid 1980s Villa Minelli became the headquarters of the Group and home to all its strategic functions. Around 6. In 1965. and Giuliana as a chief designer. Design: A staff of 300 designers from all over the world creates the collections for the casual United Colors of Benetton. took over fifteen years. offering a full range of Benetton style and quality. Its network of around 6. In 1966.

000 retail outlets in 120 countries worldwide. . men and women to expectant mothers. Folded and hanging garments are automatically sorted. packed into boxes and sent through a one-kilometer tunnel to the Automated Distribution Center. from research into new materials to integrated logistics. co-ordinated by a high-tech facility at Castrette (Italy) is capable of turning out over 150 million garments every year. capable of handling individual orders for around 6. from communication to IT. Automated Distribution Center The Automated Distribution Center covers an area of 30.000 also engaged in researching new materials and creating new lines for different targets from children. and has invested in modelling. a crucial factor for development. to packing and delivery.000 square meters. Production: Consistently high quality is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Benetton production process from the raw materials to the finished garment. organization. Automated Sorting System The state-of-the-art logistics operation at Castrette (Italy) has a fully automated innovative sorting system. has always characterized the Group’s business organization. The Benetton production system.000 incoming/outgoing boxes daily with a workforce of only 28. Special attention is given to innovation in production. where all systems and equipment are constantly renewed. and automation of logistic processes in order to completely integrate the entire production cycle. The result is the latest trends in design and a rich output of many models a year which are realized with computer assisted design systems fully integrated with the rest of the company's production phases. The finished product is sent directly to the Group's around 6. and is able to handle 120.000 Benetton shops worldwide. with a total capacity of 800. offering them not only practical and modern styles but also maximum comfort. Logistics: Benetton has direct control of the logistics phase for both own manufactured and sourced products. A constant commitment to innovation. whose propulsion is based on electromagnetic fields. from client orders.

for work and for leisure. Each season the womenswear. from the home collection to baby products. Undercolors of Benetton : This is an extension of the Benetton brand. featuring underwear. Sisley presents elegant and seductive collections. The above products are available in selected specialized shops worldwide. in the city and outdoors. men and children. childrenswear and underwear collections offer a total look for everyday. with special attention given to the choice of design. Undercolors is available in its own chain of stores which now has more than 500 locations in thirty countries and in selected Benetton Shops. United Colors of Benetton has an international style that combines color. The Benetton Baby label is a new product line dedicated to the prenatal and the under-fives world. With its clean and elegant collections Playlife blends an exclusive exploration of styles and allusions and a strong sense of individuality. and one of the most well known in the world. as well as accessories for women. The brand is present in many other sectors. beachwear and sleepwear collections. The brand has created the very fashionable Sisley Young line for children from 8 to 12 years old. Playlife : This is the Benetton leisurewear brand that redefines a style. menswear. Sisley: This is the Group's most fashion forward brand.BRANDS: United Colors of Benetton: A global brand. from the elegant accessories to the eyewear lines and perfumes. Its creative artists and independent sales teams concentrate their efforts on its image and on strong-impact advertising campaigns. quality and fashion. fabrics and new shapes. . A wide selection of recurring basic colors is enriched every season with the latest trends.

highlighting their emotional content. a clear and simple word with many meanings. United Colors Of Benetton: Merchandise Assortment ADULT : Woman And Man: United Colors of Benetton chooses a keyword for the Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection: freedom. . In this case. Merchandise Mix: The breadth and depth of the products carried by retailers is called as merchandise mix. the freedom we allow ourselves when choosing our look every-day. This is also known as Product Assortment. United Colors of Benetton has always followed this principle and offers even greater freedom of choice for the new winter season.The brand’s new store concept reflects the same values.

. pastel colours combine with prints and drawings to warm the winter days. Soft fabrics and light. KID: Mamma: Future mums will enjoy an A/W collection from United Colors of Benetton that’s big on comfort and full of the new season’s trends. material and colour. Baby (0-1 year): United Colors of Benetton chooses a romantic. natural mood for the new borns of the A/W 2010-11 season.Accessories: The Autumn/Winter 2010-11 United Colors of Benetton accessories and footwear collection explores new frontiers of in terms of shape.

clean lines and colour . sheer fabrics.Toddler (1-5 years): In A/W 2010-11 United Colors of Benetton takes the smallest children by the hand and accompanies them in their new adventures and earliest discoveries. even those that are commonly defined as “basic”. but whose simplicity. supremely comfortable collection and a skilful use of every kind of cotton. and a new bra designed especially for teens. UNDERCOLORS: Strong Appeal: A touch of provocative sensuality lets us play with lace. New features include a greater number of organic cotton jersey articles. it’s all about the American way of life. Silk and cotton bring sophistication to homewear ideas. proposing places and moods that evoke the new looks of the A/W 2010-11 season. Basic: Undercolors of Benetton always dedicates special attention to its underwear proposals. United Colors of Benetton have created an imaginary tour around the world. For the boys. Underwear: The Undercolors of Benetton winter season opens with a cosy. transparencies and softness. Kid And Tween (6-12 years): For the girls. a special focus on the brand’s DNA (with a logo print motif in bright colours).

colour as a universal means of communication. inspired by the iconic colours and the wool stitch . a small world of bras. as instinct. fragrance is a universal language. luggage sets for all travel needs. A wide range of frames with all the colour. with colour at its heart. sunglasses and eyewear frames for men.timeless elements of the brand's DNA.Blu. energy and comfort you would expect from Benetton.palette make them indispensable. in a colour palette limited to white. women and children.Giallo. Adult Sunglasses: The United Colors of Benetton sunglasses are coloured according to tradition: trendy but without going to extremes. as something to which we all share the same spontaneous human response. It is a collection with wrap-around frames and shaded lenses for unique and unmistakeable proposals.Rosso. universality and youthfulness. brassieres. culottes. panties. Adult Eyewear: Glamour and originality distinguish United Colors of Benetton eyewear. proposals of every kind for our home. It concludes exclusive fragrances. Colour as passion. . In fact. lots of stationery ideas for school. A collection of four perfumes representing an homage to Benetton's history and presence. communicating through intuition. Now colour and fragrance come together in a collection of scents inspired by Benetton's legacy – a legacy of creativity.United (fragrances) : Benetton is colour: colour celebrating the diversity of the world. Verde. LIFESTYLE: Lifestyle is a collection of surprises created by Benetton to satisfy everyone's tastes and needs. black and flesh tone. Like colour. tops and slips has been created. colour speaking to every culture. emotion and evocation.

accompanied by the latest in technological design wherever we go. . Kid Sunglasses: The simple and brightly coloured United Colors of Benetton sunglasses maintain the balance between style and health.In the bathroom. Terrycloth: UCB has introduced new colour combinations. Travel Bags: United Colors of Benetton luggage will make us conveniently travel in comfort and style. The United Colors of Benetton kids frames are light and comfortable.They are available in a wide variety ranging from ergonomic handles to smooth wheels and hard-wearing material goes hand in hand with a wide range of colours. with very high quality lenses and jaunty frames. one of the collection’s strong points. or pamper at the spa with the softness of the "honey whippy" Collection. complimented by colder sparkling shades in white and light blue. and the bright colors and decorative detail ensure this eyewear is both fun and practical for kids to wear. HOME COLLECTION: Bed Linen: UCB helps us to experience the fun of choosing from the Benetton Bedlinen Collection and light up our night with colours and cheerful super-softness. one can enjoy wrapping him/her in colours and stripes with UCB’s "new sunny" robes. unique patterns and cloud-soft velour fabrics.Kid Eyewear: The United Colors of Benetton kids eyewear collection is characterized by dazzling combinations of warm tones of red. Shapes are inspired by both the adult eyewear collection and the Benetton apparel lines. They are meant for a traveller. orange and pink. pleasure-seeking tourist or adventurous explorer. the 2010 Benetton Terrycloth Collection which will certainly freshen up the summer.

Garden Cushions: UCB brings fresh colour to our garden with the new cushion collection . cotton and woven fabrics. carefree touch. will receive the applicable amount credited to the card account within 14 working days . "face2face" and "native" beach towels not only feature attractive colour combinations and innovative prints but also unique weaving techniques. checks or floral prints. The manufacture of finished articles from raw materials is undertaken partly within the Group and partly using subcontractors. For hygenic reasons all sale of underwear and inner garment are final. glasses. the new United Colors of Benetton Tabletop melamine collection is a great way to give dinners.Whether soccer fan or simply outdoor sports lover. . this new line is an invitation to enjoy some quality time. Table Top: Featuring the latest trends and cutting edge designs. as well as leisurewear. MERCHANDISING POLICY OF UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON: Benetton Group (the "Parent Company") and its subsidiary companies primarily manufacture and market fashion apparel in wool. whereas selling is carried out through an extensive commercial network both in Italy and abroad. Payments made by Credit Card. Available in multiple colour combinations. consisting mainly of stores operated and owned by third parties. STATIONERY: A wide range of colourful items for writing and studying is available. Return Policy: Unworn. There will be no refunds or store credit. mats and trays are perfect for use anywhere from the garden to the kitchen or even the beach. kids are sure to find their match this year with the "soccer" or "blooming world" towels and robes.Whether the preference is for stripes. returns or exchange of these items will not be permitted. All sale merchandise is final sale. relaxing under the clear blue sky. full priced merchandise with tags attached and accompanied by the original receipt can be exchanged within 14 days at the store of purchase. parties or picnics a fresh new. Conceived for the most loyal and sophisticated United Colors of Benetton fans. the jugs.

Orders for these products are entered directly. Moreover UCB offers additional service to the network with Continuative Items. The structure also involves a segment of products known as Capsule. which ensure that collection's core products are restocked as quickly as possible. in order to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers. adapting the commercial calendar to their specific positioning. are now more structured and modular. capable of presenting fashion-forward garments and accessories at any time during the season. offering products sensitive to market trends and fashion moods and maximising stores' attractiveness. and as the information systems of the production and logistics units . UCB collections.Collections Structure: Flexible and segmented structure has also been introduced for UCB kids. both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Each collection is characterized by different proposals with several themes. with several proposals to guarantee frequent in-season deliveries to our store network. Sisley and Playlife proposals.

All these characteristics makes UCB a business model difficult to imitate and for this reason its competitive advantages are more sustainable. its consumers know that if they like something. The promotion will be valid at participating “United Colors of Benetton” stores. The UCB’s product merchandising policy is also important in its success because they emphasized a climate of scarcity and opportunity. They recognize that both creativity and structure is crucial in ensuring the success of the venture. Lucky you” advertising posters.are linked. . Benetton uses knowledge management to balance structure and creativity. In conclusion. they must buy it in this moment and not later. displaying the special “United Colors of Benetton. Latest Promotional Activity : LUCKY YOU From 30 October 2010. So. the system provides immediate confirmation and guaranteed delivery times (first in. customers purchasing in a single transaction three items from the United Colors of Benetton “Toddler” and “Kid” (from size 74 to XXL) lines among those marked with the special LUCKY YOU sticker will receive the cheapest item free (subject to availability in-store at the moment of purchase). first out).