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E070 the Novel

E070 the Novel

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Published by: fmaricic on Nov 22, 2010
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1.‘[The novel] is plasticity itself. It is a genre that is ever questing, ever examining

itself and subjecting its established forms to review.’(BAKHTIN) Discuss with

reference to at least twonovelists.

2.‘We do the novel [...] a disservice if we fail to notice, once we have defined the

different world from romance that novels represent, how fully it engages the

unusual, the uncertain, and the unexplainable.’(HUNTER) Discuss with reference

to at least two novelists.

3.‘From the novel’s beginnings, intertextuality has been one of the few defining

characteristics of the genre.’Discuss with reference to at least twonovelists.

4.‘One question the novel repeatedly asks is: How do you know?—answering basic

and simple human needs to know about the world, and to pursue that need in the

reading of novels.’(HUNTER) Discuss with reference to at least twonovelists.

5. ‘“Realism” is only one element in the novel’s history, other traditions such as

romance, gothic, fantasy and science fiction are equally important.’Discuss with

reference to at least twonovelists.

6. ‘Satire depends on simplification and is thus antithetical to the novel, which

excels in presenting complexity.’Discuss with reference to at least twonovelists.

7. ‘The history of the novel is a history of anti-novels.’(FRANK KERMODE)

Discuss with reference to one or morenovelists.


This question would offer a
productive way into a discussion
of Don Quixote and/or a
comparison between a ‘romance’
like Sidney’s Arcadia and an
early ‘novel’such as Defoe’s
Moll Flanders or Haywood’s
Love in Excess.



8. ‘The novel is the only developing genre and therefore it reflects more deeply,

more essentially, more sensitively and rapidly, reality itself in the process of its

unfolding.’(M. BAKHTIN) Discuss with reference to at least twonovelists.

9. ‘Because the novel is such a flexible genre and because novels are written across

periods and cultures, it is meaningless to speak of a coherent “novel tradition”.’

Discuss with reference to at least twonovelists.

10. With reference to at least twonovelists you have studied, consider the view that

the concept of individualism underpins the novel form.

Suggested reading

Bakhtin, Mikhail M. The Dialogic Imagination, Four Essays.

Brink, André The Novel: Language and Narrative from Cervantes to Calvino.

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