Verbos Irregulares INFINITIVO To be To become To begin To blow To break To bring To build To buy To catch To choose To come To cost To cut

To do To draw To drink To drive To eat To fall To feel To fight To find To fly To forget To get To give To go To grow To have To hear To hit To hold To keep To know To learn To leave To lose To make To mean PRESENTE be become begin blow break bring build buy catch choose come cost cut do draw drink drive eat fall feel fight find fly forget get give go grow have hear hit hold keep know learn leave lose make mean PASADO was/were became began blew broke brought built bought caught chose came cost cut did drew drank drove ate fell felt fought found flew forgot got gave went grew had heard hit held kept knew learnt left lost made meant PARTICIPIO been become begun blown broken brought built bought caught chosen come cost cut done drawn drunk driven eaten fallen felt fought found flown forgotten got/gotten given gone grown had heard hit held kept known learnt left lost made meant TRADUCCIÓN ser o estar llegar a ser empezar soplar romper traer construir comprar coger elegir venir costar cortar hacer dibujar beber conducir comer caer, caerse sentir luchar encontrar volar olvidar obtener dar ir crecer haber o tener oír golpear sostener guardar saber/conocer aprender abandonar perder fabricar/hacer significar 1

arrogar llevar puesto ganar escribir 2 .To meet To pay To put To read To ride To rise To run To say To see To sell To send To shine To show To sing To sleep To speak To spend To steal To swim To take To teach To think To throw To wear To win To write meet pay put read ride rise run say see sell send shine show sing sleep speak spend steal swim take teach think throw wear win write met paid put read rode rose ran said saw sold sent shone showed sang slept spoke spent stole swam took taught throught threw wore won wrote met paid put read ridden risen run said seen sold sent shone shown sung slept spoken spent stolen swum taken taught throught thrown worn won written quedar/reunirse pagar poner leer montar subir correr decir ver vender enviar brillar mostrar cantar dormir hablar gastar. asar robar nadar coger enseñar pensar tirar.

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