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at HIGHLAND HILLs é COLONIAL VILLAGE Apartment Homes GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT In consideration of Colonial Village at Highland Hills leasing an apartment to | fora term of. months at a rate of $. per month, |, do hereby sign this document as gaurantor of the timely performance of his/her responsibility under the lease term, which begins on or about. and all subsequent renewals, extensiosn and/or transfers., Guarantor’s Name: Relationship to Applicant: Social Securit; Drivers License #: Home Phone #: Work Phone #: I do hereby accept complete responsibility for the payment of rent and the actions of. if he/she is accepted as a resident of Colonial Village at Highland Hills Apartments. I understand that he/she will sign a written lease for which I will be fully responsible should the lease be broken. I also understand that in a roommate situation, any legal action taken for breech of lease will be against all occupants for possession of the apartment and collection of all monies due. | understand that I must also fill out an application and sign the Applicant Consent form. I authorize you to verify any and all information contained in this form, nwy application, and to inquire into my credit history. I also understand that I am guaranteeing for the total amount of the monthly rent and I must qualily according to the rental criteria. Signature of Guarantor: Date Signed: (Please Note: If this form is not signed in the presence of Colonial Village at Highland Hills Management, it must be signed in the presence of a Notary Subscribed and sworn to me on. (date) In, (county, state) My commission e N ime of Commissioned Individual: Signature of Commissioned Individual: Notary Seal: SHOP 180 BPW Clubs Rd. * Cambor, NC 27510 + (919) 967-0955 Fan: (919) 933-0494