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Nthe an 7 sso7ee Satya WRITTEN EXAMINATION SYSTEA TROUBLESHOOT THE INTERCOMWNICATION ‘SET AN/VIC-1 (V) WITH FM RADIO. (SECURED) This examination consists of 50 questions. Ansner a1] questions on the enclosed ACCP Examination Response Sheet (1SC Fora 58)+ "inchvidusl work on the exan $5 ‘andatory. "After completing the examination, place the answer sheet in the self- Sddressed envelope provides ang anit eto she’ Institute for Professional Development’ (IPD) for grading. IFO will send you a copy of your grade Tor this exastnoeion. hen perforsing EPC step 1d (Appendix A), the A¥-1780 POWER Tamp does not Tight syste troubleshoot the problen to find the bad item of equipment. Questions 1 through 9 refer to EPC step 1d 1. hat 1s the bad circuit of the system? {Intercom input poner circuit ‘remote pover circuit return power circuit matching unit contro} circuit 2. What are the possible bad itens? A. 9M-1780, 464723, 9-3513/U, MT-1029, RT-524, ©%-13089, MK-77778, x-10613 >. RHCI7BO, €x-4723, J-3613/U, 1-129, RT-84L, 0%-13089, M%-77778, po 10615 ©) H178O, cx-4723, 9-3513/0, HT=1029, CK-13089, ¥H-77778, C%-10613, Venicie'Wiring and Batteries 4. M1780," CK=4725, J-3518/0, MT-1029, (X-13089, M4-77778, CX-10613, 3. What technique should be used to troubleshoot this system? @ voltage trace B. Signal substitution cl circuit disturbance Continuity enecks 4, When checking the bad circuit for this syspton at P-S01 of the CX-4723, pin pin A, with an AN/PSM-85; your normal reading should be-~ @ obs. 3 clicking sound. infinity chm. 22-30 volts OC. 5. when bad. So checking the bad circuit for this symptom you determine the (%-4723 1s You can prove the k-4/23 1s bad by performing what check? voltage trace ‘Signal. substitution circuit disturbance continuity check 6. Where should the CX-4723 be checked? 3 pin M to pin M Bin B to pin B pin D to pin A Bin C to pin B 7, hen checking the bad circuit for this sympton at PSDL of the CX-4723, with an AN/PS¥-45, and your normal reading 15 correct; what is the bad iten? 2 @ 8. When what a nat 3a 4 3813/0 bears Rr-s2 anci720 ‘you have determined that the J-2513 1s the bad item, You should take Corrective action to fix the bad item. subait J-3513/U to COMSEC support maintenance Subait.373513/0 to 10s initiate Dd fore 2407, complete OA fore 2404 and submit DA forms and J-3513/U to CONSEC support maintenance Tnitiate D& for 2407, complete DA form 2408 and submit DA forms and 353513/0 to 105 action should be taken after you have repaired this problem. have the operator check the system no action required reevaluate the system send the system to 10S when performing EFC step 28, the relays do not click and there is no sidetone, Systes troubleshoot the problem to find the bad item of equipment. Questions’ 10 through 13 refer to EPC Step 2a. 10. what. 4s the bad circuit of the system? OC input power and distribution circuit RY keying etreuit {intercom keying and talk/listen circuit, intercom accent circuit a. wm 3. What are the possible bad itens? 2. M1780, C4-4723 to 3-s01, 9-3513/u, M1008 8: iMctra0! Occa723 te 3-501; 3381370, MI-1023, a-s24 E. Enzedeyceea?on to 0-504, "Ah-1780, €xe4723-¢ VSOL, J-3513/0, RT-524 £2268" commander's, Chests to J-S04, AH 17E0 shat technique should be used to troubleshoot the systen? GQ. sortage trace 3. Sonal" subseteution €!Ehreuie eiaturbance a! Continuity cheeks, nen checking the bad circuit for this symptom at P-801 of CX-4723 with an AN/PSH-45; your norsal reading should be? a. a clicking sound 0 nn 22-30 volts 0¢ infinity obas ven perforning the EFC step 23, rlays click, but there 5 ap sidetone; | systen troubleshoot Droblen to find the bad iten of equipment. Questions f through 18 refer to EPC step 22. rs 16. GL neem oes What 15 the bad circuit of the system? 2.9.0. Snput power and distribution circuit Br tekst RPucque fecelver = mted fonitoring cirutt intercon tatk/tisten cireule What are the possible bad itens? a. AM-1780, CK-4723 to J-501, J-3513/0) Be mwcnneo, 4723 to eo I 3gLaU ‘AMCITBD, (X-4723 10 9-504, €-2298, CX-4723 to J-505, J-806 or J-507, ali crewmember C-2258 What type of defect wil cause ND SIDETONE in all of the control bores? a. no power BL an open’ EL continuous keying G&S shore wes