Project Profiles

1. INTRODUCTION India is the second largest producer of rice in the world. The major portion of the paddy is being processed through hullers. The hullers are usually low capacity mills. In these hullers, both shelling and polishing operations are carried out simultaneously. Hence, there is no control on the polishing of rice, bran adn a higher breakage of rice occurs. To overcome all these a mini rice mill was designed to meet the needs of the villagers and a substitute for a huller mill, to get polished rice, rice bran and paddy husk.

2. MARKET Rice being the staple food of majority population, no problem is envisaged in marketing. Besides, the mill can be utilised as a service unit for custom milling. It also noticed the tribals are going for long distance to convert paddy to rice for domestic consumption. Thus, there exists demand for non-trading rice mill in some important centres.

3. MANUFACTURING PROCESS The mini rice mill consists of a paddy cleaner, sheller, separator and a polisher. The most important feature of the mill is that the shelling and polishing are kept separate. Because of the low capacity, a centrifugal sheller is most commonly employed. Different units could be used as polisher. For maximum advantage, it is necessary also to use a paddy separator, whereby need of a high polish can be avoided thus avoiding unnecessary loss of rice. 4. PRODUCTION CAPACITY PER ANNUM Sale of rice, husk, bran 5. PROJECT COST/CAPITAL INVESTMENT
S.No Description Amount Rs.


1600000 per annum

1 2 3

Fixed Capital Working Capital for Preliminary & Preoperative Expns Total Project Cost



450000 109700 5000 564700

Rate Amount Rs. Telephones & Stationery Expenses Transportation & Conveyance Expenses Consumeble Stores Reparis and Maintenance Expenses Miscellaneous Expenses Total 200 1000 300 500 500 2500 . MEANS OF FINANCE S. 1 2 Power Water Total LS LS 1000 200 1200 iv. Other Expenses (per month) S. 1 2 3 4 5 Postage.No Description Amount Rs.No Description Nos. Rs. WORKING CAPITAL i. Machinery and Equipment S. 50000 200000 1 Total plant and machinery Total LS 200000 200000 B. 1 2 3 Promoter Contribution Subsidy/Soft Loan Term Loan Total 15% 20% 65% 84705 112940 367055 564700 7.NSIC Project Profiles 6. 1 Paddy Total tons LS 100000 100000 iii. Rate Amount Rs.No Description %age Amount Rs. Rs.No Description Unit Qty. Amount Rs.No Description Qty.No Description Unit Amount Rs. Land and Buildings Land Buildings ii. Sal/mon. FIXED CAPITAL i. Salaries & Wages (per month) S. Utilities (per month) S. 1 2 3 Supervisor/Entrepreneur Skilled worker Unskilled worker Total 1 1 1 2500 2000 1500 2500 2000 1500 6000 ii. FINANCIAL ASPECTS A. Raw Material (per month) S.

husk.NSIC Project Profiles v.PROFIT ANALYSIS & RATIOS 1 2 3 4 Net Profit Percentage of Profit on Sales Percentage of Return on Investment Break Even Point Rs. COST OF PRODUCTION (PER ANNUM) S. Rate Rs. Total Working Capital (per month) S. 1 2 3 4 Depreciation Interest Salaries & Wages @ Other Expenses incl.FIXED COST (PER YEAR) S.Buildings .Plant and machinery Interest on term loan Total 1316400 5% 15% 12% 10000 30000 44047 1400447 @ 9. Utilities @ Total 40% 40% 40000 44047 28800 17760 130607 11.No Description Qty. TURNOVER (PER YEAR) S.No Description Amount Rs. 1 Sale of rice.No Description Amount Rs.No Description Amount Rs. 199553 12% 35% 40% . bran Total LS 1600000 1600000 1600000 10. Amount Rs. 2 3 4 5 Salaries and Wages Raw Material Utilities Other Expenses Total 6000 100000 1200 2500 109700 8. 1 2 3 Total Working Capital Depreciation .

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