Media Advertising of F.M.C.

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Media Advertising of F.M.C.G Products

Introduction to the topic
One can always learn from the changes that are happening around him globally and locally. The world in which we are surviving today is full of cut-throat competition and “survival of the fittest”. The companies have learnt and understood that the “customer is the king of the market” which has changed from the earlier perception that “customer will accept whatever he is given”, this change in mindset has led to the opening up of the fourth and very important “P” in the marketing mix called promotion. Companies have to always stay one-up on their competitors and their promotional strategies helps them in doing that efficiently. Promotion being a vast topic encompasses many terms and the most important of them being “ADVERTISING”, though often misunderstood as one and the same, promotion and advertising are different from each other the former being a wider term. The topic of interest, therefore, over here is learning more about this interesting subject which has emerged as a strong component in the global marketing environment. To prove this fact we will be taking the fast moving consumer goods industry or( “FMCG” industry as it is so famously known as) in to consideration and try to understand their advertising and other media strategies for overcoming their arch rivals and in the bargain earning profits for themselves. When we are trying to understand advertising strategies of the FMCG companies, we have to understand about the following things: 1. What do we understand by FMCG companies? 2. What do we understand by the term “marketing” and “advertising”? 3. Why do companies need to advertise and its implications.


Media Advertising of F.M.C.G Products

4. And lastly but the main subject matter of study that is, which media are available to advertise and understanding their selection, pros, cons and other aspects. There are case studies also mentioned in the end to make the points relevant There are some interesting facts that I’d like to mention before I brief you about the various aspects which have just been mentioned F.M.C.G companies are the largest ad-spenders in terms of percentage of sales.  FMCG companies focus more on brand promotion than sales promotion like the graph below proves.

(Source: - TAM and ADEX INDIA)


Media Advertising of F.      4 . The cigarette giant Marlboro spends $3 billion annually on Formula1 racing. 800crores annually on advertisements. Television advertising accounts for nearly 70% of the media advertising share. The cosmonauts shot the Pepsi ad in orbit outside MIR space station. Sachin Tendulkar is the highest paid cricketer of India in terms of endorsements. The Amul butter girl was created as a rival to the “Polson” dairy who used the same concept.C.M. In 1996 PepsiCo became the first company to film a commercial in space.G Products  HULL alone spends roughly Rs.

M.G Products CHAPTER 2. AN INSIGHT  What are FMCG Companies?  What do you mean by Marketing? 5 .C.Media Advertising of F.

companies have to pay more heed towards 6 . India is emerging as one of the largest markets after china in terms of percentage of earnings for the companies.M.C. PEPSI and many more. These companies include famous names like P&G. (Hindustan Lever Ltd. COLGATE PALMOLIVE. HULL. Had a turnover of more than 12000 crores in the previous year) and they occupy a significant position in the market of any country. The companies which fall under the F. soap. biscuits.G category usually have a large number of product lines under one umbrella. milk products and the list is endless. The turnover of F.M.G companies cater to the masses and provide a diverse range of products like chocolates.M.C. pan masala.M.C. In India the F. F. F.G companies are mostly the ones who are on a global or international level and can be termed as “MULTINATIONALS”. NESTLE.C.M.G companies or fast moving consumer goods companies are those which are engaged in the production and selling of goods which are required by a person in his daily course of life.G companies differs from those done by other segments. After the liberalization of the Indian economy many companies opened their subsidiaries in India. It can be defined as “products that are used at least once in a month. sold under brand names in consumer packages through a widespread distribution network and consumed directly by the consumer”.M. The advertising done by F. COCA COLA.M. cigarettes.C. Strong demand for a variety of products and an increase in the purchasing power of the people has led to many companies making India count among their list of high end markets.M.C.G companies? F.C.G Products An Insight What are F.Media Advertising of F.C.C. tooth paste.M.G.G companies is usually very large.

C. so the consumer needs to be aware of such a product available in the market. SOME OF THE TOP F.M. There were days when companies only gave a small 7 .G Products advertising of their products because they have to create a demand for their products even before they enter the market and another reason is that each company has a diverse range of products which it needs to sell to the consumer.G COMPANIES IN INDIA: HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED (HULL) PROCTER AND GAMBLE INDIA LIMITED (P&G) GODREJ BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES COLGATE PALMOLIVE INDIA LIMITED NESTLE INDIA LIMITED ITC MARICO INDUSTRIES DABUR INDIA GODFREY PHILIPS INDIA The Indian economy has undergone drastic changes over the past decade and the number of multi-national companies or MNC’S coming in to India is growing with every single day.M.Media Advertising of F.C.

6 0. Indian ad-spend as compared to some of the other countries Ad Spend to GDP (in %) 1.S.K U.2 1 % OF AD0.Media Advertising of F.A Brazil China 2001 2002 2003 2004 India YEARS (Source: Business World magazine) The above graph proves the fact that even though Indian companies are spending heavily on advertising. The increase in the number of advertising agencies in India just goes to show how vastly the advertising has grown in India.G Products advertisement in the local newspaper on a Sunday and popularize their product but with increasing competition companies are forced to give prime importance to the way they advertise and the amount they spend on advertisements.2 0 U.6 1. they still rank behind other countries around the world in terms of ad-spend to GDP ratio.8 SPEND 0.M.4 0.4 1.C. 8 .

Marketing is essential and with every company having a large number of product lines and a facing stiff competition from its rivals it becomes all the more essential to study the markets in detail and devise selling strategies. This term has created the future and helped in the evolution of numerous brands in the world for the consumer.G companies.C. According to marketing guru Philip Kotler. the term marketing means quite a lot.M. With the increase in competition. F. 9 . According to him with increase in costs and media expenditure it is essential that managers look for customer managed relationships rather than customer relation ship marketing.Media Advertising of F.C. The topic is vast and of significant importance but since advertising is what we are looking at particular therefore it is more relevant to study advertising in detail.C. Marketing is a broad term and encompasses elements like promotion and advertising. All the companies have their marketing departments which handle all the advertising and promotional strategies. companies are today engaging in what is called as lateral marketing which refers to breaking away from the mould of the product and taking the product in to new forms like introduction of walkmans.G companies rely solely on marketing for attracting and retaining their customer base.M.M. companies are now devising new and holistic strategies for marketing.G Products What does the term “marketing” mean after all? There have been numerous definitions and various explanations that have been given by different marketing gurus in their books and other literature but from the point of view of F.

Advertising –the new mantra  Implications of advertising on the buyer  A-I-D-A Model  Effects of advertising on consumer’s perception  Difference between Promotion and Advertising 10 .C.M.G Products CHAPTER 3.Media Advertising of F.

In making a brand name a 11 .   Today when we hear the word “Thanda” we immediately associate it with Coke. The question to be asked here is that why do F.G companies or for that matter any other sector companies need to advertise after all? The important reasons why one should advertise are mentioned below: Advertising helps in building a “Brand Name” for the company.M.G Products Advertising – the new age mantra David Ogilvy of Ogilvy&Mather once famously quoted as “the consumer is not a moron.Media Advertising of F.C. the ex-managing director and CEO of Britannia industries pointed out that “the success of a product can be measured in terms of how effectively it can be communicated to the consumer” The current lots of F. A company has to build up its brand name for its products so that the consumers do not shift to other rival products. Sunil Alagh.M.M. This proves the fact that companies lay a lot of emphasis on advertising of their products.C.696.C.G companies use advertising as a fighting tool to upset their rivals rather than to up bring their product.58 crores by the year ending December 2000 and the ad-spend has further increased by 10% in the next year. The coca cola and Pepsi war (so fondly known as the “cola wars”) has given new dimensions to advertising. Consider this: HLL spent more than Rs. The fact that companies are now realizing that raising ad spends is no longer a debt burden but rather an investment for the future. has shown that advertising has become an integral part of every products success and for that matter its failure as well. he is your wife”.

G Products company has to be loud and clear about its products and its qualities. Even today people recognize butter with “Amul” brand even when there are other brands existing in the market because of the infamous Amul butter girl who has acquired an iconic status. It acts as a tool to upset the competition:  Advertising is definitely a tool to upset competitors and up bring your product in place of theirs.  “Jo dikhta hai.C.C. this is where advertising steps in.Media Advertising of F. Consumers buy what they see and neglect what they don’t identify with.M. wahi bikta hai” This applies to all the companies in every sector.M. Advertising helps a consumer to understand about a product:  A consumer gets to know more about the product available in the market through advertising.G companies it is more important because the products have to continue over a long run in the market and have a wider competition compared to the other sectors. In a supermarket the advertising acts as a factor why the consumer goes straight to the soap of a particular brand or toothpaste of “x” company. In case of F. They are influenced by the flashy advertisements which affect their buying motives.  Persuasion: Advertising helps in persuading the prospective buyer in taking a decision regarding the product. 12 .

Gone are the days when one used to sell the products by going door to door or through salesman or the next door “baniya”.Media Advertising of F.G Products  Helpful in introducing new products: Advertising is a tool which helps in introducing new and innovative products in to the markets. This is the impact of advertising. Some of the advertising campaigns and their punchlines are mentioned below: Slogan Thanda matlab Youngistaan ka wow Dentist ka sujhaya hua no 1.M. brand Utterly. butterly delicious Kit-kat break to banta hai Kuch meetha ho jaaye G matlab Genius Company/product Coca cola Pepsi Colgate Amul Kit Kat Cadbury’s dairy milk Parle-G 13 . Companies spend a large chunk of their revenue on research and development of new products and when such high stakes are involved companies would not want their products to fail in the market. Today when one hears the word “Ye dil maange more” or more recently “youngistan ka wow” then the next person immediately understands that he/she is talking about Pepsi. today advertising helps one out if one has to successfully run a product. Advertising significantly contributes to the creation of top brands and increases their brand values.C.

this helps the consumer know what is happening around him. This brings us to the next question which is asked mostly when companies disclose their advertising budgets.C.M. This proves the fact that how much impact has been created by the particular brand through advertising.G companies some products which are complex to use can be well explained and their utility be made known to the 14 .Media Advertising of F. The consumer is not influenced by the flashy ads and does not respond to them.G Products Boost is the secret of our energy Tan ki shakti man ki Boost shakti. Is it a non-value added activity that is performed by the company? Well. The consumer also gets valid information through advertising like in case of social service messages like the polio ad campaign or the aids awareness campaign. When one goes in to the market one can notice how consumers recognize a particular brand of toothpaste from the 20 odd brands available and he asks for a particular brand only.” These statements do not hold true in the real sense. Also in case of F. the answer to this is that advertising is not a waste and companies set aside huge budgets for advertising just so that they can create an impact in the minds of the consumer. is advertising a waste.C.M. that is. Bournvita Alpenliebe bournvita Lagey raho! (lifebuoy hai jahan yandurusti hai wahan----lifebouy) The Implications of Advertising on the Buyer: It has been argued from the beginning that “advertising does not add any value to the product rather it helps in increasing the price of the product.

D – Denotes “desire”. A fictitious character by the name of “Digen Verma” was created by the company and his name was flashed all over raising the curiosity of the people.G Products consumer. It is only when an interest exists that a company will be able to establish the model successfully. The model is followed by companies for formulating advertising strategies. Often there are products which may be good in quality but are ignored by the consumer because they are not able to generate enough attention. once the product draws the attention of the consumer. A – Denotes “attention” which refers to the ability of the advertisement to attract the attention of the consumer. Advertising has played a major role in re-establishing and increasing the shrinking sales of some products One strong example of this can be the re-launch of the “Frooti” brand of mango drink a few years back. This curiosity was later removed by introducing the product. There is a defined strategy for advertising known as the A-I-D-A model of advertising promoted by Mr. Often we see small children forcing their mothers to buy them a particular chocolate or food because they have seen it with their friends or they are very much influenced by the advertisements. Also recently Dabur had re-launched its chyawanprash brand with a new look and a new ad-campaign.C. This campaign helped Frooti re-establish its market share and helped in increasing the sales for the company. 15 .M. this has helped Dabur to regain some of its lost share in the market which has been dominated by it. there should be an interest created in the minds of the consumer for the product.Media Advertising of F. Elmo Lewis which emphasizes on how a customer purchases a product. it is the desire to own and possess the product. Once the desire is created it will always get converted in to ownership of the brand. I – Denotes “interest”.

G Products A – Denotes “action”. The company cannot sit back and wait for their products to sell automatically. It influences him to buy a particular product      Overall advertising creates a desire in the minds of the consumer regarding owning the product.Media Advertising of F.C. 16 . Therefore a company should hook the consumers on to the brand and make them “brand loyal”. the final result of all the efforts is the ultimate decision made by the consumer to purchase the product. The company should try and maintain its relations with the customer. 20% of customers give 80% of the business. The desired action in terms of brand building and further increasing the sales should be in the minds of the company. According to Paretos law. Advertising has the following effects on the consumer perceptions: It helps the consumer to identify the product It is useful to realize which brands are available in the market It helps in delivering the importance of the product It helps in bridging the gap between the company and the consumer A consumer can realize what is good and what is bad for him. It makes him think about going for a particular company’s product over his rivals products.M.

The study revealed the following information: HOW MEDIA INFLUENCES PURCHASE DECISIONS Television Ads in newspapers Free samples Word-of-mouth Ads at purchase points Shopkeepers Articles in dailies Hoardings Ads in magazines Fillers/Leaflets in dailies 77% 40% 38% 38% 34% 32% 30% 26% 23% 22% Also the research has shown that consumers in cities like Delhi. Research has shown that advertised products have more chances of survival in the long run than the non-advertised products. Mumbai and other metros are likely to get influenced in purchasing the product if it is 17 . Also companies advertise their various offers and promotions through the medium of advertising. The consumer is ignorant to these offers unless he has been exposed to a healthy dose of commercials or prints showing the offer. basic traits.G Products The mere fact that the “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” advertisement increased the sales of coca-cola by more than 10% proves the fact that consumers are receptive to advertising.C. status. The study divided the consumers in to male and female categories and in each category they divided them in three parts. A recent study conducted by MCI India took into consideration people from various sections of the society and is worth mentioning in the report. They were segmented as per their age.Media Advertising of F. location.M.

whole sellers and retailers happy so that they will achieve the sales for the company. F.C. an example of this is recently Kissan had introduced the offer that on purchase of 1kg of its sauce one would get two Kissan Greedy Stix chocolates free. Promotions are done by companies in different forms and utilizing different mediums.M.M. Recently HULL decided to upset its rivals by giving 1 bottle of shampoo free with every 1 clinic plus shampoo bottle. This means that if the shopkeepers get adequate incentives from the company they will not propaganda the products of its rivals. Also unlike ads.Media Advertising of F. which also followed suit later.G Products advertised. Consumers are attracted to such lucrative offers and often the brand loyalty is diminished. This simple fact has shown that companies do require advertising to support the qualities of their product. Often companies are able to push the stock of its products which are not in demand through promotional activity. this led to a beginning of an intense rivalry between P&G. Promotions are more interactive than advertising. The companies have to also keep their distributors. prizes through lucky draws. Difference between Promotion and Advertising: Though the words seem to be the same they have a stark difference between them.C. 18 . The promotions are carried out by giving discounts.G companies carry out promotions at different levels apart from promoting at the consumer level. free samples. As we have seen before the study had showed that shopkeepers influence 33% of purchase decisions. promotion gives measurable results to the company. This is a good strategy to overthrow competition. Marketers have realized that mere advertising is not enough to push a brand but promotion acts as a support to advertising. additional free gifts. The shrinking margins and intense competition forces companies to come out with such promotions regularly to keep their consumers interested in their products.

G Products Promotional activity is also necessary when a company wants to introduce new products in the market.C.C.M. The recent promotional activities carried out by companies are as given below: HULL had launched a scheme for its product Surf Excell Blue in which the company is giving away computers. HULL also had a scheme of buy 3 and get 1 free for some of its soap brands like Lux. scholarships. Ariel and shampoo brands like Pantene.G companies cannot just rely on advertising because advertising may bring the customer to the product but promotion will keep him loyal to the product. fairglow. There are various discounts and freebies on offer by companies to attract the customer and a customer may get stimulated to buy the products because of these offers.M. P&G has also reduced the prices of some of its products like Tide. F. 19 . Marico had recently introduced its product called “Silk-nShine” in the market and it kept free sampling outside stores and in various areas.Media Advertising of F. Godrej has launched a scheme for its brand Xs juices in which the company launched an offer of buy 1 and get 1 free. dictionaries and other prizes.

MEDIA AND AGENCY SELECTION  Steps for media and agency selection  Agency selection  Celebrity endorsement  Cadbury example 20 .C.G Products CHAPTER 4.M.Media Advertising of F.

C. It should be coupled with the right type of media and the best use of the possible methods for advertising.C. The advertising budgets of the company are influenced by the product sales and its popularity.G Products Media and agency selection for F. The following table gives the consumer demographics relating to the various media available in the urban 21 . Companies like HULL. Companies which have a huge ad-spending select the best possible medium while those working on a tight budget try to find out the cheapest and most effective medium through research.M.M. and P&G etc. Selecting the media based on the budget: Once the budget is set then one can select the media which will be utilized by the company to commercialize its products. It is essential to understand that the money spent by these companies will not flow back in but will reflect in terms of the sales achieved by the company in the annual budget. The various medias available will be discussed in the next chapter. The right kind of media selection is done by utilizing the following strategies: Budgeting expenditure: Before selecting the media one must keep in mind ones budget. keep aside a sizeable proportion of their expenditure for advertising.G products Merely spending hoards of money in advertisement is not going to help the product. Since advertising expenditure has to be deducted from the sales. Coca-Cola. it is essential to plan it in advance to avoid wastage of resources. Analyzing the media reach: The media selected should be able to effectively reach a number of people and should convey the message sent by the company.Media Advertising of F.

M. From the table given it is clear that the reach of television is the greatest among all the mediums available and that all classes of society show a similar response to the television advertisements. The government of India has banned the advertisements done by cigarette and liquor companies and they cannot violate this rule.Media Advertising of F.G Products areas and their response Nowadays while selecting the media companies have to also keep in mind the government rules and regulations.C. 22 .

Media Advertising of F.M.C.G Products

Defining purpose of advertising:
One should define the goals for which the advertising has been done. Proper planning of the objectives and goals will lead to successful advertising decisions. Companies have specific interests and specific target segment in mind when they want to select the media. Companies who are going to re-launch a brand have to pay more attention towards the advertising because it can be detrimental in deciding the fate of the brand in the years to come. Recently Dabur had relaunched its brand of chyawanprash. The purpose was to make the brand more contemporary and to make it relatable since the brand was losing its relevance over a period of time, besides the company had also renewed the packaging and the look of the brand. The campaign featured Mr. Amitabh Bachhan and the campaign was a success resulting in growth of the brand and cementing its market share. Keeping in mind the demographics and the influence of various media on buyer behavior (mentioned in earlier part), one should select the most useful media.


Media Advertising of F.M.C.G Products

Agency selection:
After the companies finalize their objectives and goals, it is now time to select the most appropriate agency to fulfill those goals. In India there are more than 100 ad agencies and most of them are pioneers in the global market. There are agencies, which have a base in foreign countries and have established themselves in India like Ogilvy&Mather worldwide. Some of the best names in the industry are given below: McCann Erickson (global) Lowe India (global, equity participation in enterprise nexus communication in India)     Mudra (Indian) WPP (global) Lintas (global) FCB Ulka (global, equity participation of 51% from Foot Cone &Blending, New York )     Grey Worldwide (global) Ogilvy&Mather (Indian subsidiary) Leo Burnett (global, equity participation in Chaitra India ) J.Walter Thompson (global, acquired Indian subsidiary Hindustan Thomson Associates)

 

The A&M magazine survey indicated that the largest 25% of agencies account for nearly 75% of the top billings. The increase in the ad-expenditure of Indian companies and the tough competition makes it all the more sense to establish a subsidiary in India. Most of the ad agencies are from the big apple and have grabbed the opportunity after liberalization opened the doors to the economy. Most of the agencies have either acquired or have equity participation in the


Media Advertising of F.M.C.G Products

Indian agencies. The agencies have given us names like Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Joshi, R.K. Ramaswamy, Madhukar Kamath, Prahladh Kakar and many more. Some companies have established their own in-house agencies like Dabur has its own agency called “Adbur” which takes care of all its advertising and media decisions. Other companies have two or three regular advertising agencies which are given contracts based on their creativity and name. The agency selection is done by the marketing and media department of the company and at a given time more than three to four agencies are vying for the accounts of a big company. A company may even have different agencies handling its different product lines, like for example, McCann Erickson handles the advertising of Coca-Cola while Ogilvy&Mather handles Coke’s brand “Fanta”. Thus the selection of an agency is essential when companies have to make the most out of its advertising. It is said that a good advertising agency is one “who is able to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo”. The more creative an agency can get, the more are the chances of the success of the company’s products.

Celebrity endorsements:
The media decisions of a company also include another factor that has come in to the reckoning that is whether to select a celebrity for endorsing the product or not. Today the trend is that major players are using the services of celebrities who are well established and have a mass reach. The following are the companies and some of the celebrities that they have chosen to promote their products. Companies like Pepsi, Coke, and HLL have an endless list of celebrities because of their nature to select a large number of celebrities and also since they have an extended number of product lines.


Amitabh Bachchan. Hrithik Roshan. Aishwarya Rai.C. Parthiv Patel. Mohammad Kaif. Preity Zinta. Nowadays we find that mostly cricket players are endorsing products because the consumer is always influenced by them. Also a celebrity helps in adding value to a brand. The case is mentioned below 26 . Sachin Coca-Cola Cadbury Britannia Tendulkar. Saurav Ganguly. Sachin Tendulkar. Celebrity endorsement helps a company to increase the visibility of a product in the market. Amrita Rao The above list is endless since every major player has a variety of product lines and for each product line he has more than three to four celebrities. Akshay Kumar Preity Zinta. HULL Aishwarya Rai.M.G Products COMPANY Dabur Pepsi CELEBRITY Amitabh Bachchan Shah Rukh Khan. Saif ali Khan. ranbir kapoor Virender Sehwag. Kareena Kapoor. The consumer tries to relate the product to the celebrity when he goes in to the market. Sunny Deol Preity Zinta. Amir Khan. Nowadays consumers are getting more influenced by the kind of celebrity that endorses the product. Amitabh Bachchan. The fact that “Navratna” brand of hair oil had Govinda campaigning for its product which helped to increase its sale two-fold and also increased brand visibility shows that a celebrity can be useful in adding that extra point to the product. If not the cricketers then it is the top running film stars like Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan who are selling the products.Media Advertising of F. The celebrities are also helpful in revival of the brands as it happened with Cadbury a few months back. Amitabh Bachchan Rahul Dravid. Arshad Warsi. Katrina kaif Parle products Dino Morea Kurkure (frito Juhi Chawla lays-pepsi) Himani Godrej Saurav Ganguly.

The ad threw light on the company’s manufacturing process and how it took care to protect the health of the consumer. The company had successfully regained lost ground and introduced the products with new packaging and subsequently it also continued its contract with Mr. The company had also gained a bad repute in the market and within a few weeks the company lost more than 25% of its market share and while rival firms were gaining an upper edge from this situation. The aura of Mr.G Products Cad ‘bury” Cadbury a worldwide renowned brand for its chocolates suffered a huge setback a few months ago.Amitabh Bachhan for this purpose. The company had to withdraw all its stock in the market and re-check it.C. The company would have had to otherwise fold up its operations in India and it would be a major loss for it since the Indian markets account for a large share of Cadbury’s worldwide revenue. The company was set aback by the whole incident and the years of reputation it had built up in India was at stake.Bachchan and the concept of the ad proved highly successful. it seemed obvious that the company had to re-vamp its whole strategy to counter this problem. The company also took the help of Mr.M. There were live insects found inside the Cadbury chocolates in many parts of the country. This also meant that the company had to increase its ad-spend and also come up with something creative to bring the customer back to its brand. 27 .Media Advertising of F. The commercials helped the company to create a favorable image in the minds of the consumer and also increased the sales for the company.Bachchan.

M. Amitabh Bachchan) Though the idea might seem worthwhile but there is also a catch to this entire aspect of celebrity endorsements.G Products (Above: advertisement created for Cadbury Dairy Milk by Ogilvy & Mather. But companies are ready to take this risk in a bid to stay ahead of their rivals. Also.1 to 2cr. a Sachin Tendulkar commands anywhere between Rs.Media Advertising of F. if the celebrity is unsuccessful in his profession then it might as well rub on to the product. 28 . Celebrities have to be paid hefty sums to retain them.C. endorsed Mr. per commercial.

Media Advertising of F.G Products CHAPTER 5.M.C. Various media available  Print media  Outdoor advertising  Radio advertising  Television advertising 29 .

The print medium has a reach among the masses.Media Advertising of F. The rates charged by newspapers and magazines are based on the size of the advertisement and the number of times it should appear. There are over 40000 publications in India covering more than 256 languages all over India.  It is useful to start of the advertisements on a small scale.C. Information can therefore be disseminated to all parts. magazines. journals and other written material printed and published in India.G Products Various media available for advertising Print media: The print medium is one of the effective medium to advertise the products. 30 . Some of the leading newspapers and magazines in the country are: The Times of India The Hindu Business world Business today Deccan Chronicle The Indian Express Film Fare The main advantages for the companies in advertising in the print medium are:  The companies do not have to spend as much as they spend on other mediums of advertising. The print medium is cheaper than other forms of advertising.M.   The print medium can be utilized to convey messages in local languages. The level of reach of the print medium has been growing day by day. The print medium includes newspapers.

  (Source: -TAM and ADEX INDIA) 31 . whereas a print ad can be given daily and consumers can take notice.G companies the high variety of product lines and new products coming up every second month makes it essential to tap this medium.Media Advertising of F.G Products  The print medium plays a big role in promotional activity.M.C. In case of F.C. The print medium was utilized to a great extent to convey these price cuts to the consumer.M. The print medium has more “Brand Recall” value since advertisements on television are seen just for 10-15 seconds. Recently both P&G and HULL had decided to cut the prices of its products.

M. and Dabur have been using this medium from a number of years. Small regional brands and companies with a low turnover cannot opt for expensive mediums. After all a person will believe what he will see live.  One cannot be creative with a print ad as much as with a television commercial.  F.M.G companies do utilize this medium but they do so occasionally to carry out their promotional schemes and offers. Orange utilize this medium.Britannia spends nearly Rs. Though much has been said about this medium it is however to be noted that the print medium has a 52% impact.G companies. The advertisements act as a 32 . Also reputed firms like HLL. Coca-Cola.C. on advertising in print every year. The print medium has its fair share of disadvantages to it also:  Companies are reluctant to advertise in print because of the high illiteracy levels in India.Media Advertising of F. even before other forms of advertising seized to exist.C. F. BPL.G companies still prefer to take the expensive route of television advertising and other mediums.C.C.M.G Products However each coin has two sides to it. Overall though the print medium is a good medium of advertising but F. Amul.C.  The print ads do not carry the same impact that television ads do. second only to the television medium. P&G.  The television advertisements have a greater impact on the minds of the consumer than print advertisements. The same can be proven by the fact that in the last month the top 10 ad-spenders in print consisted of all industries except F.M.5 million on advertising through print.M.G companies usually have a high budget and therefore they always try to compete with their rivals.2. The print advertisements increase during festival seasons or during events like cricket. Pepsi.22cr. therefore they choose print over other forms of advertising. Reliance alone spent around Rs. Nowadays mostly telecom companies like reliance.

G Products catalyst for the television advertisements and help to increase the impact of the product in the minds of the consumer.Media Advertising of F. Some of the Print campaigns done by various companies (Right): The print campaign featuring Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan for Clinic All Clear.C. (Left): The hit campaign of Tata Salt which carried the tagline “Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai” 33 .M. Also companies can explain the features of their product in detail in the ads because they are unable to do so in a 10 second television commercial. Though it has its ups and downs the print medium is here to stay.

E. This ensures a greater brand recall when a customer goes to buy the actual product. Companies utilize the B.T busses around the city to put up their advertisements.G companies is “Outdoor Advertising”.C. depending upon the location and area. An entire train could cost the company anywhere between Rs.S. There are other forms of outdoor advertising done by companies in India.M. billboards.G Products Outdoor advertising: One of more frequent forms of advertising used by F. posters.S.150000-250000 per month. Also a new trend of outdoor advertising has been utilizing moving trucks to display messages. The railways puts up tenders and invites quotations from companies and the highest bidder is given the advertising rights.Media Advertising of F. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai the cost of putting up billboards is nearly twice than that of other cities. These trucks carry the advertisement billboards and move through the city in specific busy and strategic localities. Large hoardings and billboards ensure that the product gets seen by every passerby. Also very recently a trend has started to book railway wagons or even the entire local train to advertise.T bus stops and even the B. The most frequent user of this form of advertising is “AMUL” which prominently puts up hoardings of its various humorous ad-linings throughout the city. 34 . They are very cost-efficient because a single truck can be utilized to cover three to four areas rather than putting up hoardings in each area.C.12-17 lacs for a month.M. Recently HULL had also done the same to promote its offers and products. and kiosks around the busy areas or strategic locations around the city.E. This form of advertising comprises of putting up signage. The average rental for a billboard (10 feet x 20 feet) can be anywhere between Rs. The “Digen Verma” campaign was mostly publicized by Parle for its Frooti brand using local trains.

The radio medium is being heavily utilized by the F.M. The radio is an effective medium to convey the message and with a touch of humor. etc.G Products Radio advertising: Advertising through radio has been on ever since the All India Radio (AIR) came in to existence. Red Fm. cold drinks. and GO Fm. As Doordarshan has lost its touch on television. so is the case with AIR. Companies like Cadbury. The radio station has been overtaken by the likes of Radio Mirchi. P&G.M. The Close-up advertisement became more renowned after it was telecast on radio and the company had more brand recalls after this exercise.3fm. HLL. BIG Fm. Dabur and others have started utilizing this medium more frequently. The AIR has 116 centers in India and broadcasts in 24 different languages.C.G companies for advertising their products. are especially advertised on radio because it has a wider reach among teenagers. The radio stations are mostly backed by media and entertainment companies like the Star group which owns Radio City 91fm or The Times of India group which runs Radio Mirchi 98. thereby increasing their market share. These stations have not only helped increase the listener ship in urban areas but also catapulted the success ratio of radio as a medium over television. Ameen Sayani. Products which are targeted at the youth like fairness creams. Radio City.5-10cr. which up to now was the leading medium in the market. One can still recollect the popular shows like “Binaca Geetmala” and hosts like Mr. the advertisement becomes much more effective. Marico. annually and it depends on the amount of air time that a company purchases to advertise its products. Companies also carry out their promotional activities through radio like sponsoring prizes for various shows and giving discount coupons. The ad-spends of companies on this medium range from Rs.C. Today the scenario has changed with private players entering the market and establishing themselves.Media Advertising of F. etc. The rivalry among the radio stations has been beneficial to the companies because a better deal is possible in terms of advertising rates and air time. 35 .

Media Advertising of F.G Products (Source-TAM and Adex India) 36 .C.M.

In the early days due to lack of television sets and inadequate number of people possessing the television.C. This is quite a lot when one compares the reach of other mediums of advertising. There are more than a 100 television channels existing currently and more channels are getting added to this number every subsequent year.Media Advertising of F. The television advertisements have a number of advantages over the other forms of advertising: Television advertising is more attractive than other forms of advertising because of its live inception and delivering of the message straight to the consumer.    37 . The ministry of broadcasting and information technology has laid down the guidelines which the channels must follow and keeping these guidelines in view the channels decide on their strategies. it can reach the masses.G Products Television advertising: . thereby companies can plan their product strategies and future media requirements.M. the advertising was more concentrated through print but as time evolved and with the advent of cable television a new era of advertising began and television advertising was in its full flow. Nowadays even remote locations possess television sets and since it does not require the people to be literate. It has a wider reach compared to other forms of advertising. Television advertising can be used to realize the impact of the advertisement. It has been observed in a survey that an average consumer watches at least 100 minutes of television everyday.By far one of the most dominant and the most used form of advertising is television advertising.

thus if the promos of a particular product catch the eye of the audience it becomes easy for the company to capitalize and create a demand for the product. Companies as stated in the earlier part spend millions of rupees on advertising and when the stakes are high one cannot compromise on quality of advertising. A product may be available in the market but its sales do not pick up until it is known to the people. Therefore companies tend to go in for television advertising.G Products  The impact of an advertisement is much more on television than in other forms because the message gets delivered within seconds and it can be repeated over and over again Advertising creativity can be shown more on television and one can create novel ads to influence the consumer. Even if the product is not better than the rival product 38 .M. This means that investment made by companies can be recovered by increase in sales. Companies can follow up their rivals and design ads to counter attack them. is half done”.      The television advertising can be used as a strong support to gain a favorable edge over the competitors and increase the visibility of the products. The mere fact that commercial breaks have become a necessity between television programs shows how much this form of advertising has evolved.C. The advertising medium influences 77% of purchase decisions made by a consumer.Media Advertising of F. This impact needs to be created and as they say “well done.

40.75.75. The advertising rates are commensurate with the success of the program and the reach of the television channel.000-2.Media Advertising of F. Normally channels charge anywhere between Rs 2.V.00.000 5. There is a constant battle among channels to offer the best rates to the companies and the companies are the beneficiary in the bargain.45.000 4.000 3. One of the highest grosser of all time is the hit show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” which had the highest ad-rates.000 4. the advertisers had limited options but today there is cut-throat competition for acquiring the airtime for advertising in the top slots of top channels.000 5.75.75. The rates for advertising in Ekta Kapoors daily soap operas command the highest price tag followed by another set of programs slowly catching up and that is reality T. in which the channels promise to make stars out of the consumers. has already started advertising heavily on television and all its products can be seen in a single advertisement.000 4. In earlier days since the number of advertisers was limited.000 6.000 3.55.G Products but if the communication is better than the product has every chance of doing well.00.5-5 lacs for a 10 second slot and the prices go up even further in case the event or show is a very popular one.M.000-5.50.75. so also the number of channels.000 Thi Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki Kasauti Zindagi Ki Kayamath Kumkum Meri Awaaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni Kasturi 7.G sector.C. Negotiated 6.40.M.000 39 .000 6. Take a look at some of the ad-rates for the top 10 programs on the leading television channel Star-T. The new entrant in the F. Currently there are close to 36000 brands that advertise on the 220 odd channels throughout the country.50. LG consumer products.00.000-5.00.V: Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Programme Rate-card Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu 7.000 3.000 4.C.000-4.

85.V.75.000 The rates mentioned are for the television channel Star T. The observation made by economic times gave the following results.000-2. Sony has come up with Thodi Khusi Thodi Gham which helped the TVR ratings of Sony zoom to a new high and also it has come up with the third season of reality show Indian Idol which has also caught the fancy of the audience.5.000-1.000 4.000 10 Baa Bahu aur Baby 500000 (Note: the above rates are for a 10 second slot) 3.75.Media Advertising of F... Companies are also banking on the success of regional 40 .V. This makes star the undisputed leader in the television channel industry. which has a most number of successful television programs and commands a TVR (television viewer ship rating) of as high as 15. Kahani and Kasauti which still command the highest ad-rates even after their third generation has come in.M.40. star also has the majority of Ekta Kapoor shows and the famous trio of Kyunki.5 compare this to the hit shows on Sony and Zee T.5. The match especially those that are played between India and Pakistan command then highest ratings and the rates for advertising are also high for them. a nationwide “Talent hunt for the Budding singers” which currently has a TVR OF 4. recently though the tides are changing in favor of zee and Sony who have launched an array of new shows. The World Twenty 20 held in South Africa. Another fact that has come out is that small channels are beginning to gain an upper hand with the advertisers because of their reduced rates and competitive programs.45.75. saw the maximum number of advertisers buying the slots. The most important factor which drives the television advertising is cricket. which have a television rating of only as high as 5. Zee is also not far behind with its reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007.40.000-3.C. Also the plethora of news channels that has come up has also eaten away the share of the big players.000 2.G Products 8 Saarthi 400000 9 Bhabhi 3.

C. Sahara One..M.. While Sun T. “We like to work a lot with individual channels like MAA TV that may not be a ratings leader but we are able to orchestrate a project per our requirements and these have proved to offer very good support in addition to larger networks”. has a 15% share in Tamil Nadu. and Zoom. economic times) The above list is exhaustive but not comprehensive. Channel Set Max Star Movies Star Sports TNT/Cartoon Duration(seconds ) 3502667 1291337 908685 873841 Value (000) 2655745 776169 506890 420211 419445 342297 380733 226430 737772 300242 308190 649616 Duration (%share) 8.V.. According to Bernard Glock. The rates are equivalent to those of the regular channels. Star Utsav. MAA T.V.Media Advertising of F. there are other channels which also have an equally commanding share in the market.18 2.15 2. Recently there were 4 new channels added to the list that is star one. manager. global media and communication at P&G.62 3.G Products channels like Sun T. has a share of 32% in Andhra Pradesh.67 5.32 5. The next page contains a list of the niche television channels that cater to the specific demand of the consumer but they command an equally impressive share in the market..23 network HBO 943666 ESPN 917669 NDTV (24x7) 1124813 Star World 677013 Star News 2284443 Sahara TV 1753598 Sab TV 2168151 ZEE Cinema 2531967 (Source: brand equity.V. and others. 41 .26 2.V.34 6.77 1. Gemini T.24 2.32 2.62 4.V. Surya T.

Normally the budgets for F.4 1.C.M.4 Clinic Plus 1.7 2.G companies on the television and they are constantly increasing their budgets as per the need of the hour.8 1.G companies.M.2 1.up Fair and lovely Colgate dental cream Tide TVS Ad-spends(june-06) 3.2 1.Media Advertising of F.1 Pepsi 1. The top 10 companies on television surveyed by TAM agency for the economic times are given below and their corresponding figures of ad-spends are indicated: (Figures in crores) Brands Close.1 1.C.5 Brands Rejoice Fair and Lovely Colgate dental cream Surf Excel Election commission Reliance mobile Airtel Dettol Clinic plus BJP Ad-spends(june-06) 1.M. also they advertise not only on one channel but on numerous channels depending on the budget. they advertise on the prominent channels and mostly occupy the prime slot that is the time between 9 to 10p.G Products Coming back to the F.5 1. The next question to be asked is how does one measure the popularity of an advertisement? 42 .4 Breeze 1. per product for television advertisements.2-4cr.3 1.3 1.C.3 (Source-TAM and Adex India) The above report clearly indicates the dominance of F.m.5 1.M.G companies goes anywhere between Rs.4 2.4 Parle-G 1.5 1.5 Lizol 1.C.3 1.

though recently there has been an argument that there is a high rate of “avoidance” of advertisements on television because of the increase in the commercials but one cannot ignore the fact that they have become a part of the daily television viewer.2% 2. 43 .1% 2.4% 3.M. One just cannot imagine a serial or a movie without a commercial break. The companies that have the highest brand recalls can dub their advertisement as a success.C.G companies. People will avoid ads but this might just be the reason to spur the ad-agencies and companies to come up with more creative and sensible ads.C.1% 1.9% Overall television advertisements are here to stay.8% 5. 5 were of F. Company /Brand Pepsi Idea Pepsodent Airtel Santro Xing Vodafone Kurkure Dabur Ford Icon Close-up Recall (in terms of %) 9.6% 2. The survey revealed that among their top 10 brand recalls.M. A recent survey undertaken by the PITCH magazine reveals the percentage of brand recalls from among 378 respondents that were surveyed by it.9% 1.Media Advertising of F.9% 2.0% 3.G Products The answer to the above question is that constant surveys are carried out by companies or market research agencies to determine the amount of “brand recall” a consumer has after he has seen a particular advertisement.

Media Advertising of F.M.C.G advertising  Films and television serial  Internet  Advertising on tickets  Ambush advertising  Sms (short messaging service) 44 .G Products CHAPTER 6.C. New trends in F.M.

The company advertised its brand Thums-Up through this movie. CocaCola once again came in to the picture when it associated itself with the movie “KAANTE”. Companies also see this as an opportunity to sell their products and merchandise through various promotions run along with the films. mouth freshner brand advertising through it. The movie producers do not mind it at all. Subhash Ghai’s film “TAAL” and “YAADIEN” can be quoted as examples.G advertising Films and television serials: Companies are nowadays using films and television serials as a medium to advertise their product.M. 45 . “Film industry is becoming commercialized and there is no harm in using it as a medium to promote the products”..M. While the former had Coca-Cola advertising its soft drink. Thums-up had organized a contest in which the winner would be flown to Los Angeles where the movie was shot and see it over there. Not far behind in this trend are the television soap operas which have now assumed a great importance in everyday life of the people. There were similar promotions carried out by other companies. The advertisements with the association of the film were splashed all over and the movies might not have made their mark at the box office the brands were able to generate a lot of interest and consumer attention. the latter had both Coca-Cola and Pass Pass.C.. (vicco bajradanti in wanted) This trend is fast catching up with the companies who want to constantly stay ahead of the rising competition.HO GAYA NA”. According to ace filmmaker Subhash Ghai. Then there is the tooth paste brand Close-Up which also took the filmi route and advertised through the recently released Vivek-Aishwarya starrer movie “KYUN.C.G Products New trends in F. Recently other movies were also used as a medium for advertisements by companies. after all even they want to have a share of the pie. Ekta Kapoor’s TV-serial “Kahinn to Hoga” was used by Lux to advertise its brand.Media Advertising of F.

it is only restricted to the big players and those who want to take risks. Priyagold biscuit is the first company to advertise on the back of bus tickets.G advertising can be seen in the form of advertising on tickets. Yahoo. Advertising on tickets Another new trend in F. Internet The internet has become a powerful medium in recent years and information technology has certainly spread its wings.G Products However this form of advertising does not yield the required results all the time.T busses are used for advertising.M. The tickets of various kinds like airlines.C. The event tickets of cricket matches. and other search engines and display their advertisements on their websites. The western countries have already been a step ahead in this revolution and e-commerce. and even recently of B.M.E.Media Advertising of F. Also not many people believe in the advertising done or products sold through the internet. with films flopping with every going Friday and the money involved in such kind of marketing being very high. many companies have come forward and started utilizing this medium. shows and other events carry the advertisements of the companies.C. The reason for this is the poor literacy levels and the inadequate reach of the internet in all the parts of the country. However this concept of using the internet as a tool to advertise the products has not been developed in India. Companies like HLL use their websites to display their products and give the customer information. The world has become closer and one can get any information about any subject through the internet. as it is called is already well established in the western countries. events. trains. In spite of this.S. 46 . Also companies carry out promotions and various contests through the internet. Companies also use websites like Rediff.

Media Advertising of F. But in spite of this they were not able to go solo because other companies started advertising their products using different routes. Coke. thereby gaining an indirect entry in to the world cup advertising. This form of advertising is useful for companies because they do not have to spend hordes of money in sponsoring the entire event.M. ICC Cricket World Cup. TVS and others though not being the official sponsors did not hesitate to advertise their products through their brand ambassadors. Nevertheless. Since Coke had Virender Sehwag as its celebrity. During the Olympics in Athens companies like Coca-Cola. 47 . Kodak and others pumped in more than $60 million each to acquire the rights and privileges for the event and to use the official logo for their products. The repetition of this fool proof style of advertising was seen in the 2007. ambush advertising has made companies to become more creative in their approach and to think of innovative ways to market their products.G Products Ambush advertising: One of the latest forms of advertising. though not dubbed legal by experts is “Ambush Advertising”. The result was that Pepsi had more brand recalls than the official sponsor Coke after the event ended. But care has to be taken in such form of advertising because if companies are found violating the code of conduct set by the event then they have to pay compensation which could be more than what they would have actually paid for sponsorship. Companies like Nokia. This form of advertising has cropped up because of the monopolistic nature of advertising done by companies.C. Soft drink major Pepsi made advertisements using David Beckham (since he was their brand ambassador then) and indirectly used the Olympic event and deflected attention. it made ads on him rather than on the world cup. The International Olympic Committee makes sure that its sponsors get their due but one cannot prevent sponsor’s from backing their individually sponsored teams or individuals. rather they can just pay for the ad-spots on the television or other media and utilize the benefits of being noticed in the event. held in West Indies.

G companies who make use of this service. 48 .M. In the beginning there was an uproar created against this form of advertising because consumers had to unnecessarily bear the cost of receiving messages when they were roaming outside their city. Nevertheless with an increase in the number of cell phone users in India and the change in tariff plans over the years this method will fast catch up with other forms of advertising as well in the coming years.C. The Short Messaging Service or SMS is used to send various messages or offers regarding products to the consumers.Media Advertising of F. Currently there aren’t any F.M.C. Therefore cellular companies were under pressure to remove this service.G Products SMS (short messaging service): Another new form of advertising that has evolved is advertising through cell phones.

M.G advertising 49 .C. Global scenario of F.G Products CHAPTER 7.Media Advertising of F.M.C.

the global advertising scenario is much better than that of India but there is no denial that India is fast catching up to the international standards.G advertising is much more advanced than what it is in India. there are separate channels where these companies sell their products.G companies lay special emphasis on the selection and execution of their ads.M. F. 50 . there is a lot of competition among companies selling F.G products.M.C.G Products Global scenario of F. Globally.S. Most of the companies outside India advertise their products through the internet and make the maximum use of technology. Also almost all ad-agencies that operate in India have their bases in foreign countries. The advertising done globally is much more creative and mostly abstract form of advertising is used to convey the message.G advertising: Globally.A alone there are more than 100 brands of detergent available.C. it is just like tele-shopping which was launched in India a few years back.C. this puts added pressure on the companies to advertise and create a brand name for their products. F. In countries like Japan the products are also sold through such channels and the concept of SMS is widely used since it is a technologically advanced country. Overall.C. In the U.M.M.M.C.Media Advertising of F. In foreign countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Successes and Failures of advertisements  Do companies need to spend big? 51 .G Products CHAPTER 8.Media Advertising of F.C.M.

G.M.M. Successful ads: 1. 3. The “Thanda Matlab…” campaign has been a nationwide hit for Coke and a bitter memory for rival Pepsi. 5. 52 .C. companies in the past. fir vishwas karein): The ad tried to create an image for the company in a market where Tata Salt was leading for the past number of years and its simple tagline did wonders for it. Coca-Cola ad featuring Amir Khan: When one is mentioning successful ads it is a crime not to mention this advertisement.G products let us now look at some of the successful and not so successful advertisements of F. 2.C.Media Advertising of F. The ad will probably never die down. Close-up campaign (kya aap close-up karte hain): the use of a simple yet effective concept of boy impressing girl with a smile has brought in a lot of accolades from critics. A company and agency puts in a lot of effort to see to it that its ads work out well but it is not always that all the ads work.G Products Successes and Failures of advertisements Since we have already studied about the media advertising of F. Kurkure (masti bole to… Kurkure): The bubbly Juhi Chawla keeps the audience glued to watch the ad. Nirma (sabki pasand nirma): The company has kept using the same tagline and the same concept from the start and the audience doesn’t seem to mind at all. The ad is a take on various serials and frito lays has managed to pull off a winner here. 4. Dandi Namak (pehle istemal karein.C.M.

C. Fair and Lovely ads: The ads have stirred a controversy ever since they started showing that only fair girls get good jobs. Vanilla Coke (Vivek Oberoi) campaign: The ad adopted an old meets new strategy but consumers were unable to notice anything apart from Vivek Oberoi of course. Lack of imagination and creativity is what the campaigns suffered from. 53 . There are other efforts worth mentioning like the pepsodent (dhishoom.M. 3.G Products 6. 1. Mountain Dew campaigns: One cannot understand how a person can snatch a can from a Cheetahs mouth nor do wild things without getting hurt. The ads were pulled off air and currently new ones are on which portray a different story 4. Close – up campaign (featuring Nethra Raghuraman): Remember the ad where a prisoner asks to kiss the female jailor as his last wish? The ad was pulled down immediately after its launch as the AAI was under pressure from various NGO. Axe Deodorant: The ad showing a not-so-hip person displaying cool dance moves and attracting girls was able to attract the attention of the audience. dhishoom) campaign and the Alpenliebe (lagey raho) campaign. 2. Though the following ad campaigns cannot be dubbed as entire failures but they were not able to bring their products in the limelight.Media Advertising of F.

which suffered from lack of creativity rather than lack of money.C. the very potent question here is whether only a company spending crores of rupees is entitled to have its product being sold big time over its rivals.4cr.Media Advertising of F. Do companies need to spend big “Moolah” to attract consumers? As the previous pages have already mentioned regarding the various spending done by companies on the media and for creating advertisements. The fact is that even the companies do not know what might interest the consumer so every company gets to taste success and sometimes failure as well. Just like getting big stars for a movie does not guarantee its success. Can the company create an impact with a simple message? This was the very essence of an article published in the Business World magazine. Creativity is what is required rather than being flashy and magnified. Similar examples can be quoted of Dandi Namak. 54 . whose ads were not at all big but yet effective.3 . Take for instance the Ghadi Detergent ad. the ad became a hit and pushed the sales of the company. The answer to this is that a company need not spend a lot of money on creating flashy advertisements and hiring expensive celebrities for its ads but it can deliver the message with a simple ad also. That does not mean at all that companies spending hoards of money and getting celebrities to do their ad are wasting their money but the above words act just like a silver lining for those who thought that ads can be made only when you have a budget of Rs. similarly just spending money and not being creative will not ensure success as we have seen in the latter part of the report wherein the “failures” were mentioned.M.G Products As Leo Burnett once pointed out that “it is far easier to write a speech than to write an ad”. Fir Vishwas Karein”. “Pehle Istemal Karein. it just carried a simple tagline. Ujala Supreme.

M.G Products The moral of the whole story is that companies can achieve success in a limited budget and by making sure that they concentrate on content rather than big bucks.Media Advertising of F. 55 .C.

M. Examples of advertising  PEPSI  COCA COLA  AMUL 56 .C.G Products CHAPTER 9.Media Advertising of F.

Pepsi had started in India with the punch line “Ye Dil Maange More” which became an instant hit with the masses. The war ended but today companies fight the “marketing war” and the tool is none other than advertising. According to industry experts. mountain dew and the up coming energy drink Gatrode. The various products that come under the Pepsi label are Mirinda. Let us look at their specific advertising strategies: Pepsi: Pepsi ads have always been larger than life and have a sense of magnificence in them. the cola rivalry has helped both these companies to offer the consumers new and improved products at competitive rates. Aquafina (mineral water) Pepsi. The company mostly uses television and to some extent print and hoardings to advertise its products.G Products Examples of advertising Thanda matlab ??? Centuries ago there was world war – II.Media Advertising of F. Citra. Pepsi is also the official sponsor of major events like cricket world cup and other cricket tournaments.M. Kareena Kapoor from the filmi 57 . Pepsi versus Coke. So much intense is their rivalry that a book has been published on this aptly named “the cola wars”. as a result each one tries to outshine the other by way of advertisements and promotions. The recently concluded India versus Australia series also had Pepsi as its official beverage. The Pepsi advertisements have always tried to associate themselves with youth and energy and hence it has celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan. Saif Ali Khan. Preity Zinta. more popularly known as the cola wars has evolved between these two beverage giants and there exists a bitter rivalry among them to occupy the first place in the market.C. which ultimately the consumer will cherish.

The more recent ads from Pepsi feature Arshad Warsi and Amitabh Bachchan. (Above: A still from the Pepsi ad featuring the duo of Amitabh and Arshad. The above ad from Pepsi has been running currently and is a part of a series of ads between these two which will continue over the next few months. then grabs a Pepsi and mockingly tells Arshad “pyaas lagi hai? To paani pe. Irfan Pathan and others from the cricketers side adding zing to the ads.M. Amitabh then on his own.C. The son returns to take his mother but she refuses to recognize him because she does not want to let go of Mirinda. The next time Amitabh makes holes in the boat and purposely removes the bolts from the holes with a sling shot. paani”. Yuvraj Singh. He makes Arshad cover the holes with both his hands and his legs. Sourav Ganguly. The Mirinda orange ad which was a spoof of an insurance ad showed a mother getting separated and lost from her son and while she is waiting a watchman offers her Mirinda. This ad did quite well and helped pepsi to create a brand out of Mirinda orange which is pitted against Fanta from the coke stable. The previous Pepsi ads also have been quite interesting. A tired Amitabh asks Arshad for a Pepsi who refuses to give and says “paani pee. the former getting the better of the latter person) The concept goes as follows: Arshad plays a Pepsi dealer who has to cross a river on boat which is rowed by Amitabh. 58 .Media Advertising of F. The ad has been fairly successful with a recall of more than 45%.G Products side while it has stars like Sachin Tendulkar. paani”.

The ad also saw the volumes of coke show a massive jump over its rivals and the rural penetration of the company increased two fold. The company has always tried to deliver its intended message through its ads rather than concentrating on the show-biz part of it. “ye dil maange more”. Coke has always been simple and more creative among the two. The company has advertised its products throughout the world with more simplicity and the objective has always been to deliver the message intended rather than concentrating on the looks of the ad. Pepsi uses this logo around the world on all its bottles. The ad which featured Amir Khan for the launch of the Rs. “nothing official about it”.M. Pepsi also has utilized many punch lines in India which include. have fun”. Now let us look at the other giant Coke: Coca-Cola: Coke has been the more original of the two and it is termed as the original cola because it was the one which evolved even before Pepsi. The logo is a circle which has blue. Fanta. Cocacola.5 bottle of coke has been one of the all time hits and has scooped up most of the awards in its category. The company has always tried to associate itself with youth and teenagers and has been successful in creating a name for itself since its entry in India. “drink Pepsi. This ad also led to the fame of Prasoon Joshi of McCann Erickson who is managing the account of coke 59 . red and white colors. from the paparazzi and Virender Sehwag from the sports side. A consumer is able to decipher the brand from its logo even if the name is missing.G Products Another interesting facet of Pepsi is its logo which is unique and registered by it.C. The company has the brands Sprite. Amir Khan.Media Advertising of F. “Pepsi. The company also has a long list of celebrities which include Hrithik Roshan.aha” and the current one “ye pyaas hai badi”. Rani Mukherji. Thums-up and more recent Sunfill concentrate under its label. Aishwarya Rai.

the violator of which will be punished severely. Coke also rolled out its ads with Rani Mukherji for Fanta (genelia dsouza). coca-cola” and the current favourite “thanda matlab – coca-cola” The real twist in the tale came when both of these companies tried to blacken each others image through its ads This had also led to both the companies to court. The advertisement also led to a series of ads being made with Amir Khan which included ther Hyderabadi. “always. each company trying to manipulate the others advertisements through its own way. the ad featured a tagline of Dil Khol Ke. Both of them have ultimately suffered the consequences and for a moment it looked as if the television had become a battlefield. But the conflict has died down today due to the deliberation of the government authorities and a code of conduct has been set. Coke has also changed several taglines in India which include “the real thing”.G Products currently. 60 . sometimes showing a lanky looking Hrithik or sometimes commenting on the punch line. Bengali.C. the matter being resolved after a great conflict. and the Tapori ads. which was also appreciated by the audience.M.Media Advertising of F. This has been a tough lesson for both of them and wisely enough now both these giants try to win the consumers through their creative ads and not through mockery of each other. The objective according to Shripad Nadkarni – VP marketing in coke was to reposition the brand and to leverage the teens connect with the brand.

According to Gerson Da Cunha who has worked on these ads.G Products Amul: the taste of India Amul.Media Advertising of F. cultural on goings in the society. the brand recognized worldwide as a vision of the 2 million dairy farmers in India was formed and established by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) and the brand evolved its name from the Sanskrit word “Amulya” which means precious. Amul has also established a unique advertising strategy for its prime product that is Amul butter.M. The hoardings contain humorous messages reflecting the current social.Verghese Kurien has taken the brand from being local to being global. Dr. Some of the ads are given below: 61 . May it be commenting on Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari or the elections or Salman Khan threatening Aishwarya Rai. The company also duplicates the same on its butter packs. it is a humorous way to drive home the message. if it is famous then it has to be on an Amul hoarding. Amul also has its mascot the Amul butter girl being featured in all its ads. political. The godfather of Amul. The company like other companies does advertise on television and other media but the most unique advertisements from Amul are the large hoardings that the company puts up around the city.C. The company has achieved tremendous response for its hoardings which have been on since Amul’s inception.

Arrival of evil.C. 62 .G Products Box-office debacle of Ram Gopal Verma's Bollywood movie "AAG" . Below is the picture depicting the incident in a humorous way and as always it was a hit with the masses. The print people were also equally impressed with the advertisement.M. a remake of yesteryear classic favourite entertainer Sholay.Media Advertising of F.

G Products CHAPTER 10. COMPANY VISIT  MARICO INDUSTRIES  COLGATE 63 .Media Advertising of F.M.C.

Shanti Hair Oil. 1. cooking oil. Are there any promotional strategies followed by the company? The company organizes various promotional campaigns in the urban and rural areas as well. Which are the media that your company uses for advertising its products? The company uses a variety of media depending upon the product that is being marketed. Sweekar Cooking Oil.C. Revive. We utilize the television. which is a hair lotion rather than hair oil. There are events organized by the company and there are various types of schemes which are directed towards the consumer and the wholesalers and distributors because they are the ones who are going to ultimately carry the 64 . The questions were asked to Mr. Mealmaker. Sil range of products like jams. Saffola Cooking Oil. and we have different media for the rural market. sauces. Which are the products that Marico has under its umbrella? Basically. 4. and another product that we have recently added is Silk-n-Shine.Media Advertising of F. Mediker. 3. print. the products that we have include oils. What is the annual spend of Marico and is it justified? The company spends roughly 7-8% of its sales on advertising of the products. baked beans. 2.M. and food products. hoardings.G Products Marico interview The following is the interview taken by myself by visiting Marico industries office located at Bandra (W) in Mumbai. Nilesh Vartak who heads the SCM department. The products are Parachute Hair Oil (it has several product line extensions including perfumed parachute oil). Since advertising is necessary to build a brand it is highly justified to spend the amount on advertising.

is advertising necessary or is it a waste? Advertising is definitely not a waste. Parachute and others have been similar in nature 65 . We. We also take regular feedbacks from our consumers to assess their views about the products. The ad showed a princess kissing a frog who turns in to a prince but he again turns in to a frog after seeing the knots in her hair. Recently we had also organized free sampling outside stores to promote our product Silk-n-Shine since it is a new product and consumers need to be aware of what it is. The main task was to deliver the message and the ad did just that.Media Advertising of F. 5. The company follows a MAP process that is Marico Action Plan which at building relations with the consumer.M. What has been the response to the advertisements of the products? The response has been good. What is the approach adopted by the company in designing the advertising for the products? The approach is different depending on the products. 6. If a company does not advertise then how will the consumer know whether the product is available in the market or not. It highlighted the use of the product as well its effects.C. Advertising helps in creating a demand for the product which ultimately gets translated in to sales for the company. Our other ad campaigns including Saffola. at Marico believe in Brand Building and for that it is necessary that we advertise. There are also various incentives given to the distributors so that they will promote Marico products over other products. According to you. 7. There are cross-promotional activities like giving away a free parachute bottle with every can of Sweekar oil that one purchases or giving away free bottles to distributors to encourage them to purchase more.G Products sales forward. Recently we launched the ads for our new product Silk-n-Shine. After applying Silk-n-Shine the knots disappear and the prince frog again comes to meet her. it is necessary for a product to be known to the consumer.

Does an increase in ad-spend mean lower margins and lower profitability? Advertising is necessary and every company has to set aside a portion of its sales for advertising expenditure and it has to be shown in the income statement of the company. What are the future plans of your company? The company keeps introducing new products from time to time and we have introduced three new products one after another which no other company has done recently. So we will keep on introducing new products and innovations in our existing products. A company cannot expect to have bigger profits by having small or no advertising budget. Profits will only arise out of sales and sales will be possible only through advertising so everything is connected. 66 . 10. Has there been any marketing strategy that has misfired? No. 9. The company appointed ad agency takes care about all this.Media Advertising of F.M.C.G Products and the main focus is to deliver the message to the segmented target audience. 8. 11. there hasn’t been any strategy that has misfired. Does the company have a separate media department? The company has a separate department that takes care of all its promotional and advertising activities.

The ad effectively captured the twin propositions of Colgate Fresh Energy Gel -. Take for e.colgate.cfm 2. How is the organization faring in terms of profits and success of its products? Please refer to the annual report on 1. Poorab Kohli of Channel V fame featured in the ad. The pacy ad was carried along by a catchy rock beat. which was specially designed to appeal to the youth. 67 . the key target audience for the brand.Media Advertising of F. What kind of approach is adopted while designing the advertising and promotional activities for your products? The product being advertised and the target audience determine our approach to advertising and promotional activity. His breath is so fresh that everybody pleads 'Talk to Me'.G Products Colgate interview The following are answers to the questions posed to the media department of Colgate-Palmolive India limited who were kind enough to reply via the internet. Needless to say the youngster’s day is made.C.M.‘long lasting fresh breath’ and ‘energy’ – that are relevant to the high-energy lifestyles of today’s youth. The ad opened with the start of a new day in the life of a teenager who experiences a dramatic transformation after brushing his teeth with Colgate Fresh Energy Gel. our 'Talk to Me' advertising campaign for Colgate Fresh Energy Gel. while the sound of waves lashing in the background again reinforced the key attributes of Colgate Fresh Energy Gel – Freshness and Energy.

the kind of media used for advertising and promotion will depend on the product being advertised.C. What are the kind of media that the company uses for advertising and promotion of its products? As mentioned earlier. 68 . 5. Outdoor and Online media. In fact. to finalize and implement Colgate’s media strategy. then what are its functions? Colgate has a person focused on media. 4. dispensers. working closely with the Company’s advertising agency. Does the organization have any kind of media department? If yes. The 'Talk to Me' mantra was advertised through a synergistic. Colgate launched a fun phone contest – “Talk to Me” Bol – which captured the imagination of youth across the country. multi-media campaign using TV. Colgate Fresh Energy Gel visibility was high in metros with 'Talk to Me' posters. window displays and other point-ofpurchase material. How much are the media spending of the group and does it allocate a special budget for the same? The Company sets aside a budget for advertising and promotions.G Products To promote Colgate Fresh Energy Gel. Colgate adopted a powerful 360 marketing approach focused on the youth. the 'Talk to Me' wave swept across the country as people eagerly grabbed their ringing phones and blurted out 'Talk to Me' in the hope of winning prizes like a Hyundai Accent.Media Advertising of F.M. Nokia Phones or Esprit watches! 3. To capitalize on the mantra “Talk to Me”.

“Bright Smiles Bright Futures” schools’ dental education programme – covering both urban and rural schools.M. The focus is on conversion of traditional dentifrice users to the use of value-for-money. video-equipped vans carry the message of oral hygiene to rural areas. While this programme targets villages with a population of over 2000. Since 1976 Colgate has been conducting its path breaking “Rural Promotion Van” Programme. Colgate has followed a focused strategy of creating oral hygiene awareness to promote good oral hygiene awareness as well as marketing and packaging initiatives. even taught how to use them. toothpowder and toothbrushes.Media Advertising of F. generate product trials and seed products in village outlets. Colgate has also launched “Operation Jagruti” a door-to-door village consumer contact programme to increase rural penetration. What kind of media strategy does the group follow in the rural areas? In rural areas. Under this programme. Colgate also conducts a unique schools programme in partnership with the Indian Dental Association (IDA) -. modern oral hygiene products. the villagers are encouraged to sample / buy the products and . Designed to help educate children about the benefits of oral hygiene and good oral care habits. it also reaches villages with a population of less than 2000 through haats or weekly markets. This is a three pronged programme designed to increase oral health care awareness.G Products 6. Each day a van visits about three villages and screens a 22-minute infomercial that explains the effectiveness of using modern teeth cleaning agents such as toothpastes. the focus here is on children since the message of good oral hygiene is carried to families and the community at large. 69 After the screening.C.

M. It pioneered the use of economy sachet packs for toothpaste and toothpowder. Colgate has supported these initiatives with marketing and packaging innovations that have made modern dentifrice more affordable to widen coverage and frequency of use. Colgate Toothpowder with Super Shakti was launched in economical pouch packets a 40% discount to the usual toothpowder cans.G Products Through these initiatives Colgate has been expanding the oral care market over the years. toothbrush usage with toothpowders and toothpastes. Given that the key to penetration in rural markets is affordability. Colgate further innovated by launching sachets with nozzles and re- closeable caps.Media Advertising of F. the Company has encouraged the conversion of the entire family to modern dentifrices. It pioneered combi-packs which consist of a 30g toothpaste tube with a Specially developed for rural India. By offering Colgate Toothpowder with Super Shakti in a more affordable pouch pack which costs 40% less for the same quality that is the hallmark of Colgate products. as part of its overall strategy to provide quality oral care products that are more affordable and to encourage first time users. thus making toothpowder even more affordable. modern dentifrices are perceived to be expensive while traditional or cheaper products are considered more affordable.C. combi-packs encourage toothbrush. 70 . In rural India.

10. what are the future plans of the company? How are you going to consolidate your position in the existing market? Future plans cannot be shared due to competitive reasons. How much do you think is the contribution of the media important to the success of the products? Media is one of many important elements of the marketing mix.C. Since it is a big organization. Does an increase in ad-spend mean lower margins and decreasing profit base for the company? Every company sets aside an advertising budget taking other factors into consideration. 9.M.G Products 7.Media Advertising of F. 11. therefore has there been any kind of publicity that has misfired? No. What has been the consumer’s response to the advertising strategies used by your company? Consumer response to our advertising has been good. And lastly. 8. 71 .

G Products Analysis Analyzing both the interviews it can be inferred that both the companies use advertising to the largest possible extent. Overall it can be inferred that both of them have a positive attitude towards advertising and this is going to continue in future as well.C.M.G sector and have some of the top 100 products under their name.C.Media Advertising of F.M. Both the companies have huge advertising expenditure (though it is not disclosed but one can surely find it from journals and reports in magazines) Marico has been a company concentrating on building long term relationship with the consumer and same goes with Colgate as well. 72 . Both the companies have a big share in the F.

He should know.. such as Surf..M. 73 . Mr Da Cunha airs his views on various aspects of advertising. Every day. One of the founder members of the Advertising Club of Bombay. the advertising guru.G Products Below is an interview of Mr. you are dealt with a new hand and have to come up with new answers. In an interview with Lalitha Srinivasan of FE. With over 26 years in this field. he has played a key role in launching many power brands. “No one person can be credited with the authorship of any good idea. Fair & Lovely and MRF Tyres. Liril. It was in 2001 that he bagged the coveted AAAI Premnarayen Award for his contribution to the Indian ad industry.” he says. Mr Da Cunha believes that teamwork plays a crucial role in promoting a product.” says Gerson Da Cunha.C. 2004 “The profession (advertising) is like playing a continuous set of bridge rubbers. Or else you end up being a dummy.Media Advertising of F. Gerson Da Cunha which appeared in the financial express on the 04th of November. during his tenur at Lintas India. Mr Da Cunha was the brain behind the famous Dalda ad campaign which ruled the roost for many years..

C.G companies will not be able to survive without the help of advertisements. I strongly recommend that companies should be more thoughtful towards their advertising. As mentioned in the project.C. 74 .M. The findings on this project have led me to conclude that the F. The findings also show how much emphasis companies are showing towards advertisements of their products. The money invested should be utilized diligently and not just for the sake of investing.M. Overall it has been a learning experience to know in detail about this interesting topic and in future hopefully consumers will get to see more ads featuring the F.G Products Conclusion and recommendation Going by the trends in the market F.Media Advertising of F.M.C. high spending does not necessarily mean higher sales but it is smart spending that will be able to attract consumers.G industry. To conclude this project I will like to say that advertising is in no way a waste of money but it is an investment towards the future prospects of the company. Every company should advertise wittingly and considering all the prospects of advertising. It should not happen that one should lose focus of ones objectives in rivalry but should be tactful in approach. Innumerable amounts were spent to counter each other but to no effect. In future we might be able to see companies coming up with more innovative methods to advertise and hopefully this will help them in creating a name for their products in the mind of the Indian consumer. They occupy the highest position in terms of ad-spends and the figure is going to swell even further with new products and new companies entering the market.M. Similar case lies with HLL and P&G. The cola war is a strong example where both the companies were guilty of misusing their funds.C.G companies are dominating the entire advertisement industry.

M. R.G Products Bibliography The following sources were utilized for collection of data for this project: The internet medium was used for collecting the ads: The following books have been used for reference: Advertising management by Mr. Mahendra Mohan Advertising management by Mr.Media Advertising of F.agencyfaqs. John Wilmshurst and Mr. Adrian Mackay The following dailies and magazines were used: Pitch magazine The Economic Times of India Business World Financial Express 75 www. Sanjay Tiwari Fundamentals of Advertising by Mr.S Rathore Uncommon sense of advertising by Mr.C.

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