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Facilitation (1)

Facilitation (1)

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Published by: Aman-ul Hassan on Nov 23, 2010
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Facilitation & Running Effective Meetings

Typical Meetings
Describe your group s typical meeting in 3 sentences or less
What s the biggest challenge? What frustrates you the most?

What is Facilitation? Process for running meetings or making decisions in a way that is: Smooth Effective Participatory Democratic .

Why use facilitation? To involve people To make meetings more effective To increase the number of minds working on a problem To stay on task To keep people coming back to meetings .

What¶s the risk of not using facilitation? Brainstorm .

2. Choose a facilitator Set (or review) Ground Rules & Group Norms Choose other roles (as necessary) Start meeting agenda/Discussion . 4.Steps to Facilitation Success 1. 3.


Roles: Facilitator Role depends on context Facilitator is NOT in control Facilitator s authority granted by group Keep group on task Responsible for Process NOT Content Make sure everyone is heard .

Roles: Time-Keeper Makes sure there is a time-limit for each agenda item Let s the group know when time is almost up Keeps the group on task. avoid tangents .

Roles: Note-Taker Record of meeting & decisions Types and sends minutes to participants Capture To Do s & Due Dates .

can call a break or table an item De-escalates situations .Roles: Vibes-Watcher Keeps and eye on the energy of the group Watches for tension.

Example Ground Rules Decision-making process (i.) Stack (or modified stack) Hand Signals Bike-rack Go-around Directed Questions . consensus.e. etc. majority.

Bring the MAPS for an Effective Meeting Materials Agenda People Space .

Tips for Effective Meetings Start and end your meetings on time Keep announcements to a minimum Sit in a circle Have an agenda and set time limits for each item Encourage participation Don t let anyone dominate Use hand signals Have food .

) Review decisions at the end of the meeting Everyone leaves with a task for next meeting Rotate facilitators Review ground-rules at the beginning Have a sign-in sheet Introduce new people Plan the agenda for next meeting before you leave HAVE FUN!! (Socialize with people afterwards) .Tips for Effective Meeting (cont.

2.10 Tips for Facilitating Discussion 1. Paraphrase Check Compliment Elaborate Energize . 5. 3. 4.

Change 10. Summarize .10 Tips for Facilitating Discussion (cont. Pull 9. Disagree 7.) 6. Mediate 8.

Q&A What specific questions do you still have? .

Debrief What was most useful about this training? What s the most important thing you learned? How will you apply what you learned? .

and the ugly to: trainings@ssc.Follow-up Please send any feedback. the bad. the good.org .

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