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London Borough of Brent Parking Enforcement Annual Report

For Financial Year 2008/09.



On Street Parking (meters) £2,960,660.36

Off Street Parking (meters) £ 369,681.48
Penalty Charge Notices £4,750,339.16
Permits £2,624,647.68
Sale of vehicles £ 11,894.23
Total Income £10,717,222.91

Surplus on Parking Account £4,633,488.44

Transferred to Transportation Unit £4,500,000.00


Number of Higher Level PCNs issued at Band’A’ 23,335

Number of Higher Level PCNs issued at Band ‘B’ 47,939
Total of Higher Level PCNs issued 71,274

Number of Lower Level PCNs issued at Band ‘A’ 5,693

Number of Lower Level PCNs issued at Band ‘B’ 18,080
Total of Lower Level PCNs issued 23,773

Total number of PCNs issued by CCTV for Bus Lane

Contraventions 9,736

PCNs Paid

At discount 47,221 (45.06%)

Paid in Full 12,867 (12.28%)
Paid at Charge Certificate 1,476 (1.41%)
Paid at Debt Registration 786 (0.75%)
Paid at Warrant Stage 1,016 (0.97%)

Challenges & Representations

Total number of pre-NTO challenges received 23,477

Total number of Representations received 5,238

Total number of PATAS Appeals logged 1,115

Of which allowed 287
Of which refused 271
PCNs cancelled due to Challenges & Representations 8,274
PCNs written off due to errors, etc 7,259


Number of vehicles removed to the car pound 3,074

Any parking surplus is spent wholly on transport related expenditure, including

but not limited to - the maintenance of roads, footways & cycle-ways, road
safety education, training & operations, work to support the use of sustainable
transport modes (cycling, walking & public transport), work on traffic & parking
managements schemes & arrangements.

The benefits that can be expected to relate to this expenditure include but are not limited to -
improved road & personal safety, reduced road congestion, an improved public realm and
environmental improvements (including reduced CO2 emissions).