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‘Worthing Borough Council Parking Enforcement Annual Report [auandtative tom T= War 8] Apr 08 - Mar 08 [Number o Penay Charge Notes Tues 37a Number ihe vel Penaty Charge Noices aoed 7 208 Number of ower eel Pena oices sued is 07 uber Notices pod ot a8 Number o Penal Chaige Notcrs poe tthe ediead Tate 33500 21904 Numero ret tape aopoas eee EAE 028 Number ost stage appeal scented 2a 4 Naber of st stage peal jected i 3908] [Average ime taker fo respond to Wat sage appa Tioga Taal Ranber af Rob Ones sno @ 11623] Number of second tage appeak ocaved ir a1 Number ot second tage appeal accoped ca 59 [Number f second stage appeals meted i aad [Average ime tao to rospnd to second stage appeal Zaogl da [Number of appeals lodged wih he independent Parkng AioTear KE] INurber of appeal accepted by te Independent Parking Ajit “2 2 Aah 20 3 Bas sn 338 2209 bet of Charge Ceiises pai " 71 INurbero cases registered as debs win he Tatts Eioroonent Combe “| Tara] uriberoteases gong to warrant a 4535 Notes: "Spit vel Penal Charge Noes di not come ht effect unt 3st March 2008 oti is jst one day of forcement at this te, (08/00 appeals proces very robust with less appeals going to 2nd stage when compared apporionatey “The missing appeal results are ether where frter formation was awated atthe end of he year onthe case of te Agusta, turer evidonce has been supple that the Counc then flit was appropriate not to cones further. Further information garding parking enforcement and parking operations canbe found on the Werthing Borough Counc and West Sussex County ‘Counel wobstes- wave wothing gov uk ad wor wessussen gov Uk ‘The aim ofthe Parking schemes in Worthing and Adr sto educate fst an sau ae. Ifyou area member of group wh you fel would Benet Rom ‘our attendance ata meeting, please fee ee to contact us to discuss the mate