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Courier Operation Management System

Courier Operation Management System

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1. About Project
a). Title b). Project Co-ordinator c). Team Members d). Introduction e). Project Category f). Objective g). Client Description h). Limitation of Existing System i). Proposed System j). Scope of proposed System

3. Security Measures 4. Future Scope

2. Overall Description
a). Product Perspective b). System Specification c). External Entities d). Use case Diagram e). DFD f). ER- Diagram

Team Members ² Dipali Choudhary Rohit Jaiswal Vivek Verma . Title ² Courier Operation Management System b). Project Co-ordinator ² CoMs.1. Harleen Kaur c). ABOUT PROJECT a).

Employee Management. Here we are try to develop such type system which is provide the automation on the any type of the courier company. Generally it includes the Data Processing. € € .d). Introduction € This project deals with automation of operations of a courier company. The main objective of this project is to integrate multiple branches simultaneously so that processing of records become faster. Reports Generation and Accounts Management.

e). a ServerSide Web Technology integrating RDBMS(SQL SERVER2005) for centralized management of database. Project Category Web application based on ASP.NET. .

Maintains report of daily processed records and proof of delivery report. Packet tracking facility. Objective € To enhance automation in courier operations providing speed and cost benefits. € € € € € € . To increase operational efficiency. To integrate with optical bar code readers.f). Proper accounting. Proper employee and delivery boy information management.

.g). Client Description € SPEEDEX Couriers and Cargo. Lucknow. Mansoor Market.B Road. Uttar Pradesh. G.

. Errors and mistakes are there in manual systems. € € Records handling is again an issues in manual system.h). € Manual system and CUI based systems are slow and not providing a feel good user interface. € User needs more training to work with a CUI based system. Limitations in Existing System The existing system has following drawbacks: € Ether Courier Company does not have computerized system or they have a CUI based.

i). Packet tracking system. Single data and Bulk data entry. Capability to import data from excel sheet. Accounts management should be there. Proposed System The proposed system should have following feature: € € € € € € € Barcode reader integration. Centralized system for multiple branches . Printing of multiple receipts.

Scope Of Proposed System o Registration of Client Single and Batch Data Processing Acknowledgement to sender via mobile SMS service Facility of frenchies to branch company Various discount plans for clients Online payment facility Local data processing at branches o o o o o o .j).Scope j).

OVERALL DESCRIPTION a). Product Perspective Client Desktop (with Internet) Request for webpage/Response Resource Web Server Database Server processing Web Pages (Working Architecture of Courier Operation Management Service) .2.

System Specification Hardware Interface Client End: € € € € € Browser : Processor : RAM : Disk Space : Others : Any web browser Pentium IV (1GHz) or above version 512MB or more 1GB or more Printer.b). Bar Code Reader Server End : € € € € € Web Server : Database Server: Processor : RAM : Disk Space : IIS6 or higher SQL Server 2005 Pentium IV (1GHz) or above version 2GB or more 120GB or more .

Software Interface € € € € Microsoft Office.Net as Server side Technology .5 Database ² MS SQL SERVER 2005 Tool and Technologies € € € For Design: For Logic Processing: Technology: Visual Studio .Net 2008 IDE JavaScript as Client side scripting language ASP. OS .NET Framework 3..Windows Server 2003 and higher Framework .

Client ² Clients are the various organizations those send packets in bulks. He/she has following tasks€ Sends address details of receiver. € Ask for bills and reports.c). . € Generate and view various Reports. External Entities Administrator .Administrator is responsible for managing the working of system. She/he has the all the security privileges to access the system. He/she has following tasks ² € Create new user of the system. € View packet delivery status.

€ Report generation. € Billing. € Manage packet records. € Payments. € Add new client. € Invoice generation etc.Contd« Operator ² Operates the whole system. He / she has following tasks€ Data entry. .

d). Use Case Diagram Check Report Administrator Querries Create User Report Generation Operator View User Details Inquiries Command Processing Upload Excel Sheets Client Payment against courier .

e). Data Flow Diagrams Context Level Diagram .

1-Level DFD .

Entity-Relationship Diagram Entity- .f).

€ Hashed password is stored in database using MD5 algorithm so that even database administration is not able to get password. € Administrator level authentication through administrative Id and Password.3). Security Measures The security will be achieved in system in following way: € User level authentication through User Id and Password for each User. .

4). Future Scope Following modification or upgrades can be done in system. . € Web services can be used to know exact delivery status of packets. € € Client can check there packets delivery status online. € More than one company can be integrated through this software. Distributed database approch in place of centralised approach.


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