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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 58/23

—Ùorganise the logistics of the start-up seminar The proposals should where possible be written in
and annual meetings, Spanish, French or English.
—Ùdevelop a suitable methodology for the prep-
aration and smooth technical running of the 9. CRITERIA FOR AWARDING THE GRANT:
plenary session and deliberations of the
start-up seminar group, See call for proposals file to be sent to preselected
—Ùput in place network information and
promotion tools (bulletins, web-page, etc.), 10. DATE OF THIS NOTICE: 16 February 1998.
—Ùensure the follow-up of the network’s joint
projects (within the limits of the required 11. DATE FOR RECEIPT BY OFFICE OF OFFICIAL
(d) the applicant should supply references relating to
his expertise and experience in the field of urban 17 February 1998.
mobility (maximum 2 pages);
(e) the applicant should also propose a working 12. THE PROJECT IS COVERED BY COUNCIL REGU-
method for achieving the network’s objectives LATION (EEC) No 443/92 OF 25 FEBRUARY 1992
(maximum 2 pages); (ASIA AND LATIN AMERICA).

Corrigendum to the Commission notice on Community support for cultural development projects — Call
for proposals 1998
(Official Journal of the European Communities C 6 of 10 January 1998)

(98/C 58/16)

On page 20, point 5, second paragraph:

for: ‘1 March 1998’,

read: ‘16 March 1998’.

Corrigendum to the Commission notice on the support programme in the field of books and reading —
ARIANE programme (1998) — Information and call for applications
(Official Journal of the European Communities C 46 of 11 February 1998)

(98/C 58/17)

On page 12, point 2.4, ‘Financing’, first indent shall read as follows:

‘—ÙThe subsidy will take the form of a translation grant of up to ECU 3Ø500 for the first applicant per
translator, per work.’

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