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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 60/1




(98/C 60/01) WRITTEN QUESTION P-1305/96

by Johanna Maij-Weggen (PPE) to the Commission
(22 May 1996)

Subject: Arrest of four journalists in Turkey

1. Is the Commission aware of the fact that in the night of 3 May, four Turkish journalists on the Turkish
weekly ‘Alinteri’, namely Sabiha Budak, Filiz Uziurk, Mehtap Kuruçay and Incigul Basel, were arrested?

2. Is the Commission aware that Incigul Basel was later taken to a hospital, and that it was there suspected that
she had been tortured?

3. Is the Commission aware that the whereabouts of the other three journalists are unknown, and that it has
frequently happened in the past that Turkish citizens who have been arrested have subsequently disappeared?

4. Will the Commission now act promptly to ask the Turkish authorities for clarification of these arrests,
having regard in particular to Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which has been
transposed into Turkish law and guarantees freedom of expression?

Supplementary answer
given by Mr Van den Broek on behalf of the Commission
(30 May 1997)

Following the question from the Honourable Member the Commission wrote to the Turkish authorities for
particulars on the facts reported. The Turkish authorities informed the Commission that the four journalists from
the daily newspaper ‘Alinteri’ were released on 17 May 1996.

The Human Rights Foundation, Ankara, has confirmed this to the Commission’s Representation in the country.

(98/C 60/02) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2394/96

by Hiltrud Breyer (V) to the Commission
(6 September 1996)

Subject: Decision 94/730/EC establishing simplified procedures concerning the deliberate release into the
environment of genetically modified plants

With reference to the answer to my Written Question E-1651/96 (1) can the Commission answer the following
1. What is the origin of the Member States’ obligation to provide ‘appropriate public information’ in the
context of simplified procedures too?