Social Media Strategies

to Position Yourself as an Expert
Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes
Delivered via Synergy Energy show with Pam Perry ( 11/24/2010

After presenting "Social Media Strategies to Position Yourself as an Expert" at the C-E-O National Conference in Chicago, IL on October 24th, 2009 this is what attendees had to say “A brilliant man and helped out a lot to the questions I had in PR and marketing” Joel Hinojosa –Reeding High School “Derrick’s presentation was an absolute inspiration for my life and my business” Sean Royer – UW-Eau Claire “Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement” Amy Pschierer – Genesee Community College “Derrick Hayes has really inspired a young entrepreneur like myself to to really connect with everyone”

Orlando Tate, Jr. – Ball State University “Derrick’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. He sincerely cares about the people around him. Derrick is a great example of someone who finds joy in seeing others succeed” Bryan C. Bennett – Brigham Young University “Thank you for sharing PR leads that were great” Joyce McCauley – Saint Louis University “Derrick Delivers” Dr. Jerome A. Kat – Saint Louis University Professor of Entrepreneurship “Social Media Strategies to Position yourself as an Expert is a bright, motivational program that can inspire any young entrepreneur to explore the endless opportunities to promote their business” Nora Kipp – Genesee Community College “Very inspirational and informative” Abbey Brau - College of St. Benedict

“Derrick Hayes gave us an encouraging word that if you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way” Pastor Timothy Beard – Danville Community College VA “You’re awesome, thanks for teaching us about networking and being service minded” Hong Zoo Lu – St. john’s University “Informational and Inspirational” Sarah Harbottle – The College of Wooster “Derrick’s presentation changed the way I think about social media and ways to market my business” John Breitbart – Miami University of Ohio “Thanks for providing creative advice on how to brand yourself” Marc Capistrant – Radford University “Thank you for opening up the world of PR. I now have many valuable strategies to market myself in business”

Emily Reznecheck – College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University “Derrick Hayes opens our eyes to opportunities and how to see if they are for you or for someone else in your network” Olga Rozmuszcs - College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University

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This book is dedicated to my Mother Barbara Ann Hayes January 1, 1935 - November 6, 2007 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I thank God. My wife Kim The Kids Alex, Amber, DeMya, Kintrea The Church Friendship Baptist Church My Father James Henry Hayes, Jr. My Brothers David and Larry My niece and nephew Kali and Dave

Table Of Contents In Social Media Strategies to Position Yourself as an Expert you will learn: Section 1. How To Find Media Leads -Resources to get Leads -Types of Leads -Free vs Fee -Google Alerts Section 2. How To Qualify Media Leads -Is it for you? -Someone else? Section 3. How To Manage Media Leads -Put leads you qualify for in order 1. By importance or 2. By Due date -Set up daily reminder -Eliminate leads Section 4. How to Send Out Media Leads -Read in full

-Spell check -Check for Subject area -Research Leads -Email Signature Section 5. How To Follow Up On Media Leads -Be Patient -Say thank you -Give something back Section 6. How To Promote Media Leads -Promote it in your social networks, newsletter -Start a press page -Start a group (Facebook) -Ask others to promote it -Builds relationship with the source you were listed in 7. How To Create Media Leads For Others -Develop a contest opportunity -Establish a community Blog

Section 1. How To Find Media Leads -Resources to get Leads I wrote this guide not for you to just read what to do but to encourage you to take action. The websites below have newsletters and blogs that you can sign up for that will bring media opportunities to your doorstep. The first step is to sign up. Pitch Rate Help A Reporter Out Reporter Connection Blogger Link Up Reporters Source Radio Guest List Publicity Hounds Black Gives Back Speaker Net News Pam Perry Online PR Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Book Market Author Marketing Expert Pitch Engine My Expert Solution -Types of Leads Radio: Radio is a great opportunity to give back to others while offering your knowledge and expertise. Here are links to interviews that I have done so you can get a feel for how to make it happen on your own. You can get radio interviews through these resources and also by writing a press release and emailing it out to radio stations. ions 3/Life-Remixed-Radio 09/22/Encouragment-Speaker-Derrick-Hayes-joinsus-on-NYCGospelcom mbw/2009/331275/ 45 Books: Authors are always looking to team up with others to make their publication the best that it can be. I have had the pleasure of contributing to a few books including one that made the Amazon best sellers list. This is a great way to collaborate and partner up with writers that can take you to another level. Contributing Author in: - Rainbows and Butterflies: Stories of Special People and Special Education. - The Power Of Persistence, an Amazon Self Help bestseller - Can Hip Hop Be Holy? - The Bra Book - Momma Sayings and Life Reflections

Blogs: There are bloggers that are always looking for stories to tell and sources to interview. One blog I came across while doing my research was The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. In 2009 alone I contributed to the TPE Blog over 40 times. You can sign up to be a blog contributor like me. Here are a few of the TPE blogs that I was included in. et-paper-entrepreneurs-and-their-businesses re-to-learn-entrepreneurship-online w-to-keep-clients-coming-back-for-more rketing-tips-for-entrepreneurs w-to-brainstorm-business-ideas Gift Bag Requests: Gift Bag Marketing: Copyright © 2010 by Derrick Hayes Back in September 2008 I was looking for a way to cost effectively market my business. I was on Twitter one day and my prayer was answered. I don't even remember what I was searching for when I signed up for (HARO) Help A Reporter Out to receive Gift Bag Requests. I have had tremendous success in a short amount of time. I have been able to market my business at over 50 events through gift bags. I knew I had a gift to turn names into positive messages. I call these Derricknyms. For example D.E.R.R.I.C.K. means Develop Everyday Receiving Resources to Inspire Community Kids.

The HARO community shared with me a positive vehicle to reach others by giving back through events. Derricknyms have been featured in gift bags in the United States, Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom. I live by the principle that I have to give in order to receive. I came up with the idea to give a Free Derricknym to anyone that emailed me their name. I developed a card and flyer so that I had more than one way to present the idea to meeting planners. I learned through the process that some wanted a coupon insert and others loved a card with the offer. After I developed my free offer I started to contact event planners via email. The response to what I was offering was phenomenal. Even the ones that said no gave me valuable feedback. Here are 4 steps you can take to put yourself in position to market your products and services in gift bags. 1. The first thing you should do is to sign up at Once you sign up you have to verify your account by email. When you click the link your account will be activated. On the page

you will see a link to update your account. On the update page you will scroll down and check the box that says Gift Bag. After this you will officially receive the Gift Bag Requests up to twice a week with at least 20 opportunities to market your business or organization in Gift Bags. 2. Think about what you can offer to others. Turn your expertise into a free consultation. If you give an hour or day of your time it will help others want to do business with you in the future. 3. Develop these ideas into a flyer or card that can be emailed or mailed to event planners. The flyer I develop and still use is done in Word. The way I turned my flyer into a card is by sending it to the printer and having it printed on card stock and cut into postcard sizes. 4. Contact only the event planners that are looking for items that you have or could offer. Before you send anything in you can always ask questions to make sure you are on the same page with the organizer. I have truly benefited from marketing in gift bags. These opportunities have provided me networking opportunities, spin off business, letters of

recommendations, and tax contribution letters that I can report for tax deductions. I never started this journey to receive, only to give. This article inspired the ebook that you can order entitled Put It In The Bag: Guide for Entrepreneurs to Market In Gift Bags at meetings, conferences, and events FOR FREE all over the world. In Put It In The bag you also get links to over 70 companies that have used my ideas in their Gift Bags and a contact so you can get your products and services to celebrities. Free vs Fee: If you are new to business look to find economical ways to get the job done. I had to learn the hard way in how to find opportunities. You can learn on your own or you can pay someone else to do it. It is as simple as that. There are free services like the ones I mentioned above and there are fee services that send you opportunities. If you have the money in the budget you can also try this service out

Google Alerts: Google Alerts provides you with an opportunity to sign up with a word or phrase and it will alert you by email every time someone blogs about it. This is a great way to learn about different aspects of your industry and be provided with opportunities right at your doorstep. Section 2. How To Qualify Media Leads -Is it for you? Once you sign up for these newsletters and opportunities the leads will come. When the leads come you need to know what opportunities you qualify for. Read the list of leads and copy and paste the leads that you qualify for in a word document. My file is entitled DUE NOW so that I make a conscience effort to get these opportunities out everyday. Make a list of keywords that can you can pay close attention to. Each newsletter will have a table of content that you can also scan to find immediate queries you may qualify for.

-Can someone else use the lead? The leads that are left over can either be deleted or given to someone else. You can build a network of people that depend on you to find them opportunities. Make a list of people that are in your network and beside their name put their industry along with products and services they provide. This is a prosperity magnet. When you give to others they will go out of their way to find you opportunities. Helping others is a great way to keep your name in their mind when there is a need for what you do. Section 3. How To Manage Media Leads Once you start your file in word you have to manage them in order to get the most out of these opportunities. Submitting to the media is a numbers game. You can play the numbers by quality or by quantity. If you don’t have a system in place it will be harder for you to succeed in getting placed in interviews. By importance:

A great thing to do if you are seeking to get the leads out that you feel you are most qualified for is to put these leads at the top of your DUE NOW file. By Due date and time: Each media request will let you know the date and time of the deadline. I list my leads in this order by date and time and this system helps me get more leads out each day. Daily reminder: I write myself a note everyday to check my DUE NOW file to see if there are any leads that need to go out. Eliminate leads: It is alright if you miss a deadline. Don’t rush and send reporters information that will not make you look like you’re qualified. Opportunities will keep coming. Even if the opportunity is on your list and you realize that it is now not a good fit let it go. Section 4. How To Send Out Media Leads

Before responding to any queries by reporters please read them carefully. This is the most important step in getting your name in the news. What to write: Read and write down exactly what they are looking for with no more or no less. The first step in getting eliminated is when you don’t follow directions. Look for what goes in the subject header. This is a critical tool that reporters use to eliminate those that don’t read and follow directions. Please spell check your work before sending it out. If your email does not have this service copy it into word and copy it back into your email. Research the lead if you can by doing search so that you can give a better answer and make it seem like you put in the effort Before you send your lead in make sure you have an email signature. In it you can ask

questions and sale products and services without saying a word. Here is my signature:
Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes "Give Someone a WOE, a Word of Encouragement Go to and-Sign Up for Updates-Order E Books-Order Personalized Derricknyms-Book a SpeakerHire a 615-1662 Please watch my


DEMO (Derrick’s Encouraging Message to Others)
Or Here is another one:

Pam Perry, Chief Visionary
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My blog at

Section 5. How To Follow Up On Media Leads

When you send in a lead the follow up may take a while to get a response. The nature is for you to want to know the status right away but you have to be patient. I have seen it take days, weeks or months before a reporter responds with a yes or no. In the initial media request the reporter will say if you can follow up with them or not. It is important to follow their requests as this opportunity can lead to others and it also can end right here. When you get a response from a reporter it is critical to carefully read what they say. A response can be that they like what you said and they will use the information that you sent in as it is. Another response can be that they like what you have to say but need you to answer a few more questions. The third response is the one we never like to hear or read and that is where they have chosen to go in another direction with a different source.

When you get a response whether it is yes or no there two great things you can do right away. 1. Say thank you to the reporter for contacting you. Remember they don’t have to contact you and you always don’t get a response. 2. Give something back to the reporter as a thank you gift. Do you have a special report, ebook or gift that you can attach to your reply email? If not develop one. It can be as easy as a Top 10 list. This report can even be sold as your first product. The reporter will be surprised that you went the extra mile by giving something extra in return. This action can make the difference in you being chosen this time or next time. Reporters work on different stories during the year and are always looking for sources to complete interviews. Give them a reason to keep you on their mind. I give Derricknyms as a gift to reporters. A personalized Derricknym has a value of $14.97. For more information about Derricknyms please go to

Section 6. How To Promote Media Leads When you are chosen as a source to be interviewed, or quoted for a book it is time to start marketing yourself as an expert. Keep track of every accomplishment even if it is small. Every website or blog that you are mentioned in will have an archive with a link to the actual article. I was interviewed by artist Elaine Clayton and she did an inspiring painting story about me. Here is a link of where I was interviewed by MSNBC. th-sexual_health/ Tamar Burris interviewed me and turned it into a story so great that I use it as my intro. Other unique ways in which you can get the word out is to start a newsletter. Here is a link to my weekly newsletter call The WORD

Start developing a press page. The press page will list all of your accomplishments in order or in sections. For example in a Book section you will list all of the books you have written or were a contributing author in. Type your Press Page as a file in word and have it on stand by as a tool that you can use to let others know who you are. Here is a link to my online Press Page. Start networking in social media and let others know about your accomplishments. Even ask your members to get the word out for you. You can network with me on Twitter at and on Facebook at I have started a WOE (Word Of Encouragement) Group that you can join Each day in The WOE Group I send each member a DAILY Derrick to empower them. When you get the word out it helps you build a positive relationship with the source that you were included in.

Section 7. How To Create Leads For Others If you live life and become successful without helping anyone else it is not a crime. I just believe that you can help others make the leap of faith to the top like you did. As you travel find ways to be successful and keep reaching back to teach others how you did it. You can go from struggling to become an expert to establish a source that helps others become experts. One unique way I’m helping others get the word out is through a quarterly essay contest. Think about what kind of contest or opportunity you can you provide that will put others in position to have their name called. Every three months I will post a question and experts like you from around the world will answer in 50 words or less. The first Essay Contest question was “How Do I Stay Encouraged?” Here is the Essay Contest link

Now there is no excuse for you not to be promoting your business or organization at least once a quarter and it’s free. A great way to birth leads for leaders is to build a community blog. If you build a nest eagles will fly to you. I set up a system where people come to my page and post their answers. Each week I provide a question and experts like you respond with expert strategies. The first question in the blog is what obstacles have you faced and how did you overcome it? It received a great response from decision makers around the world. Here is the link to a weekly promotional opportunity that you can take advantage of Building relationships is a give and receive process. I have learned that when you give first and develop leads and opportunities for others they will want to go out of their way to help you succeed. I want you to test these strategies and use the ones that work best for you. There is something in here that can help bring out the greatness in you.

Take Action: 21 Day Challenge Pull out a calendar from today’s date and see what day it will be in 21 days. Over the next 21 Days I want you to take action in simple steps. Don’t get frustrated if your name is not called right away. Business is a numbers game and the more you apply and try the less you will be denied. Someone has to say yes. Week 1 1. Sign up for as many newsletters as you can and use the tips that I mentioned. Week 2 2. Start sending out leads if you have not already Week 3 3. Keep sending out leads and start building your press page or press release. These simple steps can take you from nowhere to being an expert everywhere. Within 21 days you will start to see results if you put these opportunities in action. You actually can’t lose if you follow directions on my blog and

make a weekly post. Once you make a post you can actually start saying that you are a weekly contributor to the Derrick Hayes Blog. For more ideas, follow

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After hearing this presentation this is what someone had to say: “Derrick Hayes is a master at the game of creating seminars that motivates you to take action with 1 WORD. You leave with your 1 WORD and can turn it into a marketable strategy that can change your business forever.” Letitia Owens The Twinkie Awards “Derrick Hayes is truly inspirational” Donna Edwards – Student Services Forrest Hills Academy in Atlanta GA W.O.E. In this program you will you will learn how to: -Turn your industry words into W.O.E. (words of encouragement) Examples: 1. If you take the R off of the word Manager it leaves you with Manage. Do you just want to manage and

get by or do you want to be a great manager. The R represents Ready, Resources, and Retention. Retention of great people happens when managers are Ready and manage their Resources wisely. 2. When you take the I out of PASSION it gives you PASS ON. The I is for Individuals, Insight, and Increase. If you don’t know the right Individuals with key Insight the opportunity to Increase might just PASS ON. After hearing this presentation this is what someone had to say: “Your message “WOE” inspired them.” Diane Rowe, Program Manager Office T.E.C.H. Goodwill Industries “With dynamic agility, Derrick Hayes delivered piercing words of encouragement to AIU’s Lunch & Learn participants.” Sherry A. Harris, Student Employment Coordinator American Intercontinental University "I was so moved when I heard Derrick Hayes speak the first time, I figured he was worth hearing again.

Within ten minutes I decided that I will have him speak to the entire leadership staff in our department. The second time was better than the first. He really moved them with his positive outlook and approach to life.” C.O. Jackman, Director Facilities Building Services Georgia State University The Power Of Thinking Differently In this program you will you will learn how to: - Think you can - Speak life into your dream - Act like you know - Expect a better outcome After hearing this presentation this is what someone had to say: “Only one word can describe your presentation today . . . EXCELLENT! Keep maximizing your gift because it truly is an inspiration to others. I hope this WOE encouraged you. Again, thanks for coming to far western Kentucky to spread a word of encouragement and to help us realize what we are all

capable of if we just use the Power of Positive Thinking.” PaTrice R. Tucker, Administrative Support Fulton County Elementary/Middle School Never Pick It Up, Always Put It Down In this program you will learn how to: - Make positive decisions - Stop in the name of love - See the miracle in your message - Keep standing After hearing this presentation this is what someone had to say: “It was time to teach kids and their parents about the dangers of tobacco. There was no better way to teach them, but through someone who grew up in an environment that was tobacco friendly. This person knew all about the dangers that tobacco cause. This person is a witness to secondhand smoke and lost his mother to lung cancer because of the dangers caused by tobacco.

Derrick Hayes caught kids and parents attention when he began telling his own personal experience with tobacco. Derrick Hayes engaged kids and parents by expressing that if you think positively you can do anything you put your mind to, but you must believe in yourself. He delivered a motto called Never Never pick it up, Always put it down. Through this motto he explained that if you never pick up a bad habit you don’t have to worry about putting it down. This saying lives in Haywood County today. Derrick Hayes words will not be forgotten in Haywood County.” Cindy Wilkins, B.S. Haywood County Public Health Educator State Of Tennessee Connect Your Mind, Body and Soul to Your G.O.A.L. In this program you will you will learn how to: -Gift yourself a chance -Offer something -Adjust to your possibilities

-Leverage your future Use Your Skills or Someone Else Will In this program you will you will learn how to: -Find Skills -Develop Skills -Enterprise Skills -Partner Skills After hearing this presentation this is what someone had to say: ”I could not lie down tonight without first thanking you for being our featured guest at the Empowerment Party. Your words of inspiration and wisdom were beyond anything that I could have hoped for. The ladies needed what you said and they needed it from you....a strong, intelligent, compassionate brother. You and your family were a delightful addition to our night.” Felicia L. Hamilton, Author of Real Women Wear Stilettos

Got Derricknym? Derricknyms are acronyms with a touch of Derrick where words are messages of encouragement. Derrick Hayes shares his gift of Derricknyms with people on a daily basis by simply turning their name into a positive message. Share this opportunity with yourself or someone else is in your life. To see how your name would look in a Derricknym please visit Once I do your name all you need is a frame. The Derricknym will have the look of a certificate. Derricknyms have been given to people for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and graduations. Business owners and meeting planners have ordered Derricknyms for their staff at meetings, conferences and events. (Frames are not included) "All I can say is WOW! Derrick Hayes is one talented individual. I personally asked him to create his 'Derricknyms' as gifts for all of my guest speakers at my College Speaking Success BootCamp. If you want a unique gift idea, then I highly suggest you consider hiring Derrick!" -James Malinchak, Contributing Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"I was so moved when I heard Derrick Hayes speak the first time, I figured he was worth hearing again. Within ten minutes I decided that I will have him speak to the entire leadership staff in our department. The second time was better than the first. He really moved them with his positive outlook and approach to life. Many people have their personal Derricknyms posted in their work area." C.O. Jackman, Director Facilities Building Services Georgia State University For more information about ordering Derricknyms please go to

Derrick Hayes, an alumnus of Tennessee State University is available for small and large meetings, church events, academic speaking engagements and workshops. Please visit Derrick's website at and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to or call (706) 6151662.

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