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NOTE: W32DASM Ver 8.

xx Series is designed for

Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.

Windows NT 3.51 users:

W32Dasm will load and run in NT 3.51 provided that you

install the Windows 95 IMAGEHLP.DLL file dated
10/15/96 in the same directory as w32dsm89.exe.
The IMAGEHLP.DLL that comes with NT 3.51 will not

NOTE: Some Dialog control formats are not supported

in NT 3.51 and will result in improper control

Windows W32s users:

W32Dasm may load and run in some configurations of

Windows 3.11 with W32s but the operation will be

W32Dasm Ver 8.9 Updates:(from Ver 8.5 demo)

1. fixes for MMX and certain 32 and 16 bit instruction decodes.

2. Added Code Patcher Assembler Feature (See Tutorial 11.0 in help file)

3. Added change indicators to the CPU registers and flag displays:

* CPU Register that change value from last instruction execute

appear as CAPITAL LETTERS ie eax -> EAX

* CPU flags that changed from last instruction appear as


4. Added checkbox to force all rep instructions to "STEP THRU"

even in "STEP INTO" mode.

5. Added enable/disable "Command Line Option Dialog Box" in Debugger Options.

6. Added "LPSYSTEMTIME" decode in API Details logic.

7. Undocumented New Feature: All Call and Jump Cross Reference Addresses may
be "jumped to" by double right clicking on the reference address. To
return to the reference, press F12.

8. Undocumented New Feature: There is a new button on the Lower Left Hand
Debugger Window Display2 that is called "oper". This button will
put the Display 2 Window in a mode that will give computed values
of the operand/s of the current instruction.

W32DASM Installation Instructions:

1. Create a Directory ie: C:\W32DASM

2. Put W32DSM89.ZIP file in the created directory.

3. Unzip the file.

unzipped files should include:

a. w32dsm89.exe {Full Ver 8.9 Executable}

#b. w32dasm8.hlp {Help File}
#c. w32dapi.lup {API Details File}
#d. PSAPI.DLL {Required DLL for NT}
#e. IMAGEHLP.DLL {Required DLL for NT 3.51 only}
f. install.txt {This File}

# W32DAPI.LUP, W32DASM8.HLP, & PSAPI.DLL must reside in same

directory as w32dsm89.exe. If running NT 3.51 also include
IMAGEHLP.DLL dated 10/15/96 in the same directory as w32dsm89.exe.

The following files were included in your demo or previous

version and were omitted from the EMailing to keep the size
reasonable. If you need these files, you can get them from
downloading the latest demo from:

*1. CW3220.DLL {Required DLL}

*2. BIDS50F.DLL {Required DLL}
*3. OWL50F.DLL {Required DLL}

* DLL files CW3220.DLL OWL50f.DLL and BIDS50f.DLL

should be installed in your DRIVE:\Windows\System directory.
They can be optionally placed in the same directory as

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