Official Monthly Bulletin (If Ordo Templi Orientis

Vol. IV Number- 11 fin. LXXX e.n. noventer , 1984 e.v ,

Do wl:vt tluru wilt shall be' the whole of the Law.

From the .CALlPH

Which c ... tint, the Serpent or the Egg?

'lhe Creative Spiral, of' course! It came betore evet'7tt!ina.

uThe Wheel ot natare ",volveth oOlletantl.y, the last becometh fist, &. the t1r~t last.

Crcwl.ey, TAO TEH KING, Retraining


The Bodhi aewe , The Seed-Bud of Truth, the "little Child that shall lead them," for w/that stabilizing dOl.:blo-tleel of Haya-non-}'J,Y8, the l!It IllUst of necessity beccae last, 9. natlirally the last must beC('1M the first.

Copyright © 1984 by O.T.O.

liThe Kn whilst it ill yet coiled up

in ther iI! said to be intlii"1fa_

hakaaa. or,-in, ~ dimensional apace; when it

:~~:a 0 ~~~~J~!! ~~~C:h~:ta-

1180\1ooa objects are perceived," ~Ful:(ftr.W,A,Rld8r,LondonJl925JP,80

'The Oracles of ZorO&llter utter thist

"Ard when, by often, all the tfJ,an tas. are vanished, thou shalt see that Holy &. For!llless Fire, that Fire whicb. darts &. DAshes thru all the Depths of the umveree j bear thou the Voice of the Fire. "A similar Fire flaehingly 6xtenctil'.g thru the r~hing of Air, or a Fire fOl'7!llese whence coee th the Image of a voice, or

:~~ ~~~ ~:ga~:~~ia:;~!;!':

~on of t.he fire_flAshing Courser of Light, or 11l.'!0 & Child, ber-ne aloft on the shoulders of th~tial Steed, fiery, or clothed with gold, or naked, & standing on U1e ehcu Ldet-a ot the horse, then if thy JQedi tatioD prolongeth iteelt, thou shalt unite all these symbols into the ForM of a Lion."

Crowley, Liber Samekh , M'l'&P, p , 292

"In '.he !-!indu conception of oreation.,. Siva ••• the ncn-eemreee point, the seed

~~!~;~t~~' \I~~l~:~ ~uw~~:~~g o~i:e

feminie, Sakti, do .. n thraugh the euceeaa-. tve cosmic vlbrati{Jll9 and la,ers of be mg , It is the task of the Yogi to return in ccnacfcusneea on the upward spiral. •• Hir name is 'C oiled', or Kunda lini ••. S ilkti ••• which ehe , as manifestation, revolves. 11k!! the coils of the drB!!;on ar-ound the Axie M,:ndl or World Tree."

Jill Purce/mE MYSTIC SPIRAL,Avon,NY,l974 Aleo see Snake rith Steel Grey ?lUlllee in Crcwley, 'lbe Wllkl! World, ~.

And what are Dragorul? Creative SpiralAi •.

The Great Dragon; IItI!IllM "curia" 'IbLI • 440

of Whirling Motions RCIrrLIM - 121

White Whorl 'l'zMR LBN • 412

(see gepher- Sepheroth)

Whleh ill as good a way UI any to describe the Sahaer&ra ChAkra. So now you know whero Creative & Dr!l.gontJ come trca That Axis Point at the top cf your head.

Fr'crrtdap.Lece Capt.JFCFuller, YOM ,Rider,

London, 1925 -

What relet, the Double Helix?

Blessed Beaat.],

H.A. 777


NEPHTHYS CHAPTER BOX 1075, Edmonton Alberta, Canada. *****************

Well folks the long awaited issue of AIMCHNY'S WEB 115 is out. Yes it's true. And it contains nothing but humor, jokes, guffaws, and other assorted b La sphmfea . Such articles

as: The Are You Aliester Crowley Contest, \o,Tho Is the Real O.T.O. ?!, Haser l1agick, The Sh'L-Ho Le s of Set, as well as an uncensored version of Fr. Zardoz Great Comic Conspiracy, UFO Review by Robert Anton Y.Tilson, and more. Total Pages: 78. Cost? A mere $6 (U.S. Funds). Get yours Today.


The Pontiff of the Holy See, the emperor

of the Roman Empire disguised as the Vatican came to our town last month. He hit 13 citie in Canada, the first trip by a Pope here eve Well lots of nut cases made threats against the man, causing a huge pile of $$$$ to be spent On security. Teh lch. Nothing happened

to him.

1-,1eIl almost nothing- Rumour has it

that ounde r his fligh Chair, and On his Altar as well as on the lesser altar, magickal talismans of Sama e.l and a copy of Liber 02 were secretly depo Lat ed to be aetivitated when he did mass he r-e . The results were

Air elemenrals that caused the Pope to miss vd s t t fn g the Yukon and converting those

pagan folks up there. Pagans - 1 Vatican- I



tce Ioome back to Strange Loops. I offer no excuses except to remind my revered readers that I am less than perfect. This revival is prompted by several things that have happened in the recent past. First, r ran into some brothers in a nearby camp in Fresno CaliEor n La that actually knew who 'r'sema Kabal was. That did my ego (nepheeh or maybe the qoof) a great deal of good. So happened that it needed it. (Well it needs it all the time; but it was especially needed then.) More importantly, they seemed to know why r was writing the column. More accurately, they expressed a purpose for the column that was in agreement with my own. (What's the difference between these viewpoints?) This showed me that I had found a need that had, for a while at least, been somewhat fulfilled. They expressed the desire that I write some more for future issues. This gave a direct spurt of growth to my nuecn, the middle portion of the tripartite' Hebrew concept of the soul.

A lot of other things have happened around me since the last column. Not the least of which was the transition of my Lover in a year ago in October 1983. We had been together for over ten years. His death was rather devastating to me although I didn't fully realize it at the time. No one can be unaffected when a gap of that size suddenly appears in your life. It could have been an abyss that I could have fallen into and never emerged. I thought that I was handling the loss appropriately. But it tu rns put that such losses don't get handled so easily. A considerable portion of my reason-forbeing was wrapped up in our relationship. I miss his being

there to say the right things-just when I needed them. I, miss being able to take home a flower to someone who really want ed it and who- equally appreciated it. This process of overcoming a loss can last much longer than I ever imagined. It will probably not be completely over: until a similar relationship arises. Until then life must go on.

Fortunately, I was not without friends. Especially those in the aTO; and especially the Master of Stellar Visions. They were there when I needed them. The events between my discovery of Gerry's body and his cremation is a column in itself that I will share with you at a later time now that some prospective has been obtained. Suffice it to say that it was an initiation. Its lessons on the fragility of life and attitude toward time were especially welcomed. Those events gave me a glimpse of the other side of the abyss (ABDH). I'm not sure whether I was actually there. In any event I felt and saw but did not stay. The trip must have surely affected the third part of my soul, the Neshamah. (which is, in itself, Mystery of Mysteries, is tripartite) •

Nothing bas been the same since. f1y thanks goes to those of you who have written. Especlally those of you who have received no personal reply. Particular I:! one Brother in West Virginia. Hopefully our new word 'pr ocees me capabilities will help that situation in the future. Mea culpula.

Yours in LVX as well as NOX



Tsama .• Kabal '" 131 .. 132

Nag Lck Theater Encampment Wilt Sha.ll Be The Whole

'Pu we s d u , 'Hi:llst so l t se tn d a a gunze qe ee ta

Greetings! lie r-e c i.eve still

P,"'_'Pl_= '.J~10 ar-s Lntc r-e at ed in our ;lo1~' crcer-, last cont.h ;"'8 ;;;:t 3.1s0

9. v.ia Lt by an ade p t r.r on aus+z-t.a

1{"10 ':10)].10. Like to bee one initiated. Sad I,] »e c an ofi'er -the n at t ne ;;)O,.le~ no ini'vi;;,ti::ms, not 9'!C)!l a aa t e for it.

-:,e t r-anc Ia ted the :':in_erval and

T::l2 ide3, of :::;:=,king a C:E!.calsb Cc.ur s e (be k::to1:l1:o:'1!,e) is s.Lowl y t-esi_D::-lir.~ to take snace , i-.e./':Je ne xt :}e3r ':Ie · .. "ill be able

1,1e'1e un rer- ·,lil1~, . .

t'r . .dyonr-Lon I

Love Is The Law Love Under Will.

Michael G. 1·

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P.O, Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 U. S. A.


0..0,. Gn<1y. sa,

I .t111 han to..,.weryouro cf Wo,. 15th, I'll<1u.l .Ithltpclntl>ypolnt_

!~~~ ~~~~g ~ :;P~~~!. t:~d O:~~l"~~~~ ~~~h o~c !.~~:r p:;:~~a~~_ take ~~~r~;:I~:e:C~~dalf;~!tl)~!~ti~e~:y~O;o~O:i~~ ~r!~ i~I~t'!~~i<l ~~u :=;~i~~:~~:!h~o;;~~ !:~u ~~~~ :~~~;~~ "!h~~o'O~o~P~:id o~o~· ~o: .. ;~n

~ • .;raek: thU 10 qu1t •• ncr1. 1oe",,-..hlle Ih .. had th • ...,~ or 10 ..

:~. m~ E:tj~:t~~,t~~~g~;ii!i~~~~~~~iM ~~:~b~iw~~~r!~~~~~:~h~~ve

PROCEi:lJUCl iI.APIOLY_) neue r.turn tile lotUr ot y"u~ earlle.t. Cu1l1n~ _ .. oto on. aCtar tllKt (on hy 21) that Il. had 3hmm mJ reply

to Roy ..,<1 ~ .... 30 that they too or. Cully Informed, fie odds: "In tho

"::~:~t l~~~~ ~~~g~~d t~!~;~: !~:t;I~~d~~:~~@; K:~~ ~Q~~"i~J a~~~. ~:f I °io~~'

"hI. '~H ... ent U specuhttve but it .ppnro thH he now spuk. mOre "definIte that 'he 1s ~oln~, It .lone'. _ 'l'c do hi .. e ..... die I thlnk h. "qudltt •• 1t In hh 0""' .. Ind thH hUr h. Will the !Bone1 _ and "that Uso hIs .,.SIck n·lll b.lns hlm cccdit wlt~ tho O.T.O., I. •. "0 "po.,lbly hopu hh quitting 1. tompor.~y."

1 .. ""t you to h fully Info .... ed, ~. 666 hold. you In chars. or the Cdltornl.., .ctlvIt.les, "Ilh "nysteps you d.d~ .. to be t.k.ndth ooy ap~l'"Q"AI. H ... ay n~t reolln th.t in" •• n't J=p up &nd do,,", the ... st "out, and you wnl hardly b" "~h to k.ep )"ouo on tll. pub. ony boote,· th"" I rr~ .. ~or~. LLn.over, you know all ~t\e ~eop).. p.nona.ily, "h116 I .nO'k only ~~, and JOlM. t..ot u, cooperau runy. ~01 to no. in "hor-g. of A~~pe l..oo~o and ", In haI'lTlonl with

~~: ~h!:!~~fe J~~; i ~~~~ ::~~?:~~f~~:l !;:::~~ :~~U ~ ~;:~r ~t~ :!:~~~;y

~~ onO. oh."oed tho ""OMy policy. lIut .hJ ~hcul<1. 1 tell you all t!lt!. :doUlh: her' to ~Of'~ lener to ... "hIe~ ple .. e ,...t"",,_

I" omotho" t.o month$ I exp.ct ~o be 1" Loa. I.I>go105, so I KUp .ny dotal I. On ~b.)·a,""eo until th.~.


Jane .... d •• re"'o.IdI1n.r.e.ntlett.rth.t'J.Qktook.b •• ttnS

E~~t~r !;m1~::E' ~~~mo~~;i~E~:~r a f'~~;~:::~~~~:~r~:

to h1. hud app .... ntl1 • ..,d "hon JOu turned up ... ap •• 1.1 ... hury

!m E~::t~:~l::~~::~~~:~t::~~~!n~:e ;;t!~~":;:~~!~:,.

wIthJ.ek. It 10U roell1ko h."dl1ng him dlroetly, do.o b1d1

... ." •• My .pont..,oou. r ... t1on to th. t~ooboent I h .... recotud."d

;~~ ;~~~e l~~~:.~io~utl !~~iO::·~h:X~~~~~~~ tBe '"!u~:P~~ ~~t~~' l~d

of tor you'vo ... d It - wah tho oth~. l~.ter •.

I would ~onoldor it perfoet11 logltl"'ote if your vI .. on J.ok and

::""1~~1:,, l~~te~e ":;\:0:' t~~e:;/~;::.. h!6&~"~~h d~f;~}= ~!n:;.

~=~l!::ur..0:::'l:on...:~~:~~d judg" .. mt If you think 10u .hould toke an1

Writ •• con. S .. oh •• nd 1 .re lookln~ ro,.....rd to ,"""tins '!'oxI.' (io.hend.halred?).W.'llbolnS..,Fr..,olacooboutJuly22, You

~~:~~v~~i:~ ~~~;~ m. your Vhone nU<nb •• , In 0 ....... r.tve .t ."

1.o_1.ttertoCullln@ • .llottertfpornRo1

1 J_etter fporn Cullln~.

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The Grand Lodoe Temple hes been Cl~sed and ~ll activities are now be i nq held m private homes. See the monthly Ce l andar- for locations or telep~one access. Please help 0.1.0. f i nd a good place to move in Alamedn County, SF Bay Area.

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wcs tero Union '11-11;..,< 704935 Ess yllnk 62212720


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~iI Co,oHerVt 70!5b,ln

l~~~f'~~~!H~:K:nn CalO ,~antrW~2~ue,

tJ~~~~~;~i;l~~~~~1 tlr~ Enmpunt

C,P,5ll,Shtl0n9 ~ontrul, ~ue.

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Current as of

10;30/84 e.".

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'lra,i ue. CA 95965 ~~~

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~~~5F~:~~r;c~:' 'CA '9m3

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3Rt'WI "~V~~04

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Grant's Pass, DR 9752. ~~a


P ,0. Bo~ 14S9

Ne~ Haven. CT Ob50. ~~~


c/oRt, 10. BOI41SA rtarenuRd,

~urlreesboro, T" 31130 ~§~


mant:i,6A 30324 y~~ Kilili[up c/oS.6h55un tnbDinte

Me. Drlean5, LA 10118 y§~

~Iylpus Chi~hr !SaltlakeCityJ

~/a Grand LMge

I P.Q,Box ~endinq 1 Star Cup

c/o ~07 ~aln St.

Walthal, M 02154 USA


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31 Ieerv 5t, JersevCity, HJ 0!i04


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C]lntor, SQ"tlre Station Syruuse, HI' 13my§~


P. O. Bo! 5~~ Oownto"nStn,

Srr.em, NY mOl y?~


cia 731 HerkneH st. Phil.delghia, PA 19m ~~~

C,,~p of Ncr.ln

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Boan, He 281:07 ~~~ OtmhL006E P.Q,BOI424

Str •• birryHills


Unicorn StIr Trib!

,;/0 P,O.CHtlud!nf 'I:~torij mo ~Y?mw

Choron!onTribr clo P .0. go~ 424 5trubrrrv lIill~


~antnaras Tribe P.D.Bol6722

AucU and ~~~ ~~~~~p

~alli sl! Ir iD! P,Q.BofcI81

D~Mdin ~~U~~b~~~

Su Stars Tribe c/o5r,;elen. P,O.8o"IQ7,1urcl! ~g~_H~k~~]

p~~nof~ ~unin Chapter ~-~OI\i~mn llnr .. er sttet

cY';~~~~i~i .'i:~~'l

~~~~ ~ 'r 1, ~ ;~s t/i~~;aJgmr

Bnlabu~ CliP tlo lin~enstr, SO O-SIOO Ai:ht~

~m gmB~

]:";!II' at 1l1i.,I"m, .. Ludg", r.r,md Lot.!,~c of OHlu Tcn~lli Dric ntis ; 1'.0. I~,,; ~::IJ;; 1'1;;,,,.' f'),-n>e<';"""; ('I!'i) "j-I-.'lliC

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13°""' 'fa 14~tW

Gnostic Mass Clas Magick in Theory 8P!1 "Deacon's rol & Prac~ice at

call 658-9025 5 Suffleld Ave.

for place & ~;~_~~~~lmo, BPI·!

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Make I-Ching Stic s w i th Lola. SPi1 nater+eis fee 56<16 ca116589025

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and toce ttc.i





Anybody know whe re we can rent a place in A 1 emeda Coun ty for about S300 to $400 a month and 1,000 sq ft?