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Technical Specifications

RAM 3000 U-260kW
General Maximum driving speed km/h Temperature range °C Maximum wheel braking performance km/h kW Pre-selectable constant speed km/h Displays Speed km/h Power kw Power Supply Voltage V Frequency Hz Fuse rating slow-blow A Compressed air bar Mechanics System Length x width mm Roller diameter mm Roller length mm Minimum maximum usable roller width mm Testable wheel size " Lifting threshold stroke mm Lifting load t Roller displaced in height mm Maximum axle weight t 3270 x 1050 x 654 320 560 800 - 2200 >= 10 110 3 96 / 71 3.5 3270 x 1050 x 654 320 560 800 - 2200 >= 10 110 3 96 / 71 3.5 3N - PE - 400 V~ 50 25 7,5 3N - PE - 400 V~ 50 25 7,5 0 - 300 0 - 400 0 - 300 0 - 400 260 0 - 50 260 / 260 0 - 300 260 0 - 50 260 / 360 0 - 300

The Standard in Information and Diagnostic Systems
RAM 3000 U-360kW

Sun RAM 3000 Chassis Dynamometer
Test Lane Equipment

• • • • • Fan blower, moveable, with cable connection Pressure regulator with water trap Installation frame RAM 3000 U Restraining straps kit Emission analyser (MGA 1500, DGA 1000)

The Standard in Information and Diagnostic Systems
Snap-on Sun Tech Systems
Horsley’s Fields King’s Lynn Norfolk PE30 5DD Tel: +44 (0) 1553 692422 Fax: +44 (0) 1553 774682 Email: sun.diagnostics@snapon.com

• 260 kW or 360 kW test capabilities • Comprehensive test programs • Microprocessor controlled

Sun Diagnostics Europe
Email: ies@sun-diagnostics.com

All dimensions and drawings within this publication are a guide only, before carrying out any civil works, always obtain the current installation drawings from the service department. Nothing contained within this publication is intended to extend any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the products described herein. Any such warranties or other terms or condition of sale of products shall be in accordance with Snap-on/Sun Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale for such products, which are available on request. The manufacturer reserves the right to change or delete models and/or specifications without prior notice. Snap-on and Sun are registered trademarks.

flexibility, adaptability, profitability

• As for example. After the test. The limit speed can also be changed during the test so that the vehicle 5. Once completed the values for performance. Program V-constant It is possible to select a certain limit speed to which the test stand limits the speed of the vehicle being tested. the actual driven speed is stored. speed. • Before initiating time-consuming measurements or detail tracing. it is possible to preset a defined force the testing vehicle must drive to in order to simulate uphill driving. Program Tacho Test By means of program "tacho test" it is possible to test the accuracy and linearity of the display at the vehicle tachometer. the clutch is depressed and the vehicle coasts to standstill. a numerical and graphical evaluation can made. The loss in performance is determined whilst the vehicle is coasting. 2. it is possible to expose in this way any too heavily dimensioned acceleration enrichment or to recognise whether the coldstart enrichment is too long active. • Only in doing so can the number of errors. Emission tester combinations allow to simulate various driving conditions and to draw exact conclusions from the respective emission behaviour concerning the high fuel consumption etc. the test stand presets the testing speed. performance at different speeds can be tested. in a simple way be limited. Key Topic Fuel Consumption The practical use of this unit opens unimagined possibilities in everyday life. This program allows to select maximum 10 individual speeds for testing. Having ended the test. the chassis dynamometer can provide a platform to carry out engine related fault diagnosis and fuel consumption analysis without leaving the workshop. The measured values obtained by the preset speed are indicated after finishing the test. Features • • • • • • • Eddy current brake measurement Remote control and hand controller terminal Two measurement ranges 260 kW or 360 kW Fully galvanised chassis Side restraining rollers Speed and temperature measurement Flexible and easy to use software. Not only used as a method of determining and enhancing engine performance. Program Power Curve The program "power curve" allows the automatic taking of power curves. Recent opinion polls have shown that almost 20% of all drivers are dissatisfied with the fuel consumption of their vehicles. you can make clear statements whether the fuel consumption actually is too high or whether the customer must accept such a weak point caused by constructional or service conditions. the preset and measured values as well as the respective deviations from each other are displayed as a percentage. and engine RPM are indicated both numerically and graphically. Detailed analysis can be carried out through the screen graphics or print outs. Configuration • • • • • • • • • • Precision balanced rollers Pneumatic lifting device Microprocessor controlled Zinc plated chassis Mobile PC platform Oil temperature measurement RPM signals measurement (petrol and diesel) Side restraining rollers Remote control and LCD hand controller Comprehensive and easy to use software. The Sun RAM 3000 Chassis Dynamometer uses an Eddy current brake that offers more versatile operating possibilities. 4. . During the test. the test stand automatically changes the limit speed in the selected zone and records the sequence of the measured values. For that purpose. the measured values resulting from the pre-set load application are shown. The load intensity can also be changed during the test. which normally are approached by mere guesswork. For that purpose. After exceeding the point of maximum performance. The mobile PC platform is used to control and display the measurement results from the Sun RAM 3000 Chassis Dynamometer. The Sun RAM 3000 Chassis Dynamometer is available in two configurations 260 kW or 360 kW both offering the same high specifications and detailed test procedures. Program P-max Acceleration of the vehicle from start speed up to maximum speed is done by swiftly changing to the highest gear. any speed range can be chosen by selecting both a high and a low speed limit.Sun Chassis Dynamometer For many years Sun has been associated as an industry leader in vehicle testing and in particular its expertise with chassis dynamometers. At the end of test. Program F-constant Program F-const is suited for the simulation of load applications. As soon as this speed is reached on the vehicle tachometer. • It is also possible to determine in which way the different driving styles affect consumption. 3. The comprehensive test programs include: The following programs are available: 1. This problem can be controlled. After starting the program.

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