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C 257/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 15.8.


Commission communication in the framework of the implementation of Council Directive

88/378/EEC of 3 May 1988 concerning the approximation of the laws of the Member States
referring to the safety of toys (Î)

(98/C 257/02)

(Text with EEA relevance)

(Publication of titles and references of European harmonised standards under the Directive)

Year of
OENØ(Î) Reference Title of the harmonised standards

CEN EN 71-4: 1990 Safety of toys 1990

part 4: experimental sets for chemistry and related

EN 71-4: 1990/A1 1998

(Î)ÙOEN (European standardisation body).

—ÙCEN: Rue de Stassart 36, B-1050 Brussels, tel. (32-2) 550Ø88Ø11, fax (32-2) 550Ø08Ø19.
—ÙCENELEC: Rue de Stassart 35, B-1050 Brussels, tel. (32-2) 519Ø68Ø71, fax (32-2) 519Ø69Ø19, CLC.
—ÙETSI: BP 152, F-06561 Valbonne Cedex, tel. (33-4) 92Ø94Ø42Ø12, fax (33-4) 93Ø65Ø47Ø16.


—ÙAny information concerning the availability of the standards can be obtained either from
the European standardisation organisations or from the national standardisation bodies of
which the list is annexed to Council Directive 83/189/EECØ(Ï) as amended by Council
Directive 94/10/ECØ(Ð).
—ÙPublication of the references in the Official Journal of the European Communities does not
imply that the standards are available in all the Community languages.
—ÙThis list replaces all the previous lists published in the Official Journal of the European
OJ C 155, 23.6.1989
OJ C 34, 9.2.1991
OJ C 237, 1.9.1993
OJ C 129, 11.5.1994
OJ C 156, 21.6.1995
OJ C 265, 12.10.1995
—ÙThe Commission ensures the updating of this list.

(Î)ÙOJ L 187, 16.7.1988.

(Ï)ÙOJ L 109, 26.4.1983, p. 8.
(Ð)ÙOJ L 100, 19.4.1994, p. 30.