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The Lorenzo Natali Prize for Journalism

In memory of the late Vice-President of the European Commission with special responsibility
for development cooperation, the Commission will be awarding the Lorenzo Natali Prize for
Journalism. The following conditions apply:


Articles addressing democracy or human rights as vital aspects of development, written in an

official language of the European Union and published in 1997 in a newspaper or magazine in
a developing country or a Member State of the European Union may be entered for the Natali

Alternatively, the jury may in special cases, decide to award the prize to a journalist, publi-
cation or communication medium distinguished by a special effort to defend human rights and
democracy in developing countries.

Articles written by current members of staff of the Community institutions will not be
considered for the Natali Prize.

Submission of work

Articles must be submitted in duplicate to the following address by 15 October 1998:

Lorenzo Natali Prize

European Commission
Directorate-General for Development
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
B-1049 Brussels

Articles published in developing countries may be submitted to the Commission’s delegations in

those countries.


Two ECU 10Ø000 prizes will be awarded: one for an article published in a developing country,
the other for an article published in a Member State of the European Union.

The prizes will be awarded by the European Commission on the basis of a proposal from the

A decision may be taken to award no prize.


An independent jury made up of media, development and human rights professionals and
European Commission staff will examine articles and put to the European Commission a
shortlist of three for each of the two prizes.

In the course of its deliberations, the jury may consult members of other Community insti-
tutions and leading figures from the world of development cooperation.


The prize will be awarded by 30 November 1998.


Entering the competition implies full acceptance of its conditions and permission for the
European Commission to reproduce and disseminate the work submitted in its publications and
in publicity material for the Natali Prize.