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The Nicolas Cage Handbook - Everything you need to know about Nicolas Cage

The Nicolas Cage Handbook - Everything you need to know about Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is an American actor, producer and director, having appeared in over 60 films including Face/Off (1997), Gone In 60 Seconds (2000), National Treasure (2004), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), and Kick-Ass (2010). Cage, at age 32, became the fifth youngest actor ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas.

This book is your ultimate resource for Nicolas Cage. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Filmography right away: Brubaker, A Century of Cinema, Red Rock West, Guarding Tess, It Could Happen to You (film), Trapped in Paradise, Kiss of Death (1995 film), Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock (film), Con Air, Face/Off, City of Angels (film), Snake Eyes (film), 8mm (film), Bringing Out the Dead, Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film), The Family Man, Welcome to Hollywood, Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film), Christmas Carol: The Movie, Windtalkers, Adaptation (film), Sonny (film), Matchstick Men, National Treasure (film), Lord of War, The Weather Man, The Ant Bully (film), The Wicker Man (2006 film), World Trade Center (film), Ghost Rider (film), Grindhouse (film), Next (2007 film), National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film), Knowing (film), G-Force (film), Astro Boy (film), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Season of the Witch (2010 film), Kick-Ass (film), The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film), The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, Drive Angry, Trespass (2011 film), The Croods, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Outsiders (film), Valley Girl (film), Rumble Fish, The Cotton Club (film), Birdy (film), The Boy in Blue (1986 film), Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Adam Rifkin, Vampire's Kiss, Tempo di uccidere, Fire Birds, Wild at Heart (film), Zandalee, Honeymoon in Vegas, Amos & Andrew, Deadfall (1993 film)

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is an American actor, producer and director, having appeared in over 60 films including Face/Off (1997), Gone In 60 Seconds (2000), National Treasure (2004), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), and Kick-Ass (2010). Cage, at age 32, became the fifth youngest actor ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas.

This book is your ultimate resource for Nicolas Cage. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Filmography right away: Brubaker, A Century of Cinema, Red Rock West, Guarding Tess, It Could Happen to You (film), Trapped in Paradise, Kiss of Death (1995 film), Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock (film), Con Air, Face/Off, City of Angels (film), Snake Eyes (film), 8mm (film), Bringing Out the Dead, Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film), The Family Man, Welcome to Hollywood, Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film), Christmas Carol: The Movie, Windtalkers, Adaptation (film), Sonny (film), Matchstick Men, National Treasure (film), Lord of War, The Weather Man, The Ant Bully (film), The Wicker Man (2006 film), World Trade Center (film), Ghost Rider (film), Grindhouse (film), Next (2007 film), National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film), Knowing (film), G-Force (film), Astro Boy (film), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Season of the Witch (2010 film), Kick-Ass (film), The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film), The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, Drive Angry, Trespass (2011 film), The Croods, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Outsiders (film), Valley Girl (film), Rumble Fish, The Cotton Club (film), Birdy (film), The Boy in Blue (1986 film), Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Adam Rifkin, Vampire's Kiss, Tempo di uccidere, Fire Birds, Wild at Heart (film), Zandalee, Honeymoon in Vegas, Amos & Andrew, Deadfall (1993 film)

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • Brubaker
  • A Century of Cinema
  • Red Rock West
  • Guarding Tess
  • It Could Happen to You (film)
  • Trapped in Paradise
  • Trapped in Pardise
  • Kiss of Death (1995 film)
  • Leaving Las Vegas
  • The Rock (film)
  • Con Air
  • Face/Off
  • City of Angels (film)
  • Snake Eyes (film)
  • 8mm (film)
  • Bringing Out the Dead
  • Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film)
  • The Family Man
  • Welcome to Hollywood
  • Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film)
  • Christmas Carol: The Movie
  • Windtalkers
  • Adaptation (film)
  • Sonny (film)
  • Matchstick Men
  • National Treasure (film)
  • Lord of War
  • The Weather Man
  • The Ant Bully (film)
  • The Wicker Man (2006 film)
  • World Trade Center (film)
  • Ghost Rider (film)
  • Grindhouse (film)
  • Next (2007 film)
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets
  • Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film)
  • Knowing (film)
  • G-Force (film)
  • Astro Boy (film)
  • Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
  • Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
  • Season of the Witch (2010 film)
  • Kick-Ass (film)
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film)
  • The Hungry Rabbit Jumps
  • Drive Angry
  • Trespass (2011 film)
  • The Croods
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • The Outsiders (film)
  • Valley Girl (film)
  • Rumble Fish
  • The Cotton Club (film)
  • Birdy (film)
  • The Boy in Blue (1986 film)
  • Peggy Sue Got Married
  • Raising Arizona
  • Moonstruck
  • Adam Rifkin
  • Vampire's Kiss
  • Tempo di uccidere
  • Fire Birds
  • Wild at Heart (film)
  • Zandalee
  • Honeymoon in Vegas
  • Amos & Andrew
  • Deadfall (1993 film)
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Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is an American actor, producer and director, having appeared

in over 60 films including Face/Off (1997), Gone In 60 Seconds (2000), National Treasure (2004), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), and Kick-Ass (2010). Cage, at age 32, became the fifth youngest actor ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas. This book is your ultimate resource for Nicolas Cage. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Filmography right away: Brubaker, A Century of Cinema, Red Rock West, Guarding Tess, It Could Happen to You (film), Trapped in Paradise, Kiss of Death (1995 film), Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock (film), Con Air, Face/Off, City of Angels (film), Snake Eyes (film), 8mm (film), Bringing Out the Dead, Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film), The Family Man, Welcome to Hollywood, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (film), Christmas Carol: The Movie, Windtalkers, Adaptation (film), Sonny (film), Matchstick Men, National Treasure (film), Lord of War, The Weather Man, The Ant Bully (film), The Wicker Man (2006 film), World Trade Center (film), Ghost Rider (film), Grindhouse (film), Next (2007 film), National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film), Knowing (film), G-Force (film), Astro Boy (film), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Season of the Witch (2010 film), Kick-Ass (film), The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010 film), The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, Drive Angry, Trespass (2011 film), The Croods, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Outsiders (film), Valley Girl (film), Rumble Fish, The Cotton Club (film), Birdy (film), The Boy in Blue (1986 film), Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona, Moonstruck, Adam Rifkin, Vampire’s Kiss, Tempo di uccidere, Fire Birds, Wild at Heart (film), Zandalee, Honeymoon in Vegas, Amos & Andrew, Deadfall (1993 film) Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission. Nicolas Cage

Everything you need to know about Nicholas Cage


Nicolas Cage

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) Knowing (film) G-Force (film) Astro Boy (film) Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Season of the Witch (2010 film) Kick-Ass (film) The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) The Hungry Rabbit Jumps Drive Angry Trespass (2011 film) The Croods Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Fast Times at Ridgemont High The Outsiders (film) Valley Girl (film) Rumble Fish The Cotton Club (film) Birdy (film) The Boy in Blue (1986 film) Peggy Sue Got Married Raising Arizona Moonstruck Adam Rifkin Vampire's Kiss Tempo di uccidere Fire Birds Wild at Heart (film) Zandalee Honeymoon in Vegas Amos & Andrew Deadfall (1993 film) 159 164 168 174 178 186 192 194 207 215 216 219 221 223 225 232 237 241 249 253 255 257 260 267 271 274 278 279 285 292 294 297 299 References Article Sources and Contributors Image Sources. Licenses and Contributors 301 309 .

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having appeared in over 60 films including Face/Off (1997).[1] [3] Cage's mother is of German descent and his father is of Italian descent (his paternal great-grandparents were immigrants from Bernalda. He was raised Roman Catholic. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009). became the fifth youngest actor ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas. while Cage's mother. known for its many alumni who became entertainers. Cage. producer and director. and Italia Pennino. 1964)[2] [1] is an American actor. and Marc "The Cope" Coppola. His father. and Kick-Ass (2010). Cage also attended UCLA . Ghost Rider (2007). as well as the cousin of directors Roman Coppola and Sofia Coppola. Cage is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Talia Shire. January 7. Cage's parents divorced in 1976. Basilicata).Nicolas Cage 1 Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage at the 66th Venice International Film Festival Born Nicolas Kim Coppola [1] January 7. Gone In 60 Seconds (2000). at age 32. California. and aspired to act from an early age. a New [5] [6] [7] Cage attended Beverly Hills High School. was a professor of literature. late film producer Gian-Carlo Coppola. 1964 [2] Long Beach. National Treasure (2004). Joy Vogelsang. a composer. an actress. August Coppola. United States Occupation Actor Producer Director Years active 1980–present Spouse Patricia Arquette (1995–2001) Lisa Marie Presley (2002–2004) Alice Kim (2004–present) Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola. which is York radio personality. and actors Robert Carmine and Jason Schwartzman. Cage's two brothers are Christopher Coppola. California. a director. Early life Cage was born in Long Beach.[4] His paternal grandparents were Carmine Coppola. Through his father. is a dancer and choreographer.

Cage's producing career includes Shadow of the Vampire. in which Cage plays a young FBI chemical weapons expert who infiltrates Alcatraz Island in hopes of neutralizing a terrorist threat. he made his directorial debut in Sonny and he starred in Next.[10] In November 2007. a lead role in Martin Scorsese's 1999 New York City paramedic drama Bringing Out the Dead. The much criticized Ghost Rider (2007). the first film from Saturn Films.[9] Cage had a small role in the grim film. whether it's writing or other interests that I may develop.S. based on S. obsessive-compulsive con artist with a tic disorder. failed to find a significant audience despite nationwide releases and good reviews for his acting in those roles. fared better. inspired in part by the Marvel Comics superhero Luke Cage. Other action hits include The Rock. also starring Cher. two offbeat films he headlined. Despite these successes. and World Trade Center. Most of Cage's movies that have achieved financial success were in the action/adventure genre.[8] Since his minor role in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. and Television. Cage has appeared in a wide range of films. a John Woo film where he plays both a hero and a villain. Cage announced at the Bahamas International Film Festival that he planned to curtail his future acting endeavors to pursue other interests. David Lynch's 1990 offbeat film Wild at Heart. The role was ultimately played by Mickey Rourke. Cage was spotted backstage at a Ring of Honor wrestling show in New York City researching his role for The Wrestler. He was also in Coppola's films Rumble Fish and Peggy Sue Got Married. from the B-movie double feature Grindhouse. Lord of War and The Weather Man. Cage is listed as the executive producer. winning once for his performance as a suicidal alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas. Face/Off. earning more than $45 million (the top earner) during its opening weekend and over $208 million worldwide through the weekend ending on March 25. 2 Career To avoid the appearance of nepotism as the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. He had a small but notable role as the Chinese criminal mastermind Dr. which shares the concept of a glimpse into an alternate timeline with The Family Man (2000). mysophobic. Fu Manchu in Rob Zombie's fake trailer Werewolf Women of the S. His first non-cinematic acting experience was in a school production of Golden Boy. Other Cage roles included appearances in the acclaimed 1987 romantic-comedy Moonstruck. In 2005. Cage said: I feel I've made a lot of movies already and I want to start exploring other opportunities that I can apply myself to. with Sean Penn. In recent years. he changed his name early in his career to Nicolas Cage. He tried out for the role of Dallas Winston in his uncle's film The Outsiders. Also in 2007. but lost to Matt Dillon. based on the Marvel Comics character. Cage made his directorial debut with Sonny. director Oliver Stone's film regarding the September 11. 2001 attacks. who received an Academy Award . Hinton's novel. He took the lead role in the 2001 film Captain Corelli's Mandolin and learned to play the mandolin from scratch for the part. in which he played an agoraphobic. The Coen Brothers cult-classic comedy Raising Arizona. Poor reviews for The Wicker Man resulted in low box office sales. His other nomination was for his portrayal of real-life screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and Kaufman's fictional twin Donald in Adaptation. and Ridley Scott's 2003 quirky drama Matchstick Men. Film. Cage has been nominated twice for an Academy Award. which received poor reviews and a short run in a limited number of theatres.E. most of his lower-profile films have performed poorly at the box office compared to his mainstream action/adventure roles. a low-budget drama starring James Franco as a male prostitute whose mother (Brenda Blethyn) serves as his pimp. both mainstream and offbeat. 2007. National Treasure. he plays an eccentric historian who goes on a dangerous adventure to find treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers of the United States. On The Dresden Files for the Sci-Fi Channel.Nicolas Cage School of Theatre. In early December 2006. In his second-highest grossing film to date. The suspense thriller 8mm (1999) was not a box office success. but is now considered a cult film.

and he understood that my heart was with Mickey and he stepped aside. at his finest.[11] Wrestler Director Darren Aronofsky. Also in 2009. wrote an article in which he defends both Cage as an actor and the movie which... Cage appeared as Joe. in the film Bangkok Dangerous. Cage at the 66th Venice Film Festival in September 2009 He portrayed a corrupt police officer with gambling. performance. In the film.. in his "Great Movies" essay about the film Adaptation. and unafraid to crawl out on a limb. I have so much respect for Nic Cage as an actor and I think it really could have worked with Nic but . The film received mainly negative reviews but was the box office winner on its opening weekend. In 2010. you know. with Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune writing "Herzog has found his ideal interpreter.."[14] This film reunited Cage with Eva Mendes. saw it off and remain suspended in air. The film is shot by the Pang Brothers and has a distinct South-East Asian flavor. However improbable his character. Nic was incredibly supportive of Mickey and he is old friends with Mickey and really wanted to help with this opportunity. in which he played the sorcerer. who played his love interest in Ghost Rider.[19] . The film was very well-received by critics.[15] He will star in National Treasure 3. said of Cage's replacement that: Nic was a complete gentleman. Nicholson and Pacino. He always seems so earnest. holding a rating [13] Cage received lauds for his of 85% positive reviews on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. he was awarded Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas. Startling predictions found inside the capsule that have already come true lead him to believe the world is going to end at the close of the week. which has a possible release date as early as 2011. in an interview with slashfilm. a performer whose truth lies deep in the artifice of performance: ladies and gentlemen. usually.. he plays an MIT professor who examines the contents of a time capsule unearthed at his son's elementary school. he never winks at the audience.[17] Roger Ebert.Nicolas Cage nomination for his performance. He's daring and fearless in his choice of roles. that: There are often lists of the great living male movie stars: De Niro. so he pulled himself out of the race.. How often do you see the name of Nicolas Cage? He should always be up there. directed by acclaimed German director Werner Herzog. and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. and that he and his son are somehow involved in the destruction. in stark contrast to other critics.[18] In the 1995 edition of the Academy Awards. Cage starred in the period piece Season of the Witch. drug and alcohol addictions. Nicolas Cage. a contract killer who undergoes a change of heart while on a work outing in Bangkok. Ebert gave 4/4 stars. a cryptologist-turned-treasure hunter. Cage starred in science fiction thriller Knowing. playing a 14th-century knight transporting a girl accused of causing the Black Plague to a monastery.com. He is committed to the character with every atom and plays him as if he were him. No one else can project inner trembling so effectively. He will again take the role of Benjamin Gates. In 2009. directed by Alex Proyas. in response to mixed reviews of Knowing and their focus on criticizing Cage.[16] 3 Praise and criticism The acting work of Cage has been praised by influential film critic Roger Ebert who writes. Cage starred in the film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.[12] In 2008.

a former waitress who previously worked at the Los Angeles restaurant Kabuki. Fulton sued Cage for $13 million and the house she is living in.000 in unpaid taxes dating from 2002 to 2004. brought about by the financial problems of Cage. 1995.[24] His third and current wife Alice Kim. which he bought in 2006 and sold in 2009 for $2. Cage began dating Christina Fulton. brick-and-stone country manor occupies 26 acres (110000 m2). a young Ukrainian mechanic who quickly disarms a Mil Mi-24 helicopter and is lead singer of the black metal band Eyes of Noctum. Cage's second wife was singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley. living in Cochem an der Mosel. 2004.15 million sale of the Miramar mansion on Bellevue Avenue in Newport. against his business manager. the actor purchased Midford Castle in Somerset. has 12 bedrooms. The estate is called the "Grey Craig".[28] In August 2007.[34] Cage filed a $20 million lawsuit on October 16. England. Samuel J. Louisiana. 2005). Cage also put homes in Rhode Island. some 85 miles (137 km) southeast of Nassau and close to a similar island owned by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. 2009. Bahamas. 2002. divorce finalized on May 18. Le Privé. Levin. who later bore their son.Nicolas Cage In May 2001. 2004. the daughter of Elvis Presley. and California. Alice had a minor role in the 2007 film Next.5 million. She is the mother of his son. In May 2006. Weston appeared in Cage's film Lord of War as Vladimir. 2001).[27] His grandmother was German. as well as a $7 million island in the Bahamas. Weston Coppola Cage (born December 26. The suit was in response to an order that she leave the house. 1990). Real estate and tax problems Cage had a Malibu home where he and Alice lived. Also in 2007. after 108 days of marriage. he bought a 40-acre (160000 m2) island in the Exuma archipelago. 2002 and filed for divorce on November 25. and ocean views and borders the Norman Bird Sanctuary. He spoke at the commencement ceremony. named after Superman's birth name. up for sale. Rhode Island. Cage was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts by California State University. their divorce was finalized on May 16. eclipsed by the 2007 $17. Fullerton. of whom Cage is a fan and on whom he based his performance in Wild at Heart.[21] 4 Personal life Relationships and family Cage has been married three times. concerning unpaid federal taxes. Entertainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiberman called on Cage to return to dramas rather than high-paying blockbusters. They married on August 10. alleging negligence and fraud. the Internal Revenue Service filed documents in New Orleans in connection with a federal tax lien against property owned by Cage in Louisiana. They were married at a private ranch in Northern California on July 30.2 million in federal income tax for the year 2007. 2009. The divorce proceeding was longer than the marriage. The sale ranked among the state’s most expensive residential purchases. Cage purchased a home in Middletown. met Cage at the Los Angeles-based Korean nightclub. The IRS alleges that Cage failed to pay over $6.[26] He once owned the medieval castle of Schloss Neidstein in the Oberpfalz region in Germany. Kal-El (born October 3. 10 full bathrooms.[29] [30] [31] Shortly after selling his German castle.[32] On July 14.[22] In 1988. but sold the property in 2005 for $10 million.[25] Cage was once considered for the role of Superman in a film to be directed by Tim Burton. The 24000-square-foot (2200 m2). Nevada. His first wife was the actress Patricia Arquette (married on April 8.[35] The lawsuit states that Levin "had failed to pay taxes when they were due and had placed [Cage] in speculative and risky real .[23] In December 2009.[33] In addition. In 2004 he bought a property on Paradise Island.[20] In March 2009. which Cage produced. the Internal Revenue Service has another lien for more than $350.

with his son Weston.[41] His Bel Air home.[43] 5 Other interests Cage was director Sam Raimi's first choice to play Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the movie Spider-Man.[40] The home is known as "The LaLaurie house" after its former owner Delphine LaLaurie. In 1997 Cage broke the auction record for Lamborghinis when he placed a bid on a rare Miura SVJ for US$490. for nearly $25 million less than Cage's original asking price. The house was foreclosed and sold at auction on November 12. earning $40 million in 2009 according to Forbes Magazine. He has created a comic book. Levin advised Coppola against buying a Gulfstream jet. and wound up with 15 personal residences". which is published by Virgin Comics.[45] He is a fan and collector of painter and underground comic artist Robert Williams. 12 purchases of expensive jewelry.[46] Filmography . Louisiana."[35] Cage is also facing separate lawsuits from East West Bank[36] and Red Curb Investments[37] for unpaid.000. 2010. He has written introductions for Juxtapoz magazine and purchased the painting Death On The Boards."[38] In his filing Levin says that in 2007 Cage's "shopping spree entailed the purchase of three additional residences at a total cost of more than $33 million. against buying and owning a squadron of Rolls Royces. against buying and owning a flotilla of yachts. the purchase of 22 automobiles (including 9 Rolls Royces).000 in an auction after winning a bidding contest against Leonardo DiCaprio. Samuel Levin filed a counter-complaint and responded to the lawsuit in a filing stating that he warned Cage that he was living beyond his means and urged him to spend less. 2009 along with another New Orleans property for a total of $5. called Voodoo Child. against buying millions of dollars in jewelry and art.[44] Cage was close friends with Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone. Cage has a strong interest in comic books. and 47 purchases of artwork and exotic items.[41] Nicolas Cage remains one of Hollywood's highest paid actors. he owned the "Most Haunted House in America". sold at a foreclosure auction on April 7.6 million in 2002. which had six loans totaling $18 million [42] on it. Levin's complaint continued: "Likewise.Nicolas Cage estate investments 'resulting in (the actor) suffering catastrophic losses'. and once auctioned a collection of 400 vintage comics through Heritage Auctions for over $1. a home located in the French Quarter of New Orleans.5 million. Another home in Nevada also faces foreclosure auction. in the wake of his financial problems."[38] One of those exotic items was a dinosaur skull of a Tarbosaurus for which Nicolas Cage paid $276. multimillion dollar loans.[39] According to Cage. Levin's filing states that "instead of listening to Levin. cross-defendant Coppola spent most of his free time shopping for high ticket purchases.

McDunnough Ronny Cammareri Man In Red Sports Car Peter Leow Festival de Cine de Sitges Award for Best Actor Tied with Sir Michael Gambon for The Cook. I. The Thief.Nicolas Cage 6 Film Year Role Notes 1980 1981 1982 1983 Brubaker Best Of Times Extra Nicholas Uncredited Fast Times at Ridgemont Brad's Bud High The Outsiders Valley Girl Rumble Fish cameo in rumble scene Randy Smokey Nicky and Bud Vincent Dwyer Sergeant Al Columbato Ned Hanlan Charlie Bodell H. His Wife & Her Lover (1989) Nominated — Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Uncredited 1984 Racing with the Moon The Cotton Club Birdy 1986 The Boy in Blue Peggy Sue Got Married 1987 Raising Arizona Moonstruck 1988 1989 Never on Tuesday Vampire's Kiss 1990 Tempo di uccidere Fire Birds Wild at Heart Zandalee Enrico Silvestri Jake Preston Sailor Johnny Jack Singer Amos Odell Eddie Himself Michael Williams Doug Chesnic Charlie Lang Bill Firpo Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy aka Wings of the Apache 1992 1993 Honeymoon in Vegas Amos & Andrew Deadfall 1994 A Century of Cinema Red Rock West Guarding Tess It Could Happen to You Trapped in Paradise .

Nicolas Cage 1995 Kiss of Death Leaving Las Vegas Little Junior Brown Ben Sanderson Academy Award for Best Actor Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor National Board of Review Award for Best Actor National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor San Sebastián International Film Festival Silver Seashell Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Chlotrudis Award for Best Actor Nominated — Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male Nominated — London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor 7 1996 1997 The Rock Con Air Face/Off Dr.Saturn Award for Best Actor 1998 City of Angels Snake Eyes 1999 8mm Bringing Out the Dead 2000 Gone in Sixty Seconds The Family Man Welcome to Hollywood 2001 Italian Soldiers Captain Corelli's Mandolin Christmas Carol: The Movie . Stanley Goodspeed Cameron Poe Castor Troy/Sean Archer Seth Rick Santoro Tom Welles Frank Pierce Randall "Memphis" Raines Jack Campbell Himself Himself Captain Antonio Corelli Jacob Marley Voice Nominated .

Joe Enders Charlie and Donald Kaufman Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Nominated — Chlotrudis Award for Best Actor Nominated — Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated — Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor Nominated — Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor Nominated — Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast Nominated — Satellite Award for Best Actor . Sgt. Tenma Voice Voice Terrence McDonagh.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture Nominated — Visual Effects Society Award for Best Performance by an Actor in an Effects Film Director Nominated — Deauville Film Festival Grand Prix du jury 8 Sonny 2003 2004 2005 Matchstick Men National Treasure Lord of War The Weather Man 2006 The Ant Bully The Wicker Man Too Tough To Die World Trade Center 2007 Ghost Rider Grindhouse Next Acid Yellow Roy Waller Benjamin Gates Yuri Orlov David Spritz Zoc Edward Malus Himself John McLoughlin Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze Dr. National Treasure: Book Benjamin Gates of Secrets 2008 2009 Bangkok Dangerous Knowing G-Force Astro Boy Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Joe Professor Jonathan "John" Koestler Speckles the Mole Dr.S. The Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor bad Lieutenant .Nicolas Cage 2002 Windtalkers Adaptation. Fu Manchu Cris Johnson Voice Segment Werewolf Women of the S.

2009-11-19. p. 2008.com.Part 1" (http:/ / www. Entertainment Weekly.3 1/2 stars" (http:/ / au. 1997. 11. . 2008-03-27. ‘’"Cage is a Christian. theinsider.chicagotribune. dll/ article?AID=/ 20090322/ COMMENTARY/ 903229997). Tiscali. [16] "cinemablend" (http:/ / www. he was raised Catholic. Retrieved May 12. Meg. Coppola: a biography. suntimes. rd. . com/ uberblog/ b53936_Nic_No_Longer_Caged_by_Acting. tiscali. Retrieved 15 August 2010. [3] "Nicolas Cage . [4] Cowie. Retrieved 2010-02-14. . html)."’’) [7] Ellwood. Daily News. .com.20159642. com/ apps/ pbcs.com :: Great Movies" (http:/ / rogerebert. cinemablend. 2008 .rottentomatoes. com/ apps/ pbcs. Au. [12] Sciretta.com. . Moviesblog.suntimes. [10] Serpe. eonline.com. html) USA Weekend Magazine. [2] "Nicolas Cage . Au. [13] "'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' . Gina (Dec. .:(Commentary. Retrieved 15 August 2010. com/ new/ National-Treasure-3-In-2011-8303. Retrieved 2010-08-15.uk. . January 7. Peter (1988). 2.Nicolas Cage 2010 Season of the Witch Kick-Ass The Sorcerer's Apprentice The Hungry Rabbit Jumps 2011 Drive Angry Trespass 2012 The Croods Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Behman Damon Macready/Big Daddy Balthazar Blake Nick Gerard Milton Kyle Crug [47] Voice pre-production post-production post-production 9 Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze See also • Coppola family tree References [1] “The unlikeliest action hero". . ISBN 0306805987. com/ entertainment/ movies/ 2009/ 03/ 15/ 2009-03-15_nicholas_cage_is_back_with_digital_thril. com/ talking_pictures/ 2009/ 11/ bad-lieutenant-port-of-call-new-orleans-3-12-stars. com/ Nicolas+ Cage/ biography/ 181846/ family/ ). . mtv.Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage!" (http:/ / www.com. . "Nicholas Cage is back with digit-al thriller ‘Knowing’" (http:/ / www.com. Rd. Retrieved 2010-02-14. [14] "Talking Pictures: 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' . html). [5] "AOL Interview with Nicolas Cage" (http:/ / cagefactor. .com.. movies.or. Retrieved 2010-02-14. June 1. 2010.E! Online" (http:/ / uk. "Interview: Darren Aronofsky . do?contentId=28200). . [6] "January 7th. . slashfilm. Retrieved 15 August 2010. co. com/ 2009/ 03/ 04/ live-action-the-sorcerers-apprentice-completes-its-cast). html). uk/ entertainment/ film/ biography/ artist/ nicolas-cage/ biography/ 90). html). .eonline.movies. Retrieved 2010-02-14. rogerebert. uk. [11] "Mickey Rourke Starring in 'The Wrestler'" (http:/ / www.Biography" (http:/ / www. 2010. Peter.co.3 1/2 stars" (http:/ / featuresblogs. dll/ article?AID=/ 20080918/ REVIEWS08/ 809180300/ 1004 Adaptation). rottentomatoes. "Nicolas Cage Interview: A Fork in the Road" (http:/ / www. cinemablend. 2009). suntimes. Featuresblogs. nydailynews. com/ news/ 566622_January_7th_2008_Happy_Birthday_Nicolas_Cage).00. do wings have angels? :: rogerebert. Cagefactor. com/ ). [15] "MTV" (http:/ / moviesblog. saturnfilms. Retrieved 2009-10-21. com/ m/ bad_lieutenant_port_of_call_new_orleans). Retrieved 2010-08-15.com.mtv. html). chicagotribune. [18] "Love and hate and "Knowing" -. slashfilm. html). "Nic No Longer Caged by Acting .yahoo. yahoo. com/ aolchat. . com/ 97_issues/ 970601/ 970601cov_st_cage. Retrieved 15 August 2010. [9] "Saturn Films" (http:/ / www. The Insider.suntimes. com/ 2008/ 09/ 10/ interview-darren-aronofsky-part-1/ ). . Retrieved July 4. Retrieved 2010-02-14. 2006 10). com/ content/ openContent. :: rogerebert. Da Capo Press. ew. [17] "Adaptation.com :: News & comment" (http:/ / rogerebert. [8] Grant. (http:/ / www. usaweekend. Retrieved 15 August 2010.Family and Companions" (http:/ / au.com.com. Mark (March 19. com/ ew/ article/ 0. . rogerebert.

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"Nicolas Cage joins Britain’s castle-owning classes" (http:/ / news. html?in_article_id=471606& in_page_id=1773).com. .2 million tax bill" (http:/ / www. htm?cnn=yes). [31] Chittenden. Economictimes. story?track=rss). . com/ news/ international-business/ Nicolas-Cage-sued-for-2-million/ articleshow/ 5084908.26334. uk/ pages/ live/ articles/ showbiz/ showbiznews. . Owen (March 21.org. filmsite. dailymail. Retrieved 2010-02-14. Retrieved February 26. Maurice (2007-07-29). 2001-04-16. Retrieved 2010-08-15. com/ 2009/ 04/ 03/ nicolas-cage-sells-one-many-more-to-go-estate-of-the-day/ ).over a dinosaur skull" (http:/ / www. com/ business/ la-fi-cage-foreclosure8-2010apr08. Retrieved 2009-11-04.1195930. "Cage. Retrieved 2010-02-14. Los Angeles Times. [29] "Hollywood actor is king of the castle in Bath" (http:/ / www. "Nicolas Cage Sells One. html). [44] Susman. People. [27] "Tough Times! Nick Cage Sells Castle" (http:/ / perezhilton. 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tv/content/out/film/ displayHotnow.html?id=opencms:/out/hotnow/films/newArticle2099409) .com/articles/724/724189p1.allmovie.Nicolas Cage 11 External links • Nicolas Cage (http://www.ign.imdb.com/name/nm0000115/) at the Internet Movie Database • Nicolas Cage (http://www.html) From IGN FilmForce • Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider video interview with stv.tv/movies (http://www.com/artist/10155) at Allmovie • World Trade Center Interview with Nicolas Cage (http://filmforce.stv.

Matt Clark. D. . with an early appearance by Morgan Freeman.Brubaker 12 Brubaker Brubaker Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Stuart Rosenberg Ron Silverman Screenplay W. Richter Arthur A. Everett McGill. 1980 132 minutes United States English Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Brubaker is an American 1980 film about a prison in distress and the Warden Henry Brubaker (Robert Redford) who attempts to reform the system. Murray Hamilton. Nicolas Cage appears as an extra in his very first film. Tim McIntire. David Keith. Nathan George. M. Emmet Walsh and Jane Alexander. Ross Story Joe Hyams Tom Murton Robert Redford Yaphet Kotto Jane Alexander Morgan Freeman Nicolas Cage Lalo Schifrin Bruno Nuytten Robert Brown 20th Century Fox June 20. The film boasts a large supporting cast of stars including Yaphet Kotto.

he attempts to reform the prison. especially not in election year". Ohio. but his stance inflames several corrupt officials on the prison board who have profited from graft for decades. Darin was due to perform the song on The Jackie Gleason Show. got some secrets in its floor. When he discovers multiple unmarked graves of prisoners on the property. "Long Line Rider". New Lexington. Production The film is based on the 1969 book Accomplices To The Crime: The Arkansas Prison Scandal by Tom Murton and Joe Hyams. including Larry Lee Bullen (Keith) and Richard "Dickie" Coombes (Kotto). When a trustee realizes that he might be held accountable for killing another inmate. With ideals and vision. he decides to make a run for it. worm-ridden diseased food. the resulting gunfight proves to be the final ammunition that the prison board (acting with the tacit approval of the governor) needs to fire Brubaker. to assist him with his reformation. he attempts to unravel the mystery. The abuses detailed in the film and the discovery of unmarked graves are based on fact. . he reveals himself to be the new prison warden. Locations Filmed at The Junction City Prison Farm in Junction City. he walked off the set.Brubaker 13 Plot A mysterious man (Redford) arrives at a prison as an inmate and witnesses rampant abuse and corruption. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Robert Redford as Henry Brubaker Yaphet Kotto as Richard 'Dickie' Coombes Jane Alexander as Lillian Gray Murray Hamilton as John Deach David Keith as Larry Lee Bullen Morgan Freeman as Walter Matt Clark as Roy Purcell Tim McIntire as Huey Rauch Richard Ward as Abraham Cook Jon Van Ness as Zaranska M.This kind of thing can't happen here. During a dramatic standoff. with an eye towards prisoner rehabilitation and human rights. Murton was a warden at the Tucker and Cummins Prison in Arkansas. "There's a farm in Arkansas. Bremen. Ohio.P. Emmet Walsh as C. torture. amongst other things. in decay. Ohio. and at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in Lancaster. Woodward Albert Salmi as Rory Poke Linda Haynes as Carol Everett McGill as Eddie Caldwell Joe Spinell as Floyd Birdwell Val Avery as Wendel . rather than censor himself.. to the amazement of both prisoners and officials alike.. He recruits several long-time prisoners. The discovery of the buried bodies was the subject of a 1968 song by Bobby Darin. Ohio. Murton served as technical advisor to the film. insurance fraud and a doctor charging inmates for care. Henry Brubaker. leading to political scandal. but when they ordered him to cut that particular line. including open and endemic sexual assault. Its lyrics include. in decay. Their efforts improve the prison conditions.

Newman) as Dunfield • A. com/ work/ 7275 [3] http:/ / rogerebert. Nominations • Academy Awards: Best Writing. Brubaker [3] References [1] http:/ / www. Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. Ross (story). imdb. com/ title/ tt0080474/ [2] http:/ / www.Brubaker • William Newman (credited as William M. W. allmovie. Best Sound Editing. com/ apps/ pbcs. suntimes.D. See also • List of American films of 1980 • Arkansas Prison scandal External links • Brubaker [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Brubaker [2] at Allmovie • Roger Ebert review. Richter (screenplay/story) and Arthur A. Daniel Parrish as Prisoner • James Keane as Pinky 14 Awards Wins • Motion Picture Sound Editors: Golden Reel Award. dll/ article?AID=/ 19800623/ REVIEWS/ 6230301/ 1023 .

Charlton Heston Bob Hope .A Century of Cinema 15 A Century of Cinema A Century of Cinema Directed by Produced by Written by Editing by Caroline Thomas British Film Institute (BFI) Bob Thomas William Cole Distributed by Miramax Films Running time Country Language 72 min United States English A Century of Cinema is a 1994 documentary directed by Caroline Thomas about the art of filmmaking (coinciding with cinema's 100th anniversary). Jr. Clint Eastwood Alice Faye Sally Field Jane Fonda Harrison Ford Morgan Freeman Kathryn Grayson Jack Haley. Celebrities interviewed • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Richard Attenborough Dan Aykroyd Kim Basinger Milton Berle George Burns Tim Burton Nicolas Cage Marge Champion Geraldine Chaplin Chevy Chase Roger Corman Kevin Costner Billy Crystal Tony Curtis Joe Dante Kirk Douglas Robert Downey Jr. containing numerous interviews with some of the most influential film personalities of the 20th century.

com/ title/ tt0109390/ . imdb.A Century of Cinema • Anthony Hopkins • Bob Hoskins • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Norman Jewison Jessica Lange Spike Lee Shirley MacLaine Bette Midler Ann Miller Liza Minnelli Demi Moore Maureen O'Hara Sidney Poitier Richard Pryor Dennis Quaid Burt Reynolds Julia Roberts Cesar Romero Mickey Rooney Meg Ryan Mark Rydell Arnold Schwarzenegger Steven Spielberg Sylvester Stallone James Stewart Meryl Streep Donald Sutherland Jessica Tandy Paul Verhoeven Denzel Washington Shelley Winters Robert Wise 16 See also • Cinema of the world External links • A Century of Cinema [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

arranged for a theatrical release. written by Dahl and his brother Rick. 1994 98 minutes United States English $7. The film. but deemed a cable and direct-to-video product by Columbia Tri-Star. When Bill Banning. was shot in Montana and Willcox. which owned the North American rights.551 Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Red Rock West (1992) is a neo-noir film directed by John Dahl. 1993 United States: April 8.502.Red Rock West 17 Red Rock West Red Rock West Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring John Dahl Steve Golin Sigurjón Sighvatsson John Dahl Rick Dahl Nicolas Cage Dennis Hopper Lara Flynn Boyle J. Walsh William Olvis Music by Cinematography Marc Reshovsky Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Scott Chestnut Roxie Releasing France: June 16.000 $2.T. the owner of a San Francisco movie theater and a huge fan of the film.000. Arizona. The film was well received at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival. .

[1] The film had already played on HBO at this point and was due to come out on video in February. a subsidiary of Polygram Filmed Entertainment. with no success.Red Rock West the film gained a "buzz" and toured U. and London in the summer of 1993. he wanders into rural Red Rock. . half later"-. Wayne offers him a stack of cash--"half now. A local bar owner named Wayne (J. as an art-house hit. Piers Handling. 18 Plot Nicolas Cage plays Michael Williams." whom Wayne has hired to kill his wife. He complicates matters when he becomes romantically involved with Suzanne. who owned the Roxie Cinema and Roxie Releasing in San Francisco saw Red Rock West in Toronto and thought that there might be an American theatrical audience for the film. After a job on an oilfield falls through due to his unwillingness to conceal a war injury on his job application. It took him until January 1994 to find out who owned the rights. Wyoming looking for other work. a drifter living out of his car after being discharged from the Marine Corps. and has to dodge bullets when "Lyle from Dallas" (Dennis Hopper) finally does show up. continually tries to leave town.Michael doesn't correct him and takes the money. knowing that the longer he stays in town the more danger he'll get into. Suzanne (Lara Flynn Boyle) and attempts to warn her that her life is in danger—instead of killing her. 1994 where it broke box office records before expanding to eight theaters in the city. Michael. She then makes a tempting counteroffer to him.S.[1] Banning started showing Red Rock West at the Roxie Cinema on January 28. Paris.[1] Columbia sold Red Rock West to cable and it was shown seven times on HBO in the fall of 1993.[1] The film opened successfully in theaters in Germany. Michael then visits Wayne's wife. director of the Toronto Film Festival saw the film in Paris and decided to show it at the festival in September. Cast • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Michael Williams Dennis Hopper as Lyle from Dallas Lara Flynn Boyle as Suzanne Brown/Ann McCord J. "The film doesn't fall neatly into any marketable category. "Lyle from Dallas. T. Walsh) mistakes him for a hit man."[1] One of the film's producers suggested early on that the film be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and was told by the studio that it wasn't a festival film.T. an independent consultant who headed the marketing department at Polygram said.[1] Test screenings for the film were not strong and Peter Graves.5 million and the foreign rights to Manifesto Films.[1] The domestic rights were sold to Columbia Tri-Star home video for $2. Walsh as Wayne Brown/Kevin McCord Dwight Yoakam as Truck Driver Timothy Carhart as Deputy Matt Greytack Robert Apel as Howard Production Red Rock West was made in 1992 in Arizona on a budget of $7 million.[1] Bill Banning. A western film noir isn't something people can immediately spark to.[1] It then opened in Los Angeles and New York City.

The song went on to become a Top 10 country hit.allmovie. The Kentucky Headhunters. 1994)."[3] In her review for the New York Times. [3] Harrington. [2] Bearden. moviemaker. "John Dahl" (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0105226/) at the Internet Movie Database • Red Rock West (http://www. 1994).com/54/noirredrock. "Film Noir. Caryn James called it "a terrifically enjoyable. Anne (April 3.imdb. Washington Post. "The New Boy in a Town Ruled by Coincidence".com/work/121369) at Allmovie • Bright Lights Film Journal article (http://www. External links • Red Rock West (http://www. "Red Rock West: Strange Turns on the Road". New York Times. 1994). Shania Twain. 1994).htm) .brightlightsfilm. New York Times. Richard (April 15. MovieMaker. Dwight Yoakam wrote the film's closing credits song "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere" when the film was being made and while the musician made his film acting debut in the film. Keith (August 1.[2] Reception In his review for the Washington Post. com/ _directing/ article/ j_dahl_3099/ ). smartly acted. 'Tweener' or Flub?". Toby Keith.Red Rock West 19 Music The soundtrack for the film features a number of country music performers. and Sammy Kershaw. Retrieved 2009-03-05. . [4] James. Richard Harrington praised it as "a treasure waiting to be discovered. Caryn (April 8. over-the-top thriller."[4] References [1] Hornaday. including Johnny Cash.

who has a difficult personality. and Chesnic and his team try their best to save her. This dislike is transformed however when Carlisle is kidnapped. and Chesnic desperately wants a transfer to another assignment. .[1] and nominated for a Golden Globe award in 1995 (Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture . Reynolds Sidney Levin TriStar Pictures March 11. which Carlisle repeatedly blocks.Comedy/Musical: Shirley MacLaine). 1994 95 minutes United States English Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Guarding Tess is a 1994 film starring Shirley MacLaine and Nicolas Cage. She is protected by an entourage of Secret Service bodyguards led by a reluctant Doug Chesnic (Cage). The movie was filmed in Parkton. Maryland. Tess' entire staff dislikes her whims and demands.Guarding Tess 20 Guarding Tess Guarding Tess Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Hugh Wilson Ned Tanen Nancy Graham Tanen Hugh Wilson Peter Torokvei Shirley MacLaine Nicolas Cage Austin Pendleton Edward Albert James Rebhorn Richard Griffiths Michael Convertino Brian J. MacLaine plays the part of fictional former First Lady Tess Carlisle.

he discovers that guarding Tess comes with more challenges than he dreamed possible. Frederick. the President of the United States. his assignment for the last three years has been a severe test of his patience.com/m/guarding_tess/) at Rotten Tomatoes . Tess even refuses to obey Doug's security instructions.rottentomatoes. when Doug's three-year hitch with Tess comes to an end.S. or her nurse.com/work/131163) at Allmovie • Guarding Tess (http://www. Earl. While Doug regards it as beneath his professional dignity to perform little chores around the house or bring Tess her breakfast in bed. and ask him to give Doug a severe dressing-down. he asks to be given a more exciting and challenging assignment. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine — Tess Carlisle Nicolas Cage — Doug Chesnic Austin Pendleton — Earl Fowler Edward Albert — Barry Carlisle James Rebhorn — Howard Schaeffer Richard Griffiths — Frederick John Roselius — Tom Bahlor David Graf — Lee Danielson Don Yesso — Ralph Buoncristiani James Lally — Joe Spector Brant von Hoffman — Bob Hutcherson Harry J. she's decided that she likes working with Doug. However. Doug is in charge of her security force. Lennix — Kenny Young Susan Blommaert — Kimberly Cannon Dale Dye — Charles Ivy James Handy — Neal Carlo References [1] "Parkton Community Profile" (http:/ / www. and she demands that his assignment be made permanent. she orders him to do so. php?locIndex=2723). Tess has other ideas.imdb. Tess Carlisle is the widow of a former U.com/title/tt0109951/) at the Internet Movie Database • Guarding Tess (http://www. However.Guarding Tess 21 Plot Doug Chesnic is a Secret Service agent who takes great pride in his job. Tess will contact her close friend. So. com/ cgi-bin/ genInfo. like her chauffeur. epodunk. When Doug gets what he asks for. and should he argue his point too strongly. ePodunk External links • Guarding Tess (http://www. and he's in no position to say no.allmovie. President and is well-known for her diplomatic and philanthropic work. Sometimes. a more exciting detail. performing his duties with the utmost professionalism and always minding the details. But Tess tends to regard Doug less as a security officer and more of a domestic servant.

. while also being the film's narrator.It Could Happen to You (film) 22 It Could Happen to You (film) It Could Happen to You Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Andrew Bergman Mike Lobell Jane Anderson Nicolas Cage Bridget Fonda Rosie Perez Wendell Pierce Issac Hayes Stanley Tucci Caleb Deschanel Barry Malkin TriStar Pictures July 29. The movie bears a striking resemblance to an actual event as documented by Snopes.[1] Isaac Hayes has a role as undercover reporter and photographer Angel Dupree. It is the story of New York City police officer (Cage) who wins the lottery and splits his winnings with a waitress (Fonda). 1994 101 min. United States English Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language It Could Happen to You is a 1994 romantic comedy-drama film starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda.

After Muriel gets remarried.000. While ruminating about their future at the diner and considering a possible move to Buffalo. who is presumably now divorced from Yvonne. is selfish. At the film's end. . greedy and materialistic. they are gracious enough to provide a hungry and poor customer some soup. He wins $4 million (in 21 annual payments) in the lottery the next day and keeps his promise. just before the closing credits roll. feeling guilty at costing Charlie all his money. forcing him to take leave from the police force. Charlie becomes a hero for foiling an attempted robbery at a grocery store but gets wounded in the process. Charlie and Yvonne spend a lot of time together.It Could Happen to You (film) 23 Plot Policeman Charlie Lang (Cage) is a kind and generous man who loves his job and the Queens area of New York City where he lives. revealing himself to be a con man. about which the media report. But the cop. Charlie doesn't mind giving his share of the money but Muriel also wants the money he gave Yvonne. constantly complaining about their situation in life. Yvonne. is bankrupt because her husband Eddie (Stanley Tucci). During divorce proceedings between Muriel and Charlie. by now hopelessly in love with the waitress. At a gathering on a chartered boat for the lottery winners and other members of high society. and on another treating the children of his neighbourhood to a day out at Yankee Stadium. which is mutual. Muriel gets fed up with Charlie's constant donations and overall simplicity and throws him out of their apartment. Eddie Biasi. ends up being a taxi driver. the citizens of New York City. She sets up a table with Charlie's name at which people who cannot afford food can eat for free. unlike Charlie. She flirts with him and develops a strong liking for him. whom she had not yet been able to afford to divorce. unintentionally. no doubt touched by the generosity of the couple. asking for a divorce. and they declare their love for each other. She then has no option but to move in with her mother in the Bronx and go back to her old manicure job. end up spending the night together. finds her at the diner and tells her that the money means nothing to him. her new husband Jack Gross flees the country with all the money from their checking account. The poor customer is none other than the disguised Angel Dupree. Meanwhile. he promises to give her either double the tip or half of his prospective lottery winnings the next day. runs out of court in tears and tries to keep away from him. Just as Charlie and Yvonne are moving out of town. The jury decides in her favor. In another development.000 from her.000. Muriel demands all the money that Charlie won for herself. Charlie happily returns to the police force and Yvonne reclaims the diner. while also leaving her with a credit card debt of over $12. which is presumably enough to help pay their debts. Charlie and Yvonne get married and begin their honeymoon by taking off from Central Park in a hot air balloon that bears the New York Post headline "Cop Weds Waitress". emptied their joint checking account and spent all the money without her permission. He and Yvonne become stars almost immediately. which he eats at the special table. Yvonne buys the diner she was working in. Charlie meets Yvonne when she waits on him at the diner where she works. who takes photos of the couple and in the next day's newspapers publicly eulogises their willingness to feed a hungry and poor man even in their darkest hour. Charlie and Yvonne run into each other at the Plaza Hotel and. Since Charlie doesn't have enough money to pay the tip. send "the cop and the waitress" thousands of letters with tips totaling over $600. That same evening. despite the protests of his wife. Yvonne leaves her apartment after her husband shows up and threatens to stay until he gets $50. Muriel gets to know the newly rich Jack Gross. Waitress Yvonne Biasi (Fonda). His wife Muriel (Rosie Perez) works in a hairdressing salon and. Quite innocently. on one occasion paying for the train journeys of passengers of the subway. and Charlie's steadfast unwillingness to do so causes Muriel to take the case to court.

Carter Burwell "Young At Heart" . Swingtown" .Lyle Lovett "Always" . snopes.com/title/tt0110167/) at the Internet Movie Database . htm).Tony Bennett and Shawn Colvin "They Can't Take That Away From Me" .Frank Sinatra References [1] "Lottery luck" (http:/ / www. Snopes External links • It Could Happen to You (http://www.It Could Happen to You (film) 24 Soundtrack Release date: 19 July 1994 Label: Sony Track listing • • • • • • • • • • • "Young At Heart" .imdb.Billie Holiday "Now It Can Be Told" .Wynton Marsalis "She's No Lady" .Carter Burwell "I Feel Lucky" . com/ luck/ lottery.Tony Bennett "Swingdown.Mary Chapin Carpenter "Round Of Blues" .Tony Bennett "Overture" .Shawn Colvin "The Search" .

1994 111 minutes USA English $6.509 [1] Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Trapped in Paradise is a 1994 crime comedy film written and directed by George Gallo. The wife of the bank's presidents (Angela Paton) tells them that the bank safe door is locked and the bank owner who has the key is having lunch in the restaurant nearby. who gets an unpleasant Christmas gift. his brothers Dave (Jon Lovitz) and Alvin (Dana Carvey) are paroled early due to overcrowding. Jon Lovitz. Alvin and Bill charge into the . Dave and Alvin ask Bill to go to Paradise. When they discover a bank that is light on security Bill proposes to rob it using guns Dave brought with him. and Dana Carvey. Bill only agrees after getting involved in the robbery their brothers made. Bill Firpo (Nicolas Cage) is a restaurant manager. Green Terry Rawlings 20th Century Fox December 2. Plot It's Christmas time. Pennsylvania to do a favor for a fellow inmate of theirs.Trapped in Paradise 25 Trapped in Paradise Trapped in Pardise Directed by Produced by Written by Starring George Gallo George Gallo George Gallo Nicolas Cage Jon Lovitz Dana Carvey Robert Folk Jack N. and starring Nicolas Cage.017.

whereupon the driver tries to shoot him so he can get the money Bill has in the bag. He takes their mother (Florence Stanley) hostage and threatens to kill her unless they give him the stolen money. The boat is headed towards a waterfall and Alvin falls into the water. 26 . However. They order all customers to come with Bill over to the bank so that no one calls the police when they go.000. Bill tricks the police through shooting rounds in the air making the crowd run around and gets away with his bag. Alvin. the horse gets pulled into the water making them save it and go to a motel instead. they miss their bus. Due to the interstates being closed the man takes them to his relatives to stay over for Christmas. They then try to get away via a boat. The police officer does not see them crash and drives past the bridge. Bill. The police rush into the house and take everyone to the office. Trying to get away the people who sold them the ski masks before the robbery recognize them and want the money for themselves. proceeds to return the money and asks strangers for a ride to Paradise. They ditch the horse carriage and decide to hitchhike. and Mrs Anderson.Trapped in Paradise restaurant and call in a robbery. They give then the money to a church with a letter requesting to return it to the town's people. they release them. The inmate who gave Dave and Alvin the tip about the low security of this bank gets enraged that they robbed the bank and gets out of jail. There the FBI tries to figure out what happened and because the town's people hide what they know about Bill. Because the car has no snow chains it drifts over a bridge and gets wrecked. knowing that their mother would be killed if they do so. the relatives don't recognize them because they were covering their faces with ski masks while robbing the bank. he winds up getting a ride with the people who are holding his mother hostage. Mr. stealing $275. The town people pull Alvin out of water and rescue him through CPR. While the inmates are busy figuring out what to do they get attacked where one loses his gun and the other gets shot. They try to get the money back into the bank but trigger the alarm through using the wrong safe door key. and Dave and the church pastor returns the money to the police. After arriving at the house they find out it's the bank owners house of Mr. Bill gets bus tickets and while getting out the police asks him to open the bag he is carrying with him. Bill and Dave rush out of the bank and get away with their crime. While trying to get out of town with their car. There Bill and Alvin decide to return the money to the bank while Dave refuses. The police chase the carriage but after they drive into the forest the police cars were unable to continue the chase. Alvin steals a horse carriage from one of the police officers' sons. He steps over the sensors gets the money but while getting out of the safe he touches the sensors via one of the money bags. However. Anderson (Donald Moffat) opens the safe's door and Bill checks for motion sensors via a perfume. which contains all of the money. who is unaware that his mother is a hostage. Bill shows them his mother's picture. The police sees license plates in front of the Anderson house of a stolen car and order therefore the inmates to come out with their hands held up. Bill jumps out of the car and escapes. Bill stays in Paradise to be with Sarah Collins (Mädchen Amick) a tenant of the Anderson's and Alvin and Dave return with their mother to New York. By coincidence. a police car turns on the sirens and they try to evade getting caught. but another car stops and offers them a ride. However. therefore go with them to the Anderson house finding the two inmates there holding guns and threatening to kill everyone if they don't get the money.

imdb. US. . Box Office Mojo. References [1] "Trapped in Paradise" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. Retrieved 16 July 2010.com/title/tt0111477/) at the Internet Movie Database . Canada at Niagara-on-the-Lake and Elora and New York. htm).Trapped in Paradise 27 Production • Filming was done in Ontario. com/ movies/ ?id=trappedinparadise. External links • Trapped in Paradise (http://www.

the film was released by 20th Century Fox. It was screened out of competition at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival. .422 (domestic)[1] Kiss of Death is a 1995 crime thriller film starring David Caruso. The film is a very loosely based remake of the 1947 film noir classic of the same name that starred Victor Mature. Jackson. Brian Donlevy.Kiss of Death (1995 film) 28 Kiss of Death (1995 film) Kiss of Death Promotional film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Barbet Schroeder Susan Hoffman Barbet Schroeder Ben Hecht Charles Lederer Eleazar Lipsky Richard Price David Caruso Nicolas Cage Samuel L. Jackson Trevor Jones Starring Music by Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date(s) April 21.942.[2] Like the original Kiss of Death. 1995 (US) Running time Country Language 101 minutes United States English Gross revenue $14. Samuel L. directed by Barbet Schroeder. and Richard Widmark. and Nicolas Cage.

Jimmy Kilmartin Samuel L.boxofficemojo. He must take down Junior or face the consequences.imdb. boxofficemojo. the unscrupulous district attorney and the feds further complicate his life. By the time Jimmy finally agrees to work with District Attorney Frank Zioli. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • David Caruso .Corinna as a toddler Notes The official copyright date on this film is 1994. Jackson . With Jimmy still refusing to testify or "name names.com/work/134831) at Allmovie .Big Junior Brown Anthony Heald. trying to stay clean and raising a family with his wife Bev. Jimmy's wife is killed in a freak accident and his cousin Ronnie is beaten to death by Little Junior. festival-cannes. com/ movies/ ?id=kissofdeath.D.Corinna as a toddler Megan Wrinn. .Bev Kilmartin Kathryn Erbe . However IMDB and most commercial databases list the date as 1995.A. he is asked to help bring down a local crime boss named Little Junior Brown. References [1] http:/ / www.com. html).htm) at Box Office Mojo • Kiss of Death (http://www. As soon as Little Junior kills an undercover federal agent with Jimmy watching.Kiss of Death (1995 film) 29 Story Jimmy Kilmartin is an ex-con living in Astoria in the New York City borough of Queens." years pass in Sing Sing without an early release.Detective Calvin Hart Nicolas Cage . This is likely due to a "delayed release"-this film was shot and completed in 1993-94 and due for a 1994 release that was pushed back to 1995.com/movies/?id=kissofdeath. festival-cannes.Little Junior Brown Helen Hunt .Omar Philip Baker Hall. Frank Zioli Michael Rapaport . Jimmy remarries and attempts to renew a relationship with his child. which also the same year as the MPAA's record. External links • Kiss of Death (http://www.Jack Gold Lindsay Wrinn. But he is sent undercover by Detective Hart to work with Junior and infiltrate his operations.Ronnie Gannon Ving Rhames . his daughter barely knows him.allmovie. But when his cousin Ronnie causes him to take a fall for driving an illegal transport of stolen cars. Retrieved 2009-09-08. a police officer named Calvin Hart is injured and Jimmy lands back in prison. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 3370/ year/ 1995. In exchange for an early release.com/title/tt0113552/) at the Internet Movie Database • kissofdeath (http://www. htm [2] "Festival de Cannes: Kiss of Death" (http:/ / www.Rosie Kilmartin Stanley Tucci .

029. While there. 1995 (limited) February 9.000.000 (estimated) $32. based on a semi-autobiographical novel by John O'Brien. he forms a relationship with a hardened prostitute. 1996 (wide) 112 min. played by Elisabeth Shue which forms the centre of the film. Nicolas Cage stars as a suicidal alcoholic who has terminated his previous personal and professional life to drink himself to death in Las Vegas.Leaving Las Vegas 30 Leaving Las Vegas Leaving Las Vegas Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Mike Figgis Lila Cazès Annie Stewart John O'Brien (novel) Mike Figgis (screenplay) Nicolas Cage Elisabeth Shue Julian Sands Richard Lewis Valeria Golino Mike Figgis Music by Cinematography Declan Quinn Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) John Smith United Artists October 27. United States English $4. Two weeks after the .928 Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Leaving Las Vegas is a 1995 romantic drama film directed and written by Mike Figgis.

After being evicted. A halt of the project was considered. but she gets confused when Ben does not want to have sex with her. On his second day in Las Vegas. on the same street where he first met her. Ben meets Sera.Leaving Las Vegas production of the film had started. Ben. receiving enduring praise from both critics and audiences alike. Cast • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Ben Sanderson Elisabeth Shue as Sera Julian Sands as Yuri Butso Richard Lewis as Peter Valeria Golino as Terri . Shortly afterward. The film itself also received nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Director. His last word is "wow". who chastises him. Finally. which is the basic film gauge most commonly used for mainstream film. Sera becomes so fed up with Ben's alcoholism that she begs him to see a doctor. After arriving. and dies while holding her as she sleeps. his family and his friends. and when Ben wakes up. Over time. Sera is a working as a Las Vegas prostitute for an abusive pimp. Leaving Las Vegas was filmed in super 16mm[1] instead of 35 mm film format. Instead. Leaving Las Vegas made its nation-wide release on February 9. and a deep friendship and understanding develops between them. Sera returns home to find them together and throws Ben out. goes out and brings another prostitute (Mariska Hargitay) back to Sera's house. and the injuries she sustains make her occupation publicly obvious. 1995. Yuri Butso (Julian Sands). With nothing left to live for. and Ben is not allowed to criticize Sera's occupation. Sera receives a telephone call from Ben. They fall asleep. although 16 mm is relatively common for art house films. Their relationship. due to his increasingly incoherent speech patterns) to express his feelings. Ben checks himself into a sleazy motel called The Whole Year Inn. She goes to visit Ben and they have sex. O'Brien committed suicide. he looks across at Sera. As he drives his BMW drunkenly down the Las Vegas Strip. Sera agrees to go to his room. so he breaks his relationship with Sera in fear that the Poles may hurt her. but work on the film was continued as a tribute to the author. However. At first the two are generally stable. a prostitute. who is lying on top of him. she is raped and beaten by three teenagers. 1996. who is on his deathbed. After a limited release in the United States on October 27. however. after spending some time together." However. Sera attempts to get Ben to eat but Ben refuses to even notice these actions as he stumbles for more alcohol. a Latvian immigrant. is ultimately doomed. furious but far too intoxicated (possibly brain damaged at this point in the film. Sera has to promise Ben that she will never ask him to stop drinking. Cage received an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in this while Shue was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Ben states that he is "totally at ease with this (Sera's prostitution). they both become more and more frustrated with the other's behavior. Polish mobsters are after Yuri. 31 Plot Ben Sanderson (Cage) is a Hollywood screenwriter whose alcoholism costs him his job. he almost hits a woman in the crosswalk (Sera). he decides to go to Las Vegas and drink himself to death. as he looks at this the wording changes to "The Hole You're In." Meanwhile. introduces himself and offers her $500 to go to his room for an hour. he meets Sera (Shue). and in the process they create an odd relationship with each other. they just talk.

because it's unnatural. Figgis has spoken of a personal attachment with the novel. however. did not come out in the film." In addition. with it all happening around them. Shue perceived her character in a similar light: "She is a wounded soul. who despite having nobody to turn to. "Anything I would do would be because I had a sympathetic feeling towards it. because I think manic-depression is a fascinating. Cage researched his character by binge drinking in Dublin for two weeks and had a friend to videotape [5] him under the influence so he could study his speech patterns as well as visiting hospitalized career alcoholics."[4] Casting Mike Figgis encouraged the two lead actors to experience their character's ordeals first-hand by conducting extensive research. California. 'Well. but it's quiet and they feel really stupid.. about anything that came up. Ben and Sera build their relationship on the foundation that neither of them can change who they are if they are going to continue pursuing a life together. Jones.[7] This caused him to film some scenes on the Las Vegas strip in one shot to avoid any police contact. Nova Scotia in Canada."[4] As a result. Shue spent time interviewing and associating with several Las Vegas prostitutes on their working habits and personal lives. so you're going to have to shout. and then having to stop the traffic. with Sera's character. and then ultimately the three of us got together and just started talking. and we weren't pretending to be something we weren't. I encouraged them [Cage and Shue] to do their own research. That's why I did Mr. and viewed him as a man whom once had it all. . is less unfortunate and dependent. That made it." There is hope. sad. Reading the book.[1] [6] He remarked. It's not a coincidence that some of the greatest artists have been manic-depressive[s].talking about anything. A lot of conversations. Nevada. We couldn't shut down The Strip to shoot. Filming The meager budget dictated the extent of production ability and Figgis ended up filming in super 16mm format and composing his own score for the film. causing it to fall apart.' And they're shouting. alas. and their voices become great. Cage thus tried to give the character a kind of "continental elegance when he was in a bad situation". a fascinating subject that. who committed suicide in April 1994. which they wanted to do anyway. Cage continued by saying that the elegance is imploding on him because of the booze. Themes Leaving Las Vegas is a bittersweet love story that focuses generally on the themes of dependence and obsession. Sera with prostitution). A lot of communication in the year before we made the film. Nicolas Cage called Ben "crumbled elegance". Laughlin. "We didn't have any money. Los Angeles. "But you still get the idea of what it used to be. Figgis had problems because permits were not issued for some street scenes. Las Vegas. and amazing phenomenon. and then having to tell the actors.Leaving Las Vegas 32 Production Development Mike Figgis based Leaving Las Vegas on a 1990 autobiographical novel by John O'Brien. not necessarily about the film or the script.. He [5] later admitted that "it was one of the most enjoyable pieces of research I've ever had to do for a part. He told Film Critic: "It was just a week and a half of rehearsal. You put them up against a couple of trucks."[4] In order to do this. which Figgis has since remarked as benefiting production and the authenticity of the acting: " 'I've always hated the convention of shooting on a street. and Halifax. shortly after finding out his novel was being made into a film. to me. She is clinging to hope in the midst of desperation. there's meant to be traffic here. further validating the theme of a tragic love story born in a desperate world between two self-destructive people (Ben with alcohol.[2] [3] Despite basing the vast majority of his screenplay on O'Brien's novel."[4] [7] The film was shot in Burbank.

[14] [15] The DVD contains a supplemental "Hidden Page" menu feature. 1996 in two languages. there is a mythical nature to their love. about a binge eater who travels to Las Vegas to eat himself to death. while RCV Film Distribution with Atalanta Filmes distributed the film in Europe and in Australia 21st Century Film Corporation distributed the film. 1996. A contradiction to other elements.[9] Leonard Klady from Variety said Leaving Las Vegas was "certainly among a scant handful of films that have taken an unflinching view of dependency.[12] Awards Award wins • Academy Award for Best Actor: (Nicolas Cage) • Golden Globe Award for Best Actor .[11] Overall. the film received 94% overall approval out of 31 reviews. 1998 in English for USA and Canada only. the film was released nationwide February 9.Motion Picture Drama: (Elisabeth Shue) Home media releases The video cassettes and DVD of the film were distributed by MGM. It spawned a direct-spoof." Ebert named the film 'best of 1995' and included it with his 'best of the decade' list (Leaving Las Vegas was #8).Motion Picture Drama: (Nicolas Cage) Award nominations • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Actress: (Elisabeth Shue) Academy Award for Directing: (Mike Figgis) Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay: (Mike Figgis) Golden Globe Award for Best Director .Drama: (Leaving Las Vegas) Golden Globe Award for Best Actress .[8] Critics such as Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times and Rick Groen from Canadian The Globe and Mail gave the film high marks. while the DVD was distributed on January 1.Leaving Las Vegas I think they are not of the world. After receiving high praise from critics and four Academy Award nominations. scoring 82 metapoints out of 100.928. Reception Leaving Las Vegas was received well by critics. It was also briefly mentioned in the Family Guy episode "Movin' Out (Brian's Song)". Cage and Shue make these clichés into unforgettable people. later Australian and UK editions were released. 1995.029. English and Russian. and Leaving Las Vegas is also alluded to in the documentary Super Size Me (2004).[13] The video cassettes were distributed on November 12. The United Artists company distributed the film in North America."[10] On Rotten Tomatoes.Motion Picture: (Mike Figgis) Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture . the film was a success at the box office grossing $32. A couple with a positive energy. . Eating Las Vegas. HD DVD and LaserDisc." 33 Release Leaving Las Vegas had a limited release on October 27.[13] The film is also released on Blu-ray. Ebert wrote. Spoofs The success of Leaving Las Vegas has had a moderate effect on the media. "They (the characters) are the drunk and the whore with a heart of gold.

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Cook Mark Rosner [1] Quentin Tarantino (uncredited) Aaron Sorkin (uncredited) Jonathan Hensleigh (uncredited) David Weisberg Douglas S. Cook Sean Connery Nicolas Cage Ed Harris Michael Biehn William Forsythe Vanessa Marcil Nick Glennie-Smith Hans Zimmer Harry Gregson-Williams Story by Starring Music by Cinematography John Schwartzman Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Richard Francis-Bruce Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films Hollywood Pictures June 7.The Rock (film) 36 The Rock (film) The Rock Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Michael Bay Don Simpson Jerry Bruckheimer David Weisberg Douglas S. 1996 136 minutes .

he reveals why he was held there for so many years — for stealing a microfilm of the United States' most closely-guarded secrets.The Rock (film) Country Language Budget Gross revenue United States English US$75 million $335. With his last breath. It was produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. who initially thinks he's consulting the team. but Womack. Hummel threatens over the loudspeaker to execute a hostage if the remaining "Navy SEALs" do not surrender.[2] who died five months before its release. director of Bad Boys. The next day. The team infiltrates Alcatraz. and in the San Francisco Bay area. Goodspeed arrives and feigns to Mason's daughter that he is aiding the FBI. Only Mason surrenders to Hummel. through the underground tunnels with Mason's guidance. the mercenaries led by Captain Frye gun down Hummel and his men and proceeding with the plan to fire on San Francisco. Goodspeed and Mason kill off the remaining mercenaries and Goodspeed disarms the last rocket until one of the gas pearls breaks off.621 37 The Rock is a 1996 action film that primarily takes place on Alcatraz Island. reluctantly leaving one of their men to die in the process. but Goodspeed manages to convince Mason to help him defuse the rockets. The film is dedicated to Simpson. trying to buy Goodspeed some time. and stars Sean Connery. It was directed by Michael Bay. producers of Top Gun and Crimson Tide. Using Mason's knowledge of the prison. who is aware of Mason's MI6 and SAS background. and the Watergate Incident. the military readies a backup plan: an air strike by F/A-18s that will neutralize the poison gas but kill everyone on the island. and released through Disney's Hollywood Pictures. The Pentagon and FBI develop a plan to retake the island with a Navy SEAL Team. manages to escape to see his estranged daughter. Hummel and his men seize control of Alcatraz Island during a guided tour and take 81 tourists hostage in the prison cells. Nicolas Cage. clandestine missions under his command and whose deaths were not honored. Womack soon recognizes that the team would only succeed with Mason to the mission as well. As Mason uses his unique experience to escape from their cells. enlisting chemical weapons expert Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage). This was the first film on which Cage and Bruckheimer worked together. agrees to let them continue saying that Mason and Goodspeed are their last hope. They are ambushed by Hummel's marines in a shower room. and Ed Harris. the Kennedy Assassination. As the jets approach. and the only inmate of Alcatraz to ever successfully escape through Alcatraz' uncharted tunnels. FBI Director Womack (John Spencer) is forced to turn to Federal prisoner John Mason (Sean Connery). Paxton plans to abort the mission. While they search for the final two rockets. Hummel tells Goodspeed the location of the last rocket. but is then attacked by Frye who begins to strangle . including the 1947 UFO Crash. a former MI6 agent whom Womack has illegally detained for decades. convincing Mason to cooperate to develop a plan for infiltration. Hummel fires one of them but changes the coordinates at the last second causing the rocket to crash land harmlessly out to sea. Mason. Hummel then threatens the Pentagon with launching the stolen rockets against the population of San Francisco unless the government pays ransom and reparations to the families of Recon Marines who died on illegal.062. Recognizing that any surface approach will be seen by Hummel's men. Hummel has been bluffing and refuses to harm innocent civilians. He manages to catch it before it cracks open. killing all the SEALs. Mason attempts to leave the prison. Realizing that they will not be paid. However the marines capture him shortly thereafter. and leaving only Mason and Goodspeed alive. Plot A group of rogue Force Reconnaissance Marines led by disenchanted Brigadier General Francis Hummel (Ed Harris) seize a stockpile of deadly VX gas-armed rockets from a heavily guarded military bunker. With the incursion team lost. but soon learns he's being recruited. while in custody. they quietly eliminate several small teams of marines and disable 13 of the 15 rockets.

sending Goodspeed's body flying into the sea. Using the VX to defend himself. recovering the microfilm with a half century of state secrets.[1] along with Jonathan Hensleigh and Aaron Sorkin. The film ends with Goodspeed and his pregnant bride Carla in Fort Walton. The car chase was not in the original script. later adding a sympathetic edge to Hummel. but ended up altering much of the film's dialogue.000. LA-based British screenwriting team Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais were brought in at Connery's request to rewrite his lines. for a worldwide total of $335. He lights green flares to signal that the threat is over — but only after one of the pilots fires. USMC Force Recon Claire Forlani as Jade Angelou Bokeem Woodbine as Sergeant Crisp. grossing a total of $134. Box office Produced at a budget of US $75. Goodspeed shoves the gas pearl into Frye's mouth.993. and Raymond Cruz appear in various uncredited roles. On the commentary track for the Criterion Collection DVD.069. Goodspeed will tell Womack that Mason was "vaporized". McGinley as Marine Captain Hendrix James Caviezel.110 internationally." Bay had worked closely with Ed Harris to develop his character as concretely as possible. his euphemisms include "gee whiz. USMC Force Recon Jim Maniaci as Private Scarpetti. Nicolas Cage as FBI Special Agent Stanley Goodspeed Ed Harris as Brigadier General Francis X. former SAS operative.511 domestically and $200. it was Michael Bay's idea. USMC Force Recon John Spencer as FBI Director James Womack David Morse as Major Tom Baxter. Hensleigh in particular was aggrieved to not be credited. Stuart Wilson. When he recovers. 38 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sean Connery as MI6 agent Captain John Patrick Mason. exposing both of them to the gas. USN SEAL Vanessa Marcil as Carla Pestalozzi Gregory Sporleder as Captain Frye. USMC Force Recon Brendan Kelly as Private Cox. Mason reappears to pull the unconscious Goodspeed to shore. The early detonation hits the back of the island and harms no one else.062.621. USN SEAL Danny Nucci as Lieutenant Shephard. Mason thanks Goodspeed.000. the movie was a smash hit. USMC Force Recon William Forsythe as FBI Special Agent in Charge and head of San Francisco field office Ernest Paxton Michael Biehn as Commander Anderson. USMC Force Recon John C. Goodspeed suggests that Mason escape before the FBI arrive.The Rock (film) Goodspeed to death. as Womack tore up his pardon from prison. Kansas. and the 4th highest worldwide. Bay recalls a time when he was preparing to leave the set for a meeting with the executives when he was approached by Sean Connery . Goodspeed injects himself in the heart with atropine as Frye dies from the VX gas. USMC Force Recon Tony Todd as Captain Darrow. and gives him a note that holds the location of where he had stashed the microfilm. Hummel. There were tensions during shooting between director Michael Bay and the Walt Disney Company executives who were supervising the production. It was Nicolas Cage's idea that his character would not swear. Xander Berkeley. USMC Force Recon Steve Harris as Private McCoy.[3] Production Quentin Tarantino was an uncredited screenwriter on The Rock. It was the 7th highest grossing film of 1996 in the US.

Connery's line in which he says to Cage "winners go home and fuck the prom queen" is replaced with "winners go home and date the prom queen. although this scene was shown on British television. a later scene in which Connery says to Cage. Sawyer calls off the airstrike. Ellis Island and Governors Island and threatened to launch an attack against New York with chemical weapons. which is thought to be under Russian control. the player's commanding officer. Mason says to Goodspeed 'losers always whine about their best. Other cuts included the reduction of multiple gunshot impacts into Gamble's feet in the morgue down to a single hit. John Patrick Mason. An audio clip of this quote was used as the introductory to the song 'Never Never Land' by the former Australian Metalcore band I Killed The Prom Queen. A reference to 'The Rock' appears in the video game World in Conflict in the level 'Liberty lost'." . Winners go home and fuck the prom queen'. an Army Ranger. in which Spetsnaz units seized Liberty Island. was a British secret service agent imprisoned since the 1960s alludes to Connery's famous role as James Bond. 39 In popular culture The scene where Goodspeed struggles to set off green flares in order to prevent the airstrike was replicated in the popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. in which the player. it was shown in two versions: the first version (starting at 8:15 pm) had most of its violence and gore cut. The second version started at 1 am. and when Bay explained he had a meeting with the executives. If the player is successful. Connery asked if he could accompany him. "I'm rather glad you didn't hesitate too long" lost its impact on viewers who had not seen the first scene. a sound cut to Mason snapping a Marine's neck and two bloody gunshot wounds (to Hummel and Baxter). This scheme was repeated for the second viewing.The Rock (film) in golfing attire. after looking through his binoculars and spotting green smoke next to the Statue of Liberty. The scene in which FBI director Womack is thrown off the balcony was filmed on location at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.. and left all scenes intact. The film also received some censorship of profanity in its Asian releases." The same shower room is also featured in the 2006 first person shooter Black. the executives' jaws dropped when they saw Connery appear behind him. asked Bay where he was going. a close-up of his screaming face as the air conditioner falls onto him. After calling in an airstrike against the Statue. During the movie. This is similar to his casting as Henry Jones Sr. just seconds before USAF F-15E Strike Eagles arrive and fly by the Statue. the terms "fuck" and "Goddamn" are normally omitted or substituted.C. Colonel Sawyer. stored in the Statue of Liberty. Censorship In the original UK DVD release. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian also features a skit on the "green flare" scene—as the lead characters escape on a plane. The shower room shootout scene is also re-enacted in the mission "The Gulag. going so far as to suggest that some of the terrorists survived. Connery then stood up for Bay and insisted that he was doing a good job and should be left alone. in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Connery. According to Bay.[5] When the film premiered on German television (RTL). orders the player to attack the remaining Soviet forces on Liberty Island and recapture the island in eight minutes. must fight his way to the roof of the White House and set off green flares in order to stop the Air Force from carpet bombing Washington. the scene in which Connery throws a knife through a sentry's throat and says "you must never hesitate" to Cage was cut. the monkey "Able" waves green flares as they fly overhead. both near the end of the film. whenever Star Movies (a popular Asian movie channel) plays the film. Bay complied and when he arrived in the conference room.[4] The fact that Connery's character. who also produced the film. D. Qayamat: City Under Threat was Hindi remake of the film with a romantic scenario. The filming led to numerous calls to the hotel by people who saw a man dangling from the balcony.[5] Consequently. For instance.

imdb. calls it "an action picture that rises to the top of the genre because of a literate. including 'Best On-Screen Duo' for Connery and Cage at the MTV Movie Awards as well as an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound. It currently holds a "fresh" rating (65%) on Rotten Tomatoes. com/ books?id=c5SdiFJmswcC& pg=PR19& lpg=PR18& ots=N_HP-JMwh2& dq=Tarantino+ Crimson& ie=ISO-8859-1& output=html). [7] http:/ / www. nytimes. a distributor of primarily arthouse films it categorizes as "important classic and contemporary films" and "cinema at its finest". com/ movies/ ?id=rock. rottentomatoes. .metacritic. htm [4] Great Hotels.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Rock (http://www. co. melonfarmers. com/ asp/ release. criterion.com/work/136282) at Allmovie The Rock (http://www. The Melon Farmers. boxofficemojo. 1996). google. google.com/asp/release.The Rock (film) 40 Awards and recognition The Rock won a number of minor awards. [6] "The Rock (1996)" (http:/ / www. witty screenplay and skilled craftsmanship in the direction and special effects. ISBN 1-57806-050-8. Conversations with Filmmakers.com/title/tt0117500/) at the Internet Movie Database The Rock (http://www. com/ ?id=c5SdiFJmswcC). htm). Rotten Tomatoes.com/film/titles/rock) at Metacritic Criterion Collection essay by Roger Ebert (http://www. Retrieved 2008-11-16. [2] Maslin.asp?id=108&eid=120& section=essay) . Roger Ebert.[6] The film was selected for a limited edition DVD release by the Criterion Collection.com/m/1072011-rock/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Rock (http://www.com/movies/?id=rock.allmovie. Retrieved 2008-11-16.criterion. New York Times."[7] References [1] Peary. The Travel Channel [5] "Later DVDs merged into the Video Hits section" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-03-16. com/ movie/ review?res=9901EED61F39F934A35755C0A960958260). uk/ ardhhits. Janet (June 7. who was strongly critical of most of Bay's later films. University Press of Mississippi. .rottentomatoes. In an essay supporting the selection of The Rock. xix.boxofficemojo. [3] http:/ / www. "FILM REVIEW. Retrieved 2008-08-03.Break Into Alcatraz? Why Not?" (http:/ / movies. Quentin Tarantino Interviews (http:/ / books. asp?id=108& eid=120& section=essay& page=2 External links • • • • • • The Rock (http://www. "Chronology" (http:/ / books. Gerald (August 1998). com/ m/ 1072011-rock). . .

234 Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue . 123 minutes (extended version) United States English $75.000. 1997 115 minutes .Con Air 41 Con Air Con Air Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Simon West Jerry Bruckheimer Scott Rosenberg Nicolas Cage John Cusack John Malkovich Ving Rhames Mykelti Williamson Nick Chinlund Rachel Ticotin Steve Buscemi Mark Mancina Trevor Rabin Music by Cinematography David Tattersall Editing by Chris Lebenzon Steve Mirkovic Glen Scantlebury Jerry Bruckheimer Films Touchstone Pictures June 6.012.000 $224.

Con Air Con Air is a 1997 American action/thriller film by Touchstone Pictures that stars Nicolas Cage. and directed by Simon West. Poe is paroled on good behavior. John Cusack and John Malkovich. Though he could have left the plane during the transfer. producer of Crimson Tide and The Rock. as a prisoner to coax more information out of drug lord Francisco Cindino before he is incarcerated. The film borrows its title from the nickname of the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System. where it lands in the middle of Fresno. . and prepares to kill Poe after shooting Baby-O. Poe's true story is soon discovered by Grissom. and manages to disable the jet before it leaves. The film featured the 1997 hit single "How Do I Live". Poe feigns cooperation with Grissom but leaves a recording device from Sims' body on one of the guards being offloaded. Sally. It was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.S. Moments after the plane takes off. Vince Larkin (Cusack). Among the new prisoners boarding the plane are Francisco Cindino (Borrego) and serial killer Garland Greene (Buscemi). Grissom orders the plane to continue to Carson City for a scheduled prisoner transfer. and Grissom arms the prisoners with rifles and shotguns and arranges to lure the Guard troops into a death trap. Seeing no evidence of Cindino's plane. When Larkin tells Malloy about Poe's identity as a parole. Grissom incites a riot that allows them to overpower the guards and pilots and take over the plane. Poe is arranged to be flown back home to Alabama on the C-123 "Jailbird" where he will be released on landing. meets Larkin. Grissom orders the prisoners to dig the "Jailbird" free. Larkin proceeds to find Cindino boarding his private jet with his men. an abandoned Air Force base in the desert. Eight years later. 42 Plot Former Army Ranger Cameron Poe (Cage) is sentenced to a maximum-security federal penitentiary for using excessive force and killing a drunk man that had been attempting to assault his pregnant wife Tricia (Potter). including his diabetic cellmate and friend Mike "Baby-O" O'Dell (Williamson) and the criminal mastermind Cyrus " Cyrus The Virus" Grissom (Malkovich). losing to Titanic in both categories. the guards discover the clue Poe left behind. Another prisoner has already spotted National Guard troops heading toward the airfield. Grissom and the remaining prisons return to the "Jailbird" and take off before Poe is able to escape with Baby-O and a female guard. The film was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Song and Best Sound. Meanwhile. California. Grissom discovers Cindino's treachery and kills him by blowing up his private jet. Larkin calls for the National Guard to Lerner Air field. Pinball was unable to make it aboard the plane on time. Meanwhile. seeking an insulin shot for Baby-O. Willie Sims (Zuniga). Marshall overseeing the transfer. They both order the plane to land at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas but since they ran out of fuel. and the two run down their respective situations. and eager to see his daughter Casey (Allbright) whom he has never met. they are forced it to crash land in The Strip. where they will offload the guards and pilots disguised as prisoners. Poe. Grissom orders another prisoner. and his body has become lodged in the landing gear. aided by the poor visibility from an ongoing dust-storm. Joe "Pinball" Parker (Chappelle). the U. several other prisoners. agrees to it. having tracked down the plane opens fire on it and disables one of the engines. but is unaware that Malloy has armed Sims with a gun. Malloy. are also being flown to be transferred to a new Supermax prison. DEA agent Duncan Malloy (Meaney) wishes to bring aboard one of his agents. originally performed by LeAnn Rimes and performed for the film by Trisha Yearwood. Sims is killed when he attempts to stop Grissom. Shortly after takeoff. The "Jailbird" lands at Lerner but overshoots the runway and grounds itself in the sand. to remove the transponder and plant it on another plane. while using Malloy's sportscar to beat the "Jailbird" there. Malloy sets off immediately to follow the transponder but soon discovers the deception. but Larkin protects the troops during the gun battle by using a bulldozer as a make-shift shield. Malloy orders not to fire. and alert Malloy and Larkin. Poe secretly writes a message to Larkin explaining Grissom's plan on Pinball's shirt and pushes the body out.

He also attempts to escape with Grissom in Las Vegas in a hijacked fire truck and is ejected through the windshield just before it . who acts as Cyrus's second-in-command during the uprising. Marshal looking to take back the "Jailbird" with Poe's help. • Swamp Thing (M. While in prison.A chief U.A paroled ex-convict and former Army Ranger. All the convicts are now dead or recaptured except for Garland Greene who is the only prisoner to escape being seen playing craps and sipping margaritas and is presumed to be giving up his life as a serial killer. C. Twice he attempts to rape the only female guard on the plane. murder.A cunning. leaving a doll he got from the girl behind on the plane. • William 'Billy Bedlam' Bedford (Nick Chinlund) . catching a ride home aboard the "Jailbird" from San Quentin to Alabama where he will be returned to his family. Poe is able to meet Tricia and Casey who have been brought by Larkin to meet him. the scene were he sings He's got the whole world in his hands is one of the most iconic scenes in the movie. kidnapping. and imprisoned under the highest security measures. Jones and Greene. She is seen while the plane is taking off. Gainey) . Sally Bishop. • Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones (Ving Rhames) . caused 3 riots and escaped twice.a serial rapist who derives his nickname from the number of convicted rapes which he tracks via a tattoo on his arm. Poe believes him to be insane. Killed by Poe when he gets knocked under a press and has his head crushed. as he has a recorded body count of 37.S. Amid the chaos. leaving him weak and forcing Poe to stay on board to protect him. despite claims to have "killed more people than cancer. He is killed during the plane crash. and the three have a joyful reunion. • Mike 'Baby-O' O'Dell (Mykelti Williamson) . He gets shot by protecting Poe but survives. lauded by reviewers as "a wakeup call for the black community.A black militant leader imprisoned for murdering National Rifle Association members. his tattooed arm severed from his body. • Cyrus 'Cyrus The Virus' Grissom (John Malkovich) . • Vince Larkin (John Cusack) . but is stopped by Grissom and Poe. and Swamp Thing escape in a fire truck. he calmly makes his escape to a nearby casino. Returning to the remains of the plane.Poe's nonviolent. • Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene (Steve Buscemi) . His insulin shots were to be administered during the flight but were crushed during the prisoners' uprising. Finally. When the plane is grounded in Lerner Airfield. following its takeover and his subsequent transfer to the plane while in Carson City. Poe expresses his trust in Larkin. he wrote a critically-acclaimed book titled Reflections in a Diamond Eye. and extortion.a Vietnam War veteran and drug smuggler imprisoned for landing a jet full of controlled substances whose pilot expertise is sought after and used to fly the "Jailbird" to replace the original pilot. • Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca (Danny Trejo) . 43 Characters • Cameron 'Hillbilly' Poe (Nicolas Cage) . including extreme body restraints and a Hannibal Lecter-style mask. convicted of killing a man who verbally abused his wife and attacked Poe.an infamous. he finds a young girl. Jones. and plays with her." He attempts to escape along with Grissom at the end of the film but is killed when Poe crashes a motorcycle into the fire truck he is riding. When the plane crashes in Las Vegas. eventually killing all three escapees. but Poe secretly kills him. Poe is thanked by both Baby-O and Sally for his help while Grissom and two co-conspirators.a mass murderer who is serving eight consecutive life sentences for the murder of his adulterous wife's entire family and classified as a "separatee" inmate along with Grissom.Con Air The landing harms or injures the inmates whilst causing massive destruction along the Strip until it comes to a halt at the lobby of the Sands Hotel. intelligent criminal and main antagonist who has spent 25 of his 39 years in the prison system for robbery." He even murdered 11 prisoners. Bedford is the first separatee to discover Poe's parole. and appears fascinated by her dolls. soft-spoken serial killer who is feared by the other inmates and revered by Grissom. diabetic cellmate who is transferring between prisons and is a steadfast friend and one of the few decent prisoners aboard the plane. Grissom earned a Bachelor's Degree and a Juris Doctor while incarcerated. confusing the police. alive and unharmed. but Larkin and Poe meet up and follow them. although he claims to be responsible for hundreds more.

Francisco Cindino (Jesse Borrego) . He is also responsible for moving the "Jailbird" transmitter off the plane. Ramon 'Sally-Can't Dance' Martinez (Renoly Santiago) .the heir of a Colombian drug cartel family financing Grissom's escape. Willie Sims (Jose Zuniga) . who plants Sims' tape recorder on him to alert the Carson City authorities. Malloy later develops a genuine respect for Larkin when he risks his life by commandeering a motorcycle and chasing after Cyrus and his crew from escaping. Filming The areas used in filming are Ogden Airport where the exchange of prisoners is seen.The man who Cameron kills at the beginning. who he meets for the first time after the plane crash. arsonist. Most of the interiors of the plane were filmed in a soundstage. 44 • • • • • • • • • • • Production On the DVD commentary of Chappelle's Show. This is later furthered when Larkin indirectly destroys Malloy's new prized 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. being set on fire by ignited jet fuel and blown up in the explosion that follows. This is also where its premiere was held. It is used as the stand in for the fictional Lerner Airfield even the old swimming pool in the base where Garland Greene is seen talking with a girl and the boneyard scenes were filmed in one area of it. The crash site was filmed in the Sands Hotel before its demolition in November 26. Casey Poe (Landry Allbright) . Gage went uncredited for the role. allowing Grissom and Jones the opportunity to initiate the uprising. . 1996. Killed by Grissom when he betrays him. Conrad (Brendan Kelly) .an undercover DEA agent who is posing as an inmate to interrogate Cindino about the family drug business and killed during takeover of the plane.Poe's wife. thus it stayed.One of the convicts from Carson City. Wendover Airport is used in the flying scenes and taxi scenes for the aircraft which is now used as an attraction to visitors. Guard Falzon (Steve Eastin) . also the reason Cameron is sent to prison. The second street tunnel was used in the chase scenes in Las Vegas. whom he antagonizes. Joe 'Pinball' Parker (Dave Chappelle) . transvestite inmate who appears sexually subservient to his fellow detainees. but fails to make it back in time and is killed while trying to climb up on its landing wheels. Tricia Poe (Monica Potter) . The screenwriters convinced Bruckheimer to include the scene and in test screenings audiences loved it.An overzealous DEA agent who finds himself immediately at odds with Larkin. Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to cut the final scene of Greene at the craps table in Las Vegas and end the film with the heartfelt family reunion.Con Air crashes into an armored truck and ends up being run over by the fire truck. Billy Joe (Kevin Gage) . and inmate responsible for distracting the guards. Guard Sally Bishop (Rachel Ticotin) . Survives the plane crash at the end and is recaptured after stepping out of the plane and finding the police waiting.an effeminate. Duncan Malloy (Colm Meaney) . Malloy is looking to shoot down the plane after the death of Agent Sims.the lead guard on the plane. who dislikes inmates and is saved by Poe (whom he had previously dubbed "trailer trash").a female prison guard transporting Poe and O'Dell who remains protected by Poe during the inmates' takeover of the plane.Poe's 8-year-old daughter.a drug addict. Dave Chappelle states that he improvised most of his lines in this film. The Las Vegas scenes were filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where the plane's left wing hits the Fender Stratocaster sign.

661 in other territories.[6] Roger Ebert awarded three out of four stars. saying it "moves smoothly and with visual style and verbal wit. The Fight (:23) 13. the film has a positive 86% rating. Con Air Theme (1:34) 2. Cons Check Out Lerner (1:56) 11. Trisha (1:04) 3.[8] Soundtrack Con Air Soundtrack by Trevor Rabin. Lerner Landing (3:28) 6.7/10. totaling $224.Con Air The Jailbird airplane used during flight scenes in the film had a series of owners. Carson City (3:05) 4.234 worldwide. 2010 the plane was destroyed when it crashed into Mount Healy within Denali National Park in Alaska.573 in North America and $122. The Takeover (3:52) 8. 17 1997 Soundtrack Hollywood Records Soundtrack album doesn't contains two songs featured in the film How Do I Live.012. amongst top reviewers. On August 1. In December 2003 it was sold to All West Freight Inc.894. The three member flight crew was killed during the crash. Mark Mancina Released Genre Label June.117. [1] [2] [3] [4] The plane used for the taxi scenes was donated to the Wendover Airfield by the filmmakers after filming and is currently on display at the ramp. both military and private. Denali National Park. Mount Healy. Jailbirds (:59) 10. It now serves as an attraction for visitors 45 Crash site of the C-123 from Con Air. Poe Meets Larkin (1:16) 15. written and recorded for the film by Diane Warren and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lear Crash (4:44) 5.[5] However. in Delta Junction. Alaska. Poe Saves Cops (2:25) 12. The Discharge (1:09) 9. Battle In The Boneyard (7:41) 14."[7] The film grossed $101. Alaska Reception The film received mixed reviews with 58% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 33 out of 58 critics giving it a positive review with an average rating of 5. Bedlam Larkin (:49) . Romantic Chaos (1:23) 7. 1.

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1997 141 min.Face/Off 47 Face/Off Face/Off Directed by Produced by John Woo David Permut Barrie M. Osborne Terence Chang Mike Werb Michael Colleary John Travolta Nicolas Cage Joan Allen Alessandro Nivola John Powell Michael A. U. Reagan (source music) Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Oliver Wood Editing by Studio Steven Kemper Christian Wagner North America: Touchstone Pictures (manufactured publisher) Paramount Pictures (representative) International: Touchstone Pictures North America: Touchstone Pictures (manufactured publisher) Paramount Pictures (representative) International: Touchstone Pictures June 27.A. Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country .S.

killing most of Castor’s crew. watching Castor’s old safehouse. as well as Woo's highest-grossing American film. informs Castor of Archer's arrival. Archer is unable to find any information about the location of the bomb itself. so he leads a FBI team to chase the plane down. while Sasha and Adam escape with Archer’s help. and has Travolta and Cage each playing two personalities. Earlier. infiltrate the prison where Pollux is being held. in return for revealing the bomb's location. Archer then asks them to help kill “Archer”. Archer's colleagues present him with a top-secret mission: he will undergo an experimental surgical procedure to temporarily graft Castor's face onto his skull. Pollux is captured by the FBI and Castor is knocked into a coma after bragging to Archer about a bomb that will destroy Los Angeles. and their son Adam. realizing what has happened. starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. and get the location of the bomb. Meanwhile. and the only person Pollux will reveal the location to is Castor. Archer finds himself having to take drugs to impress Castor’s crew. Michael. It was the first Hollywood film in which Woo was given complete creative control and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics. Knowing that the only way to obtain the location is from Pollux. Castor sends an FBI team in. the two have been obsessed with each other ever since. Face/Off was a financial success. Years earlier. Archer knows that Pollux will not fly without Castor.[3] Plot Freelance terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) is relentlessly pursued by FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta). Pollux. He now realizes that she is a devoted mother who is trying to raise Adam away from a life of crime. Castor then has the FBI negotiate a deal with Pollux for his release. Archer (as Castor) promises her that Archer will not bother her anymore. The two both play an FBI agent and a terrorist. Castor flirts with Archer's wife Eve (Joan Allen) and bonds with Archer's teenage daughter Jamie (Dominique Swain). Archer escapes. After a violent battle with the prison guards. Castor unexpectedly awakens from his coma and. In the ensuing chaos. Castor's ex-girlfriend. Arrangements are made for Archer (as Castor) to be incarcerated with Pollux in prison. killing him. Archer threatened to put her son into foster care. informing him that he killed everyone who knew about Archer’s mission and destroyed all the evidence. He leaves. Castor. Elsewhere. Castor (as Archer) visits Archer in prison.[2] The film exemplifies gun fu and heroic bloodshed action sequences. Eventually grossing $245 million worldwide. Castor then forces the doctor to give him Archer's face. calls his men to kidnap the doctor who performed the surgery. Archer visits Castor’s crew and successfully fools them into thinking that he is the real Castor. As he makes his own escape. Meanwhile. Archer begins an escape attempt. Once there. telling Archer his plans to take advantage of his job and family. After Castor's disarmament of the bomb.146 [1] 48 Face/Off is a 1997 action film directed by John Woo. has chartered a plane at LAX airport.Face/Off Language Budget Gross revenue English $80 million $245. Also present is Sasha Hassler (Gina Gershon). Later. in an attempt to kill Archer. Although he learns the date of the bombing. Castor proceeds to disarm the bomb and revels in the praise from Archer’s colleagues and the media. Archer catches Pollux and drops him through the apartment skylight. Pollux (Alessandro Nivola). . he successfully learns the bomb's location.676. The FBI receives information that Castor's brother. accidentally killed Archer's young son. sworn enemies who assume the physical appearance of one another. A gunfight ensues. which crashes into a hangar.

Sometime later. Hollis Miller John Carroll Lynch . which results in Archer eventually killing Castor with a spear gun. Eventually. Werb and Colleary have cited White Heat (1949) and Seconds (1966) as influences on the plot.Victor Lazarro Colm Feore .Castor Troy/Sean Archer Joan Allen . Castor is promoted to FBI Director. Eve Archer Alessandro Nivola . At one point John Woo considered Jean-Claude Van Damme who he had worked with in Hard Target to play Sean Archer while Steven seagal would play Castor Troy along with them Learning each others fighting abilities.[4] Originally the film was to be set in the far future and was to star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in the lead roles.Dr. When the film was eventually made. bringing him into his family in order to fulfill his promise to Sasha of not allowing Adam to grow up to be a criminal.Burke Hicks James Denton .Loomis Chris Bauer . The two engage in a final hand-to-hand confrontation. both Archer and Castor are thrown ashore by an explosion resulting from their boats colliding. Archer is then taken to the hospital and his face is restored. As a result. Douglas was an executive producer.Wanda Matt Ross .[4] . A gunfight ensues. He then discovers that Castor is holding Eve and Jaime hostage. The film ends as Archer arrives home with Adam.Sean Archer/Castor Troy Nicolas Cage . C. H.Dr.Dubov Danny Masterson . Castor steals a speed boat and is pursued closely by Archer.Face/Off Later. Pounder . Sasha and Archer track Castor to the former director’s funeral. Malcolm Walsh C.Walton the Erehwon prison guard Robert Wisdom . Archer arrives during Mass and prays in a side chapel until it finishes and the mourners leave. she is only convinced after he tells her the story of their first kiss.Tito Thomas Jane . producers and rewrites before John Woo became attached several years later. Meanwhile.Buzz Margaret Cho .Jamie Archer Nick Cassavetes .Dr. Other pairings that was considered was that of Harrison Ford and Michael Douglas[5] as well as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. It took numerous studios.Karl Production Face/Off was a spec script which writers Mike Werb and Michael Colleary tried to sell to a studio from as early as 1990. the FBI Director berates Castor for the unnecessary carnage at the safehouse. Castor confesses his true identity and kills him. After a lengthy chase. successfully convincing them of Archer's true identity. blaming his death on a heart attack.Sasha Hassler Dominique Swain . in which Sasha and Castor's crew are killed. Castor and Archer engage in several gun fights and hand-to-hand battles. 49 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • John Travolta . Archer returns to his suburban home and tries to convince Eve that he is really Archer.Dietrich Hassler Harve Presnell . Later.Pollux Troy Gina Gershon . Eve is able to explain the entire situation to the FBI.

146. The inmates do not even know which part of the country they are in. This you gotta see.400. Woo set the movie in the present so he could focus on the psychological elements of the story. earning a domestic total of $112. a secret jail for top terrorists. Face/Off made heavy use of action set pieces including several violent shootouts and a boat chase. Travolta had previously starred in Woo's Broken Arrow (Cage was later to star in another Woo film Windtalkers)."[15] Some critics felt the film's violence was overkill. with Snake Eyes (1998) and Bringing Out the Dead (1999).[6] [8] The Region 1 DVD of Face/Off was one of the first films to be released on the format on October 7. The Archer is also a constellation.[9] A 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition was released on DVD September 11. and was released in the United States on 20 May 2008 by Paramount Pictures[12] . 2007 in the United States. when directors could scare you with how much emotion they packed into a movie. there is no resisting Face/Off.000 overseas for a total of worldwide gross of $245. Costing $80 million to make."[16] . Woo and his writers find a terrific counterpoint to the action scenes: All through the movie. Woo puts all six in.676. such as how the feud between the two men affects those close to them — such as Sasha and Adam and Archer's family. most notably the hatred between Archer and Troy. 1998. Critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times remarked that "Here. Castor and Pollux are also the brothers that make up the Gemini constellation. an alternate ending and several featurettes. "You may not buy the premise or the windup. 2007 and HD DVD October 30. The reversal is taken from the title of an allegorical novel by Samuel Butler. it's a rocket into the thrilling past. "Erehwon" is "nowhere" in reverse. using big movie stars and asking them to play each other. It went on to become the 11th highest domestic and 14th worldwide grossing film of 1997. is very similar to that of Hector and Achilles.[11] The film was released on Blu-ray Disc in the United Kingdom on 1 October 2007 by Buena Vista. It was filmed in the Los Angeles area."[13] Rolling Stone's Peter Travers said of the film.Face/Off John Woo was offered a chance to direct but declined unless the studio agreed to give him more creative control than he had received on his previous American films.276. who fought against each other in the Trojan War. The battle in the church. is similar to the final confrontation in Woo's classic 1989 Hong Kong film The Killer.146 and $133. violent action sequences."[14] Richard Corliss of Time Magazine said that the film "isn't just a thrill ride. 50 Release Face/Off was released in North America on June 27. If you keep your eyes closed during a Woo movie and open them every six minutes. but with Travolta and Cage taking comic and psychic measures of their characters and their own careers.[10] The new DVD is a 2-disc set including 7 deleted scenes. as were the stylized. The role reversal between Travolta and Cage was a subject of praise. and that the action sequences dragged out too long. 1997 and earned $23 million on its opening weekend. the film was a critical and financial success. Reception Garnering largely positive reviews and high box office earnings. Pollux is held at Erehwon prison. Barbara Shulgasser of the San Francisco Examiner called the movie "idiotic" and argued that "a good director would choose the best of the six ways and put it in his movie.[6] [7] The film was part of a trio of films in the late 1990s starring Nicolas Cage that were co-productions of Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. you find yourself reinterpreting every scene as you realize the 'other' character is 'really' playing it. you'll see everything you need to know to have a perfectly lovely evening at the cinema. which includes doves flying around and religious artifacts being destroyed. The story itself. The names Castor and Pollux come from a pair of brothers from Greek mythology which also features the city of Troy.

1997 1997 Score 41:42 Hollywood Records Hans Zimmer Professional reviews • Allmusic [20] Track listing 1. and the MTV Movie Awards for Best Action Scene (the speedboat chase) and Best Duo for Travolta and Cage. performed by Olivia Newton-John) "Christiansands" (by Tricky) "Don't Lose Your Head" (by INXS) "Miserere Mei. 7. 15 ('Raindrop')" (by Chopin) "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (by James Brown) "Over The Rainbow" (by Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg. Ladd McIntosh and Lucas Richman Additional music Several pieces of music and songs were used in the film but not included in the soundtrack. 3. Face/Off also won the Saturn Awards for Best Directing and Writing. Yvonne S. Walt Fowler. Steven Fowler.1-4 & 17-20)" (by Gregorio Allegri) . ich fühl's" from "Die Zauberflöte" (by Mozart) "Prelude in D-flat. 2. 8. Moriarty.[17] [18] The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Sound Editing at the 70th Academy Awards. 4. 6. Deus (VV. "Face On" – (4:57) "80 Proof Rock" – (4:29) "Furniture" – (7:12) "The Golden Section Derma Lift" – (3:15) "This Ridiculous Chin" (– 6:51) "No More Drugs For That Man" – (7:27) "Hans' Loft" (– 3:37) "Ready For The Big Ride‚ Bubba" – (3:54) Album credit • Orchestra Conducted By: Lucas Richman • Orchestrated By: Bruce Fowler.Face/Off Face/Off holds a 93% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 54 positive reviews out of a total 56 and a score of 82 on Metacritic with 25 reviews counted. No. but lost to Titanic.[21] These include: • • • • • • • • "Since By Man Came Death" and "Hallelujah" from oratorio 'Messiah' (by Handel) Pamina's Aria "Ach. 5. Op.[19] 51 Soundtrack Face/Off: Original Soundtrack Music By John Powell Soundtrack by John Powell Released Recorded Genre Length Label Producer July 1. 28.

Review: Face Off (Original Soundtrack) (http:/ / www. [8] "Release dates for Face/Off" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ id. com/ title/ tt0119094/ locations). Roger (1997-06-27). time. External links • • • • • • Face/Off (http://www. Jason. IMDb. Ten thousand bullets: the cinema of John Woo. Retrieved 2007-06-06. [14] Travers. Rotten Tomatoes.00. dtl). highdefdigest.Special Collectors' Edition . Retrieved 2007-06-06. Melissa J. .jsp?stid=436200) at the TCM Movie Database . com/ cgi-bin/ article.com/title/title. [10] Perenson. . Barbara (1997-06-27). Retrieved 2007-06-05. The Los Angeles Times. [21] "Soundtracks for Face/Off" (http:/ / imdb.imdb. com/ reviews/ movie/ 5947489/ review/ 5947490/ faceoff). Rolling Stone.allmovie. Retrieved 2007-06-05.128557/ article.com/movies/?id=faceoff. salon. IMDB. Retrieved 2007-06-05. dvdactive. htm [2] "John Travolta and Nicolas Cage get under each other's skin--literally--in John Woo's return to form. San Francisco Examiner. Richard (1997-06-30). . IMDB. [4] Christopher Heard. Retrieved 2008-11-20.The Greatest Action Movies Ever (published in 2001) [6] "Face/Off" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. Peter (2001-02-09). . dll/ article?AID=/ 19970627/ REVIEWS/ 706270301/ 1023). html). sfgate. com/ cg/ amg. .metacritic.986612-3. Retrieved 2007-06-05. [17] "Face/Off" (http:/ / www. [20] Ankeny. Jennie (1997-06-27 ). Box Office Mojo. Allmusic. allmusic. [19] "Face/Off awards" (http:/ / imdb. 2000. html) [12] Breaking: Paramount Unveils Blu-ray Launch Plans | High-Def Digest (http:/ / www. Los Angeles: Lone Eagle Publ. com/ title/ tt0119094/ soundtrack). rollingstone. pcworld. . rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2007-06-05. . [15] Corliss.com/title/tt0119094/) at the Internet Movie Database Face/Off (http://www. cgi?f=/ e/ a/ 1997/ 06/ 27/ WEEKEND590.DVD R1 | HD | BD RA) in News > Releases at DVDActive (http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0119094/ awards). New HD Disc Technology" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-06-05. Retrieved 2007-06-05. Retrieved on 2010-07-26. .htm) at Box Office Mojo Face/Off (http://www. Metacritic. "ONE DUMB SUMMER: Reviews" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-06-08. Retrieved 2007-06-05. [3] Yabroff.9171. "New HD Disc Titles. . com/ movies/ ?page=main& id=faceoff. dll?p=amg& sql=10:hbftxquhld6e~T1). boxofficemojo. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. "Gentleman with a gun" (http:/ / www.rottentomatoes. html).com/video/titles/faceoff) at Metacritic Face/Off (http://tcmdb. ISBN 158065021X [5] Empire . [11] Face/Off (US . com/ news/ releases/ faceoff. com/ june97/ entertainment/ woo970627. PC World. com/ video/ titles/ faceoff?q=face/ off). . com/ 1997-06-27/ entertainment/ ca-7249_1_john-woo). metacritic.com/work/154939) at Allmovie Face/Off (http://www. htm).Face/Off 52 References [1] http:/ / www. suntimes. Time Magazine. "Trading Faces" (http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=faceoff. com/ m/ faceoff/ ). com/ title/ tt0119094/ releaseinfo). [16] Shulgasser.com.boxofficemojo. 'Face/Off'" (http:/ / articles. html). IMDB. [9] "DVD details for Face/Off" (http:/ / imdb. IMDB. Retrieved 2010-11-06. [18] "Face/Off" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-06-05. [7] "Filiming locations for Face/Off" (http:/ / imdb. com/ news/ show/ Paramount/ Disc_Announcements/ Breaking:_Paramount_Unveils_Blu-ray_Launch_Plans/ 1696) [13] Ebert. . (2007-01-18). . "Face/Off" (http:/ / rogerebert. . . Retrieved 2007-06-05.com/m/faceoff/) at Rotten Tomatoes Face/Off (http://www. com/ title/ tt0119094/ dvd). imdb. latimes. Chicago Sun-Times. . Salon. "Face/Off" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs.

City of Angels (film) 53 City of Angels (film) City of Angels Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Brad Silberling Charles Roven Dawn Steel Charles Newirth Wim Wenders Peter Handke Dana Stevens Nicolas Cage Meg Ryan Andre Braugher Dennis Franz Colm Feore Kim Murphy Deirdre O'Connell Gabriel Yared John Seale Regency Enterprises Warner Bros.114 Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue . 1998 114 minutes Germany United States English $66 million $198. April 10.685.

Seth (Nicolas Cage) is one of many Angels who watch over humans and protect them in unseen ways. 54 Plot In Los Angeles. at Maggie's doorstep. the angel Cassiel. When Maggie receives a marriage proposal from the fellow surgeon she is seeing. Seth and one of his fellow angels. Seth's personality and emotions. Immediately upon awakening from the jump. West Germany. Seth's main responsibility is to appear to those who are close to death and guide them to the next life. beginning with physical injury and pain. soaked and cold. one of Maggie's patients. But despite their daily encounters. Seth begins to consider exercising this option so that he can be with Maggie in a fully physical and emotional relationship. Seth then meets Nathaniel Messinger (Dennis Franz). too. Maggie rides her bike to a local store to buy some pears for him. He arrives in time for Maggie to tell him that she sees the angels who have come to escort her away. Maggie later talks about Seth with Nathaniel who gradually reveals his own angelic origin. which was set in Berlin. The next morning. they appear to have trouble understanding human beings and their ways. Seth is impressed by the vigorous efforts of the surgeon. Her happiness is cut short by a truck that catches her by surprise when it pulls out in front of her. but he's told that she has gone to her uncle's mountain cabin for a break. he knows they are there and begs Maggie not to look at them.City of Angels (film) City of Angels is a 1998 American romantic drama film directed by Brad Silberling. (The man is in fact standing with Seth watching Maggie try to save him. she finds herself having to choose between him and Seth. On her way back. but she is unable to accept the revelation and sends him away. Seth has to find his way to the hospital to see Maggie. Cassiel offers comfort and asks him whether he regrets his decision to become human. Seth is visited by his former colleague and friend. Now human. like those of all the other angels. California. Despite this. but that starts to change. Cassiel (Andre Braugher). While waiting to escort to the other world a man who will not survive heart surgery. He eventually hitches a ride to Lake Tahoe and appears. by way of the free will granted to angels. she will say it was Seth and swimming. had once been an angel but. Although Seth is no longer able to see the angels. although Maggie is already involved with one of her colleagues (Colm Feore) at the hospital. who can sense Seth's presence and that of other angels. the film is a remake of Wim Wenders' 1987 German film Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin). he starts to experience all of the human feelings and sensations that he had never been able to understand. Up until this point. they develop a friendship which soon turns to mutual attraction.) Seth soon becomes preoccupied with Maggie and decides to become visible to her despite his obvious inability to give her many convincing details about himself. happy and fulfilled. have been very subdued. she rides her bike with her eyes closed and her arms wide open to the Autumn sunlight and her bright future with Seth. Having realized that Seth is impervious to injury. She sees to his wounds and then they enjoy warm. He explains to her why he himself chose to become human and points out that Seth is thinking of doing the same. Maggie finally confronts him and demands to know who or what he really is. Seth's answer is a resounding “no”: . Seth decides to become human through the symbolic gesture of jumping from the top of a skyscraper. Set in Los Angeles. enjoying his first sensation of running hot water on his body. such as what he does for a living or even his last name. passionate lovemaking at last. As part of this task. decided to become human through the process he refers to as "falling". The film stars Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. Seeing the split lip and condensed breath coming from his mouth in the cold air. in an explicit scene where she asks Seth to describe what it feels like inside her. as Seth is in the shower. Seth apparently senses that Maggie is in trouble and runs to her aid. Nathaniel soon relates to Seth that he. like to ask people what their favorite thing in life was. he can't pay for the journey and ends up getting mugged and having his boots taken from his feet by a gang of roving predators. Penniless and naive. Maggie realizes that he has given up his exalted status for her love. Maggie Rice (Meg Ryan) to save the ill-fated man's life and her sincere anguish at her failure to do so. Now grieving and alone. Maggie tells him that she's not afraid anymore and that when they will ask her what her favorite thing in life used to be.

com/title/tt0120632/) at the Internet Movie Database . 2010.City of Angels (film) 55 “ I would rather have had one breath of her hair.[1] and had a positive to mixed reaction from critics.imdb. Seth expresses his joy in being human and the fact that he has come to terms with his new life by running into the water and playing in the waves. earning a 60% "Fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes. rottentomatoes. htm).[2] See also • List of American films of 1998 • City of Angels: Music from the Motion Picture References [1] "City of Angels" (http:/ / www. . [2] "City of Angels" (http:/ / www. one kiss of her mouth. Retrieved April 7. External links • City of Angels (http://www. com/ m/ city_of_angels/ ). The final scene recalls an earlier one with Nathaniel. com/ movies/ ?id=cityofangels. ” Seth mourns for Maggie and begins a difficult adjustment to his new life. Box Office Mojo. boxofficemojo. one touch of her hand. With Cassiel and the rest of the angels watching. than eternity without it. In a rare moment of emotion. It shows Seth at the beach where the angels meet every day at dawn and at sunset to listen to the celestial music and commune with eternity. 2010. . Retrieved April 7. Cassiel is seen laughing joyfully for his old friend. One. Rotten Tomatoes. Reception City of Angels earned almost $200 million in worldwide box office.

1998 98 minutes English $73 million USD Snake Eyes is a conspiracy thriller film directed by Brian De Palma. It cost an estimated $73 million to produce. returned $103 million worldwide and received a mixed response from critics. Released in 1998. the film was written by David Koepp and De Palma. one featuring his trademark use of long tracking shots and split screens.Snake Eyes (film) 56 Snake Eyes (film) Snake Eyes Snake Eyesfilm poster Directed by Produced by Written by Brian De Palma Brian De Palma Story: Brian De Palma David Koepp Screenplay: David Koepp Nicolas Cage Gary Sinise Carla Gugino Joel Fabiani Luis Guzmán Ryuichi Sakamoto Starring Music by Cinematography Stephen H. and rated R when released to theaters on August 7 of 1998. Burum Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Bill Pankow Paramount Pictures (USA) Touchstone Pictures (elsewhere) August 7. .

which includes his friend Kevin and the undefeated boxer Lincoln Tyler. but a bullet meant to kill her as a witness to the falsified reports. Suddenly. it is revealed that Kirkland was killed because he intended to cancel a missile defense project which Kevin felt needed to be instituted and which was contracted to a corporate executive who was also part of the conspiracy. and see a large orange-colored gemstone protruding from the column. Also present is his best friend. As a devastated Santoro is watching it. Kevin and three other conspirators (including Tyler) enter. in this case. but the approaching hurricane. Over the course of the story. "Tropical Storm Jezebel". Cornered. The end credits begin with a short video sequence of construction workers putting a concrete column into place. The video sequence of the end-credits suggests the typical organized crime practice of burying somebody in concrete. With the fight in progress. Santoro at first believes Julia to be involved with the assassination and tries to track her down amid the chaos.Snake Eyes (film) 57 Plot A boisterous and corrupt Atlantic City police detective. Santoro locks Julia in a warehouse behind the arena for her own safety and goes to his friend in charge of filming the boxing fight. U. as she had been trying to warn Kirkland that some of the project test results had been falsified. Santoro gradually realizes that the assassination was planned by a conspiracy. who was forced by his gambling debtors to throw the fight (in order to allow the murder to take place). Santoro has been bullying people and accepting payoffs for years. cornering him. . Throughout the film. Havoc ensues throughout the arena as the fight is stopped and fans stampede toward the exits. Julia seeks protection from Santoro. to the Secretary of Defense. but amidst all the publicity his past behavior is brought under scrutiny and he is charged with crimes. but she temporarily escapes through the adjoining casino and hotel. Julia finds Santoro on Atlantic City's boardwalk: he has been convicted and will have to serve 18 months. At first Santoro believes Julia to be a part of the conspiracy. whom the conspirators intend to kill. causes an accident that saves both Santoro and Julia from being shot by Kevin. a woman named Julia Costello (Carla Gugino) sits beside Santoro to speak. He agrees and they share a kiss. Santoro gains a short-lived period of hero worship in the public eye. As a construction worker takes his hand off the column and exits the shot. revealing -to his disbelief— the truth of how she saw Kevin involved in the assassination. agonizing moments of deliberation —in which Kevin erases the secret tape that would implicate him in the murder— Santoro chooses instead to risk his life to rescue Julia and publicize the conspiracy. there is a minor supporting role of a woman who is seen wearing the ring with that gemstone. but she asks him to meet her after he is released. As she realizes Kevin is pursuing her. the woman who wore the gaudy orange gemstone. who hands over a secret tape in which Kevin can be clearly seen with other conspirators. there are gunshots. He is knocked unconscious between the efforts of a cowed Tyler and a furious Kevin. we see a close-up of the concrete. During his investigation. Rick Santoro (Nicolas Cage) attends a heavyweight championship boxing match. Navy Commander Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise). The death of Julia had also been a part of the plot. After long. Needing to see evidence of Kevin's treachery for himself. furtively. but as his investigation continues he discovers the truth. In the final scene of the film. wounding her and mortally injuring Kirkland. a stunned Kevin shoots himself rather than turn himself in to the police. and is offered a million-dollar payoff from the conspirators to conceal the evidence and reveal the location of Julia.S. who is part of a group at ringside that includes Defense Secretary Charles Kirkland. He shocks her by revealing that "the second shot" was not a missed shot at Kirkland.

Snake Eyes was #2 at its opening weekend (behind Saving Private Ryan). with the film receiving a 41% "Rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes . • The real mayor of Atlantic City James Whelan plays the mayor who presents the award at the end of the film. Richard M. Critical reaction was mixed.[1] It grossed $55 million in North America.though raised to 50% when only counting audience reviewers. Deemed too expensive. • The arena sequences were filmed in the Montreal Forum. and $103 million worldwide. with $16 million.[5] • The movie features actor Kevin Dunn while Gary Sinise's character is named Kevin Dunne in the film. former home of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens. most notably the fallen globe and Rick's line "I keep thinking about that tunnel. [3] Trivia • Will Smith was originally approached for this film but couldn't agree with the studio on salary. [2]. . The shot actually has 8 cuts. • The movie is notable as the first twelve minutes were filmed in what seems to be one continuous shot from the opening sequence featuring the reporter to the assassination. This sequence involved a huge tidal wave crashing through the casino. • Nicolas Cage's character "Rick Santoro" is loosely based on the real-life head of security at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. 1998.Snake Eyes (film) 58 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Detective Rick Santoro Gary Sinise as Commander Kevin Dunne John Heard as casino owner Gilbert Powell Carla Gugino as whistle-blower Julia Costello Stan Shaw as boxing champ Lincoln Tyler Kevin Dunn as pay-per-view reporter Lou Logan Michael Rispoli as bookie Jimmy George Joel Fabiani as Secretary of Defense Charles Kirkland Luis Guzmán as small time hood Cyrus David Anthony Higgins as hotel guest Ned Campbell Mike Starr as hotel security Walt McGahn Tamara Tunie as television reporter Anthea Chip Zien as Mickey Alter Production Reception Released on August 7.[4] --Cage studied Santoro's job and mannerisms for the film prior to shooting • The ringside drunk says 'here comes the pain'. Several references to it remain in the final edit of the film." ILM is still credited in the end credits. the sequence was entirely removed during post production. • A huge special effects sequence was created by Industrial Light and Magic but cut from the final edit of the film. Asset Protection & Risk Management"). Santoro ("Executive Vice President. and what would have happened if I'd drowned. a line used in another Brian De Palma film (Carlito's Way). just before interior demolition.

imdb. htm External links • Snake Eyes (http://www.Snake Eyes (film) 59 See also • List of American films of 1998 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / boxofficemojo. html http:/ / cameraguild.com/title/tt0120832/) at the Internet Movie Database . com/ 1998/ 04/ 26/ nyregion/ atlantic-city-hollywood-by-the-bay. htm http:/ / www. com/ interviews/ chat_burum/ Burum_SnakeEyes. rottentomatoes. nytimes. com/ weekend/ chart/ ?yr=1998& wknd=32& p=. htm http:/ / boxofficemojo. com/ movies/ ?id=snakeeyes. com/ m/ snake_eyes/ http:/ / www.

000. .000 (estimated) 8mm 2 8mm is a 1999 mystery/thriller film.8mm (film) 60 8mm (film) 8mm 8mm promotional poster Directed by Produced by Joel Schumacher Judy Hofflund Gavin Polone Joel Schumacher Andrew Kevin Walker Nicolas Cage Joaquin Phoenix James Gandolfini Catherine Keener Norman Reedus Peter Stormare Anthony Heald Chris Bauer Myra Carter Mychael Danna Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Elswit Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Followed by Mark Stevens Columbia Pictures February 26. It stars Nicolas Cage. 1999 123 minutes United States English US$40. about a private investigator who delves into a world of pornographic snuff films. directed by Joel Schumacher.

Machine overpowers and disarms Tom. he asks Mrs. but his life is in grave danger. Longdale also reveals that he had informed Velvet ahead of time that Tom might come looking for them. but now I realize you and I are probably the only people that ever really cared about Mary Ann. At the man's home. Velvet and Machine produce a bound and beaten Max California. bespectacled man called George who asks Tom. they burn it and kill Max. He visits the girl's mother. Tom is told by a servant that Mrs. She left one envelope for the girl's family and one for Tom. saying. where.000 for the film. Tom discovers the girl's name is Mary Ann Mathews. Poole. and while they are distracted Tom manages to wound Machine and escape. however. Velvet. he penetrates the underworld of illegal pornography. Mathews and tells her the truth about what happened to her daughter." . whose husband has recently died.8mm (film) 61 Plot Private investigator and surveillance expert Tom Welles is contacted by Daniel Longdale.000. Tom phones to inform Mrs. but not before he is unmasked. Christian agrees. he receives a letter from Mrs. Mathews. the attorney of wealthy widow Mrs. But when he arrives at her estate. Mathews responds that she has to know what happened to her daughter. He tries to kill Poole but cannot bring himself to do it. They are about to kill Tom as well when he shares information he learned from Mrs. Christian that the film was real and that Longdale was involved. Christian wants to know for certain. simultaneously asking for her permission to hurt the men responsible." With the film destroyed and no remaining witnesses to its existence. Christian. While going through the contents of her husband's safe. Mathews which she would choose — to go on thinking that Mary Ann is living a happy life without knowing for sure. Mrs. He then calls Mrs. whom they have abducted in order to force Tom to bring them the only existing copy of the film. revealing a rather unremarkable-looking. He says they must go to the police and Mrs. Christian: that her husband had paid $1. "I hated you for telling me the truth. a violent fight ends with Machine being killed. Once he delivers it. Contact with a sleazy "talent scout" named Eddie Poole leads them to a shady movie director named Dino Velvet." Hoping to prove what he suspects. At the meeting. but Mrs. trying to discover who made the snuff film. pistol-whipping Poole to death and burning his body along with the pornography from Poole's car. Through the emotion shown it seems the film is real. and Machine all apparently received considerably less. she and Longdale find an 8 mm film depicting what appears to be the brutal murder of a teenage girl by a hulking man in a mask. even if the worst were true. "What did you expect? A monster?" Tom returns to his family. Janet. bald. Before he leaves. in which she explains that she ran away to Hollywood to become a film star. and while searching the house finds Mary Ann's diary. She thanks him for the money he sent and ends by saying. Tom now realizes that the film was authentic. Christian had contracted him to procure the snuff film. Tom next traces Machine by using hospital records and the knowledge that he wounded Machine during his escape from the warehouse. Velvet agrees and arranges a meeting at an abandoned warehouse in New York City. He gets what he needs and immediately returns. or to know the truth. whose violent pornographic films star a masked man known as "Machine. Tom flies to Hollywood. "There's no one left to finish this but me. In an ensuing fight." He tracks down Poole and takes him to the shooting location of the snuff film. after which the widow's lawyer Longdale appears unexpectedly. Christian committed suicide after hearing the news. "Try to forget us. Tom pretends to be a client interested in commissioning an original. Velvet and Longdale are both killed. with the help of an adult video shop's employee called Max California. One day. Longdale explains that Mr. thus making them realize that Longdale kept most of the money for himself. Tom decides to seek justice on the murdered girl's behalf by killing the remaining people involved. his containing the rest of his payment and a note reading. hardcore bondage film directed by Velvet and starring Machine. After looking through missing persons files.

"Unsee" (1:20) 10. "Dance With the Devil" (5:36) 11.[2] Sequel A direct-to-video "sequel" entitled 8mm 2 was released in 2005 with none of the original cast. "Cindy" (0:56) 6. "Hollywood" (2:51) 9. Not a film where moral issues are forgotten in the excitement of an action climax".8mm (film) 62 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Tom Welles Joaquin Phoenix as Max California James Gandolfini as Eddie Poole Peter Stormare as Dino Velvet Anthony Heald as Daniel Longdale Chris Bauer as George Anthony Higgins a. in that version. "The Call" (1:44) 4. "What Would You Choose" (3:11) 8." Welles was a lonely efficiency expert who found human connection in his friendship with the proprietor of an isolated pornography store on the side of the highway.k. "Missing Persons" (4:46) 7. entitled "Sexy World. Soundtrack The film's music was conducted by Mychael Danna. [1] However film critic Roger Ebert gave the film three stars stating: "8mm is a real film. with a total of 20 tracks: 1. "The Film" (1:10) 5. "The Projector" (1:20) 2. Christian Amy Morton as Janet Mathews Jenny Powell as Mary Ann Mathews Behind the scenes Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker's first draft was drastically different. Walker later had a major fall out with director Schumacher concerning the film's dark content. Critical reception The reviews for the film were largely negative. Schumacher cut a significant portion of the film to avoid the depiction of pornographic content being displayed in the background in order to ensure that the film wouldn't receive an NC-17 rating.a. receiving just 22% positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. "The Third Man" (1:14) . "The House" (2:05) 3. It was released on CD by Chapter III in 1999. Not a slick exploitation exercise with all the trappings of depravity but none of the consequences. Machine Catherine Keener as Amy Welles Norman Reedus as Warren Anderson Myra Carter as Mrs.

rottentomatoes. Wells" (1:54) 63 References [1] "8mm (1998)" (http:/ / www. 20.allmovie. suntimes. 17. 18. com/ apps/ pbcs.8mm (film) 12. "Loft" (1:56) "No Answer" (1:47) "I Know All About.com/work/176056) at Allmovie • 8mm (http://www.com/m/8mm/) at Rotten Tomatoes . dll/ article?AID=/ 19990226/ REVIEWS/ 902260302/ 1023). com/ m/ 8mm/ ). 13. 16. Chicago Sun-Times. 14.com/title/tt0134273/) at the Internet Movie Database • 8mm (http://www. 19. [2] "8Mm" (http:/ / rogerebert. Retrieved 2009-11/15. 15. Rotten Tomatoes.rottentomatoes.imdb." (1:46) "Scene of the Crime" (5:52) "Machine" (3:30) "Rainstorm" (3:49) "Home" (1:32) "Dear Mr. .. ." (1:41) "366 Hoyt Ave.. External links • 8mm (http://www.

1999 Running time Country Language Budget 121 min. John Goodman. . USA English $32. and based on the novel by Joe Connelly[1] [2] with the screenplay by Paul Schrader. Ving Rhames.000 Bringing Out the Dead is a 1999 film directed by Martin Scorsese.Bringing Out the Dead 64 Bringing Out the Dead Bringing Out the Dead original film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Martin Scorsese Barbara De Fina. The film stars Nicolas Cage.000. Scott Rudin Novel: Joe Connelly Screenplay: Paul Schrader Nicolas Cage John Goodman Ving Rhames Tom Sizemore Patricia Arquette Marc Anthony Elmer Bernstein Starring Music by Distributed by Paramount Pictures Touchstone Pictures Release date(s) October 22. Tom Sizemore and Patricia Arquette.

and in the end. "What's the Frequency. It is through Mary that Frank is able to reconcile his feelings about Rose. Pierce starts to fear that he will soon face another life he cannot save.R. Mary talks to Frank about her compassion toward helping others. "Nowhere to Run" .The Who . "I'm So Bored with the USA" . Kenneth?" . the daughter of a heart attack victim whom he had previously saved. after sleeping with Mary and carrying out a mercy killing of her father. and begins attempting to get fired as his visions of Rose become more frequent. and who visits her father regularly at the hospital. "Too Many Fish in the Sea" . Complaining of burnout. Pierce suffers from insomnia and begins having visions of a young girl named Rose who died while under his care.Johnny Thunders 4.The Clash 6. "Rivers of Babylon" .M. Rhames.The Melodians 11. "Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am a Japanese Sandman)" . Soon. a neighborhood in New York City.The Marvelettes 9. "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" . "Janie Jones" .Bringing Out the Dead 65 Plot Frank Pierce (Cage) is a paramedic working the graveyard shift in Hell's Kitchen.B.E. and Sizemore). It takes place over the course of three nights. Pierce bonds with Mary (Arquette). sleep.Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 8. "T. Once called Father Frank for his ability to save lives.The Clash 3. 5.UB40 7. which is shown contrasting Frank's feelings of burnout. "Bell Boy" . "Combination of the Two" . Cast • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Frank Pierce Patricia Arquette as Mary Burke John Goodman as Larry Ving Rhames as Marcus Tom Sizemore as Tom Marc Anthony as Noel Cliff Curtis as Cy Curtis Soundtrack Track listing 1. each night pairing Pierce with a different partner (Goodman. during the early 1990s.Big Brother & The Holding Company 12. "Red Red Wine" .Van Morrison 2. Sheets" .The Cellos 10. Manhattan.

bringingoutthedead. pqarchiver.dll/article?AID=/19991022/ REVIEWS/910220303/1023) . References [1] Washburn. Mountain Xpress (Asheville.mountainx.info) Bringing Out the Dead (http://www. Reception The film was generally well received by critics and holds a 71% 'Fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 2000). a lengthy blues-influenced song about a young girl who lies dying in a hospital bed.+ 1998& author=JOCELYN+ MCCLURG& pub=Hartford+ Courant& desc=`BRINGING+ OUT+ THE+ DEAD'+ VIVID. • Director Martin Scorsese provides the voice of one of the ambulance dispatchers. External links • • • • Bringing Out The Dead fanpage (http://www.php). Hartford Courant (Hartford. Ashely (January 1. based on 104 reviews. with Face/Off (1997) with John Travolta and Snake Eyes (1998) with Gary Sinise. "To Hell And Back In An Ambulance — Author Chronicles A Medic's Wild Ride Between Death And Saving Lives" (http:/ / www. Rotten Tomatoes. "'Bringing Out The Dead' Vivid. surrounded by the heavy smell of death and disease. com/ m/ bringing_out_the_dead/ ). [2] McClurg.com/title/tt0163988/) at the Internet Movie Database Bringing Out the Dead (http://www. Box Office was only $16.suntimes. New Jersey). G.rottentomatoes.com/ movies/review/bringingoutdead. Retrieved 25 January 2010.640. "Bringing Out The Dead (R) (film review)" (http://www. com/ movie/ 1800018761/ info [4] "Bring Out the Dead Reviews" (http:/ / au. . Retrieved 25 January 2010. • Siegel.210. Jocelyn (March 1. Retrieved 2010-02-16. html). yahoo.+ OUT+ OF+ CONTROL& pqatl=google). 2000).com/apps/pbcs. html?dids=26907675:26907675& FMT=ABS& FMTS=ABS:FT& type=current& date=Mar+ 01. Conn. Sheets". . Retrieved 25 January 2010.imdb.S. Out Of Control" (http:/ / pqasb. Blowin' Your Mind!. com/ doc/ 1P1-25107238.[4] Laserdisc release This motion picture. 1998). rottentomatoes. [3] • The film was part of a trio of films in the late 1990s starring Nicolas Cage that were co-productions of Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. North Carolina. accounting for only about 1/2 of the budget.Bringing Out the Dead 66 Notes • The opening song on the movie is "T. highbeam. United States). • The U. was the final feature film released on Laserdisc. It was written by Van Morrison and included on his 1967 album.B.2. . The Record (Bergen County. [3] http:/ / movies.com/m/bringing_out_the_dead/) at Rotten Tomatoes Roger Ebert's review of the film (http://rogerebert. along with Sleepy Hollow. Lindy (February 27.): p. com/ courant/ access/ 26907675.

299 Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue . (June 7. 2005 (Director's cut)) 118 minutes (Theatrical) 127 minutes (Director's cut) United States English $90 million $237. Halicki (Original film) Scott Rosenberg Nicolas Cage Angelina Jolie Giovanni Ribisi Christopher Eccleston Delroy Lindo Robert Duvall Ian Ball Trevor Rabin Music by Cinematography Paul Cameron Editing by Roger Barton Chris Lebenzon Tom Muldoon Jerry Bruckheimer Films Touchstone Pictures June 9. 2000.Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) 67 Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) Gone In 60 Seconds Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Dominic Sena Jerry Bruckheimer Mike Stenson H.202.B.

Canada and throughout Los Angeles and Long Beach. and Will Patton. and written by Scott Rosenberg. Angelina Jolie. 'Sphinx' and a few others he hasn't worked with before.Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) Gone in 60 Seconds is a 2000 American action film. Castleback uses his experience with Raines to predict he will save one particular car. starring Nicolas Cage. California. Armageddon) and is a remake of the 1974 H. Robert Duvall. after Kip and his associates did not make the deadline to deliver stolen cars. Memphis quickly reassembles his old crew including his mentor. This concludes with a high-risk jump over a traffic jam on the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Raymond is threatening to kill Memphis' younger brother. Castlebeck lets him go free before the other police arrive. He saves Castlebeck from being shot by Calitri. Christopher Eccleston. With LAPD Detective Roland Castlebeck (Delroy Lindo) and his partner. and Memphis enters the warehouse to settle the score with Calitri. a few minutes after the deadline. The film was directed by Dominic Sena. breathing down his neck. dangerously deciding to steal three of the cars from the police impound lot. Kip arrives to save him. Back at Otto's. It was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock. Giovanni Ribisi. a retired master car thief. Calitri condemns Memphis for the poor condition of the car (the Shelby had sustained severe damage during the chase) before deciding to kill Memphis. Kip (Giovanni Ribisi). In gratitude. the gang celebrates and Kip gives Memphis a gift: a heavily damaged Shelby Mustang GT 500 which Otto claims "is a heap. Memphis decides to steal all the cars in one night to avoid tipping off the cops.B. Otto (Robert Duvall). The film was shot in Hamilton. the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500. When Memphis arrives at Calitri's salvage yard with the final car. former girlfriend. Detective Drycoff (Timothy Olyphant). Memphis takes it for a test drive. When he catches Memphis in the act of stealing it. Ontario. Halicki film of the same name. a high-speed chase ensues through Long Beach. Discovering the 'shopping list' from the earlier job. but in a couple weeks will be a stream-line butterfly". California and his former trade to steal 50 cars by Friday morning for British crime boss Raymond Vincent "Carpenter" Calitri (Christopher Eccleston). only to have it stall. Stealing the cars en masse the night before the deadline. in his car compactor. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Randall "Memphis" Raines Angelina Jolie as Sara "Sway" Wayland Giovanni Ribisi as Kip Raines Christopher Eccleston as Raymond Vincent "Carpenter" Calitri Delroy Lindo as Detective Roland Castlebeck Robert Duvall as Otto Halliwell Will Patton as Atley Jackson Vinnie Jones as Sphinx Scott Caan as Tumbler James Duval as Freb Timothy Olyphant as Detective Drycoff Chi McBride as Donny Astricky William Lee Scott as Toby . Sway (Angelina Jolie). Memphis is forced to change the plan midstream when he realizes Castlebeck is on to them.[1] 68 Plot Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicolas Cage). or codename "Eleanor. the latter falling to his death." for last as Memphis had unsuccessfully tried to steal the car numerous times. is forced to return to Los Angeles.

648.202. including the $103. com/ id/ 2118819). boxofficemojo. Internet Movie Database. as Johnny B. Ontario" (http:/ / www. 2005).Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) • • • • Grace Zabriskie as Helen Raines Frances Fisher as Junie Halliwell Trevor Goddard as Don Master P. Box Office Mojo. slate.+ Ontario. comprising a total gross revenue for the film of $237. [2] "Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) . a Director's Cut version of the film was released on DVD. it had grossed $101.com.728 internationally.[3] [4] Soundtrack A soundtrack containing a blend of rock. [3] Edward Jay Epstein (May 16. however. after overhead. com/ List?endings=on& & locations=Hamilton.571 domestically and $135. 2005 . Retrieved 2006-12-30. Director's Cut On June 7. Slate columnist Edward Epstein argued that.Box Office Mojo" (http:/ / www. leading all films that weekend. the special features remain the same as those included in the original version References [1] "Internet Movie Database — List of Films shot in Hamilton. Gone in 60 Seconds grossed $25. com/ movies/ ?id=gonein60seconds.[2] Though the film earned a $237 million worldwide box office gross. electronic and hip hop music was released on June 6. 2005.553.299 worldwide. Retrieved 2008-01-29. 2000 by the Island Def Jam Music Group.+ Canada). Some of the differences include: • Different dialogue in the opening Porsche race scene • A longer conversation between Atley Jackson and Memphis • Instead of Kip making breakfast for Memphis. .006 US theaters. 69 Release In its opening weekend. [4] "The Big Picture: The New Logic of Money and Power in Hollywood" Edward Jay Epstein." (http:/ / www. were taken into account over the four years following the film's release. Slate.048 from 3. Retrieved 2009-01-25. "Gross Misunderstanding: Forget about the box office. . imdb. it lost roughly $90 million after all expenses. .336. htm). It ran for 9 extra minutes and featured scenes not included in the original cut. By the end of the film's theatrical run. an alternate scene is shown where Kip grabs a beer from the fridge and falls asleep as Memphis is trying to talk to him • The scene where Memphis tries to get Otto's help is extended • The scene where Kip offers to help out with the job is also extended • There is a small scene where Memphis talks to Atley about the probability of meeting the deadline on time • The Ferrari boost scene includes a small conversation between Memphis and Kip • The final BBQ scene is extended • Some scenes also include music not included in the original version of the movie • The Director's Cut includes different menus.3 million it cost to make the film. It peaked at #69 on the Billboard 200.

com/title/tt0187078/) at the Internet Movie Database • Gone in Sixty Seconds (http://www.imdb.Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 film) 70 External links • Gone in Sixty Seconds (http://www.rottentomatoes.boxofficemojo.org/movie_187078.imcdb.com/work/186742) at Allmovie • Gone in Sixty Seconds (http://www.allmovie.html) at the Internet Movie Cars Database .com/m/1097865-gone_in_60_seconds/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Gone in Sixty Seconds (http://www.com/movies/?id=gonein60seconds.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Gone in Sixty Seconds (http://www.

2000 125 minutes United States English $60 million $124.The Family Man 71 The Family Man The Family Man Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Brett Ratner Marc Abraham Tony Ludwig Alan Riche Zvi Howard Rosenman David Diamond David Weissman Nicolas Cage Téa Leoni Don Cheadle Danny Elfman Dante Spinotti Mike Helfrich Beacon Pictures Saturn Films Universal Pictures December 22. Cage produced the film under his Saturn Films production company.745.083 Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue The Family Man is a 2000 comedy-drama film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni. .

he runs after her at the airport and describes the family they had in the alternate universe in an effort to get back together with her. while a formerly sycophantic employee is instead in Jack's old position. Moreover. Just as Jack is finally realizing the true value of his new life. in the end. Jack struggles to fit into the role of a family man. He instead has a modest family life. who sees what could have been had he made a different decision thirteen years ago. and only called him to give back some of his old possessions. Shocked and confused. bonding with his "children. involving a supernatural being. . who once again gladly offers him a job. Kate. He suddenly finds himself being offered a contract to work at the very same investment firm from his alternate life. Cash pulls out a gun and is about to shoot the clerk before Jack offers to buy the ticket from him. In desperation. That night after work. Jack realizes that he is living the life he could have had if he had not gone to London and become an investment banker but had stayed in the United States with his girlfriend. 72 Plot Jack Campbell is a single. flirting with a married woman. on Christmas Day. tried to call him after many years. suggesting that they might have a future after all. thus averting disaster. she was also left to focus on her career and became a very wealthy lawyer. Jack runs out to the street and encounters Cash. Confused. the protagonists in both movies conclude that living a quiet family life is preferable to achieving success and wealth at work. like Jack. who is driving Jack's Ferrari. lonely — former life. While he is wowed by the potential salary and other complimentary extreme luxuries.The Family Man The film centers on a man. It is similar to It's a Wonderful Life in that it begins on Christmas Eve with a life-and-death situation. He and Cash settle their "business deal" outside and he arrogantly offers to help Cash before going to sleep in his penthouse. He begins to succeed in his life. and forgetting his anniversary. Jack wakes up in a suburban New Jersey bedroom with Kate and two children. he hurries back to his office and condo in New York. the next morning. Jack's young "daughter" realizes his secret and decides to assist him in surviving his new life. Very soon. There he meets his old mentor. his epiphany jolts him back to his wealthy — yet as he now realizes. who tries to convince the main character into taking an earnest look at his life. but not even his closest friends recognize him. Kate convinces him to decline and spend time with his family. he is surprised to hear that his former girlfriend. Before she moves her business to Paris. where he is a tire salesman and Kate is a non-profit lawyer. believes that Cash is lying and refuses to give him his winnings. she agrees to a cup of coffee at the airport. In his office at Christmas Eve. However. however. barges in saying that he has a winning ticket. he walks into a convenience store where a lottery contestant. Shocked but intrigued. with an assertiveness he did not possess as a subordinate. he forgoes closing his $130 billion pharmaceutical acquisition deal to intercept Kate (who had left the message the day before)." falling in love with his wife and working hard at his dull job. "Cash". The store clerk. wealthy Wall Street mergers and acquisitions (M&A) executive living the high life in New York City. The film has also been compared to Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol in that the protagonist is a greedy man who cares little about anyone except himself and then has his life outlook completely changed after a series of real-life "what if?" experiences. He finds her moving out of a luxury townhouse. making many serious blunders such as missing opening Christmas presents. Cash explains that Jack is in an alternate universe in order to learn a lesson.

in which a man is able to see how things could have been if he'd never lived. the Charles Dickens classic novel. • Mr. in which a career-focused. • Me Myself I. . • Sliding Doors. unmarried woman finds herself in an alternate universe in which she is married and has children. one in which she stays with her boyfriend. • Click.The Family Man 73 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Jack Campbell Téa Leoni as Kate Reynolds Don Cheadle as Cash Jake and Ryan Milkovich as Josh Makenzie Vega as Annie Jeremy Piven as Arnie Saul Rubinek as Alan Mintz Josef Sommer as Peter Lassiter Harve Presnell as Big Ed Mary Beth Hurt as Adelle Amber Valletta as Paula Ken Leung as Sam Wong Kate Walsh as Jeannie Gianni Russo as Nick Tom McGowan as Bill Joel McKinnon Miller as Tommy Robert Downey. Shared themes Similar works include: • A Christmas Carol. A career-driven female attorney who is prepared to work through the holiday on a big case meets a mysterious woman who magically transforms her into a minivan-driving mom with a husband and two kids. which opened at the top spot. Destiny.1 million USD in its opening weekend. behind What Women Want and Cast Away. in which a man who often puts work before his family is shown a life in which work finally wins out and his family leaves him. • A Family Thanksgiving. in which an angel-like being shows a man how his world would have been if an event in his past happened differently. Sr. in which a woman at a crossroads in life experiences two different possibilities. as Man in House Paul Sorvino as Sydney Potter Box office The film opened at #3 at the North American box office making $15. • It's a Wonderful Life. one in which she leaves him to focus on her career.

The Family Man 74 External links • • • • • • Official website [1] The Family Man [2] at the Internet Movie Database The Family Man [3] at Allmovie The Family Man [4] at Rotten Tomatoes The Family Man [5] at Metacritic The Family Man [6] at Box Office Mojo References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. boxofficemojo. allmovie. htm . family-man. com/ film/ titles/ familyman http:/ / www. com/ work/ 229073 http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=familyman. com/ title/ tt0218967/ http:/ / www. metacritic. imdb. com/ m/ family_man/ http:/ / www. com http:/ / www.

Welcome to Hollywood 75 Welcome to Hollywood Welcome to Hollywood Welcome to Hollywood movie cover Directed by Produced by Written by Tony Markes Adam Rifkin Tony Markes Zachary Matz Tony Markes Adam Rifkin Shawn Ryan Tony Markes Adam Rifkin Dennis Hopper Nicolas Cage John Travolta Richard Mercado Justin Reinhardt Home Box Office October 27. 2000 89 minutes United States English Starring Music by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Welcome to Hollywood is a mockumentary about a young man trying to make it in Hollywood as an actor. and other Hollywood figures. The film has appearances from numerous actors. Tony Markes is the young man trying to pursue the means to become an actor. When he finally does get a break and gets a guest-spot on Baywatch. Various attempts to get him noticed and in roles in film and television fail. . it ends with disaster as the actor steps on a stingray and has to be hospitalized. models. producers. athletes. actresses.

Woody Harrelson David Hasselhoff Salma Hayek Evander Holyfield Dennis Hopper Ron Howard Mike Leigh Matthew McConaughey Ewan McGregor Anthony Minghella Kelly Monaco Julianne Moore Cathy Moriarty Pat O'Brien Nancy O'Dell Jada Pinkett Smith Kelly Preston Fred Roggin Steve Schirripa Joel Schumacher Ron Shelton Will Smith Mira Sorvino John Travolta Ally Walker John Waters Irwin Winkler Robert Wuhl .Welcome to Hollywood 76 Celebrity Cameos • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alison Anders Tom Arnold Halle Berry Sandra Bullock Nicolas Cage Glenn Close Wes Craven Cameron Crowe Cameron Diaz Roger Ebert Carmen Electra Angie Everhart Laurence Fishburne Peter Fonda Jeff Goldblum Cuba Gooding Jr.

imdb. com/ title/ tt0169376/ .Welcome to Hollywood 77 See also • Independent film • Los Angeles • Satire External links • Welcome to Hollywood [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film) 78 Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film) Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film) Promotional film poster Directed by Produced by John Madden Tim Bevan. Eric Fellner. Kevin Loader Shawn Slovo Louis de Bernières (Novel) Nicolas Cage Penélope Cruz John Hurt Christian Bale David Morrissey Irene Papas Stephen Warbeck Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Toll Editing by Studio Distributed by Mick Audsley StudioCanal Working Title Films North America Universal Studios International Miramax Films August 17. 2001 131 minutes France United Kingdom United States Release date(s) Running time Country . Mark Huffam.

The Greeks are exposed to the brutal incoming Germans. The Italian government surrenders to the Allies. and the Italian troops happily prepare to go home. However.) Time Line 1940 1941 October 28 April 6 June 1 Italy invades Greece Germany invades Greece The Axis forces occupy all of Greece 2 year time span 1943 September 3 Italy and the Allied forces sign an armistice September 15 The German Luftwaffe bombards the Italian positions with Stuka dive-bombers 10 year time span 1953 August 12 The Great 1953 Ionian Earthquake occurs . and Mandras takes him to Pelagia and the doctor to recover. their erstwhile allies the Germans insist on disarming the Italians. The daughter of the village doctor. but no note. but island life continues. including Pelagia. and who trains his battery of men . and then to a boat to escape the island. Mandras. Pelagia discovers that Mandras did not reply to her letters because he is illiterate. initially alienates a number of the villagers. the German High Command has thousands of the Italian troops shot as traitors. When Pelagia's fiance. (The ending of the film is very much truncated from the book.who have never fired a shot . heads off to war on the mainland. she slowly warms to his certain charm as they are forced to share her father's home when the doctor obtains medical supplies in return. and endure the inevitable sacrifice which accompanies devotion. and while at first offended by the Italian soldier's behaviour. Captain Antonio Corelli.in choral singing. Corelli survives when one of his soldiers throws himself across him.a love which must overcome tremendous odds. and eventually Corelli returns to Pelagia. Her beauty and intelligence have captured his heart and his fondness for the village's vibrant community causes him to question his reasons for fighting. but the moment is fleeting.Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film) Language English Greek German Italian 79 Captain Corelli's Mandolin is a 2001 film directed by John Madden and based on the novel of the same name by Louis de Bernières. a Greek-speaking officer with an irrepressibly jovial personality and a passion for the mandolin. Plot The bucolic beauty of Greece's Ionian islands has been invaded by Italy. intemperately and violently. It stars Nicolas Cage and Penélope Cruz. the friendship between Antonio and Pelagia grows. In 1947. An earthquake destroys much of the village and the doctor's house. and they part. Pelagia receives a parcel from Italy containg a record of the tune Corelli wrote for her. Antonio and Pelagia are forced to choose between their allegiances and the love they feel for one another . and arrange with the Italians to use their arms in a brief and futile resistance. Antonio and his battery of musical troops become part of the lives of the villagers. bringing a large Italian garrison and a few Germans to the tranquil island of Cephallonia. For this. Pelagia is an educated and strong-willed woman. a local fisherman. which immediately surrenders. As the war grows closer.

Captain Antonio Corelli Penélope Cruz .Mandras Irene Papas . with many of the book's tragic episodes softened.Drosoula David Morrissey .Captain Gunther Weber Piero Maggio .Young Lemoni Ira Tavlaridis . Reception The film was panned by critics on its release and disappointed fans by deviating somewhat from the plot of the novel.Older Lemoni Katerina Didaskalu . raking in $7. Stamatis Michael Yannatos . Iannis Christian Bale .Captain Corelli's Mandolin (film) 80 Cast and roles • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage . Pelagia's Friend Joanna-Daria Adraktas . The Strongman Viki Maragaki . Dedication “ This film is dedicated to the thousands of Italian soldiers executed by German forces on the island in September 1943 and to the people of Cephallonia who were killed in the post-war earthquake.Dimitris Andrew Simos .Lemoni's Mother Emilios Chilakis .Father Arsenios Pietro Sarubbi .Dr.209. ” See also • Massacre of the Acqui Division • 1953 Ionian Earthquake • Cefalonia References External links • Captain Corelli's Mandolin at IMDB (http://imdb.Velisarios.com/title/tt0238112/) .Kokolios Dimitris Kaberidis .Mr.Extra/Stuntman Box office The film opened at #6 at the U.Eleni.Carlo Gerasimos Skiadaressis . Box office.Pelagia John Hurt .Mrs. Stamatis Aspasia Kralli .S.345 USD in its opening weekend.

Main cast • • • • • • • • • • Kate Winslet – Belle (voice) Nicolas Cage – Jacob Marley (voice) Jane Horrocks – Ghost of Christmas Past (voice) Michael Gambon – Ghost of Christmas Present (voice) Rhys Ifans – Bob Cratchit (voice) Juliet Stevenson – Emily Cratchit (voice) Robert Llewellyn – Old Joe (voice) Beth Winslet – Fan (voice) Colin McFarlane – Albert Fezziwig (voice) Simon Callow – Charles Dickens/Ebenezer Scrooge (voice) . The music and songs were written.Christmas Carol: The Movie 81 Christmas Carol: The Movie Christmas Carol: The Movie Directed by Written by Jimmy T. Murakami. Kate Winslet (who also sang the film's theme What If). Murakami Robert Llewellyn Piet Kroon Charles Dickens (short story) Simon Callow Kate Winslet Nicolas Cage Jane Horrocks Rhys Ifans Michael Gambon Juliet Stevenson Julian Nott Taylor Grant Starring Music by Editing by Distributed by Pathé Release date(s) December 7. and Nicolas Cage. composed and performed by Julian Nott who also did the Wallace and Gromit theme tune. 2001 Running time Country Language 77 min. Directed by Jimmy T. the film features the voices of numerous actors including Simon Callow. United Kingdom English Christmas Carol: The Movie is a 2001 British animated film based on the Charles Dickens classic novel.

com/work/262818) at Allmovie .Christmas Carol: The Movie 82 See also • List of A Christmas Carol adaptations References External links • Christmas Carol: The Movie (http://www.com/title/tt0259929/) at the Internet Movie Database • Christmas Carol: The Movie & Musical (http://www.allmovie.imdb.

Windtalkers 83 Windtalkers Windtalkers Directed by Produced by John Woo • • • • • • • • • • • • • John Woo Terence Chang Tracie Graham-Rice Alison Rosenzweig John Rice Joe Batteer Nicolas Cage Adam Beach Roger Willie Mark Ruffalo Peter Stormare Noah Emmerich Christian Slater Written by Starring Music by James Horner Cinematography Jeffrey Kimball Editing by • • • • • Jeff Gullo Steven Kemper Tom Rolf MGM Lion Rock Productions Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue MGM June 14.265 [1] [1] . 2002 134 minutes United States English $115 million $77.628.

Enders and Anderson are told that the code cannot fall into enemy hands and to kill the code talkers if they are captured. Ben Yahzee Roger Willie .Gy. At the top of the ridge they see enemy guns firing on American troops. and perform the Navajo ritual of paying respects to the man who saved his life. who had been guarding Whitehorse.Pvt. Yahzee and Enders are shot as they both attempt to retrieve the radio . Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage . after learning that Enders killed Whitehorse. Hjelmstad Noah Emmerich . Ox Anderson (Christian Slater) receives a parallel assignment protecting Navajo code talker Pvt. Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach). Arizona. Yahzee returns to the front-line and. Still without the ability to communicate and American artillery shells raining down on them. though.Cpl.PFC Nellie Christian Slater .Sgt. His first assignment is to protect Navajo code talker Pvt. With his last breath Enders confesses he hated having to kill Whitehorse. was forced to take the life of Whitehorse. Pete "Ox" Anderson Frances O'Connor . Joe Enders Adam Beach . During the fight Anderson. Yahzee. Yahzee has to kill a Japanese radioman before he can redirect American artillery fire onto the Japanese position. attempts to shoot him. yet are able to fight their way out to a ridge..Mertens . To avoid the American artillery. his wife and son sit on top of the John Ford's Point mesa in Monument Valley.S. Yahzee's radio is destroyed and the convoy is unable to call off the bombardment. Sgt. After the beachhead is secured. The Marines are then ambushed near a minefield. Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) after becoming almost deaf in one ear a year earlier while trying to save a buddy. Enders manages to carry Yahzee to safety after taking a shot in the chest. and in so doing. Yahzee is sent back to headquarters and that night the Marines make camp in a village that is latter attacked. Yahzee attacks the Japanese fearlessly.Maj.Sgt. fumbles the radio needed to call in bombardments. This is Yahzee and Whitehorse's first combat experience. Back in the U. Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater star as two US Marine sergeants assigned to protect Navajo code talkers in Saipan during World War II.Rita Jason Isaacs . the Marines comes under friendly fire by American artillery. Yahzee is disguised as a Japanese soldier and sent behind enemy lines in search of a radio. Still angry over Whitehorse.Pvt. returns to active duty with a little help from a sympathetic pharmacist (Frances O'Connor). Chick Mark Ruffalo . is decapitated and Whitehorse is captured. the commander orders the Marines to attack the Japanese position. Pappas Brian Van Holt . Charlie Whitehorse (Roger Willie).Pvt. Sgt.Windtalkers 84 Windtalkers is a 2002 action war film directed by John Woo. Plot WWII Cpl.Fortino Cameron Thor .PFC Harrigan Martin Henderson . Mellitz Billy Morts . Charlie Whitehorse Peter Stormare . Enders throws a grenade killing Whitehorse. Yahzee and Whitehorse send and receive coded messages that direct battleship bombardments of Japanese land positions.

"[3] The movie was criticized for featuring the Navajo characters only in supporting roles. remarking that "the filmmakers have buried it beneath battlefield cliches. 2010. com/ movies/ reviews/ windtalkers. [3] Ebert. Retrieved May 7. 2002). the location where Lost and Jurassic Park were shot. 111 negative).com. Retrieved May 7.[1] The film's release was delayed multiple times. Retrieved May 7. while centering the story on a white character played by Nicolas Cage. plume-noire. 2010. com/ apps/ pbcs. htm).6 million worldwide. .[4] Awards and nominations Year 2003 Award Harry Award World Stunt Awards Brett A. .[2] Roger Ebert gave the film two stars. Reception The film reportedly cost $115 million. [4] Thom.Windtalkers 85 Production Steve Termath was originally cast for the role of Private Nellie. [2] "Windtalkers" (http:/ / au. . rottentomatoes. plume-noire. dll/ article?AID=/ 20020614/ REVIEWS/ 206140305/ 1023). based on 165 reviews (54 positive. they were not the primary focus of the film. boxofficemojo. went to Martin Henderson when Termath took a brief hiatus from acting for actual military service. Some violence was trimmed in order to avoid an NC-17 rating. com/ m/ windtalkers/ ). enlisting in the United States Army Reserve. html). and it received mostly negative reviews. however. 2010. Roger (June 14. 2010. "Windtalkers" (http:/ / www. "Windtalkers" (http:/ / rogerebert. . Chicago Sun-Times. . Rotten Tomatoes. Jones Winner/Nominee Category Result Best Supporting Actor Nominated Best Fire Stunt Won Nominated Nominated Al Goto & David Wald Best Fire Stunt Spencer Sano Best High Work See also • Native Americans and World War II • Code talker References [1] "Windtalkers" (http:/ / www. suntimes. Box Office Mojo. It currently holds a 33% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Fred. Retrieved May 7. Filming locations on Hawaii included Kualoa Ranch. The role. but made only just under $41 million at the US box-office and a combined $77. com/ movies/ ?id=windtalkers.



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• • • • • • • Official site (http://www.mgm.com/windtalkers/) Windtalkers (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0245562/) at the Internet Movie Database Windtalkers (http://tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=431218) at the TCM Movie Database Windtalkers (http://www.allmovie.com/work/258252) at Allmovie Windtalkers (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/windtalkers/) at Rotten Tomatoes Movie stills (http://film.virtual-history.com/film.php?filmid=449) Hollywood and the Pentagon: A Dangerous Liaison (http://video.google.com/ videoplay?docid=8125002310328201175) A documentary exploring issues relating to pentagon involvement in film production.

Adaptation (film)


Adaptation (film)

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Spike Jonze Jonathan Demme Vincent Landay Edward Saxon Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman Book: Susan Orlean Nicolas Cage Meryl Streep Chris Cooper Cara Seymour Tilda Swinton Brian Cox Carter Burwell Lance Acord Eric Zumbrunnen Beverly Detroit Clinica Estetico Good Machine Intermedia Magnet Productions Propaganda Films Columbia Pictures December 6, 2002 114 min. United States English

Written by


Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio

Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language

Adaptation (film)
Budget Gross revenue $19 million $32,801,173


Adaptation (rendered as Adaptation.) is a 2002 American comedy-drama film directed by Spike Jonze and written by Charlie Kaufman. The film is based on Susan Orlean's non-fiction book The Orchid Thief through self-referential events. The film stars Nicolas Cage as Charlie and Donald Kaufman, Meryl Streep as Susan, with Chris Cooper, Cara Seymour, Brian Cox, Tilda Swinton, Ron Livingston and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The film tells the story of Charlie Kaufman's difficult struggle to adapt The Orchid Thief into a film. In addition, Orlean romances with John Laroche while Charlie enlists the help of his twin brother Donald. The film had been in development as far back as 1994. Jonathan Demme brought the project to Columbia Pictures with Kaufman writing the script. Kaufman went through writer's block and did not know what to think of The Orchid Thief. In turn Kaufman wrote a script about his experience adapting The Orchid Thief into a screenplay. Tom Hanks was at one point set for the role of Charlie Kaufman while John Turturro was approached to portray Laroche. Jonze signed to direct and filming finished in June 2001. Adaptation. received positive reviews and critical acclaim, as well as outstanding success at the 75th Academy Awards, 60th Golden Globe Awards and 56th British Academy Film Awards. It has since developed a strong cult following, which almost all of Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman's works have developed.

In 1992, John Laroche and his wife run a successful Florida nursery, but tragedy strikes and Laroche's wife, mother and uncle are involved in a car accident. Laroche's mother and uncle are killed immediately, but his wife goes into a coma, divorcing Laroche and suing him once she regains consciousness. One month later, Laroche's home and everything he owns is destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. Meanwhile, local Seminoles hire Laroche due to his vast knowledge of flowers and orchid poaching. However, the Seminoles are using the extract of the Ghost Orchid as an illicit drug, and not for tribal ceremonials as Laroche thought. Two years later, Laroche is caught at the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park and the ensuing trial captures the attention of New Yorker journalist Susan Orlean. Laroche and Susan become great friends, with Susan writing The Orchid Thief. Laroche and Susan then become romantically involved, while Susan is still married, albeit unhappily, in New York. The Orchid Thief is then optioned by Columbia Pictures. During the filming of Being John Malkovich, the self-loathing and agoraphobic Charlie Kaufman is hired to write the screenplay. At the same time Charlie is going through melancholic depression and his twin brother Donald moves into his house in Los Angeles, mooching off Charlie. Donald decides to become a screenwriter like Charlie, and visits the seminars of Robert McKee. Charlie wants to adapt the script into a faithful adaptation of The Orchid Thief, hoping to impress Valerie Thomas. However, he realizes that there is no narrative involved and finds it impossible to turn the book into a film, going through a serious case of writer's block. Meanwhile, Donald's spec script for a clichéd psychological thriller, called The 3, sells for five or six figures, while Charlie accidentally starts writing his script with self-reference. Already well over his deadline with Columbia Pictures, Charlie visits Susan in New York for advice on the screenplay. In New York, Charlie finds that he is not courageous enough to meet Susan, leaving without consulting with her. Charlie visits a McKee seminar in New York, gaining advice from McKee, and bringing Donald to assist with the story structure. Donald even agrees to go on an interview with Susan, posing as Charlie and remains wary of Susan's answers. With Donald convinced that Susan is lying, he and Charlie follow Susan to Florida where she meets Laroche. Charlie finds Susan and Laroche taking the Ghost Orchid drug and having sex. This is followed by a sequence of events which include a car chase, Donald being shot and then killed in a car crash, Laroche being killed by an alligator and Susan being arrested by the police. His writer's block broken, Charlie finally summons up the courage to tell his former love interest, Amelia, that he is still in love with her. He finishes his

Of course there are specific things that have been exaggerated or changed for cinematic purposes.[1] Cage took the [2] role for a $5 million salary." —Charlie Kaufman on writing the script [8] The idea to do a film adaptation of Susan Orlean's The Orchid Thief dates back to 1994. John Malkovich. Part of the experience of watching this movie is the experience of seeing that Donald Kaufman is credited as the co-screenwriter. it's part of the story. Litefoot and Jay Tavare have small roles as Seminoles.[4] John Turturro was approached to portray John Laroche.[3] Streep expressed dire interest in the role before being cast.[10] eventually selling them to Jonathan Demme. but went through writer's block and did not know what to think of The Orchid Thief. 89 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Charlie Kaufman / Donald Kaufman Meryl Streep as Susan Orlean Chris Cooper as John Laroche Cara Seymour as Amelia Kavan Brian Cox as Robert McKee Tilda Swinton as Valerie Thomas Ron Livingston as Marty Bowen Maggie Gyllenhaal as Caroline Cunningham Judy Greer as Alice Stephen Tobolowsky (deleted scenes) as Ranger Steve Neely Bob Yerkes as Charles Darwin Tom Hanks was originally set for the double role of Charlie and Donald Kaufman. Production "The emotions that Charlie is going through [in the film] are real and they reflect what I was going through when I was trying to write the script. Lance Acord and Spike Jonze have uncredited cameos as themselves in scenes where Charlie Kaufman is on the set of Being John Malkovich.[11] In turn. Russell as a New Yorker journalist.[2] and took a salary cut in recognition of the film's budget. Jim Beaver as Ranger Tony. Terence Stamp and Michael Caine were considered for the role of Robert McKee. Kaufman wrote about his experience adapting the script through exaggerated events.[9] Fox 2000 purchased the film rights in 1997. John Cusack. with Gérard Depardieu in mind to portray him in the film. and David O.[7] Nicolas Cage portrays Charlie and Donald Kaufman through split screen photography. Kaufman had written two drafts of the . while Variety was convinced Donald was a real person. but accepted it after his wife's persistence.[12] By September 1999. and wore a fatsuit during filming. Charlie Kaufman was hired to write the script.[5] Cooper heavily considered turning down Laroche.[6] Albert Finney. It's part of the movie. and created a fictional "brother" named Donald Kaufman. director Curtis Hanson as Orlean's husband. Charlie even went as far as putting Donald's name on the script and dedicated the film to the fictional character. Catherine Keener. Christopher Plummer. More cameos include Doug Jones as Augustus Margary for a small scene when Susan fantasizes about the history of orchid poaching.Adaptation (film) script. but McKee personally suggested Brian Cox to filmmakers. who set the project at Columbia Pictures.

I only told Spike Jonze.[5] Adaptation.3 million in foreign countries. earning $1.[25] At the end of 2009. I don't know what I would have done. Donald became the first truly fictitious person nominated for an Oscar. coming at a total of $32.130. 2003."[15] In addition Kaufman stated. opened on December 6. boldly sincere filmmaking. "I really thought I was ending my career by turning that in!"[16] Adaptation. Metacritic calculated an average score of 83 from 40 reviews. while Skywalker Sound was responsible for the audio mixing of Adaptation. To watch the film is to be actively involved in the challenge of its creation.[31] . California.[30] Cage. mainly criticizing the ending: "Too smart to ignore but a little too smugly superior to like. 90 Reception Columbia Pictures had at one point announced a late 2001 theatrical release date. as we were making John Malkovich and he saw how frustrated I was. with Kaufman winning Best Adapted Screenplay.[18] Columbia Pictures committed to North America distribution only after Intermedia came aboard to finance the film in exchange for international distribution rights.[20] Based on 193 reviews [21] the film was more collected by Rotten Tomatoes. went on to gross $22.480 in its opening weekend in 672 theaters.[5] The "evolution" fantasy sequence was created by Digital Domain.[14] Kaufman explained. tragic. I liked it. demanding.[13] and turned in another draft in November 2000. Adaptation. Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe thought "This is epic. Had he said I was crazy. And the climax. as it teases itself with the directions it might take. Cooper and Streep received nominations at the 56th British Academy Film Awards. is bananas.[17] as did Drew "Moriarty" McWeeny of Ain't It Cool News in October.[22] By comparison. with Kaufman mildly rewriting the script."[26] David Ansen of Newsweek felt Meryl Streep had not "been this much fun to watch in years". balanced with the 34 critics in Rotten Tomatoes' "Top Critics". So I just wrote it and never told the people I was writing it for. "The idea of how to write the film didn't come to me until quite late. and finished by June."[28] Chris Cooper won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Spike Jonze. It was the only idea I had. Adaptation. received an average 91% overall approval rating. Charlie and Donald Kaufman were nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. while Nicolas Cage (Actor in a Leading Role) and Streep (Supporting Actress) were nominated. was nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. The film then was released nationwide on February 14.[1] Scott Brake of IGN leaked the script on the Internet in June 2000."[24] He later added the film to his "Great Movies" collection. receiving a 85% approval rating. Cage and Kaufman were nominated for awards while Adaptation.[27] while Mike Clark of USA Today gave a largely negative review. funny. went on fast track in April 2000. the portion that either sinks the entire movie or self-critically explains how so many others derail. this could be a movie that ends up slapping its target audience in the face by shooting itself in the foot.8 million.[29] Cooper and Streep won their respective categories at the 60th Golden Globe Awards.5 million in North America and $10. and I knew there was no way it would be approved if I pitched it.[23] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times believed the film was something "That leaves you breathless with curiosity. Ebert named the film one of the best of the decade.[19] Filming started in late March 2001 in Los Angeles. original.Adaptation (film) script. 2002 in the United States for a limited release. strange.

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"Lit properties are still hottest tickets" (http:/ / www. Jill Tiernan. Chicago Sun-Times. archive. [23] "Adaptation. Retrieved 5 April 2008. variety. [12] Claude Brodesser (10 November 1999). com/ m/ adaptation/ ). imdb. . variety. "Meta-Movie Madness" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR1117780287). Retrieved 16 April 2008. Retrieved 11 April 2008. Variety." (http:/ / web. "Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman Discuss Adaptation" (http:/ / movies. . "Backstage notes" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 8 April 2008. Retrieved 5 April 2008. com/ articles/ 035/ 035453p1. com/ Sections/ Awards/ Golden_Globes_USA/ 2003). IGN. [21] "Adaptation (2002)" (http:/ / www. IGN. com/ life/ movies/ reviews/ 2002-12-05-adaptation_x. pdf) on April 7. Retrieved 11 April 2008. ign. "Adaptation" (http:/ / rogerebert. [22] "Adaptation. Rotten Tomatoes. USA Today. Geoffrey Berkshire (23 March 2003). "Charles Kaufman Talks Shop" (http:/ / movies. Retrieved 8 April 2008. variety. Variety. . Variety. . Charlie" (http:/ / www. [16] Stax (13 March 2002). "Adaptation. variety. Internet Movie Database. com/ article/ VR1117883243. [6] Claude Brodesser. . com/ article/ VR1117794235).com. com/ id/ 66762). The Royal Tenenbaums. Retrieved 5 April 2008. . Retrieved 8 April 2008. com/ article/ VR1117871334). html). "Cage's Adaptation? Sorry. com/ articles/ 057/ 057663p1. "Being Robert McKee. Variety. [19] Charles Lyons (18 June 2001). Ain't It Cool News. Metacritic. Dana Harris (23 August 2000). Variety.: Revised Draft" (http:/ / web. (2002): Reviews" (http:/ / www. "Development players make personal choices" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 5 April 2008. "Cage has Adaptation. BeingCharlieKaufman. com/ articles/ 379/ 379456p1. com/ movies/ ?id=adaptation. "Script Review of Charlie Kaufman's Adaptation" (http:/ / movies. variety. Retrieved 5 April 2008. html?categoryid=1043& cs=1). "What will follow film success for Eminem?" (http:/ / www. [13] Charlie Kaufman (24 September 1999). variety. beingcharliekaufman. Retrieved 17 April 2008. com/ articles/ 355/ 355413p1. [8] Spence D (5 December 2002). com/ article/ VR1117757917)." (http:/ / www. beingcharliekaufman. rottentomatoes. . variety. Charles Lyons. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. . archive. Retrieved 5 April 2008. "Moriarty Rumbles About Adaptation. Retrieved 8 April 2008. inclination" (http:/ / www. Variety.com. "Hey. Retrieved 12 April 2008. Box Office Mojo. The Boston Globe. com/ Sections/ Awards/ Academy_Awards_USA/ 2003). Retrieved 5 April 2008. com/ adaptationnov2000. both on screen and off". com/ video/ titles/ adaptation?q=Adaptation). [20] "Adaptation. . [4] Claude Brodesser (6 September 2000). "A revolutionary look at the evolution of creativity" (http:/ / www. Fatboy!" (http:/ / movies. html). beingcharliekaufman. [9] Bill Desowittz (18 August 2002). "Adaptation. com/ adaptation. BeingCharlieKaufman. Variety. rottentomatoes. metacritic. com/ m/ adaptation/ ?critic=creamcrop). "Brothers in a Conundrum. . com/ article/ VR1117785470). "Cruise in tune with Shaggs project" (http:/ / www. html). [25] Roger Ebert's "Great Movies" essay about Adaptation. usatoday. (http:/ / rogerebert. html). variety. cgi?id=7162). "Greg's Preview — Adaptation.Adaptation (film) 91 References [1] Michael Fleming (6 April 2000). . Variety. . Retrieved 8 April 2008. . . . boston. and Catch Me If You Can!" (http:/ / www. [18] Drew "Moriarty" McWeeny (10 October 2000). [28] Mike Clark (5 December 2002). htm). [29] "Academy Awards: 2003" (http:/ / imdb. "Streep eyes Adaptation. [3] Stax (3 May 2001). [15] Michael Fleming (14 November 2002). IGN. [2] Claude Brodesser. com/ display. com/ movie/ preview/ 1808402845). Retrieved 13 April 2008. com/ article/ VR1117760122). newsweek. [24] Roger Ebert (20 December 2002). suntimes. [14] Charlie Kaufman (21 November 2000). "Helmers let out a rebel yell" (http:/ / www. .: Second Draft" (http:/ / web. ign. org/ web/ 20080407235615/ http:/ / www. (2002)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. 2008. com/ article/ VR1117876083). pdf) on April 7. Yahoo!. [27] David Ansen (9 December 2002). dll/ article?AID=/ 20021220/ REVIEWS/ 212200302/ 1023). Retrieved 12 April 2008. . Retrieved 5 April 2008. [5] Greg Dean Schmitz. Retrieved 5 April 2008. . aintitcool. . suntimes. Rotten Tomatoes. com/ apps/ pbcs.: Rotten Tomatoes' Top Critics" (http:/ / www. [11] Jonathan Bing (26 February 2001). Variety.

External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://www.html) . by Charlie Kaufman. Retrieved 12 April 2008. Spike Jonze. (http://www. Shooting Script (http://books. (http://www.com/m/1118700-adaptation/) at Rotten Tomatoes Adaptation.htm) at Box Office Mojo Susan Orlean's original article for The New Yorker (http://www.sonypictures. ISBN 1854597086. Internet Movie Database.com/articles/orchid_fever.rottentomatoes. imdb.beingcharliekaufman.htm) at BeingCharlieKaufman.com/homevideo/adaptation-superbit/index.com/work/260395) at Allmovie Adaptation. 92 • Adaptation.imdb. 2002.com Adaptation.in/books?id=M2VX6twRp9gC&printsec=frontcover& dq=adaptation&source=bl&ots=nGgWJ9_5at&sig=AhSG-PFC5nAKaanUChj-cQaU0F0&hl=en& ei=ylfxS7PmMdCzrAer5_iTBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6& ved=0CDoQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false). (http://www.Adaptation (film) [31] "BAFTA Awards: 2003" (http:/ / www.com/movies/?id=adaptation.com/movies/adaptation. com/ Sections/ Awards/ BAFTA_Awards/ 2003).co.allmovie. .google.susanorlean.com/title/tt0268126/) at the Internet Movie Database Adaptation.html) Adaptation. (http://boxofficemojo. Nick Hern Books. (http://www.

Sonny (film) 93 Sonny (film) Sonny Directed by Produced by Nicolas Cage Paul Brooks Nicolas Cage Norman Golightly Executive Norm Waitt Co-Executive Glenn S. Gainor Associate Debra L.005 Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue . Smith Gold Circle Films Saturn Films Samuel Goldwyn Films September 2. 2002 110 minutes United States English $30. Gainor John Carlen James Franco Brenda Blethyn Harry Dean Stanton Mena Suvari Josie Davis Clint Massell Barry Markowitz Howard E.

imdb. It is left up to the viewer what happens next. the son of Jewel who runs a brothel. Sonny returns home from the army. Jewel had also recently recruited a new girl to the brothel. hoping to go away with Sonny. Sonny was co-produced by Cage's production company Saturn Films. com/ title/ tt0305973/ . Carol is in the car with the man. a girl called Carol. Jewel tries to convince Sonny to come back to working for her as he had before the army. driving away and looking back. wanting to leave that life behind. Sonny continually turned her down. Carol accepts the marriage proposal. Mena Suvari and Josie Davis. but becoming more introverted and depressed with the occasional outburst as he looks for more and more work. Director Nicolas Cage has a small cameo role. Cast • • • • • • James Franco as Sonny Brenda Blethyn as Jewel Harry Dean Stanton as Henry Mena Suvari as Carol Seymour Cassel as Albert Josie Davis as Gretchen External links • Sonny (film) [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. However.Sonny (film) Sonny is a 2002 film starring James Franco. They also do some jobs together. towards the car. Harry Dean Stanton. She at first declines. They often talk about getting out of the business and escaping together. One of Carols clients. the job he was promised never materialized and he was forced to come back to working for Jewel again. staying with his mother while waiting to start the job an army buddy of his promised him. and beginning to run down the street. At the end of the film. saying many of his old clients still missed him and he was the best gigolo she'd ever had. 94 Plot James Franco stars as Sonny. Sonny and Carol meet and fall in love. She and Sonny fall out as he is making no effort to get out of the business. proposes to her and asks her to go away with him. We see Sonny coming out of the house. Brenda Blethyn. an older man.

Matchstick Men


Matchstick Men
For the song popularised by Status Quo, see Pictures of Matchstick Men

Matchstick Men

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Ridley Scott Ridley Scott Steve Starkey Sean Bailey Jack Rapke Ted Griffin Screenplay Ted Griffin Nicholas Griffin Novel Eric Garcia Nicolas Cage Alison Lohman Sam Rockwell Bruce Altman Bruce McGill Hans Zimmer Dody Dorn ImageMovers Scott Free Productions Saturn Films Warner Bros. September 12, 2003 116 minutes United States English

Written by


Music by Editing by Studio

Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language

Matchstick Men
Gross revenue $65,573,198


Matchstick Men is a 2003 American drama film directed by Ridley Scott. Based on Eric Garcia's novel Matchstick Men: A Novel about Grifters with Issues (2002), the motion picture stars Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell, and Alison Lohman.

Roy Waller (Nicolas Cage) is a con artist residing in Los Angeles, California. Alongside his partner and protégé Frank Mercer (Sam Rockwell), Roy operates a fake lottery, selling overpriced water filtration systems to unsuspecting customers; in the process, Roy has collected over one million dollars. Roy suffers from several mental disorders, including agoraphobia, mysophobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and a tic disorder — not to mention the fact that he yells, "Pygmies" whenever something surprises or upsets him. After Roy experiences a violent panic attack, Frank suggests he see a psychiatrist, Dr. Harris Klein (Bruce Altman). Klein provides Roy with medication, and in therapy has Roy recall his past relationship with his ex-wife, Heather (Melora Walters), who was pregnant during the time of the divorce. At Roy's behest, Klein informs Roy that he called Heather and found out that Roy has a 14-year-old daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman). Roy and Angela meet and Angela quizzes Roy regarding his life and occupation. Her youthful energy rejuvenates him, and Roy thus agrees to work with Frank on a long-term con: Their target is Chuck Frechette (Bruce McGill), an arrogant businessman whom the duo decides to con with the Jamaican Switch. One night, Angela unexpectedly arrives at Roy's house, saying that she has had a fight with her mother, and decides to stay for the weekend before returning to school, much to Roy's discomfort. She explores his belongings and causes him to rethink his life, which he mentions during therapy with Klein. Angela returns home late one night, leading to an argument between the two. During dinner, Roy admits that he is a con artist and reluctantly agrees to teach Angela a con. The two of them go to a local laundromat and con an older woman into believing she has won the lottery, and she shares half of her expected winnings with Angela; however, Roy then forces Angela to return the money. Roy questions the morality of teaching his daughter such practices, but believes his rejuvenation is a good sign. He then goes bowling with her but is interrupted when Frank reveals that Chuck's flight to the Caymans has been updated to that day instead of Friday as planned. With little time left, Roy reluctantly decides to let Angela play the part of distracting Chuck midway through the con; however, after the con is finished, Chuck realizes what has happened and chases the two into the parking lot before they escape. Roy then learns that Angela was arrested a year ago, and forces her to stop calling him despite the fact that she has bought him a small present as a sign of affection. Without Angela, Roy's myriad phobias resurface, and during another panic attack, he ultimately learns that the medication given him by Klein is a placebo, proving that he doesn't actually need his pills to be happy. He decides that he needs Angela in his life but that he would have to change his lifestyle, much to Frank's disappointment. Roy and Angela return from dinner one night to find Chuck waiting for them with a gun, alongside a badly beaten Frank. Angela shoots Chuck and Roy sends her off with Frank into hiding until the matter can be sorted out. As Roy prepares to take care of Chuck's body, Chuck suddenly springs to life and knocks Roy unconscious. Roy awakens in a hospital, where the police inform him that Chuck eventually died from the gunshot and Frank and Angela have disappeared. Klein appears and Roy gives him the password to his bank account, ordering him to give the money to Angela when she is found. Later, Roy awakens to find that the "police" have disappeared, his "hospital room" is actually a freight container on the roof of a parking garage, "Dr. Klein's" office is vacant, and essentially all of his money has been taken. As he begins to realize that Frank pulled a con on him, Roy drives over to Heather's (whom he hasn't seen for years) looking for Angela. While speaking with Heather, Roy learns the truth: Heather miscarried their child. There is no "Angela": the young girl he thought was his child was actually Frank's accomplice.

Matchstick Men One year later, Roy has become a salesman at a local carpet store, which Angela and her boyfriend one day wander into. Roy confronts Angela but ultimately forgives her, realizing that he is much happier as an honest man. Angela reveals that she did not receive her fair share of the cut from Frank, and that it was the only con she ever pulled. Angela and her boyfriend depart and Roy returns home to his new wife Kathy, who is now pregnant with his child.


• • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Roy Waller Sam Rockwell as Frank Mercer Alison Lohman as Angela Bruce Altman as Dr. Harris Klein Bruce McGill as Chuck Frechette Sheila Kelley as Kathy Beth Grant as Laundry Lady Jenny O'Hara as Mrs. Schaffer Steve Eastin as Mr. Schaffer Melora Walters as Heather

Matchstick Men opened on September 12, 2003 to mostly positive reviews. James Berardinelli awarded the film three-and-a-half stars (out of four), praising the film for its "sly, biting sense of humor" and "emotionally satisfying" elements. He also praised the film's acting, and ultimately noted that the film was "worth every cent" of the ticket price and was "the first winner of the fall movie season."[1] Film critic Roger Ebert wrote an ecstatic review, awarding the film four stars (out of four). Ebert noted that the film is "so absorbing that whenever it cuts away from the plot, there is another, better plot to cut to." He also recommended the film for several Oscar nominations, most notably Nicolas Cage's performance and the film's screenplay.[2] Some critics, however, were not impressed. Renee Graham of The Boston Globe criticized the film for its sentimentality, writing that "director Ridley Scott goes all gooey in this off-key adaptation of Eric Garcia's cynical novel." Despite praising the performances of Sam Rockwell and Alison Lohman, Graham wasn't fond of Cage, writing that he is more "irritating than interesting" and that the film follows a similar style.[3] Similarly, Lou Lumenick of the New York Post praised the film's acting but noted that the viewer "may end up feeling as suckered as Roy's victims." Lumenick was also not fond of the twist ending, believing that it was a large detractor to the film's value.[4] Nevertheless, the film holds an 83% "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[5] Opening in 2,711 theaters in the United States and Canada, the film's opening weekend gross stood at second place with $13.0 million for a mild per-theater-average of $4,827; despite receiving better reviews than its fellow openers, it ultimately lost the number-one position to Once Upon a Time in Mexico. The film eventually grossed $36.9 million domestically, which was an underwhelming total. The film was not much more successful in the global market, grossing a worldwide total of $65.5 million.[6] Additionally, the film was virtually ignored during the awards season, receiving no Oscar nominations despite positive reviews. However, the film found better success on home video.

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Cage plays Benjamin Gates. Jon Voight. once protected by the Knights Templar and hidden by the Freemasons during the early years of the United States. Diane Kruger. A coded map on the back of the Declaration of Independence points to the location of the "national treasure". Sean Bean. but Gates isn't alone in his quest.National Treasure (film) Written by Screenplay: Jim Kouf Marianne Wibberley Cormac Wibberley Story: Jim Kouf Oren Aviv Charles Segars Uncredited: Ted Elliott Terry Rossio Nicolas Cage Harvey Keitel Jon Voight Diane Kruger Justin Bartha Sean Bean Christopher Plummer Trevor Rabin 99 Starring Music by Cinematography Caleb Deschanel Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by William Goldenberg Jerry Bruckheimer Films Saturn Films Walt Disney Pictures November 19. It is the first film in the National Treasure franchise and stars Nicolas Cage. produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Ted Elliott. young Ben (Hunter Gomez) is encouraged on by a clue from his grandfather John Adams Gates (Christopher Plummer) that could lead to a fabled treasure stash hidden by the Founding Fathers of the United States. Whomever can steal the Declaration and decode it first.894 National Treasure: Book of Secrets National Treasure is a 2004 adventure film from the Walt Disney Studios under Walt Disney Pictures written by Jim Kouf. With an expedition funded and led by Ian Howe (Sean Bean). Harvey Keitel. and the youngest descendant of a long line of treasure hunters. United States English $100 million [1] $347. 2004 131 min. Justin Bartha. and Marianne Wibberley. will find the greatest treasure in history. Though Ben's father. Plot Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is a historian and amateur cryptologist. Terry Rossio. tries to discourage Ben from following in the family line. and directed by Jon Turteltaub. and Christopher Plummer. Cormac Wibberley. an historian and amateur cryptologist searching for a lost treasure. Ben and his friend and computer expert . Patrick Henry Gates (Jon Voight).451.

Harvey Keitel as FBI Special Agent Peter Sadusky Jon Voight as Patrick Gates Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase. written by Benjamin Franklin. one of Ben's colleagues. Ben and Sadusky arrange a deal—with the safe return of the Declaration and identifying where Ian and his men can be found. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Gates. unaware that Ben has purposely tricked them. When Ben tries to tell various authorities. at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. trapped in the ice in the Arctic. which Ben and Patrick believe refers to Paul Revere's ride. Abigail. becomes caught up with Ben and Riley as they escape from Ian and the authorities. Sean Bean as Ian Howe. Ben and Riley escape in time. and even though they split up. Abigail. Holding Riley. Ben uses the pipe from the Charlotte to open a secret door that reveals the vast treasure stash he has been searching for. suspicious of Ben's presence at the gala. who reveals he is part of the Freemasons. and Patrick hostage. much to Patrick's surprise and dismay. and return to the United States to stop Ian. and has asked for Abigail's hand in marriage. 100 A film set for the underground chambers beneath Trinity Church When the four ascend. they are met by Agent Sadusky. Ian. lures the FBI into a trap aboard the USS Intrepid. allowing them to grab Ben. including Agent Peter Sadusky (Harvey Keitel) of the FBI. and indicates the treasure to be at the Old North Church in Boston. then to Independence Hall where the trio find a pair of bifocals created by Franklin that revel additional codes on the back on the Declaration. considering the Declaration impossible to steal. The film ends showing that Ben kept only a small fraction of the sales. Ben's identity is tracked to the theft. under the guise of a prisoner exchange. Aboard the ship they discover a meerschaum pipe engraved with a riddle that Ben connects to the Declaration of Independence. as well as a route to the surface. Riley and Abigail and the Declaration are caught by Ian. while Agent Sadusky captures Ben.National Treasure (film) Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) track down a Colonial ship. which leads the group to the Trinity Church in New York City. Deep underground. the Charlotte. Ian traps Ben and Riley in the Charlotte and rigs it to explode before departing with his team. Ben takes a stand against him. Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) at the National Archives. an historian who is fascinated with ancient treasures. leading them first to the Silence Dogood letters. and they are forced to go to his father's home. Ian forces Ben to use the bifocals and find the next clue. they dismiss his claims. still with the bifocals. and execute it just before Ian and his own team arrive. Ben and Riley concoct their own plan to steal the document during a gala event. Ian and his men strand Ben. Justin Bartha as Riley Poole. still making his friends quite wealthy. they find a room lit only by a lantern. Sadusky will clear all of their names and allow them to sell the treasure to collections across the world. Abigail. and Patrick as they ascend to the surface. Riley. Christopher Plummer as John Gates Yves Michel-Beneche as Museum Boy Jason Earles as Thomas Gates David Dayan Fisher as Shaw Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Powell . Ben's financier. one of Ben's colleagues. When Ian reveals he will go to any lengths to find this treasure including stealing the Declaration. and Dr. The group is caught by Ian. Ben and Abigail find a Ottendorf cipher on the back of the Declaration.

Blu-ray Disc Disney released Blu-ray Disc versions of National Treasure and its sequel. Roger Ebert gave National Treasure two stars (out of four).[4] The film currently holds a 44% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 2007.[3] and using it as the basis for an essay on scene transitions in classical Hollywood cinema. while others ridiculed its numerous implausibilities and unbelievable plot twists.[5] Home video releases Collector's Edition DVD A special collector's edition.National Treasure (film) • • • • Oleg Taktarov as Victor Stephen A. 2008.[6] Soundtrack National Treasure Soundtrack by Trevor Rabin Released Recorded Label Producer November 16. on May 20. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. calling it "so silly that the Monty Python version could use the same screenplay."[2] Academic David Bordwell has expressed a liking for the film. line for line. Pope as Phil Matthew Li as Henry Hunter Gomez as Young Ben Gates 101 Reception The film received a mixed reaction from critics. placing it in the tradition of 1950s Disney children's adventure movies. straightforward family adventure. two-disc DVD set of the movie was released on December 18. some of whom lauded it as a fun. 2004 2004 Hollywood Records Trevor Rabin .

[7] but [8] Disney has already registered the domains for NationalTreasure3DVD. "National Treasure Suite" 2.[10] See also • • • • • • United States Declaration of Independence National Archives and Records Administration Beale ciphers Arnold Cipher Baron Ottendorf National Treasure franchise . Title 1. the film's box office gross of an unexpected $347. "Foot Chase" 10.com. National Treasure 3 Director Jon Turteltaub said that the filmmaking team will take its time on another National Treasure sequel. No. "Arrival at National Archives" 7. on DVD known as National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. which was given the greenlight in 2005. Turteltaub responded in a press interview that the idea was not set in stone as the basis for National Treasure 3. "Preparation Montage" 6. "Spectacle Discovery" 11. "Ben" 3. 2007. "Treasure" Length 3:17 4:03 1:04 2:27 4:53 1:54 4:22 1:43 3:34 3:18 4:30 3:39 102 Sequels National Treasure: Book of Secrets Although the DVD commentary stated that there were no plans for a sequel. "Finding Charlotte" 4.com and NationalTreasure4DVD. "Library of Congress" 5.5 million worldwide warranted a second film. "Declaration of Independence" 9. Though the second film ended with the question about page 47 of the President's book of secrets. was released on December 21.[9] In an online press release Director Jon Turteltaub set a time table setting 2011 as the slated release date. "The Chase" 8. "Interrogation" 12.National Treasure (film) All songs written and composed by Trevor Rabin. National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

davidbordwell. php).archives.umich.com By Josh Tyler: 2008-03-27 (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0368891/) at the Internet Movie Database National Treasure (http://www. Retrieved 30 January 2010. boxofficemojo. slashfilm.imdb.si. suntimes. [2] "National Treasure" (http:/ / rogerebert.edu/spies/methods-intelligence. "Disney Plans For National Treasure 3 & 4" (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes.allmovie. [5] http:/ / uk. dll/ article?AID=/ 20041118/ REVIEWS/ 411180308/ 1023). com/ m/ national_treasure/ [6] "Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Announces the Disney Blu-Ray Title Wave Coming 2008" (http:/ / bluray. High-Def Digest. html). cinemablend.com/movies/?id=nationaltreasure. .com. davidbordwell. SlashFilm. com/ movies/ ?id=nationaltreasure.rottentomatoes.html) • Secret Methods and Techniques . [7] Bruce Kirkland (2008-05-30).htm) at Box Office Mojo The National Archives "Our National Treasure" website (http://www. html) Crew members altering the natural light for filming an indoor scene External links National Treasure (http://www. "The Hook: Scene Transitions in Classical Cinema" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs. html) .boxofficemojo. "'National Treasure 3' in works" (http:/ / jam.gov/ national-archives-experience/charters/treasure/index. . 2007. "Your trash. Chicago Sun-Times. . [3] Bordwell. highdefdigest. David (5 January 2008). com/ new/ National-Treasure-3-In-2010-8303. htm).National Treasure (film) 103 References [1] "Box office statistics for National Treasure (2004)" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved April 10. 2007. .From the collections at Clements Library • • • • • . [8] Peter Sciretta (2008-02-01). canoe. [9] "National Treasure 3: Page 47" (http:/ / hitsusa. . net/ blog/ ?p=1781). ca/ Video/ DVD_Column/ 2008/ 05/ 30/ 5721241-sun.com/m/national_treasure/) at Rotten Tomatoes National Treasure (http://www. August 17. David (January 2008).com/work/289256) at Allmovie National Treasure (http://www. my Treasure" (http:/ / www. HitsUSA. html). com/ 2008/ 02/ 01/ disney-plans-for-national-treasure-3-4/ ).com. [10] From Cinema Blend. com/ blog/ 406/ national-treasure-3-page-47/ ). Retrieved 2007-09-27.Intelligence letters (http://www2. com/ pressrelease_disney2008bluray. Retrieved 30 January 2010. [4] Bordwell. Jam!. . net/ essays/ hook. BoxOfficeMojo. 2007-12-22.

Lord of War 104 Lord of War Lord of War Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Andrew Niccol Andrew Niccol Chris Roberts Nicolas Cage Philippe Rousselet Andy Grosch Norm Golightly Andrew Niccol Nicolas Cage Jared Leto Bridget Moynahan Eamonn Walker Ian Holm Ethan Hawke Antonio Pinto Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Amir Mokri Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Zach Staenberg Entertainment Manufacturing Company Lions Gate Entertainment September 16. 2005 (United States) January 4. 2006 (France) 123 minutes France Germany United States English US$50 million [1] Language Budget .

he courts and marries model Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan) and they have a child named Nikolai (Nicky). Cage plays an illegal arms dealer with similarities to post-Soviet arms dealers Viktor Bout[2] [3] [4] and Leonid Minin. He partners up with his brother.617. Yuri avoids arrest when he changes his boat's name from the Kristol to the Kono. After he sees a Russian mobster kill two would-be assassins in a restaurant. but a few nearby soldiers immediately kill Vitaly. 2006 and the Blu-ray Disc on July 27. Vitaly takes a grenade and blows up half the gun shipment. Vitaly takes one kilogram in order to get high. During a business deal with a Colombian drug lord. Soon after. In 1982. As his business grows. She and Yuri's parents disown him. who is shot in the process. stands in a sea of spent shell casings. Valentine reveals to Ava that Yuri is an arms dealer. During the transaction. and he wants to figure out how to arm the other eleven. so he decides to fulfill a necessity by providing firearms. Back at home. is forced to accept it. Andre Baptiste Sr. Orlov describes the beginnings of his career. which were provided by a Czech source. The tanks were only available until December of the year of filming. Valentine follows Ava as she finds Yuri's security container. the dictator of Liberia. Yuri is paid with six kilograms of cocaine instead of cash. The film was officially endorsed by the human rights group Amnesty International for highlighting the arms trafficking by the international arms industry. he conducts his arms business alone. 2006. They were to be returned so they could be sold to Libya. He runs to the other truck to blow up the other half. 2005. Yuri rushes to Ukraine after watching Mikhail Gorbachev's Christmas Day 1991 speech of resignation on television. tells Yuri that he has found his security container. and Yuri is released after United States Marine Corps officer Colonel Oliver Southern speaks to Valentine. an American gunrunner of Ukrainian origin. He begins illegally buying tanks and other weapons from Ukraine's new military to expand his operations. as he has positioned himself as a "necessary evil". Yuri's first break comes during the 1982 Lebanon War. Yuri is arrested after a bullet is found in Vitaly's chest as it passes through customs. approaches him and offers him more money. One day. The contact is unable to pay him anything else. an Interpol agent who refuses bribes. which confuses Valentine. He states that there is one firearm for one out of every twelve people on the planet. It was released in the United States on September 16. through voice-over.068 (worldwide) 105 Lord of War is a 2005 thriller film written and directed by Andrew Niccol which stars Nicolas Cage. Yuri checks Vitaly into a drug rehabilitation center. Vitaly sees a group of villagers kill a woman and her child with machetes and tries to convince Yuri to stop. saying he can't trust anyone there.Lord of War Gross revenue US$72. but it is difficult for him to make the same kind of money he once did. someone who is able to distribute weapons when first-world governments do not wish to become directly involved. Vitaly (Jared Leto). convinced that he can now find evidence to convict him with. Valentine. during which he sells guns to all sides of the conflict. Yuri reveals to Valentine that his superiors at Interpol will not allow him to be convicted. he notices that the restaurant's purpose was to fulfill a necessity for food. Ava convinces him to stop dealing. and becomes addicted.. and Yuri. From that point onward.[7] Plot Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage). Yuri tells of his first incident with Jack Valentine (Ethan Hawke). He is lured back in when his old client. with the DVD following on January 17. When Yuri refuses.[5] [6] A scene in the movie featured 50 tanks. However. and forms his own arms business. Yuri brings Vitaly along to Liberia. Yuri complies for a short while. . This proves to be true. Yuri gets his second big break after the Soviet Union dissolves.

Tanit Phoenix – Candy Ian Holm – Simeon Weisz Donald Sutherland – Colonel Oliver Southern (voice only) Sammi Rotibi – André Baptiste Jr. Eugene Lazarev – General Dmitri Orlov Kobus Marx – Boris DVD release The UK DVD release of Lord of War includes. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage – Yuri Orlov Bridget Moynahan – Ava Fontaine Orlov Jared Leto – Vitaly Orlov Ethan Hawke – Jack Valentine Eamonn Walker – André Baptiste Sr. the scenes of direct shipping of weapons from Ukraine's army storages is fictional.Lord of War A brief postscript notes that. allowing viewers to click on each weapon to get statistics about their physical dimensions and histories. prior to the film. The American DVD release includes a bonus feature that shows the various weapons used in the movie. is partly based on Charles Taylor. are closely based on real stories and people originating from the former Soviet Union. the five largest arms exporters – the United States. and China – are also the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. an advert for Amnesty International. the United Kingdom. most famous for his involvement in the Iran-Contra Scandal. . showing the AK-47 being sold on a shopping channel of the style popular on cable networks. particularly regarding purchases for Tropical Africa in early 1990s. while private arms dealers do conduct a lot of business. The real Orlov was strangled in Kiev's Lukyanivska Prison in 2007 during the investigation. Yuri Orlov. Russia. corresponds to the last name of Oleg Orlov. Sr.[8] • The character Andre Baptiste.[9] • The character of Colonel Oliver Southern is evidently hinting of Oliver North. addressing the issue of illicit arms sales. 106 Historical accuracy Plot details on the illegal arms market. The DVD bonus section also contains a public service announcement from Nicolas Cage. • The main protagonist's name.[8] Portrayal of the Interpol as an acting security agency is also entirely fictional. However. France. the President of Liberia until 2003. a Russian businessman arrested in Ukraine on suspicion of smuggling missiles to Iran.

Ty (September 16.814 theaters.390. htm) Amnesty International (2006). org/ Artists_for_Amnesty/ Lord_of_War/ page.com/title/tt0399295/) at the Internet Movie Database Lord of War (http://www. series Fact and Film. After the film's 7-weeks release it grossed a total of $24. amnestyusa.boxofficemojo.144 on its opening weekend (2. ruudleeuw. episode "Lord of War" Brokers of War (http:/ / www. htm) at Box Office Mojo Viktor Bout: in the Movies.com/m/lord_of_war/) at Rotten Tomatoes Lord of War (http://www. and $48. boxofficemojo.[1] See also • Arms industry • Arms trafficking • Blood diamond Warzones featured • • • • • Sierra Leone Civil War Lebanese Civil War Somali Civil War Civil war in Afghanistan Second Liberian Civil War References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] Lord of War (http:/ / www. Cineaste 31 (2): 52–55. Rahul (Spring 2006). "Lord of War" (http:/ / www.336 average).. $3. rightsourceonline. Press release.. Box office The film grossed $9. net.467.imfdb. "Lord of War/Syriana". Hamid.allmovie. The film received a 61% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.lordofwarthemovie.htm) at Box Office Mojo Guns featured in the film (http://www. vd. The Boston Globe: D1.rottentomatoes. com/ atimes/ Central_Asia/ IK10Ag01.com/work/314426) at Allmovie Lord of War (http://tcmdb. htm) Bertil Lintner: "A necessary evil" (http:/ / www. html) William Norman Grigg: "Permanent War. External links • • • • • • • Official site (http://www.php/Lord_of_war) .632 on the domestic market in the US. Retrieved 2007-09-17. ua/ rubrics-11/ 13476/ ) Burr. (http:/ / www.436 overseas. atimes. History Television.149.jsp?stid=620707) at the TCM Movie Database Lord of War (http://www.com/movies/?id=lordofwar. . 2005). and it also received a special mention for excellence in film making from the National Board of Review.com/) Lord of War (http://www. "Provocative 'War' Skillfully Takes Aim". com/ vbout18.Lord of War 107 Reception Critical Lord of War received fairly positive reviews from critics.imdb. com/ enews/ issue2/ one.org/index.com/title/title. com/ movies/ ?id=lordofwar. do?id=1104972& n1=2& n2=22& n3=797). Perpetual Profiteering" (http:/ / www.

The Weather Man 108 The Weather Man The Weather Man Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Gore Verbinski Todd Black Jason Blumenthal Steve Tisch Steven Conrad Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage Michael Caine Hope Davis Michael Rispoli James Levine (co-composer) Hans Zimmer Written by Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Phedon Papamichael Jr.039. it stars Nicolas Cage.770 [1] Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue The Weather Man is a 2005 American comedy-drama film. 2005 (Chicago) October 28. Written by Steve Conrad. Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Craig Wood Paramount Pictures October 20. 2005 102 minutes United States English $22 million $19. Michael Caine and Hope Davis and tells the story of a weatherman in the midst of a mid-life . directed by Gore Verbinski.

Robert is disappointed in Dave's apparent inability to grow up and deal with his children. finding the activity a way to build his focus and calm his nerves. Dave accepts the job. Dave later confronts the counselor at his home. in which Dave breaks down in tears telling his father that he was offered the job. a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Russ. Dave's 12-year-old daughter.The Weather Man crisis. with a total gross of $19. but that his wife will marry Russ. Robert dies soon after. Dave and Robert have one final talk. Mike. The family holds a living funeral for Robert. Dave takes up archery. 109 Plot A successful weatherman at a Chicago news program. he practices archery on the lawn. As he becomes more and more depressed. people throw fast food at him as they drive by. despite the "Hello America" interview the next morning. David Spritz is well paid but recognizes his job requires little more than speaking and pointing. back in Chicago." . is befriended by his counselor. Don. who has custody of their two kids. He is recently separated from his wife. for which he carries a bow around. but hesitates because it would mean being away from Noreen and the kids. Dave returns to Chicago to find Noreen's boyfriend. Noreen. He brings Shelly. preparing to shoot. Depressed over this and his father's impending demise. Dave pursues a weatherman position with "Hello America". People do not throw things at him any more. Dave stays up all night drinking. He is eventually offered the job. in which Dave rides on a float with his fellow cast members. Dave's 15-year-old son. For some reason. which makes Dave visibly proud. he is satisfied with his "American accomplishment. Robert Spritzel. Shelly. Dave asks Noreen to reconcile and move to New York. but she has decided to marry Russ. At the funeral. beating him up and warning him that he is in store for worse if he ever approaches Mike again. Dave strikes Russ with his gloves in front of Noreen and Robert. It received mixed reviews from critics. the film was a box office bomb. Russ quickly goes back inside. Mike reveals to his father his aspirations to be a cameraman for Monday Night Football. his son attacked his counselor. dealing with the Mike situation. bullied by her classmates. Dave draws the arrow on him and holds it. but means relocating to New York City. all goes well and he impresses his interviewers. "Hello America" invites Dave to New York. Dave learns that. who is secretly grooming him for sex. He sees this job as a chance to prove himself to his father and possibly reconcile with his wife. To calm his nerves. but ahead of a SpongeBob SquarePants balloon. in which Dave's speech is interrupted by a powerout. Out of the blue. Dave feels overshadowed by his father.770 worldwide. The situation worsens when Robert is diagnosed with lymphoma and given only a few months to live. Released on October 28. is an overweight smoker. When Russ steps out. Robert claims that the counselor wanted to perform oral sex on Mike. and bonds with her by taking her shopping for a more attractive wardrobe. while Dave is anxious to redeem himself in his father's eyes. Robert consoles him by explaining that not everything in life goes as planned. He notes how he's behind the New York City Fire Department. The job would nearly quadruple his salary. Surprisingly. On the weekends he returns to Chicago to see his kids. though he muses that this may be a pleasant side-effect of his archery hobby. Robert also travels to New York to see a specialist. and that he is proud of his son for getting the job and defending his son. a national talk show.039. The film ends with a parade. 2005.

482. Box Office Mojo. The" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-08-07. boxofficemojo. and Wolfgang Puck.com/movies/?id=weatherman. htm).The Weather Man 110 Cast • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as David Spritz. com/ m/ weather_man/ ). gaining an overall score of 57% on Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved August 7. com/ film/ titles/ weatherman). Rotten Tomatoes. . rottentomatoes.770. . Retrieved August 7.039.com/m/weather_man/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Weather Man (http://www.556.775 domestically and $6. Cristina Ferrare. 2009.[3] The film was released in North America on October 28. [3] "Weather Man. Tom Skilling as WGN Assistant Director The film also includes cameos from news presenters.995 at the foreign box office.com/work/305227) at Allmovie The Weather Man (http://www. Ed McMahon.metacritic. 2005 and ran for nearly eight weeks (precisely 54 days). External links • • • • • The Weather Man (http://www.rottentomatoes.imdb.com/film/titles/weatherman) at Metacritic The Weather Man (http://www. It grossed $12. Michael Caine as Robert Spritzel Hope Davis as Noreen Gemmenne de la Peña as Shelly Nicholas Hoult as Mike Michael Rispoli as Russ Gil Bellows as Don Judith McConnell as Lauren. metacritic. such as Bryant Gumbel. Metacritic. a total of $19.com/title/tt0384680/) at the Internet Movie Database The Weather Man (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo . [2] "The Weather Man (2005)" (http:/ / www.boxofficemojo.allmovie.[2] and 61% on Metacritic. com/ movies/ ?id=weatherman. . Reception The Weather Man received mixed reviews. References [1] "The Weather Man" (http:/ / www. 2009.

000 $55. Davis John A.The Ant Bully (film) 111 The Ant Bully (film) The Ant Bully Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by John A.129 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue . Davis The Ant Bully by John Nickle Zach Tyler Eisen Julia Roberts Nicolas Cage Meryl Streep Paul Giamatti Regina King Bruce Campbell Lily Tomlin John Debney Written by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Ken Mitchroney Editing by Studio Jon Price Legendary Pictures DNA Productions Playtone Warner Bros.181. July 28.000. 2006 89 minutes United States English $50. Davis Tom Hanks Gary Goetzman John A.

caterpillars and ants. 2006 by Warner Bros. the wasps want to eat Lucas. . She is almost crushed but is rescued by Zoc. This earns him the admiration of all the ants – except Zoc. where he tries to call the exterminator to cancel the contract but dials a pizza restaurant instead. a beetle and glowworm manage to bite Beal. frightened. But when she forces him to forage for jelly beans with Kreela (Regina King) and Fugax (Bruce Campbell) Lucas is unsuccessful. Zoc gives him the antidote.The Ant Bully (film) 112 The Ant Bully is a 2006 computer-animated film based on the 1999 children's book and produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman's Playtone. Zoc explains that ants work for the benefit of the colony. He is shown a painting which depicts the Great Ant Mother and the evil "Cloud-Breather". Zoc insists that Lucas should be studied then eaten. Lucas finds the Ant Mother approaching. and Legendary Pictures. Lucas saves the lives of Hova and an injured wasp. He and his friends go back the house. a nurse ant named Hova (Julia Roberts). Lucas grows back to normal size and finally stands up to the bully who runs away. One ant. Lucas is told that the Great Ant Mother will return and shower the ants with honeydew. convinces Lucas to sign a contract to kill vermin. who obsesses over aliens. Hova and Lucas both learn about the differences between ants and humans. the feces of caterpillars. Meryl Streep. Zoc is confused as to how anything gets accomplished in Lucas' world. The ants enlist the aid of the wasps. attempts to communicate with Lucas. an eccentric wizard named Zoc (Nicolas Cage). Lucas states that most humans work for personal gain. and Hova becomes angry with Zoc. Allison Mack. His girlfriend. at first. go to Puerto Vallarta. Later. The next morning. they agree to help. This is also the first animated film produced by Legendary Pictures. Both the ants and wasps were no match against pesticide. Zoc frees him. Hova volunteers to train Lucas. who fail to understand him. but hearing that their nest is destroyed by Beals. an exterminator. tries to fight back. Lucas runs away. leaving him with his older sister and his Grandmother. Zoc and a small troop of ants pour the potion into his ear. Lucas finds a discarded firecracker and uses it to scare away the wasps. The queen then pronounces Lucas an ant in honor of his heroic actions. Afterwards Zoc and Lucas discuss their differences. the format also used with The Polar Express. During the battle with the exterminator. The ants are attacked by wasps. he accuses Lucas of further treachery and tells him that he should find another wizard because there is no way that he will give Lucas the potion to turn him back again. Lucas is introduced to honeydew. Lucas wakes up and discovers that he is now tiny. Meanwhile. the local exterminator. Released in movie theatres on July 28. But when Lucas is swallowed by a frog. but as he is about to exterminate the ant hill. Paul Giamatti and Ricardo Montalbán (in his final film role). Then Lucas' sister comes home and they are forced into hiding until dark. He discovers that the 'Ant Mother' is actually a giant balloon strapped to Stan Beals' van used as a symbol for pest control. He runs away using a tricycle. Plot The story is about a lonely 10-year-old. Tormented by a local bully. Concurrently with the general release. while the Cloud-breather will spell destruction for all of them. John Davis and Keith Alcorn's DNA Productions and directed by the aforementioned Davis. the film was offered in big screen IMAX 3D. He is carried to the anthill into a world of giant caves. She sentences Lucas to hard labor. Stan Beals (Paul Giamatti). Lucas injects him with a shrinking potion. Lucas then showers the colony with jelly beans as a farewell gift. it is based on a book by John Nickle and features the voices of Nicolas Cage. Julia Roberts. His parents. Lucas attacks an anthill with a squirt gun. much to Zoc's mortification. Lucas Nickle (Zach Tyler Eisen). but he is overruled by the Queen (Meryl Streep). The leaders of the colony decide to use a potion to shrink Lucas down to ant size. When Zoc finds out that Lucas put Hova in possible danger. This terrifies the ants.

Lucas' older sister. when I first looked at it. "My first thought. but the new AMD Opteron nodes are running Fedora Core 4. ‘not another ant movie. • Meryl Streep as The Queen Ant • Cheri Oteri as Doreen Nickle. why does it have to be ants again?" said Davis. including Maya. I said. He then sent a copy of the book to Davis because of Davis' work on the computer-animated film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.6. a local exterminator who convinces Lucas into signing a contract to exterminate all the pests around Lucas' house. carpenter ants infested his house and he called an exterminator. The others continued to run the 3D version of Superman Returns. Hanks agreed that the story could be expanded considerably (the original book being around only 2. managed by the open source Sun Grid Engine job scheduler.[5] Along with the theatrical release of The Ant Bully. there was an IMAX 3D version presented in only some of the IMAX theaters.x kernel. The nodes started out with Fedora Core 2 Linux with a modern 2. The special IMAX 3D version was remastered in 3D with IMAX DMR. Houdini. • Rob Paulsen as Beetle • Tyler James Williams as Blue Teammate #1 • Jaishon Fisher as Blue Teammate #2 • Frank Welker as Spindle / Frog / Caterpillar • Tom Kenny as Drone Ant • Zack Shada as Blonde Boy (uncredited) • Benjamin Bryan as Kid (uncredited) • Jordan Orr as Ant (uncredited) Production Hanks originally conceived the idea for an animated film adaptation after reading the book with his child. a worker ant who is assigned to teach Lucas about the ways of the ant. • Julia Roberts as Hova. Lucas' mother. Critics within the 3D motion picture community have given the film high . while he was working on the script. Most of the applications are commercial.[4] The film was rendered on DNA Productions' 1400-CPU render farm. “was. a wizard ant who wishes to use his magic to go the greater good for the colony. Lucas' father. • Nicolas Cage as Zoc. a boy whose family has moved into a new neighborhood where he gets tortured by a bully. "To be honest.The Ant Bully (film) 113 Cast • Zach Tyler Eisen as Lucas Nickle.000 words). Massive and the Pixar RenderMan. Alcorn had a similar initial reaction to the project as Davis did. • Creagen Dow as Mullet Boy.’ But looking at the actual story.” recalled Alcorn. It's a completely different story. So what? It's got as much to do with The Incredible Shrinking Man as it does the other bug movies. "But the more I thought about it. this was really about a little boy and how he learns about the world by having to live beneath the surface.[1] Davis came up with a potential take on the story within a few days. • Clive Robertson as Wasp • Lily Tomlin as Grandma (Mommo) • Jake T. Austin as Nicky • Don Frye as Soldier Ant • Ricardo Montalban as The Head of Council • Allison Mack as Tiffany Nickle. • Regina King as Kreela • Bruce Campbell as Fugax • Paul Giamatti as Stan Beals."[3] Davis states that he felt like a something of a hypocrite when. the local neighborhood bully who likes to torture Lucas • Larry Miller as Fred Nickle."[2] Also. I thought Oh.

talkiness and Communist Party-line political views".The Ant Bully (film) marks. The game was developed by the Montreal Studio Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M). the entire film is projected in 3D stereo. he noted that "adults may be amused (or maybe not) by [8] the Christian parallel in the ants' religion. this is viewed as a box office disappointment. in trying to match Antz or A Bug's Life. PlayStation 2. Bill Muller of The Arizona Republic wrote that "The Ant Bully. PC. Jeffrey E. The 3D version did considerably better per screen in its few playdates. Wii and Game Boy Advance on July 24. just digs itself into a big hole".. for Monster House and Barnyard both sold far more.. The entire movie score was released by Varèse Sarabande. Additionally. Davis creates a marvelously labyrinthine society for them. right below the surface of a bland suburb."[6] However. the official video game tie-in to the film on GameCube. Digital Pictures in Canada. Video game Games publisher Midway released The Ant Bully. 114 Reception The film garnered a 63% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. as unlike Superman Returns.[7] Jack Mathews of the New York Daily News was positive about the film's lack of pop culture references and thought that the film does not "talk down" to children. and referred to Streep's queen ant as "excellently magisterial. Soundtrack The soundtrack's music score was composed and conducted by John Debney and there are no songs in this film. The estimated production budget was $50 million. Some of the production took place at C." Box office The Ant Bully closed on November 16. with $28 million in North America and a total of $55 million worldwide.[9] Considering that studios receive just over half of the final gross. McCants of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote that "the film's heavy-handed lessons turn it from a fun romp through a cartoonish insect world to a predictable and preachy snoozefest".O. though this is due partially to the higher admission prices of IMAX theaters." She also wrote that "the kind of life lessons that usually gum up the fun go down as easily as jelly beans in The Ant Bully. Tom Long of the Detroit News wrote that "there's a sweet simplicity and humility to this film. .R. 2006." Ruthe Stein of The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that "the brilliance of The Ant Bully is in the crafty way it delves into the minds of ants as they plot to save themselves from extermination.E." Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly liked Roberts and Cage in their roles. 2006. The process to turn a pure animation film into 3D is much simpler than converting a film having live actors. Lou Lumenick of the New York Post called the film "generic" and wrote that "adults will be less than enchanted by its preachiness.

July 27. "Making movies with Grid Engine" (http:/ / gridengine. 2006 Kotek. ew. 2008 "Weekend Box Office Actuals (U. php?article_no=2956). Hanks and Davis on the Ant Bully. Moving Pictures Magazine.net.00.S.com/m/ant_bully/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Ant Bully (http://www. (2006).imdb. html). com/ index. yahoo.com/) The Ant Bully (http://www. 2006 Jenny Donelan. com/ mv/ boxoffice/ weekend/ 2006/ 08/ 06) External links • • • • • Official website (http://www.com/title/tt0429589/) at the Internet Movie Database The Ant Bully (http://www.1219235. com/ ew/ article/ 0. (http:/ / mag.) Aug 4 .allmovie. php?id=15686). pages 24–26 John Cawley. comingsoon. 2006. Retrieved 2008-11-24. azcentral. awn. html) Azcentral.6 weekend" (http:/ / movies. net/ news/ movienews.com. (http:/ / www. September 2002. Computer Graphics World.htm) at Box Office Mojo . (http:/ / www. 2006 Rotten Tomatoes.. July 26. (http:/ / www. Davis: Ant Bully’s Architect" (http:/ / www. com/ ent/ movies/ articles/ 0728antbully0728. rottentomatoes. movingpicturesmagazine. Volume 29 Number 9.boxofficemojo. Top Critic Reviews. "John A.com/movies/?id=antbully.com/work/332269) at Allmovie The Ant Bully (http://www. Elliot V. com/ features/ themedarticle/ johnadavis_antbully). (http:/ / www. July 28.rottentomatoes. Animation World Magazine. accessed March 25. . accessed March 25.theantbully.The Ant Bully (film) 115 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] Comingsoon. com/ m/ ant_bully/ ?critic=creamcrop#mo). info/ pages/ profile-DNA-Productions) Entertainment Weekly.

073 Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue .755.The Wicker Man (2006 film) 116 The Wicker Man (2006 film) The Wicker Man Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Neil Labute Nicolas Cage Avi Lerner 1973 Screenplay Anthony Shaffer 2006 Screenplay Neil Labute Nicolas Cage Ellen Burstyn Frances Conroy Angelo Badalamenti Paul Sarossy Joel Plotch Alcon Entertainment Saturn Films Equity Pictures Millennium Films Warner Bros. Pictures September 1. 2006 101 minutes United States Canada Germany English $40 million $38.

presumably in hopes of luring them just as Malus was. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Edward Malus Ellen Burstyn as Sister Summersisle Kate Beahan as Sister Willow Leelee Sobieski as Sister Honey Frances Conroy as Dr. Moss Molly Parker as Sister Rose / Sister Thorn Diane Delano as Sister Beech Erika Shaye Gair as Rowan Aaron Eckhart as Truck Stop Patron James Franco and Jason Ritter as Bar Guys . showing the villagers as they break his legs and place a mask of bees on his head). and Malus realizes that the search for Rowan was a trap. and Robin Hardy. receives news from his ex-fiancée. Malus steals her costume and joins the parade led by Sister Summersisle. On the day of the ritual. Rose tells him that she was burned to death. He gets a pilot to take him to the island where they live. 117 Plot Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage). an elderly woman who is treated like a goddess. The island is led by Sister Summersisle (Ellen Burstyn). The film was partially shot in Merritt. The parade ends at the site of the festival. When he sees that Rowan's name has been crossed out. co-creator and director of the original British film. based on a screenplay by Anthony Shaffer. It was written and directed by Neil Labute. He later sees two men carrying a large bag that appears to be dripping blood. that her daughter.The Wicker Man (2006 film) The Wicker Man is a 2006 American/Canadian/German remake of the 1973 British film of the same title. Willow Woodward (Kate Beahan). the scene is extended. is missing. but Rowan leads him back to Sister Summersisle. Sister Summersisle thanks Rowan for her help. Malus frantically searches the village for Rowan. The last scene is shown with Willow and Honey going into a bar and talking with two male police officers (James Franco and Jason Ritter). The crowd chants "The drone must die!". Rowan (Erika Shaye Gair). believing that Malus's sacrifice will restore their honey production. The economy of the island relies on the production of local honey. He attacks Sister Beech. about to be burned. Screaming from one of the men can be heard as the film fades into dark (both scenes are absent from the DVD release). who has a bear costume for the ritual. disassociated himself from it.[1] The film was poorly received by critics. At the village school. which Malus learns has been down recently. Rowan is tied to a large tree. Malus asks the villagers about Rowan. The grave turns out to only contain a burned doll. B. Canada. teacher Sister Rose (Molly Parker) tries to prevent Malus from seeing the class register. The women carry him to a giant wicker man and shut him inside. but they give him evasive answers. Malus rescues Rowan and they run away through the woods.C. unmarked grave in the churchyard. The villagers attack Malus and overpower him (in the "alternate ending" version.. but Malus finds Rowan's sweater in the churchyard. Rowan sets fire to the wicker man and Malus sacrifices his life. an American policeman. and stars Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn. then he finds a fresh. The women invite them to go home with them.

boxofficemojo. when it was played by a man in 1972. 2006. he was given writing credit for the screenplay. The "6 months later" scene is missing.395 with $23. cfm?id=1921042005) [4] The Wicker Man . Worst Screenplay. Trailers. not the bees! Not the bees!" After he passes out. ew. html) [7] http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=wickerman. com/ photos/ wickerman.[2] Christopher Lee. scotsman. com/ past-productions?p=wickerman [2] cagefactor. who played Lord Summerisle in the original film. com/ m/ wicker_man/ ) [5] Ebert & Roeper video review (http:/ / bventertainment.[5] The film garnered five Razzie Award nominations."[3] Upon release. go. htm . and Worst On-Screen Couple (Cage and his bearsuit). Pictures . as part of a Scottish pagan community. tnrdfilm. Worst Remake..The Wicker Man (2006 film) 118 Release Reception and criticism The original film's director. There's nothing to say. remove his name from the remake's promotional material. the worldwide box office receipts totalled $32. cagefactor. cagefactor. the film received two thumbs down from Richard Roeper and Aisha Tyler. Robin Hardy.00. such as Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly.com. com/ tv/ buenavista/ ebertandroeper/ index2. The movie continues in the same way as the theatrical version except the credits begin after the wicker man's burning head falls off.000. "The Wicker Man" (http:/ / www. saw the film in a more positive light. References [1] http:/ / www. a few film critics. com/ movies.649. he keeps asking how can he be a good sacrifice if he does not believe in their religion. and had his lawyers make Warner Bros. In the alternate ending. the helmet is removed and he is revived with a shot of epinephrine. with Gleiberman saying that director Neil LaBute brought some "innovation" over the original film. [3] Scotsman. and now it's played by a woman with the same name? What do I think of it? Nothing.[4] On At the Movies. Malus shouts "Oh. Malus is held down and his legs are broken at the knee. when he had not received any for the original. A wire mesh helmet is placed over his head and live bees are poured in. html?sec=1& subsec=4207) [6] The Wicker Man (Movie .com News (http:/ / news. no. the film received mainly negative reviews from film critics. However. 2006.259. com/ ew/ article/ 0. Retrieved 2008-05-03. html). for Worst Picture.Movie Reviews.2006) | Movie Review | Entertainment Weekly (http:/ / www.com (2005-09-13).1528109. [6] Box office As of November 16. the film holds a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. rottentomatoes. Throughout all this. . According to Hardy. Home media A DVD was released on December 19. had expressed skepticism over the Hollywood remake.Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www. Worst Actor (Cage). with an unrated alternate ending included.000.127 of the receipts earned in North America[7] making it financially unsuccessful as its costs totalled $40. said about the remake: "What do I think of it being played by a woman.

imdb.com/) The Wicker Man (http://www.com/work/331334) at Allmovie The Wicker Man (http://www.com/title/tt0450345/) at the Internet Movie Database The Wicker Man (http://www.com/m/wicker_man/) at Rotten Tomatoes .The Wicker Man (2006 film) 119 External links • • • • • Official site (http://thewickermanmovie.allmovie.boxofficemojo.warnerbros.rottentomatoes.com/movies/?id=wickerman.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Wicker Man (http://www.

World Trade Center (film) 120 World Trade Center (film) World Trade Center Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Oliver Stone Moritz Borman Debra Hill Michael Shamberg Stacey Sher Andrea Berloff Nicolas Cage Maria Bello Michael Peña Maggie Gyllenhaal Stephen Dorff Jon Bernthal Jay Hernandez Michael Shannon Donna Murphy Frank Whaley Jude Ciccolella Danny Nucci Craig Armstrong Tim Robbins Seamus McGarvey David Brenner Julie Monroe Paramount Pictures August 9. 2006 129 minutes United States English Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language .

Rodrigues is unable to get to the shaft in time. they realize the extent of the disaster and see one of the first victims to jump out of the towers to certain death. It stars Nicolas Cage. 2006. and Antonio Rodrigues. Pezzulo is fatally wounded. who are patrolling the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. McLoughlin is particularly anxious to keep Jimeno from falling asleep. 2006 and released on August 9. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon. and Jimeno also realizes that by straining to grab a metal bar above his body. McLoughlin. However. the three are trapped.[1] Plot On September 11. Two United States Marines. 2005 . On the bus. and they board a commandeered Metropolitan Transit Authority bus. Maria Bello. Dave Karnes and Jason Thomas. though the group does not accept this. they take a glimpse at the TV. As Jimeno drops off their police equipment in 5 World Trade Center. As the cascade of debris subsides. in pain but exchanging personal information. along with McLoughlin. do hear it and find the men.970. and find that the North Tower of the World Trade Center has been hit by a plane. he dies. see a plane fly dangerously low overhead. the buildings begin to rumble. he also tells them incorrectly that Israel is gone. Dominick Pezzulo. the rumbling begins again as the North Tower starts to collapse as well. Although Jimeno and McLoughlin are not further harmed. is pinned under rubble and cannot move. McLoughlin realizes that the South Tower is collapsing onto them and that their only chance of survival is to run into the service elevator shaft. Jimeno and McLoughlin spend hours under the rubble. The film was shot from October 19. (Along with these stories. The group consists of McLoughlin. he can make a noise that rescuers might hear. As Pezzulo becomes optimistic that they will live. who are searching for survivors. After he fires a gun through a gap in the rubble to try to alert rescuers to their position. Jimeno. An officer named Chris Amoroso appears to inform them of other events. Jimeno and Pezzulo manage to escape the huge amounts of dust and rubble flying down from the South Tower.) As the men prepare to enter the North Tower. . officers proceed to get safety equipment and enter the concourse between the towers.February 10. Sergeant McLoughlin assigns many of the officers to assist in an evacuation attempt of the (still undamaged) South Tower. Michael Peña. As all of the police officers return to the station. Pezzulo realizes he can free himself and manages to move nearer to Jimeno who. calling for help to dig them out. 2001. such as the attack on the Pentagon and the second plane's hit on the South Tower. as the rubble continues to crush the elevator shaft. they hear reports that the South Tower has also been hit. Pezzulo tries but fails to shift the debris covering Jimeno's legs and is told by McLoughlin not to leave.275 121 World Trade Center is a 2006 American disaster drama film directed by Oliver Stone and based on the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.World Trade Center (film) Budget Gross revenue $65 million $162. Port Authority police officers John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno. When they arrive at the site of the World Trade Center. Chris trips and does not have time to get up.

[5] Baltimore detective Ken Nacke.762 in the U. has also expressed her anger over the film and said she did "not need a movie" to tell her "what a hero" her husband was. whose brother Louis died on Flight 93. with a 70% "Fresh" approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes[3] and a 66% metascore at Metacritic. She's quoted as saying.893 at the North American Box-Office. the fourth plane to be hijacked on 9/11.[2] Critical response The film was met with fairly positive reviews.S. and Canada.730. Oliver Stone . criticizing McLoughlin and Jimeno's participation in its production. As of October 25. whose husband also died during the rescue operation. the widow of Port Authority police officer Dominick Pezzulo (who died on 9/11 and is played by Jay Hernandez in this film). "My thing is: this man died for you.Online Film Fans Awards. October 23.Online Film Fans Awards Criticism Participation of those involved Jeanette Pezzulo.000. Worldwide the film has taken in over $162. 2006 • Best Director.World Trade Center (film) 122 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as John McLoughlin Maria Bello as Donna McLoughlin Michael Peña as Will Jimeno Maggie Gyllenhaal as Allison Jimeno Michael Shannon as Dave Karnes Jay Hernandez as Dominick Pezzulo Stephen Dorff as Scott Strauss Jon Bernthal as Christopher Amoroso Donna Murphy as Judy Jonas Frank Whaley as Chuck Sereika Jude Ciccolella as Inspector Fields Danny Nucci as Officer Giraldi William Mapother as Jason Thomas Armando Riesco as Antonio Rodrigues Dara Coleman as Officer Boel Connor Paolo as Steven McLoughlin Anthony Piccininni as JJ McLoughlin Alexa Gerasimovich as Erin McLoughlin Morgan Flynn as Caitlin McLoughlin Tony Genaro as Will Jimeno's father Reception Box office On opening weekend it gained approximately $18.278. said he would .000.[4] Awards • Best Picture . 2006 the film has made $70. has expressed anger with the film. How do you do this to his family?"[5] Staten Island resident Jamie Amoroso.

2001. He added: "I met a couple of people who lost relatives and had approached the producers and weren't allowed to be involved. This inaccuracy suggests that it is afternoon. The film also inaccurately portrayed Jason Thomas. and apologized to Thomas. The film's producers realized the mistake only after production began. Stone and the producers.[8] Critics of WTC say that the film inaccurately identified the rescuers who worked to free Jimeno and McLouglin. not on their east and (less directly) north sides. McLoughlin's wife Donna has said: "We got involved because we felt it needed to be done accurately. He criticized its producers for not involving enough of the survivors' families in its production. The film also has the floor plan of the Mall at the World Trade Center incorrect. something he said did happen with United 93 director Paul Greengrass. John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno. not in 2001. failed to accurately convey the time required to dig the men out. and understated the dangers posed to the rescuers. Oliver Stone refers to Jason Thomas as Mike Thomas. a pivotal character in the film who did not cooperate in the making of the film. particularly concerning the rescue effort. were involved with the production and continue to support the film. as white when he was actually African-American. Also. however. See United 93 Controversy). and I think it would be disrespectful to them if I went to see it."[5] Both John McLoughlin and William Jimeno appear at the end of the film during the barbecue scene. and some 9/11 conspiracy websites are promoting the idea that the film does contain hints of the conspiracy."[5] The Port Authority police officers who are played by Cage and Peña. who collected the blessings of all the victims' families before shooting his controversial film (although it has been reported that the widow of United 93 victim Christian Adams refused to cooperate in the making of that film. on the DVD commentary. Among other things. and their wives.World Trade Center (film) not be going to see the film. the sunlight shines on the twin towers' west side. looking south) of the smoking twin towers of the World Trade Center as seen from a bus full of police officers heading to the burning buildings. . as it actually did on the morning of September 11. the film failed to properly acknowledge the role of paramedic Chuck Sereika. The RCN van represents the company's image in 2004. who joined Dave Karnes in the rescue.[5] [6] [7] Factual inaccuracies Commentators have pointed out a number of factual inaccuracies in the film. whose identity had not been widely known for years after September 11. Also. played by Bello and Gyllenhaal. The film has been accused of not providing a fair portrayal of the character and motives of rescuer Dave Karnes. Contrary to that which is depicted in the film. Sereika began treating and extricating Jimeno a full 20 minutes before officers [9] from the New York City Police Department's Emergency Services Unit arrived. This screenshot from the film is a view (due north. have said the film is a simple dedication to the heroism and sadness of the day with little-to-no political themes. 123 9/11 conspiracy theories There were initial concerns this film would examine 9/11 conspiracy theories because director Oliver Stone is known for examining similar theories in his films (JFK in particular). We wanted to do the right thing and I think the filmmakers wanted to do the right thing too.

December 12. Blu-ray and HD DVD versions • Disc one • Commentary by Oliver Stone • Commentary by Will Jimeno and rescuers Scott Strauss. The third disc came with "In Their Own Words. . • Disc Two • • • • • • • • • The Making of World Trade Center HD Common Sacrifices HD Building Ground Zero HD Visual and Special Effects HD Oliver Stone's New York HD Q+A with Oliver Stone Theatrical Trailer 5 TV Spots Photo Gallery Although Paramount initially dropped its support of the Blu-ray format. their spouses. including survivors John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno. This movie re-appeared on Blu-ray in May 2008. The Target 3-disc Deluxe Edition has more extras than any other release.World Trade Center (film) 124 Media releases DVD format The Region 1 DVD was released on Tuesday. it is now supporting Blu-ray again with HD DVD's demise. including the HD DVD and Blu-ray versions. The 2-disc HD DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray sets have the same bonuses as the 2-disc DVD set. 2006 with the Region 2 release following on January 29. John Busching and Paddy McGee • Nine deleted/extended scenes with optional audio commentary • Disc two • • • • • • • • • The Making of World Trade Center Common Sacrifices Building Ground Zero Visual and Special Effects Oliver Stone's New York Q+A with Oliver Stone Theatrical Trailer 5 TV Spots Photo Gallery A 3-Disc Deluxe Edition was produced exclusively for Target stores. 2007. and other survivors and rescuers. John Busching and Paddy McGee • Nine deleted/extended scenes with optional audio commentary." a 75 minute series of interviews. A special 2-disc set was also released. which includes the following bonus features: • Disc one • Commentary by Oliver Stone • Commentary by Will Jimeno and rescuers Scott Strauss.

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com/m/world_trade_center/) at Rotten Tomatoes World Trade Center (http://www.com/film/titles/worldtradecenter) at Metacritic World Trade Center (http://www.com/title/tt0469641/) at the Internet Movie Database World Trade Center (http://www.allmovie.rottentomatoes.htm) at Box Office Mojo Interview with Oliver Stone & the cast of World Trade Center (http://star-talk-live-interview-archive.html) Ghost Rider (film) Ghost Rider Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Mark Steven Johnson Avi Arad Stan Lee David S.metacritic.imdb.boxofficemojo.blogspot.com/movies/?id=wtc. Goyer Michael DeLuca Gary Foster Mark Steven Johnson Sam Elliott Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes Wes Bentley Sam Elliott Donal Logue Matt Long Peter Fonda Christopher Young Written by Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Russell Boyd Editing by Richard Francis-Bruce .World Trade Center (film) 126 External links • • • • • • World Trade Center (http://www.com/work/336150) at Allmovie World Trade Center (http://www. com/2006/08/interview-oliver-stone-cast-world.

and offers Johnny his soul in return for defeating Blackheart. he wraps the chain round himself like a sash to carry it and afterwards uses it as his main weapon. a trio of demon spirits who represent three of the four elements — the water-demon Wallow (Daniel Frederiksen). Johnny meets his childhood sweetheart Roxanne (Raquel Alessi/Eva Mendes). pulls off and keeps a large chain which was holding the gate shut.738. the mugger's victim gets away. but his father dies that same day in a motorcycle crash. Mephistopheles' son. The next day. Because such a large amount of souls would cause Hell on Earth. needing to get through a security gate. the Ghost Rider.Ghost Rider (film) Studio Marvel Studios Crystal Sky Pictures Relativity Media Columbia Pictures February 16. by making it red hot and swinging it around. now a journalist. and the air-demon Abigor (Mathew Wilkinson). Johnny inadvertently 'signs' the contract when a drop of his blood lands on it after he was pricked by Mephistopheles before Johnny could refuse. offering to cure his father's lung cancer in exchange for Johnny's soul. Before a particularly dangerous new stunt. Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) sends his bounty hunter of the damned. During the same time. Johnny wakes in a cemetery chapel. Years later. On his way out of the station he uses his Penance Stare on a mugger. leaving the man catatonic. To ensure himself allies. A century and a half later. he enlists the fallen angels known as the Hidden. Based on the character of the same name which appeared in Marvel Comics. where he meets a man called the Caretaker (Sam Elliott). When he arrives home. and makes a dinner date with her that evening. the Rider refuses to give the contract and escapes Mephistopheles. the film stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze. a stunt motorcyclist who morphs into the demon vigilante Ghost Rider. During this he. Johnny kills Gressil while the others escape. Johnny finds Roxanne and tries to explain . who seems to know all the history of the Ghost Rider. to retrieve a contract for a thousand corrupt souls from the town of San Venganza. 2007 114 minutes United States Australia English $110 million $228. Mephistopheles reaches out to seventeen-year-old stunt motorcycle rider Johnny Blaze (Matt Long/Nicolas Cage). the earth-demon Gressil (Laurence Breuls). Johnny is spirited off by his bike at high speed to where the contract was once buried where Blackheart arrived to find a railroad station built in its place and the graves moved to another location. His powers as Ghost Rider revealed. Assuming his Ghost Rider form. but Mephistopheles considers their contract fulfilled. Blackheart (Wes Bentley). Mephistopheles makes Johnny the new Ghost Rider. Johnny has become a stunt rider famous for surviving disastrous feats. Plot In the American Old West. comes to Earth to find the lost contract and use its power to overcome his father.393 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 127 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by Ghost Rider is a 2007 superhero film written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Johnny accuses Mephistopheles of causing his father's death. later to hide the contract and himself. The next morning Johnny awakes to discover that his father's cancer is cured. In response.

Slade became the Ghost Rider who hid the contract of San Venganza. whereupon Johnny rides into the sunset. The Caretaker then warns Johnny to stay away from those whom Blackheart and the fallen angels can use against him. Blackheart realizes that Roxanne is Johnny's weakness. Johnny takes the gun and moves into shadows. made effective by the thousand souls inhabiting Legion's body. He picks up a shovel and starts to dig. taking the name "Legion". ashamed of his monstrous appearance. After she fails to destroy Legion. The Caretaker snatches the shovel and breaks it. but she approaches him. Blackheart uses the contract to absorb the thousand souls into his body. He speculates that Johnny has God on his side because he made his deal with Mephistopheles because of love rather than greed or desperation. Mephistopheles appears and gives Johnny back his soul. He attempts to kill Johnny. Johnny refuses.Ghost Rider (film) his situation. Legion re-forms. Slade is riding a supernatural horse which can keep up with Johnny's motorcycle. Johnny and Roxanne share words and a kiss at a tree marked to symbolize their relationship. where Slade gives Johnny his lever action shotgun. During their resulting fight. As Roxanne strokes Johnny's bare skull. Slade's voice then acts as narrator to close the film. Johnny gives the contract to Blackheart. he reverts to human form. After killing Wallow. who by that time made his way to a church to find the location of the contract. and the warning to "stick to the shadows" before fading away. who was sent to stall for time. Slade made a deal with Mephistopheles to break free. to protect the innocent and avenge his father. Johnny guesses that the contract is buried in one of the graves. Infuriated of being robbed of the power. Mephistopheles vows to make Johnny pay. Mephistopheles then disappears. Though reminded of the consequences. but dawn comes and he is rendered powerless. He fights and kills Abigor. to which Johnny in response recites his favorite saying: "You can't live in fear". Johnny returns to the Caretaker to obtain the contract. After transforming in the midst of being mugged by the criminals in the cell he was placed in. both in Ghost Rider form. Johnny finds that his Penance Stare has no effect on Blackheart. Ghost Rider breaks out to track down Blackheart. offering to relieve him of the burden of being a Ghost Rider. in return. revealing the contract hidden in its hollow handle. but Johnny moves in and uses his Penance Stare. who tells him of his predecessor. who has no (human) soul. He quickly transforms into Ghost Rider in an effort to subdue Blackheart. The Caretaker then reveals that he is Carter Slade. Carter Slade. Johnny turns away from Roxanne. incinerating a lizard on a rock as they pass (a reference to Cage's earlier film. and Blackheart's body dissipates with him. and shows Johnny the way to San Venganza. having held on to his last bit of power in expectation of this moment. Observing the scene after obtaining the location of the contract. the shotgun turns into a supernatural weapon which fires hellfire and Blaze uses it to blast Legion apart. Blackheart threatens to kill Roxanne if Johnny does not deliver the contract to him. Raising Arizona). a Texas Ranger known as a man of honor before his greed became a reason for him to be sentenced to death. The police arrive and take Johnny into custody for his connection to the damage done to the city and the deaths caused by Blackheart. They stop a short distance from the town. but is distracted when Roxanne uses Johnny's discarded shotgun to separate them. Johnny goes for advice to the Caretaker. to render him catatonic. Johnny then returns home to find that Blackheart already has Roxanne. 128 Cast . Johnny asks the Caretaker to trust him. They ride together into the desert. but she doesn't believe him. saying that he will use his power against Mephistopheles. in full view of Roxanne and much of the police force.

Stax felt that the revision was convoluted.[13] Then in March 2005. Dimension Films joined Crystal Sky to co-finance the film. actor Nicolas Cage entered talks to be cast into the lead role for Ghost Rider. According to producer Steven Paul. he suggested that Goyer rewrite the plot and develop the characters. By May 2002. The script version is set in Louisiana. was set to begin production of Ghost Rider in late 2003 or early 2004. Both had been drawn by a script written by screenwriter Shane Salerno.[8] With production delayed into October 2003. principal photography had been completed for Ghost Rider. Goyer and directed by Stephen Norrington.[16] By June 2005. having been introduced to Johnson by Colin Farrell. but the lack of a workable script continued to delay production. Production was scheduled to start in early 2001 with a budget of $75 million. director Mark Steven Johnson took over the helm for Ghost Rider with Cage returning for the lead role.[5] In the following August. Ghost Rider commenced filming in Australia at the Melbourne Docklands film studios.[2] The following August. the studio Columbia Pictures sought to acquire rights to the film in turnaround from Dimension Films following the success of Spider-Man. Cage had found out about Depp being a possibility for the role and contacted the director to express his own interest. 2005. which would be written by David S.[14] Johnson originally planned to film before an audience at the Telstra Dome. had closed a deal with the studio.[4] and by July.[7] In April 2003.[10] In January 2005. but instead opted to create a crowd using computer-generated imagery. Ghost Rider production was slated to tentatively begin in May or June 2004.[1] In July 2000 Stax of IGN reviewed a draft script for Ghost Rider written by David Goyer.[15] The director also chose to film in the motorcycle district of Melbourne.[9] Ghost Rider had again been delayed to begin in late 2004. with actor Johnny Depp expressing interest in the lead role. Norrington abandoned the project due to a scheduling conflict. Cage took a temporary leave of absence to film The Weather Man. actor Wes Bentley was cast as the villain Blackheart.[6] Cage eventually left the project as well. who had worked with the director in Daredevil.Ghost Rider (film) 129 Actor Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes Brett Cullen Wes Bentley Sam Elliott Peter Fonda Donal Logue Matt Long Raquel Alessi Role Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider Roxanne Simpson Barton Blaze Blackheart / Legion The Caretaker (Carter Slade) Mephistopheles Mack Young Johnny Blaze Young Roxanne Simpson Daniel Frederiksen Wallow Laurence Breuls Gressil Mathew Wilkinson Abigor Production In May 2000 at the Cannes Film Festival.[17] .[3] In June 2001. under Columbia Pictures.[11] Actress Eva Mendes was also cast opposite Cage as Roxanne Simpson.[12] On February 14. actor Peter Fonda (who starred in Easy Rider) was cast as the villain Mephistopheles. Johnson. rewriting Salerno's script. leaving to film the action flick Tick Tock starring Jennifer Lopez. being an avid Ghost Rider fan. Marvel Comics announced an agreement with Crystal Sky Entertainment to film Ghost Rider with actor Jon Voight attached as a producer.

2007 to help relieve the studio's crowded 2006 calendar.[20] but the date was moved three weeks earlier to July 14.[18] In April 2006. made this deal and he's trying to avoid confronting it. Nicolas Cage decided to give him more depth.[23] The Hell Cycle's wheels. Cage rode a Buell motorcycle for Blaze's stunt cycle.Ghost Rider (film) which was set for a summer 2006 release. Davis then amplified the dialogue through a mechanical volumizer. and the visual effects team at Sony Pictures Imageworks handled the difficult task of creating computer-generated fire on a shot-by-shot basis.[24] The film's visual effects supervisor.[22] 130 Character portrayal Instead of a "hard drinking and smoking bad ass" Johnny Blaze. animal growls that were played backwards and covered separate frequencies. made of pure flames in the comics. Director Johnson described the sound as a "deep. 2006. Cage also explained that Blaze's stunt riding was a form of escape and a way to keep him connected to his deceased father. demonic.[21] Sony changed the film's release date once more to February 16. and a heavily customized hardtail chopper named "Grace" which transforms into the "Hell Cycle". anything he can do to keep it away from him".[19] Ghost Rider was originally scheduled to release on August 4. the cast and crew performed last-minute reshoots in Vancouver. Ghost Rider's skull flames were designed to become smaller and blue to display any emotion other than rage.. Davis Ghost Rider's motorcycle. who won an Academy Award for Sound Editing for The Matrix. who taught him to ride. mechanical lion's roar".[25] Ghost Rider's voice was manipulated by sound designer Dane Davis. "I'm playing him more as someone who. were changed to be solid tires covered in flames in order to give the motorcycle more weight [24] onscreen. 2007 2006 Orchestral Film score 55:96 Varèse Sarabande Christopher Young chronology . 2006. in its supernatural filtered Cage's line readings through three different kinds of transformed shape.[26] Music Ghost Rider Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Film score by Christopher Young Released Recorded Genre Length Label February 13.. Kevin Mack.

[33] The Ghost Rider was also featured in a commercial for Jackson Hewitt Tax Services in which the character presented his income tax forms to a clerk for processing to receive a quick refund check.[27] All songs written and composed by Christopher Young. "Blood Signature" 13. the studio presented a first glimpse of Ghost Rider in a ten-second footage piece on the official site. "Cemetery Dance" 6. "Penance Stare" 11.Ghost Rider (film) 131 The Grudge 2 (2006) Ghost Rider (2007) Spider-Man 3 (2007) In December 2005. "The West Was Built on Legends" Total length: Length 3:16 3:06 4:13 2:01 5:31 5:40 2:15 6:18 3:36 5:26 3:22 2:08 1:53 5:52 3:59 55:96 Release Promotion In May 2005. which did not have finalized footage of the film. "Santa Sardonicus" 10.[29] In the same month. "A Thing for Karen Carpenter" 5.[28] The following July. Majesco Entertainment Company announced its deal with Marvel to acquire worldwide rights to produce the video game Ghost Rider for the PS2. "Artistry in Death" 4. "Blackheart Beat" 3. the studio presented a Ghost Rider panel at Comic-Con International and screened a teaser for the audience. . Title 1. "San Venganza" 12. "Serenade to a Daredevil's Devil" 14. No.[25] performed a cover of "Ghost Riders in the Sky" for the end credits.[24] The teaser. musical composer Christopher Young was announced to score Ghost Rider. In addition. Sideshow Collectibles announced the sale of a Ghost Rider maquette based on the concept art of the [32] film. "More Sinister Than Popcorn" 7. Sony Pictures launched the official website for Ghost Rider. "Ghost Rider" 2. and Game Boy Advance consoles. "Chain Chariot" 9. "Nebuchadnezzar Phase" 15.[31] In April 2006. "No Way to Wisdom" 8. PSP. a band that Johnson befriended during filming in Australia. eventually leaked online. The following May. Spiderbait.[30] In December 2005. domestic and international teaser trailers for Ghost Rider were launched at Apple.

[18] Mike Musgrove (2005-06-25). html?categoryid=1238& cs=1). Sequel The sequel film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance starts filming in November 2010 and will be released on February 17. . 2012.619 theaters. Retrieved 2007-01-29. . [8] Dana Harris (2003-04-08). Blu-ray Disc.388.[39] Ghost Rider was commercially released in the United States on February 16. "Marvel. . Retrieved 2007-01-29. The Star-Ledger. com/ article/ VR1117785776. [9] "When May Ghost Rider Start Shooting?" (http:/ / www. Most of the original cast will be returning and Crank filmmakers Neveldine/Taylor will direct.738. com/ index. The film grossed $US15. On Rotten Tomatoes. [2] Stax. 2007. Retrieved on April 4. and Catsoulis denoting how Johnny Blaze is "more funny than frightening". . [5] Julia Brinksneader (2001-07-31). [15] Clint Morris (2005-03-03).Ghost Rider (film) On April 19. "Foreign film upturn a tale of two cities" (http:/ / www. 2007.[35] The results were mirrored in Metacritic reviews as well. "Johnson sees 'Ghost'" (http:/ / www.022. The Age. variety. with a per-theater average of $US14. . SuperHeroHype. com. Star Tribune. Retrieved 2006-12-22. Retrieved 2007-01-29. [17] "'Time Share' comedy". 2003-10-19. Long Beach Press-Telegram. and a making of the film featurette. ign. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment confirmed that in America the film will be issued on June 12.[40] while earning $US45. [10] Angela Dawson (2004-11-18). "Marvel to prime pupils" (http:/ / www. php?id=287). Cinescape. 2009. com/ articles/ 035/ 035997p1. theage.802. [16] Karl Quinn (2005-03-06). lifeless outing". [7] "`Ghost Rider' could follow Spidey film". 2005-06-13." IGN. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). com/ news/ ghostridernews. References [1] Michael Sangiacomo (2000-05-25). asp?layout=story& articleid=VR1117884327& categoryid=13& cs=1). Erie Times-News. html). Variety. Retrieved 2006-12-22. 2001-06-28.836 for its opening weekend. 2007 as a single-disc Theatrical Cut DVD. with Ordoña citing the "satanic references" and "judgemental" elements of Cage's character. "Ghost Rider skips Dome" (http:/ / web. The Cincinnati Post. theage.[36] Additionally. The film earned $US52.[34] Extended Cut version was also release on HD DVD in France on September 7. Variety. variety. [14] Colin Covert (2005-03-11). Retrieved 2006-12-22. "Nicolas Cage likes to hunt for treasure". variety. The Washington Post. "Bentley to haunt 'Ghost'" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR1117916685. Variety. [4] "Cage considers 'Ghost Rider' role".393 of which $US115.who's up .[41] The film's total [42] earnings were $US228. "More Marvel heroes to join X-Men on film over next few years". two-disc Extended Cut DVD. au/ news/ Film/ Foreign-film-upturn-a-tale-of-two-cities/ 2005/ 03/ 05/ 1109958155904. "Another 'ER' casualty". [6] James Berkshire (2001-08-20).com. com. displaying a ranking of 35 out of 100 based on 20 critical reviews. . archive. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. a comic book history feature. net/ news/ 5161. Special features on the Extended Cut DVD include two commentary tracks. Variety. "Cage GHOST RIDER Burning Out?". variety.374 in 3. html?categoryid=1350& cs=1). Retrieved 2006-12-22. 132 Reception Ghost Rider received generally poor reviews. au/ articles/ 2005/ 02/ 13/ 1108229854265.908 over the four-day President's Day weekend. [11] Michael Fleming. "'Ghost' adds a Dimension" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR1117918741. and UMD. 2000.net. org/ web/ 20071227084857/ http:/ / www. July 6. . html).596 was from the USA. Moviehole. [3] Michael Fleming (2000-08-30). html). Nicole Laporte (2005-01-20). moviehole. Ghost Rider has a 27% overall approval out of 122 reviews from critics. superherohype. The Age.420. html). he also criticizes it. calling it a "clumsy. Retrieved 2006-12-22. " The Stax Report: Script Review of Ghost Rider (http:/ / movies. 2007. . The Columbus Dispatch.123 on its opening day. . 2005-02-14. DC Duel At the Box Office". Although Eric Alt of the Chicago Tribune praises the computer-generated effects of the film. "The bounce . [12] Pamela McClintock (2005-03-01). Michael Ordoña of the Los Angeles Times[37] and Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times[38] expressed disappointment in the movie. 2002-05-24. [13] "More than a name" (http:/ / www.who's down".

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com/movies/Ghost_Rider.allmovie.com Ghost Rider (http://www.sonypictures.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=ghostrider.rottentomatoes.superherohype.com/movies/ghostrider) Ghost Rider (http://marvel.Ghost Rider (film) 134 External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://www.com/work/291033) at Allmovie Ghost Rider (http://www.com/m/ghost_rider/) at Rotten Tomatoes .imdb.com/{{{id}}}/) hype at Superhero Hype! Ghost Rider (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo {{{title}}} (http://www.com/title/tt0259324/) at the Internet Movie Database Ghost Rider (http://www.Ghost_Rider) at Marvel.

Grindhouse (film) 135 Grindhouse (film) Grindhouse Theatrical release poster Directed by Planet Terror: Robert Rodriguez Death Proof: Quentin Tarantino Fake trailers: Robert Rodriguez Rob Zombie Edgar Wright Eli Roth Elizabeth Avellan Erica Steinberg Robert Rodriguez Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez Quentin Tarantino Rose McGowan Freddy Rodriguez Josh Brolin Marley Shelton Kurt Russell Rosario Dawson Vanessa Ferlito Jordan Ladd Naveen Andrews Bruce Willis Nicolas Cage Robert Rodriguez Graeme Revell Produced by Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Planet Terror: Robert Rodriguez Death Proof: Quentin Tarantino .

. Two soundtracks were also released for the features and include music and audio snippets from the film. The series has had two spin-offs based on fake trailers: Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun. and in-theater announcements. the Rodriguez-directed Planet Terror and Tarantino-directed Death Proof. Naveen Andrews. psychopathic stunt man who targets young women. Kurt Russell. and Vanessa Ferlito. The film's title derives from the U. stuntwoman Zoë Bell. the directors have expressed their interest in a possible sequel to the film due its critical acclaim and successful home media sales. The film is a double feature consisting of two feature-length segments. Planet Terror: 80 min. while Tarantino's segment.045. Josh Brolin. revolves around an outfit of rebels attempting to survive an onslaught of zombie-like creatures as they feud with a rogue military unit. This film later found more success on DVD and Blu-Ray. 2007.S. and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. murdering them with his "death proof" stunt car. Rodriguez's segment. After the film was released on April 6. Planet Terror. Michael Biehn.789 (Worldwide) [4] $31. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. (Int) United States English Spanish $53 million [1] [2] [3] 136 Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue $50. Bruce Willis. focuses on a misogynistic. In much of the rest of the world. The film's cast includes Rose McGowan. advertisements. Jordan Ladd. (US) 105 min. and bookended by fictional trailers for upcoming attractions. film industry term "grindhouse". ticket sales performed significantly below box office analysts' expectations despite mostly positive critic reviews. which refers to (now mostly defunct) movie theaters specializing in B movies. often exploitation films.Grindhouse (film) Editing by Planet Terror: Robert Rodriguez Death Proof: Sally Menke Troublemaker Studios Dimension Films April 6. Marley Shelton. Rosario Dawson. despite the box office failure.264 (US DVD/Blu-ray Sales) Grindhouse is a 2007 American horror/exploitation film co-written. Jeff Fahey. shown in a multiple-feature format. In several interviews. (EUR) Death Proof: 90 min. each feature was released separately in extended versions. 2007 Complete cut: 191 min. (US) 114 min. Death Proof. Freddy Rodriguez.187. Each feature is preceded by faux trailers of exploitation films in other genres that were developed by other directors. produced.

and stuntwoman Zoë—a group of women working below the line in Hollywood. The man. Meanwhile. Muldoon Stacy Ferguson as Tammy Visan Michael Parks as Earl McGraw Quentin Tarantino as Lewis (Rapist #1) Greg Kelly as Rapist #2 Death Proof Premise Three friends—Arlene. unknowingly followed by a mysterious man in a souped-up 1971 Chevy Nova. Shanna. Hague Michael Biehn as Sheriff Hague Naveen Andrews as Abby Bruce Willis as Lt. are making a business transaction with a scientist named Abby for mass quantities of a deadly biochemical agent known as DC2 (codename "Project Terror"). The gas reaches the town and turns its residents into deformed bloodthirsty psychopaths. struggling to find safety. Muldoon. As the patients quickly become enraged aggressors. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling Freddy Rodriguez as El Wray Josh Brolin as Dr. stalks the young women with his "death proof car. Abby intentionally releases the gas into the air. now in Tennessee and driving a 1969 Dodge Charger. William Block Marley Shelton as Dr. Fourteen months later.T. Dakota Block Rebel Rodriguez as Tony Block Jeff Fahey as J. a restaurant owned by J. Cast • • • • • • • • • Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike Zoë Bell as Zoë Rosario Dawson as Abernathy Vanessa Ferlito as Arlene "Butterfly" Jordan Ladd as Shanna Rose McGowan as Pam Sydney Tamiia Poitier as "Jungle" Julia Lucai Tracie Thoms as Kim Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lee Montgomery .Grindhouse (film) 137 Planet Terror Premise In a rural town in Texas. Kim. Hague. Stuntman Mike. The infected townspeople are treated by the sinister Dr. mockingly referred to as "sickos" by the surviving humans. whose Stock 1970 Dodge Challenger proves a worthy adversary. William Block and his abused. Stuntman Mike.T. Abernathy. Muldoon learns that Abby has an extra supply on hand and attempts to take him hostage. neglected anesthesiologist wife Dakota at a local hospital. tails another group of young women—Lee. and radio disc jockey "Jungle" Julia Lucai—spend a night in Austin. She runs into mysterious ex-boyfriend El Wray at the Bone Shack." eventually killing all three. Texas celebrating Julia's birthday. Cherry and El Wray lead a team of accidental warriors into the night. a group of military officials. led by the demented Lt. go-go dancer Cherry Darling decides to quit her low-paying job and find another use for her numerous "useless" talents.

I shot lobby cards and the poster and cut the trailer and sent it to Quentin. it was Tarantino's idea to film fake trailers for Grindhouse.S. they'll hire an agent from Mexico to come do the job for $25.[8] Machete Rodriguez wrote Machete in 1993 as a full feature for Danny Trejo. Zombie shot enough footage to work into a half-hour film and was particularly pained to edit it down. and they said.' So I wrote him this idea of a federale from Mexico who gets hired to do hatchet jobs in the U. 'Say no more.' [6] I said. He started showing it around to Eli Roth and to Edgar Wright. I thought. It said something like 'Rodriguez and Tarantino doing a double feature and Tarantino says there's gonna be fake trailers. let them shoot it.[9] [10] Cast • • • • Danny Trejo as Machete Cheech Marin as Padre Jeff Fahey as the Well-Dressed Man Tito Larriva as Henchman . You got me. 'I have a trailer: Werewolf Women of the SS.000. I had heard sometimes FBI or DEA have a really tough job that they don't want to get their own agents killed on. Dakota Block (nèe McGraw) 138 Fake trailers Before each segment.' And I thought. "We had so many ideas for trailers. "I had cast him in Desperado and I remember thinking.[7] Some Canadian screening releases included the South by Southwest-winning trailer Hobo with a Shotgun.' But I never got around to making it. Go shoot it.' Then Rob Zombie came up to me in October at the Scream Awards and said. 'There are?'"[5] Rodriguez and Tarantino had originally planned to make all of the film's fake trailers themselves. He would come and do a really dangerous job for a lot of money to him but for everyone else over here it's peanuts. According to Rodriguez. If theirs come out really great.'" Each trailer was shot in two days. 'Can we do a trailer? We have an idea for a trailer!' We were like.Grindhouse (film) • • • • • Quentin Tarantino as Warren Eli Roth as Dov Michael Parks as Earl McGraw James Parks as Edgar McGraw Marley Shelton as Dr. If we don't get around to shooting ours. as well as vintage theater snipes and an ad for a fictional restaurant called Acuña Boys. I made Machete. have some variety. While Wright and Roth shot only what ended up on screen. "I didn't even know about it until I read it in the trades. we'll put it in the movie to Eli Roth directs the fake trailer Thanksgiving. we'll put theirs in the movie. 'That's Machete. 'Wow. this guy should have his own series of Mexploitation movies like Charles Bronson or like Jean-Claude Van Damme. there are trailers advertising fake films. According to Rodriguez. and he just flipped out because it looked so vintage and so real. 'Hey."[5] The trailer was made into a feature film and released on 3 September 2010.

Don't. among others.Grindhouse (film) 139 Werewolf Women of the SS Rob Zombie's contribution. singer Katie Melua. Rafe Spall. And the one that inspired me was this Jorge Grau film: In the UK. and I went with the Nazis. According to Zombie. was produced in the style of a 1970s' Hammer House of Horror film trailer. it was called Don't Open the Window. MyAnna Buring. they'd give them snazzier titles. 'Well.. and a voice-over by Will Arnett. and Sybil Danning as SS officers/sisters Eva and Gretchen Krupp (The She-Devils of Belzac). I think it's called Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead. you know. along with professional wrestlers Andrew "Test" Martin and Oleg Prudius (better known as Vladimir Kozlov). I just loved the fact that there isn't a big window scene in the film—it's all based around the spin and the voiceover not really telling you what the hell is going on in the film. Meriah Nelson. Udo Kier as Franz Hess. "Basically. Peter Serafinowicz. and Lorielle New as the Werewolf Women. It was either going to be a Nazi movie or a women-in-prison film. There're all those movies like Ilsa. Stuart Wilson.] A lot of times these movies would be made like. Fu Manchu Udo Kier as Commandant Franz Hess Sheri Moon Zombie as Eva Krupp Tom Towles as Lt. made cameo appearances though they eventually went uncredited.[7] According to Wright. Werewolf Women of the SS. Fräulein Devil."[5] Zombie is also quoted as saying "I was getting very conceptual in my own mind with it. Quentin Tarantino also pointed out another aspect of American advertising of British films in the 1970s that is being referenced—none of the actors have any dialogue in the trailer.[11] The trailer featured appearances from Jason Isaacs."[7] Cast • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Dr.. "In the '70s. Matthew Macfadyen. but I got this Chinese set too. when American International would release European horror films. To get the necessary 1970s' look. so I took that approach. and Olja Hrustic. During editing. But in the States. Heinrich von Strasser Don't Edgar Wright's contribution. Sheri Moon Zombie. In Spain and in Italy. I've got a whole bunch of Nazi uniforms."[5] On the Charlie Rose talk show. Michael Smiley and Nicola Cunningham (who played the zombie "Mary" in Shaun of the Dead).[13] Cast • • • • • • • Jason Isaacs as Bearded Man Matthew Macfadyen as Man who rips his eyes out Katie Melua as Brunette with Hatchet Victim Stuart Wilson as Old Man Lucy Punch as Running Blonde Woman Simon Pegg as Bearded Cannibal Nick Frost as Baby Eater . She Wolf of the SS. and Love Camp 7—I've always found that to be the most bizarre genre. We'll put 'em together!' They start jamming things in there. Boorman Sybil Danning as Gretchen Krupp Bill Moseley as Dr.[7] [12] Mark Gatiss. Wright regulars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. it's called The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue. Wright used vintage lenses and old-style graphics. Georgina Chapman. he scratched some of the film with steel wool and dragged it around a parking lot to make it appear neglected by wayward projectionists. the commandant of Death Camp 13. featured Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu. Lucy Punch. [. as if the trailer was intentionally edited to prevent American viewers from realizing that the film is British. Emily Booth. Zombie's wife. I had two ideas.

and Rob Cotterill. John Davies. one of which occurring as the victim's girlfriend performs fellatio on him. watching it all jammed together nonstop makes it more shocking.[5] Select excerpts of the score from Creepshow were used. who plays the killer pilgrim—we grew up in Massachusetts. According to Roth. ranging from armed robbers to corrupt cops to a pedophilic Santa Claus. and then he killed his family and went away to a mental institution and came back and took revenge on the town. April Fool's Day and My Bloody Valentine. including a cheerleader simultaneously stripping.[16] The trailer was available in certain selected movie theaters in the United States and Canada. Nova Scotia filmmakers Jason Eisener. "Instead of seeing it spread out in a feature. The trailer is currently being made into a full-length feature[8] taking place in the Halifax area.'"[5] "Shooting the trailer was so much fun. "because every shot is a money shot.Grindhouse (film) 140 Thanksgiving Eli Roth's contribution is a promo for the slasher opus Thanksgiving. we don't have to make the movie. bouncing on a trampoline and getting stabbed in the vulva. and Roth himself as his intended victims. guess what. We had the whole movie worked out: A kid who's in love with a turkey." Roth has stated. The design for the titles in Thanksgiving was based on a Mad magazine slasher parody titled Arbor Day. They got it. it's absurd." Roth confirmed in a interview with Cinema Blend that he and co-writer Jeff Rendell are working on a possible feature film.[8] The trailer. It's so ridiculous. we can just shoot the best parts. I called Jeff and said. Jordan Ladd. Black Christmas. 'Dude. Jay Hernandez. "My friend Jeff. Produced in the style of holiday-based slasher films such as Halloween. we were huge slasher movie fans and every November we were waiting for the Thanksgiving slasher movie. Every shot is decapitation or nudity. According to Roth.[14] Cast • • • • Michael Biehn as The Sheriff Jordan Ladd as Judy Eli Roth as Tucker/Trailer Announcer Jay Hernandez as Bobby Hobo with a Shotgun Some screenings of Grindhouse (mainly in Canada) also featured a fake trailer for a film titled Hobo With a Shotgun. and Michael Biehn as the Sheriff. It's just so wrong and sick that it's right. won Robert Rodriguez's South by Southwest Grindhouse trailers contest.[18] Filming is ."[7] Roth's fake trailer contained elements that almost earned Grindhouse an NC-17 rating. and three decapitations. and then his father killed it. a vagabond with a 20-gauge shotgun becomes a vigilante. he is shown killing numerous persons.[7] the trailer starred Jeff Rendell as a killer who stalks victims dressed as a pilgrim. created by Dartmouth. Cast • • • • • • • David Brunt as The Hobo Mike Jackson as The Pimp[8] Glen Matthews as Masked Machete Mugger[8] Robert Cotterill as Shot Cop[8] Zoe Dunsworth as Store Clerk[8] Loretta Yu as Hostage[8] Cadence Macmichael as Hooker/Mob Boss Girl[8] [17] starring Rutger Hauer as the hobo. In the trailer. But we had a great discussion with the ratings board.[15] In the trailer. Once they saw it with all the bad splices and the distress and scratches they were fine [7] with it.

not a lot. there's twelve cameras and they use every angle for Avid editing."[6] Of the car chases. My version is going to be fucked up and disjointed. 'There are characters for all of you to play. the 'good old boy' redneck car-chase movies. I said. spaghetti Westerns—all those risible genres that were released in the 70s."[6] Rodriguez first came up with the idea for Planet Terror during the production of The Faculty: "I remember telling Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett. Giallo. and I was like. horror.[19] Rodriguez asked Tarantino.. Sure enough. there is no other genre quite as rigid. 'It's got this death-proof car in it. complete with trailers before and in between the films. the last terrific car chase was in Terminator 2. but it seemingly uses the structure of a slasher film. and then I didn't know where to go with it.'" The story was reapproached when Tarantino and Rodriguez developed the idea for Grindhouse. but we're actually making something that lives up to the posters.. Every time a stunt happens. 'You have to call it Death Proof. 'We've got to be there first. ."[5] The poster for a double feature consisting of the films Dragstrip Girl and Rock All Night sparked the idea for Grindhouse. It's just action.[6] Tarantino remembers. because with the exception of women-in-prison films. Rodriguez noticed that he owned the same double feature movie poster as Tarantino for the 1957 films Dragstrip Girl and Rock All Night. hopefully against you. It was about 30 pages. "And we've got to call it Grindhouse!"[2] The film's name originates from the American term for theaters that played "all the exploitation genres: kung fu.' We got all excited about it. Hey. In between that. And Final Destination 2 had a magnificent car action piece. sexploitation. As long as they were driving. I knew that I should've made my zombie film.[6] As Planet Terror took shape. but that's it.' I had [a script] I’d started writing. the zombie [movie] invasion happened and they all came back again. Tarantino developed the story for Death Proof. why don't you direct one and I'll do the other?" Tarantino quickly replied. based on his fascination for the way stuntmen would "death-proof" their cars. 'Ah. but I don't feel it in my stomach. "[Tarantino] had an idea and a complete vision for it right away when he first talked about it."[5] According to Rodriguez. so I realized—let me take the structure of a slasher film and just do what I do. "The posters were much better than the movies. but that I thought they were going to come back in a big way because they’d been gone for so long. He started to tell me the story and said. This inspired Tarantino to create a slasher film featuring a deranged stuntman who stalks and murders sexy young women with his "death-proof" car. all these young actors. "I always wanted to do a double feature. that zombie movies were dead and hadn't been around in a while. It's inorganic.' I helped title the movie. blaxploitation.' I said. The introduction was about as far as I'd gotten. During one screening in 2003. And if you break that up. and then I got onto other movies. "I realized I couldn't do a straight slasher film. you aren't really doing it anymore. and I said to them. "CGI for car stunts doesn't make any sense to me—how is that supposed to be impressive? [. Tarantino stated.Grindhouse (film) 141 History and development The idea for Grindhouse came to Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino when Tarantino set up screenings of double features in his house."[5] According to Rodriguez.] I don't think there have been any good car chases since I started making films in '92—to me. stuntmen could slam their cars headfirst into a brick wall at 60 mph (97 km/h) and survive.

he's a true hero. which was written by Tarantino and directed by Rodriguez. Of course. Although Rodriguez had previously worked as the cinematographer on six of his own feature films.' I'm not disparaging these movies. Death Proof marked Tarantino's first credit as a cinematographer. Tarantino himself plays small roles in both segments of Grindhouse. The director of photography for Rob Zombie's fake trailer Werewolf Women of the SS was Phil Parmet. "Rodriguez and Tarantino really co-directed. In an interview."[19] Casting Many of the cast members had previously worked with both directors. and director Eli Roth. whom Roth had previously worked with on Hostel. His son. and pretty much that was it. who contributed the fake trailer Thanksgiving and whose film Hostel was produced by Tarantino. Before appearing in Grindhouse. When I open the newspaper and see an ad that says 'Kurt Russell in Dreamer. has a cameo in Death Proof. The first time the two characters appeared together was in Tarantino's Kill Bill.but now. and then made a couple of little changes after that. he always deferred to Robert on Planet Terror and vice versa for Death Proof. Tom Savini had previously acted in From Dusk Till Dawn. It was as if we worked in little vacuums and cut our movies down.' or 'Kurt Russell in Miracle. a character that first appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. So much so that we didn't actually see each other's movie completed until three weeks before the film opened. Quentin was on set a lot. Parks first portrayed the role in From Dusk Till Dawn. but Rodriguez chose not to cast her. So it's really both of their brainchild. but both were unable to Tarantino attempted to cast both Kal Penn work due to prior commitments. [21] and Sylvester Stallone[22] in Death Proof. and then put them together and watched it all play. Marley Shelton had auditioned for The Faculty. He had notes and adjustments to our performances and he changed lines every once in a while. there's a whole audience out there that doesn't know what Kurt Russell can do. Michael Parks reprises the role of Earl McGraw in Planet Terror and Death Proof. appears in Death Proof as Edgar McGraw. in addition to having a cameo appearance in a segment Tarantino directed for the anthology film Four Rooms. Tarantino revealed that he decided to cast Kurt Russell as the killer stunt driver because "for people of my generation. whom Zombie had first worked with on The Devil's Rejects. .[20] Bruce Willis had appeared in both Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and Rodriguez's Sin City. but I'm thinking: When is Kurt Russell going to be a badass again?"[2] Cinematography Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino each acted as cinematographer on their segments. at least Planet Terror.Grindhouse (film) 142 Production Directing According to actress Marley Shelton. She was eventually cast in the role of a customer in the opening sequence of Sin City."[20] Tarantino has stated "I can't imagine doing Grindhouse with any other director in the way me and Robert did it because I just had complete faith and trust in him. The director of photography for Eli Roth's fake trailer Thanksgiving was Milan Chadima. James Parks...

McGowan wore a special cast which restricted her leg movement to give her the correct motion.. though. nudity.. [. It leaves you guessing. Ain't It Cool News reported that according to Tarantino. On March 15. 'Oh. you're arriving in the third act. that's what we’ve got to do. Suddenly. The New York Post reported that the film would possibly require heavy and extensive cuts in order to avoid an NC-17 rating. To accomplish the fake leg that Cherry sports after her accident. in the third act. Throughout both feature-length segments and the fake trailers." Rodriguez recalls. "[Quentin] was about to show an Italian crime movie with Oliver Reed.[26] Shortly after.] The late second acts in movies are usually the most predictable and the most boring. Planet Terror makes heavy use of digital effects throughout the film.. 'Oh. [.. and the movie still works with 20 minutes gone out of it. and it worked. you don't know if he slept with a girl or he didn't because she says he did and he says that he didn't. it's got a missing reel in it. as seen in the trailer Machete. but I'm just as excited if not more excited about actually having the world see Death Proof unfiltered. and drug use". The intentionally "aged" look of the film. that's where the good guy really turns out to be the bad guy. the film officially received an R-rating from the MPAA.. five of the six 25. the films are set in the present day.Grindhouse (film) 143 Special effects The film uses various unconventional techniques to make the films more like those that were shown in grindhouse theaters in the 1970s. During shooting for these scenes.[23] (Despite these aging effects."[19] Grindhouse is rated R in the United States for "strong graphic bloody violence and gore. for example. To reproduce the look of damaged film reels in Planet Terror. during post-production the effects teams digitally removed McGowan's right leg from the shots and replaced it with computer-generated props—first a table leg and then an M16 rifle.000-frame reels were edited with real film damage. and helped the effects artists to [23] digitally remove her leg. Perhaps the most notable effect is Cherry's (played by Rose McGowan) fake leg. 127-minute version of Death Proof was screened in competition for the Palme d'Or at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.. and the bad guy is really good.] I was like a brutish American exploitation distributor who cut the movie down almost to the point of incoherence. my God. Tarantino and Rodriguez came up with the idea of inserting "missing reels" into the film.[27] . including me. and the couple becomes friends. 2007. some sexuality. pervasive language.] It will be the first time everyone sees Death Proof by itself. "and he was saying. [. only minimal cuts were made which ended up totaling 20 seconds. all bets are off and it's a whole new story anyway. and stock footage. But it's really interesting because after the missing reel. We've got to have a missing reel!' I'm going to use it in a way where it actually says 'missing reel' for 10 seconds."[6] On the editing of Death Proof. Tarantino stated "There is half-an-hour's difference between my Death Proof and what is playing in Grindhouse. plug-ins."[19] An extended. which were generally shipped around from theater to theater and usually ended up in bad shape. and then when we come back.[19] [24] [25] Tarantino is quoted as saying "It works great as a double feature. the film is intentionally damaged to make it look like many of the exploitation films of the 1970s. I cut it down to the bone and took all the fat off it to see if it could still exist.' I thought. Editing During editing. in Planet Terror a character is shown texting.

and you find yourself watching not an arch. scratched and weathered venture never manages a real death grip on the senses.[37] Critics generally enjoyed the fake trailers. Geoff Pevere of the Toronto Star wrote that the use of the trailers helps the film establish "... which tries a little too hard. Response Critical reception Grindhouse was embraced favorably by the consensus of critics. its credibility as both mock-artifact and geeky fetish object even before the opening feature. Inspiration for his score came from John Carpenter. praising it as a "crazily funny and exciting tribute to the grimy glory days of 1970s exploitation films" that "will leave you laughing."[41] The double feature appeared at number six on Jack Mathews and Owen Gleiberman's respective top ten lists for New York Daily News and Entertainment Weekly."[38] Todd McCarthy of Variety claimed that the trailers were "."[35] Others.[29] At the website Metacritic.. and at number seven on Stephanie Zacharek's list for Salon.. clever pastiche of old movies and movie theaters but an actual movie. Soundtrack albums for both segments were released on April 3. thrilled at a movie that knows.[42] . by contrast. whose music was often played on set."[39] Jeff Vice of Deseret News.Grindhouse (film) 144 Soundtrack influences The music for Planet Terror was composed by Robert Rodriguez.3/10. commenting that "by stooping low without selling out. Berardinelli found the film to be "cinema as an expression of pulp with attitude.[30] Entertainment Weekly awarded the film a "B+" rating. the film earned a favorable rating of 77/100 based on 33 reviews by mainstream critics. at long last.[28] A cover version of The Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to Fuck" performed by Nouvelle Vague was also featured.. which utilizes a normalized rating system. who gave the feature films negative reviews. He gave Grindhouse as a whole two and a half stars out of four."[34] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle awarded the film a high rating. but that doesn't mean everyone sitting in the theater will get it."[33] The critics who did not like the film were not amused by the film's graphic and comical violence. have considered Death Proof to be a deeper and more noteworthy segment. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 83% of critics gave the film a positive review based on a sample of 185 reviews."[36] Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert was divided. 2007. with an average score of 7. The soundtrack for Death Proof consists entirely of non-original music. awarding Planet Terror two stars and Death Proof three stars. with Larry Ratliff of San Antonio Express-News noting that "this ambitious."[40] Maitland McDonagh of TV Guide claimed "With the exception of Werewolf Women. excellent candidates for exploitation immortality. Awarding the film three stars (out of four). the strongest aspect of the entire presentation. Scott of The New York Times notes that "[a]t a certain point in Death Proof the scratches and bad splices disappear."[31] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film a positive review... but noted that "the Rodriguez segment is terrific. Marc Savlov listed Death Proof at number ten on his list for The Austin Chronicle. Critic A. called the trailers ". including excerpts from the scores of other films."[32] Critic James Berardinelli also enjoyed the film but was not as positive as other critics.. the Tarantino one long-winded and juvenile. they're all spot-on pastiches. O. gasping.. [Rodriguez and Tarantino] are speaking from the hearts.. how to put the bad back in badass. this babes-and-bullets tour de force gets you high on movies again.

[43] surprising box office analysts and fans alike given the strong reviews and favorable media buzz."[19] Harvey Weinstein said that he was so "incredibly disappointed" with the film's opening weekend that he was considering re-releasing it as two [49] The film has altogether earned $25. box office analysts originally predicted an opening weekend total of at least $20–$30 million.Grindhouse (film) 145 Box office Grindhouse did not perform well at the box office. However.[58] In April 2008.[57] In Australia.[43] [45] making a per-theater average of $4. none of the other fake trailers were included when the features were released individually.417. Grindhouse had limited screenings.S. So you are kind of trying to teach us something else.[56] The release of Planet Terror followed on November 9. Death Proof was screened in Europe in the extended version that was presented in competition at the Cannes film festival. [.. they don't really have this tradition . The additional material includes scenes that were replaced in the American theatrical release version with a "missing reel" title card. Planet Terror and Death Proof were released separately in extended versions. Others attributed the film's disappointing opening to the timing of Easter weekend. not exploitative horror films.[52] [53] In reaction to the possibility of a split in a foreign release. noting that the weekend is more tailored for family-oriented films or light-comedy. too scary to be funny. not only do they not really know what a grind house is. Grindhouse was screened by Dendy Cinemas in one venue at a time across the country. while Planet Terror would feature "coming attractions" from Tarantino. [.. Release Theatrical Outside the U.[51] The poster artwork for each film's release in the Netherlands claimed that Death Proof would feature "coming attractions" from Rodriguez."[43] Box office analyst Lee Tistaert of popular tracking website Lee's Movie Info compared the result with what may have happened if Tarantino's Kill Bill saga had been released as one film.[46] [47] The opening weekend box office total stood below not only the second weekends of Blades of Glory and Meet the Robinsons.[60] .[48] Quentin Tarantino is quoted as saying about the film's box office results. approximately two months apart. the edited version of Death Proof was first screened on November 1. While the separated version of Planet Terror includes the Machete trailer. Planet Terror was released on January 2010. 2007. Death Proof was released on September 21.[44] Costing $53 million to produce.5 million" in the United States. and it also opened below the opening weekend of the widely panned Are We Done Yet?.] I'm proud of my flop. they don't even have the double feature tradition. from January 17. But the movie worked with the audience. A total of about 27 minutes were added for this version.[55] In the United Kingdom. through the use of a traveling 35 mm reel. Tarantino stated "Especially if they were dealing with non-English language countries. 2007 as a separate film. such as the lap dance scene.] People who saw it loved it and applauded. 2008. In an attempt to explain the film's disappointing opening weekend. and Canada."[54] Many European fans saw the split as an attempt to increase profits by forcing audiences to pay twice for what was shown as a single film in the United States. "It was disappointing. while Death Proof was releasead on July 2010 at least in Brazil. yeah. [50] ticket sales.[59] In South America. instead of two separate volumes.. "Is it possible that Tarantino got his wish this time as a result of two back-to-back $60 million grosses?" he asked.422.[1] [2] Grindhouse opened poorly with "a disappointing $11..088 in separate movies and possibly adding back the "missing" scenes... box office analyst Brandon Gray suggested that Grindhouse "suffered the usual horror comedy dilemma that afflicted Snakes on a Plane and Slither among others: too funny to be scary.

I think they're still trying to figure out Grindhouse 1 before we think about Grindhouse 2.[63] This release would also reportedly include Hobo with a Shotgun. 2008 in Japan. but I've already been working on the outline for it and I would do it in a heartbeat. 3rd.[73] However. featuring the films in both their individual extended versions and in the abridged double feature presentation along with previously-unreleased special features.[66] while the Blu-ray edition of Death Proof only contained the "damaged" version of the film.[64] A six-DVD edition of the film was released on March 21. Machete was screened Sept.com.[70] It has also been reported by Rotten Tomatoes that Edgar Wright may expand Don't into a feature film. 2007. 2009. separated only by the faux trailers that were seen in theaters.S. The Blu-ray edition of Planet Terror also contained a "scratch-free" version of the film that removed much of the damage effects.Grindhouse (film) 146 Home media Death Proof and Planet Terror were released separately on DVD in the United States.[65] Planet Terror and Death Proof were released individually on Blu-ray Disc on December 16. 2007. and has exclusive bonus features.[71] According to Eli Roth. This release marks the first time that US viewers can duplicate the full Grindhouse experience at home as it was seen in theaters. he and Wright have discussed the possibility of pairing Don't with Thanksgiving for a Grindhouse sequel." Electra Avellan told bloody-disgusting.[69] Tarantino said that he wants to shoot an "old-school Kung Fu movie in Mandarin with subtitles in some countries. dubbed cut in others" for his segment. with Planet Terror following on October 16. Rodriguez's nieces who play the Crazy Babysitter Twins in both films. due to various delays. The first disc of the 2-disc set contains Death Proof and Planet Terror. Electra and Elise Avellan. Death Proof was released on September 18.[74] "Robert mentioned something about the end of the world and Hollywood action films. 2010 that the blu-ray would also include a 5-minute version of "Werewolf Women of the SS". Both were two-disc special editions featuring extended versions of the films. 2008 in North America. the film was pushed back to a 2010 release date.[61] [62] Robert Rodriguez stated in his 10-Minute Film School that a box set of the two films would be available soon. Blu-Ray.[75] . The trailers were omitted from both releases. and release a shorter."[72] Rodriguez announced plans to create a feature-length adaptation of the Machete trailer and release it by the time Planet Terror and Death Proof would be made available on DVD. 1st and released across cinemas in the US on Sept. where we'd be trained in Mexico to come back here and fight. and that his 10-Minute Cook School would appear on it. but the latter concept did not materialize with the former's release. Roth is quoted as saying "We're talking to Dimension about it. 2010 in the U. Sequel Both Rodriguez and Tarantino have said that they are interested in making a sequel to Grindhouse. with the exception of Machete.[68] A two-disc Blu-Ray "Special Edition" of Grindhouse was released on October 5.[67] The theatrical version of Grindhouse is set for a Region 2 DVD and stand alone version of Death Proof HD DVD released in Germany on December 31. originally stated their uncle wanted to do a sequel featuring both Machete and The Babysitter Twins. Bill Moseley stated at FanExpo on August 27th.

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imdb.grindhousemovie.com/m/grindhouse/) at Rotten Tomatoes .com/movies/?id=grindhouse.htm) at Box Office Mojo Grindhouse (http://www.boxofficemojo.net) Grindhouse (http://www.com/film/titles/grindhouse) at Metacritic Grindhouse (http://www.rottentomatoes.allmovie.com/title/tt0462322/) at the Internet Movie Database Grindhouse (http://www.metacritic.Grindhouse (film) 150 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://www.com/work/327656) at Allmovie Grindhouse (http://www.

Dick Nicolas Cage Julianne Moore Jessica Biel Thomas Kretschmann Peter Falk Mark Isham Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography David Tattersall Editing by Studio Christian Wagner Revolution Studios Initial Entertainment Group Virtual Studios Saturn Films .Next (2007 film) 151 Next (2007 film) Next Promotional poster for Next Directed by Produced by Lee Tamahori Nicolas Cage Jason Koornick Todd Garner Norm Golightly Graham King Arne Schmidt Screenplay: Gary Goldman Jonathan Hensleigh Paul Bernbaum Story: Gary Goldman Short Story: Philip K.

When she asks why he will not help the FBI stop the terrorists. Cris is again at the diner when he finally sees Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel). Pursuing Cris to the garage. The film was released on April 27. Ferris follows. Ferris tracks Cris to his home. Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel. who interrogate him about Johnson before killing him. Arizona. using his powers to win against the house. Plot Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) can see into his future. noting the exception for events involving her. After envisioning a number of different approaches — all of which fall flat — he meets Liz after intervening when her ex-boyfriend arrives. however. yet is chased by security agents. The following morning. Knowing that she is heading for Flagstaff.000. the woman from his vision. In custody. she asks her to drug Cris so that they can bring him in peacefully. Ferris convinces her superiors to let her bring Cris in. to await her arrival.Next (2007 film) Distributed by North America: Paramount Pictures International: Initial Entertainment Group April 27. He works as a small-time magician in Las Vegas. Cris charms her into giving him a ride. where he supplements his income with gambling. instead he envisions a broadcast from several hours in the future in which Liz is killed by a bomb while strapped to a wheelchair as bait for Cris. and sets up a plan to draw out the terrorists. Cris is strapped to a chair with his eyes held open and forced to watch television until he has a vision that can help the FBI. while the terrorists decide to kill him. Asking for Liz to wait for him. he tries to escape from the FBI agents waiting to arrest him but is captured after saving Ferris from logs tumbling down the side of a mountain. With the weapon tracked to Los Angeles. he eludes both them and Las Vegas police.000 Worldwide: [1] $73. He draws the attention of FBI agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore). Because there are no details other than the time.500 152 Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Next is a 2007 film. the terrorists kidnap Liz instead. He can only see two minutes ahead. Claiming Cris is a dangerous sociopath. he explains his limitations. his gambling draws the attention of casino security. 2007. . The terrorists follow in the hope that the agents will lead them to Cris. 2007 96 minutes United States English $70. Liz warns Cris. Instead. On his way out of the casino. Ferris promises to help save her as long as Cris will help stop the bomb. The film is directed by Lee Tamahori and stars Nicolas Cage. Later that day. but can see the effects of what any number of his actions can do to that future. the casino's security chief is approached by two of the terrorists. with the exception of a vision he once had of a woman walking into a diner. Later that night.541. Expecting him to see a report about the detonation of the bomb. whose original script was very loosely based on the science fiction short story The Golden Man by Philip K. who tells her about his secret. Cris escapes from captivity and races to the parking garage where she will be killed. but he escapes after foreseeing her arrival. Unable to kill Cris. he goes to the diner twice each day at 8:09. It turns out that not only can Cris see the future. he stops an imminent robbery. Dick. Before Ferris can approach Cris. Agent Ferris confronts Liz while she is walking near the hotel. who has figured out his ability and wants to stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear weapon. A washed-out road forces Cris and Liz to spend the night in a hotel. Using his ability to forecast the actions of his pursuers.

When they arrive. Saturn Films. though the DHS began exhibiting this paranoia as their efforts to control Cris prove increasingly inadequate. with Cris often speaking clearly and eloquently of how he enjoys his independence. Goldman wrote a script treatment that he and Koornick presented to Nicolas Cage's production company. the bomb detonates out at sea and completely destroys the port. 153 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Cris Johnson Julianne Moore as Callie Ferris Jessica Biel as Liz Cooper Thomas Kretschmann as Mr. herself incapable of procreating with normal humans. but a mutant as well (born in Love Canal) and the only woman he has ever met with whom he can have children. Cris has been able to look further into the future and foresee what could happen. After killing the terrorists and saving Liz. And you don’t get it by giving it up. Jones Laetitia Danielle as Miss Brown Nicolas Pajon as Mr." . then he says goodbye to Liz and asks her to wait for him before going outside to meet with Ferris and assist in stopping the terrorists. Green Peter Falk as Irv Production Gary Goldman and Jason Koornick initially optioned the science fiction short story The Golden Man by Philip K. before Liz goes outside to be confronted by Ferris. He states plainly that "what I want is freedom. As he stares at the screen he realizes that he has made a mistake and that he was too late.Next (2007 film) Using his ability. as well as the rest of the city. after a series of exchanges. A romantic subplot was added: the character of Liz Cooper. but Goldman ended up writing the screenplay on spec. Cris is able to walk right up to the terrorist leader and avoid being hit. As the original short story had a distinct tone of racist paranoia. Cris was changed from a feral animal whose existence threatened humanity's into a more familiar and understandable social outcast. He calls Ferris to make a deal. Dick. who in this draft was not only destined to be the love of Cris's life. the motivation for the pursuit of Cris was changed from an ironclad policy of exterminating mutations to a manipulative Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agent's obsessive search for unconventional assets in the war on terror. Because of Liz's involvement in events. Then it cuts back to Cris and Liz in bed at the hotel in Arizona. This script was filled with anti-authoritarian themes. Cris helps the FBI track the terrorists to the port where they are based. detailing the efforts of a government agency to capture and contain a precognitive mutant. they find that the bomb has already been moved. Smith Tory Kittles as Cavanaugh Jose Zuniga as Security Chief Roybal Jim Beaver as Wisdom Jason Butler Harner as Jeff Baines Michael Trucco as Kendall Enzo Cilenti as Mr. Ferris shows Cris a seismograph hoping that he will see any tremors caused by explosions before they happen.[2] To provide greater interaction between the opposing parties (as well as create a leading role). by seeing where the bullets will go and dodging them. Original draft This first draft had more similarities to the short story.

No clue is given as to the motivation for the terrorists' detonation of the nuclear device in Los Angeles. astoundingly powerful and unapologetically ruthless collection of fanatics. is able to prevent him from achieving. thus pre-emptively proving to Cris their determination to possess him. Though Cris remained a meek social outcast. seem to be under the guidance of an unseen leader who has told them that they must kill Cris since "he says that Cris is the only threat to the plan". Revolution Studios acquired the screenplay and in November 2004. One agent suggests that they amputate his arms and legs. for it will permit them to achieve countless others. The DHS is explicitly depicted as a completely unregulated. Their insistence on his obedience is reduced to the point that the authorities offer their assistance in rescuing Liz (whom they neglect to arrest despite her efforts to sabotage Cris's capture) from the terrorists. until she realizes Cris has probably realized the possibility of such an occurrence the instant it was proposed. of course. mostly with French and German accents. However. He thus makes the ultimate sacrifice. he might be able to keep the authorities from ever learning of his son's existence – he may be a slave. Initial Entertainment Group negotiated for rights of international distribution of Next. and Cris as uncooperative and belligerent. But one constant throughout the script was the knowledge that Cris is running for his life. During the confrontation with the terrorists. but he ensures his son will live free. and eventually they drive him to the breaking point: when the DHS learns that Liz is pregnant with his child. only gambling in an extremely limited fashion. in the dark. but by willingly accepting imprisonment.[3] In December 2005. That is. The script begins with Cris's seeming infallibility informing him that the authorities will settle for nothing less than total control of his abilities. and in the process almost completely eliminated its anti-authoritarian themes. and far more prone to applying violent solutions. They wax poetic on their plans in using Cris as if he were a piece of machinery. where no one will ever know or see. they coldly decide to have her executed at a pre-determined time. He demolishes the Las Vegas DHS headquarters with a barrel of C-4 agents had seized earlier in a warrant-less search. This leads to the film's greatest variation from the original draft – a confrontation with the terrorists. only with the authorities as allies instead of antagonists. though only with great difficulty. For one person. that is.Next (2007 film) Though many uses of his gift are detailed by the DHS. Cris believes he is trading his freedom for his son's life. Cris thus constantly flees the DHS. Liz would never bear his child if he let the bombs go off. a suggestion his colleague considers humorous. a process which they believe would extend the range of his abilities. Cris lives a simple life as a stage magician. not for fame. bolting him into a chair for the rest of his life so his only experiences are ones which are useful to them. Even then all his efforts are focused on securing Liz's safety: an objective which the DHS. his enemies are skilled tormentors. This theory is never challenged: even as the film ends. Moore was cast as the federal agent who seeks people to help prevent future terrorism and uncovers Cage's character as a potential candidate. he is portrayed as arrogant. "Not for millions. The few terrorists who speak in the film. Cris willingly supports the FBI with his abilities in a series of sequences similar to those in the original script. with Cage in the lead role.[4] In November 2005. The only clue as to his motivation for surrendering is a conversation between him and Liz Cooper in which he says that he wants a real family. Forcing Cris's co-operation is just the objective that they are focused on. breaking laws without consideration and eager to torture and even murder innocent civilians to achieve their objectives. Despite a scene in which Cris experiences his worst nightmare – spending the rest of his life strapped into a chair with his eyes wedged open – the authorities are portrayed as sympathetic." 154 Saturn re-draft Saturn Films had the script extensively rewritten. not for glory. sure that if he is captured he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life. ensure that Liz and he are the only survivors. Then and only then does he make his only counterattack on those who have abused him so relentlessly and thoroughly. The DHS's role was replaced with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This was the script Saturn Films brought to the attention of Revolution Studios. he is somewhat less sympathetic. most of which consist of using him as a "timescope". Revolution Studios hired Lee Tamahori to direct the film. which had a target release date . His abilities. Filming was to begin in Summer 2005.

and it's hard to blame them. Dick stories." Berardinelli said Nicolas Cage "seems to be going through the motions". 'I've seen every possible ending here." Sanford said "Cage performs as if he's on autopilot. Screamers and A Scanner Darkly. and Hannibal. 2006.[11] Reception Next received mixed reviews. and said the film "has one of the most infuriating endings ever.S. adding "any film that makes someone wish he or she were watching Hannibal must be pretty awful." Ogle said the film had a decent premise but "Next begins to seriously embarrass itself and its stars once it rolls to its climax.[5] In February 2006. Chang also said "What starts out as a mildly diverting thriller blows itself to smithereens in the final reel".[1] Compared to other films based on Philip K.1 million in 2. Moore looks more miserable than she did as the suicidal housewife in The Hours. Total Recall. Leaving Las Vegas." Sanford also remarked. None of them are good for you."[19] Daniel Eagan of Film Journal International said the film "follows a familiar Hollywood pattern in which a few intriguing ideas are swamped by the demands of a big-budget. box office. 92 "rotten").[6] In May 2006. Paycheck. although the character is incomplete". Starz! Entertainment's 14-episode reality television miniseries. 155 Box office The film opened at #3 at the U.725 theaters in its opening weekend. its a hard slap in the face to anyone who has invested his or her time in watching it.' It's as if he's talking to the audience. Paycheck and Blade Runner – but performed better than Impostor."[17] Moira MacDonald of the Seattle Times gave Next 1½ stars out of 4 and said "Late in the movie. but that studio dumped it in January 2007. Dick short story.7 million."[18] Kalamazoo Gazette critic James Sanford gave the film 1½ stars and said "the only visions Next inspires are flashbacks to better films" like Honeymoon in Vegas. describing the climax as a "stunning cheat. Minority Report. Next grossed less than Minority Report. actress Jessica Biel was cast as the love interest of Cage's character. You can't blame her. he's right. Looking for Stars. this film's audience is likely to look that way as well by the time the end credits roll. grossing $7. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 28% based on 128 reviews (36 "fresh". like she got tricked into making the movie on a sucker bet." and "Julianne Moore spends most of her screen time in Lee Tamahori's confused sci-fi thriller Next looking royally pissed off. 2007 .[12] Metacritic gives the film had an average score of 42% based on 23 reviews. Cris shouts at a bad guy." Howell said the roles "seem to be cut-and-pasted from other movies". and owns the US rights to yet another. via its acquisition of DreamWorks.[10] In its eight-week run in the United States.[7] which was won by actor Marcus Welch. and Paramount Pictures subsequently picked it up and released the movie on April 27.[8] Next originally was to be distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment (which had a deal with Revolution)."[16] Toronto Star film critic Peter Howell gave the film 1½ stars out of 4 and called it a "colossal waste of time" and said it is "possibly the most egregious befouling of Dick's work to date. "Julianne Moore brings intensity to the part of Callie. set to be released on September 28. star-driven vehicle" and that it "won't add any luster to Nicolas Cage's .[9] Paramount previously released another film adaptation of a Philip K. and alas." He also said "some viewers will feel cheated by what Next does.[13] Justin Chang of Variety said the film plays "like the cinematic equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel" and that the plot is highly reminiscent of 24. "the ending of this film is not just a colossal cheat. "Jessica Biel is appealing" but "the character is unfinished". and Biel seems fully aware she was hired only to provide a few glimpses of cheesecake. gave 200 contestants the opportunity to earn a speaking role in Next.Next (2007 film) of 2007."[14] James Berardinelli of ReelViews gave the film 2½ out of 4 stars and said parts of the film are "fascinating" and "compelling" but that "the whole thing ends up collapsing under its own weight. called the film a "straight-to-DVD wannabe". and that "Thomas Kretschmann is unimpressive as a generic 24-style terrorist."[15] Connie Ogle of the Miami Herald gave the film 2 out of 4 stars and said the film looks like director Lee Tamahori "spent about 12 bucks on his special effects budget. it grossed a total of $18 million and has a combined worldwide gross of $64. The Illusionist.

overlooks the City of San Bernardino. you forget how much you admire Nicolas Cage's shamelessness and start to resent the movie's." Eagan said "Half of Next is a clever."[20] Orlando Sentinel critic Roger Moore gave the film 3 out of 5 stars and said "who says preposterous junk can't be fun?" Moore said "this sloppy little time-travel variation is a crowd-pleasing hoot. "The Cliffhanger". and that it was his suggestion that his wife be part of the scene where a woman comes out of the audience to be part of the magic show."[21] Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe gave the film 2½ out of 4 stars and called it a "watchably absurd popcorn flick" and that the film "bears almost no resemblance" to the original short story "The Golden Man". However.Next (2007 film) resume. Mountain Locations used in production of the movie included Crestline..[25] . Saenger remarked that people complaining about the twist being a rip-off probably didn't understand it and said it [23] made perfect sense and concluded "I liked the surprise twist and found Next very entertaining. remnants of the signage placed and the paint works conducted remain intact. the facade was removed. or even as good as the dopey Déjà Vu. unpredictable thriller that plays with Dick's customary obsessions with time and reality. Following the end of production. The facade is the section of the motel where Johnson and Liz Cooper were staying. a facade was attached to the building. "when you're being toyed with that cheaply. is actually a restaurant in the Crestline area that has remained closed for some time. Interior shots were filmed elsewhere. It's just fun. In order to make the restaurant look more like a hotel. located on a cliff.but it does score over [Déjà Vu] in one important criterion. The restaurant.[24] 156 Filming Sections of the movie were filmed in the San Bernardino Mountains in California."[22] Diana Saenger of ReviewExpress gave the movie 3½ stars and said "Next boasts a fresh plot with a tricky twist ending that can be misconstrued if you don't pay close attention and then pause to think about it. Biel seems humorless and earnestly dull." Moore concluded "It's all so stupid and ends so perfunctorily that you can't call Next good." Saenger reported that it was Nicolas Cage's idea for Cris to be a magician. Nelson in an October 2007 installment of Rifftrax. the producers decided to finish the scenes at the campground in Big Bear Lake. the short story it was adapted from. Scenes (in which a vehicle was rolled off the side of a cliff) shot in Big Bear Lake were shot at a campground. one or two egregious enough to demand ticket refunds. The property has been fenced off and a for sale sign has been posted." Morris said the film is fun "until it turns crass" and concluded. Running Springs served for scenes shot in the town. Running Springs and Big Bear Lake." The film was subject to the heckling of Bridget Jones Nelson and Michael J. The hotel featured in the movie. Due to the terrain located on the side of the cliff the Cliffhanger is located on. The other half is a sloppy. He described Moore's performance as "enjoyably curt" and said "alongside Cage's spontaneity.. bloated adventure marred by cheesy special effects and some equally cheesy acting" and also that "the script to Next has plenty of [plot jams]. thanks mostly to Cage turning on the charisma and showing off his gift for hangdog understatement" and that the Groundhog Day-like attempts to woo Jessica Biel's character are "hilarious.

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imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo Next (http://www.boxofficemojo.metacritic.allmovie.Next (2007 film) 158 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://www.com/m/next/) at Rotten Tomatoes Next (http://www.com/work/344214) at Allmovie .com/movies/?id=next.com/title/tt0435705/) at the Internet Movie Database Next (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/) Next (http://www.com/film/titles/next) at Metacritic Next (http://www.nextmovie.

2007 .National Treasure: Book of Secrets 159 National Treasure: Book of Secrets National Treasure: Book of Secrets Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Jon Turteltaub Jerry Bruckheimer (uncredited) Jon Turteltaub Jerry Bruckheimer Screenplay Marianne Wibberley Cormac Wibberley Story Gregory Poirier Marianne Wibberley Cormac Wibberley Terry Rossio Ted Elliott Nicolas Cage Jon Voight Harvey Keitel Ed Harris Diane Kruger Justin Bartha Bruce Greenwood Helen Mirren Trevor Rabin Starring Music by Cinematography John Schwartzman Amir Mokri Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) William Goldenberg David Rennie Jerry Bruckheimer Films Saturn Films Walt Disney Pictures December 21.

Patrick reluctantly asks his ex-wife and Ben's mother. The film opened in the United States. Black market dealer Mitch Wilkinson (Ed Harris). the city of gold. Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) (His relationship with Abigail having soured due to him constantly predicting what she might want without even bothering to ask her. to decode a message written in Booth's diary. John Wilkes Booth and Michael O'Laughlen. 2007. 2007. From the Queen's desk. but the grand architect of the Lincoln assassination. shows one of the 18 missing pages of John Wilkes Booth's diary. a clue to a map to Cibola. Thomas recognizes the message and begins to translate it. Meanwhile. and Italy on December 21. a Virginia Military Institute graduate. Japan. Dr. Emily Appleton (Helen Mirren) for help in translating the symbols. both members of the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC). but due to the first film's impressive box-office performance. Canada. As Thomas dies. and realizes the men are still loyal to the South and have a sinister motive for finding the treasure. Wilkinson breaks into Patrick Gates' (Jon Voight) house and clones Patrick's cell phone in order to track Ben's whereabouts. Refusing to allow his ancestor's name to be tarnished. but only obtains a page fragment. he obtains an ancient wooden plank with ancient symbols carved into it. a well-known puzzle solver. a sequel was given the go-ahead in 2005. convincing everyone that Thomas was not only a conspirator. 2008. She does so." Over 140 years later. Ben sets out to prove the innocence of his great-great-grandfather. Thomas is shot. The film premiered in New York City on December 13. "The debt that all men pay. It was directed by Jon Turteltaub and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. earning $347. It was released in Germany and The Netherlands on January 24. It was stated in the first film's commentary that there were no plans for a sequel. but not before Ben manages to photograph the symbols carved into the plank. with Thomas Gates' name on it. and Thomas rips several pages from the diary and throws them in the fireplace. France. It was then released in Australia and the Middle East on December 20. Booth leaves for Ford's Theatre to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. but points out that some of the glyphs are . and the gunman attempts to retrieve the pages. Charles Gates.National Treasure: Book of Secrets Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Followed by 119 Minutes United States English $130. Ben discovers a cipher pointing to Édouard Laboulaye hidden on the back of the diary page. 2008 and in the United Kingdom and Denmark on February 8. At Ben's insistence. Thomas solves the puzzle. A fight breaks out. Plot Five days after the end of the Civil War.5 million worldwide. It took just 38 days of release for the sequel to out-gross the original..000 $457. While he does so. 2007 and was first released in Korea and Taiwan on December 19. enter a tavern and approach Thomas Gates (Ben Gates' great-great-grandfather). where he finds a clue engraved on the torch of the scale model of the Statue of Liberty on the Île des Cygnes. referring to the two Resolute desks. even if he is often correct in his assumptions). which tarnishes the Gates family's reputation and Ben is disgraced. Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) is telling his great-great-grandfather's story at a Civilian Heroes conference.. Thomas tells his distraught son. 2007.364. Ben then heads to England to look at the desk at Buckingham Palace with the help of his friend Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) and estranged girlfriend.600 [1] [2] 160 National Treasure National Treasure 3 National Treasure: Book of Secrets (titled National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets on the DVD/Blu-ray release) is a 2007 adventure film and is the sequel to the 2004 film National Treasure. Spain. He travels to Paris.000. Wilkinson eventually obtains the wooden plank.

the president sympathetically warns Ben that his actions will be interpreted as an attempt to kidnap the president. Ben's colleague and girlfriend. Everyone including Wilkinson is given credit for the discovery of the Lost City of Gold. an action which would result in certain death. After showing him a map of Mt. had it destroyed. Ben discovers that the second plank is missing. to which Ben replies. Abigail. Eventually. The president then asks Ben about what he read on page 47 of the Book of Secrets. Ben gets knocked off the door opener and gets trapped under the door. but actually saved his life when the secret passage they were looking at was accidentally activated. The President also tells Ben to read page 47 along with the information he needs. Harvey Keitel as FBI Special Agent Peter Sadusky Ed Harris as Mitch Wilkinson. Wilkinson and Ben debate over who goes and who stays (therefore dying). Ben convinces the president to reveal the location of the book. Area 51. Ben crashes the president's birthday party at Mount Vernon. and the assassination of John F. into letting them into the office to see the desk. Riley tells Ben that the Book of Secrets contains documents collected by Presidents for Presidents' eyes only. Bruce Greenwood as President of the United States. meaning either Wilkinson stays behind or everybody drowns. leading Ben to conclude another plank must be hidden in the other Resolute desk located in the Oval Office. Ben finds a picture of the missing plank from the desk and an entry by President Coolidge. Wilkinson demands to go first by threatening Abigail. where he meets the president (Bruce Greenwood). Riley. and Wilkinson get separated from Ben's parents. "It's life-altering. Wilkinson. Ben barely gets out of the flooding room while Wilkinson drowns but not before Ben promises to give Wilkinson some credit for finding the treasure. sir. covering such controversial subjects as the eighteen minutes erased from Watergate tapes. Connor (Ty Burrell). one person has to stay behind to hold open the stone door to the drainage tunnel beneath the city. Ben. who works at the White House. and commissioned Gutzon Borglum to carve Mount Rushmore to erase the map's landmarks in order to protect the treasure. Abigail. and Patrick head to Mount Rushmore where they meet Wilkinson. Once inside. in order to leave the city of gold when it suddenly begins flooding. wanting to earn his place in history by discovering Cibola. . Ben's colleague. a black market dealer Diane Kruger as Dr. so Ben agrees to stay behind. and Ben. which is at the Library of Congress. Ben clears his family's name with the discovery and is cleared of all charges when the president tells everyone that Ben did not kidnap him. sacrifices himself to allow Ben and the others to escape. Ben's mother. Cíbola. Ben's father. Ben convinces the president to follow him into a secret tunnel under the House where he confronts him about the book. but he does find a stamp bearing the seal of the Book of Secrets. Justin Bartha as Riley Poole. Ben is now wanted for committing a federal offense. In the book. Emily Appleton." 161 Cast • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Gates Jon Voight as Patrick Gates. confirming a conclusion Ben and his companions have already reached. Riley. After he and his family set the situation up so that all other hotels where the party might take place are fully booked. However pounding of waves and the water causes Wilkinson to be the one to stay behind. Vernon drawn by George Washington. they encounter several traps.National Treasure: Book of Secrets partial. who found the plank in 1924. Ben and Abigail coax Abigail's new love interest. who has kidnapped Ben's mother. Helen Mirren as Dr. However. they find the city of gold behind Mount Rushmore. Abigail Chase. Kennedy. He helps them find the entrance of a cave containing the legendary Native American city of gold.

Also published on the same day as the official novelization was a companion youth novel Changing Tides: A Gates Family Mystery by Catherine Hapka. Home video National Treasure: Book of Secrets was released on DVD. making it the ninth highest grossing film of 2007.com.772 its first weekend.[6] and $44. Sequel Director Jon Turteltaub said that the film-making team will take its time on a second National Treasure sequel. This does not include Blu-ray sales or DVD rentals. in the novel.873.National Treasure: Book of Secrets 162 Reception Critics initially gave mixed reviews towards the film. Jon Voight. Turteltaub responded in a press interview that the idea was not set in stone as the basis for National Treasure 3. 2008. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 32% of critics gave the film positive reviews based on 101 reviews.[10] Parts of the story in the novel version differ slightly from what was actually filmed.[9] It stayed at number one for 17 days before dropping to number two. 5. based on 25 reviews[4] . Ben and Abigail photograph the wooden plank found hidden in the Queen's desk and leave it behind. But in the movie. 2007.178.364.826. with the car chase following.076. and Blu-ray Disc on May 20. owing to changes being made in the screenplay prior to and during production.[7] and grossed $457. 2008[13] (June 2. Diane Kruger.600 worldwide. while British film critics disputed the implication of British involvement on the Confederate side in the American Civil War.[15] The film has been retitled National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets for all three releases. The epilogue from Changing Tides is included at the back of the National [11] The second youth novel by Hapka. Midnight Ride: A Gates Family Mystery. The confirmed release year for the film is 2011. Its story is set in England in the year 1612 and is the first in a series of planned historical novels about the Gates family.739. [12] March 8.[7] the third largest Christmas opening.[7] half the time it took the first film. 2008 in the UK). with the original cast consisting of Nicolas Cage.339 on its first day.[14] In the opening weekend. and Helen Mirren returning again. As of August 2009.132. was published on Treasure book. For example.[18] .310 in revenue.com and NationalTreasure4DVD. Justin Bartha.[5] It opened at number one with $16. generating revenue of $93. they take the plank with them on the chase.[17] Though the second film ended with the question about page 47 of the President's book of secrets. bringing in $50.783.[8] It reached the $100 million mark in eight days. 3.631 DVD units were sold.[16] but Disney has already registered the domains for NationalTreasure3DVD. The film's official website has also been changed accordingly.[3] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 48 out of 100.640 DVD units have been sold. UMD.[2] Novelizations Disney Press published an official novelization of the screenplay titled National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets The Junior Novel on November 6.

com/ movies/ ?page=daily& id=nationaltreasure2.go. Retrieved 2005-03-13. co. com/ previews/ nationaltreasure2. guardian. com/ movies/ 2007/ NATR2-DVD. amazon. Retrieved 2007-12-28. Retrieved 2008-01-19. com/ article.com/title/tt0465234/) at the Internet Movie Database National Treasure: Book of Secrets (http://www. 8th February 2008 (http:/ / www. HitsUSA. Retrieved 2007-12-26. html). Retrieved 2008-04-18.htm) at Box Office Mojo • • • • • . [5] Guardian review. amazon. Metacritic.com. canoe. Retrieved 2008-04-16.imdb. . htm). com/ blog/ 406/ national-treasure-3-page-47/ ). com/ m/ national_treasure_book_of_secrets/ ). htm). [8] "'National Treasure' Leads Christmas Rush" (http:/ / www.Book Of Secrets" (http:/ / www. punchjump. com/ movies/ ?page=daily& id=nationaltreasure. com/ dp/ 142310627X/ ). slashfilm. rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2007-11-28. alreadyseen. alreadyseen. uk/ dp/ B00143X9YQ/ ). archive. htm). . Rotten Tomatoes. Box Office Mojo. .National Treasure: Book of Secrets 163 See also • Abraham Lincoln assassination • National Treasure (film) • Playfair cipher References [1] "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" (http:/ / www. amazon. Box Office Mojo. org/ web/ 20050316064148/ http:/ / www. amazon. com/ movies/ ?page=main& id=nationaltreasure2. the-numbers. [12] "Midnight Ride (Gates Family Mystery)" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo.com) National Treasure: Book of Secrets (http://www. com/ dp/ 1423108159/ ). [13] Lai. 2007-12-22. . boxofficemojo. co. com/ daily/ chart/ ?sortdate=2007-12-21& p=. com/ 2008/ 02/ 01/ disney-plans-for-national-treasure-3-4/ ). boxofficemojo. "'National Treasure 3' in works" (http:/ / jam. htm). [15] National Treasure: The Book of Secrets . 2007-12-24.thenationaltreasuretrail. . metacritic.boxofficemojo. . [11] "Changing Tides (National Treasure)" (http:/ / www. Box Office Mojo. [10] "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets The Junior Novel" (http:/ / www. 2007. . External links Official website (http://adisney.com/disneyvideos/liveaction/nationaltreasure2/) for the DVD and Blu-ray Official UK Competition site (http://www. ca/ Video/ DVD_Column/ 2008/ 05/ 30/ 5721241-sun.com. com/ news/ ?id=2437& p=. . . "National Treasure Blu-ray orders spike at Amazon" (http:/ / news. .metacritic. Retrieved 2008-07-15. [3] "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 2008-01-05. . SlashFilm. uk/ film/ 2008/ feb/ 08/ actionandadventure. php) [16] Bruce Kirkland (2008-05-30). . . htm). [7] "National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) Daily Breakdown" (http:/ / www. htm). [2] "National Treasure: Books of Secrets (2007)" (http:/ / www.The Numbers (http:/ / www. [18] "National Treasure 3: Page 47" (http:/ / hitsusa. Marcus.allmovie. boxofficemojo.com/work/379149) at Allmovie National Treasure: Book of Secrets (http://www. Jam!. boxofficemojo. com/ film/ titles/ bookofsecrets). [14] "National Treasure 2 . [4] "National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007): Reviews" (http:/ / www. php?id=5760). "Disney Plans For National Treasure 3 & 4" (http:/ / www.com/m/national-treasure-2-book-of-secrets/) at Rotten Tomatoes • National Treasure: Book of Secrets (http://www.rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2007-12-28. Retrieved 2007-11-27. Retrieved 2008-01-11. . thriller) [6] "National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)" (http:/ / www. . [9] "National Treasure (2004) Daily Breakdown" (http:/ / web.com/film/titles/bookofsecrets) at Metacritic • National Treasure: Book of Secrets (http://www. Box Office Mojo. Box Office Mojo.DVD Sales . Retrieved 2008-07-15.com/movies/?id=nationaltreasure2. [17] Peter Sciretta (2008-02-01). com/ dp/ 1423108140/ ).

It is a remake of the Pangs' 1999 debut film of the same name. 2008 100 minutes United States English Thai $45. it .486. purchased the remake rights.154 Written by Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Bangkok Dangerous is a 2008 crime film.Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) 164 Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) Bangkok Dangerous Teaser release poster Directed by Produced by Pang Brothers Nicolas Cage Norman Golightly William Sherak Jason Shuman Pang Brothers Jason Richman Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage Charlie Yeung Chakrit Yamnam Brian Tyler Decha Srimantra Mike Jackson Curran Pang LIONSGATE September 5. for which Cage's production company.000.[2] and also as Time to Kill.[1] Known by its working title. and starring Nicolas Cage. Big Hit in Bangkok. Saturn Films. a Thai film. written and directed by the Pang Brothers.000 $42.

He manages to use explosives to take them out. but when she is spattered with blood. He is faced with the choice of rescuing Kong or leaving the country unharmed. For the third execution. killing himself and Surat. Joe is in a difficult situation. with the target nearly getting away before Kong assists Joe. looking out to the distance. has second thoughts. Target details from the Bangkok gangsters are delivered to Kong via a nightclub dancer. He goes to Bangkok for a month-long assignment. Joe is now a target and is attacked at his house by four gang members. . Joe kills most of the gang and saves Kong and Aom. where he shoots the target with a machine pistol. He calls on Fon. he begins to train Kong.[3] [4] The film was financed by Initial Entertainment Group. During his getaway.Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) began filming in Bangkok in August 2006. with whom Kong becomes romantically involved. a beautiful deaf-mute who sells him his pills. Joe always replies that they are "bad for someone". Joe catches the target after a chase and shoots him. Joe kills the last of the henchmen in the back of the carhim. take no interest in people outside work. so Joe rides round the block and stops in front of the car. Breaking all his rules. 165 Plot A trained American Hitman. His second target is a ganglord and sexual predator who buys young girls from the North and sells them for sex. the gang leader. she is appalled and runs away from him. and escapes through a panicking crowd. with locations that include Soi Cowboy. and ask no questions. Joe ventures out to the pool and finds the ganglord and Joe drowns his target in the pool. surrounded by armed police. intending (as is Joe's practice) to erase every trace. who refuses to see him. Originally he plans to kill Kong before he leaves. The final scene shows Kong standing alone by the dock. He asks Fon to dinner the next day. She shows him some of the gentle beauty of life. He hires pickpocket Kong as his go-between. is spotted. who kills bad men. the gang attempts to identify Joe and he warns them off. the kill does not go as planned. Politicians are risky to assassinate. Joe's first execution is done in traffic with him riding a bike. then puts the gun up to his temple and pulls the trigger. and outside Joe's contract. but cannot find him. but when Fon's mother asks about Joe's work. Kong describes the Prime Minister of Thailand as a good man whom the people love. He remember's Fon's disgust. but after Kong gives him information about the second target. to kill four people for Bangkok ganglord Surat. so he sets off to the gang's headquarters with one of the half-alive attackers who was injured in the explosion. Joe is about to make the kill when he remembers Fon's anguish. with Lionsgate acquiring its North America distribution rights. Before the third kill. Joe sneaks into the penthouse.[5] The film was released in North America on September 5. The gang capture Kong and Aum. Joe has four rules: know when to get out. A little girl is in the way. a condition of the contract being that the gang will never meet Joe. Joe shoots them unheard. 2008. Aom. behind her. then gets into the back seat with Surat. As the police arrive at the location. Muggers attack Joe while Fon is strolling ahead. but the Prime Minister is the fourth target. where he meets Fon. Fon asks no questions. The fearful gang leader flees to his car with three accomplices. he gets a graze on his arm and goes to a chemist shop. he says he is a banker. Joe spots him and shoots and kills the gang members at the front of the car. Joe decides to rescue Kong. erase every trace. puts both his and Surat's heads together. Kong thinks Joe is a good man.

[6] Jessop. htm). php?fArticleId=3403983& fSectionId=& fSetId=251). tonight.058. whose disability makes him a fearless.Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) 166 Cast • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Joe Shahkrit Yamnarm as Kong Charlie Yeung as Fon James With as Chicago Nirattisai Kaljaruek as Surattt Panward Hemmanee as Aom Production The original film's main character is a deaf hitman.950.net. adding up to a worldwide gross of $40. Comingsoon. 2007. New York Times. Retrieved July 20. 2009. . [2] "Nicolas lands in Bangkok for Pang brothers movie" (http:/ / www. but we understand that from a marketing point of view Nic needs to have some lines. . unflinching gunman. 2006. php?id=41726)."[6] Reception As of December 13. 2006. com/ Weekly2006/ weekly276. As of December 1.434. 2008. Retrieved July 14. 2006. nytimes. org/ web/ 20060831024440/ http:/ / www. com/ 2006/ 07/ 13/ arts/ 13iht-fmlede14. html). com/ stories/ entertainment/ view/ 289077/ 1/ . 2006. Variety (Reed Business Information). 2006." Oxide was quoted as saying in the New York Times. Rotten Tomatoes.732. 2009. Retrieved August 24.[7] Based on the bloody finale and depressing conclusion. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. htm) on August 31. .298. That character has been changed in the remake. rottentomatoes. "Cage's 'Dangerous' liaison" (http:/ / www. gathering $15. 2008. Retrieved August 7. Retrieved December 13. net/ news/ movienews. com/ article/ VR1117944679?categoryid=1236& cs=1& query=bangkok+ and+ dangerous& display=bangkok+ dangerous). the film has a 9% approval rating based on 86 reviews from critics at the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. the film earned a rating of 24 out of 100 based on 16 reviews. archive. 2009. "We'd like to keep him the same. [3] "Stickman Weekly 20/8/2006" (http:/ / web. com/ m/ bangkok_dangerous/ ). .817 abroad. stickmanbangkok. Lionsgate distribution topper Steve Rothenberg said. "So what we’re going to do is transform his girlfriend instead into a deaf [mute]. stickmanbangkok. 2006). variety. . . [8] "Bangkok Dangerous" (http:/ / www. 2008. "Pang brothers see eye-to-eye on horror" (http:/ / www. "It will be a nicely profitable film for us. July 20. Stickmanbangkok.[11] References [1] Fleming.133 domestically and $25. Metacritic.com. html)."[10] Home media release Bangkok Dangerous was released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 6. za/ index. comingsoon. sarcastically referred to the film as 'the feel-good movie of the year'. .164 in revenue. At the website Metacritic. Retrieved December 13. [7] "Bangkok Dangerous" (http:/ / www. 2006. . channelnewsasia.[9] However. 2006. [4] "Thai filmmakers hope remakes will lure overseas audiences" (http:/ / www. Agence France-Press.8 million on its opening weekend making this the first film since Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star to debut at number 1 with such a low gross.[8] Box office The film has grossed $15. British reviewer in Hong Kong. Michael (June 6. Sonia Kolesnikov (July 13. Retrieved July 21. August 22. com/ Weekly2006/ weekly276. Channel NewsAsia. 760. August 20. 2007. com/ film/ titles/ bangkokdangerous2008?q=Bangkok Dangerous). Retrieved August 21. metacritic. the film grossed $7.178 units have been sold. [5] "Lionsgate Acquires Cage's Bangkok Dangerous" (http:/ / www. Agence France-Presse. which utilizes a normalized rating system. This switch will maintain the drama of communication between the two main characters. co. 2006). February 7. . Ross Fleming.

com/ movies/ 2008/ BANGK-DVD. 167 External links Official website (http://www. Pamela (September 7. [10] McClintock. variety.com/m/bangkok_dangerous/) at Rotten Tomatoes Bangkok Dangerous (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Bangkok Dangerous (http://www. The Numbers. [11] "Bangkok Dangerous — DVD Sales" (http:/ / www.rottentomatoes.imdb. Retrieved October 14.Bangkok Dangerous (2008 film) [9] "Bangkok Dangerous (2008)" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. 2008.com/movies/?id=bangkokdangerous. the-numbers.com/title/tt0814022/) at the Internet Movie Database Bangkok Dangerous (http://www. Retrieved October 14. "'Bangkok Dangerous' on top with modest take" (http:/ / www. htm).com/work/354363) at Allmovie • • • • . Variety. .bangkokdangerousmovie.allmovie. Box Office Mojo. . php). 2008. com/ movies/ ?id=bangkokdangerous. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). . com/ article/ VR1117991778.net/) Bangkok Dangerous (http://www. 2008).boxofficemojo.

260. 2009 121 minutes United States English $50 million [1] [2] $183.464 Knowing is a 2009 American science fiction film directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage. but it was placed in turnaround and .Knowing (film) 168 Knowing (film) Knowing Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Alex Proyas Todd Black Jason Blumenthal Steve Tisch Ryne Douglas Pearson Juliet Snowden Stiles White Ryne Douglas Pearson Nicolas Cage Rose Byrne Chandler Canterbury Lara Robinson Marco Beltrami Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Simon Duggan Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Richard Learoyd Escape Artists Summit Entertainment March 20. The project was originally attached to a number of directors under Columbia Pictures.

The DVD and Blu-ray media were released on July 7. Lucinda writes a page full of seemingly random numbers although her teacher takes it away before she completes the page. On his way to pick up Caleb at school John witnesses a plane crash. in the United States. He believes it does not. Back in class the teacher announces that the school has decided to use Lucinda's idea to make a time capsule containing students' drawings of their ideas of the future. year. a widower and professor of astrophysics at MIT discusses life on other planets with his son Caleb. On the way there John tells Diana that when his wife died he stopped believing that it was possible for anyone to know the future and "life is just a string of random accidents and mistakes". a young girl stands in the play ground staring at the sun while many voices whisper. Diana thinks that the last number on the page. He still hasn't opened the birthday present she bought for him. is not "33" but "EE" written backwards. He finds Lucinda's daughter Diana Wayland. calls the children in to class. The next day John instructs his students to write a paper on the subject of randomness versus determinism. John thinks the next disaster will be a terrorist attack and tries to prevent it. At home John inadvertently begins to look over the series of numbers (due to accidentally creating a ring on the paper by setting his drink on it) and notices the sequence 911012996 amongst the numbers. does our existence have meaning and purpose or not. at using various locations to represent the film's Boston-area setting. and granddaughter Abby. It is the date that the numbers had predicted for the next disaster. However. to be opened 50 years later. 2009. They go to Lucinda's old remote mobile home to look for more information. there are several numbers between each of the dates and death tolls that he cannot figure out. His son Caleb attends William Dawes Elementary School and when the time capsule is opened Caleb receives Lucinda's envelope with the page of numbers. 2001 attacks and quickly realizes that the numbers are the date. John's sister Grace visits and tries to get him to reconcile with their pastor father. Caleb wears a hearing aid and knows sign language because he often hears confusing noises. 169 Plot In 1959 at William Dawes Elementary School in Lexington. her hands bloody from scratching the remaining numbers into the door with her fingers. In 2009. and John realizes that the unexplained numbers on the paper are the geographic coordinates of the events. John's wife died a year before. He sees a mysterious stranger wearing a trench coat in the nearby trees and hears voices whispering. but it is actually a Manhattan subway train derailment which he fails to prevent. He soon realizes and spends hours on the internet confirming that the numbers on the paper represent the dates and death tolls of major disasters over the past fifty years including the fire that killed his wife. John goes to visit Lucinda's teacher and learns about Lucinda scratching at the door of the school closet. The teacher. Caleb and Abby get along. does not respond. but if he had had the list he might have been able to save his wife. but Diana refuses to talk to John after he asks about her mother predicting the future. He also learns that Lucinda is dead. Despite his realizations.Knowing (film) eventually picked up by Escape Artists. the last three dates on the page have yet to happen. and are in the immediate future. and number of deaths in the event (9/11/01/2996) and takes an interest in the numbers. He then looks up the September 11. After the capsule burying ceremony. She tells John that . this leads to a discussion of where the boy's dead mother is. the death toll for the final disaster. Miss Taylor. The film was released on March 20. We hear the voices whispering and Lucinda begs her teacher to make them stop. Production was financially backed by Summit Entertainment. Australia. Meanwhile Caleb receives more visits from mysterious strangers who give him a small smooth stone and visions of destruction. Lucinda Embry. Knowing was filmed in Docklands Studios Melbourne. Diana seeks out John and tells him that the next date is the day her mother told her she would die. 2009. Massachusetts. John Koestler. They say goodnight by signing "You and me together forever". but the girl. her teacher finds Lucinda in a school closet. and three days before John's birthday.

It is the final disaster on Lucinda's paper that will kill everyone. white. While Diana is arguing with John on the payphone the Strangers drive off in Diana's car with Caleb and Abby. John has a sudden revelation and rushes them to the MIT observatory where he discovers that a massive solar flare will soon reach Earth. and Karen Hadfield as The Strangers . a Christian minister. he wasn't "chosen". in sign language. John opens the last birthday gift from his wife and finds that it is a locket inscribed "Together Forever" with a picture of their family. The whole family embraces as the solar flare strikes Earth and incinerates all life on the planet. similar to the wheels in the engraving. John discovers that Lucinda's last coordinates are the location of her old mobile home. Diana finds a small smooth stone on top of the payphone and realizes that the children are gone. Caleb and Abby wearing white linen clothing stand in an otherworldly field as vessels take off in the distance. The Strangers dissolve into glowing. John travels to Boston through scenes of riot and chaos to be with his sister and parents.G. Maloney. John is reminded of Lucinda scratching on the closet door and tries to uncover what numbers she scratched believing that they are the coordinates of a safe place. Caleb says to his father. Diana wants them to take the children and hide in some caves she knows of. John replies "I know". His father says "This isn't the end. solitary tree in the distance. Diana insists the caves are the only safe option and takes both of the children. Abby says the "whisper people" said that she and Caleb could go with them. John convinces Caleb to go without him by promising that the whole family will be together again some day. When Diana stops for gas Caleb calls his father from a payphone. "You and me together forever". descends from the sky. They find pictures of all the disasters she predicted and copy of Matthäus Merian's engraving of Ezekiel's "chariot vision". The vessel folds up into a shape similar to a comet and departs with the two children.Knowing (film) her mother heard voices whispering horrible things and she moved out to the woods to "get ready". From the vantage point of space. translucent figures surrounded by wing-like wisps of light. Maximillian Paul. She steals an SUV and gives chase but is broadsided by a truck at an intersection. John calls his father and tells him to seek shelter. Joel Bow. The film ends as the two make their way towards a large. Abby says the "whisper people" told her her mother was safe now. John arrives at the scene of the accident just as Diana dies and finds the small smooth stone in Diana's hand. His father thanks him but refuses. The Strangers won't let John into the vessel because he can't hear them. While John and Diana are in the home the Strangers try to take the children. similar vessels are seen flying away from Earth. 170 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Professor Jonathan "John" Koestler Rose Byrne as Diana Wayland Chandler Canterbury as Caleb Koestler Lara Robinson as Lucinda Embry / Abby Wayland / Young Diana Nadia Townsend as Grace Koestler Ben Mendelsohn as Professor Phil Beckman Alan Hopgood as Reverend Koestler Adrienne Pickering as Allison Koestler Liam Hemsworth as Spencer D. John confronts one of the strangers who opens his mouth in a terrible roar and disappears in a flash of light. where he finds the children and the Strangers in a dry river bed covered with small smooth stones. He continues to Lucinda's mobile home. son". The next morning John finds that Abby has colored in the picture of the "Likeness of a Man" in the engraving and says it is the sun. John agrees even though he knows that won't save them. He embraces his estranged father. Elsewhere. Caleb says "they have been protecting us all along" and "they sent a message ahead to prepare the way". The solar flare is announced on the news and panic erupts. John finds a pile of small smooth stones in the house that lead him to flip over the bed and find the words "Everyone Else" carved repeatedly into the underside. A glowing vessel.

[16] The consensus observed that Knowing had "some interesting ideas and a couple of good scenes" but was hampered "by its absurd plot and over-seriousness". "I did that specifically to not let the artifice of visual effects and all the cuts and stuff we can do. the Melbourne Museum. filmmakers used Australian locations such as Geelong Ring Road.[15] At Metacritic.[15] A.. To represent the Boston area. Massachusetts. if predictable. The take was an arduous task.7 out of 10.[5] The director hoped to emulate The Exorcist in melding "realism with a fantastical premise".[3] Summit Entertainment took on the responsibility to fully finance and distribute the film. and his approach involved a continuous two-minute take in which Cage's character sees a plane crash and attempts to rescue passengers. way . Proyas and Stuart Hazeldine rewrote the draft for production.[11] In addition to practical locations. "Knowing has its grim moments—and by that I mean the sort of cringe. Well before the film neared its by turns dismal and ditzy conclusion. get in the way of the emotion of the scene.. it’s probably not a good sign when spectacles of mass death and intimations of planetary destruction are met with hoots and giggles .. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 33% of critics gave the film positive write-ups based upon a sample of 160 critics with an average score of 4. "If your intention is to make a brooding.[9] [10] Filming also took place at the Haystack Observatory in Westford."[19] Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times found it to be "moody and sometimes ideologically provocative" and added.. The draggy. Australia. filming also took place at the [12] Melbourne Central City Studios in Docklands. Mount Macedon and Collins Street. which was converted into the fictional William Dawes Elementary." He thought Nicolas Cage "borders on ridiculous here. I found myself knowing—yet hardly able to believe—what was about to happen. the film has received an average score of 41 out of 100 based on 27 reviews. and the script was rewritten by Stiles White and Juliet Snowden.."[17] In the San Francisco Chronicle. Proyas explained the goal. But the narrative corner into which this movie. 2008 in Melbourne. The project was picked up by the production company Escape Artists. located in 1959 Lexington. which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics. Proyas used a Red One digital camera. Scott of The New York Times said. Director Alex Proyas was attached to direct the project in February 2005.Knowing (film) • Danielle Carter as Miss Taylor in 1959 • Alethea McGrath as Miss Taylor in 2009 171 Production Knowing was originally written by novelist Ryne Douglas Pearson and the project was set up at Columbia Pictures. O. lurching two hours of Knowing will make you long for the end of the world. making the film the first time the director used digital cameras.. Both Rod Lurie and Richard Kelly were attached as directors.[13] He sought to capture a gritty and realistic look to the film. paints itself is a simultaneously silly and morbidly depressing one. Michael O'Sullivan thought the film was "creepy. in part because of a script that gives him little to do but freak out or act depressed". So visually arresting are the images that watching a deconstructing airliner or . although the Rotten Tomatoes community gave the film a 48% rating.[6] The film is set primarily in the town of Lexington with some scenes set in the nearby cities of Cambridge and Boston. Peter Hartlaub called the film "a disappointment for fans of Proyas" and "a surprisingly messy effort. in a moderately satisfying. but the film eventually went into turnaround.[7] [8] Interior shots took place at the Australian Synchrotron to represent an observatory. even as you worry that there will not be time for all your questions to be answered... hauntingly allegorical terror-thriller. at least for the first two-thirds or so."[14] Reception Knowing received mixed-to-negative reviews.[1] Filming also took place at Camberwell High School. taking two days to set up and two days to shoot.[18] Writing for The Washington Post.(or laugh-) inducing lines of dialogue that have haunted disaster films through the ages .[4] which began on March 25.

"Powerhouse for research".634 in the United States and Canada and $103. James (April 27. 2008. 2008.com.Knowing (film) subway train becomes more mesmerizing than horrifying. 2008. Doug (July 7. . news. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). Retrieved May 21. Victoria Advocate.604. ign. bringing in $22. suspenseful. Ltd). 2008.830 in other territories for a worldwide total of $183. com/ article/ VR1117918117. . This does not include DVD/Blu-rentals or Blu-ray sales.21985. Paul (August 6. com/ article/ VR1117977454.332 theaters in the United States and Canada on March 20. 2008.00. php). 2007). . "Hollywood coming to Westford". news. [12] Wigney. 2008). 2008. including first with $3. [4] Fleming. See also • Cinema of Australia References [1] Ziffer. "SDCC 08: Knowing When to Push" (http:/ / movies.367 in [27] revenue. synchrotron. The Age. April 1. com. au/ images/ LightspeedNewsletter/ lightspeed-april-2008. . Michael (December 10. Waverly Gazette. Variety. 63% of the audience was 25 years old and up and evenly split between genders. Variety. selling 773. Retrieved November 12. Proyas strings together events that keep tension at a high pitch all through the film. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). variety. Jane (March 30.00. rather awesome[21] " in the Chicago Sun-Times. .55 million in the United Kingdom. victoriaadvocate.' Knowing' top short list of new Blu-ray releases" (http:/ / www.[24] According to exit polling. 2008. The Sun. human moments have something coiling beneath. . com/ news/ 2009/ jul/ 07/ bc-vid-bluraymct-_-entertainment-700-words/ ?entertainment& national-entertainment). "Night at the museum" (http:/ / www. VFXWorld. 2008). php/ ). variety."[20] Roger Ebert was enthusiastic about the film.com (Animation World Network). March 4. Herald Sun."[22] 172 Box office Knowing was released in 3. au/ heraldsun/ story/ 0. [6] Vejvoda. Adrian (October 28. comicbookresources. "Cage to star in Proyas' Knowing" (http:/ / www. Remy (August 12. 2008). 2005). the-numbers. Retrieved November 26. Pluck this movie. com/ ?page=article& id=17682). Retrieved September 22. IGN. "Nicolas Cage goes back to school" (http:/ / www. "With expert and confident storytelling. the-numbers. Retrieved May 21.302. [3] Laporte.711 theaters in ten markets. [8] Metlikovec.957. grossing $9. "Alex Proyas: And Knowing Is Half The Battle" (http:/ / www. and it vibrates. "Grumpy Old Men.968. 2008). com/ interviews/ proyask. Retrieved May 21. 2009. intelligent and.000 DVD units for $12. 2008. 2008). 2008). vfxworld. 2008).23603205-2862. . 2009. [11] Minch.464.192 in revenue. Jim (July 24. Knowing ranked first in the international box office.[26] As of July 26.260. darkhorizons. com/ articles/ 893/ 893330p1. 2009. Dark Horizons. [5] "Byrne Set for Sci-Fi Thriller Knowing" (http:/ / www. [14] Minnick. au/ news/ film/ strongfilmstrong-nicolas-cage-talks-about-the-film-emknowingem/ 2008/ 04/ 06/ 1207420201620.[2] Home media release Knowing was released on DVD on July 7.23405786-2862. . [10] "International Film Shot at Australian Synchrotron" (http:/ / www. "Knowing is among the best science-fiction films I've seen—frightening.8 million at 1. . html). com. com/ ?sa=adv& code=3631a5a1& atype=news& id=22411). Nicole (February 16. . "SDCC Interview: Alex Proyas for Knowing" (http:/ / www. html). the film had grossed $79. Herald Sun. org. 2009 opening at #1 for the week. 2009 and grossed $24. 2008. "Nicolas's golden cage an empty shell" (http:/ / www. Even a few quiet. Daniel (April 7. .[25] On the weekend of March 17. 1. Lightspeed (Australian Synchrotron Company. 2008. com. 2009).508. au/ heraldsun/ story/ 0. "Proyas digs Knowing gig" (http:/ / www. [2] "Knowing" (http:/ / www. html). Retrieved May 21. pdf) (PDF). [9] Bernecich. .[23] placing first at the box office. Comic Book Resources. when it needs to be. . com/ movies/ 2009/ KNOWI. Retrieved July 26. Retrieved May 20. Retrieved May 21.521. Jack (September 23. html). Retrieved November 26.751 in its opening weekend. rating it four stars and saying. 2009.21985. Retrieved December 13. 2008. [7] Nye. theage. [13] Fischer. He continued. 2008. 2008). As per the latest figures.797 DVD units have been sold.

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2009 88 minutes United States English [1] .G-Force (film) 174 G-Force (film) G-Force Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Hoyt Yeatman Jerry Bruckheimer Screenplay: Cormac Wibberley Marianne Wibberley Story: Hoyt Yeatman Uncredited: Ted Elliott Terry Rossio Nicolas Cage Penélope Cruz Steve Buscemi Sam Rockwell Tracy Morgan Will Arnett Bill Nighy Zach Galifianakis Trevor Rabin Starring Music by Cinematography Bojan Bazelli Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Jason Hellmann Mark Goldblatt Jerry Bruckheimer Films Walt Disney Pictures July 24.

However. Ben provides the field team with the means to infiltrate the Saber residence and plant a virus in the computer mainframe. Ben (Zach Galifinakis). he and his partner discover that the discredited intel has a destructive computer function that apparently hid the scheme. a gluttonous guinea pig. orders an unauthorized infiltration of the residence of home electronics and appliances magnate. Written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. Meanwhile. Now trapped in the store's pet rodent display case. and Speckles escape with hopes of stopping Saber's scheme. However. star-nosed mole Speckles (Nicolas Cage) (cyber intelligence). Blaster. and fly Mooch (reconnaissance) (Dee Bradley Baker). when Ben's superior arrives for his evaluation. Darwin. who is convinced that Darwin is his brother. On route. 2009 and reached #1 in the box office with $30 million. Darwin sees a Saber coffeemaker and decides to investigate it. a garbage truck.5 million [2] [3] 175 $281. Hurley lifts them from their despair by reminding the team of the astounding feats he has seen them do and the fact that they obviously made themselves extraordinary on their own. tagging along) before he can arrive to collect them. Emboldened but with little time to stop the scheme. Juarez. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert and Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.o and apparently crushed in. but Darwin escapes (with Hurley.Owner of Saberling Technology. As a result. FBI agents are ordered to capture the animals .[5] This is the first live-action Disney film to be produced in Disney Digital 3-D. Mooch. While Blaster and Juarez escape their new owners to return to Ben. whose earlier work includes contributions in the area of visual effects. the government agent orders the unit shut down. Blaster (Tracy Morgan) (weapons/transportation). Bucky (Steve Buscemi) an irascible hamster and three sycophantic mice. Unfortunately.252 G-Force is a 2009 spy-fi comedy film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for Walt Disney Pictures in Disney Digital 3-D. the unit's leader. Although Blaster and Juarez manage to get themselves sold to a family with plans to return to extract their comrades. Darwin and Hurley make their own way to their superior. but ordinary ones Ben took in and trained for the team. [4] It was released in the U.S. but his examination of the machine makes it come alive as a dangerous fighting robot that he and Hurley are barely able to defeat. At this time. upon arrival. G-Force meets Hurley (Jon Favreau). his astonishment at the team's capabilities and technology is overcome by his indignation at Ben's unauthorized mission and the fact that the downloaded intelligence appears to be useless information about Saber's coffee makers. who has been under FBI investigation for years. Mooch manages to return to Ben to tell him where his mammalian agents are. With the help of their human compatriots. Ben has lost all confidence in his team and confesses the shattering information that they are not special genetically enhanced animals as previously told. In addition to a team of cockroaches. However. Juarez (Penelope Cruz) (martial arts). Darwin and Hurley transport the wreckage to Ben. the film is the directorial debut of Hoyt Yeatman. The film was shown in competing 3-D technologies like Dolby 3D[6] and RealD Cinema[7] . equipped with advanced tools including an advanced earpiece that allows the mammalian members to talk to humans. the primary field team consists of guinea pigs Darwin (Sam Rockwell) (team leader).G-Force (film) Budget Gross revenue $82.220. This is also Jerry Bruckheimer's first 3-D film. the equipment seized and the animals to be used as experimental subjects to be killed as security risks. Plot The film revolves around a special FBI organization of trained secret agent animals. on July 24. The team is able to successfully retrieve considerable sensitive information about a sinister scheme that is set to occur in 29 hours. Leonard Saber . Speckles' own attempt to escape by playing dead ends disastrously when he is thrown int. Now with his suspicions vindicated. but find themselves in a pet carrying case bound for a pet shop. Hoping to impress his superiors on the eve of a budgetary review. not including two concert films.

rottentomatoes.[11] As of November 29.1 million worldwide of which $161. G-Force is reinstated as a unit of the Bureau and expanded with Hurley. which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics. http:/ / www. while FBI takes advantage of this obvious pretext to finally openly move against the industrialist. Bucky and the mice inducted as new recruits. based on 17 reviews. Nintendo DS and Microsoft Windows on July 21. Darwin uses the computer virus on his PDA to take it down. whose masterstroke is to cause a massive planetwide bombardment of space junk pulled from orbit to make the planet surface uninhabitable. only leaving Darwin to take the mainframe down. Xbox 360. based on 85 reviews with an average score of 4. the-numbers. inoffensive 3-D animated farce about a team of superspy guinea pigs who do battle with a mad billionaire who wants to conquer the earth by programming all the home appliances made by his corporation to follow his instructions. Saber makes the largest product recall in history. com/ movies/ view/ 171150/ G-Force [6] .8 million comes from overseas. Metacritic. the film has received an average score of 44%. com/ m/ 10009462-g_force/ ). PlayStation Portable. When Darwin reaches the mainframe. which. the-numbers. who had taken them all in. expecting them to simply be able to effectively communicate with each other. html. com/ movies/ ?id=g-force. combined with a localized bombardment of orbital debris. [8] The consensus is that "G-Force features manic action. http:/ / www. Rotten Tomatoes reported that the film has a 26% "rotten" rating. and Speckles is given the punitive duty of personally removing the malicious chips from all Saber products. making $31. . com/ name/ nm0947087/ ).[12] Video game The video game based on the movie was released for PlayStation 3. reald. and the resulting battle separates the group. Speckles consents. saying that "'G-Force' is a pleasant. It will possibly be enjoyed by children of all ages. Rotten Tomatoes. After that is accomplished and the team infiltrates Saber's mainframe. dolby. Retrieved 2007-11-14. IMDb. php "Hoyt Yeatman" (http:/ / www. Pictures" (http:/ / www. [9] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film 2.G-Force (film) dead or alive. ultimatemoviesite. At the end of the film. 2009. Speckles promptly amalgamates the various appliances in the vicinity into a giant walking being. he finds out that Speckles. imdb." By contrast. boxofficemojo. Leonard Saber is shocked to discover that his appliances have become killing machines. the film was the #1 film at the box office for its opening weekend. Furthermore. 2009. [7] . com/ Content/ G-Force. http:/ / www. . the plan is put into motion. PlayStation 2. but realizes that it has gone too far.5 stars out of four. Meanwhile. php http:/ / www. com/ movies/ 2009/ GFORC. Retrieved August 5. 2008. . but fails to come up with interesting characters or an inspired plot."[10] However. com/ movies/ 2009/ GFORC. which number in the tens of millions. [8] "G-Force Movie Reviews. Retrieved March 16. soon overpowers the police forces gathered at the mansion. htm) at Box Office Mojo.[13] The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions come with 3D glasses. 176 Reception The film has received largely negative reviews. the guinea pigs are personally commended by the FBI Director who also appoints them special agents of the FBI. com/ consumer/ motion_picture/ dolby-3d-g-force. 2009. Wii. is the mastermind of the plan. aspx. and tries to shut it down.6/10. whose home and family had been destroyed by humans.706. At the same time.934 total. Darwin manages to persuade Speckles that his new family is with the rest of the team and Ben. replacing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. http:/ / www. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] G-Force (http:/ / www. However. forcing the team to elude them with an extended pursuit thanks to a high speed vehicle especially designed for them. the film has grossed $281.

.rottentomatoes. dll/ article?AID=/ 20090722/ REVIEWS/ 907239997).G-Force (film) [9] "G-Force (2009): Reviews" (http:/ / www. 177 External links • Official website (http://disney. suntimes. 2009-07-21. disney. Retrieved 2009-07-25. [10] "G-Force" (http:/ / rogerebert. Disney Interactive Studios. Metacritic.go. yahoo. ap. com/ disney/ news/ Gforce_launch_21July_2009. metacritic.com/title/tt0436339/) at the Internet Movie Database • G-Force (http://www. com/ news/ movies.com/disneypictures/gforce/) • G-Force (http://www. html). htm [13] "Disney Interactive Studios deploys G-Force on mission to retail shelves" (http:/ / bvgames. com/ apps/ pbcs. com/ movies/ ?id=g-force. boxofficemojo. [11] http:/ / movies. Retrieved 2009-07-21. Chicago Sun-Times. com/ film/ titles/ gforce).imdb. org/ 39gforce39-topples-harry-potter39-box-office-ap [12] http:/ / www.com/m/10009462-g_force/) at Rotten Tomatoes . go. . .

2009 94 minutes United States Japan China English $65 million [1] [2] Language Budget Gross revenue $44.093.Astro Boy (film) 178 Astro Boy (film) Astro Boy Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring David Bowers Maryann Garger Kuzuka Yayoki Osamu Tezuka (manga) Timothy Harris (screenplay) Freddie Highmore Nicolas Cage Kristen Bell Bill Nighy Donald Sutherland Nathan Lane Eugene Levy Matt Lucas John Ottman Music by Cinematography Pepe Valencia Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Robert Anich Cole Imagi Animation Studios Tezuka Productions Summit Entertainment October 10.014 .

blaming himself for Toby's death. so the same fate never befalls his Robot Toby. President Stone.[5] Freddie Highmore provides the voice of Astro Boy in the movie. For him. is visiting to test out the Peacekeeper. a city that flies in the sky. The Blue Core is originally intended to be the Peacekeeper's power source. today is no exception. people in Metro City laze about all day. Toby comes with plans to view a demonstration. a militaristic dictator that serves as the president of Metro City. a small blue sphere that gives off nothing but pure positive energy that was extracted from the heart of a star that no longer exists. Toby escapes his temporary holding area to see the demonstration. reveals a new kind of energy: "Blue Core" energy. the Ministry of Science. Elefun. However. Nathan Lane. is a 2009 computer-animated 3-D film loosely based on the long-running Japanese series of the same name by Osamu Tezuka. Dr. but. and Robot Toby (also voiced by Freddie Highmore) comes to life. the eccentric right-hand man to Dr. Elefun. Shortly afterwards. Tenma (voiced by Nicolas Cage). While the people still on the surface live in a polluted world. Atomu) in Japan. President Stone (voiced by Donald Sutherland). since he is only reminded of his real son's death. Dr. and says of his dislike for the red baseball cap that the real Toby had cherished so greatly.Astro Boy (film) 179 Astro Boy. but when Dr. The studio announced the project in September 2006. Charlize Theron and Nicolas Cage.[3] the animation production company of TMNT. Robot Toby discovers his ability to understand the robots' electronic language. During a lecture in the Ministry. after unknowingly angering Stone. He also asks Dr. For all the havoc caused by Robot Toby. like a human. A trailer of the movie was shown in the North American Home Theater of PlayStation Home from December 28. Donald Sutherland. Reprogramming the family service robot. lives the life of a child prodigy. he has Toby placed in a supply closet until the demonstration concludes. Toby visits his father's workplace. and (following an incident with a pair of cleaning robots) his abilities to fly and tunnel through solid rock. Tenma sends him to Toby's room. Plot The film begins in Metro City. Robot Toby is attacked by the army under the command of President Stone. Some time later (how long is never specified). a robot that is the "herald" of adaptive technology. Orrin. then in the USA on October 23. It was produced by Imagi Animation Studios. Eugene Levy. Toby Tenma (voiced by Freddie Highmore). Overwhelmed by grief. Tenma is left a broken and unhappy man. distraught by his dad’s rejection (and only having recently discovered his origins to being a robot). asking him to come over and shut Robot Toby down. flees from his home. against the advice of Dr. so Toby is usually lonely. 2010. but Dr. It was directed by David Bowers and produced by Maryann Garger[4] with Pilar Flynn as associate producer. leaving the robots to do the jobs that most humans don't want to do anymore. Elefun accidentally reveals the "Red Core" (a negatively-charged byproduct of the Blue Core's extraction from the star). Robot Toby. he and his father never spend much time together. Sadly. Tenma uses his knowledge in robotics to create a robot in the image of his dead son. 2009 and finally in the UK on February 5. the city encompasses Mt. 2009. Matt Lucas. Stone orders the cores switched. The robot is implanted with Toby’s memories (extracted via his DNA) and given highly advanced defense weaponry. who . Sofia. Tenma leaves with his "new" Toby to continue the pleasant life that was so rudely interrupted. son of the famous Dr. The Core is inserted. The last straw is drawn when Robot Toby (wanting to test Da Vinci’s theory of flight) cuts up the books Tenma had once read to his deceased son as an infant. and often finds his father's promises broken. 2009. The Peacekeeper is eventually stopped. Tenma. also called Atom (ア ト ム . Elefun (voiced by Bill Nighy). He soon calls Dr. The movie was released first in Japan on October 10. Having been built around a century ago (according to the opening narration). and cracking jokes). Moises Arias. 2008 to January 8. Elefun for the Blue Core as a power source. it doesn’t take long for Tenma to realize his robot son is not an exact duplicate. Bill Nighy.[6] The film also features the voices of Kristen Bell. notices the Blue Core energy and sends his troops to take it by force. however. but he is killed in a horrific accident when the Peacekeeper goes berserk from the Red Core's negative energy. Robot Toby doesn’t behave the same as Toby once did (treating Orrin with respect. Tenma disowns Robot Toby.

and nearly crashes Metro into the surface. After the dust settles. Cora and the others rescue Astro. on the Earth’s surface. General Heckler and his troops) confronts Dr. Hamegg tells the others that Astro is a robot and forces him into the arena using a device that stuns him. but he apologized to Toby and says "You may not be Toby. Later. Astro bonds with the kids. a massive warship. Then he is face-to-face with ZOG. Robot Toby defeats every trooper thrown at him. Zane: a boy who claims to have been raised by wild dogs. claiming that Metro city is in an arms race with the surface. although against his better judgement. he doesn't appear to be a vicious enslaver of robots: in fact. and seemingly gains the upper hand until Stone tries to absorb him and his Bluecore. Dr. who is still alive and unharmed from his fusion. declaring a nation-wide state of emergency. but Dr. he repairs them. President Stone (with back-up from his aide. and Tenma finally accepts that while Toby may be gone. who is still depressed after disowning Astro. While doing so. but is temporarily disabled when the "Spirit of Freedom". Cora is reunited with her parents.Astro Boy (film) seeks to use the Blue Core for his own devious schemes. 180 . This makes President Stone furious. After they unveil their plan to earn robots freedom (which is very far-fetched). attacks him. He deactivates him. Before he can properly introduce himself to the group. Tenma tries to convince Astro that they must flee. and uses it to resurrect Astro. Back in Metro City. they find ZOG (A 100 year old construction robot that had fallen from Metro city a long time ago). is arrested while the grieving citizens mourn over the loss of Astro. Astro takes him on in combat after safely landing the entire city. Robot Toby is captured by the Robot Revolutionary Front (RRF for short). Unlike the RRF's description of him. from there on out. and spared by Astro. Hamegg attempts to force the two into battle. but Astro objects and flies into the PeaceKeeper's core. Sludge and Widget: a pair of fraternal twins (one having been born 90 seconds before the other) and Trashcan: a robot dog. However. Robot Toby is sent plummeting to the Surface. consisting of Sparx: the brains of the group. but you're still my son" and gives the Core to Stone but he puts the Core back into Toby again after learning that Stone has betrayed him by making him get a job as Metro City's new Toy Maker. Elefun is unfazed by Stone's lie. Astro learns about the games the revived robots are put into and is devastated to know that robots fight each other until they get destroyed. The film then ends as an alien creature appears in the sky. Tenma to deactivate Toby and to give him the Blue Core. Astro discovers more of his powers. Stone. a Fagin-like ringmaster and caretaker of several children. to ensure Cora and the others' safety. ZOG appears and reveals he has some of the Bluecore energy remaining. it turns out that if the Blue and Red cores meet. and learns that Cora is from Metro city. not realizing that Stone intends to start a war with the surface. and Astro confidently flies off to do battle. The group consists of Cora (voiced by Kristen Bell): a girl who seems to distrust Robot Toby because she believes him to be stuck up like all Metro City people. President Stone tells Dr. and is trying to reach her family. After reviving ZOG and fixing him up. they will destroy each other. Tenma about his usage of the Blue Core in Astro. Astro finally meets Hamegg (voiced by Nathan Lane). he goes on his journey for acceptance. he puts the Red Core inside the Peacekeeper and seconds later is sucks into the body of the machine. who he refuses to fight. While Stone rampages through Metro in search of the core. but is stopped by ZOG. He destroys the robots he has to face. Astro is here and can still be just as much the son he loved so much. However. Robot Toby meets a group of children that mistake him for a human and. seemingly destroying them both. and proceed to warn him of a robot-enslaving human named Hamegg. Stone's forces locate Astro and he leaves with them willingly. Later. causing President Stone to freak out. Throughout the fight. fusing his consciousness with it. complies to deactivate him and return the Blue Core. Astro and the others are looking for spare robot parts for Hamegg. much to the praise of the humans and robots alike. They rename him "Astro". Tenma. Back on the surface. Robotsky: the muscle and Mike the Fridge: the fridge.

while in the original manga he dies in a car accident. Toby is vaporized. alongside TMNT. In 2007. he sells Astro to a circus. Jackson . Squeegee. there are some scenes that imply that Astro knows he's a robot. Squirt.Sparx Madeline Carroll .  In 2008. In the original manga. Leighton was replaced with animator Genndy Tartakovsky with a scheduled 2007 release. Tartakovsky later left the project to produce the Dark Crystal sequel. Burning Robot Dee Bradley Baker . Math Cowboy. intending to produce a combination live-action/animatronics/CGI feature film alongside Jim Henson Productions originally slated for a Christmas 2000 release. the chronology and geography are unclear.Mr.Hamegg Alan Tudyk .Zog Bill Nighy .Sam Tony Matthews .Astro Boy (film) 181 Comparison to Osamu Tezuka's manga • In the film. Tenma tells him he no longer wants him.Grace (cameo only) Sterling Beaumon . Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Freddie Highmore . In the film.Orrin Nathan Lane .Mr.Mr.Simon Elefun/Robotsky Donald Sutherland .  Eric Leighton (Dinosaur) was attached to direct. Mustachio. Astro flies away after Dr.General Heckler . However. That same year. Astro has no idea that he's a robot at first. Brady was replaced with David Bowers. and Todd Alcott (Antz) was to write the screenplay. • Dr.Toby Tenma/Astro Boy[7] Nicolas Cage .Sludge Victor Bonavida . then a Summer 2001 release. it was announced that Hong Kong-based animation firm Imagi Animation Studios would produce a CGI animated Astro Boy film as part of a three-picture distribution deal with Warner Bros.Trashcan Newell Alexander . Summit Entertainment took over the film's distribution rights. Nothing more came out of this announcement. also for Jim Henson Productions. Sony Pictures Entertainment purchased the film rights to Astro Boy from Tezuka Productions. Bill Tenma[8] Kristen Bell .Cora's father Ryan Stiles . Scrapheap Head. • The original manga and anime clearly take place in Japan in the 21st century."Our Friends" Narrator Samuel L. In June 2004.Cora[9] Charlize Theron . • In the film. Stinger Two David Allen Grier . In summer 2006.Dr.Widget Elle Fanning . and Gatchaman.Zane Matt Lucas . In the manga as well as all versions of the anime.President Stone Eugene Levy . Tenma is more villainous in the original manga and anime than in the film. The Power of the Dark Crystal. • In the film. and The Weinstein Company. Boxer Robot Moisés Arias . Colin Brady signed on to direct the movie. Production In October 1999.

Marketing On November 5. Ltd. who recorded his score with a 95-piece orchestra and choir at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.[13] Beginning in May. 2009.Mike the Fridge • Bob Logan . IDW Publishing published a "prequel" and comic book adaptation of the movie as both mini-series and in graphic novel format to coincide with the North American release of the movie in Oct. D3Publisher of America announced it would publish a video game based on the film.Rick 182 Japanese dub • • • • • • • • • • • • Aya Ueto as Astro Boy[10] Kōji Yakusho as Doctor Tenma[10] Megumi Hayashibara as Cora Tomohiro Nishimura as Doctor Elefun Takaya Hashi as President Stone Kōichi Yamadera as Orrin Kenji Utsumi as Ham Egg Atsushi Abe as Zane Shin-ichiro Miki as Sparx Mika Kanai as Widget/Grace Nami Miyahara as Sludge Kōsei Tomita Music The score to Astro Boy was composed by John Ottman. PlayStation 2 system and PSP system is under development by High Voltage Software and Nintendo DS by Art Co. 2009. On May 29.[11]  A soundtrack album was released on October 20. 2008. 2009 and continuing thru Sept.. 2009 by Varese Sarabande Records. .  The games were scheduled to be released for console and handheld systems in the fourth quarter of 2009 to coincide with the film's theatrical release.Astro Boy (film) • David Bowers . 2009..[12] Astro Boy: The Video Game for Wii. a trailer for the film was released with the Disney-Pixar movie Up..Stinger One • Ryan Ochoa .

Astro Boy (film) A model of a motionless Astro Boy waiting to be powered up was set up at Peak Tower. Both releases include two new animated sequences. a compromise was reached.) The box set also comes with a dvd (containing a single story on Astro's first flight & and image gallery). Since there were issues about a boy flying around in underwear on the big screen (as it might confuse audiences not familiar with the Astro Boy series or his classic costume) suggestions were made and it was decided to give Astro clothes.[15] [16] . A small bookmark (that is actually a reel from the movie inside a plastic cover) and Astro's blueprints from the movie. was released.[14] by Summit Entertainment (Other release dates can be seen on the movie website). Eventually. and an image gallery. the other special features with two bonus features exclusive to Japanese) and has both English & Japanese dub (along with English & Japanese subtitles. some changes to Astro had to be made as they did not adapt well in 3D (such as Astro's large eyes and curly eyelashes). and Astro was altered to look just slightly more adult. and that too was altered after talks with Imagi. Dr Tenma's Project Notes (featuring 80 pages of CGI models. 2009. 2010. however. However. making an animated movie and getting the Astro Boy look. Freddie Highmore and Donald Sutherland. Model of Astro Boy waiting to be powered up in Hong In Japan a special Limited Edition Astro Boy Premium Box Set Kong. among others. Also there were issues on Astro's rear end being too small. resembling his iconic design. Tezuka Productions. A panel of the movie was held at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 23. outside Madame Tussauds Hong Kong in September 2009. Also his speedo was slightly tweaked to resemble shorts. It featured the same content from the US release with the exception of it spanning on two dvds (One the movie. Kristen Bell. Design issue When making the leap from 2D to 3D. character art and set designs from the movie). a featurette with the voice cast including Nicolas Cage. Astro's look was tweaked to be more Caucasian. Hong Kong. three other featurettes about drawing Astro Boy. a Micro SD (featuring the motion manga "Atomu Tanjo" originally written by Osamu Tezuka) A post card of 1980 Astro Boy flying. this was changed so Astro looked more human. wanted no changes. In early development Astro's design was younger. Imagi had several discussions on how round and curvy Astro's body proportions should be and in the end they were made to be more lean. though this was never intentional. 183 Home media release Astro Boy was released in the US on DVD & Blu-Ray March 16. Imagi Animation Studios later wanted to add a few years on Astro as to make him more grown up and thus easier to relate to.

unlike of the dual cannons that were in the final movie model. • In the movie. but Bird declined when he could not find the right script for the film. but due to similarities to the film WALL-E was changed into a robot dog. he also uses one arm cannon (like to the 2003 anime).[19] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B and wrote of the film having "little too much lost-boys-and-girls mopiness. websites.[22] The film also was not a box office success in the US. a toilet can be seen near the Peacekeeper's left shoulder. he flies past a man in a red beret and glasses with a big nose. when Toby is first seen in the film. on page 2 of their Annual Report 2008 to 2009.[18] On Metacritic.457. • As Astro Boy is under construction. 'Toby 2' is written on a screencap of Astro's blueprints. • During the Anime Expo in 2008. • In the Japanese version. and is not on the blueprints in the Astro Boy Premium Limited Edition Box Set released in Japan. This is the frequent self-caricature of Osamu Tezuka. has a rating score of 53 based on 22 reviews. This follows the same pattern as Dragonball Evolution and Speed Racer. . When it closed in January 2010. it had a total gross of $20 million. the film holds an overall approval rating of 46%. on pages 1 and 97 (between artwork of Gatchaman). Conversely.7 million." but "Astro Boy is a marvelously designed piece of cartoon kinetics. which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from film critics. • In Imagi's Annual Report 2006 to 2007. • While Astro flees from Stone's military forces. early development footage showed a prototype Astro fighting what looked to be a prototype Zog.  Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 49% of 88 critics have given the film a positive review. but the RT Community ranking is currently 69% with 255 Fresh Reviews/Ratings and 111 Rotten Reviews/Ratings. the blueprint plan briefly seen has been drawn exactly as the character appears in the original TV series. based on a sample of 24 reviews. For example. The wastelands were also changed so they had only robotic parts for the same reason. but in some parts of the movie they appear to be on the right. but sold well in China.Astro Boy (film) 184 Reception The film received poor reviews from film critics. the film was very successful in China.. which consists of popular and notable critics from the top newspapers. resembling more to his iconic self (that he is in his classic costume and looks more robotic than human). • At Imagi's official website in the Investor Relations section. climactic robot rumpuses. the uplifted spike on Toby and Astro's head is usually seen on the left. with a rating average of 5.8 out of 10.[21] The film was not a big hit in Japan. and it seems to have a political agenda that may rankle some viewers. appearing at the bottom of the opening week's top 10 rankings and making only $328. Megumi Hayashibara was the only one who provided voice work for an Astro Boy anime. For unknown reasons this title was removed from the finalised blueprints featured in the movie.  The site's general consensus is that "While it isn't terribly original. grossing $6. where it remained in the Top 10 for three weeks."[17] Among Rotten Tomatoes' "Top Critics". Trivia • Scarlett Johansson was set to voice Cora but was (for unknown reasons) replaced by Kristen Bell. other American-produced films based on Japanese sources which failed to garner success in their land of origin. his spike looks to be on the right side from the back of his head."[20] Glenn Whipp of the Los Angeles Times gave the mixed review claiming "The kids won't get it but will enjoy the big.. opening at #6. Astro appears younger. • Brad Bird was said to been interested in doing an Astro Boy movie at Warner Bros which was to be planned as an animated film similar to The Iron Giant. This is the same case with Astro. • In several shots during the final battle sequence. breaking a box-office record for a CG animated movie. Astro Boy boasts enough visual thrills to please its target demographic. screenshots can be seen of prototype Astro battling against a silver Zog robot. • Osamu Tezuka also had a cameo as one of the scientists in the film. television and radio programs. • Trashcan was originally intended to be a trash compactor robot. which owe a heavy debt to Brad Bird's The Iron Giant.

metacritic.s. . walkerplus.. [21] "'Astro Boy' . rottentomatoes. . [18] "Astro Boy Reviews: Top Critics" (http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ 1010/ 9/ ) [16] NHK special Japan Anime v. [7] "9 (2009)" (http:/ / www. php [10] Kadakawa Entertainment Atom official (http:/ / atom.com/movies/?id=astroboy. Retrieved 2009-12-23. imagi. com. Retrieved 2009-04-15. com/ m/ astro_boy/ ?critic=creamcrop). html#). Retrieved 2010-05-26.Box Office Data" (http:/ / www.boxofficemojo. . com/ news/ home/ 20090507005361/ en). .htm) at Box Office Mojo . • The film centers more on Astro's powers than ever 185 References [1] "Imagi hitches rocket to 'Astro Boy'" (http:/ / www. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3icc3fec8640be47141ac15f403bbc6837 External links • • • • • Official website (http://www. imagi. d3publisher. hollywoodreporter. Nintendo DS. 2009. Internet Movie Database. pdf [9] http:/ / scifiwire. [19] "Astro Boy (2009): Reviews" (http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0375568/ ).20314437. .Review" (http:/ / www. Hollywood (http:/ / www.rottentomatoes. html) [17] "Astro Boy Movie Reviews. Inc. [22] http:/ / www. [12] "Imagi Studios & D3Publisher Ink Exclusive Worldwide Videogame Publishing Agreement for Astro Boy" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-10-23.com/m/astro_boy/) at Rotten Tomatoes Astro Boy (http://www. PlayStation2 System.imdb. the-numbers. [3] Imagi International Holdings (http:/ / mirrorus. businesswire. . 2008. com/ 2009/ 07/ astro-boys-kristen-bell-o. Rotten Tomatoes. php?lang=eng) "Our Films". imagi. Retrieved 2009-10-14. IGN Entertainment. html) [11] Dan Goldwasser (2009-10-13). [8] http:/ / mirrorus. Entertainment Weekly. animenewsnetwork. jp/ special/ onair/ 081027. asp?ID=115). . Retrieved 2009-05-07. php). us/ PressDetails. com/ film/ titles/ astroboy).com/title/tt0375568/) at the Internet Movie Database Astro Boy (http://www. November 5. Retrieved 2009-12-23. [6] Freddie Highmore Signed for Imagi Studios' Astro Boy (http:/ / www. Metacritic. scoringsessions. com/ film/ titles/ astroboy). The-Numbers. hollywoodreporter. [5] "Press Release: Astro Boy" (http:/ / www. . . com/ press-release/ 2007-08-21/ pilar-flynn-joins-imagi's-astro-boy-as-associate-producer). Rotten Tomatoes. jp/ top. [2] "Movie Astro Boy . "Astro Boy" [4] "Imagi Press Release: Astro Boy" (http:/ / www.allmovie. pdf). Pictures" (http:/ / au. com/ m/ astro_boy/ ). kadokawa-ent. com/ news/ 207/ ). Retrieved on 2008-02-28. or. [13] "D3Publisher to Bring Summit Entertainment and Imagi Studios’ ASTRO BOY to Wii.00. astroboy-themovie. ew. Los Angeles Time. hk/ pdf2/ IMAGI_US-Creative-Team. [20] "Astro Boy Movie Review" (http:/ / www. pdf).com/work/400000) at Allmovie Astro Boy (http://www. and PSP System This Fall" (http:/ / www. com. com/ movies/ 2009/ ASBOY. Business Wire. . com.Astro Boy (film) • On Shelly WanCora blog. Retrieved 2009-10-23. metacritic. "John Ottman scores Astro Boy" (http:/ / www. . nhk. ScoringSessions. [14] http:/ / www.com. The Hollywood Reporter. D3Publisher of America. Retrieved 2009-01-06. May 7. imagi. Retrieved 2009-12-23. .com/) Astro Boy (http://www. com/ hr/ content_display/ world/ news/ e3i30e7feb16ddb02078b67e4725d88077c). Cora's name was originally Mika. com. com/ [15] design issue between original Atom (http:/ / news. hk/ web/ pdf/ press_release/ press_20080227E. rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2009-10-10. . imdb. hk/ web/ main. com/ ew/ article/ 0.astroboy-themovie. hk/ / web/ pdf/ press_release/ press_20080923E.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans 186 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Werner Herzog Edward R. Pressman Nicolas Cage Randall Emmett Alan Polsky Gabe Polsky John Thompson Melanie Brown Alessandro Camon Boaz Davidson Danny Dimbort Avi Lerner Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt William Finkelstein Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes Val Kilmer Brad Dourif Xzibit Fairuza Balk Mark Isham [1] [2] Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Peter Zeitlinger Joe Bini [3] Millennium Films First Look Studios (United States) Lionsgate (United Kingdom) .

He has convinced a person that works in the police department to bring him drugs sent to the evidence room. He now requests an exorbitant amount of money as compensation. As a result of his treatment of the old woman. Over the course of the movie. He also finds Frankie beaten by one of her clients. Bad Lieutenant. their witness goes missing. and almost kills an old woman trying to find out where the witness has gone. McDonagh finds his grandmother. McDonagh gets in trouble with his bookie for not paying his debts. and the figurehead is killed when he threatens McDonagh and Big Fate in the latter's home. with McDonagh supplying police information so he can get enough money to pay his debts to the bookie and the figurehead. also does cocaine and they often share drugs. but is habitually using several other drugs including cocaine and marijuana. The film was released on November 20. he goes to Big Fate and they become partners. he notices that a prisoner may not have been transferred. He does. McDonagh's partner attempts to simply kill Big Fate.[6] Plot Terrence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage). a recovering alcoholic who can only bring himself to attend to his Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and nothing else. who is a friend of a man McDonagh threatened earlier. Angry. He has also become estranged from his father. They are both arrested. leading to Big Fate willingly coming to the police station with his lawyer. To celebrate their partnership. As a result.429.Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue November 20. the film is neither a sequel nor a remake. In addition to dealing with the murder investigation.[4] The film takes its title from Abel Ferrara's 1992 film. a prostitute. where six illegal immigrants from Senegal were executed. he is prescribed Vicodin which he will most likely need to take for the rest of his life to manage the pain. McDonagh implores Big Fate to smoke pure cocaine with his "lucky crack pipe". according to Herzog. and threatens him. The gang leader Big Fate has two associates: Midget and G. and through his details and evidence they deduce the people were killed for selling drugs in a gang leader's neighborhood. he uses his position as an officer to bully people and steal more drugs. he mocks him before eventually jumping in the water to save him. is a New Orleans Police Sergeant. McDonagh is temporarily removed from duty and placed in the evidence room. What money he had was given to a very powerful figure in the community. who works at a nursing home. as he does not want him to have the chance to escape conviction. 2009 121 minutes United States English $25 million $10. 2009. and McDonagh later plants the pipe at the murder scene. The old woman sent him to family in England so he could avoid getting involved in gang affairs. and his alcoholic stepmother. and gives McDonagh two days to get it. but when they are alone. His girlfriend Frankie. As they try to get enough evidence to convict Big Fate. McDonagh is now not only addicted to painkillers. He is promoted to lieutenant and given a medal for his work.451 [4] 187 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is a 2009 American crime drama film directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage. but has suffered a serious back injury because of the rescue. McDonagh is outraged at the concept and arrests Big Fate. The department uses this new evidence to arrest Big Fate and his cronies. The film moves ahead six months. .[5] however. McDonagh has been assigned to investigate a murder scene. Information comes in that leads them to a delivery boy who was an auditory witness. While cleaning out a locker after Hurricane Katrina. When he finds the prisoner about to drown. McDonagh pays his bookie.

but was unsuccessful. Terrence's partner[7] Brad Dourif as Ned Schoenholtz. Herzog stated that he does not know who Ferrara is. joined the cast the following June. The script was penned by TV writer William Finkelstein.[10] Herzog insists that the film is not a remake. "I . I wish these people die in Hell. Abel Ferrara's reaction Abel Ferrara. Herzog said of Ferrara. McDonagh simply asks "Do fish have dreams?" The film ends with the two men in an aquarium."[11] Herzog did not like the idea of a remake and desired to change the title of the film. Louis.[9] One major change from the original film was moving the setting from New York City to New Orleans. 188 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Terrence McDonagh.Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans showing that despite his addictions he still performs his duty as an officer. Herzog stated. and the man says that McDonagh saved his life. After the film was first announced. The title is probably a mistake. I hope they're all in the same streetcar. but so be it. "I battled against the title from the first moment on". "It only has a corrupt policeman as the central character and that's about it. director of the 1992 film. but added. It has nothing to do with it. Terrence's bookie[5] Xzibit as Big Fate[7] Fairuza Balk as Heidi[5] Michael Shannon as Mundt Vondie Curtis Hall as James Brasser[5] Shawn Hatosy as Armand Benoit[5] Denzel Whitaker as Daryl[5] Shea Whigham as Justin[5] Katie Chonacas as Tina[5] Jamie Berry as Young Terrence McDonagh J. I have no idea who he is. a prostitute and Terrence's love interest. 2008 in Louisiana[13] and also around South Mississippi. and offers to help McDonagh finally escape his own addiction. He encounters the prisoner he saved at the beginning of the film. Omar Castro as Narcotics Detective[5] Robert Pavlovich as Dr. shooting some scenes at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. saying "I've never seen a film by him. sitting against a fish tank. Herzog stated that he has never seen Ferrara's film. saying. has been quoted by various media outlets as being very angry about this film. and it blows up. McDonagh appears to be sober."[6] At the 2009 Academy Awards.[8] Filming began on July 7."[14] When asked later for his response to Ferrara's statements. the bad lieutenant.. as Frankie and his parents have done so.. and he has been sober for almost a year. . so I can't compare it. McDonagh is promoted to Captain. who starred with Cage in the 2007 film Ghost Rider. Ferrara was quoted as saying "As far as remakes go. but it turns out he is still doing heroin. Milburn Jeremy Johnson as Detective Yasco Production The film was first announced in May 2008 with Werner Herzog to direct and Nicolas Cage to star."[14] At a press conference at the Venice Film Festival after the film's premiere.[7] Eva Mendes as Frankie Donnenfeld.[8] Jennifer Coolidge as Genevieve McDonagh[5] Val Kilmer as Stevie Pruit. saying "I haven't seen it. The film ends one year later. "I can live with it. I have no problem with it at all."[12] Actress Eva Mendes.

[16] and was also screened at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival[17] and the 2009 Telluride Film Festival.[20] Roger Ebert declared: "Nicolas Cage is as good as anyone since Klaus Kinski at portraying a man whose head is exploding. the film did not quickly find a distributor for a wide release. the film holds a 87% 'Fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 89 reviews. Eva Mendes and Werner Herzog at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of the film.[4] Reception Critical response Nicolas cage.[22] and then included it in his list of the best films of the decade. I should add. 2009. I think we could straighten everything out. The film's American release was handled by First Look Studios. 2010. It's a hypnotic performance.Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans would like to meet the man. over a bottle of whiskey. [18] As of January 12." and "I have a feeling that if we met and talked. Guardian critic Xan Brooks called Cage's work in the movie "surely his best performance in years. with a release date of November 20."[19] Blogging about the film from the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival." Ebert named the film as among the top 10 best mainstream films of 2009. including: • • • • • • • • Roger Ebert: top 10 "mainstream films" of 2009[22] Aidil Rusli of The Malaysian Insider: favourite movies from 2009[24] Josh Tyler of Cinema Blend: top 10 films of 2009[25] The Canadian Press: top 10 films of 2009[26] Kim Morgan of The Huffington Post: #2 among top 10 films of 2009[27] Stan Hall of The Oregonian: #1 among "foreign language and indie films of 2009"[28] Jay Stone of Canwest News Service: #1 best film of 2009[29] Ray Pride: #7 best film of 2009[30] . The film had its world premiere at the 2009 Venice Film Festival." [21] He also wrote that the film is very different from Abel Ferrara's 1992 movie and that "comparisons are pointless."[15] 189 Release Although production on the film was completed in 2008.[23] The film appeared on several critics' lists of "best films of 2009".

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[1] . Schut Nicolas Cage Ron Perlman Stephen Campbell Moore Robert Sheehan Claire Foy Ulrich Thomsen Stephen Graham Christopher Lee Atli Örvarsson Music by Cinematography Amir Mokri Editing by Studio Distributed by Dan Zimmerman Relativity Media Lionsgate (former) Rogue (current) (U.Season of the Witch (2010 film) 192 Season of the Witch (2010 film) Season of the Witch Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Dominic Sena Alex Gartner Charles Roven Bragi F.) Paramount Pictures/Momentum Pictures (UK) January 7.S. 2011 98 minutes United States English Release date(s) Running time Country Language Season of the Witch is an upcoming supernatural thriller film. directed by Dominic Sena. and starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman.

2011.[6] As the movie is delayed. com/ news/ 34941/ season-witch-one-sheet-debuts) [7] ComingSoon .[5] Release Limited pre-release screenings began December 2009. Retrieved 2009-10-23. a grieving knight (Ulrich Thomsen).Season of the Witch (2010 film) 193 Plot Nicolas Cage stars as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade (Ron Perlman) to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. dreadcentral. MovieJungle. dreadcentral. moviejungle. A beleaguered church.[7] References [1] Holy Gross and Disgusting (Literally). commands the two knights to transport an accused witch (Claire Foy) to a remote abbey. com/ news/ 18783) [3] Four New Images: Season of the Witch (http:/ / www. aspx?ArticleID=3328).Halloween Sneak Peek updated!" (http:/ / www. php?id=49078) . bloody-disgusting.Season of the Witch (http:/ / www. The film was picked up by Rogue and will be released on January 7. com/ newsDetails. "Season of the Witch . Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage[2] as Behmen Ron Perlman as Felson Stephen Campbell Moore as Debelzaq[3] Robert Sheehan as Kay Claire Foy as Anna[4] Ulrich Thomsen as Eckhardt Stephen Graham as Hagamar Christopher Lee as Cardinal D'Ambroise Matt Devere Peter Linka as Grand Master Rebekah Kennedy as Peasant Girl Production The film is currently shooting new scenes reported to be a prologue at the Korda Studios near Budapest. . com/ news/ 35444/ new-still-nicolas-cage-and-his-hair-season-witch) [5] Steve Ramos (2009-10-23). comingsoon. net/ films. A priest (Stephen Campbell Moore). It's Just a New Look at Cage in 'Season of the Witch'! (http:/ / www. deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague. an itinerant swindler (Stephen Graham) and a headstrong youth (Robert Sheehan) join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl. Check Out 4 New Stills from 'Season of the Witch' (http:/ / www. [6] Season of the Witch One-Sheet Debuts (http:/ / www. bloody-disgusting. where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence. dreadcentral. com/ news/ 18787) [2] What Was That? Oh. com/ news/ 35477/ four-new-images-season-witch) [4] New Still: Nicolas Cage and His Hair in Season of the Witch (http:/ / www.

seasonofthewitchfilm.Season of the Witch (2010 film) 194 External links 8 Trailer (http://www.com/title/tt0479997/) at the Internet Movie Database Kick-Ass (film) Kick-Ass Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Matthew Vaughn • • • • • • • • • • • Matthew Vaughn Brad Pitt Kris Thykier Adam Bohling Tarquin Pack David Reid Matthew Vaughn Jane Goldman Kick-Ass by Mark Millar John Romita.com/season-of-the-witch-movie-trailer.html) • Official website (http://www.com) • Season of the Witch (http://www. Jr.imdb. Screenplay by Based on Narrated by Starring Aaron Johnson • • • • • • • • • Aaron Johnson Christopher Mintz-Plasse Chloë Grace Moretz Nicolas Cage Mark Strong John Murphy Henry Pryce Jackman Marius de Vries Ilan Eshkeri Music by Cinematography Ben Davis .seat42f.

Kick-Ass (film)
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Pietro Scalia Jon Harris Eddie Hamilton Marv Films Plan B Entertainment Universal Pictures Lionsgate

Studio Distributed by Release date(s)

26 March 2010 (United Kingdom) 16 April 2010 (United States) 117 minutes
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Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue

United Kingdom United States

English $28 million
[2] [3] [4] [5]


Kick-Ass is a 2010 superhero/action-comedy film based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who co-produced the film with actor Brad Pitt, and co-wrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman. The film's general release was on 26 March 2010 in the United Kingdom and on 16 April 2010 in the United States. The film tells the story of an ordinary teenager, Dave, who sets out to become a real-life superhero calling himself "Kick-Ass". Dave gets caught up in a bigger fight when he meets Big Daddy, a former cop who, in his quest to bring down the drug lord Frank D'Amico, has trained his 11-year-old daughter to be the ruthless vigilante Hit-Girl. Kick-Ass has generated some controversy for its profanity and violence performed by a child actor. The film received mostly positive reviews.

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), an ordinary teenager, wonders why nobody has ever decided to become a superhero like the ones in the comic books, so he decides to become a real-life superhero, despite having no superpowers or training. During his first attempt to fight crime, Dave is beaten, stabbed, and hit by a car. Some of Dave's nerve endings are damaged as a result, giving him an enhanced capacity to endure pain, and metal plates are placed in his skeleton to support his bones. After a painful recovery, concealing the truth behind his mugging, Dave returns to school only to find out that his longtime crush, Katie Deauxma (Lyndsy Fonseca), is interested in him, but only because she thinks he is gay due to rumors caused by his mugging excuse. Dave goes along with this in an effort to spend time with her. Undeterred by his setback, Dave continues to patrol the streets. One night, he comes upon a gang fight and defends a victim from his attackers. A bystander records the event, as well as Dave calling himself "Kick-Ass." The video becomes a YouTube phenomenon, and Dave sets up a MySpace account so people can contact Kick-Ass for help. Katie tells Dave that she is being harassed by a drug dealer named Rasul, so he convinces her to ask Kick-Ass for help. Kick-Ass tracks down the drug dealer, threatens and tasers him, but is subdued by the dealer's henchmen, who appear intent on killing him. He is rescued by child costumed vigilante Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz), who kills his attackers, then leaves with her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage). They easily track down Kick-Ass at his home later and inform him that they can work together, and that they will keep in contact. Big Daddy is revealed to be Damon Macready, a former cop who was framed as a drug dealer by local crime syndicate leader Frank D'Amico (Mark

Kick-Ass (film) Strong) because D'Amico saw him as a threat to his organization. While Damon was in prison, his wife died while giving birth. On his release Damon trained Mindy to fight crime as Hit-Girl and he became Big Daddy. Believing Kick-Ass to be responsible for damage done to his organization, D'Amico orders his men to find and eliminate him. After D'Amico kills an imposter dressed as Kick-Ass, his son, Chris (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), suggests a different approach: assuming the identity of a superhero named Red Mist to trick Kick-Ass into trusting him, and lead him into a trap. Red Mist meets Kick-Ass, bringing him to D'Amico's warehouse to "ambush" his men. Instead, they find the building on fire with everyone inside dead. Red Mist retrieves surveillance footage which shows that Big Daddy is responsible and tells his father to leave Kick-Ass alone. Realizing the seriousness of his situation, Dave wants to quit being Kick-Ass. He tells Katie the truth, and she forgives him and becomes his girlfriend. Some time later, Dave finds urgent messages from Red Mist, requesting they meet, and to find Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. Kick-Ass leads Red Mist to one of the Macready's safe houses, with D'Amico's men following. Red Mist shoots Hit-Girl, knocking her out of a window. Big Daddy and Kick-Ass are captured and taken to a warehouse to be tortured in a live Internet broadcast. Kick-Ass and Big Daddy are severely beaten, and Big Daddy is set on fire, when Hit-Girl, who survived by wearing a bulletproof vest, arrives and kills the gangsters, then destroys the camera trying to film the unmasking of Kick-Ass and Big Daddy. Big Daddy is badly burned and dies from his injuries. Kick-Ass tries to convince Hit-Girl to quit, but she plans to finish what her father started, and Kick-Ass reluctantly agrees to help. Posing as a schoolgirl, Mindy enters D'Amico's headquarters and kills most of the henchmen in the penthouse, but runs out of ammunition. Just as one of D'Amico's thugs is about to shoot her with a rocket launcher stolen from Macready's safe house, Kick-Ass, armed with a jet pack fitted with gatling guns that Big Daddy had purchased prior to his death, kills the remaining men. With all the henchmen dead, Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl take on D'Amico and his son. Kick-Ass fights Red Mist, and the two knock each other out. Hit-Girl fights D'Amico, but she is eventually overpowered. As D'Amico is about to finish off Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass comes to the rescue armed with the rocket launcher, blasting D'Amico out of the window where he explodes in mid-air. Red Mist wakes up, only to see Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl leaving on the jet pack. Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass retire from crime fighting to live a more normal life. Mindy, now in the custody of Damon's ex-partner Sergeant Marcus Williams, enrolls at Dave's school. Dave explains a new wave of superheroes have been inspired by his endeavor. Red Mist is shown donning a new mask as he quotes Jack Nicholson as the Joker, "As a great man once said, 'Wait till they get a load of me'."


• Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass. • Nicolas Cage as Damon Macready/Big Daddy. Brad Pitt, the film's producer, was considered for the role. Vaughn described Cage's performance as a little bit Elvis and a little bit Adam West. A character in the film even says his costume looks like that of Batman.[2] • Chloë Grace Moretz as Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl. Vaughn commented on the maturity of Moretz, who said that because she has four older brothers, she was no stranger to much of the language in the script.[2] [6] Her mother read the script and permitted her to use the profanity in the movie.[7] • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Chris D'Amico/Red Mist, Frank D'Amico's son. • Mark Strong as Frank D'Amico, head of a criminal organization. • Lyndsy Fonseca as Katie Deauxma • Michael Rispoli as Big Joe • Kofi Natei as Rasul • Yancy Butler as Angie D'Amico • Jason Flemyng as Lobby Goon, the building doorman • Elizabeth McGovern as Mrs. Lizewski • Garrett M. Brown as Mr. Lizewski

Kick-Ass (film) • • • • • • • • Sophie Wu as Erica Cho Dexter Fletcher as Cody Clark Duke as Marty Evan Peters as Todd Xander Berkeley as Detective Gigante, police officer working for D'Amico Omari Hardwick as Sergeant Marcus Williams, former partner of Damon Macready Stu 'Large' Riley as Huge Goon, a bodyguard to the D'Amico family. Craig Ferguson as Himself


Series-creator Millar, a native of Scotland, asked Scottish television children's-show host Glen Michael to make a cameo appearance[8] although his role was cut from the film.[9] WCBS-TV news reporters Maurice DuBois, Dana Tyler, and Lou Young make cameo appearances.

The rights to a film version of the comic book were sold before the first issue was published.[10] Vaughn notes that, "We wrote the script and the comic at the same time so it was a very sort of collaborative, organic process. I met [Millar] at the premiere of Stardust. We got on really well. I knew who he was and what he had done but I didn't know him. He pitched me the idea. I said, 'That's great!' He then wrote a synopsis. I went, 'That's great, [11] let's go do it now! You write the comic, I'll write the script.'"

With Kick-Ass, the book's just out and now the movie's out six weeks later. And I think that's the way things are going to go now, because to go to Marvel's B and C-list characters and try to get movies out them – what's the point of that?

[12] —Mark Millar

The comic was written at the same time as the script. Millar commented that screenwriters Jane Goldman and Vaughn had made a "chick flick", having placed more emphasis on the character emotions, and particularly in having softened the character of Katie Deauxma.[2] Other changes included having Red Mist be known to be a secret antagonist from the start, as well as making him less outright villainous, and D'Amico's mob initially thinking Kick-Ass is the one slaughtering their men. In the original comic-book, Big Daddy was revealed to be not an ex-cop, but a former accountant who had been motivated to fight crime by a desire to escape from his life and by his love of comic books. In the film, his purported origin and motivations are genuine: writer Mark Millar considers that the revelation about Big Daddy's background would not have worked in the film adaptation, and would have "messed up the structure of the movie"[13] The comic's artist John Romita, Jr stated that Big Daddy's story in the film "works better stopping short (...) You love him better in the film".[14] The climax to the film differs significantly from the comics as well, with the use of the jetpack and rocket launcher: Millar called this "necessary" as "we're building up so much stuff that we needed some Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star moment".[13] Comic writer Stephen Grant noted that the film "cheated" on its premise of a 'real life' superhero by having these increasingly fantastic events and that this was "why it works. That's where much of the humor comes from... when the film finally makes the notion [the fantasy] explicit we're already so deep into the magician's act that our instinct is to play along".[15] Both the comic and the film reference popular contemporary web sites. Kick-Ass buys his costume on auction site eBay; the video of his fight is posted on YouTube; and he keeps in contact with his fans through social networking website MySpace. D'Amico even threatens to expose Detective Gigante by posting incriminating photos of him on Facebook.

including Elstree Studios. The film received an R rating by the MPAA for strong brutal violence throughout. Ontario. and it received a 15 rating from the BBFC. (UK). Interscope (US) Length Label Singles from Kick-Ass (Music from the Motion Picture) . but he rejected calls to tone down the violence. Aaron Johnson confirmed that the film stays true to the adult nature of the comic series by featuring a large amount of profanity and graphic violence. which distributed Layer Cake. Vaughn initially went to Sony. Other studios expressed interest but wanted to make the characters older.[17] Toronto. and various locations in the UK. sexual content.[13] The Atomic Comics store in the film is based on a real store owned by a friend of Vaughn.[4] 198 Ratings In an interview with Total Film. at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Ontario.[13] [19] Music Soundtrack Kick-Ass (Music from the Motion Picture) Soundtrack by Various Artists Released Genre 29 March 2010 (UK) Pop Dance-pop Pop rock Hard Rock Alternative Rock 51:19 Polydor Ltd.Kick-Ass (film) The film was independently financed.[18] The opening sequence with Nicolas Cage was filmed in a sewage plant in East London. Canada. Vaughn believed enough in the project to raise the money himself. nudity and some drug use—some involving children.[1] [16] Director Matthew Vaughn felt the 15 certificate was about right and expressed some surprise at the film having received a PG rating in France. Canada. pervasive language.[2] Filming Filming locations include Hamilton.

uk [26] The song "Stand Up" by The Prodigy features in both the Teaser Trailer[27] and Red Band Trailer. "Kick Ass (Radio Edit)" 3. The song "Hey Little World" by The Hives.co. "Bongo Song" Performed by The Prodigy Mika vs. "Make Me Wanna Die" 7. "Omen" 6.[21] The title song is by pop singer-songwriter Mika. "We're All In Love" 11. the words of empowerment in the lyrics and his finding of an issue of the Kick-Ass comic inspire him to run for the rooftops and wail the chorus to the sky.com[25] and Digitalspy. "An American Trilogy" The Hit Girls Elvis Presley Score . the video features intercut scenes from the film. "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us" 10.[23] He begins to sing and as he does.[30] Track listing No. "There's a Pot a Brewin'" 5. "Banana Splits (Kick-Ass Film Version)" 8. As is the norm with most soundtrack singles. "Stand Up" 2.[29] Also. "Can't Go Back" 4. The song "Kick Ass" was confirmed as Mika's 10th official single in the United Kingdom and was officially released on 2 May 2010. co-written by Jodi Marr and produced by RedOne. "Bad Reputation" 14. which played in the theatrical trailers was also not included. but not on the soundtrack is "Crazy". Title 1. RedOne Primal Scream The Little Ones The Prodigy The Pretty Reckless The Dickies Ellie Goulding Sparks The New York Dolls Zongamin Length 5:08 3:11 3:46 3:13 3:54 3:55 2:04 2:57 3:03 4:50 5:00 2:53 2:56 4:31 12. This song is played in the Mistmobile while Kick-Ass and Red Mist cruise around town together.Kick-Ass (film) 1.[20] and in the United States on iTunes on 30 March 2010. the version of "Bad Reputation" used in the film was by Joan Jett but the version on the soundtrack was by a band called "The Hit Girls".[24] The soundtrack song "Kick Ass" has received positive views by many websites such as Popjustice. "Starry Eyed" 9. by Gnarls Barkley. "Per Qualche Dollaro in Più (For a Few Dollars More)" Ennio Morricone 13.[28] A song featured in the film. "Kick 199 Ass" Released: 2 May 2010 (UK) The film's soundtrack album was released in the United Kingdom on 29 March 2010.[22] The video for the single shows Mika as a helpless individual left in an alleyway after being mugged.

Interscope (US) The film's score was released on 17 May 2010 in the UK. The Prodigy Henry Jackman Henry Jackman.Kick-Ass (film) 200 Kick-Ass: The Score Soundtrack by Various Artists Released Genre Length Label 17 May 2010 (UK) Soundtrack 1:06:33 Polydor Ltd. "A Friend Like You" 13. "Time to Engage" 9. "A Punch in the Chest" 7. "Stand Up" 3. "Forcefield" 4. One track. Marius De Vries The Prodigy Marius De Vries Henry Jackman Henry Jackman Marius De Vries Marius De Vries. John Murphy. who was referenced in the original comic. Marius De Vries. Ilan Eshkeri Marius De Vries Danny Elfman Length 1:59 3:32 1:05 1:01 1:08 0:45 1:31 0:26 1:56 1:16 2:22 0:43 0:58 . "Man in the Mirror" 6. They are called "Big Daddy Kills" and "Strobe (Adagio in D Minor)" respectively on the Kick-Ass score. Title 1.[31] Two of the instrumentals in the film are altered versions of songs from other John Murphy composed soundtracks. These are "In The House – In A Heartbeat" from 28 Days Later: The Soundtrack Album and "Adagio in D-minor" track from the Sunshine soundtrack. The former was used in the scene where Big Daddy guns down D'Amico's men in the warehouse and the latter was used when Hit-Girl is trying to rescue Kick-Ass and Big Daddy. Ilan Eshkeri Henry Jackman Marius De Vries. "Famous" 12. "Walk to Rasul's" Composer Henry Jackman. "Stabbing-Morphine" 10. (UK). "I'm Kick-Ass" 11. "Watching" 5. "The Armenian Superhero" 2. "Walk To Rasul's" was composed by Danny Elfman. "Roof Jump" 8. Track listing No.

"Strobe (Adagio in D Minor)" 29.[39] Several critics like Roger Ebert and the Daily Mail's Christopher Tookey accused the film of glorifying violence. an uncensored preview clip of the film was attacked by family advocacy groups for its display of violence and use of the line "Okay you cunts. "Kitchen Stand Off" 37. 2 (It's Only the End of the World)" John Murphy 27. No Responsibility" 35. Ilan Eshkeri Henry Jackman.[34] [35] France's opening was scheduled for 21 April. John Murphy Henry Jackman Release Kick-Ass was released in the United Kingdom on 26 March 2010. John Murphy. "I Miss You Both" 19. Marius De Vries. Ilan Eshkeri Henry Jackman Henry Jackman John Murphy Marius De Vries Marius De Vries Marius De Vries John Murphy 2:43 1:18 2:39 3:24 1:40 1:04 1:40 2:50 0:57 1:57 1:42 2:34 2:25 1:57 2:02 1:33 1:42 1:12 1:26 0:35 1:16 1:16 1:19 3:12 1:49 1:39 201 26.[36] A screening of the unfinished film was shown at the 11th Butt-Numb-A-Thon film festival on 13 December 2009. Ilan Eshkeri Henry Jackman. "No Power. "Trick or Treat?" 15.Kick-Ass (film) 14. "Choose Your Weapon" 33.[40] while Tookey also claimed Hit Girl was "made to . "Hit-Girl Drives Home" 31. "Big Daddy Dies" 30. "To Brooklyn Bridge" 25. "Flying Home" 39. "Hunting Kick-Ass" 20. "Marshmallows" 32. "You Got Five Minutes" 34." delivered by Chloë Moretz. "Safehouse / Ambush" Marius De Vries. let's see what you can do now. "Hit-Girl & Big Daddy" 17.[32] The film opened in Australia on 8 April. John Murphy John Murphy John Murphy Ilan Eshkeri Marius De Vries Henry Jackman John Murphy John Murphy. "True Identity" John Murphy John Murphy Henry Jackman. "Sleepover" 24. "Leaving Rasul's" 16. Australian Family Association spokesman John Morrissey claimed that "the language [was] offensive and the values inappropriate – without the saving grace of the bloodless victory of traditional superheroes". "One Last Time" 23. who was 11 at the time of filming.[33] The North American release was on 16 April by Lionsgate. particularly violence by young children. Ilan Eshkeri John Murphy John Murphy Henry Jackman. "Showtime Pt. "Big Daddy Kills" 22. "Nightvision" 28. John Murphy John Murphy. "The Fight" 38. "MistMobile" 21.[37] [38] Controversy In January 2010. "Damon & Marcus Comic Book" 18. "The Corridor" 36. where it was received with wild enthusiasm by the event's attendees.

Roger Ebert was especially disdainful of the film. with an average score of 7... He began his review with a question.[41] Tookey's view on Hit Girl was strongly criticised. but did not seem to be offended that Hit-Girl kills many people. [who makes] Louis Malle's Zazie sound like Colette" and one "extremely knowing in its appeal to connoisseurs of comic strips and video games.. she could not bring herself to say the film's title out loud in interviews."[57] David Cox noted that the film "kicks the c-word into the mainstream. causing him to claim he was a victim of cyber-bullying. Peter Howell of the Toronto Star gave Kick-Ass a top rating. There was something so nice about the fact that he was just waiting until the cops arrived. Moretz stated in an interview.[46] Rotten Tomatoes' selected top critics gave the film a rating of 85% based on 13 reviews.."[56] Philip French.."[50] Manohla Dargis from The New York Times wrote.. or should I pretend to be cool? Will I seem hopelessly square if I find Kick-Ass morally reprehensible and will I appear to have missed the point?"[54] In the United Kingdom The Guardian gave the film extensive coverage by several of its critics and journalists.[55] Peter Bradshaw called the film an "explosion in a bad taste factory" and a "thoroughly outrageous. awarding it only one star. It's so hard when I was watching it last night when he was fighting those three characters.inadvertently dispatch[ing] our last big expletive.Kick-Ass (film) look as seductive as possible". the film at once embraces and satirizes contemporary action-film clichés with Tarantino-esque self-regard. plays seamlessly amid scenes of stylized. humor. where regular citizens feel compelled to take action against a social order rotting from within. but noted that "personally. and performance from Chloë Moretz.[43] Christopher Mintz-Plasse expressed surprise that people were angry about the language. and the unoriginality of its observations. noting that the production "succeeds as a violent fantasy about our perilous and fretful times.Even as she wields outlandish weaponry.."[53] Some critics were repulsed by its violence. "Comedy-of-manners dry humor ." [52] In Film Journal International. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a rating of 76% based on 229 reviews. former Marvel Comics writer Frank Lovece said the "delightfully dynamic" movie "actually improves on the comic by not metaphorically kicking in our hero's teeth .[45] Millar said he thought "it's the most naïve and idealistic movie I've seen in years because it's about a wee guy who every night could get killed. she comes off as adorable. "Fast.[47] Metacritic assigned the film a score of 66%. writing for The Guardian's Sunday associate paper The Observer.[42] In response to the controversy. instead calling it "the film" in public and "Kick-Butt" at home. jaw-droppingly violent and very funny riff on the quasi-porn world of comic books – except that there is absolutely no 'quasi-' about it. glazed."[49] USA Today critic Claudia Puig praised Moretz as "terrific. and making him a sad-sack schmuck who was wrong about nearly everything. "Matthew Vaughn's Kick Ass is hollow.0/10. periodically spit-funny and often grotesquely violent."[58] Tim Robey of The Daily Telegraph did not like the film and stated."[6] Moretz has said that while filming.[13] 202 Reception Critical response The film was met with generally positive reviews. based on a weighted average of 38 reviews from mainstream critics." He found that. off-camera mayhem. and .. with many commentators—including the film editor of Radio Times—wondering why he'd found the character sexualised. I would be grounded for years! I'd be stuck in my room until I was 20! I would never in a million years say that. everyday girl.. I just wish that the film had ended up a bit less of an over-the-top action ride. "If I ever uttered one word that I said in Kick-Ass.. I'm an average. called the film "relentlessly violent" with "the foulest mouthed child ever to appear on screen. inconsistent tone.[44] When asked what the typically conservative Daily Mail readers would think Millar noted he himself is a Daily Mail reader and joked he was very comfortable with the film. I see it as quite a sweet movie"."[51] Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B+. "Shall I have feelings.[48] Critics who enjoyed the film generally singled out its audacity.

Selling 1.[5] Kick-Ass was reported #1. and revels in the abuse of childhood". saying. [T]he film's violence is clearly fantastical and cartoonish and not to be taken seriously.4 million units within its first week. and bulls its way onward as if it's discovered something new.570 outside of the U. "There is about 18 minutes of [deleted] footage."[64] 203 Box office The film earned over $12 million internationally in advance of opening in the United States. Hit-Girl and Big Daddy are playable characters. perfectly paced. but Matthew Vaughn's film seems completely unaware of this fact. averaging $6. it took in $19. by some analysts and the media to be a disappointment. ahead of How to Train Your Dragon by $200. or as engaged in cultural critique as it could be."[68] The film's final gross in the U.[74] The initial Apple platform releases were reportedly unfinished beta versions and were withdrawn from circulation pending a relaunch of a finished version. The game features Facebook missions and integration.[77] .[60] Chris Hewitt of Empire magazine declared it. Kick-Ass debuted at number one on the DVD sales chart. one-third of these in Blu-Ray format.[76] Both versions of the game received poor reviews. ultra-violent cinematic rush that kicks the places other movies struggle to reach."[69] The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 3 August 2010 in North America. which was in its third week of release. "Don't be fooled by the hype: This crime against cinema is twisted. This has led to the speculation that How to Train Your Dragon would have been [65] The opening week numbers were considered #1 for the weekend of April 16 had these earnings not been counted."[63] Karina Longworth was also not impressed with the film's intended satire and themes: "Never as shocking as it thinks it is.960. "A ridiculously entertaining.[71] [72] The discs were released in the United Kingdom on 6 September 2010.8 million in 3. Scott and Michael Philips gave the film their signature "Skip It" rating in their review on At the Movies.000.[5] Home media In an interview Matthew Vaughn said. Kick-Ass is half-assed.[62] CinemaBlend accused the film of simply rehashing ideas from older superhero films.303 and $47.071.O. "It's a subject which has already been covered endlessly by other movies.[75] The game was released on PlayStation Network on 29 April 2010. It was released through the App Store on 15 April 2010 for iPhone and iPod Touch.[73] Video games The video game based on the movie was produced by WHA Entertainment and Frozen Codebase. If the film is a hit.065 theaters..[74] Kick-Ass.S.[59] Christopher Tookey of The Daily Mail warned.S. as funny as it should be.Kick-Ass (film) not quite there". . These numbers for Kick-Ass's debut weekend gross included non-weekend earnings.[70] This version does not contain the aforementioned deleted content.[3] [5] On its debut weekend in the United States.469 per theater. was $48. as the film was previewed during the Thursday night prior to its release."[61] Both A.[66] [67] though by others to be "fairly solid.. which is really good stuff. cynical. I'll do an extended cut.

[8] Lawrence. So the sequel's green-lit. . "The estimate is [Kick-Ass] will do 100 to 150 million on DVD based on the American sales. "Vaughn & Goldman talk "KICK-ASS"" (http:/ / www. . Jonathan Ross interviews Matthew Vaughn (http:/ / timesonline. 26 February 2010. Matthew Vaughn. html). "No.com [15] Permanent Damage review of the film (http:/ / www. . I can't say anything about [the ending]. [10] See notes by Millar in the comic. . com/ movies/ ?id=kickass. an official announcement should have been made on the movie. three times. guardian. Daily Mail. which he said would involve criminals taking on supervillain personae to counter the superheroes. net/ ayrshire-news/ local-news-ayrshire/ ayr-news/ 2008/ 10/ 10/ from-ayrshire-to-hollywood-for-cavalcade-legend-102545-21986750/ ). . html [20] "Kick Ass – OST: Various Artists" (http:/ / www. imdb. Retrieved 2008-10-16. co. 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Amazon."[78] Moretz is enthusiastic about the idea of a sequel and said she would love to reprise the role of Hit-Girl. . Retrieved 2010-04-09. . uk/ tvshowbiz/ article-1262331/ Kick-Ass-child-star-Chloe-Moretz-says-mother-allowed-say-C-word-controversial-film. com/ features/ exclusive-lauro-londe-talks-kick-ass). mtv. efilmcritic. but I would love to be Hit-Girl twice. then we might but I just don't like counting my chickens before the eggs hatched. dailyrecord. "Kick-Ass changes comic book films forever in a single blow" (http:/ / www. [19] http:/ / www. "Moretz: I would love to."[81] References [1] "Kick-Ass" (http:/ / www. bbfc. (Video) [3] "Movie Kick-Ass" (http:/ / www. If it continues doing well. four times in my life. . . (Part I of V) (http:/ / efilmcritic. ukonscreen. php). Retrieved 2010-04-12. Ayrshire Post. we can go ahead and do the follow up now. com/ apparel-shirts-atomic-kick-ass-shirt. comicbookresources. . Retrieved 2010-03-29. you know. "From Ayrshire to Hollywood for Cavalcade legend" (http:/ / www. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3ide19bac7b91209a2e58975952de2e797). Box Office Mojo.co. [6] Larry Carroll (2010-01-20). comicbookresources. com/ entertainment/ comics/ article/ writer-mark-millar-on-kick-ass-99655). too. . atomiccomicsstore. Jami (2009-08-24). craveonline. Quote: "As you read these words in early June.[79] On 9 April 2010. com/ ?page=article& id=22657). com/ blockbuster_buzz/ 2010/ 03/ kick-ass-video-chat-embed. typepad. The Hollywood Reporter.[80] In a 31 August 2010 interview with Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live. uk/ film/ 2010/ mar/ 26/ kick-ass-comics-film-adaptations). the-numbers. Retrieved 2010-04-10. with the director name and a 2009 release date inked into the cinema schedule. The first made so much compared to what it cost it would be crazy not to.com. nsf/ 0/ 468BAA2E2C8F4588802576D600411EEB?OpenDocument). British Board of Film Classification.uk. 2010. Retrieved 2010-04-12. "Vaughn. we're not [planning a sequel]. "My mother allowed me to use the c-word in Kick-Ass. co. com/ title/ tt1250777/ locations [18] "Kick-Ass (2010) Filming Locations" (http:/ / www. . Millar suggested that a sequel might have been given a go-ahead. London: The Guardian. 2010). So it should be okay. you know. & strong bloody comic violence" [2] Jonathan Ross." [11] Philbrick." [5] "Kick Ass (2010)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. is such a believer in the project that he raised the money for the $30 million indie project himself. UK Onscreen. Issues 3. Mark Millar said he would begin writing a sequel comic book in April. "Cartoon Cavalcade legend Glen Michael's cameo role is cut from new movie Kick-Ass" (http:/ / www. com/ feature.com [14] KICK-ASS Interview: John Romita. Comicbook Resources. totalfilm. Jr.[2] Vaughn also said. com/ movies/ 2010/ KCKAS. [9] Rick Fulton (2010-03-22)." [7] Daily Mail Reporter (March 31. "Contains strong language. dailymail. 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com/m/1217700/) at Rotten Tomatoes Kick-Ass (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo Kick-Ass (http://www.boxofficemojo.info The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) The Sorcerer's Apprentice Theatrical release poster with original release date Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Jon Turteltaub Jerry Bruckheimer • • • • • • • • • • • • Matt Lopez Lawrence Konner Mark Rosenthal Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (poem) Doug Miro Carlo Bernard Matt Lopez Nicolas Cage Jay Baruchel Alfred Molina Monica Bellucci Teresa Palmer Story by Starring Music by Trevor Rabin Cinematography Bojan Bazelli Editing by William Goldenberg .Kick-Ass (film) 207 External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://kickass-themovie.rottentomatoes.imdb.allmovie.com/work/468124) at Allmovie Kick-Ass (http://www.metacritic.com/title/tt1250777/) at the Internet Movie Database Kick-Ass (http://www.com/film/titles/kickass) at Metacritic Kick-Ass (http://top250.info/movie?1250777) at Top250.com/) Kick-Ass (http://www.com/movies/?id=kickass.

including Horvath. Throughout history Balthazar imprisons Morganians.991 The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a 2010 fantasy adventure film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. the team behind the National Treasure franchise. sorcerers who try to release Morgana. Parts of the story are loosely based on the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment in Disney's Fantasia (with one scene being an extensive reference to it). Merlin gives his remaining apprentice a dragon ring that will choose the Prime Merlinian. in particular his arch-nemesis. . Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) and Veronica Gorloisen (Monica Bellucci). but is stopped by Veronica. The film was originally set to be released on July 16. while searching for the person who will inherit Merlin's powers. Stephens) apprentices. and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. a physics student at New York University. in order to stop Horvath and Morgana le Fay (Alice Krige) from destroying the world. The sorcerer gives his unwilling apprentice a crash course in the art and science of magic and sorcery. 2010 111 minutes United States English $150 million [1] [2] $215. betraying Merlin. As Morgana tries to kill Veronica from within. Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan fighting against the forces of evil. which in turn is based on the late 1890s symphonic poem by Paul Dukas and the 1797 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ballad. Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Morgana mortally wounds Merlin before his other apprentices. who absorbs Morgana’s soul into her own body. Before dying. 2010. Morgana prepares to kill Balthazar. whom Balthazar takes as a reluctant protégé. Balthazar stops her by imprisoning Morgana and Veronica in the Grimhold. a prison similar to a nesting doll. joins forces with the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay (Alice Krige). 2010. can stop her. Only the Prime Merlinian will be able to defeat Morgana. This turns out to be Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel). Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina).150. one of Merlin's (James A. but was instead released two days earlier on July 14.The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue • • 208 Jerry Bruckheimer Films Saturn Films Walt Disney Pictures July 14. Plot In 740 AD. into successive layers on the Grimhold while he searches for the successor. While Balthazar battles Horvath. directed by Jon Turteltaub. who will become Merlin's successor.

and heir (albeit distant) to Merlin and his powers. Horvath unleashes a pack of wolves. When Dave cannot tell him. is the only one who can defeat Morgana. Balthazar gives him the dragon ring. Dave initially refuses to help Balthazar. Horvath finds Dave. Hoping he is the successor. as the Prime Merlinian. 10-year-old Dave Stutler (Jake Cherry) encounters Balthazar in an antique store. Abigail Williams (Nicole Ehinger). killing him. They track the Grimhold to Chinatown. Horvath and Drake steal the Grimhold. While battling for possession of the Grimhold. where Horvath has released the next Morganian. from the last layer around the Grimhold and uses her to kidnap Becky. releasing Horvath. Cued by Horvath. and use them to destroy the world. Stairs and walkways were built over an existing fountain for the climactic scene in Bowling Green park in Manhattan (seen looking southwest) . he throws the urn out the window of an apartment building. They attempt to kill Dave. Balthazar goes to defeat Horvath and Morgana. as well as Veronica. Once Abigail completes that. and Balthazar retrieves the Grimhold. Dave threw the Grimhold away after the battle. Dave. Dave demands to know the truth about Balthazar’s quest. whom Horvath realizes is the Prime Merlinian. Dave is humiliated when he is discovered by his teacher and classmates with his pants wet due to a vase that broke in his lap. but Balthazar saves him. but Balthazar escapes the urn just before it hits the ground and shatters. Balthazar rescues Dave. which comes alive and locks onto Dave's finger. but agrees to help as long as Balthazar will leave Dave alone once the Grimhold is found.The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) In 2000 AD in Manhattan. Horvath enlists celebrity magician Drake Stone (Toby Kebbell) to help him retrieve the Grimhold and defeat Balthazar and Dave. who is the last person he remembers possessing the Grimhold. so everyone believes Dave made it up. Dave (Jay Baruchel) is a physics student at New York University and has made the acquaintance of a childhood friend. Horvath uses a spell to steal Drake's energy. He becomes romantically involved with Becky against Balthazar's wishes. wanting only a normal life. and they escape atop a steel eagle. and Horvath escapes first. There is no trace of the battle. forcing Dave to surrender the Grimhold and his ring. Becky (Teresa Palmer). Horvath steals Abigail's energy and her pendant as well. Dave defeats Sun Lok. 209 Balthazar's steel eagle came from the gargoyles on the Chrysler Building Ten years later in 2010. Balthazar and Horvath are imprisoned in a vase with a ten-year lock. knowing that without the ring Dave will be killed. if Morgana escapes she will attempt "The Rising". once that is done. and takes his ring. The mystical urn opens. who is as youthful as when Merlin gave him the ring. and agrees to become Balthazar's apprentice. Balthazar reveals that Morgana is trapped in the Grimhold. Horvath threatens to kill Becky. a spell that will raise sorcerers from the dead. a wizard named Sun Lok (Gregory Woo). He releases the witch. so he has no idea where it is. Dave finds that he wants to learn to use magic after all. Dave accidentally opens the Grimhold.

Balthazar takes Morgana's soul from Veronica's body into his own. this film was announced by Disney. injuring two pedestrians. Morgana’s spirit escapes Balthazar's body. he defeats her. Her ethereal projection is about to saves Balthazar by jump-starting his heart incinerate them until Dave stops her. and using the same experiment that he had shown to Becky earlier. Stephens as Merlin: The legendary wizard killed in 740 AD by Horvath and Morgana.[4] • Jay Baruchel as David "Dave" Stutler: An average college student who becomes Blake's apprentice. The two accidents were blamed on rain making the roads slick. from the Grimhold. Dave and Becky fly to France on Balthazar's eagle. Alice Krige as Morgana le Fay: Merlin and Balthazar's greatest enemy. He battles Morgana. who joins forces with Horvath. 210 Cast • Nicolas Cage as Balthazar Blake:[3] A thousand year old sorcerer based on the magician.[4] • Peyton R. proving he is the Prime Merlinian. a Ferrari F430 being driven during filming of a chase sequence. He is based on the character played by Yen Sid in Fantasia.[8] In the early morning hours of May 4. Dave reaches them in time to defeat Horvath and stop Morgana from completing the Rising. Monica Bellucci as Veronica Gorloisen: A sorceress. The first trailer was shown in screenings of Sherlock Holmes and Shutter Island'. one of whom was struck by a falling lamppost. and the love interest of Balthazar Blake. which causes The spot (just in front of the steps) where Dave him to take the damage. gifting her with a necklace he bought for her before she sacrificed herself. Omar Benson Miller as Bennet Zurrow: Dave's roommate. who still possesses Veronica's body. 2007. The second trailer was online in March and infront of She's Out of my League and Prince of Persia: . Balthazar's eagle saves him by flying away with the bull. destroying her forever. killing him. Horvath animates the Charging Bull sculpture at the north end of Bowling Green park. A hand reaches out and takes it. with Horvath's hat on a nearby table. With Becky's help. Dave then saves Balthazar by jump-starting his heart. Robert Capron as Oliver Twistmeyer: Dave Stutler's best friend as a child. using magic without the ring. when yet another accident occurred.[5] Teresa Palmer as Rebecca "Becky" Barnes: The love interest of Dave. Mickey Mouse's Fantasia wizard hat is seen in a glass jar. and begins to shoot energy bolts at him.The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) Horvath releases Morgana. Nicole Ehinger as Abigail Williams: A witch in the last layer around the Grimhold. After the end credits. Morgana begins the spell. 2009. Filming resumed the following night. List as Young Becky Toby Kebbell as Drake Stone: A celebrity illusionist. Ethan Peck as Andre Dunlap Production The basic idea for the movie was mostly Nicolas Cage's.[7] On February 12. He is based on the character played by Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. Balthazar reunites with Veronica. lost control and careened into the window of a Sbarro restaurant in Times Square. James A. which attacks Balthazar. who wanted to make a feature length movie based upon the Fantasia segment of the same name.[6] Gregory Woo as Sun Lok: A Chinese wizard.[4] • • • • • • • • • • • • Jake Cherry as Young David "Dave" Stutler Alfred Molina as Maxim Horvath: An evil sorcerer and Balthazar's rival.

150.930.A.619. On October 28. France and the Maghreb [15] Its largest overseas weekend was August 13-15.000.[16] .[10] Another review aggregate. grossed $14. The Sorcerer's Apprentice will be less than spellbinding. 2010. but it's becoming clear that every weekend brings another heavily marketed action "comedy" that pounds tens of millions out of consumers before evaporating". clearly beaten to death by far too many credited writers.[14] Box office The Sorcerer's Apprentice made an opening gross of $3.000 in other countries totaling up to $215.873.991 and as of October 31. but for all but the least demanding viewers. during which it region ($12.547.S.841.928.660). which assigns a normalized rating from 0-100 of top reviews from mainstream critics. with an average score of 5. Parade Magazine listed the film #1 on its list of "Biggest Box Office Flops of 2010 (So Far). 2010 it has earned an estimated $152.320) and Japan ($10. Metacritic.[11] Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter has said that "The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a tired relic of summer-movie cliches.997 on its first day (Wednesday July 14. [9] 211 Lighting equipment parked on lower Broadway. It occupies the fourth place on the all-time chart of Sword and Sorcery movies in the U. calculated an average score of 46. Except the U. which is faint praise.A. and Canada and gained another $8.2/10. other countries where it grossed more than $10 million were Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States ($13.194).216 on its first weekend overseas (in 13 countries) for a worldwide opening of $26.632.622 behind Inception and Despicable Me in the U."[12] Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert gave the film two and a half stars out of four and wrote "This is a much better film than Airbender. and Canada.[13] In July 2010.S. The critical consensus is: It has a likeable cast and loads of CGI spectacle.150. Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 42% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 151 reviews. The final trailer was shown with The A-Team.S.991 worldwide.091. The Sorcerer's Apprentice closed at the box-office in the United States and Canada with $63.630. Downtown Commerce continues behind lighting equipment Filming the movie reduced parking on some streets Reception Critical Reception The film has received generally mixed reviews. and Canada and the third place on the same chart worldwide.169 in 42 countries.A.The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) The Sands of Time. 2010). It finished at #3 on its first weekend with $17.

"Merlin Circle" 12. 2010 Film score 43:04 minutes Walt Disney Records Trevor Rabin film soundtrack chronology G-Force (2009) The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) No. "Car Chase" Artist Length 3:14 4:02 0:39 2:41 1:25 1:39 1:39 2:59 1:43 0:43 2:01 0:53 1:24 3:54 . The Sorcerer's Apprentice Soundtrack by Trevor Rabin Released Genre Length Label July 6. The soundtrack was released on July 6.The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) 212 Soundtrack The score for this film was conducted and recorded by Trevor Rabin. "Morgana Fight" 9. "The Ring" 10. "Dave Revives Balthazar" 5. "Note Chase" 4. "Becky and Dave on Rooftop" 14. "Classroom" 6. 2010. "The Urn" 7. Title 1. "The Grimhold" 8. "Story of the Prime Merlinian" 3. "Sorcerer’s Apprentice" 2. "Walk in the rain" 11. "Dave Has Doubts" 13.

html?categoryid=13& cs=1) on December 10. com/ m/ sorcerers_apprentice/ ). go. Marc (April 19. . Archived from the original (http:/ / news. com/ movies/ ?id=sorcerersapprentice. boxofficemojo. com/ article/ VR1118003679. org/ 5lugWoWbi). 2010. Ben (July 15. 2009. 2007). May 5. html). htm). [16] "Sword and Sorcery" (http:/ / www. Metacritic. [9] "Cage stunt car in New York crash" (http:/ / www. CBS Interactive. "Kiss from Becky" 19. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. [11] "Sorcerer's Apprentice. 2010). . webcitation. co. Pictures" (http:/ / www. "Balthazar Saves Veronica" 21. Retrieved 2010-10-27. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. html). Chicago Sun-Times. "Movie projector: 'Inception' headed for No. Los Angeles Times (Tribune Company). com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3iaab9bb7dce6a1ab9faa815956f417ea6). Retrieved July 5. 2010. . [13] Ebert. Retrieved September 25. 2010. "Sorcerer’s Apprentice Suite" 22. webcitation. The Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood Reporter. Amazon. com/ genres/ chart/ ?id=swordandsorcery. [14] "10 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2010 (So Far)" (http:/ / www. BBC News. Parade Magazine.com. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 8033255. July 09.Film Review" (http:/ / www. [2] "The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. . 2009). Marc (May 14. hollywoodreporter. Retrieved July 13. Retrieved 2010-07-19. latimes. "Fantasia Original Demo" 0:55 1:44 1:13 0:33 2:10 1:13 2:28 4:22 213 References [1] Fritz. "Bull fight" 20. 2010). 2010. metacritic. Flixster. 2009. stm) on December 10. webcitation. com/ disneypictures/ sorcerersapprentice/ #about/ synopsis) [4] Kit. org/ 5lugR77Lw). Borys (February 12. Retrieved 2010-07-15. . hollywoodreporter. [12] "The Sorcerer's Apprentice -. 2010. . Rotten Tomatoes. Borys (March 3.2. Retrieved 2010-10-27. com/ entertainmentnewsbuzz/ 2010/ 07/ inception-sorcerers-box-office.com" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs. variety. . 1. Retrieved July 15. html).The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) 15. Box Office Mojo. 2009. [10] "The Sorcerer's Apprentice Movie Reviews. bbc. 2009. Retrieved December 10. "Horvath Made Off With the Grimhold" 18. com/ hr/ film-reviews/ the-sorcerer-s-apprentice-film-review-1004103516. com/ movies/ ?id=sorcerersapprentice. "Story of Veronica" 17. [5] Graser. 2009. Variety. July. boxofficemojo. parade. 2009. Yahoo!. variety. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (http:/ / rogerebert.About the Film (http:/ / disney. . The Hollywood Reporter. htm). 2009. 2010. org/ 5lug2mCMs). "Dis has Cage conjured up for 'Sorcerer'" (http:/ / www. The reviews at Metacritic. [15] "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (http:/ / www. . com/ film/ titles/ sorcerersapprentice). Roger (July 13. July 19. story). . 2010. 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' to open in third" (http:/ / latimesblogs. Sun-Times Media Group. Variety. [7] "How Nicolas Cage's Geeky Obessions Brought 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' to Life" (http:/ / movies. 2009). Amazon. 2009. com/ celebrity/ 2010/ 07/ biggest-box-office-flops-2010. 2010. "Seeing Veronica" 16. Box Office Mojo. com/ article/ VR1118002587. 2009. html?categoryid=1238& cs=1) on December 10. [3] Sorcerer's Apprentice . Retrieved March 25. htm). dll/ article?AID=/ 20100713/ REVIEWS/ 100719998). "Alfred Molina puts spell on 'Apprentice'" (http:/ / www. [6] Graser. . . "Kebbell joins Disney's 'Apprentice'" (http:/ / www. . com/ feature/ movie-talk-nicolas-cage-sorcerers-apprentice. com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3iee48bd23f07a5c21d11e0b89228a65ff).com. 2009). . yahoo. Retrieved July 15. . Retrieved December 10. hollywoodreporter. Retrieved December 10. "Monica Bellucci joins 'Sorcerer'" (http:/ / www. . Box Office Mojo. [8] Kit. rottentomatoes. Retrieved December 10. suntimes.

rottentomatoes.go.imdb.com/m/sorcerers_apprentice/) at Rotten Tomatoes .The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film) 214 External links • Official website (http://disney.com/disneypictures/sorcerersapprentice/) • The Sorcerer's Apprentice (http://www.com/title/tt0963966/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Sorcerer's Apprentice (http://www.

com/ title/ tt1214962/ . after his wife is assaulted. and IronE Singleton. January Jones. enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score. imdb. External links • The Hungry Rabbit Jumps [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.The Hungry Rabbit Jumps 215 The Hungry Rabbit Jumps The Hungry Rabbit Jumps Directed by Roger Donaldson Produced by Tobey Maguire & Ram Bergman Written by Starring Robert Tannen Nicolas Cage Guy Pearce January Jones IronE Singleton United States English Country Language The Hungry Rabbit Jumps is an upcoming 2010 film starring Nicolas Cage. The film is being directed by Roger Donaldson and produced by Tobey Maguire and Ram Bergman. Guy Pearce. The film is about a husband who.

2011 United States English $75 Million Distributed by Release date(s) Country Language Budget Drive Angry is an upcoming 2011 psychological action-thriller film starring Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard. Lussier Nu Image Millennium Films Eagle Films Summit Entertainment (United States) Lionsgate (United Kingdom) Metropolitan Filmexport (France) February 25.[1] The movie is directed by Patrick Lussier and written by Todd Farmer.Drive Angry 216 Drive Angry Drive Angry Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Patrick Lussier Michael De Luca Todd Farmer Patrick Lussier Nicolas Cage Amber Heard Michael Wandmacher Cinematography Brian Pearson Editing by Studio Patrick Lussier Devin C.[2] .

htm). [4] Murray.[15] Paradise FX poses the real 3-D cameras. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Milton[3] Amber Heard as Piper[4] Katy Mixon as Norma Jean[5] David Morse[6] Billy Burke as Jonah King[7] William Fichtner as The Accountant[8] Christa Campbell as Mona Elkins[9] Charlotte Ross as Candy [10] Tom Atkins[11] Bryan Massey[12] James Hébert[13] Brent Henry as Teen #2 Kendrick Hudson as Burly Simone Williams as Leopard Lady[14] Kenneth Wayne Bradley as Man In Wig Production The film was shot in 3-D and special effects are being created by Gary Tunnicliffe. [6] Creepy.[22] It premiered on 23 July 2010 as part of the San Diego Comic-Con International. Germain (2010-10-14). com/ 2010/ 10/ 14/ movie-trailer-and-poster-drive-angry-3d/ ). com/ news/ 15936) [3] Rich. Retrieved 2010-10-26. com/ b/ 2010/ 03/ 01/ amber-heard-drive-angry. about. html).Drive Angry 217 Synopsis Milton (Nicolas Cage) has broken out of hell to prevent the cult that murdered his daughter from sacrificing her baby. "More Drive Angry News: Cage Says It's Another Foray into the Supernatural" (http:/ / www. [5] Creepy.com. com/ new/ Nic-Cage-Will-Drive-Angry-At-Summit-16195. Retrieved 2010-10-26.[17] The lead actor Nicolas Cage narrated the supernatural film at WonderCon 2010.[21] Release The film is set with an US release on 25 February 2011. Retrieved 2010-10-26.[18] Patrick Lussier wrote the film with Todd Farmer. Dread Central. Retrieved 2010-10-26. dreadcentral. Louisiana. which Lussier used for his film. com/ news/ topnews. com/ summit-entertainment-drive-angry-ross-38405/ ) [2] Summit In Gear For "Drive Angry" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 36443/ katy-mixon-next-hot-chica-drive-angry). . "Nic Cage Will Drive Angry At Summit" (http:/ / www. darkhorizons. cinemablend. [8] Simona Williams Joins Drive Angry (http:/ / shocktillyoudrop. Uncle (2010-04-06). "Amber Heard Joining Nic Cage In Drive Angry" (http:/ / movies. . Jackass 3D and Saw 3D . Slash Film. "Movie Trailer and Poster: ‘Drive Angry 3D’" (http:/ / www. Katey (2009-12-17). php?id=14332) . "Katy Mixon Is the Next Hot Chica to Drive Angry" (http:/ / www. [7] Lussier.[19] Lussier filmed the movie in Minden. Cinema Blend. Uncle (2010-03-16).[23] It will likely release with an R rating and was attached to Red. slashfilm. Dread Central. .[16] The two cars in the films are a 1969 Dodge Charger and a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle. dreadcentral. . . Rebecca (2010-03-01). Retrieved 2010-10-26.[24] Footnotes [1] Summit Entertainment Set To ‘Drive Angry’ (http:/ / screenrant.[20] Plain Dealing and Shreveport. About. com/ news/ 36804/ more-drive-angry-news-cage-says-its-another-foray-supernatural).

Drive Angry [9] Christa Campbell is Ready to 'Drive Angry'! (http:/ / www.driveangry3d. dreadcentral. movieweb. bloody-disgusting. com/ news/ 38474/ todd-farmer-happy-drive-angry) [20] Set Report: 'Drive Angry' Part 1: Get Ready for a Violent. com/ news/ 20943) [21] Set Report: 'Drive Angry' Part 2: Fasten Your Seatbelt! (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 38440/ sd-comic-con-10-schedule-friday-723) [24] Get Ready For Some Hard-'R' Gore in 'Drive Angry'! (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 19323) [11] Tom Atkins Pictured in Behind-the-Scenes Pic of 'Drive Angry' (http:/ / www.com/) • Drive Angry (http://www. fearnet. php?id=14312) [16] 'Drive Angry' Shot in REAL 3-D. bloody-disgusting. bloody-disgusting. com/ news/ b18389_christa_campbell_ready_drive_angry. dreadcentral. com/ news/ 19715) [19] Todd Farmer – Happy to Drive Angry (http:/ / www. Bumpy Ride! (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 19489) [14] Simone Williams Hunts Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 36762/ drive-angry-patrick-lussier-talks-benefits-shooting-3d-as-oppossed-3d-conversion) [18] Lussier Talks Old 'Halloween 3' Plans. com/ news/ NE2Ub274GzrQ54) [23] SD Comic-Con '10 – Schedule for Friday (7/23) (http:/ / www. bloody-disgusting. com/ news/ 19683) [17] Drive Angry: Patrick Lussier Talks the Benefits of Shooting in 3D as Opposed to 3D Conversion (http:/ / www.trailers-hd. com/ news/ 20939) 218 External links • Official website (http://www. com/ news/ 20944) [22] Disney Sets Mars Needs Mom Release Date (http:/ / www.net/drive-angry-3d/trailer-oficial-vo-video_e88d05df8. html?utm_source=fearnet& utm_medium=rssfeeds& utm_campaign=rss_imdb) [13] A Whole Lotta Lovin' in New 'Drive Angry' Casting (http:/ / www. bloody-disgusting. bloody-disgusting. com/ news/ 36211/ simona-williams-hunts-nicolas-cage-drive-angry) [15] Who's Handling the FX for Drive Angry ? (http:/ / shocktillyoudrop. com/ news/ topnews. bloody-disgusting.com/title/tt1502404/) at the Internet Movie Database • Drive Angry 3D Trailer (http://www. dreadcentral. com/ news/ b18364_even_more_drive_angry_casting. bloody-disgusting. fearnet. html?utm_source=fearnet& utm_medium=rssfeeds& utm_campaign=rss_imdb) [10] Ringleader Hottie on the Hunt for Cage in 'Drive Angry' (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 19581) [12] Even More 'Drive Angry' Casting (http:/ / www. dreadcentral.html) .imdb. Lusier Explains Why Post-3-D is Garbage (http:/ / www. Cage Says 'Drive Angry' is Supernatural (http:/ / www.

[11] . Shooting on the project began in Shreveport.Trespass (2011 film) 219 Trespass (2011 film) Trespass Directed by Produced by Joel Schumacher Boaz Davidson Danny Dimbort Avi Lerner Trevor Short Irwin Winkler Eli Richbourg Karl Gajdusek Nicolas Cage Nicole Kidman Millenium Films Written by Starring Studio Distributed by 20th Century Fox Lionsgate Country Language Budget United States English $35 million Trespass is an upcoming American psychological thriller[1] directed by Joel Schumacher. In the photo. Louisiana on August 30 for a nine week shoot. 2010 when it was reported that Cage had abandoned the project as he had allegedly insisted on switching roles from Kidman's husband to the kidnapper. Due to the confusion over casting. It will star Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as a married couple taken hostage by extortionists.[9] According to reports Cage's exited role was offered to Liev Schreiber. However the following day Cage resumed his role as the husband.[10] Proof of filming showed up on Entertainment Weekly's online site. Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage are being held at gunpoint. the production start date was moved from August 16 to 30.[6] Cast • Nicolas Cage as Kyle • Nicole Kidman as Sarah • Cam Gigandet as Jonah[7] • • • • Jordana Spiro as Petal[8] Ben Mendelsohn Liana Liberato Dash Mihok Production Production was disrupted on August 3.[2] [3] [4] [5] Plot Husband (Cage) and wife (Kidman) are taken hostage by extortionists and a cycle of betrayal and deception emerges in the pressured conditions.

google. com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3i87635330f49d1b31e34bb38128dcafd7) Hollywood Reporter. 9 July 2010 [4] Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage to co-star for first time in Trespass (http:/ / www. screendaily. co.Trespass (2011 film) 220 References [1] Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 18121) Dark Horizons. article) Screen Daily. independent. 3 August 2010 [10] Nic Cage returns to Trespass role (http:/ / www. ew. uk/ film/ 2010/ jun/ 16/ nicole-kidman-nicolas-cage-trespass) The Guardian. com/ movies/ news/ nicolas-cage-drops-out-of-filming-for-trespass/ 181238) NME.. collider. 24 October 2010 [2] Mendelsohn. guardian. 4 October 2010 External links • Trespass (http://www. co. Talks PRIEST. html?ew_packageID=20385926) Entertainment Weekly. uk/ arts-entertainment/ films/ kidman-to-costar-with-cage-and-clive-2002173. for July (http:/ / www. com/ hostednews/ ukpress/ article/ ALeqM5iKotdRv43WrOT4lfAvfRvCqu7RcA) Press Association.imdb. 16 June 2010 [7] Cam Gigandet Exclusive Interview at Comic-Con. 26th July 2010 [8] Jordana Spiro joins 'Trespass' cast (http:/ / www. com/ ew/ gallery/ 0. Mihok Set To "Trespass" (http:/ / www. 16 June 2010 [5] Nu Image / Millennium set to commence Louisiana shoot on Trespass (http:/ / www. 30 August 2010 [3] Film productions in La. 4 August 2010 [11] Nic & Nic firstlook at Trespass (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 07/ 26/ comic-con-cam-gigandet-interview-priest-twilight-trespass-nicolas-cage-nicole-kidman/ ) Collider.com/title/tt1674784/) at the Internet Movie Database . and Says He’s Been Cast in TRESPASS Along with Nicolas Cage (http:/ / www. nme. TWILIGHT.00. 29 July [9] Nicolas Cage drops out of filming for 'Trespass' (http:/ / www. 27 August 2010 [6] Kidman to co-star with Cage and Clive (http:/ / www. html) 2TheAdvocate. 2theadvocate. html) The Independent. hollywoodreporter. com/ article/ 20101024/ NEWS01/ 10240321/ Nicolas-Cage-and-Nicole-Kidman) Shreveport Times. darkhorizons. com/ entertainment/ 98130159.20385926_20428729. com/ news/ production/ nu-image-/ -millennium-set-to-commence-louisiana-shoot-on-trespass/ 5017500. shreveporttimes.

imaginative stranger's search for 'tomorrow' is at odds with Grug's reliance on the traditions of yesterday. The film is set in the prehistoric era.[1] . This will also be the second time Stone and Reynolds have starred together. This quirky. The situation becomes even more complicated when Grug's family . when a man's position as Leader of the Hunt is threatened by the arrival of a prehistoric genius who comes up with revolutionary new inventions like fire. Cast • • • • Nicolas Cage as Grug. Holmes DreamWorks Animation Paramount Pictures March 30. the first being in the 2009 independent film Paper Man. With his family in tow. 2012. Plot Surviving in a volcanic world is tough enough. the patriarch of the family.become smitten with a nomad (Reynolds) they encounter on their dangerous journey. Ryan Reynolds as Gy Catherine Keener as Ugga.The Croods 221 The Croods The Croods Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Chris Sanders Kirk DeMicco Kristine Belson Jane Hartwell Chris Sanders Kirk DeMicco Nicolas Cage Ryan Reynolds Catherine Keener Emma Stone Cinematography Yong Duk Jhun Editing by Distributed by Darren T. Grug and Ugga's daughter. he ventures out into the volatile world in search of a new home. The film is being directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders and produced by Kristine Belson.in particular his eldest daughter . Grug's wife. but caveman Grug (Cage) gets a rude awakening when an earthquake forces him to leave behind the only world he knows. Emma Stone as Eep. It is set to be released in theaters on March 30. 2012 United States English Release date(s) Country Language The Croods is an upcoming computer-animated film starring Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds.

External links • The Croods (http://www. www. 2010.The Croods 222 References [1] The Croods Cast & Crew List (http:/ / www. bcdb.com/bcdb/cartoon.com/title/tt0481499/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Croods (http://www. Retrieved May 07.cgi?film=92867/) at the Big Cartoon DataBase .bcdb.bcdb. html). com/ cartoon_characters/ 92867-Croods.imdb.com.

Blaze is recruited by a sect to take on the Devil.[3] Johnny Whitworth as Blackout . Goyer Nicolas Cage Ciaran Hinds Violante Placido Idris Elba Johnny Whitworth Christopher Young Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Brandon Trost Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Country Language Budget Preceded by Marvel Studios Columbia Pictures February 17. The film is a sequel to the 2007 film Ghost Rider and will be released in theaters on February 17.Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 223 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Directed by Produced by Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor Avi Arad Michael De Luca Steven Paul David S. 2012. aka Ghost Rider (Nicolas Cage).[1] Cast • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider Ciaran Hinds as Moreau: The devil who is trying to take over the body of Johnny Blaze's son on his birthday. [2] Violante Placido as Nadya [2] Idris Elba as an alcoholic. Premise The story sees Johnny Blaze. Nicolas Cage will reprise his role as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. hiding out in remote Eastern Europe and struggling to repress his curse. warrior monk tasked with finding Ghost Rider. 2012 United States English $95 million Ghost Rider Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is an upcoming superhero film about the Marvel Comics supernatural antihero Ghost Rider. It will be directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. who wants to take over his mortal son’s body on the boy’s birthday.

ign. Marvel producer Avi Arad announced the development of Ghost Rider 2 at a press event. "Ghost Rider 2 Announced" (http:/ / www. Eva Mendes revealed that she would not be back as Roxanne for the sequel. [7] Larry Carroll (2007-12-05). MTV.[13] [14] The sequel is entitled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and will be produced by Mike De Luca[15] and will screen in PG-13. com/ news/ 17471) [10] Vejvoda. Nicolas Cage informed IGN that Columbia have taken meetings to start a sequel. 2010. He suggested that the film could do with newly created villains. JustPressPlay. html?utm_source=twitterfeed& utm_medium=twitter). slashfilm. whilst the studio are in search of writers. 2010). 2010. [3] Boris Kit (October 5. Retrieved 2007-12-07. "Nicolas Cage Wants Ghost Rider To Team Up With Spidey. html)" [9] 'Ghost Rider' Sequel Finally Making Progress (http:/ / www. "Nicolas Cage on Ghost Rider 2" (http:/ / www. HeatVision. "He's not eating jelly beans anymore. having story elements "very much in the zeitgeist. Retrieved October 01. Retrieved 2007-12-07. . com/ news/ articles/ 108099-hinds-and-placido-joining-ghost-rider-spirit-of-vengeance). superherohype. . . .[16] Pre-production On July 14. com/ 2010/ 10/ ghost-rider-2-nicolas-cage-idris-elba-johnny-whitworth. [2] SuperHeroHype (October 1. 2010.[5] In early December. . Romania and later moved to Sibiu. . superherohype. [8] "IGN". com/ 2007/ 02/ 10/ ghost-rider-2-announced/ ). Jim (January 29.com."[10] In February 2009. Retrieved October 6. SlashFilm. com/ 2010/ 09/ ghost-rider-2-ciaran-hinds-. 2009. mtv.Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 224 Production Development On February 9. [5] Arya Ponto (2007-08-16).[18] In an interview with Superhero Hype!. hollywoodreporter. com/ news/ topnews. heatvision. com/ articles/ 111/ 1119520p1. "Peter Fonda Talks About Working with Russell Crowe and 'Ghost Rider 2'" (http:/ / web. Lake Vidraru. another Marvel character who takes up the Ghost Rider mantle. " (http:/ / movies. Rovinari. 2007.[12] Goyer spoke to MTV about the sequel.[11] On September 23. "Hinds and Placido Joining Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" (http:/ / www. Nicolas Cage also has expressed interest to return in the lead role as Ghost Rider. [6] Heather Newgen (2007-12-03). .hollywoodreporter. IGN. ign. justpressplay. in another interview he went on further to mention that he would enjoy seeing a darker story. 2010 it was confirmed that Nicolas Cage would return. "Cage Talks Ghost Rider 2" (http:/ / movies. superherohype. . jhtml). net/ movies/ 310-to-yuma/ news/ peter-fonda-talks-about-working-with-russell-crowe-and-ghost-rider-2. Retrieved May 26. "Idris Elba. org/ web/ 20070926235838/ http:/ / www. php?id=6567).[7] It is also rumored that the sequel would feature Danny Ketch.[20] Filming The film started principal photography in Bucharest. Transfăgărăşan and Hunedoara at Hunyad Castle in November 2010. adding. he's getting drunk". Retrieved 2007-08-17. Retrieved October 6. . com/ movies/ news/ articles/ 1575898/ 20071205/ story. bloody-disgusting. archive. 2007. 2010. html?utm_source=twitterfeed& utm_medium=twitter). stating that the story will pick up eight years after the events of the first film and that he hopes to start filming by 2010. SuperHeroHype. 2009). where Ghost Rider may end up in Europe on behalf of the church.[21] References [1] "'Ghost Rider 2' goes to Hell to find its villain" (http:/ / heatvision.net. Hit The Bottle In Sequel" (http:/ / www. and Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were in negotiations to direct.com. Goyer signed on to write the script for the sequel.[19] The film will be shot in 3-D in Romania and Turkey.com. Johnny Whitworth gear up for 'Ghost Rider 2' (exclusive)" (http:/ / heatvision. an online source stated Columbia Pictures had greenlit a sequel to Ghost Rider. 2009.[6] Shortly after. Nicolas Cage will reprise the lead role. com/ articles/ 907/ 907449p1. html). 2010).com. hollywoodreporter. September 30.[8] In a September 2008 interview. like Da Vinci Code.[9] Cage noted conversations about the story.[4] Peter Fonda has also expressed a desire to return as Mephistopheles. it was reported that David S. [4] Peter Sciretta (2007-02-10). html). Retrieved 2007-02-10.[17] In July 2010 Cage revealed shooting is to start in November.

Retrieved May 26. superherohype. com/ news/ articles/ 107349-ghost-rider-spirit-of-vengeance-set-for-february-17-2012). com/ 2009/ 11/ 04/ exclusive-david-goyer-says-ghost-rider-2-isnt-a-reboot-takes-place-eight-years-later) [14] David Goyer Talks Ghost Rider 2 (http:/ / www. Directed by Produced by Written by Amy Heckerling Irving Azoff Art Linson Cameron Crowe . splashpage. [21] "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Set for February 17. superherohype. superherohype. com/ news/ 35265/ ghost-rider-2-update) [17] "Neveldine and Taylor WIll Direct Ghost Ride Sequel and Cage Will Return" (http:/ / thefilmstage. [Superhero Hype!]. mtv. [18] "Nicolas Cage Says 'Ghost Rider 2' Is 'A Different Trajectory. Retrieved July 7. bloody-disgusting. Takes Place Eight Years Later (http:/ / splashpage. com). variety. [Superhero Hype!]. July 19. mtv. com/ 2010/ 06/ 15/ neveldinetaylor-will-direct-ghost-rider-sequel-nicolas-cage-returning/ ). Bloody Disgusting. 2010.com (CraveOnline). 2012" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 19. [19] "No Eva Mendes for Ghost Rider 2" (http:/ / www. 2010. dreadcentral. bloody-disgusting. 2010. . Retrieved June 14. September 17. 2010. com/ news/ articles/ 104213-no-eva-mendes-for-ghost-rider-2). 2010. html). Splash Page (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 34378/ david-goyer-talked-ghost-rider-2) [15] 'Ghost Rider' Sequel Will Be Like Pushing the Reset Button (http:/ / www. Retrieved August 24. com/ news/ 18633) [16] Ghost Rider 2 Update (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 17568) [13] EXCLUSIVE: David Goyer Says 'Ghost Rider 2' Isn't A Reboot. June 14. mtv. .Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance [11] MrDisgusting (January 29. com/ 2010/ 07/ 07/ nicolas-cage-ghost-rider-2/ / ). [12] David Goyer's Shocking 'Ghost Rider 2' News (http:/ / www. 2010. August 24. com). "Nicolas Cage Attached to 'Ghost Rider' Sequel" (http:/ / www. 2009). 225 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Fast Times at Ridgemont High Original movie poster. com/ article/ VR1117785776. 2010. 2010. dreadcentral. But It's Still The Same Guy'" (http:/ / splashpage. . com/ news/ articles/ 106153-ghost-rider-2-to-shoot-in-romania-this-fall). The Film Stage (http:/ / www. 2010. . 2009. superherohype. 2010. Retrieved September 30. July 7. . [20] "Ghost Rider Sequel to Shoot this Fall in 3D" (http:/ / www. . thefilmstage.

The film was directed by Amy Heckerling and chronicles a school year in the lives of freshmen Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) and their respective older friends Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates) and Mike Damone (Robert Romanus). Reinhold. The ensemble cast of characters form two subplots with Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn). Brad is obsessing about how to end his long-time relationship with Lisa so he can play the field during his senior year. and when he tries to tell Lisa how much he needs her at a school rally before a big football game. Anthony Edwards and Forest Whitaker. Penn. Synopsis The film follows the lives of several students at the fictional Ridgemont High School over the course of one academic year. Leonetti Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by Eric Jenkins Universal Pictures August 13. Three of the actors who appeared in the film – Cage. facing off against uptight history teacher Mr. Lisa tells Brad that . Cates and Leigh.880 (USA) (sub-total) Fast Times Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a 1982 American coming-of-age teen comedy film written by Cameron Crowe and adapted from Crowe's 1981 book. However. Crowe went undercover at a California high school and wrote about his experiences. with Penn winning twice. he is fired from the burger joint for insulting a customer. including Eric Stoltz. both of whom believe themselves wiser in the ways of romance than their younger counterparts. 1982 90 minutes United States English $4. In addition to Penn. Crowe later became a celebrated Hollywood director and screenwriter. Hand (Ray Walston).Fast Times at Ridgemont High Starring Sean Penn Jennifer Jason Leigh Judge Reinhold Phoebe Cates Brian Backer Robert Romanus Lana Clarkson Ray Walston Forest Whitaker Nicolas Cage 226 Cinematography Matthew F. Lisa (Amanda Wyss). in large part because of his part-time job at a burger joint where his girlfriend. He is popular. and Stacy's brother. Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) is a senior who appears to have it made. and Whitaker – won the Academy Award for Best Actor later in their careers. a perpetually stoned surfer. Nicolas Cage.092. Brad (Judge Reinhold). this movie marks early appearances by several actors who also became stars. a senior who obsesses about paying off his car and easing out of his relationship with his girlfriend. also works.5 million $27. winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his movie Almost Famous. He is looking forward to summer vacation and almost has his car paid off. As a freelance writer for Rolling Stone magazine.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High she is dumping him to see other guys. let alone keep. Hand is left to believe everyone is on dope. Hand Vincent Schiavelli as Mr. He gets a third job at a convenience store. They proceed to have a one-on-one tutoring session that lasts until Mr. She sneaks out to meet him and they have sex at a local make-out place. Brad quits his next job because of the humiliation of having to wear a pirate costume when delivering food. Later Damone takes Stacy home after school and asks to come into her house. To avoid being beaten up. but have still not "gone all the way" while Damone gets busted for scalping Ozzy Osbourne tickets and ends up working at 7-Eleven (something he vowed he'd never let happen). The strict teacher. Desperate. Vargas Lana Clarkson as Mrs. At the end of the film. Stacy tells her friend. Stacy convinces Brad to drive her to a bowling alley. 227 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli Judge Reinhold as Brad Hamilton Robert Romanus as Mike Damone Brian Backer as Mark "Rat" Ratner Phoebe Cates as Linda Barrett Ray Walston as Mr. Spicoli puts the car in Ridgemont's front lawn and paints the car with slurs supposedly written by Ridgemont's rival high school. on the evening of the graduation dance. Mr. Damone has a premature ejaculation when having sex with Stacy and then flees in embarrassment. how Damone blew her off. but reneges when he is unable to come up with the money. While working at the mall she meets a 26-year-old stereo salesman who asks her out (after she tells him she's 19). and as a bookmaker and fancies himself a suave ladies' man. is 15 and a freshman. Stacy invites Rat into her bedroom after the date. Hand (Ray Walston). the viewer is informed that Stacy and Rat are having a passionate love affair. who earns money scalping tickets. W. where he successfully thwarts an attempted robbery and is promoted to store manager. When Stacy tells Damone she is pregnant. Hand shows up at Spicoli's house and informs him that since he has wasted eight hours of class time over the past year. Hand intends to make up for that time now. Hand is satisfied that Spicoli has understood the lesson. Outside of class. Mr. Brown as Ron Johnson Pamela Springsteen as Dina Phillips Jennifer Jason Leigh as Stacy Hamilton • . Vargas Forest Whitaker as Charles Jefferson Eric Stoltz as Stoner Bud • • • • • • • • • Anthony Edwards as Stoner Bud James Russo as Convenience store robber Nicolas Cage as Brad's Bud (credited as Nicolas Coppola) Nancy Wilson as Beautiful girl in car Kelli Maroney as Cindy Scott Thomson as Arnold Craig Kellaher as Pizza Shop owners son Amanda Wyss as Lisa (Brad's Girlfriend) D. Spicoli wrecks a car belonging to Ridgemont's star football player Charles Jefferson (Forrest Whitaker). but he quickly leaves when Stacy tries to initiate sex with him. She is worried that she's not attractive or experienced enough to meet. lets his younger best friend Mark "Rat" Ratner (Brian Backer) in on his secrets for picking up girls. any guys. Stacy (Jennifer Jason Leigh). he convinces him to ask Stacy out on a date. Brad waits for Stacy to come out and she makes him promise not to tell their parents. he observes her through his rear view mirror going to an abortion clinic across the street. Damone (Robert Romanus). Mr. She reveals the loss of her virginity to Linda who assures her that it will hurt less as she does it more. Finally. An epilogue reveals that Spicoli saves Brooke Shields from drowning and then blows the reward money hiring Van Halen to play at his birthday party. Mr. but after he drops her off. Brad's sister. Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) is a surfer and habitual marijuana user who is in Stacy's American history class. has no patience with Spicoli's carefree attitude and especially not with Spicoli's wasting of class time. he first agrees to pay half the fee for an abortion and to drive her to the abortion clinic. When he sees that Rat has a big crush on Stacy. Lincoln. Linda flies into a rage and spray paints obscenities on Damone's car and school locker. popular senior Linda (Phoebe Cates).

states that the 1970s "classic rock" artists like the Eagles were the idea of one of the film's producers.[2] Other singles were the title track by Sammy Hagar. but was later released on Rundgren's Demos and Lost Albums in 2001." and "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms. Several of the movie's songs were released as singles.Fast Times at Ridgemont High 228 Soundtrack Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack by various artists Released Genre Length Label July 30. Five tracks in the film. The soundtrack also included "I Don't Know (Spicoli's Theme)" by Jimmy Buffett. The soundtrack contains many quintessential 1980s rock artists. 1982 Rock. Todd Rundgren also recorded the song "Attitude" for the film at Crowe's request. in the DVD audio commentary. Amy Heckerling. one of the movie's producers. but not included on the soundtrack are: "Moving in Stereo" by The Cars. which reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Music from the Motion Picture. "So Much in Love" by Timothy B. In fact. In addition to Schmit and Walsh. the live band at the prom dance during the end of the film played two songs also not on the soundtrack: "Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles and "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs. including Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby". "We Got The Beat" by The Go Go's. was the personal manager for the Eagles. It was not included in the film. Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir. "American Girl" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. . Pop 65:50 Elektra Professional reviews • Allmusic link [1] The soundtrack album. Don Henley and Don Felder. Irving Azoff. peaked at #54 on the Billboard album chart. Schmit and "Waffle Stomp" by Joe Walsh. the album features solo tracks by two other members of the Eagles. In addition.

3:40 3.4:34 Origins and production The film is adapted from a book Crowe wrote after a year spent at Clairemont High School in San Diego. "Never Surrender" (Don Felder) . "I Don't Know (Spicoli's Theme)" (Jimmy Buffett) . The "Ridgemont Mall" shown in the film was actually the Sherman Oaks Galleria.4:05 4. "Sleeping Angel" (Stevie Nicks) . about his observations of the high school and the students he befriended there. "Fast Times (The Best Years of Our Lives)" (Billy Squier) .[3] Heckerling shepherded the young cast. It was also the film debut for Eric Stoltz and provided early roles for Anthony Edwards and Forest Whitaker. Nancy Wilson of Heart.Fast Times at Ridgemont High 229 Track listing 1. "Ridgemont" is a fictional name. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (Sammy Hagar) . or was perceived to exist there. "Highway Runner" (Donna Summer) . in the early 1980s. Filming locations Fast Times was filmed in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles (although it is never explicitly mentioned as such in the film). wife.2:55 16. and other scenes were shot at Canoga Park High School and Torrance High.2:53 19. "Somebody's Baby" (Jackson Browne) .3:00 14.4:15 11.) Crowe likely named it after Clairemont High School in San Diego. "The Point" was filmed at the Encino Little League Field in Encino.3:31 15. and many people identify the movie with that area and the teen culture that existed there. "She's My Baby (And She's Outta Control)" (Palmer/Jost) . California. He went undercover to do research for his 1981 book Fast Times at Ridgemont High: A True Story.3:55 18.4:05 2. . which included Nicolas Cage in his first feature-film role. (Spicoli mentions surfing at Sunset Cliffs. "Love Rules" (Don Henley) . "Don't Be Lonely" (Quarterflash) . has a cameo as "Beautiful Girl in Car". Schmit) .2:11 9.2:25 6. In the DVD commentary.) Most of the exteriors of Ridgemont High School were shot at Van Nuys High School. Santa Monica Place was also recently closed and the entrance that was used in the film will be renovated. "The Look in Your Eyes" (Gerard McMahon) . "Waffle Stomp" (Joe Walsh) . with its exterior shot at Santa Monica Place. "Raised on the Radio" (The Ravyns) . "So Much in Love" (Timothy B. "Speeding" (The Go-Go's) .2:45 5.3:36 13.3:18 17.3:41 12. and later. Crowe's girlfriend at the time. director Amy Heckerling tells of how Phoebe Cates was initially reluctant to carry out her character's poolside topless scene at the house (at 24124 Welby Way [4] in West Hills) because she thought the neighbors might be spying on the set from the surrounding rooftops. "Uptown Boys" (Louise Goffin) . a genuine surf spot near San Diego. He was credited as Nicolas Coppola for the only time.3:43 7. The actual mall has since been converted to an open-air mall. "I'll Leave It up to You" (Poco) . "Goodbye. (There is a small suburban community named Ridgemont in California near Hollister.4:00 8. Goodbye" (Oingo Boingo) . "Love Is the Reason" (Graham Nash) .3:18 10.

The film ranks #87 on the AFI's 100 Years. imdb. It earned $2. High".. Critical reception The film has an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. google. See also • Fast Times at Barrington High.5 million in its opening weekend. Moon Zappa provided "teenage consultation" for this TV series.0. htm) at Box Office Mojo (retrieved on December 6. is #15 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies" and is #2 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the "50 Best High School Movies". com/ cg/ amg. The Academy Is.+ West+ Hills. com/ title/ tt0083929/ trivia http:/ / maps..[5] six times its $4. 100 Laughs #87 Television spinoff The movie inspired a short-lived 1986 television series called Fast Times.-97.5 million budget.. • "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr.Fast Times at Ridgemont High 230 Reception Box office Universal Pictures gave it a limited theatrical release on August 13. 009625. a novella by Vernor Vinge is named in reference to the film. 839743& sspn=0. Ray Walston and Vincent Schiavelli reprised their roles. opening in 498 theaters.[6] However. a Family Guy episode from Season 4 • Fast Times at Fairmont High. or aesthetically significant". Allmusic.. [9] 100 Laughs list.25 million and ranking 29th among US releases in 1982. Dean Cameron as Spicoli and James Nardini as Brad. Cates and Reinhold. She was hired in order to research slang terms and mannerisms of teenagers. Vargas.[10] American Film Institute recognition • 2000: AFI's 100 Years. In 2005. http:/ / www. respectively as Mr. earning $3. historically. Wally Ward as Mark. 022724& ie=UTF8& hq=& hnear=24124+ Welby+ Way. listings Crowe's screenplay was nominated for a WGA Award for best comedy adapted from another medium. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally.. Penn.[7] Janet Maslin wrote that it was "a jumbled but appealing teen-age comedy with something of a fresh perspective on the subject. gaining popularity through television and home video releases.+ West+ Hills. Hand and Mr. boxofficemojo. though he praised the performances by Leigh. the biology teacher. Other cast members were Courtney Thorne-Smith as Stacey. com/ movies/ ?id=fasttimesatridgemonthigh."[8] Nominations. 392145. com/ cg/ amg.. .+ California+ 91307& t=h& z=16 [5] Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http:/ / www. it was panned by critics at the time. Roger Ebert called it a "scuz-pit of a movie". The release was later widened to 713 theaters. com/ maps?f=q& source=s_q& hl=en& geocode=& q=24124+ Welby+ Way. dll?p=amg& sql=10:o1120r3ac48i~T31). allmusic. as she had just graduated from high school at the time and had a much better grasp of then-current high school behavior than the writers.+ CA& sll=30. 1982. is a play on the title of the film. allmusic. an album by the band.+ Los+ Angeles. The movie has since earned more than $27 million. Claudia Wells as Linda. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. Patrick Dempsey as Mike. 2006). dll?p=amg& sql=10:4fnsa9igb238 Charts and Awards (http:/ / www.

livemanly. June 2.com/title/tt0083929/) at the Internet Movie Database • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http://www. com/ ?p=132). New York Times (retrieved via registered-user account on December 6.com/work/16859) at Allmovie • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http://www.allmovie.boxofficemojo. 1982). com/ mem/ movies/ review. [7] Ebert. 2006.rottentomatoes. 2006). suntimes. org/ 50besthsfilms2. Roger. com/ apps/ pbcs. filmsite.metacritic. September 3. "Ridgemont High" (http:/ / movies2.com/movies/?id=fasttimesatridgemonthigh.com/film/titles/fasttimesatridgemonthigh) at Metacritic . 1982. nytimes. dll/ article?AID=/ 19820101/ REVIEWS/ 201010322/ 1023). html?_r=1& res=9507E7DA143BF930A3575AC0A964948260& oref=slogin).com/m/fast_times_at_ridgemont_high/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http://www. 2006). html 231 External links • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http://www. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http:/ / rogerebert. [10] http:/ / www.Fast Times at Ridgemont High [6] Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http:/ / www. [9] "Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies List is Laughable" (http:/ / www. Janet. Manroomonline.com. 1982.imdb. Chicago Sun-Times (retrieved on December 6. [8] Maslin. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ fast_times_at_ridgemont_high/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes (retrieved on December 6.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (http://www.

1983 91 minutes (Theatrical) 113 minutes (Complete Novel) United States English $10 million Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget . Pictures March 25. Hinton C.E.The Outsiders (film) 232 The Outsiders (film) The Outsiders Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring Francis Ford Coppola Gray Frederickson Fred Roos Kathleen Rowell the novel by S. Burum Editing by Rob Bonz Anne Goursaud Melissa Kent Roy Waldspurger Zoetrope Studios Warner Bros. Thomas Howell Matt Dillon Ralph Macchio Rob Lowe Patrick Swayze Emilio Estevez Tom Cruise Diane Lane Carmine Coppola Music by Cinematography Stephen H.

The Outsiders (film) Gross revenue Followed by $25. At the church. The boys are praised for their heroism. Sometime later. Randy. In the first incident. The movie was released in March 1983. The movie earned C. where the boys visit Johnny. and Bob is stabbed and killed by Johnny while trying to drown Ponyboy. and Johnny is hospitalized with severe burns and a broken back after he. and Dallas rescue them.697. Jo Ellen Misakian. an adaptation of the 1967 novel of the same name by S. Johnny was attacked similarly a month earlier. in which Ponyboy writes a school report describing his recent experiences. and further established the careers of Matt Dillon. As the two boys rest in a park. and Two-Bit. The Greasers win and Dallas drives Ponyboy to the hospital. The second event occurs when Bob and Randy find Cherry and Marcia walking home from a movie with Johnny.647 The Outsiders 233 The Outsiders is a 1983 American drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Dallas robs a magazine store at gunpoint and runs to the lot where he is gunned down by the police." After Dallas arrives with news that Cherry has offered to support the boys in court. With advice and supplies from Dally. He dies after telling Ponyboy to "stay gold". Ponyboy. referring to the Frost poem. and her students[1] were responsible for inspiring Coppola to make the movie. Tom Cruise. Johnny is unimpressed by the victory. Both Lane and Dillon went on to appear in Coppola's related film Rumble Fish. Ponyboy is cleared of wrongdoing in Bob's death and allowed to stay with his brothers. Ponyboy reads Gone with the Wind and quotes the Robert Frost poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay. a librarian at Lone Star Elementary School in Fresno. Finally. five Socs gang up on Ponyboy and tried to cut his neck with a switchblade. Plot The story begins with three confrontations between Greasers and Socials. and Diane Lane. Ponyboy and Johnny start to run away after Darry hits Ponyboy during an argument. Thomas Howell a Young Artist Award. Unable to bear Johnny's death. Having lost interest in fighting. Ralph Macchio. Hinton. E. Patrick Swayze. After scenes in which Ponyboy and his brothers reconcile after an argument and Ponyboy turns the pages of Johnny's copy of Gone with the WInd and finds a letter from Johnny saying that saving the children was worth sacrificing his own life. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade Matt Dillon as Dallas "Dally" Winston Rob Lowe as Sodapop "Soda" Curtis Patrick Swayze as Darrell "Darry" Curtis Emilio Estevez as Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews Tom Cruise as Steve Randle Glenn Withrow as Tim Shepard . Bob's death has sparked calls from the Socials for a "rumble". Bob. and Ponyboy and Soda are threatened with being moved to a boy's home. California. Meanwhile. and two other Socs attack them. became the first Brat Pack movie (with Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez cast as supporting Greasers). Cherry and Marcia defuse this situation by going home with the Soc boys. The Outsiders is noted for being the breakout film of many future stars. Cast Greasers • • • • • • • • C. but Johnny is charged with manslaughter for killing Bob. Ponyboy. the church accidentally catches fire with some children trapped inside. Ponyboy and Johnny hide out in an abandoned church in a nearby town for a few days. the film ends with a repeat of the first scene.

" Coppola went to arbitration unsuccessfully for the writing credits of this film. while the Greaser-actors were put on the ground floor and received tattered scripts. He wrote the screenplay for the latter while on days off from shooting the former. Many of the same locations were used in both films. and the small controlled blaze accidentally triggered a much larger. and Glenn Withrow. fire. was thought up by Emilio Estevez. as were many of the same cast and crew members.[3] . he was moved and not only directed the film. as shown in a later scene in the film. Years later. Coppola is said to have done this to create tension between both groups before filming. his first words were. CA. Tom Cruise met someone who worked at the hotel. The cast played pranks on each other and the hotel staff during the shoot. What changed his mind was a middle school class from Lone Star Elementary School in Fresno. The film was shot on location in Tulsa. Hinton as Nurse 2 William Smith as Store Clerk Tom Hillmann as Greaser in Concession Stand (credited as Tom Hillman) Hugh Walkinshaw as Soc in Concession Stand Sofia Coppola as Little Girl (credited as Domino) 234 Other characters Production Francis Ford Coppola never actually wanted to make a film about teen angst. The credits are shown at the beginning of the movie in the style normally found in a published play. Diane Lane. The scene where Dallas fell out of his seat at the drive-in was unplanned. and when he discovered that it was the same hotel where he and the rest of the cast had stayed. which a lucky downpour doused. E. but Coppola cut it because he felt it slowed the film's pace down. who approached the character as a "laid back. wrote to him about adapting The Outsiders as a film.The Outsiders (film) Socs • • • • • • • • • • • • Diane Lane as Sherry "Cherry" Valance Leif Garrett as Bob Sheldon Darren Dalton as Randy Adderson Michelle Meyrink as Marcia Tom Waits as Buck Merrill Gailard Sartain as Jerry Wood Linda Nystedt as Nurse 1 S. Oklahoma. The scene was also intended to highlight that Sodapop's having already suffered some heartbreak before his girlfriend leaves him. Two-Bit's fascination with Mickey Mouse. "I'm sorry. he also adapted Rumble Fish into a movie the year after. again with Matt Dillon. When he read the book. as well as the brothers' own sense of loss. easy-going guy." This could also be a reference to a deleted scene (not included on the DVD) where Ponyboy tells Cherry about Sodapop's horse riding career and love for a horse named Mickey Mouse.[2] Coppola filmed The Outsiders and Rumble Fish back-to-back in 1982. He pressed for "more fire". great fans of The Godfather. The actors playing the Socs were put in luxury hotel accommodations and given leather-bound scripts. uncontrolled. Coppola's craving for realism almost led to disaster during the church burning scene.

and the whole movie was nominated for the Young Artist Award "Best Family Feature Motion Picture. he added scenes where Ponyboy gets jumped.The Marketts Tomorrow is a Long Time . Ponyboy and Darry in the park." Diane Lane was also nominated for a Young Artist Award. Thomas Howell gathered at Coppola's estate to watch the re-release.[4] Awards and nominations The Outsiders was nominated for at least four awards upon its release. The film was re-rated by the MPAA as a PG-13 because of the additional violence and language in the new material. In addition. Diane Lane.Elvis Presley Teen Beat . her being nominated for "Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture". Commentary of the four is available together as well as Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe. "The Complete Novel" re-release In September 2005. The film did include one rock song. was sung by Stevie Wonder." Francis Ford Coppola was nominated for a Golden prize. the main title song. "Stay Gold". including: • • • • • • • • • • Real Wild Child . C. who provided commentary at a separate studio. Carmine Coppola. The re-release of the film removes much of Carmine Coppola's original score. much of the original score was removed and replaced with music popular in the 1960s. Patrick Swayze. "Gloria". Coppola added the scenes in court.Stevie Wonder . Rotten Tomatoes gives The Outsiders a certified 65% "Fresh" rating on its site.Bob Dylan (performed by Elvis) Mystery Train . but they could be found on the second disc as additional scenes. In the end.Carl Perkins Milky White Way . Coppola re-released the film on DVD. the gang talks about going to the movies.Them Out of Limits . Syme talking to Ponyboy.Elvis Presley We're Gonna Move . by the band Them. and instead replaces it with many songs that were hits from the 1960s when the film takes place.The Ventures Stay Gold . Also. and Sodapop. The director also removed several scenes in order to improve pacing. One recent book said that the film's realistic portrayal of poor teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks "created a new kind of filmmaking". In the beginning of the movie. Music The original film's score was composed by the director's father. and Dally. Pony and Johnny bumming around before going to the movies. and C. Mr. including 22 minutes of additional footage and new music. Ralph Macchio.Jerry Lee Lewis Gloria . Coppola re-inserted some deleted scenes to make the movie more faithful to the book. entitled The Outsiders: The Complete Novel.The Outsiders (film) 235 Critical reception The film was met with generally mixed to positive reviews from critics and watchers.Elvis Presley Lend Me Your Comb . Thomas Howell won the Young Artist Award for the movie in the category "Best Young Motion Picture Actor in a Feature Film.

imdb. Phillips. page 1 (http:/ / tulsatvmemories.com/title/tt0086066/) at the Internet Movie Database The Outsiders (http://www.com/m/outsiders/) at Rotten Tomatoes Coppola Pays a Return Visit to His 'Gone With the Wind' for Teenagers (http://movies.sehinton. com/ books?id=ALT9c80ZIncC& pg=RA1-PA208& lpg=RA1-PA204& dq="the+ outsiders"+ coppola+ tulsa+ northside& lr=& as_brr=3& ie=ISO-8859-1& output=html) [4] Hirshenson. google. Godfather: the intimate Coppola. 208 (http:/ / books. A Star is Born. com/ outside1. google.86 (http:/ / books.theoutsidersbookandmovie.html). com/ zoe_films.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Outsiders (http://www.com/) . p.html) The Outsiders (http://www.com [3] G.com/movies/?id=outsiders. Hinton's Website (http://www. html) from tulsatvmemories. p. zoetrope.com/Index. shot in Tulsa.COM (http:/ / www. cgi?page=films& action=show_one& film_id=25) [2] "The Outsiders" movie.allmovie.boxofficemojo. a New York Times review of the 2005 version • S.rottentomatoes.nytimes. com/ books?id=jc1BxqyoKXAC& pg=PA86& lpg=PA86& dq="the+ outsiders"+ "beach+ blanket+ bingo"& source=bl& ots=X7NgIVsNim& sig=Tign8T49rg8el_G1vjbrdFVY9qM& hl=en& ei=jE0LS4XjOcHllAfi9_ifBA& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=5& ved=0CBYQ6AEwBDgo) External links • • • • • • Official website (http://www.E.com/2005/09/ 09/movies/09choi.The Outsiders (film) 236 References [1] ZOETROPE.com/work/36919) at Allmovie The Outsiders (http://www.

Daily.Valley Girl (film) 237 Valley Girl (film) Valley Girl Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Martha Coolidge Wayne Crawford Andrew Lane Wayne Crawford Andrew Lane Nicolas Cage Deborah Foreman E.[2] The . starring Nicolas Cage. and was the first film in which Nicolas Coppola was billed as Nicolas Cage. Daily Richard Butler The Plimsouls The Payolas Peter Case Josie Cotton Scott Wilk Frederick Elmes Éva Gárdos Atlantic Releasing April 29.G. Cameron Dye and Joyce Hyser. 1983 99 minutes United States English $350.343.G. The American release of Valley Girl was April 29. E.000 (estimated) $17.596 [1] Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Valley Girl is a 1983 American romantic comedy movie. 1983. The movie was the directorial debut of Martha Coolidge. Deborah Foreman.

popularity. Later that day at the beach. At the end of a shopping trip with her friends Loryn. but is quite shaken when she catches him sleeping on the front lawn outside her window. bracelet and throws it out the window. As the happy couple ride into the night to the Valley Sheraton. albeit awkwardly. Julie brings a very reluctant Stacey along for the ride with Randy and Fred into Hollywood. as Stacey continually rebuffs Fred's advances. Julie removes Tommy's I. bracelet back on her wrist. [3] 238 Plot Julie Richman is a Valley Girl who seems to have it all: good looks. Julie tearfully dumps Randy when he goes to visit her. Julie's blossoming romance with Randy disgusts her friends. Fred devises a plan that he dubs "simplicity at its finest. and ends up in the arms of his ex-girlfriend. Randy soon grows tired of just watching and demands to know if there is any more to Fred's plan.D. Stacey. but a jealous Tommy. Despite Mr. she has grown tired of Tommy's lack of respect and arrogance towards her. Julie and Randy find their attraction to each other growing and share a kiss. After a heated make-out session with Samantha. Stacey and Loryn chat over their post-prom plans. and hides. As the girls make prom decorations. That evening. and his cronies expel Randy and Fred. the curtain pulls back to reveal Randy beating up Tommy. from which Randy and Julie escape and take off in Tommy's rented limousine. and the two begin to brawl. while the limo turns past the Sherman Oaks Galleria glowing in the night as the Modern English song "I Melt With You" closes out the film. Samantha. Randy. That night. with Tommy. reminding her that it is what is inside a person that counts. Julie caves to peer pressure and reconciles. though the two vow to "crush that fly!" Julie and Tommy are now backstage. to which Fred says that there is nothing more. an aging 1960s era hippie. Randy feels even more miserable than before. then escorts a thrilled Julie from the stage through the crowd. waiting for Julie to cross his path. returning his I. Tommy demands an explanation from Julie. Randy knocks Tommy out. Tommy recovers and storms through the crowd towards Randy and Julie. at the party at Suzi's house. sneaks inside. bracelet. The night of the Valley High junior prom. and Suzi. While at Randy's favorite nightclub. Over the next few days. who puts his I. When she does. Julie locks eyes with Randy. simply because Randy is not from the Valley. A food fight starts.D. and a handsome Valley dude boyfriend. She answers by smashing a platter of guacamole in his face. Randy and Fred arrive shortly after and sneak backstage. for advice. Tommy and Julie ride to the prom in a rented stretch limousine. Mr. who find themselves blocked in by the snack table. realizing that Julie has given in to her friends' wishes. Richman kindly tells her that she should follow her heart. However. unbeknownst to Julie. They threaten Julie with the loss of her popularity and their friendship if she continues to date Randy. watching the Valley High kids dancing to the music of Josie Cotton and the Party Crashers. Julie goes to her father. especially after Julie learns that Randy was the young man she had seen at the beach earlier. Richman's sage advice.D. waiting to be introduced as king and queen of the prom. The evening scene pans to the overview of the Valley. Randy eventually returns to Suzi's house. Randy confronts Tommy. A heartbroken and drunk Randy later arrives at the nightclub. Fred chides Randy for moping over Julie. but tells him that he needs to fight if he truly wants her back. a Hollywood punk who has crashed the party with his friend Fred." one that will both reunite Randy with Julie and achieve the "grandest form of retribution" against Tommy. and the two trade shy glances at each other. When the prom king and queen are announced. Julie runs into Tommy and breaks up with him. Stacey tells Loryn that Tommy had made a reservation at the Valley Sheraton Hotel. He nearly gets into a fight with a gang of low riders before Fred saves him. trying to be where his path would cross Julie's. She seems covertly glad to see him. Julie spies a handsome young man. who had tried to bed Loryn earlier. Tommy.Valley Girl (film) plot is loosely based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. he convinces her to leave the party with him. . Randy flits about the Valley. curses at her and leaves. They hit it off well.

.. Julie Richman E... Stacey Michelle Meyrink . the grocery delivery boy.. Tommy Cameron Dye . Loryn (as Elizabeth Daily) Michael Bowen . Guy at Prom Joanne Baron . the very boy that Suzi likes. Modern English and the Payolas were also featured prominently... At her party. In the opening weekend. The bedroom door opens.. Sarah Richman Frederic Forrest .[1] Soundtrack The soundtrack features a host of new wave recording artists including the Plimsouls and Josie Cotton. Suzi Brent Tina Theberge . Skip finds himself attracted to Beth and goes out of his way to go to see her without Suzi finding out.. Daily . Beth soon notices a dark-haired boy to whom she finds herself attracted. Miss Lieberman. The film was released on April 29.. Songs by Bonnie Hayes.... he even turns down an invite from Suzi to go to her house during an unsupervised slumber party because Beth is out on a date. Beth enters. vying for the attention of Skip..... which "bubbled under" the Billboard . 239 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage .780 (10. Skip and this woman.7%). Skip enters Suzi's house.. He finds that a woman is in the shower. Fred Bailey Heidi Holicker .Valley Girl (film) A subplot involves Suzi and her stepmother. Many of the songs were minor chart hits in 1982–1983. it grossed $1. Prom Teacher Reception Valley Girl was a financial success. Joyce (as Joyce Heiser) The Plimsouls .. By the end of the movie. Samantha Lee Purcell . Steve Richman David Ensor . Driver's Ed Teacher Colleen Camp ... reaching #5 on KROQ's Top 106 of the year and "He Could Be the One" from her album Convertible Music had reached #74 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982... are then shown making love. The boy turns out to be Skip... Beth. Beth Brent Richard Sanders . and only then it is shown that Suzi had been the woman in the shower and is now in bed with Skip..596 more than 2000% of its budget.. whose face is not shown. about a boy that she likes and hopes likes her too.856.G... Skip Tony Plana . He goes upstairs and hears a shower running in Beth's bedroom.. Suzi tells Beth........ Skip and Suzi go to the prom together.. we see another woman coming home and going upstairs... During this time.... apparently looking for Beth... Low Rider Joyce Hyser ..... The song heard over the opening credits is "Girls Like Me" from Bonnie Hayes' 1982 album Good Clean Fun. The final domestic grossing stood at $17.343. Themselves Peter Case . One day. who is chaperoning.... both of whom appeared in the film. 1983 and opened at #4 in 442 theaters.... Himself Bill Harris . Randy Deborah Foreman .. Are You Queer?" was a regional hit in Southern California in 1981. Josie Cotton's "Johnny.

Variety.com. those songs aren't heard in the film. Michael Bowen. com/ making_valleygirl.com. a one-off subsidiary of Atlantic Releasing Corp. Bananarama and The Jam. The Special Edition DVD contains many extras. The Plimsouls' "A Million Miles Away" and the Payolas' "Eyes of a Stranger" were moderate hits in 1982. 1992: 66 [8] Fernandez. Altogether. com/ index. .G. hollywoodreporter. fast-rewind. htm [2] "Variety: Digital Editions" (http:/ / www. "I Melt with You" by Modern English reached #78 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. Retrieved 2009-06-03. asp?layout=filmsearch_exact& dept=Film& movieID=4112). boxofficemojo.000 on top of the film's original $350. [4] Occhiogrosso.G. 1990 [7] Barker. but a few copies leaked out and became highly valued collector's items. The album was never commercially released. Jerry. E. notably interviews with many of the cast and crew. it was announced that MGM were working on a remake of the film.[8] See also • List of American films of 1983 References [1] http:/ / www. Heidi Holicker. reaching #11 and #22. This was followed by a second volume titled More Music from the Valley Girl Soundtrack in 1995. Rhino Records released a compilation of songs from the film's soundtrack on compact disc which peaked at #155 on the Billboard 200. Daily. a different six-song mini-album was manufactured by Roadshow Records.Valley Girl (film) 200 album chart at #206. "'Valley Girl' redux set" (http:/ / www.com. htm). Culture Club. After the film was completed. which will be a musical. 240 DVD Valley Girl is available on DVD. . Jay A. Peter. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3i8ec34ef6f7ad9c74b05bd2eb23881231). "Valley Girl: A Totally Bitchin' Soundtrack That's Worth Like A Lot" Goldmine November 27. "Reelin' and Rockin'" American Film April 1984: 48 [5] American Film September 1984: 6 [6] Osborne. com/ movies/ ?id=valleygirl. variety. Daily admits that she had no idea what Valley Girls were supposed to sound like and decided that Loryn would be from Malibu (and therefore not a true Valley Girl) in order to cover this up. Hollywoodreporter. Retrieved 2009-06-25. fast-rewind.[6] [7] In 1994. Jason Moore will direct the feature. Lisa. and E. on Billboard's Top Tracks chart. Peter Case. Instead. including Nicolas Cage. problems arose in acquiring the music rights and substitute songs had to be dubbed in. The end credits show songs by The Clash. In the DVD documentary. More common is a counterfeit copy which is distinguished by the misspelling of the title as "Valley Girls" on the spine of the album cover.000 budget. Retrieved 2009-06-03. however. the music rights cost $250. . . respectively. Remake In 2009.[4] [5] The planned release of a soundtrack album on Epic Records was cancelled due to the clearance problems with some of the songs. "Valley Girl Music Battle Was Awesome" Chicago Sun-Times December 2.Behind the Scenes" (http:/ / www. [3] "Making of Valley Girl ..

Hinton Francis Ford Coppola Rumble Fish by S. Hinton Matt Dillon Mickey Rourke Diane Lane Vincent Spano Nicolas Cage Dennis Hopper Laurence Fishburne Chris Penn Stewart Copeland Screenplay by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Stephen H.html) Rumble Fish Rumble Fish Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Francis Ford Coppola Francis Ford Coppola Doug Claybourne Fred Roos S.allmovie.E.com/planet/valleygirl/index.com/title/tt0086525/) at the Internet Movie Database Valley Girl (http://www.com/movies/?id=valleygirl.Valley Girl (film) 241 External links • • • • • Valley Girl (http://www.cabspace.boxofficemojo.E.imdb. Burum Editing by Studio Distributed by Barry Malkin American Zoetrope Universal Pictures .angelfire.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Tripendicular Valley Girl Page! (http://retroview.com/work/52142) at Allmovie Valley Girl (http://www.com/valleygirl/) Music samples from the movie (http://www.

Plot Set in a poor run down city in New York." Rusty James dismisses him. Despite Rusty James desire to do so." would not be pleased with the fight as he had previously created a truce forbidding gang fights. nor can his brother live it down. Coppola wrote the screenplay for the film with Hinton on his days off from shooting The Outsiders. It went on to gross only $2. Hinton. 1983 94 minutes United States English $10 million $2. The two brothers and Steve head across the river one night to a strip of bars. Rusty James visits his girlfriend. welfare-dependent father (Dennis Hopper). It is based on the novel Rumble Fish by S. where Biff and his buddies suddenly appear. (Chris Penn) and nerdy Steve (Vincent Spano) . where Rusty James enjoys being away from his troubles. He's kicked out of school after his frequent fights. who also co-wrote the screenplay. The Motorcycle Boy and Steve take Rusty James home (past Officer Patterson. The Motorcycle Boy sends his motorcycle flying into Biff.480 (USA) 242 Rumble Fish is a 1983 film by Francis Ford Coppola. Most mainstream reviewers reacted negatively to Coppola's film. The film is notable for its avant-garde style. Patty (Diane Lane). criticizing its overt style and lack of characterization. and his younger brother. leaving without explanation or promise of return.E. The Motorcycle Boy and Rusty James share the next evening with their alcoholic. who can't live up to his brother's great reputation.Rumble Fish Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue October 8. using the spherical cinematographic process with allusions to French New Wave cinema and German Expressionism. Rusty James fools around with another girl and is dumped by Patty. the film begins in a diner called Benny's Billiards where local high-school tough guy Rusty James (Matt Dillon) is told by Midgit (Laurence Fishburne) that rival group leader Biff Wilcox (Glenn Withrow) wants to meet him that night in an abandoned garage lot for a fight. Steve and the injured Rusty James talk about how the Motorcycle Boy is 21 years old. colorblind. "The Motorcycle Boy. or "rumbles. who used a Musync. saying that the Motorcycle Boy (whose real name is never revealed) has been gone for two months. Rumble Fish was booed when it debuted at the New York Film Festival. it is implied. retaining much of the same cast and crew. partially deaf. a street cop who's long had it in for the Motorcycle Boy) and nurse him to health through the night.who all have a different take on the forthcoming fight. Things start to go wrong for Rusty James. loyal B. then rendezvouses with his cadre and walks to the abandoned garage lot. with the fight ending when Rusty James disarms Biff and beats him almost unconscious. The two battle. Rusty James takes after him. The Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke) arrives dramatically on his motorcycle and this distracts Rusty James who is gashed by Biff in the side with a shard of glass. The film centers on the relationship between the Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke). Rusty James then talks with his friends — the wily Smokey (Nicolas Cage). He made the films back-to-back. Steve mentions that Rusty James' older brother. Rumble Fish features an experimental score by Stewart Copeland. The Motorcycle Boy mentions that he located their long-lost mother during his recent trip. Incensed. It took part in the San Sebastian International Film Festival. which .J. drummer of the musical group The Police. well below its estimated $10 million budget. where it won the International Critics' Big Award.494. a new device at the time. shot on stark high-contrast black-and-white film. Rusty James (Matt Dillon). and noticeably aloof — the last trait causing many to believe he's insane.5 million domestically. The Motorcycle Boy implies that he has no interest in reviving any gang activity. a revered former gang leader. who says that the Motorcycle Boy takes after his mother whereas. Accepting the challenge.

Rusty James meets up with the Motorcycle Boy the next day in a pet store. E. Coppola decided that he wanted to retain the same production team. stay in Tulsa.[2] Halfway through the production of The Outsiders. As he nurses Rusty James again. Rusty James. their day off from shooting The Outsiders. but rather they were both born with an acute perception. 243 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Matt Dillon as Rusty James Mickey Rourke as the Motorcycle Boy Diane Lane as Patty Dennis Hopper as Father Diana Scarwid as Cassandra Vincent Spano as Steve Nicolas Cage as Smokey Chris Penn as B. Hinton's novel Rumble Fish because of the strong personal identification he had with the subject matter — a younger brother who hero-worships an older. but is shot by Officer Patterson before he can. The director said that he "started to use Rumble Fish as my carrot for what I promised myself when I finished The Outsiders".J. Jackson Laurence Fishburne as Midget William Smith as Patterson the Cop Glenn Withrow as Biff Wilcox Tom Waits as Benny Sofia Coppola as Donna S. The brothers leave and meet their father. August. and are attacked by thugs. finishes his brother's last attempt while a large crowd of people begin merging on his body. after hearing the gunshot. the Motorcycle Boy tells him that the gang life and the rumbles he yearns for and idolizes are not what he believes them to be. who explains to Rusty James that.[1] A dedication to August appears as the film's final end credit.Rumble Fish took him to California although he did not reach the ocean. He wrote the screenplay for Rumble Fish with Hinton on Sundays. Steve and Rusty James wander drunkenly home. explaining they are too different to ever have the life Rusty James speaks of. but the Motorcycle Boy refuses. neither his mother nor brother are crazy.[1] . but both are saved by the Motorcycle Boy. Officer Patterson suspects they will try to rob the store. Later. The Motorcycle Boy takes the fish and rushes to free them in the river. contrary to popular belief. which he refers to as "rumble fish". Hinton as Hooker on Strip Development Francis Ford Coppola was drawn to S. Rusty James makes a last-gasp effort to convince his brother to reunite with him. just like his runaway mother supposedly was. Steve calls the Motorcycle Boy crazy. where the latter is strangely fascinated with the Siamese fighting fish. intellectually superior brother. a claim which the Motorcycle Boy does not deny — further prompting Rusty James to believe his brother is insane. and shoot Rumble Fish right after The Outsiders.E. The brothers go for a motorcycle ride through the city and arrive at the Pet Store where the Motorcycle Boy breaks in and starts to set the animals loose. which mirrored the one between Coppola and his brother. Rusty James finally reaches the Pacific Ocean (something the Motorcycle Boy never got to do) and enjoys the shining sun.

[4] To get Rourke into the mindset of his character.[8] . to stage the fight scene between Rusty James and Biff Wilcox because he liked the way he choreographed violence. gushing water and blood. Murnau's The Last Laugh to show Matt Dillon how silent actor Emil Jennings used body language to convey emotions.[3] Coppola hired Michael Smuin. the crew with his visual concept for Rumble Fish. He also had shadows painted on the walls of the sets to make them look ominous. a choreographer and co-director of the San Francisco Ballet.[10] When the film was in its pre-production phase.[4] He asked Smuin to include specific visual elements: a motorcycle. modeling it after one in Picnic featuring William Holden and Kim Novak. using the spherical cinematographic process with allusions to French New Wave cinema.[8] To mix the black and white footage of Rusty James and the Motorcycle Boy in the pet store looking at the Siamese fighting fish in color. which became Rumble Fish's "stylistic prototype". Caligari.[4] Before filming started.[7] The film is notable for its avant-garde style.[6] He shot in deserted areas at the edge of Tulsa with many scenes captured via a hand-held camera in order to make the audience feel uneasy. knives.Rumble Fish 244 Pre-production Warner Brothers was not happy with an early cut of The Outsiders and passed on distributing Rumble Fish. lies in two main sources: the films of Orson Welles and German cinema of the 1920s. shot on stark high-contrast black-and-white film. Smuin also staged the street dance between Rourke and Diana Scarwid. 1982 with the director declaring.[5] The Motorcycle Boy's look was patterned after Camus complete with trademark cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth — taken from a photograph of the author that Rourke used as a visual handle. oblique angles. on schedule and on budget. "Rumble Fish will be to The Outsiders what Apocalypse Now was to The Godfather". Coppola's extensive use of shadows. Burum.[9] Filming finished by mid-September 1982. motivated Coppola to use this technique to animate the sky in his own film. broken glass. Coppola showed Anatole Litvak's Decision Before Dawn. shot mainly in time-lapse photography. the inspiration for the film's smoky look. Coppola made a deal with Universal Pictures and principal photography began on July 12.[6] Rourke remembers that he approached his character as "an actor who no longer finds his work interesting". F. Coppola asked Burum how he wanted to film it and they agreed that it might be the only chance they were ever going to have to make a black-and-white film.[4] Most notably. and an abundance of smoke and fog are all hallmarks of these German Expressionist films. Burum shot the actors in black and white and then projected that footage on a rear projection screen.W. Stephen H. Coppola gave him books written by Albert Camus and a biography of Napoleon.[4] Principal photography Six weeks into production. Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi. and Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of [4] Dr. The striking black and white photography of the film's cinematographer. The choreographer spent a week designing the sequence. Coppola ran regular screenings of old films during the evenings to familiarize the cast and in particular.[7] In the dream sequence where Rusty-James floats outside of his body Matt Dillon wore a body mold which was moved by an articulated arm and also flown on wires.[3] Despite the lack of financing in place. Coppola completely recorded the film on video during two weeks of rehearsals in a former school gymnasium and afterwards was able to show the cast and crew a rough draft of the film. exaggerated compositions. They put the fish tank in front of it with the tropical fish and shot it all with color film.

a new device at the time. . 1983 1983 Soundtrack 43:08 A&M Stewart Copeland Francis Ford Coppola Coppola envisioned a largely experimental score to complement his images.[11] He began to devise a mainly percussive soundtrack to symbolize the idea of time running out. As Coppola worked on it. that recorded film. He asked Stewart Copeland.[11] The song "Don't Box Me In (theme from Rumble Fish). leader and frontman of Wall of Voodoo." a collaboration between Copeland and singer/songwriter Stan Ridgway. drummer of the musical group The Police. Coppola soon realized that Copeland was a far superior composer and let him take over. frame by frame on videotape with the image on top.[11] The musician proceeded to record street sounds of Tulsa and mixed them into the soundtrack with the use of a Musync. he realized that he needed help from a professional musician.Rumble Fish 245 Soundtrack Rumble Fish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Soundtrack by Stewart Copeland Released Recorded Genre Length Label Producer November 8. to improvise a rhythm track. and the musical staves on the bottom so that it matched the images perfectly. was released with the film and enjoyed significant radio airplay. the dialogue in the middle.

[14] Reception At Rumble Fish's world premiere at the New York Film Festival. The black and white photography was meant to convey the Motorcycle Boy's color blindness while also evoking film noir through frequent use of oblique angles. "Personal Midget/Cain's Ballroom" – 5:55 13. I couldn't understand any of it. "Tulsa Rags" – 1:39 9. there were several walkouts and at the end of the screening. "Tulsa Tango" – 3:42 3.[12] He also removed a few passages from the novel that further established Steve and Rusty-James' relationship in order to focus more on the brothers' relationship. dark alleys. 1983 and grossed $18.james got arrested after The Motorcycle Boy got shot and never made the promise to ride the motorcycle. boos and catcalls. Its widest release was in 296 theaters and it finally grossed $2. and foggy streets.[15] Former head of production at Paramount Pictures Michael Daly remembers legendary producer Robert Evans' reaction to Coppola's film. exaggerated compositions. "Hostile Bridge to Benny's" – 1:53 11.Rumble Fish 246 Track listing 1. Also Rusty. the Motorcycle Boy is more attendant and more paternalistic toward Rusty-James than in the novel. "Party at Someone Else's Place" – 2:25 5. "Biff Gets Stomped by Rusty James" – 2:27 6. The film ends with Rusty-James arriving at the ocean on a motorcycle while the novel ends with Steve meeting Rusty-James in California five years after the Motorcycle Boy's death. playing in only one theater. "Our Mother Is Alive" – 4:16 4. "Father on the Stairs" – 3:01 10.[13] Themes The theme of time passing faster than the characters realize is conveyed through time-lapse photography of clouds racing across the sky and numerous shots of clocks. In the fight with Biff. "Don't Box Me In" – 4:40 2. 'I was scared. "West Tulsa Story" – 3:59 8. In the film.985 on its opening weekend. "Brothers on Wheels" – 4:20 7.[16] .'"[2] Rumble Fish was released on October 8. "Evans went to see Rumble Fish. "Motorboy's Fate" – 2:03 Differences from the novel Coppola did not employ the flashback structure of the novel. The Motorcycle Boy's self-destructive actions at the film's conclusion are less motivated in the film than in the novel.5 million domestically. "Your Mother Is Not Crazy" – 2:48 12. Rusty-James was slashed with a knife rather than a pane of glass and The Motorcycle Boy simply broke Biff's wrist instead of ramming him with his motorcycle. and he remembers being shaken by how far Coppola had strayed from Hollywood. Evans says.

Rumble Fish


Critical response
Rumble Fish was not well-received by most mainstream critics upon its initial release, receiving nine negative reviews in New York City, mostly from broadcast media and newspapers with harsh reviews by David Denby in New York and Andrew Sarris in the Village Voice.[17] In her review for the New York Times, Janet Maslin wrote, "But the film is so furiously overloaded, so crammed with extravagant touches, that any hint of a central thread is obscured".[18] Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film three-and-a-half out of four stars and wrote, "I thought Rumble Fish was offbeat, daring, and utterly original. Who but Coppola could make this film? And, of course, who but Coppola would want to?"[19] Gary Arnold in the Washington Post wrote, "It's virtually impossible to be drawn into the characters' identities and conflicts at even an introductory, rudimentary level, and the rackety distraction of an obtrusive experimental score ... frequently makes it impossible to comprehend mere dialogue".[20] Time magazine's Richard Corliss wrote, "In one sense, then, Rumble Fish is Coppola's professional suicide note to the movie industry, a warning against employing him to find the golden gross. No doubt: this is his most baroque and self-indulgent film. It may also be his bravest".[21] Jay Scott wrote one of the few positive reviews for the film in the Globe and Mail. "Francis Coppola, bless his theatrical soul, may have the commercial sense of a newt, but he has the heart of a revolutionary, and the talent of a great artist".[22] Jack Kroll also gave a rare rave in his review for Newsweek: "Rumble Fish is a brilliant tone poem ... Rourke's Motorcycle Boy is really a young god with a mortal wound, a slippery assignment Rourke handles with a [23] The film has a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 63 metascore on Metacritic. David fierce delicacy". Thomson has written that Rumble Fish is "maybe the most satisfying film Coppola made after Apocalypse Now".[24] Despite mixed reviews, Rumble Fish won the highest prize in the 32nd San Sebastian International Film Festival, the International Critics' Big Award.[25]

Home media release
The film was first released on DVD on September 9, 1998 with no extra material. A special edition was released on September 13, 2005 with an audio commentary by Coppola, six deleted scenes, a making-of featurette, a look at how Copeland's score was created and the "Don't Box Me In" music video.

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Rumble Fish
[21] Corliss, Richard (October 24, 1983). "Time Bomb" (http:/ / www. time. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0,9171,926306,00. html). Time. . Retrieved 2009-02-18. [22] Scott, Jay (October 14, 1983). "Loving, Ferocious Depiction of Teen Angst". Globe and Mail: pp. E7. [23] Kroll, Jack (November 7, 1983). "Coppola's Teen-Age Inferno". Newsweek: pp. 128. [24] Thomson, David (2008). "Have You Seen . . . ?": A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films. Knopf. p. 743. ISBN 978-0307264619. "I don't mean to overpraise Rumble Fish, but I think it is a haunting evocation of teenage years and maybe the most satisfying film Coppola made after Apocalypse Now." [25] "Archive of awards, juries and posters" (http:/ / www. sansebastianfestival. com/ 2007/ in3/ premios10_1984. php). San Sebastian International Film Festival. 1984. . Retrieved 2008-12-30.


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The Cotton Club (film)


The Cotton Club (film)
The Cotton Club

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Written by Francis Ford Coppola Robert Evans William Kennedy Francis Ford Coppola Mario Puzo Jim Haskins Richard Gere Gregory Hines Diane Lane Bob Hoskins Nicolas Cage Laurence Fishburne John Barry


Music by

Cinematography Stephen Goldblatt Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Robert Q. Lovett Barry Malkin American Zoetrope Orion Pictures (Theatrical) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (DVD) December 14, 1984 128 mins USA English $58 million $25,928,721

The Cotton Club is a 1984 crime-drama, centered on a famed Harlem jazz club of the 1930s, the Cotton Club.

Fishburne would later play Johnson in the film Hoodlum. A dancer from Dixie's neighborhood. paid for almost entirely by brothers Fred and Ed Doumani of Las Vegas. Dixie's ambitious younger brother Vincent becomes a gangster in Schultz's mob and eventually a public enemy. a jazz club where most of the performers are black and the customers white. Owney Madden. a singer. is hired with his brother by the Cotton Club. Bix Beiderbecke. right down to the alliterative name. Fred Gwynne." The character "Lila" is loosely based on Lena Horne. Sandman Williams. "Bumpy Rhodes. and starred Richard Gere. Bob Hoskins. the film was nominated for several awards. While the club's management interferes with Sandman's romantic interest in Lila. 250 Plot A musician named Dixie Dwyer begins working with mobsters to advance his career but falls in love with the girlfriend of gangland kingpin Dutch Schultz. and Gregory Hines.928. thanks to the help of Madden and the mob but angering Schultz. Maurice Hines. And characters representing Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington are also seen performing at the club. The character of Dixie Dwyer is loosely based on the famous 1920s hot jazz cornetist. is based on Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson. Frenchy. He also continues to see Schultz's moll. The movie was not as successful as anticipated. whose new nightclub has been financed by the jealous gangster. . including Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Picture (Drama) and Oscars for best Best Art Direction (Richard Sylbert. Laurence Fishburne. a mobster. Dixie becomes a Hollywood film star. and everyone simply calling him "Dix. holding Frenchy as a hostage." meanwhile. choreographed by Henry LeTang. The cast included Nicolas Cage. George Gaines) and Film Editing. In the meantime. owns the club and runs it with his right-hand man. however.721 on a budget of over $50 million. Diane Lane. Dutch Schultz is violently dealt with by Madden's men while Dixie and Sandman perform on the Cotton Club's stage.[1] The film. James Remar and Gwen Verdon. with celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and James Cagney seen in the audience. making only $25. Despite performing poorly at the box office. its cruel treatment of the performers leads to an intervention by Harlem criminal "Bumpy" Rhodes on their behalf.The Cotton Club (film) The movie was co-written (with William Kennedy) and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Vera Cicero. The Cotton Club was the first privately financed major motion picture. Laurence Fishburne's character. Sandman alienates his brother Clay at the Cotton Club by agreeing to perform a solo number there. also earned a Razzie Award nomination for Diane Lane as Worst Supporting Actress (also for Streets of Fire). Production Owney Madden and Dutch Schultz were actual crime figures of the era.

[4] Coppola claimed that he had letters from Sylbert that ask him to work on the film because Evans was crazy. who was eventually murdered.[2] Author Mario Puzo was the original screenwriter and was eventually replaced by William Kennedy[5] who wrote a rehearsal script in eight days which the cast used for three weeks prior to shooting.[3] Richard Sylbert claimed that he told Evans not to hire Coppola because "he resents being in the commercial. The director also said that "Evans set the tone for the level of extravagance long before I got there".The Cotton Club (film) 251 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Richard Gere as Dixie Dwyer Gregory Hines as Sandman Williams Diane Lane as Vera Cicero Lonette McKee as Lila Rose Oliver Bob Hoskins as Owney Madden James Remar as Dutch Schultz Nicolas Cage as Vincent Dwyer Allen Garfield as Abbadabba Berman Fred Gwynne as Frenchy Demange Gwen Verdon as Tish Dwyer Lisa Jane Persky as Frances Flegenheimer Maurice Hines as Clay Williams Julian Beck as Sol Weinstein Laurence Fishburne as Bumpy Rhodes Tom Waits as Irving Starck Glenn Withrow as Ed Popke Jennifer Grey as Patsy Dwyer Diane Venora as Gloria Swanson Tucker Smallwood as Kid Griffin Bill Cobbs as Big Joe Ison Rosalind Harris as Fanny Brice Sofia Coppola as Kid in Street Mario Van Peebles as Dancer Larry Marshall as Cab Calloway Production Inspired to make The Cotton Club by a picture-book history of the famous nightclub by Jim Haskin. narrative. Other financial backers included Arab arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. 12 scripts were produced. However.[2] . Francis Ford Coppola told the head of Gaumont. 1983. Hollywood movie business".[2] Over 600 people built sets.[4] Coppola accepted the job because he needed the money — he was deeply in debt from making One From the Heart with his own money. a three-hour film was shot during rehearsals. created costumes and arranged music at a reported $250.[4] Las Vegas casino owners Edward and Fred Doumani put $30 million into the film.[2] From July 15 to August 22.000 a day. the budget of the film was $47 million. that he thought the film might cost $65 million.[2] Evans eventually decided that he did not want to direct the film and asked Coppola at the last minute. According to William Kennedy in an interview with Vanity Fair. Kennedy estimates that between 30-40 scripts were turned out. and vaudeville promoter Roy Radin. including five during one 48-hour non-stop weekend. According to actor Gregory Hines. Europe's largest distribution and production company. at least $13 million had already been committed.[5] By the time Evans decided not to direct and brought in Coppola. Robert Evans was the film's original producer and wanted also to direct.

James Robert (2006).com/title/tt0087089/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Cotton Club (http://www. Michael (March 22. Dune. Scott. New York Times.com/apps/pbcs. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. 1984). 1984. Gussow. NY Times. He accused the Doumanis of forcing out Evans and that an Orion loan to the film of $15 million unnecessarily increased the budget.[3] Sayyah invested $5 million and claimed that he had little chance of recouping his money because the budget escalated from $25 to $58 million.com/work/11102) at Allmovie • Roger Ebert review (http://rogerebert. in turn. 1984). Globe and Mail. the film would have never been made. fourth place behind Beverly Hills Cop.allmovie.. Fiasco . 1984). their lawyer David Hurwitz. hiring his own crew. Kroll. "Making of Cotton Club: A Legend of its Own".[6] The film would have had to gross $100 million to break even. Robert Evans took the blame for hiring Coppola while the director responded that if he had not been hired.com/mov_revtemp. Hoboken. nytimes.[6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] "NY Times: The Cotton Club" (http:/ / movies. Evans. sued Edward Doumani to keep from acting as general partner on the film. 1984).asp?CId=3300) . New York Times. "Cotton Club Investor Sues Partners in Film".suntimes. and 2010. Salmans. . 359 pages. Jack (December 24. pp. Newsweek.The Cotton Club (film) On June 7.imdb. "Cotton Club is Neither a Smash Nor a Disaster". 1984 and grossed $2. and falling behind schedule.A History of Hollywood’s Iconic Flops. New York Times. External links • The Cotton Club (http://www. Evans and Orion Pictures for fraud and breach of contract. "Parting Film Shots: Coppola and Dutch".[3] 252 Reaction The Cotton Club was released on December 14. Jay (November 12.9 million on its opening weekend. 1984). Sandra (December 20. "Harlem on My Mind". Evans claimed that Coppola made the budget escalate dramatically by rejecting the script. Aljean (June 10. Victor L. ISBN 978-0-471-69159-4. com/ movie/ 11102/ The-Cotton-Club/ awards).dll/article?AID=/19840101/REVIEWS/ 401010327/1023) • Review of The Cotton Club (http://apolloguide. Retrieved 2009-01-01. Harmetz. Further reading • Parish. Sayyah filed a lawsuit against the Doumani brothers.

. 1984 120 minutes United States English Birdy is a 1984 American film directed by Alan Parker and starring Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage. It is based on the novel of the same name by William Wharton.Birdy (film) 253 Birdy (film) Birdy Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Alan Parker Ned Kopp David Manson Alan Marshall (producer) Sandy Kroopf Jack Behr William Wharton (novel) Matthew Modine Nicolas Cage Peter Gabriel Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Michael Seresin Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gerry Hambling TriStar Pictures December 14.

The music contains some adaptations of tracks on Gabriel's third and fourth albums.Birdy (film) 254 Synopsis The story is about two friends.com/title/tt0086969/) at the Internet Movie Database • Movie stills (http://film. Soundtrack The film's soundtrack was written and performed by Peter Gabriel.php?filmid=11) . External links • Birdy (http://www. Peter Gabriel was one of the first customers of the Fairlight CMI IIx. The film contains many flashback scenes of their life together as teenagers in 1960s America and their developing friendship and views of life. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 943/ year/ 1985. Retrieved 2009-06-26. The music makes heavy use of the Fairlight CMI IIx music computer.com/film. who become friends at school and serve in Vietnam. .imdb. Critical reception The film received the Grand Prize of the Jury at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival. References [1] "Festival de Cannes: Birdy" (http:/ / www. leaving him alone and lost inside his mind. Birdy (Modine) and Al (Cage).[1] Roger Ebert gave the film four stars (out of four) and at Rotten Tomatoes currently (2009) it has a rating of 88% fresh. festival-cannes. Birdy already has a disturbing fixation with birds and his Vietnam experiences push him over the edge: when he returns from the war. which was one of the first sampling systems.virtual-history. he is sent to a mental hospital for assessment and his friend Al stays with him to try to reach him before it's too late and he'll be separated from Birdy. html).com. festival-cannes.

.The Boy in Blue (1986 film) 255 The Boy in Blue (1986 film) The Boy in Blue Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Charles Jarrott Steve North John Kemeny Dennis Heroux Douglas Bowie Nicolas Cage Cynthia Dale Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Regatta Productions Téléfilm Canada Written by Starring Studio Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date(s) December 18. The movie is based on the life of Toronto sculler Ned Hanlan. 1986 Running time Country Language 93 minutes Canada English The Boy in Blue is a 1986 movie by Charles Jarrott starring Nicolas Cage.

The Boy in Blue (1986 film) 256 External links • The Boy in Blue [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0090769/ . imdb.

841 Peggy Sue Got Married is a 1986 American comedy-drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Kathleen Turner as a woman on the verge of a divorce.000 $41. who finds herself transported back to the days of her senior year in high school. Gurian Jerry Leichtling Arlene Sarner Kathleen Turner Nicolas Cage Don Murray Barbara Harris Joan Allen Jim Carrey Maureen O'Sullivan Sofia Coppola John Barry Music by Cinematography Jordan Cronenweth Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Barry Malkin American Zoetrope TriStar Pictures October 10. .000. 1986 104 min United States English $18. The film was written by husband and wife team Jerry Leichtling and Arlene Sarner.Peggy Sue Got Married 257 Peggy Sue Got Married Peggy Sue Got Married Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Francis Ford Coppola Paul R.382.

she contacts the young (ever geeky) Richard and asks for his advice on time travel. she finds she’s gone back to the spring of 1960. She uses this opportunity to repair an estranged relationship with her younger sister.but about "house payments. She then looks at Charlie with new eyes and it seems there's hope for them possibly reconciling their differences. who agrees to try a strange séance ritual with his Masonic Lodge buddies to send her forward in time. a former class geek turned multi-millionaire computer whiz.and Peggy starts to fall in love with him all over again. causing an awkward scene with Peggy Sue ignoring him. Peggy Sue has just separated from her former high school sweetheart. Peggy Sue is transported back to present day. Charlie unexpectedly arrives at the reunion. she replies yes . but she’s fascinated to get to live high school all over again and say things she always wanted to say (such as telling off rude girls and informing an algebra teacher she knows. Realizing that she cannot cheat fate. The awkwardness is ended when the event MC announces the reunion’s "king and queen. Charlie." talking about their future divorce. though the relationship still has its problems. Peggy answers simple questions with adult responses. albeit hesitantly. they have been married since she became pregnant at the end of high school. O'Connor) — the guy in school she always wished she’d slept with. . In addition. meanwhile. Best Cinematography and Best Costume Design. but on arriving at the stage. and Sofia Coppola rose considerably in the years after this film. However. Peggy at first believes she died at the reunion. In the next moment. Helen Hunt. She’s in shock to see old family members so young and to talk to relatives who have since died. when her mother asks if she and Charlie had a fight. Charlie (Nicolas Cage). but then comes to accept that she has gone back in time. is deeply regretful of his adultery and tells Peggy Sue he wants her back. with Charlie at her side.Peggy Sue Got Married The film was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Actress (Turner). She attends high school classes and meets with old (now-young) friends as well as their now-young boyfriends (Jim Carrey in one of his earliest roles is among them). Maddy (Joan Allen) and Carol (Catherine Hicks). Turner was nominated for Best Foreign Actress at the Premis Sant Jordi de Cinema. coming along as company. for a fact. Peggy Sue arrives at the reunion and is happy to reconnect with her old friends. The fame of co-stars like Nicolas Cage. which would again lead to Peggy getting pregnant and marrying him. she faints. He tells Peggy Sue that he loves her and gives her the locket she wore at the beginning of the film. having passed out after donating blood. Peggy Sue soon sees that this Charlie (at 18 years) is not the same as the adulterous Charlie she left in 1985 . with her daughter. Peggy is kidnapped by Charlie. For example. Peggy Sue kisses Charlie and they begin to make love. Her inquiries into time travel lead to her grandfather. Peggy Sue wakes up in a hospital. Meanwhile. 258 Plot Peggy Sue Bodell (Kathleen Turner) sets off for her 25-year high school reunion. When Peggy Sue awakens. She breaks up with him and has a one-night stand with Michael Fitzsimmons (Kevin J." The king is Richard Norvik (Barry Miller). and all start to comment on old high school memories and how times (and classmates) have changed. He takes her to a greenhouse of sorts. Nancy (Sofia Coppola). She also makes a get-rich-quick reference of going to England to discover The Beatles. Joan Allen. while everybody at the Lodge thinks the ritual worked. her senior year of high school. that she will never need algebra in her life). Jim Carrey. Beth (Helen Hunt). and is wary of attending the reunion because of everyone questioning her about the absence of Charlie. now husband. the idea that she may have dreamed the entire ordeal is called into doubt when she sees that Michael has dedicated a book to her and their night together. One thing Peggy is not happy about is that she’s still dating Charlie. Peggy is confused by this new/old world. Peggy Sue is named the queen.

essentially a demo or practice tape. It was the first box-office success for Coppola since Apocalypse Now. The version normally heard was overdubbed for commercial posthumous release. Release and reception Peggy Sue Got Married opened with $6.382. Nicolas Cage stated that he based Charlie's unusual voice on Pokey from The Gumby Show. O'Connor as Michael Fitzsimmons Jim Carrey as Walter Getz Lisa Jane Persky as Delores Dodge Lucinda Jenney as Rosalie Testa Wil Shriner as Arthur Nagle Barbara Harris as Evelyn Kelcher Don Murray as Jack Kelcher Sofia Coppola as Nancy Kelcher Maureen O'Sullivan as Elizabeth Alvorg Helen Hunt as Beth Bodell Glenn Withrow as Terry Production In his February 15. It is unusual because it is the rarely-heard original version recorded by Holly in his New York City apartment.942. Musical adaptation The film was adapted by Leichtling and Sarner into a full-length musical theater production which opened in London's West End theater district in 2001.Peggy Sue Got Married 259 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kathleen Turner as Peggy Sue Bodell Nicolas Cage as Charlie Bodell Barry Miller as Richard Norvik Catherine Hicks as Carol Heath Joan Allen as Maddy Nagle Kevin J. 9/11 forced the show to close early."[2] Title song The title song. and a several million pound advance. .841 in the U.S. accompanied only by his own guitar. He said Coppola (his uncle) and the studio were unhappy with his voice and almost fired him. 2007 appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.[1] Peggy Sue Got Married ranked number 17 on Entertainment Weekly's list of "50 Best High School Movies. played over the opening credits. Despite receiving solid reviews[3] .408 and ended up grossing $41. adding background vocals and an electric guitar track that drowned out Holly's own playing. is a Buddy Holly sequel to "Peggy Sue". A US production is in the works.

com/work/37616) at Allmovie Raising Arizona Raising Arizona Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Narrated by Starring Ethan Coen Joel Coen Ethan Coen Joel Coen Joel Coen Ethan Coen Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage Holly Hunter Trey Wilson John Goodman William Forsythe Sam McMurray Frances McDormand Randall "Tex" Cobb Carter Burwell Barry Sonnenfeld Michael R.Peggy Sue Got Married 260 References [1] Peggy Sue Got Married at Box Office Mojo (http:/ / www. html) External links • Peggy Sue Got Married (http://www.allmovie. htm) [2] Entertainment Weekly's 50 Best High School Movies (http:/ / www. ew. com/ movies/ ?id=peggysuegotmarried. com/ ew/ report/ 0.6115. html) [3] (http:/ / www.imdb. boxofficemojo.1532588_1_0_.00.com/title/tt0091738/) at the Internet Movie Database • Peggy Sue Got Married (http://www. Miller Music by Cinematography Editing by . com/ peggysuelond. curtainup.

is approached by the bounty hunter Leonard Smalls (Randall "Tex" Cobb) who offers to find the child. Smalls struggles but is blown to pieces by the grenade. Their problems get worse when Hi's supervisor. Frances McDormand and Randall "Tex" Cobb. Gale and Evelle Snoats (John Goodman. Hi and Ed go to sleep in the same bed. visual gags.000. One of the bank's anti-theft dye canisters explodes in their loot sack. pathos and idiosyncratic dialogue. but Ed discovers that she is infertile and find they are unable to adopt due to Hi's criminal record." Plot Criminal Herbert I. Hi and Ed return home and are soon visited by Hi's prison buddies. Glen gets his due from a Polish-American police officer after "telling . Nathan Sr. Gale and Evelle rob the bank but forget to take Junior in the car on their getaway. At the bank. The couple learns of the "Arizona Quints. refuses to partake of Smalls' services and deduces that Smalls is his son's kidnapper. gun-toting store cashiers. William Forsythe.. Holly Hunter. learns why they took his son.. Hi is able to fend Smalls off until he finds himself at Smalls' mercy. the movie is replete with symbolism. That night. In typical Coen Brothers fare. They move into a desert mobile home. Hi learns that Ed's fiancé has left her. Ed suggests that they should end their marriage after recovering the boy. Smalls decides to recover the child anyway to sell on the black market. At the McDunnough residence the next day. Glen approaches Hi to fire him and reveal that he has deduced "Junior's" identity and blackmails Hi.000 $22. Hi and Ed kidnap one of the five babies. 1987 94 minutes United States English $6. Smalls arrives for Junior just ahead of Ed and Hi. proposes wife swapping which results in Hi assaulting him. Ed grabs the baby and flees. Hi is tempted to revert to his felonious ways. he understands the couple's predicament and counsels the young couple. John Goodman." sons of locally famous furniture magnate Nathan Arizona (Trey Wilson). it has since achieved cult status. He begins tracking Gale and Evelle and learns of their bank robbery plans. Hi and Ed sneak Junior back into his real home and are confronted by Nathan Sr. After Nathan Sr. leading to a tense ride home. The movie ranked number 31 on the American Film Institute's 100 Years.847. William Forsythe). Not a blockbuster at the time of its release. tying him up and taking Junior for themselves. Gale and Evelle leave with plans to rob a "hayseed" bank with Junior in tow.564 261 Raising Arizona is a 1987 American comedy film directed by the Coen Brothers and starring Nicolas Cage. whom they believe to be Nathan Junior. and the two get married. Hi decides to steal a package of diapers for the baby and goes on the run from the entire local neighborhood. he advises them to sleep on it. and a pack of dogs. Hi holds up his hand to reveal that he has pulled the pin from one of the hand grenades on Smalls' vest. Under the brothers' influence. she frees Hi and the two arm themselves and set out to retrieve their child together. flamboyant camera work. and Hi gets a job in a machine shop. yodeling folk music. "Hi" McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) and policewoman Edwina "Ed" (Holly Hunter) meet after she takes the mugshots of the recidivist. Ed finally relents and picks him up. who have just broken out. Gale and Evelle overhear this conversation and turn on Hi. Glen (Sam McMurray). 100 Laughs and number 45 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies. Hi proposes to her after his latest release from prison. When Ed comes home. They want to have children. After being thrown to the ground.Raising Arizona Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue 20th Century Fox March 6. and Hi has a dream about Gale and Evelle reforming after returning to prison. unconventional characters. Nathan Arizona Sr. En route. With continued visits. When Hi and Ed say that they are breaking up. the police. disabling the car and incapacitating them.

Emmet Walsh as Machine Shop Ear-Bender Production Conception The Coen Brothers started working on Raising Arizona with the idea to make it as different as possible from their previous film Blood Simple by having it be far more optimistic and upbeat. One mother put her baby's shoes on backwards to keep the baby crawling rather than walking. Lynne Dumin Kitei as Florence Arizona Warren Keith as Younger FBI Agent Henry M.[14] The character of Leonard Smalls was created when the Coen Brothers tried to envision an "evil character" not from their imagination. with Joel noting that "he's less an actor than a force of nature. Kendrick as Older FBI Agent Keith Jandacek as Whitey.[4] The script took three and a half months to write. 262 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage as Herbert "H.I. Convenience Store Clerk M.[1] [2] The starting point of scriptwriting came from the idea of the character of Hi's who has the desire to live a regular life as well as having the desire to live outside the boundaries of the law.. gets a football for Christmas. namely magazines and The Bible.."/"Hi" McDunnough Holly Hunter as Edwina "Ed" McDunnough Trey Wilson as Nathan Arizona Sr.[3] To create their characters' dialect. Joel and Ethan took a hybrid of local dialect and the assumed reading material of the characters.[13] The Coens wrote the part of Ed for Holly Hunter. Joel Coen noted that "to obtain maximum from that money. but one that the character Hi would have thought up. later becoming a football star. from "a kindly couple who wish to remain anonymous".[12] Cast Opposed to Blood Simple.[11] With the low budget of just a little more than five million dollars. Kuhn as Nathan Arizona Jr.[6] [7] [8] Joel and Ethan showed their completed script to Circle Films who was their American distributor for Blood Simple. and Nathan Jr. John Goodman as Gale Snoats William Forsythe as Evelle Snoats Sam McMurray as Glen Frances McDormand as Dot Randall 'Tex' Cobb as Leonard Smalls (The Lone Biker of the Apocalypse) T.I don't know if I'd rush headlong into employing him for a future film.[5] The film was influenced by director Preston Sturges and writers such as William Faulkner and the southern literature of Flannery O'Connor.[9] [10] The Coens came to set with a complete script and story board.Raising Arizona one Polack joke too many". the movie has to be meticulously prepared". The dream ends by depicting an elderly couple together enjoying a holiday visit from a large family of children and grandchildren.J.[11] Several babies had to be fired on set due to them taking their first steps rather than crawling. the characters of Raising Arizona were written to be very sympathetic."[4] . Circle Films liked the script and agreed to finance the film.[4] Randall "Tex" Cobb gave the Coens difficulty on set.

Among the positive reviews. Since the basic idea of the movie is a good one and there are talented people in the cast. critics. associate producer and assistant director Deborah Reinisch.and. They have an autocratic nature.[17] Rita Kempley of The Washington Post gave a positive review stating that it was "the best kidnapping comedy since last summer's "Ruthless People". cinematographers. Both the British film magazine Empire and film database Allmovie gave the film five stars."[21] Writing for The New York Times."[20] Negative reviews focused on "style over substance" stand against the film.[24] Roger Ebert wrote a negative review stating the film "stretches out every moment for more than it's worth. frail content. nominated by film directors. behind a bank robbery scene from the 1995 thriller Heat. it often doesn't hold together as a coherent story. co-producer Mark Silverman. The direction is without decisive style. screenwriters.[14] Cage said that "Joel and Ethan have a very strong vision and I've learned how difficult it is to accept another artist's vision.[29] The film placed at number thirty-one on the list. David Denby of New York.[17] Richard Corliss of Time referred to the film as "exuberantly original".[26] [27] Allmovie's Lucia Bozzola wrote that "Complete with carefully modulated over-the-top performances from the entire cast.Raising Arizona 263 Filming Raising Arizona was shot in thirteen weeks. production designer Jane Musky. most of all. Vincent Canby wrote that "Like "Blood Simple." it's full of technical expertise but has no life of its own. their highest ratings. historians and film executives. until even the moments of inspiration seem forced. what we have here is a film shot down by its own forced and mannered style. the fun feels a little forced". and film composer Carter Burwell. on their list of "The 5 best bank robberies in film history". Cage arrived on set offering suggestions to the Coen Brothers through various points in the film which the Coens ignored. " while Caroline Westbrook of Empire declared it a "Hilarious. critic Gene Siskel commented that the film was as "good looking as it is funny" and that "despite some slow patches" he recommended the film giving it a "thumbs up". Pauline Kael wrote that "Raising Arizona is no big deal. editors.[18] On the film review television show Siskel & Ebert & the Movies.[23] Dave Kehr of the Chicago Tribune wrote that "the overlooked form peels away from the slight.[30] . madcap comedy from the Coen brothers that demonstrates just why they are the kings of quirk". a terrific sense of how to manipulate imagery" but "By the end."[15] Many crew members who had worked with Joel and Ethan on Blood Simple returned for Raising Arizona..[9] [16] Reception Critical response Initial critical reception opened to very mixed reviews. and the film starts to look like an episode of "Hee Haw" directed by an amphetamine-crazed Orson Welles".[19] Writing for The New Yorker. including cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld.[2] Relationship between actor Nicolas Cage and the Coens was respectful but turbulent.[28] In 2000. wrote that the film was a "deranged fable of the New West" which turned "sarcasm into a rude yet affectionate mode of comedy". but it has a rambunctious charm."[25] Modern reception to the film has been generally positive. the American Film Institute had the film nominated for their list of one hundred best comedy films of the twentieth century. actors.[27] The Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland placed Raising Arizona's bank robbery scene second."[22] Julie Salamon of the Wall Street Journal wrote that the Coen Brothers "have a lot of imagination and sense of fun .. Raising Arizona confirmed the Coens' place among the most distinctive filmmakers to emerge from the 1980s independent cinema. Variety wrote that "While [Raising Arizona] is filled with many splendid touches and plenty of yocks.

Holly Hunter sings a traditional murder ballad. originally recorded by Pete Seeger in 1955. 9" and "Russian Folk Themes and Yodel". Crowder. .Raising Arizona 264 Accolades The film was screened out of competition at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival.[32] Soundtrack Original Motion Picture Soundtracks: Raising Arizona and Blood Simple Soundtrack by Carter Burwell Released Genre Length Label 1987 Film score 39:26 Varèse Sarabande Professional reviews • Allmusic link [33] Coen Brothers film soundtracks chronology Blood Simple (1984) Raising Arizona (1987) Miller's Crossing (1990) The score to Raising Arizona is written by Carter Burwell. as a lullaby during the film. Mieczyslaw Litwinski on Jew's harp and guitar and yodeling by John R. massed choir. banjo. "Down in the Willow Garden". Themes are borrowed from the "Goofing Off Suite".[31] The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 90% of critics gave the film a positive review. whistling and yodeling. which includes an excerpt from the "Chorale" movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Symphony No. based on forty-eight reviews. The sounds are a mix of organ.[34] Selections from Burwell's score to Raising Arizona were released on an album in 1987. along with selections from the Coen's previous (and first) feature film. Musicians credited with playing the music for the film are Ben Freed on banjo. Blood Simple. the second of his collaborations with the Coen Brothers.

"These fraternal film makers have a lot of imagination and sense of fun . Allen 2006. Variety. [3] Coen. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ raisingarizonapg13kempley_a0cab6. ABC Domestic Television. [7] Coen. Retrieved 2009-06-04. Allen 2006. a terrific sense of how to manipulate imagery. most of all. . Allen 2006. 20 March 1987. the fun feels a little forced. 21. 11 March 1987. afi. pp. [24] The Chicago Tribune. "Raising Ukeleles" – (3:41) 8. go..)". htm). com/ tv/ buenavista/ atm/ reviews.100 Laughs" (http:/ / www. "Introduction . Allen 2006. Max (2008-04-26). . 96–97. . 18. 23. [14] Coen. "He Was Horrible" – (1:30) 4. pp. Coen. Coen. Retrieved 2009-06-04. Allen 2006. and the film starts to look like an episode of "Hee Haw" directed by an amphetamine-crazed Orson Welles. [5] Coen. "Quickly and fatally. Coen. 19 [15] Coen. [27] "Empire Reviews Central" (http:/ / www. 34. [9] Coen. [2] Coen. aspx). "Raising Arizona is no big deal. pp. Coen. "Shopping Arizona" – (2:46) 10. Retrieved 2009-06-04. html?categoryid=31& cs=1). suntimes. . variety. Allen 2006. empireonline. "Dream of the Future" – (2:31) 9. but it has a rambunctious charm. 24. pp. Empire. The sunsets look marvelously ultra-vivid. Allen 2006. Coen. 26. Retrieved 2009-06-04. 20.. Allen 2006. Chicago Sun Times. American Film Institute. com/ review/ VE1117794309. 1987. Retrieved 2009-06-04. [25] "Raising Arizona Review" (http:/ / rogerebert. "Return to the Nursery" – (1:35) • The tracks from Raising Arizona comprise the first ten tracks on a 17-track CD that also features selections from the Blood Simple soundtrack. dll/ article?AID=/ 19870320/ REVIEWS/ 703200302/ 1023).)". Rita (March 20. Coen. 26 March 1987. [29] "AFI's 100 Years. Allen 2006. 32.. [20] The New Yorker: 81. pp. [12] Coen. 20 April 1987. [21] "Raising Arizona Review" (http:/ / www. References [1] Coen. 29. But sometimes they seem to be getting too big a kick out of their own shenanigans. Allen 2006. Allmovie. washingtonpost. "The 5 Best Bank Robberies in Film History". 30 [6] Coen. 1987). [19] "At the Movies: Raising Arizona" (http:/ / bventertainment. Retrieved 2009-06-04. 1987. Allen 2006. [28] Porcelijn.A Hole in the Ground" – (0:38) 2. Coen. "The Letter" – (2:27) 6. At the Movies. Coen. html?sec=6& subsec=raising+ arizona).. 27 [17] Russell 2001. com/ apps/ pbcs.. [26] "Raising Arizona > Review" (http:/ / allmovie. Coen. frail content. Allen 2006. "Just Business" – (1:17) 5.Raising Arizona 265 Track listing 1. pp. pp. pp. Coen. Coen. asp?DVDID=7118). pp. 28. [22] The New York Times: C24. Coen. 44 [18] Kempley. 33 [10] Coen.)". "Way Out There (Main Title)" – (1:55) 3. . 27. Allen 2006. [13] Coen. 17. "'Raising Arizona' (PG-13)" (http:/ / www. com/ work/ raising-arizona-40176/ review). Coen. [16] Russell 2001. pp.and.)". pp. pp. com/ reviews/ reviewcomplete. pp. com/ tvevents/ 100years/ laughs. [11] Coen. . The direction is without decisive style. [4] Coen. the pain doesn't seem to be dry – it's like opening day of a miniature golf course. Coen. the overlooked form peels away from the slight. pp." it's full of technical expertise but has no life of its own. 1987. Vrij Nederland: pp. Washington Post. Retrieved 2009-06-04. pp. "Hail Lenny" – (2:18) 7. By the end. . Coen. Allen 2006. pp.. [23] Wall Street Journal. "Like "Blood Simple. [8] Coen. pp. Allen 2006. .

The Coen brothers: interviews (http://books. festival-cannes. Ethan Coen.youtube. (2001).google. ISBN 0786409738.Raising Arizona [30] "America's Funniest Movies" (http:/ / connect.com. The brothers Grim: the films of Ethan and Joel Coen. External links • • • • • Raising Arizona (http://www. • Russell. html).jsp?stid=87648) at the TCM Movie Database Raising Arizona (http://www. American Film Institute. com/ m/ raising_arizona/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes. rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2009-07-25. [32] Raising Arizona (http:/ / www. com/ cg/ amg. ISBN 0810858509. [31] "Festival de Cannes: Raising Arizona" (http:/ / www. The films of Joel and Ethan Coen (http://books. 2010. pdf?docID=252). Last accessed: March 14. William Rodney Allen (2006). afi. University Press of Mississippi.com/video/titles/raisingarizona) at Metacritic Raising Arizona (http://tcmdb. p. com/ site/ DocServer/ laughs100. Joel. Scarecrow Press.imdb. festival-cannes. Erica (2007).com/ ?id=nyqHy2sEDKQC). 264. Carolyn R.metacritic. [33] http:/ / allmusic. dll?p=amg& sql=10:kpftxqygldte [34] Rowell. 266 Bibliography • Coen. ISBN 1578068894.google. .com/watch?v=2AIfVoGUs6c) film trailer at You Tube . .com/title/tt0093822/) at the Internet Movie Database Raising Arizona (http://www. com/?id=4zO2BS4FiE4C). McFarland.rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2009-06-04.com/m/raising_arizona/) at Rotten Tomatoes Raising Arizona (http://www. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 434/ year/ 1987.com/title/title.

receiving largely positive reviews from critics. and Best Supporting Actress.Moonstruck 267 Moonstruck Moonstruck Promotional poster by Olga Kaljakin Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Norman Jewison Norman Jewison Patrick Palmer John Patrick Shanley Cher Nicolas Cage Olympia Dukakis Vincent Gardenia Danny Aiello Dick Hyman Music by Cinematography David Watkin Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Lou Lombardo Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer December 16. 1987. The film went on to gross $80. making it the fifth highest grossing of that year.528 at the North American box office.528 Moonstruck is a 1987 romantic comedy film directed by Norman Jewison. winning three for Best Original Screenplay.[2] . The movie was released on December 18. 1987 102 minutes United States English $80.640.[1] The film was nominated for six Oscars at the 60th Academy Awards.640. Best Actress.

37-year-old Loretta Castorini (Cher) is an accountant for a few local businesses. New York. She says she will never see Ronny again and they must never tell anyone what they did. Rose jumps on this and thanks Johnny for answering her question. he is going to die. Loretta feels ashamed of herself. opera and Loretta together for one evening at the opera. Perry (John Mahoney) walks Rose home. They have a delightful conversation about being older and what makes a man chase younger women. and when he asks her on a date to put the two things he loves most. Younger brother Ronny (Nicolas Cage). her father Cosmo (Vincent Gardenia) voices his disapproval. He leaves for Italy to attend his dying mother. Loretta spends the night at Ronny's house once again. Cosmo. organized curls. However. They proceed to talk about their unhappy lives and bad luck and eventually end up in his apartment above the bakery shop. Mr. Castorini comes home and tells Johnny to watch out. Their mutual attraction for each other takes over. there should be no regrets. He assumes the worst. Johnny after some discussion of Adam's missing rib decides that maybe a man just "fears death". Loretta feels guilty for being with Ronny. Ronny doesn't care what she thinks. one being her uncle's delicatessen and another is an undertaker. Castorini joins the group. They meet the father of Cosmo. but Rose offers him coffee and oatmeal. On his way home he stops by the Castorinis' where Rose tells him that Loretta is not home yet and she wants to speak to him about why a man needs more than one woman. reminding Loretta that her first husband died because she brings bad luck to a union. but he convinces/tricks her into another tryst at his place. Rose Castorini. dining alone at Bobos. At the opera. Rose pipes in telling Cosmo that he has to get rid of his girlfriend. His maiming resulted in his fiancée leaving him. and his pack of dogs. Johnny has no clue what Cosmo is referring to. Loretta says its modern times and there aren't miracles these days. while her mother Rose (Olympia Dukakis) seems resigned to the idea and relieved that Loretta is not in love with bumbling Johnny. witnesses a college professor get dumped on by a young coed and invites him to eat with her. Loretta makes a call at the deli and explains that she is in a hurry and will make that day's deposit at the bank. Loretta's mother. on his knees in a good suit and Loretta accepts. Her boyfriend Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello) proposes marriage one night at dinner. just follow your heart and get into his bed. Johnny has come back early from Italy after his mother's miraculous recovery. The front door bell rings. They both agree to pretend they did not see each other. blaming his brother for distracting him and causing the accident. Next she buys a stunning evening gown. and sees just how well a plumber can succeed in NY. The next morning. Raymond shows up and tells his son. The next morning Loretta (after being cut off on the phone) visits Ronny at his bakery and tenders the wedding invitation. Walking home. Ronny has fallen in love with Loretta. Walking down the street she pops into a beauty shop for a makeover. stares confusedly at Ronny and learns that he is Johnny's brother. Loretta sees her father. with another woman named Mona. Rose tells Loretta to cover up the love bite on her neck since he's coming soon. No more gray. Rose shoots back that it is not based on . Loretta comes home the next morning. Meanwhile.Moonstruck 268 Plot The story takes place in Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn. Rose pipes in and tells Cosmo no matter what he does. She spots a love bite on his neck and pinches Loretta on the arm as she re-enters the kitchen. The Castorinis live in a house that takes up half a block. Johnny getting more befuddled every minute says good night and indicates he will be back in the morning to see Loretta. That evening Johnny asks Loretta to invite his younger brother Ronny to come to the wedding. and they make love. Rose relays the information about Johnny's mother's recovery. Loretta wants Ronny to leave. Mr. Rose answers the door to find Ronny not Johnny. and Rose explains to Perry that she will have to turn around the bad idea "Pop" has in his mind. Catcalls and stares follow her home to an empty house. Upon hearing the news of Loretta's engagement that night. kicking a can and sort of dancing down the street. She muses over her new outfit and spends the early evening getting ready for Ronny and the opera. and red shoes to match. things aren't always what they appear. Cosmo that he must pay for the wedding or break his house through pride. tells Loretta how he lost his hand in a bread slicer. plucked eyebrows and a great makeup job. He tells the table that his life is built on 'nothing'. she agrees. Once in the house.

and that she loves him. • There is only a fifteen year age difference between Cher and Dukakis (born 1931). Johnny Cammareri Julie Bovasso as Rita Cappomaggi Louis Guss as Raymond Cappomaggi John Mahoney as Perry Feodor Chaliapin. The family shares a bottle of champagne and even Johnny joins in after Raymond tells him that he is part of this family too. • Cher and Aiello play younger characters. and Aiello was approximately twelve years older (54) than his character. in real-life. • Gardenia and Dukakis previously appeared together in Death Wish (1974). All is well until Johnny arrives and needs to speak privately with Loretta.Moonstruck nothing. Jr. he is eighteen years younger than Cher (born 1946) and thirty-one years younger than his on-screen brother Aiello (born 1933). Seizing the moment. 'That's Amore' and the party continues in the kitchen. Ronny ask Loretta to marry him and borrows the ring from Johnny. Awards and honors Awards Award Academy Awards Best Actress Best Supporting Actress Original Screenplay Best Picture Best Supporting Actor Best Director Vincent Gardenia Norman Jewison Category Cher Olympia Dukakis Name Outcome Won Won John Patrick Shanley Won Nominated Nominated Nominated .. Loretta complains and throws the ring at him. as Loretta's grandfather Cast notes • This is the second time that Cher and John Mahoney have starred in a movie together. and Mahoney) share June 20 as a birthday. Music plays. In real life. 269 Cast • • • • • • • • • Cher as Loretta Castorini Nicolas Cage as Ronny Cammareri Olympia Dukakis as Rose Castorini Vincent Gardenia as Cosmo Castorini Danny Aiello as Mr. Johnny blurts that he can't marry her or his mother will die so Ronny calls him a baby whose mother runs his life. their first being Suspect also in 1987. she was approximately Johnny Cammareri's age (42). He says he loves her too. Loretta says she needs her family around her. • Three members of the film's principal cast (Dukakis. Aiello. • Twenty-three-year-old Cage (born 1964) plays a character about fifteen years older than his real age.

net.. [4] American Film Institute (2008-06-17). suntimes.. 100 Laughs 2002 — #17 on AFI's 100 Years. AFI revealed its "Ten top Ten"—the best ten films in ten "classic" American film genres—after polling over 1. ComingSoon. php?id=46072). net/ news/ movienews. com/ movies/ ?id=moonstruck.. jsp. com/ 10top10/ romanticcomedy.net. External links • Moonstruck (http://www. 100 Laughs. Moonstruck was acknowledged as the eighth best film in the romantic comedy genre. ComingSoon. American Film Institute recognition • • • • 2000 — #41 on AFI's 100 Years. dll/ article?AID=/ 20030622/ REVIEWS08/ 306220301/ 1023). Retrieved 2008-06-18. "AFI Crowns Top 10 Films in 10 Classic Genres" (http:/ / www.Moonstruck British Academy Film Awards Best Actress Best Supporting Actress BAFTA Award for Best Film Music BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay Golden Globe Awards Best Actress Best Supporting Actress Best Picture .[3] [4] The film is also number 72 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies..Musical or Comedy Best Actor .. html). 100 Movie Quotes ("Snap out of it!") 2008 — #8 on AFI's 10 Top 10 (Romantic Comedy) Influential film critic Roger Ebert entered the film to his "Great Movies" collection in June 2003. 100 Passions 2005 — #96 on AFI's 100 Years. "AFI Crowns Top 10 Films in 10 Classic Genres" (http:/ / www.. com/ apps/ pbcs.jsessionid=B257DB4EB16D06BE5CBD6C2B4D5508FB?curTime=1267186806948) Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Retrieved 2010-2-26 [3] American Film Institute (2008-06-17). .boxofficemojo. Roger. [5] Ebert.500 people from the creative community. org/ ampas_awards/ DisplayMain.[5] References [1] Moonstruck (http:/ / boxofficemojo.. . Retrieved 2008-06-18.com/movies/?id=moonstruck. 2003. comingsoon.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Nicolas Cage Best Screenplay Writers Guild of America Best Original Screenplay Cher Olympia Dukakis Dick Hyman Nominated Won Nominated 270 John Patrick Shanley Nominated Cher Olympia Dukakis Won Won Nominated Nominated John Patrick Shanley Nominated John Patrick Shanley Won In June 2008.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Moonstruck (http://www. afi.. oscars. Moonstruck (http:/ / rogerebert. htm) Box Office Mojo Retrieved 2010-2-26 [2] Moonstruck (http:/ / awardsdatabase.com/m/Moonstruck/) at Rotten Tomatoes .rottentomatoes. June 22." and number 41 on AFI's 100 Years.

Directing Adam Rifkin directed his first film Never on Tuesday in 1988. He wrote Knucklehead for WWE Studios. which he wrote and directed. starring Tim Allen and two hits for DreamWorks. is an American film director. Preceding his completion of that project. LOOK is a drama that takes the viewer into the foreboding world of hidden cameras.Adam Rifkin 271 Adam Rifkin Adam Rifkin (born December 31. the topical series. Adam Rifkin is a writer/director/producer/actor whose eclectic career ranges from broad family comedies to cult classics to dark and gritty urban dramas. production. Continuing in the family film genre. was named one of the top ten films of its year by The New York Post[7] . like the film. . Rifkin is best known in Hollywood circles for writing family-friendly comedies like Mousehunt and 2007's Underdog. Armed with the knowledge that Americans are captured on surveillance cameras more than 300 times a day[5] . Zoom. The dark drama was an official selection of the London Film Festival in 2001. Rifkin has a penchant for family fare. Career Rifkin's multi-faceted career spans directing. Rifkin is claimed to belong to a rare breed of film directors that transited from public access television to Hollywood. As of this writing he has directed eleven others. Underdog for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Mousehunt and Small Soldiers. Rifkin gained critical recognition[8] for Night at the Golden Eagle. [2] . executive produced and directed all 11 episodes of Look (series) for Showtime[3] . and cell phone cameras Americans live in front of everyday. bringing to light the realities of what it means to be watched in a camera consumed culture. including The Chase (1994). tells its story exclusively through the eyes of the security cameras. he scribed the big screen version of He-Man for John Woo and 20th Century Fox. Production Rifkin began his relatively limited production career in 1999 on the production of Touch Me in the Morning by Giuseppe Andrews. 1966 in Chicago) sometimes credited as Rif Coogan. acting and screenwriting in the film industry. but also produced. Rifkin produced his own film A Night at the Golden Eagle as well as Getting Hal by Tony Markes. producer. Detroit Rock City (1999) and the lurid yet idiosyncratic A Night at the Golden Eagle (2002). a tent pole comedy based on the iconic 1960's cartoon show.[1] . He was then the director responsible for New Line Cinema’s Detroit Rock City. a film which he not only wrote and directed. starring WWE superstar Big Show. Education Adam Rifkin was a 1984 graduate of The Chicago Academy for the Arts. actor and writer. web cams.[6] Rifkin gained popularity when his film The Dark Backward. As a screenwriter. a cult film that continues to be watched by rock fans around the world. Most recently Rifkin wrote. Based on his award winning[4] film of the same name.

[6] Year 1988 1989 1989 1990 1990 1991 1991 1992 1992 1993 1993 1993 1994 1996 1997 1998/1 1998 1998 1998 1999 1999 1999 2001 Never on Tuesdsay Going Overboard Tale of Two Sisters The Invisible Maniac (a. who everyone calls an idiot. Director. a visor. inventing things like pants. Actor (All as Rif Coogan) Actor Actor (As Rif Coogan) Director Actor Actor Director (As Rif Coogan). Going Overboard.k. Director. Detroit Rock City.. produced. Rifkin has appeared in small roles and cameos in his other films. and produced a number of films over the years.a The Nutty Nut) The Flesh Merchant Bikini Squad Psycho Cop 2 The Chase Bone Chillers (TV Series) MouseHunt Denial Small Soldiers Susan's Plan {a. Actor (Both as Rif Coogan) Actor Writer.k. Actor Role . including Small Soldiers and MouseHunt starring Nathan Lane. He also wrote. Co-Executive Producer Writer Writer. starring Adam Sandler and Burt Young. Talia Shire. Actor Producer Director. Actor Writer Actor Writer. Denial and Psycho Cop 2. The film's ensemble cast includes Ali Larter. Director. which the tribe finds completely useless. directed and acted in the 2007 film Homo Erectus. directed. A Night at the Golden Eagle. Director Writer. Gary Busey. Without Charlie. the main character in the film. and Ron Jeremy. Rifkin also appeared as Babes Ahoy in the 1989 film. Creator/Co-Creator. a ladder. Director.k. The Dark Backward. in which he portrays a wimpy caveman called Ishbo.Adam Rifkin 272 Acting Adam Rifkin began his acting career in 1988 his directorial debut Never on Tuesday. Actor Writer.a Dying to Get Rich(!)} Welcome to Hollywood Touch Me in the Morning Detroit Rock City Miscellaneous Shit: Behind the Scenes of 'Detroit Rock City' Without Charlie Film Actor Co-Producer Director Director and Screeplay & Story Writer (All as Rif Coogan) Actor Writer. Writing Besides being the author of a majority of the films he directed. Filmography Rifkin has acted. Rifkin has also written screenplays for a few notable Hollywood films. etc.a The Invisible Sex Maniac) Disturbed The Dark Backward Bikini Island Last Dance The Nutt House (a. David Carradine.

Actor Producer Writer. com/ name/ nm0726472/ http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0250617/ externalreviews External links • Adam Rifkin (http://www. imdb. wired. imdb.k. Actor. imdb. Executive Producer 273 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www. com/ name/ nm0726472/ maindetails http:/ / www.com/name/nm0726472/) at the Internet Movie Database . com/ title/ tt1586619/ http:/ / www. imdb.Adam Rifkin 2001 2001 2003 2005 2006 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2009 2010 2010 2010 2011 Note Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy (a. com/ article/ -Lexi-Love-Featured-in-Rifkin-s-LOOK-The-Series-Premiering-on-Showtime http:/ / www. Executive Producer Actor.2 Starz Inside: In the Gutter (TV Episode) Trailers From Hell Fairy Tail Police Starz Inside: Sex and the Cinema (TV) Advice for New Screenwriters Knucklehead Look (series) Chillerama (Post-Production) Movies with Adam Rifkin in the Special Thanks have not been added. Director Writer Producer. com/ name/ nm0726472/ bio http:/ / www. imdb.a The Legend of Ron Jeremy) Actor Night at the Golden Eagle Getting Hai Grandpa Zoom Homo Erectus (a. Writer. com/ title/ tt0810951/ awards http:/ / www1.a National Lampoon's: The Stoned Age) Garbanzo Gas Look Underdog Blump's Squeezable Documentary Entertainment Tonight: Episode dated 11 July 2008 Spread TV: Episode #4. Director. com/ entertainment/ hollywood/ news/ 2007/ 12/ look http:/ / www.imdb. Producer Producer Producer Writer Writer. imdb.k. Actor Actor Actor Actor Actor Actor Actor Actor Writer Writer. stripperforme. Director (2010). Director.

and stars actors Nicolas Cage.000. who also penned Martin Scorsese's darkly humorous After Hours. Maria Conchita Alonso. release) 103 min. which has this as a subtitle in Europe and Oceania.Vampire's Kiss 274 Vampire's Kiss Vampire's Balls Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Robert Bierman John Daly Derek Gibson Barry Shils Barbara Zitwer Joseph Minion Nicolas Cage Maria Conchita Alonso Jennifer Beals Elizabeth Ashley Colin Towns Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Stefan Czapsky Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Angus Newton Hemdale Film Corporation June 2. It was written by Joseph Minion. 1989 (U. Vampire's Kiss is an American dark comedy/psychological horror film released in 1989. Jennifer Beals and Elizabeth Ashley. .000 (estimated) Not to be confused with the SNES remake Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.S. United States English German $2.

Loew meets Rachel (Jennifer Beals) at a night club. Alva. who is slowly but inexorably going insane. Loew is so far gone he is one of New York City's walking crazies. Soon thererafter.[1] with many critics praising Cage's unhinged performance. perhaps the film's most infamous. He later felt sorry for them. Alva Restrepo (Maria Conchita Alonso). when his "fangs" fail to develop. quasi-English accent seems to come and go through the film. • Cage actually ate three cockroaches for the film. It is never made clear whether the entire encounter with Rachel is real or solely a figment of Loew's deranged mind. he wears dark sunglasses during the day. In one scene. A subplot concerns a secretary working at Loew's office. and. By the film's conclusion. and is expelled from the club. As the film opens. and finally attacks and rapes her. However. Loew may have murdered someone the night before. his sexy vampire girlfriend. the viewer is first introduced to Loew's declining mental health through a series of increasingly bizarre rants that eventually begin to scare even his psychiatrist. and he may have raped his secretary. Loew tells his therapist (Ashley). At home. Response Critical responses have been mixed.[2] . Not believing this to be shocking enough. Rachel (possibly) visits him nightly to feed on his blood. but she pins him down. he mentions both "achievements" to his therapist. wandering the streets in a blood-spattered business suit. with a 68% "fresh" rating on RottenTomatoes. in a hallucinatory exchange. however. but gives the impression they've not been in contact for a long period. as the scene reportedly required three takes. Trivia • The original script called for Cage's character to eat raw eggs. then visits her home when she calls in sick to avoid him.com. According to the IMDB. He accuses her of being a vampire.Vampire's Kiss 275 Plot summary Vampire's Kiss is the story of Peter Loew (Nicolas Cage). Loew's fits of rage gradually reduce his apartment to shambles. and feeds on him. and takes her home. The movie spends some time showing a small slice of the lives of the working poor immigrant through Alva's character. Loew torments her by forcing her to search through an enormous file for a 1963 contract. talking to himself. with little in his life of any importance but one night stands and the pursuit of money and prestige. Loew catches and eats a cockroach in his apartment. but mostly positive. also believes she's been raped. This was during a time when Cage was making a name for himself with performances that often featured strange voices. During these sessions at the psychiatrist's office. All the while. Cage suggested cockroaches. ambiguous encounter with Rachel in a dance club: she admits to knowing him. and this was deliberate. He stares into a bathroom mirror and fails to see his reflection. reveals vampiric fangs. and using his now disastrous apartment as a vampire's cave where he hides from the sun by crawling under an upturned sofa. Early in the film. • Cage's strange. Loew begins to believe that he is changing into a vampire. whom he sees frequently. Loew plays the consummate businessman by day. and club hops by night. about his latest sexual conquest. a driven yuppie literary agent. Throughout the movie the apartment's decline mirrors the protagonist's own increasingly chaotic mental state. Cage decided the character would affect an accent to seem more intelligent and refined. Loew has a brief. who is not really present. he at first browbeats and humiliates her. he purchases a pair of cheap plastic vampire teeth and uses them to attack a woman at a nightclub. such as his raspy voice in Peggy Sue Got Married and his Elvis impression in Wild at Heart. When she fails to find the contract. and the film ends with Loew's fitting yet curiously pitiful death at the hands of her brother. Loew has by this time become so deranged that it's difficult for the viewer to separate fantasy from reality.

.. • Nick Cage's brother plays the porky waiter in the bar scene near the beginning of the opening of the film toward the end of the scene.. Jackie Bob Lujan ..... Alva Restrepo Jennifer Beals .... Secretary in Ladies Room Sol Echeverría . Glazer's Lover Robyn Knoll ... Fantasy Cabbie Michael Knowles . Cursing Cabbie (as Yanni Sfinnias) Rogerio Triandade .. • Cage originally wanted to cast a real bat for one of the early scenes. Since Animal Rights activists were already giving them a hard time for the cockroaches.... Andrew John Michael Higgins .. below Christopher Street. Sharon Johnny Walker .. Theater Guy (as David Pierce) Amy Stiller .......Vampire's Kiss • There's a picture of Czech existentialist writer Franz Kafka at Loew's office.. Joke Girl Marc Coppola .... Rachel Elizabeth Ashley ... Hanger Out Stephen Chen . 276 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicolas Cage ....... Victim Girl Rex Robbins . who failed to sign a release form on the day of the shoot... Dr... • The band in the opening scene is ESG.. Friday Secretary Jorgen Schiott ... Ed Jodie Markell ..... Emilio Jessica Lundy ... They managed to fix it and were able to use it for the film. Alva's Mother Jill Gatsby . with a small clock placed on top...... Editor #2 David Holbrook .......... The interior location in the following scene was actually shot at Mondo Cane.. Glaser Kasi Lemmons .. The bat was made in England and broke during the long flight to the US... Nicolas Cage enters a nightclub... Dr... they had someone design a robotic bat... The movie certainly has kafkaesque undertones. Sidney Langdon Robert Dorfman .. Coffin Bystander Christopher Sluka . • In the opening scene. Editor #1 Yanni Sfinias ... All of the individual band members appear in the cast list as "Band Member". The exterior location shown in the film is a doorway on 7th Ave South... Joke Guy David Hyde Pierce . Editor #3 William De Acutis . except for Leroy Glover. is reminiscent of the one in René Magritte's painting La Durée Poignardé or Time Transfixed. Theater Girl Helen Lloyd Breed . which was on Sullivan Street just north of Bleecker Street.... • Loew's fireplace. • The band Say Hi To Your Mom referenced the movie in their song "Poor Pete is A Bit Self-Conscious" on the album Ferocious Mopes. Donald Boris Leskin .. Fang Vendor . Peter Loew Maria Conchita Alonso ...

. Marriage Girl #1 Paul Sansone ... Boy Renee Scroggins .. Larry Pamela Dean Kelly .com (2006).amazon.. Band Member Helen Scroggins . Retrieved February 9..........com/title/tt0098577/). 2006. Bouncer (uncredited) Debbie Rochon . Band Member Jacques Sandulescu . • Amazon..... Ukrainian (as Jacques Sandlescu) Scott Pastore ... Church Bystander (scenes deleted) Mark Oates .... Band Member David Miles .. 2006. Apache Dancer Jerry Rector . Apache Dancer John Epperson . html) • The Internet Movie Database (2006)..... com/ m/ vampires_kiss/ [2] BSB: Nicolas Cage runs lines from VAMPIRE'S KISS (http:/ / www.... Retrieved February 9. External links • Vampire's Kiss (http://www. Bar Girl #2 (uncredited) 277 References [1] http:/ / www. fangoria. Band Member Valerie Jean Scroggins ..com/dp/B000068IET).Vampire's Kiss • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jennifer Butt ....... Marriage Girl #2 Jennifer Spinner . Black Crooner Reggie Rock Bythewood .... rottentomatoes.com/title/tt0098577/) at the Internet Movie Database ..... Bar Girl Jonathon Gentry ..imdb.. Man in Diner Phil Ballou ... Vampires Kiss (1988) (http://imdb... Judy Herschel Rosen ....... Vampires Kiss (1989) (http://www. Waiter Cheryl Henry . com/ blogs/ chris-alexander/ 4436-bsb-nicolas-cage-runs-lines-from-vampires-kiss.

Silvestri continues by walking. Despite this. While taking refuge in a cave Silvestri shoots at a wild animal. En route to the dentist his vehicle has an accident. Upon reaching the hospital. as the Italian army is invading Ethiopia. he and the Ethiopian fall for each other. Silvestri must evade his former comrades and reach his wife in Italy. but the bullet ricochets and hits the woman. Silvestri continues to the dentist. leading him to believe he has leprosy. The film is set in 1936. and stops near a rock. he meets and rapes a young Ethiopian woman. he reads a medical book. It is directed by Giuliano Montaldo. Plot Lieutenant Silvestri suffers a toothache and decides to reach the nearest camp hospital. As he tries to escape from Ethiopia. .Tempo di uccidere 278 Tempo di uccidere Tempo di uccidere (which translates as Time to Kill) is a 1990 film starring Nicolas Cage. On his way.

Edwards. The film stars Nicolas Cage. Cage is cast as a helicopter pilot attempting to help dismantle a drug cartel in South America. Keith Barish and Arnold Kopelson. 1990 87 minutes United States English $14. Supporting actor Jones . Tommy Lee Jones and Sean Young. Edwards Nick Thiel David Taylor Nicolas Cage Tommy Lee Jones Sean Young David Newman Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Tony Imi Editing by Norman Buckley Dennis O'Connor Jon Poll Nova International Films Touchstone Pictures May 25. Nick Thiel and David Taylor.Fire Birds 279 Fire Birds Fire Birds Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by David Green William Badalato Keith Barish Arnold Kopelson Paul F. The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Paul F.451 [1] Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Fire Birds (also known as Wings of the Apache) is a 1990 action-thriller film directed by David Green and produced by William Badalato.760.

Eric Stoller (Bert Rhine). but his Apache is disabled. they are soon attacked at their base camp. Preston. Using an unconventional but effective training method. Little destroys one aircraft. but Preston reaches their coordinates and engages him in a fierce dogfight. while actress Young portrays his love interest. Upon his arrival at the training course.S. most notably a pair of UH–60 Black Hawks and their AH–1 Cobra escorts. During the training schedule. Preston manages to trick Stoller into flying past him. The film was met with negative critical reviews before its initial screening in cinemas. and their leaders are later apprehended. Preston is revealed to be suffering from an eye dominance disability. and one Apache is destroyed. He survives.760. Meanwhile. such as violence. Although the film used extensive aerial stunt sequences. After having several aircraft shot down. which makes it difficult for him to utilize the Apache's visual input.[2] 280 Plot A joint task force operation between the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U. Army has been formed to dismantle one of the largest drug cartels operating in South America. fly down to South America to provide air support for a DEA mission to hunt down and arrest drug cartel leaders. it failed to receive any award nominations from mainstream motion picture organizations for its production merits. A joint collective effort to commit to the film's production was made by the film studios of The Walt Disney Company and Nova International Films. With another Apache left to protect the DEA personnel.451 in domestic ticket receipts. However. A formation of military aircraft consisting of four Apaches and Guthrie's Kiowa. the army turns to the new AH–64 Apache attack helicopter. Using the Apache's maneuverability near a mountainous peak. Cast . Pilot Jake Preston (Nicolas Cage) is subsequently enlisted in the Apache air-to-air combat training program. With no air support. They soon locate his position. he encounters his ex-girlfriend Billie Lee Guthrie (Sean Young). generally due to its unfavorable dialogue and striking similarities to the more popular 1986 action film Top Gun. the cartel's defenses cease. Fire Birds explores civil viewpoints. It was commercially distributed under Disney's Touchstone Pictures banner. Little and Guthrie attempt to seek out Stoller. who broke off their relationship to pursue a separate career flying OH–58 Kiowa scout helicopters which often work alongside the Apache. Multiple attempts to assault the cartel's mountainous compound have been thwarted by a Scorpion-attack helicopter piloted by a cartel leader. Fire Birds premiered in theaters nationwide in the United States on May 25. but is shot down in aerial combat by Stoller. 1990 grossing a modest $14.Fire Birds plays his pilot instructor and senior ranked military officer during his flight training. as well as a pair of jet fighter aircraft who are also protecting the cartel. As an injured Little is loaded onto a Medevac helicopter. Guthrie uses one of the Stinger missiles onboard Little's downed Apache to destroy the remaining enemy aircraft. Jake's arrogance and loose improvised style quickly earn him the mixed respect and chagrin of veteran pilot and flight instructor Brad Little (Tommy Lee Jones). Preston was the sole survivor of a previous air-attack by Stoller. which can match its enemies' maneuverability and firepower. then attacks and destroys his helicopter. Stoller later targets Guthrie. political corruption and law enforcement. he expresses pride in both Preston and Guthrie. Earlier. starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. Little helps Preston deal with his handicap.

[6] Hal Hinson."[7] Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times offered a entirely negative review commenting.. Breaker . and pilots. Jake Preston .[3] Extensive aerial stunt sequences were coordinated with the National Guard of the United States. writing in The Washington Post said.. if Top Gun had never been made.S. It's more video game than motion picture – the first coin-operated movie.. but features songs composed by veteran musicians Phil Collins. Billy Trudel and Judson Spence among others.A.. He bluntly noted that "it would be hard to reduce filmmaking to its basics more than Fire Birds does.K.[5] Soundtrack The original motion picture soundtrack for Fire Birds was not officially Jake Preston released to the public. The mixing of the sound elements were orchestrated by Mark Ulano. with an average score of 3. "I was tempting to say that I might have liked this movie more if I'd never seen Top Gun.[4] AH-64 Apache. Brad Little .. Stevens who also coordinated visuals for the film. Billy Lee Guthrie .[4] Actor Nicolas Cage who portrayed pilot Reception Critical response Among mainstream critics in the U.[4] The sound effects in the film were supervised by Tom McCarthy and Fred Judkins. stuntmen.2 out of 10. Army and its AH-64 Gunship helicopter". "Fire Birds is a primitive dogfight movie. Janet Little J... UH-60 Blackhawk..Fire Birds 281 Nicolas Cage Tommy Lee Jones Sean Young Bryan Kestner Bert Rhine Dale Dye . with Nicolas Cage and Sean Young as its stars.[4] The helicopter training aerial stunt sequences were designed by Richard T.. the film received mostly negative reviews.. Technical assistance from McDonnell Douglas service representatives was also utilized during production. but the fact is.. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 7% of 14 sampled critics gave the film a positive review. the United States Army and the United States Air Force. Top Gun. AH-1 Cobra and OH-58 Kiowa rotorcraft. Preston Peter Onorati . Fire Birds would still have seemed like a . Rice Production Sets and equipment Filming was shot primarily on location in Arizona. Eric Stoller . as well as Saab 35 Draken aircraft were employed during filming.... that serves as a kind of extended commercial for the U.[4] Between technical advisers. A.. over 100 personnel were directly involved in the production aspects of the film.. Jeff Carson and David Newman edited the film's music... General Olcott .. McNeill Mary Ellen Trainor .S.

though without the edge-of-the-envelope dread that made the Top Gun dogfights genuinely thrilling. he openly wondered–why couldn't the movie have been "written at that hard level?"[8] Similarly. "the most obnoxious aspect of Fire Birds." He did though compliment Jones and Young on their performances saying. In conclusion. Owen Gleiberman writing for Entertainment Weekly viewed Fire Birds as "a third-rate knockoff of Top Gun and Blue Thunder"." He did however. felt Fire Birds had a "tongue-in-cheek aspect" and that "Camaraderie and rat-a-tat-tat dialog may have started out as fun a la Howard Hawks' classic Only Angels Have Wings but emerges at times as a satire of the genre. Cage insists on acting. "Mr. In reference to the drug wars. Cage simply won't quit. South America." But in summing up his overall negativity for the movie. though. being too busy monitoring his own utterly mysterious." He also exclaimed. cool manner that registers well on the screen. Did I say dialogue? Make that pontificating soundbites. and she can seem to be intelligent". reserve praise for the stunts and visuals in the film saying. is how everybody tells Cage's character how wonderful he is at every opportunity — including Cage himself. "the climactic air battle is well staged. Mr."[8] In the Deseret News."[9] "the movie plays as if it had been patched together between midnight and 3 A. they noticed how he was "dead-on as the taskmaster instructor who cornily singles out Cage for rough treatment".[10] Film critic Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave the film a thumbs down review gruffly saying. he sadly noted "I was really left unmoved by it. Gargan. there's no contest there". writing in The New York Times [5] 282 Vincent Canby writing in The New York Times saw the film as having "many laughs. The dialogue is so hokey you'll have a hard time not laughing out loud. "this movie had nothing to do with the drug wars at all" and that "they could have been having a competition for the olympics". critic Chris Hicks wrote that the film's "predictability isn't the worst of Fire Birds' problems.Fire Birds completely ordinary movie. he noted how Cage gave "a dull. however. He [5] has a secure. one-note performance. Jones and Miss Young are somewhat better. Mr. He never listens to or sees anybody else in a scene. One might go along with the suggestion that the Arizona desert and the Catamarca Desert." On Jones's performance." He further expanded on his viewpoint saying. Yet. all of them unintentional" while pointing out that actor Cage "plays the sort of B-picture role that might once have suited William Gargan. but would they really have the exact same rocks?" —Vincent Canby. we never even get to see the bad guys. "the aerial sequences in Top Gun are so superior to the confusing helicopter battles in this film. "the film practically pats itself on the back for featuring villains that have been in the news recently. Not impressed with the overall acting."[11] . look alike. with the exception of one anonymous enemy pilot. The Variety Staff.M. attention-getting responses. Unlike Mr. he expressed his dissatisfaction by lamenting. who has a big scene in a chopper simulator where he screams "I am the greatest!" after every target he hits. And so it's hard to work up much enthusiasm for their destruction.

Chris (June 1.9% in its second week of release. com/ ew/ article/ 0. com/ article/ 700000596/ Fire-Birds. Retrieved 2010-07-23. "Fire Birds" (http:/ / movies. com/ movie/ 1800140339/ cast). Canby.539 theaters grossing $1. Retrieved 2010-07-25. . com/ movies/ ?page=main& id=firebirds. com/ m/ fire_birds/ ). Roger (May 25.85:1) enhanced feature for 16x9 televisions. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] "Fire Birds" (http:/ / boxofficemojo.[12] The film Back to the Future Part III opened in first place with $23. Vincent (May 25. MSN Movies. php). Retrieved 2010-07-25.317480. Special features for the DVD include. html?sec=1& subsec=344). Variety. (1990). the film would cumulatively rank at a box office performance position of 83. [10] Variety Staff (January 1.[13] Actor Tommy Lee Jones as Brad Little Home media Following its cinematic release in theaters. Gene & Ebert. [8] Siskel. 1990). com/ movies/ movie-on-dvd/ fire-birds/ ). 1990 in wide release throughout the U. the film fell one spot to 6th place still showing in 2. Retrieved 2010-07-23. Amazon.590 in box office business.[15] Currently. [14] "Fire Birds VHS Format" (http:/ / www.006 theaters. html). Retrieved 2010-07-23. and a Widescreen (1. Fire Birds (http:/ / www. During its opening weekend.703. The Numbers. United States: Touchstone Pictures. Dolby Digital Surround Sound. com/ Fire-Birds-VHS-Nicolas-Cage/ dp/ 6301785983/ ref=sr_1_2?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1279800987& sr=1-2). [7] Hinson. 1990). Retrieved 2010-07-23. the-numbers. David (Director). com/ movies/ ?id=firebirds. msn. Rotten Tomatoes. a closed captioned French language track.812. html). com/ review/ VE1117790912.. Weekend of May 25. Entertainment Weekly. yahoo.[1] For 1990 as a whole. The film Total Recall. the film opened in 8th place showing at 1. . IGN Entertainment. htm). Fire Birds (1990) (http:/ / movies. [15] "Fire Birds: On DVD" (http:/ / movies. Box Office Mojo. Fire Birds (http:/ / www.[1] The film's revenue dropped by 58. [12] "The Top Movies. . Retrieved 2010-07-25. earning $2. 1990). Retrieved 2010-07-23. Green. At the Movies. .[14] The Region 1 Code widescreen edition of the film was released on DVD in the United States on February 3. html). The Washington Post. [9] Hicks.006 theaters. Retrieved 2010-07-23.761 in business showing at 2. there is no scheduled release date set for a future Blu-ray Disc version of the film. htm). Hal (May 25. unseated Back to the Future Part III to open in first place. 1994. com/ film/ 66688. Fire Birds (1990) (http:/ / www. "TimeOut London: Firebirds (aka Wings of the Apache) Review" (http:/ / www. . The New York Times.760.451 in total ticket sales through an 3-week theatrical run. timeout. The film went on to top out domestically at $14. nytimes. [6] Fire Birds (1990) (http:/ / www. Fire Birds (http:/ / www. washingtonpost.[1] [12] For its final weekend in release.com.S. 1990). 1990).611. com/ charts/ weekly/ 1990/ 19900525. Deseret News. [13] "Domestic Total Gross" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. . ew. 1990" (http:/ / www. com/ movie/ review?res=9C0CEFDF163BF936A15756C0A966958260& partner=RottenTomatoes). Retrieved 2010-07-25.060. com/ tv/ buenavista/ atm/ reviews. Fire Birds (http:/ / bventertainment.Fire Birds 283 Box office The film premiered in cinemas on May 25.358. Gleiberman (June 1. rottentomatoes. go. Box Office Mojo. amazon. 1990). Fire Birds [Motion picture].. the film was released in VHS video format on April 21. the film opened in a distant 5th place and grossed $6.00.246. Retrieved 2010-07-25. Yahoo! Movies. htm). deseretnews. Retrieved 2010-07-23. [11] Owen. variety. 2004. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ firebirdspg13hinson_a0a974. html?categoryid=31& cs=1). . For that particular weekend. . Retrieved 2010-07-23.

go.rottentomatoes.html) Fire Birds (http://www.Fire Birds 284 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://video.com/work/17368) at Allmovie Fire Birds (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo .movies.mrqe.com/title/tt0099575/) at the Internet Movie Database Fire Birds (http://www.com/movies/?id=firebirds.imdb.com/m/fire_birds/) at Rotten Tomatoes Fire Birds (http://www.allmovie.com/movies/m100020975?s=1) at the Movie Review Query Engine Fire Birds (http://www.com/products/02928400.boxofficemojo.

grossing USD $14 million. the mob becomes involved. above its $10 million budget. doomed couple from Cape Fear. North Carolina who decide to go on the run from her domineering. The film won the Palme d'Or at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. Early test screenings for Wild at Heart did not go well. almost supernatural events and off-kilter violence with several allusions to The Wizard of Oz (1939) and strong references to Elvis Presley and his movies[2] that found their way into screenplay as Lynch was writing it. but after reading Gifford's book decided to also write and direct the film version. 1990 124 minutes USA English $10. The film received mixed to negative critical reviews and was a moderate success at the United States box office. . a young. at which it received both negative and positive attention from its audience.247 (USA) (sub-total) Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Wild at Heart is a 1990 American film written and directed by David Lynch.560. over-protective mother (Diane Ladd).Wild at Heart (film) 285 Wild at Heart (film) Wild at Heart Theatrical release film poster Directed by Produced by David Lynch Steve Golin Monty Montgomery Sigurjon Sighvatsson Barry Gifford (novel) David Lynch (screenplay) Nicolas Cage Laura Dern Diane Ladd Harry Dean Stanton Willem Dafoe Angelo Badalamenti Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Frederick Elmes Editing by Distributed by Duwayne Dunham The Samuel Goldwyn Company (NA) [1] PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (International) France: May 1990 (premiere at Cannes) United States: August 17. Diane Ladd was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. and based on Barry Gifford's 1989 pulp novel Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula. Lynch was originally going to produce the film. Wild at Heart is a road movie and includes bizarre.000 (estimated) $14. Lynch estimated that 80 people walked out of the first test screening and 100 in the next.000.[3] . He did not like the ending of the novel and decided to change it in order to stay true to his vision of the main characters. As a result of her mother's plans. Both the book and the film revolve around Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) and Lula Pace Fortune (Laura Dern).

With little money left. having decided while in prison that he isn't good enough for them. Later. he apologizes to the men and tells them he realizes a great many things. As they pick him up in the car. While Sailor is in jail. and the only survivor. Upon Sailor's release. While Sailor is out Bobby enters the room and tries to rape Lula. this was the first opportunity she had "to play not only a very sexual person. Lula's mother arranges for private detective Johnnie Farragut (Harry Dean Stanton) — her on-off boyfriend — to find them and bring them back. he immediately wanted Cage to play Sailor. Sailor". but also someone who also was. dies in front of them. the assailant was hired by Lula's mother. Lula waits for him in the hotel room. Texas. Blue Velvet. incredibly comfortable with herself". "Don't turn away from love. breaking Sailor's parole.[4] When Lynch read Gifford's novel. Freeman) to track them. At the club. Marietta also hires gangster Marcelles Santos (J. For Dern. the two are on their way until — according to Lula — they witness a bad omen: the aftermath of a two-car accident. The robbery goes spectacularly wrong when Peru unnecessarily shoots two clerks. he immediately thought of Dern to play Lula. with the film ending as Sailor sings "Love Me Tender" to Lula on the hood of their car as the credits roll. Unaware of all of the events happening back in North Carolina. he encounters a gang of mostly Asian men who surround him. Bobby then admits to Sailor he's been hired to kill him. Peru accidentally blows his own head off with his own shotgun. but at the last second laughs it off and walks out.[4] Previous to being cast in the film. While he is walking a short distance away. and upon his release she decides to pick him up with their son. in her own way.E. When he awakes. Marietta Fortune (Ladd). Lula has their child.Wild at Heart (film) 286 Plot Lovers Lula (Dern) and Sailor (Cage) are separated after he is jailed for killing – in self-defense – a man who attacked him with a knife. he begins to run over the roofs and hoods of the cars to get back to Lula and their child in the car. where he contacts "an old friend" who might be able to help them. back in the room. While he is unconscious. and as they leave the feed store. Lula picks him up at the prison where she hands him his snakeskin jacket. and Sailor had that more than any other role I'd played". being sick and pining for better times. however. Unbeknown to Johnnie. Sailor realized he has been given an unloaded pistol. he reveals he's leaving them both. then screams Lula's name and runs away. the sheriff's deputies open fire on him. Sailor gets into a fight with a man who accosts Lula. but just as he is about to do so. Inevitably. Sailor is arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.[6] . He thinks his bravado will carry him through. while Sailor agrees to join up with Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe) in a feed store robbery. Sailor heads for Big Tuna. her mother "vanishes". They go to a hotel where she reserved a room. Sailor and Lula finally decide to run away to California. a young woman (Sherilyn Fenn). As there is a traffic jam on the road.[4] Cage said in an interview that he was "always attracted to those passionate. after making love again. When Lynch read Gifford's novel.[5] • Laura Dern as Lula Pace Fortune: Dern had starred in a supporting role in Lynch's previous film. he had met Lynch several times at Hollywood eatery Musso & Frank Grill that they both frequented. make love and go to see the heavy metal band Powermad. and then leads the band in a rendition of Elvis Presley's "Love Me". almost unbridled romantic characters. and kill Sailor. Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and Lula (Laura Dern) meeting after he is released from prison Cast and characters • Nicolas Cage as Sailor Ripley: The actor described his character as "a kind of romantic Southern outlaw". but they quickly knock him out. he sees a revelation in the form of Glinda the Good Witch (Sheryl Lee) who tells him.

as well as things to dream about.[8] . who forbids Lula and Sailor's relationship. Freeman as Marcellus Santos: a gangster and Marietta's other boyfriend. Ladd and Dern are mother and daughter in real life.[8] Lynch was drawn to what he saw as "a really modern romance in a violent world – a picture about finding love in hell".[10] Lynch remembers.[11] Lynch loved the book and called Gifford soon afterwards. J. asking him if he would executive produce a film adaptation that he would direct. which had been bought by Carolco Pictures. Production In the summer of 1989.[8] Gifford happened to be writing the manuscript for Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula but still had two more chapters to write.[9] Independent production company Propaganda Films commissioned Lynch to develop an updated noir screenplay based on a 1940s crime Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern being directed by David Lynch novel while Monty Montgomery. Montgomery gave Lynch Gifford’s book while he was editing the Pilot.[10] Two days afterwards.Wild at Heart (film) • Diane Ladd as Marietta Fortune: Lula's overbearing mother. asking him if he could make a film of it. Isabella Rossellini as Perdita Durango: a criminal who once worked with Sailor and is now partners with Bobby Peru. but when his company went down the tubes. Reindeer. Crispin Glover as Cousin Dell: Lula's mentally ill cousin who puts cockroaches in his underwear. a friend of Lynch's and an on the set of Wild at Heart associate producer on Twin Peaks. Reindeer: a mysterious crime boss in league with Santos.E. The book and the violence in America merged in my mind and many different things happened". telling him not to give up on love. Sherilyn Fenn as Girl in car accident Sheryl Lee as The Good Witch: who appears to Sailor in a vision. It wasn't Dino's fault. mainly because of her contempt for Sailor. "It was just exactly the right thing at the right time. and was also attracted to "a certain amount of fear in the picture. William Morgan Sheppard as Mr. Grace Zabriskie as Juana Durango: a criminal who works with Mr. John Lurie as Sparky: one of Bobby Peru's associates.[8] [9] Lynch stated.[11] Lynch remembers telling him. So it seems truthful in some way".[7] 287 Supporting cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Harry Dean Stanton as Johnnie Farragut: a private detective and Marietta's boyfriend. but what if I read it and fall in love with it and want to do it myself?"[8] Montgomery did not think that Lynch would like the book because he did not think it was his "kind of thing".[10] He let Montgomery read it while the producer was working on the pilot episode for Twin Peaks in pre-published galley form. Jack Nance as 00 Spool: a crazy rocket scientist Sailor and Lula meet at the motel. . asked novelist Barry Gifford what he was working on. Montgomery read it and two days later called Gifford and told him that he wanted to make a film of it. I got swallowed up in that". Reindeer to kill Sailor. "I've had a bad time with obstacles . "That’s great Monty. Pruitt Taylor Vince as Buddy: a Big Tuna local in a cowboy hat staying at the same motel as Sailor and Lula. Willem Dafoe as Bobby Peru: a criminal hired by Mr. . Lynch had finished up the pilot episode for the successful Twin Peaks television series and tried to rescue two of his projects — Ronnie Rocket and One Saliva Bubble — both involved in contractual complications as a result of Dino De Laurentiis' bankruptcy.

and no one wanted to make it".[9] Originally.[8] Lynch also added new characters. read an early draft of the screenplay and did not like Gifford’s ending either. female side. so Lynch changed it. eighty people walked out during a graphic torture scene involving Johnnie Farragut. however. "much more commercial to make a happy ending yet. Nick’s got the snakeskin.[16] The director acquired a copy of Elvis' Golden Hits and after listening to it. "It was an awful tough world and there was something about Sailor being a rebel.[14] Lynch remembers. I would have been untrue to what the material was saying". "By then. she has an orgasm while relating to Sailor a dream she had of being ripped open by a wild animal. if I had not changed it.[9] [11] By Lynch's own admission. At the first test screening.[6] 288 Themes One of the film's themes is. production was scheduled to begin two months after the rights had been purchased.[13] Lynch did not like the ending in Gifford’s book where Sailor and Lula split up for good. Elvis.[7] Within four months. So I cut it to the degree that it was powerful but didn´t send people running from the theatre". It didn’t seem one bit real! It had a certain coolness. Cage called Lynch and asked if he could wear a snakeskin jacket in the film and Lynch incorporated it [16] Before filming started. I knew the scene was killing the film. You try to be as true as you can to those ideas and try to get them on film. In one.[12] He had Cage and Dern read Gifford's book[4] and wrote a draft in a week. The actor agreed and recorded them so that he could lip-synch to them on the set. all working together. But a rebel with a dream of the Wizard of Oz is kinda like a beautiful thing". in order to bond and get a handle on their characters. one character. raw. according to Lynch. combustible.[13] In retrospect. Lynch remembers. Jr.[17] Release Distribution Early test screenings for Wild at Heart did not go well with the strong violence in some scenes being too much.[14] Samuel Goldwyn."[9] Similar to Lynch's previous Blue Velvet. masculine side". the director was worried that this change made the film too commercial. Marilyn. gum-chewing fantasy. Reindeer and Sherilyn Fenn as the victim of a car accident. called Cage and told him that he had to sing two songs. the filmmaker said. the film featured more explicit erotic scenes between Sailor and Lula. "We agreed that Sailor and Lula needed to be one person. considering the way they felt about each other. "it honestly didn’t seem real. forcing the director to work fast.[15] During rehearsals. wild. 1989 in both Los Angeles (including the San Fernando Valley) and New Orleans with a relatively modest budget of $10 million. At one point. Another deleted scene had Lula lowering herself onto Sailor's face saying. "finding love in Hell". However. the sudden idealistic ending of perfect happiness is so drenched in irony that ultimately Lynch seems to be suggesting that people who have the potential for violence struggle to find true happiness. like Mr. and we would each share it.[13] Lynch decided not to cut anything from the film and at the second screening one hundred people walked out during this scene. the humorous ones. "Love Me" and "Love Me Tender". it's just a compilation of ideas that come along. He has stated "For me. his first draft was "depressing and pretty much devoid of happiness. "Take a bite out of Lula". so that people wouldn’t say I was trying to be commercial. Lynch began filming on August 9. but I couldn’t see it". Dern suggested that she and Cage go on a weekend road trip to Las Vegas into his script. "But that was part of what Wild at Heart was about: really insane and sick and twisted stuff going on". The darker ones and the lighter ones.[8] It was at this point that the director's love of The Wizard of Oz (1939) began to influence the script he was writing and he included a reference to the "yellow brick road".Wild at Heart (film) Lynch got approval from Propaganda to switch projects. I got the sexual. For Lynch. Lynch began talking about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe with Cage and Dern.[11] Dern remembers.[8] .

he ignites a slight love-on-the-run novel. creating a bonfire of a movie that confirms his reputation as the most exciting and innovative filmmaker of his generation".. 1990 in a limited release of only 532 theaters. except he is not that challenging . When it comes to images of evil. Jonathan Rosenbaum wrote. derangement. at the time of the film's release.5 million in North America. Ebert wrote in his review for the Chicago Sun-Times. without a context to give significance to the casualties or survivors".[21] USA Today gave the film one and a half stars out of four and said.[20] It went into wider release on August 31 with 618 theaters and grossing an additional $1. "He is a good director. dark. Wild at Heart has a rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 52 metascore at Metacritic. "Lynch’s characters are now so cartoony one is prone to address him more as a theorist than director.[18] When Jury President Bernardo Bertolucci announced Wild at Heart as the Palme d'Or winner at the awards ceremony. even of actual road accidents. "All kinds of journalists were 1990 Cannes Film Festival with Isabella trying to cause controversy and have me say something like ‘This is Rossellini.[18] He made one change in the scene where a character shoots his own head off with a shotgun.[22] In his review for Sight & Sound magazine. "Perhaps the major problem is that despite Cage and Dern's best efforts.[18] [19] Barry Gifford remembers that there was a prevailing mood that the David Lynch accepting the Palme d'Or at the media was hoping Lynch would fail. raw passion and mutilation (roughly in that order). musical comedy’". but this time the agenda seems forced". well above its estimated budget of $10 million.[18] The Region 1 DVD from MGM contains this altered take of the shotgun scene. "This attempt at a one-up also trumpets its weirdness. 289 Reception Wild at Heart opened in the United States on August 17. Wild at Heart is a veritable cornucopia".9 million in its opening weekend. corruption.[26] .[23] Richard Combs in his review for Time wrote. Diane Ladd.' he may realize the early promise of his Eraserhead. Laura Dern. of innocence. Peter Travers wrote in Rolling Stone magazine. as the NC-17 was not in effect in 1990. It received mixed to negative reviews upon its initial theatrical release.[3] the boos almost drowned out the cheers with film critic Roger Ebert leading the vocal detractors. and his often striking images are too often lacking in compassion for us to accept him as a chronicler of a moribund landscape a la Fellini". grossing USD $2. yes. "Starting with the outrageous and building from there.[24] Christopher Sharrett in Cineaste magazine wrote.[8] The MPAA told Lynch that the version of Wild at Heart screened at Cannes would receive an X rating in North America unless cuts were made.[18] The director was contractually obligated to deliver an R-rated film.8 million. The film ultimately grossed $14. Anthony Quinn. so he makes dishonest movies like this one".400-seat Grand Auditorium. not characters at all. nothing like the book’ or ‘He ruined my book. Lynch is ultimately interested only in iconography.Wild at Heart (film) The film was completed one day before it debuted at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival in the 2. "The result is a pile-up. One is never sure what Lynch likes or dislikes. Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe. it received "wild cheering" from the audience..’ I think everybody from Time magazine to What’s On In London was disappointed when I said ‘This is fantastic. After the screening. of evil. It’s like a big. But he likes the box office prizes that go along with his pop satires.[25] However. instead of hiding behind sophomoric humor and the cop-out of 'parody. Gun smoke was added to tone down the blood and hide the removal of the character's head from his body. If he ever goes ahead and makes a film about what's really on his mind. This is wonderful. Foreign prints were not affected.

Newsweek. . "Out to Lynch". New Times: pp. Retrieved 2010-03-10. . and Videotape in 1989 and Barton Fink in 1991. "Wild. php). Thomas. [8] Rodley. American Film. USA Today. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. 1990). Archived from the original (http:/ / filmindependent. Box Office Mojo. 1990). Paul. . Lies. festival-cannes. Retrieved 2007-06-15. [23] Rosenbaum. [16] "David Lynch Interview". 1990). Rob (August 25. Retrieved 2008-02-14. [25] Sharrett. archive. A. uk/ lynch/ wild_at_heart. A Bad Joke from Lynch". The New York Times. "Lynch on Lynch". [20] "Wild at Heart" (http:/ / www. and was the second of three consecutive American movies to be awarded the honor. SGC's are now owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer [2] Pearson. "Wild at Heart" (http:/ / www. Time. . Empire. jsp?curTime=1203007415818). (The other two were Sex. Chris (1997). htm). Alex (August 22–29. com/ apps/ pbcs. . Retrieved 2010-03-10. 1990). oscars. html?scp=83& sq="Twin+ Peaks"& st=nyt). [7] Hoffman. "Wild Child". [27] "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" (http:/ / awardsdatabase. "David Lynch's New Peak". [4] Van Gelder. Faber and Faber. "Wild at Heart" (http:/ / rogerebert. Sight & Sound. 1990). [21] Ebert. "Wild at Heart". Matt (1997). com/ contents/ directors/ 02/ lynch. The New York Times. Lawrence (August 17. David (August 16. Kenny (1990). [15] Rohter. [9] Woods. [26] Travers. suntimes.[28] She did not win either award. "The Weird According to Lynch". 39.com. php) on 2008-02-10. 1990). . "The Beasts Within". USA: The Obsessive Universe of David Lynch. Jonathan (Autumn 1990). Virginia (1990). org. Jan (August 21. Premiere: pp. [13] Burkett. 14–16. nytimes. "Heart Set in Motion by Perfect Pair". 80–84. "David Lynch" (http:/ / web. 1990). Cineaste. "David Lynch Pushes America to the Edge" (http:/ / www. nytimes. com/ reviews/ movie/ 5948119/ review/ 5948120/ wild_at_heart). Retrieved 2008-02-14. 1990). dll/ article?AID=/ 19900817/ REVIEWS/ 8170301/ 1023). html?scp=79& sq="Twin+ Peaks"& st=nyt). Plexus. . sensesofcinema. "Wild at Heart" (http:/ / www. 1990). goldenglobes. com/ 1990/ 08/ 17/ movies/ at-the-movies. Elmes won in his category. Christopher (1990). The British Film Resource. "Wild at Heart". Larry (August 12. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. britishfilm. 1990). org/ web/ 20070123111901/ http:/ / www. . "Wild at Heart". html). Roger (August 17. Village Voice. Richard (August 20. Peter (September 6. .) References [1] PolyGram's rights are now owned by Universal Studios. Toronto Star. rollingstone. 1990). [3] "Festival de Cannes: Wild at Heart" (http:/ / www. "The Art of Darkness". Mark (June 1990). [14] McGregor. . festival-cannes. "Something Really Wild". com/ movies/ ?id=wildatheart. Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Movieline. [18] Ansen. Retrieved 2008-02-14. org/ browse/ member/ 28724). com/ contents/ directors/ 02/ lynch. Retrieved 2009-08-07. . CBC. Ralph (September 1990). [17] Caldwell. Time Out: pp.Wild at Heart (film) 290 Awards Diane Ladd was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 1990 Academy Awards[27] and at the 1991 Golden Globes. Chicago Sun-Times. sensesofcinema. Retrieved 2008-01-26. [12] Rugoff. Rolling Stone. "Wild at Heart". Senses of Cinema. [19] Mathieson. Retrieved 2007-01-26. 1990. org/ spiritawards/ past_nominees_filmbyyear. org/ web/ 20080210043102/ http:/ / filmindependent. [22] Clark. org/ ampas_awards/ DisplayMain. "At the Movies" (http:/ / www. org/ spiritawards/ past_nominees_filmbyyear. [28] "Hollywood Foreign Press Association" (http:/ / www. [11] Salem. Film Independent. boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2007-06-15. Michael (August 15–21. David (June 4. [10] Klinghoffer. (2000). Mike (August 17. 1990). html) on 2007-01-23. Retrieved 2007-06-15. 41. html). html). London. archive. Wierdsville. "The Good. [24] Combs. [29] "Film Independent's Spirit Awards" (http:/ / web. com/ 1990/ 08/ 12/ movies/ david-lynch-pushes-america-to-the-edge. Frederick Elmes was nominated for Best Cinematography and Willem Dafoe for Best Supporting Male at the 1991 Independent Spirit Awards. [5] Rowland. Washington Times. . com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 164/ year/ 1990. The Bad & The Ugly". [6] Campbell.[29] The film won the prestigious 1990 Palme d'Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Wild at Heart (film) 291 External links • • • • • Wild at Heart (http://www.com/film/titles/wildatheart) at Metacritic Wild at Heart (http://www.imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo .boxofficemojo.allmovie.com/movies/?id=wildatheart.metacritic.com/work/54604) at Allmovie Wild at Heart (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/wild_at_heart/) at Rotten Tomatoes Wild at Heart (http://www.com/title/tt0100935/) at the Internet Movie Database Wild at Heart (http://www.

Zandalee 292 Zandalee Zandalee Home Video poster Directed by Produced by Sam Pillsbury William Warren Blaylock Eyal Rimmon Mari Kornhauser Nicolas Cage Judge Reinhold Erika Anderson Marisa Tomei and Joe Pantoliano as 'Gerri' Pray for Rain Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Walt Lloyd Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Michael Horton May 9. versions. Viveca Lindfors. Marisa Tomei. There is both the original "unrated and uncut" version and an "R rated" version. 1991 (Germany) 100 min. Originally rated NC-17 by the Motion Picture Association of America. . starring Nicolas Cage. Zandalee had its rating surrendered before release. Joe Pantoliano. The film was directed by Sam Pillsbury. Some versions have enhanced color as well. The international version has a few more scenes which help explain the characters a bit better than the U. Judge Reinhold. released in 1991. Erika Anderson.S. and romantic tragedy which was shot entirely in New Orleans. Aaron Neville and Steve Buscemi. United States English Zandalee is an American erotic thriller.

1991. 1991. All of this puts the three on a destructive collision course with a tragic sequence of events. He is emotionally adrift as his dreams give way to disillusionment.Zandalee Although the movie played theatrically in some countries. while Thierry wants to withdraw. 1991 as a video premiere. Zandalee and Thierry’s marriage has hit a snag and seems to be eroding. As the affair intensifies. Zandalee never abandons her true love Thierry. Their sexual liaisons occur in various places. musician Aaron Neville plays Jack the bartender and Viveca Lindfors is Thierry's grandmother Tatta. Hong Kong on May 16 . 1991. She and Thierry re-commit themselves to each other. 13th. Joe Pantoliano portrays Zan's gay confidant. and eventually gets tangled in a passionate. Zan needs to explore. Sensing Zandalee’s frustration and vulnerability. His only religion is self-gratification. He tracks them to their vacation spot in the Bayou. has been working for Thierry’s business to help support his paintings. it was released straight to video in the United States. Collins takes advantage and moves in by seducing her. Other countries releasing the film were Germany. on May 9. The film shares thematic elements with a novel and play by Émile Zola entitled Thérèse Raquin. the original hipster. He used to be a poet. 1991 and Australia on Feb. 1992. and ends the affair. Johnny asks Zandalee to leave her husband. As time goes on. but now has taken over the family’s communications business after the death of his father. com/ title/ tt0101004/ . but Johnny. now obsessed with her will not be brushed off that easily. the Netherlands on November 15. External links • Zandalee [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. Thierry has to sell the business and become basically a (vice president) figurehead. Thierry soon suspects the two are having an affair. an artist by trade. sensual and torrid affair with her husband's mysterious and free spirited old friend Johnny Collins (Nicolas Cage). imdb. and has become more and more distant and impotent in their relationship. 293 Synopsis Zandalee Martin (Erika Anderson) is frustrated and feeling unfulfilled with her marriage to Thierry Martin (Judge Reinhold). Zandalee was released in the USA on July 18. Johnny Collins. the United Kingdom on May 10.

Betsy (Parker). Korman promises to erase the debt if he can spend the weekend with Singer's fiancée. a wealthy professional gambler. Years later. and quickly arranges a Las Vegas marriage. Before the wedding. James Caan. 1992 Running time Country Language 92 minutes United States English Honeymoon in Vegas is a 1992 comedy film directed by Andrew Bergman and starring Nicolas Cage. he goes back on his promise and proposes to his girlfriend.000 (with Jerry Tarkanian as one of the other players). however. They check into the Bally's Hotel.Honeymoon in Vegas 294 Honeymoon in Vegas Honeymoon in Vegas Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Andrew Bergman Mike Lobell Andrew Bergman Nicolas Cage James Caan Sarah Jessica Parker Barry Malkin Castle Rock Entertainment Editing by Studio Distributed by Columbia Pictures Release date(s) August 28. He arranges a crooked poker game where Jack loses $65. Plot Jack Singer (Cage) has sworn to his mother while she was on her deathbed that he would never get married. and Sarah Jessica Parker. . Tommy Korman (Caan) sees Betsy and notices a striking resemblance to his beloved late wife.

Jack discovers this and goes to Korman's house. 2.Bryan Ferry "Heartbreak Hotel" . Jack still in his white illuminated jumpsuit and Betsy in her stolen showgirl outfit.Travis Tritt "That's All Right" . "Viva Las Vegas" .Dwight Yoakam "Burning Love" . 295 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • James Caan as Tommy Korman Nicolas Cage as Jack Singer Sarah Jessica Parker as Betsy/Donna Peter Boyle as Chief Orman Seymour Cassel as Tony Cataracts Pat Morita as Mahi Mahi Johnny Williams as Johnny Sandwich John Capodice as Sally Molars Robert Costanzo as Sidney Tomashefsky Anne Bancroft as Bea Singer Tony Shalhoub as Buddy Walker Burton Gilliam as Roy Bacon Bruno Mars as Little Elvis (uncredited) Soundtrack The soundtrack was composed mainly of covers of Elvis Presley songs performed by many contemporary artists.Honeymoon in Vegas After getting Korman to agree to no sex.Amy Grant .000 feet in order to get to Betsy. Mahi Mahi (Pat Morita).a skydiving team of Elvis impersonators. 3. Track listing 1.(score) "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" . The final scene shows Jack and Betsy getting married in a small Las Vegas chapel with the Flying Elvises as guests.John Mellencamp "Suspicious Minds" . 7. finds out mid-flight that they are the Utah chapter of the "Flying Elvises" . Jack tries frantically to find a flight to Vegas.Vince Gill "Love Me Tender" . 9. the desperate couple agree. basically keep Jack as far as possible from him and Betsy. 6.Billy Joel "Jailhouse Rock" . Mahi races Jack to the airport. 8. Betsy decides she cannot go through with the wedding and escapes from Korman.Bruce Springsteen "Hound Dog" . Also included are the ramblings of Chief Orman when Mahi Mahi takes Jack to his Chief's shack instead of Korman's beach side mansion. Jack eventually is able to overcome his fear and lands and spots Betsy. Mahi Mahi meets him outside and admits that Korman left with Betsy and is forcing her to marry him. after changing many planes and finding himself stuck in San Jose. Finally he finds a group about to depart for Vegas. where he has his family and connections. much to his surprise. 4. Meanwhile. Molar bail him out of jail. After having Dr. which then ruins Korman's plans. Jack tries desperately to get Betsy back and discovers that Korman has taken her to Hawaii. 5. The score is by David Newman. Jack now realizes that he will have to skydive from 3. Korman has a friend. Korman attacks Jack and has him arrested. but.

12. "All Shook Up" .Honeymoon in Vegas 10.Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling in Love" . com/ title/ tt0104438/ .(score) "Le Donna e Mobile" . 13.(score) "Bali Hai" .Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock" . imdb.Trisha Yearwood "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" .Peter Boyle "Hilo March" . 27.Franco Bonisolli "Hawaii Kua Uli" . 16.Bono "It's Now or Never" .(score) "Happy Talk" .Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling in Love" .(score) "(Let Me) Be Your Teddy Bear . 23. 20.(score) "Waikiki Beach" .Ricky Van Shelton "Surrender" . 17. 15. 24. 14. 26. 21. 22. 18.(score) "Ka Lae O Makahonu" . 19.Peter Boyle 296 External links • Honeymoon in Vegas [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.Billy Joel "Blue Hawaii" .Elvis Presley "That's All Right" . 25.Willie Nelson "(You're the) Devil in Disguise" . 11.

Jackson. It concerns wealthy African-American playwright Andrew Sterling's (Jackson) purchase of a summer home on a predominantly white island. 1993 96 minutes English Amos & Andrew is a 1993 comedy starring Nicolas Cage and Samuel L. Jackson). Max Frye Gary Goetzman E. buys a vacation home on a resort in New England the police mistake him for a burglar. Amos Odell (Nicolas Cage) a deal. filmed in and around Wilmington. After surrounding his home with armed men. Cast • Nicolas Cage as Amos Odell • Samuel L. Jackson Richard Gibbs Columbia Pictures March 5. Max Frye Nicolas Cage Samuel L.Amos & Andrew 297 Amos & Andrew Amos & Andrew Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language E. North Carolina. Chief Tolliver (Dabney Coleman) realizes his mistake and to avoid the bad publicity offers a thief in his jail. Jackson as Andrew Sterling • Dabney Coleman as Police Chief Cecil Tolliver . Plot When Andrew Sterling (Samuel L. a successful black urbanite writer.

htm) • Western North Carolina Film Commission (http://www.com/forum/north-carolina/ 65427-movies-filmed-north-carolina.lib.imdb.city-data.com/content.com/) • Movies Filmed in North Carolina (http://www.advantagewest.cfm/content_id/152/ section/film) • NC Film (http://www.unca.html) .ncfilm.Amos & Andrew • Brad Dourif as Officer Donnie Donaldson 298 References External links • Amos & Andrew (http://www.com/title/tt0106266/) at the Internet Movie Database • Films shot in North Carolina (http://toto.edu/findingaids/films/films_wnc.

and Peter Fonda. Despite the star power. Nick Vallelonga. Charlie Sheen. Starring Michael Biehn.Deadfall (1993 film) 299 Deadfall (1993 film) Deadfall DVD cover Directed by Produced by Christopher Coppola Trimark Pictures Mark Amin Gerson Fox Gertrude Fox Ted Fox Christopher Coppola Nick Vallelonga Michael Biehn Sarah Trigger Nicolas Cage James Coburn Peter Fonda Charlie Sheen Jim Fox Maryse Alberti Phillip Linson Trimark Pictures 1993 98 min USA English Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Deadfall is a 1993 film directed by Christopher Coppola. the film was a box office failure. James Coburn. Nicolas Cage. Coppola co-wrote the Script with friend. .

Deadfall (1993 film) 300 Plot After con artist Joe Dolan (Michael Biehn) accidentally kills his father Mike (James Coburn) during a sting. External links • Deadfall (1993 film) [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Deadfall [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www. com/ work/ 121515 . imdb. But Uncle Lou is also a confidence artist. and Joe is soon drawn into his increasingly dangerous schemes. allmovie. he tries to carry out Mike's dying wish by recovering valuables that Mike's twin brother Lou (also played by Coburn) stole from him years earlier. com/ title/ tt0106684/ [2] http:/ / www.

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jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Gone_in_sixty_seconds.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Diaa abdelmoneim File:Kiss of death ver2.wikipedia. Project FMF.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index. Icarus3. MECU.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Guest9999.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: *drew.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Dbenbenn.jpg  Source: http://en. ‫ 2 بب ب ب بب ب‬anonymous edits ‫. Kbdank71.org/w/index.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:The Rock (movie).wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Blathnaid.wikipedia. Trogga File:Wicker-man-poster. Skier Dude Image:Doncage. 5 anonymous edits Image:Ghost rider bike. Sfan00 IMG. Nehrams2020.php?title=File:Redrockmovieposter.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Weather_man.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Klow.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: POV File:SnakeEyesPoster.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier. Rje.jpg  Source: http://en.D.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Dominicbillings.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:NationalTreasureFilmSet.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index. Sfan00 IMG.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Tired time File:Matchstick_Men.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Andrzejbanas File:weather_man.php?title=File:NationalTreasureFilming.jpg  Source: http://en. RedWolf File:Family_man_movie.org/w/index. Erik.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Walt Disney Pictures File:Bangkok dangerous 2008 poster.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier File:Windtalkers movie.wikipedia.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:Trapped in paradise poster.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:City_Of_Angels.php?title=File:Astro_boy_ver7.jpg  Source: http://en. Sfan00 IMG.php?title=File:Worldtrade.wikipedia. Gurch.jpg  Source: http://en. Sugar Bear File:Next poster.5  Contributors: User:Conti.org/w/index.php?title=File:Next_poster. Melesse.php?title=File:Trapped_in_paradise_poster.php?title=File:Grind07_Grindhouse.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Benzy19. Melesse.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Conman33.php?title=File:Lordofwar.wikipedia.wikipedia.Image Sources. Salavat File:Astro boy ver7.wikipedia.php?title=File:Guarding_Tess_1994. Quentin X File:It could happen to you ver2.php?title=File:Thanksgiving032807.jpg  Source: http://en. 1 anonymous edits File:World Trade Center 2. Quentin X File:Gforceposter2. User:Technion.JPG  Source: http://en. Grandpafootsoldier. Quentin X. Quentin X.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Wildroot File:Poster of the movie Sonny.php?title=File:Bangkok_dangerous_2008_poster.php?title=File:GhostRiderBigPoster.php?title=File:Adaptation. Quentin X.0  Contributors: Sean Devine at http://picasaweb.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en. Quatro Valvole File:Grindhouse3.php?title=File:Windtalkers_movie.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index. Wisekwai File:Knowingposter08.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: *drew.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:FaceOff.php?title=File:National_Treasure_Soundtrack.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Conairinternational.php?title=File:Star_full.php?title=File:SnakeEyesPoster.0  Contributors: nicolas genin File:Nicolas Cage cropped 2009.jpg  Source: http://en. Kbdank71. Nehrams2020.php?title=File:Nicolas_Cage_cropped_2009.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Cigammagicwizard.php?title=File:Welcometohollywoodcover.jpg  Source: http://en. Grandpafootsoldier Image:Flag of the United States.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Gforceposter2. Dédélembrouille.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Leaving_las_vegas_ver1.php?title=File:Star_empty.php?title=File:Poster_of_the_movie_Sonny.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Skier Dude File:Book of secrets post.org/w/index. Nehrams2020.org/w/index. Metavida.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X File:Astro Boy promotion HK.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Sugar Bear File:Grind07 Grindhouse.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en. Sfan00 IMG. Skier Dude.php?title=File:Grindhouse3.org/w/index. Quentin X.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.google.wikipedia.org/w/index. Nehrams2020.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Ghost_rider_bike. User:Zscout370 File:Gone in sixty seconds.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia. Melesse.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2. Project FMF.php?title=File:ConAirC123crashdenali. Skier Dude File:Worldtrade. film.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Alan Smithee.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Evanc521 File:FaceOff. Jusjih. SoWhy.php?title=File:Wicker-man-poster.php?title=File:Mandolinfilm1. Discospinster.ب بب‬ Image:NationalTreasureFilmSet.php?title=File:The_Rock_(movie).org/w/index.org/w/index. 2 anonymous edits Image:ConAirC123crashdenali. The Fish File:The Ant Bully theatrical poster.php?title=File:World_Trade_Center_2.org/w/index.php?title=File:8mm-film-poster.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Star_half.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Trogga File:Thanksgiving032807.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: CyberGhostface. Thunderbrand. Quentin X. Licenses and Contributors File:Nicolas Cage .wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en. Rich Farmbrough.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Jakz34 File:Mandolinfilm1. User:RedHotHeat File:Star half.wikipedia.php?title=File:Movie_national_treasure. Starstriker7. Skier Dude File:Adaptation.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: InfamousPrince Image:NationalTreasureFilming.php?title=File:Matchstick_Men.com/seanmdevine file:National Treasure Soundtrack.5  Contributors: User:Conti File:Star empty.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Astro_Boy_promotion_HK.org/w/index.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Jarrod K.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.JPG  License: unknown  Contributors: Closedmouth.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Addict 2006.org/w/index.wikipedia. Quentin X.0  Contributors: Sean Devine at http://picasaweb.org/w/index.0  Contributors: nicolas genin from Paris.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_States.php?title=File:Brubaker_movie_poster.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Calamity-Ace File:Star full.php?title=File:It_could_happen_to_you_ver2.php?title=File:The_Ant_Bully_theatrical_poster. Zanimum. Benedicto16. Quentin X. Nv8200p. Reimelt File:Redrockmovieposter. Skier Dude. MechaKingghidoraFan.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Luigibob.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.JPG  Source: http://en. Nehrams2020. Project FMF.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Doctor Sunshine File:Conairinternational.jpg  Source: http://en. Skier Dude. Sugar Bear.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: DJ Sturm. M4.org/w/index.org/w/index.0  Contributors: DaiFh.JPG  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. Gunslinger.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Dragstrip_Girl_Rock_All_Night_double_feature_poster.jpg  Source: http://en. Sfan00 IMG.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Films addicted. Skier Dude._film.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Kiss_of_death_ver2.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Arnie587.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Nicolas_Cage_-_66ème_Festival_de_Venise_(Mostra). France File:brubaker_movie_poster.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index. Riana. File:Guarding Tess 1994.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier. KrakatoaKatie. 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Skier Dude File:GhostRiderBigPoster.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X.google.wikipedia.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X File:Welcometohollywoodcover. Tarc File:Bringing_out_the_dead.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:Leaving las vegas ver1.php?title=File:Doncage.php?title=File:Family_man_movie.wikipedia. Hbdragon88.php?title=File:Bringing_out_the_dead. Quentin X.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Davidovic.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Andrzejbanas File:8mm-film-poster.

Zombie433 File:Kick-Ass film poster.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: J.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Wildatheart1.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:Firebirdsposter. Image:Cagedernlynch.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Enter Movie.wikipedia.jpeg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index. Skier Dude.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Cagedernlynch.wikipedia.php?title=File:Valley_girl_poster.php?title=File:Fast_Times_at_Ridgemont_High_400.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Fatal exception. Jiy. Macy. Quentin X.com/photos/gdcgraphics/ Image:Wildatheart1.wikipedia.php?title=File:Season_of_the_Witch.jpeg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Kick-asssdtk.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Angr.php?title=File:MovieSourcerersApprenticeNYCBowlingGreenSet.wikipedia.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: POV File:Amos and andrew.php?title=File:Vampires_kiss.php?title=File:Deadfall-movie.JPG  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.D.php?title=File:Cotton_club.php?title=File:Rifkin11. Slgrandson.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Noroton File:FilmLightingEquipmentLowerBroadwayNYC060709.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia. Videmus Omnia File:Rifkin11.wikipedia. Lugnuts.php?title=File:Cage_Mendes_Herzog_Venice_Film_Festival_2009.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier file:Original Motion Picture Soundtracks .jpg  Source: http://en.Image Sources.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: King of the North East. Melesse.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Corey.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Noroton File:FilmLocationTemporaryNoParkingSign060709. Skier Dude.. Commonurbock23.jpg  Source: http://en. Witchwooder File:Cotton_club.org/w/index.org/w/index.JPG  Source: http://en. Staecker File:Cage Mendes Herzog Venice Film Festival 2009.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.php?title=File:Fasttimesatridgemonthighsoundtrack. Savidan.0  Contributors: User:Gorillamania File:Vampires kiss.org/w/index.php?title=File:FilmSourcerersApprenticeParkedLightingTruck060709.org/w/index.jpeg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:Valley girl poster.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier..php?title=File:Peggy_sue_got_married.gif  License: unknown  Contributors: Karppinen File:Chermoonstruck.org/w/index.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Noroton (talk).jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:FilmSourcerersApprenticeNYBowlingGreenSetFromNorth060709.D.php?title=File:Chrysler_building_eagle.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.JPG  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2..org/w/index.Raising Arizona and Blood Simple. Satori Son.org/w/index. Ludivine.wikipedia.wikipedia. 1 anonymous edits File:Raising-Arizona-Poster.php?title=File:FilmLocationTemporaryNoParkingSign060709. Nehrams2020.php?title=File:Original_Motion_Picture_Soundtracks_-_Raising_Arizona_and_Blood_Simple.wikipedia.php?title=File:Kick-Ass_-_Score.wikipedia. InfamousPrince File:Drive Angry Poster. J.gif  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: For An Angel File:Sorcerers_apprentice_poster.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.1992.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:Honeymoon_In Vegas.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Noroton File:FilmSourcerersApprenticeNYBowlingGreenSetFromNorth060709. Licenses and Contributors File:bad lieutenant.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: MikeAllen File:Chrysler building eagle.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X.org/w/index.php?title=File:Birdy_ver1. 1 anonymous edits file:Kick-asssdtk. Chrislk02. 1 anonymous edits Image:Wildatcannes.wikipedia.D.0  Contributors: gdcgraphics at http://flickr. Quentin X File:Deadfall-movie.org/w/index.wikipedia. 1 anonymous edits File:Peggy_sue_got_married.php?title=File:Zandalee.org/w/index.wikipedia. The Parsnip! file:Rumblefishsoundtrack.php?title=File:Rumble_Fish.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3. J.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Az29.org/w/index.wikipedia. Skier Dude.wikipedia.php?title=File:TommyLeeJones07TIFF_cropped. Skier Dude.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Blurpeace.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Rumblefishsoundtrack. 2 anonymous edits file:Fasttimesatridgemonthighsoundtrack.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Wisekwai File:Outsidersposter. Vargklo.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpeg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Sdoo493 file:Kick-Ass .JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Noroton File:FilmSourcerersApprenticeParkedLightingTruck060709.wikipedia.Score.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Count Ringworm.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia file:The Sorcerer's Apprentice Soundtrack.php?title=File:Theboyinblue.jpg  Source: http://en. Evrik.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Frank C. Original uploader was Noroton at en.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier File:theboyinblue.JPG  Source: http://en.JPG  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: MachoCarioca.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: InfamousPrince File:Fast_Times_at_Ridgemont_High_400.php?title=File:Sorcerers_apprentice_poster. 1 anonymous edits File:Rumble Fish.php?title=File:Outsidersposter.7. Nehrams2020.org/w/index.org/w/index. Müller File:Season of the Witch.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Lamro 310 .org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Amos_and_andrew.wikipedia. Kbdank71.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Wildatcannes.org/w/index.php?title=File:Honeymoon_In_Vegas.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Chermoonstruck.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Nicolas_Cage_cropped_2009.wikipedia.0  Contributors: nicolas genin from Paris. Skier Dude.php?title=File:Firebirdsposter.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: J. MachoCarioca File:Birdy ver1.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.11.0  Contributors: Cacv12000 File:MovieSourcerersApprenticeNYCBowlingGreenSet.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Jakz34.wikipedia. Rsf7589.D.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.php?title=File:The_Sorcerer's_Apprentice_Soundtrack.php?title=File:Kick-Ass_film_poster.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier Image:Nicolas Cage cropped 2009.php?title=File:Raising-Arizona-Poster.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia. 1 anonymous edits File:Zandalee. France Image:TommyLeeJones07TIFF cropped. Melesse.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Drive_Angry_Poster.php?title=File:FilmLightingEquipmentLowerBroadwayNYC060709.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Grandpafootsoldier.php?title=File:Bad_lieutenant.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X. Skier Dude.JPG  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.

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