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DOCUMENT RESUAE BD 055 805 SB 012 070 AUTHOR Hellman, Hal TITLE Lasers, Understanding the Atom Series. INSTITUTION Atomic Energy Commission, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Div. of Technical Information. PUB DATE 68 NOTE 63p.; Revised 1969 AVAILABLE FROM USAEC, P. 0. Box 62, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830 (Free) EDRS PRICE MP-$0.65 HC-$3.29 DESCRIPTORS *Atomic Theory; *Instructional Materials; *Laser: *Light; Resource Materials; *Secondary School Science; Technological Advancenent ABSTRACT This booklet is one of the booklets in the “understanding the Atom Series" published by the U. S. Atomic Energy Conmission for high school science teachers and their students. Basic inforaation for understanding the laser is provided including discussion of the electromagnetic spectrua, radio waves, light and the atom, coherent light, controlled emission, aad the discovery of the laser. Other topics considered include interesting applications, the multitude of lasers, and communications. Numerous photographs and diagrams are utilized and a list of suggested references is included. (eB) ; SE o12 OF7O i = Wie ATOMIC Er S- echricaltl imforrmation