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Obviously: unmistakably, Synonyms: apparently, certainly, clearly, definitely.

Proud: arrogant, self-important, Synonyms: bloated, boastful, cavalier.

go-getter: eager Beaver, Synonyms: active person, ambitious person, ball of fire

add: simple arithmetical process of increase; accumulation, Synonyms:

compute, count, count up

research: examine, study, Synonyms: analyze, consult, do tests, experiment

issue: point in question, Synonyms: affair, argument, concern,

position: posture, stance Synonyms: arrangement, attitude, ballgame,

combine: connect, integrate, Synonyms: amalgamate, associate, band,

aware: knowledgeable, Synonyms: acquainted, alert, alive,

fulfill: bring to completion Synonyms: accomplish, achieve, answer