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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 303/1


Rate of interest applied by the European Central Bank for its operations in ecus:
4,00Ø% for October 1998

1 October 1998
(98/C 303/01)

Currency amount for one unit:

Belgian and Finnish markka 5,96482Ù
Luxembourg franc 40,4271ÙÙ Swedish krona 9,28421Ù
Danish krone 7,45293Ù Pound sterling 0,696522
German mark 1,95955Ù United States dollar 1,18868Ù
Greek drachma 338,216ÙÙÙ Canadian dollar 1,81904Ù
Spanish peseta 166,523ÙÙÙ Japanese yen 160,758ÙÙÙ
French franc 6,57081Ù Swiss franc 1,61899Ù
Irish pound 0,784299 Norwegian krone 8,73801Ù
Italian lira 1937,27ÙÙÙÙ Icelandic krona 81,7814ÙÙ
Dutch guilder 2,21012Ù Australian dollar 1,98777Ù
Austrian schilling 13,7875ÙÙ New Zealand dollar 2,35850Ù
Portuguese escudo 200,983ÙÙÙ South African rand 7,16776Ù

The Commission has installed a telex with an automatic answering device which gives the conversion rates
in a number of currencies. This service is available every day from 3.30 p.m. until 1 p.m. the following day.
Users of the service should do as follows:
—Ùcall telex number Brussels 23789,
—Ùgive their own telex code,
—Ùtype the code ‘cccc’ which puts the automatic system into operation resulting in the transmission of the
conversion rates of the ecu,
—Ùthe transmission should not be interrupted until the end of the message, which is marked by the code

Note:ÙThe Commission also has an automatic fax answering service (No 296Ø10Ø97/296Ø60Ø11) providing
daily data concerning calculation of the conversion rates applicable for the purposes of the common
agricultural policy.

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