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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 304/97

The Commission would inform the Honourable Member that no application for financial support has been
received from the ‘Europe Cities Against Drugs’ network.

The Commission does not consider that the projects currently receiving support are contrary to the United
Nations conventions. It wishes to point out that legislation on drug use is exclusively the responsibility of the
Member States.

(1) COM(94)234 final.

(2) OJ L 19, 22.1.1997.

(98/C 304/145) WRITTEN QUESTION P-0414/98

by John Cushnahan (PPE) to the Council
(17 February 1998)

Subject: Beef blockade

Further to my previous Question (H-1020/97) (1) and the subsequent Council response I would formally request
the Council in the interest of transparency to actually answer the question that I tabled which was: ‘on what date
was this request made?’

(1) Debates of the European Parliament (January 1998).

(8 June 1998)

At the meeting of the Special Committee on Agriculture on 8 and 9 December 1997, Ireland had asked if it could
take up at ministerial level the issue of trade being obstructed in English ports. As already indicated in the oral
reply to which the Honourable Member refers, this issue was accordingly examined by the Council at its meeting
on 15 and 16 December 1997. The Commission acknowledged at that meeting that the United Kingdom was
taking the necessary measures so that products could move freely without hinderance.

(98/C 304/146) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0416/98

by Freddy Blak (PSE) to the Council
(25 February 1998)

Subject: SAFE Directive

Does the Presidency plan to have the SAFE Directive, which has been shelved for so long, adopted while it is in

(18 May 1998)

In 1995 the Commission sent the Council a proposal for a Decision adopting a Community programme to
improve safety, hygiene and health at work (SAFE programme). The proposal was amended in March 1997 and
work continued throughout the year in the Council’s subsidiary bodies, but it became clear that at this stage there
was no prospect of reaching the unanimity required to adopt the Decision (the legal basis for which is Article 235
of the TEC).

In the absence of any new factors, the United Kingdom Presidency has no plans to place the matter on the agenda
for the Council (Labour and Social Affairs) during its term of office.