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The Susan Boyle Handbook - Everything you need to know about Susan Boyle

The Susan Boyle Handbook - Everything you need to know about Susan Boyle

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Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961)is a Scottish singer who came to international public attention when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables. Her first album was released in November 2009 and debuted as the number one best-selling CD on charts around the globe.

Global interest in Boyle was triggered by the contrast between her powerful voice and her plain appearance on stage. The juxtaposition of the audience's first impression of her, with the standing ovation she received during and after her performance, led to an international media and internet response. Within nine days of the audition, videos of Boyle—from the show, various interviews and her 1999 rendition of "Cry Me a River" — had been watched over 100 million times. Her audition video has been viewed on the internet several hundred million times. Despite the sustained media interest she later finished in second place in the final of the show behind dance troupe Diversity.

Boyle's first album, I Dreamed a Dream, was released on 23 November 2009 and became Amazon's best-selling album in pre-sales. According to Billboard, "The arrival of I Dreamed a Dream ... marks the best opening week for a female artist's debut album since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991." In only six weeks of sales, it became the biggest selling album in the world for 2009, selling 9 million copies. In September 2010, Boyle was officially recognised by Guinness World Records as having had the fastest selling debut album by a female artist in the UK, the most successful first week sales of a debut album in the UK, and was also awarded the record for being the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album in the UK.

This book is your ultimate resource for Susan Boyle. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career, Personal life and Discography right away: I Dreamed a Dream (album), The Gift (Susan Boyle album), Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song), I Dreamed a Dream, Cry Me a River, How Great Thou Art (hymn), You'll See, Daydream Believer, Up to the Mountain (MLK Song), Amazing Grace, Proud (Britannia High song), End of the World (song), Silent Night, Perfect Day, Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song), Do You Hear What I Hear?, Don't Dream It's Over, The First Nowell, O Holy Night, Away in a Manger, Prayer of Saint Francis, Auld Lang Syne, Adeste Fideles

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961)is a Scottish singer who came to international public attention when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables. Her first album was released in November 2009 and debuted as the number one best-selling CD on charts around the globe.

Global interest in Boyle was triggered by the contrast between her powerful voice and her plain appearance on stage. The juxtaposition of the audience's first impression of her, with the standing ovation she received during and after her performance, led to an international media and internet response. Within nine days of the audition, videos of Boyle—from the show, various interviews and her 1999 rendition of "Cry Me a River" — had been watched over 100 million times. Her audition video has been viewed on the internet several hundred million times. Despite the sustained media interest she later finished in second place in the final of the show behind dance troupe Diversity.

Boyle's first album, I Dreamed a Dream, was released on 23 November 2009 and became Amazon's best-selling album in pre-sales. According to Billboard, "The arrival of I Dreamed a Dream ... marks the best opening week for a female artist's debut album since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991." In only six weeks of sales, it became the biggest selling album in the world for 2009, selling 9 million copies. In September 2010, Boyle was officially recognised by Guinness World Records as having had the fastest selling debut album by a female artist in the UK, the most successful first week sales of a debut album in the UK, and was also awarded the record for being the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album in the UK.

This book is your ultimate resource for Susan Boyle. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career, Personal life and Discography right away: I Dreamed a Dream (album), The Gift (Susan Boyle album), Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song), I Dreamed a Dream, Cry Me a River, How Great Thou Art (hymn), You'll See, Daydream Believer, Up to the Mountain (MLK Song), Amazing Grace, Proud (Britannia High song), End of the World (song), Silent Night, Perfect Day, Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song), Do You Hear What I Hear?, Don't Dream It's Over, The First Nowell, O Holy Night, Away in a Manger, Prayer of Saint Francis, Auld Lang Syne, Adeste Fideles

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • I Dreamed a Dream
  • "I Dreamed a Dream"
  • Cry Me a River
  • "Cry Me A River"
  • How Great Thou Art (hymn)
  • You'll See
  • "You'll See"
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  • "Daydream Believer"
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  • Amazing Grace
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  • End of the World (song)
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  • Perfect Day
  • "Perfect Day"
  • Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song)
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Don't Dream It's Over
  • "Don't Dream It's Over"
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  • Prayer of Saint Francis
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Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961)is a Scottish singer who came to international public attention when she

appeared as a contestant on reality TV programme Britain’s Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. Her first album was released in November 2009 and debuted as the number one best-selling CD on charts around the globe. Global interest in Boyle was triggered by the contrast between her powerful voice and her plain appearance on stage. The juxtaposition of the audience’s first impression of her, with the standing ovation she received during and after her performance, led to an international media and internet response. Within nine days of the audition, videos of Boyle—from the show, various interviews and her 1999 rendition of “Cry Me a River” — had been watched over 100 million times. Her audition video has been viewed on the internet several hundred million times. Despite the sustained media interest she later finished in second place in the final of the show behind dance troupe Diversity. Boyle’s first album, I Dreamed a Dream, was released on 23 November 2009 and became Amazon’s best-selling album in pre-sales. According to Billboard, “The arrival of I Dreamed a Dream ... marks the best opening week for a female artist’s debut album since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991.” In only six weeks of sales, it became the biggest selling album in the world for 2009, selling 9 million copies. In September 2010, Boyle was officially recognised by Guinness World Records as having had the fastest selling debut album by a female artist in the UK, the most successful first week sales of a debut album in the UK, and was also awarded the record for being the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album in the UK. This book is your ultimate resource for Susan Boyle. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career, Personal life and Discography right away: I Dreamed a Dream (album), The Gift (Susan Boyle album), Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song), I Dreamed a Dream, Cry Me a River, How Great Thou Art (hymn), You’ll See, Daydream Believer, Up to the Mountain (MLK Song), Amazing Grace, Proud (Britannia High song), End of the World (song), Silent Night, Perfect Day, Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song), Do You Hear What I Hear?, Don’t Dream It’s Over, The First Nowell, O Holy Night, Away in a Manger, Prayer of Saint Francis, Auld Lang Syne, Adeste Fideles Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

Everything you need to know about Susan Boyle


Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

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videos of Boyle—from the show.[16] . "The arrival of I Dreamed a Dream . West Lothian. The juxtaposition of the audience's first impression of her.. Scotland Pop [4] Occupations Singer Instruments Vocals Years active 2009–present Labels Website Syco. selling 9 million copies.[9] [10] According to Billboard. singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables. Global interest in Boyle was triggered by the contrast between her powerful voice and her plain appearance on stage. various interviews and her 1999 rendition of "Cry Me a River" — had been watched over 100 million times.com susanboylemusic.[12] [13] [14] [15] In September 2010. Within nine days of the audition.[8] Despite the sustained media interest she later finished in second place in the final of the show behind dance troupe Diversity. Boyle was officially recognised by Guinness World Records as having had the fastest selling debut album by a female artist in the UK. Columbia [susanboylemusic.. and was also awarded the record for being the oldest person to reach number one with a debut album in the UK. led to an international media and internet response. it became the biggest selling album in the world for 2009.com] Susan Magdalane Boyle (born 1 April 1961)[1] [5] [6] is a Scottish singer who came to international public attention when she appeared as a contestant on reality TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009. I Dreamed a Dream. Her first album was released in November 2009 and debuted as the number one best-selling CD on charts around the globe. was released on 23 November 2009 and became Amazon's best-selling album in pre-sales."[11] In only six weeks of sales. with the standing ovation she received during and after her performance. Boyle's first album. marks the best opening week for a female artist's debut album since SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991.Susan Boyle 1 Susan Boyle Susan Boyle Susan Boyle in November 2009 Background information Birth name Born Origin Genres Susan Magdalane Boyle 1 April 1961 [1] [1] [2] [3] Blackburn. the most successful first week sales of a debut album in the UK.[7] Her audition video has been viewed on the internet several hundred million times.

and she dedicated herself to care for her ageing mother until she died in 2007 at the age of 91..[17] Her father died in the 1990s. local and national TV.[18] and performed at a number of local venues. Ireland.[21] Prior to Britain's Got Talent.[17] to Patrick Boyle.[17] Born when her mother was 47. her audition for Michael Barrymore's My Kind of People[21] at the Olympia Shopping Centre in East Kilbride was filmed – the amateur video shows Barrymore was more interested in mocking her than in her ability to sing. Boyle used all her savings to pay for a professionally cut demo. Only 1.[20] A neighbour reported that when Bridget Boyle died.[35] In 1999. The demo consisted of her versions of "Cry Me a River" and "Killing Me Softly with His Song".[17] she was employed for the only time in her life as a trainee cook in the kitchen of West Lothian College for six months.[21] Boyle says she was bullied as a child[17] [22] and was nicknamed "Susie Simple" at school.[27] [28] In 1995." British tabloids claimed "exclusives" of video clips of some early performances. and in karaoke performances at pubs in and around her village. Sounds of West Lothian."[32] [33] The recording found its way onto the internet following her first televised appearance and the New York Post said it showed that Boyle was "not a one trick pony.[17] She attended Edinburgh Acting School and took part in the Edinburgh Fringe. were pressed.[31] An early review in the West Lothian Herald & Post said Boyle's rendition of "Cry Me a River" was "heartbreaking" and "had been on repeat in my CD player ever since I got this CD. radio talent competitions. County Mayo. never been kissed". She almost abandoned her plan to enter Britain's Got Talent believing she was too old. Scotland.[26] Her repertoire through the years has included songs such as "The Way We Were" and "I Don't Know How to Love Him. copies of which she later sent to record companies. Former coach O'Neil said Boyle abandoned an audition for The X Factor because she believed people were being chosen for their looks."[20] Boyle is Catholic and sang in her church choir at her church in Blackburn.Susan Boyle 2 Biography Boyle was born in Blackburn. and Bridget."[34] Hello! said the recording "cement[ed] her status" as a singing star. Music for a Millennium Celebration.[20] Boyle was briefly deprived of oxygen during the difficult birth and was later diagnosed as having learning difficulties.[29] In 1999 she recorded a track for a charity CD to commemorate the Millennium[17] [30] produced at a West Lothian school.[22] On a 2010 episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show.[25] She also has long participated in her parish church's pilgrimages to the Knock Shrine. visiting elderly members of the congregation in their homes.[37] Boyle said that she was motivated to seek a musical career to pay tribute to her mother. Scotland.000 copies of the CD. the songs were uploaded to the Internet after her BGT audition. Boyle summarised that her daily life was "mundane" and "routine" prior to stardom.[18] who were both immigrants from County Donegal. World War II veteran and singer at the Bishop's Blaize.[38] [39] . Boyle has a reputation for modesty and propriety. She had also auditioned several times for My Kind of People. a four-bedroom council house. Our Lady of Lourdes. but O'Neil persuaded her to audition nevertheless.[17] Her performance on the show was the first time she had sung in public since her mother died. Pebbles. a shorthand typist. her daughter "wouldn't come out for three or four days or answer the door or phone. and her siblings had left home.[21] Boyle still lives in the family home.[23] took part in government training programmes. West Lothian. her main experience had come from singing in her local Catholic church.[24] Boyle remains active as a volunteer at her church. and has sung there at the Marian basilica. a miner. with her 10-year-old cat.[23] After leaving school with few qualifications.[36] After Boyle won several local singing competitions.[19] She was the youngest of four brothers and six sisters. her mother urged her to enter Britain's Got Talent and take the risk of singing in front of an audience larger than her parish church. Ireland. admitting during her first appearance on Britain's Got Talent that she had "never been married. West Lothian.. in local choirs. Early singing Boyle took singing lessons from voice coach Fred O'Neil. Boyle never married.

'” Simon Cowell.. she doesn't know how to deal with not winning.[40] and has called her "a role model for everyone who has a dream". she appeared in 20 of the 24 dates of the tour.[41] Boyle was "absolutely gobsmacked" by the strength of this reaction. but she has refused to change her image." Her stay in hospital attracted widespread attention.[56] and was well received in cities such as Aberdeen.[40] Boyle sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables in the first round of the third series of Britain's Got Talent.. thrilling and uplifting". with Prime Minister Gordon Brown wishing her well. which was watched by over 10 million viewers when it aired on 11 April 2009. the producer of the Les Misérables musical.[51] The day after the final.[52] TalkbackThames explained "Following Saturday night's show. The Sunday Times [17] This performance was widely reported and tens of millions of people viewed the video on YouTube."[64] . She was nervous.[54] Cowell has offered to waive Boyle's contractual obligation to take part in the BGT tour.[17] Since the appearance. Boyle applied for an audition for the third series of Britain's Got Talent and was accepted after a preliminary audition in Glasgow. Boyle was admitted to The Priory. Daily Mail [53] The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) became concerned by press reports about Boyle's erratic behaviour and speculation about her mental condition and wrote to remind editors about clause 3 (privacy) of their code of press conduct. she exuded a confidence resembling that of a veteran who has been performing for years..[48] In the public vote she was the act to receive the highest number of votes and go through to the final. Then.[49] [50] She was the clear favourite to win the final.[57] Edinburgh.[42] “I know what they were thinking.3 million viewers.] her dream is very much alive.[45] [46] Cameron Mackintosh. but no more nervous than Paul Potts had been before his live final two years previously. Her family said "she's been battered non-stop for the last seven weeks and it has taken its toll [.” Susan Boyle..[43] Boyle is aware that the audience on Britain's Got Talent was initially hostile to her because of her appearance.[52] Boyle left the clinic five days after her admission[55] and said she would participate in the BGT tour.[60] Coventry.. during the final show.[52] “I didn't pick up on any unduly troubling signs.. a private psychiatric clinic in London.." as she had been invited to the Independence Day celebrations at the White House. as "heart-touching.Susan Boyle 3 Music career Britain's Got Talent In August 2008... and the subsequent "biggest wake-up call ever" upon hearing her performance. she said that she aspired to become a professional singer "as successful as" Elaine Paige.[61] Birmingham[62] and London. Susan is exhausted and emotionally drained.but. yes.[41] She was one of 40 acts that were put through to the semi-finals.[44] Boyle's rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" has been credited with causing a surge in ticket sales in the Vancouver production of Les Misérables. When Boyle first appeared on Britain's Got Talent at the city's Clyde Auditorium. performing "Memory" from the musical Cats. Despite health worries. I looked over at her face and thought: 'Christ. the UK TV audience was a record of 17. Paige has expressed interest in singing a duet with Boyle.[58] Dublin. at the crucial point when the dance group Diversity won.[59] Sheffield. also praised the performance.[63] The Belfast Telegraph said "Despite reports of crumbling under the pressure. but why should it matter as long as I can sing? It's not a beauty contest.[41] Amanda Holden remarked upon the audience's initially cynical attitude.[47] She appeared last on the first semi-final on 24 May 2009.[51] but ended up in second place to Diversity. She understood the significance of the night.

who says "Now Susan's used to the studio and the recording process. I think that’s going to work much better. and was also the top selling "physical" album of 2009.217. "My next album has to have an element of surprise in it again. the winner of which will get to sing a duet with her on her new CD..[84] It will be produced by Steve Mac.000 compared to 3. British tabloid. She doesn’t want to sing anything that hasn’t happened to her or she can’t relate to.[72] In Italy.000 for Taylor Swift's Fearless. Susan Boyle was voted by Time magazine as the seventh most influential person in the world.S. was released on 23 November 2009.[67] In Britain. with sales of 3. how she reacts with certain parts.." and was "extremely distressed" at having to live off . and Susan's lawyer niece Kirsty Foy. she will be holding a competition 'Susan's Search'.[76] In November 2009 it was reported[77] that Boyle's rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream' would be the theme song of the anime movie Eagle Talon The Movie 3. Susan's debut album was recognised as the fastest selling UK debut album of all time selling 411. which was being controlled by her management team . and fifty seven above French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Network's highest rated television special in its history.S. Ossie Killkenny.[79] [80] The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland says Boyle will likely perform for Pope Benedict XVI on his tour of Britain later this year.[66] I Dreamed a Dream became Amazon.000 of its sales coming from digital downloads. concert tour in November as a lead-up to the album release. who received one fifth of her votes."[85] Boyle has suggested the album will include some jazz numbers now she's "a bit more content" within herself. and so we can change the arrangements that way. He said "[Susan's] millions are ring-fenced but Susan has no concept of money. with only 86. becoming the fastest selling global female debut album.[68] I Dreamed a Dream also outsold the rest of the top 5 albums combined in its first week. as mentioned by People magazine.820 copies. the album sold 701..With Susan it’s very important she connects with the public and the public connect with her. this time round we might go even further down a traditional route of recording by getting a band together and rehearsing songs before we go into the studio to see what works..000 copies in its first week.[69] In the U.[83] The album will be released on 8 November 2010. In only a week.com's best-selling album in pre-sales on 4 September 2009. and "Cry Me a River". the best opening week for a debut artist in over a decade. it was the first album of the month in the Italian #1 Account by a non-Italian artist ever. and that she has been unable to move into her £300. it already sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.[82] As part of the lead up to the album. Boyle announced that her second album would be a Christmas album entitled The Gift.104. I'm hoping to make it better and a bit extra special.[70] It topped the Billboard chart for six straight weeks and although it narrowly failed to become the best-selling album of 2009.[65] The album includes covers of "Wild Horses" (scheduled to be her first single) and "You'll See" as well as "I Dreamed a Dream". beating the previous fastest selling debut of all time. Boyle's brother Gerry said his sister was fearful of losing her contract and of returning to her previous financial situation. News of the World.S.[81] The Gift (2010-present) On 9 July 2010.[78] In May 2010. three months before the scheduled release.Susan Boyle 4 I Dreamed a Dream and tour (2009) Boyle's first album. that was released in Japan on 16 January 2010."[86] In August 2010.000 five-bedroom house in Blackburn because she does not have the cash to furnish it. featuring a duet with Elaine [74] It got ratings of 10 million viewers in the United Kingdom[75] and in America was the TV Guide Paige. I Dreamed a Dream. Spirit by Leona Lewis.[71] This has in turn garnered more media attention.[69] Boyle gave a U. it was one of only two albums to sell over 3 million copies in the U. reported that Boyle was experiencing financial woes as Boyle was unable to access her fortune.[73] On 13 December 2009 she appeared in her own television special "I Dreamed a Dream: the Susan Boyle Story"..consisting of Andy Stephens. fourteen places above US President Barack Obama.

Susan Boyle £300 a week, after being banned from withdrawing money from the bank or owning a credit card.[87] This story was contradicted the following day though by the news that she had bought two houses.[88] It was also reported that she had recently been on a spending spree, where she had bought a grand piano, iPhone, and five dresses made by Stewart Parvin, the Queen's dressmaker.[89] The press had previously stated that Susan Boyle was suing her brother Gerry for other stories he'd sold to the newspapers.[90]


Media impact
Web sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been crucial in facilitating Boyle's rapid rise to fame:[91] The most popular YouTube video submission of her audition garnered nearly 2.5 million views in the first 72 hours.[92] On the day following the performance, the YouTube video was the most popular article on Digg[93] and made the front page of Reddit.[94] Within a week, the audition performance had been viewed more than 66 million times, setting an online record, while on Wikipedia her biographical article attracted nearly half a million page views. A total of 103 million video views on 20 different Web sites was reached within nine days.[7] The Los Angeles Times wrote that her popularity on YouTube may in part be due to the broad range of emotion packed into a short clip which was "perfect for the Internet".[95] In December 2009 her audition was named the most watched Youtube video of the year with over 120 million viewings, more than three times higher than the second most popular video.[96] Additionally, Boyle’s first on camera interview with Scots journalist Richard Mooney for her local newspaper the West Lothian Courer, was named as YouTube’s Most Memorable Video of 2009. [97] The video went viral after being uploaded to YouTube on April 14, 2009. [98] Many newspapers around the world[99] [100] (including China,[101] Brazil[102] and the Middle East[103] [104] ) carried articles on Boyle's performance. British tabloid The Sun gave her the nickname "Paula Potts" in reference to the first series' winner Paul Potts.[105] Later, the British press took to referring to her by a short-form of her name, 'SuBo'.[106] In the U.S., several commentators also drew parallels between Boyle's performance and that of Potts.[107] ABC News hailed "Britain's newest pop sensation", and its Entertainment section headlined Boyle as "The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell".[108] Within the week following her performance on Britain's Got Talent, Boyle was a guest on STV's The Five Thirty Show.[109] She was interviewed via satellite on CBS's Early Show,[30] Good Morning America,[110] NBC's Today, FOX's America's Newsroom.[110] [111] and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Via satellite on Larry King Live,[112] Boyle performed an a cappella verse of "My Heart Will Go On".[113] She was also portrayed in drag by Jay Leno, who joked that they were related through his mother's Scottish heritage.[114] At the invitation of NHK, a major Japanese broadcaster, Boyle appeared as a guest singer for the 2009 edition of Kōhaku Uta Gassen, annual songfest on 31 December at the NHK Hall.[115] [116] She was introduced as the ouen kashu (応援 歌 手 lit. "cheering singer") by the MCs and appeared on the stage escorted by Takuya Kimura, and sang "I Dreamed a Dream".[117] Although not eligible for the 2010 Grammy Awards,[118] its host Stephen Colbert paid tribute to Boyle at the ceremony, telling its audience "you may be the coolest people in the world, but this year your industry was saved by a 48-year-old Scottish cat lady in sensible shoes."[119] There was also earlier controversy, when Boyle was failed to be nominated in any of the categories for the 2010 Brit Awards.[120]

Susan Boyle


Social analyses
Judging by appearance
The Huffington Post noted that the producers of the show would have anticipated the potential of this story arc, by deliberately presenting Boyle in a manner that would enhance this initial reaction.[121] The Herald described Boyle's story as a modern parable and a rebuke to people's tendency to judge others based on their physical appearance.[122] Similarly, Entertainment Weekly said that Boyle's performance was a victory for talent and artistry in a culture obsessed with physical attractiveness and presentation.[123]
“Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances. [...] There is not much you can do about it; it is the way they think; it is the way they are. But maybe this could teach them a lesson, or set an example.” Susan Boyle, The Washington Post

The Washington Post believed that her initial demeanour and homely appearance caused the judges and audience to be "waiting for her to squawk like a duck".[125] New York's Daily News said that an underdog being ridiculed or humiliated but then enjoying an unexpected triumph is a common trope in literature, and the stark contrast between the audience's low expectations and the quality of her singing made Boyle's performance such an engaging piece of television.[126]

Feminist view
R.M. Campbell, music critic for The Gathering Note compared her to Ella Fitzgerald, in that "[... it is] really, really hard to make a career if a woman isn't attractive."[127] In another Huffington Post article, Letty Cottin Pogrebin wrote that although people may "weep for the years of wasted talent", Boyle's performance was a triumph for "women of a certain age" over a youth culture that often dismisses middle-aged women.[128] Tanya Gold wrote in The Guardian that the difference between Boyle's hostile reception and the more neutral response to Paul Potts in his first audition reflected society's expectation that women be both good-looking and talented, with no such expectation existing for men.[129] Los Angeles vocal coach Eric Vetro stated, "She's an Everywoman as opposed to an untouchable fantasy goddess, so maybe that's why people react to her."[130]

'American Dream'
Several media sources have commented that Boyle's success seemed to have particular resonance in the United States. An American entertainment correspondent was quoted in The Scotsman comparing Boyle's story to the American Dream, as representing talent overcoming adversity and poverty.[131] The Associated Press described this as Boyle's "hardscrabble story", dwelling on her modest lifestyle and what they characterised as urban deprivation in her home town.[39] Similarly, The Independent's New York correspondent David Usborne wrote that the United States will always respond to "the fairy tale where the apparently unprepossessing suddenly becomes pretty, from Shrek to My Fair Lady".[132]

Cultural references
The American cartoon show South Park made a reference to Susan Boyle in the episode "Fatbeard", which aired on 22 April 2009;[133] [134] the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show aired a comedy sketch showing the "feel good" effect that Susan Boyle's performance has had on people;[135] The Simpsons aired a new commercial for its 20th-anniversary show "Springfield's Got Talent", in which Homer Simpson talks about his dreams "to be a great singer like Boyle".[136] [137] A European trailer for the video game The Sims 3 includes a character mocked up as Boyle.[138] In June 2009, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a short story called "I Dreamed a Dream" that was based on a combination of Boyle's appearances on Britain's Got Talent and the political difficulties of Gordon Brown.[139] The 5 November 2009 episode of the show 30 Rock showed recurring character Kathy Geiss (Marceline Hugot) -

Susan Boyle who has a dowdy appearance - singing in the style of Susan Boyle as Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy teared up.[140] In a Season 35 sketch on Saturday Night Live, an accountant (Andy Samberg) doing Boyle's taxes, notes that her income for 2008 was $1, $900,000,000 for 2009, and projected to be $1 for 2010. Bobby Moynihan played Boyle in the sketch. In the Futurama episode Attack of the Killer App, Leela has a boil named Susan ("Susan Boil") that can sing show tunes.[141]


Studio albums
Album details Year UK AUS CAN GRE IRE JPN NL NZ SWI US [142] [143] [144] [145] [146] [147] [148] [149] [148] [150] 2009 I Dreamed a Dream • • Release date: 23 November 2009 Label: Syco, Columbia Records Format: CD, digital download 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 • • • • • • • • 2010 The Gift • • Release date: 8 November 2010 Label: Syco, Columbia Records Format: CD, digital download 1 2 — — 5 — 1 — — — • • UK: 7× Platinum AUS: 8× Platinum CAN: 5× Platinum FRA: Platinum JPN: Gold NL: Gold NZ: 10× [151] Platinum US: 4× Platinum AUS: [153] Platinum [151] NZ: Gold • • • • • • • • UK: 1,600,000+ AUS: 560,000 CAN: 400,000 FRA: 100,000 JPN: 183,929 NZ 150,000 US: 4,000,000+ WW: [12] 9,000,000 [152] Peak chart positions Certifications Sales

Year Single Peak chart positions UK IRL SWI US CAN AUS NL BEL FRA [154] [154] [155] [156] [156] 2009 "Wild Horses" "I Dreamed a Dream" 2010 "Perfect Day" 9 37 75 11 20 — — 43 — 98 62 — 95 65 — 93 66 — 99 — 64 — 27 65 31 37 — The Gift I Dreamed a Dream Album

As featured artist 2010 "Everybody Hurts" (as part of Helping Haiti) [157] 1 1 — — — 28 — — — Charity Single

"—" denotes that the record has not yet charted in that region.

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2010 3.[1] . plus the original composition "Who I Was Born to Be". 2009 2. 11 out of the 12 songs that appear on the album are cover songs. "I Dreamed a Dream" Released: April 15. 2010 4. "Wild Horses" Released: November 15. It quickly became the world's biggest selling album of 2009. The album has sold almost 9 million copies worldwide.I Dreamed a Dream (album) 14 I Dreamed a Dream (album) I Dreamed a Dream Studio album by Susan Boyle Released Recorded Genre Length Label Producer 23 November 2009 July–September 2009 London. 2010 I Dreamed a Dream is the debut album from Scottish singer Susan Boyle. acoustic 43:00 Syco/Columbia Steve Mac Susan Boyle chronology I Dreamed a Dream (2009) The Gift (2010) Singles from I Dreamed a Dream 1. England Pop. and by Columbia Records in the United States one day later. In the standard edition. It was released on 23 November 2009 by Syco Music in the United Kingdom. "You'll See" Released: June 20. "Amazing Grace" Released: August 15.

.S.. with 11 eventually making the [7] final cut. beating the record previously set by Spirit by Leona Lewis and outselling the rest of the top five albums combined during its first week on sale. right behind Taylor Swift's Fearless at 3. The album also included a version of "Proud". Boyle began the production of the album soon after the Britain's Got Talent tour. The Carpenters.[2] In the U. .1 million copies sold. beating out Eminem's Relapse which sold 608.[14] The album's last track is the popular Christmas song "Silent Night". including "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art".[7] They then recorded 20 songs for the album.000 copies sold in its first week.[7] He then whittled these down to 50 and presented the list to Mac so that he could try out the songs with Boyle to see which worked for her and which she wanted to record. West Lothian. selling 411. written by Audra Mae.[4] It was the second-biggest selling album of 2009 in the U.[6] 15 Background Production and songs According to producer Steve Mac. also in London.S. "The End of the World" was an international pop music hit by Skeeter Davis in the 1960s written by Arthur Kent with lyrics by Sylvia Dee.S. released in 2008. with 3. with 701.. a 1995 song by Madonna.I Dreamed a Dream (album) The album entered the UK album chart at number 1 and became the fastest-selling debut album ever in the UK. Sonia and Herman's Hermits. had been on sale all year).[9] It has been covered by Guns N' Roses.[12] and has been covered by.[8] The album included "I Dreamed a Dream". different studios were used.000. the song that she sang for her audition and on the show's finale. amongst others." Boyle said its "haunting theme" conjures up memories of her childhood amongst council estates. a Christian hymn based on a Swedish poem written by Carl Gustav Boberg in Sweden in 1885. The album remained at the top spot for four weeks.[5] In only six weeks of sales. the choir at Sphere Studios. Boyle had been a volunteer at Our Lady of Lourdes church in Blackburn.2 million copies (and which. which was composed by Claude-Michel Schonberg (music) and Alain Boublil and adapted to English by Herbert Kretzmer for the 1985 musical Les Misérables. Boyle included "Cry Me a River". a song originally recorded by The Rolling Stones in 1971 which she described as "[o]ne of my personal favourites and an emotional release. and recorded some religious songs. a song that album producer Steve Mac had originally written with Wayne Hector and Andy Hill for the Britannia High television series. the song selection process started with Simon Cowell compiling a list of around 150 songs that had in part been accumulated from "various A&R guys" sending them to him.[15] The album was produced and arranged by Steve Mac. Loretta Lynn. the orchestra recorded at the Air Studios in London. becoming the biggest selling album in the UK in 2009.[10] [11] and "You'll See". I Dreamed a Dream debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. it became the biggest selling album in the world for 2009. For the recording. "Who I Was Born to Be".[13] with a melody based on the Swedish folk songs. which she had previously recorded in 1999 for a charity CD. and chose a new composition. Alicia Keys and Melanie Safka.[3] I Dreamed a Dream became the biggest opening sales week of 2009 in the U. breaking the record for the highest debut by a new solo female artist in the SoundScan era (post 1991). and the final mixing at Mac's own Rokstone Studios.820 copies. The first song from the album was "Wild Horses". poverty and struggle in the first verse.

[22] It was reported that Susan Boyle would be invited to perform "I Dreamed a Dream" for a small gathering at the birthday celebration of Michelle Obama on 17 January 2010. Her first performance was on the America's Got Talent final. the album was certified 8x Platinum (120.[19] On 13 December 2009 she appeared in her own television special. and has sold almost 9 million to date. Reception According to the Daily Mail.[23] Her debut world tour.[5] The album sold over 3. 274. "Wild Horses".[17] On 23 November.[43] . It is the fastest-selling debut album to reach two million in sales and 2009's second biggest-selling album.21 million. during the performance of Chelsie Hightower and Tony Dovolani. the album was certified 3x Platinum for shipping over 45. In New Zealand.820 copies made it the largest first week sales of any debut album in UK chart history. featuring a duet with her idol Elaine Paige. "I Dreamed a Dream: the Susan Boyle Story". the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with approximate sales of 701.[20] The show achieved ratings of 10 million viewers in the United Kingdom. and "Cry Me a River". In its fifth week.[21] In the U. The album debuted at #1 in Australia. Japan and Antarctica.S.000 units shipped). becoming the highest rated special in the tiny cable network's history. based on seven reviews.[38] The Japanese market regarded it as a classical music album.[41] In the United States.[33] [34] Sales of 411. Boyle attended a lunch with fans where she was presented with a handmade quilt made by over one hundred people from 28 countries including Mexico.612 copies respectively in its second to fourth weeks. a Brazilian telenovela.[39] and it debuted at #5 on the Oricon weekly comprehensive charts with around 36. and approximately 300.000 units shipped) three weeks after its release. and she also sang "Wild Horses" on The X-Factor.000 copies. remaining at the top of the album chart for four weeks consecutively. is being planned. bringing her total U. Boyle gave a live TV performance on the Today Show on the NBC television network which took place outside its studios on Rockefeller Plaza. becoming the best sales week for an album in the United States for 2009.[35] [36] It recorded sales of 303.000 copies in the United Kingdom on its first day of release alone. selling 26. I Dreamed a Dream sold approximately 134. Poland.148 and 352.[18] Boyle sang "I Dreamed a Dream".S.708. on 16 September. behind Taylor Swift's Fearless which sold 3. which helping [24] to propel "I Dreamed A Dream" up the charts in Brazil. Boyle sang on several television shows. The song You'll See was included in the international soundtrack to Ti Ti Ti.000 copies after just one week of release while debuting at number 1. selling in excess of half a million copies each week.5 million copies worldwide in its first three weeks of release.000 units.000 copies by Friday. it was displaced at number one by Michael Bublé's Crazy Love. with 3.1 million sold according to SoundScan. she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" on Dancing with the Stars.I Dreamed a Dream (album) 16 Commercial performance and reception Publicity To promote the release. where she performed "Wild Horses" before more than 13 million viewers in the United States[16] On 10 November.[42] The album received a score of 54 out of 100 on aggregate review site Metacritic.[40] and climbed to #3 the next week. beginning in Las Vegas.[18] After the show.9 million copies. 27 November. it was carried on the TV Guide Network.474 in the first week of release and has been certified 9x Platinum (630. It stayed at number one for five consecutive weeks. sales over to 2.[37] It has also become the highest-selling debut album in New Zealand history.

"Proud" 11. Track 3 Copyright Chappell & Co. "Up to the Mountain" 8. "I Dreamed a Dream (Original Audition)" (Tesco Bonus DVD) Claude-Michel Schönberg. "The End of the World" 12. "Who I Was Born to Be" 10. "Amazing Grace" 9. Alain Boublil. Charts . Herbert Kretzmer Arthur Hamilton Carl Boberg Madonna.I Dreamed a Dream (album) 17 Track listing [44] No. • • • • • • Track 7 Copyright One Big Love Music-Almo Music Corp. Alain Boublil. Track 12 Copyright Peermusic. Title 1. "Silent Night" 13. Tim Larsson Steve Mac. Track 6 Copyright Screen Gems-EMI Music. Track 8 public domain. Franz Xaver Gruber Kunihiko Murai Original artist The Rolling Stones Patti LuPone. "The Susan Boyle Story: Interview" (Tesco Bonus DVD) 15. "How Great Thou Art" 5. Track 5 Copyright Webo Girl Publishing-WB Music/One Four Three Music-Peermusic. David Foster John Stewart Patty Griffin John Newton Audra Mae. Track 10 Copyright Rokstone Music-Peermusic Ltd. "Daydream Believer" 7. Andy Hill Arthur Kent. Keith Richards Claude-Michel Schönberg. "Wings to Fly" (Tesco Bonus DVD/Japanese bonus track) 14. Mark Linn-Baker. from Les Misérables Julie London Christian hymn Madonna The Monkees Patty Griffin Christian hymn Original composition The cast of Britannia High Skeeter Davis Christian Christmas Hymn Akai Tori Length 4:55 3:11 2:43 3:13 4:43 3:20 3:32 3:35 4:10 3:22 3:16 3:00 3:51 11:19 3:11 Original twelve-track album publishing • • • • • • Track 1 Copyright ABKCO Music Track 2 Copyright Alain Boublil Music Ltd. "Wild Horses" 2. Wayne Hector. "Cry Me a River" 4./San Remo Music-Sony Music. Johan Fransson. "You'll See" 6. Herbert Kretzmer Patti LuPone./Warner Chappell Music (Scandinavia) AB. Track 11 Copyright Music Sales Corporation. "I Dreamed a Dream" 3.-Harmony Grace Publishing. Sylvia Dee Josef Mohr. Track 4 Copyright Manna Music Inc. from Les Misérables Writer(s) Mick Jagger. Track 9 Copyright AMAEB-WB Music Corp. Tobias Lundgren.

S. Billboard 200 [36] .I Dreamed a Dream (album) 18 Chart (2009) [45] Peak position 1 1 7 [48] [48] 1 5 1 2 1 4 9 8 3 1 [56] 4 Argentinian Albums Chart Australian Albums Chart Austrian Albums Chart [46] [47] Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia) Canadian Albums Chart Danish Albums Chart [3] [49] [50] Dutch Albums Chart Estonian Albums Chart Finnish Albums Chart French Albums Chart [51] [52] [53] [54] German Albums Chart Greek Albums Chart [55] Hungarian Albums Chart Chart (2009) [57] [58] Peak position 1 21 3 5 1 5 23 [48] 16 1 10 3 1 1 1 Irish Albums Chart Italian FIMI Albums Chart Japanese Oricon Chart [59] Mexican Albums Chart [60] [61] New Zealand Albums Chart Norwegian Albums Chart Polish Albums Chart [62] [48] Portuguese Albums Chart [63] South African Albums Chart Spanish Albums Chart [48] [64] Swedish Albums Chart Swiss Albums Chart [48] [65] UK Albums Chart U.

Album Co-ordinator for Steve Mac: Nicki L’Amy. Chris Barrett & Steve Orchard. Strings Contracted by: Isobel Griffiths. String Leader: Rolf Wilson. Assisted by Nick Carvonaro and Fiona Cruickshank.000+ [66] [67] 630. London. London by Geoff Foster. Pro Tools: Chris Laws.000+ . • • • • • • • • • • • Choir: LJ Singers led by Lawrence Johnson. Strings Recorded at Air Studios.000+ 30.000+ 15. Piano: Dave Arch & Steve Mac. Background Vocals: Mae McKenna.000. Drums: Chris Laws except ‘Cry Me A River’: Ralph Salmins Guitars: John Parricelli.000+ 6.000+ 3. String Arrangements by Dave Arch.000+ 10.000+ [68] [68] 15. Vibes on ‘Cry Me A River’: Franc Ricotti. Mixed by Ren Swan.000+ [70] 400.000+ 100. Hammond Organ: Dave Arch. Copyist: John Baker. Engineered by Chris Laws & Dann Pursey.000+ 10. Recorded and Mixed at Rokstone Studios.000+ [76] [77] [78] [79] [80] 120.000 40. Bass on ‘Who I Was Born To Be’: Steve Pearce.I Dreamed a Dream (album) 19 Credits and personnel Production and recording • • • • • • • • • • • Produced and Arranged by Steve Mac.000+ [81] [82] 150.000+ 250.000+ [84] [85] [86] PROMUSICAE Gold IFPI Gold [87] 20. All Keyboard and Synths: Steve Mac. Instruments and vocals Sales and certifications Region Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark EU France [73] GCC* Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Japan Mexico New Zealand Poland Sweden Spain Switzerland Provider CAPIF ARIA IFPI IFPI CRIA IFPI IFPI SNEP IFPI IFPI Mahasz IRMA FIMI RIAJ AMPROFON RIANZ ZPAV IFPI Certification Gold 9× Platinum Gold Gold 5x Platinum Gold 3× Platinum Platinum Platinum Gold Gold 8× Platinum Gold Platinum Gold 10× Platinum Gold Gold [83] [69] Sales/Shipments 20.000+ 50.000+ [72] [74] [75] 3.000+ 30.000+ [49] [71] 3. Sphere session assisted by Ronan Phelan. Choir Recorded at Sphere Studios & Rokstone Studios.

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I Dreamed a Dream (album) 23 External links • Official website (http://www.com/special/susan-boyle/) .com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:fvfpxz9aldse) at Allmusic • I Dreamed a Dream in The Susan Boyle Story (http://www.com) • I Dreamed a Dream (http://allmusic.susanboylemusic.tvguide.

[4] [5] Background It will be produced by Steve Mac. acoustic. who says "Now Susan’s used to the studio and the recording process."[2] Boyle has suggested the album will include some Jazz numbers now she's "a bit more content" within herself... I think that’s going to work much better. how she reacts with certain parts. "My next album has to have an element of surprise in it again. this time round we might go even further down a traditional route of recording by getting a band together and rehearsing songs before we go into the studio to see what works.[3] Boyle has hinted that it will have a 1960s feel "because that was my era". She doesn’t want to sing anything that hasn’t happened to her or she can’t relate to. I'm hoping to make it better and a bit extra special."[6] . which was released on 8 November 2010. and so we can change the arrangements that way.With Susan it’s very important she connects with the public and the public connect with her. England Pop.The Gift (Susan Boyle album) 24 The Gift (Susan Boyle album) The Gift Studio album by Susan Boyle Released Recorded Genre Length Label Producer 8 November 2010 July–September 2010 London. holiday 35:13 Syco/Columbia Steve Mac [2] [1] Susan Boyle chronology I Dreamed a Dream (2009) The Gift (2010) The Gift is the second album by Scottish singer Susan Boyle..

criticizing how the "predictable.[13] Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic gave the album two and a half out of five stars. but referred to the music as [12] Graham Rockingham of Metro International gave the album mixed reviews.The Gift (Susan Boyle album) 25 Susan's Search competition In a lead up to the release. which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics. "O Holy Night" 7. which indicates "mixed or average reviews". "Away in a Manger" 8." album can be a number 1 charter. based on 4 reviews. "Auld Lang Syne" 10. Applicants must record a video of themselves singing Silent Night and upload it to her YouTube channel. Track listing No. complimenting Boyle as the right person to make a holiday album. "Vapor Trail" (Japanese bonus track) [14] Neil Finn Traditional Traditional Traditional Traditional Robert Burns Traditional Yumi Arai Crowded House Christmas carol Christmas carol Christmas carol Christian hymn Folk song Christian hymn Yumi Arai Release history . "Perfect Day" 2.000 copies in its first few days of release. "Don't Dream It's Over" 5. but at the same time be well suited for traditional carols. the album has currently sold nearly 250. "O Come All Ye Faithful" 11. Boyle has offered her fans a chance to duet with her. with a competition titled Susan's Search. Susan's album and America's Got Talent fifth season runner-up Jackie Evancho's holiday album topped the Amazon pre-order list within its first 24 hours.[9] [10] In the US. New York. Gloria Shayne Baker Harry Simeone Chorale 4. Title 1.[11] Critical reception The album has received mixed reviews from critics. "Hallelujah" Writer(s) Lou Reed Leonard Cohen Original artist Lou Reed Leonard Cohen Length 4:31 3:53 3:55 3:47 2:59 4:04 2:56 4:24 2:45 2:06 3:46 3. "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace" 9. the album received an average score of 59. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (featuring Amber Stassi) Noël Regney.[13] According to Metacritic.[8] Reception Commercial performance A month prior to the release.[7] The winner was 33-year-old paramedic Amber Stassi of Brewerton. "The First Noel" 6.

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Hung Medien. . ultratop. . [15] "Susan Boyle – The Gift" (http:/ / www. Chart-Track. [16] "Top 75 Artist Album. radioscope. co. Week Ending 11 November 2010" (http:/ / www. ariacharts. Retrieved 14 November 2010. [18] Top 50 Albums Chart (http:/ / www. susanboylemusic. com/ us/ news/ item/ the_gift_by_susan_boyle/ ). net. theofficialcharts. nz/ index.The Gift (Susan Boyle album) [14] ""The Gift" by Susan Boyle" (http:/ / www. chart-track. [19] http:/ / www. Retrieved 14 November 2010. Roots rock 5:42 Rolling Stones Records RS-19101 Jagger/Richards Jimmy Miller The Rolling Stones singles chronology "Brown Sugar" (1971) "Wild Horses" (1971) "Tumbling Dice" (1972) . jsp?c=p/ musicvideo/ music/ archive/ index_test. . [17] "Top 40 Official UK Albums Archive" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 14 November 2010. jsp& ct=240002& arch=t& lyr=2010& year=2010& week=45). com. php?option=com_content& task=view& id=79& Itemid=61 27 Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song) "Wild Horses" Single by The Rolling Stones from the album Sticky Fingers B-side Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label Writer(s) Producer "Sway" 12 June 1971 7" December 1969 – February 1970 Rock. uk/ index. au/ pages/ charts_display_album. Ultratop. Irish Recorded Music Association. Retrieved 2010-11-14. com/ archive-chart/ _/ 3/ 2010-11-20/ ). asp?chart=1G50) Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). 2010-09-21. asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=The+ Gift& cat=a). . Retrieved 2010-09-22. The Official Charts Company. Susan Boyle official website. be/ en/ showitem.

named "Wild Horses" as her favourite Rolling Stones song. that was all well over by then. written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. it is one of the two Rolling Stones compositions from Sticky Fingers over which Allen Klein co-owns the rights along with the Stones. It features session player Jim Dickinson on piano. In 2007. Rolling Stone ranked it at #334 in its "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list in 2004.Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song) 28 Sticky Fingers track listing "Sway" (2) "Wild Horses" (3) "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" (4) Promo CD of Stripped version of "Wild Horses" "Wild Horses" is a song by The Rolling Stones from their 1971 album Sticky Fingers. Jerry Hall. Jagger states. Keith Richards uses Nashville Tuning. "Everyone always says this was written about Marianne but I don't think it was. Along with "Brown Sugar". the song was not released until over a year later due to legal wranglings with the band's former label.[2] . and Richards and Mick Taylor on acoustic guitars. Keith Richards on electric guitar. But I was definitely very inside this piece emotionally.[1] Originally recorded over a three day period at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama during 2–4 December 1969. Inspiration and recording In the liner notes to the 1993 Rolling Stones collection Jump Back: The Best of The Rolling Stones."[1] Keith Richards wrote the melody and came up with the phrase "Wild Horses". Mick Jagger's ex-wife. in which the EADG strings of the acoustic guitar are replaced by strings which are tuned one octave higher.

Elisa. in the third season. The version was also featured in the 1996 thriller Fear . American singer Beth Hart and Danish singer Jesper Binzer recorded a cover version together. Neil Young. The Lovemongers with Chris Cornell. with Daniel Letterle singing. Johnny Goudie. Leon Russell. In 2007. Cover versions It has proven to be a popular cover song for other artists. Garbage. Gram Parsons convinced Jagger and Richards to allow him to record "Wild Horses" with his band. a CSI episode. On 8 April 2006. a contestant on American Idol Season 9 on March 16. BlackHawk. It was also sung in the musical teen film. one year before Sticky Fingers. Sheryl Crow. Alicia Keys ft. Eva Avila of Canadian Idol sang this song for Rolling Stones night during the Top 9 show. It has been covered by The Flying Burrito Brothers. Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps used the song for their field show. featuring slow-motion footage of galloping Clydesdale horses. Deacon Blue. Labelle. Tre Lux. in April 1970. Richard Marx also recorded the song with Jessica Andrews singing background vocals for his 2008 album Sundown. Released as the second (U. Jewel. Old and in the Way. This song was covered by Katie Stevens. Susan Boyle version "Wild Horses" . The Flying Burrito Brothers. "Crash & Burn". Dave Matthews. Melanie Safka. Honeytribe. "Wild Horses" reached #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.S. Chinese rock star Cui Jian sang this with Jagger when the Rolling Stones played a concert in Shanghai. Guns N' Roses. John Barrowman. Camp. (2002). appearing on their second album. the Burrito Brothers' version was actually the first to be released.-only) single in June 1971. Kitty Hudson. Stone Sour. Charlotte Martin. "Triple Crown. The Sundays' version (often incorrectly attributed to The Cranberries. Adam Levine. and Mazzy Star) was used in a long-running television advertisement for Budweiser beer in the early 1990s. 2010. While the Rolling Stones had already laid the track to tape. Iron & Wine. The end credits of the film Shine a Light feature an instrumental version of the song. Burrito Deluxe.Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song) 29 Release and legacy Prior to its release on Sticky Fingers. "The Prom". The Sundays. in the third season and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. "Wild Horses" has only been released in a reworked version on the 1995 acoustic/live album Stripped. Robin Williamson. The Rolling Stones' version was featured prominently in the film Adaptation. Summerhill. the Fireflies and Robert Francis (musician). Bush." Dave Matthews performed a live duet of this song with The Rolling Stones. Chantal Kreviazuk. Molly Hatchet. Elvis Costello. Sarah McLachlan. Although popular at the Rolling Stones' live shows. Susan Boyle. This version was released as a single in 1996.

Irony and bitterness – One of my personal favourites and an emotional release."[3] Charts .Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song) 30 Single by Susan Boyle from the album I Dreamed a Dream Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label November 15. poverty and struggle in the first verse. Boyle explained to Christian Today why she decided to cover the song: "How could you help but be drawn in by this haunting theme? It conjures up memories of childhood amongst Council Estates. Columbia Susan Boyle singles chronology Wild Horses (2010) "I Dreamed a Dream" (2010) Scottish singer Susan Boyle included her version of "Wild Horses" on her debut album I Dreamed a Dream. 2009 download 2009 Pop 4:55 (album version) 3:15 (radio edit) Syco.

com/ archive-chart/ _/ 1/ 2009-12-05) UK Singles Chart.Susan Boyle . com/ showitem. guardian. London" (http:/ / www. [3] "Integrity Music to retail Susan Boyle's debut album to Christians" (http:/ / www. uk/ theobserver/ 2007/ apr/ 29/ features. [4] " Australian-charts. com/ SOWildH.com . billboard. billboard. co. htm?id=24503). asp?cat=si& date=20091128) (in French). jsp?c=p/ musicvideo/ music/ archive/ index_test. Hung Medien. ARIA Top 50 Singles. actor and model. dutchcharts. [2] Odell.Wild Horses" (http:/ / www. Les classement de telechargement single. [5] " Susan Boyle Album & Song Chart History" (http:/ / www. com/ weekchart. html). 50. GfK. asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=Wild+ Horses& cat=s) (in Dutch). Irish Singles Chart. Retrieved 19 September 2009. External links • Complete Official Lyrics (http://www. jsp& ct=240001& arch=t& lyr=2009& year=2009& week=49). [9] " Archive Chart" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 22 November 2009. [6] " Dutchcharts. . Christian Today. . Michael (29 April 2007). Time Is On Our Side. nl/ showitem. australian-charts. asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=Wild+ Horses& cat=s). co.com/discog/index. christiantoday.ch. Hung Medien / hitparade. The Observer. Prometheus Global Media. [8] " Chart Track" (http:/ / www.Wild Horses" (http:/ / www. chart-track. 31 October 2009.rollingstones. theofficialcharts. com/ #/ artist/ Susan+ Boyle/ chart-history/ 1294055?f=379& g=Singles) Billboard Hot 100 for Susan Boyle. Hung Medien. uk/ index.nl . The Official Charts Company. Retrieved 2010-10-06.php?v=so&a=1&id=137) . Retrieved 2009-10-25. com/ #/ artist/ Susan+ Boyle/ chart-history/ 1294055?f=793& g=Singles) Canadian Hot 100 for Susan Boyle. Mega Single Top 100.com . [7] " lescharts. Prometheus Global Media. "This much I know: Jerry Hall.Les charts français" (http:/ / lescharts. magazine37). [10] " Susan Boyle Album & Song Chart History" (http:/ / www.Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones song) 31 Chart (2009) [4] [5] [6] Peak position 93 95 99 31 11 [9] 9 98 Australia (ARIA) Canada (Canadian Hot 100) Netherlands (Mega Single Top 100) France (SNEP) Download Chart Ireland (IRMA) [8] [7] UK Singles (The Official Charts Company) US Billboard Hot 100 [10] References [1] "Wild Horses" (http:/ / timeisonourside.Susan Boyle . com/ articledir/ print.

based on the original French libretto by Alain Boublil. The English lyrics are by Herbert Kretzmer.I Dreamed a Dream 32 I Dreamed a Dream "I Dreamed a Dream" Song by Patti LuPone as Fantine from Les Misérables Published Recorded Language Writer 1980 1985 (London Cast recording) 1987 (Broadway Cast recording) English. sung by the anguished. who thinks back to happier days and wonders at all that has gone wrong in her life. The song is a lament. The music is by Claude-Michel Schönberg. French Claude-Michel Schönberg (music) Alain Boublil (lyrics) Herbert Kretzmer (English translation) from the musical Les Misérables Cover versions • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Composer Randy Graff (1987) Michael Crawford (1987) Neil Diamond (1987) David Essex (1987) Laurie Beechman (1990) Aretha Franklin (1991) Elaine Paige (1993) Martine McCutcheon Mandy Patinkin (1994) Ruthie Henshall (1995) Andrea McArdle (1996) Petula Clark (2001) Hayley Westenra (2001) Kare Kauks (2001) Michael Ball (2003) Allison Crowe (2005) Daphne Rubin-Vega (2006) Lea Salonga (2007) Judy Kuhn (2007) Susan Egan (2008) Belladonna (2008) Susan Boyle (2009) Cast of Glee (Lea Michele) featuring Idina Menzel (2010) "I Dreamed a Dream" is a song from the musical Les Misérables. dying and impoverished Fantine.[1] It is a solo that is sung by the character Fantine during the first act. . with orchestrations by John Cameron.

Castilian. Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe in 2005. and Estonian.. and Platinum in the U. Norwegian. The song was covered on the Glee episode Dream On by Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran. Fantine was played by Randy Graff. from a 1993 performance at Birmingham Symphony Hall which was included on her 1995 album.[12] Although not released as a single.[13] Other female singers who have recorded versions of the song include English singer and stage actress Elaine Paige. touring production in 1988 and then on Broadway in 1990.[5] The London cast version is Triple Platinum in the UK. for sales of more than one million. Encore. In 2008 Italian rock noir band Belladonna covered the song in their London show. Lea Salonga (2007) and later Judy Kuhn (2007–2008). "But life can't kill the dream I dreamed. Ruthie Henshall sang it on the Tenth Anniversary Concert Recording (1995). Franklin has performed the song at various venues. In 1991. That year she included the song on her album Listen to My Heart.S. as it appeared in the original Paris production from 1980.000. Aretha Franklin included a version of the song on her album What You See Is What You Sweat.[4] Debra Byrne sang the song on the Complete Symphonic Recording. The Broadway cast version is Quadruple Platinum in the U. including Japanese. was entitled "J'avais rêvé d'une autre vie".S. and there have been 31 cast recordings featuring the song.[6] Cover versions Numerous popular singers have recorded cover versions of "I Dreamed a Dream". and British theater star Michael Ball (Marius in the Original London production of Les Miz) on his 2003 album I Dreamed a Dream. It peaked at #13 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in November 1987[7] and at #90 on the UK Singles Chart. Hebrew.I Dreamed a Dream 33 History The song.[1] Laurie Beechman would perform the role in the original U. in the role.S.[14] original Annie title cast member Andrea McArdle in the 1996 recording On Broadway. . Czech.[11] LuPone's Evita co-star Mandy Patinkin on his 1994 album Experiment. President Bill Clinton. A Broadway revival in 2006 featured Daphne Rubin-Vega (2006–2007).[10] Phantom of the Opera star Michael Crawford on his 1987 album The Phantom Unmasked. (translated as "I had dreamed of another life"). and Broadway actress Susan Egan in 2008. and released the song as a single. Neil Diamond recorded the song for his 1987 live album Hot August Night 2. Polish.[2] She would later feature the song on her 1993 album Patti LuPone Live![3] When the musical made its Broadway début in New York City in March 1987.S. with the role of Fantine portrayed by Patti LuPone. Icelandic. where four other versions have also gone Gold.[8] Diamond's version features a lyrical alteration at the end of the song. portrayed by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel respectively.[15] New Zealander singer Hayley Westenra and British pop star Petula Clark. The show — and the song — has been translated into twenty-one languages. for sales of more than 900. (more than four million sold). and was originally sung by Rose Laurens. instead of "Now life has killed the dream I dreamed" Diamond sings. including the 1993 inaugural celebration for U."[9] Other male singers who have recorded the song include rock singer David Essex on his 1987 album Centre Stage. The first English language production of Les Misérables opened on the West End in London in October 1985. each in 2001.

Currently. It also entered the UK Singles Chart on the 29 November 2009 at number 37. Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell. Boyle's role model. Britain's Got Talent.[16] The programme received high ratings and Boyle's performance was quickly added to sites such as YouTube. with Morgan giving Boyle "the biggest yes [he had] ever given" in his three years of judging the show. and it helped sales of her album I Dreamed a Dream. Chart performance "I Dreamed a Dream" entered the Irish Singles Chart on 26 November 2009 at number 20.[20] LuPone's version also reached #45 on the UK Singles Chart on the week of 25 April 2009. where millions of people viewed it in the first month alone. .S. where she placed second in the competition behind British dance troupe Diversity. Shortly after Boyle's audition aired on ITV in April. respectively. Columbia Susan Boyle singles chronology "Wild Horses" (2009) "I Dreamed a Dream" (2009) "Everybody Hurts" (2010) The song had a resurgence in popularity in 2009 when Scottish singer Susan Boyle performed it live as her audition for the third series of the British reality television programme. Elaine Paige. the album has been declared as the fastest selling debut album of all time in the UK.000 copies in its first week in just the US. and UK. Boyle's performance elicited a unanimous vote for passage into the next round of competition by judges Piers Morgan.[17] [18] Boyle sang the song again during the finals of Britain's Got Talent on 30 May 2009.com in November 2009. it is known as the song that catapulted her to super-stardom.[19] Today. the Original London Cast Recording of LuPone singing "I Dreamed a Dream" was downloaded to such a degree that the song entered music charts in the U.[21] Susan Boyle's later 2009 recording rivaled pre-order sales records on Amazon. and sold 701.I Dreamed a Dream 34 Susan Boyle version "I Dreamed a Dream" Single by Susan Boyle from the album I Dreamed a Dream Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label April 2010 Music Download 2009 Pop 3:11 Syco. Billboard magazine's Hot Digital Songs and Hot Singles Recurrents charts for the week of 2 May 2009 had LuPone's 1985 recording at #61 and #20. breaking the record for highest debut ever for a solo female artist. later expressed interest in singing a duet with her.S. The U.

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chart-track. Hung Medien. theofficialcharts. com/ #/ artist/ Susan+ Boyle/ chart-history/ 1093171?f=793& g=Singles) Canadian Hot 100 for Susan Boyle.Susan Boyle . asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=I+ Dreamed+ a+ Dream& cat=s) (in Dutch). . [25] " Susan Boyle Album & Song Chart History" (http:/ / www. be/ nl/ showitem. be/ fr/ showitem. Irish Singles Chart.com/index2. chartstats. Hung Medien. com/ showitem. [30] " Archive Chart" (http:/ / www. Swiss Singles Chart.I Dreamed a Dream" (http:/ / www. Prometheus Global Media.Susan Boyle . [26] " lescharts. [22] " Australian-charts. com/ showitem. Prometheus Global Media. ultratop.com .Susan Boyle . ULTRATOP & Hung Medien / hitparade. asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=I+ Dreamed+ a+ Dream& cat=s) (in French).ch.be .I Dreamed a Dream" (http:/ / www. php?id=34325).ch. asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=I+ Dreamed+ a+ Dream& cat=s). swisscharts.lesmis. Ultratop 50. ultratop.com . jsp?c=p/ musicvideo/ music/ archive/ index_test.I Dreamed a Dream" (http:/ / www.com . com/ weekchart. [28] " Spanishcharts.Les charts français" (http:/ / lescharts. 36 External links • Les Misérables official website (http://www. [23] " Ultratop. uk/ index.com" (http:/ / www. [24] " Ultratop. The Official Charts Company. com/ #/ artist/ Susan+ Boyle/ chart-history/ 1093171?f=379& g=Singles) Billboard Hot 100 for Susan Boyle.htm) . asp?cat=si& date=20091128) (in French). ULTRATOP & Hung Medien / hitparade.Susan Boyle . Les classement de telechargement single. com/ songinfo. billboard. com/ showitem. [29] " Susan Boyle . asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=I+ Dreamed+ a+ Dream& cat=s) Canciones Top 50.I Dreamed a Dream" (http:/ / www.com" (http:/ / www.I Dreamed a Dream [21] "LuPone 1985 version (UK) Chartstats. [31] " Susan Boyle Album & Song Chart History" (http:/ / www. co. Retrieved 2009-04-26. billboard. GfK. [27] " Chart Track" (http:/ / www. spanishcharts. Ultratop 40. com/ archive-chart/ _/ 1/ 2009-12-05) UK Singles Chart. jsp& ct=240001& arch=t& lyr=2009& year=2009& week=48). Hung Medien.be . asp?interpret=Susan+ Boyle& titel=I+ Dreamed+ a+ Dream& cat=s).I Dreamed a Dream swisscharts. ARIA Top 50 Singles. australian-charts. Hung Medien.

which is also the opening track of his fourth album "Crazy Love". Fitzgerald first released a recording of the song on Clap Hands. Here Comes Charlie! in 1961."Noir Est Ta Couleur". In 1995. the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.Cry Me a River 37 Cry Me a River "Cry Me A River" Written by Published Arthur Hamilton 1953 Recorded by Julie London Ella Fitzgerald see article for full list "Cry Me a River" is a popular American torch song."Pleurer Des Rivières". She had previously recorded it in 1983 and scored a UK #27 hit with it. In 2009. in 2009. British actress Denise Welch's double A-side "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" / "Cry Me a River" spent three weeks in the UK Singles Chart. written by Arthur Hamilton and first published in 1953. reaching #23. The song's first release and most famous recording was by actress/singer Julie London in 1955. This version of the song was used in the BBC's advertising for. In 1970. Pete Kelly's Blues (released 1955) but the song was dropped. A jazzy blues ballad. • Susan Boyle recorded this on her debut album. Canadian singer Michael Bublé entered the charts with a big-band jazz version. translated by Boris Bergman. Other recordings • American rock band Aerosmith covered Cry Me a River on their 1982 studio album. After Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent generated global . • The song is featured on the soundtracks of the films Passion of Mind (2000). and V for Vendetta (2006). The Scottish singer originally recorded the song in 1999 on a charity single. • Cher performed this song live on her "The Cher Show" in 1975. Versions in other languages • Portuguese . British blues rocker Joe Cocker made the chart with an upbeat hard-rock rendition on the album. • Giorgio Moroder used the 6 notes corresponding to "Now you say you love me" to create part of the soundtrack of "Midnight Express" in 1978."Chora um Rio" was composed by Artur Nestrovsky and released by Ná Ozzetti and André Mehmari • French . "Cry Me a River" was originally written for Ella Fitzgerald to sing in the 1920s-set film. • Another cover version of the song by Mari Wilson was featured as theme music for the British television series. and theme music for coverage of."Joet tulvimaan itke" was recorded by the Harmony Sisters in 1956 and by Carola in 1986 with lyrics by Saukki. A sultry performance of the song by London in the 1956 film The Girl Can't Help It helped to make it a million-selling blockbuster (#9 US/#22 UK). Repo Men (2010). recorded by Christophe in 1983 • Spanish . • Borgore made a Dubstep remix in 2009. McCallum (1995–96)."Tu No Me Llores" recorded by Mari Wilson • Finnish . adaptation by Christophe. recorded by Viktor Lazlo in 1985 and Eddy Mitchell in 2009 • French . Rock in a Hard Place. I Dreamed a Dream. Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

her performance of this song was uploaded onto YouTube and quickly became an internet sensation. Chris Connor .[1] • Sylvia Brooks recorded this song on her Dangerous Liaisons album. [2] • Sampled in the song "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" on the Tough Guys Don't Dance album by High Contrast. 38 Selective list of recorded versions • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bruce Abbott Lostprophets Ten Masked Men Cliff Adams George Adams Aerosmith Rick Astley Brian Auger Viktor Lazlo "Pleurer des rivieres" (French version) Christophe "Noir est ta couleur" (French version) Eddy Mitchell "Pleurer des rivieres" (French version) Björk Patti Austin Sil Austin Joan Baez Cheryl Bentyne Long John Baldry Michael Ball Shirley Bassey Jeff Beck George Benson Marie Bergman Gene Bertoncini Susan Boyle Heather Bishop Bonnie Bramlett Elkie Brooks Ray Bryant Michael Bublé Betty Buckley Jim Campilongo Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews Ray Charles Chick Pea Gabriella Cilmi The Cliks Joe Cocker Natalie Cole Combustible Edison Harry Connick Jr. recorded and released in 2009.Cry Me a River interest in her.

Cry Me a River • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sam Cooke Jill Corey Sonny Criss Ann Crumb Vic Damone Bobby Darin Skeeter Davis Lisa Ekdahl Jonny Fair George Faith Ella Fitzgerald Fourplay Quartet Crystal Gayle Benny Golson Dexter Gordon Lesley Gore Davy Graham Owen Gray John Greaves Merle Haggard Harmony Sisters (Finnish version) Gene Harris Jackie Henderson Missy Higgins High Contrast Marc Hunter Illumination Jacintha Jai Doug James Etta James Harry James & his New Jazz Band Jarboe J. J. Johnson Norah Jones Duke Jordan Marisa Monte & Raphael Rabello Mark Keller & Friends Peggy King The Kingbees Marie Knight Ithamara Koorax Kasia Kowalska Diana Krall Karin Krog Gene Krupa Joachim Kuhn 39 .

php?id=15493) [2] AllMusic| AllMusic.org/dynamic/stories/U/ US_TV_SUSAN_BOYLE?SITE=OHCIN&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT) .dll?p=amg&sql=17:892212) • Susan Boyle Sings "Cry Me A River" in The Susan Boyle Story (http://hosted.com/cg/amg. com/ detail.allmusic.ap.com (http://www.htm) • "Cry Me a River" at Allmusic.com/compositions-4/crymeariver. html External links • "Cry Me a River" at jazzstandards.com (http://www. songfacts.Cry Me a River • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rita Lee Julie London Claudine Longet Maná (Spanish Version) Tania Maria John Martyn Brad Mehldau Mina Hugo Montenegro Alison Moyet Anne Murray Olivia Newton John Judith Owen Elaine Paige Frank Pourcel Sue Raney Realtime (quartet) Linda Ronstadt Marion Ryan Bobby Rydell Dinah Shore Nina Simone Frank Sinatra.jazzstandards. Dakota Staton Debra Stephenson Barbra Streisand [3] from The Barbra Streisand Album Swans Richard Thompson Caetano Veloso Dinah Washington Denise Welch Sylvia Brooks and her album 'Dangerous Liaison' 40 References [1] Cry Me A River Songfacts (http:/ / www.com [3] http:/ / www. com/ bsalbum. bjsmusic. Jr.

Hine. it subsided to a peaceful calm which Boberg observed over Mönsterås Bay.How Great Thou Art (hymn) 41 How Great Thou Art (hymn) "How Great Thou Art" is a Christian hymn based on a Swedish poem written by Carl Gustav Boberg (1859–1940) in Sweden in 1885.[1] It was voted the United Kingdom's favourite hymn by BBC's Songs of Praise. But the storm was soon over and the clear sky appeared.[3] Origin Boberg wrote the poem "O Store Gud" (O Great God) in 1885 with nine verses. Strong winds swept over the meadows and billowing fields of grain. Then rain came in cool fresh showers. Carl Boberg himself gave the following information about the inspiration behind his poem: "It was that time of year when everything seemed to be in its richest colouring.'"[9] . Irving Erickson: Carl Boberg and some friends were returning home to Mönsterås from Kronobäck. It was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows during the Billy Graham crusades."[8] The author. sounds. Sweden. he heard the song of a thrush…the church bells were tolling in the quiet evening. There evidently had been a funeral and the bells were playing the tune of 'When eternity's clock calling my saved soul to its Sabbath rest. the birds were singing in trees and everywhere. "My dad's story of its origin was that it was a paraphrase of Psalm 8 and was used in the 'underground church' in Sweden in the late 1800s when the Baptists and Mission Friends were persecuted. When Boberg arrived home. Bud Boberg. Presently a thundercloud appeared on the horizon. We had to hurry to shelter. The melody is a Swedish folk song.[6] According to J. who also added two original verses of his own composition.' That evening. a thunderstorm appeared on the horizon and soon thunder and lightning.[4] [5] Inspiration The inspiration for the poem came when Boberg was walking home from church near Kronobäck. It was very warm. In a little while the storm was over. where they had participated in an afternoon service.[2] "How Great Thou Art" was ranked second (after "Amazing Grace") on a list of the favorite hymns of all time in a survey by Today's Christian magazine in 2001. It was translated into English by British missionary Stuart K. 'O Store Gud. and then just as suddenly as it had made its violent entrance. Nature was at its peak that radiant afternoon. A sudden awe-inspiring storm gripped Boberg’s attention. and a rainbow appeared. "When I came home I opened my window toward the sea. and listening to church bells. It was this series of sights. I wrote the song. he opened the window and saw the bay of Mönsterås like a mirror before him… From the woods on the other side of the bay.[7] According to Boberg's great-nephew. and soon sharp lightning flashed across the sky. and experiences that inspired the writing of the song. The thunder pealed in loud claps.

a music teacher and organist. the German version traveled to Russia where a Russian version entitled "Velikiy Bog" (Великий Бог Great God)[19] was produced in 1912 by Ivan S. with The Covenant Hymnal (1973) including all nine verses of Boberg’s original poem. died 1921 in Washington D. economics settled the issue inasmuch as we were unable to pay the exorbitant price requested by the publishing house that owned the copyright despite the fact that the original belonged to the Covenant. However. In 1891 all nine verses were published in the 1891 Covenant songbook. Instrumentation for both piano and guitar was provided by Adolph Edgren (born 1858. died 1924 in Brazil). Gustav Johnson (1925) The first literal English translation of O store Gud was by E.[14] The song became popular in Germany. 2. Gust’s translation. where there was a Swedish speaking minority. Gustav Johnson (1893–1974). His translation of verses 1. There was a desire to replace Johnson's version with the more popular version of British missionary Stuart K. Wiberg explains: Given the popularity of Stuart Hine’s translation of How Great Thou Art in the late 60s and early 70s.[14] and "the most prolific Protestant hymn writer and translator in all of Russia" at that time. Sanningsvittnet. One of the ironies of musicmaking and profiteering!. where "Wie groß bist Du" is the common title (the first line is "Du großer Gott"). and 7-9 was published in the United States in the Covenant Hymnal as "O Mighty God" in 1925.[14] Translation and migration of the song German translation (1907) The song was first translated from Swedish to German by a wealthy Baltic German Baptist nobleman. including "Velikiy Bog" was released in 1927.[20] the "Martin Luther of Russia". Kymvali (Cymbals). It was first published in Blankenburger Lieder.[11] and sung in public for the first known occasion in a church in the Swedish province of Värmland in 1888. Petersburg (later Leningrad). the Hymnal Commission struggled with whether to go with the more popular version or retain E. who later migrated to the United States.[14] Boberg later sold the rights to the Svenska Missionsförbundet (Mission Covenant Church of Sweden). In 1894 the Svenska Missionsförbundet sångbok[15] published "O Store Gud" in 4/4 time as it has been sung ever since).[14] English translations E. The words and music were published for the first time in the 16 April 1891 edition of Sanningsvittnet.[21] in a Russian-language Protestant hymnbook published in St.[22] then a professor of North Park College.[14] An enlarged edition of this hymnbook entitled "Songs of a Christian".[10] The poem became matched to an old Swedish folk tune. Hine's “How Great Thou Art”. Prokhanov (1869–1935).).[16] [17] who had heard the hymn in Estonia.[10] These versions were all in 3/4 time. Manfred von Glehn (born 1867 in Jelgimaggi.[14] [23] The first three Covenant hymnals in English used Johnson's translation.C.[12] Eight verses appeared with the music in the 1890 Sions Harpan. Illinois. Estonia.[24] The version that appeared in the 1973 edition of The Covenant Hymnbook was: .[18] Russian translation (1912) Eventually.How Great Thou Art (hymn) 42 Publication and music Boberg first published "O Store Gud" in the Mönsterås Tidningen (Mönsterås News) on 13 March 1886 .[13] In 1890 Boberg became the editor of Sanningsvittnet (The Witness for the Truth).

Refrain: With rapture filled. when I behold the wonder Of nature’s beauty. my heart is set at ease. My soul is filled.How Great Thou Art (hymn) O mighty God. And how thou leadest all from realms up yonder. I feel thy balm and. The new version with a fresher language and some striking metaphors seems uneven and incomplete. I plead for mercy and for grace and peace. [25] 43 In 1996 Johnson's translation was replaced in The Covenant Hymnal—A Worshipbook because "E Gustav Johnson’s version which. all my bruises healing.[24] . Where sun and moon keep watch upon the fastness Of changing seasons and of time on earth. according to Glen V. wrought by words of thine. O mighty God! O mighty God! (repeat) When I behold the heavens in their vastness. And when at last the mists of time have vanished And I in truth my faith confirmed shall see. Sustaining earthly life with love benign. my soul thy name would laud. uses a more archaic language. to dwell in peace with thee. Where golden ships in azure issue forth. a compromise led to preserving it in printed form on the opposite page of How Great Thou Art. Upon the shores where earthly ills are banished I’ll enter Lord. while closer to the original. hymn 8. When crushed by guilt of sin before thee kneeling. Wiberg: While there was sympathy on the commission for retaining this older version."[24] However.

his wife was 44 . and started using it in their evangelistic services. and praising Him for His love and mercy. which was added after World War II. That on the Cross. Sent Him to die. England. who were anxious to return home. Edith. So the Hines heard people calling out to God.[26] Upon hearing it. England. Michael Ireland explains the origin of this original verse written by Hine: It was typical of the Hines to inquire as to the existence of any Christians in the villages they visited. His Son not sparing. this act of repenting is done very much out loud. returning to England. but where only two were professing Christians. it became the third verse that we know today: "And when I think that God."[8] [26] Verse 3 One of the verses Hine added was the current third verse: And when I think that God.[24] According to Michael Ireland. they heard a strange and wonderful sound: Dmitri's wife was reading from the gospel of John about the crucifixion of Christ to a houseful of guests. Sent Him to die. Hine was inspired to create his English paraphrase known as “How Great Thou Art". Hine was led to Christ by Madame Annie Ryall on 22 February 1914.evidently a fairly rare thing at that time and in that place.[26] According to Ireland: One man to whom they were ministering told them an amazing story: he had been separated from his wife at the very end of the war.[26] The testimony of one of these refugees and his anticipation of the second coming of Christ inspired Hine to write the fourth stanza of his English version of the hymn. She taught herself how to read because a Russian soldier had left a Bible behind several years earlier. Hine (1949 version) British Methodist missionary Stuart Wesley Keene Hine (born 25 July 1899 in Hammersmith Grove. In Ukraine (as I know first hand!). London. and those visitors were in the very act of repenting. Stuart wrote down the phrases he heard the Repenters use. At the time they were separated.How Great Thou Art (hymn) Stuart K. where they settled in Somerset. near the Poland border. Hine was influenced greatly by the teachings of British Baptist evangelist Charles Spurgeon.[14] Verse 4 The fourth verse was another innovation of Stuart Hine. "Hine and his wife. They just couldn't barge in and disrupt this obvious work of the Holy Spirit. and had not seen her since. my burden gladly bearing. Hine also started re-writing some of the verses --. Dmitri's wife knew how to read -. In one case.and writing new verses (all in Russian) --. died 14 March 1989)[26] [27] [28] Hine was dedicated to Jesus Christ in the Salvation Army by his parents.[8] [29] Hine continued his evangelistic ministry in England working among the displaced Polish refugee community. saying how unbelievable it was that Christ would die for their own sins.[14] Hine and David Griffiths visited a camp in Sussex. He bled and died to take away my sin. learned the Russian translation. they found out that the only Christians that their host knew about were a man named Dmitri and his wife Lyudmila. and (even though this was all in Russian). and they also left Eastern Europe at the outbreak of World War II in 1939. so they stayed outside and listened. His Son not sparing. and was baptized shortly thereafter. provided part of the inspiration for Hine's final verse. His concern for the exiled Polish community in England. and she started slowly learning by reading that Bible.[26] Hine first heard the Russian translation of the German version of the song while on an evangelistic mission to the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. in 1948 where displaced Russians were being held.as events inspired him." The Hines had to leave Ukraine during the Holodomor or Famine Genocide perpetrated on Ukraine by Stalin during the winter of 1932-1933. I scarce can take it in. When the Hines arrived in the village and approached Dmitri's house. I scarce can take it [8] in. in 1931.

James Caldwell. Then we shall bow in humble adoration and there proclaim. California discovered the song being sung in a small village near Deolali. As Grace and Peace was circulated among refugees in fifteen countries around the world. According to Hine. on 23 March 1989. In foolish pride.. what joy shall fill my heart. Mears' publishing company.. a missionary from Central Africa. Hine's version of O store Gud (How Great Thou Art) became popular in each country that it reached.[26] Manna Music version (1955) A program note from a Gustavus Adolphus College. and could share in the Life Eternal there. optional verses that he copyrighted in 1953 as a translation of the Russian version. Instead he was longing for the day when they would meet in heaven. introduced Hine's version to the United States when he sang it at a convention in Stony Brook. New York. and a Mennonite missionary had transcribed it. Gospel Light Press published Hine's version of the song first it in 1954. Essex. India by a choir of the Naga tribe from Assam near Burma. to Him I lift my face. God's gifts so good and great.[14] Hine published hymns and evangelical literature in various languages. [14] final four verse version in his own Russian gospel magazine Grace and Peace that same year. But he told the Hines that he did not think he would ever see his wife on earth again..[30] Hine presents two additional. including North and South America. Russian melodies. When burdens press.[26] that are generally omitted from hymnals published in the United States: O when I see ungrateful man defiling This bounteous earth. Eastern melodies. His wrath and judgment wait. [31] 45 . God's holy Name reviling. These words again inspired Hine.etc (1958). With complete album of hymns of other lands . according to Manna Music's website. And yet. Walton-on-Naze. concert tells listeners that Dr. His deep desire was to find his wife so they could at last share their faith together. Minnesota.[8] However. but he was not.[33] Hine died on 14 March 1989. British missionaries began to spread the song around the world to former British colonies in Africa and India in approximately its current English version. but he had since been converted. and seem beyond endurance. And then in love He brings me sweet assurance: 'My child! for thee sufficient is my grace'.[14] Orr was so impressed with the song that he introduced it at the Forest Home Christian Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California founded in 1938 by Henrietta Mears (born 23 October 1890. Subsequent history and published the In 1948 Hine finished composing the final verse. J. My God How Great Thou Art!"[8] Optional verses by Hine In Hine's book. died 19 March 1963) in the summer of 1954.. The tribsemen had arranged the harmony themselves. Edwin Orr (born 15 January 1912.[29] including Eastern Melodies & Hymns of other Lands (1956)[32] and The Story of "How Great Thou art": How it came to be written . Bowed down with grief. Hine finalized his English translation in 1949. but God: A Testimony to God's Faithfulness.How Great Thou Art (hymn) a Christian. in grace. Not You. and they became the basis for his fourth and final verse to 'How Great Thou Art': "When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation to take me home. England. His memorial service was held at the Gospel Hall on Martello Road. died April 1987) of Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles. on Long Island in 1951.

"[39] The first major American recording of "How Great Thou Art" was by Bill Carle[34] in a 1958 Sacred Records album of the same name (LP 9018).[14] [39] The Manna Music editors changed "works" and "mighty" in Hine's original translation to "worlds" and "rolling" respectively.How Great Thou Art (hymn) Dr. Bayly (5 April 1920 – 16 July 1986). who had founded the newly established Manna Music of Burbank. they were given a pamphlet containing Hine's work. They sang it in the 1955 Toronto campaign. who worked with the Pikering and Inglis publishing firm. Orr and brought it home and gave it to their father. According to Bud Boberg. and has been for several years. I use it as often as possible because it is such a God-honoring song.[42] on Oxford Street in London in 1954.” And so he introduced the song at the start of the conference and it was sung each day. son and daughter of Tim Spencer who was a songwriter and publisher of Christian music. died 26 April 1974). Orr’s theme for the week of the conference was “Think not what great things you can do for God."[8] 46 .[40] Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusades The Manna Music version of the song was popularized as the “signature song” of the 1950s Billy Graham [41] It was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows during Billy Graham crusades. they sang it one hundred times during that campaign because the people wouldn't let them stop. "At first they ignored it.[35] [36] [37] a converted cowboy. He added two verses of his own. when the Billy Graham team went to London in 1954 for the Harringay Crusade. According to Ireland: As the story goes. "Presently it is considered. the music by Josephine Carradine Dixon is similar to Hine's. Hal and Loretta borrowed the song sheet from Dr.”[34] Bayly translation (1957) The hymn was translated in 1957 for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship by Joseph T. Manna Music decided to make the song available free of charge. They worked closely with Hine to prepare the song for use in their campaigns. Evangelist Billy Graham indicated: “The reason I like 'How Great Thou Art' is because it glorifies God.[44] George Beverly Shea's recording of the beloved hymn ranks number 204 on the top recordings of the 20th century according to the Recording Industry Association of America. rather than upon themselves.' Also. and former member of The Sons of the Pioneers.[40] He reprised the song on his "Who Hath Measured the Waters In the Hollow of His Hand" album (Sacred Records LP 9041) later that year. who also had been given a copy.[34] Their father was Vernon "Tim' Spencer (born 13 July 1908. but it didn't really catch on until they took it to the Madison Square Garden in 1957. had Paul Mickelson (died 21 October 2001)[43] arrange the song for use in the 1955 Toronto Crusade. It turns Christian’s eyes toward God.[14] According to Manna Music. but I suspect that he had the Hine work at hand because he uses the phrase 'how great Thou art. the grandson of the younger brother of the original author of the poem: "It's a quite literal translation from Boberg. Loretta.[14] [38] Spencer negotiated with Hine for the purchase of the song. According to Cliff Barrows (Dr. Barrows. Attending the Forest Home college-age conference were Hal Spencer and his sister. but fortunately not for long. and set to the music of Josephine Carradine Dixon. to be the most popular Gospel song in the world."[8] The pamphlet had been given to Shea by his friend George Gray. California in 1955." said [Bud] Boberg. but think first of whatever you can do for a great God.[1] Crusades. Graham's longtime associate).

relieving burdened souls from sin and strife. which included an updated English language translation of Boberg's "O store Gud" entitled "O Mighty God. Refrain: (vss 1-3) My soul cries out in songs of praise to you. Your lightning power bursts in bright surprise. When I Survey in Wonder". "This translation and arrangement were created for The New Century Hymnal to restore the meaning and flavor of Boberg’s original hymn. “O Mighty God” and re-harmonized the Swedish tune in 1982. especially in British hymnals.[46] [47] [48] "O Store Gud" became more popular in Sweden after the dissemination of "How Great Thou Art" in English.[50] English-language hymnals prevailingly indicate the tune title as the Swedish first line. O mighty God! O mighty God! (repeat) When your voice speaks in rolls of thunder pealing. According to the editors of the New Century Hymnal. Your constant mercy. every care addressing. The Bible tells the story of your blessing So freely shed upon all human life. when I survey in wonder The world that formed when once the word you said."[51] O mighty God. my God". New Century Hymnal (1995) In 1995 the United Church of Christ released the New Century Hymnal. O STORE GUD. 47 . This was one of his last works before his death. your gentle love revealing. His translation was included as hymn 466 in Rejoice in the Lord: A Hymn Companion to the Scriptures (1985). When cooling rain.How Great Thou Art (hymn) Erik Routley (1982) Eminent British hymnologist Erik Routley (born 31 October 1917. arcing through the skies. Swedish gospel singer Per-Erik Hallin has credited Elvis Presley's rendition of "How Great Thou Art" as a major factor in the revival of "O Store Gud" in Sweden. Reflects your promise. The whole creation at your table fed. and the hymn may appear with that heading. The strands of life all woven close together. where first-line citation is the dominant practice.[49] In English the first line is "O Lord. he wrote a new text. died 1982)[45] so disliked both the hymn and its melody.

[58] Romanian The Romanian translation ("O.[66] There have been over seventeen hundred documented recordings of "How Great Thou Art". the clouds of doubt dispersing. who released it as a single in 1982. kiam mi rigardas". Indonesian ("Ajaib Tuhan" which means "Miraculous God"). Released: June 1974) recorded on 20 March 1974 . Refrain: (verse 4) Then we will sing your praise forever more. Staneschi and published in Cantarile Triumfului in 1927.[64] whose "inspiring four-minute rendition of "How Great Thou Art. and another Grammy in 1974 for "Best Inspirational Performance (Non-Classical)" for his live performance album "Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis" (RCA CPL 1 0606. peaked at number 39 on the Hot Country Songs charts in 1976.[68] The song won Presley a Grammy Award for "Best Sacred Performance" in 1967.[67] which was released in March 1967. Carrie Underwood. It was subsequently popularised by Maori entertainer Howard Morrison (born Rotorua in 1935). and even two Esperanto versions: "Ho granda Dio. [52] 48 O mighty God! O mighty God! (repeat) Other translations This hymn has been translated into many languages. and five weeks in the number one position.[34] This hymn was the title track of Elvis Presley's second gospel LP "How Great Thou Art"(RCA LSP/LPM 3758).[53] Japanese. in major motion pictures. You will reveal what we but dimly see. Romanian ("O. and has been named as the favorite Gospel song of at least three United States’ presidents.[34] It has been used on major television programs." . translated by Leonard Ivor Gentle in 1985. With trumpet call.[60] Notable performers Among notable performers of "How Great Thou Art" are George Beverly Shea.[56] Spanish ("Cuán grande es Él").How Great Thou Art (hymn) And when at last.. Doamne Mare!"). Polish ("Gdy na ten świat"). originally appeared on the otherwise secular album Back in Baby's Arms in 1969". which was translated by William John Downes in 1966.[63] and Connie Smith (born 14 August 1941). including Chinese ("祢 真 偉 大 ").[54] [55] Korean (주 하나님 지으신 모든세계). we shall rejoin you for eternity. Doame Mare!") was done by Jean I.[57] and "Sinjoro Dio.[62] Roy Rogers. where it spent six months in the New Zealand national charts.[61] Tennessee Ernie Ford (backed by The Jordanaires). was originally sung at the Royal Command Performance in 1981 upon the occasion of the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to New Zealand.[59] Māori A Māori version. "Whakaaria mai".[65] A rendition by The Statler Brothers. Vietnamese ("Lớn Bấy Duy Ngài"). Charlie Daniels the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. from their album Holy Bible New Testament. our great rebirth announcing.. Elvis Presley. kiam mi miregas".

Vid Herrens fot och ber om nåd och frid. what joy shall fill my heart! Then I shall bow in humble adoration. com/ index. My Saviour God. He bled and died to take away my sin: (Repeat Refrain.) • Verse 4: When Christ shall come with shouts of acclamation And take me home.How Great Thou Art (hymn) at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis.) Other Verses Boberg's entire poem appears (with archaic Swedish spellings) at http:/ / everything2.[69] [70] [71] 49 Commonly Used English Lyrics • Verse 1: O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder Consider all the works Thy hands have made. my burden gladly bearing. When burdens press. followed in each case by the English. I scarce can take it in. how great Thou art! (Repeat Refrain. His Son not sparing. And there proclaim. When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze: (Repeat Refrain. to Thee. How great Thou art. my God. Tennessee. my Saviour God. Thy power throughout the universe displayed. That on the cross. I see the stars. Refrain: Then sings my soul. how great Thou art! Then sings my soul. and seem beyond endurance. Och frälsar mig från all min synd och strid. . pl?node_id=1118653. how great Thou art! • Verse 2: When through the woods and forest glades I wander And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees. to Thee: How great Thou art.) • Verse 3: And when I think that God. Presented below are two of those verses which appear (more or less loosely) translated[72] in British hymnbooks.[73] När tryckt av synd och skuld jag faller neder. I hear the rolling thunder. Sent Him to die. Och han min själ på rätta vägen leder.

http:/ / www. cold rain. wind. (2001). Informed opinion overwhelmingly denies that Horst Wessel composed that tune. made legally exclusive in Nazi Germany. pages 9-10. and the rainbow of promise----is impressive for its use of concrete expressions but presses hard on sentimental references to climatic phenomena. lightning (which springs out of the sky like sparks from the sharp rasping blade of a saw).10 of the last two lines of the verse as the refrain or (optionally) ends without refrain. html (accessed 1 February 2009). org/ winter0203/ howgreat. L. Ian: "All Things That Give Sound.10 metrical pattern in the verses." in "Not Angels. G. God's holy Name reviling. P. [4] http:/ / www. the view which Dr Joseph Goebbels. net/ Stories/ 2007/ s07100068. hymntime. att de hans hjälp förnimma Och uppehållas af hans nåd och makt. "The Ten Best Worship Songs" Today's Christian (September/October 2001). c1979 [7] J. "On 'How Great Thou Art'". com/ tch/ non/ sv/ ostoregu. where numerous such melodies had circulated in the fleet. http:/ / www. October 7. sourced from Wally Bratt. När jag hör dårar i sin dårskaps dimma Förneka Gud och håna hvad han sagt. wikipedia. Swedish hymnals frequently include the following verse:[74] När jag hör åskans röst och stormar brusa Och blixtens klingor springa fram ur skyn. net/ Stories/ 2007/ s07100068. one of Christianity’s greatest and much-loved hymns" ASSIST News Service (Sunday. facts and quotations for pastors.8 in the refrain. but "Horst Wessel Lied" either repeats the 11. com/ index. assistnews. "Veleky Bog: How Great is Our God! The story behind how a thunderstorm in Sweden prompted the writing of How Great Thou Art. Nelson's new Christian dictionary: The authoritative resource on the Christian world. assistnews. [10] Michael Ireland. christianitytoday. bears significant redundance with other statements in the poem. 1996. T. In foolish pride. A likely explanation is that Wessel heard the tune from World War I veterans of the German Imperial Navy. the Nazi propagandist. htm (accessed 2 February 2009). Nashville: Thomas Nelson. teachers and Christian workers. to Him I lift my face. quoted in Michael Ireland. [8] Ireland.10. net/ Stories/ 2007/ s07100068. htm [5] "O Store Gud" (http:/ / everything2. 48. His wrath and judgment wait. Nonetheless it may be the verse which most concretely describes Boberg's plodding damp walk home from church in 1885.: "Encyclopedia of 7700 illustrations : A treasury of illustrations. 2007). In metrical pattern and chord progressions "O Store Gud" is similar to scores of tunes prevalent in the folk traditions of Scandinavia and the Baltic region during the decades preceding World War I.". "Veleky Bog: How Great is Our God! The story behind how a thunderstorm in Sweden prompted the writing of How Great Thou Art.10. 2007). "O Store Gud" switches to 10. När regnets kalla. . [11] Numerous musicologists (see. com/ tc/ 2001/ 005/ 4. Pietisten 17:2 (Winter 2003). e. [2] Bradley. [3] Bonne Steffen. And then in love He brings me sweet assurance: 'My child! for thee sufficient is my grace'. Henry Chadwick (Norwich: Canterbury Press. org/ wiki/ Horst-Wessel-Lied) have pointed out that the metrical pattern and chord progressions of "O Store Gud" are similar to those of the "Horst Wessel Lied" (first line "Die Fahne hoch"). http:/ / www. htm (accessed 2 February 2009). Men ser likväl. "Horst Wessel Lied" has been censored in Germany since the end of World War II. pietisten. Twice-Born Hymns (1976) and Sing it Again (1985). [9] Carl Boberg. friska skurar susa Och löftets båge glänser för min syn---That verse----with thunder. http:/ / de. which the Nazis customarily appended to "Deutschland über Alles" (the German national anthem). October 7. one of Christianity’s greatest and much-loved hymns" ASSIST News Service (Sunday. Retrieved 2009-03-19. God's gifts so good and great. and rarely if ever finds a translated home in post-modern English hymnody. Although "O Store Gud" and "Horst Wessel Lied" both have an 11. pl?node_id=1118653). http:/ / www.11. assistnews. See . O when I see ungrateful man defiling This bounteous earth. [6] Tan.How Great Thou Art (hymn) Bowed down with grief. html (accessed 2 February 20089). But Anglicans: A History of Christianity in the British Isles".g. 208. in grace. Irving Erickson. showers. storms. ed. 50 References [1] Kurian. Subject to specific caveats respecting scholarship and artistry. anecdotes. Bible Communications. which is less prone than 19-century Swedish to dwell on the stark freshness of nature. http:/ / www. And yet..8. but "How Great Thou Art" ("Wie groß bist Du") is sung there freely. 2000). htm (accessed 2 February 2009).

html (accessed 1 February 2009). 100-127. ISBN 3-7893-7056-8 / ISBN 978-3-7893-7056-4 . com/ how-great. [27] http:/ / www. htm . html [23] The New Century Hymnal (United Church of Christ. htm (accessed 2 February 2009). [42] Don Cusic. Pietisten 17:1 (Summer 2002). http:/ / www. The Covenant Hymnbook (1973). [18] http:/ / www. de/ ?pg=9006 (accessed 2 February 2009). [30] Stuart K. 51 . [24] Glen V. (1986). pietisten. ed. Hine. 1958). org/ hymns/ HGTA.K. org/ martha/ routley. Russian melodies. B. [35] http:/ / www. net/ Stories/ 2007/ s07100068. Hymn 19. [47] http:/ / www. htm [46] Glen V. [32] S.'. ru/ songs/ item/ 373 [20] William Kahle. Rejoice in the Lord: A Hymn Companion to the Scriptures (Grand Rapids.K. http:/ / www. php?title=O_store_Gud . edu/ campusoffices/ acupress)). "The Horst-Wessel-Lied: A Reappraisal. Eastern melodies. george-broderick. html [44] Neff. http:/ / www. html (accessed 2 February 2009). doc). ne. htm [40] Mike Callahan. ISBN 0-915547-90-2 . biwa. com/ word/ sacred. Item 60.K. [13] This is the one in this collection titled '12 O Store Gud. com/ HowGreatThouArt. hymnary. Eastern Melodies & Hymns of other Lands (S.. html (last update: April 17. Pietsen 17:1 (Summer 2002). October 7. Item 60. Hine. org/ spiritua/ howgreat. htm [38] http:/ / holytrinitywpb. bobnolan-sop. (1978). as well as the 4 verses of Stuart K. php?id=44 [37] http:/ / www.K. pdf (accessed 2 February 2009). [36] http:/ / www. html [28] ~ How Great Thou Art ~ (http:/ / www. Pietisten 17:1 (Summer 2002).G. [16] http:/ / www. sonsofthepioneers. mannamusicinc. html (accessed 2 February 2009). The Story of "How Great Thou art": How it came to be written . "Sightings in Christian Music". org/ summer02/ sightings. [26] Lindsay Terry. 1956) [33] S. pietisten.K. Wiberg. http:/ / www. com/ mmi. assistnews. net/ Stories/ 2007/ s07100068. "Veleky Bog: How Great is Our God! The story behind how a thunderstorm in Sweden prompted the writing of How Great Thou Art. acu. net/ Stories/ 2007/ s07100068. 1973). assistnews. org/ summer02/ sightings. htm [22] Glen V. "Sightings in Christian Music". [34] "The Story of 'How Great Thou Art'".etc (S. editors." International Folklore Review 10 (1995). but God: A Testimony to God's Faithfulness 1st ed.P.. 6 verses of von Glehn's German translation. wikipedia. "Sightings in Christian Music". Great Songs of the Church Revised (Abilene. org/ documents/ October20072. org/ spiritua/ howgreat. mannamusicinc. Wiberg. Hine's English translation. htm (accessed 2 February 2009). 2007). 1995). "Sightings in Christian Music". christliche-gedichte.K. Hine. 1990):166. html . [21] Ireland. Michael Ireland.. joy-bringer-ministries. Pietisten 17:1 (Summer 2002). Hine. edu/ campusoffices/ acupress)). htm (accessed 2 February 20090.D. bsnpubs. christianitytodayblogs. html (accessed 2 February 2009). ISBN 0-915547-90-2. org/ summer02/ sightings. html (accessed 1 February 2009). [17] How Great Thou art / O store Gud / Wie groß bist du gospel christian songs free mp3 midi download (http:/ / ingeb. pietisten. David Edwards. see footnote to “O Mighty God When I Survey in Wonder. and G. com/ biography/ pmicksn.How Great Thou Art (hymn) also the section "Songs with the same or similar melodies to the HWL melody" in George Boderick. http:/ / www. acu. Glen V. "The Story of 'How Great Thou Art'". jp/ ~presley/ Gospel/ index. stinalisa. Eerdmans. pdf (accessed 2 February 2009). Wiberg. http:/ / www. composer & arranger. com/ history/ 2009/ 01/ how_great_thou_art_the_hundred. [31] cited from Forrest Mason McCann & Jack Boyd. "History of How Great Thou Art: 'Then Sings my Soul. (1986). editors. christian-community-chapel. My Savior God to Thee' a Top Christian Hymn" (25 September 2007)." [12] http:/ / www. Wiberg. available online here (http:/ / www. assistnews. html). org/ summer02/ sightings. With complete album of hymns of other lands .” hymn 35. http:/ / www. Evangelische Christen in Russland und der Sovetunion: Ivan Stepanovic Prochanov (1869-1935) und der Weg der Evangeliumschristen und Baptisten (Frankfurt am Main: Oncken). org/ hymn/ RL/ 466 [48] Erik Routley. Great Songs of the Church Revised (Abilene. (S. cited from Forrest Mason McCann & Jack Boyd. Texas: ACU Press (http:/ / www.. together with indication that Hine finalized his English translation in 1949. Glen V. and Patrice Eyries. [41] Copyright information. [14] R. wikipedia. [43] "Paul Mickelson: Biography". mannamusicinc. org/ w/ index. The Sound of Light: A History of Gospel Music (Popular Press. de/ ns_docs/ ns-horst_wessel_lied.. [45] http:/ / www. Wiberg. MI: Wm. Heartwarming Hymn Stories (Sword of the Lord Publishers):41. Texas: ACU Press (http:/ / www. Boderick's scholarly analysis declines to list O STORE GUD among the kindred tunes of "Horst Wessel Lied. http:/ / www. This gives the original 9 verses of Boberg's Swedish original. html) [29] Tel Asiado. http:/ / www. Not You. org/ wiki/ Svenska_Missionsf%C3%B6rbundets_s%C3%A5ngbok_1894 . 1985). [19] http:/ / uucyc. http:/ / www. 2003) (accessed 2 February 2009). com/ timspencer. http:/ / www. Hine. [25] Selected verses. html (accessed 1 February 2009). http:/ / ingeb. [49] http:/ / sv. metanoia. Wibeg incorrectly refers to Routley as Eric Rowley. [15] http:/ / sv. com/ hgta. http:/ / www. net/ Biographies/ The%20Story%20of%20SOP/ Tim%20Spencer/ Tim%20Spencer. "Sacred Records Album Discography". one of Christianity’s greatest and much-loved hymns" ASSIST News Service (Sunday. mymusicway. ISBN 0-9504853-1-4. org/ summer01/ sightings. "Sightings in Church Music" Pietsten 16:2 (Summer 2001). pietisten. [39] http:/ / www. Hine. pietisten. org/ view.

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How Great Thou Art (hymn) 53 External links Recordings: • MIDI Piano. (http://www.net/Stories/2007/s07100068. English and German.htm) • A detailed history of the song (http://matthew. (http://www. (http://www.com/tch/non/sv/ostoregu.htm) • Transmigration of the hymn.com/tc/2001/005/4.com/~rosemck1/hgta.se/~hogman/inventions.mannamusicinc.html) • Listed as a Swedish invention.html) • Vocal in Swedish.com/hgta.journalspace.com/heavenlymidis2/howgreat. (http://www.tripod.htm) Other: • Lyrics in Swedish.assistnews. (http://www.algonet. with a subsequent link to Japanese.html) • Manna Music page on the hymn.org/spiritua/ howgreat.org/winter0203/howgreat. (http:// www.48.htm) • Veleky Bog: How Great is Our God! article. (http://members. (http://my.html) • Ranked 2nd in popularity.html) • MIDI Organ.com/?cmd=displaycomments&dcid=2752& entryid=2752) Inactive Link .homewithgod.html) • Another version of how the hymn transformed over time from a poem to a timeless classic of hymnody.tanbible.net/2009/01/ how_great_thou_art_the_100year. (http://www. (http://blog.christianhistory.christianitytoday.hymntime. (http://www.com/tol_sng/howgreatthouart.ingeb.pietisten.htm) • "How Great Thou Art" and the 100-Year-Old Bass.

Records as the first single from the album. Madonna. pop 4:38 Maverick. vinyl single 1994 Soft rock. 1995 CD. . David Foster Gold (US) Madonna singles chronology "Human Nature" (1995) "You'll See" (1995) "One More Chance" (1996) "You'll See" is a song by pop singer Madonna. It was released on October 23. Warner Bros.You'll See 54 You'll See "You'll See" Single by Madonna from the album Something to Remember B-side Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label Writer(s) Producer Certification "Live to Tell" (live) (US) "Rain" (Europe/Japan) October 23. 1995 by Warner Bros. from the ballads compilation Something to Remember. Latin. David Foster Madonna.

Canada and South Africa. "You'll See" was also one of the few performances Madonna made for the music television program Top of the Pops in the United Kingdom. It was certified Gold in the US and Japan. Michael Haussman.000 copies. using the same director. The video mostly comprises shots of Madonna in the recording studio singing the Spanish version intercut with footage from the "You'll See" and "Take a Bow" videos . "Verás". shot in Ronda.there is no additional footage of Madonna singing "Verás" outside of the studio. A Spanish version. Madonna became one of the only three artists in the Hot 100 history to have a hit peak at each position from #1 to #10. It was shot on October 23–24. the song was released in October 1995 and peaked at #5 in the UK Singles Chart. In the United States. the others are Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. #2 in Finland. Madonna substituted "You'll See" for "Gone" at select US shows of her Drowned World Tour.[1] The Spanish version "Veras" became Madonna's first Latin hit. Junior Vasquez produced an uncommissioned and unofficial remix of the track. In 2001. appeared on the maxi-singles and on the Spanish and Latin American editions of Something to Remember. called "Verás". In the UK. Debbie Turner Executive Producer: George Klein Director of Photography: Adrian Wilde Editor: John McManus Production Company: The A+R Group . England while Madonna was recording the soundtrack to Evita. A video was also made for the Spanish version. "You'll See" debuted at #8. and #5 in Italy. and peaked at #6.You'll See 55 Song information The song became a big international hit. reaching #1 in Japan. the lyrics from this version were written by Argentine singer-songwriter Paz Martínez. Spain. It is her 19th best selling single in the UK to date. 1995 at Pinewood Studios in London. 1995. With the single. peaking at number 21 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs. Madonna is pictured traveling across Spain wearing Versace designer clothing and pursued by the scorned Spanish Torero (played by real-life Spanish bullfighter Emilio Muñoz) from the "Take a Bow" video. The video world-premiered on MTV on November 2. Music video The music video for "You'll See" was produced as the sequel to the award-winning clip for "Take a Bow". selling over 302. Madonna in the music video for "You'll See" • • • • • • Director: Michael Haussman Producers: Donnie Masters.

4. "You'll See" (edit) – 4:17 2.You'll See 56 Track listings US CD maxi-single 1. 4. "Live to Tell" (live from Ciao Italia . "You'll See" – 4:35 2. Album version – 4:35 Edit – 4:17 Spanish version (a. "You'll See" (instrumental) – 4:44 Official mixes 1. 5. whilst the album and other versions all fade out.a. "Live to Tell" (live from Ciao Italia) – 8:14 3.k. whilst the "Spanglish version 2" has Spanish verses and an English chorus. "You'll See" – 4:35 "You'll See" (Spanish version) – 4:35 "You'll See" (instrumental) – 4:44 "Live to Tell" (Live from Ciao Italia) – 8:14 US cassette single 1. 3. "You'll See" (instrumental) – 4:44 UK / EU CD single 1. the instrumental has a cold end. "You'll See" (edit) – 4:17 "You'll See" (Spanish version) – 4:35 "You'll See" (instrumental) – 4:44 "Live to Tell" (live from Ciao Italia) – 8:14 US 7" single 1. 3. "You'll See" (edit) – 4:17 2. 3. "Rain" (album version) – 5:25 3. "Verás") – 4:35 Spanglish version 1 – 4:35 Spanglish version 2 – 4:35 Instrumental – 4:44 • "Spanglish version 1" has English verses and a Spanish chorus. 2. 6. • Interestingly. 2.edit) – 6:22 US 12" single 1. . 4. 2.

Billboard Hot 100 U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Tracks Australia ARIA Singles Chart Austrian Singles Chart Canadian Singles Chart Dutch Top 40 Finnish Singles Chart French SNEP Singles Chart German Singles Chart Italian FIMI Singles Chart New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart South African Singles Chart Swedish Singles Chart Swiss Singles Chart Tokio Hot 100 UK Singles Chart Personnel • • • • • • Written by Madonna and David Foster Produced and arranged by Madonna and David Foster Keyboards by David Foster Synclavier programming by Simon Franglen Acoustic guitars by Dean Parks Electric guitars by Michael Thompson .S. Billboard Adult Top 40 [7] U.You'll See 57 Charts Peak positions Chart (1995) [2] [3] [4] Peak position 6 10 6 5 5 10 [8] 21 9 5 [9] 2 20 2 24 15 [10] 5 17 2 6 8 2 5 End of year charts End of year chart (1996) U. Billboard Adult Contemporary U. Billboard Hot 100 [11] Position 51 U.S.S.S. Billboard Hot 100 Airplay U. Billboard Top 40 Mainstream [5] [6] U. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales U.S.S.S.

2858& volume=62& issue=22& issue_dt=January 15 1996& type=1& interval=24& PHPSESSID=v2a76h62to0aart05gg0u3agj2) [10] "Madonna: Discografia Italiana" (http:/ / www.net . php?year=1996). Billboard.net/disco/str/youll-see. on the album. No. billboard. 1984-1999. sometimes "reduced to tears". vnuArtistId=50294& model. com/ bbcom/ retrieve_chart_history. January 15 1996 (http:/ / www. would assert "You'll see". Retrieved 2010-05-09. billboard. html) [5] Hot 100 Airplay (http:/ / www. com/ bbcom/ retrieve_chart_history.com (http:/ / themadonnabbarchives. billboard. Lizzie. com/ You'll See. collectionscanada. vnuArtistId=50294& model. vnuArtistId=50294& model.You'll See 58 Other versions • Keedie on the album.264 [2] Billboard Hot 100 (http:/ / www. htm) (in Italian). htm) [4] themadonnabillboardarchieves. I Dreamed a Dream [12] Reportedly. The Show Must Go On • Susan Boyle on the album. vnuAlbumId=1114392) [6] Adult Contemporary (http:/ / www. vnuAlbumId=1114392) [3] (http:/ / madonnanation. extension of Billboard magazine. 2009-11-29."You'll See" Single Page (http://www. do?model.mad-eyes. html) Daily Mail 04 September 2009 External links • Mad-eyes.. do?model. gc.p. . Retrieved 2010-01-08. co.1996" (http:/ / longboredsurfer.S. do?model. biz/ bbbiz/ content_display/ industry/ e3ia7f0e1dcab31768446d16d058bd324b9). billboard. com/ bbcom/ retrieve_chart_history. At the end of the number Boyle. [11] "Billboard Top 100 . dailymail.htm) . vnuArtistId=50294& model.. billboard. . Retrieved 2010-08-27. com/ bbcom/ retrieve_chart_history. vnuArtistId=50294& model. com/ chartsarchive/ ys..Volume 62. ca/ rpm/ 028020-119. vnuAlbumId=1114392) [8] Hot Latin Tracks (http:/ / www. Federation of the Italian Music Industry. months before release (http:/ / www. and used to sing the resolute ballad at auditions when she was cruelly turned away. do?model. [12] "Susan Boyle's First-Week U. 22. 2007 .biz.[13] References [1] Joel Whitburn's 'top pop singles 1955-2008'. do?model. I Believe My Heart • Shirley Bassey. uk/ tvshowbiz/ article-1211151/ Susan-Boyles-album-tops-Amazon-bestsellers-list--months-release. com/ bbcom/ retrieve_chart_history.last accessed on August 9. [13] Smith. Album Sales Projected At 550K+" (http:/ / www. vnuAlbumId=1114392) [7] Adult Top 40 (http:/ / www. hitparadeitalia. billboard. Boyle loved the song for years. php?& file_num=nlc008388. com/ charts. . vnuAlbumId=1114392) [9] Top Singles . Susan Boyle's album tops Amazon bestsellers list. it/ mono/ madonna_disco. 01-e.

country singles chart and #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Monkees version "Daydream Believer" Single by The Monkees from the album The Birds. The Bees & the Monkees (it proved to be bandmember Peter Tork's only appearance on the album). It was The Monkees' last number one hit in the U. 1967 7" June 14. The single hit the number one spot on the U.Daydream Believer 59 Daydream Believer "Daydream Believer" is a song composed by John Stewart shortly before he left the Kingston Trio. and peaked at number five in the UK Singles Chart. The song was originally recorded by The Monkees. but was ultimately included on their 1968 album The Birds. whose version reached #3 on the U. 1967 Pop Rock 3:07 Colgems John Stewart The Monkees Chip Douglas The Monkees singles chronology "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (1967) "Daydream Believer" (1967) "Valleri" (1968) Producer Chip Douglas introduced the Monkees to the song. remaining there for four weeks. Billboard Hot 100 chart in December 1967. The Bees & the Monkees B-side Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label Writer(s) Producer "Goin' Down" October 30. It was also recorded by Anne Murray in 1979.S. It was recorded during the sessions for their 1967 album Pisces. Capricorn & Jones Ltd. with Davy Jones singing lead vocals. 1967 and August 9. Aquarius.S.S. All four Monkees appear on .

Now you know how funky I can be". When the Monkees recorded the song.S. Peter Tork on piano (he also came up with the arrangement). garnering some brief airplay on Top 40 radio stations of the day. Chip?" Chip Douglas and others (annoyed): "7A!" Davy Jones: "Okay. and Micky Dolenz on backing vocals. I mean. Davy Jones wasn't sure of the song's potential at first.K." Arista Records.Daydream Believer the track.[1] His feelings changed when the song became a hit. and Tork) mounted a successful reunion tour and had a major hit with the newly recorded "That Was Then. John Stewart's original lyrics in the second stanza were "You once thought of me as a white knight on a steed. re-mixed with a heavier drum track by Michael Lloyd (who had produced "That Was Then. re-released "Daydream Believer" as a followup single. Jones. I know. and admitted later that he'd recorded the vocal with a hint of annoyance at the ongoing takes." In 1986. "funky" was changed to "happy". removing any sense of contrast or meaning to the lyric. It's 'cause I'm short. who owned the Monkees' masters at the time. The song is also known for its humorous opening: Chip Douglas: "7A" (referring to the take of the song) Davy Jones: "What number is this. don't get excited. with Michael Nesmith on lead guitar. man. The re-released single was a minor hit the second time out. Singles Chart Irish Singles Chart Norwegian VG-lista Singles Chart Japanese Oricon Singles Chart Austrian Singles Chart Swiss Singles Chart Chart (1981) [2] [2] Japanese Oricon Singles Chart Anne Murray version . 60 Chart positions Chart (1967) Peak position 1 5 1 [2] 2 4 7 10 Peak position [3] 29 U. three of the four Monkees (Dolenz. Billboard Hot 100 U. This Was Now"). This Is Now.

In addition the Anne Murray version peaked at number three on the country chart [5] . Adult Contemporary chart. Billboard Hot 100 U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles U.S. pop 2:26 Capitol Records John Stewart Jim Ed Norman Anne Murray singles chronology "Broken Hearted Me" (1979) "Daydream Believer" (1980) "Lucky Me" (1980) Anne Murray included it on her 1979 album I'll Always Love You. Chart positions Chart (1980) Peak position 1 17 1 3 12 1 Canadian RPM Country Tracks Canadian RPM Top Singles Canadian RPM Adult Contemporary Tracks U.S. She re-released the song as a duet with Nelly Furtado in her 2008 Anne Murray Duets: Friends and Legends album. the following year her single peaked at number one on the U. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks .Daydream Believer 61 "Daydream Believer" Single by Anne Murray from the album Anne Murray's Greatest Hits and I'll Always Love You Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label Writer(s) Producer December 1979 7" 1979 Country.S. and number twelve on the pop chart [4] .

on an April 25. com/ showitem. "[she has] this fully developed soul voice . wbs. The audience gave the song and the performance a standing ovation. featuring intertwined electric guitar by Jeff Beck and a muted orchestra entering mid-way."[3] Griffin recorded it herself officially in a slow rendition built around Ian McLagan's piano.. Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) "Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)" is a contemporary folk song written by Patty Griffin. which appeared on her February 2007 album Children Running Through. This event came in the middle of Clarkson's artistic struggle with her record company and management. 2007. given the day before his assassination in Memphis. charity episode of American Idol season 6 entitled Idol Gives Back. Patty Griffin original and Solomon Burke recording The song has been variously described as "gospely"[1] or "folkie spiritual". but with a generality that could extend to other contexts as well: Some days I look down.[4] It was praised by Slant Magazine for being "reverent and inspired without ever becoming over-the-top or heavy-handed. Jr.[2] they wanted her to promote her new single "Never Again". Day national holiday. 1986 [2] norwegiancharts.[1] it was suggested to and selected by soul artist Solomon Burke (who had known King) for recording on his September 2006 album Nashville. it has found greater prominence in performances and recordings since then by Kelly Clarkson and Jeff Beck. [5] Whitburn. Based upon a rough demo. The Monkees Tale."[5] Thom Jurek of Allmusic stated that Griffin "carries [King]'s inspiration in the grain of her voice" and complimented her respectful and unassuming singing. naturalistic imagery to describe various states of mind expressed in the speech. Susan Boyle. Griffin participated in the recording.[2] In writing about King. with an accompanying string section. Second edition. The Billboard Book Of Top 40 Country Hits: 1944-2006. Beck subsequently said. Griffin followed other songwriters. "Up to the Mountain" first appeared in public during Griffin's concert appearances in the spring of 2005. Top Adult Contemporary: 1961-2001. Record Research.. 242. htm) [4] Whitburn. she has performed it both with her own acoustic guitar accompaniment and also with a band member's electric guitar.[6] which was dedicated to poverty relief in Africa and in Hurricane Katrina-related areas. she later said. and Crystal Bowersox. I see nothing at all. jp/ ~ms-db/ oricon/ oricon_single_81. and I could tell when he got his take—little chills came on my arms.Daydream Believer (http:/ / norwegiancharts. Originally recorded by Solomon Burke in 2006 and Griffin herself in 2007. asp?interpret=The+ Monkees& titel=Daydream+ Believer& cat=s) [3] Japan's Oricon Year-End International Singles Charts of 1981 (http:/ / www2. p. such as U2 with "Pride (In the Name of Love)" and "MLK". Griffin's take on King uses visual. The song touches upon emotions surrounding Martin Luther King. ne. Joel (2004). p. Afraid I will fall — And though the sun shines . while she thought to do so at a charity event would be "beyond crass". Last Gasp Press. singing a backup part. Jr.com The Monkees .[2] Clarkson — an avowed Griffin fan[3] — instead picked "Up to the Mountain". "He sang it ten times I think. Record Research.[4] Added prominence "Up to the Mountain" gained visibility through a live rendition by Kelly Clarkson. 176. Tennessee.Daydream Believer 62 References [1] "You can tell from the vocal that I was pissed off!" Davy Jones. Joel (2002). and Stevie Wonder. whose song "Happy Birthday" about King provided a boost in bringing about the Martin Luther King. James Taylor with "Shed a Little Light"."[1] while a BBC review said it had "a feel of cinematic grandness.'s famous 1968 "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech.

. debuting at number 56. while The Boston Globe said her performance of this "great song" was the night's only true highlight. when Crystal Bowersox performed it as her potential "coronation song" in the final round of American Idol season 9. They were so moved by her. The song was also included on Scottish singer Susan Boyle's November 2009 debut album. the audience started to stand up.[8] She commented regarding her choice of the song: "Reassurance. It just knocked me out. love and the ability to keep going no matter what 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' life throws at you. At one point.[7] [10] Her performance of "Up to the Mountain" was well-received both on the show – judge Randy Jackson characterized it as "an amazing song by an amazing singer" and Cowell said "that was by far the best performance and the song of the night" – and off – MTV said she showed an unmistakable connection to the lyric. It was quite riveting to listen to. God is our Light."[2] Idol judge Simon Cowell stated the performance was the best of the show. I Dreamed a Dream. 2 Voices Tour 2008. and sang it together with Reba McEntire on the pair's 2 Worlds..[11] Chart performance . her recording of "Up to the Mountain" was released as a single on May 28.Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) that I wasn't expecting. This became the highest chart placement for a Griffin song. 2010.. 2010 CD single 2010 Alternative rock 3:53 19 Recordings The song's Idol visibility continued in May 2010.[7] which became the biggest-selling album in the world for that year.[2] A live recording of the Clarkson-Beck performance was made available for download on iTunes shortly after being broadcast on television and "Up To The Mountain" entered the Billboard Hot 100.[6] Clarkson added the song to the setlist for her 2007 My December Tour."[9] 63 Crystal Bowersox version "Up to the Mountain" Single by Crystal Bowersox Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label May 28.[7] [10] After Bowersox finished up as runner-up to Lee DeWyze.

Retrieved June 29. Billboard. who.A 'Beautiful Day' for Lee? Or a trip to the 'Mountain'-top for Crystal?" (http:/ / www. January 20. story?tag=hpfeed). [8] "'American Idol's' Future 'Guaranteed' Sans Cowell" (http:/ / www. The Boston Globe. mtv. "The Songwriter's songwriter" (http:/ / www. Jason (February 19. [11] "Crystal signs record deal" (http:/ / www. 2010. com/ article/ American_Idols_Future_Guaranteed_Sans_Cowell_20100120). says. 2007. com/ coverstory/ 11273/ kelly-clarkson-page7. Retrieved May 26. Sarah (May 25. . i. Gary (June 3. backbone. co. . . Thom. "Faith 'is the backbone of who I am'. pattygriffin. christiantoday. boyle/ 24638. Broadway World. Retrieved June 29.Patty Griffin. [5] Groom. com/ music/ music_review. "Crystal Bowersox's 'Up To The Mountain': Behind The 'American Idol' Cover" (http:/ / www. Helen (March 12. . 2009. 2010). 2010. BBC. Christian Today (London). says Boyle" (http:/ / www.Patty Griffin: Sun Shining Through" (http:/ / www. Slant Magazine. "Folk and Country Review . com/ cg/ amg. Glide Magazine. Austin American-Statesman. Billboard Hot 100 References [1] Keefe. Retrieved May 26. 2007). jhtml). [4] Jurek. elle. "Features . 2009). boston. 2010. 2010). [12] Trust. Retrieved June 3. com/ Articles/ 51845/ Patty-Griffin:-Sun-Shining-Through. the. [9] Hutt. Jonathan (March 5. . 2007). 2007. Eric (May 25. 2007). dll?p=amg& sql=10:gxfoxqurldde~T1). "Children Running Through . Brian (November 17. of. story?tag=hpfeed#/ column/ chartbeat/ chart-beat-thursday-lee-crystal-rock-on-1004095435. com/ column/ chartbeat/ chart-beat-thursday-lee-crystal-rock-on-1004095435. . . bbc. [10] Rodham. . htm).Review" (http:/ / allmusic. txt). net/ showPressDetail. is. [2] Glock. Joe (June 9. 2007). 2010.Up to the Mountain (MLK Song) 64 Chart (2010) Peak position 47 [12] 57 Canadian Hot 100 U. asp?ID=1069). slantmagazine. Allmusic. 2010. The Sandusky Register. [3] Gonulsen. . MTV News. com/ articles/ 2010/ 05/ 28/ front/ doc4c007d9d9186d902712540. glidemagazine. broadwayworld. Retrieved June 3. [7] Ditzian. . Retrieved June 4. . Children Running Through" (http:/ / www. html). "'Idol' Recap . Allison (June 6. "Rebel Yell" (http:/ / www. sanduskyregister.S. Elle. Retrieved June 29. May 28. 2007. 2010. billboard. 2007. com/ ae/ tv/ blog/ 2010/ 05/ idol_recap_-_to_1. com/ article/ faith. uk/ music/ release/ rrp2/ ). . [6] Gross. 2010). 2007. php?id=200). 2010. am. "Music Review: Patty Griffin: Children Running Through" (http:/ / www. Retrieved December 27. "Chart Beat Thursday: Lee & Crystal Rock On" (http:/ / www.Top Two . 2007). Retrieved June 29. com/ news/ articles/ 1640037/ 20100525/ story. html). Retrieved June 29. html). .

during the 1960s and has been recorded thousands of times during and since the 20th century. Newton wrote the words from personal experience.[4] In 1725. where he began to write hymns with poet William Cowper. Buckinghamshire. She had intended Newton to become a clergyman. his seagoing career would be marked by headstrong . It is unknown if there was any music accompanying the verses.[5] For the next few years. 1778 [3] According to the Dictionary of American Hymnology "Amazing Grace" is John Newton's spiritual autobiography in verse. John Newton's conversion How industrious is Satan served. I was formerly one of his active undertemptors and had my influence been equal to my wishes I would have carried all the human race with me. "Amazing Grace" is one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world. and Jonathan Aitken. It has been associated with more than 20 melodies. Newton became curate of Olney. a moment that marked the beginning of his spiritual conversion. published in 1779. and spent some time at a boarding school where he was mistreated. he joined his father on a ship as an apprentice. [1] The bottom of page 53 of Olney Hymns shows the first stanza of what became "Amazing Grace". but in 1835 it was joined to a tune named "New Britain" to which it is most frequently sung today. It debuted in print in 1779 in Newton and Cowper's Olney Hymns. "Amazing Grace" saw a resurgence in popularity in the U. Ordained in the Church of England in 1764. John Newton. eventually participating in the slave trade. and his mother was a devout Independent unaffiliated with the Anglican Church. and it may have been chanted by the congregation without music. a district in London near the Thames. He grew up without any particular religious conviction but his life's path was formed by a variety of twists and coincidences that were often put into motion by his recalcitrant insubordination. He was pressed into the Royal Navy and became a sailor. Its universal message has been a significant factor in its crossover into secular music. a Newton biographer. A common drunkard or profligate is a petty sinner to what I was. "Amazing Grace" was used extensively during the Second Great Awakening in the early 19th century. With a message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of the sins people commit and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God. His father was a shipping merchant who was brought up as a Catholic but had Protestant sympathies. "Amazing Grace" was written to illustrate a sermon on New Year's Day of 1773. Newton was born in Wapping. One night a terrible storm battered his vessel so severely that he became frightened enough to call out to God for mercy. Newton was raised by his distant stepmother while his father was at sea. but she died of tuberculosis when Newton was six years old. Author Gilbert Chase writes that "Amazing Grace" is "without a doubt the most famous of all the folk hymns".S. but settled into relative obscurity in England.Amazing Grace 65 Amazing Grace "Amazing Grace" is a Christian hymn written by English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725–1807). estimates that it is performed about 10 million times annually.[6] At the age of eleven. and become an emblematic African American spiritual.[2] It has had particular influence in folk music. sometimes appearing on popular music charts. His career in slave trading lasted a few years more until he quit going to sea altogether and began studying theology. In the United States however.

Opinions. As a sailor.[19] Newton's conversion was not immediate. an exhausted Newton returned to the deck to steer for the next eleven hours where he pondered what he had said. He came to believe that God had sent him a profound message and had begun to work through him. and Newton and his crewmates participated in most of the same activities he had written about before. As a youth. the only action he was able to free himself from was profanity. but they allowed him to write to Polly. and he set to begin to submit to authority for her sake.[18] About two weeks later.[15] After hours of the crew emptying water from the ship and expecting to be capsized. then Lord have mercy upon us!"[16] [17] He returned to the pump where he and another mate tied themselves to it to keep from being washed over.[20] He sought a place on a slave ship bound for Africa. he offered a desperate suggestion to the captain. In a culture where sailors commonly used oaths and swore.[11] He entered into disagreements with several colleagues which resulted in his being nearly starved to death. imprisoned while at sea and chained like the slaves they carried. but creating new ones to exceed the limits of verbal debauchery. a summary of the 15th-century The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis.[14] In March 1748. Times. who ordered it so. They knew he was profane. For several weeks before the storm.[9] he managed to get himself traded to a slave ship where he began a career in slave trading. [13] claimed the only reason he left was because of Polly. While aboard the ship Greyhound. "If this will not do. Ireland.[8] After enduring humiliation for deserting. the battered ship and starving crew landed in Lough Swilly. Newton was admonished several times for not only using the worst words the John Newton in his later years captain had ever heard. then relapsing into bad habits. a family friend with whom he had fallen in love. but his father intervened after Newton sent him a letter describing his [12] Newton circumstances. with him. mocking others who showed theirs. he denounced his faith after being influenced by a shipmate who discussed Characteristics of Men. he began to ask if he was worthy of God's mercy or in any way redeemable as he had not only neglected his faith but directly opposed it. After several months he came to think of Sierra Leone as his home. After three shipping experiences in the slave trade. The memory of the uttered phrase in a moment of desperation did not leave him. Newton 66 . Manners. Newton gained notoriety for being one of the most profane men the captain had ever met. a violent storm came upon the ship that was so rough it swept overboard a crew member who had been standing where Newton was moments before.[10] Newton often openly mocked the captain by creating obscene poems and songs about him that became so popular the crew began to join in. "Like an unwary sailor who quits his port just before a rising storm. Newton turned and said. then outright enslaved and forced to work on a plantation in Sierra Leone near the Sherbro River. Newton had been reading The Christian’s Pattern. a book by the Third Earl of Shaftesbury. and a ship found him by coincidence. I renounced the hopes and comforts of the gospel at the very time when every other comfort was about to fail me.Amazing Grace disobedience. Newton began a pattern of coming very close to death. he married Polly in 1750 and he found it more difficult to leave her at the beginning of each trip."[7] His disobedience caused him to be pressed into the Royal Navy. After a severe illness his resolve was renewed yet he retained the same attitude about slavery as his contemporaries[21] and continued in the trade through several voyages where he sailed up rivers in Africa—now as a captain—procured slaves being offered and sold them in larger ports to be sent to North or South America. Her parents were hesitant as he was known to be unreliable and impetuous. In a series of letters he later wrote. and he took advantage of opportunities to overstay his leave and finally deserted to visit Mary "Polly" Catlett. examining his relationship with God. In between voyages. deriding and denouncing God as a myth. After an hour's rest. but he contacted Polly's family and announced his intentions to marry her. while the Greyhound was in the North Atlantic.

experiences in the slave trade and his conversion. but now am found. How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believ'd! Thro' many dangers. when this flesh and heart shall fail. The earth shall soon dissolve like snow. I shall possess. And grace my fears reliev'd. and snares. His word my hope secures. 'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far. impressed with his story. I have already come. he collapsed and never sailed again. but now I see. when at thirty years old. He and Polly immersed themselves in the church community and Newton's passion was so impressive that his friends suggested he become a minister. and theology. Newton began to teach himself Latin.[22] [23] 67 Olney curate Working as a customs agent in Liverpool starting in 1756. toils. and after being encouraged by a friend. Olney Hymns Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound) That sav'd a wretch like me! I once was lost. he wrote about his The vicarage in Olney where Newton wrote the hymn that would become "Amazing Grace". Yes.[24] although the more likely reasons were his leanings toward evangelism and tendency to socialize with Methodists. And mortal life shall cease. The Lord has promis'd good to me. within the veil. Greek. ostensibly for having no university degree. The Earl of Dartmouth.Amazing Grace was promised a position as a captain on a ship with cargo unrelated to slavery. sponsored Newton for ordination with the Bishop of Lincoln. . He will my shield and portion be As long as life endures. And grace will lead me home.[25] Newton continued his devotions. Buckinghamshire in [26] 1764. 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear. and offered him the curacy of Olney. Was blind. He was turned down by the Bishop of York in 1758. A life of joy and peace.

he wrote many of the hymns in first person. They also began writing lessons for children.[32] A collection of the poems Newton and Cowper had written for use in services at Olney were bound and published anonymously in 1779 under the title Olney Hymns.[27] His devotion and conviction were apparent and forceful however. Together. "1 Chronicles 17:16–17. and his mission he often said was to "break a hard heart and to heal a broken heart". and his ebullient exclamations of the joy he found in his faith. The most prevalent themes in the verses written by Newton in Olney Hymns are faith in salvation. his love for Jesus.500 residents whose main industry was making lace by hand. Olney Hymns. with whom Newton was familiar.8. He was involved in his parishioners' lives and he was much loved although his writing and delivery were sometimes unpolished.[4] Critical analysis The general impact of Olney Hymns was immediate and it became a widely popular tool for evangelicals in Britain for many years. an "unashamedly middlebrow lyricist writing for a lowbrow congregation". the eventual founder of the Methodist Church. They were mostly illiterate and many of them were poor. The lyrics to "Amazing Grace" were written in late 1772 and probably used in a prayer meeting for the first time on January 1. a gifted writer who had failed at a career in law and suffered bouts of insanity. 1773.[32] Newton and Cowper attempted to present a poem or hymn for each prayer meeting. they found it necessary to start a weekly prayer meeting in order to meet the needs of an increasing number of parishioners. and partly because learned vicars were expected to write verses. attempting suicide several times. admitting his own experience with sin.6: the first line is eight syllables and the second is six. noting that only twenty-one of the words used in all six verses have more than one syllable. Faith's Review and Expectation" was the title of the poem with the first line "Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)". But God. Several prolific hymn writers were at their most productive in the 18th century. many clergy preached from a distance. Watts—whose hymns Newton had grown up hearing Wesley's brother John. he was also new to Olney and had gone through a spiritual conversion similar to Newton's. 1779 68 Olney was a hamlet of about 2. Bruce Hindmarsh in Sing Them Over Again To Me: Hymns and Hymnbooks in America considers "Amazing Grace" an excellent example of Newton's testimonial style afforded by the use of this perspective. specifically referring to "Amazing Grace". who call'd me here below.[37] [38] Newton joined forces with a young man named William Wilberforce.[31] Watts was a pioneer in English hymn writing. had encouraged Newton to go into the clergy. Scholars appreciated Cowper's poetry somewhat more than Newton's plaintive and plain language driven from his forceful personality. not admitting any intimacy with temptation or sin.[29] Partly from Cowper's literary influence. made plain for common people to understand.6.[36] William Phipps in the Anglican Theological Review and author James Basker have interpreted the first stanza of "Amazing Grace" as evidence of Newton's realization that his participation in the slave trade was his wretchedness.[28] He struck a friendship with William Cowper.[33] As a reflection of Newton's connection to his parishioners. Cowper enjoyed Olney—and Newton's company.Amazing Grace The sun forbear to shine. basing his on the Psalms.[2] Newton's preaching was unique in that he shared many of his own experiences from the pulpit. wonder at God's grace. the British Member of Parliament who led the Parliamentarian campaign to . In 1768. Newton contributed 280 of the 348 texts in Olney Hymns. which had become popular through the language.[35] Jonathan Aitken calls Newton.[34] Several of Newton's hymns were recognized as great work ("Amazing Grace" was not among these) while others seem to have been included to fill in when Cowper was unable to write. perhaps representing a wider common understanding of Newton's motivations. Will be forever mine. including Isaac [30] —and Charles Wesley. their effect on the local congregation was impressive. Newton began to try his hand at hymns. The most prevalent hymns by Watts and others were written in the common meter in 8. John Newton.

"[40] The New Testament served as the basis for many of the lyrics of "Amazing Grace".. refers to David's reaction to the prophet Nathan telling him that God intends to maintain his family line forever. The first verse. Some Christians interpret this as a prediction that Jesus Christ.[42] Newton saw himself a sinner like David who had been [43] and was humbled by it. culminating in Newton's most personal story of his conversion. and that patience for deliverance from the daily trials of life is warranted when the glories of eternity await. that thou hast brought me hitherto? And yet this was a small thing in thine eyes. O Lord God. O God. our hearts endeavored to shut him out till he overcame us by the power of his grace. statement of faith". and said. as a descendant of David. unconverted sinners were "blinded chosen. by the god of this world" until "mercy came to us not only undeserved but undesired . Steve Turner. In the Gospel of Luke the father says.[44] The effect of the lyrical arrangement. allows an instant release of energy in the exclamation "Amazing grace!".[41] Newton's sermon on that January day in 1773 focused on the necessity to express one's gratefulness for God's guidance. "1 Chronicles 17:16–17". 1 Chronicles 17:16–17. However. For Newton.. The last entry of 1772 was a recounting of how much he had changed since then. the beginning of the year was a time to reflect on one's spiritual progress.[40] And David the king sat before the Lord.[45] . author of Amazing Grace: The Story of America's Most Beloved Song.[34] The sermon preached by Newton was the last of his William Cowper heard in Olney for Cowper's mental instability returned shortly thereafter. King James Version 69 The title ascribed to the hymn. to be followed by a qualifying reply in "how sweet the sound". according to Bruce Hindmarsh. suggests Newton may have had his friend in mind. At the same time he completed a diary—which has since been lost—that he had begun 17 years before. culminating in the Slave Trade Act 1807. can be traced to the story of the Prodigal Son. Newton's use of an expletive at the beginning of his verse is called "crude but effective" in an overall composition that "suggest(s) a forceful. In An Annotated Anthology of Hymns. was promised by God as the salvation for all people. if simple. According to Newton. two years after he quit sailing.Amazing Grace abolish the slave trade in the British Empire. that God is involved in the daily lives of Christians though they may not be aware of it. and what is mine house.[39] The lyrics in Olney Hymns were arranged by their association to the Biblical verses that would be used by Newton and Cowper in their prayer meetings and did not address any political objective. he was lost. and is found". underscoring the use of his personal testimony with his parishioners. employing the themes of assurance and deliverance from despair for Cowper's benefit. Newton used the words "I was blind but now I see" and declared "Oh to grace how great a debtor!" in his letters and diary entries as early as 1752. he never connected the construction of the hymn that became "Amazing Grace" to anti-slavery sentiments. for thou hast also spoken of thy servant's house for a great while to come. O Lord God. Newton became an ardent and outspoken abolitionist after he left Olney in the 1780s. for example. "Who am I. and hast regarded me according to the estate of a man of high degree.[43] Grace is recalled three times in the following verse. perhaps undeservedly. "For this son of mine was dead and is alive again. The story of Jesus healing a blind man who tells the Pharisees that he can now see is told in the Gospel of John.

showing the title "New work". I once was lost. More than 60 of Newton and Cowper's hymns were republished in other British hymnals and magazines. Most of the music was religious. The method was simple to learn and teach. Communities would come together for an entire day of singing.[51] . Unprecedented gatherings of thousands of people attended camp meetings where they came to experience salvation. borrowed from other hymns. "Amazing Grace" became an integral part of the Christian tapestry in the United States. preaching was fiery and focused on saving the sinner from temptation and backsliding. but the purpose of communal singing was not primarily spiritual. Each sound was accompanied by a specifically shaped note and thus became known as shape note singing. an unrelated movement of communal singing was established throughout the South and Western states.[46] [47] Between 1789 and 1799. but now am found. so the songs were sung a cappella. Scholar John Julian commented in his 1892 A Dictionary of Hymnology that outside of the United States. that employed simplicity and repetition such as: Amazing grace! How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me.[41] by 1830 Presbyterians and Methodists also included Newton's verses in their hymnals. sermons and songs often used repetition to get across to a rural population of poor and mostly uneducated people the necessity of turning away from sin. where a congregation member or even a stranger would rise and recount his turn from a sinful life to one of piety and peace. so schools were established throughout the South and West. A format of teaching music to illiterate people appeared in 1800.[48] [49] The greatest influences in the 19th century that propelled "Amazing Grace" to spread across the U. and become a staple of religious services in many denominations and regions were the Second Great Awakening and the development of shape note singing communities. It used four sounds to symbolize the basic scale: fa-sol-la-fa-sol-la-mi-fa.S. the song was unknown and it was "far from being a good example of Newton's finest An 1847 publication of Southern Harmony. Communities either could not afford music accompaniment or rejected it out of a Calvinistic sense of simplicity. Witnessing and testifying became an integral component to these meetings. All shout glory hallelujah.[48] "Amazing Grace" was one of many hymns that punctuated fervent sermons. in Baptist. Shout. mourner.S. appearing only once in a 1780 hymnal sponsored by the Countess of Huntingdon. Shout.[50] Religion was stripped of ornament and ceremony. Was blind but now I see. and Congregationalist hymnodies. four variations Britain" and shape note music of Newton's hymn were published in the U. to a large building where they sat in four distinct areas surrounding an open space with one member directing the group as a whole. Brother. but "Amazing Grace" was not. in the early 19th century that was marked by growth and popularity of churches and religious revivals that got their start in Kentucky and Tennessee. A tremendous religious movement was overtaking the U. shout for glory. and made as plain and simple as possible.Amazing Grace 70 Dissemination Although it had its roots in England.[50] Simultaneously. shout aloud for glory. sister.S. Dutch Reformed. although the contemporary style used a refrain.

[56] It was. Three verses were emblematically sung by Tom in his hour of deepest crisis. hymnbooks did not contain music and were simply small books of religious poetry. to satisfy William Walker. and both show elements of oral transmission. King became widely influential and continues to be used. We've no less days to sing God's praise.Amazing Grace 71 "New Britain" tune When originally used in Olney.S. each song employing a different director.[55] or South Carolina. if any. It was originally one of between 50 to 70 verses of a song titled "Jerusalem. Than when we first begun. more than twenty musical settings of "Amazing Grace" circulated with varying popularity until 1835 when William Walker assigned Newton's words to a traditional song named "New Britain".. The first known instance of Newton's lines joined to music was in A Companion to the Countess of Huntingdon’s Hymns (London. Spilman and Benjamin Shaw (Cincinnati. and snares" of Newton's lyrics had both literal and figurative meanings for Americans..[62] . The "dangers. but "Gallaher" and "St. according to author Steve Turner.S. a "marriage made in heaven. Simultaneously. Shape note singing communities.[56] "Amazing Grace".000 copies all over the U. religious services in the military became commonplace. the composer who "the wants of the Church in her triumphal march. attempting to employ democracy as a means of government. but a corresponding fall when admitting his blindness. with all the members sitting around an open center. as though the author was stepping out into the open and making a bold declaration. toils. the U.[58] This became poignantly true during the most serious test of American cohesion in the U. William Walker's home state. "Amazing Grace" set to "New Britain" was included in two hymnals distributed to soldiers and with death so real and imminent. and Stowe included another verse not written by Newton that had been passed down orally in African American communities for at least 50 years. 1829). where it is set to the tune "Hephzibah" by English composer John Jenkins Husband. Another shape note tunebook named The Sacred Harp (1844) by Georgia residents Benjamin Franklin White and Elisha J.[59] He sings the sixth and fifth verses in that order. Mary" had not.[58] Another verse was first recorded in Harriet Beecher Stowe's immensely influential 1852 anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. accompanied the verses written by John Newton. began to expand westward into previously unexplored territory that was often wilderness.S. appeared for the first time in Walker's shape note tunebook Southern Harmony.The music behind 'amazing' had a sense of awe to it. the melody most currently associated with it."[57] Walker's collection was enormously popular. in Virginia. to create the song that is attributed.[52] Common meter hymns were interchangeable with a variety of tunes. My Happy Home" that first appeared in a 1790 book called A Collection of Sacred Ballads: When we've been there ten thousand years. selling about 600. 1808). Bright shining as the sun. [60] [61] "Amazing Grace" came to be an emblem of a religious movement and a symbol of the U. Spilman and Shaw. The music behind 'grace' sounded graceful. Mary") first published in the Columbian Harmony by Charles H.S. it is unknown what music. both students at Kentucky's Centre College. when the total population was just over 20 million.[53] As neither tune "New Britain". with the words written by Newton and joined with "New Britain". illustrated this in practice. These guesses include a Scottish folk ballad as [54] or folk songs developed many of the new residents of Kentucky and Tennessee were immigrants from Scotland. At the time. There was a rise at the point of confession. which was itself an amalgamation of two melodies ("Gallaher" and "St. scholars can only has become "Amazing Grace" speculate on the tune's origins." Most of the tunes had been first joined John Newton's verses to previously published. itself as the country was involved in a great political experiment. compiled their tunebook both for public worship and revivals. Civil War (1861–1865).

and Europe. writing that she used it "to give magical protection—a charm to ward off danger. and as her popularity grew throughout the 1950s and 1960s. including titles such as "In the Pines". and "Amazing Grace" appeared three times with three different melodies. the song took on a political tone.Amazing Grace 72 Urban revival Although "Amazing Grace" set to "New Britain" was popular. Allmusic lists more than 6. toils. making it more contemporary and European. Demand was high for black gospel recordings of the song by H.[68] Its first recording is an a cappella version from 1922 by the Sacred Harp Choir. and churches all over the U. giving "New Britain" some distance from its rural folk-music origins. and family roots. A publisher named Edwin Othello Excell gave the version of "Amazing Grace" set to "New Britain" immense popularity by publishing it in a series of hymnals that were used in urban churches. "Amazing Grace" began to cross over from primarily a gospel standard to secular audiences. Tomlin and J. Where Edwin Othello Excell sought to make the singing of "Amazing Grace" uniform throughout thousands of churches. and his version of "Amazing Grace" became the standard form of the song in [66] [67] American churches. author of The Gospel Sound.000 versions of the song as of May 2010. or the name of the tune such as "New Britain".[73] Author James Basker states that the song has been employed by African Americans as the "paradigmatic Negro spiritual" because it expresses the joy felt at being delivered from slavery and worldly miseries. "Primrose".[74] In the 1960s with the African American Civil Rights Movement and opposition to the Vietnam War. traditions.[63] [64] A tune named "Arlington" accompanied Newton's verses as much as "New Britain" for a time in the late 19th century. Excell's version was more palatable for a growing urban middle class and arranged for larger church choirs.[71] Those songs come out of conviction and suffering. records allowed artists to improvise with the words and music specific to each audience. not to "New Britain". The ability to record combined with the marketing of records to specific audiences allowed "Amazing Grace" to take on thousands of different forms in the 20th century. A poignant sense of nostalgia accompanied the recordings of several gospel and blues singers in the 1940s and 1950s who used the song to remember their grandparents. states that the "dangers. Gates. Primitive Baptists in the Appalachian region often used "New Britain" with other hymns. which typically concentrated strongly on blues and jazz. Several editions featuring Newton's first three stanzas and the verse previously included by Harriet Beecher Stowe in Uncle Tom's Cabin were published by Excell between 1900 and 1910. "Pisgah". she often sang it at public events such as concerts at Carnegie Hall. of which the majority of their repertoire consists.[69] It was recorded with musical accompaniment for the first time in 1930 by Fiddlin' John Carson. other versions existed regionally. Two musical arrangers named Dwight Moody and Ira Sankey heralded another religious revival in the cities of the U.[65] Moody and Sankey began publishing their compositions in 1875. and snares" of Newton's words are a "universal testimony" of the African American experience. Moody's preaching and Sankey's musical gifts were significant. Mahalia Jackson [72] Gospel superstar Mahalia Jackson's 1947 version received significant radio airplay. Excell altered some of Walker's music. that have been practiced in both black and white folk music. The worst voices can get through singing them 'cause they're telling their experiences. often used as the standard example to illustrate such musical techniques as lining out and call and response. but they were the first to give it its title. It was included from 1926 to 1930 in Okeh Records' catalog. as all are able to be sung in common meter. an incantation to the . Mahalia Jackson employed "Amazing Grace" for Civil Rights marchers.M. giving the song international exposure. their arrangements were the forerunners of gospel music.S. and sometimes sing the words of "Amazing Grace" to other folk songs. although to another folk hymn named "At the Cross".[70] "Amazing Grace" is emblematic of several kinds of folk music styles. Recorded versions With the advent of recorded music and radio.S.R. were eager to acquire them. hymns were typically published using the first line of the lyrics. and "Evan".[38] Anthony Heilbut.

recorded an instrumental version featuring a bagpipe soloist accompanied by a pipe and drum band. There was nothing left to do. two years after her rendition."[3] The U..[84] Aretha Franklin and Rod Stewart also recorded "Amazing Grace" around the same time.[70] . everybody is free.Amazing Grace angels of heaven to descend.S. Johnny Cash.[85] All four versions were marketed to distinct types of audiences thereby assuring its place as a pop song.[77] Collins decided to record it in the late 1960s amid an atmosphere of counterculture introspection. Skeeter Davis (1972). but she never realized its origin as a hymn. She chose an a cappella arrangement that was close to Edwin Othello Excell's. who knew the song before she could remember learning it. it was the best-selling instrumental record in British history. accompanied by a chorus of amateur singers who were friends of hers. she wrote. her fans had been "waiting to embrace it". 'Amazing Grace'." It rose to number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.[76] It even made an appearance at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 during Arlo Guthrie's performance. it was one of the most requested songs from her audiences. Collins also considered it a talisman of sorts... I had gone to jail on political actions and worked for the candidates I believed in. spending 24 weeks total on the charts and rose as high as number 11 in the U. and then be requested.[80] In the UK. More contemporary versions include samples from such popular music groups as Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers (1963).[86] Johnny Cash recorded it on his 1975 album Sings Precious Memories. and The Lemonheads (1992). and both of their renditions were popular. dedicating it to his older brother Jack. and saw its equal emotional impact on the marchers. witnessed Fannie Lou Hamer leading marchers in Mississippi in 1964. It just frees the spirit and frees the person. by the time she was singing it in the 1960s she said it had "developed a life of its own". Collins connected it to the Vietnam War. where in her version she is backed up by a chorus. Collins. Elvis Presley (1971).[79] as if.. I thought . it charted eight times between 1970 and 1972. But I wasn't taking any chances. a father and son team who in 1932 traveled thousands of miles across the South to capture the different regional styles of the song. It hit number 1 in the UK singles chart. The Byrds (1970). It just frees the spirit and frees the person.[81] For the three minutes that song is going on. Cash often included the song when he toured prisons."[75] Folk singer Judy Collins. but sing [78] Gradually and unexpectedly. she was part of an encounter group that ended a contentious meeting by singing "Amazing Grace" as it was the only song to which all the members knew the words.[3] According to fellow folk singer Joan Baez. saying "For the three minutes that song is going on. remaining on the charts for 15 weeks. 1990 73 Although Collins used it as a catharsis for her opposition to the Vietnam War... who has a history of alcohol abuse. everybody is free. Arkansas. the song began to be played on the radio. who had been killed in a mill accident when they were boys in Dyess. to which she objected: "I didn't know what else to do about the war in Vietnam. I had voted. some of which were first-time recordings by folklorists Alan and John Lomax. in the open air of Mississippi.[3] It was recorded in St. witnesses. the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The war was still raging. peaking at number 5 and spending a total of 75 weeks on popular music charts. then accompanied by the band of bagpipes and horns.000 versions of "Amazing Grace". Library of Congress has a collection of 3. Willie Nelson (1976). The pipe president of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards was summoned to Edinburgh Castle and chastised for demeaning the bagpipes. Her producer was present and suggested she include a version of it on her 1970 album Whales & Nightingales. chosen for the acoustics. the chapel at Columbia University.S. and law enforcement who opposed the civil rights demonstrators. singing "Amazing Grace". The tempo of their arrangement was slowed to allow for the bagpipes. Cash and his family sang it to themselves while they worked in the cotton fields following Jack's death. I had marched. as it combined pipes with a military band. Paul's. claimed that the song was able to "pull her through" to recovery. but it was based on Collins': it began with a bagpipe solo introduction similar to her lone voice. I was not sure the magic worked outside the church walls .[82] [83] As of 2002. Amazing Rhythm Aces (1975).. senior Scottish regiment of the British Army. and a controversial one.

placing it in danger of becoming a cliché.Amazing Grace 74 Popular use Somehow. Since the 1970s. Yet his lyrical subtlety. The second line. high-ranking military officer and anticapitalist campaigner. social.[97] Bruce Hindmarsh suggests that the secular popularity of "Amazing Grace" is due to the absence of any mention about God in the lyrics until the fourth verse (by Excell's version. In contrast to Newton's vision of wretchedness as his willful sin and distance from God. or contentment. and that the song represents the ability of humanity to transform itself instead of a transformation taking place at the hands of God.[96] The communal understanding of redemption and human self-worth has changed since Newton's time. "Amazing Grace" [embraced] core American values without ever sounding triumphant or jingoistic. self-help books. It was a song that could be sung by young and old. the words of the hymn have been changed in some religious publications to downplay a sense of imposed self-loathing by its singers. in Steve Turner's opinion. appeared on The Simpsons to demonstrate the redemption of a murderous character named Sideshow Bob. "save a soul like me". however. 2002 [87] Following the appropriation of the hymn in secular music. It has been mass produced on souvenirs. Spock[89] but more practically because the song has become "instantly recognizable to many in the audience as music that sounds appropriate for a funeral" according to a Star Trek scholar. Newton's Calvinistic view of redemption and divine grace formed his perspective that he considered himself as a sinner so vile that he was unable to change his life or be redeemed without God's help.[94] Part of the reason for this change has been the altered interpretations of what wretchedness and grace means. or "that saved and set me free". incorporated into Hare Krishna chants and adapted for Wicca ceremonies. Modern interpretations In recent years. happiness. becoming a sort of "spiritual [92] It has been played following national anthem" according to authors Mary Rourke and Emily Gwathmey. The 1982 science fiction film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan used "Amazing Grace" amid a context of Christian symbolism.[98] . "That saved a wretch like me!" has been rewritten as "That saved and strengthened me". "Amazing Grace" became such an icon in American culture that it has been used for a variety of secular purposes and marketing campaigns.[91] It has become a song that inspires hope in the wake of tragedy. or spiritual nature to overcome in order to achieve a state of grace. "Grace". Since its immense popularity and iconic nature. to memorialize the death of Mr. Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic. psychology. "grace" and the meaning behind the words of "Amazing Grace" have become as individual as the singer or listener. Steve Turner. wretchedness has instead come to mean an obstacle of physical.[93] Kathleen Norris in her book Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith characterizes this transformation of the original words as "wretched English" making the line that replaces the original "laughably bland". lent its name to a Superman villain. and some modern expressions of Christianity have viewed this disparity in terms of grace being an innate quality within all people who must be inspired or strong enough to find it: something to achieve. the Oklahoma City bombing.[88] The hymn has been employed in several films. leaves the hymn's meaning open to a variety of Christian and non-Christian interpretations. African American and Native American. as he used the word to represent God or the power of God. to John Newton had a clearer meaning. his own arrogance was matched by how far he had fallen in his life.[95] "Wretch" also represents a period in Newton's life when he saw himself outcast and miserable. It is referenced in the 2006 film Amazing Grace. and the September 11 attacks. Republican and Democrat. and Silkwood.[90] Since 1954 when an organ instrumental of "New Britain" became a bestseller. American national disasters such as the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. including Alice's Restaurant. the fourth verse begins "When we've been there ten thousand years"). which highlights Newton's influence on the leading British abolitionist William Wilberforce. "Amazing Grace" has been associated with funerals and memorial services. Coal Miner's Daughter. as he was when he was enslaved in Sierra Leone.

8–9. p.[28] James Basker also acknowledged this force when he explained why he chose "Amazing Grace" to represent a collection of anti-slavery poetry: "there is a transformative power that is applicable. Inc. wood. 63. pp. and he noticed that it had an equal impact on everybody in attendance. [19] Aitken.: the transformation of sin and sorrow into grace. (Moyers). p. but missed it while he was with the Catletts.) [13] Martin (1950). Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers. 82–85. unifying them. which traveled along the African coast trading at various stops. and subjected to the abuses directed to prisoners and other press-ganged men in the Navy. compounded by the loneliness and restriction in prison. Public Affairs Television.) [10] Newton kept a series of detailed journals as a slave trader. Dictionary of American Hymnology. Women. Moyers. 67–68. and beeswax from the coast of Africa. hymnary. but recommends its use for "occasions of worship when we need to confess with joy that we are saved by God's grace alone. pp. 224. 73. he asked Manesty to find Newton.Amazing Grace The transformative power of the song was investigated by journalist Bill Moyers in a documentary released in 1990. [18] Martin (1950). and Newton alluded to sexual misbehavior in his writings that has since been interpreted by historians to mean that he. p. 34–35. upon their arrival on ship were claimed by the sailors. [9] Stripped of his rank. 82-85)(Aitken. but the ship was carrying livestock. 41–47. white Sacred Harp singers in Georgia. and Norman were unable to discern if the power of the song came from the music or the lyrics. pp. where the audience consisted of Christians and non-Christians. [14] Martin (1950). (1990). Appalachian folk musician Jean Ritchie and her family.) [11] Martin (1950). (Aitken. pp. naked or nearly so." A prisoner interviewed by Moyers explained his literal interpretation of the second verse: "'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear. (Martin [1950]. 23. whipped in public. [20] Martin (1950). Cash.. [12] Newton's father was friends with Joseph Manesty. took whomever he chose. p. of the unspeakable into imaginative literature. of alienation into empathy and connection. opera singer Jessye Norman. "I don't know whether it's the text—I don't know whether we're talking about the lyrics when we say that it touches so many people—or whether it's that tune that everybody knows. 2009. who once notably sang it at the end of a large outdoor rock concert for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday. Cash. Bill (director). pp. Norman."[99] Moyers interviewed Collins. [16] Newton (1824). p. [7] Newton (1824). . Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound (http:/ / www. pp. 64. An associate of Newton lit a fire signaling to ships he was interested in trading only 30 minutes before the Greyhound appeared. 81–84. [15] Several retellings of Newton's life story claim that he was carrying slaves during the voyage in which he experienced his conversion. When Newton's father got his son's letter detailing his conditions in Sierra Leone. Retrieved on October 31. p. 12. org/ text/ amazing_grace_how_sweet_the_sound). pp. these are perhaps the first primary source of the Atlantic slave trade from the perspective of a merchant. pp."[4] 75 Notes [1] [2] [3] [4] Chase. 181. who intervened several times in Newton's life. stated. [17] Martin (1950. as a hymn of response to forgiveness of sin or as an assurance of pardon.[3] The Dictionary of American Hymnology claims it is included in over a thousand published hymnals.. p. (Martin [1950]. 41. and a prison choir at the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville. Aitken. along with other sailors. [8] Martin (1950). pp. [5] Martin (1950). 64–65. [6] Newton (1824). p. and grace my fears relieved" by saying that the fear became immediately real to him when he realized he may never get his life in order. he demonstrated insolence and rebellion during his service for the next few months. as a confession of faith or after the sermon. Newton was supposed to go to Jamaica on Manesty's ship. 51–52. of suffering into beauty. black Sacred Harp singers in Alabama. Moyers was inspired to focus on the song's power after watching a performance at Lincoln Center. remarking that the only reason he did not murder the captain or commit suicide was because he did not want Polly to think badly of him. 70–71. Gospel singer Marion Williams summed up its effect: "That's a song that gets to everybody". Manesty sent the Greyhound. 21–22. Collins. pp.

pp. p.Amazing Grace [21] When Newton began his journal in 1750. p. 123. p. 417. pp. 13. [31] Watts had previously written a hymn named "Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed" that contained the lines "Amazing pity! Grace unknown!/ And love beyond degree!". 117. [23] Newton's biographers and Newton himself does not put a name to this episode other than a "fit" in which he became unresponsive. 232–233. 126. 120–122. [51] Turner. [58] Turner. [40] Aitken. 137. pp. Allmusic. 125. Ethnomusicology. p. [60] Aitken. p. 133–135. pp. [43] Watson. 8.) [24] Martin (1950). suffering dizziness and a headache. p. p. not only was slave trading seen as a respectable profession by the majority of Britons. gov/ diglib/ ihas/ html/ grace/ grace-timeline. [70] Amazing Grace: Special Presentation: Amazing Grace Timeline (http:/ / memory. p. pp. [25] Aitken. [63] Patterson. (Martin and Spurrell [1962]. had raised any protest about the practice. pp. [35] Benson. 140–141. 306–313. [55] Bradley. 2008. 137–138. The Trinity Forum Reading. com/ ). pp. 338. its necessity to the overall prosperity of the kingdom was communally understood and approved. p. [68] Allmusic search=Amazing Grace Song (http:/ / allmusic. 76 . uiuc. 153–154. 227. (Turner. 124. 6. 72 (3). pp. [29] Turner. pp. pp. [62] Turner. [33] Benson. p. p. [28] Pollock. 198–200.) [22] Aitken. (Martin [1950]. [34] Noll and Blumhofer. [69] Turner. who were much in the minority and perceived as eccentric. p. His doctor advised him not to go to sea again. [30] Aitken. Retrieved on November 1. [37] Phipps. and Newton complied. 140–145. 10.)(Aitken. Only Quakers. 166–188. [47] Only since the 1950s has it gained some popularity in the UK. 127–128. 208–217. 228. [67] Turner. [52] The Hymn Tune Index http:/ / hymntune. William (Summer 1990). 11–26. Anglican Theological Review. p. [41] Noll and Blumhofer. " 'Amazing Grace' in the hymnwriter's life". p. p. 8) [48] Noll and Blumhofer. 77–79. edu/ [53] Turner. (Noll and Blumhofer. pp. 26 (1). loc. [27] Martin (1950). pp. [61] Watson. 81. p. pp. Philip Doddridge. xi–xii. [64] Sutton. another well-known hymn writer wrote another in 1755 titled "The Humiliation and Exaltation of God's Israel" that began "Amazing grace of God on high!" and included other similar wording to Newton's verses. 2009. 76. 28. Newton biographer Jonathan Aitken states that Watts had inspired most of Newton's compositions. p. library. [66] Noll and Blumhofer. [57] Turner. p. 86. Brett (January 1982). 216. [54] Turner. 231. pp. p. [44] Aitken. p. 35. [49] Aitken. 115–116. 154–155. p. p. [26] Martin (1950). "Shape-Note Tune Books and Primitive Hymns". 82–83. p. p. [59] Stowe. [39] Aitken.)(Aitken. p. 11.) [32] Turner. 281. John (2009). [46] Julian. [50] Turner. pp. [56] Noll and Blumhofer. 235. The Trinity Forum. not until 1964 was it published with the music most commonly associated with it. 55. html) United States Library of Congress Performing Arts Encyclopedia. [38] Basker. but it is unknown what caused it. [45] Turner. p. pp. 28–29. pp. p. pp. 226. 215. p. [42] Turner. 125. p. p. Jonathan Aitken called it a stroke or seizure. [65] Turner. Retrieved on November 1. 339. "Amazing Grace: The great Sea Change in the Life of John Newton". [36] Aitken.

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The song features on the 2008 Britannia High soundtrack album. I've got a good relationship with my dad now but. as is usual. In the ITV drama series the song is performed in episode 1. Andy Hill Steve Mac "Proud" is a song by Wayne Hector. when you're a teenager and the whole world is against you … I mean. but both of us did. pop 3:28 Sony Music Wayne Hector. The song was later covered by Scottish singer Susan Boyle for her debut album I Dreamed a Dream.Proud (Britannia High song) 79 Proud (Britannia High song) "Proud" "Proud" cover Song by Britannia High from the album Britannia High Soundtrack Recorded Genre Length Label Writer Producer 2008 Dance. not everybody has a tense relationship. In an interview with HitQuarters Hector recounts how he and Mac composed the lyrics: "We drew on the things that we felt about our own relationships with our dads when we were younger."[1] . Steve Mac and Andy Hill originally written and recorded for the British television drama series Britannia High.03 by the character Jez Tyler played by Matthew James Thomas. Writing and inspiration The song was written by Wayne Hector and Steve Mac specifically for the Britannia High television programme. The original inspiration was a teenager talking to a father that doesn't understand them. Steve Mac.

End of the World (song) "The End of the World" Single by Skeeter Davis from the album The End of the World B-side Released Format Recorded Genre Length Somebody Loves You 1962 7" single (45 RPM) 1962 Blues. England Vocal. php3?page=intrview/ opar/ intrview_Wayne_Hector_Interview. Steve Mac Steve Mac "Proud" was covered by Scottish singer Susan Boyle for her debut 2009 album I Dreamed a Dream. 1 Feb 2010. html). Despite being originally written about teenage-parent conflict. pop 2:33 .Proud (Britannia High song) 80 Susan Boyle version "Proud" Song by Susan Boyle from the album I Dreamed a Dream Recorded Genre Label Writer Producer July–September 2009 London.[1] References [1] "Interview With Wayne Hector" (http:/ / www. hitquarters. pop Syco. Columbia Wayne Hector. HitQuarters. the song arguably found greater resonance when Boyle reinterpreted the song to suit her own real life feelings. com/ index.

the song's popularity and chart history earned it the number three place on Billboard's list of the year's 20 biggest hits. Twiggy. In 2009. Interrupted.End of the World (song) Label Writer(s) Producer RCA Records Arthur Kent. Davis went on to score many other country music hits as well as a few major pop crossovers. Brenda Lee. and number one on Billboard's easy listening chart.[3] It was also featured on TV commercials for the videogame Tom Clancy's EndWar. Davis' four-chart top-ten accomplishment has never been duplicated by any other female vocalist in the history of the Billboard charts. Riding In Cars With Boys. Davis' recording was broadcast over the speakers of her 2004 funeral at the Ryman Auditorium. The music was written by Arthur Kent with lyrics by Sylvia Dee. The Vanguards. Nancy Sinatra. Anne Murray.smooth vocals and a slick.making Davis one of the very few Caucasian female vocalists to enjoy a top ten record on that chart. Lobo. The record was released by RCA Records in December 1962 and reached its greatest success in March 1963. Daltry Calhoun and The Boat That Rocked) plus in the JFK assassination episode of the 2009 television series Mad Men. Girls. Bobby Vinton. but she was forever identified with "The End of the World" and sang it at virtually every concert appearance she would make after its success. Johnny Mathis. Although Ruby and the Romantics' hit "Our Day Will Come" kept "The End of the World" from hitting number one on the pop chart. Julie London. Exposé. Davis' version remains the definitive performance. Patti Page. sophisticated production appealing to audiences far beyond the traditional country music audience. Dee also wrote the lyrics for "Too Young" by Nat King Cole. John Cougar Mellencamp. The song was played at Atkins' funeral in 2001 in an instrumental performance by Marty Stuart and later. The record also was a number four hit on Billboard's rhythm and blues chart[2] . in which the conflict the game revolves around threatens to destroy civilization. and her version has been featured on the soundtracks of a number of films (including Girl. Loretta Lynn. Dottie West. the song received new attention via a cover version by international Internet sensation Susan Boyle on her debut album. . Claudine Longet. Carola. Rosie Flores. Satoko Ishimine and others. peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. Brilliant. Davis' recording was produced by Chet Atkins and has long been considered one of the foremost examples of the Nashville Sound of the 1960s . Leigh Nash. Sonia. I Dreamed a Dream. Nina Gordon. Herman's Hermits. Vonda Shepard. Eddy Arnold. number two on the Billboard country singles chart[1] (Davis was a country music vocalist and the record was a crossover music success). Sylvia Dee Chet Atkins Skeeter Davis singles chronology "The Little Music Box" (1962) "The End of the World" (1962) "I'm Saving My Love" (1963) 81 "The End of the World" is a pop music hit song by Skeeter Davis that enjoyed international success in the 1960s. Agnetha Fältskog (of ABBA fame). The song has been covered by a number of artists including The Carpenters.

S. Aitken & Waterman Sonia singles chronology "You've Got a Friend" (1990) "End of the World" (1990) "Only Fools (Never Fall in Love)" (1991) Genre Length Label Producer In 1990. Billboard Hot 100 U.End of the World (song) 82 Chart performance Chart (1963) Peak position 2 2 1 U. Everybody Knows. Billboard Easy Listening Sonia version "End of the World" Single by Sonia from the album Everybody Knows B-side Released Format "Can't Help The Way That I Feel" August 25. Billboard Hot Country Singles U. 1990 CD Single 7" Single 12" Single Pop 3:36 Chrysalis Records Stock. the same chart-position as the original. British singer Sonia covered "End of the World". The fifth and final single from her debut album. . it reached number 18 in the UK.S.S. This was her final single with Stock Aitken Waterman. The singles B-side "Can't Help The Way That I Feel" appeared on Sonia's debut album.

as opposed to the slow. The original lyrics of the song Stille Nacht were written in German by the Austrian priest Father Joseph Mohr and the melody was composed by the Austrian headmaster Franz Xaver Gruber. Episcopal Diocese of [1] Florida) published the English translation that is most frequently sung today. which was a sprightly. Record Research.tv. dance-like tune in 6/8.12: The End of the World" (http:/ / infiniteregress. "Mad Men 3. . 180. html). Joel (2004). The version of the melody that is generally sung today differs slightly (particularly in the final strain) from Gruber's original. p. "Can't Help the Way That I Feel" CD single and 12" vinyl single 1. "Can't Help the Way That I Feel" 3. heilige Nacht) is a popular Christmas carol. the lyrics and melody are in the public domain. In 1819. "Counting Every Minute" (Tick Tock Remix) Charts Chart (1990) Peak Position 18 18 UK Singles Chart Irish Singles Chart References [1] Whitburn. "End of the World" 2. InfiniteRegress. 147. Paul (2009-11-02). p. [2] Whitburn. Today. The Billboard Book Of Top 40 Country Hits: 1944-2006. [3] Levinson. "End of the World" 2.End of the World (song) 83 Formats and track listings 7" single 1. Record Research. tv/ 2009/ 11/ mad-men-312-end-of-world. . Silent Night "Silent Night" (German: Stille Nacht. Retrieved 2009-11-02. meditative lullaby version generally sung today. Second edition. John Freeman Young (second Bishop. Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles: 1942-2004. Joel (2004).

However a manuscript was discovered in 1995 in Mohr's handwriting and dated by researchers at ca. Austria. with a new church being built there close to the new bridge. Some [3] believe that Mohr simply wanted a new Christmas carol that he could play on his guitar. Renate Ebeling-Winkler Berenguer says that the first mention of a broken organ was in a book published in the U. According to the song's history provided by Austria's Silent Night Society. Silent Night historian. attracting tourists from all over the world.Silent Night 84 History The carol was first performed in the Nikolaus-Kirche (Church of St. Nicholas) in Oberndorf. The Silent Night Society says that there are "many romantic stories and legends" that add their own anecdotal details to the known facts. Mohr had composed the words two years earlier. Gruber gives no mention of the specific inspiration for creating the song. It shows that Mohr wrote the words in 1816 when he was assigned to a pilgrim church in Mariapfarr. painted by Sebastian Stief (1846) The Nikolaus-Kirche was demolished in the early 1900s due to flood damage and because the town's center was moved up the river to a safer location. one supposition is that the church organ was no longer working so that Mohr and Gruber therefore created a song for accompaniment by guitar. in 1816. 1820. and shows that the music was composed by Gruber in 1818. called the "Stille-Nacht-Gedächtniskapelle" (Silent Night Memorial Chapel). Gruber's composition was influenced by Silent Night Museum and Memorial Chapel in Oberndorf .[2] In his written account regarding the composition of the carol. Autograph of the carol by Franz Xaver Gruber Franz Xaver Gruber.S. A tiny chapel. This is the earliest manuscript that exists and the only one in Mohr's handwriting. 1818. not only but primarily in December. Austria on December 24. The original manuscript has been lost. but on Christmas Eve brought them to Gruber and asked him to compose a melody and guitar accompaniment for the church service. was built in the place of the demolished church and a nearby house was converted into a museum.

as it was one of the few carols that soldiers on both sides of the front line knew. in which she explained to American children the origin of the song. A 1988 dramatised television documentary called Silent Mouse tells the story of the creation of the carol from a mouse's point of view. Mahalia Jackson. The song has been recorded by over 300 artists. Another popular story claims that the carol. was re-released with additional tracks. The Mannheim Steamroller backs narratives known as "The God Song" or "God's Silent Night" which have been distributed to radio stations across the USA. In 1943. Bing Crosby. The carol has been translated into over 44 languages. • The Russian composer Alfred Schnittke arranaged a sinister-sounding version in 1978 for violin and piano. and Tori Amos from Midwinter Graces (2009). What a Joke. Andrea Bocelli (sung in Italian). Brad Paisley recorded the song for Brad Paisley Christmas. • Chuck Billy with various other metal stars such as Scott Ian performed their arrangement of Silent Night in a death/thrash metal manner. jazz and original melodies to spice up "Silent Night" in his song "On This Silent Night". Clay Aiken recorded the song for his album Merry Christmas With Love. English and German by troops during the Christmas truce[5] of 1914. In 2007. In 2004.[4] It is sometimes sung without musical accompaniment. Shelby Lynne recorded her version of Silent Night on her 2010 album Merry Christmas. • Professor RJ Ross combined soul. • Deliverance performed a heavy metal version on their 1992 album. In 2009 a version by Susan Boyle reached #5 on the US Adult Contemporary billboard chart. The song was sung simultaneously in French. There have also been choral recordings by the King's College Choir and the Vienna Boys Choir.[7] • Bobby Sherman's 1970 chart hit "Goin' Home (Sing A Song Of Christmas Cheer)" includes an interpolation of "Silent Night". was promptly forgotten until an organ repairman found the manuscript in 1825 and revived it. once performed. Stevie Nicks. A Story of a Song". Gruber published various arrangements of it throughout his lifetime and we now have the Mohr arrangement (ca. Damien Leith included a recording on a limited special Christmas edition of Where We Land. 1820) that is kept at the Museum Carolino Augusteum in Salzburg. an acoustic version by American R 'n' B group Boyz II Men. Other recordings include Linda Ronstadt from A Merry Little Christmas (2000). . The book was illustrated by Fritz Kredel and published by Alfred A. In 2006. and Gregor Fisher in one of the leading roles. The melody of "Silent Night" bears resemblance to aspects of Austrian folk music and yodelling. Merry Christmas". It featured Lynn Redgrave as narrator. the Austrian exile Hertha Pauli wrote the book "Silent Night. Westlife performed the song live in 2002. However.Silent Night the musical tradition of his rural domicile. and an instrumental version by Mannheim Steamroller. Was recorded by The Supremes but remained unreleased until 1999 when their Christmas Album. Christina Aguilera from My Kind of Christmas (2000). • Bertold Hummel: SILENT NIGHT. 3 Variations for Speaker and mixed Choir a cappella. Simon and Garfunkel recorded an ironic version of the song in which a depressing radio news report is overheard in the background (7 O'Clock News/Silent Night). Elvis Presley from Elvis' Christmas Album (1957). 85 Arrangements • Fredrik Sixten "Mary's Cradlesong" for soprano solo and mixed choir combines the tune sung by the choir and a poem by a Swedish author (also with an English translation). particularly successful in hit versions by Enya (sung in Irish). [6] Knopf.

web. • Joseph Mohr Memorial Organ. no. and history.htm) • Silent Night Web (http://silentnight. Reed re-recorded the song for his 2003 album The Raven.asp) • History of song (http://silentnight.web. at/music/strophe4. de/ english/ commentaries/ opus_silentnight.za): translations (193 versions in 130 languages). bertoldhummel.'" The Hymn. v. Hertha Pauli Silent Night. 4. shtml) (http:/ / www. asp) Ronald M. verse1 (de) (http://stillenacht. A cover recorded by Duran Duran reached #28 on the UK Singles Chart in 1995. 2000.orgelbau. at/ de/ liedentstehung. text and music (http://stillenacht.asp). Christmas Classics Ltd. Salzburg (http://stillenacht.stillenacht. 2001.Silent Night 86 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Underwood. 1957.at/en/ text_and_music. 123-132.org/ music/54/Silent+Night) from Cantorion. http:/ / www. stillenacht. William E Studwell.org/music/15/Silent+Night) and voice (http://cantorion.) "Perfect Day" is a song written by Lou Reed in 1972. 8.info/en/silent-night/index. Clancy. Best-Loved Christmas Carols. BBC Religion & Ethics (http:/ / www. originally featured on Transformer.za/history/index. php?id=1&lang=de) Perfect Day "Perfect Day" Song by Lou Reed from the album Transformer Released Genre Length Label Writer Producer November. verse4 (de) (http://stillenacht. Its fame was given a boost in the 1990s when it was featured in the 1996 film Trainspotting.mp3). uk/ religion/ religions/ christianity/ christmas/ carols_2. A Story of a Song.at/music/strophe1. bbc. "Bishop John Freeman Young. co. 1943. Origin of song (http://www.at/german/orgeln/orgeldetail_external.at). notation. 1972 Glam rock 3:46 RCA Lou Reed David Bowie (Executive) Mick Ronson (Asst.org/node/202) • Free arrangements for piano (http://cantorion. Byron Edward. and after its release as a star-studded charity single in 1997. Stanley Weintraub Silent Night: The Remarkable Christmas Truce of 1914. New York: Free Press.org (cc-by-sa) • Stille-Nacht-Association. Austria (http://www. . Wagrain. Oct. Translator of 'Stille Nacht. Reed's second post-Velvet Underground solo album. Knopf. html External links • Sheet music on Wikifonia (http://wikifonia.mp3) • Silent Night Chapel. New York: Alfred A. pp.

[2] The line alludes to Galatians 6:7: "Be not deceived. this popular understanding of the song as an ode to addiction led to its inclusion in the soundtrack for Trainspotting. that shall he also reap. God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth.DD 20 Lou Reed Duran Duran Duran Duran singles chronology "Too Much Information" (1993) "Perfect Day" (1995) "White Lines" (1995) . and ego. drug use. like the rest of the Transformer album. was produced by David Bowie. possibly alluding to Reed's relationship with Bettye Kronstadt (soon to become his first wife) and Reed’s own conflicts with his sexuality. conventional romantic devotion.Perfect Day 87 About the song The original recording. The song has a somber vocal delivery and slow. 1995 3:53 EMI . a film about the lives of heroin users.[3] Some commentators have further seen the lyrical subtext as displaying Reed's romanticized attitude towards a period of his own addiction to heroin.[5] Duran Duran version "Perfect Day" Single by Duran Duran from the album Thank You Released Length Label Writer(s) Producer March 25.[4] Reed's original recording was featured on an AT&T commercial featuring snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler that ran during the 2010 Olympics. with guitarist Mick Ronson providing the arrangement. I'm glad I spent it with you") with an undercurrent of menace ("you're gonna reap just what you sow" [1] ). piano-based instrumental backing balancing tones of sweet nostalgia ("it's such a perfect day." The song's lyrics are often considered to suggest simple.

Perfect Day A cover version of "Perfect Day" was the first single from the Duran Duran covers album Thank You. Lou Reed has been cited as an inspiration by several members of Duran Duran. and first aired in March. and "Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)" originally by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. Zombie's Paradise. vocalist of Heaven 17. He joined Duran Duran in the studio to record "Perfect Day". 88 Other versions Several other cover versions of "Perfect Day" have been recorded by various artists. in the style of David Bowie's Pin Ups. "Watching the Detectives" and "Jeepster" for the covers album. and other band members performing or reacting to the lyrics. increasing the sense of unreality.[6] Among the bonus tracks on the double CD set issued in the US and the UK were two covers which were not included on the album: "The Needle and the Damage Done". with additional programming by Mark Tinley. • Antony Hegarty recorded his version on his 2003 album Raven. `The Gift' Live covers: • Lou Reed sang the verses with Luciano Pavarotti singing the chorus during his Pavarotti and Friends benefit concert for Angola in 2002. "Beautiful Heroin"). and had had little contact with them in the ten years afterward. "Beautiful Day") • Tzimis Panousis recorded a parody of Savvopoulos's Greek song. are interspersed with snippets of surreal images. • Amanda Lear recorded an acoustic and a dance version of this song in her 2009's cd brief Encounters. called Πρέζα Όμορφη (Preza Omorfi. • Glenn Gregory.[7] . It reached #28 on the UK Singles Chart in 1995. Taylor also appeared in the video and in a promotional appearance on Top of the Pops. • Leningrad Cowboys. • Dionysis Savvopoulos set his own lyrics to the song's melody for Μέρα Όμορφη (Mera Omorfi. and the video is intensely saturated. • Susan Boyle recorded her version in her 2010 album release. A limited edition release featured a scratch and sniff ice cream cone cover.2005 EP.S. including numerous different remixes of the title track and other Duran Duran songs. Backing vocals were provided by longtime Duran Duran collaborator Tessa Niles. covered the song on the 1982 British Electric Foundation album Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 1. and the album Thank You was intended to be a tribute to the band's influences. the song also appeared in Duran Duran's Singles Box Set 1986-1995. • Kirsty MacColl recorded her version as a duet with Evan Dando on her 1995 album Galore. • Helen Hoffner recorded her version on her 1993 album Wild About Nothing. • Taiwanese singer Faith Yang collaborated with Hong Kong singer Eason Chan to record a cover for Yang's 2009 album Self-Selected. covered it on their 2006 album. at Reed's request. In addition to the single and the Thank You album. The single was released in several versions. who left the band at the height of their fame in 1986. originally by Neil Young. • Chris Whitley used it as the title and covered the song for his 2000 album. The song featured a rare appearance by Duran Duran's first drummer Roger Taylor. The camera occasionally pulls back to show the entire stage structure and its supports.O. • California punk band T. released in 2004. Clips of a melancholy Simon Le Bon singing. The music video was filmed in February 1995 by director Nick Egan. recorded a cover for their 4 Songs . Perfect Day.L. • Patti Smith recorded a cover for her 2007 Two More EP. even overexposed at times. The recording was produced by John Jones and David Richards. It featured the band with their instruments inside the box of a sound stage lined with vivid red walls. a Finnish Hard Rock band.

the song is the lead single and lead track from/on her second album The Gift. • The 1997 cover of the charity version (Mooie Dag) stayed close to the original lyrics.Perfect Day • Coldplay played an acoustic version at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2006 after Reed had asked them to backstage after he had finished his set but forgot to perform it himself (as Martin explained beforehand).[9] but it was later claimed that a "licensing glitch" was to blame. It featured Lou Reed himself and other major artists in what the Financial Times described as "an astonishing line-up of world class performers". At first it was believed that Reed himself had vetoed the performance. 2010.[8] • In September. • Wolfmother played it at the "Andy Warhol Up Late" gig in 2008. 1997 CD 3:46 Chrysalis / BBC Lou Reed Simon Hanhart In 1997 the track was showcased by the BBC in a lengthy corporate promotion of its diverse music coverage which was broadcast on BBC channels and in cinemas.[11] . • Zemfira during her 2006 "Vendetta" tour. Dutch-language covers • Rob de Nijs recorded it for his 1977 album Tussen Zomer en Winter as Lome Dag chronicling a lazy day. it is catered for by BBC Radio and Television. • Amanda Palmer during her 2006 "Fuck the Back Row" tour. and Reed knew nothing of the decision.[10] Regardless. This is only possible thanks to the unique way the BBC is paid for by you.[11] In reference to the licence fee. Susan Boyle was scheduled to perform the song on an episode of America's Got Talent."[12] In response to accusations from commercial competitors that the corporation had wasted vast sums on the film it was revealed that each artist received a "token" £250 because of their belief in the BBC." This message appears over the repeated words "You're going to reap just what you sow" which The Guardian described as "a none too subtle message: keep writing the cheque. You make it what it is. but permission was withheld. BBC. • The village of Blagdon performed a version in 2007. 89 BBC corporate film and charity release "Perfect Day" Single by Various Artists Released Format Length Label Writer(s) Producer October 3. the film ends with the message "Whatever your musical taste.

Selling over a million copies. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Lou Reed • Bono • Skye Edwards (from Morcheeba) • David Bowie Suzanne Vega Elton John Sir Andrew Davis Boyzone Lesley Garrett Lou Reed Burning Spear Bono Sir Thomas Allen Brodsky Quartet • • • • • • • • • David Bowie Robert Cray Huey (from Fun Lovin' Criminals) Ian Broudie (from The Lightning Seeds) Gabrielle Dr. .[14] The release featured two additional versions of the song: one entirely sung by female performers. the record contributed £2. The second. John Evan Dando (from The Lemonheads) Emmylou Harris Courtney Pine (soprano saxophone player) BBC Symphony Orchestra Sir Andrew Davis Bono Brett Anderson (from Suede) Visual Ministry Choir Joan Armatrading Laurie Anderson Heather Small Tom Jones Heather Small Lou Reed • • Heather Small (from M People) • Emmylou Harris • Tammy Wynette • Shane MacGowan • Sheona White (tenor horn player) • • Dr. the BBC produced two further similar campaigns."[13] It was the UK's number one single for three weeks. The first. was also broadcast on 4 January 2000. shorter shaggy dog story. and Lou Reed said "I have never been more impressed with a performance of one of my songs. featured various comedians and comic actors telling a long-winded shaggy dog story. John Sequels Following the success of the "Perfect Day" music video. called Shaggy Dog Story. one by male performers.000 to the charity's highest fundraising total in six years. in two separate spells. A second. Dividers indicate verses/sections. entitled Mammals vs. 90 Performers Performers in order of appearance (italics indicate mute appearance). Insects. did a similar multi-celebrity montage with favourite BBC children's programmes.Perfect Day Prompted by a huge public demand the track was released in October as a charity single for Children in Need. Future Generations. The BBC also produced a Christmas version of the accompanying music video. with each one sharing a line or phrase.125. in December 1998.

Reed Not To Blame For Susan Boyle's Perfect Day Snub (http:/ / www. John Mulholland on how Lou Reed's anthem for doomed youth became the ultimate sales gimmick". [Entertainment WeeklyPopwatch. [14] " Perfect Day for children (http:/ / news. BBC News. Annie. 27 September 1997 [13] " Children to reap what Perfect Day sows (http:/ / news. com/ 2010/ 02/ 18/ att-olympics-commercials-pick-your-trip/ ).mp3. [5] Barrett.com review (http://www.htm) . 2. August 1. Song review of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" (http:/ / www. bbc. Although watched by millions. "Such a perfect way to sing the praises of a licence fee. BBC News. uk/ 1/ hi/ uk/ 33653. Retrieved from http:/ / www. February 18. Allmusic. See also • List of number-one singles from the 1990s (UK) • List of number-one singles of 1997 (Ireland) References Notes [1] http:/ / www. Bill. ew. John. Simon & Schuster. uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ 191758. nsf/ story/ reed-not-to-blame-for-susan-boyles-perfect-day-snub_1165108) [11] Dunkley.onlineweb. com/ cg/ amg. co. com/ watch?v=f-5K86ATqhY) [9] Lou Reed made Susan Boyle cry over 'America's Got Talent' refusal (http:/ / www. "Blurred vision at the Beeb". The Guardian. reaching only #69 in mid-June 2000.com/theones/perfect_day/perfect_day. stm)". This line-up included Rolf Harris and a beginning and ending performance from Lou Reed himself. 12 October 1998 Sources • Original Seeds Vol. co. 1995. com/ wiki/ Perfect_Day) [7] (http:/ / www. Christopher.com. purelyrics. "AT&T Olympics Commercials: Pick Your Trip" (http:/ / popwatch. 13 October 1997. 2010 [6] Duran Duran "Perfect Day" discography (http:/ / duranduran. Victor (1995-08-01). The Independent. independent. allmusic. com/ title/ tt0413104/ ) [8] Perfect Day in Blagdon video (http:/ / uk.com [3] Bockris. Transformer: The Lou Reed Story. wikia. the recording of the show that was released as a single was not a chart success.EW.com/albums/290363/reviews. 21 November 1997. com/ news/ lou-reed/ 52921) [10] Lou Reed .html) • Line-by-line list of singers (http://www. "Hard sell of the fast cut". com/ index. co. uk/ opinion/ blurred-vision-at-the-beeb-1235724. Financial Times. contactmusic. com/ news. liner notes by Kim Beissel External links • MP3. Nick (1997-10-13). imdb. which consisted of music programs around the clock. ended in another round-robin performance of "Perfect Day". php?lyrics=ubgwanny [2] Janovitz. nme. 10 October 1997 [12] Mulholland. youtube. dll?p=amg& token=& sql=33:v0evad7ke8x6). (ISBN 978-0684803661) [4] Walker.Perfect Day 91 Music Live 2000 A BBC live television event in 2000. bbc. stm)". html.

both in recordings and in concert. Although it achieved little initial success. in recent years cover versions have been performed by a large number and broad range of artists. which formed the basis for a later cover by Jeff Buckley. . The song found greater popular acclaim by way of a cover by John Cale.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) 92 Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) "Hallelujah" Single by Leonard Cohen from the album Various Positions Released Recorded Length Label Writer(s) Producer December 1984 June 1984 4:36 Columbia Leonard Cohen John Lissauer Various Positions track listing "Night Comes On" (4) Hallelujah (5) "The Captain" (6) "Hallelujah" is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and originally released on his studio album Various Positions (1984).

the fifth. such as Rufus Wainwright. and the major lift": C.[1] and Guy Garvey of the British band Elbow anthropomorphised the hallelujah as a "stately creature" and incorporated his religious interpretation of the song into his band's recordings. F. in its original version. However.I think it's a good song. G. a Canadian-American singer. and occasionally make direct lyric changes. his record company wouldn't put it out. the Canadian Recording Industry Association. an American singer-songwriter. F. substituting "Holy Ghost" for "holy dove". which evokes the styles of both waltz and gospel music. most notably evoking the stories of Samson and traitorous Delilah from the Book of Judges as well as the adulterous King David and Bathsheba[2] : "she cut your hair" and "you saw her bathing on the roof. is a song in "12/8 feel". Cohen said that he finds the number of covers of his song "ironic and amusing" given that when he first wrote the song. the first person to record a cover version of the song in 1991.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) 93 Musical composition and lyrical interpretation "Hallelujah". substituting "holy dark" and Allison Crowe.[1] The cover by Jeff Buckley. the fourth. Cohen performed the original song on his world tour in 1985. I was just reading a review of a movie called Watchmen that uses it and the reviewer said . more than five million copies of the song sold in compact-disc format. In addition to its first cover by Cale.. Numerous artists mix lyrics from both versions. Written in the key of C major. and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry show that.[4] Statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). promoted a message of "soberness and sincerity" in contrast to Cohen's dispassionate tone.[6] In an April 2009 CBC Radio interview.'Can we please have a moratorium on "Hallelujah" in movies and television shows?' And I kind of feel the same way... but live performances during his 1988 and 1993 tours almost invariably contained a quite different set of lyrics with only the last verse being common to the two versions. her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you". the minor fall. Wainwright offered a "purifying and almost liturgical" interpretation to the song. Cohen's lyrical poetry and his view that "many different hallelujahs exist" is reflected in wide-ranging covers with very different intents or tones of speech. but I think too many people sing it. he now thinks the song could benefit from a break in exposure: ".[1] Cohen's original version contains several biblical references. [1] relationships.[1] Following his original 1984 studio-album version."[7] [8] . It has been the subject of a BBC Radio documentary and been featured in the soundtracks of numerous films and television programs. A minor. the song has since been performed by almost 200 artists in various languages. the Australian Recording Industry Association. uplifting [or] joyous" depending on the performer:[1] The Welsh singer-songwriter John Cale.[1] Cover versions In recent years "Hallelujah" has been performed by a large number and wide variety of artists. the chord progression follows the lyric "it goes like this. prior to late 2008. a Canadian singer-songwriter.. fragile. out of the over 80 verses Cohen originally wrote. is more sorrowful and was described by Buckley as "a [1] [3] Crowe interpreted the song as a "very sexual" composition that discussed hallelujah to the orgasm". allowing the song to be "melancholic.[5] Different interpretations of the song may include different verses.

Cale claims that he "went through and just picked out the cheeky verses."[11] .[1] The same year Time called Buckley's version "exquisitely sung. inspired by Cale's earlier cover. and later on his live album Fragments of a Rainy Season (1992). including Cohen's performances during his 2008–2009 world tour. Cale had watched Cohen perform the song and asked Cohen to send him the lyrics. It was also the version used in the film Shrek (2001) (although it did not appear on the film's soundtrack album)." observing "Cohen murmured the original like a dirge. song like a tiny capsule of humanity.. In 2004. and lyrics that Cohen had only performed live. It's one of the great songs. a Leonard Cohen tribute album.. Buckley treated the . New York Length Label 6:53 Columbia Records Writer(s) Leonard Cohen Producer Jeff Buckley.. piano. using his voice to careen between glory and sadness. at Bearsville Studios.[1] [9] Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah" Single by Jeff Buckley from the album Grace Released 23 August 1994 Recorded Late 1993–1994.. Buckley's version was ranked number 259 on Rolling Stone's "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time"."[6] Cale's version forms the basis of most subsequent performances. but . beauty and pain...[9] Cohen then faxed Cale fifteen pages of lyrics. Bearsville. Andy Wallace Jeff Buckley singles chronology "Forget Her" (2004) "Hallelujah" (2007) American singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) 94 John Cale Cale's cover first appeared on I'm Your Fan (1991). recorded one of the best-known[10] versions of "Hallelujah" for his debut album Grace in 1994. Cale's version featured vocals.

The O. he died in 1997. his sister Martha Wainwright. k. the song re-charted twice in 2008 and made it back into the Top 40 there in January 2009.[14] The song's success that year continued. The album on which it appeared did not go Gold in the U. House. Buckley had his first national Top 10 bestseller when "Hallelujah" went to number seven in Norway.C. the RIAA certifying the digital track on April 22. singer Anjani Thomas. Without a Trace. and re-entering the Top 40 in February 2010. It made the top 100 sales chart three years running in Switzerland as well."[19] Lang performed the song as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ..[16] where her rendition "brought the audience to its feet for a two-minute ovation. In March 2008 it hit number one in France. In Sweden.. such as at the Canadian Juno Awards of 2005. lang perform that song at the Canadian Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2006 we looked at each other and said. referenced Buckley's version of "Hallelujah". the Buckley version was never officially released as a single. In 2007 it made the top 3 on the Swedish charts. containing Wainwright's cover. a listener poll held every decade by the Australian radio station Triple J. [15] "Hallelujah can be joyous or bittersweet.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) In September 2007. Time quoted the late Buckley's publisher as saying of the track..d.[18] Of that rendition. although it was Cale's version that was used in the film itself. like Cohen's original. depending on what part of it you use". Cohen's partner. Rufus Wainwright.S. In March of that year. until 2002. by Alexandra Burke. peaking at number 38 in August 2008. which Wainwright would later record. was certified Double Platinum in the United States in 2003 as achieving sales of over two million copies. at number 67 in 2009. where the sudden resurgence of interest catapulted Buckley's version past both Gold and Platinum status. In fact. The Buckley version has been widely featured in film and television dramas. In April 2008 it topped Billboard's Hot Digital Songs in the U."[17] Lang also sang it at the 2006 Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on the occasion of Cohen's induction into the Hall of Fame. nine years after its release. 2008. Vinterkyss and Lord of War."[13] Still. Wainwright's version was featured on the album Shrek: Music from the Original Motion Picture. after reaching as high as number 5 in 2007. Scrubs. and the films Feast of Love."[11] 95 Rufus Wainwright Canadian-American musician and singer Rufus Wainwright had briefly met Jeff Buckley and was struck by the singer. where it was held from the top spot by another version of "Hallelujah". Third Watch. a poll of fifty songwriters conducted by the magazine Q listed "Hallelujah" among the all-time "Top 10 Greatest Tracks" with John Legend calling Buckley's version "as near perfect as you can get. Ugly Betty and LAX. Crossing Jordan. "Memphis Skyline". and the magazine opined that its liberal use in some cases was "a tacit admission that neither the writers nor the actors could convey their characters' emotions as well as Buckley. The Edukators. She has several times been chosen to sing the song at major events. and the singer's cover first charted posthumously in 2006. nor did Buckley live to see the full measure of the reception his recording would ultimately have. though using piano and a similar arrangement to Cale's. The resurgence of interest in the Buckley track has lingered for months and even years in a number of countries. Buckley's version was not an instant hit. said: "After hearing k. The lyrics to Hallelujah are just incredible and the melody's gorgeous and then there's Jeff's interpretation of it."[12] In July 2009. January and March 2009 and February 2010. That song.d.S. ER. I think we can lay that song to rest now! It's really been done to its ultimate blissful state of perfection'. In Austria it charted in October 2008. reaching chart peaks in Finland and Ireland in November before closing out the year as the Christmas 2008 number-two single in the U. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of recorded music I’ve ever heard. including the series The West Wing.K.[9] The Shrek soundtrack. recording a tribute to him after his 1997 death.d. 'well. lang recorded a version of "Hallelujah" in 2004 on her album Hymns of the 49th Parallel. lang k. Criminal Minds. and Joan Wasser performed the song in the film "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man". the Buckley track was ranked number three on the 2009 Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time.

The song remained listed on the Norwegian Top 20 for 37 weeks (week 26/2006 to week 11/2007)[22] The song also appears on the 2006 album Hallelujah Live. . Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm. and going double platinum (100K+ sales) in two weeks and eventually selling over 250. credited to Espen Lind with Kurt Nilsen. Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm from the album Hallelujah . She also performed the song at the 2010 Logie Awards in Australia. [23] The live version also received international attention and the original YouTube clip of them performing the song is the most viewed cover of "Hallelujah" ever as of August 2010. 96 Espen Lind featuring Kurt Nilsen.Live Released Format Recorded Writer(s) Producer Music video "Hallelujah" Certification [20] 2006 digital download 2006 Leonard Cohen at YouTube 8x Platinum (Norway) In 2006 the Norwegian quartet of Espen Lind. Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm released a cover of the song which became the fastest-selling hit ever in Norway. reaching #1 on VG-lista.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) ceremony in Vancouver. It has so far peaked at number 2 on the Canadian Hot 100. with more than 28 million views. British Columbia.[21] the Norwegian singles chart. debuted at 61 on the Hot 100 and peaked at number 19 in Australia. Kurt Nilsen. Alejandro Fuentes and Askil Holm "Hallelujah" Single by Espen Lind featuring Kurt Nilsen. that also reached the top of the Norwegian albums chart.000 copies (8 x platinum).

the winner of the fifth series of British reality television show The X Factor.[29] Burke herself was not . It reached the Christmas Number One spot on the United Kingdom charts on 21 December 2008.[25] [26] The campaign was fuelled by Jeff Buckley fans' dislike of The X Factor's commercialism and the song's arrangement. including a Buckley fan campaign to take Buckley's cover to the top of the Christmas chart in order to deny Burke the top spot. released a condensed cover version of the song as a prize for her victory. digital download 2008 3:39 Syco Leonard Cohen Quiz & Larossi Platinum (UK) Alexandra Burke singles chronology "Hero" "Hallelujah" (2008) (2008) Music video "Hallelujah" [24] "Bad Boys" (2009) at YouTube Alexandra Burke. The release of Burke's cover created interest in the previous versions of the song.[27] [28] as well as a desire by this contingent to introduce younger music fans to Buckley's version.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) 97 Alexandra Burke "Hallelujah" Single by Alexandra Burke from the album Overcome A-side B-side Released Format Recorded Length Label Writer(s) Producer Certification Bad Boys (Germany) "Candyman" "Without You" 17 December 2008 CD single.

Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder covered this song for their latest concert entitled It's Entertainment! . remarking "It just didn’t do anything for me. The song was performed by singer/songwriter Damien Rice at the 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions when Cohen was inducted. becoming the fastest selling single released by a woman in the United Kingdom and the 2008 Christmas number one. Paramore covers the song as an introduction to their own song by the same title. as a b-side to a cover of Bob Dylan's The Man In Me. Keren Ann also covered the song in a limited. was included in Tower of Song. Alter Bridge (Myles Kennedy) and Bono.[1] Acclaimed English songwriter and singer Imogen Heap covered the song as well.000 copies in its first week. It sold 576. released his version of "Hallelujah" on a 7 inch record. which topped the charts in the UK. formerly of Pedro the Lion. teen drama One Tree Hill.[1] Other notable artists who have covered "Hallelujah" include Brandi Carlile. Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation play the song live in the concert DVD Ending Themes (On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation).[32] Burke's version is the 56th biggest selling single of all time in the United Kingdom. Diana Vickers. holiday 2007 edition of her self-titled album Keren Ann. Ryan Kelly.[35] Progressive rock singer/songwriter Kevin Max covered the song on his album Between the Fence & the Universe (2004).[38] In September. while Buckley's cover charted at #2 and Cohen's original version at #36. a performance of the song on the fourth season of Australian Idol by eventual winner Damien Leith was quite well received. Bazan sings a version highly based on Jeff Buckley's. Bono's version. the UK Singles Chart listed Burke's version as the biggest selling single of the year. and JLS. Eoghan Quigg. 98 Other cover versions Bob Dylan was among the first to perform Cohen's song in concert with his earliest noted performance being in Montreal on 8 July 1988. David Bazan. winner of the 2009 Dutch X-Factor released "Hallelujah" as her debut single.[33] Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe recorded a critically-praised version of "Hallelujah" in a single take for her album Tidings (2003).[34] English singer Kathryn Williams interpreted the song on her 2004 album Relations. "Hallelujah". Rea Garvey sang a version on the soundtrack to the German romantic comedy Barfuss. breaking the previous record set by Leona Lewis. Also appearing on an album. unreleased versions of "Hallelujah" sung by other of the show's finalists. have since leaked on the Internet.[33] Kate Voegele performed the song in character as Mia Catalano in the U.000 digital downloads in just one day. which is mostly performed as spoken-word. On 28 December 2008. Crowe also performed the song for a national television special broadcast annually across Canada each year from 2003 through 2008. Neil Byrne.S. The band Fall Out Boy also incorporated the tune into their song "Hum Hallelujah" in their 2007 album Infinity on High.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) enamoured of the choice of song. In 2005 blues singer and guitarist Popa Chubby released Big Man Big Guitar containing a live version of "Hallelujah". Bon Jovi has covered the song several times in concert.[30] [31] with NME announcing sales of over 1 million copies since its release."[28] Burke's version broke a European sales record after selling over 105. Tony Award nominee Euan Morton (Boy George's Taboo) recorded the song for his first solo album NewClear.[36] In 2006.[37] Although Alexandra Burke won the fifth series of X Factor resulting in the release of her version. That year. in their live album The Final Riot! Lisa Hordijk. which went double platinum and remained at the top of the Dutch charts for ten weeks. That same year Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins recorded a classical-crossover version for her album Sacred Arias. Willie Nelson. International group Il Divo released a Spanish-language adaptation on their album The Promise (2008). 2009. including on their 2008 Live at Madison Square Garden DVD. an all-star tribute to Cohen in 1995. her version made the Hot 100 Billboard charts and reached number 53 in the UK shortly after airing of the episode there.

The X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke's and American singer Jeff Buckley's covers were the two highest-selling songs in the week beginning 15 December 2008.[40] It was performed by Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate at the memorial service for Ronnie James Dio on May 30. Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris performed a duet of "Hallelujah" with Charlie Sexton on guitar in a live performance broadcast worldwide during the Hope for Haiti Now charity telethon. The Minor Fall. 2010. In May 2010 on Australia's Got Talent a version sung by 15-year-old boy Bobby Andonov led judge Dannii Minogue to declare. The song was also performed in the 6th season of South African Idols by contestant Elvis Blue. 2009 2006 Lind. The Fourth. The song has been released as part of an album on iTunes. I have heard so many versions of that song. and fellow contestant Lee DeWyze performed this song in the Top 3 on May 18. that is now my favourite version of that song and you can print that tomorrow". the proceeds from which are donated to the charity. the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Richard Eaton Singers conducted by Jack Everly premiered a new arrangement for orchestra and chorus by Claude Lapalme. "Hallelujah" was named the tenth-greatest Canadian song of all time in Chart magazine's annual readers' poll. The song charted number one in iTunes top singles. "Bobby. • The BBC commemorated the 25th anniversary of the first recording with an hour-long radio documentary. Nilsen. on 3 October. Chart positions Artist Year UK Peak Finland Sweden Ireland France Norway Netherlands New Europe Canada USA Digital Zealand Canadian Hot Billboard Hot Chart Hot 100 Canadian Hot 100 Digital Digital Songs Singles 14 [44] 5 [45] 8 1 [46] 7 [47] 3 [48] 22 [49] 10 [50] – 2 [51] – 1 [52] 2006. 2010. season 7 fourth place winner Jason Castro performed this song twice in 2008 and it appears on his 2010 eponymous debut album. In season 9. Fuentes and Holm 2 [43] – – – – – 1 – – – – – – – . 2010. Buckley 2008. On American Idol. On April 16. The song was covered by the operatic soprano Renée Fleming in her 2010 album Dark Hope. 2010. The Fifth. Belgian singer Natalia Druyts and Puerto Rican singer Gabriel Ríos also released a cover for Haiti earthquake victims. "Hallelujah" was featured as that month's "Greatest Song Ever" (a monthly feature). the Maccabeats of Yeshiva University released Voices from the Heights. 2010. "Hallelujah" became the first song in 51 years[41] to occupy the first and second positions on the UK Singles Chart.[39] Also in 2010. 99 Accolades and achievements • In 2005. Jeff 2007. Tim Urban performed the song. in which the song's history and numerous cover versions were presented and discussed.Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) On January 22. earning enough votes to make the finals.[42] • In the February 2009 issue of Blender. featuring an a capella version of the song to the words of the Jewish liturgy "Lecha Dodi".[1] • On 21 December 2008.

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jsp?cfi=395& cfgn=Singles& cfn=Hot+ Digital+ Songs& ci=3093079& cdi=9717757& cid=04/ 05/ 2008). Usually it was Baker who wrote the lyrics for their songs while Regney composed the music. de/ cluk/ 081227cluk. Billboard." [1] [2] . chartstats.[1] Baker stated in an interview years later that neither could personally perform the entire song at the time they wrote it because of the emotions surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis. Billboard.com) • 1984 version lyrics (http://leonardcohenfiles. billboard. [52] "Hot Digital Songs. 102 External links • 'Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (Written By Leonard Cohen)' (http://straypoetry. Billboard.[2] Songwriting Noel Regney wrote the lyrics for the song. asp?interpret=k. com/ bbcom/ esearch/ chart_display." after watching babies being pushed in strollers on the sidewalks of New York City. jsp?cfi=802& cfgn=Singles& cfn=Ireland& ci=3104940& cdi=10096471& cid=12/ 27/ 2008).bbc. . 27 December 2008" (http:/ / www.com/song-reviews/ 100-poetic-songs-10-hallelujah-–-jeff-buckley-written-by-leonard-cohen/) Mini-Review on Stray Poetry (http:// www.[2] It has sold tens of millions of copies and has been covered by hundreds of different artists. [57] "Timberlake / Morris / Sexton . people everywhere. dll?p=amg& sql=11:3xfoxqq5ldse~T51). on The Leonard Cohen Files • 1988 version lyrics (http://leonardcohenfiles. us/ song/ 43767).Music Charts" (http:/ / acharts.[1] "Our little song broke us up. allmusic. com/ cg/ amg. com/ songinfo.com/album11.html?auth=18&song=52) Do You Hear What I Hear? "Do You Hear What I Hear?" is a Christmas song written in October 1962 with lyrics by Noël Regney and music by Gloria Shayne Baker. zobbel. d. txt [56] "Lisa . 27 February 2010" (http:/ / www.Hallelujah" (http:/ / www.html##G). as they did on their classic children's song "Rain Rain Go Away".uk/1/ hi/magazine/7787355.html#61). . You must realize there was a threat of nuclear war at the time. Hung Medien.Hallelujah . Retrieved 2010-09-01. php?id=33256 [54] "Irish Chart Listing.stm) • Chords and Lyrics (http://muzland. Retrieved 2010-09-01. com/ songinfo. dutchcharts.co. and wrote it as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis. billboard. 'Do you see what I see?' " and "Pray for peace. on The Leonard Cohen Files • BBC: Just whose hallelujah is it anyway? – article on writing and meaning of song (http://news. [55] http:/ / www. com/ bbcom/ esearch/ chart_display. Chart Stats.[1] The pair were married at the time.straypoetry. php?id=34742). + lang& titel=Hallelujah& cat=s). nl/ showitem.[2] This was an unusual arrangement for the two writers. chartstats. . 5 April 2008" (http:/ / www. Acharts. [58] "Dutch Digital Singles Chart. . [53] http:/ / www.us. .Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song) [51] "Billboard singles" (http:/ / www.com/album8.[1] Regney was inspired to write the lyrics "Said the night wind to the little lamb. .info/songs. while Gloria Shayne Baker composed the Christmas carol's music in October 1962.

com/ 2008/ 03/ 11/ arts/ 11baker. the day that President John F.[2] John Tesh. org/ web/ 20080327191938/ http:/ / www. Gladys Knight. [2] Fox.1. 84. Flyleaf. Carrie Underwood. com/ news/ printedition/ california/ la-me-baker15mar15. Retrieved 2008-03-23. Pink Martini. Claire (2008-03-15). Crosby recorded the carol for Capitol Records on November 22. Archived from the original (http:/ / www.[1] The song was originally recorded by the Harry Simeone Chorale.1.[2] the United States Air Force Symphony Orchestra. Johnny Mathis. Third Day. Sufjan Stevens. Copeland.[2] the House of Wires. "Gloria Shayne Baker.[2] Jim Nabors. Retrieved 2008-03-23. Delta Goodrem.[2] Bob Hope. Anne Murray.[1] It went on to sell more than quarter-million copies during the 1962 Christmas holiday season.[1] However. com/ news/ printedition/ california/ la-me-baker15mar15. . story).Do You Hear What I Hear? 103 Recording "Do You Hear What I Hear?" was released shortly after Thanksgiving in 1962. and Theo Tams.[2] the Tropical Flavor Steel Drum Band.[2] Perry Como. David Arkenstone. Jim Brickman. and the recording was released a week and a half later on a then-new Christmas album. Andy Williams. The Carpenters.[1] Ironically. Over the years. Crosby's recording of the song has been widely played on the radio. Composer and Lyricist. archive. "Gloria Shayne Baker. latimes. References [1] Noland. Ed Ames. The New York Times. latimes.[2] Robert Goulet. Moya Brennan. Rosie O' Donnell (with special guest Elmo).5183413.[2] Kate Smith. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.[2] Kenny G. Williams. . Linda Eder. Martina McBride.[2] Glen Campbell. story) on 2008-03-27. html?ref=arts). Celine Dion. The song was later recorded in diverse ways by hundreds of different artists as varied as Jack Jones. Larry Norman. Margalit (2008-03-11).[2] Whitney Houston. Mannheim Steamroller. Kristin Chenoweth. Kristinia DeBarge. Bob Dylan. Anthony Way Lani Misalucha. the Hampton String Quartet. it was Bing Crosby who made the song a worldwide smash hit when he recorded his own version of it in 1963.[2] Pat Boone. The original version has been available on numerous compilation Christmas albums and compact discs put out by Capitol Records. Los Angeles Times. Dies at 84" (http:/ / www. Kelly Rowland. Texas. 1963. nytimes. Connie Talbot (2008 and 2009). Frederick Pleasure II. Vanessa L. helped write 'Do You Hear What I Hear?'" (http:/ / web. .5183413.[2] Mahalia Jackson.

The follow-up to this song was "Something So Strong. . Los Angeles. Teen dramas." Crowded House's only other American Top 40 hit.[1] Various artists have released covers of the song. Degrassi: The Next Generation and One Tree Hill. both named an episode after this song.Don't Dream It's Over 104 Don't Dream It's Over "Don't Dream It's Over" Single by Crowded House from the album Crowded House B-side Released Format "That's What I Call Love" January 1987 CD single Vinyl single Cassette single Capitol Recording Studios Sunset Sound Factory. in 2001. "Don't Dream It's Over" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Sixpence None the Richer recorded and released a cover of the song. The song is a staple of 1980s pop compilations.CL 438 Neil Finn Mitchell Froom Crowded House singles chronology "Now We're Getting Somewhere" (1986) "Don't Dream It's Over" (1987) "Something So Strong" (1987) Recorded Genre Length Label Writer(s) Producer "Don't Dream It's Over" is a pop/rock song written by New Zealander Neil Finn and performed by Crowded House for their debut album Crowded House. 1986 Soft rock New wave College rock 3:55 Capitol .

Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) celebrated its 75th anniversary by naming the Best Australian Songs of all time.Don't Dream It's Over "Don't Dream It's Over" was used in Summerland to close the last episode of the show as it's the favourite song of Johnny and Ava. In May 2001. 105 Track listing "Don't Dream It's Over" written by Neil Finn. "Don't Dream It's Over" was played while fireworks were exploding in the background. "Don't Dream It's Over" was also used for commercials for New Zealand's tourism board in 2000. "That's What I Call Love" Length 6:10 4:03 4:22 • also available on CD and MC ." The track was also featured during commercials. 90210 & Summerland. In the 2009 comedy Adventureland. The song was featured in the 1994 Stephen King mini series adaptation of The Stand. Bullocks to Stan. 7": Capitol / CL 438 United Kingdom No. "That's What I Call Love" written by Neil Finn and Paul Hester. "That's What I Call Love" Length 4:03 4:22 12": Capitol / 12CL 438 United Kingdom No. "Don't Dream It's Over" is played at the end of the American Dad! episode. "Don't Dream It's Over" 3. Title 1. as decided by a 100 person industry panel. Australia and the United States and was formed in Melbourne. "Don't Dream It's Over" can be heard during on of the flashbacks. It was also featured in the Miami Vice episode "Rock And A Hard Place. In the episode "Sherry Darlin'" of Cold Case. The song was also featured in the German Television Movie "Zurück zum Glück" which aired May 4. It was also featured in the second episode "But for the Grace of God" in the fourth season of Medium.[2] While this was considered controversial in New Zealand. promoting the final episodes of Beverly Hills. Title 1. "Don't Dream It's Over" was ranked seventh. 2010 on Sat 1. "Don't Dream It's Over (Extended version)" 2. "Don't Dream It's Over" was the very last song performed at Crowded House's "Farewell to the World" concert in 1996. it has been noted that the band drew members from New Zealand. "Don't Dream It's Over" 2.

New. Faith No More opened their Soundwave festival Melbourne appearance with a cover version of the song. In 2006. Tori Amos has covered the song live. Italian singer Antonello Venditti provided his own translated version of the song. Paul Young in 1991 (gaining a number 20 UK hit).Don't Dream It's Over 106 Personnel • • • • Neil Finn: Vocals and guitar Nick Seymour: Bass guitar Paul Hester: Drums and backing vocals Mitchell Froom: Keyboards Cover versions The song has been covered by numerous artists. and Howie Day in 2005. the song was covered also by Paul Carrack for his album Old. "Alta Marea". which became a massive hit in Italian charts. Paul Shaffer performs an instrumental version on his album The World's Most Dangerous Party. Sixpence None the Richer in 2002 (as a single). including Classified in 2003. Less Stress in 1990. Sarah Blasko covered the song for the tribute album She Will Have Her Way in (2005) and performed it in front of a worldwide audience during the closing ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Irish R&B trio Dove recorded a version of the song re-entitled "Don't Dream". Also. Borrowed And Blue. but the riff and most of the chorus were kept the same. A version of the song by singer-songwriter Teddy Thompson was included on an '80s tribute CD released free with Q Magazine. The verses were re-written and [3] rapped instead of sung. Sixpence None the Richer version "Don't Dream It's Over" Single by Sixpence None the Richer from the album Divine Discontent Released Format Recorded Genre Length Label 2003 CD 2001 Pop rock 4:03 (Album Version) 3:39 (Radio Edit) Reprise/Squint .

Comprehensive discography (http:/ / web. apra. "Don't Dream It's Over" (Radio Edit): 3:39 2. "Don't Dream It's Over" (LP Version): 4:04 Charts Chart (2003) [4] [4] [4] Peak position 78 9 12 US Billboard Hot 100 US Billboard Adult Top 40 US Billboard Adult Contemporary Notes Link to album on iTunes [5] Link to Sixpence None the Richer version's album [6] YouTube video [7] [1] Bailey. "Don't Pass Me By": 3:26 Radio Promo Single 1. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Site offline after 2008. by Sixpence None the Richer. au/ awards/ music/ 2001_topten. Divine Discontent. archive. which was recorded during the sessions for Divine Discontent. html) [4] "Sixpence None the Richer . youtube.Don't Dream It's Over Writer(s) Neil Finn Sixpence None the Richer singles chronology "Breathe Your Name" (2002) "Don't Dream It's Over" (2003) "My Dear Machine" (2008) 107 "Don't Dream It's Over" was the second radio single released in promotion of the album. asp) on 2008-03-08. 2001-05-28. apple. com. html) of Crowded House including track listings for all albums and singles.Don't Dream It's Over (Billboard chart history}" (http:/ / www. Marck. [5] http:/ / itunes. au/ awards/ music/ 2001_topten. "Don't Pass Me By". The commercial single release features the B-side. asp). Retrieved August 19. com. Retrieved 2008-05-08. apple. [2] "The final list: APRA'S Ten best Australian Songs" (http:/ / web. . org/ web/ 20080212082228/ http:/ / etext. archive. "Don't Dream It's Over" (Radio Edit): 3:39 2. Track listing US Commercial Single 1. com/ us/ album/ divine-discontent/ id1006664 [7] http:/ / www. 2010. com/ us/ album/ recurring-dream-the-very-best/ id3727837 [6] http:/ / itunes. . org/ web/ 20080308150930/ http:/ / www. apra. com/ watch?v=dZZfuCJ970w . Billboard. Nielsen Business Media. Retrieved 5 July 2007. APRA. com/ #/ song/ sixpence-none-the-richer/ don-t-dream-it-s-over/ 4290839). billboard. org/ lists/ house/ ch-discography. Inc. com/ ~irish_pop/ dove99. [3] Dove (http:/ / members. tripod. Released 28 March 1995.

They lookèd up and saw a star. The first Nowell the angels did say Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay. merely repeats the melody of the verse. Sandys and arranged. On a cold winter's night that was so deep: refrain Nowell. Lyrics In common with many traditional songs and carols the lyrics vary across books. Nowell. The refrain. It is thought to be a corruption of an earlier melody sung in a church gallery setting. And to follow the star whersoever it went: This star drew nigh to the north-west. Born is the King of Israel. by Victor Hely-Hutchinson from his Carol Symphony. most likely from the 18th century. And offered there in his presence. and it was first published in Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern (1823) and Gilbert and Sandys Christmas Carols (1833). Nowell. To seek for a King was their intent. And so it continued both day and night: And by the light of that same star. Three Wise Men came from country far. The word Nowell comes from the French word Noël meaning "Christmas". followed by a variation on that phrase. from the Latin word natalis ("birth").The First Nowell 108 The First Nowell "The First Nowell" (sometimes The First Noel or just Noel) is a traditional English Christmas carol. Shining in the east. O'er Bethlehem it took its rest. In fields where they lay. And there it did both stop and stay Right over the place where Jesus lay: Then entered in those Wise Men three. beyond them far: And to the earth it gave great light.[1] In its current form it is of Cornish origin. All three phrases end on the third of the scale. ISBN 0193533235). An orchestral arrangement. The melody is unusual among English folk melodies in that it consists of one musical phrase repeated twice. a conjectural reconstruction of the earlier version can be found in the New Oxford Book of Carols (1992. keeping their sheep. was memorably used as the theme to the BBC adaptation of John Masefield's seasonal fantasy adventure. The version below is taken from the New English Hymnal. Fell reverently upon their knee. edited and with extra lyrics written by Davies Gilbert. The Box of Delights (1984). also unusually. Nowell. both of which were edited by William B. Their gold and myrrh and frankincense: Then let us all with one accord .

The Willcocks arrangement has also been recorded by George Guest and the Choir of St John's College. • American rock guitarist Eric Johnson played an instrumental version on a Christmas guitar instrumental album called Merry Axemas. American country music singer Toby Keith recorded a version for his album A Classic Christmas. released this song in his A Christmas Album. it was released on his 1958 album That Christmas Feeling. once on the 2003 EP A Piece of Christmas in Japanese as "Makibi to Hitsuji o" (ま き び と ひ つ じ を Shepherd and Sheep). along songs like "White Christmas" and "Silent Night". in 2006. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles recorded the song for Christmas with The Miracles • In 1991. A re-recorded version later appeared on their 2002 album Jingle All The Way. better known as Bright Eyes. • In 2009 Carrie Underwood covered the song for the album A Very Special Christmas Vol. The Choir has also recorded the John Stainer arrangement but with a descant by Philip Ledger. • Josh Groban and Faith Hill sang this song on Groban's Christmas album Noël in 2007 • Celtic Woman performed "The First Noel" on the Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration DVD in 2007 • Bradley Joseph . a collection of traditional and modern songs • Conor Oberst. • Daryl Hall & John Oates released this song on their 2006 album Home For Christmas. and in English as a part of a medley on her 2008 album Christmas Gift. • Whitney Houston recorded her own version on her 2003 album One Wish: The Holiday Album. • In 2004. Midwinter Graces • Bob Dylan sings the song on his 2009 seasonal album Christmas in the Heart [2] [3] • Bing Crosby recorded the song on May 11. Canadian Folk-Rock band Crash Test Dummies released this song as a single from the compilation A Lump of Coal. Cambridge. 7 • Tori Amos recorded her own version of the carol for her solstice album. Cambridge have recorded the arrangement by Sir David Willcocks. • In 2002. American country music singer Patty Loveless recorded a version for her album Bluegrass & White Snow: A Mountain Christmas. • In 2002. • Third Day released a live version of this song for their 2006 album Christmas Offerings. • Sawyer Brown recorded the song for their 2008 Christmas album Rejoice. 1949. And with his blood mankind hath bought: 109 Notable versions • In 1963. Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe included her piano-based version of this carol on her album Tidings.a solo piano arrangement on his 2008 album. • "Noel" was recorded by The Supremes but remained unreleased until 1999 when their Christmas Album. Merry Christmas". • My American Heart did a version of this song on the 2005 Taste Of Christmas compilation. . • In 2006. • Stephen Cleobury and the Choir of King's College. Lionel Richie recorded the song for the album "Sounds Of The Season". • Aly & AJ released this song on their 2006 album Acoustic Hearts of Winter. • Japanese singer Kokia recorded two versions of the song. • In 2007. on their 1984 Christmas album O Come All Ye Faithful. Wintersong. released in 1997. and Harry Christophers and The Sixteen. included in the first volume of Carols for Choirs. was re-released with additional tracks. Dream Theater's keyboardist Jordan Rudess made a cover of this song for his CD Christmas Sky.The First Nowell Sing praises to our heavenly Lord That hath made heaven and earth of nought. • Green Day Covered the song for their Christmas radio broadcasts casts from Lead-singer Billie Joe Armstrong's California home. Classic Christmas. for their 1976 album Carols for Christmas Eve. • Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan released her version of this song on her first Christmas album.

. In it. released the song on their album Christmas with Boney M. Even though the song was not sure if it was a remix. pp. the Warners admit that the tune of the parody is a song you should Know well. • Raffi and the singers sang this song on Raffi's Christmas Album. In the third verse. 240-242. it is transmitted to a song called "Never A Dull Mark Moment".htm) on TradTune. according to Annie G. com/ Artists/ Crosby/ crosby1bDecca. • The Brady Bunch covered the song on their 1970 album Christmas with The Brady Bunch.com . jazzdiscography. on the digital cable network The Family Channel. • The composer Ralph Vaughan Williams incorporated a brief orchestral quotation of the carol in his Fantasia on Christmas Carols (1912). there's No well.org/music/16/The+First+Noel) and voice (http://cantorion. com/ cg/ amg.org • The First Noel (tune) (http://tradtune.. Any of which. • Victor Hely-Hutchinson in the third movement of his Carol Symphony. • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir released an arrangement by choir conductor Mack Wilberg entitled "The First Nowell".. Wakko was spelling it "Santla". Parodies • The First Nowell appears as a 60-second holiday preview spot that would air every year. • The Wiggles spoke in each verse on their album "Yule Be Wiggling". they "ain't seen No Whale.The First Nowell • In 2010 Mariah Carey Covered The Song For Her 13th Studio Album "Merry Christmas II You". but Jill(Dot Warner) is upset because the hill is empty. the song is a definite source of the channel's shows which would be shown on an upcoming event. 110 Other versions and recordings • In 1984 the popular European group Boney M. [2] http:/ / www. In the first verse. html [3] http:/ / allmusic. acapella or a new version of the song. However. in a common vocal. Gilchrist. heavy metal band Black Label Society cover the song for a special Christmas single. • On october 2010.com/966523/The_First_Noel. hark the angels sing". • Edward Elgar included this carol at the end of last Act of the fantasy-play "The Starlight Express". Santa's name has No "L". but when he asks other ships. but this time. • The Trans-Siberian Orchestra have worked the melody of "The First Nowell" into a number of their songs. "Oh well"! Notes [1] Remembered as the treble part to a carol "Hark. but of course. Yakko Warner is showing his brother how to spell Santa Claus' name. the joke being that each verse involves someone saying something that sounds like the word 'nowell'. • Lost to the Continent use the first four lines of the hymn as an intro to their Christmas song "The Last Nowell". they use different scenes. • Mariah Carey covered the song for her 13th studio album. But their parody has completely ruined it." In the final verse. written in 1915. The second verse begins telling the story of Jack and Jill. "Note on the Carol "The First Nowell" Journal of the Folk-Song Society 519 (June 1915). Captain Ahab searches for Moby-Dick. starting in 2003. Merry Christmas II You. org/music/55/The+First+Noel) from Cantorion. The announcer's voice would be combined in a singing voice which would sound like one of the characters from Sesame Street. • The boy band *NSYNC once used this song in their album Home for Christmas. • A parody of the song appeared on an episode of Animaniacs. dll?p=amg& sql=10:kzfyxqqgldfe External links • Free arrangements for piano (http://cantorion.

Christmas. Qui lui dira notre reconnaissance. Noël. Christians. who had been asked by a parish priest to write a Christmas poem. People stand up! Sing of your deliverance. For all of us He is born. Love unites those that iron had chained. Peuple debout ! Chante ta délivrance. Noël. et le ciel est ouvert. Noël. Christmas. voici le Rédempteur. L'amour unit ceux qu'enchaînait le fer. Noël. Guides us all to the cradle of the infant. A votre orgueil. When God-man descended to us To erase the stain of original sin And to end the wrath of His Father. and Heaven is open. The entire world thrills with hope On this night that gives it a Savior. Bow your heads before the Redeemer! Bow your heads before the Redeemer! The Redeemer has overcome every obstacle: The Earth is free. Où l'Homme-Dieu descendit jusqu'à nous Pour effacer la tache originelle Et de Son Père arrêter le courroux. sing of the Redeemer! Literal English Translation Midnight.[1] Unitarian minister John Sullivan Dwight. The King of kings was born in a humble manger. c'est l'heure solennelle. Le monde entier tressaille d'espérance En cette nuit qui lui donne un Sauveur. chantons le Rédempteur ! It is to your pride that God preaches. People kneel down. voici le Rédempteur ! De notre foi que la lumière ardente Nous guide tous au berceau de l'Enfant. Noël. Il voit un frère où n'était qu'un esclave. Christmas. He sees a brother where there was only a slave. qu'il souffre et meurt. c'est de là que Dieu prêche. here is the Redeemer! The ardent light of our Faith. Peuple à genoux. Le Rédempteur a brisé toute entrave : La terre est libre. proud of your grandeur. Christmas. He suffers and dies. created a singing edition based on Cappeau's French text in 1855. here is the Redeemer. Le Roi des rois naît dans une humble crèche : Puissants du jour. C'est pour nous tous qu'il naît. fiers de votre grandeur. As in ancient times a brilliant star Conducted the Magi there from the orient. Christmas. it's the solemn hour. Christians) by Placide Cappeau (1808–1877). Christmas. Courbez vos fronts devant le Rédempteur.[2] editor of Dwight's Journal of Music. In both the French original and in the two familiar English versions of the carol. Christmas. Noël. Courbez vos fronts devant le Rédempteur. Who will tell Him of our gratitude. sing of the Redeemer. Christmas. .O Holy Night 111 O Holy Night "O Holy Night" ("Cantique de Noël") is a well-known Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 to the French poem "Minuit. Noël. the text reflects on the birth of Jesus and of mankind's redemption. chantons le Rédempteur. Lyrics Placide Cappeau's Cantique de Noël Minuit. O mighty ones of today. chrétiens. Comme autrefois une étoile brillante Y conduisit les chefs de l'Orient. wait for your deliverance. a wine merchant and poet. attends ta délivrance. Noël. chrétiens" (Midnight.

He knows our need. Michael Crawford. Reginald Fessenden. O holy night. Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we. Notable renditions On 24 December 1906. hear the angels' voices! O night divine. then Josh Groban . O night divine! Led by the light of faith serenely beaming. Celine Dion (voted most popular rendition in a 2004 poll[12] and featured on her 5x platinum album These Are Special Times[13] ). Sweet hymns of joy In grateful chorus raise we. For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. Chains shall He break For the slave is our brother. then the Spirit felt its worth. Behold your King! By Him. which included him playing "O Holy Night" on the violin and singing the final verse. Watch o'er the Eve of our dear Saviour's birth. O'er the world a star is sweetly gleaming. Unattributed Version O! Holy night! The stars. the weary world rejoices.[7] . whose rendition in the 1993 TV special The David Foster Christmas Album was also featured on Foster's best-selling corresponding album (#48 Billboard Top 200 in 1993)[9] as well as Crawford's own A Christmas Album (#98 Billboard Top 200 in 1999)[10] and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's platinum-selling DVD The Ghosts of Christmas Eve[11] . a Canadian inventor. For yonder breaks A new and glorious morn. O night Divine. hear the angel voices! O night divine. ever praise we. #49 in 1999. And in His name All oppression shall cease. And come now. let Earth accord! Truly He taught us to love one another.[4] Three different country music artists have charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts with renditions of "O Holy Night:" Martina McBride. In all our trials born to be our Lord. John Berry and Josh Gracin. So led by light of A star sweetly gleaming. Luciano Pavarotti's title record was his first to go platinum. Fall on your knees! O. Christ is the Lord! Then ever. O night. A thrill of hope The weary world rejoices. His law is love and His gospel is peace. The Son of God lay thus w'thin lowly manger. With glowing hearts By His cradle we stand. Before Him lowly bend! Truly He taught us To love one another. McBride's rendition charted on five separate occasions. and a live version of it is included on her second Christmas album Merry Christmas II You (2010). It is the night of Our dear Saviour's birth. #57 in 2000 and #41 in 2001. With glowing hearts we stand by the Babe adored.[5] Berry's charted at #55 in 1996 and #63 in 1998. His power and glory Evermore proclaim.[6] and Gracin's at #59 in 2006. Long lay the world In sin and error pining. longing For His appearance. peaking at #74 in 1997. secondly. Here come the wise men From Orient land. from your flocks unboard. Led by the light of Faith serenely beaming. and may it last forever.[3] The carol therefore was one of the first pieces of music to be broadcast on radio. Long live His truth. their gleams prolonging. For in His name all discordant noise shall cease. With all our hearts we praise His holy name. in 1984. let Earth accord! Behold your King! By Him. To our weakness is no stranger. David Foster arranged and produced the song successfully for four different artists—first. His power and glory ever more proclaim! His power and glory ever more proclaim! (The second and third choruses are often replaced with a refrain of the first). He knows our need.O Holy Night 112 John Sullivan Dwight's Version O holy night! The stars are brightly shining.[8] Mariah Carey sang the song on her 1994 album Merry Christmas. His power and glory Evermore proclaim. broadcast the first AM radio program. Christ is the Lord! O praise His Name forever. His law is love And His gospel is peace. O night when Christ was born. 'Til He appear'd And the soul felt its worth. O night. #67 in 1998. our weakness never lasting. Long lay the world in sin and error. O night divine. Fall on your knees! O. Shepherds. In all our trials Born to be our friend. Behold your King! Before Him lowly bend! Behold your King. A thrill of hope. Let all within us Praise His holy name. The King of Kings Lay thus in lowly manger. the night when Christ was Born.

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where it appeared with a tune by Charles H. in G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald . sweet Afton. The third stanza. but since the popular story dates his contribution to 1904 (postdating the 1892 printing by 12 years). that this is nothing more than a fable. Clark... Music Murray's tune. "Composed by Martin Luther for his children. like others before him." Somehow the "Cradle Song" ended up being the 3rd verse of "Away In A Manger" and the 1st 2 verses of "Away In A Manger" was added to the "Cradle Song. The first half of the melody is identical to [6] the beginning of the second theme of Waltz #4. Gabriel credited the entire text to Luther and gave it the title "Cradle Song. Kilda. Gabriel (simply marked "C"). Kirkpatrick for the musical Around the World with Christmas (1895)." This verse is sometimes attributed to Dr. edited by James R. Op. thus these words are probably by Gabriel. is typically given the name "Mueller." Then the "Cradle Song.[8] Some consider the lyrics to be based on heresies due to the reference to Jesus not crying suggested super-human characteristics that were ascribed to him by certain sects such as the Gnostics[1] . The words were either based on a poem written for this anniversary or were credited to Luther as a clever marketing gimmick. Research has shown.[3] In the book Dainty Songs for Little Lads and Lasses (1887) it bears the title "Luther's Cradle Hymn" and the note." while the 3rd verse was originally just simply called the "Cradle Song. was eventually also called "Away In A Manger".[2] For many years the text was credited to the German reformer Martin Luther." credited to J. Lord Jesus" was first printed in Gabriel's Vineyard Songs (1892)."[4] A possible reason for the spurious attribution to Luther is that the 400th anniversary of his birth was in 1883.[5] This song has never been found in Luther's works. where it simply bore the title "Away in a Manger" and was set to a tune called "St. which is the tune most commonly printed in the U. Murray (1841-1905). "Be near me. Has anyone got any data on when these 2 "different" songs ended up together as one song? The first 2 verses are the original "Away In A Manger. with its "alternate melody. transposed down a fourth." with its own melody (Flow Gently." Thus we ended up with 2 different melodies for "Away In A Manger!" . Kirkpatrick. Spilman to Flow gently.S. attributed the words to Luther. John McFarland.Away in a Manger 114 Away in a Manger "Away in a Manger" is a religious Christmas carol first published in 1885 in Philadelphia and used widely throughout the English-speaking world. and still sung by German mothers to their little ones.E. History of the lyrics The song was first published with two verses in an Evangelical Lutheran Sunday School collection. Sweet Afton). In Britain it is one of the most popular carols." The tune "Cradle Song" was written by William J. however. composed 19 years earlier [7] . Little Children's Book for Schools and Families (1885). 325 by Johann Strauss Jr. a 1996 Gallup Poll ranking it joint second[1] . It is also sung to an adaptation of the melody originally composed in 1837 by Jonathan E. his contribution is highly questionable.

cc=nietz. [4] Scan of Luther's Cradle Hymn from Dainty Songs for Little Lads and Lasses (http:/ / digital. [2] See this collection in Google Books. . google.org. html External links • Free arrangements for piano (http://cantorion. google. in "Not So Far Away in a Manger. library.Away in a Manger 115 See also • The New Oxford Book of Carols (1998).seq=0116.org • Free scores of this work ("Cradle Song" or "Mueller") in the Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki) . 1937. org/ wiki/ G%27schichten_aus_dem_Wienerwald.uk. com/ books?id=BOMTAAAAYAAJ& printsec=frontcover& dq=little+ children's+ book+ schools+ families) [3] Richard S. org." Music Library Association Notes.q1=song. 113 (http:/ / books. song no.rgn=full text. org/ Altenberg/ LEES_BLOG/ AWAY_IN_A_MANGER/ ) [8] See the story in Our Hymnody: a manual of the Methodist hymnal (New York.didno=00z426609m. William E Studwell (http:/ / books. edu/ cgi-bin/ t/ text/ pageviewer-idx?c=nietz._Johann) [7] "Away in a Manger" and Strauss's "Tales from the Vienna Woods" (http:/ / dynamics.org/music/8/Away+in+a+Manger) and voice (http:// cantorion. December 1945. 436) [9] http:/ / www. Accessed 7th December 2009. Christmas-Carols.. com/ xmaslyrics/ awaymanger. etc. com/ books?id=aLsSL5TFBwQC& pg=PA43& dq=away+ manger+ william+ kirkpatrick#PPA43. Oxford University Press.org/music/50/Away+in+a+Manger) from Cantorion. 325_(Strauss_Jr.view=image. Hill. uk/ christmas-carols/ away-in-a-manger). 41051.M1) [6] http:/ / imslp._Op. The Methodist Book Concern. p. Edited by Hugh Keyte and Andrew Parrott • Song lyrics [9] References [1] Away in a Manger (http:/ / www. Clancy.idno=00z426609m. pitt.node=00z426609m:99) [5] Best-Loved Christmas Carols By Ronald M. christmas-carols.

make me an instrument of your peace. Là où il y a le doute. as to console. Là où il y a l'offense. grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled. Where there is doubt. que je mette l'amour. to be understood. Perhaps the original publication of the prayer was submitted anonymously to the French publication La Clochette in 1912. que je mette l'union. Where there is injury. que je ne cherche pas tant à être consolé qu'à consoler. Seigneur. as to love. à être compris qu'à comprendre. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. que je mette le pardon. although the prayer in its present form cannot be traced back further than 1912. Amen. let me sow love. Where there is despair. à être aimé qu'à aimer. as to understand. . as demonstrated by Dr Christian Renoux in 2001. Là où il y a de la haine. Là où il y a la discorde. faites de moi un instrument de votre paix. que je mette la vérité. Ô Maître. to be loved. hope. Where there is hatred. Là où il y a l'erreur.[1] Prayer The English version of the prayer reads as follows: Lord. faith. Where there is darkness.Prayer of Saint Francis 116 Prayer of Saint Francis The Prayer of Saint Francis is a Christian prayer. and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life. car c'est en donnant qu'on reçoit. when it was printed in France in French. Là où il y a les ténèbres. Là où il y a le désespoir. For it is in giving that we receive. O Divine Master. joy. que je mette l'espérance. que je mette la foi. The prayer has been known in the United States since 1936 and Cardinal Francis Spellman and Senator Hawkes distributed millions of copies of the prayer during and just after World War II. Là où il y a la tristesse. que je mette votre lumière. pardon. light. Where there is sadness. que je mette la joie. It is attributed to the 13th-century saint Francis of Assisi. in a small spiritual magazine called La Clochette (The Little Bell) as an anonymous prayer.

only light. I may bring joy. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. that where there is discord. London. 117 . To be understood as to understand. And where there's doubt true faith in you. It is by forgiving that one is forgiven. It is by dying that one awakens to eternal life. ever joy. adapted and set to music by Sebastian Temple. Inc. It is an anthem of the Royal British Legion and is usually sung every year at the Service of Remembrance in November at the Royal Albert Hall. I may bring harmony. I may bring light. that where there are shadows. For it is by self-forgetting that one finds. In giving to all men that we receive And in dying that we are born to eternal life. Lord. than to be loved. than to be understood. Where there is injury your pardon Lord. I may bring truth. Amen. c'est en mourant qu'on ressuscite à l'éternelle vie. that where there is doubt. So much to be consoled as to console. I may bring love. grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted. that where there is error. c'est en pardonnant qu'on est pardonné. that where there is sadness. Where there's despair in life. to love. Where there is darkness. O Master grant that I may never seek. I may bring faith. a book published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. I may bring hope. that where there is wrong.Prayer of Saint Francis c'est en s'oubliant qu'on trouve. make me a channel of thy peace. I may bring the spirit of forgiveness. A popular hymn version. And where there's sadness. Make me a channel of your peace. to understand. It goes as follows: Make me a channel of your peace. Lord. Make me a channel of your peace. ©1967 by OCP Publications. that where there is hatred. To be loved as to love with all my soul. is Make Me A Channel of Your Peace. Where there is hatred let me bring your love. let me bring hope. that where there is despair. An alternate version is found in Chapter 11 (Page 99) of the "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions".

having "kissed hands" with Queen Elizabeth II and become Prime Minister. Archbishop Desmond Tutu. as "a beautiful prayer to say during Mass" in the December 1912 number of the small devotional French publication La Clochette. "the bulletin of the League of the Holy Mass". The use of a passage such as this is in a similar context to the use of Ezekiel 25:17 in the movie Pulp Fiction. sent this prayer to Pope Benedict XV. who is considered to be the ancestor of all the royal families of Europe".[2] Musical adaptations of the prayer include those by Sebastian Temple[3]. She attributed importance to it when receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in 1979 and asked that it be recited. It appeared under the heading. The hymn form of the prayer was also a part of the funeral for Diana. surrounded by a throng of reporters. On 28 January 1916. In 1915. Marquis Stanislas de La Rochethulon. Because of its appearance on L'Osservatore Romano and La Croix as a prayer for peace during the First World War. Princess of Wales on 6 September 1997. Anthony Dining Room on Leavenworth Street in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. Sister Moon. this prayer then became widely known. President Bill Clinton quoted it in his welcoming speech to Pope John Paul II on his arrival in New York to address the United Nations. the Osservatore Romano article. Rob Stroh.Prayer of Saint Francis 118 History Summarising the Christian Renoux' book on the prayer. but he chose not to mention La Clochette. In October 1995. inspired by the testament of William the Conqueror". Nancy Pelosi used it when she became Speaker of the U. Peter Torsiello. declared that it was "an integral part" of his devotions. "The prayer of Souvenir Normand for peace". Quotations Mother Teresa of Calcutta made it part of the morning prayers of the Roman Catholic religious order she established. We have pleasure in presenting in particular the prayer addressed to the Sacred Heart. The prayer is quoted in the movie Rambo by a priest as he blesses Sylvester Stallone before he sets off into Burma to rescue humanitarian workers. the French newspaper La Croix reprinted. The prayer is used by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui in his Twin Hearts Meditation. Sarah McLachlan. The Pope had an Italian translation published on the front page of L'Osservatore Romano of 20 January 1916. which called itself "a work of peace and justice inspired by the testament of William the Conqueror. the Missionaries of Charity. and with the explanation: "Souvenir Normand has sent the Holy Father the text of some prayers for peace. House of Representatives in 2007. Singh Kaur. The prayer is part of the mural above the interior entrance to the St. the Ragamuffin Band. winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize. .S. John Foley. Moya Brennan. an article by Egidio Picucci on the 19–20 January 2009 issue of L'Osservatore Romano says that the earliest record of the prayer is its appearance. The prayer was used in a slightly abbreviated form in the 1972 film. after winning the 1979 United Kingdom general election. California. Sarah Hart. the first publication in which it had appeared. paraphrased the prayer on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street. The prayer is also included in the song "The Shattered Fortress" by Dream Theater. president of the Anglo-French association Souvenir Normand. The prayer was read by the character of Sonny Corinthos at the funeral of Stone Cates in 1995 on General Hospital. The medic Eugene Roe recites part of the prayer in the episode "Bastogne" of Band of Brothers. the Burns Sisters. and Ryan Cayabyab. La Rochethulon wrote to the newspaper to clarify that it was not a prayer of Souvenir Normand. with exactly the same heading and explanation. Brother Sun. in French. Margaret Thatcher. Joey Rumor.

an old song. Editions franciscaines. org/ artists/ 587 External links • Short story of the prayer (http://www. 2003. Reflections on the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi.html) • Another popular version of 'St. Consequently "For auld lang syne".franciscan-archive. Paris.org/franciscana/peace. as it appears in the first line of the chorus. "long long ago".[4] Matthew Fitt uses the phrase "In the days of auld lang syne" as the equivalent of "Once upon a time. une énigme à résoudre. and as a farewell or ending to other occasions.[5] Some of the lyrics were indeed "collected" rather than composed by the poet. Edizioni Messaggero. It is well known in many English-speaking (and other) countries and is often sung to celebrate the start of the New Year at the stroke of midnight.php) Auld Lang Syne "Auld Lang Syne" (Scots pronunciation: [ˈɔːld lɑŋˈsəin]: note "s" rather than "z")[1] is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788[2] and set to the tune of a traditional folk song (Roud # 6294).. 2001. youtube. The phrase "Auld Lang Syne" is also used in similar poems by Robert Ayton (1570–1638).[3] "days gone by" or "old times". The song's Scots title may be translated into English literally as "old long since". graduations.[5] . p.htm) • A Biography of St Francis of Assisi (http://www. Allan Ramsay (1686–1757)." in his retelling of fairy tales in the Scots language. Paris. nor even in manuscript until I took it down from an old man". com/ watch?v=spSaZ8n5WEs) at YouTube [3] http:/ / www. History Robert Burns sent a copy of the original song to the Scots Musical Museum with the remark. une énigme à résoudre. and James Watson (1711) as well as older folk songs predating Burns. La preghiera per la pace attribuita a san Francesco. Padova. Paris. 2001 • Christian Renoux. By extension. Editions franciscaines.Prayer of Saint Francis 119 Historical studies • Christian Renoux. the ballad "Old Long Syne" printed in 1711 by James Watson shows considerable similarity in the first verse and the chorus to Burns' later poem. References [1] Cf. is loosely translated as "for (the sake of) old times". of the olden times.com/pub/spiritual/st-francis. or more idiomatically. 92-95 [2] Video (http:/ / www. un enigma da risolvere. Francis Peace Prayer' & the version as featured in the DVD / TV Show 'Madre Teresa' (http://tralvex. its use has also become common at funerals. “The following song. and which has never been in print. St. Instruments of Christ. 2003.net/saints/st-francis-of-assisi. Spirituality Albert Haase. Anthony Messenger Press. OFM. ocp. La prière pour la paix attribuée à saint François.. It is a fair supposition to attribute the rest of the poem to Burns himself. Christian Renoux. Paris.catholic-saints. La prière pour la paix attribuée à saint François.[4] and is almost certainly derived from the same "old song".

[11] Most common use of the song involves only the first verse and the chorus. In addition to his live broadcasts.[6] Singing the song on Hogmanay or New Year's Eve very quickly became a Scots custom that soon spread to other parts of the British Isles. rather than the slight melisma required to fit Burns' original words to the melody. earlier newspaper articles describe revellers on both sides of the Atlantic singing the song to usher in the New Year: • "Holiday Parties at Lenox" (Massachusetts. they took the song with them. USA) (1896) – The company joined hands in the great music room at midnight and sang “Auld Lang Syne” as the last stroke of 12 sounded and the new year came in. by James Watson (1711) Burns’ original Scots [3] verse English translation (minimalist) Scots pronunciation guide (as Scots speakers would sound) IPA pronunciation [12] guide . A later recording on 29 September 1947 was issued as a single by Decca Records as catalog #24260. Canadian band leader Guy Lombardo is often credited with popularising the use of the song at New Year’s celebrations in America. England) (1910) – Usual Customs Observed by People of All Classes… The passing of the old year was celebrated in London much as usual.[7] However. This allows one note for each word. beginning in 1929. Paul's Church and sang “Auld Lang Syne” as the last stroke of 12 sounded from the great bell.[10] 120 Lyrics The song begins by posing a rhetorical question as to whether it is right that old times be forgotten. The song became his trademark. Indiana. The last lines of both of these are often sung with the extra words "For the sake of" or "And days of". and is generally interpreted as a call to remember long-standing friendships. Lombardo recorded the song more than once. through his annual broadcasts on radio and television. The following table of lyrics includes the first few stanzas of the James Watson poem. probably derived from the same folk song that Burns used as the basis for his poem. Complete lyrics Old Long Syne. His first recording was in 1939. As Scots (and other Britons) emigrated around the world.[8] • "New Year's Eve in London" (London.Auld Lang Syne There is some doubt as to whether the melody used today is the same one Burns originally intended. but it is widely used in Scotland and in the rest of the world.[11] Thomson’s Select Songs of Scotland was published in 1799 in which the second verse about greeting and toasting was moved to its present position at the end. The Scottish residents gathered outside of St.[9] A manuscript of "Auld Lang Syne" is held in the permanent collection of The Lilly Library at Indiana University in Bloomington. rather than Burns' simpler lines.

And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp ! and surely I’ll be mine ! And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet. CHORUS CHORUS (several further stanzas) † ‡ dine = "dinner time" ch = soft throat clearing sound. fəɾ o̜ːl lɑŋ səin. we'll take a cup of kindness yet. on Old long syne.twin ʌs bred heː roːrd sɪn o̜lː laŋ səin. ən ʃeːr. for Old long syne.vəɾ brɔxt tɪ məin ? ʃɪd o̜ːld ə. ən nɪ. feer! braid hae roar’d But seas between us when from thee I am an gees a han o thyn! sin auld lang syne. fəɾ o̜lː laŋ səin. will not thy presence gude-willie-waucht‡. in Old long syne. so fills this. fir ald lang syn. We two have paddled in sin ald lang syn. for auld lang syne. ən puːd ðə ɡʌu. and never brought to mind ? Should auld acquaintance be forgot. from morning sun till Since thoughts of thee An thers a han. mɑ trʌs. we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet. an ald lang syn*? CHORUS: Fir ald lang syn. Bit weev wandert monae a weery fet. CHORUS wi two̜̜ː heː rɪn ə. ma jo. CHORUS dine .kwɛn.nɪn sɪn tɪl dəin . frae morning sun till CHORUS the stream. CHORUS We twa hae run about the braes.li jiːl bi juːɾ pəin. And we’ll tak a richt‡ CHORUS since auld lang syne. broad have roared gone. trusty fiere ! to this sad Heart of And there’s a hand my CHORUS and gie's a hand o’ thine trusty friend ! mine: ! Why doth thy presence And give us a hand o’ And we’ll tak a right me defeat. and picked the daisies fine . that loving Breast of thine. and never brought to mind ? Should old acquaintance be forgot. CHORUS We two have run about the slopes. CHORUS ən ðeːrz ə ho̜ːn. But we’ve wander’d mony a weary fit. similar to "lachen" and "Bach" in German * syne = "since" or "then" . The bright resemblance of thy Face. The flames of Love extinguished. fray mornin sun til dyn. doth banish grief. Should auld acquaintance be forgot.nəs jɛt. on Old long syne CHORUS for auld lang syne. an nivir brocht ti mynd? Shid ald akwentans bee firgot. and fully past and gone: Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold. All Grief and Sorrow takes the flight.nəs jɛt. CHORUS But seas between us bred We twa hae paidl’d i' CHORUS hay roard the burn. and old lang syne ? CHORUS: For auld lang syne. An sheerly yil bee yur pynt-staup! an sheerly al bee myn! An will tak a cup o kyndnes yet. That thou canst never once reflect. fəɾ o̜ːl lɑŋ səin. my yield relief. That thou canst never once reflect on Old long syne. when thee I think upon. my jo. good-will draught. my dear.lɪ wo̜ːxt. CHORUS: On Old long syne my Jo. and speedily is gone.dlt ɪn ðə bʌɾn. Shid ald akwentans bee firgot. mɑ diːɾ.təns bi fəɾ. ən o̜ːl lɑŋ səin ? CHORUS: fəɾ o̜ːl lɑŋ səin. bʌt wiːv wɑn. since auld lang syne. for auld lang syne. bʌt siːz ə. thine ! with excellence divine? gude-willy waught.pronounced "sign" rather than "zine".but ðə breːz. CHORUS ʃɪd o̜ːld ə. wil tak a cup o kyndnes yet. And we’ll take a right Especially when I reflect for auld lang syne. for auld lang syne.ne ə wiːɾɪ fɪt.stʌup ! ən ʃeːr. .kwɛn. for auld lang syne.əɾt mʌ. That Force nor Fate can me displease. for auld lang syne. and auld lang syne* ? CHORUS: For auld lang syne. And there’s a hand. CHORUS 121 We twa hay pedilt in the burn. sin ald lang syn.ɡot. and never thought upon. an pood the gowans fyn. sɪn o̜ːl laŋ səin. and pu’d the gowans fine .Auld Lang Syne Should Old Acquaintance be forgot.təns bi fəɾ. wiːl tɑk ə kʌp ə kəin. And surely you’ll buy your pint cup ! and surely I’ll buy mine ! And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet.ənz fəin . Should old acquaintance be forgot. But we’ve wandered many a weary foot. fir ald lang syn. for auld lang syne. My Heart is ravisht with delight.li ɑːl bi məin ! ən wiːl tɑk ə kʌp ə kəin. freː moːɾ. CHORUS We twa hay rin aboot the braes. fəɾ o̜ːl lɑŋ səin. my trustee But seas between us dine† .tɪ fiːɾ ! ən ɡiːz ə ho̜ːn ə ðəin ! ən wiːl tak ə rɪxt ɡɪd wʌ. Heart of mine. fir ald lang syn. sin auld lang syne. CHORUS fir ald lang syn. CHORUS wi two̜̜ː heː pe.ɡot.

while still holding hands. and even the closing of a retail store. Uses At New Year "Auld Lang Syne" is traditionally sung at the conclusion of New Year gatherings in Scotland and around the world. it is associated with celebrations and memorials of Robert Burns. possibly a strathspey called The Miller's Wedding or The Miller's Daughter. in particular.) Songwriter George M. Burns' poem Coming Through the Rye is sung to a tune that might also be based on the Miller's Wedding. When the tune ends. funerals. the election of a new government. In countries other than Scotland the hands are often crossed from the beginning of the song at variance with Scottish custom. and even national anthems. . everyone rushes to the middle. probably originally a sprightly dance in a much quicker tempo. as it is also based on a dance measure.Auld Lang Syne 122 Melody The tune to which "Auld Lang Syne" is now commonly sung is a pentatonic Scots folk melody. For instance. The origin of the tune of God Save the Queen presents a very similar problem and for just the same reason. The problem is that tunes based on the same set of dance steps necessarily have a similar rhythm. the end of a (non-New Year) party or a Boy Scout gathering. When the circle is re-established. graduations. At the beginning of the last verse. The English press berated her for not "properly" crossing her arms. everyone crosses their arms across their breast. although they may very well both have taken it from a common source. (See the note in the William Shield article on this subject.[11] English composer William Shield seems to quote the "Auld Lang Syne" melody briefly at the end of the overture to his opera Rosina. It is plain from the lyrics that this is deliberate. especially the songs of sporting and other clubs. In Scotland and other parts of Britain. The contention that Burns borrowed the melody from Shield is for various reasons highly unlikely. Auld Lang Syne is very widely used to symbolise other "endings/new beginnings" – including farewells. The Scottish practice was demonstrated by the Queen at the Millennium Dome celebrations for the year 2000. especially in English speaking countries.[13] [14] Other than New Year As well as celebrating the New Year. so that the right hand reaches out to the neighbour on the left and vice versa. which may be its first recorded use. It is common practice that everyone joins hands with the person next to them to form a great circle around the dance floor. Cohan quotes the first line of the "Auld Lang Syne" melody in the second to last line of the chorus of You're a Grand Old Flag. and even a superficial resemblance in melodic shape may cause a very strong apparent similarity in the tune as a whole. everyone turns under the arms to end up facing outwards with hands still joined. unaware that she was correctly following the Scottish tradition. The following list of specific uses is far from comprehensive. The melody is also widely used for other words.

Examples include the Royal Military College of Canada. • In Hungary. • In the United Kingdom. • In Japan. Much like Robert Burns' use of dialect. • Since 2007. The translation would probably be. digamos. The song Skuld gammel venskab rejn forgo ("Should auld acquantaince be forgot" — Scots / "Should old acquaintance be forgotten" — English). The University of Virginia's alma mater ("The Good Old Song") is also sung to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne". is an integral part of the Danish Højskole tradition. specially in the Catholic Church: "Llegó la hora de decir adiós. the Japanese students' song Hotaru no hikari ("Glow of a firefly") uses the "Auld Lang Syne" tune. • In the United States. • In Chile.php].gr/songs. • In many Burns Clubs. nuestra canción". Coincidentally. a dialect from the northern part of western Jutland.nic.Auld Lang Syne In the English speaking world • In Scotland. • In France this song is known as "Ce n'est qu'un au revoir mes frères" ("This is just a goodbye my friends"). It has the name "Τραγούδι Αποχωρισμού" meaning "Song of Farewell" and it is part of the ending ceremony of scouting Camping trips [lyrics url http://www. and the lyrics can be sung interchangeably. it is sung at the end of the Burns supper. al partir. • In China students sing the song in Chinese for friendship. this song". • In Denmark. In fact. the Pakistan Military Academy. • The song is played at the Passing Out Parade of Young Officers in the Royal Navy as the march up the steps of the Britannia Royal Naval College – to the beat of the slow march. south of the Limfjord. and at the equivalent colleges in Burma and Nigeria. régi dal ("Old. it is played at the close of the annual Congress (conference) of the Trades Union Congress. the melody was the direct inspiration for the popular Bengali song "Purano shei diner kotha" (Memories of the Good Old Days) composed by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. the National Defence Academy (India) ( http://nda. the Indian Military Academy. ("It's time to say goodbye. often hard for other Danes to understand.230 songs and lyrical poems that form the backbone of Bengali music. Also. the melody has been used as an introduction to the mass chorus of America the Beautiful that is played by the twelve finalist corps at the Finals Retreat at the Drum Corps International World Championships. while we leave. and forms one of the more recognizable tunes in Rabindra Sangeet (Rabindra's Songs). the Royal Military College (Malaysia). after the tune "Will ye no come back?". and is sung for farewells. the melody is known as "Canción del adiós" ("Farewell Song"). it is often sung at the end of a céilidh or a dance. especially members and former members of the Commonwealth of Nations. the former Danish rock group Gasolin modernised the melody in 1974 with their pop ballad Stakkels Jim ("Poor Jim"). In China it is more of a sad song. • The song is sung at the end of the Last Night of the Proms by the audience (rather than the performers) and so it is not often listed on the official programme. This custom is also followed in Naval and Military colleges in many other countries. 'Friendship for ever' (友 谊 地 久 天 长 ). "Auld Lang Syne" and "America the Beautiful" have the same metre. let's sing. the song was translated in 1927 by the famous Danish poet Jeppe Aakjær. It is also sung at student graduations and funerals.9sna. It has the meaning of the ending of relationships. this song is often sung by school-leavers at their graduation.in ). old song"). the song is used as a song of remembrance at memorial events. The words describe a series of images of hardships that the industrious student endures in his relentless quest for 123 . In non-English speaking countries • In Bangladesh and Bengali parts of India. the melody is sung in Spanish as a funeral farewell song. • In Greece it is very commonly sung translated by the Scouts of Greece. and often associated with more rural areas and old traditions. a body of work of 2. Aakjær translated the song into the Danish dialect sallingbomål. The song is translated to Régi.

It is traditionally sung by the members of the Polish scouting movement as the penultimate song during their meetings. including Mr. Shimura makes the same resolution. • In the Akira Kurosawa film Scandal (1950). it was the tune for the Gaumii salaam anthem of The Maldives (with the current words). which is set to the familiar melody. we will be united in the blood of Christ. the finale of It's a Wonderful Life (1946) is a direct echo of this presentation. the lyrics of Korea’s national anthem were sung to the tune of this song until composer Ahn Eak-tai composed a new melody to the existing lyrics. This was an instrumental version. In Thailand. portraying a second-rate and sometimes dishonest lawyer. • Friz Freleng's cartoon The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (1942) has Bugs Bunny suddenly claim that it is New Year's Day to stop Elmer Fudd from chasing him. Zack. Mr. • The song is sung in many of the films produced by Frank Capra. It is commonly heard in graduation ceremonies and at the end of the school day. In Zimbabwe. and It's a Wonderful Life (1946). and the two drunken men sing "Auld Lang Syne" until everyone in the bar joins in the song. Van Dyke film I Take This Woman (1940). it is now used in South Korea as a graduation song and a farewell song to friends or at funerals. It is not certain if the same song was sung when the original silent film was released in 1925. it is commonly believed to be a Thai traditional song. The meaning is about the King and national unity. after a South Korean boy who has accompanied them recognizes and sings Korean lyrics to the tune. requests that the song be played by "Fat Paul" on a portable organ. Many stores and restaurants play it to usher customers out at the end of a business day. the song Samakkhi Chumnum (Together in unity). • It was also used in the 1942 re-release of the Charlie Chaplin film The Gold Rush with added sound. uses the song at the film's finale. also plays this during New Year celebrations. is sung after sports. the song is sung at a New Year's Eve party. The national broadcaster. And it is commonly used in new year ceremonies or graduation ceremonies. are widely known for their last two verses that could be translated as By another campfire on another night we'll see each other again. "Famba zvinyoronyoro. which stars William Powell. Before the composition of Aegukga. the film's main character. NHK. which the student uses to keep studying when he has no other light sources. tichasanganiswa muroa ra Jesu". In Poland the Braterski krąg (Brotherly Circle) song is set to the same tune. the melody is sung in Shona as a funeral farewell song. There. and at the end of Boy Scout jamborees as well as for the New Year. literally. Shirley sings the song to a Scottish soldier on his death bed. Sgt. 124 • • • • • • • Use in films • It has been used in a number of films. go well. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) (during Jefferson Smith's acceptance speech for his new appointment to the US Senate). The group of American soldiers is shocked to find out. Takashi Shimura. hears Bokuzen Hidari resolve to be better for his family.S. In Sudan it is translated into Arabic by MR Ahmed Mohammed Saad in (Bakhat ALridha) institute in 1951. • The W. starting with the firefly’s light. loosely based on the original. • In the Samuel Fuller film The Steel Helmet (1951). Like Japan and Taiwan." only to have Elmer look at a calendar and realize that it is actually July. • In the Shirley Temple film Wee Willie Winkie (1937).Auld Lang Syne knowledge. The lyrics. Deeds Goes to Town (1936). perhaps the first being the film John Ford' s The Black Watch (1929). Bugs starts singing "Auld Lang Syne. Before 1972. starring Spencer Tracy and Hedy Lamarr. • The song has been used in the film Waterloo Bridge (1940) —under the name of "The Farewell Waltz"— starring Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. the song is sung on Christmas Eve in a bar. In the Netherlands the melody is most known for the Dutch football song Wij houden van Oranje (We love Orange) performed by André Hazes. with the patients and staff of a clinic singing it a cappella.It was followed by One Way Passage (1932). that the melody also .

In the Ronald Neame/Irwin Allen film The Poseidon Adventure (1972). starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. The music has also been used in game shows on American television. a recording by Scottish singer Mairi Campbell is used during a montage depicting the characters' actions at New Year's. In the Winnie-the-Pooh direct to video film. the third person left on Earth. a Danish woman and the film's main protagonist. in Forrest Gump (1994). The American PBS television series Great Performances program titled "Garrison Keillor's New Year's Eve Special" (2006) had the audience sing an adaptation of the lyrics with a humorous last verse: "I think of all the great. the song is sang by a largely British crowd depicting settlers in British East Africa. which is not possible because we already forgot?" Forrest's New Year's celebration with Lt. It was sung by submarine crew members celebrating New Year's topside in the Blake Edwards film Operation Petticoat (1959). He says." at last united in a moment of peace and love after their collective negativity. "Auld Lang Syne" is sung at the end. Zac and Joanne sing it the during an evening celebration after meeting Api. As the clock chimes in the new year. Dan in New York City. It was also used in the Triad Trilogy Infernal Affairs (2002) which uses the tune in the second film when a triad has finished killing a gang boss. and in that way weakening the revenant sorcerer enough for the Ghostbusters to defeat him. as it consists merely of an acoustic guitar and strings accompanying Campbell's vocals. Towards the end of Ghostbusters II (1989). 125 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . It is sung by 'Harry' in one of the opening scenes of The Time Traveler's Wife (2009). or does it mean if we happened to forget them.Auld Lang Syne serves as the South Korean national anthem. which had long been feeding power to the evil Vigo the Carpathian. The recording is notable for its use of the original melody as opposed to the commonly performed melody sung today. the attendees sing "Auld Lang Syne" when MacLaine's character Fran Kubelik decides to leave her lover. In The Quiet Earth (1985). the song is sung by the ship's passengers at midnight on New Year's Eve. a small Chinese orchestra plays the song on traditional Chinese instruments as the emperor's tutor. has the drunk collective singing "Auld Lang Syne" to welcome in the new year. In the Bernardo Bertolucci film The Last Emperor (1987). 'Should old acquaintance be forgot?' Does that mean that we should forget old acquaintances. most notably when the sign changed every year on the CBS Match Game and during the credits on the final episode of the original Concentration in 1973." The song is sung in the comedy Elf (2003) by Buddy's (Will Ferrell) girlfriend Jovie as Buddy opens gifts with his father and stepmother on Christmas Day. Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray attend a New Year's Eve celebration near the end of the film The Apartment (1960). thousands of citizens of New York City sing "Auld Lang Syne. moments before the ship is struck by a tidal wave and capsized. but the singing was cut off by a woman who wanted the crowd to sing God save the Queen. boards a ship to leave China and return to England. high hearts I had when I was young / And now who are these sad old farts I find myself among?" In the 2008 film Sex and the City. Sofie Fatale's cell phone ringtone in the film Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003) is "Auld Lang Syne. Reginald Johnston. In Out of Africa (1985). we should remember them. It is also in contrast to the joyous and jubilant arrangements commonly heard on celebratory occasions. much to the chagrin of Karen Blixen (played by Meryl Streep). "I mean. The song was played in When Harry Met Sally (1989) at the New Year's party in which Harry states he never fully understood what the song meant.

the song was played to accompany the departure of the final British troops from India through Bombay's "Gateway to India" in 1948. while the song "You're a Grand Old Flag" by George M. • On 30 November 2009. • Billy Joel sang and released "Auld Lang Syne" in his live CD titled 2000 Years: The Millennium Concert. An EP release of the tune contained that version along with long-play and radio-length versions that played under audio snippets from a number of political speeches and news bulletins of the 20th Century. • On the sinking of the Japanese ship Montevideo Maru in World War II. the tune was played at the formal resignation of President Pervez Musharraf as the country's Chief of Army Staff. • However. as the British flag over the Gateway was ceremonially lowered for the last time. • According to the book "Freedom at Midnight"(1975) by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. the tune was played as the last British forces boarded the last Royal Navy cruiser on the early morning of 4 January 1948 when Burma gained independence from the United Kingdom. included on his 1981 album The Innocent Age. when it was played as the body of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau left Parliament Hill in Ottawa for the last time. . the song was sung on 15 January 1949 at the ceremony held as the British were leaving Burma. • Dan Fogelberg wrote a hit song called "Same Old Lang Syne". and drums respectively • Mariah Carey covered the song for her 13th studio album. and is also cited in the song's instrumental introduction. and Mike Weiland on keyboard. The song was about encountering an old lover. not on New Year's Eve. • "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve" uses Auld Lang Syne as its "Theme" song. • Canadian band Barenaked Ladies performed a rendition of the song "Auld Lang Syne" on their 2004 CD Barenaked for the Holidays. carrying 1. • Cliff Richard sang the Lord's Prayer to the melody of "Auld Lang Syne" in his Christmas song "The Millennium Prayer". but on Christmas Eve. the first line "Should auld acquaintance be forgot" is part of the song's chorus. The show has two versions which are both performed by Kyle Warren. "Merry Christmas II You". and is known to play the song both lyrically or piano solo in his concerts during holiday seasons. • Kenny G recorded a saxophone version of the song in 1999 to commemorate the Millennium. according to the book "My Vanishing World" (2000) by Nel Adams. Similarly it was used at the British hand-over of Hong Kong in 1997. • In Pakistan. going to Montreal for the state funeral. the Australians in the water sang this for their trapped mates as the ship went down. Jerry Adamowicz. Surviving Japanese crewman Yosiaki Yamaji reflected on this moment as realising what big hearts the Australian soldiers had. • Bobby Darin recorded a Christmas version in 1960. again. according to the book River of Lost Footsteps by Thant Myint-U.New Year's Eve '76 (Live In Pittsburgh). Notable Covers and renditions • John Philip Sousa included "Auld Lang Syne" in the Trio section of his 1924 march "Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company" • Elvis Presley released his version on his album Elvis . Cohan. • Similarly.Auld Lang Syne 126 Some notable performances • A somewhat different use of the song as a farewell occurred in October 2000. bass. students and staff at the University of Glasgow sang the song in 41 different languages [15] simultaneously.053 Australians (mostly POWs). titled "Christmas Auld Lang Syne".

uk/ dsl/ ) [2] http:/ / www. . Edge inscription: SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT References [1] Search for "lang syne" at The website of the Dictionary of the Scots language (http:/ / www. 10. jhtml?xml=/ portal/ 2007/ 07/ 13/ nosplit/ ftqueen113.com Variant lyrics • "Standard English Translation" (http://www.. robertburns. The Burns Encyclopedia (http:/ / www.mp3) (MP3). ISBN 0-7090-5719-9. indiana. Retrieved 28 December 2007. "New Year's song remains ingrained in public mind" (http:/ / www.co. thisislancashire.worldburnsclub.htm) on TradTune. ukmagic. Robert (1947) [Transcribed 1788]. [8] "Holiday Parties at Lenox". . co. Retrieved 25 November 2008. org/ encyclopedia/ index. robertburns. archive. org/ stream/ dialectofrobertb00wilsuoft#page/ n5/ mode/ 2up). "Auld Lang Syne" (http:/ / www. shtml) (New Third ed.org/@displaysong. Retrieved 25 April 2010. James (Sir) (1923) The dialect of Robert Burns as spoken in central Ayrshire (http:/ / www. uk/ broadsides/ broadside. electricscotland.scotlandontv. Kenneth.html?vxSiteId=60fdd544-9c52-4e17-be7e-57a2a2d76992&vxChannel=Exp More& vxClipId=1380_SMG1628&vxBitrate=300) • Auld Lang Syne tune information and sheet music (http://tradtune.uk. Stephen (31 December 1999). co. Maurice (December 1996) [1959]. telegraph. stm). Clive (13 July 2007). and was reprinted in 1967. Glasgow: Collins Clear-Type Press.com/poems/translations/auld_lang_syne. Collins Greetings Booklets.).com/cg/amg. [10] The Lilly Library. nls.uk. 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns.com/music.dll?p=amg&token=&sql=17:97543) at Allmusic • Scotland on TV Auld Lang Syne video performance with lyrics (http://www. uk/ portal/ main. 5 January 1896. 448 pages.maybole. External links • Auld Lang Syne in Russian tool music (Quartet SKAZ Moskow) (http://skaz1.mudcat.htm) at The World Burns Club • Multiple versions and tunes (http://www. Guide to the Collections: British Literature (http:/ / www. . uk/ 2000/ 1/ 5/ 746150.org/community/celebrations/ christmas/greetings/AuldLangSyne2. • Auld Lang Syne (http://allmusic. co. html). "Auld Lang Syne (in Scots)" (http://www.uk (http:/ / www. surrounded by the inscription 1759 ROBERT BURNS 1796. 5. 2 January 1910. uk/ robertburns/ works/ auld_lang_syne/ British £2 coin. ac.com/904904/Auld_Lang_Syne. The Orange County Register. [3] Burns. BBC News. 47–48. Retrieved 25 November 2008. bbc. com/ history/ articles/ langsyne. the calligraphy of which is based on the handwriting of Robert Burns. "One doesn't do tantrums and tiaras – Telegraph" (http:/ / www. . Washington Post: pp. bbc. WE’LL TAK A CUP A’ KINDNESS YET. dsl. George Frederick Maine. Retrieved 28 December 2007. [13] Aslet. 12. uk/ song_scottish/ auld_lang_syne. uk/ 1/ hi/ scotland/ glasgow_and_west/ 8387582. London: Telegraph. 30 November 2009. pp. ed (in English and Scots) (leather-bound sextodecimo). shtml). . org/ encyclopedia/ AuldLangSyne. shtml). co. Robert Hale Ltd. augustachronicle.Auld Lang Syne 127 Coinage Reverse: Design featuring a quote from the song "Auld Lang Syne". cfm/ id/ 14548) [5] Lindsay. co. [9] "New Year's Eve in London". and 1973" [4] nls.thisislancashire.htm) • McKellar.co. Archive. [6] Links to the original and contemporary melodies can be found here (http:/ / www. [15] "'New record' for Auld Lang Syne" (http:/ / news. pp. edu/ ~liblilly/ overview/ lit_british.cfm?SongID=374) at The Mudcat Cafe's "Digital Traditions" . htm) [12] Wilson. xml). shtml) [11] Electric Scotland history site (http:/ / www. [14] "Queen stays at arm's length" (http:/ / archive. The New York Times: pp. com/ stories/ 123199/ cy2_124-4983.tv/scotland_on_tv/ video. html) [7] Lynch. Songs from Robert Burns 1759–1796. FOR AULD LANG SYNE. Oxford University Press. "This book was purchased at Burns Cottage.

Text The original text has been from time to time attributed to various groups and individuals. "The Musician King" (1603–1656. though it was more commonly believed that the text was written by an order of monks. The text has been translated innumerable times. There are several similar musical themes written around that time. German. King John IV The most commonly named Portuguese author is King John IV of Portugal (Portuguese: João IV de Portugal.Adeste Fideles 128 Adeste Fideles "Adeste Fideles" is a hymn tune attributed to English hymnist John Francis Wade (although the exact authorship is unknown and disputed). were extended to a total of eight. though it can be hard to determine whether these were written in imitation of the hymn. the hymn was based on them. the Cistercian. came to the throne in 1640) was a patron of music and the arts. though it has been concluded that Wade was probably the author. This is a combination of one of Frederick Oakeley's translations of the original four verses and William Thomas Brooke's of the three additional ones. while another. and during his reign he collected one of the largest libraries in the world (destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755). from John Reading and his son to Handel. Tune Before the emergence of John Francis Wade as the probable composer. Bonaventure in the 13th century or King John IV of Portugal in the 17th. the tune had been purported to be written by several musicians. It also appeared in Samuel Webbe's An Essay on the Church Plain Chant (1782). he was a composer. these are normally printed as the third to fifth of seven verses. and these have been translated into many languages many times. The original text consisted of four Latin verses. and may have been written in the 13th century. It was published again in the 1760 edition of Evening Offices of the Church. John Francis Wade included it in his own publication of Cantus Diversi (1751). The earliest existing manuscript shows both words and tune. including St. at various times been given credit. He founded a Music School in Vila Viçosa that "exported" musicians to Spain and Italy and it was there at his Vila Viçosa palace that the two manuscripts of the "Portuguese Hymn" have been .[1] The original four verses of the hymn The start of Adeste Fideles. pronounced [ʒuˈɐ̃w̃]). The Abbé Etienne Jean Francois Borderies wrote an additional three verses in the 18th century. anonymous. and a considerably sophisticated writer on music. who wasn't born until after the tune was first published. though the English "O Come All Ye Faithful" translation by the English Roman Catholic priest Frederick Oakeley[2] is particularly widespread. and it was with these that the hymn was originally published. or they are totally unconnected. Marcos Antonio da Fonseca. The first part of his musical work was published in 1649. including a Portuguese musician. Portuguese and Spanish orders have. which was first published in Murray's Hymnal in 1852. in addition. additional Latin verse is rarely printed. All Ye Faithful". but the most used version today is the English "O Come. The text itself has unclear beginnings.

Wherever she went she and her embassy. Numerous cover versions have been recorded by artists from around the world. In the same year (1649) he had a huge struggle to get instrumental music approved by the Vatican for use in the Catholic Church. as were other liturgical texts with coded Jacobite meanings. head of music at Durham University. because it actually represented Portugal (in the form of the Princess).Adeste Fideles found. claims the carol is actually a birth ode to Bonnie Prince Charlie. with Bethlehem a common Jacobite cipher for England and Regem Angelorum a pun on Angelorum (Angels) and Anglorum (English). if at all. This carol has served as the second-last hymn sung at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols in King's College. after the last lesson from Chapter 1 of the Gospel of John. is that King John IV of Portugal wrote this hymn to accompany is daughter Catherine to England. either because the hymn is too long in its entirety or because the words are unsuitable for the day on which they are sung.[3] Professor Bennett Zon. including Elvis Presley and Andrea Bocelli. His other famous composition is a setting of the Crux fidelis. which is more believed to be true. In the books by Wade it was often decorated with Jacobite floral imagery.[4] Performance In performance verses are often omitted. which became widely know in England as the Portuguese Hymn. Cambridge.[1] The translation that he heard differs greatly from the Oakeley-Brooke translation. which is sung in unison. where she married King Charles II. . and a last verse harmonisation in verse 7 (verse 4 in the original). which was originally published in 1961 by Oxford University Press in the first book in the Carols for Choirs series. The Portuguese Hymn The hymn was known for a while as the Portuguese Hymn after the Duke of Leeds in 1795 heard the hymn being sung at the Portuguese embassy in London and assumed that it had originated from Portugal. the secret political code being decipherable by the "faithful" — supposedly the Jacobites. a work that remains highly popular during Lent amongst church choirs. In the United Kingdom and United States it is often sung today in an arrangement by Sir David Willcocks. For example the eighth anonymous verse is only sung on Epiphany. 129 Jacobite connection The hymn has been interpreted as a Jacobite birth ode to Bonnie Prince Charlie. was announced and accompanied with this hymn. Also a different account of the story. while the last verse of the original is normally reserved for Christmas Day or midnight mass. Among the King's writings is a Defense of Modern Music (Lisbon. This arrangement makes use of the basic harmonisation from The English Hymnal but adds a soprano descant in verse 6 (verse 3 in the original) with its reharmonised organ accompaniment. 1649).[3] From the 1740s to 1770s the earliest forms of the carol commonly appeared in English Roman Catholic liturgical books close to prayers for the exiled Old Pretender. Those manuscripts (1640) predate Wade's eighteenth-century manuscript.

com/~gavvie/adeste. Fideles (http://www. htm).cpdl. [3] "Carol is 'ode to Bonnie Prince'" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 2008-12-21.Adeste Fideles 130 References [1] Stephan. htm). [4] "News & Events : News" (http:/ / www. ISSN nº 1676-7748 .Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Christmas Carol. [2] "Frederick Oakeley 1802-1880" (http:/ / www. ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ . . .org/wiki/index. uk/ 1/ hi/ england/ wear/ 7789477. Professor José Maria Neves External links • Text. co.n25 1998. • Musica Sacra em Minas Gerais no século XVIII. Retrieved 2007-12-18. . Buckfast Abbey. translations and settings of Adeste Fideles (http://www. dur.php/Adeste_fideles) in the Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki) • Free sheet music (http://cantorion.two 19th century arrangements • Original Latin and English translation (http://members. com/ Hymns_and_Carols/ Images/ Stephan/ adeste_fideles_a_study_on_its_or. stm). ac.org • Adeste.org/music/489/Christmas Carol Songbook) of O Come. Adeste Fideles: A Study On Its Origin And Development (http:/ / www. hymntime. 19 December 2008. 2008-12-18.hymnsandcarolsofchristmas. BBC. .htm) . com/ tch/ bio/ o/ a/ oakeley_f. John (1947). All ye Faithful for SATB from Cantorion.tripod. Retrieved 2007-10-01.com/Hymns_and_Carols/NonEnglish/ adeste_fideles. uk/ news/ newsitem/ ?itemno=7328). bbc. hymnsandcarolsofchristmas.html) . Durham University.

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wikipedia File:BritanniaScan1.php?title=File:MadonnaYou'llSee.JPG  Source: http://en.wikipedia File:Walker w. Gakuro.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia. Tohma . Kahlil88.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Hallelujah-norway-single.jpg  Source: http://en. Discographer.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: German.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Olney_vicarage.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index. Library of Congress.wikipedia.org/w/index.S. Gakuro. TommyBee File:Duranduran perfectday. TheDJ.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Wild_Horses2.org/w/index.php?title=File:Olney_Hymns_page_53_Amazing_Grace.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ryan3896490 File:Youllsee.org/w/index.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Olney Hymns was published by John Newton and William Cowper.php?title=File:Franz_Xaver_Gruber.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Leonard_Cohen_Hallelujah. 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