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9. 10.

98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 310/39

2. The new market organisation provides for suitable machinery for overcoming these structural problems,
e.g. encouraging producers’ organisations that market their produce, creating operational funds and drawing up
operational programmes.

It is accordingly not the Commission’s intention to embark on a reform of the present arrangements governing
fruit and vegetables.

(98/C 310/46) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0217/98

by Gianni Tamino (V) to the Commission
(11 February 1998)

Subject: Derogations granted by Italy for slaughterhouses

In its answer to my previous question (E-3274/97) (1), the Commission stated that it would ‘contact the Italian
authorities with a request for further information on the subject’.

Article 56 of the law linked to the 1998 budget, containing ‘measures to stabilize public finances’, which was
finally adopted by the Italian parliament on 23 December 1997, has further extended the deadline (the previous
deadline having been laid down in Law No 228/1997 on ‘urgent provisions for preventing and tackling forest
fires in Italy, and measures in the spheres of civil protection, the environment and agriculture’) to 31 December
1998 for slaughterhouses, which have already been granted an extension of more than three years beyond the
deadline laid down in Community law.

Is the Commission aware of this latest decision and does it consider that it complies with the relevant Directives?

(1) OJ C 158, 25.5.1998, p. 75.

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(2 April 1998)

The Commission has contacted the Italian authorities and has requested further information concerning the facts
mentioned in the written question. The answer has not yet been received.

The Commission will now request the information once again.

(98/C 310/47) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0218/98

by Florus Wijsenbeek (ELDR) to the Commission
(11 February 1998)

Subject: New road toll in Poland

1. Is it true that since 1 January 1998 Poland has been levying a toll on Polish roads and that the tariff are
supposed to be in line with the Eurovignette?

2. Is it true that the tariffs for the Polish vignette are four times greater than the Eurovignette?

3. Is it true that it is harder for foreigners to obtain vignettes than for Poles?

4. Does the Commission intend to take action to nullify the consequences of the introduction of the new road
toll in Poland?