CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a custom scenario for Warcraft

III, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft. The objective of the scenario is to destroy the opponents' "Ancient". The two teams' ancients are heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map. Players use powerful units known as heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and AI-controlled fighters called "creeps". As in role-playing games, players level up their hero and use gold to buy equipment during the mission.[1] The scenario was developed with the "World Editor" of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and was updated upon the release of the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. There have been many variations of the original concept; currently, the most popular is DotA Allstars, which has been maintained by several authors during development. Since its release, Allstars has become a feature at several worldwide tournaments, including Blizzard Entertainment's BlizzCon and the Asian World Cyber Games, as well as the Cyberathlete Amateur and CyberEvolution leagues; Gamasutra declared that DotA was perhaps the most popular "free, non-supported game mod in the world".[2] The map has gone on to influence other maps and games, including the upcoming strategy game Demigod.

DOTA GAMES have now been with us for over 30 years. The Atari 2600 is nearly 25 years old. Civilization is now nearly 10 years old. Yet, many Americans fail to recognize these complex achievements as more than fads or child’s play. Ask most people what they think about video games, DOTA and many will respond that they’re a waste of time. Many critics argue that games produce socially isolated people or promote violent behavior. DOTA games are simple, mind numbing entertainment. Playing

games is a waste of time. Some of these criticisms may (or may not) be true, but to view all game playing through this lens is to ignore the broader history of games and the diverse range of game playing experiences available. In fact, the DOTA games sales charts reflect this diversity. The Sims –the

“animated dollhouse” game where players create and play out digital fantasy households has dominated the charts for 18 months straight. There are so many

computer games which is being addicted by the children or students either in high school and college and even the elementary really like the DOTA games or video games. Today millions of students has been playing DOTA games and become their habits it is so hard for them to avoid playing DOTA games. It is a big Physical and Psychological effects for them mostly to their studies.

Allstars. items . The original defense of the Ancient. Another developer named Ice frog. With successive versions. 0n the Dotas. abilities. Icefrog added a feature grass to snow. for new heroes or items. accompanied by with a changelog. features. Numerous variants were created on the original but Allstars became the de facto9r standard of the map Based on the original map.48. Eul did not update the map. with the release of under the the6 x version. after the Warcraft III expansion the Frozen Throne w as released. doing everything form implementation and balancing of debugging.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The original author of DOTA Defense of the Ancients was a mapmaker by the name of “EUL”. However. and graphics are added to updated and bugs are fixed. . Icefrog recently added anew hero based off submission for a ”Model to hero “ context o his site. automatically changed the inverson 6. users can be post ideas. which is terrain from each released. took up development Ice frog is now the main program for the map. some of which are added to the map. but not before making the source open for other developers. For example. development was eventually hatled. forum. heroes. Allstars was developed by an author alais Guinsoo.

the impacts of dota has determined. The researcher made a frame that easy to understand.RESEARCH LOCALE The researcher conduct an interview in selected school. Where the respondents are students in high school level and playing Dota. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Students spent their time playing dota than studying DOTA IMPACTS IN STUDEN Students get failed grades Don’t have time for the family Not eating at the right time Parents should keep an eye on their children Prohibit students in computer shop . universities in Metro Manila. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK In the conceptual that made by the researcher. and the action that can be made by the parents to avoid their children in being addicted in playing dota.

A descriptive method is used in the foregoing study. the age of the students that playing dota. What are the influence of computer games to children ages below 14? 5. specifically the researcher try to find out the answers to the following problems: 1.STATEMENT OF THE STUDY The foregoing study is about the influence of playing computer games to the children age below 14. What are the disadvantages and advantages of playing computer games among children with the age of 14 years old? 3. ASSUMPTION In the foregoing study the researcher observes. What are the effects of computer games among children 2. . What are the causes of playing computer games? HYPOTHESIS There is no significant relationship between the profile of the respondents. how many times they play dota and what is the impact of it to their selves and to their study. How to play a computer games? 4.

ON LINE GAME – games that being played by the students in computer IMPACT.the result. to the high school students that playing Dota. in selected Schools. DEFENITION OF TERMS DOTA. Manila.Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a custom scenario for Warcraft III. The researcher focused in dota playing game and is limited in the area of Metro. and Universities. if it is good or bad COMPUTER GAMES. because technology is still there. net gaming .SCOPE AND DELIMITATION The study conducted to determine the impacts of dota in using the computer. It will be used until the time comes for the new generations.

school. While it was difficult to set a parameter of classifying games according to types and quality since I and my friend believed that the characteristics of the games have something to do with the addiction of students to playing. KHAN. level of . and other highly innovative and competitively graphical games.CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature and Related Studies Related Literature According to Waldbridge. Developing this attitude is not a personal choice alone. player and fan. we thought that it would be safe to just assume games as if have the same characteristics even though these games are under of different types and of the different level of complex graphical presentation. "Responsible gaming is an attitude we need if we are engage into Computer Game. it has led me to study the effects of playing computer games such as DOTA. The purpose of the study was to establish an understanding of to what extent is the effect of playing online games. it requires the participation of society (parents. network games and other types to the studies of the students in the university where I graduated. game developer and government)." As a computer game user.

real-time experiences." . Thus. This means that women has started playing games as early as 4 years old as the time of engagement of men revealed. and they women also spent closely 5 to 8 hrs on the average everyday just like men does. However. the plot of story it is trying to project and a lot more qualities. and it has given me knowledge on the magnitude of effects whether it is health. and family and even money issues. it requires a rigid classification and parameter identification to clearly qualify and quantify the impact of this activity to the life of students and Human in general. "One of result says that female players is exactly the same compared to male players when it comes the time of engagement to games. This shows therefore that in studying game addiction. the extent of its impact is relatively different when we talk about the degree of variation to students experiences towards gaming. I encountered several unique experiences when we did the study. if we quantify the effects then assumption holds that each game that we have studied has a relatively the same impact to students considering its character/quality. social. study.

DotA is not easy to master and play like a Pro. there are many type of gaming modes. which initially a strategic game similar to Red Alert series. What is the content that DotA offers to the gamers? And how's the excitements that it brings towards the gamers? And you may ask a key question. the youth. Almost every people especially the youth has played this game at the very beginning of the years. local LAN. For me. to be particular. Gamers can play DotA on a wide range. Because there are lots of gamers who are more expert than me exist in the DotA community. or LAN over internet connection with various country's gamers. There's no need for me to explain how the game is conducted and the features of the game. There contain variety of Heroes to be chosen as your character. There are lots of effects which DotA brings to our society. and different type of map for the game modes. how long will this DotA effects last? DotA basically is a game expanded from version of War of War Craft. But eventually evolved into current state. from single player.Perez says that. But one things to remind you is. With no doubt this game is one of the hottest game in the market. In every cyber . DotA effects have been continue for several years since the launch of the War of War Craft and the Frozen Throne. this DotA is not a difficult game for amateur. you can start play DotA anytime and familiar with this game easily over 2 or 3 days. You can take up to several years spent on this game but still behave like amateur.

They can discuss about the weapons. no time for the family 4. the grade will be failed 3. Actually DotA serve as a platform for youth to communicate. it is more good for the students spend their time at computer games rather than in drugs. with their face full of concentration and excitements finding ways to defeat their opposing team or enemies. ADVANTAGES Some of the advantages of the DOTA games are: you can see gamers stick with their screen and mouse and keyboard. 2. because this game provides a common topics for every of the teenagers. Teenagers who initially don't know each other can easily become friends through DotA game. 2. and the tactics. it will give knowledge to all the students DISADVANTAGES The following disadvantages of the DOTA games: 1. the students must learn how to cutting their class. the heroes. they should not eat their food properly. .

dissatisfaction often manifests itself amongst some players regarding their inability to do jack shit but sit there and take a fat Blademaster cock up the ass when they get raped by ownage combos. a good player at all. Excuses are many. In many cases especially in the Philippines. to "LAAAG" to "LOL I WASN'T WATCHING (tharfore surely i wud have owned yuo)".Related Studies: Lodaya conducted the study that the favorite pastime of 95% of DotA players is to make excuses when they get owned. DotA just became a shitty medium to condescend to their total lack of actual skill in real time strategy gaming. . in a pathetic attempt to shield themselves from the harsh reality that their own shortcomings have just been exposed for the world to see. DotA is already an excuse to fail IRL. Warcraft 3 is now called DotA. ranging from "lag". In this example. or Encyclopedia Dramaticunt. people who become "PROS" in this so-called "game" turn out to be n00bs in real life. and to try to maintain what little crumbs the other players probably never held in their minds that the dead player in question is in fact. usually in the form of post-death mockery such as "i can push one buttens and get kills WOOO". At least 100 years ago. Ask a regular dota playing Filipino what Warcraft is and he will LOL WUT? Also. Such people are called DotArds. "WOOO" is the noise of a child uncontrollably shitting its pants and crying. See retard. or another favorite one "Where was my team! What you guys doin?!?! Yall jackin off over there or what?!" On top of this. They play DotA as a lame excuse so that they can tell others that they play Warcraft.

It is also known that your head can will explode due to the sheer retardation level and shittiness of the game. the people who obsess over DotA get a great deal of pleasure reminding you of how their mastery is far superior by choosing the "all random" mode .Many variations of the DotA map exist. this isn't because the game is near impossible to master properly (like Pacman) but rather it is completely and totally over complicated. In DotA. which is why most DotArds play their shitty game 24/7. A study conducted that one of the dreadful effects of watching or playing DotA is the reduction of a bit of your IQ. horrible death due to internal hemorrhaging. Those whose minds are simple/retarded/stupid enough to somehow TAKE the overall shittiness will have their minds liquefied into a fine goo and transformed into an addict. Some maps cater to Narutards. Others. To make matters worse in order to actually acquire good items you have to merge items together in what they call a "recipe" which causes the simple decision of choosing an item to increase your agility to take 60 seconds or longer which adds up because you have to keep buying items or you will get pwned hardcore. there are roughly eighty one hundred characters each with their own stats and unique abilities and almost as many items. One would expect that you could simply stick with a handful of characters you actually like but you'd be wrong. Another is a slow. cater to fuckwits with a scatological sense of humor. This complicated system results in literally over 9000 different combinations. As stated above DotA is not newfag friendly. like Tides of Blood.

but who wants to live with that kind of shame. I though first DOTA is actually the name of the game until I found out that its just a map based from warcraft 3 Frozen throne and you can also play different maps of Frozen throne like for example "fight of characters" try to play that. When I started out this game i was fully amazed with the numbers of heroes you are to choose from. I do play this with my officemates and online also through the use of garena. Try to learn all heroes and learn to know how to "Counter them" sometimes you can beat Experienced Players using their counter heroes. This has been very popular up to now. You also need to know what is the equipment they wear through combination of .which means you could be playing as any of the eighty characters available and to make matters worse all the "hardened" DotArds expect that you have had extensive experience with all characters and memorized all item and ability related documentation. In the event you are unable to live up to the standards of the benevolent veterans you can expect to be slandered and mocked at every turn. its also getting popular. When we talk about this game most of the questions are " who is your character?" I always just answer them "it depends" who is your the character of my opponent. Eventually word will get around about how much you suck so you can expect to be instantly booted from any DotA games you try and join which will prevent you from gaining any useful experience leaving you no choice but to become an hero or go back to Halo. A student says. You also have to consider mastering at least one just for you to make sure you can have a game win at all.

On a side note.getdota. updates and gamefaqs there. For now the latest version is 6. until you break their defenses and dominate in the game.items. why dota has its impact to . I Strong Player knows the Equipment that suits the Hero. has it similarities in the foregoing study about the “Impact of Dota in Student” The study related studies and literature conduct all the reasons you'll have the updated map. Most of popular online games are in garena in which you just have to learn how to tweak some settings in the game to play on it online for free. The game is all about Pushing / Destroying the tower up to the end with the help of the creeps.59c in which you can download the updated map of the game at www. Along with that is killing of enemy heroes who tries to defend their tower. They always update their map time by time you have to be updated with the latest heroes and changes with their skills. you can check dota for latest information of maps. SYNTHESIS The following literature and studies above that the researcher gets. its just a matter of connecting 2 computers via VPN connection.

These data as earlier noted will serve as basis for the conclusion of this study. Research Instrument The data were gathered by formulating questions and using them as the main tools for obtaining facts from the respondents.CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design The foregoing study utilized the descriptive method of research. the foregoing study employ a survey method. Respondents of the Study As already mentioned. by selecting at random twenty students that are utilized as respondents of this study. Each of the respondents are provided their own set of questionnaire. Using this method we undertake a sampling procedure and conducted an interview among twenty students in selected School/ University in Metro Manila. This method of gathering facts that deals with the current conditions surrounding the topic. These data are transferred and arranged iun tables where they are further to analysis and interpretation. .

through interpretation. a simple percentage and frequency method was used using the following formula: P = F x 100 _____ n where P n = = Percentage Total of Respondents F = frequency . After distributing and getting all the results. Statistical Treatment In analyzing the data in this study. the researcher arranged in table and analyzed it.Data Collection Procedure The researcher get a permission in distributing the questionnaire to the respondents of the said study.

OF RESPONDENTS 20 0 PERCENTAGE 100% 0% In this table.CHAPTER IV PRESENTATION. analysis and interpretation of table has shown. OF RESPONDENTS 10 5 5 PERCENTAGE 70% 15% 15% In this table. 75% of the respondents said that they do play computer games. where presentation. 15% said that they play once a week. ANALYSIS AND INTERPREATTION OF DATA In this Chapter. almost 70% of the respondents were playing computer evryday. It will determine the number of respondents that answered the questions that the researcher made. Question 1: Do you play computer games? RESPONDS Yes No NO. and 0% said that do not play it. So this means that almost all of the students do play computer games Question 3: How often? RESPONDS Everyday Once a week Twice a week NO. and the 15 said that they just play twice a week Question 3: What is the game you often play? .

80% of the respondents says that playing DOTA and other computer games affects their study. 10% were playing ragnarok and 10% were playing counterstrike. So it means that DOTA is more capable for them to play. determine that 80% of the respondents do play DOTA. OF RESPONDENTS 8 4 8 PERCENTAGE 40% 20% 40% . 5% says it don’t affect their study. OF RESPONDENTS 10 5 5 PERCENTAGE 80% 10% 10% Table 4. and 10% says that it affects their study them sometimes. Question 4: Is this affects your study? RESPONDS Yes No Sometimes NO. OF RESPONDENTS 15 3 2 PERCENTAGE 80% 10% 10% Table 3.RESPONDS DOTA RAGNAROK COUNTERSTIKE NO. Question 5: what is the impact of playing DOTA to you? RESPONDS My grades get low/ failed My parents get angry to me I don’t have time for NO.

studying In table 5. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Summary: . 40% of the respondents says that impact of playing DOTA to them were the low grades or sometime failed grades they get and not having time for their study. It means that the impact of playing DOTA is more on the study of the students CHAPTER V SUMAR OF FINDINGS. And 20% says that their parents got angry to them in playing DOTA.

The survey in different students on selected school and university among twenty respondents had been conducted. Most of the . and not paying attention with their study. CONCLUSION Do you know how to play DOTA games? This is one of the biggest question among those who play their computer games t different computer shops. It also determine the effects of DOTA in the life and study of the students. It determines the advantages and disadvantages of paling DOTA. where it came from. how it started and what kind of game is it. The majority of the students love to play DOTA than any other computer games. as we all knew boys have hard head than girls. The minority of these students were all male in gender. they were aware on its impact but they do not care about it. The study also determine the information about DOTA.The study is all about the impacts of DOTA to students. Most of these students spent time in computer shops.

And with this you can avail to know all the facts and bad influence of this so called DOTA games to the children as well as for the students. the so called computer games is not really good to the children nor to the teenagers or students. the students should not able to attend their schools or classes Hence. So with this study you may also determined that several games in computer is knowledgeable but there are some DOTA games which is not suitable for the students. With this computer knowledge.users of this computer games are belong to 14 and above all of them are students. Therefore. Millions of youth and children really want to play its favorite games at the computer . with this study you may able to know all the advantages and disadvantages of computer games to the youth or teenagers. RECOMMENDATION The DOTA games is one of the most popular games here in our country today.

or if the child is wearing a uniform APPROVAL SHEET . in order to let them know the worse impacts of DOTA in their life and study to all the parents to give guide to their children 3. we found out that there is no good impacts of computer games to the children. So this study is recommended to the following: 1. to the computer rentals. to prohibit students in time that they knew it has a class to attend to. to the students. Most of the time the children should not able to attend their classes because of this DOTA games. With this regard.

this thesis entitled. Lacanilao ________________ Willie S. Chapter 1 .” has been prepared and submitted by Redmelton S. Ongoco Assistant Principal High School Table of Contents I. ________________ Mrs. Villafania Thesis Teacher Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation. ”IMPACTS OF DOTA TO THE STUDENTS. Marilou A.In partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation.

Chapter 3 A. Statement of the study H. Disadvantage E. Related Studies F. Synthesis III. Background of the study D. Respondents of the Study . Problem and its background B. Hypothesis I. Review of related literature and Related studies B. Research Methodology B. Chapter 2 A. Related literatures C.A. Assumption J. Conceptual Framework G. Definition of Terms II. Scopes And Delimitation K. Theoretical Framework F. Advantage D. Introduction C. Research Locale E.

C. Recommendation Acknowledgement . Chapter 4 A. Conclusions and Recommendations B. Analysis and interpretation of Data V. Statistical Treatment IV. Data Collection Procedure E. Chapter 5 A. Research instruments D. Interpretation. Conclusion C. Sumar of Findings.

who guided me and gave me knowledge. classmates and Ma’am Malou.My sincerest gratitude to all of the people who helped me to finish this thesis. To my family. To my friends. . Thank you. To God. for their endless love and support.

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