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The Alec Baldwin Handbook - Everything you need to know about Alec Baldwin

The Alec Baldwin Handbook - Everything you need to know about Alec Baldwin

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Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

Baldwin first gained recognition through television for his work in the soap opera Knots Landing, which aired on CBS from 1984 to 1986. He has since played both leading and supporting roles in films such as Beetlejuice (1988), The Hunt for Red October (1990), The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006). His performance in the 2003 film The Cooler garnered him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

As of 2010 he stars as Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. He has received two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards. He is the oldest of the Baldwin brothers working in Hollywood.

This book is your ultimate resource for Alec Baldwin. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Filmography right away: 30 Rock, It's Complicated (film), My Sister's Keeper (film), Lymelife, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film), Shortcut to Happiness, Brooklyn Rules, Suburban Girl, The Good Shepherd (film), Running with Scissors (film), The Departed, Mini's First Time, Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film), Elizabethtown (film), The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Aviator, The Last Shot, Along Came Polly, Channel Chasers, Walking with Cavemen, The Cat in the Hat (film), Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There, The Cooler, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Royal Tenenbaums, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Cats & Dogs, Pearl Harbor (film), Clerks: The Animated Series, State and Main, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, The Acting Class, Outside Providence (film), Notting Hill (film), The Confession (1999 film), Mercury Rising, Thick as Thieves (film), The Edge (1997 film), Ghosts of Mississippi, Looking for Richard, Heaven's Prisoners, The Juror, Two Bits, The Shadow (1994 film), The Getaway (1994 film), Malice (film), Glengarry Glen Ross (film), Prelude to a Kiss (film), The Marrying Man, Alice (1990 film), Miami Blues (film), The Hunt for Red October (film), Tong Tana, Great Balls of Fire! (film), Talk Radio (film), Working Girl, Married to the Mob, Beetlejuice, She's Having a Baby, Forever, Lulu

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

Baldwin first gained recognition through television for his work in the soap opera Knots Landing, which aired on CBS from 1984 to 1986. He has since played both leading and supporting roles in films such as Beetlejuice (1988), The Hunt for Red October (1990), The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006). His performance in the 2003 film The Cooler garnered him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

As of 2010 he stars as Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. He has received two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards. He is the oldest of the Baldwin brothers working in Hollywood.

This book is your ultimate resource for Alec Baldwin. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Filmography right away: 30 Rock, It's Complicated (film), My Sister's Keeper (film), Lymelife, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film), Shortcut to Happiness, Brooklyn Rules, Suburban Girl, The Good Shepherd (film), Running with Scissors (film), The Departed, Mini's First Time, Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film), Elizabethtown (film), The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Aviator, The Last Shot, Along Came Polly, Channel Chasers, Walking with Cavemen, The Cat in the Hat (film), Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There, The Cooler, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Royal Tenenbaums, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Cats & Dogs, Pearl Harbor (film), Clerks: The Animated Series, State and Main, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, The Acting Class, Outside Providence (film), Notting Hill (film), The Confession (1999 film), Mercury Rising, Thick as Thieves (film), The Edge (1997 film), Ghosts of Mississippi, Looking for Richard, Heaven's Prisoners, The Juror, Two Bits, The Shadow (1994 film), The Getaway (1994 film), Malice (film), Glengarry Glen Ross (film), Prelude to a Kiss (film), The Marrying Man, Alice (1990 film), Miami Blues (film), The Hunt for Red October (film), Tong Tana, Great Balls of Fire! (film), Talk Radio (film), Working Girl, Married to the Mob, Beetlejuice, She's Having a Baby, Forever, Lulu

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • 30 Rock
  • It's Complicated (film)
  • My Sister's Keeper (film)
  • Lymelife
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film)
  • Shortcut to Happiness
  • Brooklyn Rules
  • Suburban Girl
  • The Good Shepherd (film)
  • Running with Scissors (film)
  • The Departed
  • Mini's First Time
  • Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film)
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  • The Last Shot
  • Along Came Polly
  • Channel Chasers
  • Walking with Cavemen
  • The Cat in the Hat (film)
  • Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There
  • The Cooler
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Pearl Harbor (film)
  • Clerks: The Animated Series
  • State and Main
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  • The Acting Class
  • Outside Providence (film)
  • Notting Hill (film)
  • The Confession (1999 film)
  • Mercury Rising
  • Thick as Thieves (film)
  • The Edge (1997 film)
  • Ghosts of Mississippi
  • Looking for Richard
  • Heaven's Prisoners
  • The Juror
  • Two Bits
  • The Shadow (1994 film)
  • The Getaway (1994 film)
  • Malice (film)
  • Glengarry Glen Ross (film)
  • Prelude to a Kiss (film)
  • The Marrying Man
  • Alice (1990 film)
  • Miami Blues (film)
  • The Hunt for Red October (film)
  • Tong Tana
  • Great Balls of Fire! (film)
  • Talk Radio (film)
  • Working Girl
  • Married to the Mob
  • Beetlejuice
  • She's Having a Baby
  • Forever, Lulu
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Alexander Rae “Alec” Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage

, and television. Baldwin first gained recognition through television for his work in the soap opera Knots Landing, which aired on CBS from 1984 to 1986. He has since played both leading and supporting roles in films such as Beetlejuice (1988), The Hunt for Red October (1990), The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006). His performance in the 2003 film The Cooler garnered him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. As of 2010 he stars as Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. He has received two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards. He is the oldest of the Baldwin brothers working in Hollywood. This book is your ultimate resource for Alec Baldwin. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Filmography right away: 30 Rock, It’s Complicated (film), My Sister’s Keeper (film), Lymelife, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, My Best Friend’s Girl (2008 film), Shortcut to Happiness, Brooklyn Rules, Suburban Girl, The Good Shepherd (film), Running with Scissors (film), The Departed, Mini’s First Time, Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film), Elizabethtown (film), The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Aviator, The Last Shot, Along Came Polly, Channel Chasers, Walking with Cavemen, The Cat in the Hat (film), Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There, The Cooler, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Royal Tenenbaums, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Cats & Dogs, Pearl Harbor (film), Clerks: The Animated Series, State and Main, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, The Acting Class, Outside Providence (film), Notting Hill (film), The Confession (1999 film), Mercury Rising, Thick as Thieves (film), The Edge (1997 film), Ghosts of Mississippi, Looking for Richard, Heaven’s Prisoners, The Juror, Two Bits, The Shadow (1994 film), The Getaway (1994 film), Malice (film), Glengarry Glen Ross (film), Prelude to a Kiss (film), The Marrying Man, Alice (1990 film), Miami Blues (film), The Hunt for Red October (film), Tong Tana, Great Balls of Fire! (film), Talk Radio (film), Working Girl, Married to the Mob, Beetlejuice, She’s Having a Baby, Forever, Lulu Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

Everything you need to know about Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin 30 Rock It's Complicated (film) My Sister's Keeper (film) Lymelife Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film) Shortcut to Happiness Brooklyn Rules Suburban Girl The Good Shepherd (film) Running with Scissors (film) The Departed Mini's First Time Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film) Elizabethtown (film) The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie The Aviator The Last Shot Along Came Polly Channel Chasers Walking with Cavemen The Cat in the Hat (film) Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There The Cooler The Adventures of Pluto Nash The Royal Tenenbaums Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Cats & Dogs Pearl Harbor (film) Clerks: The Animated Series State and Main Thomas and the Magic Railroad The Acting Class 1 13 30 35 39 41 48 51 54 56 58 67 70 80 82 86 90 94 101 104 107 110 114 118 122 126 130 136 143 147 155 159 163 169

Outside Providence (film) Notting Hill (film) The Confession (1999 film) Mercury Rising Thick as Thieves (film) The Edge (1997 film) Ghosts of Mississippi Looking for Richard Heaven's Prisoners The Juror Two Bits The Shadow (1994 film) The Getaway (1994 film) Malice (film) Glengarry Glen Ross (film) Prelude to a Kiss (film) The Marrying Man Alice (1990 film) Miami Blues (film) The Hunt for Red October (film) Tong Tana Great Balls of Fire! (film) Talk Radio (film) Working Girl Married to the Mob Beetlejuice She's Having a Baby Forever. Lulu 170 174 181 182 185 186 191 194 196 199 202 204 209 213 217 223 226 229 232 235 240 241 245 248 253 257 265 269 References Article Sources and Contributors Image Sources. Licenses and Contributors 270 278 Article Licenses License 280 .

three Golden Globe Awards. 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film. 2010. director. He is the oldest of the Baldwin brothers working in Hollywood. com/ Occupation Years active Spouse Alexander Rae "Alec" Baldwin III (born April 3. His performance in the 2003 film The Cooler garnered him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Baldwin first gained recognition through television for his work in the soap opera Knots Landing. Shrine Auditorium. The Hunt for Red October (1990). alecbaldwin. The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006). Actor. He has received two Emmy Awards. and television.S. He has since played both leading and supporting roles in films such as Beetlejuice (1988). As of 2010 he stars as Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. 1958 Amityville. author 1980–present Kim Basinger (1993–2002) (1 child) Website http:/ / www.Alec Baldwin 1 Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. New York. U. producer. Los Angeles. and four Screen Actors Guild Awards. Born Alexander Rae Baldwin III April 3. . on January 23. stage. which aired on CBS from 1984 to 1986.

Jr. this time as a commencement speaker and to receive a Doctor of Fine Arts degree. alongside Reba McEntire as Nellie and Brian Stokes Mitchell as Emile. Baldwin also received an Emmy nomination for the 1995 television version of the production. Fox and Norm Macdonald. Baldwin starred in a revival of Twentieth Century with Anne Heche. Vivica A. Between the years of 1998 and 2002.Alec Baldwin 2 Early life Baldwin was born in Amityville. Joseph Maher and Charles Keating. On June 9. Baldwin wrote an episode of Law & Order entitled "Tabloid". a retired plastic surgeon. 2006. Barrett Moore. In 2002. He also guest-starred in the first live episode of the series. and played football there under Coach Bob Reifsnyder. as an honest cadet sergeant who tries to solve the mystery of a murdered classmate. In 2006. He played the role of Dr. He then co-starred in the television series Knots Landing from 1984 to 1986. He returned to NYU in 1994 and graduated with a BFA that year. Sloane. Television Baldwin's first major acting role was as Billy Aldrich on the daytime soap opera The Doctors from 1980 to 1982. He attended George Washington University from 1976 to 1979. His performance as Stanley Kowalski in the latter garnered him a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor. Berner High School in Massapequa. in which he played Malcolm – a 'top secret agent' and the lover of Karen Walker (Megan Mullally). he starred in the short-lived television series Cutter to Houston. and used Kim Basinger as one of his "phone-a-friend" partners.[6] The film was adapted by Gore Vidal from the novel by Lucian Truscott. Baldwin starred in Dress Gray. New York. . He also portrayed a recurring character in a number of episodes in season 7 and 8 of Will & Grace. he appeared in a concert version of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific at Carnegie Hall. He starred as Luther Billis. On July 7. He won $250.. Baldwin was a host at the American leg of Live Earth. who is in the College Football Hall of Fame.[5] Career Stage Baldwin made his Broadway debut in 1986. which was broadcast on NBC.000 for PAWS. in a revival of Joe Orton's Loot alongside theater veterans Zoë Wanamaker. In 1986. In 2004. Charlie Sheen. Baldwin worked as a busboy at the famous New York City disco Studio 54. honoris causa. On May 12. 2005. The production was taped and telecast by PBS on April 26. who also became actors. in which both he and Jessica Lange reprised their roles. alongside John Goodman and Diane Lane.[3] [4] He has three younger brothers. narrator for the children's show Thomas and Friends. Baldwin appeared in a celebrity edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in November 2000. he again returned to New York University. Baldwin appeared on two episodes of Friends as Phoebe Buffay's overly enthusiastic love interest. Baldwin made theater news in Roundabout Theatre Company's Off-Broadway revival of Joe Orton's Entertaining Mr. Daniel. English and French descent. William. Baldwin played the title role in Macbeth at the Public theater alongside Angela Bassett and Liev Schreiber in a production directed by George C. 2010. His other Broadway credits include Caryl Churchill's Serious Money with Kate Nelligan and a highly acclaimed revival of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire.S. Parker. Željko Ivanek. a high school history/social studies teacher and football coach. competing against Jon Stewart. In 1998. in the series Nip/Tuck. 2007. which aired in 1998. narrating all 52 episodes of seasons 5 and 6.[1] the son of Carolyn Newcomb (née Martineau) and Alexander Rae Baldwin. a four-hour made-for-television miniseries. Baldwin attended Alfred G.[2] Baldwin was raised in a Roman Catholic family of Irish. and Stephen. He then transferred to New [1] York University to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute under Elaine Aiken and Geoffrey Horne. In the fall of 1983. Baldwin was the U. Long Island. This production closed after three months. Wolfe.

Also in 1988. Baldwin directed and starred in an all-star version of The Devil and Daniel Webster with Anthony Hopkins.[13] The then-unreleased film became an asset in a federal bank fraud trial when investor Jed Barron was convicted of bank fraud while the movie was in production. in a brief role. Since season 3. during several tapings of Saturday Night Live. a 1994 remake of the 1972 Steve McQueen film of the same name. He won again in 2009. The film made $48 million. The film eventually was acquired by The Yari Group without Baldwin's involvement. remains the highest grossing film Baldwin has appeared in his acting career. Baldwin met his future wife Kim Basinger when they played lovers in the 1991 film The Marrying Man. Baldwin performed opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 2007 romantic comedy.Alec Baldwin Baldwin currently stars in the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. he starred in Prelude to a Kiss with Meg Ryan. The Juror and Heaven's Prisoners.[9] He has hosted Saturday Night Live 15 times as of May 15. a theatrical release in the spring and cable film network Starz! announced they had acquired pay TV rights for the film. which. He appeared with Basinger again in The Getaway. The film received a lukewarm reception by critics and grossed only $22 million worldwide. the Yari Film Group announced it would give the film. He has received two Emmy Awards.[10] 3 Film Baldwin made his film debut with a minor role in the 1988 film She's Having a Baby. marking his seventh Primetime Emmy nomination and first win. Shortcut to Happiness was finally released in 2008. currently sharing the title of most frequent host with Steve Martin. alongside Nikki Reed and Luke Wilson. Baldwin with Kim Basinger at the 1994 César Awards ceremony in Paris.[7] [8] Baldwin co-hosted the 82nd Academy Awards with Steve Martin in 2010.[12] Baldwin was nominated for an Academy Award.[15] . Later that year. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dan Aykroyd in 2001.[1] He appeared in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006).220. which first aired in October 2006. 2010. In 1996 and 1997. Baldwin. and the Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in the 2003 gambling drama The Cooler. Baldwin joined TCM’s The Essentials Robert Osborne as co-host beginning in March 2009. Baldwin continued to work in several thrillers including The Edge. Baldwin received his second Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Television Comedy or Musical as Jack Donaghy in 2008. two Golden Globe awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his role. James Doolittle in the film. a Golden Globe.[1] In 2006. He played Lt. he starred in the film Mini's First Time. Baldwin has been credited as producer of the show. He gained further recognition as a leading man with his role as Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October (1990).945. he co-starred in the hit romantic comedy It's Complicated with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin. he appeared in Beetlejuice and Working Girl. beginning with Pearl Harbor in 2001. Baldwin had met series creator Tina Fey and one of his co-stars. Next. a part added to the film version of David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play. now titled Shortcut to Happiness. Baldwin shifted towards character acting. Tracy Morgan. Baldwin played a ferocious sales executive in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992). displeased with the way the film had been cut in post-production.[11] In 1994. Col. which was based on the Broadway play. with a worldwide box office of $449. Baldwin made a foray into pulp fiction-based movies with the role of the title character in The Shadow. In 2009. Suburban Girl. demanded that his directorial credit be changed to the pseudonym "Harry Kirkpatrick".[14] In 2007.

I blame my ex-wife least of all for what has transpired.[29] has had to put time aside from his career.[32] so he could stay in his daughter's life."[43] In his blog contributions to the Huffington Post.[27] Baldwin has called the attorneys in the case "opportunists" and has characterized Basinger's psychologists as part of the "divorce industry". Kim Basinger. Nothing off the menu.. Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be . Baldwin has said. the nationally broadcast radio series of the New York Philharmonic. he said "I spoke to a lot of professionals.[41] In February 2009.[22] not following court orders. Baldwin spoke out to encourage state leaders to renew New York's tax break for the film and television industry. She is a person. He is a vegetarian. his former wife. 2009. Baldwin has voiced his opposition to the policies and administration of George W.[34] Baldwin admitted he made a mistake. Baldwin answered: "That's what I hate about Arnold Schwarzenegger. "In fact. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. endeavored to deny him access to his daughter by refusing to discuss parenting. Of the incident.[23] not dropping their daughter off for reasons of it being inconvenient. Bush[44] and Dick Cheney. doing the best she can with what she has. She is a litigant. like many of us.[16] He has recorded two nationally distributed public service radio announcements on behalf of the Save the Manatee Club.[26] Baldwin called this parental alienation syndrome.tax breaks are not reinstated into the budget. he hit a breaking point.I'm de Tocqueville compared to Schwarzenegger.[33] He contends that the tape was sold to TMZ. but asked not to be judged as a parent based on a bad moment. which released the recording despite laws against publishing media related to a minor without the permission of both parents.[18] Baldwin contended that after seven years of these issues.[21] not providing telephone access. who helped me.[18] [19] Baldwin contends that after their separation in December 2000. ever.[31] and needed to find a house in California (he lived in New York)."[28] Baldwin wrote that he has spent over a million dollars. and therefore. he has contended: "Cheney. one who walks into a courtroom and is never offered anything other than what is served there.[17] A Promise to Ourselves In 2008 Alec Baldwin and Mark Tabb published A Promise to Ourselves.[37] Political views Baldwin serves on the board of People for the American Way.[35] He later admitted to Playboy in June 2009 that he contemplated suicide over the voice mail that leaked to the public. Baldwin toured in support of the book.. stating that if the ".5 million in the effort. which chronicles Baldwin's seven-year battle to remain a part of his daughter's life. for which he has done work that includes narrating the video entitled Meet your Meat. Destroying me was their avowed goal. If I committed suicide.." When asked by the New York Times if he was qualified for the office.[24] and directly lobbying the child. Baldwin became the host of The New York Philharmonic This Week.[25] He contends she spent over $1. terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. 4 Radio On January 12."[36] [38] [39] [40] During the autumn of 2008. the thing I would like to be is governor of New York.Alec Baldwin Baldwin has also worked as voice actor in films such as The Royal Tenenbaums. and left an angry voicemail message in response to another unanswered arranged call."[42] Regarding the possibility of him getting involved in electoral politics.[45] In one of his blog posts.[20] blocking visitation. film production in this town is going to collapse and television production is going to collapse and it's all going to go to California. speaking about his experiences related in it.[30] has had to travel extensively.. and writes. animal rights activist and a strong supporter of PETA. "If I ever ran for anything. His only credentials are that he ran a fitness program under some bygone president. He has faulted them more than Basinger.. [ex-wife Kim Basinger's side] would have considered that a victory..

. Baldwin replied that Cheney was not a terrorist. The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs has a ban on the actor from entering the country due to his status as an "undesirable alien". actress Kim Basinger. Jr. ABC News reported that according to Kim Basinger's father.[55] Filmography Film Year Title Role Notes 1987 1988 1988 1988 1988 1988 1989 1989 1990 1990 Forever.[50] In 2002."[46] Baldwin and commentator Bill O'Reilly have been in a number of conflicts. Baldwin was targeted by members of the Filipino community who were offended.[49] Years later. The Advocate. Fox News Channel. Baldwin made a joke about getting a "Filipino mail-order bride. Baldwin later apologized for the remark via his Huffington Post blog. Documentary . they filed for divorce. of the Philippines. and that he was surprised Drudge was so "uptight about being gay. Baldwin's temper was a factor in the divorce. Baldwin repeated the story to the LGBT magazine. including Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla.. but rather just "a lying. and the network explained it was meant as a joke and promised not to rerun it. Baldwin said. thieving Oil Whore. They married in 1993 and had a daughter in October 1995."[54] 5 Personal life In 1990. In March 2008. news aggregator Matt Drudge threatened to sue Baldwin for his appearance on the Howard Stern show.. he met his future wife. Frenger Jr. 1998. during which Baldwin claimed that Drudge had propositioned him in the hallway at ABC studios in Los Angeles when he was doing the Gloria Allred show. eight days before President Bill Clinton was to be impeached.[47] Baldwin referred to O'Reilly's employer. but was a gentleman throughout" his interview with him. on a May 12.. we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. for what they're doing to this country. Late Show with David Letterman appearance in 2009. In January 2001. "if we were in another country.Alec Baldwin the answer to America's prayers?"[45] When asked if he had gone too far. We would kill their families. Since then.[51] [52] [53] No other action was taken by Drudge. saying that there was "a kind of creepy quality" to Drudge's sexual advances. the couple has been locked in a contentious public custody battle over their daughter.."[48] Baldwin later apologized for the remarks. which was finalized in February 2002. a murderer of the US Constitution.or a Russian one" in order to have more children. in the same blog post as "Roger Ailes' Luftwaffe/Looney Bin news operation. Lulu She's Having a Baby Beetlejuice Married to the Mob Working Girl Talk Radio Great Balls of Fire! Tong Tana The Hunt for Red October Miami Blues Buck Davis McDonald Adam Maitland Frank de Marco Mick Dugan Dan Jimmy Swaggart Narrator Jack Ryan Frederick J. when they played lovers in the film The Marrying Man. While calling O'Reilly a "talented broadcaster" and someone who "was aggressive.." During his appearance on the comedy late night show Late Night with Conan O'Brien on December 12. Or.

Nicholas Kudrow Roy Bleakie Jeff King Old Man Dunphy Todd Fitter Himself Mr. Jed Hill Carter 'Doc' McCoy Lamont Cranston/The Shadow Narrator Narrator Teacher Dave Robicheaux Clarence Bobby DeLaughter Robert Green Mackin. Conductor Bob Barrenger Florida Film Critics Circle Award for Best Cast National Board of Review Award for Best Cast Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Cast Nominated—Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Short film Documentary Documentary 6 2000 2001 2001 2001 2001 2002 Clerks: The Animated Series Pearl Harbor Cats & Dogs Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within The Royal Tenenbaums The Adventures of Pluto Nash Leonardo Leonardo Lt.Alec Baldwin 1990 1991 1992 1992 1993 1994 1994 1995 1996 1996 1996 1996 1996 1997 1998 1998 1999 1999 1999 1999 2000 2000 2000 Alice The Marrying Man Prelude to a Kiss Glengarry Glen Ross Malice The Getaway The Shadow Two Bits Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick The Juror Heaven's Prisoners Looking for Richard Ghosts of Mississippi The Edge Thick as Thieves Mercury Rising The Confession Notting Hill Outside Providence "Scout's Honor" The Acting Class Thomas and the Magic Railroad State and Main Ed Charley Pearl Peter Hoskins Blake Dr. James Doolittle Butch Capt. Col. Gray Edwards Narrator M. The Thief Lt. Voice Voice Voice . Col.Z.M.

Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2009 Broadway: The Golden Age. by the Legends Who Were There The Cat in the Hat Walking with Cavemen "Brighter Days" Channel Chasers Along Came Polly Double Dare The Last Shot The Aviator The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Elizabethtown Fun with Dick and Jane Mini's First Time The Departed Running with Scissors The Good Shepherd Suburban Girl Brooklyn Rules Shortcut to Happiness My Best Friend's Girl Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Lymelife My Sister's Keeper Joe Devine Juan Trippe Dennis (Plankton's hired hitman) Phil DeVoss Jack McCallister Martin Capt. George Ellerby Norman Burroughs Sam Murach Archie Knox Caesar Manganaro Jabez Stone Professor Turner Makunga Mickey Bartlett Campbell Alexander Voice National Board of Review Award for Best Cast Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Cast Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Cast Voice Lawrence "Larry" Quinn Narrator Himself 30-year-old Timmy Turner Stan Indursky Documentary Documentary Short film Voice 7 .Alec Baldwin 2003 The Cooler Shelly Kaplow Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated—Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Drama Nominated—Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role Nominated—Washington D.C.

Miniseries or Television Film Episodes: "Blood Brothers." "The Survivors" 2000– 2001 2002 2002 Clerks: The Animated Series Friends Path to War 2003 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2005 Walking with Cavemen Second Nature Dreams & Giants The Fairly OddParents in: Channel Chasers Nip/Tuck Las Vegas The Simpsons Himself Paul Kane Himself Adult Timmy Turner Dr. Hal Wexler Major Alex Breen Joshua Rush Dennis Medford Sean Carpenter Rysam 'Ry' Slaight Colonel William B. Caleb Thorn Host Voice role Episode: "Joan Rivers" Episodes: "Degas Away with It." "Savage Family. Secretary of Defense Episodes: "The One in Massapequa." "Hellraisers & Heartbreakers" Episode: "Bonfire of the Manatees" . Jackson TV miniseries Nominated—Emmy Award for Outstanding Miniseries Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film Leonardo Leonardo Parker Robert McNamara. Barret Moore Jack Keller Dr." "First Ancestors. Travis Host/various roles Stanley Kowalski Tied with Steve Martin for most hosting appearances (15) Nominated—Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Miniseries or a Television Film Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film Narrator TV miniseries Episode: Distortions Notes 1998– 2003 2000 Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Nuremberg Himself Justice Robert H.Alec Baldwin 2009 It's Complicated Jacob Adler National Board of Review Award for Best Cast Nominated—BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor 8 Television Year 1980– 1982 1983 1984 1984– 1986 1985 1985 1986 1987 1990– 2010 1995 Title The Doctors Cutter to Houston Sweet Revenge Knots Landing Hotel Love on the Run Dress Gray The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory Saturday Night Live A Streetcar Named Desire Role Billy Allison Aldrich Dr." "The One with the Tea Leaves" TV movie Nominated—Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor – Miniseries or a Television Film Nominated—Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series.

2007." "Episode 5" 9 Awards List of awards Year Award Category Title 1985 1992 2000 2000 2003 2006 2001 2001 2001 2004 2004 2004 2005 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 Soap Opera Digest Awards Valladolid International Film Festival Cinequest San Jose Film Festival National Board of Review of Motion Pictures National Board of Review of Motion Pictures National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Gemini Award Florida Film Critics Circle Awards Online Film Critics Society Awards Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards Vancouver Film Critics Circle Hamptons International Film Festival Golden Globe Award Television Critics Association Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards Screen Actors Guild Awards Emmy Award Outstanding New Actor in a Prime Time Serial Best Actor Maverick Tribute Award Best Acting by an Ensemble Best Supporting Actor Best Ensemble Best Dramatic Mini-Series Best Ensemble Cast Best Ensemble Best Supporting Actor Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Best Supporting Actor Golden Starfish Award for Career Achievement Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy Individual Achievement in Comedy Knots Landing Glengarry Glen Ross (shared with cast) State and Main (shared with cast) The Cooler The Departed (shared with cast) Nuremberg State and Main (shared with cast) State and Main (shared with cast) The Cooler The Cooler The Cooler 30 Rock 30 Rock Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series 30 Rock Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series 30 Rock Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series 30 Rock 30 Rock ." "Alive and Schticking." "Kiss and Tell" Nominated—Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor – Comedy Series (2005. 2006) 2006 2006– present Great Performances 30 Rock Luther Billis Jack Donaghy Episode: "'South Pacific' in Concert from Carnegie Hall" Produced five episodes Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy Series (2008. 2009) Nominated—Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy Series (2007) Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series (2006. 2009) Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Musical or Comedy Series (2006.Alec Baldwin 2005 Will & Grace Malcolm Episodes: "The Hole Truth." "Seems Like Old Times." "The Old Man and the Sea. 2008." "Friends with Benefits. 2009) 2010 The Marriage Ref Guest Judge Episodes: "Pilot. 2008.

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ibdb.org/celebrity/273-alec-baldwin) .com/alec-baldwin/)]] Alec Baldwin speaks out about travelling animal acts.com/name/nm0000285/) at the Internet Movie Database Alec Baldwin (http://www.looktothestars.org video (http://meat.com/celebrity_political_donations/ Alec_Baldwin.asp?video=animals_in_ent_pk) Alec Baldwin addresses Congress (http://www.Alec Baldwin 12 External links • • • • • • • • • • • • Official website (http://www.huffingtonpost.cfm?search_by=people&first=Alec& last=Baldwin&middle=) at the Internet Off-Broadway Database Alec Baldwin (http://www.imdb. asp?video=cheaptricks) Alec Baldwin circus ad (http://www.allmovie.petatv.com/artist/3515) at Allmovie Political contributions of Alec Baldwin (http://www.asp?ID=30725) at the Internet Broadway Database Alec Baldwin (http://www.com/tvpopup/Prefs.php) Alec Baldwin's Blog at [[Huffington Post (http://www.com) Alec Baldwin (http://www. (http://www.alecbaldwin.petatv.com/person.com/tvpopup/Prefs.lortel.org/) Alec Baldwin's Charity Work (http://www.org/LLA_archive/index.newsmeat.com/tvpopup/getvideo.petatv.asp?video=alec_presser) Alec Baldwin narrates the meat.

C.E. of seasons No. of episodes Editor(s) Location(s) Camera setup Running time . New York City Single camera 21 minutes Broadcast Original channel Picture format NBC HDTV 1080i Composer(s) Country of origin Language(s) No. A.30 Rock 13 30 Rock 30 Rock Title card Genre Created by Starring Situation comedy Tina Fey Tina Fey Jane Krakowski Tracy Morgan Alec Baldwin Jack McBrayer Scott Adsit Judah Friedlander Katrina Bowden Keith Powell Lonny Ross John Lutz Kevin Brown Grizz Chapman Maulik Pancholy Jeff Richmond United States English 5 84 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Lorne Michaels Tina Fey Marci Klein David Miner Robert Carlock Producer(s) Alec Baldwin Jerry Kupfer Don Scardino Ken Eluto.

the name "30 Rock" refers to the address of the GE Building where NBC Studios is located. Keith Powell.[13] Production Conception In 2002. 30 Rock takes place behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy series depicted as airing on NBC. . The 30 Rock pilot focused on the boss of a variety show who has to manage her relationships with the show's volatile star and its charismatic executive producer. and ranked 102 out of 142 television series.[17] The series underwent further changes during the months leading up to and following its debut. 30 Rockefeller Plaza.8 million viewers in the United States during its first season. Fey signed a contract with NBC to remain in her SNL head writer position until at least the 2004–2005 television season and to develop a prime-time project to be produced by Broadway Video and NBC Universal.[11] TV commentators have pointed out that 30 Rock is a low rated show.[7] The pilot episode premiered on October 11.[5] and is primarily filmed at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City. Kevin Brown. Jack McBrayer. Fey was the head writer and a performer on Saturday Night Live (SNL).[4] On July 14.[9] and ended on May 20. John Lutz. in association with NBC Universal. according to the Nielsen ratings system. the most in a single year for a comedy series.30 Rock Original run October 11. along with a 13-episode order. and 22 episodes respectively. Tina Fey. Judah Friedlander. 2008. the series was nominated for 22 Emmy Awards. The idea was to air the fictitious TGS with Tracy Jordan online. Jane Krakowski. and achieving the top ranking on myriad critics' year-end best of 2006 and 2007 lists. NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly felt that "Fey was using the news setting as a fig leaf for her own experience and [he] encouraged her to write what she knew. DotComedy. As of March 5. Inc. 2006."[14] The show was subsequently reworked to revolve around an SNL-style sketch show. In May 2003.[18] This aspect of the series was abandoned prior to its debut..[4] 30 Rock has been a critical success. The series has an ensemble cast that currently consists of 13 regular cast members. 22.[16] 30 Rock was officially given the green light to air May 15. Tracy Morgan. a pilot was announced named Untitled Tina Fey Project.[10] Despite these accolades. 2006. winning several major awards (including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2007. 2009.[15] During the 2004–2005 pilot season. originally as a sitcom about cable news. the series averaged a low 5. The storyline evolved into one that dealt with a head writer of a variety show who dealt with both the stars as well as the show's new network executive. A May 2006 press release mentioned that sketches from The Girlie Show would be made available in their entirety on NBC's broadband website. New York.[12] but it has gained viewers throughout its run.[6] with some scenes filmed on location at Rockefeller Center. and 2009).[8] Four full seasons have aired since. 2010. Scott Adsit.[3] This series is produced by Broadway Video and Little Stranger. 15. Alec Baldwin. 2009. Katrina Bowden.[4] 30 Rock is produced in a single camera setup. 2006 – present External links Official website [1] [2] 14 Production website 30 Rock is an American television comedy series created by Tina Fey that airs on NBC. She pitched the show that became 30 Rock to NBC.com. The fourth season began airing on October 15. 2010 NBC renewed 30 Rock for a fifth season. comprising 21. Grizz Chapman and Maulik Pancholy. Queens. The series is loosely based on Fey's experiences as head writer for Saturday Night Live.

Internet content On April 2. saxophone. who is also a producer for 30 Rock.[20] The title sequence is made up of photos and video of 30 Rockefeller Plaza and features the series regulars."[32] The song "Oh My" performed by The Gray Kid is heard throughout the episode "The Source Awards". an interactive question and answer platform in which users can ask Fey questions. Users will be able to submit skits for TGS with Tracy Jordan and act out skits from TGS. and Needmore. Fey will answer the questions in video form. although there have been changes to the videos of most of the actors.[7] Most of the indoor scenes are filmed at Silvercup Studios in Queens.[33] "Kidney Now!". Ohio. bass clarinet.[6] In the episodes "Cleveland" and "Hiatus. a rendition of the popular song. NBC announced 30 Rock 360. like "I Will Remember You" or "Bitch". The song had its lyrics altered to accommodate the character Kenneth being "misinformed about the time [of the 11:45 train]. Manhattan.[29] The show has also covered three existing songs. The music is composed by Fey's husband Jeff Richmond.[28] and another performed by Tracy Morgan. Although establishing shots of 30 Rock are often repeated. outdoor scenes are filmed on location at Rockefeller Center or in other parts of New York City.[23] [24] [25] [26] [27] another performed by Tina Fey and Jason Sudeikis. Other popular songs have been featured (with blessings by the singers). 2008. Richmond wrote the theme music. Pennsylvania." Battery Park City.[19] In the episode "Gavin Volure. doubled for Cleveland. The feature will reopen Ask Tina.com's 30 Rock section throughout the first season. Users will also be able to read Jack's blogs and upload their own business advice in video form. The sequence has remained mostly the same throughout the series." stock footage of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion was used for exterior shots of the home of Steve Martin's character. original songs have been featured in episodes.[22] Seven short. "We Are the World". The sequence ends with a time lapse of the building and then a title card reading '30 Rock'.[34] Ask Tina was a fixture on NBC. Queens.[21] Most of the incidental music melody is played by either clarinet. which was mixed with a piano arrangement composed by Richmond.30 Rock 15 Filming 30 Rock is filmed in New York City. is performed by various artists in the Season 3 finale. an online extension of the 30 Rock series. five of which were performed by Jane Krakowski. 30 Rock is shot on 35mm film.[35] . The extension will feature Jack Donaghy's Online Business Courses (or Jack U). or strings. respectively. which was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. and Douglaston. Music The series features a "jaunty" jazz score.[30] [31] [32] including the song "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon. laid-back assistant. They are credited only in the episodes in which they appear: • Kevin Brown as Dot Com. Beginning with season three. episode seven. Brown. • Judah Friedlander as Frank Rossitano. he is also a Wesleyan University-trained stage actor. . a member of Tracy's entourage. • Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan. the "sane. • Maulik Pancholy as Jonathan. Liz's attractive. • Grizz Chapman as Grizz. a young and immature TGS writer and co-star. obedient Southern-born NBC page. crazy. three characters who were credited as guest stars in the first two seasons received star billing after the opening credits in addition to Bowden. • Jack McBrayer as Kenneth Parcell. received star billing after the opening credits in addition to the principal cast:[4] • Katrina Bowden as Cerie. Powell. an erudite member of Tracy's entourage. much to the delight of the writer's room. controlling. Jack's loyal and overprotective personal assistant. Beginning with season four. and the principal cast. the proud African-American Harvard University alumnus writer. which is filmed in Studio 6H inside 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Ross. the protagonist of the series and head writer of TGS with Tracy Jordan. who serves as Liz's most trusted friend. His real name is Walter Slattery." From left: Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan. unpredictable star of TGS. one character who was credited as a guest star in the first three seasons received star billing after the opening credits in addition to Bowden.30 Rock 16 Cast and characters The plot of 30 Rock revolves around the cast and crew of the fictional sketch comedy series TGS with Tracy Jordan (originally called The Girlie Show). • Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney. Powell. Ross was written out in season four. who were credited as guest stars during season one." quick-witted producer of TGS. • Lonny Ross as Josh Girard. Beginning with season two. His hat bears a different phrase in every episode.D. a trucker hat-wearing. who often butts heads with Tracy and Frank. a cheerful. • Keith Powell as James "Toofer" Spurlock. and Pancholy: • John Lutz as J.[4] The series features seven roles that receive star billing during the opening credits: • Tina Fey as Liz Lemon. Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney and Jack McBrayer as Kenneth Parcell • Scott Adsit as Pete Hornberger. Chapman. • Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy. known for his impressions. the decisive. who usually wears revealing outfits to work. who at times appears to be possibly in love with Jack.[23] The series features an ensemble cast. Lutz. three characters. loose cannon. limelight-seeking co-star of TGS and Liz's best friend. an Oberlin-educated member of the writing staff. sarcastic writer at TGS. Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy. suave and occasionally senseless network executive who constantly interferes with the goings-on at TGS. who "lives for television. Original star of "The Girlie Show". childish.

The show's cast and crew are outraged by this. Alec Baldwin was cast as Jack Donaghy. He again angers the cast and crew of The Girlie Show when he changes the name to TGS with Tracy Jordan (or just TGS). Episodes . Morgan was asked by Fey to play the role.[42] Shortly following the casting of McBrayer and Dratch. a staff writer of The Girlie Show. and he believed it was "right up [his] alley and it was tailor made for [him]".[8] and featured 21 episodes. and she was "very pleasantly surprised when he agreed to do it". Jane Krakowski was announced as Dratch's replacement. Liz Lemon. especially head writer Liz Lemon and main actress Jenna Maroney. (Fey) is wearing a wedding dress. and retool the late night sketch comedy series The Girlie Show. His character was based on at least two writers that Fey used to work with at SNL.[38] who was then a former castmate of Fey's in SNL. Fey's longtime comedy partner and fellow SNL alumna. is transferred to work at the NBC headquarters. that she was not happy with the media's depiction of the change as a demotion. was originally cast to portray Jenna. but other characters are also explored. As the season progresses. forcing Liz to hire the off-the-wall movie star Tracy Jordan. Scott Adsit was cast as Pete Hornberger. "Toofer" straight-ahead acting part. the "totally uncensored" Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming. with Dratch remaining involved in the show playing various characters.[39] Fey said that the character of Kenneth Parcell was written with Jack McBrayer in mind. Although Fey went on to say that "Rachel (Powell) and Jenna (Krakowski) look as Liz [41] Dratch said and I were both very excited about this new direction". a long time friend of Liz's and producer of The Girlie Show. 2007.30 Rock 17 Casting Tina Fey worked with Jen McNamara and Adam Bernstein for the casting of the series. Jack proceeds to wreak havoc on The Girlie Show. left) and Liz Lemon (Fey.[45] The season finale aired on April 26. but in August 2006. McBrayer is an old friend of Fey (they worked together at Second City in Chicago). who is said to be much like Fey herself when she first became head writer on SNL. the "Head of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming" at General Electric (GE). and she "really wanted him for that part and was very happy when no one objected". Dratch played the role in the show's original pilot. 2006. Adsit.[37] The next actor to be cast was Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan. and was not happy with the reduction in the number of episodes in which she would appear.[46] Jack Donaghy.[36] Rachel Dratch. Dratch was skeptical about the reasons she was given for the change.[36] Fey's first act as casting director was to cast herself as the lead character.[43] Fey said that the character of Jack Donaghy was written with Baldwin in mind. but he has said that he "certainly brought some of [his] own things to it as well". Friedlander had never met Fey before auditioning for a role in 30 Rock.[36] Judah Friedlander was cast as Frank Rossitano. Dennis Duffy (Winters. right) were in a relationship in the middle of the first season. an old friend of Fey.[36] Season synopses Season 1 Season one began airing in the United States on October 11. 30 Rockefeller Plaza.[41] and that the role of Jenna was more of a Frank (Friedlander). also had his character written based on him.[44] Finally.[40] Fey explained the change by noting that Dratch was "better-suited to playing a variety of eccentric side characters". the episodes become less about TGS and more about how the characters deal with juggling their lives and their jobs — specifically the protagonist. Liz Lemon. Pete (Adsit).

During became more evident during the second season." Other story arcs include: Jenna promoting her movie The Rural Juror. she is looking for ways to rebound. Tracy going on the run from the Black Crusaders. Guest stars include Isabella Rossellini. the first major story arc centers on Liz's relationship with Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters). During the season.C. Elaine Stritch. right) rivalry for the GE chairmanship encounter with Liz that gives her some much needed advice. Emily Mortimer. which was eventually called off." . Jack's engagement. Jack ends the season working at a new government job in Washington. Seinfeld.[47] and featured 15 episodes. Tracy has encountered some marital problems with his wife Angie Jordan (Sherri Shepherd) and they become separated. 2007. loses the weight.. the TGS summer hiatus. D. to a Christie's auctioneer named Phoebe (Emily Mortimer). "The Beeper King.[51] After Liz broke up with Floyd in the summer. An arc that was established in the first season but becomes more apparent in the second regards Jack running for the GE chairmanship against his archnemesis Devon Banks (Will Arnett). Kenneth also travels to Beijing to be a page at the 2008 Summer Olympics and Tracy invents a pornographic video game. For example. Jack develops a relationship with a Democratic congresswoman named Celeste "C. and Conan O'Brien. but later reunite. in all NBC shows. The season ends with Liz planning to adopt a child after believing she was pregnant with Dennis' baby." Cunningham (Edie Falco). left) and Jack Donaghy's of Seinfeld's sitcom. he has a chance (Baldwin. They later break up.[48] The second season was originally intended to consist of 22 episodes but the order was cut to 15 due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Jenna becomes overweight due to performing in the Broadway show Mystic Pizza: The Musical (based on the real 1988 film Mystic Pizza) and with the help of Kenneth. Will Arnett.C. Whoopi Goldberg. When Jerry Seinfeld confronts Jack about a new marketing campaign which featured clips Devon Banks' (Arnett.30 Rock also become less self-contained and various story arcs develop in the second half of the season. but plans to get fired by proposing a "gay bomb. and another relationship of Liz's with Floyd (Jason Sudeikis).[49] [50] The season finale aired on May 8. 2008. 18 Season 2 Season two began airing in the United States on October 4.

[52] [53] [54] Oprah Winfrey guest starred in the second episode. twice. Rhett Miller. on the evening of October 14. The two separate recordings resulted in a live telecast of the episode to American viewers in both the West and East Coast. Elisa. The season has also featured such guest stars as Julianne Moore. The season finale featured multiple musical guests. The season airs on the Thursday 8:30 p.[58] Salma Hayek appeared in six episodes as Elisa. and Liz's subsequent search for the perfect comedian. Season 5 On March 5.[59] On July 31. it fails to show either the inspired inventiveness of . and James Franco. All the more reason to enjoy the hilarious scenes and fine ensemble cast here. The later half of the season focused on two complementary story arcs: Jack's inability to choose between two mistresses. she's a limited protagonist. Michael Sheen. 2010. who said that "30 Rock is less than the sum of its parts. who fear losing their spotlight. 2010.[57] Alan Alda appeared in the season's final two episodes as Milton Greene. including Talib Kweli. 2010. the Beastie Boys. Mary J."[65] The Wall Street Journal's Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote that "The standard caution is relevant – debut episodes tend to be highly polished. to ensure both would view a live performance. Filmed in front of a live audience. The season consisted of 22 episodes. Jack's girlfriend and his mother's nurse. [60] [61] [62] [63] Effect Critical reception 30 Rock has been well received by critics but has struggled to attract viewers. time slot and premiered on September 23. Adam Levine. as well as Jennifer Aniston playing Liz's ex roommate. the episode aired at 8:30PM EDT and PDT on NBC. A ratings success. which is set to air in the 2010–2011 TV season. and Rachael Yamagata. Jack's biological father. which is problematic. Season 4 The fourth season of 30 Rock premiered on October 15. Norah Jones. Michael McDonald. performing "Kidney Now!". Elizabeth Banks. the episode was also met with very positive reviews. 2009. airing immediately after The Office. portraying Jack's new girlfriend. Sara Bareilles.[56] Jon Hamm played Liz's love interest and neighbor for several episodes. Elvis Costello. and Liz's inability to find a boyfriend to live up to her expectations. Salma Hayek[55] also appeared for a multi-episode arc."[66] Some less favorable reviews were received from Brian Lowry of Variety. and. A recurring story arc early in the season revolved around Jack's request that Liz cast a new actor for TGS. NBC announced 30 Rock had been renewed for a fifth season. an organ donation drive spoof of We Are The World and "Just Stand Up!". Like the previous season 3. it also consisted of 22 episodes.30 Rock 19 Season 3 30 Rock returned with a third season as part of NBC's fall schedule. Steve Earle. as an entry in the single-camera comedy sweepstakes. Wyclef Jean. Megan Mullally and Steve Martin.m. Cyndi Lauper.' [Tina] Fey mostly hits too-familiar notes in the pilot. Sheryl Crow. Matt Damon. Will Ferrell. Other guest stars this season included John Lithgow. Lowry said that "Despite her success with 'Mean Girls. Moreover. Clay Aiken.[64] Robert Abele of LA Weekly declared that the show was "A weirdly appropriate and hilarious symbol of our times. Jon Bon Jovi. Blige. playing herself."[67] Criticism was also received from Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune. NBC announced that an episode of 30 Rock's fifth season would be filmed and broadcast live. much to the dismay of Jenna and Tracy.

[86] These 17 nominations broke the record for the most nominations for a comedy series. Alec Baldwin was recognized as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.30 Rock Arrested Development or provide the surprisingly perceptive character studies of The Office.[75] 30 Rock was named the best series of 2007 by Entertainment Weekly."[70] The show also appeared on similar year end "best of" 2006 lists published by The New York Times. 2000–2010.[85] 30 Rock received 17 Emmy nominations.[80] The show also received various other guild award nominations during its first season. indelible secondary characters. This marks the eighth time in the history of the Emmy awards that a show won best series plus best lead actor and actress. Scrubs.[91] Upon announcing the award.[75] The San Jose Mercury News.[75] Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. meaning that 30 Rock was the most nominated comedy series for any individual Emmy year. and 30 Rock—is consistently the best night of prime time viewing for any network.[76] 20 Awards and nominations Capping its critically successful first season. The show won Outstanding Comedy Series.[75] Entertainment Weekly. for its second season.[73] and TV Guide. complete with fresh.[78] 30 Rock received four Creative Arts Emmy Awards.[75] In December 2009. Newsweek magazine ranked 30 Rock as the best comedy on TV for the past decade."[68] Metacritic gave the pilot episode a Metascore—a weighted average based on the impressions of a select thirty-one critical reviews—of 67 out of 100.[73] The Chicago Sun-Times.[89] Tina Fey also won the award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for the episode "Cooter".V.[73] The Miami Herald.[87] 30 Rock also won the Television Critics Association Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Comedy.[73] The Associated Press wrote that NBC's "Thursday night comedy block—made up of My Name Is Earl.[75] TV Guide and USA Today.[78] "Jack-Tor" and "Tracy Does Conan" were both nominated in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.[72] The Boston Globe.[71] The A. 30 Rock won the award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy. gleeful satire of corporate media.[75] Newark Star-Ledger. The previous holder of this record was The Larry Sanders Show in 1996 with 16 nominations.[73] Entertainment Weekly.[75] The Los Angeles Times. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin both won Screen Actors Guild Awards.[90] 30 Rock received a Peabody Award in 2008. Club.[75] The New York Times. 30 Rock won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and Elaine Stritch was awarded an Emmy in September 2007 for her work as a guest actress in "Hiatus.[69] At the end of 2006. 30 Rock completed a sweep of the major awards for best comedy series at that year's Primetime Emmy Awards. Alec Baldwin won Best Actor in a Television Musical or Comedy. meaning it was the second most nominated series of the year.[84] It also received the Danny Thomas Producer of the Year Award in Episodic Series – Comedy from the Producers Guild of America in 2008. At the 2008 Golden Globe awards.[73] People Weekly. but also a sly.[81] [82] In 2008.[79] Baldwin also received the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series in 2007.[78] Alec Baldwin received the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical in 2007.[75] The San Francisco Chronicle. and Tina Fey was given the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.[83] The series took home the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Series in 2008."[74] In 2007.[75] The Chicago Tribune. The Office. and Tina Fey won Best Actress in a Television Musical or Comedy. it appeared on The Boston Globe's "best of" list[75] as well as the "best of" lists of The Chicago Sun-Times.[73] The Los Angeles Times."[77] Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin were nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Lead Actor in a comedy series categories respectively. especially the network that airs it."[88] Also in 2008. the Peabody Board commended the show for being "not only a great workplace comedy in the tradition of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. LA Weekly listed 30 Rock as one of the best "Series of the Year."[92] .

M. NMR reported that 30 Rock adds nearly 7. This is due to the number of programs aired during primetime. Similarly. 2010 – TBA) 15 October 11. 2007 – April 26.M. (January 10. 2008) Thursday 9:30 P.M.8 Wednesday 8:00 P. 2010) Thursday 8:30 P. The television season tends to begin in September.[97] the series' highest ratings until that of its third season premiere which garnered 8. which aired on May 8.5 million viewers. 2009 – May 20. 2010 2008–2009 #69[95] 2009–2010 #86[96] [95] 7." was viewed by 7. 2007) Thursday 9:00 P. 2008.M. 2009 October 15. "Cooter". (October 11. for the first time.5% to its total audience every week as a result of viewers who use a DVR to record the show and then watch it . 30 Rock received a record breaking 22 primetime Emmy Award nominations [10] and won 5 Emmy Awards. 2008 – April 17.9 4 5 22 September 23. The season's lowest ratings were achieved by "Jack the Writer" and "Hard Ball" which both achieved 4. 2007) Thursday 8:30 P. 2006 – 21 November 1.M.[99] [100] The season two premiere.23 million viewers. 2010) Thursday 9:00 P.M. 2010) Thursday 8:30 P. 2006) Thursday 9:30 P.5 [96] 5. 2007) Thursday 8:30 P. 2010 TBA 2010–2011 TBA 5.6 million viewers. 2009) Thursday 9:30 P. (December 13.[102] The second season finale.[98] 30 Rock aired on Wednesdays for its first four episodes. 2007 May 8. 2006 – March 8. the show averaged 6.7 (to date) * As of the latest episode in the season.[51] On December 29. 2007 2006–2007 #102[11] 2 October 4. "SeinfeldVision. of any given year. including Best Comedy Series and Best Actor in a Comedy Series (Alec Baldwin).[101] 30 Rock entered a hiatus due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike on January 10. Nielsen Media Research (NMR) reported the results of having. (April 24. monitored viewers who use a digital video recorder to record shows for later viewing. 2008 May 14. 2008. the rank will not necessarily be higher. (October 30. (January 14.98 million viewers. 2008) Thursday 9:30 P. 2007 – December 6. 2008 – May 8. (April 5. 2006. the highest rating since the pilot. 2007) Thursday 9:00 P. Although the viewer average may be higher for some seasons than others.30 Rock In 2009. was viewed by 5. 2008 – May 14. "Rank" refers to how well 30 Rock rated compared to other television series which aired during primetime hours of the corresponding television season.M. 21 Ratings Below.33 million viewers. (September 23.M.M.[49] The episode that aired on that date was viewed by 5.61 million viewers. "Viewers" refers to the average number of viewers for all original episodes (broadcast in the series' "Regular Timeslot") of 30 Rock aired during the television season. (November 16.13 million viewers. the "Season finale" is the date that the final episode of the season aired.M. 2008 2007–2008 #94[93] [94] 6. In its original timeslot of Wednesday at 8:00PM EST. (April 22. (October 4. In some seasons there may be more regular programs aired during primetime than in others. 2009 May 20.M. 2006 April 26. The "Season premiere" is the date that the first episode of the season aired.M. (October 15.4 3 22 22 October 30. and end during the May of the following year. Season Timeslot (EST) Episodes Season premiere Season finale TV season Rank Viewers (in millions) 1 [11] 5. The pilot episode generated 8.

2008. 85 in the 18–49 demographic.30 Mondays and Tuesdays. Thu-Fri 8:30pm) • Australia: Seven Network broadcast the first season Mondays and Wednesdays at 22. airing back-to-back episodes. TNT Serie.[117] The second season began showing on June 9. 2007. prime time programs from NBC. 30 Rock ranked in fourth place. starting Monday October 5. • Canada: The series premiered on the CTV network on October 10. but the fourth was nonetheless 22 . the third season was rebroadcast at the earlier time of 22.[109] CTV later re-added the show to its lineup on Sundays at 8:30pm.30. the third season premiere was seen by 8. 2009.[108] but dropped the show effective November 30. with the German-dubbed version of 30 Rock as its flagship program. broadcast the series to cable and pay satellite viewers since February 2009. 2009. From December 2009.S.[104] During its second season. 2010. ratings and rankings for some of these markets include: • Latin America: Seasons 1. • Portugal: The first two seasons have aired on FOX:Next which is currently airing Season 3. This is during a period where for the season 30 Rock is tied at No.[113] but was moved to 11:05pm. 2006. the 4th season will be aired soon. a cable network in the Latin American market which shows a number of U. against all primetime programming. 4 have shown on 3e • Germany: ZDFneo.30 Rock within a week of its initial airing.[118] and the third from February 2. now on Mondays at 23. a German version of the TNT channel. high enough to place the show tied at 11th in affluence with several other shows. was launched on November 1. The network aired the first four episodes of the series.1 preliminary adults 18–49 rating. a day before its premiere in the United States.000 viewers. 2006 after a brief run during which it never entered the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement Nielsen top 30.000. currently airing Season 3 (always at Sunday midnight time slot). with fewer than 5000 viewers tuning in. but moved the show to its secondary A-Channel system for the series' second season. The first season of the series finished airing on Alter Channel in July 2010. which was 6% of all people watching television in the country at the time it was broadcast. 2009 in the same timeslot.S. Comedy Central began airing double episodes of Season 4 on Monday evenings at 22. ABC and the Lifetime network.[116] • Greece: 30 Rock originally airs on Universal Channel Greece. • Hong Kong: ATV World has aired Seasons 1-3 from July 2010 to Oct 2010 (Mon-Tue.[112] 30 Rock originally aired at 10:45pm.[111] • United Kingdom: The first season premiered on October 11.000. It concluded on 17 May 2010.5 million viewers. 2. for television series' which are watched by viewers with income above $100. • Slovenia: Season 1 came to POP TV on 12 April 2010 (airing from Monday to Thursday). an increase of 21% from the second season premiere.[103] A March 2007 report from MAGNA Global. from December 4. the 4th in 2010. 2.[106] The premiere earned a 4. The premiere was watched by 700. • Croatia: Nova TV aired Seasons 1 and 2. 3 and 4 have aired on Sony Entertainment Television. series. FX started airing reruns on October 1. where it grew significantly in popularity.0 rating.[115] Season 3 began airing on UK digital TV station Comedy Central.[107] In other countries 30 Rock also airs in other countries.[105] Following Fey's popular impressions of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.00 from 19 April 2010. 2007 on Five. it has aired on Citytv.30.[110] From the third season onward. based on NMR data about viewership ranked by among adults 25–54. • India: Star World has aired the first four seasons over the years. shows that as of the time of the report 30 Rock's viewers have a median income of $65. CBS. a new digital channel from ZDF. 2009 at 9pm on Five USA. The series' free television debut that night on that channel registered a 0. making it the highest viewed episode in the series. • South Africa: All three seasons have been aired on M-Net. • Ireland: Seasons 1.[114] Season two was broadcast from February 20. as well as syndicated U.

However. which are totally very different? ” Evidence of the overlapping subject matter between the shows. because if it's not funny. only to mess up and realize that she does not know what she is talking about.In the ending sequence Kenneth watches the credits for TGS. Mondays. describing the situation as a "high-class problem": “ I just can't imagine the audience would look at both shows. 30 Rock and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.[126] • "Jack-tor" – Liz tries to quote global education statistics. The second episode of Studio 60. 7mate has since aired the show in the earlier timeslot of 21:30. she jokingly replied. Sorkin sent Fey flowers after NBC announced it would pick up both series. In a November 1.30 Rock broadcast Mondays at 23. the creator of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. was supportive of Fey. . And ours has the tougher task. beginning February 1."[119] Fey wound up "beating" Sorkin when Studio 60 was canceled after one season and 30 Rock was renewed for a second. "That Girl" was parodied in the opening segment of 30 Rock's pilot. as a comedy. Similarities between the two led to speculation that only one of them would be picked up. revolved around the off-camera happenings on a sketch comedy series.30 once more. the two ex-head writers on Studio 60. choose one and cancel the other out. such sequences being commonly used on Studio 60 and Aaron Sorkin's previous shows. 30 Rock is a sitcom centering on an unmarried. In some ways. When asked what her impressions were. why is it any different than [120] when there have been three or four cop shows on any schedule. positive or negative. then president of NBC Entertainment. 23 Similarities to other media Two shows debuting on 2006–07 NBC lineup. asked Lorne Michaels to allow him to observe Saturday Night Live for a week. Though 30 Rock's first-season ratings proved lackluster and were lower than those of Studio 60. and wished her luck with 30 Rock. 2006 interview."[125] At least four 30 Rock episodes have briefly parodied Studio 60: • "Jack the Writer" contains a self-referring walk and talk sequence.[121] Fey said that "it's just bad luck for me that in my first attempt at prime time I'm going up against the most powerful writer on television. 2010.[130] [131] Like That Girl and Mary Tyler Moore. which include Ricky and Ronnie as writers. a request Michaels denied. Baldwin said "I'd be stunned if NBC picked up both shows. as well as the conflict between them. And then Trio got canceled.[123] and when asked on her "Ask Tina" space what she thought of the criticism that 30 Rock received.[119] Despite this. I was joking that this would be the best pilot ever aired on Trio. none of 30 Rocks producers have given Studio 60 any serious criticism. Fey jokingly replied that people who did not like it were probably confusing it with Studio 60."[119] Kevin Reilly. • "The Fabian Strategy" . Fey said she had seen the first two episodes of Studio 60. "I can't do impressions of Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. with parallels drawn between the relationship of Liz and Jack and that of Mary Richards and Lou Grant." included a parody of the "Major-General's Song" on the show-within-the-show. that's it.[122] One early promo for 30 Rock portrayed Alec Baldwin mistakenly thinking he would meet Sorkin. Some critics have compared 30 Rock to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.[127] • "Jack Meets Dennis" – Liz says the upcoming show will be "worse than that time we did that Gilbert and Sullivan parody". brunette career woman living in a big city where she works in the television industry. arose when Aaron Sorkin. "The Cold Open. or Scrubs and ER.[128] [129] It has also been compared to That Girl.[11] Studio 60 was more expensive to produce.[124] However.

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069.It's Complicated (film) 30 It's Complicated (film) It's Complicated Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Nancy Meyers • • Nancy Meyers Scott Rudin Nancy Meyers • • • • • Meryl Streep Steve Martin Alec Baldwin Heitor Pereira Hans Zimmer Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue John Toll • • Joe Hutshing David Moritz Relativity Media Universal Pictures December 25.[4] [5] [6] [7] . Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.702 It's Complicated is a 2009 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Nancy Meyers. starring Meryl Streep. 2009 121 minutes United States English $85 million [1] [2] [3] $219.

California. Jake is just enjoying the clandestine sex and doesn't show much interest in Jane's growth as a person. she finally achieves a good relationship with her ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin). he shows great sensitivity in listening to her needs and vision for her remodeled kitchen and bedroom. an architect hired to remodel Jane's home. Adam also smokes the joint and becomes high as well. When she returns home. He spends time getting to know her as a person. spots them in the hotel and keeps silent. and becomes suspicious of their renewed closeness. After 10 years of separation and three grown children. but with some cajoling by Jane. her five-year-old son Pedro suspects something when Jake makes phone calls from the bathroom. Later. Part of Jane knows it is wrong. and who has begun to fall in love with Jane. Harley confronts Jake and Jane. Jake becomes jealous observing them. who rebuffs his gesture. since Jake and Agness are still married and trying to have a baby. Adam asks if they could have something to eat so Jane takes him to her bakery-restaurant and offers to make him anything. citing that she wanted to do this for herself. Jane soon reconciles with the kids. as Jake still has sex with her on demand. and they enjoy the time together. While Agness has Jake scheduled for regular sessions at the fertility clinic. and being close with his children. Adam knows his boundaries and tells Jane he cannot continue seeing her as this triangle will only lead to heartbreak. Jake leaves Agness. Eventually via webcam under embarrassing circumstances. they may get back together. Agness knows nothing. Jane and Jake attend their son Luke's college graduation in New York. who then drives off in his Porsche while the children go to Harley and Lauren's house. the other part of Jane relishes being "the other woman" and continues the affair with Jake in Santa Barbara. As her architect. stressed from keeping their secret. and the two end their affair on amicable terms. This takes hours. He however feels nostalgic for the family life he once had with Jane. which they sympathize. Jane tells them she is not getting back with their dad. he gets high as well. The film ends with Adam returning to Jane's house to work on her addition and before the credits roll Jane and Adam are seen laughing while walking into her house. implying that since the affair is over. When they leave. Jake awaits her to talk. and wonders if he should be growing old with Jane rather than starting a new family in late middle-age with Agness. who is himself healing from a divorce of his own. although Harley (John Krasinski). . Adam learns Jane is still seeing Jake. at the party. but is high when he picks her up because she has smoked a joint that Jake had given her earlier. On the night of Luke's graduation party. a successful attorney who has remarried the much-younger Agness (Lake Bell). who kicks him out of their house as he confesses that he's still in love with Jane. Complicating matters is Adam (Steve Martin). as they are still recovering from the divorce ten years ago. he asks for a chocolate croissant. making Jane "the other woman". After one of his sessions he has a lunchtime meetings with Jane at a hotel. and eventually agrees to smoke some pot as well.It's Complicated (film) 31 Plot Jane (Meryl Streep) is a self-reliant divorcée who owns a successful bakery in Santa Barbara. and they are not happy about Mom and Dad getting together again. Jake is secretly under medication with a side effect of limiting sperm. particularly her cooking. Agness then observes Jake and Jane dancing together. Jane invites Adam to the party. which they make from scratch laughing and having fun. Her kids also find out. A dinner together develops into an affair. Jake and Jane's children know nothing of their parents' affair. who is engaged to their daughter Lauren.

with an average score of 5.[12] The sets were easy to design. Alan Rosalie Ward as Alex Production In May 2008. in the words of production designer Jon Hutman. Lake Bell.[9] John Krasinski in February.[19] . The critical consensus is: Despite fine work by an appealing cast. but the rooms were kept bare to reflect the character's functional tastes and limited budget.[8] The project was referred to as The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project during its inception and early production. Metacritic. Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 57% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 161 reviews. Establishing commitments from the principals began in 2008.[16] [17] Reception Critics The film has received generally mixed reviews. gave the film an average score of 57% based on 30 reviews. The building itself is a traditional 1920s Spanish-ranch-style adobe-mud house which "epitomised the Santa Barbara area.[10] Rita Wilson in March.[5] Casting continued through 2009. with Zoe Kazan. Moss Blanchard Ryan as Annalise Michael Rivera as Eddie Robert Curtis Brown as Peter Peter Mackenzie as Dr. to be co-produced with Scott Rudin.8/10. which assigns a weighted average score from 1 to 100 based on reviews from mainstream critics. Most scenes take place in the protagonist's home and interior courtyard. and as such the architectural details had to be fastidiously worked out. going for broad laughs instead of subtlety and nuance. just "a bunch of thrift-store things haphazardly thrown together"."[13] Filming commenced in New York City in April 2009.[18] Another review aggregator. Nancy Meyers agreed to a project for Universal Studios that she would write and direct. There are relatively few decorations.It's Complicated (film) 32 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Meryl Streep as Jane Adler Alec Baldwin as Jake Adler Steve Martin as Adam Schaffer John Krasinski as Harley Lake Bell as Agness Adler Mary Kay Place as Joanne Rita Wilson as Trisha Alexandra Wentworth as Diane Hunter Parrish as Luke Adler Zoe Kazan as Gabby Adler Caitlin Fitzgerald as Lauren Adler James Patrick Stuart as Dr. 2009.[15] It's Complicated was released on December 25. It's Complicated is predictable romantic comedy fare.[11] and Caitlin Fitzgerald in June. with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin entering discussions in August.[4] [6] and Steve Martin joining the cast in October.[14] and completed in August 2009. and Hunter Parrish joining in January.

Musical or Comedy Best Screenplay National Board of Review Awards Best Cast Satellite Awards BAFTA Awards Best Film – Musical or Comedy Best Supporting Actor Won Nominated Nominated Home media It's Complicated became available on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday. Retrieved January 3. . Michael (January 21.]" [2] Fritz. story). "Baldwin flirts with romantic comedy" (http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ sep/ 12/ entertainment/ et-streep12?pg=3). . "Meryl Streep's got legs" (http:/ / articles. com/ 2009/ 08/ 07/ meryl-streep-on-the-prowl-in-its-complicated-trailer/ ). Ben (December 28. Variety.. Los Angeles Times. com/ article/ VR1117998906. variety. Variety. variety. which stars Meryl Streep. ew. 2010. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). htm). "Meyers casts Kazan. Variety. [9] Fleming. [6] Fleming. Rachel (September 12. ." [3] "It's Complicated (2009)" (http:/ / www. "Meryl Streep on the prowl in 'Its Complicated" trailer" (http:/ / popwatch.0. "Steve Martin joins Nancy Meyers film" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-08-23. Retrieved August 23. . Variety. html?categoryid=13& cs=1& query=Alec+ Baldwin+ + + Nancy+ Meyers). Meryl Streep and Steve Martin Film Alec Baldwin Recipient(s) Outcome Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Broadcast Film Critics Association Best Comedy Film Awards Golden Globe Awards [20] Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Best Motion Picture . [8] Fleming. Parrish" (http:/ / www.200 worldwide. asp?aid=10869& tcid=1). boxofficemojo.It's Complicated (film) 33 Box office The film took #4 in its opening weekend behind Avatar.. wasn't particularly impressive given its budget of about $85 million. html?categoryid=1238& cs=1). with a budget of $75 million [. Los Angeles Times. Michael (August 5. com/ article/ VR1117990178. 2009.070 in North America and a total of $214.1741915. com/ movies/ ?id=itscomplicated. 2009). variety. com/ article/ VR1117985259. "[.927. latimes. .] "It's Complicated". . Retrieved April 29. Bell. com/ entertainment/ news/ article. . "With the exception of "It's Complicated". com/ business/ la-fi-ct-boxoffice28-2009dec28. 2008). Sherlock Holmes. html?categoryid=13& cs=1& query=Nancy+ Meyers). Retrieved 2009-08-23. [10] Goldberg. Matt (February 10. . [5] Fleming. Variety. Retrieved January 6. variety. Retrieved 2009-08-23. 2008)..820. com/ article/ VR1117990582.[21] References [1] Abramowitz.100. Michael (May 7. Box Office Mojo. 2009). collider. Collider. [7] Labrecque. April 27.727. "Holiday box-office take is highest in recent history" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR1117993916. Michael (August 14. "Universal woos next Meyers movie" (http:/ / www. Michael (October 13.[3] Awards and nominations Awards Award Category Film Meryl Streep Nancy Meyers Nancy Meyers Alec Baldwin. 2008). 2009). It currently has a total gross of $112. "John Krasinski Boards Untitled Nancy Meyers Project" (http:/ / www. 2009). . [4] Fleming. "Streep in deep with Meyers" (http:/ / www. 2008). variety. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 2009-08-23. 2010. Retrieved 2009-08-23.. Jeff (August 7. 2009). . . 2010. latimes. html?categoryid=1236& cs=1& query=Alec+ Baldwin+ + + Nancy+ Meyers). and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel with $22. Retrieved 2009-08-23. 2010.

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2009 109 min United States Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country . For the novel of the same name.My Sister's Keeper (film) 35 My Sister's Keeper (film) This article is about the 2009 film. see My Sister's Keeper My Sister's Keeper Theatrical film poster Directed by Produced by Nick Cassavetes Stephen Furst Scott Goldman Mark Johnson Chuck Pacheco Mendel Tropper Novel: Jodi Picoult Screenplay: Jeremy Leven Cameron Diaz Abigail Breslin Sofia Vassilieva Alec Baldwin Jason Patric Thomas Dekker Emily Deschanel Joan Cusack Aaron Zigman Caleb Deschanel Jim Flynn Alan Heim Curmudgeon Films New Line Cinema June 26.

Based on Jodi Picoult's novel of the same name [1] My Sister's Keeper was released in the United States. A few days later. Kate also meets a fellow cancer patient. Sara is furious when Brian shows up at the house with Kate and demands her to be returned to the hospital. Kate makes a request to go to the beach one last time. Kate. It is later learned he agreed to take the case not for the notoriety. Anna Fitzgerald (Abigail Breslin) was brought into the world to be a genetic match for her older sister. with Sara and Brian watching from their bedroom window. After a date. In a flashback. then proceed to a vacant hospital room to make love. Canada. and learns that he has died. After Kate's death. Sara is indignant at this discovery. and Brian. Her family members are introduced one by one and each tell about how Kate's illness has affected them personally and the family. had gently persuaded Anna to refuse to donate her kidney. he becomes her boyfriend in and out of hospital and supports her as she undergoes treatment. The family moves on with their lives.875 36 My Sister's Keeper is a 2009 American drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes and starring Cameron Diaz. there. they slow-dance. she goes into renal failure. which was her "most favorite place in the world. and Alec Baldwin. . To Sara's dismay. play soccer. Anna and Kate's older brother. Attorney Campbell Alexander (Alec Baldwin) agrees to work for Anna as her guardian ad litem. and proceeds to sue them for medical emancipation and the rights to her own body. obtains permission from her doctor and removes her from the hospital to take her and the kids. and knowing Sara refuses to hear any option other than her desired one. Taylor Ambrose (Thomas Dekker). Her overprotective mother. they share their first kiss outside Kate's house. At the end. 2009. Overprotective as ever. Kate dies in her sleep at the hospital with her mother by her side. but every year on Kate's birthday they go to Montana. Sara later shows up at the beach. where they enjoy one final family outing. Her mother Sara is furious when Kate mentions they did "stuff" after the prom and storms out to ask the nurse where Taylor is. He then asks her to the hospital's "prom" for patients.she may be unable to cheer-lead. Abigail Breslin. Brian angrily refuses and drives off. in order to keep her alive. and the case goes to a hearing. At around the same time. The film is interlaced with flashbacks that detail Kate and Anna's closeness. the judge (Joan Cusack) refuses to grant summary dismissal. but is finally forced by both Jesse and Brian to realise that Kate had been trying to tell her this for some time." Anna also wonders why Kate had to die but she got to live. When Kate turns 15.714. Kate is crying because Taylor hasn't called her for several days. After this. Plot Conceived by means of in vitro fertilization. as well as how Kate's illness has affected her siblings' lives and their relationships. Kate (Sofia Vassilieva). She also realizes that she may not be able to live the life she leads . Sofia Vassilieva. who suffers from acute promyelocytic leukemia. During the hearing. Anna knows that she will be forced by her parents to donate a kidney. or be a mother. Anna tells her parents that she does not want any of this. Mexico and the United Kingdom on June 26. her father. threatening Sara with a divorce if she does not join them. who leads an obsessive campaign to keep Kate alive is indignant at Anna's decision and even strikes her across the face when she receives the notice of intended prosecution. Campbell brings the court decision: Anna won the case. Before the case is settled. Anna says that their relationship continues because she will see Kate again. Sara (Cameron Diaz). but because he has epilepsy and understands her predicament of not having control over one's own body. Jesse reveals that Anna's actions are actually under Kate's instruction. not wanting to live any longer. suing for partial termination of parental rights.My Sister's Keeper (film) Language Budget Gross revenue English $30 million $95. whom she begins dating. evidently believing that he had dated her daughter purely for his own ends.

200.Chief Surgeon Olivia Hancock .Young Jesse Fitzgerald Reception Critical response The film received mixed reviews from critics.Aunt Kelly Elizabeth Daily – Nurse Susan Joan Cusack – Judge De Salvo Thomas Dekker – Taylor Ambrose Jeffrey Markle .[5] Awards Year 2009 2009 2010 Award Teen Choice Award ALMA Awards Category Choice Summer Movie Drama Outstanding Actress in Motion Picture Recipient My Sister's Keeper Cameron Diaz Result [6] Won Won Won Won Won Young Artist Awards Best Performance in a Feature Film .[2] another aggregate review site Metacritic reported 51% positive reviews based on 28 reviews.212. The Hangover (fourth weekend). based on 126 reviews.Dr. 2009 with a domestic total of $49.My Sister's Keeper (film) 37 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cameron Diaz – Sara Fitzgerald Alec Baldwin – Campbell Alexander Abigail Breslin – Anna Fitzgerald Sofia Vassilieva – Katherine "Kate" Fitzgerald Jason Patric – Brian Fitzgerald Evan Ellingson – Jesse Fitzgerald Heather Wahlquist .459.Supporting Actor Best Performance in a Feature Film . It has grossed $95. Rotten Tomatoes reports that 47% of reviews for the film were positive.[3] .Young Kate Fitzgerald Brennan Bailey .927 from foreign markets.660.Supporting Actress Brennan Bailey Sofia Vassilieva . Box office In its opening weekend it placed 5th with a total of $12.Dr. The Proposal (second weekend).Leading Young Actress Abigail Breslin Best Performance in a Feature Film .157 worldwide . Farquad Amit Khanduja . behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. and Up (fifth weekend).[4] The film left theatres on October 8.442. Wayne Emily Deschanel .230 with a further $46.

metacritic.G.boxofficemojo.mysisterskeepermovie. variety. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). . com/ article/ VR1117980824.Feels Like Home References [1] Fleming.rottentomatoes. Variety.Find My Way Back Home Jimmy Scott .com/movies/?id=mysisterskeeper. Vassilieva to star in 'Keeper'. Rotten Tomatoes. [2] "My Sister's Keeper" (http:/ / www. 3. Michael (2008-02-12).Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries Priscilla Ahn .We All Fall In Love Sometimes Edwina Hayes . "Breslin. . [4] http:/ / boxofficemojo. Metacritic.com/title/tt1078588/) at the Internet Movie Database • My Sister's Keeper (http://www.Life Is Beautiful TV Spot : • James Blunt . Retrieved 2008-02-13.htm) at Box Office Mojo • My Sister's Keeper (http://www. com/ weekend/ chart/ ?view=& yr=2009& wknd=26& p=.More Movie: • • • • • • • • • • • Don Ho . Retrieved 2009-12-07.imdb. htm [6] Teen Choice Awards winners (http:/ / www.com/m/10010662/) at Rotten Tomatoes .My Sister's Keeper (film) 38 Soundtrack Trailer : • Vega 4 . com/ m/ 10010662).Better Jonah Johnson .Don’t Wanna Cry Phil Xenidis . 2.With You Greg Laswell .Heaven Regina Spektor .Girls Just Want To Have Fun Pete Yorn . com/ film/ titles/ mysisterskeeper).Tiny Bubbles E. com/ hostednews/ ap/ article/ ALeqM5gzwwpelzmXR7OGixpNf7x4tyyiVgD99VR9CO0) External links • Official website (http://www. 4 • Tyrone Wells .Carry You Home • Plain White T's . Daily . com/ movies/ ?id=mysisterskeeper. rottentomatoes.com/) • My Sister's Keeper (http://www. Duo replaces Fanning sisters in New Line film" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. google.1. htm [5] http:/ / www. . [3] "My Sister's Keeper (2009): Reviews" (http:/ / www.Kill Me Jeff Buckley .

depicting aspects of their life in 1970s Long Island from the perspective of a teenager. and Emma Roberts. The film stars Alec Baldwin. 2009 (limited) 95 min. and directed by Derick Martini. United States English Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Lymelife (2009) is an independently produced comedy/drama written by brothers Derick Martini and Steven Martini.[1] Martin Scorsese was executive producer.Lymelife 39 Lymelife Lymelife Promotional film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Derick Martini Alec Baldwin Martin Scorsese Derick Martini Steven Martini Alec Baldwin Emma Roberts Rory Culkin Jill Hennessy Kieran Culkin Timothy Hutton Cynthia Nixon Steven Martini Music by Cinematography Frank Godwin Editing by Derick Martini Steven Martini Mark Yoshikawa Screen Media Films April 8. Rory Culkin. The score of the film was written by Steven Martini and performed by his band The Spaceship Martini. .

that there is a relationship occurring in front of their faces. When the Bartletts' neighbor Charlie Bragg (Timothy Hutton) is diagnosed with the illness. and Adrianna helps him through this. and is the only one who treats her lovingly. more modern house for the family. It has been a year since Scott found condoms under their bed. and his mother takes him to his father's house so they can join forces in this crisis. who is the developer of an enormous subdivision. Scott has developed the same behaviors toward her shown by the frustrated. when it is clear from the way the couple is drunkenly dancing. Mickey's history of philandering is one of the many things upsetting his wife Brenda. it is also partially motivated by lust. Scott thinks she is crazy. she kicks Mickey out of the house. hits their suburban community hard. but Jimmy knows the full story. and they have a good relationship. but also guilty father. Jimmy and Mickey have a confrontation that shows the audience how mature Jimmy had to become to overcome growing up with such a father. she packs to leave.[3] 40 Synopsis Set in 1979 Syosset. Fifteen-year-old Scott Bartlett (Rory Culkin) is a gentle boy. He is obsessed with hunting deer. Meanwhile Charlie is in the woods with his rifle. Brenda is once again able to act the role of an effective parent. since the not-well-kept secret comes out. when simultaneously each member of both families goes through a realization through either personal observation or pushed to notice what they were blocking out by one of the others. at one point driving Scott to the house of a boy he just beat up. but Mickey turns the conversation into an opportunity to vent his own continued anger toward her. which he abruptly pulls out during the confrontation by his wife. in the final scene which occurs the morning after Scott's confirmation. Finally. and even the comfort of her sons' presence doesn't seem to overcome the shame and nervousness the failing marriage is causing her. Charlie also confronts Mickey after he witnesses the affair firsthand. real estate problems and Lyme disease converge in the heart of suburbia. The news both good and bad is that she is starting to return his interest. as well as the accompanying paranoia. to what could possibly have been a . radically different from his blustery father Mickey (Alec Baldwin) and tightly wired mother Brenda (Jill Hennessy). Brenda leaves early from Jimmy's going-away party. Scott often comes across him in the woods between their houses shooting targets. but the closing credits roll with a song playing that declares this is the perfect ending. one of the only ones Charlie is able to maintain throughout his illness. Scott is suspended from school for a week. Mickey is hanging a for sale sign at the new house when Scott and Adrianna get on the school bus. Since Charlie is unable to work. his wife Melissa (Cynthia Nixon) must keep the income flowing herself. She is hired by Mickey. comes home from the army on their mom's birthday. Long Island. Brenda and Mickey also reconcile that night. but stopped when Jimmy retaliated on Scott's behalf. An outbreak of Lyme disease. Scott's older brother. But circumstances shift when Scott learns of the affair and confronts his mother. who has been in love with the Braggs' one year-older daughter Adrianna (Emma Roberts) for all of his young life. who yearns for the comfort of their old neighborhood in Queens. in an uncomfortable scene to watch. the two families are quite busy. and the following morning. New York. Brenda calms her fears by duct-taping Scott's cuffs shut. He also has done a good bit of growing. while his wife believes he is in Manhattan on job interviews. Despite the onset of this mysterious ailment. since he has been spending days in the basement. and though this gesture is a friendly favor. and he moves in next door where he has been building a larger. And growing up amid this marital cocktail is Scott. but shuns him after a rumor spread from a lie he tells a friend after she gets serious with an older boy. to apologize. However.Lymelife The film debuted at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival[2] . where he and Adrianna reconnect. Once Brenda can no longer look the other way. When his wife finds out that he has been letting her earn the family's keep. who had attacked him earlier. though he has not done so for two full years. Things heat up when Jimmy (Kieran Culkin). and it is unclear what the implication of it was. Once this occurs. in September 2008 and won the International Critic's Award (FIPRESCI). The movie ends with a shot heard. Lymelife follows two families who crumble when tangled relationships. this is soon to end.

The Star-Ledger. Philip (May 13. a drama that chronicles the moral deterioration of a family as it navigates the pitfalls of a failing marriage. Reuters. . com/ montclairguide/ index. filmmakers quietly lined up Montclair High to film Lymelife. . com/ article/ filmNews/ idUSN1450600220080815). .imdb.allmovie. hollywoodreporter. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3i1fefd617b092181059b6699641d7ba42). Ian (2008). August 15. digitalhit. "Earlier this spring. 41 Shooting locations Portions of the film were shot at Montclair High School in Montclair.screenmediafilms.rottentomatoes. 2008). Retrieved August 21. Retrieved August 20. also in New Jersey. 2008. "Toronto puts 'Lymelife' in Discovery lineup: Alec Baldwin starrer will have world premiere at the festival" (http:/ / www. reuters.net/lymelife) Lymelife (http://www.[4] Other locations were nearby. New Jersey.com/title/tt1192426/) at the Internet Movie Database Lymelife (http://www. nj. html). 2008. 2008). . 2008.Lymelife perfect story.com/work/469357) at Allmovie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Promotional movie poster Directed by Produced by Eric Darnell Tom McGrath Mireille Soria Mark Swift ." External links • • • • Official website (http://www. References [1] Vlessing. [2] Evans. retrieved 2009-12-02 [3] "Toronto puts Lymelife in Discovery lineup"" (http:/ / www. Lymelife premiere at TIFF 2008 (http:/ / www. ssf/ 2008/ 05/ ready_for_its_closeup. com/ galleries/ 31/ 483/ ). "Montclair on screens big and small" (http:/ / www. The Hollywood Reporter.com/m/lymelife/) at Rotten Tomatoes Lymelife (http://www. Etan (August 14. [4] Read.

where each of the central characters meets others of the same species. Melman the Giraffe. Also providing voices are Bernie Mac. The previous title was Madagascar: The Crate Escape. Sacha Baron Cohen. The film starts as a prequel. Hester DreamWorks Animation Pacific Data Images Paramount Pictures November 7. It soon moves to shortly after the point where the original left off. and directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath. and was released on November 7.am.[2] It stars the voices of Ben Stiller. 2008. showing a small part of Alex's early life.308. David Schwimmer. and Andy Richter. including his capture by hunters. Alec Baldwin. They board an airplane in Madagascar. and will.i.i. 2008 89 minutes United States English $150 million $602.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Written by Etan Cohen Tom McGrath Eric Darnell Ben Stiller Chris Rock David Schwimmer Jada Pinkett Smith Sacha Baron Cohen Cedric the Entertainer Andy Richter Bernie Mac Sherri Shepherd Alec Baldwin Elisa Gabrielli Tom McGrath Chris Miller Christopher Knights John DiMaggio Hans Zimmer will. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures.178 Madagascar Madagascar 3 [1] 42 Starring Music by Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Followed by Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (or simply just Madagascar 2) is a 2008 animated film written by Etan Cohen. It won the 2009 Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie. with the animals deciding to return to New York. Alex is reunited with his parents. Marty the Zebra. Sherri Shepherd. Chris Rock. and their resolution occupies much of the remainder of the film. Cedric the Entertainer. This sequel to the 2005 film Madagascar continues the adventures of Alex the Lion. and Gloria the Hippo. but crash-land in Africa. Elisa Gabrielli.am Mark A. which was featured on a teaser trailer with Ben Stiller. . Jada Pinkett Smith. Problems arise.

The other animals arrive to pick them up with the plane (redesigned as a helicopter). They discover that the stranded New Yorkers.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa This. have dammed up the river and built a primitive civilization. Gloria stops him just in time and Marty arrives to tell them about Alex. Melman is happy until he learns that he has the same symptoms that apparently caused the previous witch doctor to die. the penguins set about repairing the plane. reminds Zuba that Alex must complete a traditional coming-of-age challenge that he did not complete. life in Africa is not as wonderful as it first seemed. Meanwhile. 2009). Mort turns up being chased through the jungle by a shark. the animals panic when the watering hole dries up. thinking that the challenge is a dance contest (it is actually a fight) competes against the strongest lion. Melman is also forlorn about Gloria dating Moto Moto. Believing that he will die soon. was Bernie Mac's last film performance. Hypochondriac Melman becomes a witch doctor. thanks for all the laughter. meeting Marty. and is captured by poachers when Makunga. Alakay is renamed Alex and sent to the Central Park Zoo where he grew up. along with Soul Men (which was released on the same day as this movie. The events of the first film are then described through a series of news flashes. The crate falls into the ocean where it drifts to New York. They carjack several jeeps under "Operation Tourist Trap". The plane takes off. leaving the tourists stranded in the jungle. November 25. To avoid banishing his own son for failing. resulting in . However. Alakay is forced into a crate. who fondly remember him from the zoo. takes charge of the group. King Julien suggests that the animals offer a sacrifice in the volcano. challenges Zuba to a fight for the position of alpha lion. Zuba relinquishes his title as Alpha lion. Alex and Marty leave the reserve to investigate. the movie made a special dedication to the comedian stating: For our friend Bernie Mac. and Gloria. Alex manages to remove Makunga from power by tricking Nana into attacking him. Meanwhile. forcing Marty to abandon him to seek help. In Africa the animals are amazed to find more of their kind. and several chimpanzees use the newly-fixed plane to execute a rescue. under the instruction of Nana. The next day. attracts the attention of a smooth-talking hippo named Moto Moto. Makunga angrily makes a stand for control. to appease the water gods. the cub is more interested in dancing. meanwhile.") and causing King Julien to think that he brought back the water. but Alex refuses. Marty. Unfortunately. However. completing the sacrifice (Maurice says "I hope the gods like seafood. Melman volunteers to be sacrificed. As the watering hole fills. Makunga. There were many cultural references in this film. as Melman has secretly loved her for a long time. and together they all destroy the dam. Alex. freeing the water. November 7. In the present time. Alex is captured by a trap. Gloria. begins to feel upset because there is nothing unique about him. Nana. 43 Plot As a cub. Gloria goes on a date with Moto Moto and quickly realizes that he only loves her for her large body. Zuba's rival. The trio. Marty fits in with a herd of zebra who all look and sound exactly like him. Meanwhile. Alex has already managed to rescue both himself and his father by dancing for the New Yorkers. The shark falls into the volcano. a tough old woman known for beating up Alex in the first film. Back on the reserve. Therefore. one being Sandy Koufax on the cover of a Life magazine. Zuba hears from Makunga what Alex did and goes to assist him. Makunga immediately takes the position and ousts Alex and his family. Mount Kilimanjaro. the penguins. Zuba gives the alpha position to Alex. Determined to make up for his earlier failure. Though Zuba tries to teach Alakay to be a hunter. Alex is reunited with Zuba and his mother. and taken away despite Zuba's attempts to rescue him. back at the volcano. but crash-lands in continental Africa. Teetsie (who was recommended by Makunga) and loses quickly. Melman. the main characters board a repaired airplane to fly back to New York. still determined to take the position of alpha lion. Alex the Lion was called Alakay and was the son of Zuba. 2008) and Old Dogs (which was released a year after this movie was released. the alpha lion. There.

"[6] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film 3 stars and wrote "This is a brighter. and Happy Feet. 44 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ben Stiller as Alex the Lion Chris Rock as Marty the Zebra and other zebras David Schwimmer as Melman the Giraffe Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria the Hippopotamus Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien the Lemur Cedric the Entertainer as Maurice the Aye-Aye Andy Richter as Mort the Lemur Bernie Mac as Zuba the Lion Sherri Shepherd as Florrie the Lioness (credited as "Mom") Alec Baldwin as Makunga the Lion Elisa Gabrielli as Nana will. Now you have Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.[5] Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune stated in his review that the film "goes easy on the pop culture jokes. lemurs. Metacritic classified the film into the "generally favorable reviews" category with 61/100 approval rating based on 24 reviews. becomes the film's primary pop-cult gag. Pump it up with air. Joe Vs. based on 137 reviews. The movie ends as Skipper marries a bobble-head hula doll from the plane and leaves on a honeymoon in Monte Carlo with the chimpanzees. with the consensus view that the film was "an improvement on the original.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa both father and son becoming co-leaders.i.[8] Carrie Rickey of the Philadelphia Inquirer gave the film 2 stars and wrote "Take the flat tire that was Madagascar. Marty."[9] John Anderson gave the film 3½ approval rating and stated "Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. leaving Alex.am as Moto Moto the Hippopotamus Tom McGrath as Skipper the Penguin Chris Miller as Kowalski the Penguin Christopher Knights as Private the Penguin John DiMaggio as Rico the Penguin Conrad Vernon as Mason (Phil is unvoiced) Fred Tatasciore as Teetsie / Poacher #1 Eric Darnell as Poacher #2 Stephen Kearin as Tourist with video camera Danny Jacobs as Tourist with New York T-shirt Quinn Dempsey Stiller (Ben Stiller's real-life son) as Baby Alex[3] Thomas Stanley as Baby Marty[3] Zachary Gordon as Baby Melman[3] Willow Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith's real-life daughter) as Baby Gloria[3] Reception The film received generally positive reviews from critics. who digs his Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins dance moves. Retread it with The Lion King storyline."[4] Another review aggregator. I should clarify: one of the smarter things in the script is how Alex.[7] Steven D. with more fleshed-out characters. crisper animation and more consistent humor. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 65% of critics gave the film a positive review. The Volcano. also a bit higher a score than the original. more engaging film than the original Madagascar. Greydanus complained the film's plot was similar to The Lion King. and Gloria to happily remain in Africa with Alex's parents. and a huge tub of diamonds and gold. the sequel to the enormously successful . Melman.

the film grossed $17.am "Chums" by Heitor Pereira .am "Party.178.589 with $15. 2009. Party" by Hans Zimmer "I Like to Move It" by will.106. "Once Upon A Time In Africa" by Hans Zimmer "The Traveling Song" by will.555. 2. 2008 Pop rock Reggaeton Rap Interscope Professional reviews • Label Allmusic link [13] 1.[11] As of March 19.i. 3.559 average per theater. the Bad and the Ugly (Polka Version)" by Hans Zimmer "Big and Chunky" by will.[1] 45 Awards and nominations Broadcast Film Critics: • Best Animated Film (nominated) Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2009 • Favorite Animated Film[12] Soundtrack Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: Motion Picture Soundtrack Soundtrack by Various artists Released Genre November 8. it achieved a gross of $180.i.056 theaters with an $4.i. 4. 5.297.am "The Good. 7.027 from 4.010.328 average.228 in other regions adding to a worldwide gross total of $602."[10] On its opening day. Party.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa DreamWorks adventure and a film that hews close to the whole Lion King/species-as-destiny/self-fulfillment paradigm. It went to be at #1 at the box office with $63.308. 6.950 in the United States and Canada along with a gross of $422.

2008 TBC Single-player. "Rescue Me" by Hans Zimmer 11.681. bringing in $102.i. "there is at least one more chapter.938 units which translated to $27. Katzenberg was asked if there will be a third film in the series. "More than a Feeling" by Boston 12.i."[14] At the Television Critics Association press tour.am (DVD only) Sequel DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg confirmed that there will be an additional sequel to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. we are making a Madagascar 3 now.997 units have been sold. along with the short film. "Volcano" by Hans Zimmer 10. In the first week at the DVD sales chart. and it will be out in the summer of 2012". 2009. Nintendo DS NA Publisher(s) Distributor(s) Platform(s) Release date(s) • Genre(s) Mode(s) Rating(s) Media November 4. Wii. The Penguins of Madagascar.[15] Home release Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on February 6.i. "She Loves Me" by will. Madagascar opened at #1. Xbox 360.09m in revenue.am 17.i.am 3. "Big and Chunky" by will. selling 1. New York (Polka Version)" by Hans Zimmer 9.am 13. "Alex On The Spot" by Hans Zimmer and will.[16] Video game Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Developer(s) Toys for Bob (PS3/X360/Wii) Idolminds (PS2) Aspyr Media (PC) Griptonite Games (DS) Activision Activision Blizzard PlayStation 3. DVD. This does not include Blu-ray sales/DVD rentals.511 in revenue. Wii Optical Disc .i. "I Like to Move It" by will. He replied. Multiplayer • ESRB: E10+ Blu-ray Disc.am 46 Enhanced Videos 1. "Yes. PlayStation 2.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 8. "Copacabana (At the Copa)" by Barry Manilow 15.791. "Foofie" by Hans Zimmer 14.i. We ultimately want to see the characters make it back to New York. "Best Friends" by will. Katzenberg stated. 7. Microsoft Windows.am 2.060. "She Loves Me" by will. "Monochromatic Friends" by Hans Zimmer 16.[16] As per the latest figures. "New York.

Retrieved 2007-05-30.11/9" (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. dll/ article?AID=/ 20081105/ REVIEWS/ 811059991). html).com/objects/782/782969. Retrieved March 29.[19] 47 References [1] "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" (http:/ / www.dreamworksanimation. comingsoon. [2] http:/ / www.0. dll?p=amg& sql=10:3xfexztkldje [14] "Katzenberg Planning 3rd Madagascar. The Nintendo Channel released a playable demo of this game on the week of November 7. htm). The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 2008-11-07. . . newsday. boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2008-11-07. Retrieved 2008-11-02. com/ title/ tt0479952/ awards [3] http:/ / www. story). newsday. [13] http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (http://www. Retrieved 2008-11-22. [15] "DreamWorks Confirms Madagascar 3 is Coming . . and Nintendo DS. com/ movies/ ?id=madagascar2. "Nickelodeon: "Kids Choice Awards" Shock!" (http:/ / weblogs. . php?id=47990).Los Angeles Times" (http:/ / www. [16] http:/ / www. . imdb. imdb. com/ sections/ reviews/ madagascar2. IGN. allmusic. PlayStation 3. . 2008-11-05. .com/) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (http://www. .madagascarthegame. com/ articles/ 943/ 943429p1. html). com/ weekend/ chart/ ?view=& yr=2008& wknd=45& p=. Philadelphia Inquirer.html) at IGN . Rotten Tomatoes.com/work/335737) at Allmovie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (http://www. KidzWorld. Retrieved 2008-11-06. decentfilms. philly. com/ articles/ 667/ 667699p1. com/ cg/ amg. Wii. latimes.com/dwa/opencms/movies/index. Pictures" (http:/ / www. html). [11] "Weekend Box Office Results from 11/7 . 2008-11-09. ign. Lemmings-esque levels in which the penguins of the series are the main characters. . although the environment is in Africa. Retrieved 2008-11-07.com/) for the video game • Madagascar 2: Escape Africa (PS3) (http://ps3.html) on the DreamWorks Animation website Video game • Official website (http://www." (http:/ / movies.2163957.[17] and released on November 4. 2nd Kung Fu Panda" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-03-08. the-numbers. html). . 2008 in North America. ign. Retrieved 2009-04-15. Box Office Mojo. com/ movies/ 2008/ MADG2-DVD.ign. suntimes. story). com/ entertainment/ tv/ blog/ 2009/ 03/ nickelodeon_kids_choice_awards. com/ m/ madagascar_escape_2_africa/ ). com/ news/ nationworld/ world/ africa/ la-et-madagascar7-2008nov07. [12] Verne Gay (March 29. com/ title/ tt0479952/ fullcredits#cast [4] "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Movie Reviews. com/ Madagascar-2-Crate-Escape-Playstation-3/ dp/ B001AWFIU4 [19] "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa :: DS Game Review" (http:/ / www. "Activision Extends DreamWorks Deal" (http:/ / cube. net/ news/ movienews.madagascar-themovie. [6] "Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa .Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa A video game based on the film and the game of the original film. [18] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-08-14.Roger Ebert" (http:/ / rogerebert.0. [7] "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Movie Review . . [8] "Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa (2008)" (http:/ / www. htm).com/movies/?id=madagascar2. php [17] Adams. 2009-01-09. Los Angeles Times.6527117. amazon. newsday. Retrieved 2009-03-09. com/ inquirer/ columnists/ carrie_rickey/ 20081107_Time_to_get_these_animals_out_of_Africa. PlayStation 2. com/ article/ 15431-madagascar-escape-2-africa-ds-game-review).boxofficemojo. Microsoft Windows.[18] The video game's gameplay is similar to the first movie's video game with the same characters and moves. 2009. .imdb. boxofficemojo. was made for the Xbox 360. kidzworld. . . Metacritic. Chicago Sun-Times. [5] "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008):Reviews" (http:/ / www. html). 2009). David (2005-11-17). Retrieved 2009-02-11. com/ apps/ pbcs.com/title/tt0479952/) at the Internet Movie Database Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (http://www. External links • • • • Official website (http://www. [10] "Review:'Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa'" (http:/ / www. com/ services/ newspaper/ printedition/ exploreli/ ny-etleadmovie5913750nov07. metacritic.com. Box Office Mojo. [9] "Time to get these animals out of Africa" (http:/ / www.allmovie.Katzenberg comments on when it will be released. com/ film/ titles/ madagascar2). which shows one of the side-scrolling. IGN Entertainment.

2008. Alec Baldwin. 2008 101 minutes United States English $20 million $40.[2] .My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film) 48 My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film) My Best Friend's Girl Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Howard Deutch Adam Herz Dane Cook Jordan Cahan Dane Cook Kate Hudson Jason Biggs Alec Baldwin John Debney Music by Cinematography Jack N. and Lizzy Caplan. Green Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Seth Flaum Lionsgate September 19. Kate Hudson. It was released on September 19.655.564 (Worldwide) [1] My Best Friend's Girl is a 2008 romantic comedy film by Howard Deutch and stars Dane Cook. 2008 October 9. Jason Biggs.

including the groom. If a guy loses a girl and wants her back. After engaging in a play argument they kiss. While attending the wedding of Alexis' sister Rachel (Diora Baird) he realizes that she is one of his previous bad dates. Dustin takes Alexis on a date and confesses his love but she insists they remain friends. and is punched and thrown out. After overhearing Alexis telling Rachel that she has fallen for him Tank's guilt causes him to sabotage their relationship and call Dustin to apologize. He shares an apartment with his step cousin Dustin (Jason Biggs) who has fallen for his work colleague Alexis (Kate Hudson). Alexis calls Tank at work and berates him for leaving early the previous night. Tank goes to see Alexis and they end up having casual sex on a regular basis while Dustin begins a series of desperate attempts to stay friends with her. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Dane Cook as Sherman 'Tank' Turner Kate Hudson as Alexis Jason Biggs as Dustin Alec Baldwin as Professor William Turner. Alexis walks up to him and throws wine in his face. asks Tank to keep quiet about his use of his services. Alexis calls Dustin but when they meet she explains that her date with Tank has motivated her to see other men. When he drops her off she expects him to come in but he resists the temptation out of loyalty to Dustin. Three months later. Dustin arrives at the wedding reception and reveals Tank's schemes to Alexis. a deeply Christian girl Mini Anden as Lizzy. one of Tank's one-night-stands . The groom. Alexis's best friend and roommate Taran Killam as Josh. Tank's feelings for Alexis start to grow but after consulting with his father (Alec Baldwin) he has doubts that he is deserving of a serious relationship with her. Tank's friend and colleague from the call center Riki Lindhome as Hilary. Encouraged by Tank's father Dustin gets together with Ami. Tank points out his clients. After the date Dustin explains his situation to Tank who volunteers his services. Rachel's groom Malcolm Barrett as Dwalu. Alexis's sister and one of Tank's bad dates Lizzy Caplan as Ami. Dustin sends Alexis roses and an apology poem in Tank's name. Tank bumps into Alexis and they arrange to go out. Dustin initially turns him down but the next day sees Alexis flirting with another co-worker and begs Tank to take Alexis out.My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film) 49 Plot Sherman 'Tank' Turner (Dane Cook) is a help line operator with a hobby. he gets in touch with Tank and pays him to take the girl on a bad date. Tank is on a date when Alexis and her roommate Ami (Lizzy Caplan) see him. He behaves badly all night but Alexis is too drunk to care. Josh (Taran Killam). Later while talking with Dustin and his father he realizes that he loves Alexis and they encourage him to reconcile with her. Tank's father Diora Baird as Rachel. He finds her and jogs with her for a few miles but Alexis is unmoved. Throughout the evening Tank inevitably behaves in the most moronic fashion causing the girl to realize that her ex wasn't really such a bad guy after all.

[1] References [1] "My Best Friend's Girl" (http:/ / www.allmovie.[4] Box office The film opened at #3 at the North American box office making $8. com/ m/ 10008611-my_best_friends_girl/ ). boxofficemojo. . the Internet Movie Database [3] "My Best Friend's Girl Movie Reviews. com/ movies/ ?id=mybestfriendsgirl. [2] My Best Friend's Girl (2008) (http:/ / www. indicating a generally negative response.Malbec (band) Always Where I Need To Be .com/title/tt1046163/) at the Internet Movie Database My Best Friend's Girl (http://www. Retrieved 2008-10-12. with a consensus that "My Best Friend's Girl spends too much time being vulgar and offensive.mybestfriendsgirlmovie.The Cars Love Is Like Oxygen .Tommy James At Last .Linda Rondstadt My Best Friend's Girl . com/ title/ tt1046163/ ).Sweet 99 Red Balloons (English version of 99 Luftballons) .dll?p=avg&sql=1:406955) at allmovie My Best Friend's Girl (http://www. Box Office Mojo.John Debney The Man Comes Around . 2009. imdb. htm).Jean Knight You're No Good . metacritic. External links • • • • Official website (http://www. com/ film/ titles/ mybestfriendsgirl?q=my best friend's girl). Pictures . As of August 12. Metacritic.Teddy Thompson Best Friends Again/I Love You .The Kooks Pop That Pussy .265.Johnny Cash Reception Critical response The film was poorly received by critics. Rotten Tomatoes.imdb. leaving little room for laughs.357 USD in its opening weekend.John Hiatt Save Some .rottentomatoes.Glacier Hiking Blue . Retrieved 2009-09-26.com/cg/avg."[3] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 34 out of 100 based on 13 reviews. rottentomatoes. the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 15% of critics rated the film positively.com/m/10008611-my_best_friends_girl/) at Rotten Tomatoes .Etta James Have A Little Faith In Me .My Best Friend's Girl (2008 film) 50 Soundtrack • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Do Me .Rotten Tomatoes" (http:/ / www. [4] "My Best Friend's Girl (2008): Reviews" (http:/ / www.com) My Best Friend's Girl (http://www.2 Live Crew Separate Ways . .Nena Crimson And Clover . Retrieved 2008-10-12. .

2007 105 min. USA English $35.000 .Shortcut to Happiness 51 Shortcut to Happiness Shortcut to Happiness Movie poster for Shortcut to Happiness Directed by Produced by Alec Baldwin (credited as "Harry Kirkpatrick") Randall Emmett George Furla Bob Yari David Glasser Pete Dexter Bill Condon Nancy Cassaro (screenplay) Stephen Vincent Benet (story) Archibald Macleish (play) Anthony Hopkins Jennifer Love Hewitt Alec Baldwin Dan Aykroyd Kim Cattrall Amy Poehler Ramin Djawadi Christopher Young Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Adam Holender Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Yari Film Group July 13.000.

[2] Bob Yari bought the film from a bankruptcy court for an undisclosed amount. 52 Plot Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is a desperate. . Baldwin had his name removed from the directing credit. Julius Jensen (Dan Aykroyd). notoriety. Throughout in his attempts to get his work published. When the Devil scoffs he turns to famed orator Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins). down on his luck writer who reaches rock bottom when his close friend. Stone now had it all. it was announced that Yari's company would work on finishing the film and that it would be released sometime in 2007.Daniel Webster Dan Aykroyd .[4] The company also announced the title of the film would be changed from The Devil and Daniel Webster to Shortcut to Happiness. he is losing the friendship. the name was ultimately replaced with the pseudonym "Harry Kirkpatrick". The two conclude that they should take the battle to court with Webster defending Stone in an otherworldly trial against the Devil in the ultimate battle of wits in a fight over the fate of Stone's soul. as well as to replace temporary music. It stars Anthony Hopkins as Daniel Webster.[3] In 2007 the Yari Film Group announced the acquisition of the film and distribution plans.[1] Due to this and other creative differences.Luke Production history Shot in early 2001 in New York City.Luigi Barry Miller .The Devil Anthony Hopkins . During post-production Baldwin had said the movie was taken from him.Mike Weiss Mike Doyle . In 2007 the Yari Film Group announced a deal to release the film to theaters under a new title. However. Stone begs the Devil to release him from their deal.Julius Jensen Kim Cattrall . In July 2006. the film was plagued with financial difficulties.Shortcut to Happiness Shortcut to Happiness is a 2004 film adaptation of the Stephen Vincent Benet classic short story The Devil and Daniel Webster.Ray Amy Poehler . Stone. having lost faith in himself. money. he meets a beautiful stranger (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who offers him a chance at fame and fortune in exchange for his soul. agrees to the offer. and Jennifer Love Hewitt as The Devil. After accepting the deal Jabez is quickly lavished with all he had ever dreamed of. it was plagued with financial difficulties and sat unreleased for several years. Although filmed in 2001. A book deal. Baldwin also directed the film. but was said to be several million dollars. women. Shortcut to Happiness.Molly Gilchrest Darrell Hammond John Savage .Jabez Stone Jennifer Love Hewitt . finds success. Alec Baldwin as Jabez Stone. Once the film cleared to be sold for distribution. Coming to the realization that he didn't quite get everything he bargained for. a rough cut was screened at film festivals in 2003 and 2004. respect and trust of those around him. The film needed further financing to complete the editing and special effects. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin . despite the success.Constance Hurry Jason Patric . though much of the film's post-production work was never finished.Johnny Frank Sivero .

53 Rating This film is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for language and sexual content.imdb.com/) . References [1] Baldwin says Feds have seized his debut film (http:/ / www.com/) Yari Film Group Website (http://www. com/ news/ story/ sm_838125. html?menu=news.com/title/tt0263265/) at the Internet Movie Database Shortcut to Happiness (http://www. com/ seven/ 01142007/ gossip/ pagesix/ new_life_for_baldwin_devil_pagesix_. quirkies) [2] 'New Life for Baldwin Devil' (http:/ / www. 2007-01-14 [3] IMDB (http:/ / imdb.com/work/385254) at Allmovie Shortcut to Happiness (http://www. com/ article/ VR1117957052. It has also been aired on Starz.Shortcut to Happiness Shortcut to Happiness is now available to watch online as part of Netflix's Watch Instantly feature. ananova. variety.shortcuttohappiness. NY Post.com/films/shortcuttohappiness/) Shortcut to Happiness (http://www. nypost. htm). html) External links • • • • • • Official Website (http://www.com/m/shortcut_to_happiness/) at Rotten Tomatoes Fictionalized account of production difficulties (http://the-devil-and-daniel-webster.rottentomatoes.allmovie.yarifilmgroup. com/ title/ tt0263265/ ) [4] Bedeviled pic finds distributor (http:/ / www.blogspot.

2007 95 minutes English Written by Starring Music by Release date(s) Running time Language Brooklyn Rules is a 2007 film starring Alec Baldwin. Jerry Ferrara. Mena Suvari Jerry Ferrara Benny Rietveld May 18. Scott Caan. Lane Bonnie Comley Billy Heinzerling Terrance Winter Terence Winter Alec Baldwin Scott Caan Freddie Prinze Jr. The film was directed by Michael Corrente and Written by Terence Winter. Freddie Prinze Jr.Brooklyn Rules 54 Brooklyn Rules Brooklyn Rules Promotional poster for Brooklyn Rules Directed by Produced by Michael Corrente Stewart F. and Mena Suvari. ..

Mafia-controlled streets of Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood. Rotten Tomatoes tallied 18 positive and 20 negative reviews.[2] References [1] Brooklyn Rules (http:/ / www. com/ m/ brooklyn_rules/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes [2] Brooklyn Rules (http:/ / www. leaving the streets behind seems increasingly possible.).yahoo."[1] The film received an overall rating of 53 out of 100 from Metacritic. Michael and Bobby are drawn into that world despite their reluctance to get involved. resulting in an average rating of 47%.com/movie/1808734371/cast • http://movies. As their relationship blossoms. rottentomatoes. It noted that the movie's "premise is old hat now. Michael falls for a beautiful young student named Ellen (Mena Suvari).Brooklyn Rules 55 Synopsis Beginning in 1974 and then quickly fast forwarding to 1985. Cast • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Caesar Freddie Prinze Jr. his close friend Carmine (Scott Caan) is a handsome lady-killer who is enamored with the Mafia lifestyle and wants only to stay there.com/movie/1808734371/details External links • Brooklyn Rules (http://www. all three friends are placed in grave danger as relationships and lives are threatened.yahoo. a society girl whom he initially wins over with his preppy schoolboy cover. While at Columbia. the narrator. the movie chronicles the coming of age of three boyhood friends in the violent.com/title/tt0283503/) at the Internet Movie Database . based on 13 reviews. a feared Gambino family mobster who controls their neighborhood. but strong performances from Alec Baldwin and the supporting cast are reasons enough to watch. In contrast to Michael's desire to leave the Brooklyn streets behind. is a lovable charmer with the soul of a con man who successfully scams his way into the pre-law program at Columbia University. an endearing cheapskate who longs for a simple life of working at the Post Office and settling down with his fiancee. com/ film/ titles/ brooklynrules) at Metacritic • http://movies. but when Carmine catches the eye of Caesar (Alec Baldwin). as Michael Scott Caan as Carmine Jerry Ferrara as Bobby Mena Suvari as Ellen Monica Keena as Amy Ty Reed as Young Carmine Reception The film has received mixed reviews from critics. When one becomes enamored with the mafia lifestyle. Rounding out the trio is Bobby (Jerry Ferrara). Michael (Freddie Prinze Jr.imdb. metacritic.

which spent 16 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. which was filmed in New York City. Alec Baldwin (Archie) and Maggie Grace. 2008. The movie was shown at New York's Tribeca Film Festival in April and May. 2007. producers of The Wedding Planner and Green Street Hooligans. The Girls’ Guide To Hunting and Fishing for their film.Suburban Girl 56 Suburban Girl Suburban Girl Film poster Directed by Written by Starring Marc Klein Marc Klein Sarah Michelle Gellar Alec Baldwin Maggie Grace Chris Carmack Vincent De Paul Vanessa Branch DVD and Blu-ray: January 15. . 2008 United States English Release date(s) Country Language Suburban Girl is a 2008 comedy film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bret). For many months. Francis Ford Coppola (who has the rights to the title and short story of that name) and American Zoetrope are developing a film which is adapted from the last short story in the book. the makers of Suburban Girl used the title of the book. It is a romantic comedy produced by Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete. The DVD and Blu-ray release date was January 15. The movie is adapted from two short stories in Melissa Bank's best-selling book The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing.

an ambitious young New York book editor living in the literary hotbed of Manhattan's Upper East Side.[2] Film website moviepictirefilm.Archie Knox Maggie Grace .com/m/suburban_girl/) at Rotten Tomatoes Suburban Girl (http://www. Containing a ton of laughs and killer fashion that could give The Devil Wears Prada a run for its money. this movie has something uncommon in most romantic comedies. Trailers. The movie also stars Maggie Grace as Brett's friend. Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes" (http:/ / www.[1] It was described as "a blend of Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada" and a "pseudo-sophisticated romantic comedy" according to Variety. com/ m/ suburban_girl/ ).htm) at Box Office Mojo Suburban Girl (http://www.Chloe Vanessa Branch .imdb. The mistake does not affect understanding of the movie.yahoo. the language is mislabelled as Japanese. quite heartbreaking. php?itemid=1289).com/movie/1809710013/info) at Yahoo! Movies* .com. Cast • • • • • • Sarah Michelle Gellar .rottentomatoes.Katie Chris Carmack . uk/ reviews. [3] "Review Of The Day: Suburban Girl (Tribeca Film Festival 2007)" (http:/ / www.boxofficemojo. moviepicturefilm. Rotten Tomatoes. with Eye For Film commenting. It has an aggregate score of 50% on Rotten Tomatoes.Jed Hanson Reception The film received generally mixed reviews from critics.com/work/352628) at Allmovie • Suburban Girl (http://movies.allmovie.Faye Faulkner Marin Ireland . rottentomatoes.Suburban Girl 57 Synopsis Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Brett Eisenberg. She dates Archie for a while and he becomes her mentor in the publishing world but unfortunately she soon realizes that he's an alcoholic and womanizer who can't change his ways. tons of style and a huge heart.com stated "Gellar and Baldwin both give wonderful performances and make their chemistry incredibly real and ultimately. [2] "Suburban Girl Movie Review" (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0428579/) at the Internet Movie Database Suburban Girl (http://www. Eye for Film. "The film works best when Baldwin and Gellar are together aside from the fact that Gellar seriously needs to eat a bun or two". Sarah Michelle Gellar's on screen chemistry with Alec Baldwin was either criticised or praised.Brett Eisenberg Alec Baldwin . ."[3] The DVD sub-titles for the deaf and hard of hearing contain a curious error where during a scene where Faye Faulkner speaks Mandarin on a telephone. In the end they break up and she goes on with her life. com/ film. While attempting to navigate the very political regime change at her office. eyeforfilm. . php?id=5932). but immature college boyfriend for the charms of the notorious (and much older) publishing playboy Archie Knox (Alec Baldwin). See also • Melissa Bank References [1] "Suburban Girl – Movie Reviews. External links • • • • Suburban Girl (http://www.com/movies/?id=suburbangirl. . co. she faces the pressure of leaving her safe.

James (October 12. 2004). "The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing Heads to be Adapted" (http://movies. monstersandcritics.Suburban Girl • Wray. Retrieved 2007-01-04. Robinson Robert De Niro Jane Rosenthal Francis Ford Coppola Eric Roth Matt Damon Angelina Jolie William Hurt Alec Baldwin Robert De Niro Billy Crudup Michael Gambon Timothy Hutton Joe Pesci John Turturro Bruce Fowler Marcelo Zarvos Arvo Pärt Robert Richardson Tariq Anwar Morgan Creek TriBeCa Productions American Zoetrope Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio .com/news/article_1987.php/ The_Girls_Guide_to_Hunting_and_Fishing_Heads_to_be_Adapted). 58 The Good Shepherd (film) The Good Shepherd Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Robert De Niro James G. Monsters and Critics.

Edward delays. After the ceremony.. Edward meets and is later aggressively seduced by Margaret 'Clover' Russell (Angelina Jolie). he advises Wilson to "quit. At the wedding reception Edward accepts an offer of a position in the London OSS office from General Sullivan. leaders. Edward marries Clover. until his loyalties were questioned. prompting Fredericks to kneel down and tie Edward's shoe for him.480. a senior CIA officer." Laura. Plot A photograph and an audio recording on reel-to-reel tape are dropped off anonymously at the home of Edward Wilson (Matt Damon). while you still have a soul". tells Edward that Fredericks' indiscriminate homosexual relationships pose a security risk. was to be chosen as Secretary of the Navy. Edward begins a relationship with a deaf student named Laura (Tammy Blanchard). sees and walks away. Edward is asked to deal with his mentor. a fraternity brother tells him that Edward's father.The Good Shepherd (film) Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Universal Pictures December 22. Edward Wilson (portrayed by Matt Damon). an able lip-reader. causing the American authorities to suspect that he was a Nazi spy. Arch Cummings (Billy Crudup). is a Nazi spy. his friend's sister. Thomas (Timothy Hutton). requiring him to be in England in one week. The film's main character. it is advertised as telling the untold story of the birth of counter-intelligence in the Central Intelligence Agency. with an extensive supporting cast. and is killed. Despite this. Fredericks (Michael Gambon). Later while Edward and Laura are at the beach. 2006 167 minutes United States English $85 million $99. General Bill Sullivan (Robert De Niro) asks Edward to join the OSS. where the Allies and the Soviets. In 1939 Edward is at Yale University and joins Skull and Bones. He says he will understand if Wilson wants to "tie his shoe" (a signal to watchers that the meeting went badly). He is compelled to disclose a secret as part of his initiation: he reveals that as a young boy he discovered the suicide note left by his father. who is actually a British intelligence operative who had sought to infiltrate a Nazi organization while at Yale. asking Edward to expose his professor's background as well as implying that the Professor is homosexual: Edward's actions result in Dr. a secret society that grooms future U.S. Fredericks recognized Edward's gifts and recommended that he be trained in counter-espionage in London. leaving his newlywed wife. The movie then flashes back to 1939. although he says he never read it. Clover's brother. who claims that Edward's poetry professor. leaves. An intelligence officer in the British SOE. Fredericks' forced resignation from the university. The time shifts to post-war Berlin. Edward encounters his Soviet counterpart. In London he meets his former professor Dr. but while on Deer Island. privately reveals that Clover is pregnant with Edward's child and asks him to "do what is expected. his body being dumped into the Thames. John. are trying to recruit as many German scientists as possible. is loosely based on James Jesus Angleton and Richard M. Dr. but Fredericks refuses the chivalrous suggestion to protect himself by returning to teaching. an admiral. .. Afterwards Edward is recruited by an FBI agent Sam Murach (Alec Baldwin). after the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba fails due to an undisclosed leak. Bissell. Fredericks. in a race for technological superiority. As their meeting ends. offering him a post in London.480 [1] 59 The Good Shepherd is a 2006 spy film directed by Robert De Niro and starring Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie. codenamed "Ulysses". Although it is a fictional film loosely based on real events.

Laura. He realizes that the photograph and tape are of his son Edward Jr. father. and administer liquid LSD because of its alleged truth serum properties. After taking the drug and behaving bizarrely. While attending the theatre with Mironov and Cummings. Margaret (Clover) pleads with Edward to persuade their son not to accept. Margaret anonymously receives photos of Laura and Edward getting into a taxi together and kissing.The Good Shepherd (film) who praises Edward. Edward realizes that Hanna can hear without the use of her hearing aid. she also confesses that she was seeing another man. watched the entire ordeal. but Edward Jr. but distant. a KGB operative working for Ulysses. Edward does not believe him. a Russian requesting asylum and claiming to be a high-ranking official who knows Ulysses. who now prefers to be called Margaret. at Yale. who. Edward warns him not to wear his Yale class ring. when he sees the model ship in the glass watch-casing on the nightstand. This widens the rift between Edward and Margaret. Later Edward Jr. is interviewed by Edward. Valentin Mironov. he accepts Hanna's invitation to dinner at her home. Allen discloses that he adores Swiss chocolate. Richard Hayes (Lee Pace). A Soviet defector (Mark Ivanir) appears claiming that he is the real Valentin Mironov. believing it will bring him closer to his loving. They leave the theatre separately. meet at a restaurant and rekindle their old romance. The film returns to the recording dropped off at the beginning of the movie. After six years in London. and Yale class ring. Edward visits his son. who wears what appears to be a hearing aid. and sleeps with her. while the Americans seek Jewish scientists. out of a heightened state of fear resulting from his fragmented awareness that his father is involved in dark secrets. and hides the details of his position from all but Clover/Margaret. Edward's first assignment deals with coffee in Central America where the Russians are trying to gain influence. in the Congo. containing the severed finger. of the American agent. After analysis of clues such as the ceiling fan's brand name and the church bells and other sounds heard on the tape. where he has also joined the Skull and Bones society and has been approached for recruitment by the CIA. When she asks if he had any relationships. Edward encounters his former sweetheart. with Edward. exposing her as a Soviet operative. While they are making love. Wilson suspects that Edward Jr.. under Phillip Allen (William Hurt). Edward returns home to a distant Clover." General Sullivan approaches Wilson again to help form a new foreign intelligence organisation (the CIA) where Wilson will work with his former colleague. may have overheard the conversation and warns his son to be silent. who wets himself. A distraught Margaret confronts him. and agents beat and torture the man. Edward spots Ulysses in the background of footage of the country's leader. They plan an exchange of scientists — the Soviets asking for German Nazi and Slavic scientists. CIA specialists deduce that the photograph may have been taken in Leopoldville. Edward replies that "it was a mistake. Margaret moves to her mother's home in Arizona. joins anyway. Edward is assisted by an interpreter. overhears Edward and Hays discuss the upcoming Bay of Pigs invasion. Edward asks Murach if the FBI has any information on Allen: the resulting file intimates that Allen holds substantial funds in Swiss accounts. Edward arranges for airplanes to fly over and release locusts during a public event where the Russians (including Ulysses) are present in order to intimidate the Central American leader. Edward goes there and finds the room. Edward accepts. Ulysses is 60 . which he had kept from their college romance days. Margaret explains that her brother was killed in the war. Edward later receives a can of Mayan Coffee presumably from Ulysses. After Edward learns from his son during a rare phone call home that Clover is having an affair. later. Edward ends the relationship with Laura by returning her jeweled crucifix. Another agent is sent covertly as a representative of the Mayan Coffee Company. Edward presents his son with a miniature model ship inside a glass watch-casing. The first man claiming to be Mironov. She is killed and Ulysses is notified by her hearing aid being planted in his teapot. offers to take LSD to prove his innocence. Hanna Schiller (Martina Gedeck). and that the man known to them as Valentin is Yuri Modin. Edward Jr. Wilson and Clover go to a Christmas party with their son. its blurred image was the one object in the photo that the CIA team was unable to identify. he calmly states that he is Valentin Mironov and hurls himself through the window to the pavement several stories below. but doesn't disclose this. Sometime later.

that his fiancée is dead. based partly on Sam Giancana and Santo Trafficante Jr. Edward explains that as the Soviets have won in Cuba it is not necessary to hurt his son. . Edward is visibly affected when Edward Jr. Sr. Edward meets with fellow Skull and Bones classmate Hayes (loosely based on Richard Helms) at the new CIA headquarters still under construction. asks. particularly urging the latter to grow up to be a good man. De Niro. After meeting Ulysses in a museum and refusing to betray his country. The President has directed him to do some "housecleaning" and he tells Edward that he needs someone he can trust. Jr. Thomas. "You want her to be part of your family. based on James Jesus Angleton • Angelina Jolie as Margaret "Clover" Russell Wilson • Robert De Niro as Bill Sullivan. Edward burns the note. and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32)". The film ends with Edward leaving his old office and moving to his new wing in the CIA. and asks Edward. husband and father and to live a life of decency and truth. Thus the Cubans and Soviets learnt of the upcoming CIA landing at the Bay of Pigs. he confronts his son. His son refuses to believe that she is an intelligence agent. reveals that his fiancée was pregnant.'s wedding. • Michael Gambon as Dr. His fiancée travels on a small plane to the ceremony but mid-flight is thrown out of the plane. the classified information he overheard his father discussing. Gedeck and Hutton at the February 2007 premiere of the film in Berlin • Gabriel Macht as John Russell. He then tells Edward he will be the first head of counter-intelligence. and hands him a one dollar bill. based on Kim Philby • Tammy Blanchard as Laura • Keir Dullea as Senator John Russell. Fredericks • Martina Gedeck as Hanna Schiller • Timothy Hutton as Admiral Thomas Wilson • William Hurt as CIA Director Philip Allen. Ulysses encourages Edward to spy for the Soviets in exchange for them protecting his son. commenting that a cardinal rule of democracy is generosity. based on Allen Dulles Damon. Edward exposes Valentin as Soviet spy Yuri Modin after finding evidence of his true identity in a book given him by Arch Cummings. saying. Edward and Margaret arrive separately in the Congo for Edward Jr. Edward is then shown pulling out from his home safe the suicide note that his father. He left loving words for his wife and son. however. Ulysses notes of Edward Jr. Edward notes the inscription on the new marble wall of the CIA lobby: "And ye shall know the truth. a Soviet spy. revealing Edward Jr.The Good Shepherd (film) there and plays Edward an unedited version of the tape.'s fiancée: "neither of us can be sure about her". had left and in which his father's words. 61 Cast • Matt Damon as Edward Wilson. Edward denies any responsibility when Edward Jr. Edward informs a worried Edward Jr. we're still brothers" and that Edward is the "CIA's heart and soul". Ulysses' aide asks him for change to purchase his daughter a souvenir from the gift shop. who is thus exposed as a co-conspirator. When she fails to arrive at the church. Edward asks how much it is. based on William Donovan • Alec Baldwin as FBI Agent Sam Murach • Billy Crudup as Arch Cummings. based on Richard Helms • Joe Pesci as Joseph Palmi. Cummings flees to the USSR. who says that he is in love with the woman and plans to marry her. "after all. Hayes tells him that Allen is resigning under a cloud of financial improprieties (after receiving copies of the Swiss accounts delivered in a chocolate box). only now read by Edward. don't you?" Later. repeating to his lover. reveal that he had betrayed his country. and that the President has asked him to be the new Director. • Lee Pace as Deputy Director Richard Hayes. Edward is non-committal.

Damon also spent time with Bearden as well as visiting several of the locations depicted in the film and reading several books on the CIA. depict it in a muted way. Damon included.[5] Initially. In those days. Jr.[5] In preparation for the film. During pre-production in 2002. If The Good Shepherd proved to be a commercial success then their follow-up would be De Niro's pitch.[6] He also hired retired CIA agent Milton Bearden to serve as a technical adviser on the film. based on Anatoliy Golitsyn Oleg Stefan as Ulysses/Stas Siyanko John Turturro as Ray Brocco. “they tried to do what they thought was right. They had first worked together on Meet the Parents where De Niro played a retired CIA agent. The project languished until John Frankenheimer signed on to make the film with MGM agreeing to purchase the rights.[3] Coppola left the project because he could not relate to the characters due to their lack of emotion (although he retained a credit as co-executive producer). And then.The Good Shepherd (film) • • • • • Eddie Redmayne as older Edward Wilson. The actor said in an interview. The new studio head had no interest in spy films unless they could get a movie star like Tom Cruise to appear in the film.[5] He and Roth were also interested in showing how absolute power corrupted the leaders of the CIA. The new administration gave Roth a list of directors to choose from and one of them was Philip Kaufman. Early on. The Third Man. According to producer Jane Rosenthal. Damon turned De Niro down because he was scheduled to shoot Steven Soderbergh's The Informant!. who was also doing The Departed but would be done earlier than DiCaprio and De Niro would only have to wait six months to do the film with him.[7] Bearden agreed to take De Niro through Afghanistan to the north-west frontier of Pakistan and into Moscow for a guided tour of intelligence gathering. I was raised in the Cold War. “I had always been interested in the Cold War. De Niro watched spy films like The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.[2] Roth read Norman Mailer's Harlot's Ghost and became intrigued with the people who built the CIA. this had been Robert De Niro's pet project for nine years. and Smiley's People.[5] De Niro planned to shoot the movie in in early 2005 but DiCaprio could not do it then because he was making The Departed for Martin Scorsese.[2] Wayne Wang was set to direct and even conducted some location scouting but management changes at Columbia ended his involvement. they became overconfident and started doing things that are not always in our best interests”. De Niro said in an interview. John Sessions as Valentin Mironov #1/Yuri Modin.[4] Kaufman and Roth worked on the project for a year and then the management changed at the studio again. should go back and forth in time to "give it a more contemporary feeling". James Robinson's Morgan Creek Productions agreed to help finance the film with a budget under $90 million which meant that many of the principal actors.[5] De Niro was not interested in making a spy movie with flashy violence and exciting car chases. as they went on.[5] De Niro and Roth ended up making a deal: Roth would write up De Niro's idea into a screenplay if the actor would direct his existing script. it was a gentleman's game”. All of the intelligence stuff was interesting to me”.[8] Bearden also made sure that the historical aspects were correct but fictionalized . having just worked together on Ronin. He wanted Robert De Niro to star. De Niro approached Matt Damon. who was interested in playing the film's protagonist Edward Wilson. whose original structure was linear. He had a deal with Leonardo DiCaprio. So I want to downplay the violence. would have to waive their usual salaries to keep costs down.[2] King left with him and so did his financial backing. “I just like it when things happen for a reason.[2] De Niro took the project to Universal Pictures where producer Graham King agreed to help finance the $110+ million budget. based on Angleton deputy Raymond Rocca Liya Kebede as Miriam 62 Production Eric Roth wrote the screenplay in 1994 for Francis Ford Coppola and Columbia Pictures. De Niro had been developing his own spy story about the CIA from the Bay of Pigs Invasion to [4] the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and agreed to appear in the film. but it proved difficult to produce in a pre-9/11 world and had to compete with his busy schedule as an actor. He felt that Roth's script. Frankenheimer died. Soderbergh agreed to delay filming and Damon agreed to star as Wilson.

a large edifice built in 1901 for the United States Cavalry. including a Skull and Bones headquarters and the Berlin set. Moscow. CIA's historians publicly released an article referencing the film's depiction of the OSS and CIA. it is implied in the film. Also. who left the project due to creative differences. They replaced James Horner." In fact. William Hurt's character Phillip Allen is likely based on former CIA Director Allen Dulles. is not fully developed in the film. among other places. however. As a result. the only scenes that are actually set in New York were filmed at a house in the Long Island town. Guatemala. and Sam Giancana (in one scene it is mentioned that Castro has seized "three of [Palmi's] casinos and thrown him out of Cuba. Although the vast majority of the movie was filmed in New York. London and the Dominican Republic. is based on William Stephenson and William Joseph Donovan. Arch Cummings. Washington D. Three-time Academy Award-winning art director Jeannine Oppewall was assigned art director for The Good Shepherd. is a fictionalized composite of Santo Trafficante Jr. which included Cuba. and discussing factual details surrounding the actual persons on whom some of the film's characters were based. is based at least in part on James Jesus Angleton. many sets had to be constructed under Oppewall's direction.[7] Principal photography began on August 18.[5] Bill Sullivan. including a large number of mirrors to represent the duplicity of the CIA. and worked with Bearden to create sets for the CIA's offices. Intelligence Community.C.[10] In May.C.[10] Oscar-winning actor Joe Pesci appears in one scene as a Mafia boss ("Joseph Palmi") who. She also visited the CIA's headquarters in Washington. bears some similarities to Kim Philby (who fled to the USSR after being exposed and spent his last years friendless and mired in alcoholism).S. The character Yuri Modin shares similar characteristics to Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. London. the long-serving director of the CIA's counter-intelligence staff who also fell victim to intense paranoia during his career. D. this marked Pesci's return to acting after an eight-year absence from the screen following Lethal Weapon 4. 2007.[9] Edward Wilson. Her team tracked down the right set dressings and also found authentic teletype machines. 2005. The CIA recruited such mafiosi for multiple assassination attempts against Fidel Castro. full rigged ships as symbols of the state and eagle symbols.. Manhasset. the character played by Matt Damon. which would eventually earn Oppewall her fourth Oscar nomination for Best Art Design. including a similar name. The music for the film was by Bruce Fowler and Marcelo Zarvos. The story thread. Since the lead character originally aspired to be a poet. Castro did nationalize several casinos owned by both Chicago and Florida organized crime interests).[8] She conducted a large amount of research for the film that filled ten to twelve 6-inch-thick (150 mm) three-ring binders. and covert operations specialist Richard Bissell. 63 . New York and New Haven. It took her a week to organize the number of set locations due to the large amounts of settings in the script. with shooting taking place in New York City. to Dulles' eventual successor Richard Helms. Oppewall incorporated many visual poetic symbols into the film. which were used in ironic situations such as suspect interrogations. while Lee Pace's character Richard Hayes shares some similarities. which was built on the Brooklyn Navy Yard. and the character of Dr. Ibanez bears some similarities to Jacobo Arbenz.[8] The interiors of the CIA were built in the Brooklyn Armory. reel-to-reel tape recorders and radios used in the CIA during [8] that time.The Good Shepherd (film) to a certain degree.[10] High-ranking British operative turned Soviet mole. Léopoldville. Technical Room and Communications Room. The article also addressed inaccurate but enduring beliefs that Yale's famous secret society Skull and Bones was an incubator of the U. Connecticut. the character played by Robert De Niro.

"It's tough to slog through a movie that has no pulse". but praised De Niro's direction: "Among the film’s most striking visual tropes is the image of Wilson simply going to work in the capital alongside other similarly dressed men. who keep them. 2006 in 2. 2000 when the Washington Post reported the declassification in full of General Maxwell Taylor's June. it had happened before the Cuban exiles were themselves briefed on the date.[16] USA Today gave the film three out of four stars and wrote. they knew the invasion would fail).[12] Critical reception The film received mixed reviews. no previous American film has ventured into this still largely unknown territory with such authority and emotional detachment. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine opined. And knowing all this. a suspect metaphor that here becomes all too ploddingly literal".[14] Time magazine's Richard Corliss also gave Damon a positive notice in his review: "Damon is terrific in the role-all-knowing. dangerous to those [15] In his review for The New York Observer. it's a spellbinding history lesson". The Russians knew the date of the invasion (Therefore.215 theaters. in his second major role of the year (after The Departed) once again demonstrates his ability to convey emotional reserves. Manohla Dargis wrote.[19] However. The leak did not come from the invasion force.[17] Entertainment Weekly gave the film a "B" rating and Lisa Schwarzbaum praised De Niro's direction and Damon's performance. Galbraith wrote that the Taylor Report on the invasion confirmed the existence of a leak: One of the great travesties of the Cold War surfaced on April 29. of course.. a spectral army clutching briefcases and silently marching to uncertain victory". headed by Allen Dulles. For this reason alone.The Good Shepherd (film) 64 Historical accuracy Bay of Pigs Invasion leak The film depicts the Bay of Pigs Invasion failure as the result of a leak within the CIA. Kennedy was not informed. Andrew Sarris wrote.. 1961 special report on the Bay of Pigs invasion. with the review-tallying website Rotten Tomatoes reporting that 89 out of the 161 reviews they tallied were positive.[18] Newsweek magazine's David Ansen wrote. can become an illness. Still.[13] Kenneth Turan.) The CIA.I. Jim Emerson wrote. Castro also knew. praised Matt Damon's performance: "Damon. "If you think George Tenet's Central .9 million on its opening weekend. never overtly expressing a feeling. In her review for The New York Times.. "What makes the story work so powerfully is his focus on a multidimensional individual—Wilson—thereby creating a stirring personal tale about the inner workings of the clandestine government agency". The Good Shepherd is must-see viewing".4 million. "The Good Shepherd is an origin story about the C. Metacritic reports the film has an aggregate metascore of 61/100 ("Generally favorable reviews").[11] Reaction The Good Shepherd was released on December 22.5 million in the rest of the world for a worldwide total of $99. "Still. in his review for the Los Angeles Times. more so to nations that base their policies on them". knew that the Russians knew (Therefore. grossing $9. understated but ultimately devastating account of how secrets. noting the latter's maturation as an actor. Indeed. James K. to animate a character from the inside out and create a man we can sense has more of an interior life than he is willing to let on". even if the movie's vast reach exceeds its grasp. "For the film's mesmerizing first 50 minutes I thought De Niro might pull off the Godfather of spy movies . were the exiles. when they are left to fester. But only now did its darkest secret spill. Here is what Taylor reported to Kennedy. Nor.9 million in North America and $39. Partial versions of this document have been available for decades. and for the filmmakers that story boils down to fathers who fail their sons. so is everyone else in this intricate. for a score of 56% and a certification of "rotten" (according to the website's criteria).A.[20] In his review for the Chicago Sun-Times. Dulles ordered the operation forward. It went on to make $59.

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898 Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue .Running with Scissors (film) 67 Running with Scissors (film) Running with Scissors Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy Augusten Burroughs Brad Pitt Brad Grey Augusten Burroughs Ryan Murphy Annette Bening Brian Cox Joseph Fiennes Evan Rachel Wood Alec Baldwin Jill Clayburgh Joseph Cross Gabrielle Union Gwyneth Paltrow James S.754. Levine Christopher Baffa Byron Smith Plan B Entertainment TriStar Pictures October 27. 2006 116 minutes United States English $12 million $6.

rather than raping her as in the book. the eccentric patriarch of an oddball family. Evan Rachel Wood. including scenes where the character is aged 12 or 13. For example. is the irreplaceable bond between mother and son. Joseph Cross (age 19). Finch with a pair of scissors. The character of Bookman also takes on a dangerous element in the film that he lacks in the book (at the end of the movie he is shown hovering over a sleeping Dr. but the film has one actor. ultimately. Finch of stealing from her. the film is a semi-autobiographical account of Burroughs' childhood. perceiving an ill-fated upbringing. Gabrielle Union and Alec Baldwin. the nature of Augusten's discovery of his mother's lesbianism is changed (this is presented in the film as the discovery of her kissing her lover. Augusten Burroughs stated that he felt the movie was about one's quest for family. The story is of a childhood in which the boundary between reality and fantasy is ignored and finally broken. who plays the central role throughout most of the movie. Joseph Fiennes. The nature of Augusten's first sexual episode with Bookman is different (the film does not portray it as a rape as the book does). Finch (Brian Cox). the film glosses over and/or distorts much of the book's philosophy. A key aspect of the book is the narrator's progress through adolescence. His mother (Annette Bening). The movie shies away from many of the sexual aspects of the book. Annette Bening. Burroughs (played by Joseph Cross) finds himself in Victorian squalor living an unconventional youth among the doctor’s family. and Deirdre accuses Dr. Finch Joseph Fiennes as Neil Bookman Evan Rachel Wood as Natalie Finch Alec Baldwin as Norman Burroughs Jill Clayburgh as Agnes Finch Gwyneth Paltrow as Hope Finch Gabrielle Union as Dorothy Patrick Wilson as Michael Shephard Kristin Chenoweth as Fern Stewart Colleen Camp as Joan . and is subject to irregular visits by his increasingly unsound mother. 68 Plot Based on the memoir Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. the film has Augusten state that life is "just a series of surprises. Burroughs befriends Neil Bookman (Joseph Fiennes). At the age of 12. Divergence from book The film diverges from the book in several important respects. Fern [played by Kristin Chenoweth].[1] In an interview regarding the movie. and the two enter an erratic sexual relationship. At one point. places him under the care of her unorthodox psychiatrist. but this does not occur in the book). Dr." whereas in the book he has a somewhat bleaker yet more comical tone: "Our lives are one endless stretch of misery punctuated by processed fast foods and the occasional crisis or amusing curiosity." Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Joseph Cross as Augusten Burroughs Annette Bening as Deidre Burroughs Brian Cox as Dr. but in the book he walks in on them engaged in oral sex).Running with Scissors (film) Running with Scissors is a 2006 comedy-drama film based on the memoir of the same name by Augusten Burroughs directed by Ryan Murphy starring Joseph Cross. as. Finch's adopted 33-year-old son. Brian Cox. Moreover.

com/ title/ tt0439289/ [2] http:/ / www. "A Great Ocean Liner" – James Levine 12. The song playing in the "Stew" scene is "d-moll" by the duo Tosca off of their album Delhi 9. "Quizás. "Waltz For Debby". a month and a day prior to the film's release. Blue" – Catherine Feeny 5. 2006. "One Less Bell to Answer" – The 5th Dimension 6. bisexual. "Teach Your Children" – Crosby. "Bennie and the Jets" – Elton John 9.imdb. amazon. and "Re: Person I Knew". See also • List of lesbian. "Stardust" – Nat King Cole 13. "Pick Up the Pieces" – Average White Band 2. Perhaps) – Nat King Cole 7. "The Things We Do For Love" – 10cc 4. by Bill Evans are used in the film as well. Soundtrack The soundtrack for the film was released on September 26. this theme is repeated through the film. "O Tannenbaum" – Vince Guaraldi Trio 11. Nash & Young An adaptation of Telepopmusik's "Another Day" was also an underlying theme that recurred several times throughout the film. "Mr.com/title/tt0439289/) at the Internet Movie Database • Running with Scissors (http://www.[2] 1.com/homevideo/runningwithscissors/) • Running with Scissors (http://www. "Year of the Cat" – Al Stewart 10.com/m/running_with_scissors/) at Rotten Tomatoes . Perhaps.Running with Scissors (film) 69 Reception The film was poorly received. Stills. garnering only 30% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.sonypictures. com/ Running-Scissors-Original-Soundtrack/ dp/ B000H9I1OG/ ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8& s=music& qid=1276093219& sr=8-1 External links • Official site (http://www. "Poetry Man" – Phoebe Snow 8. Quizás" (Perhaps. "Very Early". Quizás. gay. "Blinded by the Light" – Manfred Mann's Earth Band 3.rottentomatoes. or transgender-related films by storyline References [1] http:/ / www. imdb.

The Departed 70 The Departed The Departed Directed by Produced by Martin Scorsese • • • Brad Pitt Brad Grey Graham King Screenplay by Story by Starring William Monahan • • • • • • • • • • Felix Chong Alan Mak Leonardo DiCaprio Matt Damon Jack Nicholson Mark Wahlberg Martin Sheen Ray Winstone Vera Farmiga Alec Baldwin Music by Howard Shore Cinematography Michael Ballhaus Editing by Studio Thelma Schoonmaker • • • • Plan B Entertainment Initial Entertainment Group Vertigo Entertainment Media Asia Films Distributed by Release date(s) Warner Bros. 2006 (New York City premiere) October 6. 2006 (United States) 151 minutes United States English Running time Country Language . September 26.

The Departed
Budget Gross revenue $90 million
[1] [1]



The Departed is a 2006 American crime film, a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs.[2] The film was directed by Martin Scorsese, written by William Monahan, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga and Alec Baldwin. It won four Academy Awards at the 79th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and an Academy Award for Best Director win for Scorsese. This film takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, where Irish Mob boss Francis "Frank" Costello (Nicholson) plants Colin Sullivan (Damon) as an informant within the Massachusetts State Police. Simultaneously, the police assign undercover cop Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) to infiltrate Costello's crew. When both sides realize the situation, each man attempts to discover the other's true identity before being found out.

At a young age, Colin Sullivan (Damon) is introduced to organized crime through Irish mobster Frank Costello (Nicholson) in the Irish neighborhood of Southie in Boston. Costello trains him to become his mole inside the Massachusetts State Police. Sullivan is accepted into the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which focuses on organized crime. Before he graduates from the police academy, Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) is asked by Captain Queenan (Sheen) and Staff Sergeant Dignam (Wahlberg) to become an undercover agent, as his childhood and family ties to organized crime make him a perfect infiltrator. He drops out of the academy and does time in prison on a fake assault charge to increase his credibility. As both infiltrate their respective organizations, Sullivan begins a romance with psychiatrist Madolyn Madden (Farmiga). Costigan sees her for his probation and also develops a relationship with her. Shortly after, Costigan makes love to her before she moves in with Sullivan. After Costello barely escapes a sting operation, both moles become aware of the other's existence (though not his identity). Sullivan is told to find the "rat" and asks Costello for his crew's information to determine who is the informer within Costello's crew. Costigan follows Costello into a movie theater where Costello gives Sullivan an envelope with the details. Costigan then chases Sullivan through Boston's Chinatown, during which Sullivan pulls out a pocket knife and stabs an innocent bystander in the stomach. When it is over, both men still do not know each other's identity. Sullivan then has Queenan tailed as he meets Costigan in an abandoned building. Sullivan sends Costello's men in and Queenan distracts them to let Costigan escape. He is thrown from the roof and dies at the feet of Costigan, who is covered in some of Queenan's blood. When the mobsters escape, Costigan pretends he has come to rejoin them. The trailing state troopers open fire on Costello's crew, which causes casualties on both sides. Later, at one of Costello's safe houses, Delahunt (one of Costello's enforcers) tells Costigan "I gave you the wrong address--but you went to the right one" but then asks him if he knows why he didn't say anything about before dying. When Costello's henchman, Fitzgibbons, known as "Fitzy," (O'Hara) does an unsuccessful job of hiding Delahunt's corpse, it's revealed that Delahunt was also an undercover cop with the Boston PD. Costello says, "They're saying he's a cop so I won't look for the cop." Now under scrutiny, Sullivan is attacked by a suspicious Dignam because of Queenan's death. Ellerby places Dignam on leave. Using Queenan's bloody phone, Sullivan reaches Costigan, who refuses to abort his mission. Sullivan learns of Costello's role as an informant for the FBI from Queenan's diary, causing him to worry about his dual identity being revealed. With Costigan's help, Costello is tracked to a cocaine drop-off, where he and his crew become trapped in a gunfight with police, resulting in most of the mobsters being killed. As Costello attempts an escape he is confronted by Sullivan. Costello admits he is an occasional FBI mole and tries to shoot, but Sullivan fires first fatally hitting him, then when Costello tries to shoot him again Sullivan shoots him multiple times, killing him. With Costello dead, Sullivan is applauded the next day by everyone on the force. In good faith, Costigan comes to him for restoration of his true identity, but notices an envelope containing details of Costello's men on Sullivan's

The Departed desk and flees. Knowing he has been found out, Sullivan erases all records of Costigan from the police computer system. Costigan leaves an envelope in the care of Madolyn and tells her he will talk with her in two weeks. Later, she reveals to Sullivan that she is pregnant, but it isn't revealed who the father is. Afterwards she discovers a package from Costigan. It contains a CD and a phone number for Sullivan. Madolyn listens and discovers that it contains recordings of Costello's conversations with Sullivan. Sullivan walks in on her and tries to assuage her suspicions, but she locks herself away from him. He hastily contacts Costigan, who reveals that Costello recorded every conversation he had with Sullivan. Since Costigan was the only person Costello actually trusted, Costello's attorney left Costigan in possession of the recordings and therefore Costigan intends to implicate Sullivan. They agree to meet at the building where Queenan died. On the roof, Costigan catches Sullivan off-guard, assaults him and hand-cuffs him at gunpoint. As Costigan had secretly arranged, Officer Brown appears on the roof as well. Shocked, Brown draws his gun on Costigan. Costigan attempts to justify his actions by exposing Sullivan as the rat, but Brown does not fully believe him. Costigan asks Brown why Dignam did not accompany him as per their agreement, but Brown does not answer. Using Sullivan as a shield, Costigan leads Sullivan into the elevator. As it reaches the ground, Costigan is shot point blank in the head by Barrigan, another police officer. Brown reaches the ground floor and is killed by Barrigan as well. Barrigan reveals to Sullivan that Costello had more than one mole in the police, and suggests that they must avoid being traded to the FBI. Sullivan waits for Barrigan to turn then shoots him in the back of the head, the only survivor. At police headquarters, Sullivan blames all mole activity on Barrigan and has Costigan posthumously given the Medal of Merit. At Costigan's funeral, Sullivan and Madolyn stand at the grave. She is clearly distraught. Sullivan attempts to discuss the future of her child, but she ignores him. Later, Sullivan enters his apartment with groceries, and to his surprise finds Dignam waiting for him, wearing hospital footies and surgical gloves to leave no trace of his presence and aiming a silenced pistol straight at him. Aware of Sullivan's treachery, Dignam shoots him in the temple. As Sullivan collapses dead, Dignam calmly exits Sullivan's apartment. A rat crawls along the apartment balcony, with the view of the Massachusetts State House in the background.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Leonardo DiCaprio as William "Billy" Costigan, a state trooper working undercover in Costello's mob. Matt Damon as Staff Sergeant Colin Sullivan, Costello's informant in the Special Investigations Unit Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello, sadistic boss of the Boston Irish mob Mark Wahlberg as Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam, second in command of the undercover unit Martin Sheen as Captain Oliver Charles Queenan, commander of the undercover unit Vera Farmiga as Dr. Madolyn Madden, occupational psychiatrist and girlfriend to both Billy and Colin Ray Winstone as Arnold French, Costello's consigliere Alec Baldwin as Captain George Ellerby, commander of the SIU Anthony Anderson as Trooper Brown, member of the SIU and Billy's classmate at the MSP Academy James Badge Dale as Trooper Barrigan, member of the SIU and Colin's classmate at the academy David O'Hara as "Fitzy" Fitzgibbons, one of Costello's enforcers Mark Rolston as Timothy Delahunt, one of Costello's enforcers Kevin Corrigan as Sean, Billy's cousin Robert Wahlberg as FBI Special Agent Frank Lazio, FBI liaison to the SIU Joseph Riccobene as Kneecapped Bankrobber

The Departed


Film critic Stanley Kauffmann describes a major theme of The Departed as one of the oldest in drama—the concept of identity—and how it "affects one's actions, emotions, self-assurance, and even dreams."[3] The father-son relationship is a motif throughout the film. Costello acts as a father figure to both Colin and Billy while Queenan acts as Costello's foil in the role of father-figure presenting both sides of the Irish-American father archetype.[4] Colin refers to Costello as 'Dad' whenever he calls him to inform him of police activities.

Boston setting
Born to an Irish American family in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts, William Monahan (who adapted the screenplay from Infernal Affairs) incorporates the culture and history of Boston heavily into the film. The first images are news clips from the busing riots of the 1970s, over which Costello muses about the city's troubled racial history. Several times, Dignam refers to Billy as "lace curtain," a term used primarily in the Boston metropolitan area by working-class Irish-Americans to disparage upper-middle class Irish-Americans who have "strayed from their roots" in their attempt to better themselves. The majority of the characters have the non-rhotic Boston accent. The Massachusetts State House is featured in the film as a symbol of Colin Sullivan's ambition. Boston Red Sox apparel is seen and worn, including the appearance of a now-out-of-print "Reverse The Curse" bumper sticker on the wall at SIU headquarters. (Incidentally, when asked to wear a Red Sox cap during filming, Nicholson refused citing his loyalties to the New York Yankees, the Red Sox chief rivals.) In a bar scene, the logo of the Harpoon Brewery, which has locations in Boston and Windsor, Vermont, is seen. Costello and his gang drive over the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in one scene. The building off which Queenan is thrown (and where Billy and Colin later meet) is in the Fort Point section of South Boston with the downtown skyline as backdrop (the fictitious "344 Wash" is actually an alley between Farnsworth Street and Thomson Place). John Hancock employees are referenced by Costello, who makes an obscure but, according to urban legend, accurate reference to "the Fens"--a section of the Fenway—as a popular spot for gay cruising. Boston's Chinatown is portrayed in a crucial scene which is somewhat inaccurate, as the neighborhood is no longer home to pornographic movie theaters (Boston's red light district, the Combat Zone became defunct in the mid-1990s, but was very close to Chinatown). Characters are shown working in the striking, Brutalist Government Service Center downtown. The film includes the song "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys, an Irish-American punk rock band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts. Other references include state locations such as Route 128, regions such as the North Shore, there is a shot of the Park Street and South Station MBTA Red Line stops, local cities such as Worcester, Brockton, Gloucester, and Somerville while having turf wars with crew from nearby Providence, a cameo by the Lynn police, mention of the Dedham Mall (located in Dedham just southwest of Boston), and state slang like "Staties," a local nickname for Massachusetts State Police troopers. Deerfield Academy, a boarding school in Deerfield, Massachusetts, is referenced when Dignam points out that Billy was expelled from the school after assaulting the gym teacher (though in reality Deerfield, like most Independent Schools, has no gym class). Additionally, the label on Billy's prescription bottle shows a Beverly Street address in Boston. The University of Massachusetts Boston is referenced in several scenes. Frank Costello was largely based on James "Whitey" Bulger, an Irish-American mobster in Boston who was secretly an FBI informant for over three decades. The revelation that the FBI had long protected Bulger and his gang from prosecution caused a major scandal in Boston law enforcement. Bulger was believed to have been seen coming out of a theater showing the film in San Diego in November 2006.[5] [6] Matt Damon's character is based on John Connolly, the FBI agent who tipped off Bulger for years, allowing him to evade arrest. Bulger went into hiding and is still presumed to be at large, occupying a spot on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list; Connolly is imprisoned for his role in Bulger's criminal activities.[7] Billy's undercover role as a former State trooper who joins the Irish mob

The Departed parallels the story of Richard Marinick, a former State trooper who later joined Whitey Bulger's crime syndicate. Billy lives in Somerville, where Bulger's Winter Hill Gang began. Thomas Duffy, the film's technical advisor, is a former MSP major who was assigned to investigate the Irish mob upon making detective. Scorsese asked the MSP if he could use actual logos, badges, and color schemes on the uniforms and the cruisers, but was denied. As a result, the uniforms, police cruisers, and logos in the film are slightly different from the real ones.


The Departed was highly anticipated when it was released on October 6, 2006 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The film is one of the highest-rated wide release films of 2006 on Rotten Tomatoes at 93%.[8] Popular critic James Berardinelli awarded the film four stars out of four, praising it as "an American epic tragedy." He went on to compare the film favorably to the onslaught of banality offered by American studios in recent years. "The movies have been in the doldrums lately. The Departed is a much needed tonic," he wrote. He went on to claim that the film deserves to be ranked alongside Scorsese's past successes, including Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas.[9] Entertainment Weekly put it on its end-of-the-decade, "best-of" list, saying, "If they're lucky, directors make one classic film in their career. Martin Scorsese has one per decade (Taxi Driver in the '70s, Raging Bull in the '80s, GoodFellas in the '90s). His 2006 Irish Mafia masterpiece kept the streak alive."[10] In a largely negative review,[3] Stanley Kauffmann wrote "Is Scorsese desperate? This screenplay has the scent of it...I can't remember another Scorsese moment as shockingly banal as the finishing touch here." Andrew Lau, the co-director of Infernal Affairs, who was interviewed by Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, said, "Of course I think the version I made is better, but the Hollywood version is pretty good too. [Scorsese] made the Hollywood version more attuned to American culture." Andy Lau, one of the main actors in Infernal Affairs, when asked how the movie compares to the original, said, "The Departed was too long and it felt as if Hollywood had [11] Lau pointed out that the remake featured some of the combined all three Infernal Affairs movies together." "golden quotes" of the original but did have much more swearing. He ultimately rated The Departed 8/10 and said that the Hollywood remake is worth a view, though "the effect of combining the two female characters in the [later film] into one isn't as good as in the original," according to Lau's spokeswoman Alice Tam.[12] The film grossed $26,887,467 in its opening weekend, becoming the third Scorsese film to debut at number one. The film saw small declines in later weeks, remaining in the list of top ten films for seven weeks. Budgeted at $90 million, the film grossed $132,384,315 in the United States and Canada and $289,835,021 worldwide, becoming one of the most commercially successful of Scorsese's career.

Top ten lists
The film appeared on many critics' top ten lists of the best films of 2006.[13]

The Departed


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1st – Corben Carpenter, CRBN BLOG 1st – James Berardinelli, ReelViews 1st – Richard Roeper, Ebert and Roeper 1st – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone 1st – Rene Rodriguez, The Miami Herald 1st – Scott Tobias, The A.V. Club 1st – Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York 1st – Charlie Lyons, The Purcellville Gazette 1st – Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2nd – Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun 2nd – Keith Phipps, The A.V. Club 2nd – Kyle Smith, New York Post 2nd – Mike Russell, The Oregonian 2nd – Richard Schickel, TIME magazine 3rd – Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter 4th – Glenn Kenny, Premiere 4th – Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle 4th – Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune 4th – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 5th – Empire Magazine 5th – David Ansen, Newsweek

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

5th – Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times 5th – Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly 5th – Stephen Hunter, The Washington Post 6th – Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post 6th – Jack Mathews, Daily News 6th – Nathan Rabin, The A.V. Club 6th – Ty Burr, The Boston Globe 7th – Nathan Lee, The Village Voice 7th – Noel Murray, The A.V. Club 7th – Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle 8th – Michael Sragow, The Baltimore Sun 9th – Claudia Puig, USA Today 9th – Desson Thomson, The Washington Post 9th – Lou Lumenick, New York Post 9th – Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter

2nd – Richard James Havis, The Hollywood Reporter •

Carrie Rickey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal, Ruthe Stein of the San Francisco Chronicle, and Steven Rea of The Philadelphia Inquirer named it one of the top ten best films of 2006.[13] Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times named it the best film of 2000s

Awards and nominations
The film won four Academy Awards at the 79th Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Film Editing (Thelma Schoonmaker), and Best Adapted Screenplay (William Monahan). Mark Wahlberg was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award for his performance. The film marked the first time Scorsese won an Oscar; many felt that he deserved it years earlier for prior efforts.[14] Some have even gone further, calling it a Lifetime Achievement Award for a lesser film.[15] Scorsese himself stated that he won because: "This is the first movie I've done with a plot."[16]

Soundtrack music
There were two albums released for The Departed, one presenting the original score composed for the movie by Howard Shore, and the other featuring earlier recordings, mostly pop/rock songs, which were used on the soundtrack.

Music from the Motion Picture album

"Sweet Dreams (Of You)" (Patsy Cline) – 2:34 11. "Well Well Well" by John Lennon. Although "Gimme Shelter" is featured twice in the film. The movie closes with a cover of Don Gibson's "Sweet Dreams. the song does not appear on the album soundtrack. Also heard in the movie but not featured on the soundtrack is "Thief's Theme" by Nas. Sailor" (The Beach Boys) – 3:18 3. and Rick Danko. "Comfortably Numb" (Roger Waters Feat. Van Morrison. Van Morrison and The Band. "One Way Out" (The Allman Brothers Band) – 4:57 6. "Bang Bang" by Joe Cuba. Track Listing 1. "Let It Loose" (The Rolling Stones) – 5:18 4. The film features the live cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" by Roger Waters. "The Departed Tango" (Howard Shore. "Sail On. Levon Helm. "Baby Blue" (Badfinger) – 3:36 7. "Tweedle Dee" (LaVern Baker) – 3:10 10. "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" (Dropkick Murphys) – 2:34 8. Marc Ribot) – 3:32 . version from The Wall – Live in Berlin) – 7:59 2. "Sweet Dreams" (Roy Buchanan) – 3:32 5. 2006 Rock Country Pop Warner Sunset Jason Cienkus Professional reviews • Label Producer Allmusic link [17] The film opens with "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones and prominently plays "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by Dropkick Murphys with lyrics written by Woody Guthrie. "Nobody but Me" (The Human Beinz) – 2:18 9. and Garth Hudson of The Band from the 1990 Berlin Wall Concert. and the Act II Sextet from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor (Which is also Costello's ringtone in the film)." by Roy Buchanan. which gained the band some popularity.The Departed 76 The Departed Soundtrack by Various Artists Released Genre November 7.

"The Baby" – 2:48 13. "Madolyn" – 2:14 7.The Departed 12. "Colin" – 2:09 6. "Cops or Criminals" – 2:01 2. "Chinatown" – 3:16 10. G. 2006 Soundtracks Film music New Line Jason Cienkus Professional reviews • Allmusic link [18] The film score for The Departed was written by Howard Shore and performed by guitarists Sharon Isbin. Sharon Isbin) – 2:33 77 Original Score album The Departed Soundtrack by Howard Shore Released Genre Label Producer December 5. E. "Beacon Hill" – 2:36 4. "Billy's Theme" – 6:58 8. Track Listing 1. "344 Wash" – 2:03 3. "The Faithful Departed" – 3:01 5. Smith. "Beacon Hill" (Howard Shore. "Command" – 3:15 9. "The Last Rites" – 3:05 14. Larry Saltzman and Marc Ribot. "Miss Thing" – 1:45 12. The score was recorded in Shore's own studio in New York State. "The Departed Tango" – 3:38 . "Boston Common" – 2:53 11.

1). bostonherald. Rice. . 2007 in Region 1 format and on February 19. Retrieved 2009-10-17. Nashawaty. which is said to be projected for a 2012 release date. Michael. 235. com/ features/ crimefighters/ story. "THE 100 Greatest MOVIES. Kate. Potential sequel In February 2007. com/ movies/ ?id=departed. Issue 18. due to producer Brad Grey's involvement. Adam. Tim.[19] However. . BOOKS. Jeff. Retrieved 2009-10-17. Themes and Schemes. Stroup. com/ features/ story/ infernal-affairs-vs-remake-departed/ 11973483 [3] Kauffmann. Dignam. htm [2] http:/ / www. film. kfmb. Josh. com/ localRegional/ view. Spanish. SCENES. Pastorek. TV SHOWS. 2006). Adam B. Spanish. Wahlberg and Monahan still expressed interest in a sequel. Whitney. php?id=70214 Mob Boss James "Whitey" Bulger Spotted In San Diego [7] FBI — Most Wanted — The [[FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives (http:/ / www. 2007 in Region 2 format. Kate (December 11.[21] Homages Throughout the film. (Oct 30. project. (1079/1080):74-84 . AND TRENDS THAT ENTERTAINED US OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS". Ward. [9] "Review: Departed. Although the film has not been greenlit. [10] Geier. rottentomatoes. Stack. post-gazette. Mark Wahlberg had an interview with Empire about The Departed 2. 2006-10-06. The Region 1 version has three available audio tracks: English.[22] See also • List of American films of 2006 • City of Damnation Notes [1] http:/ / www. bg?articleid=166548) [6] http:/ / www. single-disc widescreen (2:40:1) edition. Slezak. 2007 in Region 4 format. Wahlberg stated that there might be a sequel focusing on his character.The Departed 78 DVD releases The Departed was released by Warner Brothers on DVD on February 13. This is an homage to Howard Hawks' classic 1932 film Scarface.. com/ pg/ 06279/ 727779-120. Entertainment Weekly. Scorsese used Xs to mark characters for death. and three subtitle tracks (English. Pictures — Rotten Tomatoes" (http:/ / www. Vary. with Robert De Niro potentially playing a corrupted senator. Jordan. ALBUMS. Vozick-Levinson. EPISODES. 2009). htm)]] [8] "The Departed — Movie Reviews. The" (http:/ / www. CHARACTERS. com/ m/ departed/ ). and was released on March 14. Schwartz. Rottenberg. boxofficemojo. as he's now the head of Paramount Pictures and the film is a Warner Bros. Jensen.net. Lynette. MUSIC VIDEOS. New Republic. Retrieved 2009-10-17. Lyons. and 2-disc special edition. stm). The second disc of this film predominately contains features that concerned the crimes that influenced Scorsese with deleted scenes being the only feature that are actually film related. Missy. html). net/ movies/ d/ departed. It marked the first time that an Oscar winning Best Picture was released to the home video market in DVD format only. Snierson. Trailers. Queenan falling to his death. Post-gazette. French). fbi. and French (all of which are in Dolby Digital 5. Markovitz. the film was said to be on hold. The film is available in a single-disc full screen (1:33:1). as VHS was totally phased out by the start of 2006. reelviews. The film was released on HD DVD and Blu-ray at the same time as the standard-definition DVD.com. . Tucker.Both generated title ->" (http:/ / www. Thom. DRESSES. The 2-Disc Special Edition was packaged in a Limited Edition Steelbook. Vol. Rotten Tomatoes<!. Chris. SONGS. Ken. [4] "'The Departed'<!. Reelviews. He also stated that William Monahan is busy penning the script. examples include shots of Billy walking through the airport while talking to Sgt. gov/ wanted/ topten/ fugitives/ fugitives. Dignam (Mark Wahlberg).[20] In June 2010. Simon. Margaret. Stanley. Dan. [5] Was that Whitey departing the departed? California cop believes he saw Bulger flee flick (http:/ / news. and Colin returning to his apartment at the end of the movie. Tina.

"X marks the spot in The Departed" (http:/ / miamiherald.metacritic.htm) at Box Office Mojo The script (http://www. 2006. news. html). . 2006. 2007. 2010. Empire.com/film/titles/departed) at Metacritic The Departed (http://www. com/ 061005/ 60/ 1u6o2. html). archive.warnerbros. . "No Departed 2 Just Yet" (http:/ / movies. html). "MARTIN SCORSESE. [13] "Metacritic: 2006 Film Critic Top Ten Lists" (http:/ / www. IGN. html). Archived from the original (http:/ / hk. com/ 2010/ 06/ 10/ the-departed-sequel-arriving-in-2012/ ). Retrieved 2009-10-17. The Film Stage (http:/ / www. com/ film/ awards/ 2006/ toptens. External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://thedeparted. msn. Retrieved 2006-10-06. Retrieved 2007-02-07.rottentomatoes. com/ movies/ news/ article_1255397. [15] MSNBC and Associated Press. html) on December 16. . yahoo. com/ 061005/ 60/ 1u6o2.. com/ cg/ amg. shtml).allmovie. html) on December 16. Monsters and Critics. com/ id/ 17351684) MSNBC. [22] Rene Rodriguez (2007-01-11).html) at imsdb . yahoo.com/scripts/Departed. 2007-02-04. html). org/ web/ 20061216120725/ http:/ / hk.com/m/departed/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Departed (http://www. yahoo. com/ cg/ amg. metacritic. com/ uberblog/ b54326_martin_scorsese_wins_something. [14] "Martin Scorsese Wins Something!" (http:/ / www. Scorsese wins Oscar with film that’s not his best (http:/ / today.The Departed [11] "Andy Lau comments on The Departed (Chinese)" (http:/ / web. eonline. The Miami Herald.com/movies/?id=departed. [12] "Andy Lau Gives 'Departed' an 8 Out of 10" (http:/ / web. [21] "The Departed Sequel Will Arrive in 2012" (http:/ / thefilmstage. . June 10. VERA FARMIGA AND WILLIAM MONAHAN (records two 40-minute press conference sessions)" (http://www. [20] Stax (2007-02-05). Retrieved 2007-09-10. Retrieved June 10. empireonline. news. 2010 [16] James Wray and Ulf Stabe (2007-02-04).-The. 79 Further reading • Brad Balfour (2006).com/title/tt0407887/) at the Internet Movie Database The Departed (http://www.imdb. archive. 2010. asp?NID=20343). typepad. com/ reeling/ 2007/ 01/ x_marks_the_spo. monstersandcritics. Retrieved 2006-10-07.boxofficemojo. news. 16 Oct. . Retrieved 2007-02-07. php/ Scorsese_takes_top_DGA_honors). allmusic. Retrieved 2009-10-17. dll?p=amg& sql=10:7c4tk6ax8krj [19] Empire Online (2007-02-07).htm). .. "Scorsese takes top DGA honors" (http:/ / www. 2006-10-06. com). LEONARDO DiCAPRIO. PopEntertainment. com/ articles/ 761/ 761346p1. "Exclusive: News On Departed 2. [17] http:/ / www.imsdb. popentertainment. . yahoo. 2006-10-07. com/ 061005/ 60/ 1u6o2. msnbc. news.com/scorsese. NBC Universal. And 3!" (http:/ / www. Metacritic. dll?p=amg& token=& sql=10:2dw67uq0b0jw [18] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-01-08. E! Online.com/work/310756) at Allmovie The Departed (http://www. MATT DAMON.com) The Departed (http://www. Retrieved 2009-11-26. com/ news/ story. ign. thefilmstage. org/ web/ 20061216120725/ http:/ / hk. Web. Archived from the original (http:/ / hk. com/ 061005/ 60/ 1u6o2. .com. allmusic. . 27 Feb.

Mini prizes her "unique experiences" (she calls them "firsts"). however. is decidedly more exciting — it's her stepfather Martin (Alec Baldwin).000. . Her first client. adventurous but bored high school senior. and to add to her list of firsts. In order to be together.000 (estimated) Written by Music by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Mini's First Time is a 2006 comedy/drama film written and directed by Nick Guthe. 2006 (USA) 91 minutes English $6. Martin is initially shocked. Her second client. It was released on DVD on October 24. they go too far and end up framing Diane of committing suicide. But in the heat of the moment. 2006 and had a limited release on July 14. torrid affair blossoms between the two. has a guilty conscience and can't carry through with the act. however. Plot Mini Drogues (Nikki Reed) is a clever. which disappoints Mini. It was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival on May 1.Mini's First Time 80 Mini's First Time Mini's First Time US movie poster of Mini's First Time Directed by Produced by Nick Guthe Kevin Spacey Dana Brunetti Evan Astrowsky Edward Bass Nick Guthe Cato Bold Films HBO Films July 14. Mini decides to try being an escort. Mini and Martin team up against Mini's mother Diane (Carrie-Anne Moss) to have her declared insane. For excitement. 2006 by HBO Films. 2006. but soon a forbidden. who is sexually obsessed with Mini. they soon attract the attention of a detective (Luke Wilson) and a nosy TV producer neighbor (Jeff Goldblum).

imdb. Mini visits Martin in jail and admits that the sexual pictures sent were actually from her in order to get Martin to think that the neighbor sent them. her mother's dead. ready to finish him off. stepfathers in jail because of her. By now. Dwight Garson Svetlana Metkina as Jelena Mariskova-Flachsman David Andriole as Charles Mather Mark Deklin as Ian Boyd Sprague Grayden as Kayla Rick Fox as Fabrizio Joel McHale as Host External links • Mini's First Time [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. he goes over himself and they get into a fight.Mini's First Time When Martin finds out about the day when Mini went over to their neighbor's house. Mini comes over to find Martin standing over the neighbor. com/ title/ tt0425253/ . even though she had straight C's throughout the year. and she's still being followed by the suspicious detective. 81 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Martin Tennan Nikki Reed as Minerva "Mini" Drogues Carrie-Anne Moss as Diane Drogues-Tennan Jeff Goldblum as Mike Rudell Luke Wilson as Det. when the police show up and arrest Martin. The movie ends as Mini giving a valedictorian speech.

2005 87 min. Gloria Garayua and . an upper-middle-class couple who resort to robbery after the company for which Dick works goes bankrupt. directed by Dean Parisot and written by Judd Apatow and Nicholas Stoller.026. Carlos Jacott. Alec Baldwin.112 (worldwide) Fun with Dick and Jane Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) is a remake of the 1977 American comedy film of the same name. Richard Burgi. Richard Jenkins. Angie Harmon.Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film) 82 Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film) Fun with Dick and Jane Promotional poster for Fun with Dick and Jane Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Dean Parisot Jim Carrey Brian Grazer Judd Apatow Nicholas Stoller Jim Carrey Téa Leoni Alec Baldwin Richard Jenkins Gloria Garayua Theodore Shapiro Jerzy Zielinski Don Zimmerman Imagine Entertainment Columbia Pictures December 21. John Michael Higgins. English $100 million $202. It stars Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni as Dick and Jane Harper.

Dick is still able to reimburse all of the former employees because he obtains McCallister's signature by convincing McCallister to cut him a paltry cheque. He also attempts to rob a man at gunpoint. Dick and Jane's last "job" is to rob a local bank by going undercover as corporate security personnel. All goes as planned.Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film) Stephanie Weir also star. weekend grossing only $30. dumped the entire stock. works at a local travel agency and is often stressed at work. along with all the employees' pensions. After getting no job anywhere. thus he starts drowning his sorrows at the local bar. through a devious and well put together plan. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics. Dick and Jane both apply for low-paying jobs. unharmed. They decide to stop their "profession" but it's revealed that Dick is about to be indicted for his role in Globodyne's demise (as most of the other employees of Globodyne have also reverted to criminal lifestyles). Jane Harper (Tea Leoni). After several failed attempts. the company's stock goes into a free-fall and is soon worthless. As they speak. who tells them that the crooked Jack McCallister signed off all of Globodyne's assets (totaling $400 Million). he and Jane encounter a drunk Frank Bascombe. who informs him that she took his advice and quit her job in order to spend more time with Billy. then later learns that the man has now been fired for failing to secure his own house. who speaks mostly Spanish due to his time with the family's young Hispanic housekeeper. They climb their way up the crime ladder. After coming to terms with the prospect of being poor. who dismisses the robbery as a prank. becoming more professional with each passing night. both of which were on the verge of repossession. Dick is 'promoted' to Vice-President of Communications by company CEO Jack McCallister and company CFO Frank Bascombe.000. He decides to turn to crime. Dick borrows Billy's squirt gun and decides to rob a local convenience store. Jane reveals that they'll end up declaring bankruptcy in the next couple of months due to their assets being made up entirely of now-worthless Globodyne stock. but was able to eventually make eight times its opening weekend gross during the holiday season. Dick tries to think positively. and tries for a few months to get a Vice Presidency at other corporations. wearing Bill and Hillary Clinton masks (which Dick and Jane themselves used earlier) and armed with shotguns. in what is reputedly a comedic parody of the real-life failure of Enron Corporation. only to learn it is his neighbor Garth. but loses his nerve and merely gets away with a slushy.515. Realizing that they get a thrill out of stealing. his wife. Although McCallister catches them in the act. causing Dick to remark that although what goes around comes around. Dick obtains Jack's ill-gotten money in the form of bearer bonds and then establishes a trust . (with Dick being mistakenly deported to the Mexican border due to a misunderstanding) and finding out that they have 24 hours before being evicted from their home. was then able to forge it. Blanca. and with the money. While there. until another crime spree couple enters the bank. It was released by Columbia Pictures on December 21. and eventually steal enough money to retire the loans on their house and car. After Frank sobers up. 83 Plot summary In 2000. they make a team and. Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) works for a company in Los Angeles called Globodyne. an art major. 2005. and that he paid Bascombe $10. The film did well at the box office.383. Dick's jealous co-worker Oz and his wife Debbie. dupe Jack McCallister into reimbursing all of his former employees' pensions. He is also asked to appear on the show Money Life. which are in Globodyne's stock. they go on nightly robbing sprees. His wife.000 to keep his mouth shut (as it was McCallister's plan from the beginning). instantly alarming Jane. Dick arrives home to find an excited Jane. Dick has to break the news over dinner. They have a son named Billy. making a worldwide total of $202 million. they finally rob a head shop. One of their jobs is a burglary of the house a man who arrogantly laughed at Dick when he attempted to get an executive position at his company. Dick and Jane escape. After being fired from all local businesses. They are revealed to be former employees of Globodyne. their crime sprees are harming people. where host Sam Samuels and then independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader dub him and all the company's employees as "perverters of the American dream" and claim that Globodyne helps the super rich get even wealthier.

the film was a much needed success for distributor Columbia. by daring to reinterpret its source material within a fresh political context. The film currently holds a 29% 'Rotten' rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 127 reviews. Box office After a disappointing opening weekend of $14.515.Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film) fund to pay all the Globodyne employees. actually has a reason to exist". While Billy is teaching his parents Spanish words.737 at the domestic box office. 84 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jim Carrey as Richard "Dick" Harper Téa Leoni as Jane Harper Alec Baldwin as Jack McCallister Richard Jenkins as Frank Bascombe Angie Harmon as Veronica Cleeman John Michael Higgins as Garth Richard Burgi as Joe Cleeman Carlos Jacott as Oz Peterson Stephanie Weir as Deborah "Debbie" Peterson Aaron Michael Drozin as Billy Harper Gloria Garayua as Blanca Jason Marsden as Clerk Clint Howard as INS Agent Jeff Garlin (unconfirmed) (uncredited) Reception Critical reaction The film received lukewarm reviews from critics.112 worldwide. In the car is Garth. for a total of $202.332. which had struggled throughout the year. Justin Chang of Variety wrote "The rare Hollywood remake that. The next day. . Dick informs Jack of the act as the press and former Globodyne employees flock to him.375 in international receipts. On Metacritic it was met with "mixed or average reviews". The film ends with the wealthy Harper family driving along the highway and into the sunset. but the loss of his money has left him virtually penniless. making nearly eight times its opening weekend gross. the film managed to have exceptionally good staying power throughout the holiday season. his neighbor who tells Dick he's got a great new job at a company called Enron. McAllister is not sure what to say on TV as he has gained the reputation as a generous man who has aided those who worked for him.693. another car drives up to them.383. and $91. With a budget of $100 million. eventually earning $110.026.

sardonically naming executives at Enron. so that Carrey could promote his previous movie. The suburban neighborhood in the film consisted of the construction of 12 houses (only front facades).metacritic. References External links • • • • • Official website (http://www. While filming the coffee shop robbery scene.com/film/reviews/f/fun-with-dick-and-jane.rottentomatoes. During the scene where Jim Carrey jumps into the ceiling and hangs above the bank desk. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Cendant and HealthSouth. is a direct parody of various corporations early in the 21st century. Arthur Andersen. when he was stepping down. See also • • • • • • • • • Bank robbery Dotcom bubble Dick and Jane Enron Fun with Dick and Jane (1977 film) White-collar crime Corporate abuse Sarbanes-Oxley Act MCI Inc.htm) at Box Office Mojo . he accidentally fell and smacked his face on the floor. Tyco.com/title/tt0369441/) at the Internet Movie Database Fun with Dick and Jane (http://www.sonypictures. WorldCom.com/movies/funwithdickandjane/) Fun with Dick and Jane (http://www.Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film) 85 Home Release As of July 6.com/movies/?id=funwithdickandjane. Adelphia. Téa Leoni seriously injured her shoulder while sliding on the counter. and the way it falls.com/film/titles/funwithdickandjane) at Metacritic PopMatters review (12/2005) (http://www.com/m/fun_with_dick_and_jane/) at Rotten Tomatoes Fun with Dick and Jane (http://www. The closing credits begin with a Special Thanks To list.boxofficemojo. Production Dick's company Globodyne. This painful blooper made it into the film.imdb.popmatters. and one fully-functioning house all built on the site of the abandoned Marineland of the Pacific theme park in California. ImClone Systems. Paramount Pictures paid Sony to pause filming for a week.shtml) • Fun with Dick and Jane (http://www.5 million from DVD rental gross. 2006 Fun with Dick and Jane has generated $43.

Alec Baldwin has a small role as a CEO of an athletic shoe company and Susan Sarandon appears as a grieving widow.034.Elizabethtown (film) 86 Elizabethtown (film) Elizabethtown Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Cameron Crowe Cameron Crowe Tom Cruise Paula Wagner Cameron Crowe Orlando Bloom Kirsten Dunst Susan Sarandon Alec Baldwin Nancy Wilson David Moritz Cruise/Wagner Productions Vinyl Films Paramount Pictures September 4. 2005 123 minutes [1] Written by Starring Music by Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue United States English $45 million $52. .889 [2] Elizabethtown is a 2005 American film written and directed by Cameron Crowe starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. 2005 (VIFF) October 14.

" A stage prop. a quick-witted flight attendant. His sister Heather phones at just that moment to tell Drew that their father has just died and he needs to go to Elizabethtown. to bring the body back home. gives him a free seat in First Class. After he is fired. She also jots her phone number on the map. a boy leads him to the funeral home. Claire. They talk about their feelings and conclude they are not right for each other. setting off alarms and causing emergency water sprinklers to go off. including visiting the mortuary where Drew's father is. and attempts to commit suicide (by modifying an exercise bike and attaching a kitchen knife with duct tape so he would be stabbed to death when activating the bike). stating that they should have taken this trip together years ago. his mother Hollie talks about him and does a tap-dance to his favorite song. the directions come to a point where he is given two choices -. They kiss and end up spending the night together." There is a note telling him to "look for the girl with a red hat.to continue home or to finish the journey Claire laid out for him. Drew attempts to call home but receives no answer.. Drew's beautiful girlfriend Ellen breaks up with him. although his family had only lived in California for 18 months before moving to Oregon.] a folktale told to others that makes other people feel more alive because it didn't happen to them". he runs to the mortuary to stop the cremation but arrives too late and is given an urn containing his father's ashes. After various acquaintances speak in memory of Drew's father. Drew decides to drive back to Oregon rather than fly. Drew comes to terms with his father and begins to talk to him. Various members of his family greet him as the "California boy". Drew goes to his apartment. At the airport. he finds Claire. Kentucky. begin to play the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd song "Free Bird. Claire knows Kentucky well and draws him a map to Elizabethtown." After looking desperately for a few minutes. defeated. At each one. Drew insists on honoring his mother's wish for a cremation. where Drew's cousin is waiting for him. They begin to spend time together. guiding him "home. Finally. He is instructed to go to the "Second Largest Farmer's Market in The World. Drew meets with relatives near the burial plot where they would like the body buried. a large paper dove. Claire once again gives Drew a map. Drew sees a photo of his father near a flame from his Aunt Dora's stove.. Drew's mother and sister arrive in Kentucky for the service. While visiting relatives to explain the choice of cremation. Drew's sister and mother tell him they wish to cremate his father's body. When he arrives in Elizabethtown. he spreads some of his father's ashes. On a nearly empty plane. [. Drew returns to the hotel to find Claire there. . Drew chooses to use her route. along with his band "Ruckus" (consisting of members of Kentucky band My Morning Jacket)." There are notes of places along the way he should visit. catches on fire. After viewing his father's body. He declines but she insists because she doesn't want to have to walk all the way back to Coach just for him. Drew's cousin.Elizabethtown (film) 87 Plot Drew Baylor is the designer of the Späsmodica shoe. Feeling guilty. They decide to meet up one last time at Drew's father's memorial. He remembers that Claire gave him her number. this time an elaborate one with instructions and CDs. During the trip. Drew tells her his plan to finish his business in Kentucky and then return home to commit suicide. a world-famously hyped but flawed new product that his boss informs him will lose $972 million and is "a disaster of mythic proportions. while everyone flees.

Chris Evans.Elizabethtown (film) 88 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Orlando Bloom as Drew Baylor Kirsten Dunst as Claire Colburn Susan Sarandon as Hollie Baylor Alec Baldwin as Phil DeVoss Bruce McGill as Bill Banyon Judy Greer as Heather Baylor Jessica Biel as Ellen Kishmore Paul Schneider as Jessie Baylor Loudon Wainwright III as Uncle Dale Gailard Sartain as Charles Dean Jed Rees as Chuck Hasboro Paula Deen as Aunt Dora Dan Biggers as Uncle Roy Alice Marie Crowe as Aunt Lena Tim Devitt as Mitch Baylor Ted Manson as Sad Joe Shane Lyons as Charlie Bill Emily Rutherfurd as Cindy Hasboro Production Jane Fonda was cast in Susan Sarandon's role. A few scenes were filmed in LaGrange. as it whistles with every step. Nebraska and Eureka Springs. Kentucky. Ben is revealed to be Claire's brother. Ashton Kutcher. Other local scenes were filmed in Otter Creek Park in Meade County. Kentucky include the Brown Hotel and Cave Hill Cemetery. Jessica Biel auditioned for the female lead. and corridors of the Brown Hotel are seen. Elizabethtown is on I-65. most of the small town scenes were actually filmed in Versailles. but had to bow out. an epilogue reveals that the shoe designed by Drew turns out to be a hit. and James Franco all auditioned for Orlando Bloom's part. Only two scenes portraying distinctive landmarks were filmed in Elizabethtown itself because most of Elizabethtown's historic buildings have been replaced by chain stores and suburban sprawl. Recognizable settings for scenes shot in Louisville. he is going the incorrect direction on the road. Arkansas. Kentucky. In the original cut of the film. one of her paintings had appeared in Crowe's Vanilla Sky. In the original cut of the film shown at the Toronto Film Festival. Kutcher was actually hired to play Drew. He is also pictured going through the Cherokee Park tunnel. Seann William Scott. This was cut from the release version of the film to prevent the ending seeming overly-drawn out. about 60 miles in the other direction Although the title of the movie is Elizabethtown. lobby. which happens to be on I-64. near [3] Brandenburg. Although the exterior. Previously. There is a character named Ben who is mentioned as a love interest of Claire.[4] Joni Mitchell's painting Hyde Park appears in this film. Colin Hanks. . While Orlando Bloom is supposedly traveling to "Elizabethtown" by car. Filming also took place in Scottsbluff. a passable replica of the Brown Hotel's Crystal Ball Room was re-created on a soundstage. but director Cameron Crowe decided during filming that the chemistry between him and Dunst wasn't right and Kutcher left the project. but was given a smaller role as Drew's girlfriend.

Elizabethtown (film) 89 Release Critical reception Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 28% "Rotten" rating based on 166 reviews. .[4] In his negative review. com/ m/ elizabethtown/ ?critic=creamcrop Gillette. "Reviews :: Elizabethtown" (http:/ / rogerebert. rottentomatoes.Filmed in Nebraska (http:/ / www. shallow cinematic creature" stock character type that Dunst plays in the film. Neda (October 9. 2007).050. It was distributed to 2. A. and grossed $4.618. 3/4 stars http:/ / www. org/ content/ view/ 516/ 1256/ ) Roger Ebert.[5] Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film a positive review. dll/ article?AID=/ 20051013/ REVIEWS/ 51004001/ 1023).15577/ ). References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www. Nathan Rabin of The A. com/ movies/ ?id=elizabethtown. A. The Onion. Retrieved 5 January 2010. Club.[6] [7] [8] Box office Elizabethtown was commercially released on October 14.889 worldwide within its release of 68 days. "Wild things: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls | Film" (http:/ / www. making it the third biggest opening for that weekend. Ulaby. suntimes. "My Year Of Flops. Overall. "Manic Pixie Dream Girls: A Cinematic Scourge?" (http:/ / www. npr. 2005 in the United States.elizabethtown.034.at/magazine/garrett/elizabethtown. rottentomatoes. it is sweet and good-hearted and has some real laughs. At the end of its opening weekend.philo. the film had grossed $10.[2] Soundtrack The film features dozens of contemporary rock songs. Amelie. Club. . com/ apps/ pbcs. Chicago Sun Times. External links • Official site (http://www.V. He goes on to say that although the film is nowhere near one of Crowe's great films like "Almost Famous". boxofficemojo. He describes the story as the most unrelenting "Meet Cute" in movie history. Club created the term "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" to describe the "bubbly. Retrieved 2009-04-16. com/ content/ feature/ wild_things_16_films_featuring/ 1). htm) at Box Office Mojo The Nebraska Department of Economic Development . Rabin.html) . NPR. All Things Considered. org/ templates/ story/ story. php?storyId=95507953). .imdb.com/) • Elizabethtown (http://www. avclub.com/title/tt0368709/) at the Internet Movie Database • Cinetext essay (http://cinetext. avclub. com/ m/ elizabethtown/ Elizabethtown (http:/ / www. 2008).[1] Among selected "top critics" the film score 19% based on 36 reviews. Nathan (January 25. neded.915 on its opening day.V. Case File 1: Elizabethtown: The Bataan Death March of Whimsy" (http:/ / www.V.711. and Kentucky natives My Morning Jacket portray a fictional rock group named Ruckus who reunite during the film. . the film grossed $52. com/ articles/ my-year-of-flops-case-file-1-elizabethtown-the-bat. Retrieved 5 January 2010.517 theaters.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 90 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Directed by Produced by Stephen Hillenburg Derek Drymon Albie Hecht Stephen Hillenburg Julia Pistor Gina Shay Stephen Hillenburg Derek Drymon Tim Hill Kent Osborne Aaron Springer Paul Tibbitt Tom Kenny Bill Fagerbakke Doug Lawrence Jeffrey Tambor Scarlett Johansson Clancy Brown Rodger Bumpass Alec Baldwin Neil Ross Gregor Narholz Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Jerzy Zielinski Studio Nickelodeon Movies United Plankton Pictures Viacom International Paramount Pictures November 19. 2004 90 minutes Distributed by Release date(s) Running time .

His rival frozen solid. but instead promises Neptune to retrieve the crown from Shell City. So he won't run away. SpongeBob heads to his favorite restaurant. Plankton steals King Neptune's beloved crown and frames Krabs for the crime. Spongebob must bring the crown back in 6 days (it was originally 10 until Patrick and Neptune argued it down to 6) or Krabs will fry. Meanwhile. to control the residents of Bikini Bottom. he eats numerous sundaes with his friend Patrick Star. Plot The film starts with a pirate crew. who goes on a quest with Patrick Star on a quest to save King Neptune's crown and rescue Bikini Bottom from the evil clutches of Plankton. SpongeBob later arrives bad-mouthing Krabs. Krabs will promote him to general manager of the new restaurant. a hazardous location known to all marine life.792 SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis 91 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a 2004 animated film based on the Nickelodeon television series SpongeBob SquarePants. . Plankton. However.161. SpongeBob SquarePants has a dream of being the Krusty Krab manager and that restaurant is in danger because a customer named Phil has no cheese on his krabby patty. SpongeBob is denied the title. Severely depressed.The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by United States English $30 million $140. There. released on November 19. It was produced and distributed in the United States by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. as well as its own video game adaption. and wakes up the next morning with a hangover. with the hope that Mr. He also sends a hitman named Dennis to pursue SpongeBob and Patrick. At the opening ceremony. as in the TV series. Neptune crashes into the Krusty Krab 2 and assaults Krabs. enactes a plot to steal the formula for Krabs' "Krabby Patty" burger. 2004. and was dedicated in memory of Jules Engel. SpongeBob and Patrick then head off for Shell City. is SpongeBob SquarePants. which is instead given to Squidward Tentacles. and renames the city Planktopolis. Incensed. Neptune freezes Krabs with his trident. led by Captain Pinty. due to being "more mature" than SpongeBob and thinking that he's "just a kid" and is unable to handle the task. Squidward uncovers the truth about Plankton stealing Neptune's crown and attempts to alert the authorities. Sheldon J. Goofy Goober. and happily gets ready for the Krusty Krab 2 opening ceremony. Plankton uses mind-controlling buckets. The film received positive reviews from critics and had its own soundtrack released. The film's protagonist. Plankton steals the Krabby Patty formula with ease. Krabs' business rival. but SpongeBob manages to save the day. eagerly awaiting their treasure: tickets to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. disguised as souvenirs. SpongeBob wakes up. including Squidward.

only to meet Dennis on the other side. the daughter of King Neptune. While the sea creatures attack the human. In the nick of time. • Jill Talley as Karen. reviving them. but encounter a lethal drying-out process which nearly kills them. steps on them with his giant boot. 92 Cast • Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePants. and then confront Plankton. he is stomped on by a human boot. • Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick Star. . their tears short-circuit the heat lamp. they approach a trench filled with carnivorous creatures. • Neil Ross as the Cyclops. but is trampled by Bikini Bottom's citizens. save Krabs. a theater usher forces the Captain Pinty and his pirate crew to leave. Fagerbakke also provides other miscellaneous voices in the film. Plankton the proprietor of the Chum Bucket restaurant and a business rival of Krabs. appears to give them encouragement by falsely claiming they are men. Before Dennis SpongeBob and Patrick pursued by the Shell City's "Cyclops" diver. but their overt goofiness saves them each time. • Scarlett Johansson as Princess Mindy. an assassin hired by Plankton to do away with SpongeBob and Patrick in their quest to retrieve Neptune's crown. Neptune arrives to execute Krabs. Kenny also voices SpongeBob's pet snail Gary along with other miscellaneous voices. which is in fact "Shell City" itself. Dennis catches up to them. SpongeBob's best friend. • Alec Baldwin as Dennis the Hitman. • Jeffrey Tambor as King Neptune. not boys. Krabs with an oversized Krusty Krab employee hat. However. SpongeBob and Patrick find the crown. Bumpass also provides one other miscellaneous voice in the film. as well as the other dried-out sea creatures being sold as souvenirs. SpongeBob and Patrick dance their way across the trench with ease. Plankton is arrested and incarcerated. SpongeBob. Singing a song. SpongeBob and Patrick encounter many death-defying obstacles. while Plankton eagerly watches. SpongeBob and Patrick take the crown out to the beach. uses his imagination to play the Goofy Goober theme in the form of a rock song (a parody of "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister). a neighbor of SpongeBob and the cashier of the Krusty Krab restaurant. which they gladly accept. • David Hasselhoff appears as himself. Before the two admit defeat. Plankton tries to escape. who graciously gives the title of general manager of the Krusty Krab 2 to SpongeBob. David Hasselhoff offers the two a ride to Bikini Bottom. Back at the Krusty Krab 2. the almighty ruler of the water and seas. Realizing defeat once again. After the film's end credits. On the way. but is struck by a catamaran back into the sea. Neptune's daughter. Plankton activates the mind buckets. using his guitar to free Plankton's slaves. The human grabs SpongeBob and Patrick and heads off for his store by the beach.[1] a diver who captures SpongeBob and Patrick to make them into antiques. • Clancy Brown as Eugene H. Krabs. King Neptune thanks Mindy for her bravery and unfreezes Krabs. cherishing the fact he is just a kid and that he accomplished a lot in the past six days. Finally. Just as Plankton believes he is triumphant. In the end credits. Plankton's computer wife. In turn. SpongeBob is seen doing jobs and chores for Mr. the founder and proprietor of the Krusty Krab restaurant.The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie On the way to Shell City. SpongeBob and Patrick return with the crown. • Doug Lawrence as Sheldon J. Mindy. When they arrive. which releases smoke and activates the emergency sprinkler system. • Rodger Bumpass as Squidward Tentacles.

Mary Jo Catlett as Mrs. The" (http:/ / www.[5] See also • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game References [1] http:/ / www.216 over the weekend on 4. [5] "SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks. .988 in the United States and $140. The Incredibles from Disney/Pixar. com/ m/ spongebob_squarepants_movie/ ). SpongeBob's squirrel friend. 2005. . earning $32.417. Amazon. com/ m/ spongebob_squarepants_movie/ ?critic=creamcrop).[4] Metacritic gave the film a score of 66% based on 32 reviews. [4] "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004)" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-07-09. Box Office Mojo. then dropped 57% the next weekend. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a "Fresh" rating of 68% based on 120 reviews. Pictures.[2] Critical response The film was well received by critics and fans.968 per venue or an average of $7. Rotten Tomatoes. metacritic.792 worldwide. . Mr.[3] Selected top critics gave the film and a 70% "Fresh" rating based on 33 reviews.018. indicating "Generally favorable reviews".446 per screen. Krabs' teenage daughter. Retrieved 2009-07-20. htm). The film closed on March 24. Retrieved 2010-07-09. while being produced on a modest $30 million budget. Flixster. It still made a huge profit for both distributor Paramount Pictures and producer Nickelodeon Movies. imdb. Metacritic. Flixster. rottentomatoes. 93 Release Home media The DVD was released on March 1.161. Reception Box office The film opened at number two behind Disney's National Treasure. Retrieved 2010-07-09.The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie • • • • Carlos Alazraqui as King Neptune's squire. Rotten Tomatoes. The opening weekend would end up making up 37.48% of the film's final gross. having been unsuccessful at outgrossing its holiday animated competitors.com. com/ video/ titles/ spongebobsquarepantsmovie). Lori Alan as Pearl. [3] "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004)" (http:/ / www. having earned $85. however the film then dropped a larger than expected 44% over the Thanksgiving weekend. SpongeBob's driving instructer. 2005. rottentomatoes. and The Polar Express from Warner Bros. com/ movies/ ?id=spongebob. .300 screens at 3. Puff. . com/ title/ tt0345950/ fullcredits#cast [2] "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo.212 theaters and averaging about $9.

John Logan Leonardo DiCaprio Cate Blanchett Alan Alda Alec Baldwin Kate Beckinsale John C.bcdb.imdb.com/title/tt0345950/) at the Internet Movie Database • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (http://www.The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 94 External links • Official website (http://www. Reilly Howard Shore Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Richardson Editing by Thelma Schoonmaker .com/cartoons/57989-SpongeBob_SquarePants_Movie) at the Big Cartoon DataBase The Aviator The Aviator Directed by Produced by Martin Scorsese Michael Mann Sandy Climan Graham King Charles Evans.nick.com/m/spongebob_squarepants_movie/) at Rotten Tomatoes • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (http://www.rottentomatoes. Jr.com/all_nick/movies/spongebob/) • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (http://www.

move in together as well." The film then shows him in 1927. The two go to nightclubs. and Hughes also produces Scarface (1932) and The Outlaw (1943). which was the first part-talking film. even re-shooting a dogfight scene himself. Hughes re-shoots Hell's Angels with sound. 2004 169 minutes United States English $110 million [1] 95 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue $213. who warns him of disease: "You are not safe. However. Hughes. play golf and fly together. Juan Trippe (Alec Baldwin). and purchases majority interest in Transcontinental & Western Air (TWA). chairman of the board of Pan American Airlines. he also pursues Katharine Hepburn (Cate Blanchett). while he oversees the flight sequences for the film. Hiring Noah Dietrich (John C. which will give world expansion solely to Pan Am. the predecessor to Trans World Airlines.459 The Aviator is a 2004 American biographical drama film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Hell's Angels released as a sound film in 1930 is a huge hit. Miramax Films Initial Entertainment Group December 25. he flies around the world in four days. and helps alleviate the symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder.741. In 1935. at 22 years old preparing to direct Hell's Angels. Hughes realizes the premiere of The Jazz Singer. "Fastest man on the planet. Brewster has just introduced the Commercial Airline Bill. During this time. costing another year and $1. shattering the previous record by three days. During this time Hepburn becomes a major supporter and confidant to Hughes. there is one goal he relentlessly pursues: aviation.The Aviator Studio Forward Pass Appian Way Intermedia Initial Entertainment Group Warner Bros. Reilly) to run Hughes Tool Company. Trippe advises Brewster to check into the "disquieting rumors about Mr. The film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. Hughes becomes obsessed with shooting the film realistically. with the film finally complete.[2] The film centers on Hughes' life from the late 1920s to 1947. which centers on the life of aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. Hughes takes an interest in commercial-passenger travel. draws largely upon a biography by Charles Higham. As Hughes' fame grows. Plot The film begins in 1914 with 9-year-old Hughes being bathed by his mother." . he is seen with more starlets. and as they grow closer.7 million. Pictures Miramax Films Cappa Productions Warner Bros. winning five. Three years later. he test flies the H-1 Racer but crashes in a beet field. By 1929. and Senator Owen Brewster (Alan Alda) worry over the possibility that Hughes might beat them in the quest for commercial expansion." he boasts to Hepburn. during which time he became a successful film producer and an aviation magnate while simultaneously growing more unstable due to severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. The film. Meanwhile. meaning that sound films would soon become the industry standard.

By 1946. Alone inside. but an enraged Hughes vows he will never sell TWA.The Aviator Hepburn and Hughes eventually break up when she announces that she has fallen in love with her co-star (implied to be her would-be domestic partner Spencer Tracy). Hepburn tries to visit him. while Dietrich fetches a doctor and Odekirk stands outside guarding the door. and starts off with counter-claiming Brewster's charges: "Why not tell the truth. placing microphones all over his house and tapping Gardner's phone lines to keep track of any suspicious activity. One of the propellers malfunctions. Hughes' sanity begins to deteriorate. Hughes has only finished the XF-11 reconnaissance aircraft and is building the H-4 Hercules ("Spruce Goose") flying boat. the whole TWA fleet is built and ready to go. a spy plane and a troop transport. He learns of Pan Am's efforts to run TWA off the map yet secures contracts with the Army Air Forces on two projects. he urinates into dozens of empty milk bottles. Hughes meets with Brewster. 96 . about a new jetliner for TWA (the Avro C102 Jetliner) and makes a date with Gardner at a celebration party on the Long Beach shoreline." Dietrich and Odekirk take Hughes in a bathroom and hide him there. who helps him get cleaned up. Hughes finally emerges and prepares to face the Senate. Trippe warns Dietrich that the world will see what Hughes has become if he goes to the hearings. Hughes has a flashback to his boyhood. he returns home to find the FBI searching his house for incriminating evidence that he embezzled government funds. make the biggest movies ever and become the richest man in the world. He soon has a new interest: 15-year old Faith Domergue (Kelli Garner) and later... being washed by his mother and resolving he will fly the fastest aircraft ever built. Hughes successfully test flies the flying boat himself. he talks to Dietrich and his mechanic. with encouragement from Ava Gardner. growing ever more paranoid and detached from reality. As the film ends he repeatedly mutters "the way of the future. After being confronted by Gardner. terrified of germs. causing a crash in a Beverly Hills neighborhood. but he is in danger of being bankrupted by the airline and his "flying boat". After the flight. and exhibiting a phobia over dust and germs. Trippe then pays Hughes a visit. He grows increasingly paranoid. Ava Gardner (Kate Beckinsale). He also fights the Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association over the steamy scenes in The Outlaw. With the strain of meeting deadlines and budgets. he slowly recuperates and learns the H-4 Hercules transport is no longer needed. After nearly three months. he takes the XF-11 for a test flight. which triggers an obsessive-compulsive fit as he begins repeating "The way of the future. When he is discharged. That July. Senator? Why not tell the truth that this investigation was really born on the day that TWA first decided to fly to Europe?" In retaliation. characterized by the repetition of phrases. Rushed to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. shutting himself in his screening room. who offers to drop the charges if Hughes supports the CAB and sells the TWA stock to Trippe. ending Trippe's quest to monopolize the flight industry. The incident is both a powerful trauma for Hughes and gives his enemies knowledge about his condition. Glenn Odekirk (Matt Ross). but orders production to continue. the way of the future" into a darkened mirror. but is unable to help. Hughes sinks into a deep depression afterwards. Hughes defends himself and reveals that Trippe essentially bribed Brewster to hold the hearings. Brewster formally states that Hughes charged the Defense Department $56 million for aircraft that never flew. A reinvigorated Hughes arrives at the hearings. Hughes seems free of his inner demons until he sees three attendants in business suits and white gloves edging towards him.

screenshot showing the simulated bipack color film used in scenes depicting events before 1935. This was done. many of the scenes depicting events occurring after 1935 are treated to emulate the saturated appearance of three-strip Technicolor. Other scenes were stock footage colorized and incorporated into the film. Similarly. according to Scorsese. emulating the available technology of the era. Hughes crashes in a field. Mayer Edward Herrmann as Joseph Breen Willem Dafoe as Roland Sweet J. Gross Stanley DeSantis as Louis B. in particular the Multicolor process. scenes appear in shades of only red and cyan blue. MacKenzie as Ludlow Ogden Smith Josie Maran as cigarette girl Jane Lynch as Amelia Earhart (scenes deleted from final cut) Production Style For the first 50 minutes of the film. The color effects were created by Legend Films. which Hughes himself owned. . to emulate the look of early bipack color movies. green objects are rendered as blue. Reilly as Noah Dietrich • Kate Beckinsale as Ava Gardner The H-4 hercules "Spruce Goose" transport • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Juan Trippe Alan Alda as Senator Owen Brewster Ian Holm as Professor Fitz Danny Huston as Jack Frye Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow Jude Law as Errol Flynn Adam Scott as Johnny Meyer Matt Ross as Glen "Odie" Odekirk Kelli Garner as Faith Domergue Frances Conroy as Katharine Houghton Brent Spiner as Robert E.The Aviator 97 Cast As appearing in screen credits (main roles identified):[3] • Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes • Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn • Kevin O'Rourke as Spencer Tracy • John C.C.

There's a match here between Scorsese and his subject. in these terms:[10] What a sad man. This is one of the year's best films. it was distributed in the U. and on U. with the original Hughes HK-1 "Spruce Goose". .[9] The film grossed $102 million at the U. What brief glory. For example. box office and $111 million at the foreign box office. DVD by Warner Bros. (theatrical). with admiration. Howard Hughes. 166 minutes.[6] The Aero Telemetry team was given only three months to complete three models including the 450 lb H-1 Racer. The model was rigged to be crashed and break up several times for different shots. perhaps because the director's own life journey allows him to see Howard Hughes with insight. Each was built as a motion control miniature used for "beauty shots" of the model taking off and in flight as well as in dry dock and under construction at the miniature Hughes Hangar built as well by New Deal Studios.1 m) while the 750 lb (340 kg) XF-11 had a 25 ft (7.The Aviator 98 Movie models In Aviator. and in Latin America. shortly before principal photography began. Distribution The film had several distributors worldwide. 20th Century Fox held Spanish rights.[8] At another review aggregator site Metacritic.[4] The short but much heralded flight of Hughes’ HK-1 Hercules on 2 November 1947 was realistically recreated in the Port of Long Beach. Film critic Roger Ebert described the film and its subject. and Germany by Miramax Films.[5] The 375 lb (170 kg) Spruce Goose model had a wingspan of 20 ft (6. Pictures.S.[4] The primary scale models were the Spruce Goose and the XF-11. Oregon.6 m) wingspan. The building and filming of the flying models proved both cost-effective and timely. up to a point.S. and it races past. The motion control Spruce Goose and Hughes Hangar miniatures built by New Deal Studios are presently on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville. sympathy – and. In addition to the aircraft.5 m) wingspan. the homes that the XF-11 crashes into were fabricated at 1:4 scale to match the 1:4 scale XF-11. Australia. Additional castings of the Spruce Goose flying boat and XF-11 models were provided for new radio controlled flying versions assembled by the team of model builders from Aero Telemetry. a decision was made to film flying sequences with scale models rather than CGI special effects. based on 41 reviews.[7] The models were shot on location at Long Beach and other California sites from helicopter or raft platforms. that had to stand-in for the full scale replica that was destroyed in a crash. UK. The XF-11 was reverse engineered from photographs and some rare drawings and then modeled in Rhinoceros 3D by the New Deal art department. These 3D models of the Spruce Goose as well as the XF-11 were then used for patterns and construction drawings for the model makers. What an enthralling film. with an 18 ft (5.S. Reception The film received highly positive reviews with the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reporting that 180 out of the 203 reviews they tallied were positive for a score of 87% and certification of freshness. the film scored a 77 average out of 100. When Martin Scorsese began planning his aviation epic. both miniatures were designed and fabricated over a period of several months by New Deal Studios. scale models were used to duplicate many of the flying scenes. The critical reaction to the CGI models in Pearl Harbor (2001) had been a crucial factor in Scorsese's decision to use full-scale static and scale models in this case.

The first disc includes commentary with director Martin Scorsese. .0%) World US$ 213.Drama 2.131. including Best Supporting Actress for Cate Blanchett. 2007. The film was later released in High Definition on Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD on November 6. Drama Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) 3. Art Direction 5.0%) US$ 111. Original Score BAFTA Awards record 1. Costume Design Golden Globe Awards record 1.129 (52. and won five. Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett) 3. It also won the BAFTA Award for Best Film. Picture 2. Supporting Actress (Cate Blanchett) 2. Make-up/Hair The Aviator was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. Editing 3. Cinematography 4.330 (48." "Deleted Scenes" as well as 11 other special features.459 Home media The film was released in DVD in a two-disc-set in widescreen and full screen versions.The Aviator 99 Box office USA Other US$ 102. The second disc includes "The Making of The Aviator.741. Picture .610. Production Design 4. Awards Academy Awards record 1.

Retrieved: March 1. Mark. com/ film/ titles/ aviator?q=The Aviator) Metacritic August 4. Robert O.imdb. George J. com/ government/ government-bodies-offices-us/ 262465-1.com/film/titles/aviator) at Metacritic The Aviator (http://www. Maryland: Naval Institute Press. com/ 47/ aviator.aerotelemetry. February 25.com/) The Aviator (http://www.moviehole. [9] "Aviator. com/ ) [6] Note: Aero Telemetry’s primary business was in building UAVs and satellite telemetry systems for the government and defense contractors. imdb.'" (http:/ / www. 2008. msnbc. [10] Suntimes (http:/ / rogerebert. August 6.theasc. boxofficemojo. htm) [2] Vanneman. 1984. 2003. New York: St. com/ movies/ ?id=aviator. dll/ article?AID=/ 20041223/ REVIEWS/ 41201002/ 1023) Bibliography • Higham. ASC." (http:/ / www.rottentomatoes. com/ m/ aviator/ ) Retrieved: November 17. ISBN 978-0312329976.com/m/aviator/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Aviator (http://www. suntimes.html) by Robert Richardson.warnervideo. Martin's Griffin. brightlightsfilm.com/work/287834) at Allmovie High Life (http://www.com/movies/?id=aviator.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Aviator (http://www. • Marrett. com/ apps/ pbcs.metacritic.com/theaviatordvd/) Aero Telemetry (http://www.The Aviator 100 See also • The Aviator soundtrack • Mental illness in film References Notes [1] The Aviator (2004) (http:/ / www.net/news/20041206_4647. rottentomatoes. 2004. [5] New Deal Studios (http:/ / www. His Achievements & Legacy: the Authorized Pictorial Biography." (http:/ / www. Leonardo DiCaprio interview for The Aviator (http://www. Jerry. [8] The Aviator . Howard Hughes: Aviator.allmovie. "The Aviator: Marty and Leo Do Howard. com/ id/ 7025938/ ) CNBC. Howard Hughes. • Maguglin. [7] Baker.aviatorvfx. msn. February 2005. The (2004): Reviews.com/magazine/jan05/aviator/page1. 2009.boxofficemojo. com/ title/ tt0338751/ fullcredits) [4] Cobb. 2009. newdealstudios. ISBN 1-59114-510-4. Alan.com/title/tt0338751/) at the Internet Movie Database The Aviator (http://www.Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www. California: Wrather Port Properties. Charles. Retrieved: May 3. Issue 47. metacritic.html) The Aviator VFX (http://www. 2004. Annapolis. [3] The Aviator (2004) Full credits (http:/ / www." (http:/ / www. ISBN 0-86679-014-4. 2009. htm) Bright Lights Film Journal.com/) . 2008. "Cottage Grove pilot dies in replica of historic plane. Howard Hughes: The Secret Life. articlearchives. "Movie Models are the real stars of 'The Aviator. html) The Register-Guard. External links • • • • • • • • • • Official site (http://www. 2005. Long Beach. Retrieved: March 5.

Ray Liotta. an uncredited Joan Cusack. The Last Shot Theatrical Release Poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jeff Nathanson Larry Brezner David Hoberman Jeff Nathanson Matthew Broderick Alec Baldwin Toni Collette Tim Blake Nelson Calista Flockhart Ray Liotta Buck Henry Tony Shalhoub Ian Gomez Rolfe Kent John Lindley David Rosenbloom Touchstone Pictures September 24. Calista Flockhart and Ian Gomez. Tim Blake Nelson. Toni Collette. 2004 93 USA English $8 million $464. Tony Shalhoub.000 Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue The Last Shot is a 2004 action comedy film starring Matthew Broderick. Alec Baldwin. see The Last Shot (basketball). Buck Henry. The .The Last Shot 101 The Last Shot For the basketball shot.

102 Plot FBI agent Joe Devine (Alec Baldwin) has been assigned to cook up an elaborate scheme to take down infamous mob boss John Gotti. The movie itself was shut down before serious filming started.[1] Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Matthew Broderick as Steven Schats Alec Baldwin as Joe Devine Toni Collette as Emily French Tony Shalhoub as Tommy Sanz Calista Flockhart as Valerie Weston Tim Blake Nelson as Marshal Paris Buck Henry as Lonnie Bosco Ray Liotta as Jack Devine Ian Gomez as Agent Nance James Rebhorn as Abe White Russell Means as Himself Pat Morita as Himself Daniel Morton as Nicky's Son Joan Cusack as Fanny Nash (uncredited) Robert Evans as Himself (uncredited) Judy Greer as Girl with Emily French at Movie Premiere (uncredited) Eric Roberts as Himself (uncredited) . Everything goes according to plan — until Devine and his fellow agents start enjoying their new lives as Hollywood players a bit too much. Lewk and Levy have yet to make a full-length feature film.The Last Shot movie is written and directed by Jeff Nathanson. Schats falls hook. The sting operation was run by FBI agent Garland Schweickhardt. The grip truck ran into an elderly lady's car the first day of shooting in New Orleans and the crew wound up paying off the lady with hundreds peeled from a roll of bills. At one point. was about undercover police officers). they found a genuine crew already there shooting Nasty Boys (Which. Under the pretext of producing a movie. who wrote Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal. ironically. while in other major cities. Shooting actually occurred in several cities including New Orleans and Las Vegas. The operation eventually led to indictments against five individuals. sealed indictments were obtained and only unsealed when the operation was concluded. evidence was obtained without using an actual crew made up of FBI personnel. line. the crew was stranded in the desert between LA and Las Vegas by a broken down Rolls Royce. Background The plot of The Last Shot is loosely based on the true story of an FBI sting operation code-named Dramex. Many actual events happened during the shooting that were more hilarious than the movie portrays. He assumes the role of a Hollywood producer and tells all the right lies to enlist a stooge to help execute his sting. and sinker for the pitch. but what Devine doesn't tell Schats is that the movie will never be made. who recruited aspiring screenwriters Dan Lewk and Gary Levy to participate unwittingly in a sting operation aimed at ensnaring mobsters and Teamsters union officials in a bribery scheme. who'd do just about everything to get the chance to direct a feature. the FBI planned to catch people taking bribes in exchanging for promising not to make trouble when filmmakers used non-union truck drivers and non-union crew members. Arriving at the location in Las Vegas. several of whom were convicted. He finds unsuspecting wannabe director Steven Schats (Matthew Broderick). As the investigation progressed from city to city.

moviehole. allmovie. imdb. Providence Journal. "Providence-based FBI sting now a movie" (http:/ / www. 2004). [2] IMDb (http:/ / www. Retrieved October 26. com/ title/ tt0357054/ [4] http:/ / www.The Last Shot 103 Reception At IMDb. html . com/ movies/ content/ projo_20040923_lshot23.[2] External links • The Last Shot [3] at the Internet Movie Database • The Last Shot [4] at Allmovie • Alec Baldwin interview for The Last Shot [5] References [1] Paul Edward Parker (September 23. net/ news/ 20040901_4175. imdb. projo. html). com/ title/ tt0357054/ ) [3] http:/ / www.7 points out of 10 from over 2000 reviewers. 294b0a. com/ work/ 294205 [5] http:/ / www. 2008. . the movie received 5.

386 Along Came Polly is a 2004 American romantic comedy film written and directed by John Hamburg. .963.Along Came Polly 104 Along Came Polly Along Came Polly Directed by Produced by John Hamburg Danny DeVito Michael Shamberg Stacey Sher John Hamburg Ben Stiller Jennifer Aniston Philip Seymour Hoffman Debra Messing Hank Azaria Bryan Brown Alec Baldwin Theodore Shapiro Written by Starring Music by Distributed by Universal Studios Release date(s) January 16. 2004 Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue 90 minutes United States English $42 million $171.

The contrast between their two personalities creates comedy and conflict throughout the film.and fallen former teen actor . At the end of the night they make tentative plans to get together. he rushes to her apartment and finds her at the last moment before she leaves. When he learns of Polly's plans to move. One night at the behest of his best friend . Meanwhile at work Reuben is attempting to assess Leland Van Lew. To solve this issue he enters Polly and Lisa into the Risk Master.Sandy (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). She breaks things off with him then and there by telling him that he'd be better off going back to Lisa. he goes to an art gallery where he runs into an extroverted former classmate named Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston).Along Came Polly 105 Plot Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) is an Actuary who. and despite Reuben's pleas and assurance that he intended to choose her. a French scuba instructor. likes living life in complete safety and free from any unnecessary risk. despite his numerous blunders with her. she'll never know what they could have had together. but promptly catches her having sex on their honeymoon with Claude (Hank Azaria). Polly is not yet convinced of his epiphany. Reuben runs into a conundrum when he finds himself torn between the free-spirited Polly and Lisa. he is celebrating his wedding to Lisa Kramer (Debra Messing). Polly rejects him and his proposal to move in together. The scene then cuts to Reuben and Polly on the beach where he and Lisa had had their honeymoon at the beginning of the film and where he again encounters Claude." such as eating at a Moroccan restaurant (Reuben suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and salsa dancing. Reuben apologizes to her and tells her that she was risky but worth it. Reuben begins to date Lisa again. and then heads into the water with Polly. so Reuben then buys some nuts from a vendor and drops them on the ground before eating them. but is seemingly unhappy and unsatisfied. an Australian industrialist who enjoys engaging in life threatening stunts (such as swimming with great white sharks) thus also making it harder for anyone to insure him. with her introducing him to activities he once wrote off as "too risky. Polly is offended when she sees the Risk Master analysis. He also tells her that if she leaves. she reveals that her father had actually had two separate wives and families. After he returns he attempts to begin piecing his life back together. proving to her that he's capable of taking risks. a computer insurance program which measures risk in percentages when entered with people's advantages and disadvantages. As the film opens. that Polly is the best choice for him due in part to her lifestyle. since his job involves analyzing risk for insurance purposes. who has returned and has stated her wish to reconcile their relationship. During their argument. The computer tells him that. Sandy is also busy making a documentary about his "life as a star". After Polly breaks up with him. Instead of being angry this time Reuben thanks Claude. revealing her reason for being afraid of commitment. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Ben Stiller as Reuben Feffer Jennifer Aniston as Polly Prince Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy Lyle Debra Messing as Lisa Kramer Alec Baldwin as Stan Indursky Hank Azaria as Claude Bryan Brown as Leland Van Lew Jsu Garcia as Javier Michele Lee as Vivian Feffer Bob Dishy as Irving Feffer Masi Oka as Wonsuk . Reuben and Polly begin dating.

. Reception Along Came Polly received mixed to negative reviews. [2] "Along Came Polly" (http:/ / www. 1 at the U.com/movies/?id=alongcamepolly.imdb. .com/title/tt0343135/) at the Internet Movie Database Along Came Polly (http://www. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ along_came_polly/ ). boxofficemojo. making $171 million at the box office worldwide off a $42 million budget.[1] Nevertheless the film was a financial success. External links • • • • Official website (http://www.com/) Along Came Polly (http://www.com/work/along-came-polly-290410) at Allmovie Along Came Polly (http://www. Retrieved June 12.721. critics commented that Aniston and Stiller did not make a convincing couple.allmovie.alongcamepolly. Retrieved June 12. The film holds an approval rating of 26% at Rotten Tomatoes based on 152 reviews (39 positive. 113 negative).185 USD in its first opening weekend. Box Office Mojo. 2010.S. htm). 2010. Rotten Tomatoes. Box office raking in $27. ending the month long reign of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.[2] References [1] "Along Came Polly (2004)" (http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=alongcamepolly.boxofficemojo.Along Came Polly 106 Box office The film opened at No.htm) at Box Office Mojo .

There is a chase scene. Rugrats.Channel Chasers 107 Channel Chasers Channel Chasers Approx. Alec Baldwin voices older Timmy. who Vicky then sends back into the past (a parody of The Terminator). It then goes back to the present. where Timmy's parents refuse to allow him to watch TV after he wished for a real version of a destructive vehicle known only as the "Kid Crusher" from his favorite TV show. In production order. He then wishes for a magical remote control so that he can go inside the "TV universe". Charlie Brown.) Genre Creator Written by Directed by Produced by Starring Animated Butch Hartman Butch Hartman Steve Marmel Butch Hartman Bob Boyle Steve Marmel Tara Strong Daran Norris Susan Blakeslee Grey DeLisle Carlos Alazraqui Jason Marsden Gary LeRoi Gray Dee Bradley Baker Kevin Michael Richardson Jim Ward Alec Baldwin Guy Moon United States English Music by Country Language Original channel Nickelodeon Release date Preceded by Followed by Nov 26 2004 Abra-Catastrophe! School's Out! The Musical Channel Chasers is an animated film made by Nickelodeon. Plot The story starts twenty years into the future. the movie is divided into 3 parts. Vicky also gets a hold of a remote control. However. going through parodies of famous TV shows such as Scooby Doo. and Timmy has to stop Vicky from taking over the entire world through the TV. where Vicky has taken over and become dictator (A parody of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany). The . run time 66 minutes (approx. Maho Mushi (Japanese: 魔 法 虫 Magic Insect) (a parody of Dragon Ball) and things went horribly wrong. featuring characters from The Fairly OddParents television series. each of which were approximately 22 minutes. with the future Chester and AJ being pursued (and caught) by one of Vicky's henchmen.

Meanwhile. Because his parents now know the truth about her Timmy will never have to be babysat by her again. actually Vicky's sister Tootie in disguise) and for the first time the parents learn that Vicky is actually evil. as Paula Poundcake "Digimon" "Sesame Street" . The Simpsons. The movie ends soon afterwards with a scene that flash-forwards to 20 years into the future with his children (Tammy and Tommy) having Cosmo and Wanda their fairy godparents as well as being babysat by a Vicky-like robot. but it's heavily implied to be Tootie. However. as Heavy Hal "Looney Tunes" "Gundam Wing" "Speed Racer" "Johnny Quest". as Johnny Hunt "Strawberry Shortcake". 108 List of Shows Parodied • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • "The Jetsons".being erased. They receive information at a parking garage from a shadowy person known as "Deep Toot" (a spoof of Watergate informant Deep Throat." the local cable TV provider (spoof of Adelphia Cable). His parents apologize for never believing him about Vicky and tell Vicky off for being so mean to Timmy. he then comes out of the TV. although he is aided by his future self. as with Vicky gone he might lose Cosmo and Wanda. as Chuckie Black "Blue's Clues". where they sneak into the broadcast room and send a message out to Timmy. as Clint's Hints "Scooby Doo". who came back from the Vicky-controlled future to stop her once and for all. as Blackbird and Sparrow "Tom and Jerry" as Ted and Jimmy "Dragon Ball". as The Futurellies "The Flinstones" "Rugrats". as Snooper Dog and the Clue Crew "Space Ghost". Timmy's future self is forced to return to the future due to Vicky destroying the time travel belt. resulting in all residual effects of their magic. leaving Timmy determined to defeat Vicky. The Flintstones. Timmy's parents have noticed he has disappeared and are searching for him. he wishes that nobody would remember this. Realizing that magic is the only reason she had the advantage. It is shown that indeed in the future. During a showdown with Vicky. and Blue's Clues. Timmy realizes that it is because of Vicky he got fairy godparents so rather than get rid of Vicky. With Timmy's proper age restored. Timmy uses the remote to age himself so that he becomes too old for Cosmo and Wanda. as Maho Mushi "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids". Timmy has completely forgotten about Cosmo and Wanda. They then ask at "Dimmadelphia Cable.Channel Chasers Jetsons. as Carpet Critters "Charlie Brown".including the remotes. It is never shown who the kids' mother is. as Space Specter "The Simpsons" "The New Batman Adventures".

imdb. com/ work/ 323243 . Turner Grey DeLisle as Evil Vicky / Tootie / Deep Toot / Vicky Bot / Additional voices Alec Baldwin as Future Timmy Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker Jason Marsden as Chester McBadbat / Jeff Gary LeRoi Gray as AJ Adam West as Himself External links • Channel Chasers [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Channel Chasers [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www. Turner / Additional voices Susanne Blakeslee as Wanda / Mrs. allmovie.Channel Chasers 109 Cast • • • • • • • • • Tara Strong as Timmy Turner / Additional voices Daran Norris as Cosmo / Mr. com/ title/ tt0419739/ [2] http:/ / www.

series External links Official website [1] Walking with Cavemen is a four-part television documentary series about human evolution produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom. Mark Hedgecoe. It was originally released in April 2003. .. and Peter Oxley 100 min. though the original series' director. The documentary was produced largely by the same team who produced the award-winning documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs (1999). Broadcast Original channel First shown in BBC and Discovery Channel April 1st. Walking with Beasts (2001) and Walking with Monsters (2005). and Anthony Taylor Robert Winston in UK. Caroline Noh.. 2003 Chronology Related shows Other shows in the Walking with. It was subsequently presented in the United States as a two-part series by the Discovery Channel and its affiliates. was not involved. of episodes UK English 1 4 in UK. Tim Haines. 2 in North America Production Executive producer(s) Producer(s) Running time Richard Dale Nick Green. There was an accompanying book of the same title. Peter Elliott. Alec Baldwin in North America Theme music composer Alan Parker Country of origin Language(s) No. of seasons No. Ruth Dawes.Walking with Cavemen 110 Walking with Cavemen Walking with Cavemen Genre Starring Narrated by Documentary Suzanne Cave.

remarking that albeit they are taller. have become smart by eating fresh carrion and bone marrow among other things. and these plants will be gone for good. boisei. on the contrary. extinct animals were recreated with CGI and animatronics. boisei are able to eat termites. and some of the statements made about the behaviour of the creatures are more open to question than the documentary may indicate. giving them a more realistic look and permitting the actors to give the creatures a human quality. they will not be able to survive in the future. which is more firm than that of P.our legs). boisei. and evolving a basic social behavior. with H. Time: 3. habilis is depicted as an intelligent omnivore that is more adaptable than the herbivorous P. habilis. rudolfensis. and caring for the sick and injured). almost to imagine being one of them (a trait that the documentary links to the modern human brain). Each species segment takes the form of a short drama featuring a group of the particular hominid in question going about their daily lives (the search for food. While most of the animals depicted were still computer generated or animatronic.i. tall grasses and hard acacia pods in difficult times. and her eldest daughter caring for Lucy's now-orphaned baby (her sibling). though P. while P. and focus on their evolved bipedality (walking on just rear feet . they are specialized herbivores while H. Time: 2 Million Years Ago Place: East Africa • Paranthropus boisei . and then are attacked by a rival troupe. documentaries. More specifically. they are very similar to the H.Walking with Cavemen 111 Overview In the previous Walking with.2 Million Years Ago Place: Ethiopia • Australopithecus afarensis • Ancylotherium • Deinotherium Episode Two: "Blood Brothers" The second episode leaps forward to a time when Paranthropus boisei. seen in the next episode. habilis are generalized omnivores. Consequently. protecting territory. who has developed these traits to a greater extent. For Walking with Cavemen. when at the beginning of the next Ice Age the climate will change. featuring a voice-over narrator (Robert Winston in the British release. The two species are contrasted. Walking with Cavemen is made in the style of a wildlife documentary. The attack ends with death of Lucy herself. this approach necessitated the presentation of speculation as if it were fact. The episode also briefly shows the H. Alec Baldwin in the North American release) who describes the recreations of the prehistoric past as if they were real. until it evolves into Homo ergaster.. the story follows the famous Lucy and her relatives.. Homo habilis and Homo rudolfensis co-exist. as they first develop a leadership conflict following the death of the alpha male due to a crocodile attack. habilis. a slightly different approach was taken. boisei are "a master of one" .e. as a sign of the developing humanity in these "apemen". we see Australopithecus afarensis. H. Episodes Episode One: "First Ancestors" In the first episode. Like its predecessors. the human ancestors were portrayed by actors wearing makeup and prosthetics. will continue to survive. As with the predecessors. The intent is to get the human viewer to feel for the creatures being examined. habilis being "a jack of all trades". H.

Time: 400 000 Years Ago . and finally glimpse the cave painters of Europe. or anything that isn't in the "here and now". ergaster spreading into Asia. becoming Homo erectus and encountering the enormous herbivorous ape Gigantopithecus. as opposed to the physical in previous ones.Africa • • • • • Homo heidelbergensis Neanderthal Megaloceros Mammoth Homo sapiens .30 000 Years Ago Place: Europe . H.Walking with Cavemen • • • • • Homo habilis Dinofelis Deinotherium Ancylotherium Homo rudolfensis 112 Episode Three: "Savage Family" In the third episode.) Time: 1. However. Homo ergaster is depicted as the first creature to master the art of tracking. (This ties neatly into the next and final episode. they are shown harnessing fire and beginning to break-away from their direct dependence on their environment. ergaster is still very much an animal.500 000 Years Ago Place: Southern Africa . who had "evolved" the idea of the afterlife and the supernatural. Heidelbergensis is depicted as intelligent and sensitive but lacking in the ability to comprehend an afterlife. First we leap forward to a time when Homo heidelbergensis is living in Great Britain. The episode later shows H. They also begin to form into tribal societies. though violence is still occurring. the episode shows a life of a clan Homo neanderthalensis. following its instinct. Finally. This was made possible because their diet has grown increasingly more carnivorous. and the nutrients in meat made them even smarter than H.China • Homo ergaster • Homo erectus • Gigantopithecus Episode Four: "The Survivors" The fourth episode talks about the mental evolution of the humanity. how they lived and hunted. They are intelligent but still lack the imagination of modern humans. H. we see modern Homo sapiens (represented by Bushmen) in Africa.5 Million Years Ago . for the next million years. with genuine bonds between their men and women. "the original King Kong". Next. and who are now ready to start the human history as it is now known (and drive-out the Neanderthals to extinction). which is centered on human mind and imagination. who had to become imaginative and inventive to survive the long drought. habilis of the previous episode. but then. including the mighty mammoth during the latest Ice age.

. co. uk/ sn/ prehistoric_life/ tv_radio/ wwcavemen/ [2] http:/ / www. bbc. com/ title/ tt0370053/ . produced by the BBC: • "Prehistoric America (film)" (2003) • "Monsters We Met" (2004) External links • Walking with Cavemen .BBC Science & Nature [1] • Walking with Cavemen . series specials: • • • • The Ballad of Big Al (2000) Chased By Dinosaurs (2002) Sea Monsters (2003) Prehistoric Park (2006) The following are similar programs.TV series [2] References [1] http:/ / www. imdb..Walking with Cavemen 113 See also • Paleoworld • Dinosaur Planet (TV series) • When Dinosaurs Roamed America Walking with Cavemen is part of a series of BBC documentaries that also include: • Walking with Dinosaurs (1999) • Walking with Beasts (2001) • Walking with Monsters (2005) The following are Walking With.

The Cat in the Hat (film) 114 The Cat in the Hat (film) The Cat in the Hat Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Bo Welch Brian Grazer Book: Dr. 2003 82 minutes United States English Release date(s) Running time Country Language . Seuss Screenplay: Alec Berg David Mandel Jeff Schaffer Victor Brandt Mike Myers Spencer Breslin Dakota Fanning Kelly Preston Alec Baldwin Amy Hill Sean Hayes David Newman Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki Editing by Studio Distributed by Don Zimmerman Imagine Entertainment North America: Universal Studios International: DreamWorks November 21.

and will stop anything bad happening. tries to stop his trouble making and is being rather bossy and perfect. The Cat ignores the Fish and then convinces Conrad and Sally to sign a contract which will allow them to have all the fun they want. arguing about him being here. but the Cat explains that the crate is a transport to his own world. the Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) appears. Sally. The lock ends up on his dog. similar to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Their next door neighbor. When Joan leaves. Larry Quinn (Alec Baldwin) dreams of marrying Joan for her wealth. When they make cupcakes out of everything in the kitchen. It was produced by Brian Grazer and directed by Bo Welch. But then there is a thud somewhere in the house. to buy some time. Meanwhile. purple gooey mess. The trio puts the babysitter on the crate. Mrs. is known in this version as "Conrad" and played by Spencer Breslin. While the basic plot of the live-action adaptation of The Cat in the Hat rotates around that of the book. and releases Thing 1 and Thing 2. and chase after Nevins. This is the second film Universal Pictures. the trio get back home. Larry grabs Nevins and heads for Joan's office.960. Conrad's seven-year-old little sister. and the film was nominated for eight Golden Raspberry Awards. they will be in the middle of "the mother of all messes". opens it. DreamWorks Pictures and Imagine Entertainment worked on together. just as the Cat warned before. He sees Nevins running through the street and seizes the opportunity to try to frame Conrad for being unable to take care of Nevins. unaware that the babysitter has fallen off the crate to answer a phone call from Joan and that all terror is breaking loose as the crate erupts. the Cat reappears. a twelve-year-old boy. Nevins' collar. and warns him not to open it and puts a lock on the crate. Conrad goes against the Cats rules and sneakily opens the crate. and the Cat manage to get Nevins back by catching up with a vehicle called the Super Luxurious Omnidirectional Whatchamajigger (SLOW) and tricking Larry into handing over Nevins and the crab lock by making him sign a petition about a Zumzizaroo. Once the cat introduces what he is there to do the Fish starts talking. Although David Newman composed the film's score. and sending Conrad away to a military school to straighten up his behavior. due to being allergic to cats. the film filled out its 82 minutes by adding new subplots and characters quite different from those of the original story. only to fall from a high cliff into the Cat's world. falls asleep. Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and Sally (Dakota Fanning). . and Dakota Fanning as Sally. and as the children go investigate.The Cat in the Hat (film) Budget Gross revenue $109 million $133. Reviews were critically negative criticizing the film's crude humor and mature content. Sally fusses over the state of the house. Larry stumbles backwards while sneezing. An obsessed Larry decides to run to the house and tells Joan to meet him there. Thing 1 and 2 then throw Nevin out the window. being "the mother of all messes". Plot When Joan Walden (Kelly Preston) is called back to work. just as the TV he is watching is being repossessed by a trio of Repo Men. the cupcakes explode causing a large. surprising the kids at what has become of the house. Conrad. When Larry catches the kids at the doorway and takes them to the house. but The Cat warns them that they have more important things to worry about: if they do not put the lock back on the crate. and stars Mike Myers in the title role of the Cat in the Hat. their baby-sitter. Sally's brother. unemployed slob. Not long after. Conrad is eager to open the crate. Larry is revealed to be a disgusting. has two problems: he is constantly doing the exact opposite of what he is supposed to do and causing trouble.541 115 The Cat in the Hat is a 2003 American slapstick comedy film loosely based on the 1957 book of the same name by Dr. the trailer credited Marc Shaiman by mistake. While The Things distract Joan and Larry. and Sally. and it is also revealed that he is waiting to marry Joan for her money. The Cat then brings in a large red crate. it starts to rain outside and the children get bored. she gets a sleepy baby-sitter to baby-sit her kids. much to the horror of Conrad and Sally. The Cat tries to clean up the mess with Joan's dress. Seuss. Conrad. with the first being A Beautiful Mind. who is not named in the book. Kwan (Amy Hill).

but dropped out at the last minute. however. The kids berate the Cat for not fixing things. • Dan Castellaneta as the voices of Thing One and Two. Hank Humberfloob. • Kelly Preston as Joan Walden. Not believing Larry (as the house has already been cleaned). An eldery lady who's hired to watch the kids. He is manipulative. getting a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an average grade of D+ from critics in the interpretation of Yahoo's film website. just in time for Joan to come home. Two gibbering creatures the Cat brings with him. They clean up the mess. But then Larry barges in. Revealed to be the Cat using a false voice at the end.The Cat in the Hat (film) As they finally find the crate. despite that he was not responsible for the mess.[2] A characteristic evaluation was that of Ty Burr. The Cat and the Things then leave the house. The Waldens' pet fish. so the kids order him to leave. after passing trough the Cat's world. successfully closing it. • Victor Brandt as Narrator. lazy. self-centered. • Sean Hayes as Mr. • Candace Brown as Secretary. Joan's dull and strict daughter. • Dakota Fanning as Sally Walden.[1] Coincidentally. Determined to both marry Joan for her money and get rid of Conrad by sending him to military school. Her weight serves as a running gag. covered from head to toe with purple slime and starts telling Joan about the mess and the Cat's world. 116 Cast • Mike Myers as The Cat in the Hat. • Alec Baldwin as Larry Quinn. Spencer Breslin appeared in both The Cat in the Hat and The Santa Clause 2. Joan declines his proposal of marriage and instead sends him away. The Waldens' pet dog. but then suddenly collapses. One of the main protagonists. wise-cracking cat and one of the main protagonists." A number of critics also said that the MPAA should have given the film a stricter rating than "PG". anthropomorphic. who tells the story. The film ends with a shot of the Cat and the Things walking away on the street in the sunset. Mrs. a real-estate agent and Conrad and Sally's mother. ambitious. much to the kids' relief. bloated. a giant. arrogant. which she does not know anything that happened because she was sound asleep the whole time. works for Humberfloob. Kwan. due to the mature themes and multiple double entendres. the Walden's pompous next-door neighbor. Kwan wakes up and tells Joan that the children were "angels". and wrong with mainstream Hollywood movies. writing in the Boston Globe: "The big-screen Cat represents everything corrupt. The party goes as scheduled. He admits that he planned the entire day. an additional $32 million from foreign countries brought the film's total box office revenue to $133 million. • Spencer Breslin as Conrad Walden. much to Larry's distraught and Conrad and Sally's delight. One of the main protagonists. and the house is clean and put back together. • Amy Hill as Mrs. He serves as the main antagonist of the film. since he was filming for The Santa Clause 2. His hat has many magical abilities. The film only managed to recoup $101 million of its $109 million budget domestically at the box office. Joan's germophobic boss and the voice of The Fish. and the house returns to normal. selfish and paranoid. He comes back with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and a cleaning machine called the Dynamic Industrial Renovating Tractormajigger (DIRT). • Steven Anthony Lawrence as Schweitzer • Paris Hilton as Female Club-Goer • Frank Welker as the voice of Nevins.[3] . • Daran Norris as Announcer • Clint Howard as Kate the Caterer Tim Allen was originally planned to play the role of the Cat. Reception The Cat in the Hat received overwhelmingly negative reviews. Joan's destructive and misbehaved son.

Worst Director. including Worst Picture. "Geisel says she will never again allow Hollywood to portray Seuss characters in live action.. arguing that the film has deviated from her late husband's family-friendly work. .catinthehatmovie. Retrieved 2010-02-05. yahoo. com/ movies/ ?id=catinthehat. ew.183729.00. as well as its box-office history [3] "The Cat in the Hat" (http:/ / www.. Worst Actor (Mike Myers). Box Office Mojo. the widow of Theodor "Dr. msnbc. html). Seuss." External links • • • • Official website (http://www. Retrieved February 20. Worst Supporting Actress (Kelly Preston). msn. [4] Associated Press.boxofficemojo. Audrey Stone Dimond Geisel. MSNBC. . Worst Supporting Actor (Alec Baldwin).[4] 117 References [1] "Meow Nix" (http:/ / www.com/m/cat_in_the_hat/) at Rotten Tomatoes . [2] The Yahoo film website (http:/ / movies. Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Couple (Myers and either Thing One or Thing Two). com/ shop?d=hv& cf=info& id=1808411847) gives a compendium of reviewer and public reaction to the 2003 film. 2/26/2004. declared that there were to be no further live-action film adaptations based on the works of Dr. Time Inc. winning one for Worst Excuse for an Actual Movie (All Concept/No Content). Seuss (http:/ / today. Entertainment Weekly.rottentomatoes. 2001-11-16.The Cat in the Hat (film) The Cat in the Hat was nominated for eight Razzie Awards.com/movies/?id=catinthehat.com/title/tt0312528/) at the Internet Movie Database The Cat in the Hat (http://www. Seuss" Geisel (who holds the rights to his work). As a result of the frequent mature themes. 2010. com/ id/ 4362025). boxofficemojo. com/ ew/ article/ 0.com/) The Cat in the Hat (http://www. Accessed September 2010. htm).htm) at Box Office Mojo The Cat in the Hat (http://www.imdb. Seussentenial: 100 years of Dr.

by the Legends Who Were There Broadway: The Golden Age Directed by Produced by Rick McKay Rick McKay Albert M. including Shirley Maclaine Angela Lansbury Stephen Sondheim Jerry Orbach Alec Baldwin Elizabeth Ashley Carol Burnett Bea Arthur John Raitt Carol Channing Eva Marie Saint Rick McKay Various Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Rick McKay Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Followed by Rick McKay PBS RCA BMG June 11. by the Legends Who Were There 118 Broadway: The Golden Age. Bernstein Rick McKay 100 Stars. 2004 111 minutes English Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age and Broadway: The Next Generation .Broadway: The Golden Age. Tapper Jamie deRoy Anne L.

played in extended runs in theatres in over 135 cities in the summer of 2004. and was on 18 critics Top Ten Films of 2004 by year's end. Jeffrey Lyons of NBC and critics all over the country. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone. by the Legends Who Were There Broadway: The Golden Age is a 2004 documentary by Rick McKay. including Leonard Maltin of Entertainment Tonight.Broadway: The Golden Age. telling the story of the "golden age" of Broadway by the oral history of the legendary actors of the 40s and 50s. The film. 119 The Cast The film includes interviews (filmed over a span of six years) with the following personalities: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Edie Adams Bea Arthur Elizabeth Ashley Alec Baldwin Kaye Ballard Bryan Batt Betsy Blair Tom Bosley Carol Burnett Kitty Carlisle Carol Channing Betty Comden Barbara Cook Carole Cook Hume Cronyn Arlene Dahl Charles Durning Daisy Eagan Fred Ebb Nanette Fabray Cy Feuer Bonnie Franklin Betty Garrett Ben Gazzara Robert Goulet Farley Granger Tammy Grimes Uta Hagen Sheldon Harnick Julie Harris Rosemary Harris June Havoc Ruthie Henshall Jerry Herman Al Hirschfeld Celeste Holm Sally Ann Howes . being the first installment of a trilogy. Rex Reed. incorporating rare lost footage of actual performances and never-before-seen personal home movies and photos.

by the Legends Who Were There • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kim Hunter Jeremy Irons Anne Jackson Derek Jacobi Simon Jones Lainie Kazan Michael John LaChiusa Martin Landau Frank Langella Angela Lansbury Arthur Laurents Carol Lawrence Michele Lee Hal Linden Cameron Mackintosh Shirley MacLaine Karl Malden Donna McKechnie Ann Miller Liliane Montevecchi Patricia Morison Robert Morse James Naughton Patricia Neal Phyllis Newman The Nicholas Brothers Jerry Orbach Janis Paige Amanda Plummer Jane Powell Hal Prince John Raitt Lee Roy Reams Rex Reed Charles Nelson Reilly Diana Rigg Chita Rivera Tony Roberts Mary Rodgers Gena Rowlands Eva Marie Saint Marian Seldes Vincent Sherman Douglas Sills Stephen Sondheim Maureen Stapleton Elaine Stritch 120 .Broadway: The Golden Age.

McKay was honored with a Special Award for his work on the film by the New England Theatre Conference [1] External links • Broadway: The Golden Age.Broadway: The Golden Age. com/ . by the Legends Who Were There [2] at the Internet Movie Database • Broadway: The Golden Age [3] at Allmovie • Official Movie Web Site [4] References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / www. allmovie. com/ work/ 288872 http:/ / www. netconline. and the Audience Award and Festival Award at the San Diego Film Festival. com/ title/ tt0303797/ http:/ / www. by the Legends Who Were There • • • • • • • • • • Mary Testa Tommy Tune Leslie Uggams Gwen Verdon Eli Wallach Thommie Walsh Wendy Wasserstein Fay Wray Gretchen Wyler Karen Ziemba 121 Reception Broadway: The Golden Age won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. both for Best Documentary. imdb. broadwaythemovie. org http:/ / www. In 2006. the Audience Choice Award for Best documentary at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

2003 101 minutes United States English $4 million $10. a "cooler" is an unlucky individual whose presence at the tables results in a streak of bad luck for the other players. The original screenplay was written by Kramer and Frank Hannah. .788 The Cooler is a 2003 American drama film directed by Wayne Kramer. Macy Alec Baldwin Maria Bello Shawn Hatosy Ron Livingston Mark Isham Music by Cinematography James Whitaker Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Arthur Coburn Lions Gate Entertainment November 26.464. Pressman Frank Hannah Wayne Kramer William H.The Cooler 122 The Cooler The Cooler Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Wayne Kramer Edward R. In gambling parlance.

and he can't recall the last time he had physical contact with a woman. An edited version rated R was released in theaters.and vice versa. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • William H. It was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. he not only is wearing the right size suit. What Shelly doesn't know is that Natalie actually has fallen in love with Bernie . which was scheduled for a total refurbishment. and the Dunes hotels. Macy as Bernie Lootz Alec Baldwin as Shelly Kaplow Maria Bello as Natalie Belisario Shawn Hatosy as Mikey Ron Livingston as Larry Sokolov Paul Sorvino as Buddy Stafford Estella Warren as Charlotte Arthur J. the MPAA originally rated the film NC-17 because of a glimpse of pubic hair during a sex scene. In order to show Bernie's evolution from loser to winner. In early scenes. named The Montage. the character resembles a boy dressed in his father's oversized clothing. resists the efforts of new Shangri-La advisers. including Ivy League graduate and condescending upstart Larry Sokolov (Ron Livingston). to update the property and bring it into the 21st century. Additional complications arise when Shelly. A director's . Early in the film. among others. his face is kept in the shadows. The song "Almost Like Being in Love". The Golden Phoenix Reno. Macy) has little going for him .he lives in a dreary efficiency unit in a rundown Las Vegas motel. the Toronto Film Festival.and that of those around him . By the end. Lighting schemes designed by cinematographer Jim Whitaker also contributed to documenting Bernie's progression. His success as a "cooler" is jeopardized when cocktail waitress Natalie Belisario (Maria Bello) seemingly takes an interest in him. the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. and since then has been undergoing a conversion to condominiums. used to mark Bernie's transition from sad sack to winner. and his luck . who years earlier cured him of a gambling habit by destroying his kneecap. and the Deauville Film Festival. was used as the interiors of the Shangri-La. before going into limited release in the US. was written by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner for the stage musical Brigadoon. The hotel buildings demolished during the closing credits are the Aladdin. but later he is filmed in a spotlight and backlit to make him stand out from everything behind him.takes a turn for the better. director Wayne Kramer and members of his cast and crew discussed various aspects of the film. The Golden Phoenix was closed in 2006. What Bernie doesn't know is that Shelly has paid the woman to seduce him into staying in town. Nascarella as Nicky Fingers Bonnatto Joey Fatone as Johnny Cappella MC Gainey as Highway Officer Ellen Greene as Doris Production notes The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. costume designer Kristin M. he's indebted to Shangri-La casino boss Shelly Kaplow (Alec Baldwin). the Landmark. Burke dressed him in suits that progressively became better fits. an old-timer who resents the Disneyfication of Vegas. the Sands. According to the 2006 documentary film This Film Is Not Yet Rated.The Cooler 123 Plot Unlucky Bernie Lootz (William H. In an episode of the Sundance Channel series Anatomy of a Scene. but he has accessorized it with a brightly colored shirt and tie that represents his sunnier disposition.

whose revelatory portrayal of an old Vegas hard-liner in thrall to the town's faded allure is the stuff Oscars are made of. Scott said. winner) . is a little tired. .Motion Picture (Bello. . to get fancy. nominee) Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress . What's left never gels as fantasy." [3] In Rolling Stone. unexpected developments are stirring beneath . . Peter Travers rated the film 3½ out of a possible four stars and added." [4] Mark Holcomb of The Village Voice said. winner) Satellite Award for Best Actor . and the direction are skillful. nominee) Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor .Motion Picture (Baldwin.788 [1] .216 in foreign markets for a total worldwide box office of $10.Motion Picture Drama (William H.572 in the US and $2. [the] film never amounts to more than a cute idea stretched to poker-chip thinness.173. . grossed $8. and Mr. . The acting is on the money. . nominee) • Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor (Baldwin. or romantic comedy .Motion Picture (Bello. From James Whitaker's seductive camerawork to Mark Isham's lush score. winner) • Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor (Baldwin. "Wayne Kramer. the seedy/saccharine insouciance of FX's Lucky (devoid of quirky chutzpah). Writing for The New York Times.464.Motion Picture (Maria Bello." [5] Awards and nominations • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Alec Baldwin. . Mr. nominee) Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor .O. . . Macy. winner) Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress . . A. This is a movie without gimmicks. Luckily this picture is rescued from cliché by the quality of the acting." [2] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said the film "has a strange way of being broad and twisted at the same time. nominee) • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role . The script . hooks or flashy slickness . . The Cooler places all the smart bets and hits the jackpot. if occasionally gimmicky .Motion Picture (Baldwin. . rather than trying to discover anything new.Motion Picture (Baldwin. and the premise is pretty hokey.The Cooler cut has been broadcast by the Independent Film Channel and Cinemax. . Kramer. makes a potent directing debut and strikes gold with the cast . is content to recycle familiar characters and story lines. who co-wrote the scrappy script with Frank Hannah. . Top of the line is Baldwin. and the couch-potato glitz of NBC's Las Vegas . nominees) Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role . the writing has substance. .291. the direction knows when to evoke film noir and when . "The setting . The Cooler mimics the Vegas insider's perspective of Casino (without Scorsese's fetishistic attention to detail). nominee) Satellite Award for Best Original Screenplay (Frank Hannah & Wayne Kramer. nominee) National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor (Baldwin. The film. "Taking a page from the Sin City cinema revisionist's handbook. . drama. 124 Critical reception The film received generally positive reviews and with considerable praise to Baldwin's performance. so that while we surf the surface of the story. . . budgeted at $4 million. Kramer wisely gives the actors room to work. .

tracking. villagevoice. suntimes. the-numbers.imdb. com/ movies/ 2003/ COOLR.boxofficemojo. com/ apps/ pbcs. dll/ article?AID=/ 20031219/ REVIEWS/ 312190303/ 1023) [4] Rolling Stone review (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0318374/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Cooler (http://www.20. html) External links • The Cooler (http://www. nytimes. rollingstone.The Cooler 125 References [1] The Cooler at TheNumbers. html?res=9C05E3DD1F3BF935A15752C1A9659C8B63) [3] Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert. com/ gst/ fullpage. com/ film/ 0348. com/ reviews/ movie/ 5948673/ review/ 5948674/ the_cooler) [5] Village Voice review (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo .com (http:/ / www. php) [2] New York Times review (http:/ / query.com/movies/?id=cooler.48959.

2002 95 minutes United States Australia English .The Adventures of Pluto Nash 126 The Adventures of Pluto Nash The Adventures of Pluto Nash Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Ron Underwood Martin Bregman Michael Scott Bregman Louis A. August 16. Stroller Neil Cuthbert • • • • • • • • • • Written by Starring Eddie Murphy Randy Quaid Rosario Dawson Joe Pantoliano Jay Mohr Luis Guzmán James Rebhorn Peter Boyle Pam Grier John Cleese Music by John Powell Cinematography Oliver Wood Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Alan Heim Paul Hirsch Castle Rock Entertainment Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Bros.

who specialized in cloning before her death. Nash refuses. A . A few minutes later Nash is leaving the toilets when he finds Frankowski's creditors Gino (Burt Young) and Larry (Lillo Brancato) trying to kill Frankowski by forcing him to ingest battery acid. Nash searches for MZM and discovers a criminal called Michael Zoroaster Marucci.1 million on its reported $100 million budget. who has become stranded on the Moon and desires to earn money by which to pay for transport to Earth.The Adventures of Pluto Nash Budget Gross revenue $100 million $7. When this yields nothing. They are attacked by Rex Crater's assassins. called the Air Jordans. Seven years later. grossing only around $7. under the name of Tony Francis. Nash knows one of the assailants and suggests he should buy the club himself. called Runa Pendankin. having been seen upside-down by Mona Zimmer. Zimmer. Nash. Its staff consists of Nash himself. Meanwhile. Nash also reveals that being a nightclub owner has been a longtime wish of his. Nash and Dina return to the hotel and meet Nash's mother Flura Nash (Pam Grier). from Rowland (Peter Boyle) a retired policeman who is a friend of his mother's. being intimidated by Nash's bluffs. Nash and Dina visit Doctor Runa Pendankin's ex apprentice. before human cloning was declared illegal when she left earth and set up on the moon. a Hispanic assistant. Because her father "Nicky Sticks" was a friend of Nash's she seeks help from him by offering her skills as a singer. Nash tells Frankowski to rename himself and change his singing style and Frankowski decides to rebrand himself Tony Francis. Nash reveals that they have come for information regarding Doctor Pendankin's dealings during her last days. "Club Pluto" has become a successful business. Her skills were renowned after she created an entire basketball team using Michael Jordan's DNA. He is contacted by his mother who tells him that Rowland has been murdered and that he needs to leave the moon but shortly after the hideout is attacked by Rex Crater's agents. Nash mounts an Internet-based search for any Terrestrial criminal with the initials "WZW". Dina suggests that the initials are in fact MZM. Nash learns. They pose as a married couple attempting to revitalize their attraction for one another by having their figures altered. who operates a cosmetic surgery station. Frankowski has become a stage performer. who have tracked them to the hotel. reveals that shortly prior to her death Doctor Pendankin had worked for or with a Terrestrial criminal who had the initials WZW inscribed on his briefcase. Mona Zimmer (Illeana Douglas). and has become interplanetary famous despite his inability to sing. The film is considered to be one of the worst box-office flops of all time. Nash is approached by a young woman called Dina Lake (Rosario Dawson). and Rex Crater's minions set off a bomb in the club. Dina. At the hideout.103. After viewing and adapting several examples of Zimmer's bodily shapes and contour styles they pretend to be the police when Zimmer accepts a bribe to do the work without a police permit. Nash instead gives her a job waiting on tables at his club and allows her to remain after its nightly closure to the public. After hijacking a limo with a holographic chauffer named James (John Cleese) Nash takes Dina and Bruno to an abandoned mine working which he used as his smuggler's refuge. club owner Anthony Frankowski (Jay Mohr).973 [1] 127 The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a 2002 comedy film directed by Ron Underwood and starring Eddie Murphy as the owner of a lunar nightclub investigating who was behind the arson that destroyed his club. One night. on a lunar colony called Little America a retired smuggler called Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) visits an old friend. Nash suspects that Michael Marucci and Rex Crater are one and the same. During the same night Nash is visited by messengers of a mysterious entrepreneur called Rex Crater who wishes to buy Club Pluto. His obsolete status is a constant gag. and an android named Bruno. that Rex Crater is never seen outside of a penthouse in the city of Moon Beach and that he was in contact with a geneticist. an obsolete model 63 deluxe (Randy Quaid). Plot In the decade of 2080. frequented by many socialites. and Bruno escape and begin to investigate Rex Crater of whom no-one seems to know anything.

Jr.M. He and Nash fight while the others are uncertain which is which. The movie ends with the heroes celebrating in the rebuilt Club Pluto. Just then Dina and Bruno are captured by Rex Crater's agents and taken to him. Nash asks Tony if there's a Plan B. as Miguel Pam Grier as Flura Nash John Cleese as James Illeana Douglas as Dr. Mona Zimmer Alec Baldwin (uncredited) as Michael Zoroaster Marucci/M. Nash is stunned by an appliance similar to a Tazer as is Francis.The Adventures of Pluto Nash chase ensues and the heroes escape using Nash's patented rille-hopping technique jumping across a canyon. to act as public face of Michael Marucci's illegal activities. Nash orders Crater's men to leave and reveals his identity to Dina by speaking of her employment to him and punches Belcher unconscious. Their car is damaged and soon after they leave the area it explodes causing them to be presumed dead. Nash asks Tony if there was a way up to Rex Crater's penthouse. 128 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Eddie Murphy as Pluto Nash/Rex Crater Randy Quaid as Bruno Rosario Dawson as Dina Lake Joe Pantoliano as Mogan Jay Mohr as Tony Francis Luis Guzmán as Felix Laranga James Rebhorn as Belcher Peter Boyle as Rowland Burt Young as Gino Miguel A. Núñez. Nash meets with Francis the former owner of Club Pluto who attempts to help them. Meanwhile. Bruno manages to talk to the guard knocks him out. Richard Raybourne as Bartender Phil . When they leave the elevator Rex's assistant Belcher (James Rebhorn) and some men tell them surrender is Plan B. Crater admits he killed Marucci and Pendankin. created by Runa Pendankin from Nash's removed appendix.Z. Rex kills his two henchmen for being "incompetent jackasses" and has their bodies removed. He attempts to garotte Nash. When the guard tells Dina that the repairs on the robot slot machine aren't done yet. but is thrown through a window and dies. They are eventually rescued and taken to Moon Beach by Felix Laranga (Luis Guzmán) a smuggler who idolizes Pluto Nash. They infiltrate Rex Crater's casino/hotel. When his henchmen arrive and see both Rex and Nash. When Bruno is taken away by security Nash sends Dina to get Bruno out and pay for the damages to the robot slot machine. Bruno was wearing a bulletproof shirt and as Crater has Nash's memories he awakens as he also was wearing a bulletproof shirt. Bruno ends up running foul of a robot slot machine whose lever he breaks off to stop it bothering him. While Francis is talking in an elevator he tells Nash that the only way up is to jump onto the top of Crater's private elevator to the penthouse. Once woken by Belcher Nash accuses Rex Crater of being Michael Marucci (Alec Baldwin). Nash shoots Bruno leading Belcher (who assumes that Nash would not damage his own robot) to shoot Rex. Rex Crater reveals himself to be a clone of Nash. Dina approaches the security at the place where the robots are locked up.

Rosario Dawson was cast in her place. Robot Chicken incorrectly identified 20th Century Fox as the studio that released the film. imdb. com/ robot-chicken/ pluto-nash-day. with marketing costs of $20 million and domestic box office (of which the studio typically receives about half) $4. [5] (http:/ / video. The script went through numerous revisions and.[5] See also • List of films considered the worst References [1] http:/ / www. with US DVD rental gross of $24.) $100 million.080 and $2. The majority of critics lambasted the movie for its acting. However. com/ guides/ worst_of_the_worst/ 3/ ) [3] ""The Adventures Of Pluto Nash"" (http:/ / www.000 budget. dialogue.103. upon completion of filming. Jennifer Lopez was cast for the role of Dina in this film. Internet Movie Database.com/m/adventures_of_pluto_nash/) at Rotten Tomatoes .rottentomatoes." The film performed better on DVD.683. Production began in April 2000. Retrieved 2007-11-22. com/ movies/ ?id=plutonash. .000. boxofficemojo.[3] Eddie Murphy poked fun at himself in an interview with Barbara Walters about this movie by saying: "I know two or three people that liked this movie. html) External links • The Adventures of Pluto Nash (http://www.973.com/movies/?id=plutonash. It was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture.000. sat on the shelf for two years. It had a total worldwide gross of $7.com/work/260296) at Allmovie • The Adventures of Pluto Nash (http://www.893 (overseas).com/title/tt0180052/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Adventures of Pluto Nash (http://www.983. finally being released in August 2002. com/ boxoffice/ rentals?date=2003-03-02& region=us). adultswim. Its budget was estimated at (U. Rotten Tomatoes ranked the film 79th in the 100 worst.S. even more so for a movie with a $100. with a rating of 6% on the Tomatometer[2] and was unsuccessful financially.The Adventures of Pluto Nash 129 Production and history The movie had its origins in the mid-1980s.boxofficemojo. htm). Retrieved 2007-11-22. boxofficemojo.allmovie. and wrapped up in September 2000. but eventually turned it down. rottentomatoes.[4] The Adult Swim series Robot Chicken also parodied Pluto Nash's failure by showing different people at the studio committing suicide and killing each other three days after the film's release.htm) at Box Office Mojo • The Adventures of Pluto Nash (http://www. htm [2] (http:/ / www. but funniest film in the category of "its so bad its good" reviewed films of the 2000s. Reception The majority of the reviews have been negative. [4] ""Top United States DVD Rentals for the week ending 2 March 2003"" (http:/ / www.imdb.420. lack of humor. . com/ movies/ ?id=plutonash. The United States Congress then declares August 16 (the film's release date) as "Pluto Nash Day" to memorialize the "tragedy". and very poor and crude special effects. Box Office Mojo. At one point.

676 [1] Written by Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue .The Royal Tenenbaums 130 The Royal Tenenbaums The Royal Tenenbaums Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Wes Anderson Wes Anderson Barry Mendel Scott Rudin Wes Anderson Owen Wilson Alec Baldwin Gene Hackman Anjelica Huston Gwyneth Paltrow Ben Stiller Andrew Wilson Luke Wilson Owen Wilson Danny Glover Bill Murray Mark Mothersbaugh Robert Yeoman Dylan Tichenor Touchstone Pictures December 4. 2001 109 minutes United States English $28 million $52.307.

Henry observes Royal and decides to tell Etheline that he thinks that Royal may not have cancer. from whom Royal steals money. Clair. his doctor is fake. shaves off his beard and most of his hair. Raleigh performs tests on Dudley Heinsbergen. Chas chases Eli through the house. but killing the boys' dog. and even greater disappointment and failure after their eccentric father leaves them in their adolescent years. to which neither of the other children is invited. but not limited to. Henry then confronts Pagoda. will soon separate. He expresses his love for adopted sister Margot through many paintings. that he and his wife. Chas is a math and business genius.The Royal Tenenbaums The Royal Tenenbaums is a 2001 American comedy-drama film directed by Wes Anderson about three gifted siblings who experience great success in youth. Henry investigates him and discovers his hospital had closed years before. Being kicked out onto the street and given the news that Etheline is considering marrying Henry. Later. as the Tenenbaums sit in the waiting room. Meanwhile. with whom Margot has been having an affair. Royal devises a plan to convince Etheline that he has stomach cancer in order to win her and his children's affections back. Royal discovers the affair and objects to Margot's treatment of Raleigh. tells her that Richie loves her. and was awarded a $50. Buckley.000 Braverman grant for a play that she wrote in the ninth grade. They then get jobs as elevator attendants. The scene then evolves into a short explanation of how each child experiences great success at a very young age. Margot. Upon hearing the report. Etheline's accountant. narrowly avoiding Ari and Uzi. Henry gathers the whole family to tell them what he's discovered about Royal. moves in. Etheline calls each of the Tenenbaum children home. Etheline and Henry are married in a judge's chambers. to research his strange disorder. when he catches up to him. Eli. Chas. They share with each other their secret love and kiss. . Raleigh only comments on her smoking but the news has a much more profound effect on Richie. Royal learns of Chas' overprotective nature and decides to take his grandsons out on the town involving. Eli. and Raleigh rushes him to the hospital. Chas then thanks Royal for saving his sons. Before Henry and Etheline's wedding. Royal accuses Chas of having a nervous breakdown. Dudley finds him in a pool of his own blood. from whom she hides her smoking and most of her checkered past. Ari and Uzi. Eli realizes that he needs serious help and Chas agrees that they both need help. He tells Etheline of his "cancer". crashes his car into the side of the house. Richie is a tennis prodigy and artist. the two wrestle and end up on the ground. Chas has become extremely overprotective of his two sons. After a confrontation with Royal. Raleigh confronts Margot before leaving. Royal takes him on regular outings. An ironic and absurdist sense of humor pervades the film. and Richie. Richie is traveling the world in a cruise ship following a breakdown. shoplifting and dog fighting. Forty-eight hours later. and that his cancer medication is just Tic Tacs. after which. Soon after. Eli Cash is the Tenenbaums' neighbor. He goes into the bathroom. and Richie's best friend. all of the Tenenbaum children are in a post-success slump. and calmly slits his wrists. following his wife Rachael's death in a plane crash. Richie and Raleigh get the private eye's report on Margot back. Royal is kicked out of the hotel he has been living in since the separation. and sets up a large amount of medical equipment in Richie's room. whom Royal moves out of the way. Henry Sherman. Royal and Pagoda leave. Gene Hackman won a Golden Globe for his performance and Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson's screenplay was nominated for an Academy Award. Etheline. 131 Plot Royal Tenenbaum is explaining to his three children. Margot is married to a neurologist named Raleigh St. Royal decides that he wants Etheline to be happy and has arranged for the two of them to sign divorce papers. Richie escapes the hospital and meets with Margot. Margot is adopted. Enraged. He crashes through a window in the house. Twenty-two years later. Upon their return. proposes to her. Raleigh confides to Richie his suspicions of Margot and they hire a private investigator to spy on her. he writes a letter to Eli saying that he loves Margot romantically. Royal buys a dalmatian from the firefighters that are at the scene for Ari and Uzi. Chas berates him for endangering his boys. high on mescaline.

They met after Pagoda. Margot once ran away from home for two weeks to meet her birth family and came back with half of one of her fingers missing.A genius in international finance. She smokes.A noted archaeologist and author. The family attends his funeral and leave together after the service. • Raleigh St. He ends his successful tennis career with a nervous breakdown on court in front of thousands of fans (the film implies the cause was the marriage of Margot and Raleigh the day before). Ethel finds love with Henry Sherman. Eli has "always wanted to be a Tenenbaum. His wife. • Etheline Tenenbaum (Anjelica Huston) . who "makes their education her top priority.A tennis prodigy. who shocked the tennis world by retiring at age 26. He drinks Bloody Marys with pepper throughout the movie. • Chas Tenenbaum (Ben Stiller) ." He often took only Richie to dogfights while excluding Chas and Margot. so much so that he carries a capped pepper shaker in his jacket pocket. and Royal does not show any of the symptoms. He confronts Royal on his supposed stomach cancer with the family present. the complete opposite of her estranged husband Royal. Anderson has mentioned that St.A playwright and adopted daughter. Anderson had Hackman in mind for Royal but the actor was reluctant to take the part. • Eli Cash (Owen Wilson) .Husband of Margot and a famous neurologist in his own right.Friend and servant to the family. died in a plane crash and he has since become obsessed with the safety of his sons. Clair (Bill Murray) . As the film opens. saying he prefers to disappear into a role. Raleigh publishes a book on Dudley's condition." Later on. unbeknownst to anyone else in her family as she is infamously secretive. . Clair was based on Oliver Sacks. He intentionally shot his son Chas with a BB gun. wore the same style headband and trademark Fila polo. Anderson has stated that Eli is based on the authors Cormac McCarthy and Jay McInerney. Gene Wilder was offered the role as well. considered Richie's best friend. Chas is the only witness to his death.A shamelessly insensitive lawyer and a failure as a father. but turned it down because of his retirement. Chas sued his father twice and had him disbarred because of the bonds his father stole from his safe deposit box when he was fourteen. 132 Cast of characters • Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) . Ari and Uzi. Richie is secretly in love with Margot. stabbed Royal. • Henry Sherman (Danny Glover) . • Margot Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow) . The character is loosely based on former champion Björn Borg. he has been living on an ocean liner for several months. • Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson) . and the mother of the Tenenbaum children.A "friend of the family" since the children were very young. They have a beagle named Buckley. He is constantly accompanied by his adolescent test subject Dudley Heinsbergen. instead of having a role fitted for him. Rachael Evans Tenenbaum.Ethel's accountant and romantic interest. She is shown moping in her bathtub. his latest work presupposes the outcome if George Armstrong Custer had not died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. • Pagoda (Kumar Pallana) . Eli has been having an affair with Margot and has a drug problem. revealing that his wife had stomach cancer. he earned his trust however when he then carried him on his back to the hospital. an assassin in Kolkata. ignoring her husband. her accountant." He gained success as an author of Western novels. Royal has a heart attack and dies. and Richie starts a junior tennis program. and is rumored to have attempted suicide after his exit from the game. and consistently and irrelevantly feels he must point out that Margot is his "adopted daughter. Eli checks himself into rehab somewhere in North Dakota.The Royal Tenenbaums Time passes and Margot releases a new play based on her family. He also acts as an informant for Royal to update him on his family. watching television.

In one scene. Clair's books.[2] It is suggested that the typography is used to identify the characters. notably. the "Lindbergh Palace Hotel Suite.g. was retitled on the 2002 soundtrack release as "Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Minor. which served as the closing credits song. Chas's son Ari shares a name with Nico's son. D. the soundtrack was re-released with three songs not found on the 2001 release. inspired the story of Margot and Richie hiding out in a museum. Etheline Tenenbaum urges her daughter Margot to get out of the bathtub. Van Morrison's "Everyone". 1970s." performed by The Mutato Muzika Orchestra. the story of the moral and financial decline of the titular family. The Van Morrison track. in 2001. and 1980s. Salinger's Glass family stories. was also still missing. who also adopted archaeology after divorcing her husband. in which the characters Claudia and Jamie run away to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. in particular Futura and its variation Futura Bold. The paintings in Eli's apartment are by Mexican artist Miguel Calderón. The blonde hair and dark mascara of Nico is reflected in the styling of Margot. . in which Bessie Glass spends quite a bit of time bothering her son Zooey. but never appeared on either soundtrack. Basil E. with Futura used almost entirely in scenes featuring members of the Tenenbaum family. Etheline was modeled after Anderson's mother. Additionally. Anderson's. but the two songs by The Rolling Stones ("She Smiled Sweetly" and "Ruby Tuesday") were not included. E.The Royal Tenenbaums 133 Inspirations and influences The Tenenbaum children. Additionally. Rushmore and in the title of The Life Aquatic. Frankweiler. as director Wes Anderson revealed in a January 2001 interview with Premiere. they rarely allow the songs to appear on soundtracks. Konigsburg's book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. are loosely based on the similarly disillusioned siblings from J. A similar scene takes up a large part of Franny and Zooey. additionally. Typography In common with Anderson's other films he makes extensive and careful use of typography.[2] Anderson also uses the Futura typeface widely in Bottle Rocket. but other typefaces such as Helvetica used with people outside the family e. The Glass children. while the band allow their music to be used in films. Two of the film's characters are thought to be modeled after the musician Nico. John Lennon's "Look at Me". Etheline's glasses are actually Mrs. seven child prodigies who turned into miserable adults. are the central subject of three of Salinger's four published books. Erik Satie's "Gymnopédie" was also used in the film. Elliott Smith's song "Needle in the Hay" is heard during the scene in which Richie Tenenbaum attempts suicide by slitting his wrists. Her songs "These Days" and "The Fairest of the Seasons" are featured in the movie. The soundtrack also features rock songs from the 1960s. According to Anderson's DVD commentary. The name Tenenbaum also resembles the married name of Beatrice "Boo Boo" Glass Tannenbaum. because. In 2002. on Raleigh St. The Mutato Muzika Orchestra version of The Beatles' "Hey Jude" and two tracks by The Rolling Stones. L. There have been two soundtrack album releases for the film. though some songs were omitted. Another key influence is Orson Welles' film The Magnificent Ambersons. was well-received by most critics. Soundtrack The score to The Royal Tenenbaums was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh. The first. the opulent Amberson house is central to the visual style of the film." credited as original music by Mark Mothersbaugh on the 2001 release. Paul Simon's "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard". all highly intelligent and disillusioned.

it was at Hackman. I guess I won't be doing that. including a 75% "Fresh" rating among the top critics. "Well. one of the show's stars. Marksimon. Retrieved 2010-03-04. Todd McCarthy of Variety called the film "As richly conceived as the novel it pretends to be" and Richard Schickel.com. rottentomatoes." Peter Rainer was lukewarm about the film. com/ article/ 87/ royal-tenenbaums-world-of-futura). Washingtonpost.The Royal Tenenbaums 134 Reception The film was met with mostly positive reviews. noting his belief that the film was "proof that Anderson and his writing partner. [2] "Royal Tenenbaums' World of Futura" (http:/ / www. an epic. com/ m/ royal_tenenbaums/ numbers." Some critics disagreed about the success of the film and its style. . "Washington Post review of Arrested Development Season One DVD" (http:/ / www. [4] Chaney. or at least funny more often. Jason Bateman.Box Office and Rental History for The Royal Tenenbaums" (http:/ / www. viewed by many as a worthy follow-up to Anderson's previous film. html). com/ content/ node/ 23370). "If I smiled at all during this colossal misfire." Jay Carr of the Boston Globe wrote "Mostly you sit around waiting for it to be funnier. Glenn Lovell of the San Jose Mercury News writing. "As with Anderson's Rushmore. com/ m/ royal_tenenbaums/ ?name_order=asc). and he's riddled with talent. Avclub. Jen (2004-10-19). Pictures" (http:/ / www. . .com. writing." Mike LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle was enthusiastic in praising the film as "like no other. the actor Owen Wilson. Rushmore. [5] Robinson. marksimonson." The film currently holds a 80% "Fresh" rating at the website Rotten Tomatoes. washingtonpost. Retrieved 2008-11-15. he already had the idea for Arrested Development in mind and thought. described the show as "The Royal Tenenbaums shot like COPS. depressive comedy. with lots of ironic laughs and a humane and rather sad feeling at its core. com/ wp-dyn/ articles/ A35987-2004Oct15. there's a certain annoying preciousness to this film—it's not so consistently wise or amusing as he thinks it is—but it has its moments. rottentomatoes.[3] In popular culture The narration and the way the film follows each family member is similar to Fox's critically acclaimed television sitcom Arrested Development. . [3] "The Royal Tenenbaums Movie Reviews.com. . Retrieved 2010-03-04." Roger Ebert praised the film's writing. Tasha. "AV Club interview with Mitchell Hurwitz" (http:/ / www. avclub. . Retrieved 2010-03-04. Rotten Tomatoes. php). who knows how to do cheerfully thoughtless better than anyone around. "Anderson is something of a prodigy himself.[5] Notes [1] "Rotten Tomatoes . writing. Retrieved 2008-02-04. The rest of the cast looks lost and miserable."[4] Arrested Development creator and head writer Mitchell Hurwitz said that when he saw The Royal Tenenbaums. have a gift of cockeyed genius. in Time. but he hasn't figured out how to be askew and heartfelt at the same time." but subsequently changed his mind.

com/work/255689) at Allmovie The Royal Tenenbaums (http://www.imdb.com/movies/?id=royaltenenbaums.rushmoreacademy.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Royal Tenenbaums (http://www.com/title/tt0265666/) at the Internet Movie Database The Royal Tenenbaums (http://www.ign.com/) The Royal Tenenbaums (http://www.allmovie.criterion.The Royal Tenenbaums 135 External links • • • • • • • • Official website (http://www.com) .rottentomatoes.com/m/royal_tenenbaums/) at Rotten Tomatoes Criterion Collection essay by Kent Jones (http://www.boxofficemojo.royaltenenbaums.com/asp/release.html) The Rushmore Academy: The World of Wes Anderson (fan site) (http://www.asp?id=157&eid=233& section=essay) FilmForce profile including stills and video clips (http://filmforce.com/articles/316/316844p1.

2001 (Premiere) July 11.Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 136 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi Moto Sakakibara Jun Aida Chris Lee Akio Sakai Hironobu Sakaguchi Al Reinert Jeff Vintar Ming-Na Alec Baldwin James Woods Donald Sutherland Ving Rhames Steve Buscemi Peri Gilpin Elliot Goldenthal Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Moto Sakakibara Editing by Studio Christopher S. 2001 (United Kingdom) Distributed by Release date(s) . Capp Square Pictures Square Enix Studios Chris Lee Productions Columbia Pictures July 2. 2001 (United States) August 3.

The Spirits Within debuted to mixed critical reception. James Woods. Aki is searching for the sixth spirit in the ruins of New York City when she is cornered by Phantoms but is rescued by Gray Edwards (Alec Baldwin) and his squad "Deep Eyes". After being infected by a Phantom during one of her experiments. Hein escapes and boards the Zeus space-station where he finally receives authorization to fire the cannon. who is determined to use the powerful Zeus space cannon to destroy the Phantoms.964 frames. reviving her. Though Hein intended that only a few Phantoms enter. A render farm consisting of 960 workstations was tasked with rendering each of the film's almost 141. who wishes to use more violent means to end the conflict. . It took a staff of 200 some four years to complete the film. Donald Sutherland. Neil Fleming (Steve Buscemi) and Jane Proudfoot (Peri Gilpin). creator of the Final Fantasy series of role-playing games. The remaining humans living in "barrier cities" all over the world are engaged in an ongoing struggle to free the planet. and the collected spirit signatures are keeping her infection stable. It features the voices of Ming-Na. Peri Gilpin and Steve Buscemi.131. his plan backfires and Phantoms invade the entire city. uncover a means of defeating the Phantoms by gathering eight spirit signatures that. They must compete against General Hein. Aki joins Sid and appears before the leadership council along with General Hein (James Woods). a future Earth is infested by Phantoms: alien life forms capable of killing humans by physical contact. consisting of Ryan Whittaker (Ving Rhames). Due to rising costs. Neil and Jane are killed by Phantoms. Aki delays the use of the Zeus cannon by revealing she has been infected. Upon returning to her barrier city. The film is blamed for the demise of Square Pictures. Square intended to make the character of Aki Ross into the world's first photorealistic computer-animated actress.[2] Plot In the year 2065. Ving Rhames. with plans for appearances in multiple films in different roles. Aki. of which it made back only $85 million at the box office. Sid and the Deep Eyes attempt to reach Aki's spaceship. Square Pictures rendered the film using some of the most advanced processing capabilities available for film animating at the time. when joined. This revelation convinces Hein that she is being controlled by the Phantoms. It was the first photorealistic computer animated feature film. Aki Ross (Ming-Na) and her mentor. To scare the council into giving him clearance to fire the Zeus cannon Hein lowers part of the barrier shield protecting the city. Dr.[1] and has been called a box office bomb. reaching a final cost of US$137 million. Aki and the Deep Eyes squad succeed in finding the seventh spirit as Aki's infection begins to worsen and she slips into unconsciousness. The Spirits Within follows scientists Aki Ross and Doctor Sid in their efforts to free a post-apocalyptic Earth from a mysterious and deadly alien race known as the Phantoms. It is revealed that Gray was once romantically involved with Aki.830 137 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a 2001 Japanese-American computer animated science fiction film directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Alec Baldwin. Sid uses the seventh spirit to bring Aki's infection back under control. which has driven the remnants of humanity into "barrier cities".Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue 106 minutes United States Japan English $137 million $85. Sid finds the eighth spirit at the crater site of the alien asteroid's impact on Earth. but was widely praised for the realism of the computer-animated characters. Aki's dream reveals the Phantoms are the spirits of dead aliens brought to Earth on a fragment of their destroyed planet. can negate the Phantoms. their means of escape but Ryan. the film greatly exceeded its original budget towards the end of production. Sid (Donald Sutherland).

and 167 Octane workstations for the film's production. but slowly I began to enjoy my time with Aki. four Onyx2 systems.[8] Surprisingly for a film loosely based on a video game series.[9] The film consists of 141. was selected by Sakaguchi based on his decision that she fit Aki's personality.[10] In order to keep the film in line with Hironobu Sakaguchi's vision as director.[7] The basic film was rendered at a home-made render farm created by Square in Hawaii. it had been decided that The Spirits Within would be filmed entirely in English. feeling the graphics in any game adaptation would be far too much of a step down from the graphics in the film itself.[5] She noted the role was not without its difficulties.964 frames. Gray sacrifices himself as a medium needed to physically transmit the completed spirit into the alien Gaia. several script rewrites took place.[6] The workload was so light it did not interfere with her acting commitments in the television series ER.[3] Ming-Na. 138 Production Aki Ross's voice actor. finally at peace. Heien fires the Zeus cannon into the crater not only destroying the eighth spirit but revealing the Phantom Gaia. approximately 200 people working on it put in a combined 120 years of work. who found the role via her publicist. It housed 960 Pentium III-933 MHz workstations.[4] said she felt like she had given birth with her voice to the character. she and Gray combine it with the other seven. with each frame taking an average of 90 minutes to render. Sakaguchi indicated the reason for this was lack of powerful gaming hardware at the time. saying he would not have changed anything if given the chance. they were considering using Aki's character in other films. into the crater to locate the final spirit.[9] From early on. The Gaia is returned to normal as the Phantoms ascend into space.[10] The film had high cost overruns towards the end of filming. especially working without the presence and spontaneity of real actors. and I became attuned to her. Ming-Na has said she would be willing if asked to continue voicing Aki.[6] Square accumulated four SGI Origin 2000 series servers. million[11] blew out from an original budget rumored to be around $70 million.[9] By the end of production Square had a total of 15 terabytes of artwork for the film. When Aki wakes. where she is able to receive the eighth spirit from the alien particles in herself. Aki has a vision of the Phantom home planet. most in the initial stages of production.[8] 1. Ming-Na Wen.[10] . there were never any plans for a game adaptation of the film itself. "At first it was very lonely sitting in that booth and eerie to see (Aki's) lips move and my words coming out. voice actor [6] She gradually accustomed herself to this feeling. Hein continues to fire the Zeus cannon despite overheating warnings and unintentionally destroys the cannon and himself. as she would just go into the studio "once or twice a month for about four months" with no need for make-up and costuming sessions. Animation was filmed using motion capture technology. Aki is pulled from the crater holding Gray's body and looking into the newly liberated world. New funds had to be [10] The film's final cost of $137 sourced to cover the increasing production costs while maintaining staff salaries. commenting that the voice-acting work did not take much time." Ming-Na.327 scenes in total needed to be filmed to animate the digital characters.[9] It is estimated that over the film's four year production.Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Sid lowers a shielded vehicle.[10] Sakaguchi stated he was pleased with the film's final cut. Just before they can reach it. with Aki and Gray.[6] Whilst Square ruled out any chance of a sequel to The Spirits Within before it was even completed.

2001. 80 negative). movie-game and anime-action doesn't pay off. but the story is dull and emotionally removed". Square Pictures intended for Sato. stating her creators "dare us to admire their craft. praising it as a "technical milestone" while conceding that its "nuts and bolts" story lacked "the intelligence and daring of.[16] "If the ambitious mix of East-West. If Aki is not as real as a human actress.[17] Similarly it has a weighted score of 49/100 at Metacritic based on 28 professional reviews. but not quite human appearance of the CGI "actors.000 hairs was separately and fully animated and rendered. including elements of his personality through facial expressions.[11] The film achieved average to poor results at the box office in most of Southeast Asia. Steven Spielberg's A. This is a point where a robot or animated character becomes very realistic. making $32 million in North America and going on to gross $85 million in worldwide box office receipts.Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 139 Character design The model for Aki was designed to be as realistically human as possible. making her similar to himself in as many ways that he could in terms of animation. she's about as ." Time Magazine [8] The Spirits Within holds a 43% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes based on 141 reviews (61 positive. Sato described actively trying to make her appear as realistic as possible. with Sakaguchi commenting in an interview "I think it's OK to look at Aki and be convinced that she's a human.[13] Sato concluded that Aki ended up being similar to him in almost every way. Roy realistic as possible. he altered the model to appear more intelligent looking."[3] Each of her 60. He noted that while he did not once feel convinced Aki Ross was an actual human being she was "lifelike".[8] The film was released in the United States on July 11."[15] Ming-Na's character was designed to be as Reception Before the film's release there was already skepticism of its potential to be financially successful.[13] While the near lifelike appearance of the characters in the film was acknowledged as a technological tour-de-force. Time magazine noted that video game adaptations had a poor track record when it came to the box office. we may still remember this as the moment true CG actors were born.". During her development."[14] In an interview. with intentions to use her in later games and films by Square and the flexibility of being able to modify aspects of her such as her age for such appearances. some commentators felt the character renderings fell into the trap robotic scientists called the "uncanny valley". Roger Ebert was a strong advocate of the film. shortening the hair and removing makeup from what he perceived as a "supermodel" looking character in favor of an appearance that would "convince people that she's a scientist." There was some discussion that the poor box office of the film was due to the audience becoming uncomfortable with the almost.[18] The film was nominated for "Best Sound Editing – Animated Feature Film.[5] her entire model was estimated to be made up of around 400. however it performed well in Australia. with the exception that "she's a lot cuter".[3] Aki's appearance was conceived by lead animator of the project. but subtly different enough from reality to feel "creepy. he gave the film 3½ stars out of 4. also noting that it was Sakaguchi's first feature film. [13] model. New Zealand and South Korea.I.[12] Sakaguchi intended to have Aki as Square Picture's "main star". Domestic and Foreign" at the Golden Reel Awards[19] as well as "Best Animated Feature" by the Online Film Critics Society[20] but did not win either award.000 polygons. where the consensus is the film "raises the bar for computer animated movies. who created several conceptual designs for Sakaguchi to consider the CGI character to be the world's first artificial actress to appear in multiple films in multiple and then used the selected design as a guide for her character roles. say.

Chicago Sun-Times. . 2008."[29] Media Matrix: Sexing the New Reality noted the emphasis by her creators on making her appear real. . including concept art.S. BBC News (BBC). . 2002). Honolulu Star-Bulletin. 2001).Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within human as a Playmate who has been retouched to glossy perfection.com. Jonathon (July 30. Retrieved October 16. [2] Duffy. Ragan-Kelley.[38] References [1] Briscoe. . 2001. in particular if the presence of her unconsciousness in the film was intended as a means to have the character appear [30] more human to viewers. comparing her to video game character Lara Croft."[21] He also expressed a desire for the film to succeed in hopes of seeing more films made in its image. [6] Ryan. Retrieved January 2. Director Hironobu Sakaguchi opted for the acclaimed film composer instead of Nobuo Uematsu. ranking 87th out of 100 and became the first fictional woman to ever make the list. was published by BradyGames in August 2001.[27] In contrast. 2006. sets and props. Boston. Ars Technica.[32] It was composed by Elliot Goldenthal. . . Jon. cinematic female character that has no real referent".[33] Nevertheless Goldenthal's work was met with very positive reviews. "'Final Fantasy' flop causes studio to fold". 2009. 2001). Sam. Tim (July 10. html). 2006)..[35] A novelization was written by Dean Wesley Smith and published by Pocket Books in June 2001. [3] Kennedy. which had been under consideration since at least 2000 according to the then Enix chairman Yasuhiro Fukushima. stm). Official U.[22] Entertainment Weekly named Aki an "It Girl". David (February 4. Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams criticized her character as an example of the constantly kidnapped female in Japanese cinema. storyboards.[24] Her appearance has been received positively by critics. with the performing orchestra conducted by Belgian composer Dirk Brossé.[36] The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.[28] Action and Adventure Cinema described her as among the "least overtly eroticised" female characters in science fiction. co. though he was skeptical of its ability to be accepted. Gary Steinman (August 2001).] into an erotic fantasy machine. (June 1. canoe.[31] 140 Related media The soundtrack to the film was released on July 3.[26] The New York Times described her as having the "sinewy efficiency" of Aliens franchise character Ellen Ripley and visual appeal of Julia Roberts' portrayal of Erin Brockovich. 2010. Kent. "Final Fantasy: The Technology Within" (http:/ / arstechnica. the 240 page color book contains a forward by director Sakaguchi and extensive information on all aspects of the films creation. 2008. [5] "Final Fantasy stirs star nightmares" (http:/ / news.[32] [33] [34] and the album was nominated for a World Soundtrack Award.. 2001 by Sony Music. com/ ae/ movies/ gallery/ box_office_bombs?pg=8). boston. [7] Stokes. the composer of the Final Fantasy games' soundtracks. James (August 2. html). uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 1433493. [4] Hobson. Retrieved January 26. stating that "Calling this action heroine a cartoon would be like calling a Rembrandt a doodle. further "diluted" by her existence solely as a computer-generated character representing "an ideal."[23] She was voted to be one of the sexiest women ever by Maxim and its readers.[37] Edited by Steven L. "Movies that were Box-office Bombs" (http:/ / www. Retrieved May 21. PlayStation Magazine (47): 90–93. motion capture and animation. bbc. com/ wankerdesk/ 01q3/ ff-interview/ ff-interview-1. The merger between Square and Enix. Black Press. was delayed because of the failure of the film and Enix' hesitation at merging with a company that had just lost a substantial amount of money. com/ 2001/ 07/ 10/ features/ story1. though questioned the portrayal of her character. 2001). ca/ Television/ TV_Shows/ E/ ER/ 2001/ 07/ 19/ pf-734449. additionally appearing on the issue's cover. Retrieved January 26.[24] The book Digital Shock: Confronting the New Reality described her as a virtual actress having a "beauty that is 'really' impressive". "Fantasy role for ER actress" (http:/ / jam. "'Fantasy' girl's a geek" (http:/ / archives. Canadian Online Explorer. a decision met with mixed opinion as Goldenthal was completely unknown to many of the game's fans. July 11. though noted her as an example of the treatment of such characters as pin-up girls and "transformed [. starbulletin. layout.[25] with praise for the finer details of the character model such as the rendering of her hair. html). Louis B. a companion book. "Final Fantasy".

Retrieved May 8. Broadcasting Corporation. "Cinema: A Painstaking Fantasy" (http:/ / www. Time Inc. . Retrieved August 1. com/ reviews/ finalfantasy. htm). tracksounds. ISBN 0773531149. Neil. Retrieved February 3. time. Rotten Tomatoes. boxofficemojo. 2001). nytimes. 167. 2001). "Final Fantasy: The Technology Within" (http:/ / arstechnica. Roger (2003). independent. html?res=9F00E7D81038F935A35756C0A9679C8B63). Andrews McMeel Publishing. 2001). . Retrieved January 26. abc. ISBN 081664974X. . au/ triplej/ review/ film/ s350149. Entertainment Weekly. com/ cg/ amg. . Retrieved May 21. Andrew (2003). [34] "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" (http:/ / www. Retrieved February 3. p.O. com. co. [18] "Overview over Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within reviews" (http:/ / www. Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2004. dll/ article?AID=/ 20010711/ REVIEWS/ 107110301/ 1023). . Tracksounds. ISBN 0415235065. Soundtrack-express. [21] Ebert. Christopher. Retrieved 2007-07-25.9171. Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr. Jonathan Ragan-Kelley (2001). Retrieved January 26. 2001). 2010. rottentomatoes. Retrieved July 23. mpse. 2010. . Yvonne (2004). com/ ew/ article/ 0. 2006. Retrieved May 8. Lori (July 11. dll?p=amg& sql=10:jxfqxq90ldhe). Anime Dream. colokids. ISBN 1865089265. html). Animation World Network. Retrieved February 3.167110. com/ apps/ pbcs. 2010. com/ ew/ itlist/ 2001/ 7. Takayuki Tatsumi (2007). .Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within [8] Taylor. com/ ck110611. . Hervé. [28] Bolton. Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2004. [31] Long. . 161. Eric (November 6. [24] Ruth La Ferla (May 6. 2001. Retrieved May 8. com/ wankerdesk/ 01q3/ ff-interview/ ff-interview-2. pp. October 2. rpgamer. 2007. "Final Fantasy: The Spirit's Within" (http:/ / www. Chris (July 31. uk/ arts-entertainment/ films/ news/ hollywood-finds-the-perfect-star--tall-attractive-and-guaranteed-not-to-strike-685474. [26] Spencer. archive. . . Retrieved May 12. 2000). animedream. suntimes. htm). com/ m/ final_fantasy_the_spirits_within/ ). com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0.Aki" (http:/ / web. html). Amazon. org/ web/ 20010625105611/ http:/ / www. soundtrack-express. "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR1117850492. Retrieved January 26. . [36] "Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within (Mass Market Paperback)" (http:/ / www. shtml). 2007. The Age (Melbourne). . [25] Gumbel. Retrieved October 16. "B. 2001. "'Fantasy' Female" (http:/ / www. com/ pages/ awards/ 2001nominees). 3. 2009. 3. Ars Technica. amazon. . January 1. Online Film Critics Society. html). No Complaints. net. University of Minnesota Press. and guaranteed not to strike" (http:/ / www. "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within by Elliot Goldenthal" (http:/ / www. p. 2010. ISBN 0740738348.. Retrieved May 8. [32] Shurley. pp. awn. com/ ew/ itlist/ 2001/ 7. [16] Groves.5/4 stars [22] Ebert. 2008. "The It List 2001. John Edgar (September 10.00. The Denver Post. . Made of Pixels" (http:/ / query.. 2010. [17] "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)" (http:/ / www. 2010. Entertainment Weekly. html). . "Hollywood finds the perfect star: Tall. Retrieved May 8. Media Matrix: Sexing the New Reality. 2010. 2008. 9–1. "'Final Fantasy' Movie an Eyeful" (http:/ / www. html?page=fullpage). [33] Coleman. 2008. Retrieved May 31. htm).com. Action and Adventure Cinema. Triple J. Routledge. . Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Allen & Unwin. The New York Times (The New York Times Company): pp. [14] Reese. 2009. June 10. Retrieved July 20. allmusic. 2010. Time. 2010.'s animal planet" (http:/ / www.. html). rottentomatoes. pdf) (PDF). Megan. com/ specials/ ff-movie/ interview_sakaguchi. . Variety. 141 .997597. Motion Picture Sound Editors/ Internet Movie Database. com/ articles/ production/ behind-scenes-ifinal-fantasy-spirits-withini). [19] "Motion Picture Sound Editors: Who We Are" (http:/ / www.com. 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Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime. p. 2010. com/ gst/ fullpage. 2. metacritic. [15] "When fantasy is just too close for comfort" (http:/ / www. 96. worldsoundtrackacademy. Australian [27] Fischer. 2001). html) on June 25. [13] Brockbank. Christopher.com. com/ news/ Q2-2003/ 042503e. com/ awards2. com/ movies/ ?id=finalfantasy. . The Independent (London: Independent News & Media). 2001). Retrieved January 26. au/ news/ entertainment/ when-fantasy-is-just-too-close-for-comfort/ 2007/ 06/ 09/ 1181089394400. McGill-Queen's Press – MQUP. com/ osts/ finalfantasy.com. Andrew (May 21. "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (PG-13)" (http:/ / rogerebert. . Roger (July 11. . [12] Jon Stokes. rpgamer. html). [20] "OFCS Awards for 2001 Nominees" (http:/ / ofcs. com/ movie/ final-fantasy-the-spirits-within). 216. Retrieved January 1. attractive. htm). 2008.

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July 4. Finney Michael A. Stevenson Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Bros. see Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Cats & Dogs Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Lawrence Guterman Ed Jones Christopher de Faria Andrew Lazar Craig Perry Warren Zide John Requa Glenn Ficarra Jeff Goldblum Elizabeth Perkins Alexander Pollock Tobey Maguire Alec Baldwin Charlton Heston John Debney Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Julio Macat Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Rick W. For other uses.Cats & Dogs 143 Cats & Dogs For the 2010 sequel. see Cats & Dogs (disambiguation). 2001 82 minutes United States Australia English .

and retired from the spy business. sonar. and takes him to meet some more agents: Peek (voiced by Joe Pantoliano) is a Chinese Crested Dog who works in an underground tube and has computers. Buddy follows the cat and pursues him through a neighbor's house. Caroline Brody (Elizabeth Perkins) and her son Scott (Alexander Pollock) bringing in the groceries. . Pictures. But the Russian holds out a remote that will explode the bomb and laughs until the lab door hits him. making it explode. Brody (Jeff Goldblum)'s research on a cure for dog allergies. communications. who wants to be free. an Exotic Shorthair. Meanwhile. Butch gets caught in a telephone wire but manages to escape and disables the bomb. Meanwhile at a farm. Butch and Lou manage to get into the house. An Anatolian Shepherd Dog named Butch (voiced by Alec Baldwin) watches from a window. Mrs. The screenplay by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra centers on the relationships between cats and dogs. and tells an agent of Buddy's kidnap. Tinkles. escaped from them. the head dog receives the news about Buddy and orders the best agents to accomplish the mission and defeat the cat menace. and the last beagle puppy comes out. Lou then distracts the Russian while Butch disables the bomb. Plot The film begins with the SUV of the Brody family pulling up to the house. Sam (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan) is a comical Old English Sheepdog. Mason (Myron Natwick). He sends in Devon Rex cat ninjas to steal the research but Lou managed to prevent them from stealing the research. Brody comes into the puppy pen. Lou goes near it. and a blue van pulls up and kidnaps Buddy. A group of young black Doberman puppies led by a large Doberman Pinscher force the Beagles to go underground as Mrs. The agent tells the gang that they pumped a few things out of the Russian's stomach including a note written by Mr. obviously faking. Tinkles then orders Calico to send a Russian Blue kitten (voiced by Glenn Ficcara) to steal the research.Cats & Dogs Budget Gross revenue Followed by $60 million [1] [1] 144 $200. satellite. He then tells his sidekick Calico (voiced by Jon Lovitz). Scotty puts him outside and a dog biscuit attached to a balloon falls down. and such. which apparently dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. naming him Lou. then goes to his doghouse. security cameras. It was shot in Victoria and Vancouver. to send in the ninja cats (voiced by Danny Mann and Billy West) he hired to steal the research. Butch then takes Lou into Buddy's doghouse.492 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Cats & Dogs is a 2001 American-Australian family film directed by Lawrence Guterman. The cat gets up and runs away. television. At Intel HQ. radar. Lou then meets a another agent dog named Ivy (voiced by Susan Sarandon). and shows him the network that dog agents use. Mr. a white Persian cat plans to conquer the world by making all humans allergic to dogs with Mr. Butch also mentioned that Buddy was previously on the mission until he was captured by the cats. But the Russian turns his attention on Butch and tries to kill him. She decides to adopt him and takes him home. Disappointed that the ninja cats failed him. pressing a blue button. He is briefly interrupted by Sophie the Maid (Miriam Margoyles) who needs to dress him upon seeing the comatose Mr. The film was released on July 4. and Butch comes out and throws a stick at it.687. a small group of Beagle puppies converse and make fun of a younger puppy (voiced by Tobey Maguire). with Mrs. which grants him access to a large techno-network. and the family's Bloodhound named Buddy immediately starts giving chase to a cat. Tinkles (voiced by Sean Hayes). The Russian is captured and interrogated. The Russian then frames Lou for defecating in the house with a ball containing dog feces. a Saluki. 2001 by Warner Bros. Lou is also briefed on the origins of the war between cats and dogs. thermal imaging systems. until he finds the cat lying dead on the street. Mr. Brody approaches. He then places a bomb on the lab door.

Lou (Louis) the Beagle Alec Baldwin .Sophie the Maid Myron Natwick .Mrs.The Russian Blue Paul Pape . Mason to send the employees home and commandeer the factory for the next plot. Mason Voices • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tobey Maguire . Lou awakens and all rejoice.Butch Sean Hayes . When the dog agents are unable to give up the formula after the metting of the world's dogs. Peek. As Mr.Scott Brody Miriam Margoyles . After receiving a video from the cat demanding Mr.Ninja Cat #2 Glenn Ficarra . Professor Brody's machine finally gets the positive combinations for the formula. Then he and his cats take Mr.The Mastiff Jon Lovitz . and reveals he can speak only to discover Tinkles has made them allergic to dogs. Tinkles Susan Sarandon . and the two along with Ivy stage an ambush of Mr. Tinkles location.Sam Billy West . Mason's comatose body to Mason's industries where Mr. and Sam fight Tinkle's cat forcesm Lou frees the Brodys and Calico (who was betrayed by Tinkles). Butch manages to save them. Brody's research as a ransom.Ninja Cat #1 Danny Mann . While trying to decipher Mr. Brody and his family.Peek Michael Clarke Duncan . Tinkles. After a few heartful moments of sadness.Puppy at Barn (uncredited) Charles Howerton . they decide to spring a trap for Dr.Calico Joe Pantoliano .Mr.Professor Brody Elizabeth Perkins . Tinkles passes his voice off as Mr. While Butch. Ivy.Wolf Blitzer of CNN Richard Steven Horvitz . Tinkles factory (where the latter plans to use mice to spread the now mass produced allergy to dogs). Tinkles the research and is betrayed. Tinkles and Calico overhear the call between Professor Brody and another person.German Shepherd at HQ (uncredited) . 145 Cast • • • • • Jeff Goldblum . Butch manages to find the depressed Lou. he is sent to live with Sophie and her sisters who dress him in ridiculous outfits.Ivy Charlton Heston . Lou gives in and brings Mr. but Lou is unresponsive. Caroline Brody Alexander Pollock . Tinkles inside the burning factory. As for Mr. Tinkles makes his sinister side known to Sophie causing her to faint. Lou decides to be a normal dog and not an agent. First Mr. the dogs are unaware that the Brody's have been led into a trap and are kidnapped by the said cat.Mr.Cats & Dogs After an incident with Lou playing with Scott. Lou and Tinkles then have a climactic battle resulting in a fire that traps Lou and Mr. the dogs from around the world meet up at a meeting run by the Mastiff (voiced by Charlton Heston).

Awards The film was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Family Feature Film (Comedy) and Best Performance in a Feature Film . Retrieved 2008-05-29.Leading Young Actor (Alexander Pollock). Metacritic.com/m/cats_and_dogs/) at Rotten Tomatoes Cats & Dogs (http://www." However. Washington Post. Michael Clarke Duncan. . htm). Christina Applegate. Jane (July 6. falling behind Legally Blonde and The Score. metacritic.allmovie.[2] Metacritic. Retrieved 2009-05-15. 2001). Peek. as it grabbed the #3 spot its second weekend grossing $12. but they are not worth waiting for. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore entered production in September 2008 under the direction of Brad Peyton. calling it "[a] surprisingly witty and sophisticated spy movie spoof that will tickle adult pet lovers and still capture kids 6 and older with its boy-and-his-dog love story and pet slapstick.617 on a $7. Cats & Dogs does manage some few pleasant moments. Tinkles. "Cats & Dogs: Two paws up" (http:/ / www.590.com/title/tt0239395/) at the Internet Movie Database Cats & Dogs (http://www. Ebert & Roeper gave "two thumbs up". Rotten Tomatoes. com/ m/ cats_and_dogs/ ). Joe Pantoliano.Cats & Dogs 146 Reception Critical reception The film received mixed to average reviews from film critics. com/ wp-srv/ entertainment/ movies/ reviews/ catsanddogshorwitz. based upon 26 reviews. and Mr. Retrieved 2009-05-15.htm) at Box Office Mojo Cats & Dogs (http://www. which uses an aggregate rating system. Box Office When released on Independence Day 2001. and was released on July 30.imdb. htm). beating out Scary Movie 2 as it grossed $21. It received a 53% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes.com/film/titles/catsanddogs) at Metacritic . based upon 111 reviews. com/ movies/ ?id=catsanddogs. com/ video/ titles/ catsanddogs?q=cats & Dogs).707. John Debney won the ASCAP Award for his musical contribution to this film as well as The Princess Diaries and Spy Kids.[3] The Washington Post's Jane Horwitz gave the film a positive review. while Nick Nolte and Neil Patrick Harris and Wallace Shawn replace Alec Baldwin and Tobey Maguire and Jon Lovitz as Butch and Lou and Calico.boxofficemojo. childish and more frantic than funny. Sequel A sequel.033. Kevin Turan of the Los Angeles Times wrote "Irritating.metacritic. .com/work/246291) at Allmovie Cats & Dogs (http://www. with an average rating of 5. [3] "Cats & Dogs (2001): Reviews" (http:/ / www. Box Office Mojo. rottentomatoes. .040 theaters. [2] "Cats & Dogs movie reviews" (http:/ / uk. The film grossed $93 million domestically. collected an average score of 47/100. 2010. and Sean Hayes reprise their roles as Sam. washingtonpost.140 average from 3. [4] Horwitz. ."[4] In contrast. External links • • • • • Cats & Dogs (http://www.5 out of 10.com/movies/?id=catsanddogs. and Bette Midler voice new characters. References [1] "Cats & Dogs (2001)" (http:/ / www. the film opened at #1. It however would lose 44% of its gross the next week. and $107 million overseas for a total of $200 million worldwide on a $60 million budget. James Marsden. boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2009-05-15.rottentomatoes.

Jr.Pearl Harbor (film) 147 Pearl Harbor (film) Pearl Harbor Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Michael Bay Michael Bay Jerry Bruckheimer Randall Wallace Randall Wallace Ben Affleck Josh Hartnett Alec Baldwin Jon Voight Kate Beckinsale Cuba Gooding. Ewen Bremner Dan Aykroyd Colm Feore Mako Tom Sizemore Jaime King Jennifer Garner Hans Zimmer Klaus Badelt Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Schwartzman Editing by Roger Barton Chris Lebenzon Mark Goldblatt Steven Rosenblum Jerry Bruckheimer Films Touchstone Pictures May 25. 2001 Studio Distributed by Release date(s) .

Rafe unexpectedly returns. and the two friends soon get into a fight at the local hula bar. Dan Aykroyd. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto plans an attack on Pearl Harbor after the U. Cuba Gooding. Danny's father (William Fichtner) comes to drag him home. Tom Sizemore.220. two Tennessee boys . By 1940.. and is instantly smitten. Some of its scenes were among the last to be filmed in Technicolor. Alec Baldwin.945 [1] [2] 148 Country Language Budget Gross revenue Pearl Harbor is a 2001 American action war film directed by Michael Bay and produced by Bay. berating him for playing with Rafe and beating him.S.000 $449. they are interrupted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by Zero fighters. Evelyn and Danny bond over their mourning for Rafe and unexpectedly develop feelings for each other. 1941. Pearl Harbor became one of the highest-grossing films of 2001. The next morning. Soon after. long-time partner Jerry Bruckheimer and Randall Wallace. Rafe has volunteered to serve with the Royal Air Force's Eagle Squadrons. Rafe attacks Danny's father calling him a "dirty German". Val dive bombers and Kate torpedo bombers. In the aftermath. a Navy nurse who passes him for his physical examination even though he has dyslexia. although she doesn't want Danny to know so he can focus . Rafe is shot down over the English Channel and presumed killed in action.Rafe McCawley (Jesse James) and Danny Walker (Reiley McClendon) while pretending to be fighting the Germans. The surprise Japanese air raid sinks the battleships USS Arizona (BB-39). Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett) are First Lieutenants in the United States Army Air Corps under the command of Major Jimmy Doolittle (Alec Baldwin). including Ben Affleck. Rafe and Danny manage to get airborne and shoot down seven Japanese aircraft with P-40s using their reckless tactics. Mako. Colm Feore. he makes a promise to Evelyn that he will come back for her. He quickly realizes that Evelyn and Danny are now together. Evelyn and Danny are transferred with their respective squadrons to Pearl Harbor. on December 7.[2] Plot In 1923. Evelyn helps tend to the dozens of wounded who come in and must help decide who can and cannot be saved. Rafe meets Evelyn Johnson (Kate Beckinsale). the survivors attend a memorial service for the fallen victims after the U. Before Rafe leaves for England. Despite receiving negative reviews from critics. Rafe and Danny are both promoted to Captain. However.S. It features a large ensemble cast. Three months later. Danny's father counters by explaining that he fought the Germans in World War I and wishes them to never witness the horrors of war. Josh Hartnett. Jaime King and Jennifer Garner. Back at the hospital. The two soon begin dating and fall in love. Kate Beckinsale. In Japan meanwhile. Meanwhile. Jon Voight. Pearl Harbor is a dramatic reimagining of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent Doolittle Raid. USS Oklahoma (BB-37) and many other ships. giving them their first taste of flying. declaration of war on Japan.Pearl Harbor (film) Running time Theatrical cut: 183 minutes Director's cut: 184 minutes United States English Japanese French $140. Evelyn meets Rafe and reveals that she is pregnant with Danny's child. freezes its trade.000. Jr. as grown men. Before their departure. On the night of December 6. awarded the Silver Star and assigned to now-Colonel Doolittle for a dangerous and top-secret mission. climb into Rafe's father's cropdusting biplane and accidentally start it. They soon begin their own relationship. having survived the crash and been stranded in occupied France in the interval.

Rafe and others are to fly B-25 Mitchell medium bombers from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV-8). Danny knocks the soldiers over and is instead shot himself while the other American crew mates fight off the remaining soldiers. where Japanese soldiers run towards the crash site. back at the farm in Tennessee visiting Danny Walker's grave. The film ends a few years later with Rafe and Evelyn.Pearl Harbor (film) on the upcoming mission. Walker • Steve Rankin as Mr. bomb Tokyo and some Japanese occupied territory in China. 149 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Ben Affleck as First Lieutenant (later Captain) Rafe McCawley Jesse James as Young Rafe Josh Hartnett as First Lieutenant (later Captain) Daniel "Danny" Walker Reiley McClendon as Young Danny Kate Beckinsale as Lieutenant Evelyn Johnson Alec Baldwin as Major (later Lieutenant Colonel) Jimmy Doolittle Cuba Gooding. but deep down she will always love Rafe just as much. The two men succeed in their bombing but are captured by the Japanese in China when their bombers run out of fuel. President Franklin D. with the two flying off into the sunset in the old biplane. She says that she is going to remain with Danny. Rafe holds a dying Danny in his arms. also named Danny. Danny. McCawley • Tom Sizemore as Earl Sistern • Matt Davis as Joe • Ewen Bremner as 1st Lieutenant Red Winkle • William Lee Scott as 1st Lieutenant Billy Thompson • Michael Shannon as 1st Lieutenant Gooz Wood • • • • • • • • Leland Orser as Major Jackson Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Commander Minoru Genda Scott Wilson as General George Marshall Peter Firth as Captain Mervyn S. Just as Rafe is about to be shot. They crash land into a rice field. and Danny's son. Bennion Dan Aykroyd as Captain Thurman Beth Grant as Motherly secretary Thomas Wilson Brown as Young flyer Sean Faris as Danny's gunner Jaime King . Jr. Roosevelt (Jon Voight) wants to send a message that the Japanese homeland is not immune from bombing. as Petty Officer 2nd Class Dorie Miller Jon Voight as President Franklin D. credited as James King • Sara Rue as Nurse Martha • William Fichtner as Mr. telling him he can't die because he's going to be a father. Kimmel Mako as Kaigun Taishō Isoroku Yamamoto Supporting characters • Jennifer Garner as Nurse Sandra • Jaime King as Nurse Betty Bayer. Rafe then takes his son flying. Danny tells Rafe that he needs to be the father to his child. who are together again. Roosevelt Colm Feore as Admiral Husband E.

Does he actually think we didn't research every nook and cranny of how armor-piercing bombs fell? He's watched too many movies. While it earned praise for its technical achievements. Formerly serving as the set for the Titanic. or originality. and although you may walk out quoting lines of dialog. but nothing else does in one of the wimpiest wartime romances ever filmed. meaning mixed or average reviews. Desson Howe wrote.[10] Time magazine's Richard Schickel criticized the film's love triangle: "It requires a lot of patience for an audience to sit through the ."[8] In his review for the Washington Post. and they were down to an 18-month reserve. the action had to reflect precision and accuracy throughout. but they can't animate this moldy romantic triangle". "Affleck.[9] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine wrote.are attractive actors. earning only a 26% approval from critics on the review-compiling website Rotten Tomatoes. Scott of The New York Times wrote.Pearl Harbor (film) 150 Production The proposed budget of $208 million that Bay and Bruckheimer wanted was an area of contention with Disney executives.a British actress without a single worthy line to wrap her credible American accent around . A.[7] USA Today gave the film two out of four stars and wrote. although for the sake of expediency and due to the present use of the base. the screenplay and acting were popular targets for critics.[1] In order to recreate the atmosphere of pre-war Pearl Harbor. since a great deal of the budget was to be expended on production aspects. the movie is actually based on the movies Top Gun.[3] Reaction Box office Pearl Harbor grossed US$200 million at the domestic box office and US$450 million worldwide. A large-scale model of the bow section of the USS Oklahoma mounted on a gimbal produced an authentic rolling and submerging of the doomed warship. Don't get confused". that's the way it was designed! [6] But he's on the air pontificating and giving the wrong information. vision. timed with bad sitcom beats". "although this Walt Disney movie is based. Budget fights continued throughout the planning of the film with Bay "walking" on several occasions with the final $135 million budget that was "green lighted" still the largest in Hollywood history. "The film has been directed without grace. "Nearly every line of the script drops from the actors' mouths with the leaden clank of exposition. inspired and even partially informed by a real event referred to as Pearl Harbor. the set at Rosarita Beach in the Mexican state of Baja California was utilized for scale model work. Matched with computer generated imagery. Would going to war restore the fuel sources? Did they perhaps also have imperialist designs? Movie doesn't say". Rosarita served as the ideal location to recreate the death throes of the battleships in the Pearl Harbor attack. planes and water combust and collide in Pearl Harbor. Hartnett and Beckinsale . Titanic and Saving Private Ryan. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because America cut off its oil supply. Bay wanted to graphically portray the horrors of war and was not interested in primarily marketing the final product to a teen and young adult audience. it will not be because you admire them" and criticized its liberties with historical facts: "There is no sense of history. Production Engineer Nigel Phelps realized that the sequence of the ship. although Metacritic give it a 44.[2] Critical response Pearl Harbor was panned by the critics and the public.[5] Michael Bay responded to Ebert's criticism of his film: "He commented on TV that bombs don't fall like that. O. He thinks they all fall flat — armor-piercing bombs fall straight down. The film was ranked the sixth highest-earning picture of 2001. "Ships. according to this movie. the producers had the advantage of staging the film in Hawaii and using the current Naval facilities. That's insulting!" Nonetheless. on a similar refrain.[4] Roger Ebert gave the film one and a half stars and wrote. More inflammatory was the effort to change the original film rating from an R to PG-13. rolling out of the water and slapping down would involve one of the "biggest set elements" to be staged. strategy or context.

And what's wrong with that?"[13] 151 Historical inaccuracies Like many historical dramas. Taylor. but liked the way the aircraft looked so that audiences could differentiate the "good guys from the bad guys" was another aspect that rankled film critics. airmen were prohibited from doing so. "here is the ironic twist in my acceptance of Pearl Harbor-the parts I liked most are the parts before and after the digital destruction of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese carrier planes" and felt that "Pearl Harbor is not so much about World War II as it is about movies about World War II. The first official notification of the attack was received by General Short several hours after the attack had ended. declaring that Pearl Harbor was an "abuse of artistic license. It's as if they know that someday they're going to be part of "the Greatest Generation" and don't want to offend Tom Brokaw. nor was he notified of the Japanese embassy leaving Washington. Pearl Harbor provoked debate about the artistic license taken by its producers and director. he invites us to register the terror of the men standing helplessly on deck. hurtling exactitude . together. who died in November 2006..S. and is with him when he dies. In the film. or represent them all accurately.. previously [23] [24] declared the film adaptation "a piece of trash." Sensationalizing the real-life deeds of Doris Miller's actions during the battle "rubber stamps the legend" surrounding the black seaman's actions. While Miller did man an antiaircraft gun. in real life. Andrew Sarris wrote. Besides. National Geographic Channel produced a documentary called Beyond the Movie: Pearl Harbor[14] which covers some of the ways that "the film's final cut didn't reflect all the attacks' facts. claimed six Japanese aircraft and a few probables. They're nice kids and all that. Miller picked him up after he was wounded (by fragments when one of the Tennessee's gun turrets exploded) and attempted to carry him to a first-aid station. did not reach him until after the bombs began falling.[19] The greatest criticism came when actual historical events were altered for dramatic purposes. Army Air Corps Second Lieutenants George Welch and Kenneth M. In reality.[18] Countless other technical lapses such as painting the Japanese Zero fighters green for effect even though Bay knew that was inaccurate.[11] Entertainment Weekly was more positive. The Captain refused to leave his post and remained on the bridge and continued to direct the battle until he died of his wounds just before the ship was abandoned.. he was never credited with any kills (as opposed to the one shown in the film). For example. but they don't exactly claw madly at one another. and though Bay visualizes it all with a minimum of graphic carnage. who has been mortally wounded by a torpedo striking his ship. giving the film a "B-" rating."[15] Many Pearl Harbor survivors dismissed the film as grossly inaccurate and pure Hollywood.Pearl Harbor (film) dithering. though some American civilians did join the RAF. Historian Lawrence Suid's review is particularly detailed in the major factual misrepresentations of the film and the impact of them. prior to the attack. D."[22] The roles that the two male leads played by Affleck and Hartnett have in the attack sequence are analogous to the real historical deeds of U.S. Bennion. and Owen Gleiberman praised the Pearl Harbor attack sequence: "Bay's staging is spectacular but also honorable in its scary. but cancelled as news of the attack came in). Taylor.C..[17] The inclusion of Affleck's character in the Eagle Squadron was another jarring aspect as serving U.[12] In his review for The New York Observer. the horrifying split-second deliverance as bodies go flying and explosions reduce entire battleships to liquid walls of collapsing metal". megahistory and personal history never integrate here". The report of attacking an enemy midget submarine. who took to the skies during the Japanese attack and.[16] Historical inaccuracies found in the film include the early childhood scenes depicting a Stearman biplane crop duster in 1923. Miller comforts Captain Mervyn S. Miller delivers the Captain's last orders to the ship's executive officer and then mans a machine gun. Admiral Kimmel was not on a golf course on the morning of the attack (he was planning to meet General Short for a regular game. Fellow crewman Ensign Victor Delano who comforted the . even in an entertainment film. There are startling point-of-view shots of torpedoes dropping into the water and speeding toward their targets.[20] [21] Critics decried the use of fictional replacements for real people.. over-sensationalized and distorted. as the aircraft was not accurate for the period and the first commercial crop-dusting company did not begin operation until 1924.

and Nurse Ruth Erickson interview. Pearl Harbor Historic Timeline . and on disc two. plus additional footage. knew the true story would show that Miller did not even "know how to shoot a gun. A deluxe Vista Series edition of the film was released on July 2.com called "the most extensive set released comprising of only one film" includes four discs of film and bonus features. which DVDtalk. concluding with the rhetorical question "Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?"[26] Home media A Commemorative 60th Anniversary Edition was released on December 4. with numerous commentaries from the cast and crew alongside a few "easter eggs". On December 19. Doolittle addressing the pilots before the raid.a set-top interactive feature produced by documentarian Charles Kiselyak (68 minutes).a multi-angle breakdown of the film's most exciting sequence (30 minutes). A Pearl Harbor DVD gift set that includes the Commemorative Edition two-disc set.Pearl Harbor (film) Captain in his final moments. It contained an R-rated extended cut of the film. which includes multiple video tracks (such as previsualization and final edit) and commentaries from veterans. girl". The feature was spread across two videotapes in letterbox format. Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor. and the replacement of the campfire scene with a scene of Doolittle speaking personally to Rafe and Danny about the value of friendship. Deconstructing Destruction . blood. the lack of a social life. "Pearl Harbor sucked. flying limbs and so forth). National Geographic's "Beyond the Movie" feature and a dual-sided map was released concurrently on December 4. and I miss you" equating the singer's longing to how much "Michael Bay missed the mark when he made Pearl Harbor" which is "an awful lot. It runs at 195 minutes compared to the 183 minutes of the theatrical cut. then managed to get two machine guns going. 2001. collectible promotional postcards and a carrying case that resembles a historic photo album. a 50-minute documentary on little-known heroes of the attack.an in-depth conversation with Michael Bay and Eric Breving (of Industrial Light and Magic) about the special effects in the movie. a 47-minute documentary on the monumental production of the film. Around the same time a two-disc DVD of the Commemorative 60th Anniversary Edition was released. The ballad contains other common criticisms of the film. small alterations and additions to existing scenes. Super-8 Montage . showing Miler how to fire one. This release included the feature on disc one. 2006. 2002. . family or friends."[20] The movie was also criticized for the way it "distinguished Americans from Japanese. 2) Cast and 3) Crew. and tape two also included Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor. and a Faith Hill music video. and the devotion to warring. The song's chorus recounts.two History Channel documentaries. The bonus features include all the features included in the commemorative edition. Soldier's Boot Camp .[25] 152 Popular culture The soundtrack for the 2004 film Team America: World Police contains a song entitled "End of an Act" whose lyrics describe the emotion of longing for someone as well as panning the hapless Pearl Harbor. Mark Palansky. 2001. The extended cut of the film included the reinsertion of graphic carnage during the central attack (including shots of eviscerated bodies being torn apart by strafing. the Faith Hill music video and theatrical trailers. There are three audio commentaries: 1) Director and film historian.a collection of unseen Super-8 footage shot for potential use in the movie by Michael Bay's assistant. This elaborate package. Other features include The Surprise Attack . Journey to the Screen. juxtaposing these with the portraits of Americans".follows the actors as they take preparation for their roles to an extreme (30 minutes)). a 65th Anniversary Commemorative Edition high-definition Blu-ray Disc was released. including the wearing of black clothes. a replication of Roosevelt's speech. One Hour Over Tokyo and The Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor .

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2002 Clerks (retronym: Clerks: The Animated Series) is an American animated television series based on Kevin Smith's film of the same name." The "Uncensored" of the title refers to the reinstating of a segment unaired when the second episode ran on television. the show's not fitting in with ABC's other programming.[1] Several factors contributed to the cancellation. It was developed for television by Smith. 2000 . of episodes 6 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Bob Weinstein Harvey Weinstein David Mandel Scott Mosier Kevin Smith Running time 22 minutes per episode Broadcast Original channel Picture format Original airing ABC (2000) Comedy Central (2002) 4:3 SDTV May 31. and ABC's decision to air the shows out of order. Broadcast history Only two episodes were aired on ABC in the year 2000 before the series was cancelled. unsuccessful test-screening to older audiences.Clerks: The Animated Series 155 Clerks: The Animated Series Clerks: The Animated Series Genre Format Created by Developed by Voices of Comedy Animation Kevin Smith David Mandel David Mandel Brian O'Halloran Jeff Anderson Alec Baldwin Jason Mewes Kevin Michael Richardson Tress MacNeille Charles Barkley  United States Country of origin No.June 7. as opposed to the intended first episode. 2000 December 14. Smith's producer Scott Mosier and former Seinfeld writer David Mandel with character designs by Stephen Silver. and then aired the second episode despite the fact that the second . including low ratings. DVD release The show was released on DVD in a 2 Disc collectors set called "Clerks Uncensored. ABC aired the fourth episode first.

and derives much of its humor from the fact that it flashes back almost exclusively to the first episode. New Jersey and opens the Quicker Stop right across from the Quick Stop. All six episodes were released on DVD (as well as VHS) in 2001. they look back on their lives.. military to retaliate inside Leonardo. In 2006. 2000 Dante and Randal get locked in the freezer. Additionally. the second episode aired without the scene from "Flintstone's List". the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (but included on the film's DVD release) contain metafictional moments when Randal makes references to the animated series. 2008. 2000 Jay sues the Quick Stop for 10 million dollars after slipping on Randal's soda. 3 "Leonardo Is Caught in the Grip of an Outbreak of Randal's Imagination and Patrick Swayze Either Does or Doesn't Work in the New Pet Store" December 14. primarily in clips from the same and previous episode. According to the DVD commentary. 2002 December 14. digital freeview channel ITV4 in the UK. New Jersey.. but cut from. The DVD commentary features cast and crew who frequently cite their disagreements with the network over the show's development. which includes Jay and Silent Bob. Despite the loud amount of noise Dante and Randal never actually notice what's going on. Starting November 14.Clerks: The Animated Series episode is the 'flashback' episode. 2002 Dante and Randal work inside the Quick Stop discussing various things. these were some ideas that were being considered for episodes of the show if it were to continue: . nearly costing Randal and Dante their jobs. Randal is put into slave labor after beating the high score on an old video game. began broadcasting episodes late on Monday nights. 2004. Smith said the intent was to make the quick cancellation of the series a running gag. as well as its cancellation. 2002 Quick Stop is put under government control after Leonardo is said to have been infected with a deadly virus by a monkey at the new pet store next to RST Video. 2002 Billionaire Leonardo Leonardo returns to Leonardo. 6 "The Last Episode Ever" December 14. marking one of the first occasions in which a short-lived TV series found success in this format. Meanwhile. Let Alone Know Anything About the Law. On his DVD commentary for the film. 156 Episodes # 1 Title "Leonardo Leonardo Returns and Dante Has an Important Decision to Make" Original airdate December 14. 5 "Dante and Randal and Jay and Silent Bob and a Bunch of New Characters and Lando Take Part in a Whole Bunch of Movie Parodies. Adult Swim US began airing the series on Friday nights. the fictional RST Video rental that spoofed Schindler's List. 2 "The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments in Their Lives" June 7. There. 4 "A Dissertation on the American Justice System by People Who Have Never Been Inside a Courtroom. The entire series was eventually aired on Comedy Central on May 14." Leonardo Leonardo decides to let Dante manage his Little League team. Meanwhile outside Leonardo Leonardo attempts to take over the world with a private army prompting the U.[2] Several scenes filmed for. View Askew Productions in association with Touchstone Television. but Have Seen Way Too Many Legal Thrillers" May 31. Clerks: The Animated Series was produced by Miramax.S.

This plot element was most likely not intended to actually be part of series as it was described by Kevin Smith after mentioning that Paul Dini. comparing it to Firefly due to the few number of episodes. Silent Bob is given a piece of gum and says. Plug Giggling Girl # 1 Giggling Girl # 2 Walter Flanagan Fanboy Bryan Johnson Steve-Dave Pulasti Reception Clerks: The Animated Series was named the 98th best animated series by IGN. named Robin. He turns the store around and it becomes a great success. The rights to the Clerks television show are still owned by the Disney Corporation. • Randal buys KITT from Knight Rider at a used car lot. Juicy Fruit. • Allegedly in seventh or eighth episode. "Mmm. would probably not have been featured prominently. who as a result are reluctant to work with The Weinstein Company. The car becomes jealous of Randal's relationship with Dante and attempts to kill Dante and impersonate him at the store (a reference to Single White Female). so Randal and Dante bring Bob in to work at the Quick Stop. a reference to the production of the original film. They specifically praised the second episode for its parody of the old television staple of clip shows. though like Lando. when Harvey and Bob Weinstein left Miramax.[3] Clerks: Sell Out For several years following the series' cancellation. The episode premise was also described as "the Aladdin parody. best known for his work on Batman The Animated Series. by showing clips of the previous episode as well as clips from the episode itself. throwing the future of Clerks: Sell Out into question. had also worked on Clerks: The Animated Series." . Smith has announced plans to make a straight-to-DVD film. the status on the project is unknown. Apparently. in a direct reference/parody of Batman's own "boy wonder". Dante and Randal would have added to their cast of friends a boy ward.Clerks: The Animated Series • Randal exploits Jay by making "snoogans" a catch phrase. He manages to trick everyone except Dante (and likely Silent Bob) with his thin disguise. • Jay joins a boy band. Silent Bob is sad that Jay is gone. the split was not completely amicable. In a recent interview Kevin Smith expanded on the delays surrounding the film. As of September 2009. The basic plot involved Dante and Randal making a movie about their lives at the Quick Stop. leading to Jay becoming a recording artist." 157 Characters Name Character(s) Brian O'Halloran Dante Hicks Jeff Anderson Jason Mewes Kevin Smith Alec Baldwin Dan Ethridge Tara Strong Randall Graves Jay Silent Bob Leonardo Leonardo Mr." which shocks Dante and Randal asking him. owned by Disney.[4] At the 2007 Cornell Q/A Kevin said due to the Miramax/Weinstein argument "you will see a Jay and Silent Bob cartoon before Clerks: Sell Out. "You can talk!?" (a reference to the Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest). • The DVD commentary briefly mentioned an episode idea where Ben Affleck would play the King of Canada.

com . adultswim. mtv. com/ schedule/ ) [3] "98. Retrieved 2009-01-23.com/show/15/summary.com/title/tt0210413/) at the Internet Movie Database • Clerks: The Animated Series (http://www. 2007 External links • Test footage for Clerks: Sell Out. html). viewaskew.htm) • Clerks: The Animated Series (http://www. December 3.Kevin Smith Hopes To Make Jay And Silent Bob Animated Film (http:/ / moviesblog. Clerks: The Animated Series" (http:/ / tv. com/ news/ jun00/ 1.bippiboy. [4] MTV Movies Blog . IGN. html) [2] [adult swim] : Schedule (http:/ / www.imdb. .viewaskew. com/ 2007/ 12/ 03/ kevin-smith-hopes-to-make-jay-and-silent-bob-animated-film/ ) by Shawn Adler.com/tracer/tracer.Clerks: The Animated Series 158 References [1] The View Askewniverse .com/ clerkstest/clerks. a rumored feature film of the animated series (http://www.tv.html) • Unofficial Animated Clerk Timeline (http://www.Cancelled (http:/ / www.News .Clerks . 2009-01-23.html) at TV. ign. com/ top-100-animated-tv-series/ 98.

Massachusetts. Macy Sarah Jessica Parker David Paymer Rebecca Pidgeon Julia Stiles Theodore Shapiro Music by Cinematography Oliver Stapleton Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Barbara Tulliver Fine Line Features 2000 105 min. The actual film was shot in Manchester-by-the-Sea.State and Main 159 State and Main State and Main Promotional poster for State and Main. Massachusetts. Dedham. . about the on-location production in Waterford. Massachusetts. and Waltham. written and directed by David Mamet and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rebecca Pidgeon. English State and Main is a 2000 comedy film. Vermont of a film called The Old Mill. Directed by Produced by Written by Starring David Mamet Sarah Green David Mamet Alec Baldwin Charles Durning Clark Gregg Philip Seymour Hoffman Patti LuPone William H.

Bob Barrenger (Alec Baldwin). a film crew relocates to the small town of Waterford. a crafty local teen. dallies with Carla (Julia Stiles). while a foreign cinematographer offends the locals by messing with a historic firehouse." As its title suggests. Macy) • National Board of Review • Won: Best Acting by an Ensemble • Online Film Critics Society • Won: Best Ensemble Cast Performance (tied with Almost Famous) • Nominated: Best Screenplay (David Mamet) • Satellite Awards • Nominated: Best Motion Picture .Comedy (Avy Kaufman) • Chicago Film Critics Association • Nominated: Best Screenplay (David Mamet) • Chlotrudis Awards • Nominated: Best Original Screenplay (David Mamet) • Nominated: Best Cast • Florida Film Critics Circle • Won: Best Ensemble Cast • Won: Best Screenplay (David Mamet) • Ft. The film's leading lady (Sarah Jessica Parker) refuses to do her contracted nude scene unless she's paid an additional $800. to finish shooting "The Old Mill. Macy).Comedy or Musical • Nominated: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role . Unfortunately.Original (David Mamet) . places his faith in the ability of first-time screenwriter Joseph Turner White (Philip Seymour Hoffman) to alter the script. and the leading man. it becomes apparent that the mill in fact burned down decades ago. Unfazed. something the town is reported to possess. Walt Price (William H. After the leading man's penchant for teenage girls gets them banished from their New Hampshire location. VT. Meanwhile a powerful movie producer (David Paymer) comes to town to help Price with the ensuing mess. Awards and nominations • Casting Society of America • Won: Artios – Best Casting for Feature Film .Comedy or Musical (Rebecca Pidgeon) • Nominated: Best Screenplay .State and Main 160 Synopsis State and Main centers on the havoc wrought on the inhabitants of a small town by a troubled film production. with only days before principal photography begins. which leads White (the only witness) to another emotional quandary and into the arms of local bookseller Annie Black (Rebecca Pidgeon). the film's director.000. what he doesn't count on is White's apparently bottomless reserve of angst-fueled writer's block. Lauderdale International Film Festival • Won: Jury Award – Best Film (David Mamet) • Won: Best Supporting Male (William H. Everything comes to a head after Barrenger and Carla are injured in a car accident. the film depends on the presence of a genuine mill.

Fake Judge Timothy Jernigan-Smith .Jack Julia Stiles .Electrician Jack Wallace .Uberto Pazzi-Sforzo Linda Kimbrough .Maude Christopher Kaldor .Decorator Brian Howe .Tommy Max Alec Baldwin .Courtney Philip Seymour Hoffman .Chuckie Charlotte Potok .Salesman with Rubber Duck Matthew Pidgeon .Mayor George Bailey Tony V . Hovanesian) Jerry Graff .Water Delivery Man Tony Mamet .Production Assistant .Carla Matt Malloy .Bellhop Michael James O'Boyle .Girl on Scooter Emma Norman .Walt Price Lionel Mark Smith .Bob Barrenger Lana Bilzerian .Television Director Ken Cheeseman .G. Friedman) Kolbie McCabe .Doc Wilson Michael Bradshaw . Macy .Bailiff (as Daniel G.Secretary David Paymer .Bill Smith Vincent Guastaferro .Ann Ricky Jay .Sherry Bailey Dick Friedman .Doc Morten William H.Joseph Turner White Jim Frangione .Officer Cal Thompkin Frederic Levy .Real Judge Alexandra Kerry .Doug Mackenzie Rebecca Pidgeon .Bunky Allen Soule .Claire Wellesley Laura Silverman .Postman (as Richard L.Stationmaster Patti LuPone .Billy on Bike Paul Butler .B. Johnston .Girl PA Sarah Jessica Parker .Hotel Clerk Charles Durning .State and Main 161 Full cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Michael Higgins .Fisherwoman Dee Nelson .B.Town Priest Morris Lamore .Bartender Robert Walsh . Roy Levin .Spud Clark Gregg .Gun Store Owner (as Rick Levy) J.Trooper #1 G. TV Reporter Danny Hovanesian .Marty Rossen Josh Marchette .Trooper #2 Jordan Lage .J.

Howie Gold John Krasinski .Reporter (uncredited) Molly Levine .Production Assistant (uncredited) Kate Super . oldmillmovie. com/ title/ tt0120202/ [2] http:/ / www. imdb.Caddy / Judge's assistant(uncredited) Alan Francis .State and Main • • • • • • • • • Jonathan Katz .Airport Van Driver (uncredited) Todd Poudrier .Production Assistant (uncredited) 162 External links • State and Main [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Bazoomer.Vermont State Trooper (uncredited) Cindy Lentol .Vermont State Trooper (uncredited) Darrell Geer . com/ [3] http:/ / www. com .Girl pictured in Magazine (uncredited) Kevin Foster McCarthy . bazoomer.com. Website of the company who paid to have their product placed in the movie The Old Mill [2] • 'Official' website of the movie The Old Mill [3] References [1] http:/ / www.

O.Thomas and the Magic Railroad 163 Thomas and the Magic Railroad Thomas and the Magic Railroad Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Narrated by Starring Britt Allcroft Britt Allcroft Phil Fehrle Britt Allcroft Alec Baldwin as Mr. 2000 (USA) 82 minutes (theatrical cut) 110 minutes (director's cut) English Release date(s) Running time Language . Conductor Alec Baldwin Peter Fonda Mara Wilson Cody McMains Eddie Glen Neil Crone Michael E. Toon/Live Action July 14. 2000 (UK) July 26.E. Rodgers Didi Conn Russell Means Hummie Mann Mike O'Donnell Junior Campbell Benjamin Angus Wright Music by Cinematography Paul Ryan Editing by Distributed by Ron Wisman Destination Films (USA) Gullane Pictures The Britt Allcroft Company Isle of Man Icon Productions (UK) C.R.

" AP. stating he has unfinished business on Sodor and he wants to finish it quickly. and Lily goes to her grandpa's house. For the first time in years. Thomas is assigned to take Lily back. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) in charge. Mr. The mysterious gold dust that allows him to magically transport from place to place is running out. This is largely because Mr Conductor's sparkle is running out and he is too weak to stop him.Thomas and the Magic Railroad Budget Gross revenue Followed by $19 million $19. and explains his problem getting the engine to steam. Toby the Tram Engine follows him and hears him telling Splatter and Dodge (Which he calls them "Splodge"). "Delight for young moviegoers. Thomas (Eddie Glen) and Gordon encounter an evil diesel locomotive. Conductor has problems of his own. Even when the film was not a success. who takes her to Sodor and introduces her to the talking engines who live there. so far without success. In 2007. This proves to be exactly what was needed.) and was well liked by the young audience for whom it was created. normally in charge of the railways on Sodor." Garnett News Service. Diesel 10 overhears them. is on holiday and has left Mr. Burnett's granddaughter Lily (Mara Wilson) comes to visit him. Diesel 10 says "It's the old teapot! Smash him!" and then accidentally fractures the foundation of the shed they are sheltering under and it collapses on them while Toby runs off. having discovered the start of the long-abandoned Magic Railroad by an old grotto. and the engine comes to life. As the Magic Railroad is reborn. Diesel 10 (Neil Crone). The engine crashed after an earlier encounter with Diesel 10. Suddenly. Lily and Burnett take Lady along the Magic Railroad. It was released first in the UK where critics were unfamiliar with the characters from Shining Time Station and accused Thomas of being "Americanized". near Shining Time Station. and ever since then he has been trying to repair her. Junior. he is the guardian of the lost engine whose name is Lady. Lily suggests using Island of Sodor coal from the truck Thomas brought. Thomas and Gordon are shocked. It received slightly better reviews in the US ("An enchanting ride. This film production company was Gullane Entertainment with funding from Icon Film Distribution (UK). she meets C. Destination Films. which regenerates beneath her wheels. his diesel locomotive henchtrains. Meanwhile. where he shows her Lady. Later. He finds a truck of special Island of Sodor coal and takes it with him. Unknown to everyone. but nobody knows where she is. Lady's . The lost engine is able to travel between Sodor and Muffle Mountain via the Magic Railroad. they began making sequels. Lily reunites with Burnett at his workshop. the lost engine. Thomas falls off the mountain and rolls all the way to the bottom where he re-enters the Magic Railroad through another portal there. Toby suddenly rings his bell and Diesel 10. Isle of Man and The Britt Allcroft Company.009 Calling All Engines 164 Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a 2000 British and American film based on the well-known TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and the US TV series Shining Time Station. James and Gordon) continued narrating. An old man named Burnett Stone (Peter Fonda) lives on Muffle Mountain. leaving Thomas stranded on the mountain. Plot Sir Topham Hatt. and without it there will be no way for anyone to travel to Sodor. During her stay. including Thomas the Tank Engine. Burnett smiles. that he will find the buffers and destroy the steam locomotives by destroying the Golden Engine. nevertheless and Michael Angelis (the original voice of Percy. He arrives on the side of Muffle Mountain.748. Mr. Splatter and Dodge hear it. During this point. Percy and Thomas find out that there is a secret railway and there are magic buffers that lead to it. However. it was revealed that the released film was drastically cut down against Allcroft's wishes from the original script written and shot by her. Conductor's cousin.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad face appeared. The team reunites with Thomas and find their way back to Sodor. and keeps a close eye on the Isle of Sodor. They use the water from a wishing well and shavings from the rails of the Magic Railroad to make more gold dust. She crashed after Diesel 10 chased her down. Conductor's cousin. An engine who runs a branch line on the Island of Sodor. Conductor and Junior. she died before Burnett could fix the engine. When Diesel 10 starts causing trouble on the railway. Conductor. which collapses beneath him. He was narrating the series at the time. • Mara Wilson as Lily: Another tritagonist Burnett Stone's granddaughter. (Originally the secondary antagonist). A character originating from Shining Time Station. She finds herself on the train for Shining Time by mistake. Junior answers his cousin's call for help on the Island of Sodor. The two grow disdain for him by the end of the movie. Thomas. • Kevin Frank and Neil Crone as Splatter and Dodge (voice): Diesel's bungling henchmen. and Burnett hasn't been able to make Lady run since. Burnett and Lily meet Mr. He is foiled by a damaged viaduct. While he'd rather relax at the beach. He lives inside the signal box on Shining Time's mural. • Michael E. • Peter Fonda as Burnett Stone: The tritagonist. • Mutt: A smart dog living at Shining Time. While traveling to visit Burnett in the Indian Valley. 165 Cast • Alec Baldwin as Mr. Supporting cast from Thomas and Friends • • • • • • • • • • • • Linda Ballantyne voiced Percy the Small Engine Kevin Frank voiced Henry the Green Engine. Conductor. but was supposed to have a bigger role) George the Steamroller (Deleted from script) . and refuse to help him catch Thomas and Lady. Thomas is determined to help Mr. Conductor and Lily save the lost engine from him. over the telephone and shown on a poster) instructs Mr. Lady. Rodgers as C. commenting that Burnett had never given up on Magic. where Diesel 10 finds them and gives chase. Junior: Mr. Bertie the Bus and Harold the Helicopter Neil Crone voiced Gordon the Big Engine Susan Roman voiced James the Red Engine Colm Feore voiced Toby the Tram Engine Shelly-Elizabeth Skinner voiced Annie and Clarabel Offscreen. Conductor: The deuteragonist. Troublesome Trucks (Do not speak) Henrietta the coach (Cameo) Butch Breakdown (Cameo) Cranky the crane (Cameo. • Neil Crone as Diesel 10 (voice): The main antagonist. They do not appear in the TV series because their models were repainted into Arry and Bert for Series 6. and brings Lily to Shining Time to help. • Britt Allcroft as Lady (voice): A magical lost engine who generates the energy that keeps the railway and steam engines alive. A scheming diesel who has returned to Sodor to destroy the lost engine and get rid of steam engines once and for all. Although he promised his wife Tasha she could ride with him in Lady one day. Lady. and the Island of Sodor is saved. This leads Lily to learn about the lost engine and the connection between the Island of Sodor and her grandfather. He senses trouble is coming for Mr. Sir Topham Hatt audibly (but unintelligibly. • Edward Glen as Thomas the Tank Engine (voice): The primary protagonist. The caretaker of the lost engine. whom he collectively calls "Splodge" to save time.

but was ultimately cut after American test audiences complained of his Liverpudlian accent making Thomas sound too old. and Diesel 10 was rewritten as the main villain of the film. The model sequences were filmed in Toronto. their names still appear in the credits. He was jealous of the relationship that Burnett had with Tasha. several of the show's key staff were flown over to participate. Pennsylvania (U. In a statement following the decision in April 2000. • Michael Angelis as James. Because of PT Boomer's absence from the final film. Boomer: An unfriendly motorcyclist who was the original main antagonist. Sodor was realised using models and chroma key. however. • Patrick Breen as (rumoured) Splatter and Dodge." He did receive a credit in the movie as the Isle of Man unit transportation co-ordinator. • John Bellis as Thomas: The original voice of Thomas. Canada instead of Shepperton Studios. Castletown railway station on the Isle of Man Railway formed part of Shining Time Station and the goods shed at Port St Mary railway station became Burnett Stone's workshop. played by Doug Lennox. he still appears in the movie during some shots.T. The SRR was used for shots of the full-sized Indian Valley railroad. He does not believe in magic and returns to Shining Time hoping to find and destroy Lady. The character was cut due to being too frightening for the younger audience. A fireman and part-time taxi driver on the Isle of Man. • Keith Scott as Diesel 10. the "home" of the original TV show. 'PT Boomer'. The models were animated using live action remote control. as well as in Ontario and on the Isle of Man. Oddly enough. Rewrites A major character. The man is exactly how Thomas would sound!". was cut due to supposedly sounding too frightening for younger audience. after hearing him utter a few words. but wished the film-makers well. Production Filming The movie was filmed at the Strasburg Rail Road (SRR) in Strasburg.Thomas and the Magic Railroad • Lady Hatt (Mentioned and shown in a picture) 166 Supporting cast from Shining Time Station • Didi Conn as Stacy Jones • Russell Means (previously Tom Jackson) as Billy Twofeathers Cut cast • Doug Lennox as P. was deemed too frightening for the younger audience and therefore was entirely cut out of the film before its release. that trailers for the film actually still featured him (such as a clip from the trailer in which he appears falling off the viaduct alongside Diesel 10). This change was so close to the release. shown lying on the roof of . • Jared Wall as Young Burnett • Laura Bower as Young Tasha Oddly Enough. Bellis said he was "gutted". The Magic Railroad was created using models and CGI and water color painting.). "But it hasn't put me off and I am hoping something else will come [1] along. was cut for unknown reasons." he said. She offered Bellis the part and he accepted it. Percy and (rumored) Gordon. Norfolk & Western 4-8-0 475 was the Indian Valley Engine. According to Allcroft. "I have just heard the voice of Thomas. as on the television series. "It was supposed to be my big break. the plot elements that had been driven by him went unexplained.S. she told her colleagues. Bellis received the role when he happened to pick up Britt Allcroft and her crew in his taxicab. was cut due to supposedly sounding too old. Even though the scene where Young Burnett and Tasha was cut from the movie.

' Prior to filming. as such. The Sodor Island forums has started a campaign to release the Directors Cut. The model for Cranky remained.[3] The same trailers also depicted Diesel 10 with an upper class English accent rather than the American one he had in the release. George never was on set. While the original audio level was toned down considerably as so the original soundtrack would not conflict with the overture from Dark City that played throughout the duration of the video. Tinkler is not seen in any of the scenes. there is a shot of a modeller above Knapford. claiming that he made James and Percy sound too old. among other things. but Cranky was briefly on set. was because the test audiences feared it would frighten the youngest of audience members. If you look closely. during a test screening in Los Angeles. in order to do so the rights to the movie must be approved for viewing and marketing by HiT Entertainment and Destination Films.Thomas and the Magic Railroad Diesel 10 as well as a lost motorcyclist being given directions by Burnett (The original scene being dubbed over by Nelson Ferreira from the original confrontation scenes). it was their idea to have Diesel 10 refer to his claw as 'Pinchy. It has also been revealed that Michael Angelis. . Cranky can be seen. the narrator for the UK version of the TV Series since 1991. Bellis was dropped from his role and was replaced by Edward Glen. the finding sparked renewed interest in the Director's Cut project. However. It was revealed that the original voice of Diesel 10 was Australian voice actor Keith Scott. Crone had to record his lines all again. he stated that he did a voice for Diesel 10 with a Russian accent and that Britt had heard it and liked it. Angelis also suffered at the hands of the American test audiences. Because of the cuts. that voice suffered at the hands of the test audience too. would have been the voice for James and Percy (and possibly other characters too). many key scenes that gave Britt Allcroft's original story substance and were filmed with Peter Fonda as Burnett Stone and Russell Means as Billy Twofeathers plus Cody McMains as Patch. According to an E-mail reply from Neil Crone by the Sodor Island Forums. claiming that he made Thomas sound too old. At Allcroft's behest.[2] Boomer also appears in Thomas and the Magic Railroad coloring books by Random House. it had been revealed that Thomas' voice would be provided by an Isle of Man taxi driver named John Bellis (who also worked as a fireman on the Isle of Man Steam Railway). as they believed it could cause offence. but it was just a generic crane and not the character fans knew. like Bellis.T. seen exchanging words with Burnett and setting the explosion off that sent Thomas off the mountain. Subsequently. However. The credits for the film says that an older Patch (who would have appeared in the original script as Lily's husband years later) is played by Robert Tinkler. Eventually. were not in the released version because of the references to P. Boomer. 167 Workprint In February 2009. The reason for this change is that there was a different actor playing Diesel 10 in the trailer (an English one instead of an American one) or that that was the voice of PT Boomer. The reason Keith Scott was removed. In a picture from SiF. Crone and his comedy partner Kevin Frank did a dialogue polish on the engine scenes to add more comedy. However. The movie scenes with these cuts were either cut or altered. a YouTube user uploaded the original chase scene with PT Boomer as what had been a dubbing project for the user's film class. thus revealing it was NOT the voice of PT Boomer. James and Percy were voiced by Susan Roman and Linda Ballantyne. it is possible that elements from the early script drafts were filmed. However. It has been revealed that Cranky the Crane and George the Steamroller were originally in the film with roles but they never appeared in the finished film. the test audiences disliked Bellis' voice for Thomas due to his Liverpudlian tones. who gave Thomas a more youthful voice.

sodor-island.com/film/3396/ thomas-and-the-magic-railroad/index.Frazier Moore. html) Magic Railroad . who wrote 'Summer Sunday' used in the film (http://www. net/ themagicrailroadminisite/ mrrevealed. net/ themagicrailroadminisite/ magicrailroadrediscovered. co. External links • Thomas and the Magic Railroad (http://www.com/title/tt0205461/) at the Internet Movie Database • Thomas and the Magic Railroad (http://www. ISSN 0033-8923. for the purpose. (http:/ / www.com: Thomas and the Magic Railroad (http://www. ed (September 2000).cinema.com/m/thomas_and_the_magic_railroad/) at Rotten Tomatoes.cjonline. composetopicture.[4] Awards The released film received two award nominations by YoungStar Awards and Young Artist Awards. "Headline News: 'Hogwarts Express' shunts 'Thomas' into a siding".net/themagicrailroadminisite/) • The official website for Composer Ben Wright. AP (http://www. • Cinema. a steam locomotive. for which a special train named Hogwarts Express was run on 8–11 July. bbc. html) Pigott. stm Magic Railroad .rottentomatoes. The Railway Magazine (London: IPC Magazines) 146 (1193): 15.Revealed.imdb.Rediscovered.phtml) • Britt Allcroft Engineers Magic .com/showcase/) . shtml) • Sodor Island's Magic Railroad Mini-Site (http://www. was brought to the cinema by low loader on 9 July 2000.com/stories/072800/wee_allcroft. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 396351. because many journalists were concentrating on the launch of the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. no. National press coverage was low. Nick. 47298 painted to resemble Thomas. References [1] [2] [3] [4] http:/ / news. sodor-island.Thomas and the Magic Railroad 168 Reception The film was premièred at the Odeon Leicester Square.sodor-island. (http:/ / www.

The film also features Alec Baldwin.S. and Benjamin Bratt. Jerry Orbach. English The Acting Class is a 2000 American independent film directed by and starring Jill Hennessy and Elizabeth Holder. The film's supporting cast includes many of Hennessy's former Law & Order castmates.The Acting Class 169 The Acting Class The Acting Class Directed by Written by Starring Jill Hennessy Elizabeth Holder Jill Hennessy Jody Booth Jill Hennessy Elizabeth Holder Ken Murton Jacqueline Hennessy Will Arnett Release date(s) 2000 Country Language U.A.imdb. References External links • The Acting Class (http://www. including Chris Noth.com/title/tt0244951/) at the Internet Movie Database .

522 Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue .302.Outside Providence (film) 170 Outside Providence (film) Outside Providence Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Michael Corrente Michael Corrente Bobby Farrelly Peter Farrelly Bob Weinstein Harvey Weinstein Screenplay: Peter Farrelly Michael Corrente Bobby Farrelly Novel: Peter Farrelly Shawn Hatosy Amy Smart Alec Baldwin Sheldon Mirowitz Richard Crudo Kate Sanford Miramax Films September 1. 1999 96 minutes United States English $7 million $7.

This is the second part of an earlier incident when Dunph's room. While they are exchanging pleasantries. the film is a fictionalized account of Farrelly's own experiences at Kent School. a middle eastern exchange student with "the best reefer on campus". Dunph and his friends get into a car (with him at the wheel) and drive off. Funderburk calls Dunph outside. Jizz and Wheeler are in Dunph's room smoking marijuana with a bottle of alcohol present. one of Pat's poker-playing friends. Dunph rear-ends the back of a marked police car. Funderburk orders Jane out of the room just as Wheeler shows up. which a sexually promiscuous classmate known as Bunny Cote is known to frequent. and Pat picks it up asking what it is. and if Funderburk reports everyone but Billy. with its occupant inside. who insists that they all come inside and greet his poker-playing friends. is raided by Funderburk. it quickly catches up with him. Eventually. Unable to see where he is going. Though Dunph makes a sincere effort to stay out of trouble. The incident bringing Dunph's and Jane's relationship to a stop occurs when Dunph. Connecticut. a preppy blonde student who comes from an obviously privileged life. The pair eventually develop their relationship from friendship to romance. Like the book. innocently saying he was checking to see if anyone was studying.Outside Providence (film) Outside Providence is a 1999 American film adaptation of Peter Farrelly's 1988 novel of the same name. to smuggle it out of the house. but the relationship is brought to a screeching halt one day. and manages to negotiate a plea to keep Dunph out of reform school. but choose not to inform on Dunph and his friends. introduces Dunph to Billy Fu. but meant for Dunph's eyes. Drugs Delaney (Jon Abrahams). Dunph and his friends head back to his house to pick up his bong. . shared by a boy named Irving (nicknamed Jizz by his classmates due to a masturbation-related prank). Pat's friend. Dunph will in turn. has influence with a local judge. Joey (George Wendt). in 1974. Dunph must finish his senior year and graduate from Cornwall. The trio fashions a bong out of a 55-gallon drum hidden in a large bush. because his father promises to donate a large amount of money to the school. suggests going out to a local bar called "The Edge. lets them leave. or spend a year in jail. Funderburk bursts into the room. and Dean Bill Mort.. his rigid dorm master. Wheeler excuses himself to make a phone call.". Billy Fu. Wheeler's room is also raided. Pat's friends all know what the device is. Dunph also manages to make friends with Jane Weston (Amy Smart). Accepting the idea. report Billy. a Connecticut boys' boarding school with a segregated all-girls' school nearby under the same name. Kaveech."a music horn". The bong falls on the floor. the coolest girl in school". asks Dunph to demonstrate his playing abilities. Dunph stops Funderburk in mid-sentence. revealing Dunph's hatred of the school and of Funderburk. and Pat. who routinely assigns "work hours" to students who misbehave. Dunph accumulates more work hours than he has class days. who receives a letter simply addressed to the school.. Jackie tries to fool him by saying it is a horn. having heard enough. mainly to smoke marijuana at the water tower overlooking town. Dunph later learns that Billy Fu routinely misses classes and gets away with it. The letter is from Drugs Delaney. is a high school senior living in Pawtucket. 171 Plot Timothy "Dildo/Dunph" Dunphy (Shawn Hatosy). but blows air. telling him to "shut the fuck up". Funderburk orders him out as well. a prep school in Kent. Rhode Island. He is shipped off to Cornwall Academy. Dunph tries to get his wheelchair-using younger brother. with a big cloud of marijuana smoke fogging up the passenger compartment. His friend. and smokes about half a bag of marijuana. Jackie (Tommy Bone). whom Wheeler calls "hands down. but they are slowed down by Dunph's father Pat (Alec Baldwin). on condition that Billy graduates. As a condition of parole. Jane. He hangs out with a group of friends. catching everyone in the act of getting high and drunk. Moments later. It does not take long for Dunphy to incur the wrath of Mr Funderburk (Timothy Crowe). In the midst of a morality lecture on how he intends to turn everyone in as an incentive for them not to repeat such an incident in the future. Jackie shows up with the bong wrapped in Dunph's jacket. After "The Edge". The first incident is when Jack Wheeler (Gabriel Mann). Dunph tries. Dunph reveals his knowledge of the deal with Billy Fu's father.

who wastes no time in rebuking both Dunph and Jane. "Your life's gonna suck anyway. Dunph responds by punching Funderburk. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shawn Hatosy as Timothy "Dildo/Dunph" Dunphy Amy Smart as Jane Weston Alec Baldwin as Old Man Dunphy Jon Abrahams as Drugs Delaney Jonathan Brandis as Mousy Adam LaVorgna as Tommy the Wire Jesse Leach as Decenz Gabriel Mann as Jack Wheeler Jack Ferver as Irving "Jizz" Waltham Richard Jenkins as Barney Mike Cerrone as Cavwich George Wendt as Joey Eric Brown as English teacher . which has Dunph leaving the graduation ceremonies. which annoys Funderburk.. with his father and Jackie coming to school to pick him up.. Dunph eventually puts everything together and learns why: Funderburk gave him an even worse deal than they had worked out by having had Jane expelled from the school. Knowing that Wheeler was caught with marijuana during the first raid.where people sleep over and shit.Outside Providence (film) Funderburk counters by producing the marijuana he confiscated in the earlier raid. Funderburk accepts. Dunph concludes that Wheeler made his own deal with Funderburk to inform on everyone and have Jane expelled. whom Dunph shares a passionate kiss with." Dunph says to a visibly defeated and weak Wheeler. The movie ends with Dunph graduating and even publicly defying Funderburk by refusing to shake his hand as customary at graduation." 172 Alternate ending An alternate ending is found on the DVD. When the boys are called to the Dean's office. He convinces the Dean of Jane's innocence. where he tells the Dean that he was the one responsible for Jane's expulsion from Cornwall. Also showing up is Jane. he will let himself be expelled if everyone else gets work hours. which the Dean uses to influence the review board to overturn their decision to revoke Jane's admission. meeting Jackie and Clopsy. and that she was innocent of any wrongdoing. Dunph later makes his way into the Dean's office at Brown University. and Dunph threatens to throw Wheeler off the roof. knocking him to the sidewalk. Dunph also reveals his intention to transfer to a "senior college. Funderburk's actions also reversed her acceptance to Brown University the following year. Wheeler denies it. Not long after. Dunph offers Funderburk a deal. their three-legged dog. where they are smoking marijuana one evening and Dunph reveals his knowledge of the situation. Dunph is given an acceptance letter from Rhode Island Junior College by his father. Dunph learns that Wheeler is accepted into Yale University by a letter of recommendation from Funderburk. they are surprised to learn that the only punishment was probation and work hours.

who played Decenz. External links • Outside Providence [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Outside Providence [2] at Allmovie [3] • Outside Providence at Rotten Tomatoes References [1] http:/ / www.Outside Providence (film) 173 Trivia • • • • • The exterior prep school scenes were filmed at the University of Rhode Island The interior prep school scenes were filmed in the Cranston Street Armory in the west end of Providence The Brother Adelard Ice Hockey Arena at Mount Saint Charles Academy was used for a brief scene. barely breaking even.3 million within a month after the film's release. Reception The film was budgeted an estimated $7 million. com/ work/ 180774 [3] http:/ / www. com/ m/ outside_providence/ . Jesse Leach. rottentomatoes. imdb. A special premiere was held in Warwick. He is the nephew of director Michael Corrente. a few weeks before the film's release. with revenues of $7. Rhode Island. allmovie. com/ title/ tt0125971/ [2] http:/ / www. was the vocalist for the band Killswitch Engage at the time.

including a British Comedy . and was nominated in two other categories. The screenplay was by Richard Curtis. and became the highest grossing British film released.678 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Notting Hill is a 1999 British romantic comedy film set in Notting Hill. released on May 21. Julia Roberts. Emma Chambers. The film was well received by critics. Gina McKee and Hugh Bonneville.Notting Hill (film) 174 Notting Hill (film) Notting Hill Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Roger Michell Duncan Kenworthy Richard Curtis Julia Roberts Hugh Grant Trevor Jones Cinematography Michael Coulter Editing by Studio Nick Moore PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Working Title Films Universal Pictures May 21. Rhys Ifans. Notting Hill won other awards. 1999. who had written Four Weddings and a Funeral. 1999 124 minutes United Kingdom English $42 million $363.889. The film stars Hugh Grant. London. Tim McInnerny. It was produced by Duncan Kenworthy and directed by Roger Michell. The film won a BAFTA.

The pair later collide in the street. They reach Anna's press conference and Will persuades her to stay in England with him. He shares his house with a Welsh eccentric named Spike (Rhys Ifans). He listens to the sound recording while Anna is between scenes and overhears her telling her co-star that Will is "just some guy". One year later. There. Images of her that look like a porn film have been leaked to the press and she needs to hide. Will's friends make him realize he has made the biggest mistake of his life. Anna and Will marry. In panic he claims he works for Horse & Hound. He offers his house across the road for Anna to change. Will approaches the set of the film. only to find her American boyfriend. Jeff King (an uncredited cameo by Alec Baldwin). causing Will to spill his orange juice on both of them. and Anna invites him in to watch. but Will. Anna invites Will to her room. that she saw a print of in Will's home. Will is stunned to see reporters at the doorstep. Anna goes to Will's house hoping to stay after she and King break up. hoping to repair their relationship. the film concluding with a shot of Will and a pregnant Anna on a park bench in Notting Hill. . birthday party. Spike has trouble writing or remembering messages but does recall "Some American girl called Anna". The next day. and Will. pretending to be a waiter. Will leaves. 175 Plot William "Will" Thacker (Hugh Grant) owns an independent bookshop in Notting Hill that specialises in travel writing. Days later. racing across London in Max's car. at Max (Tim McInnerny) and Bella's (Gina McKee) house. already there. Will asks Spike if he has any messages. The pair sleep together for the first time. La Mariée. In the morning.Notting Hill (film) Award and a Brit Award for the soundtrack. Anna feels at home with Will's friends. He and friends search for Anna. Angry at what she views as his betrayal. Thacker encounters Hollywood actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) when she enters his shop to buy a book. putting up a good case for the "last brownie" to be awarded to the most pathetic of them. Anna comes to the bookshop again. He has to interview all the cast of Anna's film. and asks Will to visit. Afterwards they trespass in a London square. still hurt. Anna apologizes while King is out of the room. Much of the filming took place on Portobello Road. She gives him an original Marc Chagall painting. she leaves and Will decides to forget her. They go on more dates. under the name "Flintstone". even though he has not seen the film. He has been coping with divorce after his wife left him for a man who looked exactly like Harrison Ford. She accepts and. which Will had suggested. turns her down. careless talk by Spike at the pub having alerted them. Disappointed. Helix. Honey (Emma Chambers). Anna's room has become the centre for a press day and William is mistaken for a journalist. Anna returns to London to make a Henry James film. realizes he must leave. Anna is at the Ritz. Afterwards. to the cinema and to a restaurant. having changed. Will subsequently invites Anna to his sister's. surprises Will with a kiss and starts their mutual attraction.

They were the jigsaw that had to be put together all in one go. The casting of Bonneville. Her agent told her it was "the best romantic comedy she had ever read".[3] • Sanjeev Bhaskar has a cameo role as a loud and offensive film critic (who refers to Meg Ryan as the actress who has an orgasm every time she's taken out for a cup of coffee) in the restaurant Anna and Will attend.[2] • Hugh Grant as William "Will" Thacker: Recently divorced owner of a travel book shop in Notting Hill. He does not recognize Anna Scott upon meeting her and accidentally asks her how much money she made on her last film. She meets Will when she comes into his book shop in Notting Hill." Other characters • Richard McCabe as Tony: A failing restaurateur. • Gina McKee as Bella: A paraplegic lawyer and Will's ex-girlfriend. He and Bella host Honey's birthday party. He is described by Will as "the stupidest person in the world. McInnerny. She is described by Will as one of the two women that he has ever loved. you have to cast a balance of qualities. and that Grant is "one of the only actors who can speak Richard's lines perfectly". and Ifans as Will's friends was "rather like assembling a family". although Roger Michell and Duncan Kenworthy did not expect her to accept.Notting Hill (film) 176 Cast and characters • Julia Roberts as Anna Scott: A Hollywood film star. • Hugh Bonneville as Bernie: A failing stockbroker and a friend of Will. Jeff King. • Alec Baldwin makes an uncredited appearance as Anna's boyfriend." a potential love interest for Will. The decision to cast Grant was unanimous. • Dylan Moran as Rufus: A thief who attempts to steal from Will's bookshop. Roberts was the "one and only" choice for the role. she is a fan of Anna Scott. as he and Richard Curtis had a "writer/actor marriage made in heaven". • Omid Djalili has a cameo role as the salesperson in the opening minutes of local background footage.[4] • Mischa Barton makes a brief appearance as the child actor whom Will pretends to interview for Horse & Hound. with whom Will often stays. Michell explained that "When you are casting a cabal of friends. then asks Anna if she wants his phone number. She later marries her brother's flatmate Spike.[1] • Emma Chambers as Honey Thacker: Will's younger sister.[5] • Emily Mortimer as "Perfect Girl. The group meets at his restaurant.[1] Roberts said that after reading the script she decided she was "going to have to do this". and I think we've got a very [1] good variety of people who can realistically still live in the same world. • Rhys Ifans as Spike: Will's strange Welsh flatmate who dreams of being an artist. only doubled". • Tim McInnerny as Max: Will's best friend. . and Richard writes Hugh better than anyone else". • James Dreyfus as Martin: William's ineffective assistant at his bookshop. Michell said that "Hugh does Richard better than anyone else. Chambers. She is married to Max. He later marries Honey Thacker and becomes Will's brother-in-law. McKee. of types and of sensibilities. Despite being caught on CCTV concealing a book down his trousers he professes his innocence.

Roger shone out. There is no such thing as a road closure. We were very lucky in the fact that we had 100% cooperation from the police and the Council. Kenworthy noted "Early on. promising to donate to each person's favourite charity.[7] The producer. They looked favorably on what we were trying to do and how it would promote the area. as well as preventing problems the presence of a film crew may have caused the residents of Notting Hill. the Nobu Restaurant. filming moved to the Ritz Hotel.[8] Will's house. saying that "Finding someone as good as Roger. was owned by Richard Curtis and behind the entrance there is a grand house.Notting Hill (film) 177 Production "I would sometimes wonder what it would be like if I just turned up at my friends' house. we toyed with the idea of building a huge exterior set. Other places within Notting Hill included Westbourne Park Road. resulting in 200 charities receiving money. After filming for six weeks in Notting Hill. We were everywhere. It all sprang from there.[8] Filming began on April 17. the production received permission to film and constructed the scene in 24 hours. market traders.[8] "The major problem we encountered was the size of our film unit. be it Madonna or whomever. where work had to take place at night. Landsdowne Road and the Coronet Cinema. the Zen Garden of the Hempel Hotel and Kenwood House. at Shepperton Studios. 1998 in West London and at Shepperton Studios. was pleased to do a contemporary film.[9] The film features the 1950 Marc Chagall painting La Mariée. Golborne Road. We couldn't just go in and shoot and come out. Duncan Kenworthy. with the most famous person at that time.[1] Will's bookshop was on Portobello Road. because we were worried about having Roberts and Grant on public streets where we could get thousands of onlookers. not the flat in the film that was made up in the studios."[1] Curtis chose Notting Hill as he lived there and knew the area.5 hours long. saying "we're dealing with streets with thousands of people. Michell was worried "that Hugh and Julia were going to turn up on the first day of shooting on Portobello Road. Through a health and safety act.[6] Four Weddings and a Funeral director Mike Newell was approached but rejected it to work on Pushing Tin. How would my friends react? Who would try and be cool? How would you get through dinner? What would they say to you afterwards?" — Richard Curtis [6] Richard Curtis developed the film from thoughts while lying awake at night." — Sue Quinn [8] Stuart Craig. The current door is black. Anna sees a print of the painting in William's home and later gives him what is presumably the original. 90 minutes edited out for release. one of the main areas in which filming took place. who Michell believes were "genuinely excited" about the film. and security forces prevented this. saying "Notting Hill is a melting pot and the perfect place to set a film". which presented difficulties. but did not regret it." In the end they [8] decided to film in the streets. shop owners and residents which makes it really complex". Michell said in Entertainment Weekly that the painting was . The location team.[8] Interior scenes were the last to be filmed. Michell wanted to film Leicester Square but was declined. the Savoy Hotel.[8] One of the final scenes takes place at a film premiere. The blue door was auctioned for charity.[8] This left the producers to film in a heavily populated area. and there would be gridlock and we would be surrounded by thousands of people and paparazzi photographers who would prevent us from shooting". was just like finding the right actor to play each role. Police had found fans at a Leonardo DiCaprio premiere problematic and were concerned the same might occur at the staged premiere. He described the starting point as "the idea of a very normal person going out with an unbelievably famous person and how that impinges on their lives". where I used to have dinner once a week.[8] The location manager Sue Quinn. the production designer. Filming on the London streets has to be done in such a way that it comes up to health and safety standards. then turned to Roger Michell. described finding locations and getting permission to film as "a mammoth task". 280 Westbourne Park Road. That way we would have more control.[8] Quinn and the rest of her team had to write to thousands of people in the area. He said that in commercial terms he had made the wrong decision.[8] The final cut was 3.

[18] James Sanford gave Notting Hill three and a half stars. calling it "a sweet film". and . Shania Twain's remixed version of "You've Got A Way".Trevor Jones (Score) 12. "From the Heart" .Trevor Jones (Score) 13. "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" . Puccio noted that "the movie is a fairy tale. giving it an overall positive review. it's gawky.Spencer Davis Group 11. it's 10 minutes too long.Pulp 8. "She" .000 and $1 million."[20] Roger Ebert praised the film.[3] Cranky Critic called it "Bloody damned good"." The producers had a reproduction made for the film.Bill Withers (bonus track) Release Critical reception The film had generally positive reviews. romantic . Finally. "Gimme Some Lovin'" . releases. Charles Aznavour's version of "She" was used in the film. "we had to agree to destroy it. "I Do (Cherish You)" . but the first hour of Notting Hill is so beguiling and consistently funny it seems churlish to complain that the rest is merely good. the dialogue has wit and intelligence. "Born to Cry" ."[10] 178 Music Music was composed by Trevor Jones. Tony and Max play "Blue Moon" on the piano at Tony's restaurant on the night it closes. and writer Richard Curtis knows how much the public loves a fairy tale"."[15] Nitrate said that "Notting Hill is whimsical and light. according to Kenworthy.and oh. Track listing 1. "You've Got a Way" .Shania Twain (Notting Hill remix) 10.Al Green 5.[13] Both versions of the song appear in non-U. as well as saying that it was "A perfect date flick. as well as Ronan Keating's specially recorded cover of "When You Say Nothing at All". but had to get permission from the owner as well as clearance from the Design and Artists Copyright Society.Texas 6.Notting Hill (film) chosen because Curtis was a fan of Chagall's work and because La Mariée "depicts a yearning for something that's lost. saying that "Curtis' dialogue may be much snappier than his sometimes dawdling plot. "Notting Hill" . "Ain't No Sunshine" . scoring an 82% "Certified Fresh" rating at Rotten Tomatoes. "When You Say Nothing at All" . "Ain't No Sunshine" . the song reached number one in the British charts. it doesn't pay to nitpick. but that the film "is so satisfying. Costello was then brought in by Richard Curtis to record a cover version of the song. saying "the movie is bright. "Will and Anna" .[17] Desson Howe of the Washington Post gave the film a very positive review." The article also noted that "some experts say the real canvas could be worth between $500.Elvis Costello 4. and it's certainly not "Four Weddings and a Funeral Part 2" in either construction or overall tone".Ronan Keating 3. but American test screening audiences did not respond to it. "In Our Lifetime" .[11] Several additional songs written by other artists include Elvis Costello's cover of the Charles Aznavour song "She". particularly praising Rhys Ifans' performance as Spike. reminiscent of Four Weddings and a Funeral".Another Level 2.S. with "endearing moments and memorable characters". funny.[14] Variety's Derek Elley said that "It's slick.Lighthouse Family 9.[12] Originally.[16] In his review of the film's DVD John J."[19] Sue Pierman of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel stated that "Notting Hill is clever. The song played when Will strides down Portobello Road is "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. yes. fresh and quirky". They were concerned that if our fake was too good.98 Degrees 7. it might float around the market and create problems.

. shall I say enraging) ending".[22] CNN reviewer Paul Clinton said that Notting Hill "stands alone as another funny and heartwarming story about love against all odds".[34] and as of May 2007 is the 104th highest grossing film of all time. Retrieved 28 May 2007. beating My Best Friend's Wedding. . co. . html). com/ movie/ preview/ 1808408092). html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0).[38] The film won Best Comedy Film at the British Comedy Awards. beating Star Wars . Derek (30 April 1999). The Mail on Sunday. com/ behindscenes/ index. in the categories Best Motion Picture . [8] "Notting Hill.[39] The film's soundtrack won Best Soundtrack at the Brit Awards. Retrieved 22 May 2007.com. Notting Hill. and Best Motion Picture Actress .com. Notting Hill. based on estimates of each film's British cinema admissions.089. Retrieved 19 May 2007. "The man who told Notting Hill to 'sod off'" (http:/ / efilmcritic. Best British Director for Roger Michell. Jane (12 May 2007). [5] Gordon.[36] Awards and nominations Notting Hill won the Audience Award for Most Popular Film at the BAFTAs in 2000.[28] It totaled $27.[31] but then began to lose. Best Motion Picture Actor . [4] "95: NOTTING HILL" (http:/ / www. com/ behindscenes/ index. it had become the highest grossing British film.678 as its overall domestic gross. stating that "the humor of the film saves it from a completely trite and unsatisfying (nay. . notting-hill. with a worldwide gross of $363. the place. "Notting Hill" (http:/ / www. Yahoo!. Leicester Square. uk/ pages/ you/ article. Variety.[27] It earned $116.Comedy/Musical for Hugh Grant. php?feature=78). Retrieved 22 May 2007. Retrieved 22 May 2007.678. bfi.[32] One month after its release. [2] "A Romantic Comedy Dream Team" (http:/ / www.com.[25] Some criticised the film for giving a "sweetened unrealistic view of London life and British eccentricity.[30] Notting American record. .[23] Widgett Walls of Needcoffee.[33] It was the sixteenth highest grossing film of 1999.7 million over its opening weekend.[40] The film won Best British Film.[4] Box office The film had its premiere at the Odeon. and Best Performance by an Actor in a supporting role for Rhys Ifans. notting-hill.[41] The film received three nominations at the Golden Globes. concluding that "the film's romantic core is impervious to problems". the movie location" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 19 May 2007. html?in_article_id=449705& in_page_id=1908).Notting Hill (film) Roberts and Grant are very easy to like.889.Episode I: The Phantom Menace. php?ranking=95& cc=on). on 27 April 1999.com. Hill made another $15 million the following week. Retrieved 22 May 2007. Notting Hill lost its record for highest grossing opening weekend for a romantic comedy film to Runaway Bride (also starring Roberts). "Notting Hill (1999)" (http:/ / movies. variety. uk/ features/ ultimatefilm/ chart/ details. . notting-hill. [3] Elley.[37] and was nominated in the categories of The Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film of the year. . com/ behindscenes/ index. ."[26] 179 Lists Notting Hill was 95th on the British Film Institute's "list of the all-time top 100 films". yahoo.[35] At the time. [7] Chris Parry. "Mischa Barton: Little Miss Sunshine" (http:/ / www. html). eFilm Critic.com gave the film "three and a half cups of coffee". [6] "Behind-the-Scenes" (http:/ / www. an [29] the biggest opening for a romantic comedy film. Retrieved 19 May 2007. but criticised the soundtrack. org. . Notting Hill. British Film Institute. notting-hill. and Best British Actor for Hugh Grant at the Empire Awards.[42] References [1] "About the Production" (http:/ / www.Comedy/Musical. com/ feature. mailonsunday. com/ review/ VE1117907270.[24] Dennis Schwartz gave the film a negative review with a grade of "C-" citing "this film was pure and unadulterated balderdash". html). Notting Hill."[21] Kenneth Turan gave a good review. html).Comedy/Musical for Julia Roberts. . com/ behindscenes/ index. [9] Greg Dean Schmitz. Retrieved 21 May 2007.

com/ ew/ article/ 0. [11] "Notting Hill" (http:/ / www. "Notting Hill" (http:/ / www. . com/ alltime/ world/ ?pagenum=2& p=. . "Review: Julia. com/ movies/ ?id=nottinghill. "Notting Hill [Ultimate Edition]" (http:/ / www. [39] "The Past Winners 1999" (http:/ / www. BBC News. Retrieved 20 May 2007. [14] "Notting Hill (1999)" (http:/ / www. . Kalamazoo Gazette. Retrieved 23 May 2007. . Nitrate. htm). co. com/ enter/ movies/ reviews/ may99/ m. bbc. htm?movieslede=y). . net/ ~ozus/ nottinghill. html). com/ titles/ notting_hill. html). . [23] Paul Clinton (27 May 1999). [34] "1999 DOMESTIC GROSSES" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 21 May 2007. "'Notting Hill' is perfect romantic fit for Roberts. needcoffee. 180 . Retrieved 20 May 2007. Washington Post. . BBC News. 1 March 2000. Box Office Mojo. Grant" (http:/ / www2. Retrieved 23 May 2007. com/ SHOWBIZ/ Movies/ 9905/ 27/ review. dll/ article?AID=/ 19990528/ REVIEWS/ 905280301/ 1023). "Weekend Box Office" (http:/ / www. 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181 External links • • • • • • • • Official website (http://www. .rottentomatoes. Retrieved 21 May 2007. Retrieved 22 May 2007. British Theatre Guide.com/work/179536) at Allmovie Notting Hill (film) (http://www. Lawyer: It's hard to know what the right thing is.htm) at Box Office Mojo ' (http://www. htm).com/scripts/Notting-Hill.Notting Hill (film) [41] "What are they doing?" (http:/ / www. Notes [1] The Confession. and Anne Twomey.com/film/titles/nottinghill) at Metacritic Notting Hill Screenplay (http://www.allmovie. .imdb. info/ news/ library/ soft/ blwh-022000.imdb.notting-hill.jsp?stid=443669) at the TCM Movie Database Notting Hill (film) (http://www. DVD#7256. But once you know? Devout layman: Once you know -. Sterling Home Entertainment External links • The Confession (http://www. html).com/title/tt0128137/) at the Internet Movie Database . [42] "Notting Hill" (http:/ / www. 20 February 2000. html?movie/ notting_hill. TheGoldenGlobes. com/ welcome. then it's hard not to do it.com/) Notting Hill (film) (http://www.metacritic.com/title/tt0125439/) at the Internet Movie Database Notting Hill (film) (http://tcmdb.html) The Confession (1999 film) The Confession is a 1999 drama film directed by David Jones and starring Ben Kingsley.com/title/title. britishtheatreguide. thegoldenglobes.com/movies/?id=nottinghill.once you know what is right. Alec Baldwin. Memorable lines[1] : Lawyer (Baldwin): What was it you told me? People think it's hard to do the right thing? Devout layman (Kingsley): It's not hard to do the right thing.imsdb.com.boxofficemojo.com/m/notting_hill/) at Rotten Tomatoes Notting Hill (film) (http://www.

107. 1998 111 minutes United States English $60 million $93.Mercury Rising 182 Mercury Rising Mercury Rising Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Harold Becker Brian Grazer Karen Kehela Ric Kidney Joseph Singer Thomas Mack Novel: Ryne Douglas Pearson Screenplay: Lawrence Konner Mark Rosenthal Bruce Willis Alec Baldwin Miko Hughes John Barry Michael Seresin Peter Honess Imagine Entertainment Universal Pictures April 3.289 Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue .

While Jeffries introduces himself to Kudrow at his birthday party. and leaves at the sound of approaching sirens. plans to silence Simon. who were called off at the last minute. After the meeting with Emily. which his girlfriend. who has been demoted following a diagnosis of delusional paranoia. and Jeffries is soon painted by the NSA as a kidnapper. let alone questioning Simon. Jeffries. Meanwhile. Dean Crandell (Robert Stanton) and Leo Pedranski (Bodhi Elfman). Art finds Simon with Stacey and finds out that Stacey is his new friend. who. Art takes Jordan's car and takes Simon to Simon's house where his parents were murdered the next morning. Willis plays Art Jeffries. Jordan under Jeffries's suggestion arranges for Simon to go into Witness Protection. the movie is based on Ryne Douglas Pearson's 1996 novel originally published as Simple Simon. is sent to investigate what is initially thought to be a murder-suicide of Simon's parents. The next morning. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow (Alec Baldwin). Emily Lang (Carrie Preston) takes to the FBI and Jordan discreetly arranges for her to meet with Jeffries to show them both the evidence. protects a 19 year old kid named James while trying to talk a bank robber named Edgar Halstrom into surrendering. in typical government fashion. he has managed to leave crucial evidence of Kudrow's crimes. After realizing that Simon is talking to Crandell and Pedranski. and gives her Jordan's number to contact if there was an emergency. the FBI task force kills the robbers and James. Directed by Harold Becker. After the shooting. Originally it was created during the Reagan Administration as a test to keep the United States' highest priority secrets under wraps. sending a hit man and his partner to murder the boy and parents. However. Jeffries finds Simon hiding in a cache of his bedroom closet and takes the boy under his wing.Mercury Rising Mercury Rising is a 1998 American action thriller film starring Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin. with only his best friend and fellow agent Thomas Jordan (Chi McBride) aware that he did not commit the crime. and demands that Kudrow lay off Simon Lynch. sees the boy's ability to decipher the code as a liability and. as the inside man. since Jordan had been in contact with Jeffries when the incident began. an undercover FBI agent who protects a nine year old boy with autism who is targeted by government assassins after cracking a top secret government code. has Dean Crandell murdered by his hit man when he starts to reveal the Mercury plans to Jeffries. 183 Plot The film opens with a hostage situation in South Dakota where FBI Agent Art Jefferies (Bruce Willis). One day. who tells him he'd report to Washington. upset by disagreement over how to handle the case. searches the house. Lt. Jeffries begins to realize the difficulty of protecting. Art tells Stacey to call anybody for an emergency except the police. the assassin. but the Chicago PD went ahead with protection of Simon. He plans to have the NSA take over the protection . Peter Burrell (Lindsey Lee Ginter). because of his impaired social abilities as a result of his autism. though they are unaware that their conversation over the phone is being monitored by Kudrow. Stacey agrees and tells Art that she was going on a business trip to Des Moines to make the rent in a few days. A cryptographic code called "Mercury" was created by the National Security Agency and allegedly so complex that its creators believe no computer on Earth can decipher it. Meanwhile. While investigating the scene. Kudrow tries to have FBI director Lomax (Kevin Conway) help him stop Jeffries by using his authority and the fact that Jordan arranged the Witness Protection under false pretenses. he meets a woman named Stacey Siebring (Kim Dickens) and asks her to watch Simon for him while he goes on a mission. to see if anyone could break it. but shortly after he is murdered too. fails to find Simon. he contacts Jordan who explains they are fine as well as how the Witness Protection meeting is going to happen. he demands to help them by meeting him at the Wrigley Building. The situation is further complicated by the fact that nobody at the FBI believes Simon is in any danger. Kudrow. who is the program chief. Leo Pedranski turns to him for help. the NSA receives a message from a nine year-old autistic savant named Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes) who calls a telephone number written in the code which was secretly published in a puzzle magazine by two of the creators. Later in the middle of the night. Jefferies confronts his superior. Art and Simon asks Stacey for a place to stay. However. After killing the parents. When Jeffries returns and finds Stacy and Simon gone.

the film grossed $32. The film ends with Jeffries and Stacy visiting Simon. The film is directed by Harold Becker who also directed Sea of Love and Malice. com/ m/ mercury_rising/ ). who embraces Jeffries as a welcome friend.289. garnering an 18% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. .Mercury Rising for the meeting spot.172.000 internationally for a total of $93. and saves the boy as well as Stacy. Altogether.com/title/tt0120749/) at the Internet Movie Database • Mercury Rising (http://www.boxofficemojo. Jordan shows the evidence to Lomax and despite his initial doubts. Miko Hughes. References [1] "Rotten Tomatoes" (http:/ / www.imdb. at his school.Leading Young Actor at the 1999 Young Artist Awards for his portrayal of Simon. Mercury Rising. This then fully validates the evidence against Kudrow. He was 40 years old when the movie came out. which also starred Alec Baldwin.107. Box office The film earned $10.386 theaters.935. 184 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bruce Willis as Special Agent Art Jeffries Alec Baldwin as Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Kudrow Miko Hughes as Simon Lynch Chi McBride as FBI Agent Tommy Jordan Kim Dickens as Stacey Siebring John Carroll Lynch as Martin Lynch Kelley Hazen as Jenny Lynch Lindsey Lee Ginter as Peter Burrell Robert Stanton as Dean Crandell Bodhi Elfman as Leo Pedranski Kevin Conway as Lomax Carrie Preston as Emily Lang John Doman as Supervisor Hartley Richard Riehle as Edgar Halstrom Reception The film received mostly negative reviews from film critics. Retrieved July 5. just as Kudrow grabs the screaming Simon in a last-ditched effort to take him to the helicopter.104. The movie came out at Alec Baldwin's birthday April 3. having finally accepted him as a person of his trust. set a trap at the meeting spot. Jordan confirms that the fingerprint markings on it were Pedranski's. in which they kill both Kudrow's hit man and then Kudrow himself.289 in the United States and $60. now living with foster parents.[1] Bruce Willis won the 1999 Golden Raspberry for his performance. however. After Kudrow leaves. Jeffries. won the category of Best Performance in a Feature Film . with Jordan and a small FBI task force's help. 2007.com/movies/?id=mercuryrising. rottentomatoes. External links • Mercury Rising (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo .715 in its opening weekend in 2.

The film follows an escalating vendetta between professional Chicago thief Mackin (Baldwin) and rising Detroit hood Pointy Williams (White) after an attempted double cross. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Mackin. 'The Thief' Andre Braugher as Dink Reeves Michael Jai White as Pointy Williams Rebecca De Mornay as Det. Michael Jai White. with Sanders then directing. imdb. The film stars Alec Baldwin. com/ title/ tt0147599/ . Louise Petrone Ricky Harris as Rodney David Byrd as Sal Capetti Bruce Greenwood as Bo Richard Edson as Danny Robert Miano as Frank Riles Khandi Alexander as Janet Hussein Janeane Garofalo as Anne Jack McGee as Chief Nicole Pulliam as Cassandra (Note: Julia Sweeney is billed for a part that was cut from the film but remains credited) External links • Thick as Thieves [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. Bruce Greenwood and Rebecca De Mornay. Andre Braugher.Thick as Thieves (film) 185 Thick as Thieves (film) Thick as Thieves is a 1998 film based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Quinn and adapted for the screen by Scott Sanders and Arthur Krystal.

Q. 1997 English Unknown $27. one of his ambitious employees. and it would be one of his last film roles. also appears. a trained Kodiak Bear known for appearing in several Hollywood movies. as a vicious grizzly. Elle Macpherson has a supporting role as Hopkins' trophy wife and model for his magazine. Jones Jerry Goldsmith Donald McAlpine Neil Travis 20th Century Fox September 26.7 million Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Language Budget Gross revenue The Edge is a 1997 survival and relationship drama film directed by Lee Tamahori starring Anthony Hopkins as billionaire magazine publisher Charles Morse and Alec Baldwin as Bob Green. Jones has a supporting role as an innkeeper. . Bart the Bear. Harold Perrineau also co-stars as the group's photographer Stephen. Q. L.The Edge (1997 film) 186 The Edge (1997 film) The Edge Original theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Lee Tamahori Art Linson David Mamet Anthony Hopkins Alec Baldwin Harold Perrineau Elle Macpherson Bart the Bear L. Her presence in the beginning of the movie acts as a catalyst for the film's bold rivalry between Baldwin and Hopkins.

Throughout. The pilot is dead.. when Bob responds to Charles' gratitude by retorting. The first involves the race to avoid hypothermia as they are all in wet clothes and the day is waning. Charles goes to gather firewood and returns to find one of the bloody cloths used to . A hint of trouble comes when Robert Green (Bob). kiss on the cheek of his model. and assertive. and the husband of a much-younger wife. Charles uses his knowledge of how to make a compass from a piece of metal to try to lead them to a location where a rescue craft might find them. however. in contrast. along with their friend Stephen. Charles responds that no one should feel sorry for a man who owns a plane. where Charles saves Stephen's life by performing CPR on him. While trudging along. including the bonding of strong male characters. and loses the flares.The Edge (1997 film) The movie was written by David Mamet and. Before Bob has a chance to reply. and Bob finally steps in and assists by hauling the barely conscious Stephen further up a slope to safety. and who never knows whom to trust. the survival instincts of these men in terms of their competition with each other and with their environment. and I think your wife's pretty cute too. serene. until a surprise party reveals that they had not. They swim to shore. cynical. is jovial. disabling the engine.I like your style. Disagreements begin over how to survive. They escape by crossing a raging river via a hastily constructed single-log bridge." in a tone that tries to pass it off as a joke. He falls. it touches upon many themes common to Mamet's other works. Stephen accidentally deeply cuts his leg. smashing the windshield and injuring the pilot.. under a makeshift shelter of branches. and raising questions about whether Charles was off the mark in mistrusting him. and persuade Charles to accompany them. there. The character of Charles is intellectual yet capable. who nonetheless looks troubled by this interaction. the fashion photographer. Bob risks his own life to save Charles from the raging edge of the waterfall. Charles and Bob. albeit public. The men end up going in a circle. then crashes into a lake. The situations are often ambiguous. following Bob. Bob uses a signal flare over Charles' mild objection that they will need those for signaling rescue planes. despite the unusual setting. then she quickly winks affectionately at her onlooking husband. Bob. with a smile. They are lost. and makes it to the surface with this load. The story explores. Charles attempts to calm Stephen by assigning him to shape a spear with his knife. tough posturings and playful surprises. Charles' beautiful wife. their plight is worsened when they encounter a huge and aggressive Kodiak bear (they had been warned about such problem bears earlier in the film) which chases them. and while doing so. confident. They all have seemingly forgotten that it is also Charles' birthday. plants a quick. cold and hungry. board a small plane to seek an Indian man whom Bob wants for a model. Charles displays his character by remaining calm. The plane. a beautiful model. is nearly swept over a waterfall. that he couldn't possibly kill him with the witness. After failing to light a fire using book matches. Mickey. The audience is soon brought back to a questioning stance. with dimming hopes of being rescued. Charles uses his birthday knife (given to him by Bob) to cut the jammed seat belt of the drowning Stephen. and asks Bob calmly how he plans to kill him. His companions treat his wound. as each person (except Charles) takes turns having emotional breakdowns. carrying the signal flares bag. and tempers are flaring. clips a mountain peak. however. Charles refuses to engage in the subterfuge that the comment was said in jest. and certain of their ability to get themselves to a location where they have a better chance of being rescued. kind. Bob muses about how difficult it must be to be a rich man from whom others always want something. Flying over a mountainous region of Alaskan wilderness in the small private craft. breaking off one of the pontoons. out of control. She and an entourage arrange to travel to Alaska for a photo shoot. through action and intricate dialog. Importantly. ". but then he wonders aloud what Bob values in him. After Bob and Stephen safely make it over. the bear catches up and shakes the log while the hapless Charles is attempting to cross. hauls him up out of the plane. snatching the bag of signal flares along the way. and superficial while pretending to appear that he is not. the plane flies into a flock of geese. Stephen. then hunker down in the rain with him. 187 Plot Charles Morse is a silver-haired billionaire. Bob responds.

" The two men continue walking and come across an old shack. Before Bob can pull the trigger. and what Charles plans to do when they return. looking for food and a way to get rescued.or young boys . Bob forces Charles to walk outside at riflepoint. Charles works the action to unload the rifle and pulls him out of the pit and tends to his wounds. On their way again. that they both died. They also finally get to eat some real meat cooked over the fire."for what?" he asks. while preserving the reputations of both the men. Charles realizes that Bob is drinking a bottle of fictional whisky named "Old Eagle" while loading the rifle because he can't kill him while sober. Bob vows that Charles' wife was never involved in any plot to kill him.who had also killed bears elsewhere). Bob is injured and seemingly about to be killed. Charles by chance comes upon proof that his deepest fears about Bob and his wife are true. Bob appears to be getting ready to kill Charles. Her face shows that she is less joyous at her husband's return than might be expected. the other men trying their best to help. and falls into the camouflaged trap. in the canoe down the river. Charles appears pensive and confides to Bob after some prompting that "All my life I've wanted to do something that was unequivocal. begins to seemingly pass by them. Through the night. whom he finds dead. but he eventually declares. killing it. but Charles seems doubtful and says only "it's something" (previously mentioned in the film were other men . having survived and learning what a charade his 188 . having succumbed to his injuries while attempting to sit up on the plane's arrival. Charles replies that maybe he never will go back . and for a moment one wonders if Charles will get his wish and use his new-found wilderness skills to live out his life in the Alaskan mountains. but the bear chases them away and takes Stephen. Luring it with the smell of their own blood on a handkerchief in the breeze. The spears fail to stop the bear. who charges the two men. They stay on the move. where Charles starts a fire to keep them warm. smoke-producing foliage on the fire. Charles is returned safely to his wife who is surrounded by friends and reporters. that they will kill the bear. On the riverbank. and the helicopter circles back. but Charles coaxes the animal away. eating him alive. sharpened spears from nearby trees. blowing in the breeze. Charles makes use of his earlier observation of a "deadfall" pit trap on the property and stops to distract Bob with conversation. After killing the bear. he takes one too many steps backwards. "saving my life. At the same time. they skin the bear and fashion clothing to keep warm. Charles picks up the rifle as though he plans to shoot Bob. Alone in the cabin. In order to fend him off. Charles and Bob light a ring of fire around their camp and keep it burning all night. Charles comes to the realization that the bear will continue to hunt them relentlessly." Bob says this certainly qualifies. He knows that the smell of blood in the air could attract wild animals. Charles describes his plan for the battle with the bear and they put it into action." Bob opines. Her face falls further as she now faces the loss of both men she loves. who has lost a lot of blood." This final gesture. Charles tells Bob he intends to start his life over because "you can change your life. He demands to know why it was not burned or buried as he had instructed. Stephen hears a movement in the trees. but his urge to survive again conquers. signals her that he knows of her disloyalty to him. in a quiet gesture. He asks why Charles would help someone who has so horribly betrayed him. It is implied that Charles too has now given up in despair. Charles. The bear appears suddenly in front of Charles while he is fishing in a river with makeshift tackle. Instead. Charles plants his spear into the ground. A helicopter appears. also appears to imply that Charles both has true gratitude for their rescue of him from the river and that his life has now truly changed. "you'd be the first. As the bear rears up on its hind legs to crush him. The bear returns and attacks the terrified Stephen. they attract the bear to a location where they have carved long. at the same moment that Charles is softly warning him to beware of it. and is impaled by its own weight. which only appears to strengthen Bob's resolve. Charles takes the clearly ill Bob. simply. and the audience privately shares with her husband the secret knowledge that she has lost someone else whom she loves. The bear lunges forward. Bob says he is "not 100%" and Charles stops to allow Bob to rest. Charles turns and tells the press who ask about the fate of the two men with him. he throws some wet. Bob is badly wounded and begs Charles to help him. Charles reveals indirectly that he knows of his betrayal by Bob and his wife. Charles turns in relief to Bob.The Edge (1997 film) staunch Stephen's wound stuck to a branch.

The Ravine (4:36) 10. 2. This release also fixes a problem on the RCA release affecting the track "Rescued".[1] Music The film's music score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith and has received two CD releases. including around 25 minutes of unreleased music. 4. 3. Early Arrival (1:32)* 2. Mighty Hunter (1:31) 5. Lost In The Wild(s) (2:59) 3. which had rustling noises during some quieter parts. Three months before release. Dozens of others were considered. Rich Man (0:58)* 9. presented the complete score. RCA Records release: September 30th 1997[2] Tracklist: 1. Stalking (5:46) . 9. Wound (1:38)* 12. as part of their limited edition series of releases. Birds (2:22) 7. Bitter Coffee (3:01) 11. by RCA Records and La-La Land Records. The Fire / Breakfast (2:31)* 8. The Cage / False Hope / No Matches (3:34)* 14. Tracklist: 1. The Spirit (0:36)* 6. according to Linson. the studio felt Bookworm needed a more commercial title. 7. The Edge La-La Land Records release: June 15th 2010[3] La-La Land Records. Initially called Bookworm. Robert de Niro showed some interest in the role of Morse but ultimately declined. 189 Production The shooting of the film is discussed by Art Linson in his 2002 book What Just Happened?.The Edge (1997 film) old life was. A Lucky Man/Open Door (1:41)* (does not include the final orchestral outburst as the "bear" bursts through the door. 8. 6. Lost in the Wind The Ravine Birds Mighty Hunter Bitter Coffee Stalking Deadfall The River Rescued 10. Stephen's Death (2:26)* (contains an unused ending from 1:45 onwards) 13. 5. the script was turned down by Harrison Ford and Dustin Hoffman before Alec Baldwin settled on the role of Green. as a limited pressing of 3500 units. which only lasts for a few seconds) 4. until the film was renamed The Edge.

20.maxim. php?movieid=6050 [3] http:/ / www. com/ TheEdge.com/slideshows/display. Art (2002). Deadfall / Bear Fight (6:21) The Discovery / Trust Your Back (5:01)* (contains a brief alternate segment at 1:34 . lalalandrecords. 18. New York: Bloomsbury. 19. html External links • The Edge (http://www.1:46) The River (2:26) Rescued (6:03) End Title (Lost In The Wild)(s) (1:59)* The Edge (2:55) 190 Bonus Tracks 1. 2002. The Edge (Alternate Take) (3:00)* (alternate recording of track 20) Total Time 66:15 (* = Previously unreleased) DVD release The DVD was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on June 4. 16. . with more percussion and an additional brass melody) 2. Rescued (Film Version Ending) (1:19)* (alternate ending of track 18. ISBN 1-58234-240-7. com/ catalog/ soundtrackdetail.2:00 of track 13. 17. [2] http:/ / www. soundtrackcollector. References [1] Linson. What Just Happened? Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line. reflecting the film version) 3.aspx?ck=208&cik=3180) plane crash scene. False Hope (Alternate Take) (1:08)* (alternate of 0:56 .imdb.com/title/tt0119051/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Edge Clip (http://www.The Edge (1997 film) 15. It contains no special features and has a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer.

the white supremacist accused of the 1963 assassination of civil rights activist Medgar Evers.144 (Domestic) Ghosts of Mississippi is a 1996 American drama film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Alec Baldwin.Ghosts of Mississippi 191 Ghosts of Mississippi Ghosts of Mississippi Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Rob Reiner Nicholas Paleologos Rob Reiner Andrew Scheinman Frederick Zollo Charles Newirth Jeff Stott Lewis Colick Alec Baldwin Whoopi Goldberg James Woods William H.000 (estimated) $13. Macy Craig T. Nelson Marc Shaiman Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Seale Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Robert Leighton Columbia Pictures December 20.323. and James Woods. The plot is based on the true story of the 1994 trial of Byron De La Beckwith. Whoopi Goldberg. . 1996 130 minutes United States English $30.000.

1963. Main cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Bobby DeLaughter James Woods as Byron De La Beckwith Virginia Madsen as Dixie DeLaughter Whoopi Goldberg as Myrlie Evers Susanna Thompson as Peggy Lloyd Craig T. who had been trying to bring De La Beckwith to justice for over 25 years. DeLaughter becomes primarily involved with bringing De La Beckwith to trial for the third time 30 years later. Bobby DeLaughter. Jr. Evers' widow Myrlie. as Medgar Evers Richard Riehle as Tommy Mayfield Bonnie Bartlett as Billie DeLaughter Brock Peters as Walter Williams Wayne Rogers as Morris Dees . believes she has what it takes to bring him to trial again. In 1989. In 2008. decided to help her despite being warned that it might hurt his political aspirations and despite the strain that it caused in his marriage.[1] 192 Plot Medgar Evers is a black civil rights activist in Mississippi who was murdered by an assassin on June 12. is the murderer and he would be tried twice and both trials ended in hung juries. Byron De La Beckwith was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. an assistant District Attorney. a white supremacist.Ghosts of Mississippi James Woods was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role of Byron De La Beckwith. AFI nominated Ghosts of Mississippi for the Courtroom Drama segment of its AFI's 10 Top 10 special but the movie did not make the final countdown. Although most of the evidence from the old trial had disappeared. In 1994. It is later suspected that Byron De La Beckwith. Nelson as Ed Peters Lucas Black as Burt DeLaughter Alexa Vega as Claire DeLaughter Benny Bennett as Lloyd 'Benny' Bennett (Himself) Diane Ladd as Grandma Caroline Moore Margo Martindale as Clara Mayfield Darrell Evers as Himself Yolanda King as Reena Evers Jerry Levine as Jerry Mitchell James Van Evers as Himself Michael O'Keefe as Merrida Coxwell Bill Smitrovich as Jim Kitchens Terry O'Quinn as Judge Hilburn Rex Linn as Martin Scott James Pickens.The original music score was composed by Marc Shaiman and the cinematography is by John Seale.

allmovie.Ghosts of Mississippi 193 References [1] "AFI's Top Ten Film Genres" http:/ / www.com/m/ghosts_of_mississippi/) at Rotten Tomatoes .com/title/tt0116410/) at the Internet Movie Database • Ghosts of Mississippi (http://www. html External links • Ghosts of Mississippi (http://www.imdb. filmsite. org/ afi10toptennoms9.com/work/136656) at Allmovie • Ghosts of Mississippi (http://www.rottentomatoes.

1996 (US) 112 minutes United States English Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Looking for Richard is a 1996 documentary film and the first film directed by Al Pacino.[2] . It is both a performance of selected scenes of William Shakespeare's Richard III and a broader examination of Shakespeare's continuing role and relevance in popular culture. The film was featured at the Sundance Film Festival in January 1996[1] and it was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival.Looking for Richard 194 Looking for Richard Looking for Richard theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Al Pacino Al Pacino William Shakespeare Al Pacino Frederic Kimball Alec Baldwin Al Pacino Aidan Quinn Winona Ryder Kevin Spacey Howard Shore Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Leacock Editing by William A. Anderson Ned Bastille Pasquale Buba Andre Ross Betz Fox Searchlight Pictures October 11.

variety. dll/ article?AID=/ 19961025/ REVIEWS/ 610250303/ 1023).htm) . Retrieved 2008-05-16. Retrieved 2008-05-16. Famous commercials have been aired on AFN regarding Richards whereabouts. External links • Looking for Richard (http://www. html?res=940CE7DA1F3CF935A35753C1A960958260& sec=& spon=& pagewanted=all). Pacino also features other actors famous for performing Shakespeare. "Al Pacino. [6] Janet Maslin (11 October 1996). December 2001 web article. . festival-cannes. html?res=9505EEDF1039F93AA15752C0A960958260& sec=& spon=& pagewanted=all). "Films on Junior High School And a Farm Win at Sundance" (http:/ / query. [3] Bruce Weber (6 October 1996). festival-cannes. act out scenes from the play. com/ apps/ pbcs. "Looking For Richard" (http:/ / www. The movie guides the audience through the play's plot and historical background. Retrieved 2009-09-20. nytimes.com/archive/film/pacino_shakespeare. . html). New York Times. com/ gst/ fullpage. Retrieved 2008-05-16. . . New York Times.com/title/tt0116913/) at the Internet Movie Database • Looking for Richard (http://www. [5] Roger Ebert (25 October 1996).com/m/looking_for_richard/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Magazine Americana. com/ review/ VE1117910793. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Al Pacino as Richard III Penelope Allen as Queen Elizabeth Woodville Harris Yulin as King Edward Kevin Spacey as Buckingham Winona Ryder as Lady Anne Kevin Conway as Lord Hastings Julie Moret as Mistress Shore Estelle Parsons as Queen Margaret Alec Baldwin as Clarence Aidan Quinn as Richmond References [1] Janet Maslin (29 January 2002). Chicago Sun-Times. the actors comment on their roles.imdb. Retrieved 2008-05-16. "Looking For Richard" (http:/ / rogerebert. and Kevin Kline. New York Times.americanpopularculture.Looking for Richard 195 Description Pacino plays both himself and the title character. . "Royal Monster. "Looking Through Richard: Al Pacino and his Call to Shakespeare". [4] Godfrey Cheshire (5 February 1996).[6] Pacino includes interviews with Shakespeare scholars and ordinary people on the street. suntimes. [2] "Festival de Cannes: Looking for Richard" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-05-16. com/ gst/ fullpage.com. html?categoryid=31& cs=1). such as Vanessa Redgrave. Kenneth Branagh. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 4718/ year/ 1996. New York Times. (http://www. James Earl Jones. including Penelope Allen and Harris Yulin[4] .[3] Pacino and several fellow actors.rottentomatoes. Derek Jacobi. nytimes. html?res=9C00E6D9123EF932A25753C1A960958260). John Gielgud. . Are You Out There?" (http:/ / query.[5] In addition. nytimes. Slouching (Again) Toward Shakespeare" (http:/ / query. com/ gst/ fullpage.

305 [1] [2] In the Electric Mist . Ruddy Harley Peyton Scott Frank Alec Baldwin Kelly Lynch Mary Stuart Masterson Teri Hatcher Eric Roberts Vondie Curtis-Hall Joe Viterelli Badja Djola Hawthorne James George Fenton Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Harris Savides Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by William Steinkamp New Line Cinema 1996 132 min.000 $5.Heaven's Prisoners 196 Heaven's Prisoners Heaven's Prisoners Directed by Produced by Phil Joanou Leslie Greif Andre Morgan Albert S.009. United States English $25.000.

It is based on a Dave Robicheaux novel of the same name by James Lee Burke. Robin comes to stay with them. he and Bubba part ways for good. In the sequel. He proceeds to track down one of the men who attacked him. Robicheaux still lives in Louisiana and has come out of retirement as an Iberia Parish sheriff's detective. His longtime acquaintance Bubba denies any involvement. Dave finds himself and his family in danger. He finds Romero and kills him. Going after the last and most dangerous of the killers. a Salvadoran girl. Robicheaux is assaulted by two thugs. Robicheaux succeeds in rescuing a lone survivor. and knocks him unconscious in a bar. Dave Robicheaux is living a quiet life in the swamplands of Louisiana with his wife Annie. Once she is dealt with. The film was not immediately released upon completion. he knows that someone else must be giving them orders. and it would be a couple of years later in 1995 before it showed up in theaters. Mary Stuart Masterson. With help from his friend Robin. The film was directed by Phil Joanou. the leading drug kingpin in the area and Robicheaux's childhood friend from New Iberia. Production Heaven's Prisoners is based on one of a series of novels by James Lee Burke about the troubled ex-cop Dave Robicheaux. falsely suspecting him of an affair with Claudette. In the Electric Mist (2009) is a sequel to Heaven's Prisoners in which Tommy Lee Jones replaces Baldwin as Dave Robicheaux. Clearing his head. Teri Hatcher and Eric Roberts. Eddie Keats. Dautrieve Hawthorne James as Victor Romero Badja Djola as Batist Joe Viterelli as Didi Giancano . He falls off the wagon and neglects the young girl they adopted. Victor Romero. He first goes after a large man called Toot. Killers come to the Robicheaux home late one night. and Bubba gets into a fistfight with Robicheaux. going to Bubba's home to confront him. chasing him onto a streetcar and causing his death. With the arrival of a DEA officer named Dautrieve and an inherent connection to Bubba Rocque. 197 Plot A former police detective in New Orleans and a recovering alcoholic.Heaven's Prisoners Heaven's Prisoners is a 1996 feature film drama starring Alec Baldwin. Bubba and Claudette reassure a local mob boss named Giancano that they won't let this get out of hand. Harley Peyton and Scott Frank are credited with the screenplay. Then. but Dave warns him and Bubba's sultry wife Claudette that he is going to find out who's behind all this and do something about it. Kelly Lynch. Robicheaux discovers that it is Claudette who has been calling the shots. Robicheaux seeks vengeance against the three killers. Cast • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Dave Robicheaux Kelly Lynch as Annie Robicheaux Mary Stuart Masterson as Robin Gaddis Teri Hatcher as Claudette Rocque Eric Roberts as Bubba Rocque Vondie Curtis-Hall as Minos P. he begins to investigate. an exotic dancer. Robicheaux is helpless to prevent his wife Annie from being killed. The couple's tranquility is shattered one day when a drug smuggler's plane crashes in the lake right before their eyes. whom he and Annie quickly adopt. Eddie Keats is found dead before Robicheaux can get to him.

nytimes.000 budget. Skin's top 100 nude scenes. The film also received generally negative reviews with a 16% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 19 reviews [3] .com/movie/136349/Heaven-s-Prisoners/details) External links • Heaven's Prisoners (http://www.308. (http://movies. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ heavens_prisoners/ • Complete Cast Listing and Update (http://movies. The film however received some attention due to Teri Hatcher's noteworthy full fronal nude scene. imdb. Her nude scene in the film is ranked at #88 on Mr. Magelli Don Stark as Eddie Keats Carl A.imdb. et al. com/ movies/ ?id=heavensprisoners.com/movie/136349/Heaven-s-Prisoners/cast) • Overview (http://movies. References [1] http:/ / www. htm [3] http:/ / www.nytimes.nytimes.com/title/tt0116508/) at the Internet Movie Database .305 far below its $25. com/ title/ tt0116508/ business [2] http:/ / boxofficemojo. However the film was a Box Office failure grossing only $5.000.797 its opening weekend playing in a total of 907 theaters at its widest point.Heaven's Prisoners • • • • Paul Guilfoyle as Det.009.com/movie/136349/Heaven-s-Prisoners/overview) • Production Credits. McGee as Toot Tuck Milligan as Jerry Falgout 198 Reception The film opened in fifth place grossing $2.

a single mother picked for jury duty for a mafia trial. The film was released on 2 February 1996. directed by Brian Gibson and starring Demi Moore as Annie Laird. 1996 English $44. .The Juror 199 The Juror The Juror Movie poster for The Juror Directed by Produced by Written by Brian Gibson Irwin Winkler George Dawes Green (novel) Ted Tally (screenplay) Demi Moore Alec Baldwin James Gandolfini Anne Heche Joseph Gordon-Levitt James Newton Howard Starring Music by Cinematography Jamie Anderson Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Language Budget Gross revenue Robert M.754.000 $22.000. Reitano Sony February 2.725 The Juror is a 1996 film based on the novel by George Dawes Green.

He pulls a gun and forces Juliet to take a fatal drug overdose. instructing him to leave she and Mark alone. Boffano schedules a meeting to "deal" with Mark. but Mark kills both Boffano and Boffano's son Joseph (Michael Rispoli). who has been his lover. fires eight more shots. Cordell boasts of Juliet's murder to his partner Eddie (James Gandolfini). Mark has a problem with this because he has developed feelings for Annie. who now plans to take over Boffano's empire. aka Teacher Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Oliver Laird Anne Heche as Juliet James Gandolfini as Eddie Lindsay Crouse as Tallow Tony Lo Bianco as Louie Boffano Michael Rispoli as Joseph Boffano Matthew Cowles as Rodney Matt Craven as Boone Frank Adonis as DeCicco . because Boffano sees Annie as a loose end. and Jesse will all die. He also slashes Eddie's throat. Eddie arranges the meeting. and ensuring Oliver's safety. then wines and dines her before Annie discovers that Mark is better known as "The Teacher. After Mark chases Oliver into a structure. who has a son named Jesse (Brett Barsky). which were recorded on a hidden tape recorder. Annie meets a man named Mark Cordell (Alec Baldwin). Mark reveals himself to Juliet as being Annie's stalker. natives shoot Mark. Juliet. When the DA's office has her wear a wire. killing Mark. Guatemala with her friend Boone (Matt Craven). Annie. She then uses the tape to tip off Boffano to Mark's plans. Mark goes after Juliet. who has a pistol. He buys some of Annie's artwork. Annie then succeeds in getting Mark to incriminate himself in a boastful rant on his ambitions. Annie removes it and gives it to Eddie. the district attorney wants Annie to turn state's witness so they can go after Mark. along with their henchmen. After the two have sex. and the material perpetrator of the hit job for which Boffano is being prosecuted." He is Boffano's enforcer. An extremely frightened Annie does convince the jury to acquit Boffano. Oliver has a crush on Annie's friend Juliet (Anne Heche). Annie is selected to be a juror in the trial of mob boss Louie Boffano (Tony Lo Bianco). After the trial. Mark is furious at Annie for setting him up. or Oliver. Annie works as a data entry clerk. Annie hides Oliver in T'ui Cuch. At the same time. Mark tells Annie to convince the jury to acquit Boffano. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Demi Moore as Annie Laird Alec Baldwin as Mark Cordell. Boffano wonders if maybe Annie should disappear. In order to exert further pressure on Annie. There is a showdown when Mark arrives. who is accused of ordering the murders of Salvador Riggio.The Juror 200 Plot Annie Laird (Demi Moore) is a sculptor who lives in New York with her son Oliver (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). revealing his knowledge of Oliver's whereabouts and his intention to travel to Guatemala to kill Oliver. Mark calls Annie.

com/ title/ tt0116731/ [2] http:/ / www.com [1] • The Juror [2] at Movieweb References [1] http:/ / www.The Juror 201 External links • Imdb. imdb. php?2129 . com/ movies/ film. movieweb.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. and Jerry Barone. The title refers to the American slang term two bits for a quarter dollar. 1995. . and stars Al Pacino. It was directed by James Foley. 1995  United States English Two Bits is an American drama film. It was released on November 22. Smith November 22.Two Bits 202 Two Bits Two Bits Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Narrated by Starring James Foley Arthur Cohn Joseph Stefano Alec Baldwin Jerry Barone Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Al Pacino Patrick Borriello Andy Romano Donna Mitchell Mary Lou Rosato Carter Burwell Music by Cinematography Juan Ruiz Anchía Editing by Release date(s) Country Language Howard E.

where 12-year old Gennaro lives with his widowed mom and his ailing grandfather. imdb. External links • Two Bits [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.Two Bits 203 Plot summary It is a hot summer day in 1933 in South Philadelphia. He has promised the quarter to Gennaro so the boy can buy a ticket to a plush new movie theater. Best family feature and Best young leading actor. His grandfather sits outside holding tight to his last quarter. and he enlists Gennaro to act as his emissary. com/ title/ tt0114753/ . But grandpa is not ready to pass on the quarter or pass on to his final reward. He has some unfinished business with a woman from his past. Awards The film was nominated for two awards.

but it is the most expensive of those productions. Gibson in 1931. United States English $40 million (estimated) $48.The Shadow (1994 film) 204 The Shadow (1994 film) The Shadow Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Russell Mulcahy Willi Bär Martin Bregman Michael Scott Bregman David Koepp Alec Baldwin John Lone Penelope Ann Miller Ian McKellen Jonathan Winters and Tim Curry Jerry Goldsmith Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Stephen H. directed by Russell Mulcahy.063.435 (Worldwide) The Shadow is a 1994 American Action Superhero film. and based on the character of the same name created by Walter B. 1994 108 min. with an estimated $40 million budget. Burum Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Peter Honess Beth Jochem Besterveld Universal Pictures July 1. . The film is one of many featuring The Shadow. Alec Baldwin starred in the title role.

who spirit him away from his estate and bring him before the Tulku. The Shadow. Cranston is taught to cloud men's minds. While out to dinner with his uncle. terrorizes the criminal element of the city and is regarded by the public as an urban legend. she realizes that he is in fact The Shadow. Tired of being a servant to greater powers. He utilizes a vast network of spies and agents. the last living descendant of Genghis Khan. he chose Cranston because "you know what evil lurks in the hearts of men" because of the evil Cranston committed. and a veteran of World War I. removing himself from people's vision in every part except for his shadow. Roy Tam (Sab Shimono) . where he resumes the life he had before the war as an opulent playboy. recruited from the various citizens he saves which affords him a large talent pool to draw from should he require their expertise or knowledge. arriving inside the Natural History museum. confronts Ying Ko and reveals to him that he knows his true identity as Lamont Cranston. His alter ego. Ying Ko sees little reason for reform. Claymore actually joined Khan by his own free will in exchange for power in the new world order. the only thing he can never hide. enters the country with his infamous ancestor's holy crypt. and is sent. eventually rising to power as an iron-fisted opium producer and warlord named Ying Ko. Khan acquires the final piece of his plan: a beryllium sphere from Farley Claymore (Tim Curry). and with the two devices Khan has the ability to create an atomic weapon (a decade before the Manhattan Project). The Shadow is tempted but rejects Khan's offer. His most apparent use of this power allows him to become invisible. Her father Reinhardt Lane (Ian McKellen). Cranston's objections are quickly silenced by a run-in with the Phurba. a living knife whose murderous intentions are kept in check by the Tulku's mental abilities. identified by their fire opal rings. however. who is clearly much more than a simple holy man. an admirer of Cranston's previous atrocities as Ying Ko. He cannot allow himself to interact with her. Reinhardt's unscrupulous assistant. Able to hypnotize others into doing his bidding. a massive hotel that he actually kept invisible to the entire population of New York. The Tulku. Living his life in opulence. Using the Phurba (Frank Welker). With Reinhardt's implosion device in hand. When she goes to find him she is mesmerized by Khan's stronger power. so that his instincts would reawake and Cranston would go back to his corrupt persona. exhibits psychic powers even more focused than Cranston's. But he remained evil and an Asiatic supremacist.His activities go as planned until Shiwan Khan (John Lone). Khan. Khan cuts away at The Shadow until he begins to lose his concentration and reverts to Lamont Cranston. controlling the majority of the country's opium fields and casually using brutal violence to achieve and maintain his power. When Cranston confronts her and releases her from Khan's control. With his newfound abilities. In their next encounter. ends up missing as his implosion device is key to Khan's plan. who seems to have suppressed mental abilities. For seven years.The Shadow (1994 film) 205 Plot Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin) is a former American soldier. Khan. The Shadow infiltrates Khan's headquarters. wishes to let Cranston in on his forthcoming plans to complete Genghis Khan's global domination and once again allow his darker nature to rule him. but when he engages him Khan's control over his powers proves to be sharper. Some of the agents he recruited are: his own personal taxi cab driver Moe Shrevnitz (Peter Boyle) and NYU science professor Dr. a wealthy socialite. because she has the ability to read his thoughts without apparent effort and is immune to his hypnosis. Cranston disappears following the armistice and hides himself away in Tibet. Cranston returns to the United States. apparently to kill The Shadow in his mansion but in reality to be killed by him. a scientist working for the war department. and so begins Cranston's reluctant tutelage under the powerful mystic. Chief of Police Wainwright Barth (Jonathan Winters). Khan is able to mull along secretly until he decides to reveal himself to The Shadow. He kills Farley Claymore and makes his way to Khan. which permits him to control or alter people's perceptions and thoughts by force of concentration. He tells Cranston that he had him brought to the temple so that he could learn to overcome the darkness in his heart in order to become a force for good. just as the atomic bomb is given two hours to detonate. Cranston struggles with the . Cranston meets and is immediately intrigued by Margo Lane (Penelope Ann Miller). and was not brought over to the side of good before he left the Tulku. a fellow student of the Tulku. Khan tells Cranston that he sent Margo not to kill him but to be killed by him. Unable to keep his powers from fading. One night he is kidnapped from his chambers by unknown assailants.

overpowering the Phurba and sending it into Khan's torso. stripped of his abilities due to a life-saving lobotomy that apparently removed the usually-dormant part of the brain that granted him his hypnotic skills. When Khan awakes he finds himself in a mental hospital. With his concentration broken.[1] Bregman remembers. he uses his psychic powers to tear apart the glass and send a large shard into Khan's forehead. Margo asks Lamont if he'll know where to find her." 206 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Lamont Cranston / The Shadow John Lone as Shiwan Khan Penelope Ann Miller as Margo Lane Peter Boyle as Moses "Moe" Shrevnitz Ian McKellen as Dr. And I decided that perhaps it was because he was uncomfortably familiar with the evil in his own heart”. The Shadow chases him into the subsections of the building where. helps his daughter disarm the atomic weapon while The Shadow pursues Khan. now free. “Some of them were light. revealing the once-invisible hotel to the surprised New York populace. When the attending doctor explains the situation to a frustrated and bewildered Khan. In an attempt to differentiate the film from other superhero movies of the time. he simply responds. some of them were darker.[2] Koepp's script relied predominantly on the pulp novels while taking the overall tone from the radio show with the actual plot originated by Koepp himself in consultation with Bregman. It just didn’t work”. the film then became “a story of guilt and atonement”. Reinhardt Lane.[1] He picked Shiwan Khan as the film’s villain because “he was bold and he knew what he was doing – . among a maze of mirrors. At the film's end. Reinhardt Lane Tim Curry as Farley Claymore Jonathan Winters as Wainwright Barth Sab Shimono as Dr. He was hired in 1990 to write a new draft and was able to find the right tone that the studio liked. Margo and Lamont are embracing and kissing when Lamont has to leave suddenly. Khan's hypnotic control over his building and underlings fails. Shrevnitz Nils Allen Stewart as Mongol Frank Welker as Voice of the Phurba Production Producer Martin Bregman bought the rights to The Shadow in 1982. Screenwriter David Koepp had listened to The Shadow radio show as a child when CBS radio re-ran it on Sunday nights.The Shadow (1994 film) Phurba amidst Khan's condescensions until he is forced to regain control. Roy Tam Andre Gregory as Burbank James Hong as Li Peng Joseph Maher as Isaac Newboldt Max Wright as Berger Ethan Phillips as Nelson Sinoa Loren as Singer/Herself Larry Hankin as Taxi Driver Abraham Benrubi as Marine Guard Patrick Fischler as Sailor Kate McGregor-Stewart as Mrs. the fire opal ring on his finger reveals him to be an agent of The Shadow. Koepp focused on “the copy line. and others were supposedly funnier – which they weren’t. ‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?’ and wondered how he knew what evil lurks in the hearts of men.[1] For Koepp. "I'll know.

maybe a little ambitious." The more detailed summary described the film as having "impressive" visuals and a story that does not "strike a memorable chord. very few actors were considered for the role. but ultimately forgettable. it retained a cult following in subsequent years. However. But by the time the film was completed. after the low box office gross. Kim Basinger. he had so much of what I pictured Cranston being". Pinball game Midway (under the Bally label) released a Shadow themed pinball machine in 1994. According to Bregman. but he knew exactly what he wanted. While working on a film called Blue Ice for Bregman. While working on the Bregman-produced The Real McCoy. though ROMS are available."[4] Entertainment Weekly placed the film on its "21 Worst Comic-Book Movies Ever" list. That was very simple.[5] . . but it’s not an FX film. The FX are part of the story. with a worldwide total of $48 million. to star in The Shadow. 207 Reception Critical reaction The film was meant to be a summer blockbuster and the starting point for a new movie franchise with toy. he found out that no director was attached to The Shadow film. however. and it was moderately successful. “There are a lot of FX in this film. but didn’t seriously pursue it when he heard that Robert Zemeckis might direct. although some toys were offered during its release period. Other media Video game A Shadow video game for the Super Nintendo was developed to tie in with the 1994 movie.[6] The budget was $40 million. They planned to have only 50 to 70 shots.”[2] He had always been a fan of Alec Baldwin and wrote the script with him in mind: "He has the eyes and the voice. like The Rocketeer. Baldwin. director Russell Mulcahy heard that Bregman had the rights to The Shadow. the film originally was intended not to be an effects movie. recommended her then-husband. many critics panned the movie as 'corny' and it was a financial disappointment. He asked the producer about it and Bregman agreed to have him direct. The planned franchise never materialized. another classic comic/pulp. Box office The film grossed $32 million domestically. Brian Eddy (Attack From Mars.[1] While making Razorback in 1984. both Roy Scheider and Jeremy Irons were suggested. The film received a 34% on Rotten Tomatoes. Mulcahy said.”[3] According to visual effects supervisor Alison Savitch. It was his first pinball game design. with the consensus as "Visually impressive. Over the years. It’s a character/story-driven film. the film’s star. Dan Forden composed original music for the game. but on Siskel and Ebert Roger Ebert gave the film a positive review. Medieval Madness) designed the game. was never released.[1] Koepp also sat in on rehearsals and incorporated a lot of the actor’s humor into the script. The film was shot on the Universal backlot in Hollywood on five soundstages over 60 days with a five day mini-unit tour of location shooting and a week lost when an earthquake destroyed the Hall of Mirrors set. Despite this failure. game and clothing lines. While making the film. they had 230 effects shots. but. Mulcahy mentioned that a sequel might feature the Voodoo Master as the villain.The Shadow (1994 film) he wanted to conquer the world. This included creating 1930s New York City through miniatures and matte paintings.

" Entertainment Weekly.00. "The Shadow Takes Shape".com/m/1054125-shadow/) The Shadow (http://www. htm). The soundtrack featured selections from Jerry Goldsmith's score and other songs from the film. [5] " 20 Worst Comic-Book Movies Ever The Shadow." Rotten Tomatoes. [3] Murray. performed by Sinoa) [3:48] 5. net/ collector/ collector_images/ Starlog_pg1. Some Kind of Mystery (Written by Diane Warren. Will (August 1994). The Shadow Radio Show 1937: Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men? (Dialogue.com/title/tt0111143/) at the Internet Movie Database The Shadow at Rotten Tomatoes (http://www.. Soundtrack The Arista Records label released a soundtrack album in 1994.The Shadow (1994 film) 208 Novelization James Luceno wrote the novelization which went deeper into the events of the movie and included many nods to the radio show and the original pulp magazines. The Tank [4:08] 11.com/movies/?id=theshadow. 1994 (Dialogue.com/work/131237) at Allmovie The Shadow (http://www.metacritic. The Hotel [5:53] 10.. performed by Taylor Dayne) [6:27] 3.. External links • • • • • The Shadow (http://www. most significantly alluding to the fact that The Shadow's true identity was Kent Allard and that 'Lamont Cranston' was just another identity he assumed.boxofficemojo. moviemaker. Don E (August 1994). [6] "The Shadow at Box Office Mojo" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. Alec Baldwin (http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=shadow.rottentomatoes. php?id=213). rottentomatoes. com/ ew/ gallery/ 0. com/ magazine/ editorial. Original Sin (Theme from The Shadow) (Written by Jim Steinman.imdb. performed by Alec Baldwin) [:08] 2.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Shadow (http://www. performed by Taylor Dayne) [5:02] 13. The Knife [3:05] 9. shadowsanctum. Track listing 1. html).20186843_2. The Sanctum [3:33] 6. . The Poppy Fields (Main Title) [3:16] 4. Original Sin (Theme from The Shadow) Film Mix (Written by Jim Steinman. Frontal Lobotomy [2:28] 12. "Out of the Shadows" (http:/ / www.com/film/titles/theshadow) at Metacritic . performed by Orson Welles) [:29] References [1] Schwager. Sci-Fi Entertainment. com/ m/ 1054125-shadow/ ). "Master of Death" (http:/ / www. Chest Pains [3:26] 8. jpg). [2] Peterson. Who Are You? [4:02] 7. Starlog. . The Shadow Knows. 1994). Moviemaker. Retrieved 2007-04-16. Retrieved 2007-04-16. ew. [4] " The Shadow (1994) (http:/ / www. Jeff (August 13.allmovie. .

English $30. U.974 (worldwide) [1] .The Getaway (1994 film) 209 The Getaway (1994 film) The Getaway Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Roger Donaldson David Foster John Alan Simon Lawrence Turman Marilyn Vance Jim Thompson (novel) Walter Hill Amy Jones Alec Baldwin Kim Basinger Michael Madsen James Woods Philip Seymour Hoffman Jennifer Tilly Mark Isham Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Peter Menzies Jr. Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Conrad Buff Largo Entertainment JVC Universal Studios February 11.S. 1994 115 min.057.

she is helped by a con man who switches the locker keys and takes the bag. leaves. but upon seeing police cars start to close in. We hear the sounds of wild sex taking place and judging by Harolds agitated expressions it is clear his wife Fran is having voluntay wild sex with Rudy and screaming the house down as Rudy pleasures her. She even jumps into the back of the car with him voluntarily as they have a food fight with fried chicken and fries but at this point Rudy flips and screams at her to get the hell in the front with her husband. A distraught Harold commits suicide by hanging himself shortly thereafter. The plan was for Doc and his wife to meet Rudy and Hansen later to split the money. By chance one of his team is Rudy.The Getaway (1994 film) The Getaway is a 1994 crime thriller and a remake of the 1972 film of the same name. but while Doc is breaking into the vault. On arriving at the rendezvous point. We next see Doc being released from prison and meeting the team he is to rob the dog track with. As she puts the bag in a terminal locker. but she changes her mind and kills Benyon instead. Rudy (Madsen) arrives on a motorcycle and proposes the three break a Mexican drug lord's son out of jail in order to gain a $300. and finds shelter and medical attention at a local vet clinic. The wife meets with the boss who agrees to hire him.000 payment. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jennifer Tilly. but he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. which Doc cannot see. On the way to meet Doc. They carry out the job successfully. She shoots Benyon. Doc and his wife go to the mob boss Jack Benyon's house to give him his share of the money. a guard tries to pull a gun and is shot by Hansen in a panic. There he meets Harold (Stephens) and his wife Fran (Tilly). knowing Rudy's character. This causes tension between the pair until the end of the film. leaving Rudy for dead. Rudy manages to drive off wounded. He also refuses to allow Harold to stop to take a pee. along with another man called Hansen (Hoffman).45 caliber pistol. As Doc is counting the money. we see Doc's wife approaching with a gun. Fran and Rudy continue to race towards El Paso. but not killing him as Doc thinks he has. They break into the dog track as planned. Harold manages to move his chair to see what is happening as Fran rides Rudy on top. where Benyon tells Doc that he only agreed to hire him if his wife slept with him beforehand. Michael Madsen. They escape the dog track by creating a huge diversion with a bomb under a gas truck and successfully leave with the bag of cash. She says she only did it to get him out of prison and she loves him. As Doc has a lot of experience. much to Doc's shock. Jack Benyon. Carol and Doc pursue the con man through the terminal and Doc manages to chase . Rudy kills Hansen and pushes him out of the car in order to have all the money to himself. but it turns out the drug lord only wanted his son out to kill him for failing to pay a huge debt. James Woods. Carol tries out several handguns and decides she prefers the bigger . Doc and his wife drive off with all the money. However Doc. We learn that the agreement she had was to kill Doc. knew he would do that and is ready with his own weapon and shoots Rudy. and Doc is left behind and arrested. The next scene is in a Mexican jail where Doc has spent the last year in prison. he asks his wife to contact the mob boss. On this journey Rudy sits in the back and alternatively flirts with Fran while mocking Harold by rubbing fried chicken on his face and putting fries down his shirt. in a deal that would see him released from prison if he pulls off the job. Further tension arises when Doc and Carol almost lose the money at a train station in Flagstaff. Doc questions where Hansen is and Rudy pulls a gun to kill Doc also. with whom he pulled off the jail break a year ago. His wife visits him and learns that Doc has heard about a mob boss who is looking to put together a select team of experts that can rob a dog track in Arizona. who has army experience but is relatively new to the profession—it is probably his first job. Rudy is waiting outside with the getaway plane. Fran is quite taken with Rudy and flirts back with him on this journey. He makes Harold pee in his trousers while driving. Rudy calles Harold a "pervert" and pushes the door shut while laughing at Harold. Kim Basinger. The film stars Alec Baldwin. 210 Plot Married couple Doc (Baldwin) and Carol (Basinger) McCoy drink beer and shoot at empty tin cans in the desert. much to the dismay of both Rudy and Doc. The next scene cuts to a motel room where Harold is tied up in a seedy bathroom motel and gagged. Carol is dropped off at the terminal while Doc parks the car. and was directed by Roger Donaldson. who treat his wounds and are taken hostage on route to El Paso.

they check into their room. Arizona. The location portrayed as the Border Hotel in El Paso is the Hotel Del Sol (formerly Hotel Del Ming) in Yuma. and border town El Paso. Rudy and Benyon's men. The writers and producers did not make this version of the film more faithful to Jim Thompson's novel than Peckinpah's version. Arizona. Eventually Doc manages to kill Rudy and most of the men pursuing him. Mexico. Some character names and locations are changed. where they purchase a truck from a stranger and drive off into the sunset. and a long gun fight ensues between Doc. DVM Richard Farnsworth as Slim Philip Seymour Hoffman as Frank Hansen Burton Gilliam as Gollie Elske McCain as Driver Production Filming locations The film is a criminal road trip movie taking the couple across the American southwest. the film was actually shot in Tucson. Standing in for these communities. Arizona. Yuma. Phoenix. Their plan is to meet their contact in El Paso to get new passports and identities so they can escape to Mexico. Locations in the script include Phoenix and Flagstaff. Texas. the 'El Rey' ending from the novel was not included in this film. .The Getaway (1994 film) him onto a train while Carol is left behind at the terminal. Doc recovers the bag and returns to the terminal for Carol. and The Apache Lodge in Prescott. When they get to the hotel. This film is a remake of Sam Peckinpah's The Getaway. New Mexico. but Benyon's men also want the money they stole and pursue them to the hotel in El Paso to kill them. Sonora. but Benyon's men and Rudy also arrive for the money. 211 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Carter "Doc" McCoy Kim Basinger as Carol McCoy (Basinger was married to Baldwin at the time of filming) Michael Madsen as Rudy Travis James Woods as Jack Benyon David Morse as Jim Deer Jackson Jennifer Tilly as Fran Carvey James Stephens as Harold Carvey. Doc and Carol escape the hotel and make it to the border of Mexico. establishing shot for one scene is believed to have been filmed in San Luis del Río. An exterior.

rottentomatoes.imdb. com/ m/ 1047985-getaway/ External links • The Getaway (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • The Getaway (http://www.com/movies/?id=getaway.[2] References [1] http:/ / www.com/title/tt0109890/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Getaway (http://www.boxofficemojo.The Getaway (1994 film) 212 Reception The film has a rating of 35% on Rotten Tomatoes. htm [2] http:/ / www.com/work/123091) at Allmovie . boxofficemojo.allmovie. com/ movies/ ?id=getaway.

Malice (film) 213 Malice (film) Malice Original poster Directed by Produced by Harold Becker Harold Becker Charles Mulvehill Rachel Pfeffer Aaron Sorkin Scott Frank Based on a story by Jonas McCord Alec Baldwin Nicole Kidman Bill Pullman Peter Gallagher Bebe Neuwirth Josef Sommer with Anne Bancroft and George C. Scott Jerry Goldsmith Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Gordon Willis Editing by Studio David Bretherton Nelvana Limited Castle Rock Entertainment New Line Cinema Columbia Pictures October 1. 1993 106 minutes United States English $20 million (estimated) Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget .

watched everything. while his wife teaches art to children. he quickly proves himself to be a less than ideal tenant. Mrs. the fetus aborts. He is the Associate Dean at the local college. a newly arrived doctor at the area hospital. Over the protests of the other doctors. who ultimately proves to be Jed. Her mother also confirms Andy's suspicion that Tracy was pregnant by a Dr. Jed attempts to walk away. during his testimony. whom Andy had been told was dead. She tells him she had a relationship with a wealthy man who paid her to have an abortion. With his propensity to bring home sexual partners and to party late into the night. He implies that there was a witness to her trysts with Jed.405. He states that the young boy next door. and she leaves Andy. He also tells her that if he should meet with an unexpected death a letter will immediately be sent to the police department notifying them of the existing witness. She refuses and says that she earned that money and that there was no way she was splitting it three ways. Plot Andy (Bill Pullman) and Tracy Safian (Nicole Kidman) are a happily married couple living in a Victorian house they are restoring in the Boston suburbs. grandiosely compares himself to God. Tracy tells Jed about Andy's demands and he tells her to give him what he wants. The screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and Scott Frank is based on a story by Jonas McCord. whom she blames for the loss of her ovaries. When student Paula Bell (Gwyneth Paltrow) is attacked and killed. Kennsinger (Anne Bancroft) tells Andy the truth about her supposedly sweet daughter: the woman is a con artist. His case is not helped when Jed. She attempts to pressure him into it by reminding him of his removing her ovaries. While at the police station delivering a semen sample. and Andy tracks them to a house where the two are living together. His insurance company settles with Tracy for $20 million. Andy recognizes Jed from their high school days and invites him to rent the third floor of their home in order to finance the new plumbing. prompting detective Dana Harris (Bebe Neuwirth) to view him as a possible suspect. He refuses. He learns an excess amount of the drug can cause the pain. he opts not to wait for test results and advises Andy to agree to the removal of Tracy's ovaries. Jed discovers Tracy is pregnant and notices her ovaries are torsed and appear necrotic.336 214 Malice is a 1993 American thriller film directed by Harold Becker. Andy learns his wife has been hospitalized. During the surgery. whom they never met but who they frequently saw sitting at his bedroom window. Riley denies everything and reveals Tracy’s mother. Andy accidentally discovers that the serial rapist is Earl Leemus (Tobin Bell). might be able to offer him some insight. Andy discovers a hypodermic needle containing the fertility drug Perganol. Jed Hill (Alec Baldwin). but Tracy kept the money and had it done illegally. David Lilianfield. When she wraps the cellophane around his face from behind she realizes that its a dummy. When Jed later is told the ovaries were healthy. waits until the nurse next door leaves. Andy confronts Tracy's lawyer. An angry Andy confronts Tracy and tells her he wants half the money from the settlement. then breaks in and tries to smother the boy. Dana reports Andy's semen sample indicated he is sterile and couldn't have fathered Tracy's child. and he realizes she deliberately created her illness with Jed's help. Tracy lures Andy away from his house. When a student is attacked in her home by what appears to be a serial rapist. Jed's attorney Lester Adams (Josef Sommer) learns his client had been drinking prior to the surgery.Malice (film) Gross revenue Domestic: $46. Back at home. he will face the consequences of his actions. and also to Jed injecting her with Perganol which in high dosages can cause ovarian cysts. rather than bury the report. the college handyman. and apprehends him. her life is saved by Dr. and accuses him of having impregnated Tracy and colluded with her. Dennis Riley (Peter Gallagher). he decides that. Andy finds her body in the garden behind her home. Andy surprises her . but Tracy pulls a gun and shoots him. At a deposition. Tracy tells Jed that they have to get rid of the witness because that is the only bargaining chip that Andy has on them.

.. worked as executive producers on the film.." Timothy M. two of the co-founders of Canadian animation studio Nelvana. but no less enjoyable for being so familiar.. . this is the only movie I can recall in which an entire subplot about a serial killer is thrown in simply for atmosphere. Aussie Kidman. but on the whole. Lester Adams George C.... he forgets to give us [4] characters to care about ..[1] Malice opened on 1. who here uses a flawless American accent.. "The immaculately crafted Malice is a virtual scrapbook of elements borrowed from other suspense pix.336 in the US. ... .. Dennis Riley Josef Sommer .. No one shows any shame about going over the top.. It eventually earned a total of $46. Malice was directed by Harold Becker. After listless performances in such pics as Days of Thunder and Far and Away. proves her strengths as an actress.. the actors work to keep you guessing long after you've caught on. "Goaded on by writer Aaron Sorkin. It's got suspense but no staying power. neither should you . Martin Kessler Tobin Bell .. Perhaps director Harold Becker thought flashy acting could distract us from the gaping plot holes. "I can't go into detail without revealing vital secrets. and Baldwin mixes menace. ranking #1 at the box office. and Northampton in Massachusetts.. blind... Tracy Safian Bill Pullman . ... who was disguised as the nurse. 215 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin . Smith College was the setting used for Andy's college.. the script does what it set out to do." [3] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone observed.232. whose credits include the splendid films The Onion Field and Sea of Love. Scott .. [2] Critical reception Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called the film "one of the busiest movies I've ever seen. and he milks this material for a great deal more than it is worth.... 1993 and grossed $9. Yet after the movie is over and you try to think through those secrets... Dana Harris Anne Bancroft . Earl Leemus Debrah Farentino . Andy Safian Bebe Neuwirth . and if the filmmakers didn't worry about these things. Becker gets so intent on confusing us.. Dr. Jed Hill Nicole Kidman .. in fact..405. especially Anne Bancroft in an Oscar-begging cameo as Tracy's mother. It is revealed that the boy is.. returns and arrests Tracy.. . sex and humor in another terrific performance.650 on its opening weekend." [5] . . Holyoke. Offhand. a film jampacked with characters and incidents and blind alleys and red herrings." He added..S. on October 1. Michael Hirsh and Patrick Loubert. .. As Tracy is led away she sees the boy and his mother return. .. Paula Bell Production Malice was shot on location in Boston. Gray of Variety said. you get into really deep molasses . Amherst.. Kennsinger Peter Gallagher . [It] should tickle audiences who want to be entertained without being challenged . . Nurse Tanya Gwyneth Paltrow .. who could run a red-herring factory... .. Mrs... Some of the plotting gets plodding .431 screens in the U.Malice (film) and they fight until Detective Harris..

External links • Malice (http://www. season 3. html?dids=518990621:518990621& FMT=ABS& FMTS=ABS:FT& type=current& date=Oct+ 06. Valentine's Day". Torstar Corporation. p. com/ thestar/ access/ 518990621. Jack Burditt. This is a reference to a famous line by Jed Hill. Valentine's Day". . No.imdb. Retrieved 2010-08-15. 30 Rock. portrayed by Baldwin. NBC.2. com/ review/ VE1117901312. htm). Jack Donaghy. writers.[6] References [1] Adilman. Retrieved 2010-08-15. dll/ article?AID=/ 19931001/ REVIEWS/ 310010306/ 1023) [4] Rolling Stone review (http:/ / www. Toronto Star. 11. D.+ 1993& author=Sid+ Adilman+ Toronto+ Star& pub=Toronto+ Star& desc=Toronto+ producers+ share+ movie+ gravy& pqatl=google) (Registration required to read article). director. 2009-02-12.com/title/tt0107497/) at the Internet Movie Database . boxofficemojo. suntimes. . com/ reviews/ movie/ 5948919/ review/ 5948920/ malice) [5] Variety review (http:/ / www. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) [6] "St. [2] "Box office information for Malice" (http:/ / www. Sid (1993-10-06). com/ movies/ ?id=malice. Baldwin's character in this film. [3] Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert.Malice (film) 216 Cultural references In the 30 Rock episode "St. "Toronto producers share movie gravy" (http:/ / pqasb. Tina Fey. com/ apps/ pbcs. confesses to a priest that he once said "I am God" during a deposition. pqarchiver. rollingstone. Box Office Mojo. variety. Don Scardino.

Glengarry Glen Ross (film) 217 Glengarry Glen Ross (film) Glengarry Glen Ross Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring James Foley Jerry Tokofsky Stanley R. is notorious for its use of profanity.725. 1992 100 minutes United States English $12.5 million $10. adapted by David Mamet from his acclaimed 1984 Pulitzer Prize. The film. Smith New Line Cinema October 2. all except the top two salesmen will be fired.228 Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 independent dramatic film. Zupnik David Mamet Jack Lemmon Al Pacino Ed Harris Alan Arkin Kevin Spacey Alec Baldwin Jonathan Pryce James Newton Howard Music by Cinematography Juan Ruiz Anchía Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Howard E. leading the cast to jokingly refer to the film as "Death of a Fuckin' Salesman". in one week.[1] The actual title . The film depicts two days in the lives of four real estate salesmen and how they become desperate when the corporate office sends a representative to "motivate" them by announcing that.and Tony-winning play of the same name. like the play.

Blake unleashes a torrent of verbal abuse on the men and announces that only the top two sellers will be allowed access to the more promising Glengarry leads and the rest of them will be fired. Levene. only making $10. but Moss tries to coerce him. Levene carelessly reveals that he knows Williamson left Lingk's check on his desk and did not make the bank run the previous night – something only the man who broke into the office would know. Roma then enters Williamson's office to take his turn being interrogated by the police. He tries to convince office manager John Williamson (Kevin Spacey) to give him some of the Glengarry leads. Roma plays upon Lingk's feelings of insecurity. unaware of Roma and Levene's stalling tactic. Scrambling to salvage the deal. and that accordingly he has time to reason with his wife and reconsider. Lingk rushes out of the office. It was critically well-received with highly positive reviews by most of the major critics. but Williamson refuses. The film was not a commercial success. During the cycle of interrogations. claiming that he already deposited his check in the bank.7 million in North America. Williamson and the police question each of the salesmen in private. 218 Plot summary The film depicts two days in the lives of four real estate salesmen who are supplied with names and phone numbers of leads (potential clients) and regularly use underhanded and dishonest tactics to make sales. takes the opportunity to mock Williamson in private.Glengarry Glen Ross (film) of the film comes from the names of two of the real estate developments being peddled by the salesmen characters (Glengarry Highlands and Glen Ross Farms). Moss's plan requires Aaronow to break into the office. Levene abets Roma by pretending to be a wealthy investor and friend of Roma's who just happens to be on his way to the airport. Levene tries first to charm Williamson. Roma does not broach the subject of a real estate deal until he has completely won Lingk over with his speech. Dave Moss (Ed Harris) and George Aaronow (Alan Arkin) complain about Mitch and Murray. the office's top "closer. threatening to contact the State's Attorney. Glengarry Glen Ross had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival where Jack Lemmon won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor. disjointed but compelling monologue to a meek. In his zeal to get back at Williamson. then to threaten him. Al Pacino was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the film. After his interrogation.5 million budget. Levene cannot come up with the cash and leaves without any good leads. Framing it as being an opportunity rather than a purchase. and finally to bribe him. Lingk arrives to tell Roma that his wife has told him to cancel the deal. Moss leaves in disgust. . Williamson. Ricky Roma (Al Pacino). and Roma berates Williamson for what he has done. only after having one explosive last shouting match with Roma. Many of the leads rationed out by the office manager are impoverished individuals lacking either the money or the desire to actually invest in land. but demands cash in advance. As the salesmen come into work the following day they find the office has been burgled and the Glengarry leads have been stolen. knows that he will lose his job soon if he cannot generate sales. Roma tries to deceive Lingk by telling him that the check he wrote the night before has yet to be cashed. middle-aged man named James Lingk (Jonathan Pryce). Aaronow wants no part of the plan. and Moss proposes that they strike back at the two by stealing all the Glengarry leads and selling them to a competing real estate agency. saying that Aaronow is already an accomplice simply because he knows about the proposed burglary. Shelley Levene (Jack Lemmon). a salesman in a long running slump with a sick daughter." delivers a long. stage a burglary and steal all of the prime leads. proud of an unlikely sale he made that morning. Williamson is willing to sell some of the prime leads. Blake (Alec Baldwin) is sent by Mitch and Murray (the faceless owners of the real estate office in which the main characters work) to motivate the salesmen. just below its $12. Upset. lies to Lingk.

Spacey saw his character as "the catalyst for events. 219 Cast and characters • Jack Lemmon as Shelley "The Machine" Levene: An aging. "Shelley's actions question where the [2] morals and ethics are in America and how they have eroded in the quest for success. dishonest and amoral. once-successful and respected salesman who has recently fallen on hard times and has not been able to close a lucrative deal in a worryingly long while. Roma walks out of the office for lunch and talks to Levene about forming a business partnership before the detective starts calling for Levene." • Al Pacino as Ricky Roma: The most successful salesman in the office who is predicted to win the monthly sales contest."[2] • Alan Arkin as George Aaronow: An aging and nervous salesman with low self-esteem and an extremely dependent nature. . Arkin originally disliked the character. confident salesman with a casual swagger immediately telegraphs to modern clients his identity as a smooth-talking shyster looking to disarm them with reassurance. petty. He has a sick daughter in the hospital and desperately needs the commission from a big sale in order to continue paying her medical expenses. since people are either struggling for or against him. His desperation eventually compels him to break into the office late at night and steal the premium sales leads. Unaware of Levene's guilt. Lemmon said of his character. His success is mainly due to his talent for spotting a client's vulnerability and then crafting a pitch that will exploit that particular personal weakness. Harris described his character as "the kind of guy who. The salesmen resent and despise Williamson and spare no opportunity to ridicule and belittle him. all he wants to do is keep his job and he dislikes having to routinely deflect their ceaseless attempts to manipulate him. into Williamson's office where the police are waiting. crushed by this revelation. Shelley's frantic. Levene. Roma adopts a more laconic. charismatic and charming. when anything's wrong. are in fact impoverished and deluded and just enjoy talking to salesmen. but Williamson cruelly rebuffs him and leaves to inform the detective about Levene's part in the burglary. Bruce & Harriet Nyborg. • Ed Harris as Dave Moss: A loudmouth salesman with big dreams and ambitions. asks Williamson why he seeks to ruin him. defeated. Blames everybody else. However. but they know they need him because he is responsible for administering the sales leads.Glengarry Glen Ross (film) Williamson catches Levene's slip-of-the-tongue quickly and compels Levene to admit that he broke into the office." Levene makes a last ditch attempt at gaining sympathy from Williamson by mentioning his sick daughter. Levene attempts to bribe Williamson with a large portion of all his future sales in exchange for keeping quiet about the burglary. Williamson knows this too and uses his position as a passive-aggressive method of control. Levene has been unable to replace his obsolete tactics with new ones and suffers financially as a result. The film ends as Levene walks. Levene eventually breaks down and admits that he and Moss conspired to steal the leads to give to a competitor. he eventually decided that Aaronow was a former school teacher who became a salesman to support his family after his school was closed down by its district. but also ruthless. it's not him. successful. Williamson scoffs at the suggestion and tells Levene that the buyers to whom he made his sale earlier that day. mealy-mouthed office manager. He frequently shadows the others to prompt them into asking about his status so he can vent his anxieties and has recently taken to following Moss in the hopes learning how to be more aggressive. Roma is cocky. Levene's decline is due to the old-fashioned nature of his methods: his presentation as a grinning. Williamson is under great stress due to the stringent policies dictated by Mitch and Murray and the constant complaints by the salesmen regarding his mandated lack of support. Shelley's garrulousness at the office the next day proves to be his downfall. he lacks the ruthless cunning of his co-workers to successfully work for the agency. garrulous wheedling of the office manager and prospective clients get him nowhere. sage-like presentation and withholds the sales pitch until the client is successfully endeared to him. However. unlike his mentor Levene. but little work ethic."[2] • Kevin Spacey as John Williamson: The bland. Williamson coldly responds "Because I don't like you. citing his extreme passivity and incompetence as reason to decline the role.

Subsequently. Bruce Willis. Kershner dropped out to make another movie as did Pacino. "Some of the best damn actors you're ever going to see came in and read and I'm talking about names".[5] Foley was hired to direct only to leave the production as well.[3] Joe Mantegna and Richard Gere[2] from expressing interest in the film.[5] During filming. and New Line Cinema over the course [3] of four years. He expressed interest in appearing in the film adaptation. By March 1991. members of the cast who were not required to be on the set certain days would show up anyway to watch the other actors' performances. Mamet wanted $500. the three men organized readings with several other actors as Lemmon remembers. people with movie charisma. It was more like doing a play at times [when] you'd get the continuity going". Producer Jerry Tokofsky read David Mamet’s play on a trip to New York City in 1985 at the suggestion of director Irvin Kershner who wanted to make it into a movie. Al Pacino originally wanted to do the play on Broadway but was doing another Mamet production. "What made it [challenging] was the language and the rhythms. and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1984. no major studio wanted to finance it.[3] This did not stop other actors. O. Because Lingk is lonely and unhappy in his marriage. London. but two of their clients – Ed Harris and Kevin Spacey – soon joined the cast. Pacino cut his per-movie price from $6 million to $1. Zupnik was a Washington D. New York and on location in Sheepshead Bay.5 million. figuring that they could cut a deal with a cable company to bankroll the movie. he is easily manipulated and falls for Roma's sales pitch disguised as an overture of friendly intimacy. "There were five and six-page scenes we would shoot all at once.C. “Alec said: ‘I’ve read 25 scripts and nothing is as good as this. they spent three weeks in rehearsals. Jake Bloom.[5] Alan Arkin said of the script. • Alec Baldwin as Blake: A hot-shot sales strategist who is brought in by Mitch and Murray to "motivate" the discouraged salesmen. the play made its American debut in Chicago before moving to Broadway. James Foley’s agent sent the film director Mamet’s screenplay in early 1991 but he was hesitant to direct because he “wanted great actors. which are enormously difficult to absorb".[3] Tokofsky saw the play on Broadway and contacted Mamet. Because of the uncompromising subject matter and abrasive language. If you make it. Alec Baldwin. American Buffalo.5 million. With a budget set at $12. Financing came from cable and video companies. arrogant bully. filming began in August 1991 at the Kaufman Astoria Soundstage in Queens.000 for the movie rights and another $500.[6] .Glengarry Glen Ross (film) • Jonathan Pryce as James Lingk: A timid. in London at the time. Once the cast was assembled. an Australian movie theater chain. left the project over a contract disagreement. many of the actors took significant pay cuts. 220 Production David Mamet's play was first performed in 1983 at the Royal National Theatre. Tokofsky contacted Baldwin and begged him to reconsider doing the film.000.[4] Foley took the screenplay to Pacino with whom he had been trying to work on a film for years. Because of the film’s modest budget. even with movie stars attached. he told Zupnik about Mamet’s play and he saw it on Broadway but found the plot confusing.[5] Tokofsky’s lawyer. Stanley R. to give it watchability. Tokofsky asked Jack Lemmon to act in the movie. For example. who also attached. Baldwin received $250. Brooklyn over 39 days. That same year. The producer remembers. A vulgar.[2] During this time. like Robert De Niro. I’ll do it”.[3] The two men arranged an informal reading with Lemmon in Los Angeles.-based producer of B-movies that was looking for a more profitable project. Harris remembers.000 to write the screenplay. several banks. Zupnik agreed to pay Mamet’s $1 million asking price. a German television station.K. he flaunts his wealth while crudely taunting and demeaning the others for their own lack of success. In 1986. depressed middle-aged man who becomes Roma's latest client. called a meeting at the Creative Artists Agency who represented many of the actors involved and asked for their help. In 1989. especially since the locations were so restricted”. and so on. CAA showed little interest. Tokofsky had co-produced two previous Zupnik films. This character was created for the film specifically for Baldwin to play and did not appear in the stage version. Lemmon was paid $1 million.

grossing $2. The film currently has a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and a metascore of 80 on Metacritic. but this character (not in the original play) also shakes up the movie's toned balance with his sheer noise and scatological fury". Tokofsky and Zupnik had a falling out over money and credit for the film. Instead. and describing his character as "the weaselly soul of Glengarry Glen [11] Peter Travers gave the film his highest rating in Rolling Stone Ross–Willy Loman turned into a one-liner". Tokofsky sued to strip Zupnik of his producer’s credit and share of the producer’s fee. It went on to make $10. It's also because of the breathtaking wizardry with which Mr.[7] Zupnik claimed that he personally put up $2 million of the film’s budget and countersued. claiming that Tokofsky was fired for embezzlement.5 million budget. it was given its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The play was zippy black comedy about predators in twilight. he adhered to a monochromatic blue-grey color scheme.7 million in North America. it was originally slated to be shown at the Montreal Film Festival but it was necessary to show it out of competition because it was entered into competition at the Venice Film Festival at the same time. Mamet and Mr. greens and reds color scheme for the first part of the film. 1992 in 416 theaters.Glengarry Glen Ross (film) The film's director of photography. Jack Lemmon was voted Best Actor by the National Board of Review. after living through movies in which flat dialogue serves only to advance the story". all right.[16] However. "the utterly demonic skill with which these foulmouthed characters carve one another up in futile attempts to stave off disaster. Foley have made a vivid. "Mamet's dialogue has a kind of logic. that allows people to arrive in triumph at the ends of sentences we could not possibly have imagined. and is oft portrayed in a desperate situation attempting to scrape a living as (an unsuccessful) salesman.[23] . about the difficulty most people have convincing themselves that what they do matters". a cadence. "The pleasure of this unique film comes in watching superb actors dine on Mamet's pungent language like the feast it is". Richard Corliss wrote. Despite being a box-office flop during its original release the film has garnered some moderate praise from fans and has been praised for its performances. The character borrows many of the mannerisms of the Lemmon character. he also creates the (presumably) unwanted effect of a soundstage. magazine and wrote.[21] Jack Lemmon's character of Shelley Levene was a major source on inspiration in the creation of recurring The Simpsons character Gil Gunderson.[22] The character had a Simpsons' Christmas Special episode dedicated to him in Kill Gil.[14] In his review for The New York Times. There is no evidence of life outside the immediate world of the [17] movie". If his intention is to create a sense of claustrophobia. the film is a photo-essay.[7] 221 Reception Glengarry Glen Ross had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival where Jack Lemmon won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor. Owen Gleiberman gave the film an "A" rating in his review for Entertainment Weekly magazine. Juan Ruiz Anchía relied on low lighting and shadows with a blues. just below its $12. [10] Reviews were highly positive.[12] Roger Ebert's review in the Chicago Sun-Times wrote. Glengarry Glen Ross is considered to be a cult film. For the second half.[8] In addition. During the production. Desson Howe's review in the Washington Post criticized Foley's direction. writing that it "doesn't add much more than the street between. Vincent Canby praised. You can see the joy with which these actors get their teeth into these great lines. "A peerless ensemble of actors fills Glengarry Glen Ross with audible glares and shudders. the same year he was nominated and won the Best Actor Oscar for Scent of a Woman.[19] Empire magazine voted the film the 470th greatest film in their "500 Greatest Movies of All Time" list.1 million on its opening weekend. There is great energy in it.[15] In his review for Time. shot in morgue closeup. He shakes them up. living film that preserves the claustrophobic nature of the original stage work".[9] The film opened in regular release on October 2.[18] He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role but failed to win.[17] Al Pacino was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor but did not win. praising Lemmon's performance as "a revelation". Volumes I & II.[13] Newsweek magazine's Jack Kroll praised Alec Baldwin's performance: "Baldwin is sleekly sinister in the role of Blake. a troubleshooter caned in to shake up the salesmen.[20] Not a box office hit.

html) • • • • • . com/ apps/ pbcs. [11] Gleiberman. Retrieved 2010-03-31. 1992). [13] Ebert. htm). [18] Benson. 1992). 2000). [22] Scully. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. 1992). 1992). net/ movies/ g/ glengarry_glen. [15] Canby. 6. Empire.39294/ ). "Globes Nod to Men. [10] "Glengarry Glen Ross" (http:/ / www. Roger (October 2. . "Glengarry Glen Ross" (http:/ / www. reelviews. Commentary for "Realty Bites". No. The Onion A. in The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season [DVD]. com/ 1992/ 10/ 12/ movies/ the-talk-of-hollywood-the-glengarry-math-add-money-and-stars-then-subtract-ego. ReelViews. "Sweating Out Loud" (http:/ / www. Club. empireonline.com/1991/08/15/movies/ despite-the-odds-glengarry-is-being-filmed. Retrieved 2007-04-17. Glengarry Is Being Filmed" (http://www. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 2007-09-23. Commentary for "Realty Bites". "Glengarry Glen Ross" (http:/ / www. Zupnik. htm). 2000-12-17. then Subtract Ego" (http:/ / www. USA Today.metacritic. [23] Greaney. com/ articles/ glengarry-glen-ross. "Glengarry Glen Ross" (http:/ / rogerebert. Variety. . Chicago Sun-Times.boxofficemojo. Jack (October 5. entries sign on at 49th Venice Fest". [7] Powers. nytimes. Richard (October 12. Retrieved 2010-03-18.com/film/titles/glengarryglenross) at Metacritic Glengarry Glen Ross (http://www. html). washingtonpost. Mamet and . 2010).dailyscript. 20th Century Fox. . com/ ew/ article/ 0. . "Heels. Time. [16] Corliss. 1993). [3] Weinraub. 1992). "Mamet's Real Estate Sharks and Their Prey" (http:/ / movies2.com/title/tt0104348/) at the Internet Movie Database Glengarry Glen Ross (http://www. [9] Adilman. Dan (2006). Rolling Stone. 1992.htm) at Box Office Mojo • "Despite the Odds. Scott (March 18. Washington Times. Bernard (October 12. . html?_r=1& title1=& title2=GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS (MOVIE)& reviewer=Vincent Canby& v_id=19953& oref=slogin). "Festivals scrap over movie". 1992). 1992). com/ movies/ ?id=glengarryglenross.S.976707. "Glengarry Glen Ross" (http:/ / www. Seattle Times. Sid (September 1. suntimes. 1992). newsweek. Retrieved 2010-03-31. Washington Post.The New York Times article • Original play script (http://www. "Glengarry Glen Ross" (http:/ / www. 20th Century Fox. John (September 28. . Box Office Mojo. "The Glengarry Math: Add Money and Stars. [8] Clark. html). [19] Spillman. 1992).V. boxofficemojo. com/ 500/ 6. Susan (February 18. com/ gst/ movies/ review. "Director is Happy to put Big Stars in Film Version of Mamet Play". James (2006). [14] Kroll. nytimes. Retrieved 2007-04-17. [5] "Glengarry Glen Ross Production Notes". Jennifer (July 31. "Oscar's independent streak". "Three U.rottentomatoes. [17] Howe. . External links Glengarry Glen Ross (http://www. Retrieved 2007-04-17.com/movies/?id=glengarryglenross. asp).com/m/glengarry_glen_ross/) at Rotten Tomatoes Glengarry Glen Ross (http://www. com/ reviews/ movie/ 5948297/ glengarry_glen_ross). "Pacino. Jim (December 30. "Pros and Cons" (http:/ / www. . Mike (2006). time. Inside the Actors Studio. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ glengarryglenrossrhowe_a0af12. ew. [12] Travers. [4] Hartl. 1992). season 7. Retrieved 2007-04-17. Retrieved 2007-04-17. Jayne M (September 27. The New York Times. .00. Owen (October 9. William F (October 4. Toronto Star. 1992). Desson (October 2. . The New York Times. Retrieved 2008-09-29. . . Retrieved 2008-08-21. [2] Blanchard.312081. com/ id/ 147209/ page/ 2).. 1992). Vincent (September 30.com/scripts/glengarry. html?scp=176& sq="Glengarry+ Glen+ Ross"& st=nyt). New Line Cinema Press Kit. rollingstone. Heroes and Hustlers" (http:/ / www.html?scp=160&sq="Glengarry+Glen+Ross"&st=nyt) . .imdb. Peter (December 8. [6] Berardinelli. dll/ article?AID=/ 19921002/ REVIEWS/ 210020302/ 1023). Variety. "Glengarry Hits the Screen with the Joys of Male Angst". while being interviewed on "". . in The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season [DVD].nytimes. Washington Post. 1992).allmovie. avclub.00.Glengarry Glen Ross (film) 222 References [1] According to Ed Harris.9171. Retrieved 2007-04-17. [21] Tobias. html).com/work/19953) at Allmovie Glengarry Glen Ross (http://www. Newsweek. Who? The Local Real Estate Mogul Behind Glengarry". [20] "500 Greatest Movies of All Time" (http:/ / www. Aladdin".

The screenplay by Craig Lucas is based on his 1988 play of the same title. . vibrant wife trapped within an aged. Rita Boyle (Meg Ryan). At their wedding. 1992 105 minutes USA English  United States Prelude to a Kiss is a 1992 American romantic fantasy film directed by Norman René and starring Alec Baldwin. their spirits switch places. leaving Peter with a young. the conservative employee of a Chicago publishing house. elderly man who requests permission to kiss the bride. diseased. Meg Ryan and Sydney Walker.Prelude to a Kiss (film) 223 Prelude to a Kiss (film) Prelude to a Kiss Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Norman René Norman René Craig Lucas Craig Lucas Alec Baldwin Meg Ryan Sydney Walker Howard Shore Music by Cinematography Stefan Czapsky Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language 20th Century Fox July 10. Whether or not he can see beyond the physical and embrace the beautiful soul he loves and Julius will agree to return to his cancer-riddled flesh by kissing Rita again are the dilemmas that must be resolved. Plot synopsis Despite her pessimistic outlook on life. falls in love with and marries Peter Hoskins (Alec Baldwin). free-spirited aspiring graphic designer who earns a living as a bartender. a liberal. When he does. a lonely. the couple is approached by Julius (Sydney Walker). disintegrating body.

Prelude to a Kiss (film) 224 Production notes The film's title is derived from the Duke Ellington/Irving Gordon/Irving Mills tune of the same name. stays resolutely earthbound. which is heard performed by Deborah Harry during the opening credits. . and then he develops eloquently into a person of poetry and longing. a New York stage actor who got his first starring role at 71.730 in the US and $2. "The More I See You" and "I Had the Craziest Dream" by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon. The film is fairly hard to categorize. The disappointment is rending. but heart. for whatever reason. the North Shore and Jamaica.697. Rita dances to I Touch Myself.how he gets away with it . The soundtrack also includes the Cole Porter song "Every Time We Say Goodbye" performed by Annie Lennox. . "Craig Lucas's prince of a play has been turned into a toad of a movie. The emotional heart of the movie belongs to the old guy." Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said of the film "although it could probably do more with its story. The play challenges us to make an imaginative leap into the wild blue. however much it flails. "A Certain Smile" by Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster.690." [5] . . is going on . aren't fleshed out as human beings. . "Why is Prelude to a Kiss such a washout? I'm afraid it's because the play itself is a whimsically inept piece of high kitsch .006. Peter Travers stated. and "Someone Like You" by Van Morrison. . . . The film. Prelude to a Kiss is the kind of movie that can inspire long conversations about the only subject really worth talking about. The film grossed $20. The opened-up film lumbers like someone on crutches. He is. The characters . since Lucas and director Norman René ." [4] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly graded the film C. Principal cast • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Peter Hoskins Meg Ryan as Rita Boyle Sydney Walker as Julius Kathy Bates as Leah Blier Ned Beatty as Dr. the Meaning of It All .961 in foreign markets for a total worldwide box office of [1] $22. Peter.is through not just craft. but it's also clumsily set forth: many people seeing it may wonder what. Vincent Canby said. Against the literal surroundings of Chicago. they seem like urban types concocted in screenwriting class.691 . Of the dialogue. "The Very Thought of You" by Ray Noble. Boyle Patty Duke as Mrs.a Twilight Zone for yuppie soft-heads .and added. did not seem important in the stage production. . I'll say how unusual it is for Hollywood characters to talk longingly and thoughtfully about our search for happiness in this world where most assuredly we will die. How he does it . what it does is gentle and moving. This Prelude to a Kiss is not only without charm and wit. which is one of its strengths . in heaven's name. literally playing a woman in [3] her 20s. interesting only for the bizarre situation in which they are caught. . . Walker. in many of his scenes. . . And so the ethereality of the premise never takes hold. an old man who looks as if he has not one single thing to say. He begins as a block of human wood. . The same dialogue that served well enough on the stage now sounds arch and coy or [2] metaphysically flat. They lack any convincing particularity or idiosyncrasy. In the beginning. Rita and the old man become perfunctory characters. "Sweet Jane" by Lou Reed. "The sad news about this movie adaptation is that it functions as a cruel critique of the problems that. Boyle Stanley Tucci as Taylor Debra Monk as Aunt Dorothy Critical reception In his review in the New York Times. He is wonderful here. made magic onstage . ." In Rolling Stone.

washingtonpost. however. .Prelude to a Kiss (film) In Variety. and the film suffers during her prolonged absence in the later stages. dll/ article?AID=/ 19920710/ REVIEWS/ 207100301/ 1023) Rolling Stone review (http:/ / www. will remain starved for the comparative profundity of a leaky Love Boat rerun. com/ reviews/ movie/ 5948393/ review/ 5948394/ a_prelude_to_a_kiss) [5] Entertainment Weekly review (http:/ / www.allmovie. suntimes. . com/ movies/ 1992/ 0PTAK.com (http:/ / www..com/work/1:30935) at Allmovie . almost too adorable for words. "Packed with cheap sentiment and puerile romanticism. Cuter-than-cute. Ryan rambunctiously embodies the life force even when playing a basically aimless young woman. variety. The less starry-eyed viewers . . com/ movie/ review?res=9E0CE1DC163DF933A25754C0A964958260) Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert. Todd McCarthy observed. php) New York Times review (http:/ / movies. Prelude to a Kiss has made a solid transfer from stage to screen. Back in the 1930s or '40s. ew. Prelude to a Kiss oozes sugarcoated comfort as might a drugstore valentine crushed enthusiastically to the recipient's heaving bosom. com/ ew/ article/ 0. A faithful adaptation of Craig Lucas's popular play.com/title/tt0105165/) at the Internet Movie Database • Prelude to a Kiss (http://www. despite its resemblance to Ghost . html) [6] Variety review (http:/ / www." [6] Rita Kempley of the Washington Post said. Baldwin and Ryan make such a winning pair. . com/ review/ VE1117901338.311081. especially those with an appetite for body-swapping. Looking great and playing a normal guy whose optimism has prevailed over his troubled past. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) [7] Washington Post review (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs. may be put off by the quick-witted talk and mildly confused by the central device. rollingstone. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ preludetoakisspg13kempley_a0a2c7. "Thanks to a magnetic cast and intelligent adaptation. literary-oriented treatment of a simple romantic idea would have been the norm.imdb. this sort of sophisticated. Baldwin is a romantic lead both men and women can enjoy watching. it proves a feast for love gourmands. Today's general audiences. the-numbers. nytimes." [7] 225 References [1] [2] [3] [4] Prelude to a Kiss at TheNumbers. htm) External links • Prelude to a Kiss (http://www.00.

Miller Michael Tronick Hollywood Pictures April 5.The Marrying Man 226 The Marrying Man The Marrying Man Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jerry Rees David Permut Neil Simon Neil Simon Alec Baldwin Kim Basinger Robert Loggia Elisabeth Shue Armand Assante Paul Reiser Fisher Stevens Peter Dobson Steve Hytner Jeremy Roberts Big John Studd Tony Longo David Newman Donald Thorin Michael Jablow Michael R. 1991 116 minutes United States English Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language .

Charley drives her back to California and offers to pay her expenses. a singer and a baseball manager. Charley shows up and they end up in bed. Charlie and Vicki begin to have children and raise a family. As a gesture of gratitude. Vicki is happy.The Marrying Man The Marrying Man (known as Too Hot to Handle in the UK and Australia) is a 1991 film starring Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. and violence. His four best friends. and obligingly offers to leave a window open at her home. Charley is willing to foot the bill for Phil. He agrees to get an annulment from Vicki and to pay a considerable sum to charity if he should dare disappoint Horner's daughter again. Charley accidentally runs into Vicki again and can't help himself. Charley then makes off with Vicki and marries her a third time. immediately disrupts Charley's thoughts of wedded bliss. a comedian. Bugsy amuses himself with the notion that he will take the scared-stiff Vicki and Charley to a justice of the peace in the middle of the night and make them marry one another. none particularly successful as yet. 227 Plot Charley Pearl is the heir to a toothpaste empire's fortune. a lot of vulgar language. their wedding photo pops up on the front page of the morning newspaper -. Sammy. the notorious gangster. Rather than react violently. accompany Charley on a drive to Las Vegas for a final bachelor's fling. too. Vicki responds to Charley's charm. to the amazement of his pals. Furthermore. In spite of his honorable intentions.Bugsy Siegel. a songwriter. He tries to pick up Vicki after her performance but is sternly warned that she belongs to somebody else. instead sending a couple of thugs to beat him viciously and toss him into a swimming pool. Charley accepts this as fair. He angrily blames Vicki. Charley is remarrying Vicki and once again leaving his fiancee in the lurch. Charley is engaged to be married to the daughter of Lew Horner. the studio chief warns Charley that if he should make Adele unhappy in any way. But while the careers of his buddies take off. as the enraged studio boss points out. He lusts for her and she puts up only a minor resistance. but Vicki walks out. who walks out on him yet again. He and his friends track Vicki to a nightclub where she has taken up with another shady figure. coming home with an offer that could advance her career. only to learn that Charley's father has died and he is needed on the other side of the country in Boston. only to be caught in the act by her other lover -. wanting nothing more from him. where he is now expected to run the family's business. momentarily. In the meantime. Charley sinks millions of dollars into a movie studio where he intends to produce pictures featuring his wife. Next thing anybody knows.with Charley's engagement announcement to Lew Horner's daughter appearing on a later page. there will be hell to pay. a foul-mouthed. But this film has been rated R by the MPAA for several erotic scenes. Vicki promptly gets a divorce. Charley apologizes and still wants to marry a sobbing Adele. They become involved in a violent brawl. Vicki puts her career on hold and spends two years in Boston. however. She can't wait to get back to California and her career. They make a quick stop for a drink at a nightclub where Vicki Anderson. It doesn't take long for Charley to return west. Nothing at the new studio gets under way and Charlie goes broke. spending his time indulging in hobbies like speedboats and fast cars. The script is by Neil Simon. a glamorous singer. this being his only daughter. Tony and George but is eager to get back home to his fiancee. They proceed to become the world's unhappiest bride and groom. Horner is concerned that Charley has no ambition of any kind and no apparent guilt about it. Lew Horner stops just short of killing Charley. . He is a playboy who doesn't work for a living. enduring high society and boring tea parties. hot-tempered Hollywood studio mogul. but when Charley reneges on his promise.

a '50s performer nicknamed "The Body" who was married to shoe mogul Harry Karl more than once and also reportedly the mistress of Bugsy Siegel. Charley Pearl's four friends. Sammy Cahn. And sure enough.The Marrying Man Divorced and depressed. are believed to be loosely based on Phil Silvers. Vicki is more than ready to slide it onto her finger and take Charley back again and again and again. the comedian. a haggard-looking Charley is found by his friends quite a bit later at a nightclub. songwriter. com/ work/ 31561 . Tony Martin and Leo Durocher. External links • The Marrying Man [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The Marrying Man [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www. He stares dreamily at the stage where Vicki is performing her act.com and other sources. according to AllMovie. Charley shows his friends a diamond engagement ring that he has brought with him. allmovie. com/ title/ tt0102411/ [2] http:/ / www. where he tells them he has recently gone into a promising new line of work: computers. singer and baseball manager. 228 Cast • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Charley Pearl Kim Basinger as Vicki Armand Assante as Bugsy Paul Reiser as Phil Fisher Stevens as Sammy Steve Hytner as George Paul Dobson as Tony Robert Loggia as Lew Horner Elisabeth Shue as Adele Trivia There has been speculation that Neil Simon based the character of Vicki on singer Marie McDonald. imdb.

Mia Farrow and Alec Baldwin.647 Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Alice is a 1990 film written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Joe Mantegna. The film is a loose reworking of Federico Fellini's 1965 film Juliet of the Spirits.Alice (1990 film) 229 Alice (1990 film) Alice Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Woody Allen Robert Greenhut Jack Rollins Woody Allen Mia Farrow Alec Baldwin Blythe Danner Keye Luke Judy Davis William Hurt Joe Mantegna Bernadette Peters Gwen Verdon Carlo Di Palma Susan E. Morse Orion Pictures December 25. 1990 102 min. United States English $12 million $7.331. .

Yang. Doug is proved wrong. she moves into a modest apartment. She tells this to Joe. Alice goes to Calcutta. When the herbs wear off. where she sees Doug kissing a colleague. who is leaving town. Dr. . she has a brief encounter with Joe Ruffalo (Joe Mantegna) — a handsome musician. Alice tells Doug that their marriage is over. She remembers that she was at her happiest when she was helping people. Yang's rooms. She also reveals her feelings about Joe. On returning to New York. and gossiping with her friends. Joe and Alice sleep together. This inner turmoil manifests itself in a backache. one of Alice's idols. He encourages her to find out more about Joe. Dorothy is having a Christmas party. Alice goes to his office party. Inhaling the soothing contents of a pipe. Joe has decided to reunite with his ex-wife after he (invisible) spied on her therapy sessions and realised she still has feelings for him. Alice must choose between Joe and Doug. She does not go to meet him as planned. It is revealed that he has been having affairs. She remembers her mother (Gwen Verdon). raises the children on her own. They agree to meet. She has been married to wealthy Doug (William Hurt) for fifteen years. However. who are being raised by a nanny. She has vivid dreams about her Catholic upbringing. She reveals her plans to go to Calcutta and work with Mother Teresa. Doug scoffs at this. The gossip then moves onto Alice's husband Doug. The next herbs she receives turn her invisible. Alice falls asleep in Dr. However. Alice and Joe finally meet. She is referred to Dr. However. under the pretense of their children having a 'play-date'. She also realises this at a fundraising evening in honour of Mother Theresa. Much to prudish Alice's horror.Alice (1990 film) 230 Plot Alice Tate (Mia Farrow) is an upper-class New York housewife. an Asian herbalist who puts her under hypnosis. Stunned. Alice is appalled at her behavior. She realises that she has lost sight many of her goals in her materialistic luxurious lifestyle. and does volunteer work in her spare time. She finds herself mysteriously attracted to him and experiences Catholic guilt for these feelings. Alice decides to leave Doug once and for all. they make love in Vicky's office. and they have two children. Yang gives Alice ancient herbs that make her act on her feelings toward Joe Ruffalo. Yang (Keye Luke). getting beauty treatments. doubting that Alice could survive without the luxuries she has grown accustomed to. Alice shares the remaining invisibility herbs with Joe. After the fundraiser. Yang. She reveals that what initially attracted her to her husband were in fact his superficial qualities: looks and money. Alice goes to Dr. She spies on Joe going to visit his ex-wife Vicky (Judy Davis). She hears two of her friends gossiping about her and Joe. Invisible. and the herbs get mixed in with the eggnog. One day. who spends her days shopping. All the men in the party become enamoured with Alice. Alice realises she is falling in love with him. At home. These will create a potent love potion. Alice is now glad she did not go to meet Joe. Alice and Joe's meetings become increasingly frequent. He gives her one final packet of herbs. She flees in panic. where she meets Mother Teresa. the next herbal remedy allows Alice to communicate with the ghost of her first lover (Alec Baldwin). When her guilt over her relationship with Joe becomes too much. Alice returns to Dr. However. too. She goes to her sister Dorothy (Blythe Danner) for advice.

Comedy/Musical and won the National Board of Review Best Actress award. imdb. It is north-of-the-border magical realism -. serious and exuberantly satiric. It is hilarious and romantic. Mia Farrow received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture . Tate Holland Taylor as Helen Rachel Miner as Young Alice Tate (12) Diane Salinger as Carol Bob Balaban as Sid Moscowitz Elle Macpherson as a model Reception Awards and nominations Woody Allen received an Academy Award nomination for Best Writing. she is another person. Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. Yang Judy Davis as Vicki Alec Baldwin as Ed Bernadette Peters as Muse Cybill Shepherd as Nancy Brill Patrick O'Neal as Mr. 1990). herb-induced voyage of self-discovery.Alice flies. com/ title/ tt0099012/ ." External links • Alice [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.Alice (1990 film) 231 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mia Farrow as Alice Tate Smith Joe Mantegna as Joe William Hurt as Doug Tate Blythe Danner as Dorothy Keye Luke as Dr. Critical response In his New York Times review (December 25. she becomes invisible. giddy. Vincent Canby wrote: " 'Alice' is about one woman's tempest-tossed. as well as a Writers Guild of America nomination.

It stars Alec Baldwin.Miami Blues (film) 232 Miami Blues (film) Miami Blues Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by George Armitage Fred Ward Ron Bozman Kenneth Utt Jonathan Demme George Armitage Alec Baldwin Fred Ward Jennifer Jason Leigh Gary Chang Craig McKay Orion Pictures April 20. . 1990 97 min. It was directed by George Armitage. and Jennifer Jason Leigh. (theatrical) English Written by Starring Music by Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Miami Blues is a 1990 action-crime-thriller-film based on the novel of the same name by Charles Willeford. Fred Ward.

Investigation of the Krishna murder leads Sgt. The next day. Bill Henderson Nora Dunn as Ellita Sanchez Obba Babatunde as Blink Willie Jose Perez as Pablo Paul Gleason as Sgt. attempting a normal life as she happily cooks for him.. where they swap recipes. a violent sociopath recently released from prison. Cast • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin as Frederick J. but Susie drives away. and steals his gun and badge. Hoke Moseley Charles Napier as Sgt. brokenhearted. Frenger compliments the dessert and eats it with gusto. where he kills him. Frenger Jr. he witnesses an armed robbery and decides to break it up. with Susie unaware of his criminal activities and harboring fantasies of living happily ever after. Just the same. Frenger begins using the badge. She explains that he ate everything she ever cooked. Moseley is not overly concerned with the case and even shares a home-cooked dinner with them. Frenger complains to Susie that the "straight life" has made him too soft. Moseley pursues him to the house. he knows that Frenger has been in prison and wants him to come to the police station for a lineup. a not very bright prostitute who is a student at a community college. They become romantically involved. he steals luggage and kills a Hare Krishna. which he robs. he asks Susie to drive him around town on errands. Frenger goes to Moseley's home that night. Frenger checks into a hotel and hooks up with Susie Waggoner. but the gunman runs his truck over him. Susie deliberately ruins a pie by adding too much vinegar to it. She lies that she has left Frenger after being told that he's actually a murderer and that Moseley is looking for him. demanding bribes and breaking up robberies. Before killing the pawnbroker. Frank Lackley . only to keep the loot for himself. He lectures the gunman about avoiding a life of crime. He pretends to run into her at the grocery store. Jr. Jennifer Jason Leigh as Susie Waggoner Fred Ward as Sgt. starts a new life in Miami. While at a grocery store. He buys a house and moves in with Susie. Susie arrives and Moseley asks why she stayed with him for so long. Back home. In public.Miami Blues (film) 233 Plot Frederick Frenger. she chops off several of Frenger's fingers. assaults him. Hoke Moseley to visit the couple. Badly injured. Their first stop is a pawn shop. he limps to the car. Moseley tracks down the couple through a utility account opened up in Susie's name. to see if he will lie to her. Before leaving the airport.

com/ title/ tt0100143/ . imdb.Miami Blues (film) 234 External links • Miami Blues [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Vance Larry Ferguson Stellan Skarsgård Jeffrey Jones Timothy Carhart Fred Dalton Thompson Daniel Davis Sven-Ole Thorsen Gates McFadden Basil Poledouris Starring Music by Cinematography Jan de Bont Editing by Distributed by Dennis Virkler John Wright Paramount Pictures .The Hunt for Red October (film) 235 The Hunt for Red October (film) The Hunt for Red October Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by John McTiernan Mace Neufeld Novel: Tom Clancy Screenplay: Larry Ferguson Donald Stewart Uncredited: John Milius Sean Connery Alec Baldwin Scott Glenn Sam Neill James Earl Jones Tim Curry Joss Ackland Courtney B.

which has followed them across the Atlantic. accepts their cooperation. Plot Captain First Rank Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) is the commanding officer of Red October. Ramius murders political officer Ivan Putin (Peter Firth). Petty Officer Jones (Courtney B.000. The year is 1984.S. Red October's skeleton crew are surprised by a torpedo attack from Konovalov. commanded by his former student Captain Tupolev (Stellan Skarsgård). a new Soviet submarine whose caterpillar drive renders it undetectable. Konovalov. Vance). to contact Ramius to determine his intentions. learning that the Soviet Navy has been deployed to sink Red October. where he convinces its captain. including 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Dallas. causing one of Konovalov's own torpedoes to circle around and destroy it. Red October makes evasive maneuvers. the sub comes under attack by Soviet forces and begins risky maneuvers through undersea canyons. Ryan arranges a hazardous mid-ocean rendezvous to get aboard Dallas. Thinking their mission is complete. As the two Soviet subs maneuver.K. Navy is ordered to sink Red October. Officials in the briefing. The film won the Academy Award for Sound Editing in 1991. It had mostly negative reviews at first but has received critical acclaim since. 1990 134 minutes United States English Russian $30. However. No longer silent. then burns the orders and tells the crew they will conduct nuclear missile drills off America's east coast. Red October's cook (apparently the saboteur) opens fire. detects Red October but loses contact once Ramius engages the silent drive.S. The evacuated crew of Red October on board a U. Meanwhile. Ramius. telling Red October's doctor (Tim Curry) that he will scuttle the sub rather than let it be captured. grossing $122 million in North America and $200 million worldwide. the one man not under his command and the only man aboard besides himself who knows the sub's orders.The Hunt for Red October (film) Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by March 2. It was directed by John McTiernan and stars Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius and Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan. CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) briefs U. He then stages a nuclear reactor emergency and orders the bulk of his crew to abandon ship. government officials on the departure of Red October and the threat it poses. Mancuso and Jones come aboard via a mini-sub. Commander Bart Mancuso (Scott Glenn). Ryan thinks Ramius plans to defect and leaves for the North Atlantic to prove his theory before the U. fatally wounding Ramius's first officer. Navy rescue ship . Ryan follows and guns down the saboteur just before he can detonate a missile and destroy the sub. Ramius receives orders to take the boat to sea for exercises with the submarine V. Vasily Borodin (Sam Neill) before retreating into the missile launch area. The next morning. with help from Dallas. Ramius submerges and Ryan.000 [1] 236 Worldwide: $200.643 Patriot Games The Hunt for Red October is a 1990 film based on the novel of the same name by Tom Clancy. plots an interception course. an American submarine on patrol nearby.512. at which point Ramius requests asylum in the United States for himself and his officers. It was one of the top grossing films of the year.S. Red October's caterpillar drive fails at sea and sabotage is suspected. stunned that the Americans guessed his plan to defect. fear Ramius may plan a strike against the U.S. a sonar technician aboard Dallas.

Executive Officer of the USS Dallas Larry Ferguson as Watson. Konovalov Jeffrey Jones as Skip Tyler . However. Bill Steiner Anthony Peck as Lt. Commander of the Enterprise Carrier Battle Group Daniel Davis as Captain Charlie Davenport. "I read some of the reports from the other studios. Scott Glenn as Commander Bart Mancuso. Tomas Arana as Cook's Assistant Igor Loginov. National Security Advisor Peter Firth as Senior Lieutenant Ivan Putin. M. Commanding Officer of the Red October Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan. Chief of the Boat of the USS Dallas Fred Dalton Thompson as Rear Admiral Joshua Painter. not knowing that there is a second Soviet sub. 237 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sean Connery as Captain 1st rank Marko Ramius. the Red October's cook.[3] The Navy gave the filmmakers access to submarines. Political Officer of the Red October Tim Curry as Senior Lt. Despite the book becoming a best seller. Screenwriters Larry Ferguson and Donald Stewart worked on the screenplay while Neufeld approached the United States Navy for approval. They feared top secret information or technology might be revealed. Chief Engineer of the Red October Michael Welden as Captain-Lieutenant Gregoriy Kamarov. Ned Vaughn as Seaman Beaumont . Chief Helmsman of the Red October Courtney Vance as Sonar Technician 2nd Class Ronald "Jonesey" Jones.USS Dallas Peter Zinner as Admiral Yuri Ilyich Padorin Ray Reinhardt as CIA Director Judge Arthur Moore Louise Borras as Sally Ryan Peter Jason as Commander of USS Reuben James (uncredited) Mark Rodney as Assistant Joint Chief of Staff (uncredited) Production Producer Mace Neufeld optioned Tom Clancy's novel after reading galley proofs in February 1985. no Hollywood studio was interested because of its content. he finally got a high-level executive at Paramount Pictures to read Clancy's novel and agree to develop it into a film."[2] After one and half years. PhD./Dr. CIA Joss Ackland as Ambassador Andrei Lysenko Richard Jordan as Dr. also a GRU agent. Ryan and Ramius sail Red October to the Penobscot River in Maine.The Hunt for Red October (film) witness this explosion and. Chief Medical Officer of the Red October Ronald Guttman as Senior Lieutenant Melekhin.D. assume it was Red October. Their subterfuge complete. Navigator of the Red October Boris Lee Krutonog as Senior Lieutenant Victor Slavin. Key cast and crew members rode in subs. Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise Sven-Ole Thorsen as Chief of the Boat of the Red October Gates McFadden as Caroline Ryan.K. Executive Officer of the Red October James Earl Jones as Vice Admiral Jim Greer. director of the Navy's western regional information office in Los Angeles. several admirals liked Clancy's book and reasoned that the film could do for submariners what Top Gun did for the Navy's jet fighter pilots. Yevgeniy Petrov. "Tommy" Thompson. Neufeld said.Naval Academy Instructor/Consultant Timothy Carhart as Lt. suggested changes to the script that would present the Navy in a positive light. including Alec Baldwin and . Jeffrey Pelt. Sonar Technician of the USS Dallas Stellan Skarsgård as Captain 2nd rank Viktor Tupolev. allowing them to photograph unclassified sections of Chicago and Portsmouth to use in set and prop design. Commanding Officer of the V.[2] Captain Michael Sherman. Commanding Officer of the USS Dallas Sam Neill as Captain 2nd rank Vasily Borodin. and the story was too complicated to understand. Cmdr.

writing a few speeches for Sean Connery and all of his Russian dialogue. Coast Guard Station Port Angeles.[3] Each country's submarine had its own background color: Soviet submarines. The set would tilt to 45 degrees. the film be irrelevant but Neufeld felt that it "never really represented a major problem". The idea was to play up the thriller aspects and downplay the political elements. However.S.[4] To compensate for the change in Russia's political climate. Connery recalled. trained by assuming the identity of a submarine captain on board the Houston (which portrayed Dallas in most scenes). Most underwater scenes were filmed using smoke with a model sub connected to 12 cables. utilizing bold red. including Lt Mark Draxton. and a dry-dock crew. during one scene when Dallas goes to a higher alert status it was flooded with red light. helicopters. white and black graphics. smooth control for turns. Computer effects. had interiors in black with silver trim. Very disturbing. 45 feet above the stage floor.[2] The producers faxed the script to Sean Connery who.[5] Filming in submarines was impractical and five soundstages on the Paramount backlot were used.[2] The sub's crew all took "orders" from Glenn. after being displaced by the filmcrew. Marine.S. "It was very claustrophobic. Two 50-foot square platforms housing mock-ups of Red October and Dallas were built. He arrived in Los Angeles on a Friday and was supposed to start filming on Monday but he requested a day to rehearse. effectively ending the Cold War. Klaus Maria Brandauer was cast as Soviet sub commander Marko Ramius but two weeks into filming he quit due to a prior commitment. including the pilot of the DSRV. According to an article in Sea Classics. 1989 with a $30 million budget. took leave to participate in filming.[3] Filmmaker John Milius revised some of the film's script. Baldwin also learned to steer a Los Angeles-class submarine. Some extras portraying the Dallas crew were submariners. an on-screen crawl appears at the beginning of the film stating that it takes place in 1984 during the Cold War.[4] The Navy lent the film crew the Houston. who was being prompted by the actual commanding officer. in their infancy.[4] Principal photography began on April 3. The crew of Houston called their month-long filming schedule the "Hunt for Red Ops. created bubbles and other effects such as particulates in the water.[4] Tony Seiniger designed the film's poster and drew inspiration from Soviet poster art.[2] Baldwin was approached in December 1988 but he was not told for what role. and I'm also prone to sea sickness. Early filming was aboard USS Reuben James in the area of the Juan de Fuca Strait and Puget Sound in March 1989. declined because it didn't make sense." Houston made over 40 emergency surfacing "blows" for rehearsal and for the cameras. American ships. Lt Cmdr George Billy. The H-3 detachment from the Battlecats of HSL-43 operated out of NAS Whidbey Island. commander of the DSRV.[4] 238 . the Enterprise."[3] The veteran actor shot for four weeks and the rest of the production shot for additional months on location in Port Angeles. It got very hot on the sets. The ship operated out of U. By February 1990. two frigates. such as Red October and Konovalov. had gray interiors. just before the film's theatrical release. the whole ad campaign was designed to have a "techno-suspense quality to it". According to him. such as Dallas and Enterprise. who played the commander of Dallas. Glenn. at least two sailors from the Atlantic Fleet-based Dallas took leave and participated in the Pacific Fleet-supported filming. giving precise. Set during this period.[2] Glenn had been a U. the Soviet government announced that the Communist Party was no longer completely in charge. Submariners from San Diego were cast as extras because it was easier to hire them than training actors. Crew from USS La Jolla. there were concerns that with its end. standing on hydraulic gimbals that simulated the sub's movements. Washington to the waters off Los Angeles. at first.The Hunt for Red October (film) Scott Glenn doing an overnight trip in USS Salt Lake City. He was indeed missing the first page. There were 62 people in a very confined space.

"Red October Surfaces as a Movie". . "Connery as Captain of a Renegade Soviet Sub" (http:/ / movies2. 1990). The audience is told by word and soundtrack music when it should fear the worst. "An Interview with John Milius" (http:/ / movies. Nick Schager. for Slant magazine's review. "Nothing much happens. it takes far too long to come to a boil. com/ ew/ article/ 0."[8] Roger Ebert. com/ articles/ 401/ 401150p1. notes. IGN. Newsweek. commenting. Washington Times. Bell Aerospace partially declassified the technology. 1990). 1990). "High-Tech Novel Took Five Years to Reach Screen". Hal (March 2. . efficient film that involves us in the clever and deceptive game being played. html)." Cold War implications The film caused a minor sensation in the black projects / submarine warfare technology community. Punches are pulled constantly. ign.[11] [12] In one scene. impressively mounted machine is curiously ungripping. There isn't much to look at. THE (MOVIE)& title2=& reviewer=Vincent Canby& pdate=19900302& v_id=23882). "The Hunt for Red October is a thrilling edge-of-your-seat trifle that has admirably withstood the test of [10] Currently.00. com/ mem/ movies/ review. . grossing $17 million on its opening weekend. time. at least not onscreen . the film has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes."[7] Newsweek's David Ansen wrote.[1] Critical reception The film received mixed reviews from critics but was one of the top grossing films of the year. Like an overfilled kettle. ultimately leading to its sale to Bell Geospace.[1] The film went on to gross $122 million in North America with a worldwide total of $200 million. It was thought to be deployed on only a few Ohio class submarines after it was first developed in 1973. [8] Ansen.[13] See also • Submarine films • USS Blueback (SS-581) • Hymn to Red October References [1] "The Hunt for Red October" (http:/ / www. When the action sequences finally come.225 theaters on 2 March 1990. [7] Canby. Entertainment Weekly. The New York Times. however. Cathryn (March 2. Within a few months after the film was released. "The Hunt for Red October". Thought to be a billion dollar black project. html?title1=HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. This smoother. [6] Hinson. Vincent (March 2.. Bob (March 2. [3] Donohue. the development of a full-tensor gravity gradiometer by Bell Aerospace was a classified technology at the time. more than half its budget." [9] while Gene Siskel commented on the film's technical skill and Baldwin's convincing turn as Jack Ryan.. though the action on the screen gives the lie to such warnings. html). which still uses the technology for oil exploration purposes. com/ movies/ ?id=huntforredoctober. Ken (May 7.The Hunt for Red October (film) 239 Reaction The Hunt for Red October opened in 1. nytimes. ew. Washington Post.. "But it's at the gut level that Red October disappoints. . the underwater images are murky and impossible to follow. the crew can be heard calling out that they have various "milligal anomalies". of Siskel & Ebert. . Retrieved 2010-05-20. [4] Kilday. This essentially outed the use of gravimetry as a method of silent navigation in US submarines. [5] Plume."[6] Vincent Canby for The New York Times wrote. [2] Thomas. Retrieved 2010-05-20. "Mr McTiernan is not a subtle director. The Washington Post's Hal Hinson criticized the film. boxofficemojo. "Red October: Full Speed Astern". where the USS Dallas is chasing the Red October through the submarine canyon. 1990). 2003). called it "a skillful. Associated Press. htm).316807. "Reds Sail Into the Sunset" (http:/ / www. 1990). Box Office Mojo. 1990). Retrieved 2007-12-03. David (March 2. Gregg (March 2.

imdb. Chicago Sun-Times.boxofficemojo. sciamdigital. . Nick (2003).com/title/tt0099810/) at the Internet Movie Database The Hunt for Red October (http://tcmdb. com/ film/ film_review. suntimes.com/work/23882) at Allmovie The Hunt for Red October (http://www. .imdb. Retrieved 2010-7-14.com/m/hunt_for_red_october/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Hunt for Red October (http://www. html). . . Summer 2009. Roger (March 2.htm) at Box Office Mojo Tong Tana Tong Tana is a 1989 Swedish documentary film starring Alec Baldwin as narrator. com/ index.Special Reviews Supplement -July 2009. com/ title/ tt0098489/ . [11] "Hunt for Red October Article" (https:/ / www. 240 External links • • • • • The Hunt for Red October (http://www. slantmagazine. dll/ article?AID=/ 19900302/ REVIEWS/ 3020301/ 1023).com/title/title.allmovie.En resa till Borneos inre [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs. Slant. . Retrieved 2007-10-25.com/movies/?id=huntforredoctober. asp?ID=696). ViewIssuePreview& ISSUEID_CHAR=C667095F-A703-4986-8225-6B29F3A59FF& ARTICLEID_CHAR=32C3A7D0-A12D-4BA3-BD2A-EE1D1829C8B). June 1998. [13] "Bell gradiometer history" (http:/ / www. External links • Tong Tana .jsp?stid=22092) at the TCM Movie Database The Hunt for Red October (http://www. 24. [12] "Gravity Gradiometry Article" (http:/ / www. com/ corporate/ corporate_history. gov/ library/ center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/ csi-publications/ csi-studies/ studies/ special-review-supplement/ U.The Hunt for Red October (film) [9] Ebert. CIA. cia. p. bellgeo. Retrieved 2010-7-14. Retrieved 2010-7-14. "The Hunt for Red October" (http:/ / www.rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2007-10-25. 1990). Scientific American. cfm?fa=Products. [10] Schager. "The Hunt for Red October" (http:/ / rogerebert. pdf).

Dennis Quaid Winona Ryder John Doe Alec Baldwin Jerry Lee Lewis Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Affonso Beato Editing by Lisa Day Pembroke J. Herring Bert Lovitt Orion Pictures June 30. Silver Jr.Great Balls of Fire! (film) 241 Great Balls of Fire! (film) Great Balls of Fire! Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Jim McBride Executive Producers: Michael Grais Mark Victor Art Levinson Producer: Adam Fields Screenplay: Jack Baran Jim McBride Story: Myra Lewis Murray M. 1989 108 minutes United States English Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language .

The early life of Jerry Lee Lewis when he became a teen idol and married his 13-year-old cousin Myra is depicted in this film. 242 Plot Jerry Lee Lewis. It was written by McBride and Jack Baran. and eventually marries her. directed by Jim McBride and features Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis. Before the marriage caused a scandal.W. and when Swaggart praises the Lord for this gift. an alcoholic." Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis Winona Ryder as Myra Gale Brown John Doe as J. many thought Lewis would supplant Elvis Presley as the "King of Rock and Roll" in the 1950s. Lewis is condemned as a child molester and a pervert by the public. Brown Stephen Tobolowsky as Jud Phillips Trey Wilson as Sam Phillips Alec Baldwin as Jimmy Swaggart Steve Allen as Himself Lisa Blount as Lois Brown Joshua Sheffield as Rusty Brown Mojo Nixon as James Van Eaton Jimmie Vaughan as Roland Janes David R. The financially successful Lewis buys a new car and a short time later gives it to his cousin. and Art Levinson. Swaggart's career keeps him in constant conflict with his cousin's wild life of rock and roll. Silver Jr. and brings out some uncomfortable exchanges. Lewis learns he is about to become a father.Great Balls of Fire! (film) Great Balls of Fire! is a 1989 American biographical film.[1] The picture executive producers were Michael Grais. Lewis is shown as a man with many different sides: a skilled performer with little discipline. Mark Victor. the 13-year-old daughter of his first cousin." and "Great Balls of Fire" he falls in love with Myra Gale Lewis (Winona Ryder). as his 13-year-old wife tells him she has become pregnant. There is a sub-plot of Lewis' relationship with another cousin. Lewis replies: "Don't thank Jesus. As Lewis rises to the top of the charts with such hits as "Crazy Arms. the preacher Jimmy Swaggart (Alec Baldwin). thank Jerry Lee Lewis!" When a British reporter discovers he is married to his teenage cousin. based on a biography by Myra Lewis and Murray M. Ferguson as Jack Clement Robert Lesser as Alan Freed Lisa Jane Persky as Babe Peter Cook as British reporter . nicknamed "The Killer"." "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On. The closing title card reads: "Jerry Lee Lewis is playing his heart out somewhere in America tonight. and was produced by Adam Fields. performs during the early years of rock and roll from 1956-1958. and an abusive husband.

"Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" 7. Jerry Lee Lewis re-recorded his music from the 1950s for the soundtrack with the title track "Great Balls Of Fire. claiming it was "phoney". with Murray Silver. Lewis.550. climbs the same career ladder as many of the stars of musical biographies. and wrote. "Big Legged Woman" . Arkansas. did not like the film because of its screenplay.Jerry Lee Lewis/Dennis Quaid 10.[6] Soundtrack An original motion picture soundtrack was released by the producers on the Polydor Records label on June 8." "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "That Lucky Old Sun. and wrote.[7] CD track listing 1. something of the sexual aura of rock-and-roll at its birth.[3] Critic Caryn James wrote that the film portrays the fun side of rock and roll.Valerie Wellington 8." Yet. Memphis. Arkansas. "Jim McBride's film is a compressed. "Breathless" 9. "High School Confidential" 3. played by Dennis Quaid as a grinning simpleton with a crazy streak and a manic piano style.Booker T. based on twenty-three reviews." The soundtrack contains 12 tracks.Jackie Brenston And The Delta Cats 6. "Wild One" .986 and the total receipts for the two week run were $13. 1989. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" . brain-rattling fun of rock-and-roll. Tennessee. [2] Filming locations The film was filmed on location in Marion. We use the book as a jumping-off point. but he does it with lightning speed. the former wife of Jerry Lee Lewis.691. "This is a simpleminded rock 'n' roll history in which the pleasures are many and the troubles are few. The first week's gross were $3. she added that anyone looking for a true sense of music history will be let down by the film. but it re-creates the soul-shaking. 1989. co-writer Silver was upset by the lack of accuracy in the film. It also captures. Despite this. Director Jim McBride admitted that it was never his intention to tie his film to the facts. and West Memphis.417 theaters across the country. "Rocket 88" .807. cleaned-up version of the Jerry Lee Lewis story." Jerry Lee Lewis has openly stated that he hates the film and the book it was based on. "I'm On Fire" 5. perhaps for the first time on film. "Crazy Arms" . Critical reception Roger Ebert. The box-office receipts were poor. and stated "This movie does not represent itself in any way to be a historical documentary. In its widest release the film was featured in 1.Great Balls of Fire! (film) 243 Background and historical accuracy The story was co-written by Myra Gail Lewis (her autobiography Great Balls of Fire!)." Ebert also said that Quaid did a nice job of reproducing Lewis' stage persona.[5] Distribution The film opened in wide release in the United States on June 30. Laury 4. film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. The film was in wide release for ten days. "Great Balls Of Fire" 2.[4] The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 65% of critics gave the film a positive review.

"Great Balls of Fire" (Original Version) 244 Awards • Young Artist Awards: Young Artist Award. "The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings on Rock Music 1972-1995". dll/ article?AID=/ 19890630/ REVIEWS/ 906300302/ 1023). nytimes. Best Young Actress Starring in a Motion Picture. com/ movies/ 1989/ 0BOF. com/ apps/ pbcs. Nick (September 1995). com/ title/ tt0097457/ ) at the Internet Movie Database. June 30. The New York Times. com/ mem/ movies/ review. rottentomatoes. the-numbers. [7] Amazon. php) box office data. film review. suntimes. [3] Ebert. 2007. 2010. [6] The Numbers (http:/ / www. Last accessed: February 10. Caryn (http:/ / movies2.com/title/tt0097457/) at the Internet Movie Database • Great Balls of Fire! (http://bventertainment. Winona Ryder.Great Balls of Fire! (film) 11." June 30.com/tv/buenavista/atm/reviews. 1990. Roger (http:/ / rogerebert. [4] James. 1989. film review. imdb.go. ISBN 0306806460. [2] Kent. "That Lucky Old Sun" 12. Last accessed: November 30. [5] Great Balls of Fire! (http:/ / www. Chicago Sun-Times. 1989. See also • List of American films of 1989 References [1] Great Balls of Fire! (http:/ / www.html?sec=6&subsec=Great+ Balls+of+Fire!) film review at At the Movies with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert (video of television segment) .com External links • Great Balls of Fire! (http://www. p. com/ m/ great_balls_of_fire/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes.79 (Da Capo Press). "'Goodness Gracious!' Jerry Lee Lewis.imdb. html?title1=GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (MOVIE)& title2=& reviewer=CARYN JAMES& pdate=19890630& v_id=).

Kitman Ho Edward R. Portions of the film and play were based on the assassination of radio host Alan Berg in 1984. Pressman Oliver Stone Eric Bogosian Tad Savinar Stephen Singular (book) Eric Bogosian Ellen Greene Leslie Hope John C. the film was based on the play by Eric Bogosian and Tad Savinar. starring Eric Bogosian. .000 (estimated) Talk Radio is a 1988 American drama film. Directed by Oliver Stone. Ellen Greene and Leslie Hope.Talk Radio (film) 245 Talk Radio (film) Talk Radio Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Oliver Stone A.000. McGinley Alec Baldwin John Pankow Stewart Copeland Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Richardson Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget David Brenner Joe Hutshing Universal Studios December 21. 1988(USA) 110 minutes United States English $4.

.. Barry has a substantial number of hostile callers trying to intimidate him and sometimes receives threatening fan mail. Production Eric Bogosian wrote the screenplay with help from director Oliver Stone. Texas. Fan #2 Bruno Rubeo .. Dino Anna Levine .. Fan #1 Kevin Howard .. Jeffrey Fisher/Francine Tony Frank .. Sheila Fleming Zach Grenier . Judge Willard Allan Corduner ...Talk Radio (film) 246 Plot summary Barry Champlain.... Dan John Pankow . Tony Pirie MacDonald . He is subsequently given his own show.. Ellen Leslie Hope . Texas and Irving... Eric Bogosian often watched the on-air production of Tom Leykis' talk show. The original play takes place entirely during the on-air broadcast and there are no scenes outside the radio station. is a host with a caustic sense of humor and a knack for cutting people down with his controversial political views. Barry Champlain Ellen Greene .. he achieves his rise to fame through a guest shot on the Jeff Fisher radio show.... Champlain's radio show is about to go nationwide. Girl #2 / Lucy Angus G.. Engineer Chip Moody ....... Vince / Morris Mimi Cochran .. His rise to fame is accompanied not only with attention from radical elements. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Eric Bogosian . then originating from Los Angeles station KFI. Engineer Peter Zapp . Coach Armstrong Bill Johnson .. Chet/Black John/Jerry (voice) Linda Atkinson . Bogosian's fictional character in the film shares many speech patterns and mannerisms with real-life talker Leykis... Sid Greenberg Harlan Jordan . The screenplay was almost entirely based on Bogosian's original play with some biographical information about Alan Berg....[1] Filming took place mostly in Dallas. Texas... Girl #1 Teresa Bell ... Dietz Michael Wincott ... Stu Alec Baldwin ... Announcer David Poynter ...... Woman at the Basketball Game/Denise Rockets Redglare ... a talk show host in Denver who was murdered in 1984 by white supremacists.. Laura John C.. In his research for the film version. Wynne III . Killer/Redneck Caller Park Overall .. but also with the alienation of his wife. McGinley .. Josh / Vincent (voice) . such as when one caller makes a bomb threat... a Jewish radio personality in Dallas.. Debbie/Agnes/Theresa (voice) Earl Hindman . A former suit salesman. Kent/Michael/Joe (voice) Robert Trebor .

pp. Larry (voice) Moby . (voice) Leigh French .allmovie.... Fred (voice) Vernie Bailey . Steers. Wells . KDFW was a CBS affiliate.. Bob (voice) Kyle McClaran .. 42:1. Arnold (voice) Dee Pyland .com/title/tt0096219/) at the Internet Movie Database • Talk Radio (http://www.. Barry's enthusiatic "Hooooo-oyy!" outcry mocking a caller's southern accent was used prominently in the 1990 Revolting Cocks song Beers. and Drama”. imdb..... and Queers and the telephone beeps at the end form the basis of the 1996 Spacehog song In the Meantime and the 1986 Penguin Cafe Orchestra song Telephone And Rubber Band..imdb.. John the Rapist / Ralph (voice) (as Bill DeAcutis) Frederica Meister .. Cinema.. At the time of filming. 83–98.com/work/48550) at Allmovie .Trivia • Rossi..Talk Radio (film) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Carl Kissin . Umberto....O.. Station Announcer / Newscaster (voice) John B. however has since become a FOX affiliate. Sexy Woman (voice) Luis Barajas ... Rhonda / Elderly Woman / Julia (voice) John Seitz . Mosaic. March 2009. The conversation over the air with "Ralph" while Michael Wincotts' character "Joe" enters the studio consisting of "Nobody's trying to change the system. there's too many people against it!" was used by the California punk band Lagwagon on the album "Blaze. V.. “Acousmatic Presences: From DJs to Talk-Radio Hosts in American Fiction.... Newcaster (uncredited) 247 In popular culture Parts of the film have been sampled by many bands. Jackie (voice) Martin Rayner . com/ title/ tt0096219/ trivia Talk Radio (1988) . See also • List of American films of 1988 References [1] http:/ / www. Frank (voice) William De Acutis . Newscaster (voice) Theresa Bell .. Lucy (uncredited) Fernando Lara . a local television station.. Glen (voice) Michele Mariana .. References External links • Talk Radio (http://www.. Nancy (voice) Daniel Escobar ...." The radio tower featured at the end of the film is used by KDFW. Arnold (voice) Alan Clark ... Newscaster (voice) Walter Lynn ...

breaks her leg skiing. Tess uses her absence and connections.953. When her boss. to put forward her idea for a merger deal. working in the mergers and acquisitions department of a Wall Street investment bank. It tells the story of a Staten Island-raised secretary. Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver). Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith).112 (Worldwide) Working Girl is a 1988 romantic comedy film written by Kevin Wade and directed by Mike Nichols. 1988 115 minutes United States English $28.Working Girl 248 Working Girl Working Girl Working Girl movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Mike Nichols Douglas Wick Kevin Wade Harrison Ford Melanie Griffith Sigourney Weaver Alec Baldwin Joan Cusack Carly Simon (Main song) Rob Mounsey Music by Cinematography Michael Ballhaus Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Sam O'Steen 20th Century Fox December 21.6 million $102. . including Parker's errant beau Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford).

At Katharine's insistence. but learning of his relationship with Katharine. when Tess returns home. she realizes Jack is the man with whom she spent the night. accidentally leaving her appointment book behind. one of the firm's clients. At the party. Trask is interested. she unknowingly encounters Jack. should invest in radio. Tess wakes up the next morning in Jack's bed wearing only her underwear and leaves before Jack awakens. enlisting Tess's aid as her personal assistant at home. As she turns 30. wearing a sophisticated new hairstyle and an expensive cocktail dress from Katharine's closet. The next day. Tess suggests to Katharine that Trask Industries. when Katharine breaks her leg on a skiing trip in Europe. Katharine returns home with her leg still in plaster. for which she received the Academy Award for Best Song. Tess is unable to make the others understand that Katharine is the liar and leaves the meeting in shame. she decides not to. After Cyn’s engagement party. and announces that she is just a secretary. After being misled into thinking that her boss. Days later. gives Katharine her pills and rushes out of the apartment. Jack and Tess realize they're in love. Katharine encourages Tess to share any good business ideas she has. Jack announces that they will proceed with Tess's pitch. Tess has a minor panic attack. She tells Jack that she has a proposal to run by him and sets up a meeting. To calm her nerves. Seemingly supportive and benevolent. The film was a box office hit. Back at to her own office. Jack then arrives at the office and Cyn (at Tess's frantic request) pretends to be Tess's secretary.Working Girl The film features a notable opening sequence following Manhattan-bound commuters on the Staten Island Ferry accompanied by Carly Simon's song "Let the River Run". Tess laments about her meeting to Cyn. Upon learning the dress is worth $6. At the meeting for the Trask/Metro merger. accusing Tess of stealing her idea.000. On the day of the Trask/Metro meeting. "Cyn". . Jack visits but extricates himself quickly. Tess and Jack crash Oren Trask's (Philip Bosco) daughter’s (Barbara Garrick) wedding. and has a few drinks with him. Tess finds herself set up (Kevin Spacey). she accepts a Valium from Cyn. is helping her get a better job. Disillusioned with Katharine and disgusted with Mick. emerges after he leaves. she asks Tess to house-sit for her. she finds her boyfriend Mick Dugan (Alec Baldwin) in bed with another woman. but passes out from the combination of alcohol and pills. While at Katharine's place. using her boss's name as an entree. grossing a worldwide total of $103 million. who never mentions his name. 249 Plot Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) is smart working-class secretary for a stock broker who has recently earned a bachelor's degree in Business by attending college at night. Tess calls Dewey Stone executive Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford). The evening before the meeting. she then gets into trouble by publicly calling her boss a "sleazoid pimp with a tiny little dick" through typing the phrase into the office's electronic stock-ticker crawl display. Mick and Tess officially break up. intending to make an appointment and pitch their plan. Jack takes her to his place in a cab. Tess wants to reveal herself to Jack. However. and is mortified about the previous evening. which she models beforehand for her friend Cynthia (Joan Cusack). she cannot gain entry to her firm's training program for recent college graduates. Tess accidentally finds evidence that Katharine was planning to steal Tess's idea and pass it off as her own. so it can gain more of a foothold in the media market. Back at Jack's apartment. David Lutz (Oliver Platt). Tess begins to feel her luck is finally changing. She submits her proposal to him but his colleagues seem uninterested. she returns to Katharine's apartment and begins to hatch her own plan. Katharine reads it and becomes enraged after she discovers what Tess has been up to. Katharine storms into the meeting. her dream remains unrealized. When Katharine seems interested. That night. because her education was not acquired at a prestigious school. Tess is reassigned as secretary to a new financial executive for Petty Marsh. Katharine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) . the pair end up in bed together. At Cynthia’s wedding. Tess attends a merger party. she finds that Mick is going on with his life with Doreen. They succeed and meet with two of his executives. Her goal is to move out of the secretarial pool and into an executive position. Tess. Doreen DiMucci (Elizabeth Whitcraft). who was hiding in the closet. On entering the meeting.

" He then offers Tess an "entry-level" job.Working Girl Back at the office. which she happily accepts. As Katharine tries to lead the group onto the elevator. and presumes she is to be the woman's secretary. it is quickly revealed that the woman is. Trask assures Katharine she will lose her job over this duplicity and tells her to "get her bony *** out of his sight. stating that Tess is this team's leader and he believes her. talking on the phone. which. Tess cleans out her desk and packs her belongings. Katharine and Trask in the lobby. in fact. 250 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Harrison Ford as Jack Trainer Sigourney Weaver as Katharine Parker Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill Alec Baldwin as Mick Dugan Joan Cusack as Cynthia Philip Bosco as Oren Trask Nora Dunn as Ginny Oliver Platt as David Lutz James Lally as Turkel Kevin Spacey as Bob Speck Elizabeth Whitcraft as Doreen DiMucci Jeffrey Nordling as Tim Rourke Robert Easton as Armbrister Olympia Dukakis as Personnel Director Amy Aquino as Alice Baxter (Tess' Secretary) Timothy Carhart as Tim Draper David Duchovny as Tess's Birthday Party Friend Zach Grenier as Jim Ricki Lake as Bridesmaid Lloyd Lindsay Young as TV Weatherman . proving she is going be a very different boss from Katharine. She bumps into Jack. She insists her new secretary treat her as a colleague. to tell her the good news. Katharine haughtily stalks out of their lives in disgrace. she cannot)." Jack then refuses to come. and Tess realizes that Trask's definition of "entry-level" involves the opportunities she had dreamed of. He and Tess convince Trask that Katharine has been lying (by asking Katharine to recall what gave her the idea for the merger. she sees a woman in an office. Tess then calls Cynthia. Tess moves in with Jack and starts her first day of her new job at Trask Industries. When she arrives. rather than a superior. of course. and Cynthia shouts to everyone that Tess has finally made it out of the typing pool. Tess’s secretary (Amy Aquino). However. Trask says that Jack "better not let his Johnson go on making his business decisions for him.

"Let the River Run" (Composing and arranging) Academy Award nominations • • • • • Best Actress in a Leading Role (Melanie Griffith) Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Joan Cusack) Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Sigourney Weaver) Best Director Best Picture Shooting locations Many scenes were shot in the New Brighton section of Staten Island in New York City. who directed Working Girl. also displays an uncharacteristically blunt touch. One Chase Manhattan Plaza was featured at the end as the Trask Industries building. She clearly has the stuff of a megastar. "Mike Nichols.Motion Picture (Sigourney Weaver) 1989: Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song .[4] In his review for Time."Let the River Run" (Carly Simon) 1990: Grammy Awards of 1990 for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television . "Kevin Wade shows this in his smart screenplay.[6] [7] ."Let the River Run" 1989: Academy Award for Best Song .[1] Reception The film received positive reviews from critics with an 84% rating at Rotten Tomatoes and a 73 metascore at Metacritic. The scenes of Tess' secretarial pool and Katharine Parker's office were filmed at 1 State Street Plaza at the corner of Whitehall and State Street.051 theaters and grossed USD $4. He encourages Weaver to play (brilliantly) an airy [5] shrew. wrote. Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert gave the film four out of four stars and wrote.[3] Janet Maslin. Accolades Winner • • • • • • 1989: Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture . and in its later stages the story remains lively but seldom has the perceptiveness or acuity of Mr.Musical or Comedy 1989: Golden Globe Award for Best Actress . "The plot of Working Girl is put together like clockwork. It went on to make $63. and the movie glows from her". Director Mike Nichols knows this in his bones. It carries you along while you're watching it. The lobby of Tess' office building was located in the 7 World Trade Center. Richard Corliss wrote. He gives Ford a boyish buoyancy and Griffith the chance to be a grownup mesmerizer". Rita Kempley described Melanie Griffith as "luminous as Marilyn Monroe. in her review for the New York Times.[2] In her review for the Washington Post.2 million in the rest of the world for a worldwide total of $103 million. as adorable as one of Disney's singing mice.8 million in North America and $39. but reconstruct it later and you'll see the craftsmanship".7 million on its opening weekend. Nichols's best work".Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (Melanie Griffith) 1989: Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress . which is full of the atmospheric pressures that allow stars to collide. which was destroyed in the September 11 attacks. 1988 in 1.Working Girl 251 Reaction Box office Working Girl was released on December 23.

1988).00. htm [7] http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=workinggirl. htm). [2] Ebert.imdb.Carly Simon 3.com/movies/?id=workinggirl.com/title/title. "Working Girl" (http:/ / rogerebert. "Lady In Red" . Box Office Mojo. "Let the River Run" .com/title/tt0098951/) at the Internet Movie Database .boxofficemojo. Richard (December 19.metacritic.Sonny Rollins 10. com/ films/ Workinggirl. html). References [1] "Working Girl" (http:/ / www. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. .com/film/titles/workinggirl?q) at Metacritic Working Girl (http://www. couleurnewyork.Carly Simon 2. Retrieved 2009-01-27.Working Girl 252 Soundtrack Tracklist 1. . Retrieved 2009-01-27. 1988).Pointer Sisters TV series Working Girl was also made into a short-lived NBC television series in 1990.allmovie. dll/ article?AID=/ 19881221/ REVIEWS/ 812210302/ 1023). "The Dress-for-Success Story Of a Secretary From Staten Island" (http:/ / movies. htm). .rottentomatoes. [4] Maslin. fast-rewind. Time.The St.com/work/55284) at Allmovie Working Girl (http://www. "I'm So Excited" . "Two Out of Five Ain't Bad" (http:/ / www. time. Retrieved 2009-01-27. washingtonpost. Retrieved 2009-01-27. com/ movie/ review?res=940DE5DD153AF932A15751C1A96E948260& partner=Rotten Tomatoes). .Chris De Burgh 7. com/ workinggirl. Retrieved 2009-01-27.9171. Washington Post. "Let the River Run" . com/ apps/ pbcs. It only lasted 12 episodes.com/m/working_girl/) at Rotten Tomatoes Working Girl (http://www.Carly Simon 8. "The Man That Got Away" (Instrumental) 4. [6] http:/ / www. nytimes. . "Carlotta's Heart" . [5] Corliss. Janet (December 21. 1988). htm External links • • • • • • • Working Girl (http://www. "In Love (Instrumental)" .htm) at Box Office Mojo Working Girl (TV series) (http://www.jsp?stid=96258) at the TCM Movie Database Working Girl (http://www. 1988). com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ workinggirlrkempley_a0c9d9. starring Sandra Bullock as Tess McGill.com/title/tt0096463/) at the Internet Movie Database Working Girl (http://tcmdb. Chicago Sun-Times.956569. suntimes. "Working Girl" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. "The Scar" (Instrumental) .Carly Simon 9. "Looking Through Katherine's House" .Carly Simon 5.imdb. Rita (December 21. [3] Kempley. New York Times. Thomas Choir Of Men And Boys 6. "Poor Butterfly" (Instrumental) . Roger (December 21.

Married to the Mob 253 Married to the Mob Married to the Mob Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jonathan Demme Edward Saxon Barry Strugatz Michelle Pfeiffer Matthew Modine Dean Stockwell Mercedes Ruehl Alec Baldwin David Byrne Tak Fujimoto Craig McKay Orion Pictures August 19.757 Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Married to the Mob is a 1988 American comedy film directed by Jonathan Demme. .486. opposite Matthew Modine as the undercover FBI agent assigned the task of investigating her mafia connections. gave an acclaimed lead performance as a gangster's widow from Brooklyn. 1988 104 minutes United States English $10 million $21. Dean Stockwell was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Michelle Pfeiffer. As a slippery mob boss romantically pursuing Angela. starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Modine. in something of a departure from her previous roles.

who repeatedly confronts Angela with accusations of stealing her husband.[2] Janet Maslin in the New York Times wrote that "Married to the Mob works best as a wildly overdecorated screwball farce. Married to the Mob is loaded with wonderful offbeat touches.. To further complicate things. the performances."[3] The Washington Post described the film as "all decked out in Godfather kitsch. but underneath its loud exterior. but cannot resist becoming romantically involved with Angela himself... and currently holds an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes[1] and a score of 71 on Metacritic."[6] Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times gave a more lukewarm review. but is harassed by Tony who puts the moves on her at Frank's funeral. This clinch earns her the suspicion of FBI agents Mike Downey (Matthew Modine) and Ed Benitez (Oliver Platt). Chicken Lickin' Chris Isaak as The Clown Obba Babatunde as The Face of Justice Charles Napier as Angela's hairdesser Frank Ferrera as Vinnie "The Slug" Gary Goetzman as The Guy at the Piano Jonathan Demme (uncredited. and as the story of a woman trying to re-invent her life. [and] most assuredly doesn't lack soul.. colorful and inventive."[5] Time Out wrote that although the film was "relentlessly shallow. unconfirmed) as Man getting off elevator Reception Critical response Married to the Mob received a largely positive response from critics. and also of Tony's ball-busting wife Connie (Mercedes Ruehl). Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Michelle Pfeiffer as Angela de Marco Matthew Modine as Mike Downey Dean Stockwell as Tony "The Tiger" Russo Mercedes Ruehl as Connie Russo Alec Baldwin as "Cucumber" Frank de Marco Joan Cusack as Rose Ellen Foley as Theresa O-Lan Jones as Phyllis Oliver Platt as Ed Benitez Nancy Travis as Karen Lutnick Tracey Walter as Mr. a complex heroine struggles for freedom. Mike Downey is assigned to monitor all of Angela's movements as part of an undercover surveillance operation. Angela wants to escape the whole crime scene with her son.Married to the Mob 254 Plot Angela de Marco (Michelle Pfeiffer) is the wife of mafia up-and-comer Frank "The Cucumber" de Marco (Alec Baldwin)."[7] . but ended positively: "Still. music and gaudy visuals provide a fizzy vitality for which many other directors would give their right arm. Angela's attempts to break away from the Mob result in comic mayhem and a climactic showdown in a honeymoon suite in Miami. it also plays as a gentle romance."[4] Variety called the film "fresh. who gets violently dispatched by Mob boss Tony "The Tiger" Russo (Dean Stockwell) when he is discovered in a compromising situation with the latter's mistress Karen (Nancy Travis).

especially. and won awards in the same category from the National Society of Film Critics and the New York Film Critics Circle. starting with Pfeiffer. by Mr.. stealing scenes but never the show from the sweetly determined Pfeiffer. His shoulder-rolling caricature of this suave. "her best performance to date."[3] The Washington Post wrote that "Jonathan Demme has nailed one with this playful."[5] The Washington Post called Pfeiffer a "deft comedian.[9] Awarding Body Academy Awards Golden Globe Awards Kansas City Film Critics Circle National Society of Film Critics Award Best Supporting Actor Best Actress . but dangerous. The New York Times called him "American cinema's king of amusing artifacts: blinding bric-a-brac. He also shared the Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor in a three-way tie with Martin Landau for Tucker: The Man and His Dream and Tom Cruise for Rain Man (1988)."[7] Richard Corliss in Time wrote that Pfeiffer was the "emotional anchor to his [Demme's] vertiginous sight gags.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.[5] Supporting players Dean Stockwell and Mercedes Ruehl also received praise for their performances.Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Best Supporting Actor Nominee Dean Stockwell nomination Michelle Pfeiffer Dean Stockwell Dean Stockwell Mercedes Ruehl Dean Stockwell nomination winner (tied with Martin Landau and Tom Cruise) winner winner winner Result Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress New York Film Critics Circle Best Supporting Actor .Married to the Mob Jonathan Demme's direction was praised for its idiosyncrasy."[8] Variety claimed the "enormous cast is a total delight. and she graces it. It's her movie."[4] Matthew Modine was "winning.[9] Dean Stockwell was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. especially that of Michelle Pfeiffer in a star-making turn. both of which were also in honour of his work in Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988)." according to Variety. gangster farce."[4] Maslin in the New York Times thought that Pfeiffer and Modine were "readily upstaged by Miss Ruehl and..[9] Mercedes Ruehl won the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. Stockwell."[5] 255 Accolades Michelle Pfeiffer was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress ."[3] Variety described Stockwell as "a hoot."[4] The acting performances were widely acclaimed. foppish and thoroughly henpecked kingpin is the film's biggest treat. costumes so frightening they take your breath away. The Washington Post described Ruehl's character as "majestic in her jealousy. the junkiest of jewelry.

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March 30. 1988 92 minutes United States English $15 million [1] . Ackerman Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Jane Kurson The Geffen Company Warner Bros.Beetlejuice 257 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Tim Burton David Geffen Larry Wilson Michael Bender Richard Hashimoto Michael McDowell Warren Skaaren Michael McDowell Larry Wilson Michael Keaton Alec Baldwin Geena Davis Winona Ryder Catherine O'Hara Jeffrey Jones Glenn Shadix Sylvia Sidney Danny Elfman Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Thomas E.

Upon meeting him. Winona Ryder. Lydia meets Betelgeuse. Burton was sent several scripts and became disheartened by their lack of imagination and originality. After the success of Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Beetlejuice stars Alec Baldwin. the Maitlands seek help from their afterlife case worker. where Betelgeuse has located himself. although Larry Wilson and Warren Skaaren were hired to rewrite it. devious and mischievous "bio-exorcist" named Betelgeuse (pronounced "Beetlejuice") from the underworld in order to scare the new living inhabitants away permanently. Desperate to rid their house of the Deetzes. While driving back from town with Adam. with Adam continuing to craft his detailed scaled model of their town. forgetting to un-summon him and allowing him to run amok. who flees in tears. his wife Delia. who tells her how to summon him and promises to take her to the Maitlands on the "other side". dead. produced by The Geffen Film Company and distributed by Warner Bros. in fact. they contact the miscreant Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse turns into a huge snake to scare them himself. When Adam attempts to leave the house to retrace his steps. the ghosts seek the help of an obnoxious. Burton agreed to direct. Winter River. Barbara returns in time to save Lydia. they realize they have made a mistake and leave. A book entitled Handbook for the Recently Deceased discovered in the house confirms the couple's suspicion that they are. he finds himself in a strange. Catherine O'Hara. the Maitlands' attempts at scaring the Deetzes away prove ineffective. she demands they get rid of the Deetzes and re-secure the Handbook immediately. Barbara swerves to avoid a dog wandering the roadway and crashes through a covered bridge. and the unproduced Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian sequel. otherworldly dimension covered in sand (later referred to as "Saturn") and populated by enormous sandworms. Juno. a freelance "bio-exorcist" ghost who prides himself on his ability to exorcise the living. Meanwhile. nearly killing Charles and Delia in the process. the Maitlands' house is sold and the obnoxious new owners. Realizing that they have no reflection in a mirror and are unable to leave their house. Juno summons the Maitlands back to her office. Connecticut. steals the Handbook for the Recently Deceased while snooping in the attic. and Charles' goth daughter Lydia. the Deetz family.Beetlejuice Gross revenue $73. the Maitlands suspect they have not survived the crash.707. Although the Maitlands remain invisible to Charles and Delia. Against Juno's advice. self-indulgent pseudo art. a wealthy contractor who is recovering from a nervous breakdown. The film spawned an animated television series that Burton produced. a quaint and quiet house on a hill overlooking the fictional town of Winter River. Under the guidance of interior designer Otho. The plot revolves around a recently deceased young couple who become ghosts haunting their former home. They chant his name three times and teleport the to graveyard in Adam's model. arrive from New York City. the Deetzes transform the house into a gaudy piece of pretentious. The Deetzes consist of Charles. Otho. grossing $73. meanwhile.461 258 Beetlejuice is a 1988 American comedy horror fantasy film directed by Tim Burton. They return home but realize they cannot exactly recall how they got there. Lydia can see and converse with Barbara and Adam and befriends them. Plot Barbara and Adam Maitland decide to spend their vacation decorating their idyllic Connecticut country home. Beetlejuice was both a financial and critical success. When he was sent Michael McDowell's original script for Beetlejuice. When another attempt by the Maitlands to scare the Deetzes away (by possessing them and their guests and making them dance and sing "The Banana Boat Song" by Harry Belafonte) fails.33 million from a budget of $13 million. Geena Davis. Sylvia Sidney. though she is initially reluctant to trust . However. plunging the car into the river below. an aspiring sculptor. it is up to them to scare them away. When a family of metropolitan yuppies from New York City move into the house. angry with their negligent behavior. and Michael Keaton as the titular Betelgeuse (the film's title being a phonetic spelling of the character's name). who informs them that they must remain in the house for 125 years and that if they want the Deetzes out of the house in the meantime. Jeffrey Jones. Compounding their distress.

The character is a mystery. She smokes and has a slit throat. Otho is a snooty interior designer and paranormal expert. he mentions having been dead for 600 years. Otho. She recommends that the Maitlands do not accept the help of Betelgeuse. His name is given after the star Betelgeuse. 259 Cast • Michael Keaton as Betelgeuse. a goth adolescent. is treated like a daughter by the Maitlands. convinces Charles and Delia to hold a seance and summon the Maitlands' spirits. Using the Handbook. scares Otho away by using dark magic to change his clothes into something hideous. perverted and chaotic "bio-exorcist" who carries a grotesque physical appearance. Desperate. • Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz. deranged. but he refers to having lived through the Black Death. while Barbara enjoys fixing items around their home. from summoning Betelgeuse and they reaffirm their friendship with one another. as well as an aspiring (but pretentious) sculptor. she wishes she were a ghost like them. which swallows Betelgeuse whole. The Maitlands. Delia's sculptures come to life and hold Delia and Charles hostage as witnesses. Whether true or not. . Lydia summons Betelgeuse to help the Maitlands. Otho successfully summons Barbara and Adam. meanwhile. but Betelgeuse sends Adam to the miniature model and Barbara to Saturn. wife of Charles and stepmother to Lydia. agreeing to marry him if he does. • Catherine O'Hara as Delia Deetz. and is exasperated by his antics. but botches the process and causes the Maitlands to begin to decompose rapidly. She is the only one of the family who can see the Maitlands and quickly befriends them — notably. where he unwittingly angers a witch doctor by stealing his ticket and has his head shrunk in retaliation. in order to persuade Charles's boss business tycoon Maxie Dean and his wife to invest money in a "museum of the paranormal" in Winter River. • Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as Adam and Barbara Maitland. a previously cutthroat and successful contractor whose nerves went and now "only wants to relax and clip coupons. Betelgeuse quickly disposes of the Deans. Lydia. try to stop the ceremony before it can be completed. He is also Juno's former assistant. now a well-adjusted teenager. He then conjures up a ghostly priest to wed him and Lydia. now fully visible to Lydia's parents. married couple who are killed in a car accident and become ghosts. The Maitlands return in time to stop Lydia. When the priest is about to make the marriage pronouncement. a friend of Delia." Charles moves his family to the countryside to recover. Adam is an affable hardware store proprietor and highly-skilled miniature model maker. an obnoxious. Betelgeuse is seen waiting in the afterlife reception waiting room.Beetlejuice him as she recognizes him as the snake that attacked her. Adam runs into Betelgeuse's foot with a miniature car and Barbara appears riding one of the Saturn sandworms. the Maitlands' social worker in the afterlife. and releases the Maitlands from the botched spell. • Glenn Shadix as Otho Fenlock. a young. • Sylvia Sidney as Juno. At the film's conclusion. who had written a suicide letter. • Jeffrey Jones as Charles Deetz. daughter of Charles Deetz (Delia is actually her stepmother). his age and even how he came to die remain unknown. Some time later it is revealed that the Deetzes and the Maitlands decided to live together in harmony and share the home. Once released.

Burton suggested the name Scared Sheetless and was horrified when the studio actually considered using it. nine-year-old Cathy. Burton was unfamiliar with Keaton's work but was quickly [3] convinced. Burton cast Winona Ryder upon seeing her in Lucas. as Barbara remarks that her arm feels cold upon returning home as a ghost. and Burton began working on a script for Batman with Sam Hamm. Catherine O'Hara quickly signed on while Burton claimed it took a lot of time to convince other cast members to sign as "they didn't know what to think of the weird script. puppetry and blue screen.[2] Larry Wilson was brought on board to continue rewrite work with McDowell. prosthetic makeup." Burton remarked. Burton had begun reading the offered scripts that had been sent his way.Beetlejuice 260 Production The financial success of Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) meant that Tim Burton was now considered a "bankable" director. but Geffen suggested Michael Betelgeuse at Universal Studios Hollywood. during which he mutilates her while in the form of a rabid squirrel before revealing his true form. it was always Burton's intentions to make the style similar to the B-movies Burton grew up with as a child. which included stop-motion. David Geffen handed Burton the script for Beetlejuice."[4] Beetlejuice's budget was $13 million. with just one million given over to visual effects work. Keaton. Burton's original choice for Betelgeuse was Sammy Davis. Jr. and wants to rape Lydia instead of marry her. though Burton replaced McDowell and Wilson with Warren Skaaren due to creative differences. McDowell's script also featured a second Deetz child. they were less willing to greenlight Batman. The character of Betelgeuse — envisioned by McDowell as a winged demon who takes on the form of a short Middle Eastern man—is also intent on killing the Deetzes rather than scaring them. Instead of possessing the Deetzes and forcing them to dance during dinner. Considering the scale and scope of the effects. though Furst was committed on High Spirits (a choice he later regretted). an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents directed by Burton). the Maitlands' car crash is depicted graphically.[2] Meanwhile.[7] Warner Bros. The test screenings were met with positive feedback and prompted Burton to film an epilogue featuring Betelgeuse foolishly angering a witch doctor. he cannot be summoned or controlled by saying his name three times.[8] Story development Michael McDowell's original script is far less comedic and much more violent. A reference to this remained in all versions of the script.[6] He hired Bo Welch. replacement animation. and wanders the world freely. As a joke. was willing to pay for the script's development. the Maitlands cause a vine-patterned carpet to come to life and attack the Deetzes by tangling them to their chairs. with Barbara's arm being crushed and the audience hearing their screams for help as they slowly drown in the river. after which he is free to wreak havoc. the only person to see the Maitlands and the subject of Betelgeuse's homicidal wrath in the film's climax. written by Michael McDowell (who wrote the script of The Jar. and was becoming disheartened by their lack of imagination and originality. While Warner Bros. disliked the title Beetlejuice and wanted to call the film House Ghosts. The . appearing to torment different characters in different manifestations.. This version of Betelgeuse only needs to be exhumed from his grave to be summoned. "I wanted to make them look cheap and purposely fake-looking. one of them being Hot to Trot. such as a punk rocker (to try and seduce Lydia) and an IRS agent (to subject Charles to a fake audit).[5] Burton had wanted to hire Anton Furst as production designer after being impressed with his work on The Company of Wolves (1984) and Full Metal Jacket (1987). his future collaborator on Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Batman Returns (1992).

[21] Janet Maslin of The New York Times gave the film a negative review. Beetlejuice received an average 81% overall approval rating."[18] Vincent Canby of The New York Times called it "a farce for our time" and wished Keaton could have received more screen time.897 in its opening weekend. Skaaren had Barbara and Adam encounter different limbos every time they leave their home. Metacritic received an average score of 67 from the 13 reviews collected.. production design and jokes.. and the Maitlands transforming into miniature versions of themselves and moving into Adam's model of their home.[16] Pauline Kael referred to the film as a "comedy classic". turns into a sitcom fueled by lots of special effects and weird sets and props. McDowell was impressed at how many people made the connection between the film's title and the star Betelgeuse.[14] Based on 42 reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes. and the inspiration is gone."[23] Accolades At the 61st Academy Awards. citing that the film ".[8] while Jonathan Rosenbaum of the Chicago Reader gave a highly positive review.. and the Sandworm's world. The film received more nominations with Direction. 261 Reception Beetlejuice opened theatrically in the United States on April 1.his scenes don't seem to fit with the other action. Skaaren's first draft retained some of the more sinister characteristics of McDowell's Betelgeuse.461 in North America. Skaaren's rewrite also altered McDowell's depiction of the limbo that keeps Barbara and Adam trapped inside of their home.[22] Roger Ebert gave the film two out four stars.. He added [11] they had received a suggestion the sequel be named Sanduleak-69 202 after the former star of SN 1987A.unrecognizable behind pounds of makeup. empty void filled with giant clock gears that shred the fabric of time and space as they move. and much of his dialogue was written in African American Vernacular English. identified as Saturn's moon Titan.[13] The film earned $33.. 1988. which seemed so original." For Keaton's character. which they refurbish to look like their house before the Deetzes moved in. although his script specified Motown tunes instead of Harry Belafonte. explaining "the story. writing that he ".. in McDowell's script.tries anything and everything for effect.Beetlejuice film was to have concluded with the Maitlands. recouping its $13 million budget five times.030. including the "clock world".[25] [26] Beetlejuice won Best Horror Film and Best Make-up at The Saturn Awards.[10] Retrospectively. it takes the form of a massive.. but toned down the character to make him a troublesome pervert rather than blatantly murderous.[24] while the British Academy of Film and Television Arts nominated the film with Best Visual Effects and Makeup at the 42nd British Academy Film Awards. Betelgeuse's true form was that of the Middle Eastern man... comedy and horror".. The film eventually grossed $73. Music and Special Effects. indicating the graphic nature of the Maitlands' deaths while depicting the afterlife as a complex bureaucracy. and Otho conducting an exorcism ritual that destroys Betelgeuse. Beetlejuice was a financial success..707.200. Beetlejuice won the Academy Award for Makeup.[17] Roger Ebert called it anti-climactic.. Skaaren also introduced the leitmotif of music accompanying Barbara and Adam's ghostly hijinks. and only occasionally manages something marginally funny.[9] Warren Skaaren's rewrite drastically shifted the film's tone. Rosenbaum felt Beetlejuice carried originality and creativity that did not exist in other films. Ebert called him ".000 in rentals." and "is about as funny as a shrunken head"..[19] MaryAnn Johanson was impressed with the casting.[27] Beetlejuice was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation..[20] Desson Howe of the Washington Post felt Beetlejuice had "the perfect balance of bizarreness. Writing. earning $8.[28] Beetlejuice was 88th in the American Film Institute's list of Best Comedies. This version concluded with the Deetzes returning to New York and leaving Lydia in the care of the Maitlands.[29] ." and stated that ".would have been more interested if the screenplay had preserved their [Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis] sweet romanticism and cut back on the slapstick.[12] and was the tenth-highest grossing film of 1988. who with Lydia's help transform the exterior of their home into a stereotypical haunted house while returning the interior to its previous state. and was to have concluded with Lydia dancing to "When a Man Loves a Woman". Deetzes.[15] By comparison.

on the condition that Burton directed.[34] By August 1993. Sequel The success of the film brought an animated television series of the same name on ABC. and Betelgeuse becomes a hero by winning a surf contest with magic.[35] Warner Bros. he eventually signed Waters to write the script for Batman Returns. The soundtrack entered the Billboard 200 albums chart the week ending June 25. This was after the film had already fallen out of the top 10 and before the video release later in October. They soon discover that his company is building on the burial ground of an ancient Hawaiian Kahuna. However.[31] Burton hired Jonathan Gems to write a sequel titled Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian in 1990. "Day-O" received a fair amount of airplay at the time in support of the soundtrack. "Didn't we say all we needed to say in the first Beetlejuice? Must we go tropical?"[36] In March 1997. because they're totally wrong together". first released in 1988 (LP. Saturday Night Live) to rewrite. approached Kevin Smith in 1996 to rewrite the script. 2010. Gems stated that the "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian script is still owned by The Geffen Film Company and it will likely never get made. Impressed with Daniel Waters' work on Heathers. Burton approached him for a rewrite. Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder agreed to do the film.[32] "Tim thought it would be funny to match the surfing backdrop of a beach movie with some sort of German Expressionism. Michael Keaton mentioned he would do a sequel for Beetlejuice in a heartbeat and it was the only role he would love to do again. though Smith turned down the offer in favor of Superman Lives. performed by Harry Belafonte. In April 2010. Gems reflected. producer David Geffen had Pamella Norris (Troop Beverly Hills. features most of the score (written and arranged by Danny Elfman) from the film. Smith responded with. "Day-O" and "Jump In The Line (Shake. 1991. peaking two weeks later at #118 and spending a total of six weeks on the chart.Beetlejuice 262 Soundtrack Beetlejuice Film score by Danny Elfman and Harry Belafonte Released Length Label 1988 36:18 Geffen Professional reviews • Allmusic link [30] Danny Elfman chronology Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985) Beetlejuice Batman (1988) (1989) The Beetlejuice soundtrack. CD & cassette tape). The spirit comes back from the afterlife to cause trouble. where Charles is developing a resort.[37] .[33] Burton was still interested with Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian in early-1991. "Man Smart.[33] The story followed the Deetz family moving to Hawaii."[33] On June 6. The soundtrack features two songs which appeared in the film. Geena Davis as well expressed interest in returning for a sequel. The show lasted from September 9. while promoting Toy Story 3. but he became distracted with Batman Returns. Two other Harry Belafonte songs that appeared in the film are absent from the soundtrack. Woman Smarter" and "Sweetheart From Venezuela". and Tim Burton served as executive producer. 1989 to December 6. 1988 at #145. Shake Senora)".

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com/title/tt0094721/) at the Internet Movie Database Beetlejuice (http://www.html).com/m/beetlejuice/) at Rotten Tomatoes Beetlejuice (http://www.imdb.metacritic.com/herocomplex/2008/10/tim-burton-talk.allmovie.com/movies/?id=beetlejuice. . Retrieved 2008-10-15.boxofficemojo.rottentomatoes.htm) at Box Office Mojo Beetlejuice (http://www. "Tim Burton talks about Johnny Depp.latimes. Los Angeles Times.com/work/4624) at Allmovie Beetlejuice (http://www.Beetlejuice 264 External links • • • • • • Beetlejuice (http://www.com/film/titles/beetlejuice) at Metacritic Geoff Boucher (2008-10-15). 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'The Dark Knight'" (http://latimesblogs.

and feeling alienated when he .707 (USA) She's Having a Baby is an American romance movie.031. with his best man Davis (Alec Baldwin) as a reminder of his former culture as a single man. United States English $16. The movie portrays a young newlywed couple. which was directed by John Hughes. The film is about traditional 1980s suburban life and the cultural expectations that come along with it. 1988 106 min. Kristy and Jake Briggs played by Elizabeth McGovern and Kevin Bacon. To a large extent what Jake experiences could be described as a form of culture shock. who try to cope with being married and what is expected of them by their parents. Jake must also deal with the fantasy woman of his dreams. released in 1988.She's Having a Baby 265 She's Having a Baby She's Having a Baby Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by John Hughes John Hughes Bill Brown (associate producer) Ronald Colby (executive producer) John Hughes Kevin Bacon Elizabeth McGovern Stewart Copeland Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Donald Peterman Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Alan Heim Hughes Entertainment Paramount Pictures February 5.

As the credits roll there is a rapid succession of suggestions for the name of the baby. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Kevin Bacon . with his voice over commentaries and several imaginary scenes. but more so Jake's. it follows both their lives. The movie culminates with a traumatic yet eventually successful labour and Jake's realisation that his lack of satisfaction and sense of detachment are not due to external factors but his own selfishness and immaturity. where Jake works towards gaining a Masters Degree.Hank Nancy Lenehan . both dropped out of University before finishing (Hughes at University of Arizona and Jake at a New Mexico University). by "setting new records for lying in the job market". and has entered the culture of a married man. Both married young (to wives they met as teenagers). who wrote. until after several months she informs him that he has been unable to impregnate her.Cynthia . directed and produced the film.Grandfather Briggs Dennis Dugan . without telling Jake. which eventually succeed. shared similarities with Jake. Beginning on their wedding day. joking that both movies were financially unsuccessful.She's Having a Baby overhears his neighbors converse about mundane suburban topics. Kristy also gains work. The last scene of the film reveals that Jakes voice over was the new father reading his novel entitled "She's having a baby" to his wife and son. and in the final credits the words 'Inspiration . 266 Plot summary This film is a look at the lives of Jake and Kristy Briggs. They then begin a program to assist their efforts to become pregnant.Kristen 'Kristy' Briggs Alec Baldwin . impresses his potential employers so much that they give him work as an advertising copywriter. Nancy being Hughes' wife. He also cites it as a template for Jersey Girl. He feels he has left the culture of single men. and both came from Chicago. and was alternately panned and praised by critics. Autobiographical Aspects John Hughes. as a research analyst. based on actual or feared future events. In several scenes Jake is wearing a 'University of Arizona' shirt. both began their post University careers as advertising copywriters.Gayle Bainbridge John Ashton .Ken James Ray . They return to Chicago where Jake. which Hughes attended. Reaction The movie got 50% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.Russ Bainbridge Holland Taylor . and doesn't appear to have a sense of belonging to either.Sarah Briggs Cathryn Damon .Nancy Hughes' appear.Bill Larry Hankin .Jefferson 'Jake' Edward Briggs Elizabeth McGovern .Jim Briggs Bill Erwin . After their wedding Jake and Kristy head off for New Mexico. Jake and Kristy then continue to adjust to their new life until Kristy unilaterally decides to cease taking contraceptives.[1] In An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder director Kevin Smith cites She's Having a Baby as his favorite John Hughes movie. but leaves before finishing. describing it as "high school with ashtrays". and they are able to buy a "three bedroom mortgage" in the suburbs. from their wedding day until the birth of their first child.Davis McDonald William Windom . the leading character.

Kevin Bacon's nephew who was five years old at the time. and Automobiles trying to get a taxi from Steve Martin. The residents living there were not allowed to move their cars for the duration of the shooting. IL From September 1986 to December 1986. in the suburbs of Chicago. a song by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Trains. and the movie was shot close to the middle. Most of these are taken from actors in other John Hughes films and projects shot on the Paramount lot during that time (Cheers & Star Trek: The Next .Fantasy Girl 267 End Credit Cameos • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kirstie Alley Harry Anderson Michael Aston Dan Aykroyd John Candy Dyan Cannon Belinda Carlisle Stewart Copeland Ted Danson Bob Fraser Paul Gleason Woody Harrelson Robert Hays Amy Irving Magic Johnson Michael Keaton • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Joanna Kerns Elias Koteas Judi Evans Luciano Penny Marshall Edie McClurg Bill Murray Olivia Newton-John Roy Orbison Cindy Pickett Bronson Pinchot Annie Potts John Ratzenberger Ally Sheedy Lyman Ward Wil Wheaton Chris Young Warren Zevon Matthew Broderick • Cast Background • Filmed at the same time as Planes. IL and Evanston. the audio is from the bedroom fight sequence of She's Having A Baby. • In the black and white fantasy scene where Jake's grandfather says "you'll never end up working on a loading dock". • The song playing during the trailer is Music for a Found Harmonium. • The lawnmower dance scene was shot in a rather small subdivision in Skokie.[2] Kevin Bacon has a cameo in Planes. and Automobiles. John Hughes is thanked in the album's liner notes. or are about people going to or coming from Chicago. • The song played during the street party is "How sweet it is to be loved by you" by James Taylor Behind the scenes • The film was shot in Winnetka. the young Jake is played by Neal Bacon.[3] Soundtrack • The song during the birth sequence is "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush and is featured on her 1989 album The Sensual World. and Automobiles where Steve Martin's wife is watching television in her bedroom and although you can't see the image. The neighborhood is a small circular subdivision. The house used (42°03′10″N 87°42′48″W) is also still in much the same condition. There is a scene in Planes.[4] Most John Hughes's films either take place in Chicago. Trains. Trains." The street is 'Salem Lane' and the Briggs house is Number 56. • During the end credits there are several actor cameos naming the baby. Illinois named "New England Village. The houses used during that sequence and the ones leading up to it remain much the same as they did.She's Having a Baby • Isabel García Lorca .

268 References [1] [2] [3] [4] (http:/ / www. com/ m/ shes_having_a_baby/ ?critic=columns) (http:/ / imdb. clearly mounted on one of the houses in the background. com/ locations_havingababy.htm) . htm) External links • She's Having a Baby (http://www. fast-rewind. com/ title/ tt0096094/ trivia) http:/ / www. in the beginning there is an Irish flag.allmovie. • During the Lawnmower Dance scene. The flag disappears about halfway through the scene. imdb.fast-rewind. rottentomatoes. com/ name/ nm0045812/ (http:/ / www.com/work/44230) at Allmovie • She's Having A Baby at the 80s Movie Gateway (http://www.imdb.com/havingababy.com/title/tt0096094/) at the Internet Movie Database • She's Having a baby (http://www. placed there by a resident.She's Having a Baby Generation).

External links • Forever. Lulu 269 Forever.Forever. Lulu Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Amos Kollek Amos Kollek Michael Steinhardt Amos Kollek Hanna Schygulla Deborah Harry Alec Baldwin Paul Chihara Jay Freund Music by Editing by Distributed by TriStar Pictures Release date(s) April 24. Deborah Harry and Alec Baldwin in his film debut. Lulu is a 1987 film starring Hanna Schygulla. 1987 Running time Country Language 85 mins  United States English Forever. Lulu Forever. Lulu [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ title/ tt0093042/ .

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Nehrams2020.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.5  Contributors: User:Conti File:Minis First Time Poster.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index. 1 anonymous edits File:BroadwayDVDcover1.php?title=File:Cat_in_the_hat.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Fool156.php?title=File:Star_half.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Rje. Blofeld.wikipedia. Threecharlie.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: POV File:The Tenenbaums.org/w/index. Nehrams2020.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Andrzejbanas File:Star half.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Jaime_King_Pearl_Harbor.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:30_Rock_cast_image_for_Season_2.svg  License: unknown  Contributors: 30_rock_logo.php?title=File:Departed234.php?title=File:GoodShepherdBigPoster.wikipedia.wikipedia. Grandpafootsoldier. 2 anonymous edits File:Jaime King Pearl Harbor.jpg  Source: http://en. Umedard. Makthorpe. Pete.php?title=File:Madagascar2poster.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.wikipedia.wikipedia. Rje.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:BroadwayDVDcover1.

jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Count Ringworm.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Talk-Radio-Poster.E.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. R.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. Notting Hill.org/w/index.php?title=File:Shadowpost.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Married_to_the_mob_movie_poster.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Glengarrymovie.wikipedia.wikipedia.JPG  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Getawayposter1994. David Pro.jpg  Source: http://en. J. Nv8200p.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:She'sbabyposter.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Reimelt.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: User:Quentin X File:BEETLEJUICE.org/w/index. Nehrams2020 File:Talk-Radio-Poster.wikipedia. MikeAllen. Quentin X. Quentin X File:Getawayposter1994.jpg  Source: http://en. Ted Wilkes Image:Portobello Road. Nehrams2020.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier File:Heavens prisonersmp.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en. M4. Nehrams2020.org/w/index.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Universal Pictures File:Malice.php?title=File:Portobello_Road.php?title=File:Beetlejuice_at_Universal_Studios_Hollywood_.wikipedia. Skier Dude.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Luigibob.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Blathnaid.wikipedia. MikeAllen.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Nehrams2020.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index. Noirish.org/w/index. File:PreludeKissPoster.php?title=File:Ballsoffireposter.org/w/index. Skier Dude File:Miami_blues_poster. Melesse.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia. Skier Dude File:Ballsoffireposter.jpg  Source: http://en.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.Image Sources.0  Contributors: User:Mr Bullitt File:She'sbabyposter.php?title=File:The_Hunt_for_Red_October_movie_poster.org/w/index.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: Gran2.php?title=File:Alice_movie_poster.org/w/index.wikipedia File:Mercuryrisingposter.wikipedia. Rettetast File:The Juror.php?title=File:The_Juror. MikeWazowski. Finlay McWalter.jpg  Source: http://en. Sfan00 IMG. Leonard^Bloom.php?title=File:Marrying_man_poster.php?title=File:Working_Girl.php?title=File:Heavens_prisonersmp.php?title=File:Looking_for_richard. Melesse. Chrislk02. 3 anonymous edits File:Beetlejuice at Universal Studios Hollywood .wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index. Wikiacc File:Glengarrymovie. Quentin X. Freak File:Looking for richard.jpg  Source: http://en.D.php?title=File:Mercuryrisingposter.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: CJMylentz.php?title=File:BEETLEJUICE.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: BlueStar.wikipedia.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier File:Working Girl. DarkSprout.php?title=File:Miami_blues_poster.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier File:Shadowpost.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X. Quentin X.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Cohesion.wikipedia. Skier Dude File:Two bits poster. Quentin X. Licenses and Contributors File:NottingHillRobertsGrant.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier File:TheEdgeposter.jpg  Source: http://en._Notting_Hill. Rockfang.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: User:Grandpafootsoldier 279 .org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:PreludeKissPoster.wikipedia. Skier Dude File:married_to_the_mob_movie_poster.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Malice.org/w/index.wikipedia. Nv8200p.jpg  License: Attribution  Contributors: POV File:The Hunt for Red October movie poster. Nehrams2020.org/w/index. Nehrams2020. Melesse.JPG  License: Attribution  Contributors: Luigibob. File:Ghosts of mississippi.wikipedia. Finlay McWalter.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: MovieMadness.wikipedia.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Papertree at en. Nehrams2020.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X File:alice_movie_poster. Skier Dude. Quentin X File:Marrying_man_poster.JPG  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Blathnaid.php?title=File:NottingHillRobertsGrant.org/w/index.php?title=File:TheEdgeposter.org/w/index.php?title=File:Two_bits_poster.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: BlueStar. Kieranthompson.wikipedia. Nv8200p.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: 20th Century Fox marketing department. Shimgray.org/w/index.php?title=File:Ghosts_of_mississippi.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.

0/ . org/ licenses/ by-sa/ 3.License 280 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported http:/ / creativecommons.

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