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OS Model Exam Questions

1. Explain in details about Client Server Model

2. Discuss in detail about process management.

3. Explain the design issues of distributed system

4. a) Explain about the basic Remote Procedure Call

b) Write in detail about implementation issues of RPC

5. Discuss in detail about remote procedure call

6. Explain in detail about processor allocation process.

7. What is mutual exclusion? Explain the following two algorithms

a) A Distributed Algorithm

b) A Token Ring Algorithm

8. Explain real time distributed system

9. Explain the different system models available in distributed systems

10. Explain about System structure and caching in distributed file system implementation.

11. What is shared memory? Explain ring based multiprocessor and switched

12. Explain object based distributed shared memory

13. Explain distributed file system design.

14. Explain in detail about AMOEBA Servers.

15. Explain in detail about communication in AMOEBA.

16. Explain segmentation concept with one example