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The Paul Newman Handbook - Everything you need to know about Paul Newman

The Paul Newman Handbook - Everything you need to know about Paul Newman

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Paul Leonard Newman (January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008) was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and auto racing enthusiast. He won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for best actor for his performance in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film The Color of Money and eight other nominations, three Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Cannes Film Festival Award, an Emmy award, and many honorary awards.

He also won several national championships as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing, and his race teams won several championships in open wheel IndyCar racing.

This book is your ultimate resource for Paul Newman. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life, and Filmography right away: List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman, The Meerkats, Dale (film), Cars (film), Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, Empire Falls (miniseries), Our Town (2003 film), Road to Perdition, The Blunder Years, Where the Money Is, Message in a Bottle (film), Twilight (1998 film), Nobody's Fool (1994 film), The Hudsucker Proxy, La Classe américaine, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Blaze (film), Fat Man and Little Boy, The Color of Money, Harry & Son, The Verdict, Absence of Malice, Fort Apache, The Bronx, When Time Ran Out, Quintet (film), Slap Shot (film), Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Silent Movie, The Drowning Pool (film), The Towering Inferno, The Sting, The Mackintosh Man, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Pocket Money, Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program), Sometimes a Great Notion (film), WUSA (film), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Winning, The Secret War of Harry Frigg, Cool Hand Luke, Hombre (film), Torn Curtain, Harper (film), Lady L, The Outrage, What a Way to Go!, The Prize (film), A New Kind of Love, Hud (film), Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man, Sweet Bird of Youth, Paris Blues, The Hustler (film), Exodus (film), From the Terrace, The Young Philadelphians, Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (film), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film), The Left Handed Gun, The Long, Hot Summer, Until They Sail, The Helen Morgan Story, The Rack (film), Somebody Up There Likes Me (film), Our Town (Producer's Showcase), The Silver Chalice (film)

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Paul Leonard Newman (January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008) was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and auto racing enthusiast. He won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for best actor for his performance in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film The Color of Money and eight other nominations, three Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Cannes Film Festival Award, an Emmy award, and many honorary awards.

He also won several national championships as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing, and his race teams won several championships in open wheel IndyCar racing.

This book is your ultimate resource for Paul Newman. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life, and Filmography right away: List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman, The Meerkats, Dale (film), Cars (film), Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, Empire Falls (miniseries), Our Town (2003 film), Road to Perdition, The Blunder Years, Where the Money Is, Message in a Bottle (film), Twilight (1998 film), Nobody's Fool (1994 film), The Hudsucker Proxy, La Classe américaine, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Blaze (film), Fat Man and Little Boy, The Color of Money, Harry & Son, The Verdict, Absence of Malice, Fort Apache, The Bronx, When Time Ran Out, Quintet (film), Slap Shot (film), Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Silent Movie, The Drowning Pool (film), The Towering Inferno, The Sting, The Mackintosh Man, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Pocket Money, Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program), Sometimes a Great Notion (film), WUSA (film), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Winning, The Secret War of Harry Frigg, Cool Hand Luke, Hombre (film), Torn Curtain, Harper (film), Lady L, The Outrage, What a Way to Go!, The Prize (film), A New Kind of Love, Hud (film), Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man, Sweet Bird of Youth, Paris Blues, The Hustler (film), Exodus (film), From the Terrace, The Young Philadelphians, Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (film), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film), The Left Handed Gun, The Long, Hot Summer, Until They Sail, The Helen Morgan Story, The Rack (film), Somebody Up There Likes Me (film), Our Town (Producer's Showcase), The Silver Chalice (film)

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • Paul Newman
  • List of awards and nominations received by Paul
  • The Meerkats
  • Dale (film)
  • Cars (film)
  • Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D
  • Empire Falls (miniseries)
  • Our Town (2003 film)
  • Road to Perdition
  • The Blunder Years
  • Where the Money Is
  • Message in a Bottle (film)
  • Twilight (1998 film)
  • Nobody's Fool (1994 film)
  • The Hudsucker Proxy
  • La Classe américaine
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
  • Blaze (film)
  • Fat Man and Little Boy
  • The Color of Money
  • Harry & Son
  • The Verdict
  • Absence of Malice
  • Fort Apache, The Bronx
  • Fort Apache the Bronx
  • When Time Ran Out
  • Quintet (film)
  • Slap Shot (film)
  • Buffalo Bill and the Indians
  • Silent Movie
  • The Drowning Pool (film)
  • The Towering Inferno
  • The Sting
  • The Mackintosh Man
  • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
  • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
  • Pocket Money
  • Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program)
  • Sometimes a Great Notion (film)
  • WUSA (film)
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Winning
  • The Secret War of Harry Frigg
  • Cool Hand Luke
  • Hombre (film)
  • Torn Curtain
  • Harper (film)
  • Lady L
  • The Outrage
  • What a Way to Go!
  • The Prize (film)
  • A New Kind of Love
  • Hud (film)
  • Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man
  • Sweet Bird of Youth
  • Paris Blues
  • The Hustler (film)
  • Exodus (film)
  • From the Terrace
  • The Young Philadelphians
  • Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (film)
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film)
  • The Left Handed Gun
  • The Long, Hot Summer
  • Until They Sail
  • The Helen Morgan Story
  • The Helen Morgan Story
  • The Rack (film)
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me (film)
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me
  • Our Town (Producer's Showcase)
  • The Silver Chalice (film)
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Paul Leonard Newman (January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008) was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and

auto racing enthusiast. He won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for best actor for his performance in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film The Color of Money and eight other nominations, three Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Cannes Film Festival Award, an Emmy award, and many honorary awards. He also won several national championships as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing, and his race teams won several championships in open wheel IndyCar racing. This book is your ultimate resource for Paul Newman. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life, and Filmography right away: List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman, The Meerkats, Dale (film), Cars (film), Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D, Empire Falls (miniseries), Our Town (2003 film), Road to Perdition, The Blunder Years, Where the Money Is, Message in a Bottle (film), Twilight (1998 film), Nobody’s Fool (1994 film), The Hudsucker Proxy, La Classe américaine, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Blaze (film), Fat Man and Little Boy, The Color of Money, Harry & Son, The Verdict, Absence of Malice, Fort Apache, The Bronx, When Time Ran Out, Quintet (film), Slap Shot (film), Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Silent Movie, The Drowning Pool (film), The Towering Inferno, The Sting, The Mackintosh Man, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Pocket Money, Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program), Sometimes a Great Notion (film), WUSA (film), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Winning, The Secret War of Harry Frigg, Cool Hand Luke, Hombre (film), Torn Curtain, Harper (film), Lady L, The Outrage, What a Way to Go!, The Prize (film), A New Kind of Love, Hud (film), Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man, Sweet Bird of Youth, Paris Blues, The Hustler (film), Exodus (film), From the Terrace, The Young Philadelphians, Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys! (film), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film), The Left Handed Gun, The Long, Hot Summer, Until They Sail, The Helen Morgan Story, The Rack (film), Somebody Up There Likes Me (film), Our Town (Producer’s Showcase), The Silver Chalice (film) Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

Paul Newman

Everything you need to know about Paul Newman


Paul Newman

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Boys! (film) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film) The Left Handed Gun The Long.Pocket Money Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program) Sometimes a Great Notion (film) WUSA (film) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Winning The Secret War of Harry Frigg Cool Hand Luke Hombre (film) Torn Curtain Harper (film) Lady L The Outrage What a Way to Go! The Prize (film) A New Kind of Love Hud (film) Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man Sweet Bird of Youth Paris Blues The Hustler (film) Exodus (film) From the Terrace The Young Philadelphians Rally 'Round the Flag. Licenses and Contributors 247 253 . Hot Summer Until They Sail The Helen Morgan Story The Rack (film) Somebody Up There Likes Me (film) Our Town (Producer's Showcase) The Silver Chalice (film) 148 150 152 155 157 163 165 167 171 174 178 181 183 185 190 193 195 198 199 202 205 211 215 218 221 224 228 231 234 237 240 242 244 245 References Article Sources and Contributors Image Sources.

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U. a food company from which Newman donated all post-tax profits and royalties to charity. September 26. Born Paul Leonard Newman January 26. Actor. playing the court jester in a school production of Robin Hood. He won numerous awards. and many honorary awards. these donations had exceeded US $300 million. Newman's father was Jewish. At the age of seven.[4] three Golden Globe Awards. He also won several national championships as a driver in Sports Car Club of America road racing. where he was initiated into the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. he briefly attended Ohio University in Athens. Graduating from Shaker Heights High School in 1943. 2008 (aged 83) Westport. humanitarian. Ohio. [5] Early life Newman was born in Shaker Heights. and auto racing enthusiast. who ran a profitable sporting goods store. a Screen Actors Guild Award. Arthur. 1925 Shaker Heights. humanitarian. film director.S.[9] Newman's mother. who practiced Christian Science.[14] [7] [10] [11] [12] . the son of Theresa (née Fetzer or Fetsko. stating that "it's more of a challenge". Newman's mother worked in his father's store. Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland). he made his acting debut.[5] As of August 2010. who later became a producer and production manager. 1925 – September 26. [6] [7] [8] [9] Slovak: Terézia Fecková) and Arthur Samuel Newman. and his race teams won several championships in open wheel IndyCar racing. a Cannes Film Festival Award. an Emmy award. entrepreneur. the son of immigrants from Poland and Hungary. while raising Paul and [14] his brother. entrepreneur Died Occupation Years active 1952–2007 Spouse Jackie Witte (1949–1958) (divorced) Joanne Woodward (1958–2008) (his death) Paul Leonard Newman (January 26.S. U.Paul Newman 1 Paul Newman Paul Newman Paul Newman in 2007. was born to a Slovak Roman Catholic family at Ptičie (formerly Pticsie) in the former Austria–Hungary (now in Slovakia). including an Academy Award for best actor for his performance in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film The Color of Money and eight other nominations. a BAFTA Award. but described himself as "a [13] Jew". which his mother encouraged. Newman showed an early interest in the theater. Newman was a co-founder of Newman's Own. 2008)[1] [2] [3] was an American actor. Newman had no religion as an adult. Ohio. director. Connecticut.

[14] Newman later studied Drama at Yale University. The Hustler (1961). These torpedo squadrons were responsible primarily for training [15] replacement pilots and combat air crewmen. Boys!. opposite Elizabeth Taylor. Harry & Son (1984). His rebellious persona translated well to a subsequent generation. directed by Gjon Mili. Newman enrolled in the Navy V-12 program at Ohio University. Aviation Radioman Third Class Newman was sent to Barber's Point. Newman starred in Exodus (1960). He later appeared in the original Broadway productions of The Desperate Hours and Sweet Bird of Youth with Geraldine Page. Winning (1969). The Drowning Pool (1975). In February 1954. for East of Eden (1955). They both also ."[17] [14] Career Early work Newman made his Broadway theater debut in the original production of William Inge's Picnic with Kim Stanley. Hud (1963). but was dropped when it was discovered [14] [15] he was color blind. Hombre (1967). and The Verdict (1982). a musical adaptation of Thornton Wilder's stage play with the same name. which also starred Page. His first movie for Hollywood was The Silver Chalice (1954). He teamed with fellow actor Robert Redford and director George Roy Hill for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) and The Sting (1973). From the Terrace (1960). As a radioman-gunner. [16] After the war. "Also. (1958). He was subsequently assigned to Pacific-based replacement torpedo squadrons (VT-98. He later flew from aircraft carriers as a turret gunner in an Avenger torpedo bomber. Harper (1966). The Towering Inferno (1974). his first credited TV or film appearance. Cool Hand Luke (1967). graduating in 1954. Joanne Woodward.Paul Newman 2 Military service Newman served in the United States Navy in World War II in the Pacific theater. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958). Newman acted in a remake of Our Town. He appeared with his wife. The same year. with Barbara Rush and Robert Vaughn. A New Kind of Love (1963)." he reported him saying. and The Young Philadelphians (1959). Newman appeared in a screen test with James Dean. in the feature films The Long. However.[19] In 2003. The rest of his detail were killed in action. He was sent instead to boot camp and then received further training as a radioman and gunner. and VT-100).[14] Oscar Levant wrote that Newman initially was hesitant to leave New York for Hollywood: "Too close to the cake. He was ordered to the ship with a draft of replacements shortly before the Okinawa campaign. followed by acclaimed roles in Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956). no place to study. placing particular importance on carrier landings. Newman was a last-minute replacement for James Dean. graduating in 1949. as boxer Rocky Graziano. Slap Shot (1977). taking on the role of the stage manager. predating all of these above was a small but notable part in an August 8. but Newman lost out to Richard Davalos. Major films Newman was one of the few actors who successfully made the transition from 1950s cinema to that of the 1960s and 1970s. hoping to be accepted for pilot training. and Mr. was held back because his pilot had an ear infection. Bridge (1990). Qualifying as a rear-seat radioman and gunner in torpedo bombers.[18] in which he played Sergeant Wilson. but by a fluke of war. Dean won his part. in 1944. Newman was testing for the role of Aron Trask. he completed his English degree at Kenyon College in Gambier. and Mrs. Hot Summer (1958). he served aboard the USS Bunker Hill during the Battle of Okinawa in the spring of 1945. Dean for the role of Aron's fraternal twin brother Cal. VT-99. Hawaii. He would later star in the film version of Sweet Bird of Youth. 1952 episode of the science fiction TV series Tales of Tomorrow entitled "Ice from Space". Rally 'Round the Flag. Ohio. WUSA (1970). and later studying under Lee Strasberg at the Actors' Studio in New York City. Newman co-starred with Eva Marie Saint and Frank Sinatra in a live —and color —television broadcast of Our Town. Paris Blues (1961).

2007. after taxes. Newman was profiled alongside Robert Redford as part of the Sundance Channel's tv series Iconoclasts.000 children every year. He stated that he did not feel he could continue acting at the level he wanted to. which is located in Ashford. about the life of the legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt. you start to lose your invention. the franchise has donated in excess of $250 million. the screen version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (1972). The camps serve 13. it was named after the gang in his film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). receiving his first Tony Award nomination for his performance. As of early 2006. although he continued to provide voice work for films. So I think that's pretty much a closed book for me. and Newman was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie. a residential summer camp for seriously ill children. free of charge. His last screen appearance was as a conflicted mob boss in the 2002 film Road to Perdition opposite Tom Hanks. and a screen version of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie (1987). [25] . and wine. released in 2008.. Newman donated $250.E. Phi Kappa Tau. Retirement from acting Newman announced that he would entirely retire from acting on May 25. His daughter." [22] [23] Philanthropy With writer A. Newman's college fraternity.S. a $25. you start to lose your confidence. Newman reprised his role of "Fast" Eddie Felson in the Martin Scorsese-directed The Color of Money (1986). France. Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good. a retired race car in Disney/Pixar's Cars. [5] He co-wrote a memoir about the subject with Hotchner. Similarly. but did not have any scenes together. In June 1999. adopted Hole in the Wall as their "national philanthropy" in 1995. Nell Newman. would be donated to charity. Newman's Own co-sponsors the PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award.000 to Catholic Relief Services to aid refugees in Kosovo. a line of food products.Paul Newman starred in the HBO miniseries Empire Falls. salsa. They were Rachel. Among other awards. Newman established a policy that all proceeds. he served as narrator for the 2007 film Dale. Twenty-five years after The Hustler. In 2005 at age 80. Connecticut. among other things.[24] One beneficiary of his philanthropy is the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. the television screen version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Shadow Box (1980). Rachel (1968). for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor. [20] 3 Last works In 2003. In addition to starring in and directing Harry & Son. Newman founded Newman's Own. Newman co-founded the camp in 1988. in 1982.[21] In keeping with his strong interest in car racing.000 reward designed to recognize those who protect the First Amendment as it applies to the written word. PBS and the cable network Showtime aired a taping of the production. One camp has expanded to become several Hole in the [5] Wall Camps in the U. based on Margaret Laurence's A Jest of God. He told a television interviewer that winning an Oscar at the age of 62 deprived him of his fantasy of formally being presented with it in extreme old age. which turned out to be Newman's final film performance in any form. Newman also directed four feature films (in which he did not act) starring Woodward. The brand started with salad dressing. and has expanded to include pasta sauce. Ireland. and Israel. he provided the voice of Doc Hudson. popcorn. he appeared in a Broadway revival of Wilder's Our Town. Hotchner. took the helm of the company with his death. Newman also provided the narration for the film documentary The Meerkats. "You start to lose your memory. lemonade.

and Claire "Clea" Olivia (1965). It also commented that "Newman was a generous heart. The Towering Inferno. Paul Newman started the Scott Newman Center for drug abuse prevention in memory of his son.Paul Newman On June 1. Melissa "Lissy" Stewart (1961). Scott (1950). The Newmans lived away from the Hollywood environment.[30] appeared in the films Breakheart Pass. She also received an Emmy nomination as co-producer of his telefilm. They had a son. including a starring role as one of four Beatles fans in I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978). Connecticut. which distributes funds to a variety of charities. Newman directed Elinor (stage name Nell Potts) in the central role alongside her mother in the film The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. 2007. making their home in Westport. leads the business community in developing sustainable and strategic community partnerships through philanthropy. Kenyon College announced that Newman had donated $10 million to the school to establish a scholarship fund as part of the college's current $230 million fund-raising campaign. a membership organization of CEOs and corporate chairpersons committed to raising the level and quality of global corporate philanthropy. Paul Newman was well known for his devotion to his wife and family. and the 1977 film Fraternity Row. through annual executive convenings. 1958. and also a small role opposite her father in Slap Shot. and best practice publications. the Italian newspaper (a "semi-official" paper of the Holy See) L'Osservatore Romano published a notice lauding Newman's philanthropy. an actor of a dignity and style rare in Hollywood quarters. The Shadow Box.[32] They had three daughters: Elinor "Nell" Teresa (1959). [28] Upon Newman's death. [31] Susan is a documentary filmmaker and philanthropist and has Broadway and screen credits. he famously quipped. Newman and Woodward were honorary co-chairs of a previous campaign. He was married to Jackie Witte[14] from 1949 to 1958.857. "Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?" [33] [34] .[26] Paul Newman was one of the founders of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP). Susan Kendall (1953) and Stephanie. and two daughters. extensive benchmarking research. When asked about infidelity. He contributed $20.[14] Scott Newman."[29] 4 Marriages and family Newman was married twice. Newman married actress Joanne Woodward on February 2. Founded in 1999 by Newman and a few leading CEOs.000 for the year of 2008 to the Newman's Own Foundation. who died in November 1978 from a drug overdose. CECP has grown to include more than 175 members and. Newman had two grandsons.org.[27] Newman was named the Most Generous Celebrity of 2008 by Givingback.

Connecticut. [40] 24 Hours of Le Mans career Participating years 1979 Teams Best finish Class wins Dick Barbour Racing 2nd (1979) 1 (1979) From the mid-1970s to the early 1990s. Newman was placed nineteenth on Richard Nixon's enemies list. he drove for the Bob Sharp Racing team. . eventually winning several championships. 2009. and was even rumored as a candidate himself. and first became interested in motorsports ("the first thing that I ever found I had any grace in") while training at the Watkins Glen Racing School for the filming of Winning. in Thompson. Newman was also a vocal supporter of gay rights. which competed in the Can-Am series. Newman owned a NASCAR Winston Cup car. At the age of 70 years and 8 days. Nevada on February [44] 21. and he was a frequent competitor in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) events for the rest of the decade. He donated to Chris Dodd's presidential campaign. 1970. a 1969 film. Newman was inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame at the national convention in Las Vegas.[41] winning in his class at the 1995 24 Hours of Daytona. Newman's first professional event was in 1972. until Lamont emerged as a credible alternative.[42] Among his last races were the Baja 1000 in 2004 and the 24 Hours of Daytona once again in 2005. which Newman narrated.Paul Newman 5 Political activism For his support of Eugene McCarthy in 1968 (and effective use of television commercials in California) and his opposition to the War in Vietnam. but later co-founded Newman/Haas Racing with Carl Haas. [43] Newman initially owned his own racing team. he became the oldest driver to be part of a winning team in a major sanctioned race. He was also a partner in the Atlantic Championship team Newman Wachs Racing. The 1996 racing season was chronicled in the IMAX film Super Speedway. He later drove in the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans in Dick Barbour's Porsche 935 and finished in second place. including same-sex [37] marriage. in 1983. Auto racing Newman was an avid auto racing enthusiast.[35] which he claimed was his greatest accomplishment. Newman at a political rally for Eugene McCarthy in 1968 Newman was concerned over global warming and supported nuclear [38] energy development as a solution. before selling it to Penske Racing. Newman publicly supported Ned Lamont's candidacy in the 2006 Connecticut Democratic Primary against Senator Joe Lieberman. where it now serves as the #12 car.[39] Newman reunited with Barbour in 2000 to compete in the Petit Le Mans. He became closely associated with the brand during the 1980s. [36] He attended the first Earth Day event in Manhattan on April 22. racing mainly Datsuns (later rebranded as Nissans) in the Trans-Am Series. Consistent with his work for liberal causes. even appearing in commercials for them. a Champ Car team.

were subsequently cremated after a private funeral service near his home in Westport. Newman told his family he wished to die at home. citing health issues. had been diagnosed with lung cancer and was receiving treatment at Sloan-Kettering hospital in New York City. told the Associated Press that Newman told him about the disease about eighteen months [48] prior to the interview. and nominations As actor Film Year 1954 The Silver Chalice 1955 Producer's Showcase: Our Town 1956 Somebody Up There Likes Me The Rack 1957 The Helen Morgan Story Until They Sail 1958 The Long. Larry Maddux Capt. Hall Jr.Paul Newman 6 Illness and death Newman was scheduled to make his professional stage directing debut with the Westport Country Playhouse's 2008 [45] production of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Hot Summer The Left Handed Gun Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Basil George Gibbs Rocky Graziano Capt. Hotchner.[49] In August. aged 83. Edward W. [46] Photographs taken of Newman in May and [47] June showed him looking gaunt. [54] [50] [51] [52] [53] His remains Filmography. Jack Harding Ben Quick Billy the Kid Brick Pollitt Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Best Actor Award (Cannes Film Festival) Cinema Writers Circle Award for Best Foreign Actor Role Notes Rally 'Round the Flag. who partnered with Newman to start the Newman's Own company in the 1980s. Newman's spokesman told the press that the star was "doing nicely.E. He died on September 26. In June 2008 it was widely reported that Newman. a former chain smoker.Motion Picture Drama Paris Blues Ram Bowen . awards. surrounded by his family and close friends. but he stepped down on May 23." but neither confirmed nor denied that he had cancer. 2008. after reportedly finishing chemotherapy. 2008. Boys! Harry Bannerman 1959 The Young Philadelphians 1960 From the Terrace Exodus 1961 The Hustler Anthony Judson Lawrence David Alfred Eaton Ari Ben Canaan Eddie Felson BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Mar del Plata Film Festival Best Actor Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor . Writer A.

Michael Armstrong John Russell Luke Jackson Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor .Motion Picture Drama 1968 The Secret War of Harry Frigg 1969 Winning Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1970 WUSA 1971 Sometimes a Great Notion Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program) 1972 Pocket Money The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1973 The Mackintosh Man The Sting 1974 The Towering Inferno 1975 The Drowning Pool 1976 Silent Movie Buffalo Bill and the Indians 1977 Slap Shot 1979 Quintet 1980 When Time Ran Out. Pvt.Motion Picture Drama 7 Hemingway's Adventures of a Ad Francis.. "Buffalo Bill" Cody Reggie "Reg" Dunlop Essex Hank Anderson Winner: World Television Festival Award..Motion Picture Drama Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor . Winner: Best International Sports Documentary Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role .Paul Newman 1962 Sweet Bird of Youth Chance Wayne Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor . 'The Young Man Battler' 1963 Hud Hud Bannon A New Kind of Love The Prize 1964 What a Way to Go! The Outrage 1965 Lady L 1966 Harper Torn Curtain 1967 Hombre Cool Hand Luke Steve Sherman Andrew Craig Larry Flint Juan Carrasco Armand Denis Lew Harper Prof. Harry Frigg Frank Capua Butch Cassidy Rheinhardt Hank Stamper Himself Jim Kane Judge Roy Bean Joseph Rearden Henry Gondorff Doug Roberts Lew Harper Himself William F.

Bridge 1993 La Classe américaine 1994 The Hudsucker Proxy Nobody's Fool Gen.Paul Newman 1981 Fort Apache. Groves Gov.Drama/Romance 2003 Our Town Stage Manager .Motion Picture Drama 1989 Fat Man and Little Boy Blaze 1990 Mr. Mussburger Donald J. The Bronx Absence of Malice 1982 Come Along with Me The Verdict Frank Galvin Murphy Michael Colin Gallagher Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor TV David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actor Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor . Leslie R.Motion Picture Nominated — Emmy Award Nominated — Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Supporting Actor . Long Walter Bridge Dave Sidney J. "Sully" Sullivan Silver Berlin Bear Award for Best Actor National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor . and Mrs. Earl K.Motion Picture Drama 8 1984 Harry & Son 1986 The Color of Money Harry Keach Fast Eddie Felson Academy Award for Best Actor National Board of Review Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor .Motion Picture Drama Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role in redubbed archive footage only 1998 Twilight 1999 Message in a Bottle 2000 Where the Money Is 2001 The Blunder Years (The Simpsons episode) 2002 Road to Perdition Harry Ross Dodge Blake Henry Manning Himself John Rooney voice Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role Nominated — Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture Nominated — Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor .

Academy Award for Best Picture [55] New York Film Critics Circle Award (best director) Co-executive producer (uncredited) Co-executive producer (uncredited) Co-producer Director and co-executive producer producer Director and producer Co-executive producer (uncredited) Nominated .Emmy Award for Best Director for a Miniseries. Rachel Film Notes Golden Globe Award for Best Director . Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television voice voice voice voice 9 Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D 2006 Cars 2007 Dale 2008 The Meerkats Dave Scott Doc Hudson/Hudson Hornet Narrator Narrator As director or producer Year 1968 Rachel. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1984. He received the Golden Globe New Star of the Year — Actor award for The Silver Chalice (1957). .Motion Picture Nominated . the Henrietta Award World Film Favorite — Male in 1964 and 1966 and the Cecil B. Nominated: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Miniseries Additional awards and honors In addition to the awards Newman won for specific roles. Hot Summer and the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for Nobody's Fool. Newman won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for The Long. Movie or Dramatic Special Director and producer 1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Winning 1970 1971 WUSA Sometimes a Great Notion They Might Be Giants 1972 The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1980 1984 1987 2005 The Shadow Box Harry & Son The Glass Menagerie Empire Falls Producer. he received an honorary Academy Award in 1986 for his "many and memorable and compelling screen performances" and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for his charity work in 1994.Paul Newman 2005 Empire Falls Max Roby Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor Miniseries or a Movie Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series.

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He won an Academy Award (which was Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Color of Money) and was nominated nine other times. Newman won two Golden Globe Awards (which was Best Director for Rachel. popularly known as the Oscars. whose acting career in motion pictures.Male. DeMille Awards Emmy Awards 1 1 2 1 1 10 11 4 This is a list of awards and nominations for Paul Newman. . and on stage has spanned over 50 years. DeMille Award). Actor The winner for each year is in bold face text against a yellow background. Rachel and Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Television for Empire Falls) and received four special awards (Most Promising Newcomer . World Favorite Film . are presented annually by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry. He has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Newman was nominated for ten competitive awards and was the recipient of an Honorary Award and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.Male [twice]. Awards Academy Awards The Academy Awards.List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman 14 List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman List of Paul Newman awards Award Wins Nominations Academy Awards Academy Honorary Awards Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Cecil B. television. and Cecil B.

List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman 15 .1994 . Reilly Film Adaptation.Best Actor Actor Morgan Freeman Tom Hanks Nigel Hawthorne Paul Newman John Travolta Film The Shawshank Redemption Forrest Gump {Best Picture} The Madness of King George Nobody's Fool Pulp Fiction Film .Best Actor Actor Tony Curtis Paul Newman David Niven Sidney Poitier Spencer Tracy Film The Defiant Ones Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Separate Tables The Defiant Ones The Old Man and the Sea Actor Charles Boyer Paul Newman .1958 .2002 .Best Actor Actor Film Bonnie and Clyde The Graduate Cool Hand Luke In the Heat of the Night {Best Picture} Guess Who's Coming to Dinner .1982 .1967 .Best Actor Film Fanny The Hustler Maximilian Schell Judgment at Nuremberg Spencer Tracy Stuart Whitman Judgment at Nuremberg The Mark .Best Supporting Actor Actor Chris Cooper Ed Harris Paul Newman John C.1963 .Best Actor Actor Warren Beatty Henry Fonda Burt Lancaster Dudley Moore Paul Newman Reds On Golden Pond Atlantic City Arthur Absence of Malice Film .Best Actor Actor Dustin Hoffman Ben Kingsley Jack Lemmon Paul Newman Peter O'Toole Tootsie Gandhi {Best Picture} Missing The Verdict My Favorite Year .1961 .Best Actor Actor Dexter Gordon Bob Hoskins William Hurt Paul Newman James Woods Film 'Round Midnight Mona Lisa Children of a Lesser God The Color of Money Salvador .1981 .1986 . The Hours Road to Perdition Chicago {Best Picture} Christopher Walken Catch Me If You Can .Best Actor Actor Albert Finney Richard Harris Rex Harrison Paul Newman Sidney Poitier Film Tom Jones {Best Picture} Warren Beatty This Sporting Life Cleopatra Hud Lilies of the Field Dustin Hoffman Paul Newman Rod Steiger Spencer Tracy .

1968 Producer Film Anthony Havelock-Allan.[1] Newman was nominated for four Emmys and won once. Retrieved 2010-03-26. . Other honors • Newman Day References [1] "Awards" (http://www. Emmy Awards The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) honors national prime time television entertainment. and to focus wide public attention upon the best in motion pictures and television. John Brabourne Romeo and Juliet Paul Newman Martin Poll Ray Stark John Woolf Rachel.List of awards and nominations received by Paul Newman 16 Producer .emmys.tv/awards/index. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.php). both domestic and foreign. Newman won three competitive awards and received the Cecil B. Rachel The Lion in Winter Funny Girl 'Oliver! {Best Picture} Golden Globes The Golden Globe Awards are presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognize outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry. . DeMille Award.

It is the debut directorial feature of James Honeyborne. A US date has not yet been announced.The Meerkats 17 The Meerkats The Meerkats Promotional movie poster Directed by Produced by James Honeyborne BBC Films BBC Natural History Unit The Weinstein Company Alexander McCall Smith Paul Newman Sarah Class Written by Narrated by Music by Cinematography Barrie Britton. on 7 August in the UK.[1] expanding to a wide release the following week. Tony Miller. Mark Payne-Gill Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Justin Krish BBC Films The Weinstein Company 15 October 2008 20 November 2008 10 January 2009 83 minutes United Kingdom English Running time Country Language The Meerkats is a feature-length 2008 British nature documentary film which reveals the daily struggles of a clan of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert. The worldwide premiere was held at the Dinard Film Festival. and filmed by the award-winning BBC Natural History Unit. previously a producer of natural history programmes for television. The film is expected to be released internationally in 2009. France in October 2008. . It was produced by BBC Films and The Weinstein Company.

There will be a huge sense of place on a massive scale. a second feature-length documentary on meerkats. The Meerkats is believed to be one of the last film credits [1] [3] of his long career.com/2006/12/17/movies/ 17lyon. was also released in 2008.imdb. BBC Press Office.html). but was not screened in theatres.enjoyfrance. You will really see real wild animals.The Meerkats 18 Production The Meerkats was announced in November 2006 as BBC Films and The Weinstein Company agreed a co-financing deal for the film. with The Weinstein Company also handling international distribution. [3] "French film festival to show Paul Newman’s last work" (http://www. External links • The Meerkats at BBC Films (http://www. Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7653429. It was produced by Animal Planet. The year-long principal photography began on location in the Kalahari Desert. Paul Newman provides the narration. has stated that the two documentaries are very different in character (the BBC and Discovery originally planned to collaborate. [2] "The Meerkats: BBC Films and the BBC Natural History Unit collaborate on ambitious first feature film" (http://www. The script was written by Alexander McCall Smith. "After a Run of Penguin Chic. but couldn't agree on a common ground). [4] Lyons. New York Times. the makers of Meerkat Manor.bbc. . 2008-10-06. South Africa in the same month. author of many books set in Botswana. a producer of The Meerkats. 2006-11-01. Enjoy France News.uk/ pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2006/11_november/01/meerkats.bbc.co. and followed the successes of Earth (2007) and Deep Blue (2003) which were both companion pieces to BBC television series. .BBC Online.uk/bbcfilms/film/the_meerkats) • The Meerkats (http://www.com/content/view/1697/31/)."[4] References [1] "Festival screens Newman swansong" (http://news. Discovery Films and Oxford Scientific Films. .com/title/tt0892391/) at the Internet Movie Database . Charles (2006-12-17). It will be immersive. James Honeyborne has described The Meerkats as "a stand-alone. BBC Films' Joe Oppenheimer. It’s the Year of the Meerkat" (http://www. blue-chip wildlife film from the ground up. which was recorded at a studio near his home shortly before his death. .[2] It became the Natural History Unit's first feature-length documentary based on original material.shtml).bbc. 2008-10-05.stm).co.co.nytimes.

The film is now available on DVD. The film follows his career all the way to his death in the 2001 Daytona 500. 2007.[1] The film included interviews from legendary NASCAR drivers including Dale's rival Darrell Waltrip.com/movies/dale/) • Dale (http://www.com : Index : Dale Breaks Ratings Records for CMT (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0815140/) at the Internet Movie Database .com/artists/news/1568989/20070906/index. A lot of the cities the film premiered in were cities where the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was racing that week including Daytona. It was narrator Paul Newman's final film performance before his death.cmt. Dale made its television debut on CMT on September 4.jhtml) External links • Official Website (http://www. References [1] CMT. setting a new ratings record for the network of more than 3. Produced as a collaboration between CMT Films and NASCAR Images.1 million total viewers. the film premiered in theaters in selected cities in February 2007.Dale (film) 19 Dale (film) Dale DVD cover Directed by Written by Narrated by Starring Release date(s) Running time Language Rory Karpf Mike Viney Ryan McGee Paul Newman Dale Earnhardt February 2007 100 minutes English Dale is a documentary film about the life and career of NASCAR race car driver Dale Earnhardt.cmt.

Anderson Dan Fogelman John Lasseter Joe Ranft Kiel Murray Phil Lorin Jorgen Klubien John Lasseter Joe Ranft Jorgen Klubien Brenda Chapman Owen WilsonPaul Newman Bonnie Hunt Larry the Cable Guy Tony Shalhoub John Ratzenberger George Carlin Jenifer Lewis Cheech Marin Richard Petty Michael Keaton Randy Newman Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Jeremy Lasky Jean Claude Kalache Editing by Studio Ken Schretzmann Pixar Animation Studios .Cars (film) 20 Cars (film) Cars Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by John Lasseter Joe Ranft (Co-director) Darla K.

A mishap with the local sheriff causes McQueen to inadvertently tear up the town's main road. he becomes friends with many of the townsfolk and learns of their past. with an estimated $5 billion in sales. becomes lost. The film is also the second Pixar film to have an entirely non-human cast after A Bug's Life. a rust treatment for old cars. John Ratzenberger. McQueen is arrested.S. causing the sleeping McQueen to roll out of the back of the trailer unnoticed. Eager to start practice in California as soon as possible. McQueen initially tries to rush through the job. Route 66. 2006 116 minutes United States English $120 million [1] 21 $461. Radiator Springs was effectively erased from the map. and allow him to take The King's place as the sponsored car of the lucrative Dinoco team. North Carolina. Mack. it features voices by Owen Wilson. The film begins with the last race of the Piston Cup championship. Set in a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles. a . is in production and set for release on June 24. including Best Animated Feature. causing many of the businesses and residents to leave.983. including scale models of several of the cars. who at first wants him to leave Radiator Springs immediately. which ends in a three-way tie between retiring veteran Strip Weathers. Tony Shalhoub. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. 2006 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord. Cheech Marin. [2] A sequel. As the days pass. and rookie Lightning McQueen. and the final film by Pixar before it was bought by Disney. It is the seventh Disney·Pixar feature film. but with the construction of nearby Interstate 40 that allowed people to bypass the town. 2006. Jenifer Lewis. Doc instead sentences him to repave the road as community service. 2011. Lightning is desperate to win the race. It was released on DVD in late 2006 and on Blu-ray Disc in late 2007. Related merchandise. Dale Earnhardt Jr. who play Kenny G's "Songbird" to make him sleep.149 Cars 2 Cars is a 2006 American animated comedy film produced by Pixar and directed by both John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. perennial runner-up Chick Hicks. but makes a sloppy. he becomes the victim of a gang of reckless street racers. McQueen wakes up in traffic. and was released on June 9. Larry the Cable Guy and Michael Keaton as well as voice cameos by several celebrities including Jeremy Piven. George Carlin. [3] Plot Cars takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic motor vehicles. as it would allow him to leave the unglamorous sponsorship of Rust-Eze. to travel all night long. Cars premiered on May 26.. to generally favorable reviews.Cars (film) Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by Walt Disney Pictures Buena Vista Distribution June 9. The tiebreaker race is scheduled for one week later at the Los Angeles International Speedway. Jay Leno. Doc Hudson. then tried the next day by the town's judge and doctor. broke records for retail sales of merchandise based on a Disney·Pixar film. McQueen also discovers that Doc is actually the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. It was nominated for two Academy Awards. Richard Petty. Lightning pushes his big rig. Michael Schumacher. Radiator Springs was once a popular stopover along U. When Mack starts nodding off. Bob Costas. Darrell Waltrip. Cars 2. but at the insistence of local lawyer Sally Carrera. and in a panic ends up in the run-down town of Radiator Springs. bumpy mess of the road and is forced to start over again. Tom & Ray Magliozzi from NPR's Car Talk and Mario Andretti. Bonnie Hunt. Paul Newman (in his final non-documentary feature).

However. Inc. a 1960 VW Bus. a 1949 Mercury Club Coupe (police package). McQueen returns to Radiator Springs and decides to move his team's headquarters there. Mater ends up finally finding his hood. There. and A Bug's Life where the characters are changed into cars and the names are changed and Mack comments on the voice actor for various characters and then complaining about it once he realizes it is the same actor. One-Ton Wrecker Tow Truck. he and Sally reopen the Wheel Well Inn and start a relationship. and as the town returns to its previous quietness. Mack and the media converge on the town. his victory is rejected and he is booed off the awards ceremony stage for purposely ramming The King off. purposely rams The King so violently that he is sent flying off the track and into a devastating and horrifying roll-over wreck. helping to revitalize the town and its businesses. Cheech Marin as Ramone. everyone is at the drive-in watching various movies that are spoofs of other Pixar films Toy Story. but a sneeze causes him to lose it again. • • • • • Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera. Dinoco. allowing him to complete his last race and retire with dignity. Tony Shalhoub as Luigi. a 1959 Chevy Impala Lowrider. the town's neon is turned off. Also. George Carlin as Fillmore. the press. Monsters. Doc realizes just how much McQueen meant to them. Sally is upset with Doc for thinking only of himself. As the tie-breaker race begins. Encouraged by his new friends and a countryside cruise with Sally. McQueen is offered the Dinoco sponsorship but turns it down. letting Chick win the Piston Cup. stops just short of the finish line. a 1959 Fiat 500. • Paul Newman as Doc Hudson. a 1951 Hudson Hornet. 22 Cast • Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen. and refuses McQueen's requests to train him. McQueen successfully completes the road and spends an extra day in town. a 2002 996-series Porsche 911 Carrera. and Luigi and Guido finally get their dream of serving Ferraris when Michael Schumacher himself and two friends show up for tires on McQueen's recommendation. That night. Sarge opens an SUV boot camp and Sheriff catches the street racers that put McQueen in his predicament and they are sentenced to doing more work on the road with Bessie. as well as Doc – once again outfitted in his old racing colors – serving as McQueen's new crew chief. much to the crowd's pleasure. later revealed to be the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. As for Chick. Remembering Doc's bleary departure from racing." • Larry the Cable Guy as Mater. McQueen is able to counteract Chick Hicks' dirty driving tactics and take the lead of the race. much to the crowd's shock. he is surprised to discover that his new friends have come along to serve as his pit crew along with Mack. McQueen's thoughts keep drifting back to Radiator Springs and he is distracted from performing well. As they retire to their homes. Heartened by their presence and recalling the tricks they taught him. a racing museum is opened with a whole wing dedicated to Doc Hudson who trains Lightning in all the racing tricks he knows and races with him. Chick. a 1951 International Harvester L-170 "boom" truck[5] [6] with elements of a [7] mid-1950s Chevrolet.Cars (film) three-time Piston Cup champion who was forced out of competition after a serious accident ended his career over 50 years ago. However. rendering his Piston Cup victory hollow and meaningless. but remains adept at racing. seeing the King crash on the track's large television monitor. During the credits. On the final lap. and the other townsfolk are saddened to see McQueen go. McQueen reverses to help push The King the rest of the way across the finish line. much to his dismay. much to his anger. saying that he would rather stay with the Rust-Eze team that brought him this far. fed up with always finishing behind The King. visiting the local shops to outfit him with new tires and equipment. The King and his wife. described by John Lasseter in the LA Times as "A hybrid between a stock [4] car and a more curvaceous Le Mans endurance racer. and the crowd praise McQueen for his sportsmanship. having been tipped off by Doc as to Lightning's whereabouts. McQueen. much to the pleasure of his new friends. . and Lightning reluctantly sets off for California. he remains bitter about the fact that the racing community was so quick to abandon him after the accident. Michael Wallis as Sheriff.

who died in a car crash in 2005. Later.S. a 1960s style fire truck (most closely resembles a mid-1960s Pirsch pumper but also resembles American LaFrance models). Development The original script (called The Yellow Car. in the style used by the US Military. a 1957 Motorama show car.Cars (film) • • • • Paul Dooley as Sarge. This is also the last (non-documentary) movie for Paul Newman before his retirement in 2007 and his death in 2008. a 1985 Mack Super-Liner. a 1923 Ford Model T. the movie was eventually scrapped in favor of Toy Story 2. some of the original drawings and characters were produced in 1998 and the producers agreed that Cars could be the next movie after A Bug's Life and would be released in early 1999. Wallis then led 11 Pixar animators in rented white Cadillacs on two different road trips across the route to research the film. the movie's working title was Route 66 (after U. Route 66). about an electric car living in a gas-guzzling world). John Lasseter had it in his mind to have the eyes be in the windshield. Guido Quaroni as Guido. a custom forklift. When he returned to the studio after vacation. after Corpse Bride. described by Pixar as a generic 1980s stock car. a Route 66 historian. production resumed with major script changes. Production Cars is the last film worked on by Joe Ranft. as well as the characters from Tex Avery's One Cab's Family short and Disney's own Susie the Little Blue Coupe). but was changed to 95 (the year Toy Story was released). Lasseter also visited the design studios of the Big Three Detroit automakers. a 1941 Willys model jeep. Lightning McQueen's number was originally going to be 57 (Lasseter's birth year). resembling an Isetta at the front. particularly J Mays of Ford Motor Company. • John Ratzenberger as Mack. the eyes of the cars in this film were placed on the windshield (which resembles the Tonka Talking Trucks. [7] Strongly resembles a 1978–88 General Motors G-Body such as Buick Regal or Grand National. It turned out to be the highest-grossing film of his career. it separates our characters from the more common approach where you have little Work-in-progress screenshot. In 2001. John Lasseter has said that the idea for Cars was born after he took a cross-country road trip with his wife and five sons in 2000. but in 2002. However. the title was changed to prevent people from thinking it was related to the 1960 television show with the same name. In addition. . • Joe Ranft as Red. According to production designer Bob Pauley. For one thing. Richard Petty as Strip "The King" Weathers. "From the very beginning of this project. Animation For the cars themselves. rather than within the headlights. • Katherine Helmond as Lizzie. Jenifer Lewis as Flo. The car's design was based on Richard Petty's 1970 Plymouth 23 Superbird • Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks. Unlike most anthropomorphic cars. he contacted Michael Wallis. The film was the second to be dedicated to his memory. Lasseter learned how real cars were designed. particularly around June 4.

the animators used computer platforms very similar to those used in the design of real-world automobiles. Radiator Springs and vicinity The setting for the fictional town of Radiator Springs is situated between Gallup. and 95) is taken from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. including the Cyrus Avery Route 66 Memorial Bridge in Tulsa. Computers used in the development of the film were four times faster than those used in The Incredibles and 1. the point of view is more human-like. Few are left in actual operation in the United States. Texas. Arizona and the Sand Hills Curiosity Shop. The blinking neon lights on the spark plugs blink in the firing order of a Ford flathead V8. However. where business withered soon after the opening of I-40.000 times faster than those used in Toy Story. The sign "City of Emeryville – Closed for the race" is a nod to Pixar's headquarters in Emeryville. aka the City Meat Market building in Erick. New Mexico and the Sonoran Desert in California. Louis Post-Dispatch that much of the story is based on the recollections of barber Angel Delgadillo in the Route 66 town of Seligman.Cars (film) cartoon eyes in the headlights. with a circular air filter. The Scoring Pylon (showing numbers 43. the exceptions being the various tow truck characters that sometimes use their tow hooks. Willy's Butte resembles the landmark of Mexican Hat. Oklahoma. he thought that having the eyes down near the mouth at the front end of the car feels more like a snake. pistons and connecting rods as the supports for the shelter. Arizona. which use their forks. tappet covers. Utah. California. Near "Ornament Valley" (a reference to Monument Valley) is derived from the rugged Black Mountains in Arizona. Arizona. For another. With the eyes set in the windshield. The characters also use their tires as hands and feet. and the famous Cadillac Ranch sculpture in Amarillo. Flo's V8 cafe is designed to look like a V8 engine head on. The venue for the Piston Cup tiebreaker race (the Los Angeles International Speedway) is a conglomeration of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. California in the San Francisco Bay Area. as well as the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. red lights and bells. [4] The railroad grade crossing at which Lightning McQueen outruns a passenger train on his way to Radiator Springs is protected by a pair of antique "upper-quadrant" wigwag crossing signals which accurately depict those once made by the Magnetic Signal Company in both appearance and start-up. Arizona. The bridge that McQueen sees Sally driving on resembles several bridges on Route 66. Lasseter told film critic Joe Williams of the St. and made [8] it feel like the whole car could be involved in the animation of the character. the physical location of Radiator Springs in relation to I-40 is similar to that of Peach Springs.[9] 24 Settings The track on which the opening race (Motor Speedway of the South) takes place is based on an enlarged version of Bristol Motor Speedway. To build the cars. and many have been replaced with modern crossing gates. the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena where the Rose Bowl is located. spark plugs. the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena. and the now-closed bridge over Diablo Canyon at Two Guns. Lizzie's Curio Shop in Radiator Springs resembles the crazy Route 66 jumble of memorabilia and knick-knacks at Hackberry General Store in Hackberry. . 86. and the various forklift characters.

a self-proclaimed hippie artist known to Rt. Though Waldmire's family owns the Cozy Dog Drive-In. As Mack is en route to California at 17:44 in the film. Bob. The recently restored Tee Pee Motel in Wharton. preferred not to see his name put on a character that would become a McDonald's Happy Meal toy. with individual cabins shaped like teepees. south of Houston. Nine tracks on the soundtrack are by popular artists. Texas. while the remaining eleven are score cues by Randy Newman. . 2006. the third (and oldest) is in Cave City. the group of small birds can briefly be seen (and heard) sitting on their familiar telephone wire. far from Route 66. [12] Soundtrack The Cars soundtrack was released by Walt Disney Records on June 6.[11] • Ramone's House of Body Art is based primarily on the U-Drop Inn in Shamrock. The name "Cozy Cone" was inspired by the Cozy Dog Drive-In of Springfield. Brad Paisley contributed two of the nine tracks to the album. While not officially a "character". which lays claim to being birthplace of the corn dog. California. Three Wigwam Motels remain. does make a cameo outside of the race track. at the final Race in the movie. Arizona. Kentucky. To quote the Pixar crew: "As we traveled on Route 66. These were once two out of seven built motels. • The yellow billboard for Lizzie's Curio Shop reading "HERE IT IS" with an image of a Model T is based on the Jack Rabbit Trading Post signage in Joseph City. • Sheriff is voiced by Michael Wallis. having since become a vegan. Arizona and Rialto. Many other establishments built along Route 66 in its heyday had Art Deco elements that might be reflected in the design of Ramone's. These birds are not only the only characters to appear from a different Pixar film. is of similar design but unrelated. [10] Among the many references to Route 66 landmarks and personalities: • The Cozy Cone Motel's design is based on the two Wigwam Motels along Rt. an American historian and author of Route 66: The Mother Road. the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story. in Holbrook. but are also the only non-motorized forms of life seen in the film. 66. we were privileged to visit many places and to meet a number of people who live and work alongside 'The Mother Road. It opened in 1936 as Tower Conoco (from its distinctive Art Deco spire) with the U-Drop Inn Cafe and a retail building attached.' The following is a list of the places and people we wanted to honor by including their names in our 'Special Thanks' credits at the end of the film. Illinois. referring to the famous San Francisco music venue The Fillmore. 25 Cameo The group of small birds from the 2001 Pixar short film For the Birds made a cameo appearance in Cars. one by Chuck Berry and a new version recorded specifically for the film's credits performed by John Mayer. 66 fans for his detailed pen-and-ink maps and postcards of the route. one being "Find Yourself" used for the end credits.Cars (film) Route 66 Many characters and places in the movie are directly inspired by real Route 66 places and people. It has two versions of the classic Bobby Troup jazz standard "Route 66" (popularized by Nat King Cole). Texas. was at one time to be named "Waldmire" after Bob Waldmire. • The character "Fillmore".

The film also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature.Cars (film) 26 Release Cars was originally going to be released on November 4. 2006 in Australia and New Zealand." Laura Clifford of website Reeling Reviews wrote that the film's "only real drawback is its failure to inspire awe with its visuals and to thoroughly transport with its storytelling.082. William Arnold of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer praised it as "one of Pixar's most imaginative and thoroughly appealing movies ever"[15] and Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly called it "a work of American art as classic as it is modern. 2006 to positive reviews. five million copies of the DVD were sold in the first two .[13] Analysts looked at the release date change as a sign from Pixar that they were preparing for the pending end of the Disney distribution contract by either preparing non-Disney materials to present [14] to other studios.yet no other Pixar Film has ever scored less than 91%.3 million. 2004 the movie's release date was changed to June 9. Perhaps the most prestigious award that Cars received was the inaugural Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It was the highest-grossing animated film of 2006 in the United States. "but somehow lacks the extra push of the other Pixar films.981. both the lowest attributed to a Pixar film.982 in the United States (the third highest-grossing film of 2006 in the country.[1] Awards Cars had a highly successful run during the 2006 awards season. with DVD sales occurring during the holiday shopping season. especially after the acclaim received by The Incredibles. on November 7. Critical reception Cars opened on June 9. It also had a version of the Pixar short Boundin' as an Easter Egg." which later went on to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song (an award it lost to "I Need to Wake Up" from An Inconvenient Truth). Box office In its opening weekend. "The movie is great to look at [17] and a lot of fun. It includes the short films Mater and the Ghostlight and One Man Band. [18] Rotten Tomatoes gave Cars a fresh 74% (with an average of 6. but it lost to Happy Feet. and it earned a 73/100 on Metacritic. he stated that the reasoning was due to wanting to put all Pixar films on a [13] Summer release schedule. Home media release Cars was released on DVD in both wide-screen and full-screen editions on October 25. According to the Walt Disney Company. the Best Animated Feature Annie Award."[16] However. 2006 in the United States and Canada. and on November 27. some critics expressed that Cars did not hold up to the standard of other Pixar films due to its lengthy story. It went on to gross $461. the director. behind Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Night at the Museum). 2006 in the United Kingdom. 2006. Cars also received the title of Best Reviewed Animated Feature of 2006 from Rotten Tomatoes. but lost to Ice Age: The Meltdown in worldwide totals.604 worldwide (ranking number 6 in 2006 films) and $244. Cars also won the highest award for animation in 2006. Randy Newman and James Taylor received a Grammy Award for the song "Our Town. as well as Inspiration for Cars. 2005. the film held onto the #1 spot for two weeks before being surpassed by Click and then by Superman Returns the following weekend.9). Pixar's previous film. but on December 7. Cars was also selected as the Favorite Family Movie at the 33rd People's Choice Awards. Many film critic associations such as the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the National Board of Review named it the best Animated Feature Film of 2006. Cars grossed $83." wrote critic Roger Ebert. In the United States. When Jobs made the release date announcement. a 16 minute long documentary about Cars featuring John Lasseter. or they were buying time to see what happened with Michael Eisner's situation at Disney.

and Doc Hudson according to their make/model and personalities. (This is also the name for the track race in the film) Estimates from the New York Daily News indicate that sales of Cars merchandise two weeks out from the release of the film amounted to US$600 million. Kelley Blue Book. Target's bonus was a Rev'd Up DVD Disc that featured material that was mostly already released as part of the official Cars podcast and focused on the inspiration and production of the movie. 27 Merchandising The Mattel-produced 1/55 scale Toy Cars were some of the most popular toys of the 2006 Summer Season.[21] In the US and Canada. Mater. made between May and July 2007. [24] The United States Department of Transportation has used scenes from the movie in a commercial regarding the Click It or Ticket campaign. Dozens of characters are represented. the die-cast Sarge car. Estimates put out in November by the Walt Disney Company peg total sales [19] for the brand at around $1 billion.[19] Unlike previous Pixar DVD releases. These ice creams were called "Burnouts". Wal-Mart featured a Geared-Up Bonus DVD Disc that focused on the music of the film. These are called Disney-Pixar Cars Mini Adventures. Also. In Norway. Cars: The Making of the Music. It is unknown as to whether the products have been discontinued. Lego will make some sets for the sequel. there were bonus discs available with the purchase of Cars at Wal-Mart and Target.S. Additional extras not seen on the DVD have since been released on the official DVD website. These bags also came with Cars themed tattoos. Cars was also released on Blu-ray Disc on November 6. recording 10-to-1 more volume than Finding Nemo. 2007. 2006 Disney Consumer Products announced that Cars merchandise broke records for retail sales based on a Disney-Pixar product. The naming of the particular product sparked controversy as the name "Burnouts" was believed to have encouraged street racing and committing burnouts. In the U. Several stores had trouble keeping the toys in stock. and some models are still difficult to find because of being shipped in lower numbers than other characters. an animated Wal-Mart truck can be seen on a Wal-Mart advertisements for Cars. . Sally Carrera. has humorously "appraised" four of the cars. On June 22. 2007. Some online Disney enthusiasts are comparing it to the same shortage that Mattel faced with its Toy Story line in 1995. In conjunction with the film's release. was recalled due to "impermissible levels of lead" used in the paint. These acts are illegal and heavy fines and convictions are issued to those committing these acts in Australia. John Lasseter and Pixar were preoccupied with [20] productions like Ratatouille. and Under The Hood (a special that originally aired on the ABC Family cable channel).[22] Another Cars product which followed the Disney-Pixar Cars Die-Cast Line were miniature versions of the characters which were painted in different colors to represent different events. a chocolate ice cream on a stick resembling a car tire was released in Australia. including the "Life Is A Highway" video. The Making of "Life Is A Highway". According to Sara Maher. with some having multiple versions available. Mattel has announced that Cars toys will continue through 2008 with the release of at least 80 new vehicles. a resource for appraising values of vehicles.. there is no two-disc special edition. In the Wal-Mart TV commercial the Wal-Mart truck was talking to Mater. the candy company Nidar produced candy with the characters on the outer packaging and pictures of the characters on the packaging of the assorted candy on the inside. Lightning McQueen. On August 14.[23] DCP reports that product expansion will take place in the fall alongside the DVD release of the film. and no plans to release one in the future. A 36 car pack called "Motor Speedway of the South" will feature most of the race cars seen during the opening race sequence of the film. DVD Production Manager at Pixar.Cars (film) days it was available.

Retrieved 2009-06-02.[28] References [1] "Cars (2006)" (http://www.archive. Retrieved 2009-06-02. . Among the collection was an ornament featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater. A Cars-based attraction opened at Walt Disney Studios Paris (France) in 2007 and scheduled to open in Disney's California Adventure in 2012.guardian.aspx?contentid=4024001).com/movies/?id=cars. and several other countries where Opel is present (or with Opel models under Chevrolet and Vauxhall brand).uk. "Greatest Hit" on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. The first ad involved the Opels coming to Radiator Springs as tourists. a Opel Meriva. Our Head of Story Joe Ranft. "Cars Mater-National" being the first one and "Cars Race-O-Rama". They won in Race 3 that season. saw beyond the rust and broken-down parts — he saw the inspiration for the character Mater. including TV ads made by Pixar.msn. [7] Ann Job (May 7.boxofficemojo.com/2009/04/06/business/media/ 06pixar. .com/tip/14681). The second involved their failed attempts at auditioning for Mater. [3] Michael Hann (April 23. Retrieved 2009-04-11. Paulo described The Little Cars series (Os Carrinhos in Portuguese). . [2] Brooks Barnes (April 5. 2006).org/web/20060615114304/http://autos. "Disney-Pixar confirms Monsters Inc 2" (http://www. Canônico discussed whether lawsuits from Pixar would appear. who. we found a lonely old tow truck that most folks would pass by without a second glance. In Japan. RoadsideAmerica. .uk/film/2010/apr/23/monsters-inc-2). Similar films Marcus Aurelius Canônico of Folha de S.com/2006/jun/04/entertainment/ ca-cars4). .co. The Art of Cars. 4. "Pixar’s Art Leaves Profit Watchers Edgy" (http://www. as a derivative of Cars. "In Galena. which produces various T-shirts and shorts.roadsideamerica. Mater and Ramone. In the end the Opels lost the part to the real Mater. Suzanne Fitzgerald Wallis (2006). Chronicle Books. is sentenced to work at the town hospital. The car was based on the Toyota MR-S and the externals of the car were modeled on its of McQueen as much as possible. In May 2007. Fox as a hotshot young doctor. Box Office Mojo. 2010). falls in love with a local law student and eventually acquires an appreciation for small town values. The New York Times. [27] It has also been noted that the plot of Cars bears a striking resemblance to that of Doc Hollywood. "Tow Mater from Cars Movie" (http://www.nytimes.[26] This include their number change from their original #101 to McQueen's #95. The Brazilian Ministry of Culture posted Marcus Aurelius Canônico's article on its website.com. the Cars video game was announced to be a "Platinum Hit" on the Xbox. In July 2006." [6] Melba Rigg (October 30. Italy. a Brazilian computer graphics film series. p. with the Opel models interacting with Lightning McQueen. the 1991 romantic comedy which stars Michael J.htm).Cars (film) In South Africa.html?_r=4&hpw=&pagewanted=all). [4] Dan Neil (June 4. Kansas. and "Player's Choice" on the Nintendo GameCube. 2009). . after causing a traffic accident in a small town. [5] Michael Wallis. Retrieved 2006-11-01. Los Angeles Times.latimes. however. 2006). [25] 28 Lightning McQueen apr MR-S. Two sequels were released. GM has a campaign featuring an General Motors Astra. There is also a Cars children's clothing line. Disney Japan and Toyota backed racing team Cars Racing replaced its racing car "Toy Story apr MR-S" and introduced the "Lightning McQueen apr MR-S" for the 2008 Super GT season. greeting card giant Hallmark Cards unveiled its line of 2006 Keepsake Christmas ornaments. guardian. and a General Motors Zafira as characters in the world of Cars. "New movie rekindles love affair with cars" (http://web. . The Star-Ledger.co. "A grease geek will guide you: Cars decoded" (http://articles. com/advice/article. 2008).

com/article.stm). Retrieved 2009-06-02. Business Week.com/cars.gov. [15] William Arnold (June 9.bcdb. [22] "Pixar Cars Sarge Lead Paint Hazard Recall" (http://service. Retrieved 2009-06-02. Retrieved 2007-06-30.article/disney&). [26] "【 SUPER GT】 「 カ ー ズ 」 レ ー シ ン グ チ ー ム 始 動 ! " (http://response. response.go. 29 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://disney.com/title/tt0317219/) at the Internet Movie Database Cars (http://www.7590549.com/featurefilms/cars/) from Pixar Cars (http://www.asp). The New York Times.com/apps/pbcs.com/kb/ki.disney.bbc.com/bwdaily/dnflash/dec2004/nf2004129_4222_db035.businessweek.html).ctv. [DVD]. .nytimes. "Pixar's Cars Got Its Kicks on Route 66" (http://www. 2006). "Cars | Movie Review" (http://www..opel.com/movies/273246_cars09q. June 13. [12] Cars. Chicago Sun-Times.jp.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060531/ cars_review_060607/20060607/).00. "Cars is a joyous ride" (http://seattlepi. [28] "Cars rolls along like an animated Doc Hollywood" (http://www.chicagotribune. June 22. [14] "Steve Jobs's Sharp Turn with Cars" (http://www.6115. . Retrieved 2009-06-02. Retrieved 2009-06-02. Disney Consumer Products.sp?kbb. .do?layout=pressReleaseDetail& contentId=335885&returnLayout=pressRoom). . 2006.. [16] Lisa Schwarzbaum (June 7.videobusiness. December 9. "More extras in Pixar's trunk" (http://www. .pixar. 2006. March 3.1201791_1_0_.appleinsider. "Cars :: Reviews" (http://rogerebert. 2006). . The Movie Review Show.kb.html).Cars (film) [8] "Cars Production Information" (http://adisney.asp?layout=article& articleid=CA6388059).com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/cars/). .com/work/290414) at Allmovie Cars (http://www. [18] "Reeling: Cars" (http://www.1. .co. Retrieved 2009-06-02.go. [25] "Pixar's Cars – Opel" (http://www. . [9] Phil Patton (May 21.com/m/10004076-cars/) at Rotten Tomatoes . . .kbb. Retrieved 2008-05-04. "Birthplace (maybe) of the corn dog" (http://www. Retrieved 2009-06-02. May 5. AppleInsider. Retrieved 2007-06-30. [27] "Vídeo Brinquedo faz sucesso com desenhos como "Os Carrinhos" e "Ratatoing"" (http://www. Ministry of Culture. .com/Login/displayContent. [17] Roger Ebert (June 9. 2006).nwsource. . [23] "Disney Shows Muscle with Boys Properties" (https://licensing.imdb. December 8. 2006).html)(in Japanese).com/entertainment/ chi-0608150331aug16. Mattel Consumer Relations Answer Center.mattel.suntimes.com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/cars/) from Disney Official website (http://www.com/disneypictures/cars/us/bios/CARSProdNotes. 2006.com/index. .go.com/2006/05/21/automobiles/21AUTO.pdf) (pdf).ew. . Entertainment Weekly. 2006). Disney/Pixar.br/site/?p=107) (in Portuguese). 2004. html).story?coll=chi-news-hed/). [20] Jennifer Netherby (November 2. 2004.dll/article?AID=/20060608/REVIEWS/ 60606002/1023). Retrieved 2009-06-02. Retrieved 2009-06-02. [19] Katie Marsal (November 10.jp/issue/2008/0303/article106443_1.wordpress. html?pagewanted=all).com/bcdb/cartoon. php?id=2225). 2006).htm). .&&&cars. BBC News.com/2006/06/13/pixars-route-66-inspirations/). [24] "Kelly Blue Book" (http://www. Retrieved 2009-04-11.rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2009-06-02. "Disney sells 5 million copies of Pixar's Cars in two days" (http://www. Retrieved 2009-06-02. .allmovie. Route 66 News. [11] Charles Storch (August 16. 2006). .cgi?film=38611/) at the Big Cartoon DataBase Cars (http://www. Disney. [21] "Official Cars DVD Website" (http://disney.com/us/recall/h6414_IVR.com/brand_sites/pixarcars/pixarcars. 2007. [13] "Pixar-Disney delay Cars release" (http://news.htm#Laura). .Seattle Post-Intelligencer.cultura.dll/ke. 2008. [10] "Pixar's Route 66 inspirations" (http://rwarn17588. Retrieved 2009-06-02. Video Business.uk/hi/entertainment/film/4078711.com/ew/article/review/movie/0. Chicago Tribune. .reelingreviews.

the twelve astronauts in the Apollo program. John Travolta. and Scott Wilder [5]. The cast includes Andrew Husmann [1]. Production The film includes historical NASA footage as well as re-enactments and computer-generated imagery. Magnificent Desolation is the third Apollo-related project for Hanks: he was previously involved in the film Apollo 13 and the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. co-writer and co-producer. Paul Newman. Aaron White [2]. The voice cast includes Morgan Freeman. Score by James Newton Howard[6] and Blake Neely. 2005 40 minutes United States English Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D is a 2005 IMAX 3D documentary film about the first humans on the Moon. . 2005.Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D 30 Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D Directed by Produced by Mark Cowen Mark Cowen Tom Hanks Gary Goetzman Mark Herzog Mark Cowen Tom Hanks Christopher G. Gary Hershberger [4]. 2007. Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey.[7] The film was released in IMAX theaters on September 23. It was released on DVD on November 6. Brandy Blackledge [3]. Cowen Tom Hanks Paul Newman Morgan Freeman Scott Glenn Matt Damon Gary Sinise Blake Neely Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Sean MacLeod Phillips Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Billy Shinski IMAX September 23. Tom Hanks is the narrator.

Aldrin: Magnificent desolation.[9] [8] of the lunar landscape: Cast • Tom Hanks as Narrator (voice) • • • • • • John Corbett as Harrison Schmitt (voice) Andrew Husmann as David Scott Bryan Cranston as Buzz Aldrin (voice) Aaron White as James Irwin Matt Damon as Alan Shepard (voice) Gary Hershberger as Astronaut Grace • Morgan Freeman as Neil Armstrong (voice) • Scott Wilder as Astronaut Wallace • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brandy Blackledge as Future Astronaut Scott Glenn as Charles Duke (voice) Rick Gomez as Alpha Station Commander (voice) Colin Hanks as Conspiracy Neil Armstrong Bo Stevenson as Conspiracy Grip Frank John Hughes as Future Houston Capcom (voice) Tim Matheson as Houston Capcom (voice) Matthew McConaughey as Alan Bean (voice) Neal McDonough as Reservoir Commander (voice) Paul Newman as David Scott (voice) Bill Paxton as Edgar Mitchell (voice) Barry Pepper as John Young (voice) Kevin Pollak as Director (voice) Julie Shimer as Future Astronaut (voice) Gary Sinise as Eugene Cernan (voice) Peter Scolari as Pete Conrad (voice) John Travolta as James Irwin (voice) Donnie Wahlberg as Helium 3 Commander (voice) Rita Wilson as Beta Station Commander (voice) .Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D 31 Origins of title The title comes from Buzz Aldrin's description Aldrin: Beautiful view! Armstrong: Isn't that something! Magnificent sight out here.

the moonwalkers are asked.imdb.com/name/nm2831507/ [6] James Newton Howard at Internet Movie Database (http://www.com/name/nm0006133/) [7] Blake Neely at Internet Movie Database (http://www.hq. Jack Geist.thespacereview.collectspace. In the book Heinlein describes the moon as "a scene of blistering desert desolation".imdb. "Can you give us your first impressions of the moon?". "Well. I'll try.imdb.html) by Robert Pearlman.com/article/419/1) by Jeff Foust. 2005 . Cargraves (Warner Anderson) replies. The Space Review. September 20. Heinlein. [9] Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal "One Small Step" (http://www. The Space Review.imax.thespacereview. 2006.com/name/nm1924343/ [3] http://www.com/title/tt0401623/) at the Internet Movie Database • Preview: Magnificent Desolation (http://www.com/name/nm0403914/ [2] http://www.gov/alsj/a11/a11. and Jerome Morin received the award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Film from the Visual Effects Society for their work on the film. Destination Moon.imdb. The first impression is one of utter barrenness and desolation.nasa.com/article/461/1) by Jeff Foust.imdb.com/name/nm0624201/) [8] In George Pal's 1950 film. Dr.step.imdb. 2005 • Review: Magnificent Desolation (http://www.com/name/nm0380912/ [5] http://www.com/news/news-120602a. Johnathan Banta.imdb. who also helped write the script.html) External links • Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (http://www. August 1. References [1] http://www. collectSPACE. 2005 • Review: Magnificent Desolation (http://www.com/magnificentdesolation/) official web site • Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (http://www." The movie was loosely based on Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. September 26.com/name/nm1855754/ [4] http://www.Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D 32 Awards On February 16.imdb.

she has a complicated friendship with John Voss. It was nominated for and won multiple awards. Janine. He has an ex-wife. Plot summary Set in the small. who has become a cocky. This is partly due to encouragement from Walt Comeau. who is a talented Empire Grill cook. 2005 – Empire Falls is a two-part mini-series that aired on HBO in 2005. his . Roby also has a loving teenage daughter nicknamed "Tick" who is dealing with Zack Minty. including various Emmys and Golden Globes. decaying. run time 240 min (2 parts) Genre Written by Directed by Produced by Starring Miniseries Richard Russo (novel and teleplay) Fred Schepisi William Teitler Ed Harris Helen Hunt Paul Newman Philip Seymour Hoffman Joanne Woodward United States English Country Language Original channel HBO Original run May 28. and nearly bankrupt town of Empire Falls. Other important people in Miles' life include his grubby ne'er-do-well father. The obnoxious jock Zack and his friends constantly bully John. this is the story of Miles Roby. Maine. his reformed marijuana smoking brother. her cruel ex-boyfriend plus an emotional conflict over her mother's engagement to Walt. In addition. selfish bachelorette after losing weight and exercising rigorously. a rascal who can't resist a handout when it comes his way. the unassuming manager of the Empire Grill. an antagonistic fitness center owner who visits the Empire Grill every day and has moved into Roby's old house by this point. an emotionally disturbed boy at school whose hard-luck story is known all too well around town. who has spent his entire life in the town. It was directed by Fred Schepisi.Empire Falls (miniseries) 33 Empire Falls (miniseries) Empire Falls DVD cover of Empire Falls Approx. It was based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name which was written by Richard Russo.

• Janine Roby (Helen Hunt) -. Florida.The middle aged central character of the story. Disheveled and constantly defiant of those around him. . trying to develop a fatherly relationship with Tick. A former alcoholic. As the story progresses. and more sympathetic than most of her classmates.Francine's daughter. He is happy to accept any "handout" (or to take anything he wants) even when it means stealing money from the church.Miles' father. • David Roby (Aidan Quinn) -. Her condescending manner veils a cunning woman with ulterior motives. • Grace Roby (Robin Wright Penn) -.The town's wealthiest citizen. hidden (temporarily) from Janine. A blue collar gentleman with his principles intact. Despite being a vagabond. who has loved Miles for many years.Janine's fiance and the owner of a fitness club. It is also implied that David is actually Miles's half-brother. He's constantly ridiculed by Tick's ex-boyfriend. Max loves his sons and granddaughter and is a great deal wiser than people assume him to be. Maine and is divorced with one teenaged daughter. • Walt Comeau (Dennis Farina) -. and has no problem pulling them when it suits her unscrupulous agenda. This was Paul Newman's final onscreen role. having promised their mother to watch after Miles. an attractive waitress. Zack Minty.Miles' younger brother.Miles' late mother. 34 Cast of Characters • Miles Roby (Ed Harris) -. He lives with Janine in Miles' old house. Her mother's engagement has a negative impact on her. He is from a deprived family. causing others to persuade him to open a business of his own. Max has no problem saying what he thinks of people. • Francine Whiting (Joanne Woodward) -.Tick's awkward. the town's wealthiest woman. that woman's daughter. introverted classmate. David is the chief cook at the Empire Grill. through flashbacks with their mother and Charlie Mayne. even directly to their faces. one that eventually escalates.Miles' ex-wife. Tick is smart. a reformed marijuana plant grower and a car-crash survivor. • John Voss (Lou Taylor Pucci) -. Janine resents the close relationship that exists between father and daughter. dirty clothing and is known to live with his grandmother after his parents abandoned him. this has left him constantly accountable to Francine Whiting. Miles is plagued by flashbacks of his family when he was a child. • Cindy Whiting(Kate Burton) -. He encourages Miles to take risks. She enjoys a loving relationship with both her father and grandfather. The manipulative Francine holds puppet strings over the town. who is trying to act like a father figure. she is a sweet woman with high spirits. Her affair with Charlie plays a crucial role in Miles' life. he lives in an apartment over the restaurant he has managed ever since he dropped out of college to look after his dying mother. wears ragged. and resents her mother. (He is played by Josh Lucas in flashback. He has a couple of skeletons in his closet.Miles' daughter. His history has created a dangerous aura about him. Janine finds that tables are turning on her for the worst.A mysterious suitor to Miles' mother and a symbolic figure in Miles' life. Max has a lifelong affinity for Key West. She considers her son the jewel of her eye.) • Charlie Mayne (Philip Seymour Hoffman) -. who owns a bar. Walt makes daily appearances at the restaurant to challenge Miles to an arm-wrestling match. a condescending matron who owns the Empire Grill. No one but Tick pays enough attention to him until it's too late. • Max Roby (Paul Newman) -. Miles is the seemingly content manager of the Empire Grill in Empire Falls. damaging her relationship with her daughter and annoying her mother.Empire Falls (miniseries) good-hearted ex-mother-in-law. She has developed a selfish attitude. the details of which might answer some questions Miles has had his entire life. Walt is extroverted and arrogant. She gained ownership of the house and custody of their daughter while Miles ended up in an apartment above the Empire Grill. in particular Miles. His talent brings a considerable amount of business to the diner. friendly. She has a long-standing attraction to Miles. • Christina "Tick" Roby (Danielle Panabaker) -. a retiring police chief and a dimwitted police officer. who is Zack's father and has known Miles since childhood. including a mysterious affair between his mother and a suitor. She despises Walt. Charlie's involvement is pivotal with regard to why Miles has lived in Empire Falls his entire life. Despite being permanently disabled by a car accident. However. he is aware of it and is sympathetic but does not feel the same way.

A friendly priest. Bea (Estelle Parsons) -. He is an intellectual with a heavy Maine accent and has intimate knowledge of what goes on around town. He too is affected by John's revenge.An elderly priest.) 35 • • • • • • • Otto Meyer (Larry Pine) -. Francine keeps him in her pocket by providing perks such as a red sports car. he participates with Zack in taunting John. Tick's ex-boyfriend. and often makes rather pointed remarks about Janine's behavior. He is dying of cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy which takes a heavy toll on his health. Overweight. Ex-mother-in-law to Miles. Awards and nominations Primetime Emmy Award Won • Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie (Paul Newman) Nominations • • • • • Outstanding Miniseries Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries.A local reporter and a regular patron at the grill. although he draws limits when Zack breaks into John's house. Bill Daws (Stephen Mendillo) -. they remain good friends. and is indirectly responsible for making John reach his breaking point. Father Mark (Adam LeFevre) -. He is becoming senile and behaves erratically. has keys to most of the town's businesses which he uses to his advantage. Horace (Jeffrey DeMunn) -.Miniseries or a Movie (Ed Harris) Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie (Philip Seymour Hoffman) Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie (Joanne Woodward) . She is aware that Miles is attracted to her. which he has hired Miles to paint. She finds some amusement when Zack picks on John.Principal of the high school. with a penchant for junk food.Son of Jimmy Minty.A dull-witted. He plays a pivotal role when John "snaps. at one point he helps Max steal money from the church. and she's kind to him. Bea frequently takes Miles' side rather than Janine's. Zack gets away with his bad behavior because of his popularity and his father's status as a police officer. He has an eye on becoming Chief of Police one day.) • Candace (Delia Robertson) -. Charlene (Theresa Russell) -.Zack's best friend. He is not well liked by most of the town. • Zack Minty (Trevor Morgan) -. he is an honorable man who watches out for students like John and Tick. A football star who is an obnoxious and cruel punk. and unfortunately. He loves tormenting John to the point of breaking into his house. although he believes he is.Janine's wise mother.Empire Falls (miniseries) • Jimmy Minty (William Fichtner) -. • Justin (Tony Takacs) -. He and Miles ultimately come to blows." (Pine also serves as narrator for the film.The compassionate chief of police and a friend to Miles. confiding only in Miles with the news. unscrupulous police officer and former classmate of Miles. Movie or Dramatic Special (Fred Schepisi) Outstanding Lead Actor . but is inevitably involved when John reaches his breaking point.Waitress at the Empire Grill. He has a prominent cyst on his forehead and Max often tactleslsy refers to it. He works at a decrepit church. She owns a local bar and wants Miles to go into business with her. A childhood friend of Miles. (For example. Father Tom (Nesbitt Blaisdell) -.Tick's classmate and best friend. but she is dating David.

hbo. Elvis) • Best Supporting Actress .com/films/empirefalls/ . Miniseries or Television Film (Newman) Nominations • Best Actor .Series.Miniseries or Television Film (Harris – lost to Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Grey's Anatomy) External links • Empire Falls [1] at the Internet Movie Database • HBO Films .com/title/tt376591/ [2] http://www.Empire Falls [2] References [1] http://www.imdb.Series. Miniseries or Television Film (Woodward – lost to Sandra Oh.Empire Falls (miniseries) 36 Golden Globe Awards Won • Best Miniseries or Television Film • Best Supporting Actor .

Gibbs Jane Curtin as Mrs. Webb Mia Dillon as Mrs. Soames Conor Donovan as Wally Webb Ben Fox as George Gibbs Kristen Hahn as Rebecca Gibbs Carter Jackson as Sam Craig Maggie Lacey as Emily Webb Stephen Mendillo as Constable Warren Paul Newman as Stage Manager Stephen Spinella as Simon Stimson T. who was nominated for both an Emmy and a SAG award for outstanding acting. Webb Jeffrey DeMunn as Mr. It was filmed at the Booth Theatre in Manhattan. Gibbs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Wendy Barrie-Wilson as Woman in Balcony Reathel Bean as Man in Auditorium John Braden as Professor Willard Tom Brennan as Joe Stoddard Kieran Campion as Baseball Player Patch Darragh as Baseball Player Frank Converse as Dr. 2003 Running time Language 120 min English Our Town is a 2003 film adaptation of the famous play of the same name by Thornton Wilder. It was shown on PBS as part of Masterpiece Theatre after first being shown on the cable channel Showtime.J.Our Town (2003 film) 37 Our Town (2003 film) Our Town Directed by Written by Starring James Naughton Thornton Wilder Paul Newman Maggie Lacey Ben Fox Release date(s) May 23. It stars Paul Newman. Cast • Jayne Atkinson as Mrs. Sullivan as Joe Crowell Jake Robards as Howie Newsome Cynthia Wallace as Woman in Auditorium Travis Walters as Si Crowell .

pbs.com/title/tt0353849/ .Our Town (2003 film) 38 Crew • Directed by: James Naughton • Produced by: • • • • Marc Bauman (Producer) Rebecca Eaton (Producer) Frank Garritano (Supervising Producer) Joanne Woodward (Executive Producer) Awards • Emmy Nomination (2003): Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie (Paul Newman) • Golden Satellite Award Nominations (2004): • Best Motion Picture Made for Television • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television (Jayne Atkinson • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television (Jane Curtin) • Screen Actors Guild Award Nomination (2004): Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries (Paul Newman) External links • Our Town [1] on the Official PBS website • Our Town [2] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.org/wgbh/masterpiece/americancollection/ourtown/index.html [2] http://www.imdb.

Hall Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Jill Bilcock DreamWorks 20th Century Fox July 12. The screenplay was adapted by David Self. The film stars Tom Hanks.001. from the graphic novel of the same name by Max Allan Collins. 2002 117 minutes United States English $80 million $181.478 [1] Road to Perdition is a 2002 American period drama film directed by Sam Mendes. Paul .Road to Perdition 39 Road to Perdition Road to Perdition Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Sam Mendes Sam Mendes Dean Zanuck Richard D. Zanuck David Self Max Allan Collins Richard Piers Rayner Tom Hanks Paul Newman Jude Law Daniel Craig Tyler Hoechlin Thomas Newman Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Conrad L.

Sullivan discovers (in ledgers taken from Rance) that Connor has been embezzling from his father for years. Hall took advantage of the environment to create symbolism for the film. though he manages to shoot the escaping Sullivan in the arm before collapsing. having recently finished 1999's acclaimed American Beauty. cloaked by darkness and a driving rain. Sr. Nitti reveals his location to Sullivan. using the names of dead gang members to hide his activities. his face peppered with fragments of glass. Rance stalls him until Maguire can arrive. but cannot bring himself to fire. making him promise that this will be the end. they give the couple much of the remaining money from the bank robberies. Sullivan and his remaining son flee to Chicago. hoping to trade it for Connor. On the day Sullivan comes to Rance's hotel room. for which he won several awards. Cinematographer Conrad L. including the consequence of violence and father-son relationships. hides in his father's car and witnesses Connor's impulsive killing of McGovern. Sullivan begins robbing the banks that hold the Capone and Rooney syndicate's laundered money. Maguire. Sullivan dispatches Rooney's entire entourage with his Thompson submachine gun and then walks up to Rooney himself who says "I'm glad it's you". As the Sullivans depart. Sullivan swears his son to secrecy. Jr. an Irish American organized crime boss in Illinois during the Great Depression and the Al Capone mob-rule era. who likes to photograph his victims. follows a mob enforcer and his son as they seek vengeance against a mobster who murdered the rest of their family. The standoff ends when Sullivan draws a hidden gun and kills Maguire before dying in his son's arms. who has survived the hotel shootout. The cinematography. The offer is rejected. mistakenly thinking he has murdered young Michael. including the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. A home media release first debuted on February 25. He ruthlessly murders Sullivan's wife Annie and the couple's younger son Peter. He acknowledges that he already knows about the embezzlement and that this must end with Connor's death. Twelve-year-old Michael Sullivan. He asks permission of crime kingpin Frank Nitti to seek revenge on Connor. The film explores several themes. Jude Law. Sullivan is an orphan raised by Rooney who has worked most of his life for the crime boss. 2003. joined by Sullivan. Alexander Rance. Mourning his father's death. but still refuses to be the one to give up his son. Rooney is aware of the meeting and allows Nitti to dispatch psychopathic assassin Harlen Maguire to kill Sullivan. is a mob enforcer for John Rooney. Filming took place in the Chicago area. The film was released on July 12. Michael drives his father to a farm where a childless elderly couple helps Sullivan to recover. a town on the shore of Lake Michigan. Michael finds his way back to the . pursued a story that had minimal dialogue and conveyed emotion in the imagery. Rance is killed in the crossfire of the ensuing gunfight. taking place during the Great Depression. Rooney's son Connor. Rooney is surprised by Sullivan while attending Mass. and the lead performances by Newman (in his final theatrical screen appearance) and Hanks were well-received by critics. Here he is ambushed and shot by a disfigured Maguire. 2002 and eventually grossed over $180 million worldwide. and Daniel Craig.Road to Perdition Newman. 40 Plot Michael Sullivan. Sullivan decides to drive Michael to a relative's beach house in Perdition. a disgruntled employee. Seeing no further reason to protect Connor now that Rooney is dead. Knowing now that Nitti has sided against him. who has been sent into hiding. goes to a warehouse for a meeting with Finn McGovern. During his recuperation. Maguire sets a trap with the aid of Rooney's accountant. who looks at Sullivan as a second son. Mendes. Sullivan pulls the trigger. The plot. Sullivan requests a job with Capone's mob. tracks Sullivan and son to a roadside diner but misses a chance to make the hit. setting. With tears in his eyes. Young Michael shows up and points a gun at Maguire. Sullivan goes to the hotel where Connor is hiding and kills him while in the bathtub to complete his full circle of revenge. but Connor decides to hush these witnesses forever. That night. His son Michael drives the getaway car at the holdups. Maguire also falls.

Instead.. and you've got offspring . • Jude Law as Harlen Maguire: A crime scene photographer who moonlights as an assassin.[4] The actor prepared by requesting Frank McCourt." • Tyler Hoechlin as Michael Sullivan. Zanuck. Actor Alfred Molina was approached to portray Capone. For scenes in which Hoechlin's character assisted his father as a getaway driver. believing that Hollywood stereotyped all Italian-Americans as gangsters. explained. though he did not pursue direction of the film due to his full slate. This character was filmed for a single scene. Law was given a sallow skin tone that reflected the wear from working in a darkroom. If you're a man. described Michael Sullivan's role. Dylan Baker as Alexander Rance: An accountant who holds the ledgers for the Rooney crime syndicate. Shortly afterward. Spielberg set up the project at his [2] studio DreamWorks. Sr. LaPaglia was cast as [10] Capone. By 1999.Road to Perdition elderly farm couple that looked after them.. Sr. the novel reached Dean Zanuck. Scenes were subsequently included on the film's DVD.[7] Jennifer Jason Leigh as Annie Sullivan: The wife of Michael Sullivan. Newman was unanimously the first choice for the role. the actress was a friend of Sam Mendes and portrayed the role as a favor to him. to which he became attached. Tucci had previously avoided roles in gangster films. [3] • Paul Newman as John Rooney: A crime boss who treats Sullivan as a surrogate son. he later received David Self's adapted screenplay. [3] Law's character carried a camera that served as dual symbolism to his acts of murder. who created this character (who did not exist in the graphic novel). who was the vice president of development at the company of his father. emotionally. [5] Liam Aiken as Peter Sullivan: The doomed youngest son of Michael Sullivan. Hoechlin was trained by a driving instructor. Jr. [2] [2] • • • • Anthony LaPaglia as Al Capone: The notorious crime boss. • Daniel Craig as Connor Rooney: The unstable. Initially too busy to make sense of the story. Self. which was omitted from the final cut. The character's apartment also displayed a collection of favorite photographs."[5] To capture the "seedy countenance" of the character. "He gets so jaded from exposure to this world. "I just got this guy. Law's teeth also received a lower gumline and had a rotted look. but due to time constraints. who was there producing Rules of Engagement (2000). attracted to the prospect of • working with Mendes and his crew.[9] Mendes believed that Capone was more menacing as an unseen presence. The Zanucks agreed on the story's prospect and sent it to director-producer Steven Spielberg. but Molina was forced to turn the role down due to scheduling conflicts with Frida (2002). Hanks was sent a copy of the graphic novel Road to Perdition by Steven Spielberg while he was filming Cast Away (2000). Leigh had more scenes as Annie than the film showed. Hanks. producer Richard D.. [11] . accepted the role of Nitti.: A hitman who works for John Rooney.000 candidates to portray Michael Sullivan's son. some of which were actual police stills from the 1930s. a real-life Mob boss from Chicago. he steps over the line from being the storyteller to being the story maker. some were cut. to record a tape of his voice. it's devastating.[8] and can be found in the DVD's deleted scenes. Production When the graphic novel Road to Perdition was written by Max Allan Collins. his agent saw potential in the story as a film adaptation and showed it to a film agent. [6] • Stanley Tucci as Frank Nitti: A lieutenant under Al Capone. He is jealous of the surrogate relationship between his father and Sullivan.: Hoechlin was chosen from over 2. the Irish-American author of Angela's Ashes. He realizes that his father's greatest fear was that Michael would grow up to be just like him.[2] The actor was 14 years old at the time of filming. violent son of John Rooney. The novel was sent to the elder Zanuck in Morocco. 41 Cast • Tom Hanks as Michael Sullivan. Ciarán Hinds as Finn McGovern: The man whose murder by Connor Rooney is witnessed by Sullivan's son. The actor. Sr. a father to four children.

The screenplay was then rewritten by uncredited writers.[2] and films by Akira Kurosawa that lacked dialogue. In the graphic novel. K-PAX.[15] He also contested the path of Sullivan's son in the film. is known as "The Angel of Death" in the graphic novel and invokes fear in those around him. intended to convey their relationship without words. [4] 42 Writing When Spielberg set up Road to Perdition at DreamWorks. in some early drafts of the screenplay. rather than gratuitous carnage. and the surname of Tom Hanks' character and his family was streamlined from the original O'Sullivan to simply Sullivan. In the final 20 minutes of Road to Perdition. sought to reduce the graphic novel's background to its essence. the son kills once. but his infamy is downplayed in the film. The story itself is deeply informed by the Lone Wolf and Cub manga series. Collins also disagreed with the narration technique of the film. Self wrote an initial draft that remained close to the source material and retained most of its dialogue. [16] [2] [11] [2] . Some of the harsher aspects of the story were toned down as the script became more streamlined. [11] Collins also opposed the profanity in the script. and in the film. Mendes described the script as having "no moral absolutes". seeking the "nonverbal simplicity" of films like Once Upon a Time in America (1984). while in the film. he narrates while still a young boy. declaring that [13] "Road To Perdition is 'an unabashed homage' to Lone Wolf And Cub". One significant addition to the script was the creation of one of the film's antagonists.[12] Mendes. he contacted screenwriter David Self to adapt the graphic novel Road to Perdition by Max Allan Collins into a feature film. Mendes was attracted to the story. he does not kill anyone. becoming a priest.[15] The author also applauded the film's version of Rooney as "more overtly a father figure" to Sullivan. Sullivan became an alcoholic. considering it "narratively very simple. Max Allan Collins.[5] Duplicate language in characters' confrontations in Road to Perdition was trimmed to the absolute minimum.[14] Mendes described Road to Perdition as a "poetic.Road to Perdition Mendes sought a new project after completing American Beauty (1999) and explored prospects including A Beautiful Mind. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973). the son narrates the story as an adult. and whether exposure to violence would render children violent themselves. but was not given the opportunity. portrayed by Jude Law. and The Lookout. Hanks's character. the [4] script was written to have only six lines of dialogue. but thematically very complex". though he served a consultant in the process. Collins praised the addition of Law's character and considered the minimalist use of dialogue to be appropriate.[2] One theme that he saw in the story was of the parents' world that is inaccessible to their children. The Shipping News. elegiac story. DreamWorks sent Mendes Road to Perdition as a prospect. as the vulgar language did not fit his vision of the 1930s. originally wanted to write the adapted screenplay for the feature film. for example.[4] An unspoken scene in the film was the piano duet with Hanks and Newman's [14] characters. who described the graphic novel as "much more pulpy". Mendes considered the story's theme to be about how children deal with violence. distancing the script from the graphic novel and leaving the core elements of the story. [11] Hanks and cinematographer Conrad Hall requested Mendes to limit violence in the film to meaningful acts. Novelist Max Allan Collins acknowledged the influence of Lone Wolf and Cub on his graphic novel Road to Perdition in an interview to the BBC. to provide a persistent element of pursuit to the Sullivans' departure from the old world. [11] He chose to stay out of the scripting process in respect to the different style of writing for a different medium. The author of the Perdition graphic novel. but this element was ultimately absent from the final version. Some of the characters' names were slightly changed from their original versions from the graphic novel: the surname of the real-life gangsters John Looney and his son Connor were changed to Rooney. in which the pictures tell the story". Michael Sullivan. In the novel. a factor that appealed to the [12] director.

Mendes sought to produce a period film that would avoid clichés in the gangster genre. A wide lens was [17] used to maintain a distance from the character. Sets were built inside the Armory. applying a "less is more" mantra. including interiors of the Sullivan family's home and the Rooney mansion. Hall considered the technique to provide an emotional dimension to the scenes. An instance of the direct influence was the scene in which Michael Jr. Illinois. Cinematographer Conrad L. particularly Hopper's New York Movie (1939). The Armory. at the beginning of the film to establish the perspective of Sullivan's son. Shots in the film were drawn directly from panels in the graphic novel. The director filmed exterior scenes in Illinois in the winter and the spring of 2001. and mud for the scenes. Wolsky designed costumes that were "very controlled. rain. muted greens and grays. who is unaware of his father's true nature. the neighborhood of Pullman as well as the Chicago suburb of Geneva.[18] Hall also shot wide open scenes that retained one point in the depth of field sharply focused. [17] "Atmospherically. Mendes and cinematographer Conrad Hall sought to convey similar atmospheric lighting for the film's scenes.[2] Cinematography To establish the lighting of scenes in Road to Perdition. . including the town's historic Florence Hotel. and his entrances and exits took place in shadows. Hall set up atmospheric lighting similar to that found in the paintings of Edward Hopper." — Sam Mendes [17] Mendes collaborated with costume designer Albert Wolsky. One of Hall's methods was to use black silk in daylight exterior scenes to filter the light enough to [17] create an in-shade look. with soft outlines and very soft silhouettes". He chose to film Road to Perdition on location in downtown Chicago.Road to Perdition 43 Filming Prior to filming.[2] Hanks's character was filmed as partially obscured and seen through doorways. Mendes sought a muted palette for the film. Mendes considered the usage of bleak weather conditions and the intended coldness of Gassner's exterior locations to define the characters' emotional states. using real weather conditions such as snow. The cinematographer also used unconventional techniques and materials to create unique lighting effects. which was established with the rigging of scaffoldings. Hall purposely distanced the camera from Hanks' character. the state's largest location mainstay which houses the Illinois State National Guard. Gassner built sets that could capture the cold look of the era. The availability of an inside location provided the crew complete control over the lighting environment. having several settings. production designer Dennis Gassner. Michael Sullivan. having dark backgrounds and sets with dark. the landscape is a violent and magnificent canvas on which is told a mythic story of a father and son in the last period of lawlessness in American history. looks up at the Chicago skyline from the vehicle. easily redressed by the crew for the film. was provided to the studio by the Illinois State Film Commission. and cinematographer Conrad Hall to design the film's style. Mendes filmed [17] Road to Perdition using the Super 35 format. Pullman became a key location to reflect this theme.[17] Filming concluded in June 2001. illustrated by Richard Piers Rayner. [5] with the skyline reflected in the vehicle's glass. Mendes drew from the paintings of Edward Hopper as a source of inspiration.

It has rotted their insides. Hanks says. Connor. Rooney's son." — Sam Mendes [14] The film's title. a road that Sullivan desires to keep his son from traveling. Tragedy brings Sullivan and his son together. in this story. The live-action part of the scene was filmed at LaSalle Street. not only between Michael Sullivan and his son." [6] Water Water served as a major thematic element in the film. Can a man who has led a bad life achieve redemption through his child?"[20] Hanks described his character as a man who achieved a comfortable status through violent means. and due to the lack of scenery for part of the drive down LaSalle Street. considers himself irredeemable and seeks to save his son from a similar fate. Sullivan. explained. When Sullivan is faced with the consequences.[3] Mendes reflected on the theme. "His dad starts to realize that Michael is all he has now and how much he's been missing. The focus was not on the direct victims of the perpetuated violence. and what it has done to them over th e years."[3] . ultimately causing a domino effect that drives the film. which fuels his actions. Sullivan simultaneously idolizes and fears Rooney.. [19] 44 Themes Consequences of violence "[What's] important. reflecting the actual speed of violence in the real world. and also finding out who they themselves are.Road to Perdition A seamless 40-second driving scene in which Michael Sullivan and his son travel into Chicago from the countryside was aided by visual effects. the background of Balbo Drive was included with the use of visual effects. and Rooney is conflicted on whom to protect: his real son or his surrogate son. "At the moment we're dropped into the story." [6] To keep Hanks' character from justifying his violent actions in the film. The acts of violence were also designed to be quick. and the boy finds opportunity to establish a stronger relationship with his father than before.. how it has gradually corroded them. is what the violence does to the person who pulls the trigger. Mendes left out scenes in the final cut that had Sullivan explaining to his son about his background. who portrayed Michael Jr. and Sullivan's son feels the same for his own father. Connor is jealous of his father's relationship with Sullivan. is both the destination town of Michael Sullivan and his son and also a euphemism for Hell. I think the journey is of a father and son getting to know each other. with the presence of water being linked to death. of which he had ignored the likely repercussions. Said Mendes. has none of Sullivan's redeeming qualities. The notion was interwoven into the film. "The linking of water with death. The element was pursued after research for the wake at the beginning of the film informed the director that corpses were kept on ice in the 1920s to keep the body from decomposing. John Rooney. his attempt to preserve the father-son relationship is actually [21] harmful. speaks of the mutability of water and links it to the uncontrollability of fate. [6] Because Sullivan shields his background from his son. Tyler Hoechlin.. Sullivan escapes from the old world with his son.[2] In the film. These are things that humans can't control. most of the numerous acts of violence are committed off-screen. but the impact of violence on the responsible person or witnesses to the act. Road to Perdition. [14] Fathers and sons The film also explores father-son relationships. but between Sullivan and his boss. it is literally the last day of that false perspective. who chooses his violent path early on in life. "[Sullivan] is in a battle for the soul of his son.

placing second to Men in Black 2..546. It is cold and holds us outside."[26] Eleanor Ringel Gillespie of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution enjoyed the film's cinematography and Depression-era setting. never star ego. and Craig but called Law's performance "almost cartoonish". The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 82% of critics gave the film a positive review based on a sample of 203 reviews.797 theaters over its opening weekend. with an average score of 7. Mendes requested more time. J. Harrison considered Self's script "so finely honed that the story can change directions in a heartbeat. praised Road to Perdition for its atmosphere and visuals.[23] Metacritic.454. and that undermines the sense of greatness to which this movie obviously aspires. competing against several other new releases including Reign of Fire.Road to Perdition 45 Release When filming concluded in June 2001. "I knew I admired it.001. their talents in the service of character. He. Gillespie expressed the wish that the film lasted a little longer to explore its emotional core further. Hoberman of The Village Voice described the film as "grim yet soppy.478. The film grossing $22. which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 from reviews by mainstream critics.079. gave a film rating of 72/100 based on 36 reviews. saying.[22] It eventually grossed $104. Newman."[32] Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post thought that the script [33] lost its path when Sullivan and his son fled their old life. But by September 2001. but he considered an emotional attachment to be lacking except for Sullivan's son.5/10. felt an emotional detachment from the characters. an unconventional move that placed the drama among the action-oriented summer films. [27] Eric Harrison of the Houston Chronicle considered Road to Perdition "the most brilliant work in this [gangster] genre" since the uncut Once Upon a Time in America (1984)." Travers cited Hall's "breathtaking" cinematography and composer Thomas Newman's "evocative" score. [30] Paul Clinton of CNN said: "While these deeply human issues are touched upon. on his own ReelViews web site." He added: "The action is stilted and the tabloid energy embalmed. It was rescheduled for release on July 12. Clinton considered Craig's character "one-dimensional to the extreme". which he [31] considered "weak". they're never fully explored. as well as the performances of Hanks and Newman. too.762 in the United States and $76.481. He found the cinematography too overpowering for the film's storyline.[25] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times praised Hall's cinematography and the thematic use of water. Halloween: Resurrection.[2] the studio intended a United States release for the following Christmas.. .716 in other territories for a worldwide total of $181. but I didn't know if I liked it.[24] Reviewer James Berardinelli. 2002. [1] Critical reception The film received mostly positive reviews by critics." [28] Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter praised Hanks. which was in its second week of release.[2] Box office Road to Perdition opened in 1. and The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.[29] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone also complimented Hanks and Newman: "[They] act together with the confidence of titans.

com/perdition/2.html)" Production notes. "Killer Instinct" (http://www. [14] Rick Lyman (2002-09-15). [34] The film was also nominated for BAFTA Awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Newman). [10] Evan Henerson (2002-01-15).000 words and later said he regretted taking on the task. Collins reluctantly edited the novelization down to 50. Retrieved 2007-06-07. comicbookresources.co. "So.. (http://www.htm).cgi?id=1240).com/life/movies/2002/2002-07-12-perdition.00. Retrieved on 2007-06-06. Hall).320333. .ew.comicbookresources. .[35] Hall also won an award from the American Society of Cinematographers for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases. Retrieved 2007-06-06. Road to Perdition (2002). [8] "Capone chats with Max Allan Collins about why he isn't in ROAD TO PERDITION!!!!" (http://www. "COLLINS' 'ROAD' TO THE FUTURE" (http://www. the film's deleted scenes were chosen over a DTS soundtrack. [2] Jeff Jensen (2002-07-19). Comic Book Resources. cgi?id=1446). the studio.[38] Work on the DVD began on the same day that the film's production began. [7] Clint O'Connor (2002-07-07). Retrieved 2008-06-22. .html). "Power trio hits the 'Road'" (http://www. but the licensing at DreamWorks required the author to use only the dialogue from the film and no additional dialogue. "Road to Perdition: DTS Edition" (http://www. Collins initially turned in a draft that contained 90. and a collaborative effort among the director.review).html). ." (http://www. . Retrieved 2010-04-24. (http://www.com/home. . 19 September 2002. BBC Collective. Retrieved 2007-06-06.uk/dna/collective/ A832808).[39] A special edition DVD containing both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.dvdactive. [40] The author of the graphic novel. The Plain Dealer. [4] Susan Wloszczyna (2002-07-12). .. DVDActive. The sole award went to Hall for Cinematography.boxofficemojo. Due to a limit of space on the DVD. as Paul said to Tom .ew.[15] References [1] "Road to Perdition (2002)" (http://www.ign.aintitcool. . [5] Anthony Teofilo. A Site Called Fred. the DVD included a Dolby Digital 5. Entertainment Weekly.com/ew/article/0. Retrieved 2007-06-06. Road to Perdition (2002). "The Understudy".. "Graphic Novel: Road To Perdition" (http://www. .co... [13] Max Allan Collins. "On the Road to Perdition" (http://www. "Rumblings on The Road to Perdition" (http://movies.00. Retrieved 2007-06-06.com/ew/article/0.com/display. Retrieved 2007-06-12. Retrieved 2010-04-24.html)" Production notes. Empire recognized Road to Perdition as number six in its list of the top 20 comic book films. Retrieved 2010-04-24.com/reviews/dvd/road-to-perdition-dts-edition. [11] Arune Singh (2002-06-16).com/news/newsitem. Comic Book Resources.htm).com/movies/?id=roadtoperdition. "JUST THE FACTS MA'AM: MAX COLLINS TALKS 'ROAD TO PERDITION'" (http://www.roadtoperdition.com/news/newsitem. [3] " Circa 1931.com/articles/317/317759p1. Retrieved on 2007-06-06.uk/film/2002/sep/15/features. [9] Tom Woodward. Ain't It Cool News.guardian. Best Sound. and the DVD production crew shaped the DVD's content. 2003 in both full screen and anamorphic widescreen versions. Instead. USA Today. Best Cinematography (Conrad L. excluding the "Making of" documentary to fit both soundtracks. [12] Stax (2002-01-24). . The DVD's features included an audio commentary. . cgi?id=12122).Road to Perdition 46 Accolades Road to Perdition was nominated for six Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Paul Newman).com/home. . Max Allan Collins. Retrieved 2007-06-06. . [15] Arune Singh (2002-08-07). Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.1 soundtracks was also released.asitecalledfred. Best Original Score (Thomas Newman).bbc.000 words.321309~1~0~howroadtoperdition. IGN. Retrieved 2007-06-06.usatoday.1 soundtrack. Box Office Mojo. London: The Guardian. interviewed by Daniel Etherington.com. Entertainment Weekly. [6] " Fathers & Sons. winning awards for the latter two. [37] Home media Road to Perdition was released on DVD in February 25. Best Art Direction. "'Road' Warrior" (http://www.[36] In April 2006.roadtoperdition. "Out of Season". 2002-04-26. and Best Sound Editing. Los Angeles Times. [16] Adam Duerson (2002-07-17). was hired to write the novelization for the film adaptation.html). deleted scenes.html).html). a HBO "Making of" documentary and a photo gallery.

cnn. 2002 Weekend" (http://www. .oscars. [33] Stephen Hunter (2002-07-12). .IGN. Retrieved 2007-06-06. CNN. Retrieved 2007-07-25. Retrieved on 2007-06-06. ReelViews. Retrieved 2007-06-12.reviewer.co. Retrieved 2007-07-25. . . 2003-03-19.Road to Perdition [17] Ray Zone (August 2002).perdition/index.com/video/titles/roadtoperdition). Retrieved 2007-07-25. [35] "'Pianist.rollingstone. "Emotional Triggers" (http://www. .org/web/20080703204808/http://www. CNN. Retrieved 2010-04-24. [36] "ASC 17th Annual Awards -. 2002-11-27. Retrieved 2007-06-06. Retrieved 2007-07-25.asp?Index=7291). . .cnn. Retrieved 2010-04-24.html).dll/article?AID=/20020712/REVIEWS/ 207120304/1023). 2003-02-24.Metacritic. "Road to Perdition" (http://www. "Road to Perdition" (http://www. Rotten Tomatoes. [20] "Taking the Road. "Review: Road to Perdition" (http://web.org/ 75academyawards/nomswins. . Chicago Sun-Times. .dvd. Retrieved 2007-07-25. .archive. [18] Ray Zone.com/disp/story.reut/). .155.boxofficemojo.archive.hollywoodreporter. [23] "Road to Perdition (2002)" (http://www. . "Road to Perdition: Review" (http://74.metacritic.com/m/road_to_perdition/). "Effecting a Key Transition" (http://www. 98–103. Retrieved 2007-07-25." Production notes. "Industrial Symphony" (http://www.com/apps/pbcs. .com/articles/378/378861p1. Retrieved 2010-04-24.com/magazine/aug02/perdition/sidebar1.archive. Empire.accessatlanta. .s02. Retrieved 2007-06-10. DVD Reviewer. [25] James Berardinelli (2002). .html). Retrieved 2010-04-24. April 2006.org/web/20070929110605/http://www.com/weekend/chart/?yr=2002&wknd=28&p=. [38] "Road to Perdition .net. . "A Master of Mood" (http://www. [24] "Road to Perdition (2002): Reviews" (http://www. . [34] "75th Academy Award Nominees and Winners" (http://web. Retrieved 2007-06-06.org/web/20071014111141/http://reel.html).archive. American Cinematographer.html).asp?node=features/ interviews/sammendes).rottentomatoes.mpl/ae/movies/ reviews/1491161.com/magazine/aug02/perdition/index. Retrieved 2010-04-24. Retrieved 2010-04-24.com/ac2/wp-dyn/ A58465-2002Jul11). com/reviews/dvd/5947709/review/5947710/road_to_perdition+Rolling+Stone+peter+travers+road+to+perdition&cd=1&hl=en& ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a). [19] David Heuring. [32] J. [31] Paul Clinton (2002-07-11).archive. pp. American Cinematographer.baftas. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. .com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Movies/02/24/film.dvd.uk/news/interview. .review. Box Office Mojo.com/2002-07-09/film/industrial-symphony/). Retrieved 2007-05-20. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 2010-04-24. "Road to Perdition .reelviews. .com/reel. The Washington Post.htm). [29] Kirk Honeycutt (2002-07-01). "Road to Perdition" (http://rogerebert.html). Road to Perdition (2002). [21] J.DVD Preview" (http://uk. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. jsp?vnu_content_id=1530784). "Road to Perdition" (http://web.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Movies/07/11/ ca.com/movies/content/shared/movies/reviews/R/ roadtoperdition. [26] Roger Ebert (2002-07-12). .DVD Producer of Road to Perdition" (http://www. [37] "The 20 greatest comic book movies of all time".net/ movies/r/road_perdition. [22] "July 12–14.ign. Retrieved 2007-07-25.theasc.html).org/web/20071014091839/http://chron.132/search?q=cache:WUQtyodNs0wJ:www. American Society of Cinematographers.html). "Review: 'Road to Perdition' scenic trip nowhere" (http://archives. htm). [27] Eleanor Ringel Gillespie.html). Sperling Reich. 47 .theasc. "American Perdition" (http://web.DVD Review" (http://dvd.theasc. IGN.com/hr/search/article_display. .com/magazine/aug02/perdition/sidebar2. Hoberman (2002-07-10).com/awards/history/2002.125.suntimes. [39] "Mark Rowen .org/web/20080609184630/http://www.' Kidman win BAFTAs" (http://www. Retrieved 2007-05-20. [28] Eric Harrison. The Village Voice.html).washingtonpost. [30] Peter Travers (2002-08-01). [40] Jeremy Conrad (2006-02-26).ign.theasc.villagevoice.2002" (http://web.com/articles/387/387328p1.html). "Bedeviled by The Details In 'Perdition'" (http://www. Retrieved 2007-06-12. American Cinematographer.

imdb.rottentomatoes.theasc.com/title/tt0257044/) at the Internet Movie Database • Road to Perdition (http://www.boxofficemojo.roadtoperdition. ISBN 0451410297.com/m/road_to_perdition/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Road to Perdition (http://www.Road to Perdition 48 Further reading • Max Allan Collins (1 June 2002) (Mass Market Paperback).com/movies/?id=roadtoperdition. External links • Official website (http://www. Road to Perdition. Onyx.com/) • Road to Perdition (http://www. Novelization of the film.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Cinematography coverage (http://www.com/magazine/aug02/perdition/index.html) at American Cinematographer .

Cohen DVD commentary "The Blunder Years" is the fifth episode from The Simpsons thirteenth season. Episode no. Marge realizes that she has bought a different brand of paper towels called "Burly". Lenny. and Carl go on a hike. Plot While unpacking after her daily grocery shopping. Later. twelve year old Homer. Marge makes preparations for his arrival. While Homer and Bart have a hearty laugh. Homer makes Marge believe that "Chad Sexington" (the "Burly model") is coming for dinner that night. she does not mind so much after seeing that the model pictured on the wrapping is a ruggedly handsome logger. as does Barney.The Blunder Years 49 The Blunder Years The Simpsons episode "The Blunder Years" In a parody of Stand By Me. so he decides to make up for it by taking the family out to dinner. 2001 Show runner(s) Mike Scully Written by Directed by Chalkboard Couch gag Guest star(s) Ian Maxtone-Graham Steven Dean Moore "I am not Charlie Brown on acid" Everybody freezes in mid-air as the camera pans in bullet time à la The Matrix from the TV to the couch. but finds out about the prank when Barney Gumble enters as Chad. Prod. Lisa tells Homer that Marge is really unhappy. decides to play a prank on her. The fact that the towels absorb liquids much better than a sponge or other towels impresses her even more. Paul Newman as himself Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony Judith Owen as herself Mike Scully Al Jean Ian Maxtone-Graham Carolyn Omine John Frink Don Payne Matt Selman Steven Dean Moore Joel H. However. Marge types out a letter to "Burly" and Homer. Homer notices Marge fantasizing about the manly mascot and becomes jealous. airdate 274 CABF21 December 9. after reading the typewriter ribbon. code Orig. Marge feels humiliated and storms off. .

The Simpsons decide to investigate. upon noticing that his bar was empty. He shows an old surveillance tape. The death scene of Waylon Smithers' father is very similar to Mr. Homer swiped Waylon Sr. When Homer unblocked it. and Burns apologizes to him. which in turn leads to Mr. Homer volunteers to be hypnotized. Mesmerino calls Mr. He starts to recall the events leading up to the scream-inducing incident. however. the confrontation with another gang. a song popularized by the • • • • • Chordettes. causing him to scream. Smithers admits that he's glad that his father died as a real hero. The mystery of the corpse intrigues the family. They finally manage to calm him down with some Yaqui tea. Before doing his fabulous Elvis impersonation. Lenny and Carl are walking down the railroad tracks singing "Mr. In the film. but are saved by a young Moe. Although the mystery has been solved. Burns Skeletor. He starts to remember.The Blunder Years They go to the Pimento Grove to watch live performers. He succeeds in saving the city but he dies in the process due to exposure to large amounts of radiation. he kept the truth from Waylon Jr.'s skull to keep in his "Memories" collection. only to find that there was no water. happy that the mystery was solved. • Homer. Spock's death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. accompanied by twelve year old Lenny and Carl. he. and in a flashback. Sandman". Mesmerino hypnotizes him into thinking he is twelve years old again. They figure that the body can not have been discovered after that day. Waylon enters the room. during the imminent meltdown in which the father of Waylon Smithers goes into an unstable reactor core to prevent the meltdown. Waylon Smithers Sr. However. They find the skeleton and go into the inlet pipe to see where the body came from. they saw a near-meltdown at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Moe then enters. they went to the old quarry for a swim and Homer jumped in. he found a rotting corpse in it. Lenny and Carl bring him home early from work. are hiking in the woods and are confronted by a young Fat Tony. saying he wanted to spare him from telling the story about his father's real death (Burns told earlier to Smithers that his father was allegedly killed by a tribe of Amazon women). He tells them that the dead man is Smithers' father. Kaufman would behave in a similar manner. He begins to recall the events of that day. The present-day Moe arrives at the Simpsons' home. a kid (in this case Moe) firing a gun to end the battle and the finding of a corpse is a parody of famous Rob Reiner film Stand By Me. another hit for the Chordettes. having heard the entire story. but he insists he did not murder anyone. They find that the pipe leads to a ladder. He remembers that while they sat by a fire that night. • Homer's flashback about his friends hiking. they decide to humor him and listen to his rambling about all the different clues he has managed to find. Burns tells them that since "cover-ups were all the rage back then". who wants to tag along. Homer recalls that there was no water in the quarry because something was blocking the inlet pipe. but at that moment. only mud. 50 Cultural references • The title is a play on the television show The Wonder Years. so it still must be there. the boys walk down the railroad tracks singing "Lollipop". Burns's office. In the film Breaking Away there are similar characters who also swim in a quarry. still screaming. important to the mystery. They go to the old quarry and meet Chief Wiggum there. The next day. They confront him about the body. As Homer starts to reminisce. One of the acts is a hypnotist called Mesmerino. The Simpsons go home. Marge uses Burly paper towels to drain the water from the quarry. Homer's behaviour on being hypnotized is reminiscent of Andy Kaufman's act. saying that he has found clues. which is based on a Stephen King novella called The Body. he starts screaming incessantly all through the night. . The next day. "Burly Paper Towels" is a parody of Brawny Paper Towels. • The blackboard gag ("I Am Not Charlie Brown on Acid") is actually the description Trey Parker and Matt Stone used to describe their animated sitcom South Park.

html .The Blunder Years • Lenny remarks that he thought their gang's name would be "Lenny and the Jets" a reference to Bennie and the Jets by Elton John.snpp.com/episodes/CABF21. 51 External links • "The Blunder Years" [1] episode capsule at The Simpsons Archive References [1] http://www.

Max Frye. and starring Paul Newman. Max Frye Topper Lilien Carroll Cartwright Paul Newman Linda Fiorentino Dermot Mulroney Susan Barnes Mark Isham Thomas Burstyn Garth Craven Samuel Craven Dan Lebental 2000 89 minutes United States Germany English Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Where the Money Is is a 2000 film directed by Marek Kanievska. .Where the Money Is 52 Where the Money Is Where the Money Is Directed by Produced by Marek Kanievska Chris Dorr Ridley Scott Charles Weinstock Chris Zarpas story: E. Max Frye screenplay: E. and Dermot Mulroney. written by E. Linda Fiorentino.

in the care of Carol Ann McKay. Kenneally as Farwell Welk Rod McLachlan as Lloyd the Cop Bill Corday as Grounds Worker Gordon McCall as Handyman Robert Brewster as Guy #1 Eric Hoziel as Guy #2 Charles S. Galer Michel Perron as Guard Dorothy Gordon as Mrs. where he suffers a massive stroke. and whose glamour days are well behind her. and she and Wayne are soon working with Henry to plan his last and greatest score. This film would be actor Paul Newman's final leading role. Wife #2 T. Carol Ann starts to suspect that Henry isn't as sick as he seems. Norton Rita Tuckett as Mrs. the star of her school's football team. Paule as Mrs. Foster • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anne Pitoniak as Mrs. Doucet as Tom Arthur Holden as Bob Frank Fontaine as Cop Richard Jutras as Manager Janine Theriault as Girl #1 Frankie Faison as Security Guard Philip Pretten as Cop #2 Vlasta Vrana as Jewelry Store Employee Heather Hiscox as TV Announcer Michael Brockman as FBI Agent • Emily Wachtel as Waitress • Jayne Eastwood as Connie . Weiler Diane Amos as Kitty Dawn Ford as Cheryl.Where the Money Is 53 Plot Legendary bank robber Henry Manning pushes his luck too far and ends up in prison. He is transferred to a nursing home.J. a high school prom queen who married her boyfriend Wayne. Cast • Paul Newman as Henry • Linda Fiorentino as Carol • Dermot Mulroney as Wayne • Susan Barnes as Mrs. Tetlow Bruce MacVittie as Karl Irma St.

imdb.com/title/tt0149367/ .Where the Money Is 54 External links • Where the Money Is [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.

. Based on a novel with the same name by Nicholas Sparks. Chicago. North Carolina in the United States.016 Message in a Bottle is a 1999 American romantic drama film directed by Luis Mandoki. the film stars Kevin Costner. 1999 131 minutes United States English $80 million [1] [1] Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue $118. and Wilmington.880. and Paul Newman. February 12. Robin Wright Penn.Message in a Bottle (film) 55 Message in a Bottle (film) Message in a Bottle Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Luis Mandoki Kevin Costner Denise Di Novi Jim Wilson Novel: Nicholas Sparks Screenplay: Gerald Di Pego Kevin Costner Robin Wright Penn Paul Newman Gabriel Yared Caleb Deschanel Steven Weisberg Warner Bros. Message in a Bottle was filmed in Maine.

Message in a Bottle (film) 56 Plot Theresa Osborne works for Boston Times newspaper as a researcher (she is a former reporter). On a trip to Cape Cod. Theresa and Garret become better acquainted. Along with the literal distance between them — they live hundreds of miles apart—there is another problem: Garret cannot quite forgive Catherine for dying and leaving him. Massachusetts. he apologizes to Catherine and says that in Theresa he has found a new love. Cast • Kevin Costner as Garrett Blake • Robin Wright Penn as Theresa Osborne • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Jed Blake John Savage as Johnny Land Illeana Douglas as Lina Paul Robbie Coltrane as Charlie Toschi Jesse James as Jason Osborne Bethel Leslie as Marta Land Tom Aldredge as Hank Land Hayden Panettiere as Girl sinking on boat SY Irian. intriguing love letter in a bottle in the sand. Jed tracks down Theresa. but some members of the town council objected to the drinking. without naming names. the actual newspaper office where Theresa works. Although the Chicago Tribune gave permission for its name and image to be used. but the Chilmark Conservation Commission turned down a request to build a temporary 3000-square-foot (280 m2) house on stilts in the dunes near Chilmark Pond. He also refurbished a boat called Happenstence with his wife before her death and he lives quietly on the outer banks of North Carolina with his father. He informs her that his son Garret has died at sea in a storm while attempting to rescue someone else. SY Arapaho as Concordia yawls . a love he must fight for. A bottle with a message inside was found on his boat. Warner Bros. USA. until one day Garret finds his letters in a drawer in Theresa's apartment. was built inside a Los Angeles warehouse. Garret Blake. cursing and sex in the movie and demanded script revisions in exchange for shooting permission. USA. Virginia. A year later. she finds a mysterious. but she does not reveal her knowledge of the love letters. then tried Martha's Vineyard near Chilmark. Theresa realizes that it was written a night before Garret's last sailing. In it. Production The producers originally planned to film on Tangier Island. He is a diving instructor who studied Marine Biology at University of North Carolina and has a dive shop and teaches scuba diving. Garret angrily goes home by himself. Jed. addressed from Garrett to Catherine. according to the film's official Web site. Garret makes a trip to Chicago to visit Theresa and her young son. eventually tracking down the man who wrote them. She is fascinated by it and comes into possession of two more letters by the same person. Their new love grows. Theresa's career flourishes as the romantic tale of the "messages in a bottle" is told in print.

Amazon.com/) Message in a Bottle (http://www.com/title/tt0139462/) at the Internet Movie Database Message in a Bottle (http://www. [2] Message in a Bottle (http://www.allmovie.Message in a Bottle (film) 57 Reception Critical response Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 31% based on 35 reviews.imdb.htm). [1] Music Irish music group Clannad wrote the song "What Will I Do" for the movie.rottentomatoes.com/movies/?id=messageinabottle. [2] Box office Message in a Bottle opened at #1 the Valentine Day's weekend of 1999.com/m/message_in_a_bottle/) at Rotten Tomatoes Flixster External links • • • • Official website (http://message-bottle.com.rottentomatoes. Box Office Mojo.warnerbros. References [1] "Message in a Bottle (1999)" (http://boxofficemojo.com/work/176003) at Allmovie Message in a Bottle (http://www. .com/m/message_in_a_bottle/) at Rotten Tomatoes .

000.Twilight (1998 film) 58 Twilight (1998 film) Twilight Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Benton Scott Rudin Robert Benton Richard Russo Paul Newman Susan Sarandon Gene Hackman Reese Witherspoon Stockard Channing James Garner Elmer Bernstein Piotr Sobocinski Carol Littleton Paramount Pictures March 6. Susan Sarandon. . and James Garner. United States English $37. Gene Hackman.091 [1] Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Twilight is a 1998 thriller/Neo-noir film directed by Robert Benton.000 $15.055. It stars Paul Newman. Stockard Channing. The screenplay was written by Benton and Richard Russo. and the original music score was composed by Elmer Bernstein. 1998 94 min. Reese Witherspoon.

who describes herself as "Mucho Hair. Mucho Tits. now in the twilight of their years.Twilight (1998 film) 59 Plot Aging private detective Harry Ross. Jack and Catherine Ames. and he and Ross pass time playing cards. but Harry has figured it out that Hope has been on-the-take and a conspirator in the 20-year-old murder of Catherine's first husband. He assures them it isn't true. Harry is detained by police. Lt. During a struggle with the reluctant runaway. Emmet Walsh as Lester Ivar Clint Howard as EMS Worker . Raymond Hope." and by Mel's old boyfriend. Harry has a developing interest in Catherine and ends up in bed with her one night. Jeff.to deliver a package. Phil Egan M. Jack is dying of cancer. They are former film industry bigwigs. A dying Jack Ames feels betrayed that Harry has had a fling with his wife. Raymond Hope tries to persuade Harry to get away from it all. He tracks down Mel and her sleazy boyfriend Jeff Willis at a motel. It turns out to be the first development in a series of twists and turns in a 20-year-old case involving the disappearance of Catherine's ex-husband. He also is blackmailed by a parole officer called Mucho. One day. Harry's gun is discharged. A man named Ivar is murdered at the proposed meeting place where Harry was to bring the package. Ross is living in southern California in the guest quarters of Mel's wealthy parents. Cast • • • • Paul Newman as Harry Ross Susan Sarandon as Catherine Ames Gene Hackman as Jack Ames Reese Witherspoon as Mel Ames • Stockard Channing as Lt. Two years go by. including a close friend. Verna and Raymond are both sympathetic because they have heard rumors that Harry was shot two years ago not in the thigh but between the legs. Verna Hollander. Jack asks a favor of Harry -. now an ex-con. striking him in the upper thigh. an ex-cop. now retired. Harry. At the police station he runs into another old pal and colleague. Verna Hollander • James Garner as Raymond Hope • • • • • • Giancarlo Esposito as Reuben Escobar Liev Schreiber as Jeff Willis Margo Martindale as Gloria Lamar ("Mucho") John Spencer as Capt. meanwhile. A showdown ensues in Raymond's glass-walled hillside home. is working on a case to return 17-year-old Mel Ames to her home. is forced to face the reality that his friends have been deceitful and manipulative of him.

.com.org • Entertainment Weekly [15] [13] References [1] "Twilight (1998)" (http://www. 1998).[3] Reception While the film featured many notable A-list actors.com/movies/?id=twilight. Retrieved 2009-01-23." but was actually ".html) (in EN).shoestring.htm) (in EN). [3] [7] External links • • • • Twilight [8] at the Internet Movie Database Twilight [9] at Box Office Mojo Twilight [10] at Allmovie Twilight [11] at Rotten Tomatoes. [3] "Trivia for Twilight (1998)" (http://www. ..about the relationship between a semiretired gumshoe (Paul Newman) and two veteran movie stars (Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon). Retrieved 2009-01-23.[2] Parts of the movie were filmed at the Los Angeles Police Department's Hollywood Division Station house.com/movies/?id=twilight. [8] http://www. and the theatrical trailer which included scenes that were not included in the movie. [4] Gleiberman.055. Many of the police officers seen in the background are not extras.about the trio of aging stars who play them. imdb.htm [10] http://www.org. Entertainment Weekly.. 1998). Retrieved 2009-01-23. Owen. . imdb. D.091 indicates that it was a box office bomb. Features included: English closed captioning. "MMI Movie Review: Twilight" (http://www.imdb.Twilight's budget of $37.com [12] Reviews • sfgate.boxofficemojo. .282246. San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved 2009-01-23.html) (in EN).com/title/tt0119594/trivia) (in EN). Barbara (March 6. D.rottentomatoes.com. Spanish sub-titles.. ." She went on to write: "Twilight is as close to a perfect film as I've seen in a long while.imdb..000 and gross revenue of $15. pp.com/title/tt0119594/)(in EN).. Internet Movie DataBase. Retrieved 2009-01-23. Entertainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiberman gave the film a C+ grade.org/mmi_revs/twilight98.com/work/160611 [11] http://www. .com. 1998). ew.shoestring.imdb. Heather (March 4.DVD details" (http://www.com/title/tt0119594/ [9] http://www." [5] Heather Clisby of Movie Magazine International described it as "one of those films where everybody involved seems to have actually cared.com/ew/article/0. Retrieved 2009-01-23.html) (in EN).. 1998 in Widescreen. TheNumbers. He wrote it was meant to be ".000.00. [6] Clisby.com/m/1082855-twilight/ . [7] "Twilight (1998) .Twilight (1998 film) 60 Production Notes The working title for Twilight was "The Magic Hour".allmovie.com (March 13.boxofficemojo.imdb. [2] "Twilight (1998)" (http://www. Retrieved 2009-01-23. but actual police officers.com/title/tt0119594/dvd) (in EN)."[6] DVD The DVD was released on October 7.ew. "Newman shines in "Twilight"" (http://www. "Twilight" (http://www. [5] Shulgasser. . shoestring.com [14] • shoestring. thus we have a superb product with memorable characters brought to life by some of the finest actors of our time. ." [4] Barbara Shulgasser of the San Francisco Examiner called it a "dazzlingly smart script by Benton and co-writer Richard Russo.org/mmi_revs/twilight98. pp.

Twilight (1998 film)
[12] http://www.rottentomatoes.com/ [13] http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/e/a/1998/03/06/WEEKEND12137.dtl [14] http://www.shoestring.org/mmi_revs/twilight98.html [15] http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,282246,00.html


• Twilight, (1998), Robert Benton, notes from: Widescreen. (EN) Paramount,334957, (1998). ISBN:=0-7921-5291-3

Nobody's Fool (1994 film)


Nobody's Fool (1994 film)
Nobody's Fool

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Benton Arlene Donovan Scott Rudin Richard Russo (novel) Robert Benton Paul Newman Jessica Tandy Bruce Willis Melanie Griffith Dylan Walsh Pruitt Taylor Vince Josef Sommer Philip Bosco Howard Shore

Music by

Cinematography John Bailey Editing by Distributed by John Bloom Paramount Pictures (U.S.) Capella International (non-U.S.) 20th Century Fox (UK) December 23, 1994 (U.S. limited release) 110 min. United States English

Release date(s) Running time Country Language

Nobody's Fool is a 1994 American comedy-drama film based on the 1993 novel of the same name by Richard Russo. It stars Paul Newman, Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Dylan Walsh, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Gene Saks, Josef Sommer, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Philip Bosco. The film was written for the screen and directed by Robert Benton. It was Tandy's final film before her death on September 11, 1994.

Nobody's Fool (1994 film)


Donald "Sully" Sullivan is something of an oddball in the peaceful and snowy New York village of North Bath. He free-lances in the construction business, usually with his dim-witted young friend Rob by his side, and is often at odds with Carl Roebuck, a local businessman, flirting with Carl's wife Toby openly at every opportunity. Sully is a tenant in the home of Miss Beryl, whose banker son strongly urges her to kick the boarder out. Family complications of his own develop for Sully with a visit from Peter, his estranged son. While they reconstruct their relationship, Sully strikes up a new one with his young grandson Will. Jailed for punching a police officer named Raymer who has been persecuting him, Sully's luck seems to be all bad. But in turn his son and grandson warm up to him, his fortune takes a turn for the better and even the lovely Toby expresses a willingness to leave Carl and run away with him. Sully is pretty much back where he began, boarding at Miss Beryl's, but this time the picture of contentment.

• Paul Newman as Sully Sullivan • • • • • • • • • • Jessica Tandy as Beryl Peoples Bruce Willis as Carl Roebuck Melanie Griffith as Toby Roebuck Dylan Walsh as Peter Sullivan Pruitt Taylor Vince as Rob Squeers Gene Saks as Wirf Wirfley Josef Sommer as Clive Peoples Jr. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Officer Raymer Philip Bosco as Judge Flatt Catherine Dent as Charlotte Sullivan

Nobody's Fool was filmed in the Upstate New York locations of Beacon, New York Beacon, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, and Hudson. The setting for both the book and movie, the upstate New York village of North Bath, is based on the village of Ballston Spa in Saratoga County.

Nobody's Fool was nominated for two Academy Awards including Best Actor in a Leading Role (Newman) and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.

External links
• Nobody's Fool [1] at the Internet Movie Database

[1] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110684/

1994 111 minutes United States United Kingdom English $25-40 million [1] Running time Country Language Budget . (USA) PolyGram Filmed Entertainment (non-USA) United States: March 11.The Hudsucker Proxy 64 The Hudsucker Proxy The Hudsucker Proxy Directed by Produced by Written by Joel Coen Ethan Coen (uncredited) Joel Coen Ethan Coen Joel Coen Ethan Coen Sam Raimi Tim Robbins Jennifer Jason Leigh Paul Newman Charles Durning John Mahoney Carter Burwell Starring Music by Cinematography Roger Deakins Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Thom Noble Silver Pictures Working Title Films Warner Bros. 1994 United Kingdom: September 2.

Norville goes on with a new invention: the frisbee. Indiana. . Mussburger figures that Norville would be perfect for what he and the board are trying to accomplish – temporarily depress the stock price – so Mussburger installs Norville as a proxy for the deceased president. However. but he storms out of the place and is chased by an angry mob led by Buzz. The Hudsucker Proxy stars Tim Robbins. which Norville is assigned to deliver. the eager elevator operator. the hula hoop brings the company greater success than before. Buzz. allowing Norville to fall safely to the ground. Mussburger. Norville Barnes. Mussburger also convinces the board that Norville is insane and must be sent to the local psychiatric hospital. Hudsucker's shares would go to his immediate successor: Norville. He struggles. unexpectedly commits suicide by jumping out of a top floor window. He then reconciles his love with Amy. Amy Archer. a ruthless member of the board of directors. Amy finds a drunk Norville at a beatnik bar. Moses stops the clock and time freezes. Moses fights and defeats Aloysius inside. Aloysius.81 million 65 The Hudsucker Proxy is a 1994 screwball comedy written. but he does not believe it. He tells Amy the board's plot for Norville. just before his demise. Norville wishes to fast track an invention he has been working on which appears to be a simple circle. She gets a job at Hudsucker Industries as Norville's personal secretary. After the company founder and president. Sidney J.The Hudsucker Proxy Gross revenue $2. a reporter for the Manhattan Argus. discovers Amy's true identity and informs Mussburger. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Paul Newman. who was led by Mussburger to believe that Norville stole the hula hoop idea from him. He climbs out on the ledge. On New Year's Eve. in the hope that it will depress the company's stock. due to lack of experience. produced and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. who takes the story back to her Chief. after disguising herself as another desperate graduate from Muncie. Mussburger takes Norville for an idiot and tries to ascertain his intelligence. At the Hudsucker ball. Meanwhile. Waring Hudsucker. the Hudsucker janitor. who also served as the second unit director. and depicts the story of Norville Barnes. sends a "Blue Letter" (top secret communication between executives) to Mussburger. The script was co-written by Sam Raimi. a business college graduate from Muncie. arrives in New York City looking for a job. Norville does not like it and fires Buzz. Meanwhile. Norville escapes to the top floor of the Hudsucker skyscraper and changes back into his mailroom uniform. where Aloysius locks Norville out and watches as he slips and falls off the building at the strike of midnight. Amy is infuriated over Norville's new attitude and leaves him. mounts a scheme to buy up the controlling interest in the company's stock before Hudsucker's shares are made available to buy for the public. a naive business graduate who is installed as president of a manufacturing company as part of a stock scam. Hudsucker. Plot In December 1958. Norville accidentally insults some stockholders. Suddenly. As 1959 progresses. a man who runs the building's giant clock and knows "just about anything if it concerns Hudsucker". pitches a new invention: the flexi-straw. is assigned to write a story about Norville. The other executives decide to accept Norville's invention for the hula hoop. Mussburger is sent to the asylum. Waring Hudsucker appears to Norville as an angel and tells him that due to a legal document (the "Blue Letter" that Norville was supposed to deliver to Mussburger). and becomes a mailroom clerk at Hudsucker Industries. She apologizes. Amy searches the building to find clues and meets Moses. One night. Mussburger reveals Amy's secret identity to Norville and tells him that he will be dismissed as president after the new year.

M. Levin Jon Polito as Mr. Bumstead • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Richard Whiting as Ancient Puzzler Linda McCoy as Coffee Shop Waitress Stan Adams as Emcee John Goodman as Newsreel Announcer Joanne Pankow as Newsreel Secretary Mario Todisco as Norville's Goon Colin Fickes as Newsboy Dick Sasso as Drunk in Alley Jesse Brewer as Mailroom Screamer Philip Loch as Mailroom Screamer Stan Lichtenstein as Mailroom Screamer Todd Alcott as Mailroom Screamer Ace O'Connell as Mailroom Screamer Richard Schiff as Mailroom Screamer Frank Jeffreys as Mailroom Screamer Lou Criscuolo as Mailroom Screamer Michael Earl Reid as Mailroom Screamer Mike Starr as Newsroom Reporter David Hagar as Newsroom Reporter Willie Reale as Newsroom Reporter Harvey Meyer as Newsroom Reporter Tom Toner as Newsroom Reporter David Fawcett as Newsroom Reporter Jeff Still as Newsreel Reporter David Gould as Newsreel Reporter Gil Pearson as Newsreel Reporter Marc Garber as Newsreel Reporter David Massie as Newsreel Reporter Mark Jeffrey Miller as Newsreel Reporter Peter Siragusa as Newsreel Reporter Nelson George as Newsreel Reporter Michael Houlihan as Newsreel Reporter Ed Lillard as Newsreel Reporter Wantland Sandel as New Year's Mob James Deuter as New Year's Mob Roderick Peeples as New Year's Mob Cynthia Baker as New Year's Mob Catherine Bayley as Temple Masseuse Bryan Keith DeBose as Orderly Steve Head as Security Guard Jack Rooney as Man at Merchandise Mart Keith Schrader as Businessman Joseph Marcus as Sears Braithwaite of Bullard • . Mussburger Charles Durning as Waring Hudsucker John Mahoney as Chief Jim True-Frost as Buzz Bill Cobbs as Moses Bruce Campbell as Smitty Harry Bugin as Aloysius John Seitz as Benny Joe Grifasi as Lou Roy Brocksmith as Board Member John Wylie as Board Member I. Cardoza Thom Noble as Thorstenson Finlandson Steve Buscemi as Beatnik Barman William Duff-Griffin as Newsreel Scientist Anna Nicole Smith as Za-Za Pamela Everett as Dream Dancer Arthur Bridgers as The Hula-Hoop Kid Sam Raimi as Hudsucker Brainstormer John Cameron as Hudsucker Brainstormer Skipper Duke as Mr. Hobson as Board Member Gary Allen as Board Member John Scanlan as Board Member Richard Woods as Board Member Jerome Dempsey as Board Member Peter McPherson as Board Member David Byrd as Dr.The Hudsucker Proxy 66 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tim Robbins as Norville Barnes Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amy Archer Paul Newman as Sidney J. Mussburger Kathleen Perkins as Mrs. Grier Jay Kapner as Mr. Hugo Bronfenbrenner Christopher Darga as Mail Room Orienter Patrick Cranshaw as Ancient Sorter Robert Weil as Mail Room Boss Mary Lou Rosato as Mussburger's Secretary Ernest Sarracino as Luigi the Tailor Eleanor Glockner as Mrs. Braithwaite Peter Gallagher as Vic Tenetta Noble Willingham as Zebulon Cardoza Barbara Ann Grimes as Mrs.

Together. you have these tall buildings. and that just made it seem more appropriate. It starts with the end and circles back to the beginning. McAlister and Mark Stetson."[6] An interviewer proposed that the characters represent Capitalism versus Labour economics.in the structure of the movie itself. in both the physical and vocal mannerisms. North Carolina lasted from November 1992 to March 1993. while Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance as fast-talking reporter Amy Archer is reminiscent of Rosalind Russell and Katharine Hepburn. as well as Norville and Amy's conversation about Karma. [6] The characters talk fast and wear sharp clothes.[5] as well as the Broadway play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. the Coens were quoted as saying that an upcoming project "takes place in the late Fifties in a skyscraper and is about Big Business. and never should that twain meet. by any sort of rational measure. which was an independent film. Warner Bros. in which Joel and Ethan Coen shared a house with Raimi. Joel explained. This includes Moses' monologue at the beginning. The tension between vertical lines and circles. Filming at Carolco Studios in Wilmington. Sullivan's Travels." Despite having finished the script in 1985.The Hudsucker Proxy 67 Development The Coen brothers and Raimi had initially finished the script in 1985. One film critic described the numerous influences: "From his infelicitous name to his physical clumsiness.. The Hudsucker Proxy was released in March 1994 with a box office bomb performance and received mixed reviews from critics. they began writing the script for The Hudsucker Proxy in 1981.[3] and post-production on Blood Simple (1985). with further financing coming from PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films."[8] After completing Barton Fink (1991). The Coens and Raimi were inspired by the films of Preston Sturges.[2] and continued during the filming of Crimewave (1985). subsequently agreed to cover distribution duties. Something that would seem. then these circles everywhere which are echoed in the plot. The New York City scale model set was designed by Micheal J. "We couldn't make Hudsucker back then because we weren't that popular yet. the inventions of both the hoola hoop and frisbee. when Joel Silver acquired the script for Silver Pictures. the script was too expensive and we had just completed Blood Simple."[6] Joel: "What grew out of that was the design element which drives the movie. with further effects provided by The Computer Film Company. Mussburger's wristwatch. like Mr. but that question is independent of whether or not we're interested in them – and we're not. Meet John Doe (1941) and It's a Wonderful Life (1946).. with a big flashback.[4] Other movies that observers found references to include Executive Suite (1954) and Sweet Smell of Success (1957). As early as 1985. Writing The Coen brothers first met Sam Raimi when Joel Coen worked as an assistant editor on Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981). "We had to come up with something that Norville was going to invent that on the face of it was ridiculous."[6] Ethan said. "The whole circle motif was built into the design of the movie. the Hudsucker Clock. [5] The first image the Coens and Raimi conceived was of Norville Barnes about to jump from the window of a skyscraper and then they had to figure out how he got there and how to save him."[6] It took the Coens and Raimi three months to write the screenplay. The dialogue is a homage to Howard Hawks' His Girl Friday (1940). Norville Barnes is a Preston Sturges hero trapped in a Frank Capra story."[1] The Hudsucker Proxy presents various narrative motifs pertaining to the Rota Fortunae and visual motifs concerning the shape of circles.[4] The sentimental tone and decency of ordinary men as heroes was influenced by films of Frank Capra. especially not in a world that seems to have been created by Fritz Lang — the mechanistic monstrousness of the mailroom contrasted with the Bauhaus gigantism of the corporate offices perfectly matches the boss-labour split in Metropolis (1927). Deeds Goes to Town (1936). Joel Coen replied: "Maybe the characters do embody those grand themes you mentioned. [7] The inclusion of the hula hoop came as a result of a plot device. but production did not start until 1991. Joel remembers. but something that on the other hand the audience already knew was going to be a phenomenal success. the Coens were looking forward to doing a more . Plus. such as Christmas in July (1940) and the Hollywood satire. to be doomed to failure.

particularly in the Merchandise Mart lobby and the Hilton Chicago grand ballroom. Pictures. as well as Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985). In the end. "The buildings had been designed for an 18 mm lens. Winona Ryder and Bridget Fonda were in competition for the role of Amy Archer before Jennifer Jason Leigh was cast." Gassner continued. Silver also allowed the Coens complete artistic control. "I made a complicated steel armature with a lot of electric motors to time everything so he can fold up his wings. as well as CGI snow and composites of the falling sequences. [9] 68 Production Joel Silver's first choice for Norville Barnes was Tom Cruise. [11] Once Newman and Robbins signed on. Producer Joel Silver.[13] Principal photography ended on March 18."[14] The buildings in the background (designed by McAlister and Stetson) were 1:24 scale models. Wright and the Art Deco movement. mechanical effects designer on many Coen brothers films. PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films agreed to co-finance the film with Warner Bros. but for dramatic purposes it was extended to around thirty. The Hudsucker Proxy was revived and the Coens and Raimi performed a brief rewrite. When casting the role of Sidney Mussburger. particularly the work of Albert Speer. shooting the hula hoop sequence and Waring Hudsucker's suicide. the Fred F. leaving empty spaces with no buildings. Her [8] failed auditions prompted the Coens to cast her in The Hudsucker Proxy. McAlister (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. and then a 10 mm. McAlister calculated that such a drop would take seven seconds. Peter Pan) as miniatures supervisor." says Chesney."[8] However. the Coens first offered the role to Clint Eastwood. Manhattan.[5] Leigh had previously auditioned for a role in the Coens's Miller's Crossing and Barton Fink. such as the Merchandise Mart. Illinois provided inspiration for the opening sequence of the skyline. who portrayed Waring Hudsucker. additional skyscrapers in Chicago. Mussburger is the bad guy and Paul Newman brought that character to life. [8] [7] Frank Lloyd In addition. Visual effects The visual effects supervisor was Micheal J. Willow) with Mark Stetson (Superman Returns. we liked the shots more and more. suggested all sorts of names.[8] Production designer Dennis Gassner was influenced by fascist architecture. not 45. and [7] pitched the project at Warner Bros.[15] Despite the New York City setting. Then we covered them with real duck and turkey feathers. Charles Durning's fall was shot conventionally. created a pair of 16-foot angel wings for actor Charles Durning. "Warner Bros. Problems occurred when the Coens and cinematographer Roger Deakins decided that these shots would be more effective with a wide-angle lens. numerous sequences were filmed in downtown Chicago. 1992. "We modeled them after photographs of a hovering dove landing in slow motion. shot separately and merged in post-production. 1993. acquired the script for his production company. Aon Center. a fan of the Coens' previous films. the miniature New York set was hung sideways to allow full movement along the heights of the buildings." remembered Joel. unfold them and flap them about. and Silver Pictures. the model of the Hudsucker building was the equivalent of 90 stories.[12] The film was shot on sound stages at Carolco Studios in Wilmington. Peter Chesney." [13] However. "We took all our favorite buildings in New York from where they actually stood and sort of put them into one neighborhood. but he was forced to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. North Carolina beginning on November 31.[13] To create the two suicide falls. French Building and One Wall Street." The work of The Computer Film Company (supervised by Janek Sirrs) included manipulations of the zoom-in shot of Norville at the beginning. To lengthen the sequence. but as we tried a 14 mm lens. Raimi served as second unit director. but because Tim Robbins had to stop abruptly at . extra buildings were created from putting the one-sided buildings together and placing them at the edges. Silver Pictures. Skyscrapers from New York City included the Chanin Building. "A lot of them were comedians who were clearly wrong.The Hudsucker Proxy mainstream film. "a [13] fantasy vision which adds to the atmosphere and flavor. but the Coens persisted in a desire to cast Tim [10] Robbins. the wider amount of vision meant that the edges of the frame went beyond the fringes of the model city.

4. "Norville's End" – 3:52 14. "The Chase" – 1:02 13. [13] 69 Soundtrack Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: The Hudsucker Proxy Soundtrack by Carter Burwell Released Genre Length Label March 15. The classical music used was: . "Walk Of Shame" – 1:22 10. 3. when the boy is the first to try the hula hoop. 6. performed by Duke Ellington • "Carmen". 5. "Norville's Reprise" – 1:22 Other songs used in the film but not on the soundtrack album include: • "Memories Are Made of This". "Prologue" (Khachaturian) – 3:20 2. Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" is also used. Much of the source material for the score comes from the "Adagio" and "Phrygia" movements of the ballet Spartacus by Aram Khachaturian. performed by Peter Gallagher as Vic Tenetta. used in dream dance sequence. "Useful" – 0:40 9. "A Long Way Down" – 1:46 12. the fifth of his collaborations with the Coen Brothers. performed by Grace Bumbry.The Hudsucker Proxy the camera. 1994 Film score 29:28 Varèse Sarabande Professional reviews • Allmusic link [16] Coen Brothers film soundtracks chronology Barton Fink (1991) The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) Fargo (1996) Some of the score to The Hudsucker Proxy was written by Carter Burwell. his was shot in reverse as he was pulled away from the camera. the party singer • "In a Sentimental Mood". "Blue Letter" – 0:43 11. "Norville Suite" – 3:53 "Waring's Descent" – 0:27 "The Hud Sleeps" – 2:13 "Light Lunch" (Khachaturian) – 1:38 "The Wheel Turns" – 0:52 7. "Epilogue" (Khachaturian) – 2:08 15. "The Hula Hoop" (Khachaturian) – 4:10 8. performed by Duke Ellington • "Flying Home". Track listing 1.

1 in E-flat "Grande valse brillante". scale model work. Habanera from Carmen Luigi Boccherini. feared it was going to be a box office bomb. writing in Variety. The film was in competition for the Palme d'Or. as nearly everything in the Coen brothers' latest and biggest film seems like a wizardly but artificial synthesis. and only grossed $2."[22] Desson Thomson of The Washington Post described The Hudsucker Proxy as being "pointlessly flashy and compulsively overloaded with references to films of the 1930s. Missing in this film's performances is a sense of humanity. No featurettes were included. Georges Bizet. matte paintings. We wanted to shoot a fight scene at the end of the movie. leaving a hole in the middle [24] where some emotion and humanity should be. Op.[4] Response from critics were also mixed. The producers eventually added footage [8] that had been cut and also shot minor pick-ups for the ending." Ebert wrote." [8] The film premiered in January 1994 at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. They were a little bit of additional footage.518 in the United States. 1994. "Not even the slightest attempt is made to suggest that the film takes its own story seriously.[17] In addition. Nonetheless.11 No. Variety magazine claimed that the pick-ups were done to try to save the film because Warner Bros. 4. Hudsucker isn't the real thing at all. "The Hudsucker Proxy skewers Big Business on the same shaft that Robert Altman ran Hollywood through with The Player. the crucial ingredient in the movies Hudsucker is clearly trying to evoke. "But the problem with the movie is that it's all surface and no substance." James Berardinelli gave a largely positive review.[8] although." [25] Warner Home Video released The Hudsucker Proxy on DVD in May 1999. the film was a box office bomb. held test screenings for The Hudsucker Proxy and audience comments were largely mixed."[23] Todd McCarthy. The performances seem deliberately angled as satire. so it's normal.[19] The Hudsucker Proxy was released on March 11.[26] .[20] The production budget was officially set at $25 million.3 6. But a pastiche it remains. We've done additional shooting on every movie.2 70 5. who held final cut privilege. but the Coens. Everything is style. Based on 37 reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes. called the film "one of the most inspired and technically stunning pastiches of old Hollywood pictures ever to come out of the New Hollywood. It was the product of something we discovered editing the movie. this film is pure satire of the nastiest and most enjoyable sort. refused because they were very nervous working with their biggest budget to date and were eager for mainstream success.18 B62) from Les Sylphides Aram Khachaturian. The studio suggested re-shoots. 3. 2. 59% of the reviewers enjoyed the film.[21] Roger Ebert praised the production design. but lost to Pulp Fiction. Minuet (3rd movt) from String Quintet in E.The Hudsucker Proxy 1. all twisted to match the filmmakers' vision. From the Brazil-like scenes in the cavernous mail room to the convoluted machinations in the board room. The Hudsucker Proxy was screened at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival[18] on May 12.5 Frédéric Chopin Chopin Waltz (Waltz No. Utah. Peter Tchaikovsky. Joel Coen addressed the issue in an interview: "First of all. not previewing it.816. Sabre Dance from Gayane Suite No. Aram Khachaturian. Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia from Spartacus Suite No. 1994. In this surreal world of 1958 can be found many of the issues confronting large corporations in the 1990s. cinematography and characters. It's just a proxy. they weren't reshoots. Waltz from Swan Lake Release Warner Bros. Op. it was reported to have increased to $40 million for marketing and promotion purposes.

ISBN 1-56025-254-5. "The Hudsucker Proxy" (http://rogerebert. The Coen Brothers: The Life of the Mind. 36 [2] Muir. 93-113 [6] Woods. pp.variety. pp.variety.305444. "Euro pix man Cannes" (http://www. html?categoryid=13&cs=1&query=devito+looking+to+get+shorty). . Joel & Ethan Coen: Blood Siblings. ISBN 0-312-27501-3.html). Retrieved 2008-11-21. Retrieved 2008-11-20. Box Office Mojo. [21] "The Hudsucker Proxy" (http://www. • Bill Warren (2000). London: Virgin Books.com/en/archives/ficheFilm/id/3007961/year/1994.ew. Virginia: Brassey's. "Coen to Extremes" (http://www. Entertainment Weekly..dll/article?AID=/19940325/REVIEWS/ 403250301/1023). [1] Bergan. [13] Robson.variety.com/cg/amg.301615. Retrieved 2008-11-21.html).boxofficemojo. pp. 139-142 [14] Staff (1993-01-18).suntimes. "Beavis and Egghead" (http://www. 125-135 [7] Bergan. • Paul A.. • Josh Levin (2000). pp.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00000ING2/). The Evil Dead Companion. . [22] Roger Ebert (1994-05-25). Coen Brothers.com/m/hudsucker_proxy/). [18] "Festival de Cannes: The Hudsucker Proxy" (http://www. The New York Times. . pp. pp. 77 [3] Warren. Retrieved 2008-11-22.The Hudsucker Proxy 71 References • Ronald Bergan (2000). "Hollywood's still playing for effect" (http://www.com/ew/article/0.ew. Inc. London: Titan Books.net. 103-118 [5] Mottram. . . ISBN 0-85965-339-0. "The Hudsucker Proxy" (http://www. Retrieved 2008-11-21. .com. . 148-162 [8] Woods.festival-cannes.00. Retrieved 2008-11-20. "The Hudsucker Proxy". . Variety.htm). .html?categoryid=31&cs=1). Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 2008-11-20. [26] "The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)" (http://www. "Coen brothers keep it real" (http://www. The Coen Brothers. Retrieved 2008-11-22. Entertainment Weekly.00. Chicago Sun-Times.allmusic. Retrieved 2008-11-19. Dulles. For Sundance.rottentomatoes. 24.com/ew/article/0. [25] James Berardinelli.301802.reelviews. ISBN 1-55783-607-8. ISBN 1-55022-424-7.. ISBN 1-57488-273-2. pp. Toronto: ECW Press. [11] Leonard Klady (1993-07-13).00.html). London: Plexus. • Eddie Robson (2003). [24] Todd McCarthy (1994-01-31). Entertainment Weekly.amazon. "DeVito looking to get 'Shorty' into production" (http://www. 101-102 [4] Levin. "The Hudsucker Proxy" (http://www. • James Mottram (2000). The Coen Brothers: The Story of Two American Filmmakers. "Critic's Notebook.com/review/VE1117902311. 122-124 [9] Juliann Garey (1993-02-05). Retrieved 2009-08-27. [19] Staff (1994-04-21). . .html). Variety. [15] George Mannes (1994-04-15). Amazon. Woods (2003). pp. • John Kenneth Muir (2004). Retrieved 2008-11-20.com/article/VR120356). The Unseen Force: The Films of Sam Raimi. .com/apps/pbcs. festival-cannes. New York City: Thunder's Mouth Press.net/movies/h/hudsucker. Variety.ew. The Washington Post. Retrieved 2008-11-21. Variety. [20] "The Hudsucker Proxy" (http://www.com/article/VR108653. Struggle to Survive Success".com.. . pp.dll?p=amg&sql=10:aifpxqwhldse [17] Caryn James (1994-01-25).com/article/VR1117976123).com/ew/article/0.html).variety. Retrieved 2008-11-22. [12] Nisid Hajari (1994-04-01). [10] Anne Thompson (2007-11-15). "The 'Hud' Thud" (http://www. Retrieved 2008-11-17. [16] http://www. [23] Desson Thomson (1994-03-25). . ReelViews.Variety.com/movies/?id=hudsuckerproxy. New York City: Applause: Theatre & Cinema Books.variety.com/article/VR103029). 9-10. ISBN 1-57488-273-2.

.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Richard Schickel (1994-03-14). • Owen Gleiberman (1994-03-11).9171. Hong Kong: Del Ray Books.html).00. "Half-Baked in Corporate Hell" (http://www.com/m/hudsucker_proxy/) at Rotten Tomatoes • The Hudsucker Proxy (http://www. External links • The Hudsucker Proxy (http://www.980305. "Lord of the Ring" (http://www.time.The Hudsucker Proxy 72 Further reading • Mark Cotta Vaz. Patricia Rose Duignan (November 1996).ew.allmovie. Time. Entertainment Weekly.com/title/tt0110074/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Hudsucker Proxy (http://www.html).imdb.301350.com/work/131165) at Allmovie • The Hudsucker Proxy (http://www. ISBN 0-345-38152-1. Industrial Light & Magic: Into the Digital Realm.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=hudsuckerproxy.com/time/magazine/article/ 0.00..rottentomatoes.com/ew/article/0.

Blood Alley. The Crimson Pirate and When Time Ran Out. La Classe américaine. It consists exclusively in extracts of old Warner Bros. Thank you for your understanding. films. and hired the usual French dubbers of John Wayne (Raymond Loyer) and Kirk Douglas (Roger Rudel) to dub them here too.La Classe américaine 73 La Classe américaine La Classe américaine Directed by Produced by Michel Hazanavicius Dominique Mézerette Ève Vercel Robert Nador Michel Lecourt Michel Hazanavicius Dominique Mézerette John Wayne Dustin Hoffman Robert Redford Paul Newman Laurent Petitgirard Written by Starring Music by Distributed by Canal+ Group Release date(s) 1993 Running time Country Language 70 min France French La Classe américaine (American Class). including All the President's Men. Merci de votre compréhension. Hazanavicius and Mézerette set about producing an entire film from cut-and-paste existing footage. Chisum. The Candidate. They mostly investigate his last words: this movie is a parody of Citizen Kane. put together and dubbed with new lines so as to create an entirely new film. had given the French film and television studio Canal+ Group the rights to use extracts of Warner Bros. . Making of Warner Bros. Band of Angels. also known as Le Grand Détournement (The Great Détournement). Reporters Dave (Paul Newman). Synopsis The film begins with the following lines appearing on screen. Peter (Dustin Hoffman) and Steven (Robert Redford) investigate his death by going to meet people who knew him during his life in Texas.") The story begins with the death of George Abitbol (John Wayne). films. complete with spelling mistakes: "Attention! Ce flim n'est pas un flim sur le cyclimse. Bullitt. somewhere near the fictitious atoll of Pom Pom Galli in the South Pacific." ("Attention! This flim is not a flim about cyclign. The Cowboys. which lasts seventy-two minutes. is a 1993 French television film. incorporates scenes cut from about fifty films. described as the classiest man in the world. written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius and Dominique Mézerette.

La Classe américaine 74 Cast • John Wayne : George Abitbol • Burt Lancaster : José • Lana Turner : Isabelle • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jason Robards : Editor in chief Dustin Hoffman : Peter Robert Redford : Steven Paul Newman : Dave Orson Welles : himself Martin Balsam : Callaghan Henry Fonda : Hugues Ricky Nelson : George's friend Charles Bronson : the Native American chief James Stewart : Jacques Dean Martin : Dino Elvis Presley : the "putain d'énergumène" ("damn oddball") Frank Sinatra : Franky Stuart Whitman : the future's man Ned Beatty : Frédéric Angie Dickinson : Jacqueline Spencer Tracy : the professional witness Ernest Borgnine : Ernest • Jan-Michael Vincent : the helicopter fan • Clark Gable : the actor • Yvonne De Carlo : the actor's wife • Robert Mitchum : Yves • • • • • • • • • • Randolph Scott : Joël Hammond James Franciscus : Professor Hammond Lauren Bacall : Christelle Slim Pickens : Deep Throat Antonio Fargas : Huggy Walter Brennan : Stumpy Jacqueline Bisset : the helicopter woman Burgess Meredith : the helicopter man Jack Warden : a journalist Akim Tamiroff : Dino's friend .

imdb.com/title/tt0321715/ .allocine.La Classe américaine 75 References • La Classe américaine on IMDB • La Classe américaine [2] on AlloCiné [1] External links • La Classe américaine [3] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://french.html [3] http://www.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=111200.com/title/tt0321715/combined [2] http://www.imdb.

& Mrs. English . 1990 (USA) 126 min. and Mrs. & Mrs. and Mrs. Bridge Movie Poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring James Ivory Ismail Merchant Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (based on the novels by Evan S.Mr. Bridge 76 Mr. Connell) Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Blythe Danner Simon Callow Kyra Sedgwick Robert Sean Leonard Margaret Welsh Austin Pendleton Saundra McClain Diane Kagan Gale Garnett Remak Ramsay Robert Westernberg John Bell Marcus Giamatti Robert Levine Richard Robbins Jacques Offenbach ("Barcarolle" & "Can Can") Music by Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Humphrey Dixon Cineplex Odeon Films Miramax Films November 23. Bridge Mr. Bridge Mr.

Virgil Barron Addison Myers . Bridge Mr.Julia Alison Sneegas . Missouri.Watch Seller on the Quai Hubert Saint-Macary .Principal Can-Can Dancer The Nicolodis .Douglas Bridge (grown-up) Danny Cox .Avrum Rhinegold Charles Perkins .Copyist in the Louvre Laurence Goua . as the Bridge children.Judge Joe Tinoco . The movie features Blythe Danner as Mrs.Country Club Steward Robyn Rosenfeld . Gadbury Gale Garnett .First Bridge Player Nora Denney . It was filmed entirely on location in Kansas City. Simon Callow as a foreign psychiatrist the Bridges find unsavory.Ruth Bridge Simon Callow .Mr.Jazz Musician . Bridge.Man at Businessmen's Table Roger Burget . The Cast • Paul Newman . is a lawyer who resists his children's rebellion against the conservative values he holds dear. France. Kyra Sedgwick. played by Joanne Woodward. Bridge.Law Clerk Diane Kagan . & Mrs. and Ottawa. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress (Joanne Woodward).Plaintiff Ben Stephenson . and Margaret Welsh. and Mrs. Connell of the same name.Harriet • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Joanne Woodward . Saundra McClain as the Bridges' maid. Bridge is a 1990 Merchant Ivory Film based on the novels by Evan S. Paris.Second Bridge Player Robert Levine . during the 1930s and 1940s. Robert Sean Leonard.India Bridge Margaret Welsh . Canada.Man at Businessmen's Table Blythe Danner .Dr.Genevieve Roch Leibovici . It is directed by James Ivory.Grace Barron Austin Pendleton .Carolyn Bridge John Bell .Moulin Rouge Tumblers Judy Judd .Band Vocalist Mark Yonally . The Bridges grapple with changing mores and expectations. labors to maintain a Pollyanna view of the world against her husband's emotional distance and her children's eagerness to adopt a world view more modern than her own.Mabel Ong Al Christy . Mr.Walter Bridge • Saundra McClain . Alex Sauer Remak Ramsay . Bridge's troubled friend. and. played by Paul Newman.Mr. Mrs. with a screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and produced by Ismail Merchant.Scoutmaster Robert Sean Leonard .Douglas Bridge (as a boy) Kyra Sedgwick .Youth at High School Dance Buck Baker . 77 Plot The film tells the story of a traditional family living in the Country Club District of Kansas City.

Young India at the Pool Linden Ashby Malachy McCourt .Flower Shop Owner Melissa Newman .Italian Man Awards 1990 New York Film Critics Circle Awards • Won : Best Screenplay for Ruth Prawer Jhabvala • Won : Best Actress for Joanne Woodward 1991 Kansas City Film Critics Circle • Won : Best Actress for Joanne Woodward 1991 Academy Awards • Nominated : Best Actress in a Leading Role for Joanne Woodward 1991 Golden Globes • Nominated : Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture .Drama for Joanne Woodward 1991 Independent Spirit Awards • Nominated : Best Female Lead for Joanne Woodward External links • Mr.Jazz Musician Spencer Keesee .Corporal Cipkowski Jocelyn Hamilton .com/title/tt0100200/ .Jazz Musician Milton Abel . & Mrs.Paquita • John Anthony .Mr.imdb.Jazz Musician Richard Ross . Forster Richard Alan Nichols .Dr.Florist's Assistant Andy Knott .Gil Davis • Robin Humphrey .The Barrons' Maid Lee Lambert . and Mrs.Aztec Room Waiter • • • • • • • • • • Joanne Carr .Rod • Jennifer Conforti .Rod's Girl • Tom Hall .Ruth's Boyfriend Florence Hall . Bridge • • • • Allen Monroe .Couperin 78 • Marcus Giamatti .Bridal Gown Lady • Kathy Quinn-Byrne . Bridge [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.Prison Matron Robert Westenberg .

. Based on the 1974 memoir Blaze Starr: My Life as Told to Huey Perry by Blaze Starr and Huey Perry. 1989 120 minutes United States English $18 million Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Blaze is a 1989 film written and directed by Ron Shelton. with Starr herself appearing in a cameo.Blaze (film) 79 Blaze (film) Blaze Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Ron Shelton Gil Friesen Dale Pollock Ron Shelton Paul Newman Lolita Davidovich Jerry Hardin Gailard Sartain Jeffrey DeMunn Richard Jenkins Brandon Smith Robert Wuhl James Harper Bennie Wallace Haskell Wexler Robert Leighton Michael King Touchstone Pictures December 13. the film stars Paul Newman as Earl Long and Lolita Davidovich as Blaze Starr.

asp?searchtype=kwq.S.com/work/6022 .org/databases/cgi-bin/main. According to the novel and film. Earl Long allegedly fell in love with a young stripper named Blaze Starr. Senator Russell Long.asp?db=mrd [2] http://bestmediareviews.org/databases/cgi-bin/main.com/title/tt0096943/ [4] http://www.imdb. Long and uncle of longtime U.allmovie.asp&qu=@recnumber%20MRD90001001&FreeText=& sc=%2Fpierianp%2Fmrd%2F [3] http://www.S. Cast • Paul Newman as Governor Earl Long • Lolita Davidovich as Blaze Starr • Jerry Hardin as Thibodeaux • • • • • • Gailard Sartain as LaGrange Jeffrey DeMunn as Eldon Tuck Richard Jenkins as Picayune Brandon Smith as Arvin Deeter Robert Wuhl as Red Snyder James Harper as Willie Rainach Ratings • BestMediaReviews.Blaze (film) 80 Plot The movie tells the highly-fictionalized story of the latter years of Earl Long. a flamboyant Governor of Louisiana. brother of assassinated governor and U.org [1] link [2] External links • Blaze [3] at the Internet Movie Database • Blaze [4] at Allmovie References [1] http://bestmediareviews. Senator Huey P.

k.162 Music by Cinematography Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Fat Man and Little Boy (a. . 1989 127 minutes United States English $3. Shadow Makers in the UK) is a 1989 film that reenacts the Manhattan Project. McGinley Ennio Morricone Vilmos Zsigmond Paramount Pictures October 20.Fat Man and Little Boy 81 Fat Man and Little Boy Fat Man and Little Boy Original film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Roland Joffe Tony Garnett Roland Joffe Bruce Robinson Paul Newman Dwight Schultz Bonnie Bedelia John Cusack Laura Dern John C. the secret Allied endeavor to develop the first nuclear weapons during World War II. The film is named after the nuclear weapons known by the code names "Fat Man" and "Little Boy".a.563. The film was directed by Roland Joffe and written by Joffe and Bruce Robinson.

During Oppenheimer's victory parade through the base camp. After he breaks off their relationship without being able to reveal the secret reasons why. To avoid a single-point-of-failure plan. Berkeley physicist J. The bomb development culminates in a live detonation in south-central New Mexico at the Trinity Site in the Alamogordo Desert (05:29:45 on July 16. As the project continues in multiple sites across America. Oppenheimer was familiar with northern New Mexico from his boyhood days when his family owned a cabin in the area. both Fat Man and Little Boy were successful. Richard Schoenfield. 1945). and an alternate design for a thin. but is exposed to a terminal dose of radiation. heavy plutonium bomb imploded using shaped charges ("Fat Man"). While the technical problems are being solved. MD • . especially from 'communist sympathizers' who might be associated with socialist organizations. she is unable to cope with the heartache and is later found dead. to beat the Germans in building an atomic bomb. technical problems and delays cause tensions and strife. In the end. Groves' Orderly Logan Ramsey as Brehon B. In the base hospital nurse Kathleen can only watch as he develops massive swelling and deformation before dying a miserable death days later. two separate bomb designs are implemented: a large.Fat Man and Little Boy 82 Plot In September 1942. Working with few protections from radiation during an experiment. where everyone watches in awe at the spectacle of the first mushroom cloud with roaring winds. Michael drops a radioactive component during an experiment dubbed Tickling the Dragon's Tail and retrieves it by hand in order to avoid disaster. Avenell Frank Benettieri Jr. military investigations are undertaken in order to thwart foreign espionage. northwest of Santa Fe. McGinley as Capt. as Messenger Roger Cubicciotti as Frank Oppenheimer Franco Cutietta as Enrico Fermi Robert Peter Gale as Dr. who debate whether their personal consciences should enter into the project or whether they should remain purely researchers without personal feelings. Jean Tatlock (Natasha Richardson). Nurse Kathleen Robinson (Laura Dern) and the young physicist Michael Merriman (John Cusack) question what they are doing. Pentagon-based career U. Gen. Kenneth Whiteside John Considine as Robert Tuckson Allan Corduner as Franz Goethe • • • • • • • • • • • • • Don Pugsley as Sgt. Groves picks University of California. Robert Oppenheimer (Dwight Schultz) to head the scientific team at the project. Louis Hempelman Wesley Harrison as Peter Oppenheimer Brent Harrison as Peter Oppenheimer Tom McFarlane as Scientist John C. he selects a remote location on top of a mesa adjacent to a valley called Los Alamos Canyon. The different personalities of the military man Groves and the scientist Oppenheimer often clash in keeping the project on track. Somervell Fred Dalton Thompson as Maj.S Army General Leslie Groves (Paul Newman) is assigned to head the ultra-secret Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer in turn clashes with the other scientists. Robert Oppenheimer Bonnie Bedelia as Kitty Oppenheimer John Cusack as Michael Merriman Laura Dern as Kathleen Robinson Todd Field as Robert Rathbun Wilson Ron Frazier as Peter de Silva Natasha Richardson as Jean Tatlock Ron Vawter as Jamie Latrobe Michael Brockman as William Sterling Parsons Del Close as Dr. Melrose Hayden Barry Jim True-Frost as Donald Hornig Barry Yourgrau as Edward Teller Marek Alboszta as Scientist Steven Baigelman as Dr. less heavy uranium bomb triggered in a shotgun design ("Little Boy"). Klaus Fuchs can be seen in the background watching Oppenheimer pass. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as General Leslie R. miles away. Bronston. and he is ordered by the military to stop seeing her. For the new research facility. Groves Dwight Schultz as J. The snooping reveals that Oppenheimer has had a young mistress.

romantic musical score created by long-time composer Ennio Morricone. he never saw her again. Even before Oppenheimer was chosen to be the lead scientist of the Manhattan Project. he only met with Tatlock one time. Colorado. Slotin's accident and death occurred after the dropping of the two bombs on Japan. see their respective articles. After he was picked to head the laboratory. where the Los Alamos research facility was re-created. he was under surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).Fat Man and Little Boy • • • • • • • • • • • • Joe D'Angerio as Seth Neddermeyer Jon DeVries as Johnny Mount James Eckhouse as Robert Harper Mary Pat Gleason as Dora Welsh Clark Gregg as Douglas Panton Péter Halász as George Kistiakowsky Gerald Hiken as Leó Szilárd Arthur Holden as Oak Ridge Doctor Ed Lauter as Whitney Ashbridge Donald MacKechnie as James L. [3] After spending that night together. The re-creation of the Los Alamos laboratory entailed 35 buildings and cost over US$2 million to [5] construct in 1988. which became known as the Demon Core.[4] Production Filming took place in the fall of 1988 mainly outside Durango. the surveillance was intense. The film made under $4 million on its original release. The character of Michael Merriman (John Cusack) is a fictional composite of several people and is put into the film to provide a moral compass as the "common man". and once selected. . and Dwight Schultz for the role of Oppenheimer.[1] Part of the character is loosely based on the popular young scientist Louis Slotin. and is also cited as an example of miscasting in its choices of Paul Newman for the role of General Groves.Y.[2] A very similar mishap happened less than two weeks after the Nagasaki bomb. with some theatrical license used in the film. every single phone call was recorded and every contact with another person noted. Both incidents occurred with the same plutonium core. where she told him that she still loved him and wanted to be with him. Tuck Madison Mason as Boris Pash Krzysztof Pieczynski as Otto Frisch • • • • • • • • • • • • David C. claiming the life of Harry Daghlian. Times Reporter Ken Strausbaugh as Observation Officer Walter Sullivan as Secretary of War Henry Stimson Brian Wandell as Dennis Talmudge John Williams as Mack Stoddard Walter Edmiston (voice) Matthew Faison (voice) Stan Jones (voice) Alan Oppenheimer (voice) 83 Basis Most of the characters were real people and most of the events real happenings. and his early death was feared by some as karma after the event. Contrary to Merriman's death in the movie. The film has been criticized for distortion for dramatic effect. in mid-June 1943. She committed suicide six months after their meeting. Response The highly dramatic film includes a closely aligned. Parnes as Raincoat Man Allen Poirson as Harold McDonald David Politzer as Robert Serber Bill Rubenstein as N.

The Achievement of American Liberalism.Fat Man and Little Boy 84 References [1] Kunk. Deborah J. Retrieved June 1.262."Entertaining Thoughts .com/title/tt0097336/) at the Internet Movie Database • Fat Man and Little Boy (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Fat Man and Little Boy (http://www. Petersburg Times.Daily News of Los Angeles.109 East Palace: Robert Oppenheimer and the Secret City of Los Alamos. External links • Fat Man and Little Boy (http://www. Paul Pioneer Press. . 1989.St. 2008."Dropping a Bomb: 'Fat Man and Little Boy' explores fact and fiction at the dawn of the nuclear age".ISBN 9780743250078 [5] "Films in Production". and Charles Weiner (1995)."'Fat Man' Brings Bomb Alive".October 20.boxofficemojo.141. 1988.New York: Simon & Schuster. . —Rohter. .com/m/fat_man_and_little_boy/) at Rotten Tomatoes .ISBN 9780375412028 —Conant.p. William Henry. Alice Kimball Smith. . 1989.The Record. . . . J. . 1989. . Jennet.org/index.Robert Oppenheimer: Letters and Recollections. . . Yardena.p. [4] Bird.St. Robert Oppenheimer. . . . "The Mystery of Michael Merriman" (http://www. [2] The Atomic Heritage Foundation.October 28. . —Arar. [3] Oppenheimer.American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J.atomicheritage. Larry. Sherwin (2005). .'Fat Man' had Weaknesses from Day One".October 21.New York: Alfred A. .com/movies/?id=fatmanandlittleboy. — Chafe. Kai. Knopf. .php?option=com_content& task=view&id=101). .October 22.rottentomatoes. and Martin J. . . Robert. .imdb.

The Color of Money 85 The Color of Money The Color of Money Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Martin Scorsese Irving Axelrad Barbara De Fina Dodie Foster Richard Price Walter Tevis (novel) Paul Newman Tom Cruise Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Helen Shaver Forest Whitaker John Turturro Robbie Robertson Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Michael Ballhaus Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Thelma Schoonmaker Touchstone Pictures October 17. The film continues the story of pool hustler and stakehorse Edward "Fast Eddie" Felson from Tevis' first novel.728.800. with Paul Newman reprising his role from its film adaptation (1961).000 (estimated) $76. and a 1986 film semi-adaptation by the same title. The Hustler (1959). The sequel novel and film share as their premise the continuation of Felson's story at a point more than 20 years after the events depicted in The . 1986 119 minutes English $13.982(Box Office and Rentals) The Hustler The Color of Money is a 1984 novel by American writer Walter Tevis.

having had money riding against himself. In addition to Newman. not the real-life Rudolph "Minnesota Fats" Wanderone -. Helen Shaver and John Turturro. Brown. But he also becomes increasingly frustrated with them and with himself. until an explosive falling-out results in a parting of the ways. the filmmakers ultimately decided not to use Tevis's story at all. Vincent gives Eddie $8. The Baltimore The title is a reference to the traditional green cloth (or baize) of a pool table being reminiscent of American currency notes. Eddie finds he must cope with becoming skilled at the now-prevalent game of nine-ball. Vincent. his preferred brand of whiskey.T. Eddie resumes competitive play himself.The Color of Money Hustler. Film In the film version. only to find out that Vincent lost deliberately." Subplots involve antagonism with a cocaine-abusing pool hustler named Julian. But aside from this and the title. and the film was directed by Martin Scorsese. the film also stars Tom Cruise as Fast Eddie's protegé and rival Vincent Lauria. Eddie wins their match. etc. as opposed to straight pool. Eddie proceeds to forfeit his next match and give the money back to Vincent. While losing to Fats. He misses the action and goes back on the road as a stakehorse for a skilled but unfocused protégé. he will in the future because.). and instead crafted an entirely different one for the movie. Plot Novel In the book version of the sequel. Although Tevis did author a screenplay for The Color of Money that was based on his novel. J. [1] [2] 86 one with a large number of plot-point similarities to the earlier 1980 pool comedy. first hustling on "the road" and later in the professional tournament circuit.000 as a cut from the bet.S. He takes up a cue again to go on tour versus Minnesota Fats—the fictional character from The Hustler. The screenplay was written by Richard Price. Eddie teaches them how to hustle significant amounts of money. Carmen. they have little in common. Eddie's nickname. and with Eddie not having been active on the pool circuit during that time. eventually coming head-to-head across the table with the now-successful (and far more treacherous) Vincent. and sexual tension between Carmen and Eddie. but states that if he doesn't beat Vincent now. plus Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. which he had mastered decades earlier. Felson is no longer a professional pool player. "I'm back. Cast . an up-and-down romance Eddie is having with a bar owner. Janelle. after all. and Fats is not mentioned in the story. He requests a private rematch. Only minor references are made to the original movie (a returned character. his formerly being shut out of the pool-hustling sphere.for a cable TV sports show. Felson is a liquor salesman. travelling with the latter's manipulative girlfriend. Bullet. featuring an original score by Robbie Robertson. he regains some of his lost competitiveness and pride. but now owns a pool hall.

[3] Newman said that the best advice he was given by Scorsese was to "try not to be funny".[3] [5] Noticeably absent from the film incarnation ofThe Color of Money is the Minnesota Fats character. but that none of the attempts to include him fit well into the story that was being written. but that upon reading it. which had been so memorably portrayed by Jackie Gleason in The Hustler. Newman later said that he had wanted the character to appear. Young as Moselle Jim Hendricks as Commander USA (archive footage) Kevin Bassett as Pool tournament extra Stephen Burrows as Pool Freak Martin Scorsese as Opening Voiceover Howard Vickery as Vincent's Opponent with Beard and Glasses Lenny Wilson as Extra Carol Messing as Casino Bar Band Singer / Julian's Flirt • Film production notes Director Scorsese has a cameo walking his dog. and there were many cameos. made to resemble a classic Balabushka. Gleason apparently agreed with Newman's opinion that Minnesota Fats was adventitious to the film's story.[3] Cruise performed most of his own shots. A young Forest Whitaker makes an extended cameo appearance as a pool hustler as well. Gleason declined to reprise the role because he felt that the character seemed to have been added as [2] [6] "an afterthought". Scorsese believed Cruise could learn the shot. Grady Mathews. Simonsen as Chief Justice Tournament Fred Squillo as High Roller #2 Brian Sunina as Casino Bar Band Member Wanda Christine as Casino Clerk Forest Whitaker as Amos Jim Widlowski as Casino Bar Band Member Bruce A. but that it would take too [3] long. Mike Sigel was technical director. Resorts International • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Michael Nash as Moselle's Opponent Mario Nieves as Latin Guy #3 Miguel Nino as Latin Guy #1 Andy Nolfo as Referee #2 Ernest Perry Jr as Eye Doctor Jerry Piller as Tom Iggy Pop as Skinny Player on Road Richard Price as Guy Who Calls Dud Juan Ramírez as Latin Guy #2 Alex Ross as Bartender Who Bets Peter Saxe as Casino Bar Band Member Charles Scorsese as High Roller #1 Rodrick Selby as Congratulating Spectator Christina Sigel as Waitress Harold L. who plays one of the many contenders on the road. including Jimmy Mataya. Feeney as Referee #1 Paul Geier as Two Brothers / Stranger Player Carey Goldenberg as Congratulating Spectator Joe Guastaferro as Chuck the Bartender Paul Herman as Player in Casino Bar Mark Jarvis as Guy at Janelle's Lawrence Linn as Congratulating Spectator Keith McCready as Grady Seasons Jimmy Mataya as Julian's Friend in Green Room Grady Matthews as Dud Steve Mizerak as Duke. Eddie's First Opponent Rick Mohr as Congratulating Spectator Lloyd Moss as Narrator.The Color of Money 87 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson Tom Cruise as Vincent Lauria Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Carmen Helen Shaver as Janelle John Turturro as Julian Bill Cobbs as Orvis Robert Agins as Earl at Chalkie's Alvin Anastasia as Kennedy Randall Arney as Child World Customer #1 Elizabeth Bracco as Diane at Bar Vito D'Ambrosio as Lou at Child World Ron Dean as Guy in Crowd Lisa Dodson as Child World Customer #2 Donald A. Mark Jarvis and Louie Roberts. and another playing pool. Scorsese said that Gleason was presented a draft of the script that had Fats worked into the narrative. Howard Vickery. According to Scorsese. Another notable cameo is that of Iggy Pop. and Keith McCready. which later became the Joss N-07[4] (not a Meucci as many believe). so the shot was performed for him by Mike Sigel. and he and Ewa Mataya Laurance served as technical consultants and shot-performers on the film. Many top American pool players of the 1980s had speaking roles. . The "Balabushka" cue in the movie was actually a Joss J-18. including Steve Mizerak. An exception was a jump shot over two balls to sink another.

and received Golden Globe nomination for his role. 3. blow the 9. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress . over a scene of cigarette smoke and a piece of cue chalk: Nine-Ball is rotation pool. [9] It currently holds a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. "Who Owns This Place?" .Robbie Robertson .Robert Palmer "Don't Tell Me Nothin'" . "The Main Title" .[11] Soundtrack The soundtrack to the motion picture was released by MCA Records in 1986. King "Modern Blues" . the player can get the 9 in on the break.Warren Zevon 9. describing the game of nine-ball.The Color of Money 88 Influence The movie unexpectedly influenced John Carmack of id Software. the balls are pocketed in numbered order. who was one of the authors of the computer game Doom. [8] The movie positively influenced the popularity of pool. Newman was also nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Drama for the same role."[7] Film opening Reflecting the general theme of the film.B. 6.Motion Picture. Awards and critical reception Paul Newman won Academy Award for Best Actor as well as National Board of Review Award for Best Actor. 5.Eric Clapton "Let Yourself In For It" . Carmack has stated that the title of the game was inspired by Vincent's response when asked what he carried in his cue-case: "Doom. But for some players. and lose. the player can shoot eight trick shots in a row. "My Baby's In Love With Another Guy" . Which is to say. director Martin Scorsese delivers an opening uncredited voiceover. luck itself is an art.Mark Knopfler "Standing On The Edge Of Love" . 4. 7. 25 years prior to this." Scorsese's only film to receive such a review from the team. The only ball that means anything. but won only BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.Robert Palmer 10. that luck plays a part in nine-ball. and win. though many critics noted that the film was an inferior followup to The Hustler. Now.B.Don Henley 2. if the balls spread right. "It's In The Way That You Use It" . is the 9.Robbie Robertson 8. Track listing 1. The film was nominated for Academy Award for Best Art Direction and Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. "Werewolves Of London" . On the other hand. Siskel and Ebert gave the film "two thumbs down. that wins it.[10] based on 34 reviews.Willie Dixon "Two Brothers And A Stranger" .

[8] "Awards for The Color of Money" (http://www. "Interview with John Carmack" (http://doomworld.com/m/color_of_money/) at Rotten Tomatoes . Billiards Digest. accessed January 30. IMDb.com/title/tt0090863/) at the Internet Movie Database • Color of Money (http://www. Vincent. ISBN 0-349101-50-7 (1990). November 30. 2006 [6] Levy. movie tie-in edition). which stood in for a Balabushka in the film [5] "Full Cast and Crew for The Color of Money" (http://www.com/product/ joss-n7-the-color-of-money-pool-cue-stick). Shawn. The New York Times [3] "Trivia for The Color of Money" (http://www. Martin Scorsese: A Biography (Westport. [1] LoBrutto. May 5. accessed January 30.com/m/color_of_money [11] Ebert and Roeper at the movies (http://bventertainment.rottentomatoes.imdb.The Color of Money 89 References • Available editions of the book include: ISBN 0-446323-53-5 (1984. (New York: Harmony Books. Retrieved November 15. first edition).imdb. 2006 [4] Commercial information about the Joss N7 model pool cue (http://www. accessed January 30. " 'The Color of Money': Three Men and a Sequel (http://www. page 72 [10] http://www. . Connecticut: Praeger Publishers.com/title/tt0090863/awards).imdb.go.com/title/tt0090863/fullcredits). IMDb. October 19). IMDb.com/title/tt0090863/trivia).nytimes. and ISBN 1-560254-85-8 (2003).October 2003.imdb. (1986.rottentomatoes. ISBN 0-44634-419-2 (1986.shtml).com/tv/buenavista/ebertandroeper/index2. Myra.pooldawg. Paul Newman: A Life.com/books/98/06/07/ specials/price-color. ISBN 1-568496-89-3 (1997). 2007) ISBN 978-0275987053 [2] Forsberg.com/interviews/int7. 2005.html?sec=1&subsec=5725) External links • The Color of Money (http://www. 2009) ISBN 978-0307353757 [7] Doomworld.html)". 2006 [9] "Most Significant Event: The Color of Money (1986)".

who also stars. who fails at various odd jobs while aspiring to be a writer. . Much of the film was shot in Lake Worth. The movie set construction site was the demolition of the sister hotel affiliated with the Gulf Stream Hotel named The Inn. 1984 120 minutes United States English Harry & Son is a 1984 American drama film directed by Paul Newman. The screenplay by Newman and Ronald Buck focuses on the relationship between a blue-collar worker and his son. FL.Harry & Son 90 Harry & Son Harry & Son Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Paul Newman Ronald Buck Paul Newman Ronald Buck Paul Newman Paul Newman Ellen Barkin Robby Benson Joanne Woodward Henry Mancini Music by Cinematography Donald McAlpine Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Dede Allen Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer March 2.

Katie and her newborn baby (also called Harry)... He takes a dim view of his sensitive son Howard's lackadaisical lifestyle. He becomes increasingly angry at Howard for quitting jobs at a car wash and with an auto-repo outfit and threatens to throw his son out of the house. Siemanowski • Katherine Borowitz . much to his father's amazement. They give us so many relationships.. like being forced to eat five courses of avocado by an overbearing dinner-party host....... "This movie looks like the aftermath of an explosion in the story department. a pet store owner who has loved Harry for years... It's about everything. He uses some of the money to finance a vacation for Harry. partly because the screenplay has no focus and no particular tone of voice . When intense headaches and impaired vision cause Harry to lose control of the wrecking ball on his crane. Tom Keach • Judith Ivey . ... Sally • Ossie Davis . the entire project feels as small and dated as a Studio One show of the 1950s. which may be immensely tedious to act but help the plot unfold... After being abandoned by her lover. devoted to a dead-end part-time job.. Cast • Paul Newman .. Howard Keach • Ellen Barkin .. Nina • Maury Chaykin .. but Harry and Son looks like a first effort. Lilly. he loses his job." [2] Although Time Out London felt the film was "well acted and elegantly photographed. Harry also has a strained relationship with his daughter Nina because he dislikes her husband.. "Mr.. and hot-tubbing while he dreams of becoming the next Ernest Hemingway." [3] . we need a battery-lighted ballpoint......... The result is a curiously indigestible phenomenon. Sally. Katie's relationship with Howard rekindles.. so we can take notes in the dark." [1] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times rated the film one star and commented. Harry spends some of his free time visiting his widowed neighbor Lilly.. chasing girls. have in general been left out altogether. until tragedy strikes. is now pregnant with another man's child.. He is resisting the advances of a nymphomaniacal older woman.. so many problems. Lawrence Critical reception Vincent Canby of the New York Times called the film "a decently intentioned but rather drab mess of a movie" and added. although he refuses to work in his brother Tom's military surplus store. Though the characters use a lot of words that are still taboo on television. surfing... Newman has done creditable work as a director before .. Katie Wilowski • Joanne Woodward . Harry begins to experience happiness at last.. but eventually introduces him to Harry. an insurance salesman. so many emotional hazards. Raymond • Morgan Freeman . . Lilly Wilowski • Wilford Brimley . .Harry & Son 91 Plot Widower Harry Keach is a construction worker who was raised to appreciate the importance of working for a living." it thought overall "It is nothing more than a constant succession of the kind of emotional peaks actors love to do on screen. His unemployment leaves him feeling frustrated.. Harry Keach • Robby Benson . a former girlfriend of Howard.. Humbler scenes involving background or narrative. Her daughter Katie. Howard succeeds in selling a short story. so many colorful characters.. .

suntimes.com/work/21621) at Allmovie .html) External links • Harry & Son (http://www.allmovie.com/movie/review?res=9403E4D91439F931A35750C0A962948260) [2] Chicago Sun-Times review (http://rogerebert.com/title/tt0087386/) at the Internet Movie Database • Harry & Son (http://www.nytimes.com/apps/pbcs.timeout.com/film/reviews/71754/harry-son.imdb.dll/article?AID=/19840101/REVIEWS/401010344/1023) [3] Time Out London review (http://www.Harry & Son 92 References [1] New York Times review (http://movies.

. the movie was adapted by David Mamet from the novel by Barry Reed and is not a remake of the 1946 film of the same name. and Lindsay Crouse. Charlotte Rampling. the movie is cast in the shadow of the Karen Ann Quinlan case. Since the lawsuit involves a woman in a persistent vegetative state. Directed by Sidney Lumet. Zanuck Novel: Barry Reed Screenplay: David Mamet Paul Newman Charlotte Rampling Jack Warden James Mason Milo O'Shea Andrzej Bartkowiak Peter C. Frank 20th Century Fox December 8. 1982 129 min English Starring Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language The Verdict is a 1982 courtroom drama film which tells the story of a down-on-his-luck alcoholic lawyer who pushes a medical malpractice case in order to improve his own situation. Milo O'Shea. James Mason.The Verdict 93 The Verdict The Verdict original movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Sidney Lumet David Brown Richard D. but discovers along the way that he is doing the right thing. The movie stars Paul Newman. Jack Warden.

Best Director (Sidney Lumet). as he fears that this may be his last chance to do right as a lawyer and taking the money would make him "lost. he concludes with an impassioned final speech calling the jury to pursue truth and justice. he decided that he did not like the story and left the project. The jury sides with Frank and awards the family a large. Sidney Lumet came on board and chose the original script as the one he would direct. Things quickly go wrong for Frank. Towler Joe Seneca as Dr.P. the archdiocese offers a fair amount of money to settle out of court. After the verdict is read for the plaintiff. Stadlen as Dr. As expected. After several rewrites. including the presiding judge and the mother's relatives. Thompson Kent Broadhurst as Joseph Alito • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gregor Roy as Jury Foreman John Blood as Funeral Director Dick McGoldrick as Manager of 2nd Funeral Parlor Edward Mason as Widow's Son Patty O'Brien as Irish Nurse #1 Maggie Task as Irish Nurse #2 Joseph Bergmann as Friedman Herbert Rubens as Abrams J.J. Foley as John. the high-priced attorney Ed Concannon (James Mason). Clark as Courthouse Guard Gregory Doucette as Sheraton Bar Waiter Tony La Fortezza as Sheraton Bartender Lewis J. and no one wants to talk about what. Frank discovers that Laura (Charlotte Rampling). Gruber (as Lewis Stadlen) • . but to the right is Tobin Bell. but unstated. He then meets with the defendants: The Archdiocese of Boston. The case involves a young mother who was possibly administered the wrong anesthetic and is now in a coma. Frank visits the coma-stricken young mother and is deeply affected. Another notable star in this very same instance. Bruce Willis has an uncredited background appearance as an extra. in one of his first film projects. Though his case is somewhat weak at times. but he was uncomfortable with the script. went wrong in the emergency room on the day in question. Clay Dear as Courthouse Lawyer J. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Frank Galvin Charlotte Rampling as Laura Fischer Jack Warden as Mickey Morrissey James Mason as Ed Concannon Milo O'Shea as Judge Hoyle Lindsay Crouse as Kaitlin Costello Edward Binns as Bishop Brophy Julie Bovasso as Maureen Rooney Roxanne Hart as Sally Doneghy James Handy as Kevin Doneghy Wesley Addy as Dr. his friend Mickey (Jack Warden) throws him a medical malpractice case where it's all but assured that the defense will settle for a large amount. The relatives of the mother are hoping for the settlement and Frank assures them they have a strong case. has a large team at his disposal and is masterful with the press. As a favor. who run the Catholic hospital where the incident took place. Production Robert Redford was originally slated to star in this film.The Verdict The Verdict was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Paul Newman). amount of money. his opponent. even when he has the opportunity to have the case declared a mistrial." Everyone. Cigar Stand Leib Lensky as Wheelchair Patient H. was hired by the defense's law firm to spy on him. His star medical witness bails on him. his new lover. 94 Plot Frank Galvin (Paul Newman). once a promising Boston lawyer. if anything. is stunned by Frank's decision. Best Picture and Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium (David Mamet). Best Actor in a Supporting Role (James Mason). is now an alcoholic ambulance chaser who has lost all of his four cases over the last three years. but Frank declines the offer. Willis can be seen to the left of Paul Newman's head and can be seen smiling. He refuses to give up.

the Bartender Scott Rhyne as Young Priest Susan Benenson as Deborah Ann Kaye Evelyn Moore as Dr. Gruber's Nurse Juanita Fleming as Dr.imdb.The Verdict • • • • • • • • Colin Stinton as Billy Burtt Harris as Jimmy . Gruber's Maid Jack Collard as Bailiff Ralph Douglas as Clerk • • • • • • • Marvin Beck as Sheraton Bar Patron Herb Peterson as Sheraton Bar Patron Tobin Bell as Courtroom Observer Kevin Fennessy as Funeral Mourner Willow Hale Jon Hopwood as Courtroom Observer Bruce Willis as Courtroom Observer 95 See also • Trial movies External links • The Verdict [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.com/title/tt0084855/ .

directed by Sydney Pollack.Absence of Malice 96 Absence of Malice Absence of Malice Absence of Malice Promotional Movie Poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Sydney Pollack Sydney Pollack Ronald L. . Schwary Kurt Luedtke David Rayfiel uncredited Paul Newman Sally Field Bob Balaban Melinda Dillon Luther Adler Barry Primus Don Hood Dave Grusin Owen Roizman Sheldon Kahn Columbia Pictures 18 November 1981 116 minutes United States English $40.963 Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Absence of Malice is a 1981 drama film starrying Paul Newman and Sally Field.716.

As it turns out. Gallagher's business is shut down by union officials who are now suspicious of him. thankful for Megan Carter's help. obtain evidence that Gallagher has been making monetary donations to Quinn's political committee. but an enraged Gallagher assaults her. as a friend. just in case he talks to the government. Rosen is trying to squeeze Gallagher for information. but apparently ruins Quinn's career). she attempts to make it up to him by revealing Rosen's role in the investigation. also begins a love affair with her. offering to use his organized-crime contacts to give Quinn exclusive information on Diaz's murder. but the final scene shows them having a friendly conversation on the wharf where Gallagher's boat is docked. Waddell. and suggests that Quinn resign (Galllagher has sent a significant anonymous contribution to one of Quinn's political action committee backers. indicating that he is being investigated in the murder of a local longshoreman union official Joey Diaz. Gallagher's uncle. in exchange for the D. on the desktop of federal prosecutor Elliot Rosen (Bob Balaban). but cannot prove it. He and federal agent Bob Waddell. having been implicated in Diaz's murder. so she commits suicide. The newspaper prints a story revealing the entire truth about the incidents. The paper's editor McAdam tells Carter that innocent people often get hurt by the facts. The story was written by Miami Standard newspaper reporter Megan Carter (Field). A devout Catholic. Gallagher comes to the newspaper's office trying to discover the basis for the story. which is not illegal or verifiable. calling off the investigation and issuing a public statement clearing him. They also find out about Gallagher and Carter's relationship. so he places phone taps on both and begins a surveillance of their movements. The US Assistant Attorney General Wells (Wilford Brimley) ultimately calls all of the principals together. tells Carter that Gallagher couldn't have killed Diaz because he was taking her out of town for an abortion on that weekend. has him followed. but Carter remains upset. and it is unclear whether or not Carter's relationship with Gallagher will continue. He discovers that Rosen started an illegal investigation into Gallagher's activities and fires him. Gallagher. Gallagher hatches a plan for revenge. so he does not investigate. warns Carter about the investigation to keep her out of trouble but she breaks the story that the office of the district attorney (D.) is investigating Gallagher's attempt to bribe the D.A. which casts some suspicion about Quinn's motives. she doesn't want Carter to reveal this publicly but Carter prints the story anyway. Teresa Peron (Melinda Dillon).Absence of Malice 97 Plot Miami liquor wholesaler Michael Gallagher (Newman) is the son of a deceased criminal who awakes one day to find himself a front-page story in the local newspaper. a lifelong friend of Gallagher. Nevertheless. He arranges a secret meeting with District Attorney Quinn. who reads it from a file. Local crime boss Malderone. . Rosen is mystified by Quinn's exoneration of Gallagher.A. Peron unsuccessfully attempts to steal the newspapers exposing her abortion. but Carter does not reveal her source. Wells apparently is well-aware that Gallagher set Quinn up. left intentionally. The story makes the front page again and causes a huge uproar.A. When the paper comes out the next morning. She visits Gallagher to apologize.

Wells Production The movie was written by Kurt Luedtke. html).de.berlinale.de/en/archiv/jahresarchive/1982/03_preistraeger_1982/03_Preistraeger_1982. berlinale. and David Rayfiel (uncredited). Retrieved 2010-09-02.imdb. Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Dillon) and Best Writing. . At the 32nd Berlin [1] International Film Festival the film won an Honourable Mention.S. Attorney General James A. It was nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Newman).com/title/tt0081974/) at the Internet Movie Database . a former newspaper editor. Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. External links • Absence of Malice (http://www. References [1] "Berlinale 1982: Prize Winners" (http://www.Absence of Malice 98 Cast • Paul Newman as Michael Gallagher • Sally Field as Megan Carter • Bob Balaban as Elliott Rosen • • • • • • Melinda Dillon as Teresa Luther Adler as Malderone Barry Primus as Waddell Josef Sommer as McAdam Don Hood as Quinn Wilford Brimley as Assistant U.

000 [1] Worldwide Gross: $65. The Bronx 99 Fort Apache. 1981 125 minutes English $4. The Bronx Fort Apache the Bronx Movie poster for Fort Apache.000 (US) International Gross: $36. The Bronx Directed by Produced by Daniel Petrie Thomas Fiorello Martin Richards Companies: Producers Circle Time-Life Television Heywood Gould Paul Newman Ed Asner Ken Wahl Danny Aiello Rachel Ticotin Kathleen Beller Pam Grier Clifford David Miguel Piñero Jonathan Tunick Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Alcott Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Gross revenue Rita Roland 20th Century Fox February 6.000.000 .200.000 Total US Gross: $29.000.Fort Apache.200.

approaching demolition and largely staffed by officers who are unwanted and have been transferred out of other precincts. attempts to maintain law and order by protecting and serving the community are conflicted with corrupt fellow officers. Thomas Fiorello. illustrating the hopeless futility of the work done by the officers at the precinct. Corelli and Murphy's Precinct Station. rioting due to police brutality. Additionally. Edward Asner. Clifford David and Miguel Piñero.. The precinct itself is one of the worst and most dilapidated in the department. with David Susskind as executive producer. and issues related to the deaths of two rookie officers at the start of the film. Throughout the film. The Bronx is a 1981 crime drama film made by Producers Circle. and the plot follows the day-to-day activities of NYPD Officers Murphy (Newman) and Corelli (Wahl). Carlin as Man with flat tire Frederick Allen as Corelli's brother Dominic Chianese as Corelli's father Mike Cicchetti as Wild-eyed man Apu Guecia as Stabbed boy Kim Delgado as Suspect #1 Reyno as Suspect #2 Dadi Pinero as Suspect #3 Cleavant Derricks as Suspect #4 Dolores Hernández as Pregnant girl Santos Morales as Girl's father Ruth Last as Girl's mother José Rabelo as Girl's uncle Gilbert Lewis Lewis as Mob leader Lisa Loomer as Hooker #1 Rony Clanton as agent for hookers • . Ken Wahl. but the studio. Synopsis The setting is the decayed South Bronx region of New York City.Fort Apache. Filmed on location in the Bronx. the police remain ignorant of the fact that she was the killer of their fellow officers and will never be "caught". With nothing to link her to the deaths of the rookie officers. Kathleen Beller. who work out of the 41st precinct. Time-Life Television Productions Inc. In a subplot. the killer is later found as an anonymous body. The Bronx 100 Fort Apache. dumped in the roadside trash. It is widely believed that the film was based on the book Fort Apache by Tom Walker. the precinct is of little use to the largely Puerto Rican community. nicknamed "Fort Apache". Danny Aiello. It stars Paul Newman. a newly appointed police captain. New York City. formerly the New York Police Department's 41st non-English speaking section of the Bronx according to retiring precinct captain Dugan. It was directed by Daniel Petrie and produced by Martin Richards. Pam Grier. The result was lengthy court litigation. so-named because to the officers who work there feel like an army outpost in foreign territory (an allusion to Fort Apache). and distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Murphy Ed Asner as Connolly Ken Wahl as Corelli Danny Aiello as Morgan Rachel Ticotin as Isabella Pam Grier as Charlotte Kathleen Beller as Theresa Tito Goya as Jumper / Detective Miguel Piñero as Hernando Jaime Tirelli as Jose Lance Guecia as Track star Clifford David as Dacey Sully Boyar as Dugan Michael Higgins as Heffernan Rik Colitti as Pantuzzi • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Donald Petrie as White rookie Thomas A. Time-Life Television Films (owner of the script) disputes this. New York. as only 4% of the officers are Hispanic in the largest The real "Fort Apache" in the summer of 2007—1086 Simpson Street in the Bronx. Rachel Ticotin.

Fort Apache. Santiago as Intern Joaquin La Habana as Transvestite Fred Strothers as Hospital buyer Sylvia Kuumba Williams as Bartender Patricia Dratel asHostage Thomas Fiorello asFence M.2d 44 (2d Cir.J.somewhere between Barney Miller and the works of Joseph Wambaugh". But. so called "scènes à faire" (French for "scenes that must be done").. He also added: "The film is not quite up to its star". a very patchy picture. Walker. and that the United States copyright law does not protect concepts or ideas.[2] [3] • Walker v. the plaintiff.. claiming that the producers infringed on his book Fort Apache (New York: Crowell. grossing over $65 million worldwide at its time of release in 1981. called it: "more like a made-for-TV movie". argued that: "both the book and the film begin with the murder of a black and a white policeman with a handgun at close range. "He's good in his role. The court ruling stated: "the book Fort Apache and the film Fort Apache: The Bronx were not substantially similar beyond [the] level of generalized or otherwise nonprotectible ideas.. Time Life Films.. who gives Fort Apache its modest distinction". Among other things. "The movie has several story threads that lead nowhere". filed a lawsuit against one of the production companies.. he played a Chicago policeman in Brannigan. and thus [the] latter did not infringe copyright of [the] former". ISBN 0690010478).. now 56. [4] [5] Reception The film was successful. both feature as central characters third.. Chicago Sun Times. said: ".the most complete collection of cop-movie clichés since John Wayne played a Chicago cop in McQ". also calls this more of a TV show. Inc. • Roger Ebert." But. in McQ Wayne played a Seattle policeman.. [7] • Variety labeled the film: ". both depict cockfights. an author. The Bronx • • • • • • • • • • • • Irving Metzman as Applebaum Frank Adu as Clendennon John Aquino as Finley Norman Matlock as Lincoln John Ring as Donohue Tony DiBenedetto as Moran Terence Brady as Cop at bar Randy Jurgensen as Cop at bar Marvin Cohen as Cop at bar Paul Gleason as Detective Reynaldo Medina as Detective Daryl Edwards as Black rookie • • • • • • • • • • • • Sandi Franklin as Hooker #2 Eric Mourino as Boy on roof Jessica Costello as Girl on roof Gloria Irizarry as Drug dealer Manuel E. in TIME.. But the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that these are stereo-typical ideas. prostitutes and rats.. and criticizes it for its lack of depth. Tom Walker.or fourth-generation Irish policemen who live in Queens and frequently drink. Paul Newman was largely praised for his performance. Because of this pressure some changes were made to the script and a note was added to the title card at the beginning of the film. 784 F... demoralized police officers and unsuccessful foot chases of fleeing criminals". but the movie itself received more negative reviews. strong on dialog and acting and exceedingly weak on story". scenes where the life of the movie stops so story details can be filled in". ". 1986) After the release of the film.) "There are too many scenes that are necessary to the plot but not to the movie. 1976. says about Newman. drunks. • Richard Schickel. and: "But mainly it is [6] Newman. stripped cars. (Ebert got this incorrect.[3] . both show disgruntled. Time-Life Television Films (legal owner of the script). Quinn as Cop Bernie Rachelle as Wedgie Patrol 101 Legal issues • Local community groups threatened to file suit against the producers because of the way it depicted their neighborhood in the Bronx and for the depiction of ethnic minorities (Blacks and Puerto Ricans).

"Is Scènes à Faire Really 'Necessary'?".com/cg/avg. . Retrieved: 2008-06-10 [7] Ebert.August 25.dll/article?AID=/19810101/REVIEWS/ 101010327/1023). .Chicago Sun Times. Jr.allmovie. Jr. .Fort Apache."Fort Apache. the Bronx" (http://www. No.Retrieved: 2008-06-10 [4] Margolick. at Allmovie calls it ". Variety.html#).New York Times.asp?layout=print_review&reviewid=VE1117791034&categoryid=31). . 1981.com/index. .suntimes.8816. . Nick. Vol. Apache' isn't Just His". 1 [6] "Conscience in a Rough Precinct" (http://www.TIME.com/apps/pbcs.com/title/tt0082402/) at the Internet Movie Database • Fort Apache the Bronx (http://www.flinty but otherwise forgettable character study"..the-numbers. and Maura Wogan.The Numbers [2] Cultural Desk: "'Apache' Film's Debut Protested".Review: Fort Apache.com/movies/1981/0FABR. .Entertainment. .time.00. The Bronx" (http://rogerebert. Retrieved: 2008-06-10 External links • Fort Apache the Bronx (http://www.954681. . . .imdb.php).New York Times.Spring 2004. The Bronx (http://www.com/time/printout/0. .January 1.Allmovie.com/work/18269) at Allmovie .February 16.January 1.dll?p=avg&sql=1:18269~T1). Arts and Sports Law Journal. 1981.Legal Notes: "Writer Told 'Ft. 1985 [5] Beeber.. . . David.allmovie. Roger.variety. 1981. . 1981 [3] Film: "Fort Apache the Bronx" (http://www.Retrieved: 2008-06-10 [8] Sambides. . . Jessie. [8] 102 See also • List of American films of 1981 • Fort Apache • Fort Apache (film) References [1] Fort Apache.February 7. 15. The Bronx • Nick Sambides. .

which killed 30. William Holden. Pat Morita. is marginally based on the novel The Day the World Ended by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts detailing the factual 1902 volcanic eruption of Mount Pelée on Martinique. Edward Albert. has the distinction of being both the last notable "disaster film" produced at the tail-end of the 1970s cycle of the genre and .700. When Time Ran Out. and Barbara Carrera. is a disaster film released in 1980.When Time Ran Out 103 When Time Ran Out When Time Ran Out Directed by Produced by Written by Starring James Goldstone Irwin Allen Carl Foreman Stirling Silliphant Paul Newman Jacqueline Bisset William Holden James Franciscus Ernest Borgnine Lalo Schifrin Music by Cinematography Fred J. Jacqueline Bisset.. James Franciscus. Ernest Borgnine. March 28. Veronica Hamel.. Valentina Cortese. Produced by the "Master of Disaster.000 (estimated) $1. Koenekamp Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Warner Bros.. starring Paul Newman. 1980 Theatrical Release: 121 minutes Extended Edition: 144 minutes English $20. Burgess Meredith..000.." Irwin Allen.000 (USA) Language Budget Gross revenue When Time Ran Out. When Time Ran Out.000 people in five minutes by pyroclastic flow.. Red Buttons.

700. Critics have not taken a position on this film.. While it cost an estimated $20.or "The Blubbering Inferno. For reasons unknown. It was a critical and financial failure. with some users declaring it as one of "the worst disaster movie[s] of all time".When Time Ran Out Allen's last theatrically released picture.. a small group of people attempt to escape to safety on the opposite side of the island. For early network television airings.There also was an even earlier VHS version in 1986 put out by Warner Brothers Home Video that had an even longer version that was 144 minutes long. Holden and other cast members themselves. but the Internet Movie Database reported a 39% rating from the public as of July 2010. (In a 1998 interview with Larry King. continuity errors. this film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. After a major eruption causes a lava flow to head directly towards the resort. while others remain behind.) Despite his reluctance. [1] 104 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Hank Anderson Jacqueline Bisset as Kay Kirby William Holden as Shelby Gilmore Edward Albert as Brian Red Buttons as Francis Fendly Barbara Carrera as Iolani Valentina Cortese as Rose Valdez Veronica Hamel as Nikki Spangler Alex Karras as Tiny Baker Burgess Meredith as Rene Valdez Ernest Borgnine as Tom Conti James Franciscus as Bob Spangler John Considine as Webster Sheila Allen as Mona • Pat Morita as Sam • Lonny Chapman as Kelly • Sandy Kenyon as Henderson . Allen recycled many of the ideas from his two huge hits. he bitterly responded "that volcano movie".000.000.000 to produce. but substandard special effects. It was the final Irwin Allen film to be released on DVD. and was upset about his billing under Newman (as was the case in The Towering Inferno five years prior). an oil drilling project and a volcano observatory perched on the edge of the caldera. It has also been cut to 109 minutes instead of the original 121. Reportedly. when Newman was asked if he ever regretted making any film.. threatening a newly constructed resort. on a positive note. The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno. an expanded version of the film was retitled Earth's Final Fury. it was highly disliked by Newman. it is thought his salary for this film was used to start up his extremely successful Newman's Own company. the film grossed only $1. Holden was ill. deals with the eruption of a volcano on a remote Pacific island. it does not include the extended version (23 minutes extra) as the VHS release did in 1994. Movie critic Leonard Maltin's annual publication of capsule film reviews dubbed the film "When Ideas Ran Out". Despite being a flop. The DVD was released February 17. the film was rife with production problems. and a convoluted storyline negatively impacted the film. 2009 in widescreen format. Newman was contractually obligated to do another Allen film after Inferno and was less than enthusiastic about appearing in this one. When Time Ran Out. despite the exotic location." Filmed on the "Big Island" of Hawaiʻi (notably at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa)..

imdb.com/title/tt0081747/ .com/title/tt0081747/ratings [2] http://www.imdb.When Time Ran Out 105 External links • When Time Ran Out [2] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.

frozen tundra which is seemingly deserted. Plot The story takes place in a future where the world is covered by a new ice age. Brigitte Fossey. the daughter of one of Essex's late hunting partners. Francha (Thomas Hill). It features among others Paul Newman. They are the seal hunter Essex (Paul Newman). and his pregnant young wife. Altman's camera tracks along a blank. until two blurry figures in the distance can be just barely made out.Quintet (film) 106 Quintet (film) Quintet Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Robert Altman Robert Altman Frank Barhydt Patricia Resnick Robert Altman Paul Newman Vittorio Gassman Fernando Rey Bibi Andersson Brigitte Fossey Nina Van Pallandt Tom Pierson 20th Century Fox February 9.that is. where Essex hopes to reunite with his brother. . Having returned from the South. Vivia (Brigitte Fossey). Bibi Andersson. Fernando Rey and Vittorio Gassman. When the film begins. 1979 118 minutes USA English Starring Music by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Quintet is an post-apocalyptic science fiction film by Robert Altman produced in 1979. they are venturing further up North.

this one showing Essex walking further out into the barren Northern distance until he can be seen no more. it is here that Essex then witnesses the subsequent murder of Redstone by a Latin-speaking gambler named St. chases him to the sector's "Information Room". a gambler by the name of Redstone (Craig Richard Nelson) sneaks into Francha's apartment and bombs it with a vial of alcohol. Christopher that he will not be allowed to face off against Ambrosia until he eliminates Essex first. and informs St. Christopher (Vittorio Gassman).Quintet (film) Essex and Vivia eventually meet up with Francha at his apartment. Taking matters into his own hands. 107 Cast • Paul Newman as Essex • Vittorio Gassman as Saint Christopher • Fernando Rey as Grigor • Bibi Andersson as Ambrosia • Brigitte Fossey as Vivia. Essex is given an unexpected welcome by Grigor (Fernando Rey). and Ambrosia. It is here that Essex first makes acquaintance with Ambrosia (Bibi Andersson). Essex discovers that Redstone had previously checked into the Hotel Electra. but the reunion is short-lived. until the only two official players left in the game are St. Essex is unaware that those who are taking part in the current Quintet tournament have been pitted against each other in a survival of the fittest. Grigor invites Essex (who is going by the name of "Redstone") to the casino. they ignore him and instead focus on the other victims in the tournament. St. The film ends with another lengthy camera shot. Christopher leaves the scene. where St. killing Francha. Ambrosia follows Essex to the apartment in a presumably well-meaning manner. where gamblers are now heavily involved in a "Quintet" tournament. On the paper is a list of names: Francha. who always plays the "sixth man" in the game. Essex visits the Hotel Electra and assumes Redstone's identity. Essex. insists that because Essex has dared to assume Redstone's identity. Because Grigor and St. since he has come out on top as the winner of Quintet. Essex and St. Insisting that he means no harm. Essex confronts Grigor to demand what "prize" he has won. Although Grigor insists that Essex must stay and participate in the tournaments to come. While Essex is in the neighborhood buying firewood. Deuca.except for the fact that Essex has survived the game all in one piece. Essex's Wife • Nina Van Pallandt as Deuca • • • • • David Langton as Goldstar Thomas Hill as Francha Monique Mercure as Redstone's Mate Craig Richard Nelson as Redstone Maruska Stankova as Jaspera . Ambrosia. Christopher have a showdown out in the tundra. Christopher. he should be counted as a player in the game. When St. Returning to the Hotel Electra to cremate Ambrosia's body. Grigor agrees. Redstone. Essex then returns to Francha's apartment. Christopher and Ambrosia. Immediately after checking in. a disgusted Essex condemns the entire practice of Quintet and leaves the Hotel Electra for good. Essex finds a piece of paper in Redstone's coat pocket. who sees Redstone fleeing from the scene of the explosion. First the clumsy Goldstar (David Langton) is killed. wondering if Francha possessed the same list that Redstone had. a gambling resort in another sector. and then Deuca (Nina Van Pallandt). but by a falling avalanche. Puzzled by the mystery of this tragic chain of events. but then Essex slits her throat just before she is about to stab him with a hidden knife. however.not by Essex. Goldstar. Grigor reveals that there is no prize at all. Christopher eventually meets his own demise. Vivia and the apartment's other inhabitants in the process. Those who are "killed" when playing the board game are to literally be slain in real life. Christopher are aware that Essex is not the real Redstone. who is the dealer in the casino downstairs.

External links • Quintet [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.com/title/tt0079770/ .imdb.Quintet (film) • • • • Anne Gerety as Aeon Michel Maillot as Obelus Max Fleck as Wood Supplier Françoise Berd as Charity house woman 108 Production Quintet was filmed on the site of Montreal's Expo 67 world's fair.

1977 (US) 123 min. Friedman Robert J. Wunsch Nancy Dowd Paul Newman Strother Martin Michael Ontkean Lindsay Crouse Pierre Tubbs Music by Cinematography Victor J. Kemper Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Followed by Dede Allen Universal Pictures February 25. US English Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice Slap Shot 3: The Junior League Slap Shot is a 1977 film comedy starring Paul Newman and Michael Ontkean directed by George Roy Hill. It depicts a minor league hockey team that resorts to violent play to gain popularity in a declining factory town. .Slap Shot (film) 109 Slap Shot (film) Slap Shot US movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring George Roy Hill Stephen J.

" However. Dunlop plants a story (in fact an outright lie) with sportswriter Dickie Dunn that the Chiefs are being sold to a prospective buyer in Florida. Anita McCambridge. carried by Braden. finally snaps. In the locker room. violent goons with child-like mentalities. Playing it straight. Their fighting and overly aggressive style of play excites the Chiefs' fans. The team celebrates by parading around the ice with the championship trophy. McCracken sucker-punches him. One last playoff game remains. Most players. Ogie Ogilthorpe. with the exception of Ned Braden (Ontkean). During a hopeless season. who couldn't care less about hockey. and that he intends to bring Chiefs players with him. the Chiefs are brutally battered in the first period. the Minnesota Nighthawks. Reggie Dunlop. Hearing this. This is to be his last game. benched by Dunlop for not wanting to fight. there is no buyer. It is revealed during a championship parade in Charlestown the following day that Reggie Dunlop has accepted a job as the coach of a new team. the Chiefs turn into goons again and the game degenerates into a slugfest. All vow to play clean. who prefers a clean style of hockey from his college days.to the Chiefs. prompting the arena's band to accompany him with "The Stripper". but she can do better by folding the franchise and taking a tax write-off. such as Dave "Killer" Carlson (Jerry Houser). causing the referee to declare a forfeit. Violence doesn't offend them. She could easily sell the team now that Reggie has made it a success. he brings the trio of thugs into a game to see what they can do. She's even enjoying the game. He spies his wife Lily. has difficulty adjusting to the life and finds a sympathizer in Dunlop's estranged wife Francine (Jennifer Warren). going out with "old-time hockey. so Reggie wants to go out with dignity and not like a goon. the veteran player-coach. their opponents. the Syracuse Bulldogs. Lily (Lindsay Crouse). take a liking to this. As the Chiefs continue winning and gaining fans. wearing nothing but skates and a jockstrap. When the official refuses. Braden. Dunlop. seeing the potential. Dunlop reveals to the players that he has been conning them. the team is due to be folded at season's end. retools the team in the Hansons' image. They include legendary Federal League brawlers and a dreaded rookie goon. But in a moment of desperation. have chosen to assemble the most infamous set of enforcers ever to disgrace a hockey rink. who has undergone a complete makeover by Francine and is wearing a sexy new dress and hairdo.and the Federal League championship -. initially chooses not to play them.Slap Shot (film) 110 Plot A team called the Charlestown Chiefs plays hockey in the fictional Federal League. She turns out to be a rich widow. Dunlop. but this does. a furious McGrath tells the players that there are NHL scouts in the stands. Some could get contracts. who would move the team out of bleak Charlestown to sunny climes. Dunlop blackmails the team's stingy General Manager Joe McGrath (Strother Martin) to tell him who the Chiefs' owner is. A perennial loser and in financial trouble due to mill closings in the town. perceiving them to be eccentric and unreliable. This gives the game -. Syracuse captain Tim "Dr Hook" McCracken demands that the referee stop Braden. the team picks up the Hanson Brothers. Both teams stop fighting and stare in amazement at Braden's striptease. . To keep them motivated. Braden skates out to center ice and strips off his uniform. Braden's depressed wife. has no idea who the owner of the team is.

Suzanne Hanrahan M.Hyannisport Announcer Bruce Boudreau .Final Game Referee Blake Ball . Jr.Bluebird Larry Block .Ross "Mad Dog" Madison Joe Nolan .Charlie Kathryn Walker .Ogie Ogilthorpe Gracie Head .Tim "Dr.Steve Hanson David Hanson .Jim Carr Jeff Carlson .Morris Wanchuk Stephen Mendillo .Stickboy .Anita McCambridge Melinda Dillon .Lebrun • Guido Tenesi .Clarence "Screaming Buffalo" Swamptown Cliff Thompson .Bergeron • Christopher Murney .Jim Ahern Yvan Ponton . .Pam Nancy Dowd .Peterboro Referee Paul Dooley . Hook" McCracken • Ronald L.Francine Lindsay Crouse .Billy Charlebois • Jean Rosario Tetreault .Andre "Poodle" Lussier Connie Madigan .Reggie Dunlop • Strother Martin . Emmet Walsh .Jean-Guy Drouin Matthew Cowles .Jack Hanson Yvon Barrette .Dickie Dunn Swoosie Kurtz . Shorts .Hyannisport player Mark Bousquet .Dave "Killer" Carlson Andrew Duncan .Ned Braden • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jennifer Warren .Slap Shot (film) 111 Cast • Paul Newman .Shirley Upton Paul D'Amato .Tommy Hanrahan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Myron Odegaard .Lily Jerry Houser . Nicholls .Jeff Hanson Steve Carlson .Gilmore Tuttle Ned Dowd .Denis Lemieux Allan F.Andrea Barbara L.Johnny Upton Brad Sullivan . Docken .Joe McGrath • Michael Ontkean .Walt Comisky Dan Belisle.

The Carlson Brothers and Dave Hanson also played for the Jets in real life.Slap Shot (film) 112 Development The screenplay. in Johnstown. Pennsylvania. when she got a call from her brother Ned. Jack Carlson was originally scripted to appear in the film as the third brother. The characters of the "Hanson Brothers" are in fact based on three actual brothers. The character of "Dave 'Killer' Carlson" is based on then-Jets player Dave "Killer" Hanson. during which time violence. Nancy Dowd (who also produced the film) used her brother Ned and a number of his Johnstown Jets teammates in Slap Shot. At the time. with Dave Hanson playing his film counterpart. Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse. so Dave Hanson moved into the role of "Jack Hanson". was the selling point of the game. the Utica Memorial Auditorium (used as "Peterboro" where the pre-game fight occurs and where the Hansons reprimand the referee for talking during the anthem). Steve and Jack Carlson. a member of the Johnstown [1] Jets hockey team. when hockey is in season. but there is no snow on the ground and the trees are in full bloom. Steve and Jeff Carlson played their Hanson brother counterparts in the film. Production notes Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau appears as an opposing player in one scene. NY (used as "Hyannisport" where the Hanson Brothers charge into the stand to accost a fan and are subsequently arrested). claiming that he swore very little in real life before the making of Slap Shot. and actor Jerry Houser was hired for the role of "Killer Carlson". especially in the low minors. and upstate New York (Utica Auditorium and the Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium in Syracuse). "Dave 'Killer' Carlson". He later used the role to launch a career as a Hollywood character actor and producer. Coincidentally. Paul Newman. Heavy use of French-Canadian dialect and foul language has made this version of the film a cult classic in French Canada. my language is right out of the locker room! ‖ Newman also stated publicly that the most fun he ever had making a movie was on Slap Shot. Pennsylvania and utilized several players from the then-active North American Hockey League Johnstown Jets (the team for which Dowd himself played) as extras. Dowd was living in Los Angeles. is based in part on her brother Ned Dowd's experiences playing minor league hockey in the United States in the 1970s. filming at the Utica Memorial Auditorium took place during the month of July. It was filmed in Johnstown. as he had played the sport while young and was fascinated by the real players around him. where lines from the movie such as "Dave est magané" (Dave's a mess) and "Du hockey comme dans le temps" (Old Time Hockey) are common catch phrases. and in other Johnstown locales. said to Time magazine in 1984: ― There's a hangover from characters sometimes. who played with Ned Dowd on the Jets. The movie was filmed in (and loosely based around) Johnstown. and the NAHL. Yvan Ponton and Yvon Barette (who played forward Jean-Guy Drouin and goaltender Denis Lemieux. Jack. Pittsburgh. Dowd would move to the area and be inspired to write Slap Shot. However by the time filming began. Similarly. . the year Slap Shot was released. He also said that playing Reggie Dunlop was one of his favorite roles. There are things that stick. by Nancy Dowd. Jeff. Pennsylvania. Many scenes were filmed in the Cambria County War Memorial Arena[2] and Starr Arena in Hamilton. with Ned Dowd portraying Syracuse goon "Ogie Ogilthorpe". New York. Her brother gave her the bad news that the team was for sale. Since Slap Shot. the Johnstown Jets. Jack Carlson had been called up by the Edmonton Oilers. then of the WHA to play in the WHA playoffs. Although much of the movie takes place during the Fall and Winter seasons. Paul Newman is wearing a coat as though it should be cold. the two French-Canadian players in the film) did their own translations. folded in 1977.

" A scene in the film shows the Hanson brothers jumping the Peterboro Patriots during pre-game warm-ups. every one of them. on former Eastern Hockey League Long Island Ducks player/coach John Brophy. who became the first black player to make a major impact in the NHL. get into a fight immediately after the opening faceoff. as was the playoff series since the "win" gave the Jets the needed number of victories to capture the series. New York in a game between the Johnstown Jets and the Mohawk Valley Comets. and did get into a long fight right after an opening faceoff.Slap Shot (film) The Reggie Dunlop character is based. was based on longtime minor-league goon Bill "Goldie" Goldthorpe. Brophy would later coach one of the Hanson brothers (Jack Hanson. In reality what happened was that both Jeff and Steve Carlson wore those type of glasses. a similar incident occurred in Utica. poking fun at the Carlson brothers. who was mentioned throughout the film but never actually seen until the final playoff game. After the game. The next game in the series was held in Johnstown. in 1978 the NHL's Buffalo Sabres drafted a black player.' We had one heckuva fight. [3] 113 Syracuse Bulldogs rookie goon Ogie Ogilthorpe. Goldie Goldthorpe is also infamous for his rookie season in professional hockey (1973) when as a member of the Syracuse Blazers he amassed 25 major fighting penalties before Christmas. We met them again in the finals (1974–75) and beat them four straight. Richard Schickel. and in one game. we're pairing up. After viewing it several more times. The Hansons then go into the stands after the fan and Jeff Hanson punches out the wrong fan. with a huge brawl erupting. Like Ogie Ogilthorpe. who receives homage by his last name being used for the drunken center of the Hyannisport Presidents. McKegney played his Buffalo Sabres home games in front of many of the same fans who had attended Buffalo Norsemen games. cheaper kind of comic response. and during a playoff game held in North Tonawanda. In the film. "in the dénouement [Ontkean] is forced to go for a broader. 'Coach. Another scene from the movie is also based on a real life event. the Hansons are arrested for the incident.[5] In an ironic twist of fate. the film won the Hochi Film Award for "Best International Film". in part. The Jets had a black player on their roster. One scene in the film was specifically drawn from events that occurred in Binghamton. In real life. We went back in the dressing room and the boys said. who regretted that. and the Jets retaliated by attacking the Norsemen players during the warm-ups. In the team warmup. Coke-bottle eyeglasses."[1] Despite the mixed reviews. The Norsemen players and coaches then returned to the dressing room and refused to come out to start the game. real name Dave Hanson) in 1978 when he coached the Birmingham Bulls. This scene is based on events in a mid-1970s North American Hockey League playoff series between the Johnstown Jets and the Buffalo Norsemen. Tony McKegney. Coach Dick Roberge told the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. In the movie. Ironically. the Hanson brothers wear black-rimmed. Jeff Hanson scores a goal and is hit in the face by a set of keys thrown by a fan. he grew to like it more and later listed it as one of the greatest American comedy movies of all time. They went about 30 minutes until everyone got tired. we're out there and all the Binghamton players came out with the plastic glasses and big noses. All three were arrested and Dave Hanson gathered the money for bail for the Carlson brothers. as soon as that puck is dropped.[4] The Blades in the film were based on the Broome County Dusters. The game was awarded to the Jets by forfeit. "We got into Binghamton about two or three weeks before the playoffs. .[1] Michael Ontkean's strip tease displeased Time magazine's critic. [5] Jeff Carlson was hit in the face by a cup of ice thrown by a Utica fan and he went into the stands after the fan with his brothers Jack and Steve. [5] [5] Reception Film critic Gene Siskel noted that his greatest regret as a critic was giving a mediocre review to this movie when it was first released. New York (a northern suburb of Buffalo where the Norsemen played their home games) a Norsemen fan held up a derogatory sign stating that blacks should be playing basketball. The Wall Street Journal's Joy Gould Boynum seemed at once entertained and repulsed by a movie so "foul-mouthed and unabashedly vulgar" on one hand and so "vigorous and funny" on the other.

[12] In another tribute to the movie's popularity. who had great success in several major wrestling promotions. These songs were in the film when first shown on Showtime in the 1970s. and that the "Hanson Brothers" (hockey players Steve Carlson. The ECHL's Johnstown Chiefs are also based in Johnstown and whose name came after the Charlestown team after the original owners of the Jets would not allow the new team to resurrect the Jets' name in 1988. The Nightingale song had been replaced in later TV showings of the film with a generic sound-alike tune (possibly due to copyrights issues) or other music. contains none of the music by the name acts as heard in the theaters... Maxim magazine named Slap Shot the " Best Guy Movie of All Time " above such acknowledged classics as The Godfather.[9] In June 2008.and an American citizen!". some of its terms entering the hockey lexicon outright. IHC Leuven of the Belgian Championship are also nicknamed the Chiefs. The team's phone number is also 1-800-SLAP-SHOT. a star player for the University of New Hampshire squad in the late 60s. Two direct-to-video sequels have been made. In the 2007 50th Anniversary Issue. McFarlane Toys first set that they released received complaints because of the blood painted on the toys' characters. [10] [6] 114 Legacy The movie has had an enduring impact on hockey culture. The appearance and mannerisms of the Hanson Brothers inspired a professional wrestling stable known as the Dudley Boyz. Author Dan Jenkins proclaimed Slap Shot "the best sports film of the past 50 years".Slap Shot (film) Critical reevaluation of the film continues to be positive. The VHS version of the film. McFarlane then re-released the Hanson Brothers figures without the blood. wore the fictional squad's sweaters. Similarly. The character of Ned Braden (described by the team's announcer as "a Princeton graduate. In 1998. one scene with the wives awaiting the return of the team. several real-life teams are called the Chiefs and. However.[11] Its enduring popularity can be seen in the fact that replica Chiefs jerseys from the movie remain popular sellers. released in the early 1980s. Other notables are the Saint-Jean Chiefs of the Ligue nord-américaine de hockey (LNAH) and the Garges Chiefs. . Adam Proteau of The Hockey News rated "Slap Shot" as the best hockey film ever made. two unusual traits of a minor-league hockey player in the 70s) is at least partially based on actor Michael Ontkean. GQ named the Slap Shot one of the "30 films that changed Men's Lives. a side project of the Canadian rock band NoMeansNo. McFarlane Toys released a set of figures of the Hanson brothers with connecting bases resembling the hockey rink. Both movies featured the Hanson brothers in supporting roles. while the Hansons were being bailed out of jail. Recent showings of the movie on the Versus cable channel has a lot of the original music back (with the Nightingale song being played in some scenes it was not in originally). all that music is substituted with songs in the same general style of the originals. Entertainment Weekly [7] ranked the film #31 on their list of "The Top 50 Cult Films". however. the movie inspired The Hanson Brothers. Key lines of script are frequently quoted. at one time or another. which has Elton John's song. was filmed in 2002 and Slap Shot 3: The Junior League in 2008. and Newman's own Cool Hand Luke (which received a backhanded tribute when Newman's character. Raging Bull. however they use an original jersey design bearing no resemblance with that of the Charlestown Chiefs. paying homage to the film. stated to the booking officer that "most folk heroes started out as criminals"). including World Wrestling Entertainment. seems to have been cut. the DVD release keeps all the original music. Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice. The Maxine Nightingale tune "Right Back Where We Started From" and a Sonny James country tune entitled "A Little Bit South of Saskatoon" are featured in the original release as was Elton John's "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word". but not the actual original songs nor artists. Jeff Carlson and Dave Hanson) have made permanent careers out of touring as their personas from the movie. a suburban Paris team playing in France's Division 1 (the country's second level)."[8] In the November 2007 issue of GQ.

"They used to come into the dressing room and wrap their hands with aluminum foil under the gloves. Michigan. NHL 2002 and NHL 2003" features a mode in which you can create two custom teams.htm) [3] Bill Boyd. if an opposing teams player goes in the box.html) [5] Sports Illustrated.[13] During the third period of every Syracuse Crunch game.com/page2/s/closer/020501. they are seen in the locker room mixing aluminum foil with hockey tape on their hands before putting on their gloves.com/photogallery/2005/1005/IMG_9241JPG.Slap Shot (film) The EA Sports video games "NHL 98. "Old Time Hockey" is often used in reference to the violent. the Carlson brothers coach on the Johnstown Jets. and could be used by a future Crunch player after the 2008-09 season. July 2.[4] During a charity auction by the Quad City Flames Eric Nystrom stripped off his jersey in imitation of a Slap Shot scene. weeks after Newman's death. July 2. This is because when the Charlestown Chiefs played the Hyannisport Presidents on the road in the movie. They do however state that they used to wear water-treated leather golf gloves that had been dried to a rock-hard state. as mentioned earlier on this page. better known for his recurring role on the '80s series It's a Living with Ann Jillian. where Steve and Jeff Carlson started their hockey careers has a tradition based on the film. horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing guys who do "ice maintenance" during the official time-outs at home games. Although uncredited. the marching band plays The Stripper while a fan takes off his shirt and pounds the glass behind the visiting goaltender.go. They came up with a ruling (a month into the season) that you could not wear anything under your hockey gloves except a golf glove. have very similar jerseys to the Chiefs. when used in modern terms. 115 Old-Time Hockey Old-Time Hockey in the movie Slap Shot refers to the team's turn away from the brawling style for the last game of the championship. all roads lead to hockey. March 1998 . 1–55263–618–6 [4] ESPN. which would aid in cutting their opponents during a hockey fight. called the EA Blades.com . the team wants to play the style of hockey that still had respect and dignity. Dick Roberge. 2007. 106 [2] War Memorial Ice 2005 Picture 8 of 10 (http://www. 107 [6] The Best Guy Movies of All Time. Ironically. however. one of three men dressed as the Hanson brothers runs from behind the bench to the box and slams into the glass. p. The film holds a cult status in the province of Québec because of the fact that the French version released there was dubbed in joual. they filmed it in the Onondaga County War Memorial. a trio of long-haired. 2007.Page2 . Also. NHL 2000. the "Indian Spring Water" commercial that they are paused for (which prompts Denis to get up to get a cup of water) is narrated by longtime character actor Richard Stahl. Maxim magazine. 2004. p.Old-time hockey indeed (http://espn. the fact that local actors Yvan Ponton and Yvon Barrette co-star alongside world-famous movie stars like Paul Newman has contributed to its special status in the province. NHL 2001. fist-happy style for which the film is famous.warmemorialarena. the opening scene in which Sportscaster Jim Carr is interviewing Chief's goalie Denis Lemieux. located in Marquette. claims that the Carlson brothers did this in real life too. Key Porter Books. The Lake Erie Monsters of the American Hockey League have The Mullet Brothers. References [1] Sports Illustrated." However in commentary on the Slap Shot 25th Anniversary DVD the Carlson brothers and Dave Hanson deny using aluminum foil. The number is not retired. Instead. Toward the end of the 3rd period. NHL 99. In a scene just after the Hanson Brothers are acquired by the Charlestown Chiefs. The Crunch also reserved the #7 worn by Newman's character for the 2008-09 season. the province's working-class slang. one of which. who are patterned after the Hanson Brothers. Northern Michigan University.

henryjenkins..hockeydb.com/title/tt0076723/) at the Internet Movie Database • • • • • Slap Shot (http://www.hansonbrothers.com/watch?v=fygW4wjYnLg) • Part 2 (http://youtube.Slap Shot (film) [7] "The Top 50 Cult Films". and worst.html) at ESPN • Capturing the spirit of "Slap Shot" .imdb.tribune-democrat.henryjenkins.org) in two installments.net/) The Charlestown Chiefs compared with the Johnstown Jets (http://espn.com/calgaryherald/news/sports/heraldhockey/story..html?k=43272& id=2df0c2b4-c6f6-40c1-a91b-c6828107680f) 116 External links • Slap Shot (http://www.html) and 2 (http://www.30 years later (http://www.php3?pid=52740) [13] Nystrom striptease scores for charity (http://www.html) .com/title/tt0076723/quotes) [12] Michael Ontkean's profile at hockeydb. 2003.Saluting the best.canada.html).go.henryjenkins.com/ sports/local_story_056003650. conducted by professor Henry Jenkins and published on his blog (http://www. slapshot/index.com/movies/?id=slapshot.com/sports/ local_story_056004345.allmovie.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.May 23.Memorable quotes (http://www. • Where Are They Now: The Hanson Brothers (http://sportsillustrated.com/work/45096) at Allmovie Slap Shot (http://www.henryjenkins.com/nhl/news/story?page=screenshots080619) [11] Slap Shot (1977) . (http://sports.html) • * How Slapshot Inspired a Cultural Revolution (http://www. hockey movies of all-time. The Tribune-Democrat (http://www. [8] GQ October.org/2006/10/ how_slapshot_inspired_a_cultur.rottentomatoes.imdb. (http://www. 2007 [9] GQ.tribune-democrat. Entertainment Weekly.com (http://www.com/m/slap_shot/) at Rotten Tomatoes Slap Shot (http://www.go.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Official Home of the Hanson Bros. 1 (http:/ /www.boxofficemojo.com/page2/s/closer/020501.html). 11/07 [10] ESPN .com/watch?v=tIvlvmvqU9I) • Snapshots from Slap Shot by Mike Mastovich.org/2006/10/how_slapshot_inspired_a_cultur. A very extensive and detailed interview with Italian writers Wu Ming 1 and Wu Ming 2 (formerly members of the cultural guerrilla movement Luther Blissett Project).com/2007/hockey/nhl/06/26/watn.cnn.html?keyword=topstory) • Interviews with cast members about the 25th anniversary • Part 1 (http://youtube. org/2006/10/how_slapshot_inspired_a_cultur_1.espn.

Joel Grey. Will Sampson. along with Geraldine Chaplin. It stars Paul Newman as William F. 1976 (premiere at BIFF) June 24. 1976 123 minutes United States English Buffalo Bill and the Indians. when the country was celebrating its bicentennial. alias Buffalo Bill. in this case the notion that noble white men . Cody. Harvey Keitel and Burt Lancaster as Bill's biographer.Buffalo Bill and the Indians 117 Buffalo Bill and the Indians Buffalo Bill and the Indians Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Altman Robert Altman Alan Rudolph Robert Altman Paul Newman Joel Grey Kevin McCarthy Harvey Keitel Will Sampson Allan F. Ned Buntline. The film was poorly received at the time of its release. Altman skewers an American historical myth of heroism. Nicholls Geraldine Chaplin John Considine Burt Lancaster Bert Remsen Distributed by United Artists (USA) Dino De Laurentiis Productions (overseas) Release date(s) Running time Country Language February. or Sitting Bull's History Lesson is a 1976 revisionist Western directed by Robert Altman and based on the play Indians by Arthur Kopit.[1] As in MASH.

Much to Cody's annoyance.Buffalo Bill and the Indians fighting bloodthirsty savages won the West. Instead. Butler Frank Kaquitts as Sitting Bull Will Sampson as Halsey Pat McCormick as President Grover Cleveland Shelly Duvall as Mrs. Larsen as Buck Taylor Jerri Duce as The Cowboy Trick Rider Joy Duce as The Cowboy Trick Rider Alex Green as The Mexican Whip and Fast Draw Act Gary MacKenzie as The Mexican Whip and Fast Draw Act Humphrey Gratz as The Old Soldier Dennis Corrie as Rancher Patrick Reynolds as President Cleveland's Aide . he asks Cody to act out the massacre of a peaceful Sioux village by marauding bluecoats. 118 Plot The story begins in 1885 with the arrival of an important new guest star in Buffalo Bill Cody’s grand illusion. Sitting Bull proves to be not a murdering savage but a genuine embodiment of what the whites believe about their own history out west. Cast • Paul Newman as Buffalo Bill • Geraldine Chaplin as Annie Oakley • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Burt Lancaster as Ned Buntline Kevin McCarthy as Major Burke Joel Gray as Nate Salisbury Harvey Keitel as Ed Goodman John Considine as Frank E. Sitting Bull also refuses to portray Custer's Last Stand as a cowardly sneak attack. Grover Cleveland Allan F. An enraged Cody fires him but is forced to relent when star attraction Annie Oakley takes Sitting Bull's side. Chief Sitting Bull of Little Big Horn fame. Nicholls as Prentiss Ingraham Robert DoQui as Oswald Dart Mike Kaplan as Jules Keen Bert Remsen as Crutch Bonnie Leaders as The Mezzo-Contralto Noelle Rogers as Lucille DuCharme Evelyn Lear as Nina Cavallini Denver Pyle as McLaughlin Ken Krossa as Johnny Baker Fred N. He is quietly heroic and morally pure.

he can't shoot straight anymore or track an Indian. External links • Buffalo Bill and the Indians. presenting the eponymous western hero as a show-biz creation who can no longer separate his invented image from reality. or plaguing his patient entourage of yes-men with endless monologues about himself.com/title/tt0074254/) at the Internet Movie Database . Retrieved 2010-07-16. [2] References [1] Brenner.Buffalo Bill and the Indians 119 Altman's interpretation Like many of Altman's films.berlinale. [2] "Berlinale 1976: Prize Winners" (http://www. "Buffaloed Bill". Canada.de. Most of the film was shot on location in Alberta.de/en/archiv/jahresarchive/1976/03_preistraeger_1976/03_Preistraeger_1976. Texas Monthly: 69. play-acting daily in a western circus of his own making. Altman uses the setting to criticize Old West motifs. html). this does not keep him from acting as if his triumphs are real. scout and buffalo hunter. It follows the day to day performances and behind-the-scenes intrigues of Buffalo Bill Cody's famous "Wild West Show. or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (http://www. . Buffalo Bill and the Indians is an ensemble piece with an episodic structure. Marie (July 1976).imdb. Awards In 1976 the film was entered into the 26th Berlin International Film Festival. berlinale. Cody’s long hair is a wig. where it won the Golden Bear." a hugely popular 1880s entertainment spectacular that starred the former Indian fighter. Altman's Cody is a loud-mouthed buffoon. and all his staged battles with ruffians and savages are rigged in his favor. a man who claims to be one with the Wild West but lives in luxury. However.

Allen Andrew Horvitch John C. Burt Reynolds. with appearances by Anne Bancroft. Marcel Marceau and Paul Newman . 1976.400. The ensemble cast includes Dom DeLuise.000 Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Silent Movie is a 1976 comedy film directed by and starring Mel Brooks. and Sid Caesar. Liza Minnelli. and released by 20th Century Fox on June 17.Silent Movie 120 Silent Movie Silent Movie Directed by Produced by Written by Mel Brooks Michael Hertzberg Ron Clark Mel Brooks Rudy De Luca Barry Levinson Mel Brooks Marty Feldman Dom DeLuise Bernadette Peters Sid Caesar John Morris Starring Music by Cinematography Paul Lohmann Editing by Stanford C. 1976 86 minutes United States Silent (Only word of dialogue spoken in French) $4. James Caan. Bernadette Peters. Howard Crossbow Productions 20th Century Fox June 17. Marty Feldman.

After a chase in electric wheelchairs. They attempt to "stop Funn with sex" by sending voluptuous nightclub sensation Vilma Kaplan to seduce Funn and pretend to be in love with him. who is in danger of losing the studio to the (literally) rabid and greedy New York conglomerate Engulf & Devour. News breaks out that the Chief has had an accident and is sent to the hospital. and Buster Keaton. they defeat their foes by using a soda machine that launches cans of Coca-Cola like grenades. He sets out to Big Picture Studios to pitch a new script to the Chief." . is now recovering from a drinking problem and down on his luck. First they attack Burt Reynolds in his shower. Several hundred cups of coffee sober him up. impress Liza Minnelli at the commissary. 121 Plot Mel Funn. He goes to pieces until discovering that Vilma has actually fallen for him. as when a scene that shows New York City begins with the song "San Francisco". rejects the idea. in French: "Non!" When asked by the others what Marceau said. a great film director. delivering the only line of dialogue in the film. and Bell proceed to recruit various people for the movie. Funn explains he doesn't understand French. but when Eggs and Bell reveal the truth to him on the day before filming begins. he could save the studio. but are chased by Engulf and Devour's executives. Mel phones Marcel Marceau in Paris who declines the offer. Sound is a big factor in the film's humor. His big idea: the first silent motion picture in forty years. Among the film's many jokes is the fact that the only audible line in the movie is spoken by a noted mime (Marcel Marceau). Funn falls head over heels. where it is shown for the first time. and dance for Anne Bancroft at a night club. The film ends with a title card: "This is a true story. They then go into "I'll Take Manhattan" instead. confront James Caan outside his trailer. A play on the 1970s trend of large corporations buying up smaller companies is parodied in this film by the attempt of the Engulf and Devour Corporation to take control of a studio (a thinly veiled reference to Gulf+Western's takeover of Paramount Pictures). Unfortunately. Paul Newman is seen on the hospital grounds. the only copy of it is stolen from the theater by Engulf & Devour just before its big premiere. Eggs. only to have it come to a sudden stop as if the musicians realize they are playing the wrong music. the film is a parody of the silent film genre.Silent Movie playing themselves. Funn's silent movie is filmed in the blink of an eye. Funn. "They seem to like it. At first the Chief. After the movie is over. but Funn convinces him that if he can get Hollywood's biggest stars to be in the film. meanwhile. the director returns to drinking. worry that Funn will save Big Picture Studios and they will be unable to buy it." Engulf and Devour. aided by his ever-present sidekicks Dom Bell and Marty Eggs. They succeed." Funn says. Mack Sennett. the audience leaps to its feet while balloons and streamers fill the air. Vilma volunteers to stall the theater's audience with her nightclub act while Funn and his associates go out to steal back their film. particularly the slapstick comedies of Hal Roach. Ultimately cornered. he asks to be in the movie. While indeed silent (except for one word and numerous sound effects). They hurry the film to the theater. While there. Funn and company reply with the atypical Hollywood-esque "We'll get back to you.

But the idea made 20th Century-Fox executives nervous. Brooks' co-star Burt Reynolds. as they were afraid their laughter would spoil a take." • The DVD-release of Silent Movie contains audio tracks in English. Eggs. Referring to himself as actor-director. and Bell is a Morgan four-seater. • The three main characters have the same first names as the actors playing them. who ranked No. • Brooks initially envisioned the movie without even a musical soundtrack. The DVD also includes English subtitles. "Hello. Six. Spanish. this is Five speaking. Brooks said. • Brooks biographer James Robert Parish says that Brooks based the Eggs and Bell characters on his relationship with his three brothers. "I'm not going to tell myself how much I like me or I'll ask for more money. Specific model or year of manufacture is unknown and very difficult to establish visually since most Morgan automobiles have very conservative styling and haven't changed exterior much in the last fifty years. . 6 on the list. "Non" (French for "No"). Brooks was initially frustrated when he could not get the film crew to laugh. even though the film's only spoken line. • The pregnant woman in the first scene is Dom DeLuise's real-life wife. just to be on the safe side. sounds almost identical in all three languages. got used to receiving phone calls from Brooks which began. 5 in a U. he was ranked No.S." • Even though the movie was filmed without sound. so Brooks added John Morris's score." • Even though Brooks had never starred in a movie before. film exhibitors' 1976 list of the top 25 movie stars with box-office appeal. and French. "Dom Bell" is a play on "dumbbell". "like a rug from beginning to end. • This was Brooks's first starring role in a movie.Silent Movie 122 Cast • Mel Brooks as Mel Funn • Dom DeLuise as Dom Bell • Marty Feldman as Marty Eggs • • • • • • • • • • Bernadette Peters as Vilma Kaplan Sid Caesar as the Chief Harold Gould as Engulf Ron Carey as Devour Burt Reynolds as Himself James Caan as Himself Liza Minnelli as Herself Anne Bancroft as Herself Paul Newman as Himself Marcel Marceau as Himself Notes • The yellow roadster driven by Funn. Carol Arthur.

imdb.Silent Movie 123 External links • Silent Movie at the Internet Movie Database • Silent Movie [2] at Allmovie [1] References [1] http://www.com/work/44686 .allmovie.com/title/tt0075222/ [2] http://www.

The film stars Paul Newman. Howard Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Warner Bros. The setting is shifted from California to Louisiana. .The Drowning Pool (film) 124 The Drowning Pool (film) The Drowning Pool original movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Stuart Rosenberg David Foster Lawrence Turman Tracy Keenan Wynn Lorenzo Semple Jr. Walter Hill Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Anthony Franciosa Murray Hamilton Gail Strickland Melanie Griffith Michael Small Starring Music by Cinematography John C. Joanne Woodward. Pictures 1975 109 min. and is a sequel to Harper. The Drowning Pool is a 1975 American thriller film directed by Stuart Rosenberg. and based upon Ross Macdonald's novel The Drowning Pool. and Anthony Franciosa.

imdb. At one point. Iris Devereaux (Joanne Woodward). Cast • Paul Newman as Lew Harper • Joanne Woodward as Iris Devereaux • Anthony Franciosa (credited as Tony Franciosa) as Chief Broussard • Murray Hamilton as Kilbourne • Gail Strickland as Mavis Kilbourne • Melanie Griffith as Schuyler Devereaux • • • • • • Linda Haynes as Gretchen Andre Trottier as Hydrotherapist Richard Jaeckel as Lieutenant Franks Paul Koslo as Candy Joe Canutt as Glo Andrew Robinson (credited as Andy Robinson) as Pat Reavis DVD The Drowning Pool was released on November 14. External links • The Drowning Pool [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.The Drowning Pool (film) 125 Synopsis Private detective Lew Harper (Paul Newman) investigates a blackmail plot in Louisiana bayou country involving the nymphomaniac daughter (Melanie Griffith) of an old flame of his.com/title/tt0072912/ . 2006 as part of the Paul Newman Collection DVD box set. the complicated plot has Harper and Kilbourne's wife Mavis (Gail Strickland) locked in a hydrotherapy room. He is caught up in a power struggle between Iris and oil tycoon Kilbourne (Murray Hamilton). hence the film's title. with the water rising to the ceiling.

Robinson Screenplay: Stirling Silliphant Steve McQueen Paul Newman William Holden Faye Dunaway Fred Astaire Susan Blakely Richard Chamberlain Jennifer Jones O.The Towering Inferno 126 The Towering Inferno The Towering Inferno Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by John Guillermin Irwin Allen (action sequences) Irwin Allen Novel Richard Martin Stern Thomas N. Koenekamp. Simpson Robert Vaughn Robert Wagner John Williams Starring Music by Cinematography Fred J. ASC Editing by Distributed by Carl Kress Harold F. 1974 165 minutes Release date(s) Running time . Scortia Frank M.J. December 14. Kress USA: 20th Century Fox International: Warner Bros.

(this was the first film to be a joint venture from two major Hollywood studios).The Towering Inferno Country Language Budget Gross revenue United States English $14. The film. which opens on the 81st floor. Roberts confronts the building's electrical engineer. She heads to the 87th floor to check on a family with two children and a deaf mother. Simmons insists the building is up to standards but Roberts is skeptical and demands to see the specifications. Plot Architect Doug Roberts (Paul Newman) returns for the dedication of the Glass Tower in San Francisco which he designed for building owner James Duncan (William Holden). The stairwells are rendered impassable as one is filled with smoke and the door to the other will not open. Security Chief Harry Jernigan (O. Jennifer Jones made her final film appearance in this film. the security guards. At the dedication ceremony the public relations chief. SFFD 5th Battalion Chief Chief Michael O'Hallorhan (Steve McQueen) forces Duncan to evacuate the 300 party guests. and engineer Will Giddings (Normann Burton) go to investigate. However. approximately 20 guests take one express elevator. turns on the Tower's exterior lights to impress the 294 guests arriving for a party in the Promenade Room on the 135th floor.000 $116.000. Robinson. The fire department arrives and sets about fighting the fast-growing fire. After over 30 guests escape. Scortia and Frank M. The guests are directed to the express elevators.000. believing a fire on the 81st floor cannot possibly affect the Promenade Room on the 135th floor. Duncan's son-in-law Roger Simmons (Richard Chamberlain).800 ft). was adapted by Stirling Silliphant from the novels The Tower by Richard Martin Stern and The Glass Inferno by Thomas N. Claiborne smothers the fatally-burned man with his tuxedo jacket.857 (inflated gross) 127 The Towering Inferno is a 1974 American action disaster film produced by Irwin Allen featuring an all-star cast led by Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. using Roberts' office on the 79th floor as a command post and the lobby as a mass casualty and staging area. a co-production between Twentieth Century-Fox and Warner Bros. in view of the horrified guests.033. Roberts tells Duncan of the fire. who had been romanced at the party by con man Harlee Claiborne (Fred Astaire). Meanwhile.000 $499. Duncan refuses Roberts' pleas to evacuate and insists that the party continue. At 138 stories (1. Simpson). accusing him of cutting corners. with Allen himself directing the action sequences. unbeknownst to the party guests. Bigelow and his secretary/mistress Lorrie (Susan Flannery) become trapped in his office on the 65th floor by fire. The building's security guards see the smoke and summon the San Francisco Fire Department by both the malfunctioned fire alarm system and by telephone. as Giddings dives to push a security guard away from the door to the burning room. During a routine systems check before the ceremonies. which is attached to the outside of the building. an electrical short throughout the upper floors starts a small fire in a storage room on the 81st floor which goes undetected due to fire alarm system and sprinkler malfunctions. as the fire has spread to the main bank of elevators. shocking Roberts. it explodes open and severely burns him. it is the world's tallest building. Simmons admits to Duncan that he changed the specifications to stay under budget. Bigelow attempts to alert the fire department but is killed attempting to escape his office and Lorrie jumps to her death when fire consumes the room. At this point. O'Hallorhan orders Duncan and Roberts to move the evacuees to the scenic elevator. Dan Bigelow (Robert Wagner). The lighting overloads the system and Roberts angrily orders it shut off. the storage room fire on the 81st floor has fully engulfed the room. is one of the first to leave the party. Party guest and building resident Lisolette Mueller (Jennifer Jones). However. but that he did so at Duncan's "encouragement to cut corners". who manages to exit the burning elevator in the Promenade Room. however. about the electrical shorts. killing all but one of the guests on board. Roberts. and Roberts see . and was directed by John Guillermin.J.

but that perhaps it should be left as it is to symbolize all that is wrong with society. the torrent sweeps those not or loosely tied down plunging to their deaths. the remaining guests panic and Simmons forces his way onto the breeches buoy.The Towering Inferno Mueller trying to get into the apartment on 87 and head up to help. Senator Gary Parker (Robert Vaughn). forcing them to repel down the elevator shaft to the elevator below them. being the only available man in the entire fire department to handle such a task. suppression by the fire department soon becomes nearly impossible. As the fire progresses. O'Hallorhan. Lisolette falls to her death. O'Hallorhan then drives away.000. All fall to their deaths. but are halted after part of the stairwell explodes due to a ruptured gas line. As the fire reaches the Promenade Room. Claiborne and most of the party-goers that are tied down survive as the tanks are blown. which itself then collapses taking Simmons to his death. The fire is soon extinguished by the raging water from the tanks. However. O'Hallorhan says that less than 200 people were killed and that they were lucky that it had not been a worse disaster that could one day kill 10. allowing it to coast down to the lobby. Roberts. Roberts escapes through a pipe shaft to the Promenade Room. including Simmons' wife Patty (Susan Blakely). Simmons pushes several men from the breeches buoy. As it descends. Gary Parker . made even worse by the total loss of electrical power. to safety from the burning apartment. Firefighters and Naval Rescue teams attach a breeches buoy to an adjacent skyscraper (the fictional Peerless Building) and successfully rescue the rest of the female guests.J. and Roberts set plastic explosives to the tanks. Jernigan takes the mother. He also states that such a high-rise disaster is possible if architects and builders don't start to consult the firemen on how to build them. The remaining party guests are ordered to tie themselves down to heavy objects throughout the promenade room. but the remaining passengers and the fireman are saved after a helicopter rescue by O'Hallorhan. Roberts says to Susan that he does not know what will become of the building. 128 Cast Primary cast • Steve McQueen as SFFD 5th Battalion Chief Michael O' Hallorhan • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Doug Roberts William Holden as James Duncan Faye Dunaway as Susan Franklin Fred Astaire as Harlee Claiborne Susan Blakely as Patty Duncan Simmons Richard Chamberlain as Roger Simmons Jennifer Jones as Lisolette Mueller O. including Roberts' girlfriend Susan (Faye Dunaway). However. an explosion rips the elevator off its track at the 110th floor. setting it ablaze. They head up to the Promenade Room via a service elevator. Rooftop helicopter rescues become impossible after high winds cause a rescue helicopter to crash and explode on the roof. and several other guests attempt to prevent Simmons from commandeering the breeches buoy. Roberts and Lisolette take the widow's two children up to the promenade room. Duncan. and a supervising fireman are evacuated. the deaf widow. O'Hallorhan. A desperate plan is hatched by the top SFFD Fire Chiefs to explode the million-gallon water tanks at the top of the building. Lisolette and the children. Twelve people. Roberts agrees to consult O'Halloran on such matters in the future. who is helping Duncan with subsequent rescue efforts. leaving it hanging by a cable. Roberts actives a gravity brake on the scenic elevator. Two firemen who were alerted of the jammed door come up the stairwell and reach Lisolette and the children and blow the door down using C4 high-explosives. which halts a service elevator that O'Hallorhan and his men are on. sending thousands of gallons of water through the ceiling and down through the rest of the building. Once on the ground. the fire door to the Promenade Room has been sealed shut by spilled cement. exhausted from the ordeal. Simpson as Harry Jernigan Robert Vaughn as Sen.

the escape from the top floor is by breeches buoy to the adjacent 110-story North Tower of the World Trade Center. Eight weeks later. In The Glass Inferno. and everyone left in the restaurant escapes.The Towering Inferno • Robert Wagner as Dan Bigelow Other • Susan Flannery as Lorrie • Sheila Matthews as Paula Ramsey • Norman Burton (as "Normann Burton") as Will Giddings • Jack Collins as Mayor Robert Ramsey • Don Gordon as SFFD Truck Co. The 57 sets and four camera crews were records for a single film on the Twentieth Century Fox lot. a cigarette sets the janitor's closet in a 60-story tower on fire. Warner Bros. who won an Oscar for his adaptation of In the Heat joint partnership between 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. 4 Fireman Scott • • • • • • • • Gregory Sierra as Carlos the bartender Ernie Orsatti as SFFD Engine Co. and bought the rights for $400. William Creber is credited as Production Designer of the film and under his direction. took seven characters from each and combined the plots. End of the closing credit crawl. Stirling Silliphant. combined the novels into a single screenplay. a bomb in the utility room of a 150-floor tower (the world's tallest) causes a power surge which sets a janitor's closet on fire. 14 Captain. illustrating the . in producing The Towering of the Night. Irwin Allen discovered another novel. the escape from the top floor is by helicopter.000 for 20th Century Fox.000. Dan Goozee from the Fox art department designed the final look of the Glass Tower itself. More than a hundred partygoers die in the restaurant on the top floor. Paul Comi as Tim Norman Grabowski as Flaker 129 Production After the success of The Poseidon Adventure. At the end of filming of principal photography on 11 September 1974 only eight of those 57 sets were left standing. 4 Fireman Mark Powers Dabney Coleman as SFFD Deputy Chief # 1 Mike Lookinland as Phillip Albright Carlena Gower as Angela Albright Scott Newman (son of Paul Newman) as the young acrophobic SFFD Engine Co. The Glass Inferno. bought the rights to The Tower for $390. In The Tower. Silliphant Inferno. The productions were combined. would distribute the film in all foreign territories around the world. 20th Century Fox had the United States domestic box office receipts whilst Warner Bros. 15 Fire Captain Kappy • Felton Perry as SFFD Engine Co. and is only partially successful. Each studio paid half the production costs. with a budget of $14 million ($58 million adjusted for inflation 1974-2005).

The Westin St. named after long time Fox Special Effects man Fred Sersen. a hand-drawn matte painting was made of the chopper on each frame in which it was backed up by the miniature buildings. This was achieved through some uncredited blue screen work by the legendary Douglas Trumbull. Floors 136-138 135 134 121-133 81-120 31-80 4–30 1-3 Ground floor Use Mechanical Promenade Room Kitchen-Storage Area Unknown Residential Corporate suites Glass Tower Hotel Lobby and Continental Room Main Lobby Filming locations The atrium of the Hyatt Regency San Francisco (Five Embarcadero Center) was used as the lobby for the Glass Tower.7 m) above that. Ernie Orsatti.D. The floor space. The site itself was on the concrete floor of the man-made Sersen Lake. who played the mayor's wife 'Paula Ramsay'. It has three glass-walled elevators identical of the sort in the Glass Tower. Jennifer Jones role of 'Lisolette Mueller'. Francis Hotel stood in for the security control room.S. Hello Dolly. and Sheila Matthews. and in Time After Time. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) and used as the backdrop to Captain Kirk’s futuristic San Francisco Apartment). her last before retiring from acting. 2 . She would later become Irwin Allen's wife and remained so until his death in 1991. another model showing only the upper 40 floors was used and seamlessly intercut with the five full scale floors created by film makers for close up shots. Additionally. The St. covered 11000 square feet (1000 m ). Mechanical effects such as explosions and water dumping were the domain of A. The lobby and elevators also featured in Mel Brooks' comedy High Anxiety. Francis hotel was used for the ride aboard the scenic elevator in which characters ride the elevator towards the Promenade Room.The Towering Inferno 130 Floor plans The following is a breakdown of floors of the fictional Glass Tower. on many levels.C at the Twentieth Century Fox Ranch in Malibu. This was an excellent piece of uncredited artwork done by Gary Coakley and his crew. Three sides of the set were backed by a 340-foot (100 m) cyclorama. The film makers used the central heating and air conditioning plant for all of Century City (the palatial business district adjacent to Twentieth Century-Fox) for the basic water storage tank set. was originally offered to Olivia de Havilland. In other words. Flowers. The Glass Tower itself was a miniature model inserted into the San Francisco skyline in the opening shot by a technique known as rotoscoping. A 70-foot (21 m) high model with a combination of propane. There are small parts played by actors who appeared in The Poseidon Adventure. A. the Charles Bronson spy thriller Telefon. The lowest level was six feet off the stage floor and the ceiling was 12 feet (3. acetylene and oxygen jets for exterior fire scenes was filmed by the special effects team headed by Bill Abbott.) The Bank of America building at 555 California Street in San Francisco doubled for the facade and plaza. (This outstanding cyclorama was also utilized in the Paramount Picture. The promenade room set was filmed on a huge soundstage at Twentieth Century-Fox and was highly unusual in that it reportedly contained statues and set and wall decorations from a previous Fox film. which Irwin Allen also produced including Elizabeth Rogers.

However McQueen requested the fire chief's role. the fire chief's role was relatively minor – the architect was the hero.The Towering Inferno 131 Newman and McQueen In initial stages of the film's development. the world's tallest building until 1996. As a consequence Newman's name is fully visible first here. Thus. Newman. 1974 and finished on September 11. However. and Steve McQueen was to play the leading role of architect Doug Roberts. It premiered on December 16. to the firefighters of the world. To provide dual top billing. In the 2010 biography by AE Hotchner titled Paul and Me. 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. This was the first time "staggered but equal" billing was used. Paul Newman was cast as the architect. Fire Chief Mario Infantino was to be played by Ernest Borgnine. McQueen discovered that Paul Newman had twelve more lines than him. with McQueen lower left [1] and Newman upper right. Holden was refused. McQueen. thus placing the building with the aerial footage. it is unclear where the building was located in regards to the rest of San Francisco's Financial District. Both novels were inspired by construction of the World Trade Center and what would happen if fire broke out. this picture is gratefully dedicated". The film was often referred to in media reports on the September 11. who took second billing. Coincidentally. it is mentioned by two firemen responding to the fire that it's on the corner of Montgomery Street. The film's opening credits included a dedication which read: "To those who give their lives so that others might live. In the cast list rolling from top to bottom at the end of the film. McQueen is mentioned first in the film's trailers. and not long after the 1972 Andraus Building and 1974 Joelma Building fires in São Paulo. and William Holden all wanted top billing. a main thoroughfare in the Financial District and SOMA. According to the book. opened in Chicago. McQueen was eventually replaced by Robert Redford. McQueen and Newman's names were arranged diagonally as at the beginning. each appeared to have top billing. . a year after the two World Trade Center skyscrapers — the world's second tallest building at the time of the film's premiere — opened in New York City. principal photography on the film started on May 8. 1974 in a first run that lasted almost a year. no longer in the league of McQueen and Newman. reference is made to the commotion caused by Steve McQueen due to his apparent displeasure at having a lesser part. something that was soon changed. 1974 and no building with an occupied floor level greater than 110 stories has since been constructed in the United States. so it was suitably revised and augmented. the credits were arranged diagonally. It had been discussed for the same actors when McQueen was to play the Sundance Kid in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Brazil. Newman's salary from the movie totalled $12m US dollars. Influences The film was released the year the Sears Tower. In the movie. somewhere between the Financial District and SOMA.

it became one of the company's biggest sellers. 7. the theme tune is interpolated into the film's underscore by John Williams. 7 and 11 November 1974. The first release of portions of the score from "The Towering Inferno" was on Warner Brothers Records early in 1975 (Catalog No. FSM's was an almost completely expanded version remixed from album masters at Warner Bros. The version of 'Main Title' on the FSM disc is the film version. with orchestrations by Herbert W. only 3000 copies were pressed and it is now out of print. O’Halloran orders Duncan to evacuate the party. The original recording engineer was Ted Keep. and in particular the snare drum is more prominent than the album version which also feaures additional cymbal work. An extended version is heard ostensibly as source music in a deleted theatrical scene sometimes shown as part of a longer scene from the TV broadcast version. 3. Fred Astaire campaigned to Producer Irwin Allen to write a song for "The Towering Inferno" but ultimately his effort was deemed too old fashioned and thus dismissed. Although the album was not a re-recording. Additionally. One of the most sought-after unreleased music cues from the film is the one where Williams provides low-key lounge music during a party prior to the announcement of a fire. and "The More I See You" by Harry [2] Warren and Mack Gordon. although hers was not the vocal in that film. The song's writers collaborated on 'The Morning After' from The Poseidon Adventure which was also sung by McGovern. It is not the recording on the soundtrack album but a newer arrangement recorded for "The Towering Inferno". 8. Placed into chronological order and restoring action cues. BS-2840) 1. Main Title (5:00) An Architect's Dream (3:28) Lisolette And Harlee (2:34) Something For Susan (2:42) Trapped Lovers (4:28) We May Never Love Like This Again . Source music in portions of the film includes instrumental versions of "Again" by Lionel Newman and Dorcas Cochran. Spencer and Al Woodbury. the track features a ragged ending as Duncan asks the house band to stop playing. the music becomes louder as Lisolette and Harlee are seen dancing and Duncan lectures son-in-law Roger. It was recorded at the 20th Century Fox scoring stage on 31 October and 4. 5. 4. 2. 6. "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Josef Myrow and Mack Gordon. There is a different balance of instruments in two spots.Kasha/Hirschhorn. Because of this Film Score Monthly could not add this cue to the expanded soundtrack album. the original LP tracks were recorded during the same sessions and several cues were . The Academy Award-winning song "We May Never Love Like This Again" was composed by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschorn and performed by Maureen McGovern who appears in a cameo as a lounge singer and on the soundtrack album of the score which features the film recording plus the commercially released single version. Reports that this soundtrack and that of the movie "Earthquake" (also composed by Williams) borrowed cues from each other are not accurate. A snippet of a cue from Williams’ score to Cinderella Liberty titled 'Maggie Shoots Pool' is heard in a scene when William Holden's character converses on the phone with Paul Newman's character. performed by Maureen McGovern (2:11) Susan And Doug (2:30) The Helicopter Explosion (2:50) Planting The Charges .And Finale (10:17) A near-complete release came on the Film Score Monthly label (FSM) on 1 April 2001 and was produced by Lukas Kendall and Nick Redman. archives and the multi-track 35mm magnetic film stems at 20th Century Fox. 9. It differs from the original soundtrack album version.The Towering Inferno 132 Music The score was composed and conducted by John Williams. Titled "The Promenade Room" on the conductor's cue sheet. Reportedly.

An Architect's Dream (3:28) 23. Biroc) • BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role . 5.(Fred Astaire) Golden Globe Award for Most Promising newcomer – Female – (Susan Flannery) Academy Award for Film Editing .(John Williams) . 28. Not A Cigarette (1:18) 12. two BAFTAs and two Golden Globes. Finale (3:57) 22. Although some minor incidental cues were lost. 14. some sonically 'damaged' cues . garnering a 79% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The First Victims (3:24) 11. 6. Something For Susan (2:42) Lisolette and Harlee (2:35) The Flame Ignites (1:01) More For Susan (1:55) Harlee Dressing (1:37) Let There Be Light (:37) 133 8. Main Title (5:01) 2. Alone At Last (:51) 9." Awards Award wins The film won three Academy Awards. 1. Kress) BAFTA Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music .Maureen McGovern (2:13) The Morning After (Instrumental) (2:07) Susan And Doug (Album Track) (2:33) Departmental Pride and The Cat (Damaged) (2:34) Helicopter Explosion (Damaged) (2:34) Waking Up (Damaged) (2:39) Reception The Towering Inferno met with positive reviews from critics. [6] • Academy Award for Best Cinematography . 25.Maureen McGovern (2:04) 10. The film version sound was reportedly better than the quarter-inch WB two-track album master.(Carl Kress & Harold F. [4] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times praised the film as "the best of the mid-1970s wave of disaster [5] films.(Fred J. 27. 15.so called due to a deterioration of the [3] surviving audio elements . We May Never Love Like This Again (Album Version) .The Towering Inferno combined. 26. Koenekamp & Joseph F. 18. 3.(Fred Astaire) • • • • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor . 24. 16. 7. 4.are placed at the end of the disc's program time. Passing The Word (1:12) 20. Doug's Fall/Piggy Back Ride (2:18) Lisolette's Descent (3:07) Down The Pipes/The Door Opens (2:59) Couples (3:38) Short Goodbyes (2:26) Helicopter Rescue (3:07) 19. Planting The Charges (9:04) 21. We May Never Love Like This Again (Film Version) . Trapped Lovers (4:44) 13. 17.

Melbourne.(Fred Astaire) • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress . on LP and cd (http://www.com/apps/pbcs.(William J. tliquest.dll/article?AID=/19740101/REVIEWS/401010322) [6] "NY Times: The Towering Inferno" (http://movies. storyboards. p.com (http://www. [4] The Towering Inferno (1974) (http://www. Ward Preston.iann.rottentomatoes.(Theodore Soderberg & Herman Lewis) • Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song .(John Williams) • Academy Award for Sound . [3] Additional notes by Geoff Brown .A. Australia. Raphael Bretton) • Academy Award for Original Music Score . Creber.(Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn) for the song "We May Never Love Like This Again" Award nominations • Academy Award for Best Picture • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor . .net/Towering Inferno/) . 13 (CD insert notes). See List of Thunderbirds episodes References [1] The Towering Inferno Masterprint at Art.htm) [2] Eldridge.the-trades.net/movies/toweringinferno/) (The Irwin Allen News Network's Towering Inferno page) • Various releases of music from the film.imdb. 4. and more) (http://ryan.php?id=4337) at The-Trades.art.(Jennifer Jones) • Academy Award for Best Art Direction .S.suntimes.The Towering Inferno • Academy Award for Best Song .allmovie.com/work/50621) at Allmovie • The Towering Inferno Website (http://www. 6 January 1966.nytimes.com/catalog/ soundtrackdetail.soundtrackcollector. California. U. NY Times. 3).com/asp/sp-asp/_/pd--10134441/The_Towering_Inferno_Style_A. Retrieved 2008-12-29.com/m/towering_inferno/) [5] Roger Ebert Review (http://rogerebert. No. Jeff (2001). External links • The Towering Inferno (http://www.com/movie/50621/The-Towering-Inferno/awards).info) • DVD Review: The Towering Inferno (Special Edition) (http://www.com/article.(Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn) for the song "We May Never Love Like This Again" 134 See also • Skyscrapers in film • List of firefighting films • Thunderbirds (TV series) episode "City of Fire".php?movieid=10871) • Towering Inferno Memorabilia Archive (photos. Release notes for The Towering Inferno by John Williams.: Film Score Monthly (Vol. tower/set blueprints.thetoweringinferno. Culver City.com/title/tt0072308/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Towering Inferno (http://www.com • Irwin Allen News Network (http://www.

The film was directed by George Roy Hill. . Ward Paul Newman Robert Redford Robert Shaw Charles Durning Marvin Hamlisch Robert Surtees William Reynolds Universal Pictures December 25.The Sting 135 The Sting The Sting Film poster by Richard Amsel Directed by Produced by George Roy Hill Tony Bill Michael Phillips Julia Phillips David S. Ward. Created by screenwriter David S. the story was inspired by real-life con games perpetrated by the brothers Fred and Charley Gondorff and documented by David Maurer in his book The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man. 1973 129 minutes United States English The Sting II Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Followed by The Sting is a 1973 American caper film set in September 1936 that involves a complicated plot by two professional [1] grifters (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) to con a mob boss (Robert Shaw). who previously directed Newman and Redford in the western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

The Set-Up (24th min) Gondorff (Paul Newman). The film is noted for its musical score—particularly its main melody. at least not until the con men are long gone. Eventually he decides to resurrect an elaborate and supposedly obsolete scam known as "the wire. "The Entertainer". He taunts. Johnny must continually avoid Snyder. Illinois. the window is closed as the race begins. going by the name Kid Twist.J. the mark does not realize he has been "taken" (cheated). and that he can use this connection to win large sums of money in Shaw's off-track betting (OTB) establishment by past-posting. The Hook (40th min) Gondorff arranges to have Lonnegan's wallet stolen aboard the opulent 20th Century Limited enroute from New York City. Singleton. convincing Lonnegan that he has a partner in the Chicago Western Union office named Les Harmon. The film is divided into distinct sections with old-fashioned title cards with lettering and illustrations rendered in a style reminiscent of the Saturday Evening Post. lacking his wallet. Luther announces his retirement from crime and advises Hooker to seek out an old friend. posing as "Kelly" — a disgruntled employee of Shaw — is sent to collect the winnings (which Lonnegan. The Shut-Out (93rd min) The title of this act comes from "shutting out" Lonnegan from the betting window when he intends to place a bet much bigger than the phony wire set-up can cover. The Players (0 min) Johnny Hooker (Redford). (Today the expression is mostly used in the context of law enforcement sting operations. another con man. Snyder is thwarted when he is summoned by undercover FBI agents led by a man named Polk. The Tale (65th min) "Kelly" pretends to seek the overthrow of his boss. was of course unable to pay). each introduced with a title card accompanied by music." He buys his way into Lonnegan's private high-stakes poker game on the train with the latter's own money." A large number of con artists are recruited to simulate a betting parlor.) If a con game is successful. He and J. a piano rag by Scott Joplin. in Chicago. Unfortunately the mark was a numbers racket courier for crime boss Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw). The film's success encouraged a surge of popularity and critical acclaim for Joplin's work. to help dupe Lonnegan. His intended horse does "win". further convincing him of the effectiveness of the method.000 in cash from an unsuspecting "mark" (victim). Lonnegan's men murder Luther and Hooker flees to Chicago. is initially reluctant to take on the dangerous Lonnegan. who can teach him the art of the 'big con'. just as Lonnegan is stepping up to bet. [2] 136 Plot Note: The film is divided into seven sections. winning $15. Shaw. The Wire (83rd min) In the sub-plot. however. . who has followed him to Chicago. which was lightly adapted for the movie by Marvin Hamlisch. along with accomplices Luther Coleman (Robert Earl Jones) and Joe Erie (Jack Kehoe) manage to swipe $11. goads and out-cheats Lonnegan. a "grifter" (small-time con man) from Depression-era Joliet. Hooker. Henry Gondorff. Harmon is actually one of the lead con artists. who orders him to assist in their scheme to arrest Gondorff by bringing Hooker in—this for the purpose of coercing him into betraying Gondorff.000. a once-great con-man now down on his luck. successfully "borrow" an actual Western Union office for a very brief time. Hooker pays Snyder in counterfeit bills.The Sting The title phrase refers to the moment when a con artist finishes the "play" and takes the mark's money. demanding a cut and revealing Lonnegan's involvement. and poses as boorish Chicago bookie "Shaw. Corrupt Joliet police Lieutenant William Snyder (Charles Durning) confronts Hooker.

" Hooker and Gondorff then depart. 137 Cast • • • • Paul Newman as Henry "Shaw" Gondorff Robert Redford as Johnny "Kelly" Hooker Robert Shaw as Doyle Lonnegan Charles Durning as Lt. "Salino. It turns out that the hired killer was "Loretta Salino". shoots Hooker in the back. Hooker begins a romance with a local waitress (Loretta). Lonnegan brings a half-million dollars to "place" his bet on Lucky Dan to win.The Sting In a subordinate action. Gondorff tells "Polk": "nice con. William Snyder • Ray Walston as J. The Sting (112th min) After Hooker spends the night with Loretta. Lonnegan's Bodyguard Lee Paul as Lonnegan's bodyguard Leonard Barr as Leonard (burlesque comic) Jack Collins as Duke Boudreau . Singleton • Eileen Brennan as Billie • Harold Gould as Kid Twist. reacting to the betrayal. the latter displays shock. so he arranges for a professional killer. Lonnegan is unaware that Hooker and "Kelly" are the same person). The black-gloved man appears behind him. Polk then shoots Gondorff and orders Snyder to get Lonnegan away from the crime scene so as to avoid greater complications—Snyder immediately complies. as the rest of the players and members of the Sting strip the room of its contents before Snyder and/or Lonnegan and his men can come back to retrieve the money. Mann as Mr. With Lonnegan and Snyder safely away. Lonnegan has grown frustrated with his men's inability to find and kill Hooker. A mysterious figure with black leather gloves is soon seen following and observing Hooker. aka "Hickey" • James Sloyan as Mottola • Larry D." to finish the job. Hickey. aka Les Harmon • John Heffernan as Eddie Niles • Dana Elcar as FBI Agent Polk. he wakes up alone and begins walking to work. Lonnegan panics. Hooker and Gondorff rise amid cheers and laughter. The gloved man had been hired by Gondorff to protect Hooker. killing her instantly. then tells Hooker he is free to go.J. and when Lonnegan confirms the bet with Harmon (aka Kid Twist) in person at the parlor. Gondorff. Clemens • Sally Kirkland as Crystal ("Hooker's hooker") • • • • • • • • Jack Kehoe as Joe Erie Robert Earl Jones as Luther Coleman (credited as Robertearl Jones) Dimitra Arliss as Loretta Salino Joe Tornatore as Black-gloved gunman Charles Dierkop as Floyd. The bullet passes Hooker and hits Loretta in the forehead. Polk confronts Gondorff. as per "Harmon’s" telephoned instructions. Unbeknownst to Hooker. Suddenly the FBI and Snyder burst in and order everyone to freeze. aiming a gun in his direction. He sees Loretta coming toward him. telling Lonnegan he was supposed to bet on the horse to "place". as it's going to finish second. but is unable to retract his bet. As the race begins. (Not having previously met Hooker.

She said that Shaw saved The Sting since no other actor would accept the part and that Paul Newman hand delivered the script to Shaw in London in order to ensure his participation. was in fact completely authentic as Shaw had slipped on a wet handball court at the Beverly Hills Hotel just a week before filming began and had split all the ligaments in his knee.. He had to wear a leg brace during production which was kept hidden under the wide 1930s style trousers he wore.(William H. • Rob Cohen. years later told of how he found the script in the slush pile when he was working as a reader for Mike Medavoy. and Cohen still has the coverage framed on the wall of his office. Awards Wins The film won seven Academy Awards and received three other nominations.The Sting 138 Production • In 1974 The Big Con author David Maurer filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit claiming at least part of the film's story had been taken from his book. as Philips states in her book. • The movie was filmed on the backlot of Universal Studios. later a director of 1990s action films like The Fast and the Furious. • Doyle Lonnegan's limp in the film.(George Roy Hill) . He wrote in his coverage that it was "the great American screenplay and .(David S. Scoring Original Song Score and/or Adaptation . This incident was revealed by Julia Philips in her 1991 autobiography You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again.(George Roy Hill) Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay ." Medavoy said that he would try to sell it on that recommendation and promised to fire Cohen if he couldn't. or aesthetically significant".(Marvin Hamlisch) Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures . historically. the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally. [4] • Academy Award for Best Picture • • • • • • • Academy Award for Directing . He no doubt paid the price for the extremely high salary his agent John Gaines held the producers up for since he was not nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award.. Ward) Academy Award for Best Art Direction . a future studio head then an agent. The matter was resolved out of court in 1976.[3] Reception The film was a box office smash in 1973. In 2005. taking in more than US$160 million. Reynolds) Academy Award for Best Music. major-director film. Payne) Academy Award for Best Costume Design .(Henry Bumstead and James W. major-cast. the general feeling being. Universal bought it that afternoon. that he should not have demanded that his name follow those of Newman and Redford before the film's opening title.(Edith Head) Academy Award for Film Editing . Julia Phillips became the first female producer to win Best Picture at the 46th Academy Awards. will make an award-winning. used to great effect by actor Robert Shaw.

The middle (fast) portion of it was played when Hooker was running away from Snyder along the 'L' train platform. 6.(Ronald Pierce & Robert R. "Solace" (Joplin) . "Solace" (Joplin) . Ragtime had just experienced a revival due to several recordings by Joshua Rifkin on Nonesuch Records starting in 1970.) • Some of the tunes in the film are different takes than those on the album. contained the following selections.(David S.same basic tune as "Solace". Ward) 139 • WGA Award for Best Drama Written Directly for the Screen . • The credits end with "Stoptime Rag" (Joplin). some appearing on the album and some not. Bertrand) Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay . 2. "The Entertainer" / "The Ragtime Dance" medley (Joplin) The album sequence differs from the film sequence. provided linking music over the title cards that were used to introduce major scenes. which was executive produced by Gil Rodin. only a short segment was used in the film 9.The Sting Nominations • • • • Academy Award for Best Actor . a standard practice with vinyl LPs. which does not appear on the film soundtrack album but instead appears on Hamlisch's 1974 album The Entertainer. which was not on the album 12.(Robert Surtees) Academy Award for Sound . "The Glove" (Hamlisch) . 4.(Robert Redford) Academy Award for Best Cinematography . introducing the film's dramatic conclusion.not in the final cut of the film 10. There are some variances from the actual film soundtrack. most of which are Scott Joplin ragtime pieces.piano version 8."Listen to the Mocking Bird" was the only portion of this track that was actually used in the film. "The Entertainer" (Joplin) . Ward) Music The soundtrack album.orchestral version "The Entertainer" (Joplin) . The two Jazz Age style tunes written by Hamlisch are chronologically much closer to the film's time period than are the Joplin rags: 1. Some additional content differences: • Selected snippets of Joplin's works. The Public Enemy.orchestral version "The Easy Winners" (Joplin) "Hooker's Hooker" (Hamlisch) "Luther" .Motion Picture . often for aesthetic reasons.piano version 13. "Pine Apple Rag" (Joplin) 11. although its use in The Sting evokes a definitive 1930s gangster movie. (The final card. a Sousa march. "The Sting".a Jazz Age style number.(David S. which also featured Scott Joplin theme music. "Merry-Go-Round Music" medley (traditional) . Joplin's ragtime music was no longer popular during the 1930s. as noted. 5. re-arranged by Hamlisch as a dirge "Pine Apple Rag" / "Gladiolus Rag" medley (Joplin) 7. had no music at all. 3. "Little Girl" (Madeline Hyde. . • A Joplin tune used in the film but not appearing in the soundtrack album was "Cascades". Francis Henry) . along with the second segment of "King Cotton".

Inspired by Schuller's recording. .com/magazine/content/current/story/402742.html). Retrieved 2008-11-21. When the sequel failed. popular public. president of the New England Conservatory of Music.lst/joplin. Home media A deluxe DVD. "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. Germaine (November 21.recordonline. References [1] Variety film review. • Australian cricket player Rod Marsh watched the film 33 times while touring Pakistan in 1982.nytimes. 2009. which also featured an anthropomorphic bee wearing a boater. • The BBC series Hustle frequently makes reference to The Sting. with the antagonist bailing before the last bet leaving with the infamous nose swipe. The Sting: Special Edition (part of the Universal Legacy Series) was released in September 2005. page 16. The film title's typeface was adopted as part of the soccer team's logo. [4] "NY Times: The Sting" (http://movies. 2008). NY Times. Dana Elcar. [2] Gunther Schuller.May 4. the first episode "The Con is On" having one character shot and a fake policeman. [5] • The ABC series "MacGyver" aired the episode "Twice Stung" during the second season. thereby bringing Joplin to a mass. was Peter Thornton in the series. and series 1 episode 6 "The Last Gamble" features a con similar to the plot. [5] Cricinfo .com/movie/46920/The-Sting/awards).html) [3] Lussier. • A 1975 episode of The Bob Newhart Show.The Sting 140 Chart positions Year 1974 Billboard 200 Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart Chart Position 1 Sequel A less-successful sequel with different players. exploring the earlier career of Henry Gondorff. 1973. Retrieved 2008-12-29. led a student ensemble in a performance of period orchestrations of Joplin's music. appeared in 1983.net/music/comp. December 12. Times-Herald Record (NewsCorporation). with a horse-racing scam as the central plot. including a "making of" featurette and interviews with the cast and crew. The Sting II. Famous confidence man Soapy Smith was scripted to be Gondorff's mentor.com/ apps/pbcs. • Episode 10 from season 6 of King of the Hill (titled "The Substitute Spanish Prisoner") has Peggy Hill staging a fake off-track betting scheme to recoup the money she spent on a fake PhD.classical. the prequel was scrapped. "Screenings: 'The Sting' as part of Paul Newman Retrospective" (http://www.dll/article?AID=/20081121/ENTERTAIN/811210331). . who here played the fake agent Polk. (http://www. Cultural references • The movie inspired the name of the Chicago Sting." . the producer of "The Sting" had Marvin Hamlisch score Joplin's music for the film. In the same year a prequel was also planned.cricinfo. a North American Soccer League franchise that debuted in 1975." parodies The Sting. the title referring to two stings played on one character during the episode.The Main non-event (http://content. "Rod Marsh watched The Sting 33 times on in-house hotel movie channels to stave off the unbelievable dreariness of the joint.

rottentomatoes.The Sting 141 External links • The Sting (http://www.com/work/46920) at Allmovie • The Sting (http://www.com/m/1020130-sting/) at Rotten Tomatoes .allmovie.imdb.com/title/tt0070735/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Sting (http://www.

Michael Hordern. . 25 July 1973 98 min USA UK English The Mackintosh Man is a 1973 British cold war spy thriller film directed by John Huston and starring Paul Newman. Ian Bannen. It was produced by John Foreman and William Hill as associate producer from a screenplay by Walter Hill and William Fairchild based on the novel The Freedom Trap by Desmond Bagley. James Mason. Nigel Patrick.The Mackintosh Man 142 The Mackintosh Man The Mackintosh Man Original film poster by Tom Chantrell Directed by Produced by Written by John Huston John Foreman Walter Hill William Fairchild Desmond Bagley (novel) Paul Newman Dominique Sanda James Mason Maurice Jarre Starring Music by Cinematography Oswald Morris Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Russell Lloyd Warner Bros. The film stars Paul Newman. It was made by the Newman-Foreman Company and Warner Bros. Dominique Sanda and James Mason with Harry Andrews. Dominique Sanda and Ian Bannen. The music score was by Maurice Jarre and the cinematography by Oswald Morris. Leo Genn. Roland Culver. Percy Herbert and Robert Lang. Peter Vaughan.

The Judge at his trial is angered by the failure to recover the stolen diamonds from Rearden. Two days later a diversion is arranged. a former British spy who has been exposed as a KGB mole. in his hotel room he is paid a visit by two Metropolitan Police detectives who have received an anonymous phone call advising them about the robbery. He slowly begins to blend in with the other prisoners. who turns out to be Slade. who he believes has stashed them away somewhere. deserted countryside. and making off with the diamond-filled parcel. Rearden is shipped off to a bleak prison in the North of England.Judge Percy Herbert . Mrs Smith (Sanda). . and is assigned to laundry-washing duties. When Slade and Rearden wake up they are told that they will be kept there for a week until the man hunt for them dies down. Using the smokescreen Rearden and a fellow prisoner. Mackintosh and his deputy. They are unconvinced by Newman's pretence to be an innocent Australian who had recently arrived in London.to which he agrees. an agent of British Intelligence arrives in London and makes a rendezvous with Mackintosh (Andrews).Gerda Roland Culver .Mrs Smith • • • • • • • • • • • • Ian Bannen . apparently getting successfully away after punching a postman. the head of his organisation in a discreet office located just off Trafalgar Square. that evening. a Soviet agent in British intelligence. However.Mackintosh Nigel Patrick .Slade James Mason . He makes innocent enquiries of his fellow inmates about Slade . It and the book it is adapted from. The jail scenes were filmed at Liverpool Prison and Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin Cast • Paul Newman . he is approached by a well-spoken inmate who offers to act as a go-between with an organisation that can spring him from the prison in exchange for a large cut of the stolen diamonds. and smoke bombs are hurled over the walls. A few weeks after his entry into prison. They are then drugged by a needle injection and taken to a secret location somewhere in wild. Republic of Ireland and Malta.Brown Harry Andrews . This he does. and sentences him to twenty years in jail. They are used to helping prisoners escape.Joseph Rearden • Dominique Sanda .Jack Summers Noel Purcell . are lifted over the walls by a cargo net and then driven away at high speed.Taafe Robert Lang . are loosely based on the exposure and defection of George Blake.Inspector Brunskill Jenny Runacre . The scene where Slade and Rearden escape from prison are inspired by Blake's escape from Wormwood Scrubs in 1966.Buster Plot Joseph Rearden (Newman). A few days after entering he encounters Slade (Bannen). and have another exit planned shortly which he can join if he is prepared to put up the money .Soames-Trevelyan Peter Vaughan .Sir George Wheeler MP Michael Horden .O'Donovan John Bindon . inform him of a simple way to steal diamonds which are transported via the post service to avoid attention.but not a great deal is known about him.The Mackintosh Man 143 Production The film was shot in the UK. who is being kept in high security.

where he discover he is on the West Coast of Ireland and has been apparently staying on the estate of a close friend of Sir George Wheeler. Realising that Slade has been smuggled out of Ireland on the private yacht of Wheeler. United States or Canada. despite masquerading as a staunchly patriotic right-winger. setting it on fire. Before he can act. He immediately tips off the head of the organisation where Rearden is being held. beating him violently and savaging him with a guard dog. but they refuse to believe so respected a man as Wheeler could be involved in kidnapping and treason. It is now intended that they will be raided. Wheeler. Rearden is again forced to flee. rounded up and Slade returned to prison. he is deliberately run down by a car.angry at the way he has not followed his. He then makes it to a nearby town. Wheeler soon recognised Mrs Smith (who is in fact the daughter of his old friend Mackintosh) and drugs her and takes her inside the boat. He makes out across country . External links • The Mackintosh Man [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.imdb. is in fact a Communist and an agent of the KGB. and orders them to hand over Slade. they now head to Valetta on Malta where Wheeler is now heading. and dies soon afterwards. Following a speech attacking the handling of the Slade escape by an old friend and war comrade. and instead they move to arrest Rearden . He manages to eventually fight back and escape the building. He contacts Mrs Smith in London who flies to meet him in Galway. He pulls a gun on them. Rearden tries to get the Maltese police to raid the boat. Reluctantly Rearden agrees. 144 Reception The film received a mixed reception when it was released. and did not perform well at the box office in either the United Kingdom. Presented with a Mexican Standoff Wheeler and Slade try and persuade Rearden to let them go unharmed.The Mackintosh Man In London Mackintosh discreetly monitors the progress of Rearden. in return for which they will also spare him and Mrs Smith. He is finally forced to drown the dog in a stream to throw his assailants off the scent. Mrs Smith takes up a gun and shoots Slade and Wheeler. Sir George Wheeler MP (Mason) in the House of Commons Mackintosh approaches him and advises him it would be better to remain silent or risk embarrassing himself. and bitterly abandons Rearden .com/title/tt0070351/ . avenging the murder of her father. Rearden now falls under suspicion where is being held. and had used their meeting to try and flush him out.who is still a wanted man for his earlier faked diamond robbery. His entry into prison has been a planned sting operation to smoke out the organisation.pursued by his guards and the dog. Mackintosh had in fact suspected Wheeler. Once there they try and infiltrate one of Wheeler's parties and discover the whereabouts of Slade. but he manages to follow Wheeler to a temple where he is holding Slade. She has fulfilled her orders. however. and they now began to doubt his claims to be an Australian criminal.

and starring Paul Newman (at the height of his career. Fowler Cinerama Releasing UK December 18. directed by John Huston. between Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting). It [1] was loosely based on the real-life. 1972 120 minutes United States English The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean is a 1972 western film written by John Milius.The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 145 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring John Huston John Foreman John Milius Paul Newman Jacqueline Bisset Anthony Perkins Victoria Principal Maurice Jarre Music by Cinematography Richard Moore Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Hugh S. . self-appointed frontier judge.

Bosnos as Opera House clerk John Hudkins as Man at Opera House stage door Ken Freehill as Bedfellow Duncan Inches as Man at Vinegaroon Rusty Lee as Tuba player Roy Jenson as Outlaw Gary Combs as Outlaw Fred Brookfield as Outlaw Bennie E. Grub • Lee Meza as Mrs. Jackson Karen Carr as Mrs. Lucky Jim • Neil Summers as Snake River Rufus Krile • Jack Colvin • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Howard Morton as Photographist Billy Pearson as Billy the Station Master Stan Barrett as Killer Dean Casper as Hotel desk clerk Don Starr as San Antonio Opera House manager Alfred G. Dobbins as Outlaw Leroy Johnson as Outlaw Fred Krone as Outlaw Terry Leonard as Outlaw Dean Smith as Outlaw Margo Epper Jeannie Epper Stephanie Epper .The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 146 Cast • Paul Newman as Judge Roy Bean • Victoria Principal (film debut) as Maria Elena • Anthony Perkins as Reverend LaSalle • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ned Beatty as Tector Crites Jacqueline Bisset as Rose Bean Tab Hunter as Sam Dodd John Huston as Grizzly Adams Ava Gardner as Lillie Langtry Richard Farnsworth as Outlaw Stacy Keach as Bad Bob Michael Sarrazin as Rose's husband Roddy McDowall as Frank Gass Anthony Zerbe as Opera House hustler who mugs Bean Mark Headley as Billy the Kid Frank Soto as Mexican leader Jim Burk as Big Bart Jackson Matt Clark as Nick the Grub Bill McKinney as Fermel Parlee Steve Kanaly as Lucky Jim Francesca Jarvis as Mrs. Parlee • Dolores Clark as Mrs.

imdb. Victoria Advocate. Marmalade. nominated for Best Original Song. Molasses and Honey • 1973 Golden Globe Award. nominated for Best Music. Female References [1] Ford.The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean • Barbara J.com/work/29197) at Allmovie . "Pure Fantasy of a West Texas Ulysses". Dan (30 May 1972). Longo 147 Awards • 1973 Oscars. Molasses and Honey • 1973 Golden Globe Award.allmovie. Marmalade. Best Original Song.com/title/tt0068853/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (http://www. External links • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (http://www. Victoria Principal nominated for Most Promising Newcomer.

Brown (novel Jim Kane (1970)). Directed by Produced by Written by Stuart Rosenberg John Foreman Joseph P. Terrence Malick Paul Newman. USA English Pocket Money is a 1972 film directed by Stuart Rosenberg. from a screenplay written by Terrence Malick and based on the novel Jim Kane (1970) by Joseph P.Pocket Money 148 Pocket Money Pocket Money Theatrical poster. John Gay. The movie stars Paul Newman and Lee Marvin and takes place in 1970s Arizona and northern Mexico. Brown. . 1972 102 mins. Strother Martin Alex North Starring Music by Cinematography László Kovács Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Bob Wyman National General Pictures February 14. The song "Pocket Money" is composed and performed by Carole King. Lee Marvin.

...suntimes.boxofficemojo..rottentomatoes.. Worksman Reception The film received primarily mediocre to negative reviews.imdb.dll/article?AID=/19720215/REVIEWS/202150302/1023 [2] http://www. Kane agrees and brings along his friend Leonard (Marvin) to aid him.allmovie. Unfortunately... Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film two stars out of four and wrote. [2] References [1] http://rogerebert. Bill Garrett Wayne Rogers . and it gets there. a crooked rancher.Pocket Money 149 Plot Broke and in debt. enigmatic style. Manisterio Publico Terrence Malick .com/m/pocket_money/) at Rotten Tomatoes Pocket Money (http://www. Sharon (Kane's ex-wife) Gregory Sierra ... Jim Kane Lee Marvin ..com/work/38516) at Allmovie Pocket Money (http://www. Cast Paul Newman . elliptical. Juan Christine Belford .."[1] The film currently has a 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes..com/m/pocket_money/ External links • • • • Pocket Money (http://www. "The movie seems to be going for a highly mannered... American prisoner Claudio Miranda .com/apps/pbcs.com/title/tt0069103/) at the Internet Movie Database Pocket Money (http://www. Adelita Kelly Jean Peters . Uncle Herb Matt Clark .com/movies/?id=pocketmoney. Stretch Russell Hector Elizondo . We don't.. Russell tells Kane to escort 200 head of cattle from Mexico to the United States for a good sum of money. the two come upon many unexpected events that often deter them from completing their job...htm) at Box Office Mojo .... Guerro Chavarin (as Gregg Sierra) Fred Graham .rottentomatoes. Leonard Strother Martin .htm... an otherwise honest cowboy known as Jim Kane (Newman) gets mixed up in some shady dealings with Stretch Russell (Rogers) and Bill Garrett (Martin)...

1971 Once Upon a Wheel was a 1971 ABC television documentary on the history of auto racing. 1971 issue. [1] Sponsors Coca-Cola bottlers sponsored the show. A racing enthusiast. Newman narrated this hour long documentary on the history of auto racing. The film was released to home video by Monterey Media.[2] Winters and Newman on set . Viewers could order special collectibles related to the show: 8-track cartridges or cassette tapes of music from the show. Burt Rosen Paul Newman (host). Hugh Downs. Dean Martin. a Coca-Cola jacket similar to Newman’s. Dean Martin. and racing jacket style patches. and Mr. Mario Andretti. run time 60 min Genre Directed by Produced by Starring Country Language Documentary David Winters David Winters. Dick Smothers and many others. Kirk Douglas. Cesar Romero United States English Original channel ABC Release date April 18. Newman appeared in magazine ads (wearing a Coke racing jacket). Joining Newman was Mario Andretti. It was hosted by Paul Newman.Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program) 150 Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program) Once Upon a Wheel Once upon a wheel Approx. TV Guide featured an article on the program as well as Newman on the cover in the April 17. Hugh Downs. Cesar Romero.

• Home video listing on commercial website ASIN: B0002IQNHE • Overview on [[New York Times (http://movies. ISBN 1-56994-647-7. .com/title/tt0413072/) at the Internet Movie Database .montereymedia.com/my_weblog/2008/09/paul-newman. with additional footage.davidwinters.nytimes.imdb. The Italian title was "I Giganti del Brivido". External links • Once Upon a Wheel. The director has stated it was Paul Newman's impression of the finished product that encouraged the extended version.com/movie/36333/Once-Upon-a-Wheel/overview)] Website] • Once Upon a Wheel (http://www. .html).net).[3] Further reading • Ormstein. 1970: p1 References [1] Monterey Media (http://www. and "Vertigo Sobre Ruedas" in Spanish.com/sports/once_upon_a_wheel.Once Upon a Wheel (1971 TV program) 151 International The show was released theatrically in Europe.coca-colaconversations. Hollywood Reporter. "Winters-Rosen Triple Budgets".17. Bill.html)listing Retrieved 2008-10-6 [2] "Coca Cola Conversations" (http://www. Nov. [3] "David Winters Website" (http://www.

. 1970 113 minutes United States English Sometimes A Great Notion is a 1970 American drama film directed by Paul Newman. the first of his books to be adapted for the screen. The screenplay by John Gay is based on the 1964 novel of the same title by Ken Kesey.Sometimes a Great Notion (film) 152 Sometimes a Great Notion (film) Sometimes a Great Notion Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Paul Newman John Foreman John Gay Based on the novel by Ken Kesey Paul Newman Henry Fonda Lee Remick Michael Sarrazin Richard Jaeckel Henry Mancini Music by Cinematography Richard Moore Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Bob Wyman Universal Pictures December 31.

Oregon is threatened when the local logging union calls a strike against a large lumber conglomerate. these films are. These included Kernville and other locations along the Siletz River. Leland Stamper • • • • Richard Jaeckel ..." as well as a required throat operation. if impure (happily impure.. the Yaquina River. Five weeks after principal photography began. has been remarkably successful both in creating vivid. Andy Stamper Roy Jenson . and the elements. I might add) example of a genre of action film that flourished in the 1930s in movies about tuna fishermen. is performed by Charley Pride. When it aired on commercial television in 1977. Lee joins forces with them when they are forced to battle both the locals.. .. high-wire repairmen and just about any physical pursuit you can think of .... At the same time. where several scenes were filmed in Mo's Shanty Fish House.. Newman was directing as well as acting. As co-executive producer. Hank struggles to keep the small family business alive and consequently widens the rift between himself and his complacent wife Viv. which threaten their efforts to transport their logs downriver. Joe Ben Stamper Cliff Potts . Mr.. Newman . . .. .. at their best. who returns home with a college education and experience in urban living. The film was the first program to be broadcast by HBO. Newman knows .. Viv Stamper • Michael Sarrazin . Floyd Evenwrite Critical reception Vincent Canby of the New York Times called it "an extremely interesting. Hank Stamper • Henry Fonda .. Colla left the project due to "artistic differences over photographic concept.. Also complicating matters is Leland Stamper. and the production shut down on July 29. [1] Cast • Paul Newman . Oregon was filmed in various locations in Lincoln County. considerably less simple-minded than they sound—being expressions of lives lived almost entirely in terms of rugged... Lee eventually reveals he attempted suicide after his mother killed herself and has been suffering from deep depression ever since.. "All His Children. As he showed in Rachel. Newman considered replacing Colla with George Roy Hill.... Oregon along the Oregon Coast. Henry's youngest son and Hank's half-brother. who declined the offer.. As in Howard Hawks's Only Angels Have Wings.. . Production Although both Sam Peckinpah and Budd Boetticher had expressed interest in bringing Ken Kesey's novel to the screen.. leading man Paul Newman broke his ankle. Despite the fact he is uncomfortable living with a family he barely knows. Rachel. Richard A. a reference to the Stamper family philosophy. essentially individualistic professionalism . Mr. they refuse. The film's theme song. who wants him to put an end to the territorial struggle but is resigned to his doing things as he sees fit.Sometimes a Great Notion (film) 153 Plot The economic stability of Wakonda. bush pilots. and the townspeople consider them traitors. who have burned their equipment.. [1] The fictional community of Wakonda. Henry Stamper • Lee Remick .. When independent logger Hank Stamper and his father Henry are urged to support the strikers. A heavy drinker. so when filming resumed two weeks later. it was retitled Never Give an Inch... Colla was signed to direct the film in May 1970. quite complicated characters and in communicating the sense of beautiful idiocy that is the strength of the two older Stampers. as well as Yaquina Bay.." with lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman and music by Henry Mancini. Howie Elwood Joe Maross .. and the city of Newport.. ..

com/tcmdb/title." [2] 154 Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times rated the film three out of four stars and described Newman as "a director of sympathy and a sort of lyrical restraint.jsp?stid=21816&category=Notes) [2] New York Times review (http://movies.com/title/tt0067774/) at the Internet Movie Database • An insider's look at the making of the film (http://lanecc. My only real objection to the film. he avoids melodrama. ." Awards and nominations Richard Jaeckel was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor but lost to Ben Johnson for The Last Picture Show. . I think. [His] handling of the logging and action sequences . References [1] Sometimes a Great Notion at Turner Classic Movies (http://www. indeed) must erupt before this kind of movie can be said to have decently met its obligations.suntimes.Sometimes a Great Notion (film) how to direct actors . He rarely pushes scenes to their obvious conclusions.tcm. we somehow come to know the Stamper family better than we [3] expected to. . is also surprisingly effective. is a certain impatience with the screenplay.nytimes.htm) . not because of any contemporary fanciness but because of what looks like a straight-forward confidence in the subject. Alan and Marilyn Bergman and Henry Mancini were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song for "All His Children" but lost to Isaac Hayes for "Theme from Shaft". and by the end of Sometimes a Great Notion.com/movie/review?res=9D0CE2DA143DEF34BC4A53DFB5668389669EDE) [3] Chicago Sun-Times review (http://rogerebert. which lumberingly sets up almost a very physical and emotional crisis that can (and. .edu/library/don/bear/bear.imdb.dll/article?AID=/19710101/REVIEWS/101010327/1023) External links • Sometimes a Great Notion (film) (http://www.com/apps/pbcs.

Laurence Harvey.WUSA (film) 155 WUSA (film) WUSA Promotional movie poster for the film Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Stuart Rosenberg John Foreman Robert Stone Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Anthony Perkins Laurence Harvey Lalo Schifrin Paramount Pictures 1970 115 min. It is unrelated to the television station which currently has this call sign. It was written by Robert Stone. Anthony Perkins. U. The cast included Paul Newman. Joanne Woodward. English Music by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language WUSA is a 1970 drama film. . directed by Stuart Rosenberg. The story involves a radio station in New Orleans with the eponymous call sign which is apparently involved in a so-called "right-wing conspiracy". the film has never been released on home video. As of August 2010. based on his novel A Hall of Mirrors. Cloris Leachman and Wayne Rogers.S.

imdb.J. Disc Jockey Hal Baylor as Shorty Clifton James as Speed. as Marvin Leigh French as Girl Bruce Cabot as King Wolyoe Cloris Leachman as Philomene Moses Gunn as Clotho Wayne Rogers as Minter Robert Quarry as Noonan Skip Young as Rep. Sailor in Bar Tol Avery as Senator Paul Hampton as Rusty Fargo • Jerry Catron as Sidewinder Bates • Geraldine West as First Matron • Lucille Benson as Second Matron • Susan Batson as Teenage Girl • • • • • • • • • • Zara Cully as White Haired Woman Preservation Hall Jazz Band Kristin Andersen as Playboy Bunny Jeff Barr as Man at Political Rally Jim Boles as Hot Dog Vendor Paul Bradley David Huddleston as Heavy Man Diane Ladd as Barmaid at Railroad Station Laird Stuart as Bobby Jesse Vint as Young Doctor External links • WUSA [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www. Mason as Roosevelt Berry Sahdji as Hollywood Geoffrey Edwards as Irving.com/title/tt0066540/ .WUSA (film) 156 Cast • Paul Newman as Rheinhardt • Joanne Woodward as Geraldine • Anthony Perkins as Rainey • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Laurence Harvey as Farley Pat Hingle as Bingamon Don Gordon as Bogdanovich Michael Anderson. Jr. Jimmy Snipe B.

. based loosely on historical fact.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 157 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid film poster by Tom Beauvais Directed by Produced by Written by Starring George Roy Hill John Foreman William Goldman Paul Newman Robert Redford Katharine Ross Burt Bacharach (music) Hal David (lyrics) Music by Cinematography Conrad L.118. Howard Richard C. Hall Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Followed by John C. Meyer 20th Century Fox September 23.287 [2] Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a 1969 American Western film that tells the story of bank robbers Butch Cassidy (played by Paul Newman) and his partner Harry Longabaugh. 1969 112 minutes [1] United States English $102. the "Sundance Kid" (played by Robert Redford).

they muse about the identities of their pursuers. is introduced. the police arrive and a climactic gun battle begins scaring away the nearby people. or straw hat. which Butch wins. That night. Butch and Sundance attack a payroll mule train in the jungle. now known as the Bandidos Yanquis. While Butch and Sundance are eating at a local eatery. the first time Butch kills anyone. and fear that Lefors is once again after them. Sundance's lover. Later they arrive at Etta's house and learn that the posse has been paid to stay together until they kill the two of them. but are betrayed. The two of them find shelter in a nearby empty house. A few days later. Not only does Butch use too much dynamite to blow the safe. a famous Indian tracker. The second robbery goes wrong. They decide to return to robbery. and Butch and Sundance are forced to kill the Bolivian robbers. sensing that their days may be numbered. . Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford). Butch makes a run to the mule to fetch the rest of the ammunition while Sundance provides cover fire. with the posse only following Butch and Sundance. they are attacked. even though Sundance cannot swim and would prefer to fight. directed by an American named Percy Garris (Strother Martin). As they return to their hideout in Hole-in-the-Wall. They get their first honest job as payroll guards in a mine. Etta Place (Katharine Ross). so as to not attract Lefors's attention. Their next robbery is clumsily executed.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 158 Plot In the late 1890s Wyoming. In spite of their success. but that fails. They head to New York. eventually arriving by train in a small Bolivian village. are planning another bank robbery. and that they will be hunted down until they are killed by the posse. both men vie for her attention as she also goes bike-riding with Butch during a dialogue-free musical interlude. and Joe Lefors. a destination Cassidy had spoken about earlier. they try hiding in a brothel in a nearby town. Although Logan is defeated. Butch and Sundance listen to his attempts from mere yards away. using a ruse. a tough. while having dinner at a restaurant. as Butch still needs his cribsheet. Harvey Logan (Ted Cassidy). They fixate on Lord Baltimore. which is carrying a six-man team that has been specially outfitted by E. as they are unable to speak Spanish. Their first attempted bank robbery stops before it gets off the ground. on their first working day. the duo. The gang flees in multiple directions. they find out that the gang has selected a new leader. Etta teaches them the words they need. When they arrive in the nearest town San Vicente. a stable boy recognizes the brand on the mule's backside and alerts the local police. After reaching the summit of a mountain. recognized at a distance by his white skimmer. Sundance already resents the choice. Butch quickly embraces Logan's idea to rob the Union Pacific Flyer twice. renowned lawman. While they tend to their wounds in the house. Still on the run the next day. In another town. accompanied by the Oscar-winning song "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head". enjoying themselves on the balcony of a nearby brothel. taking the money and the mule. He challenges Butch to a knife fight. they see a man wearing a white straw hat on the other side of the street. Butch and Sundance then try to arrange an amnesty with the help of the friendly Sheriff Bledsoe (Jeff Corey). but a second train arrives. are sought by the authorities all over Bolivia. they find themselves trapped on the edge of a canyon. but during his return they are both wounded. However. the leaders of the Hole in the Wall Gang. then board a passenger ship. They decide to jump into the river far below. their confidence drops one evening when. The first robbery goes very well. agreeing with Logan that the second robbery would be unexpected and likely to involve even more money than the first. Harriman to hunt Butch and Sundance. They try riding double on a single horse in the hope that the posse will split up. They decide it is time to leave the country and head to Bolivia. but they're soon low on ammunition. Butch suggests going straight. Garris is killed. After more robberies. about 100 soldiers of the Bolivian cavalry arrive and surround the place. and the marshal of the next town (Kenneth Mars) cannot manage to raise a posse. Etta decides to leave them. That evening. But he tells them they have no chance of getting one. H.

One-Eyed Jacks. Sam Elliott. Jeff Corey. It was re-rated PG when 20th Century Fox re-released the film in 1974. the alleged girlfriend of the Sundance Kid. Ted Cassidy. who at the time had minimal box-office draw. The film was directed by George Roy Hill and produced at 20th Century Fox by John Foreman from a screenplay by William Goldman. Sundance says that he did not and Butch replies "For a moment there. and Marlon Brando.com). unaware of the cavalry's arrival. but McQueen left after failing to come to an agreement about who would receive top billing. originally called The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy. According to the supplemental material on the Blu-ray disc. Paul Newman was grateful to Lemmon for his support. was purchased by Richard Zanuck at 20th Century Fox for $400. Along with Newman and Redford.000 more than the board of directors had authorized him to pay. with Butch pushing the English-speaking and wide-open continent of Australia. Jack Lemmon's production company JML had produced Cool Hand Luke in 1967. was considered because of his role in an earlier Western. The music score was by Burt Bacharach with song lyrics by Hal David. tells the story through the eyes of Etta Place. Kenneth Mars. which he also directed. and features Strother Martin. I thought we were in trouble.[3] Warren Beatty was considered for one of the lead roles. Butch tells Sundance that when they get outside and get to their horses to remember one thing. discuss their next destination. Gerald Kolpan's ETTA (www. and offered him the Sundance Kid role. 159 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy Robert Redford The Sundance Kid Katharine Ross as Etta Place Strother Martin as Percy Garris Henry Jones as Bike Salesman Jeff Corey as Sheriff Bledsoe George Furth as Woodcock Cloris Leachman as Agnes Ted Cassidy as Harvey Logan Kenneth Mars as Marshal Donnelly Rhodes as Macon Timothy Scott as News Carver Don Keefer as Fireman Charles Dierkop as Flat Nose Curry Pancho Córdova as Bank Manager Nelson Olmsted as Photographer • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Bryar as Card Player #1 Sam Elliott as Card Player #2 Charles Akins as Bank Teller Eric Sinclair as Tiffany's Salesman Douglas Bank as Citizen Larry Barton as Citizen Rico Cattani as Bank Guard José Chávez as Bolivian Police Commander Dave Dunlop as Gunman Jill Hall as Minor Role Percy Helton as Sweetface Buck Holland as Posse Member Jack Isbell as Posseman Enrique Lucero as Guard in the 1st Bolivian Bank Thurl Ravenscroft as (singing voice) Jorge Russek as Bolivian Army Officer José Torvay as Bolivian Bandit Jody Gilbert as Large Woman Train Passenger • Production The film was originally rated M by the Motion Picture Association of America.000. Goldman's script. and the failure of . Butch asks Sundance if he saw Lefors "out there". a new novel featuring Butch and Sundance was released. The two starring roles were originally given to Newman and Steve McQueen. Henry Jones.ettathenovel. but Lemmon turned it down." The pair exit the house firing their guns while a voice is heard ordering: "¡Fuego!" (Spanish for "Fire!") accompanied by the sound of dozens of rifles being fired in three consecutive volleys.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The pair. The book purports to tell the "true" story of Etta and Sundance and includes many historical figures such as Buffalo Bill. and he also felt he had already played too many aspects of the Sundance Kid's character before. Cloris Leachman. Before he can say it. and Donnelly Rhodes. the film stars Katharine Ross as Etta Place. Annie Oakley and Eleanor Roosevelt. $200. He did not like riding horses. In 2009.

at the heart of Butch Cassidy. but director George Roy Hill insisted. Eventually. he grew his mustache to give himself a resemblance to Sundance). including both editions. Redford later said this film catapulted him to stardom and irreversibly changed his career... in the film."[4] Time also claimed that the "score makes the film as absurd and anachronistic as the celebrated Smothers Brothers cowboy who played the kerosene-powered guitar. battered remnants of a discarded tradition. it is listed above Goldfinger (1964) – $124. which it made #50 on The Greatest Movies of All Time of the "100 Years. better film behind gags and effects that may remind you of everything from Jules and Jim to Bonnie and Clyde and The Wild Bunch.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which disillusioned him with Hollywood.. Newman and Robert Redford were chosen. series lists. 100 Movies" lists.[1] He continued: "Even though the result is not unpleasant. it has been part of the United States National Film Registry since 2003. a gnawing emptiness that can't be satisfied by an awareness that Hill and Goldman probably knew exactly what they were doing—making a very slick movie.2 million.. . The next they are low comedians whose chaffing relationship—and dialogue—could have been lifted from a Batman and Robin episode. and they discussed using the new "staggered but equal billing" later introduced for The Towering Inferno. to "The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang" to avoid confusion with Sam Peckinpah's recently released film The Wild Bunch." this was changed. Adjusted for inflation. Steve McQueen and Paul Newman were expected to star.3 million domestically through 1974 and although no data on its worldwide gross is readily available. There is thus. partly due to subsequent re-releases.In the center of the movie is a lovely. the film has been recognized on a half dozen of the American Film Institute's AFI 100 Years. and Etta having a brief fling in New York and making the steamer passage to South America. At the 24th British Academy Film Awards. One moment they are sinewy. the film won Oscars in four of the seven categories it had been nominated in. it was the top [2] grossing film of the year. 160 Reception Critical response At the 42nd Academy Awards in 1970. At one point. but initially Newman was to play Sundance (whom he did not resemble) and Redford Cassidy (whom he did not resemble either. Vincent Canby called the film an "alternately absurd and dreamy saga that might have been fantasized by Truffaut's Jules and Jim and Catherine—before they grew up". including screenplay and cinematography.9 million and below Thunderball (1965) – $141. The film grossed about $102. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ranks among the top 100 grossing movies of all time and the top 10 for its decade. Years later.. Butch Cassidy's outlaw gang was actually called "The Wild Bunch. five-minute montage—done in sepia still photographs of the period—showing Butch. 20th Century Fox did not want Redford to play the part." Time magazine said the film's two male stars are "afflicted with cinematic schizophrenia." Box office With a box office of over US$100 million (equivalent to over $500 million in 2009 dollars[5] ).. The stills tell you so much about the curious and sad relationship of the three people that it's with real reluctance that you allow yourself to be absorbed again into further slapstick adventures.. it is vaguely disturbing—you keep seeing signs of another. the film received nine awards including Best Film. Sundance.

Best Picture. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid also won numerous British Academy Film Awards. Song (Burt Bacharach and Hal David for "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head").. the freeze-frame ending and the sound of shots being fired in several consecutive volleys. titled Mrs. starring Pete Duel and Ben Murphy as two outlaws [9] [10] trying to earn an amnesty. 100 Movies #50 AFI's 100 Years. historically. 100 Songs #23 (for "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head") AFI's 10 Top 10 #7 among Western [6] [7] Legacy The Sundance Film Festival. Sundance. In addition a TV movie called The Legend of Butch & Sundance was released in 2006. Best Direction. was released in 1979. neither is related to the Wyoming town in whose jail Harry Longabaugh was confined and from which he drew his nickname. Ryan Browning plays as Sundance. The British science fiction show "Blake's 7" based its series finale on the ending to this movie... the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally. as is his Utah ski resort. There were two made-for-TV sequels that were released in 1974 and 1976. including the main character Kerr Avon being surrounded by guards. Sundance starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Wanted: The Sundance Woman starring Katharine Ross as Etta Place working with Pancho Villa.. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for seriously ill children that the late Paul Newman organized and operated for most of his remaining years drew its name from the gang in this movie.. and TV shows such as The Simpsons (in the episode "Duffless"). Futurama. Super Show! has an episode titled Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid. To cash in in this film's vast popularity. series lists: • • • • • • AFI's 100 Years. It has also been spoofed in films such as Shanghai Noon and Honey. Best Screenplay. or aesthetically significant". Best Music. The Super Mario Bros. who also wears a signature white Boater hat. In 2003. 100 Thrills #54 AFI's 100 Years. Story and Screenplay Based on Material Not Previously Published or Produced. Best Music.. 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) #73 AFI's 100 Years.. and Best Sound. Best Cinematography. and Best Writing. among others. and Full Metal Panic. protagonists Jay and Silent Bob are constantly pursued by an aggressive and stoic mall security guard named La Fours. Butch and Sundance: The Early Days. It was nominated for Best Director. and Rachelle Lefevre plays as Etta Place. David Clayton Rogers plays as Butch.. 100 Heroes and Villains #20 on the heroes list (for Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) AFI's 100 Years.. and Best Actress for Katharine Ross....o Preferibilmente Morti) was retitled Sundance and the Kid for its US release.. an unrelated 1969 Italian Spaghetti Western about two buddies (Vivi. William Goldman won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay. The Venture Bros.. starring Tom Berenger and William Katt as the respective title characters. The Super Mario Bros.. an obvious nod to that film's title. In Kevin Smith's 1995 film Mallrats. [8] The film also inspired a television series Alias Smith and Jones. as does Lefors in the film. The American Film Institute included the film on several of its AFI 100 Years. We Shrunk Ourselves.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 161 Awards and nominations The film won four Academy Awards: Best Cinematography. Super Show!. . begun by Robert Redford. A prequel to the film. Original Score for a Motion Picture (not a Musical). is named for his role in this film. Best Actor (won by Redford though Newman was also nominated). including Best Film.

before leaping through an unstable Stargate.filmfreakcentral.com/title/tt0078919/). 26.net/news/movienews. had a fantasy to be Butch and Sundance. p.htm).afi. [7] "Top Western" (http://www. Retrieved 2009-02-09. proclaims. [5] "Domestic Grosses Adjusted for Ticket Price Inflation" (http://boxofficemojo. Time. . External links • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (http://www.00. of the 2009 series. The New York Times. Vincent (September 25. [8] "IMDB:'Butch and Sundance: The Early Years'" (http://www.co. are rivaled by Butch and Cassidy. Friday.com/alltime/adjusted. "NYT Critics' Pick Review of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (http://movies. Retrieved 2009-02-09.html). .uk/smith. 7. In The Adventures of Brisco County. Jr. . Retrieved 2006-12-09. 15 August 1998 [4] "Double Vision" (http://www. Canberra Times.comingsoon. 162 Notes [1] Canby. "Hey.com/time/magazine/article/0. [9] "Television Heaven: 'Alias Smith and Jones'" (http://www.9171. two friends." In the anime series Pokémon. .amctv.com/title/tt0064115/) at the Internet Movie Database • Ten Things You Didn't Know About Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (http://blogs.htm).imdb. [6] American Film Institute (2008-06-17). the full Indian tracker who could track anyone over any terrain.televisionheaven. American Film Institute. Bob Flynn. [2] Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (http://www. . ComingSoon.com/ movie/review?res=EE05E7DF173CEE61BC4D51DFBF668382679EDE).Box Office Mojo.allmovie.com/ future-of-classic/2007/03/butch-cassidy-a. the characters Jesse and James. who were guests on the island. . ..com/work/7672) at Allmovie [3] A slice of Lemmon for extra character. "AFI Crowns Top 10 Films in 10 Classic Genres" (http://www.php) from the American Movie Classics "Future of Classic" blog . [10] "Shanghai Noon" (http://www.844956. Retrieved 2008-06-18. 1969). Sep. Retrieved 2008-06-18. Retrieved 2006-12-09.com/10top10/western. Retrieved 2009-02-09.imdb. Stargate Universe.net/screenreviews/shanghainoon. In the tv series Fantasy Island. Retrieved 2007-11-20. a reference to Jesse James. during a sequence in which Dr.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is directly referenced in episode 8.nytimes.net. the character of Lord Bowler who was a bounty hunter and phenomenally expert tracker got its inspiration from Lord Baltimore. a reference to this film's titular character. for a moment there I thought we were in trouble. 1969. Nicholas Rush. "Time".htm).time.html). Panorama. php?id=46072).

Bobby Grim. Tony Hulman. Biery Richard C.Winning 163 Winning Winning Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language James Goldstone John Foreman Howard Rodman Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Dave Grusin Richard Moore Edward A. Roger McCluskey. and Bruce Walkup. . including Bobby Unser. 1969 123 min English Winning is a 1969 American motion picture starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Meyer Universal Pictures May 22. A number of racecar drivers and people associated with racing appear in the film. Dan Gurney.

Winning 164 Plot summary The film centers on professional racecar driver Frank Capua (Newman) and his wife Elora (Woodward). Production During preparation for this film. who were married in real life. Bob Sharp and Lake Underwood. Frank spends too much time in the garage. the legendary 2. Luther Erding (Robert Wagner).5 mile track. Newman was trained for the motorsport by drivers. The accident during the first green flag is from the 1966 race. 2 Mimi Littlejohn as Indianapolis Queen George Mason as Indianapolis Policeman Carolyn McNichol as Party Girl Paulene Myers as Cleaning Woman Lou Palmer as Indianapolis Interviewer Alma Platt as Mrs.com/title/tt0065215/ . Eshovo Robert Quarry as Sam Jagin Jay Reynolds as Indianapolis Interviewer Charles Seel as Eshovo Robert Shayne as Well-Wisher at Indy Victory Maxine Stuart as Miss Redburne's Mother Pat Vidan as Starter Bruce Walkup as Driver No. Most of the footage is from the 1968 race. at a race track high performance driving school—which sparked Newman's enthusiasm for the sport and led to his participation as a competitor in sports car racing during the remainder of his life. 1 Eileen Wesson as Miss Redburne John Bryant as Well-Wisher at Indy Victory • External links • Winning [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www. The film includes footage taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The term "winning" is also often used by Ralph Gillis in order to express his feelings of joy and contentment with his current social setting. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Frank Capua Joanne Woodward as Elora Capua Robert Wagner as Luther Lou Erding Richard Thomas as Charley Capua David Sheiner as Leo Crawford Clu Gulager as Larry the Mechanic Barry Ford as Bottineau Karen Arthur as Miss Dairy Queen Bobby Unser as Himself Tony Hulman as Himself Bobby Grim as Himself Dan Gurney as Himself Roger McCluskey as Himself Ray Ballard as Trombone Player Harry Basch as The Stranger Marianna Case as Motorcycle Girl • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Toni Clayton as The Girl Allen Emerson as Desk Clerk Timothy Galbraith as Driver No. pushing Elora into the arms of Newman's main rival on the track.imdb.

Frigg is promoted to major general so that he will outrank the prisoners. It was directed by Jack Smight and starred Paul Newman. and French) are unexpectedly taken prisoner by the Italians while in the sauna . he has been given a few personal secrets about them. 1968 110 minutes United States English The Secret War of Harry Frigg is a 1968 comedy film set in World War II. As incentive. Chester Peter Stone (screenplay) [1] Frank Tarloff (screenplay and story) Paul Newman Sylva Koscina Carlo Rustichelli Starring Music by Cinematography Russell Metty Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language J. . Being all of the same rank. Frigg is a private in the U. British. Frigg allows himself to be captured. and is imprisoned in the same jail as the brigadiers. none is in command and they are forced to plan escapes by committee.which is a public relations disaster. Plot Several brigadier generals (American. Army who is forever escaping from military stockades. The generals are held in an Italian villa. Headquarters devises a plot to free them by sending in Harry Frigg (Paul Newman).The Secret War of Harry Frigg 165 The Secret War of Harry Frigg The Secret War of Harry Frigg Directed by Produced by Written by Jack Smight Hal E. with predictably ineffective results. Terry Williams [2] Albion Film Corp. Universal Pictures February 29.S. While they are initially skeptical of his rank. he is promised a cushy job after the war.

using the countess's castle as its base.imdb.imdb. Rossano Johnny Haymer as Sgt. Pozzallo Norman Fell as Capt.com/title/tt0063573/ [6] http://tcmdb.imdb. Roscoe Pennypacker John Williams as Gen. and ends the war as a second lieutenant in charge of a radio station.com/title/title. Harry Frigg Sylva Koscina as Countess Francesca De Montefiore Andrew Duggan as Gen.imdb. von Steignitz James Gregory as Gen. Adrian Cox-Roberts Vito Scotti as Col.The Secret War of Harry Frigg Frigg's plan to free all the generals is put on hold when he becomes romantically involved with Countess Francesca De Montefiore (Sylva Koscina). Newton Armstrong Tom Bosley as Gen. Frigg eventually frees them all. Andre Rochambeau Werner Peters as Maj.com/name/nm0930802/ [3] http://www. the owner of the castle where they are imprisoned.imdb. Enrico Ferrucci [3] Jacques Roux as Gen. Homer Prentiss Fabrizio Mioni [4] as Lt.com/name/nm0591860/ [5] http://www. 166 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Pvt.com/work/43489 . The escape plans are reactivated when Italy surrenders and the Germans take the generals to a high-security prison camp.jsp?stid=89477 [7] http://www.com/name/nm0746208/ [4] http://www.com/name/nm0850514/ [2] http://www. Stanley Buck Henry as Stockade Commandant External links • The Secret War of Harry Frigg [5] at the Internet Movie Database • The Secret War of Harry Frigg [6] at the TCM Movie Database • The Secret War of Harry Frigg [7] at Allmovie References [1] http://www. Francis Mayhew Charles Gray as Gen.allmovie.

His inability to conform drives the plot of the movie. In 2005. Newman stars in the title role as Luke.Cool Hand Luke 167 Cool Hand Luke Cool Hand Luke Theatrical release poster by Bill Gold Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Stuart Rosenberg Gordon Carroll Donn Pearce Frank Pierson Paul Newman Lalo Schifrin Conrad Hall Sam O'Steen Warner Bros. or aesthetically significant" and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry. historically. 1967 126 minutes United States English Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 American drama film starring Paul Newman and directed by Stuart Rosenberg. the United States Library of Congress deemed Cool Hand Luke to be "culturally. The film features George Kennedy. Cannon and Morgan Woodward. [2] .[1] The screenplay was adapted by Donn Pearce and Frank Pierson from the novel by Pearce. Randle McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Number Six from the British television series The Prisoner (aired during the same year) and Jake Holman in The Sand Pebbles. J. in the same vein as characters such as Winston Smith from Nineteen Eighty-Four. Strother Martin. November 1.D. a prisoner in a Georgia Road prison camp who refuses to submit to the system.

. a harsh solitary confinement used to punish disobedient prisoners. beaten. Luke becomes recognized as a trouble-maker by the prison authorities. and is initially known to the other prisoners as "Lucas War-Hero. Luke comments that "sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand. Luke continually circumvents the authority of the Captain and the prison-guard "bosses". Luke is placed in a car with orders to take him to the prison hospital (rather than the much closer public hospital). he is required to dig a large hole of the same dimensions as a grave in the prison camp yard.Cool Hand Luke 168 Plot Luke (Paul Newman) is arrested for cutting the heads of parking meters one drunken night. Luke is annoyed by the prisoners' fawning and lashes out. then fill it in and repeat the process. Luke is hauled back into the bunk house. after a long stay in the box. At first the other prisoners are angry." and Dragline gives him the nickname "Cool Hand Luke." Luke fails to observe the established pecking order among the prisoners. and returned to the prison camp. News of his mother's death reaches Luke and the Captain locks him in the box instead of sending him to work. Finally. While free. Luke makes another escape that day. Luke decides to talk with God. and his sense of humor and independence in the face of incarceration prove contagious and inspiring to the other prisoners. as the other prisoners watch from the windows of the bunk house. and although Luke is severely outmatched by the larger Dragline. the prisoners begin to lose their idealized image of Luke. including hard physical labor and extended time in "the box". Later. Luke wins a poker game on a bluff with a worthless hand. Dragline re-enters and tells Luke that he made a deal with the bosses that they won't hurt them if they surrender peacefully. an exhausted Luke collapses in his hole and begs the bosses for mercy and not to be hit again. he is recaptured by local police and fitted with leg irons to prevent further attempts. Luke. Luke's escapades seal him as a legendary figure in the eyes of the prisoners. He is sentenced to two years in prison and sent to a Florida prison camp. Saddened and regretful. where he struggles to his bed alone. Luke prays and asks God what he should do. The pair spar. This struggle for influence comes to a head when Luke leads the work crew in a seemingly-impossible effort to complete a road-paving job in a single day. particularly after he wins a spur-of-the moment bet that he can eat fifty eggs in one hour. moves to an open window and is immediately shot in the neck by Boss Godfrey. but when. A distraught Dragline hauls him outside and attacks Godfrey. Moments later. in defiance of convention and expectations. this time visiting a nearby house where he uses an axe to remove his chain and curry powder to throw off the prison's tracking dogs. anticipating that Luke might attempt escape in order to attend his mother's funeral. he repeatedly refuses to stay down and eventually Dragline refuses to fight further. with the prisoners and guards watching. which is received with awe and delight. Despite the brutal conditions within the camp. Luke becomes determined to escape. but the Captain sets out to break Luke's spirit. Luke suffers a beating but wins the grudging respect of the prison population. being fit with two sets of chains. Luke is revealed to be a decorated veteran. Ashamed by Luke's capitulation to the Captain. After an initial escape attempt under the cover of a Fourth of July celebration. Luke tells Dragline that they should split up. Dragline jumps in the truck with Luke and they drive off. They travel until. Here. Luke mails the prisoners a magazine that includes a photograph of him with two beautiful women. but is stopped by the other men. Luke takes one last stab at freedom when he gets the chance to steal the guards' truck. As punishment for his escape. the other prisoners help him finish. but gets no reply. Though seemingly broken in spirit. police cars arrive outside. Dragline thanks Luke as they part and Luke enters the church. Dragline (George Kennedy). Luke demonstrates an unquenchable spirit and the other prisoners begin to idolize him. and quickly runs afoul of the prisoners' de facto leader." After a visit from his mother he becomes more optimistic about his situation. One prisoner pulls out the magazine with Luke's picture in it and tears it up. whom he believes made him the way he is and is sabotaging him so he cannot win in life. at night. When he regains consciousness. knowing better. run by the sadistic Captain (Strother Martin). Luke is forced to eat a giant pile of rice. near a church. This escape is successful but short-lived. and is mercilessly beaten as his comrades look on with horror. but he is soon recaptured. revealing that the picture was a fake.

" [4] The Toronto Star. besides Newman. saying "[w]hat elevates this brutal picture above the ruck of prison films and into the range of intelligent contemplation of the ironies of life is a sharp script by Donn Pearce and Frank R. Awards and honors Cool Hand Luke won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (George Kennedy).. "who. gave the movie a [6] positive review. Cannon as Society Red Lou Antonio as Koko Strother Martin as Captain Jo Van Fleet as Arletta Clifton James as Carr Luke Askew as Boss Paul Marc Cavell as Rabbitt Richard Davalos as Blind Dick Robert Donner as Boss Shorty • • • • • • • • • Warren Finnerty as Tattoo Dennis Hopper as Babalugats John McLiam as Boss Keen Wayne Rogers as Gambler Harry Dean Stanton (credited as Dean Stanton) as Tramp Charles Tyner as Boss Higgins Ralph Waite as Alibi Anthony Zerbe as Dog Boy Buck Kartalian as Dynamite Joe Don Baker as Fixer Joy Harmon as The Girl. AFI's 100 Years.. Dragline and the other prisoners reminisce about Luke. said the movie's anti-establishment message fit well with the mood of the 1960s.. Lucille Robert Drivas as Loudmouth Steve • Morgan Woodward as Boss Godfrey • Cast notes: • Although she played Luke's mother. Stuart Rosenberg.[5] All of the forty-four reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes. Jo Van Fleet was only eleven years older than Paul Newman. including six top critics. and was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Paul Newman). Best Music. Reception Upon its initial release. In 2003. The final image is the now-repaired picture of Luke and the two women. . in which she comes to visit him propped up in the back of a truck. 169 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Luke Jackson George Kennedy as Dragline J." [3] Variety magazine said the "versatile and competent cast maintains interest throughout rambling exposition to a downbeat climax. Original Music Score and Best Writing.Cool Hand Luke Later. and splendid acting by Paul Newman and a totally unfaultable cast". Pierson. 100 Cheers: America's Most Inspiring Movies rated Cool Hand Luke number 71. in one scene. ruthlessly realistic and plausible staging and directing by a new man. Dragline describes Luke's unique smile as scenes of Luke's escapades flash across the screen. Cool Hand Luke was included in the United States National Film Registry in 2005. Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. does as much to make us comprehend the background and the emotional hang-up of the loner as might have been done in the entire length of a good film. Bosley Crowther wrote an NYT Critic's Pick review. before the screen fades to black. 100 Heroes and Villains rated Luke Jackson as the number 30 greatest hero in American Cinema. who in death has regained all the adulation he lost among the prisoners and become a mythic hero. and four years later.D. Crowther commended Kennedy's "powerfully obsessive" depiction of the "top-dog who handles things his way as effectively and finally as destructively as does the warden or the guards" and Jo Van Fleet. in a 2007 home video review. AFI's 100 Years..

com/movies/luke/luke18.rottentomatoes. However. Bosley (November 2. The quote was listed at number 11 on the American Film Institute's list of the 100 most memorable movie lines. . it was retained.wav) External links • Cool Hand Luke (http://www. Retrieved 2010-10-10.html) 1966-1969 timeline [3] Crowther.state. Johnson. 2007).us/oth/timeline/1966-1969. "Cool Hand Luke (1967)" (http://movies. Retrieved 2010-10-10.destgulch. says that the line "just appeared" on the page as he was typing (that is. Notes [1] Variety film review. "Rebel hero captured restless spirit of an era" (http://www. the screenplay's co-writer. [5] Pevere. . Frank Gari. The line was a '60s subcultural reference to Lyndon B. 1967. Some men you just can't reach.fl. [4] "Cool Hand Luke" (http://www.com/m/cool_hand_luke/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Cool Hand Luke (http://tcmdb. NBN Television's NBN News in Northern NSW.com/work/10957) at Allmovie • Plot summary and quotes (http://www. May 31. recorded an arrangement of the Tar Sequence in 1983 as News Series 2000.html) from filmsite.Cool Hand Luke 170 Famous line What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. by the Captain (Strother Martin). Frank Pierson.com/title/title. .imdb. he gets it.org/cool. page 6. Geoff (March 18.com/m/cool_hand_luke/). Although the music originated from this film.jsp?stid=24774) at the TCM Movie Database • Cool Hand Luke (http://www. Well. [7] The line is frequently taken as "What we've got here is a failure to communicate. An edited version of the musical cue from the Tar Sequence has been used for many years as the news music package on several television stations' news programs around the world. December 31. this cue was first used in 1968 on WABC-TV in New York for their Eyewitness News newscast and was subsequently imported to ABC's other television properties. Retrieved 2010-10-10. who created many news music packages. This line is heard twice in the film.rottentomatoes.org . After some debate over whether it was "too intellectual" a remark for the Captain.filmsite. 1967). Which is the way he wants it. casting Johnson as a villain. Rotten Tomatoes. and Network Ten's Ten Eyewitness News (1960s-1994) still uses an edited version of the music. and later on the first line with an "a". The New York Times.dc. And I don't like it any more than you men. .com/movie/ review?res=EE05E7DF1738E260BC4A53DFB767838C679EDE).thestar. who is frequently quoted as originating the line. with no "a". Toronto Star.allmovie. in the "making of" feature on the Blu-ray disk.com/review/VE1117790080. [7] listen (http://www. [2] Florida Department of Corrections (http://www.variety. So you get what we had here last week. said by Luke.com/article/193162).html).nytimes." Both are correct. 1967. Nine Network's Nine News & WIN Television's WIN News in Australia. first in its entirety. [6] "Cool Hand Luke (1967)" (http://www. Variety. Soundtrack The original music for Cool Hand Luke was composed by Lalo Schifrin.com/title/tt0061512/) at the Internet Movie Database • Cool Hand Luke (http://www. it was the result of his subconscious thought). mostly those owned and operated by ABC in the United States. to this day many people associate the tune with television news as opposed to the film itself.

Martin Balsam. Hud and The Outrage. . 1967 111 minutes United States English Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Hombre is a 1967 revisionist western film directed by Martin Ritt. Richard Boone. Novel: Elmore Leonard Paul Newman Fredric March Richard Boone David Rose James Wong Howe Frank Bracht 20th Century Fox United States: March 21. It stars Paul Newman. Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man. they had previously worked together on The Long Hot Summer. based on the novel of the same name by Elmore Leonard. Diane Cilento and Fredric March. Paris Blues. This was the sixth and final time Ritt directed Newman. Newman's amount of dialogue in the film is minimal and much of the role is conveyed through mannerism and action.Hombre (film) 171 Hombre (film) Hombre Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Martin Ritt Irving Ravetch Martin Ritt Irving Ravetch Harriet Frank Jr.

Favor's situation eventually outweighs Russell's personal dislike for her and the knowledge that Grimes is using her to bait a trap. Favor for the money. Favor give the recovered money back to him. Jessie -Russell ends up riding a stagecoach with Jessie and unhappily married boarders Doris and Billy Lee Blake leaving town. sheriff-gone-bad Frank -. Three others ride with them: Indian agent Professor Alexander Favor. Russell's survivalist instincts clash with their naive and "civilized" attitudes towards others. faces prejudice in the white world after he returns for his inheritance (a gold watch and a boarding house) upon his father's death. John Russell. In the ensuing firefight. an Apache-raised white man. The stagecoach is robbed by a gang led by Grimes. taking Mrs.which does not endear him to the boarders who live there or to the caretaker. Alex Favor • Richard Boone as Cicero Grimes • Diane Cilento as Jessie • Cameron Mitchell as Frank Braden • • • • • • Barbara Rush as Audra Favor Peter Lazer as Billy Lee Blake Margaret Blye as Doris Blake Martin Balsam as Henry Mendez Skip Ward as Steve Early Frank Silvera as Mexican bandit • David Canary as Lamar Dean • Val Avery as Delgado • Larry Ward as Soldier . He insists that Dr. although Russell is able to kill Grimes. Deciding to sell the house in order to buy a herd of horses -. especially when Grimes and his remaining gang offer to trade Mrs.who have the stolen money in their saddle bags. but by the time Russell throws the saddle bags to Grimes Mrs Favor has collapsed at a point where she is obscuring Billy Lee's target. who knew that Dr. Billy Lee is unable to prevent an outlaw shooting Russell dead. The bigots he rode with now appeal to Russell to lead them to safety.one of whom is Jessie's lover. while Billy Lee stays in the hideout and aims a rifle at one of the outlaws. Their pity for Mrs. Favor as a hostage. Russell manages to shoot two of the outlaws -. Mrs. Grimes rides off. Russell gives the money to Billy Lee. asking him to take it back to the Indians from whom it was stolen. Cast • Paul Newman as John Russell • Fredric March as Dr. Russell cuts Mrs Favor loose and she slowly makes her way up to the group. Russell descends from the group's hideout with saddle bags that he pretends are full of the money. Favor had been carrying money that he stole from the very Apaches whom Russell grew up with. Favor eventually dislikes Russell enough (upon discovering that he is an Indian) to request that he ride up top with driver Henry Mendez.Hombre (film) 172 Plot In late 19th-century Arizona. his aristocratic wife Audra and the crude Cicero Grimes.

com/title/tt0061770/) at the Internet Movie Database • Hombre (http://www. The subplot focuses on the hypocrisy and duality of respectable citizens. Critical reaction Most reviews of the film are positive.Hombre (film) 173 Background Hombre is one of several films in the 1960's portraying the situation of the Native Americans in a different and more truthful way than what had previously been seen in westerns.org/5ikDw96qr). [2] References [1] Ebert. and the dialog by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank bears listening to.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs. The film shows the need for both Indian and non-Indian alike to cooperate with each other for mutual benefit. .com/watch?v=MCeGBrKe1rE) trailer at You Tube • Hombre (http://movies. External links • Hombre (http://www. "The performances are uniformly excellent. notes. in a 1967 review. and Martin Balsam. Last year. Richard Brooks' The Professionals was the best-directed film out of Hollywood.nytimes. and has a certain grace as well.dll/article?AID=/19670421/REVIEWS/704210301/1023) on 2009-08-03.rottentomatoes. Richard Boone as the villainous Cicero Grimes. were from Diane Cilento. . Critics praise the performance of Newman and the writing of Elmore Leonard.youtube. Retrieved 2009-08-03. Film critic Roger Ebert. Ritt directs with a steady hand.Archived from the original (http://rogerebert. Rotten Tomatoes.imdb. "Hombre Review" (http://www. making it a very "fresh" film. [2] "Hombre (1967)" (http://www.webcitation. and this year it looks as if the honors may rest with Martin Ritt and "Hombre". "Hombre" has a 100% rating on the film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.com/movie/review?_r=2& res=9902E1D61F3BE63ABC4A51DFB566838C679EDE) film review at the New York Times by Bosley Crowther . the boarding house operator who talks Hombre into his ethical heroics. It's intelligent. Retrieved 2009-08-03." Ebert gave the film a rating of three and a [1] half out of four possible stars in his review.com/m/hombre/). however. Three particularly pleasing ones. Chicago Sun-Times. as the good Mexican. Roger (1967-04-21).

starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews. . (France) 126 min. (Germany) United States English US$6. (US) 126 min.000 Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Torn Curtain is a 1966 American political thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.000. Warren Bud Hoffman Universal Pictures July 14. 1966 128 min.Torn Curtain 174 Torn Curtain Torn Curtain film poster by Howard Terpning Directed by Produced by Written by Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock Brian Moore Willis Hall Keith Waterhouse Paul Newman Julie Andrews Lila Kedrova Wolfgang Kieling Hansjörg Felmy Tamara Toumanova David Opatoshu Ludwig Donath John Addison John F.

knows about anti-missile systems. but she refuses to cooperate and runs from the room. Sarah Sherman (Julie Andrews). When Lindt hears over the university's loudspeaker system that Armstrong and his fiancee are being sought for questioning. Sherman. The faculty try to interrogate his fiancee /assistant about her knowledge of the American "Gamma Five" anti-missile program. follows him there. Cast . is to attend a scientific conference. however. Armstrong must make a harrowing escape. They are constantly accompanied by Professor Karl Manfred (Günter Strack). eventually flying to East Berlin. Roadblocks. led by Mr. Armstrong secretly confides to her his actual motives. and mistakenly believed the press were there to greet her. an escape through a crowded theatre after being spotted by the lead ballerina (Tamara Toumanova). who bears a bit of a grudge (at the beginning of the movie. and asks her to go along with the ruse. Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman). along with the entire escape network. with the help of the university clinic physician Dr. The troupe travels across the Baltic Sea to Sweden on a freighter.) who drove Armstrong to the farm. At this point. and bunching with the real bus increase the suspense. These plans are threatened. he begins acting suspiciously. It soon becomes apparent to the viewer that Armstrong's defection is in fact a ruse to gain the confidence of the East German scientific establishment. along with Sherman.Torn Curtain 175 Plot On a cruise ship en route to Copenhagen. Once there. he realizes that he has given up his secrets while learning nothing in return. realizing if the apparent defection is in fact real. is extremely uncomfortable with this move. however. known as Pi. They escape by jumping overboard and swimming to a Swedish dock. He finally goads Professor Lindt into revealing his anti-missile equations in a fit of pique over what Lindt believes are Armstrong's mathematical mistakes.) Armstrong and Sherman hide in a crate of props belonging to a travelling Czech troupe. the Soviet Union. The taxicab driver (Peter Lorre Jr. Armstrong visits the physics faculty of Karl Marx University in Leipzig. His assistant and fiancée. reports Armstrong's suspicious behavior to the police. an East German security officer assigned to him. and a typical Hitchcock set piece. who is then buried by the "farmer" (Mort Mills) and his wife (Carolyn Conwell). where he is welcomed by representatives of the East German government. an esteemed American physicist and rocket scientist. Jacobi (David Opatoshu). rather than Armstrong. she flew to East Berlin on the same airplane as Armstrong. she would likely never see her home or family again. pursued by the Stasi. The ballerina makes a mistake in uncovering where Armstrong and Sherman are hiding on the ship. The escape eventually leads to an alliance with the exiled Polish countess Kuchinska (Lila Kedrova). believing he has defected to the other side. where his loyalty is suspected because of the missing Gromek. in a bus operated by the Pi escape network. Armstrong has made preparations to return to the West. in order to learn just how much their chief scientist Gustav Lindt (Ludwig Donath) and by extension. who took part in arranging Armstrong's defection to the East. Koska (Gisela Fischer). given the circumstances of the Cold War of the period. They travel to East Berlin. when he is followed to the isolated farm home of his contact by Hermann Gromek (Wolfgang Kieling). Armstrong kills Gromek. highway robbery by Soviet army deserters.

completed a full score before the film's completion. The original script was deemed unsuitable by both Hitchcock and Universal. it still was not what Hitchcock or the studio wanted. the film was given an "M" (for "Mature" -.Torn Curtain 176 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Professor Michael Armstrong • Julie Andrews as Sarah Sherman Lila Kedrova as Countess Kuchinska Hansjörg Felmy as Heinrich Gerhard Tamara Toumanova as Ballerina Wolfgang Kieling as Hermann Gromek Ludwig Donath as Professor Gustav Lindt Günter Strack as Professor Karl Manfred David Opatoshu as Mr. Instead. even when Herrmann revised his score. Hitchcock later complained that Universal Pictures executives insisted on famous stars being cast—after The Birds and Marnie both featured his discovery Tippi Hedren -. Sound stage 28 was also used in the 1925 version of The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. 1968. though rarely considered a Hitchcock classic. as Taxi Driver Jan Malmsjö as Swedish Photographer Hedley Mattingly as Airline Official Norbert Meisel as Factory Manager Frank Oberschall as Airport Security Man Gerd Rein as East German Arresting Officer in Bus Sequence Gene Roth as Guard in Post Office Norbert Schiller as Professor Gutman Lyle Sudrow as Swedish Captain Wilhelm von Homburg as Blonde Twin in Bus Background and production Initially. despite their efforts going uncredited. beyond the controversy surrounding its female star. Sr. The legendary set still stands [2] to this day and is a major tourist attraction . but the studio forced him to cast Julie Andrews.later changed to "PG") under the MPAA film rating system that took effect November 1. Jacobi Gisela Fischer as Dr. Biographer Patrick McGilligan wrote that Universal hoped Herrmann might even write a song for Julie Andrews. However. but both Hitchcock and Universal had asked for a more upbeat score. the film faced some major setbacks. Hitchcock used the British composer John Addison. [1] Torn Curtain was released without any rating on 14 July 1966 (see original 1966 movie poster above). Hitchcock wanted to cast Eva Marie Saint. Baggage Manager • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Harold Dyrenforth as Otto Haupt Horst Ebersberg as East German Interpreter Ben Frommer as Sceptical-Looking Airline Passenger Sasha Harden as Border Guard Joe Harris as Ballet Member Mischa Hausserman as Idealistic Young Man Alfred Hitchcock as Man in Hotel Lobby with Baby Erik Holland as Hotel Travel Clerk Nancy Kilgas as Ballet Member Peter Lorre Jr.the Bookseller Gloria Gorvin as Fräulein Mann Robert Boon as Professor Winkelmann Peter Bourne as Professor Olaf Hengström Linda Carol as Dancer Rico Cattani as Heinrich. with pop and jazz influences. The Film's climax in a theatre was filmed in Sound stage 28 at Universal Studios. However. Herrmann and Hitchcock had a major falling out.and that both Andrews and Newman were "recommended" to him rather than being his real choices. it was a minor hit for Hitchcock and an honourable effort. and the long-time collaborators never worked together again. During production. a long-time collaborator of Hitchcock. Torn Curtain features a memorable murder scene with Paul Newman and Wolfgang Kieling that Hitchcock made specifically to show the audience how difficult it is to kill a man. only to learn that Grant intended to make just one more film and then retire. Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall had to do extensive re-writes and script doctoring before any filming could be completed. Hitchcock also spoke in 1965 to Cary Grant about appearing in the film. Koska Mort Mills as Farmer Carolyn Conwell as Farmer's Wife Arthur Gould-Porter as Freddy. the blonde star of North by Northwest. 41 years earlier. However. Bernard Herrmann. who had recently achieved notoriety with his offbeat scoring of the film version of Tom . Escape Bus Driver Andrea Darvi as Gretl Koska Maurice Doner as Hugo.

com/cine/Torn_Curtain/) . Paul Newman slightly misspells the Danish word for Copenhagen when he answers the radiogram by writing Kobenavn instead of København. 2003). New York: Henry Holt and Company. Character Parts: Who's Really Who in CanLit. Newman came from a different generation of actors from the likes of Cary Grant and James Stewart and questioned Hitchcock about the script and the characterization throughout filming. In Torn Curtain he can be seen (8 minutes into the film) sitting in a hotel lobby holding Julie Andrews' young daughter.[3] Alfred Hitchcock's cameo is a signature occurrence in most of his films.Torn Curtain Jones." Furthermore.imdb. Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light (New York: HarperCollins.com/title/tt0061107/) at the Internet Movie Database • Torn Curtain (http://www. which features Bernard Boweri. Newman insists that he meant no disrespect towards Hitchcock. 177 References [1] McGilligan. pg.com/work/50484) at Allmovie • Torn Curtain Eyegate Gallery (http://www. The Complete Phantom of the Opera.allmovie. 48 ISBN 0-8050-1722-4 [3] Busby. Brian Moore's own dissatisfaction with the project can be seen in his novel Fergus (1970). 1987. 32. Emma Kate. p. 2003. p. Toronto: Knopf. Patrick.eyegate. Hitchcock later said he found Newman's manner and approach unacceptable and disrespectful. Brian. The working relationship between Hitchcock and Newman was also said to be problematic." Newman. as Hitchcock discovered. and once said "I think Hitch and I could have really hit it off. the expected onscreen "chemistry" between Newman and Andrews failed to materialize. 663 [2] Perry. consulted Hitchcock about his character's motivations and the director replied that Newman's "motivation is your salary. who was known as a "Method" actor. George. ISBN 0-676-97578-X External links • Torn Curtain (http://www. but the script kept getting in the way. Financial problems and several filming location changes also delayed the production. an unsympathetic character based on Hitchcock. McGilligan wrote that Hitchcock shifted his attentions to the colorful international actors who played supporting roles in the film.

500.000 (estimated) The Drowning Pool . United States English $3. February 23. Hall Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Followed by Warner Bros.Harper (film) 178 Harper (film) Harper original movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Jack Smight Elliott Kastner Jerry Gershwin William Goldman (screenplay) Ross Macdonald (novel) Paul Newman Lauren Bacall Julie Harris Arthur Hill Janet Leigh Pamela Tiffin Robert Wagner Robert Webber Shelley Winters Harold Gould Roy Jenson Johnny Mandel Starring Music by Cinematography Conrad L. 1966 121 min.

The film offers a "whodunit?" along with social commentary. Bogart's lovely wife Lauren Bacall into the story. The denouement and even the last scene leave the audience wondering just what might happen to Harper. which is the title of the novel. and there is no great joy in realizing the end of the chase. The original music score was composed by Johnny Mandel. Newman reprised the role again in a sequel.Harper (film) Harper is a 1966 film written by William Goldman from a novel by Ross Macdonald. with both characterizations and action: • • • • Hollywood's obsession with beauty and youth leads to the unwelcome discarding of valued persons Marriage and career must conflict Traditional style is stodgy and lame Religion and belief in spiritual matters is without merit • Drug abuse leads to death • War is inherently bad Alongside the social commentary. Bacall plays the role of the wounded and woeful wife. Shelley Winters played the once-gorgeous former starlet Fay Estabrook. who is now an alcoholic. The climax of the film is remarkably calm. made in 1975. 179 Plot The film was released in the UK as The Moving Target. Main cast Actor Paul Newman Lauren Bacall Julie Harris Arthur Hill Janet Leigh Pamela Tiffin Robert Wagner Robert Webber Role Lew Harper Elaine Sampson Betty Fraley Albert Graves Susan Harper Miranda Sampson Allan Taggert Dwight Troy Shelley Winters Fay Estabrook Harold Gould Roy Jenson Strother Martin Sheriff Spanner Puddler Claude . the film pays homage to the Humphrey Bogart films by bringing Mr. Goldman received a 1967 Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. the person most concerned with a missing husband. The social commentary is woven throughout the film. In addition. perhaps by intent. Mrs. Her role is strikingly similar to the character General Sternwood in the Bogart and Bacall 1946 movie The Big Sleep. the film captures elements of the traditional "buddy" film (such as Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid). The Drowning Pool.[1] The movie starred Paul Newman as the eponymous Lew Harper (Lew Archer in the novel).

• Frank Sinatra was originally offered the role. and later.com/title/tt0060490/) at the Internet Movie Database • Harper (http://www. Hombre). Notes [1] Variety film review. • The front license plate location on Harper's Porsche changes position from below the bumper to above the bumper.allmovie.imdb. February 16. page 6.Harper (film) 180 Trivia • The hero of the original novel is called Lew Archer. but turned it down. It is believed that the main character's name was changed to Lew Harper because of Newman's success in films beginning with the letter 'H' (Hud.com/work/21613) at Allmovie . 1966. The Hustler. External links • Harper (http://www.

[1] and it focuses on an elderly Corsican lady recalls the loves of her life. Castle Howard in Yorkshire was used for the shooting of some scenes. David Niven and Cecil Parker. including a Parisian aristocrat and an anarchist. Lord Lendale Marcel Dalio as Sapper Cecil Parker as Sir Percy Philippe Noiret as Ambroise Gérôme Jacques Dufilho Dufilho as Bealu Eugene Deckers as Koenigstein Daniel Emilfork as Kobeleff Hella Petri as Madam Jean Wiener as Krajewski Roger Trapp as L'inspecteur de police Dubaron Jean Rupert Joe Dassin as Un inspecteur de police . Production The film was a co-production between France. The film stars Sophia Loren. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sophia Loren as Lady Louise Lendale / Lady L Paul Newman as Armand Denis David Niven as Dicky. Italy and the United Kingdom. 1965 117 minutes France Italy United Kingdom English Language Lady L is a 1965 comedy film based on the novel by Romain Gary and directed by Peter Ustinov. Paul Newman.Lady L 181 Lady L Lady L Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Peter Ustinov Carlo Ponti Romain Gary Peter Ustinov Sophia Loren Paul Newman David Niven Jean Françaix Music by Cinematography henr Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Roger Dwyre Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer December 17.

imdb.Lady L • • • • Jacques Legras as Un inspecteur de police Mario Feliciani as L'anarchiste italien Sacha Pitoëff as Bomb-throwing revolutionary Arthur Howard as Butler 182 • Dorothy Reynolds • Jacques Ciron • Hazel Hughes • Michel Piccolii as Lecoeur • Claude Dauphin as Inspector Mercier • Catherine Allégret Allégret as Pantoufle • • • • • • • • • • France Arnel as Brunette Dorothée Blank as Blonde girl Jean-Paul Cauvin as The Little Orphan Lo Ann Chan as Chinese girl Sylvain Levignac Laurence Lignières as High society girl Tanya Lopert as Agneau Moustache as Delcour Jenny Orléans as Blonde girl Peter Ustinov as Prince Otto of Bavaria References [1] http://www.com/title/tt0059377/ .

The Outrage stars Edward G. It was directed by Martin Ritt and is based on stories by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. Claire Bloom and William Shatner. Paul Newman. Robinson William Shatner Howard Da Silva Starring Cinematography James Wong Howe Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer October 8. United States English The Outrage (1964) is a remake of the 1950 Japanese film Rashomon. . Ronald Lubin Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (original short story Yabunonaka and Rashomon) Akira Kurosawa (Rashomon screenplay) Shinobu Hashimoto (Rashomon screenplay) Fay Kanin (Rashomon play) Michael Kanin (Rashomon play) Michael Kanin (screenplay) Paul Newman Laurence Harvey Claire Bloom Edward G. Robinson. Laurence Harvey. Kurosawa is credited with the screenplay. Like the original Akira Kurosawa film. reformulated as a Western. 1964 97 min. four people give contradictory accounts of a rape and murder.The Outrage 183 The Outrage The Outrage Promotional film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Martin Ritt A.

com/title/title.com/title/tt0058437/ [2] http://www.The Outrage 184 Cast • Paul Newman as Juan Carrasco • Laurence Harvey as Colonel Wakefield • Claire Bloom as Nina Wakefield • • • • • • Edward G.com/work/105283 [3] http://tcmdb.allmovie.jsp?stid=2042 . Robinson as Con Man William Shatner as Preacher Howard Da Silva as Prospector Albert Salmi as Sheriff Thomas Chalmers as Judge Paul Fix as Indian External links • The Outrage at the Internet Movie Database [2] • The Outrage at Allmovie [3] • The Outrage at the TCM Movie Database [1] References [1] http://www.imdb.

and Dick Van Dyke. Lee Thompson and starring Shirley MacLaine. . Jacobs Gwen Davis (story) Betty Comden Shirley MacLaine Paul Newman Robert Mitchum Dean Martin Gene Kelly Robert Cummings Dick Van Dyke Margaret Dumont Nelson Riddle Leon Shamroy Marjorie Fowler 20th Century Fox 1964 111 minutes United States English French Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language What a Way to Go! is a 1964 American comedy film directed by J. Lee Thompson Arthur P. Paul Newman. Margaret Dumont. Dean Martin. Gene Kelly.What a Way to Go! 185 What a Way to Go! What a Way to Go! Directed by Produced by Written by J. Robert Mitchum.

Her mother (Margaret Dumont) is fixated on money. she convinces herself that it might be easier to love a rich man since she can't make him any richer and inadvertently cause his death. Louisa discovers Melissa was a prize cow he raised in his youth. a customer who charms her with silly dances and rhymes in the manner of Pinky Lee. the richest man in town. and not for money. presumably breaking his neck. a slightly-tipsy Rod makes a fateful mistake by trying to milk his bull. Hopper is inspired by the writing of Henry David Thoreau. Louisa ends up as sobbing widow on the couch of an unstable psychiatrist (Robert Cummings). However. Avant-garde art dominates Flint's life. but the machines wind up turning on their creator by first staking and beating him to death before they self-destruct. Flint's minimalist abstracts are just good enough to keep them fed. Louisa is richer but more depressed. However. and leaves Louisa a widow yet again. and they live in a shack. To prove her point. all of her four husbands die off after achieving wealth. who offers her a lift on his jet. She travels to Paris. and now fantastically wealthy. Art erupts!" and marries him. it is "like one of those lush budget films where it's all about what she's going to wear next. Louisa tries desperately to give away more than $200 million dollars to the U. In a dream-like pre-credit sequence. poor but happy (illustrated with a silent movie styled fantasy sequence) until Hopper abandons the simple life for an all-out assault to drive Crawley out of business in Crawleyville. and love of the simple life. The unhappy steer kicks Rod through the barn wall. kinder man under the business-magnate veneer he projects. In a cafe called the Cauliflower Ear in a podunk town.What a Way to Go! 186 Plot Louisa May Foster (Shirley MacLaine). which ends up killing him. All four leave her immensely wealthy but intensely unhappy. She enters into his bohemian lifestyle while renouncing her secret millions." This fantasy segment is full of Edith Head's over-the-top costumes and ends with Mitchum and MacLaine making love in a huge champagne glass. lack of ambition.the only positive statement in art that is being made today!" Louisa falls in love with Flint's attitude of "Money corrupts. Edgar makes a lot of money while pushing himself to his human limits. Louisa is a millionaire. but pays the ultimate price of severe greed and falls dead from an apparent heart attack while chiding "Hard work never hurt anybody!" After Hopper's death. an old school friend who inadvertently woos her with his relaxed attitude. The pallbearers drop the coffin. Rod discovers he's actually gotten richer while neglecting his industry. He builds more Sonic Palettes to paint a giant work of art. The good news is that Rod never neglects her. then ends up a neglected wife and a rich widow as a result of her ill-fated husbands' greed. a primarily romantic flashback with occasional fantasies from Louisa's point of view including a Marnie type aversion to the colour pink. Louisa tries to explain herself and her motivation for giving away all that money which leads into the rest of the story. simplify!" to heart. An erotic foreign-film spoof shows the sheet-clad pair making love in progressively smaller bathtubs and on a bed. Louisa wanders the States alone. idealistic girl.thus leading to the creation of a masterpiece. Despite his happy retreat into marriage. a pink coffin is carried down a pink staircase in a pink mansion with Louisa as a black-clad widow following behind. Louisa elects to marry Hopper. Just as he vows to find out who is responsible for making his company successful WITHOUT him. a "fusion of man and machine -. she meets Pinky Benson (Gene Kelly). Melissa. as she tends to marry poor men for love. including a chimpanzee that paints. government Internal Revenue Service who believe it an April Fools' Day joke. After discovering the softer. a machine that paints by sound. she believes she's a victim of a supernatural curse.S. she meets an already wealthy magnate named Rod Anderson (Robert Mitchum). She learns he's . Flint becomes famous by having the machine "paint" more music. We meet Louisa as a young. To paraphrase Louisa's narrative. Louisa idly suggests having the machine paint to Felix Mendelssohn's Spring Song -. He achieves his goal of bankrupting Crawley. Melrose. One of his projects is a "Sonic Palette". where she meets Larry Flint (Paul Newman). she is pushing for Louisa to marry Leonard Crawley (Dean Martin). which sleds down the stairs. and thus increasingly obsessed with all the money coming into his life. Louisa convinces Rod to sell everything and retire to the type of small farm he lived on during his childhood. After missing a flight back to the States. a romantic young woman who realizes she wants to marry for love. taking the writer's message of "simplify. Louisa loathes Lennie and instead takes up with Edgar Hopper (Dick Van Dyke).

. he sees Louisa and Leonard kissing passionately.. which causes him to pass out again. In short order.. Trentino • Fifi D'Orsay . we see a happy and no-longer-curse-weary Louisa with several children in a quaint house. Once again Louisa is neglected by a husband obsessed with fame. He turns and begs her to marry him. Leonard Crawley.. Foster • Anton Arnold ... In the end. Mr.. seeing it as mirroring her own desires. TV Announcer . reviving him by throwing a bucket of water on him. Agent Jane Wald . Jr. Edgar Hopper • Margaret Dumont . Louisa hugs and kisses Leonard as both are showered by the erupting oil. Pinky's adoring public stampede him at the premiere. Leonard 'Lennie' Crawley • Gene Kelly . She marries him. • Dean Martin . Lee Thompson • Shirley MacLaine . Pinky Benson • Robert Cummings . knocking him out cold. Polly Lenny Kent .. An all-pink mansion is among Pinky's obsessions.. In an attempt to lower the psychiatrist's chair that Robert Cummings' character is stuck in. She then turns and makes the happy discovery that the janitor is Leonard Crawley.. Pinky invites her to come see him perform. she suggests that Pinky perform without his clown makeup. Rene Wally Vernon . Relieved... while Leonard sits in his running tractor reading Thoreau. The tractor slowly grinds itself into the ground and strikes oil. Willard Milton Frome .. Jonathan Crawley. Louisa is charmed by Pinky's satisfaction with his simple lot in life. Geraldine Crawley. Lawyer Army Archerd . Pinky becomes a Hollywood movie star.. Louisa May Foster • Paul Newman . Lord Kensington Queenie Leonard . Hollywood Lawyer Christopher Connelly . she winds up letting him drop from ceiling-height.. 187 Cast • Directed by J. She sees that his clown act is tolerated because he doesn't distract from the serving of food or liquor.... Lady Kensington Pamelyn Ferdin .... simple life that she can share... a devastated Louisa runs to her husband just as a man in coveralls runs up and starts berating Leonard for hitting an underground oil pipe with his tractor. as is Louisa's appearance at a movie screening in an all-pink chinchilla coat and a pink wig.... Foster • Lou Nova . age 7 Anthony Eustrel . One night. trampling him to death into an early grave (the funeral we see at the beginning of the film).. Jr.... Louisa has told the psychiatrist her sad tale. just as a familiar-looking janitor comes into the office. Rod Anderson..... As the doctor comes to. Thinking her "curse" has finally resurfaced. and suddenly the customers notice his talent... Victor Stephanson • Dick Van Dyke . Baroness • • • • • • • • • • • • • Maurice Marsac .... Larry Flint • Robert Mitchum .. several years later. Dr. age 5 Bill Corcoran ..What a Way to Go! been a performer at the Cauliflower Ear for 14 years.. Ned Tom Conway . Mrs. who has lost everything and is now leading a poor... age 4 Jeff Fithian ......

Ross Hunter fashion-heavy eye-candy films.. French Lawyer • Mark Bailey . It won a Locarno Film [4] Festival award for Best Actor for Gene Kelly. In order..."[1] Robert Mitchum's role was originally meant for Frank Sinatra but Sinatra suddenly wanted several times more money than what the other male leads received. Chester • Marcel Hillaire .[2] Awards What a Way to Go! was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Art Direction (Jack Martin Smith..[3] a BAFTA Best Foreign Actress Award for Shirley MacLaine. Mrs.. Ted Haworth. Doris Production The audience sees four lampoons of film styles as interludes in the story... Stuart A. Scott.. French New Wave with jump cuts. Party Girl Barbara Bouchet . Reiss) and Best Costumes by Edith Head and Moss Mabry.. Dancer in the Kelly/MacLaine shipboard musical Arlene Harris . The studio refused Sinatra's demands.. Walter M. Crawleyville Lawyer • Dick Wilson . Movie Executive 188 • Joe Gray .. Gregory Peck was sought but he was unavailable.... Sour woman in club audience Paula Lane ... we see lampoons of silent film comedy.. and a spoof of Cleopatra. Freeman Myrna Ross .. Shirley MacLaine was quoted as saying that she was happy to work with "Edith Head with a $500. Lee Thompson who recommended him to the studio.. Rod Anderson's Private Airline Pilot • Burt Mustin . Minister Sid Gould ..What a Way to Go! • • • • Reginald Gardiner . seventy-two hairstylists to match the gowns.. big 1940's Hollywood musicals.. .000 budget. Publicity and Press Agent Roy Gordon . and a three-and-a-half-million-dollar gem collection loaned out by Harry Winston of New York. Girl on Plane Helene Winston ... recast after her death. Originally intended as a Marilyn Monroe vehicle.. and an American Cinema Editors Eddie award for best editor for Marjorie Fowler. Customer • Jack Greening . Pretty good perks....... Mad Pink Painter Phil Arnold .. I'd say. Shirley MacLaine recommended Mitchum to director J. Movie Executive's Girl Marjorie Bennett . Driscoll • • • • • • • Teri Garr ... a Laurel award for Best Comedy and Best Comedy performer for Paul Newman.

php) [2] p. Martin's Griffin [3] "NY Times: What a Way to Go!" (http://movies. Retrieved 2008-12-26.com/work/116375) at Allmovie What a Way to Go! (http://tcmdb.nytimes. I Don't Care 2002 St.allmovie. .imdb.jsp?stid=95411) at the TCM Movie Database What a Way to Go! (http://www.com/1964/What_a_Way_to_Go!/cap/What a Way to Go!.com/movie/116375/What-a-Way-to-Go-/awards).rottentomatoes. NY Times.com/title/tt0058743/) at the Internet Movie Database • • • • What a Way to Go! (http://www.com (http://www.srt) .com/title/title. Lee Baby.com/m/what_a_way_to_go/) at Rotten Tomatoes Complete Dialogue (http://www.com/shirley/ movies-whatawaytogo.com/title/tt0058743/awards External links • What a Way to Go! (http://www.en.What a Way to Go! 189 References [1] Shirley MacLaine on her experience with "What A Way To Go!" at shirleymaclaine. [4] http://www.377 Server.cswap.imdb.shirleymaclaine.

despising photographs and being less talkative. Robinson). Stratman. he is introduced to another laureate. and in short succession admits to suffering from writer's block . has to give his interview. Dr. When he arrives in Stockholm for the award ceremony. Max Stratman (Edward G. Robinson. who seems to be more interested in women and drinking than writing. he is delighted to find that the Swedish Foreign Department has sent the beautiful Inger Lisa Andersson (Elke Sommer) as his personal chaperone. produced by Pandro S. Berman Ernest Lehman Irving Wallace novel Paul Newman Edward G.[1] It was directed by Mark Robson. The Prize is a 1963 spy film starring Paul Newman.The Prize (film) 190 The Prize (film) The Prize film poster by Howard Terpning Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Mark Robson Pandro S. Craig then. When Craig arrives at his hotel. who is accompanied by his niece Emily (Diane Baker). Plot summary The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to Andrew Craig (Paul Newman). Elke Sommer and Edward G. at a press conference. Stratman acts as if they had never met before and also displays a change in personality. Daniels Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 1963 134 min. When Craig meets Stratman for the second time. Berman and adapted for the screen by Ernest Lehman from the novel of the same name by Irving Wallace. a famous German-American physicist. Robinson Elke Sommer Jerry Goldsmith Music by Cinematography William H. with no time to further talk to Dr.

Return to Carthage. Dr. Translator Carl Rydin as Burly Swede Jeffrey Sayre as Reporter at Awards Announcement / Guest at Award Ceremony Fred Scheiwiller as Deck Hand Maria Schroeder as Nudist Teru Shimada as Japanese Correspondent Bert Stevens as Guest at Award Ceremony Lyle Sudrow as Swedish Reporter . he suggests the possibility that Stratman may be an imposter. Unfortunately. Rolfe Bergh. Carlo's Mama Ron Nyman as Burly Swede Gregg Palmer as Swedish Commentator Michael Panaieff as French Correspondent Lars Passgård as Swedish Man Svend Petersen as Swedish Bellboy Pam Peterson as Nudist Sigrid Petterson as Speaker at Nudist Meeting Sid Raymond as Actor (Acting Walter) Otto Reichow as Seaman Gene Roth as Bjornefeldt. nobody believes him. Dark Henchman Jacqueline Beer as Monique Souvir. Chaperon Martine Bartlett as Saralee Garrett Karl Swenson as Hilding (Welcome Basket) John Qualen as Oscar (Welcome Basket) Ned Wever as Clark Wilson. So are Dr. The Nobel laureates for chemistry. having not even started his highly anticipated next novel. and having written pulp detective stories to pay the rent. John Garrett Leo G. Denise Marceau Gérard Oury as Dr.S. Carlo Farelli (Sergio Fantoni) and Dr. Claude Marceau Sergio Fantoni as Dr. Carroll as Count Bertil Jacobsson Sacha Pitoëff as Daranyi. Ambassador Larry Adare as Davis Garrett Robin Adare as Amy Garrett John Banner as German Correspondent Sven Hugo Borg as Oscar Lindblom. Lindbloom Robert Garrett as Deck Hand • Edward G. U. Robinson as Dr. Monique Souvir (Jacqueline Beer) are also staying at the hotel. as well as his "private" secretary. Dr. John Garrett (Kevin McCarthy). and due to Craig's reputation of heavy drinking and fiction writing. Max Stratman / Prof. Chaperon Rudolph Anders as Mr. Light Henchman Virginia Christine as Mrs. the laureates for medicine. Carlo Farelli Kevin McCarthy as Dr. Claude's Secretary John Wengraf as Hans Eckhart Don Dubbins as Ivar Cramer. Asked for an example of developing a detective story. Bergh. Dr. Walter Stratman • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Diane Baker as Emily Stratman Micheline Presle as Dr. his adversaries are able to stay one move ahead of him and cover their tracks. Dead Make-up Artist Peter Bourne as Swedish Man Martin Brandt as Steen Ekberg (Airport) Paul Busch as Deck Hand Carol Byron as Stewardess Carl Carlsson as Swedish Visitor Albert Carrier as French Reporter Jill Carson as Nudist Jack Chefe as Reception Guest Peter Coe as Officer Sayre Dearing as Guest at Awards Ceremony Noel Drayton as Constable Ströhm Jerry Dunphy as American TV News Correspondent Harold Dyrenforth as Swedish Officer (Nudist Meeting) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gregory Gaye as Russian Reporter Sam Harris as Guest at Award Ceremony Erik Holland as Photographer John Holland as Speaker Fred Holliday as Swedish Officer (Nudist Meeting) Stuart Holmes as Hotel Dining Room Guest Mauritz Hugo as Swedish Speaker Ike Ivarsen as Swedish Speaker Colin Kenny as Guest at Awards Ceremony Danny Klega as Deck Hand Anna Lee as American Reporter Queenie Leonard as Miss Fawley Annalena Lund as Blonde at Nightclub Margareta Lund as Swedish Woman Lester Matthews as BBC News Correspondent Grazia Narciso as Madame Farelli.The Prize (film) for years. Denise Marceau (Micheline Presle) and Dr. Claude Marceau (Gérard Oury). Craig realizes that his offhand suggestion that Stratman is an imposter is actually the truth. He even suggests that he may have lost his talent. and pursues the case. 191 Cast • • Paul Newman as Andrew Craig Elke Sommer as Inger Lisa Andersson • • • Bjørn Foss as Swedish Man Alice Frost as Mrs. As events progress toward the prize ceremony.

External links • The Prize (http://tcmdb. Ahlquist (Speak English!) • • • • • • • • • Margarto Sullivan as Nudist Hal Taggart as Reporter Maiken Thornberg as Nudist Sigfrid Tor as Swedish Waiter Arthur Tovey as Waiter at Reception Ivan Triesault as Mr. December 4.com/title/tt0057426/) at the Internet Movie Database . 1963. bearing some similarities to North by Northwest (1959). Notes [1] Variety film review. page 8.com/title/title. The scene on the bridge and in the nudist club are most often mentioned.jsp?stid=1044) at the TCM Movie Database • The Prize (http://www. Hotel Desk Porter Raanhild Vidar as Swedish Bellboy Karen von Unge as Hospital Receptionist Ben Wright as British Reporter 192 Influences and similarities The film has an overall Hitchcock-esque mood. Lindquist.The Prize (film) • • • • • • Sam Edwards as Reporter Donald Ein as Waiter Felda Ein as Swedish Woman Britt Ekland as Nudist Birgitta Engström as Young Woman Edith Evanson as Mrs.imdb.

Fapp Frank Bracht Paramount Pictures October 30. .A New Kind of Love 193 A New Kind of Love A New Kind of Love Film Poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Melville Shavelson Melville Shavelson Melville Shavelson Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Thelma Ritter Eva Gabor Erroll Garner Leith Stevens Daniel L. 1963 110 minutes United States English French Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language A New Kind of Love is a 1963 American romantic comedy film directed by Melville Shavelson and starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

. "Best Costume Design.Leena • Eva Gabor.Musical/Comedy" .. Cast • Paul Newman.imdb.Felicienne Courbeau Awards and nominations Academy Award • 1964: Nominated.Edith Head • 1964: Nominated. Scoring of Music. Adaptation or Treatment" . Color" .allmovie. "Best Motion Picture Actress .Steve Sherman • Joanne Woodward. While he tries to interview her about her job he falls in love with her..com/title/tt0057360/ [2] http://www..Samantha (Sam) Blake / Mimi • Thelma Ritter.A New Kind of Love 194 Plot A journalist mistakes a woman for a prostitute..... "Top Female Supporting Performance" ..Joanne Woodward Laurel Awards • 1964: 3rd Place.com/work/34917 . "Best Music.......Thelma Ritter External links • A New Kind of Love [1] at the Internet Movie Database • A New Kind of Love [2] at Allmovie References [1] http://www.Leith Stevens Golden Globe Award • 1964: Nominated..

is caught in the middle of this conflict and must choose between the two. Patricia Neal won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal as Alma in the film. Patricia Neal. Brandon De Wilde and Whit Bissell. arrogant libertine. Larry McMurtry Paul Newman Melvyn Douglas Patricia Neal Brandon De Wilde Elmer Bernstein Paramount Pictures May 28. . It centers on the recurring theme of an unyielding patriarch whose sense of principle and honor brings him into conflict with his only surviving son – an unscrupulous. Texas. Lonnie. [2] The movie was adapted to the screen by Harriet Frank Jr. Melvyn Douglas.Hud (film) 195 Hud (film) Hud Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Starring Martin Ritt Irving Ravetch Martin Ritt Irving Ravetch Harriet Frank. Pass By by Larry McMurtry and was directed by Martin Ritt. Homer's grandson. Also despite having a small part of the film. 1963 112 minutes United States English [1] Music by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Hud is a 1963 western film which tells the story of an embittered and selfish modern-day cowboy. Jr. It stars Paul Newman. and Irving Ravetch from the novel Horseman. The movie was primarily filmed in Claude.

In a key scene. and I'm not looking for another. At the very end. then walks off. Hud goes back into the Bannon house alone. Hud accuses Homer of hypocrisy. he accuses his son of trying to corrupt Lonnie. who died in a car wreck as a result of Hud's recklessness. callous and self-centered man whose life fits him like a cheap suit. Lonnie spots his grandfather at the roadside. he is repulsed by his uncle's treatment of Homer and Alma.saying that Hud cares about no one but himself. Hud is angry that his inheritance has been eroded. Hud happens by as she is waiting. none of his ethics have rubbed off on Hud. Hud takes Lonnie out for a night on the town. Homer reveals that his disappointment runs deeper than that and long predated the fatal wreck. and his entire herd becomes infected. and sleeping with women (married or otherwise). Although this will likely bankrupt the Bannons. He briefly lets down his guard about his feelings toward his brother ("Old Norman. The cattle are quarantined by the vet.Hud (film) 196 Plot Hud Bannon (Paul Newman) is an ambitious. Also living at the Bannon Ranch is Hud's teenage nephew Lonnie (Brandon De Wilde). rather than risk spreading the disease or pass the problem onto unsuspecting buyers. she says. Afterwards. He apologizes for his drunken assault. After Lonnie drops her off at the bus station. For a moment. but not for his attraction to her. Homer has fallen from his horse during a survey of the Bannon ranch.. who ultimately rules the entire herd must be destroyed to keep the infection from spreading.. Hud feels the emptiness of his life. brawling in bars. Although his elderly rancher-father Homer (Melvyn Douglas) is a deeply principled man. "My mama loved me. he attempts to have Homer declared legally incompetent. Hud pulls up behind Lonnie. "quoting Scripture like he wrote it himself" and nursing a hatred for him over Norman's death. while Lonnie is protective." Hud says. She promptly flees the ranch. which he has created by driving everyone who loved him away. not sure if he will ever return. he calls in a state veterinarian (Whit Bissell). he was one wayout boy!"). He has few interests other than enjoying himself and avoiding responsibility. "I've done my time with one cold-blooded bastard. brash. Norman. disgusted and demoralized at Hud's brutishness. back on the ranch. and his father's coldness towards him. Lonnie now sees Hud for what he is. A huge blowup between father and son ensues. . His life is limited to drinking. so he can usurp control of their ranch. the final fade-out shows the window shade's pullring. Although Hud's attraction to her is (at first) somewhat mutual. Norman's untimely death. Lonnie's late father was Hud's elder brother. he dismisses Lonnie's departure with a deprecating wave and a smile of indifference. Lonnie leaves the ranch. Hud recommends they quickly sell them before word gets out." Homer buys some cheap Mexican cattle with foot-and-mouth disease. "I took that hard." Lonnie and Hud are both attracted to the Bannons' middle-aged housekeeper. Driving back to the ranch. In a drunken rage. visceral disgust for him. but he does not survive. Hud believes that his brother's death is the primary cause of Homer's anger and resentment toward him. But Homer will not resort to such unethical behavior. But after a swig of beer and a moment's thought. Homer complies. Homer accuses Hud of being eager for him to die. Although Lonnie initially idealized Hud for his charm and liveliness. and is so unethical that he's "not fit to live with. Hud begins to reflect on "old times" when he and Lonnie's father used to do the same thing. After Homer's funeral. Alma (Patricia Neal). joyriding in his sporty pink Cadillac. yet Hud is crude and insulting to her. swaying to and fro. Lonnie tells Hud to put his half of their inheritance in the bank. Alma keeps her distance because she has already been "around the block" with macho womanizers like Hud. but I buried it!" He is then goaded by Hud into spilling out his deep. Lonnie comes to Alma's aid. but then she died. and both try to help Homer. Hud forces himself upon Alma. Homer confronts Hud as they come into the ranch house. They get drunk and triumph in a barroom brawl.

Best Art Direction (Black-and-White) Nominated Hal Pereira. May 8. Tambi Larsen. External links • Hud (http://www. Texas. Jr.Hud (film) 197 Cast • Paul Newman as Hud Bannon • Melvyn Douglas as Homer Bannon • Patricia Neal as Alma Brown • Brandon de Wilde as Lon 'Lonnie' Bannon • John Ashley as Hermy • Whit Bissell as Burris Reception Awards and nominations Hud won three out of seven Academy Award nominations at the 36th Annual Academy Awards (1963). [3] Award Best Director Result Nominated Martin Ritt Recipient Best Actor Nominated Paul Newman Best Adapted Screenplay Nominated Irving Ravetch.com/TexasPanhandleTowns/Claude-Texas. 1963. Harriet Frank. Claude.nytimes.jsp?stid=3893) at the TCM Movie Database . page 6. . Benton Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Cinematography (Black-and-White) Won Won Won Patricia Neal Melvyn Douglas James Wong Howe References [1] Variety film review. Comer. Retrieved 2008-12-25. Armstrong County seat.texasescapes.com/title/title.com/title/tt0057163/) at the Internet Movie Database • Hud (http://tcmdb. Samuel M. NY Times.com/movie/23772/Hud/awards). [2] Texas Escapes (http://www.imdb.htm). Robert R. [3] "NY Times: Hud" (http://movies.

Pollard as George Whit Bissell as Ludstrum Lillian Adams as Indian Woman Walter Baldwin as Conductor . Fowler Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation 1962 145 minutes United States English Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man is a 1962 drama film directed by Martin Ritt based on the Nick Adams stories by Ernest Hemingway.E. Adams • Ricardo Montalbán as Major Padula • • • • Paul Newman as The Battler Susan Strasberg as Rosanna Jessica Tandy as Mrs.Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man 198 Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Martin Ritt Jerry Wald A. Cast • • • • • • • Richard Beymer as Nick Adams Diane Baker as Carolyn Corinne Calvet as Contessa Fred Clark as Mr. Turner Dan Dailey as Billy Campbell James Dunn as Telegrapher Juano Hernández as Bugs • Arthur Kennedy as Dr. and featuring Richard Beymer as Adams. Hotchner (screenplay) Ernest Hemingway (stories) Richard Beymer Franz Waxman Cinematography Lee Garmes Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Hugh S. Adams Eli Wallach as John • Edward Binns as Brakeman • Philip Bourneuf as City Editor • Tullio Carminati as Rosanna's Father • Marc Cavell as Eddy Boulton • Charles Fredericks as Mayor • Simon Oakland as Joe Boulton • • • • Michael J.

.k.imdb.Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man • • • • Laura Cornell as Headwaiter Laura Cornell as Burlesque Queen Miriam Golden as Indian Mid-Wife Pitt Herbert as Bartender 199 • Pat Hogan as Billy Tabeshaw • Baruch Lumet as Morris • Burt Mustin as Old Soldier • Sherry Staiger as Burlesque Queen • Sharon Tate as Burlesque Queen • Alfredo Varelli as Father Ben • Mel Welles as Italian Sergeant External links • Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man at the Internet Movie Database • Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man [2] at Allmovie [1] References [1] http://www. whose father had run him out of town years before. Florida.com/work/94803 Sweet Bird of Youth Sweet Bird of Youth is a 1959 play by Tennessee Williams which tells the story of a gigolo and drifter. . Chance approaches Finley seeking permission to see Heavenly formally. who he hopes to use to help him break into the movies. Plot Self-professed to be from the wrong side of the tracks of St. who returns to his home town as the accompaniment of a faded movie star. he entices Chance with the American Dream of fame and fortune in Hollywood to get Chance to just leave town and he sends his daughter away on a long tour of Europe to get her away from Chance as well. enroute to a future proposal of marriage. When Chance first meets Heavenly its at the Finley's Country Club. The main reason he returns to his home town is to get back what he had in his youth. or any one he considers less than well bred.a. She is the daughter of wealthy 'Boss' Thomas J.allmovie. So.com/title/tt0056063/ [2] http://www. Finley will of course 1st edition cover (New Directions) never allow this. Chance Wayne. Alexandra Del Lago). around his "puppet" Heavenly. Finley doesn't like bastards. where he's waiting tables. a corrupt and ruthless politician/businessman who has a strong belief in chastity and parades his daughter around in a white dress showcasing her as the perfect virgin. Princess Kosmonopolis (a. his old girlfriend. Chance Wayne loves Heavenly Finley. Finley. Cloud. primarily.

it starred Paul Newman. Irene Worth won the 1976 Tony Award for Best Actress. still loves Chance and wants to escape her evil dictator father. Chance hopes to blackmail Del Lago with a surreptitious tape recording in order to get a part in a film. Cloud with temperamental and drunken movie star Alexandra Del Lago. Boss Finley wants to run Chance out of town again. 1975 at the Harkness Theatre. starring Christopher Walken as Chance Wayne and Irene Worth as Princess Kosmonopolis. 200 Production history Sweet Bird of Youth (film) original movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Richard Brooks Pandro S. including Best Actress for Geraldine Page. A production is currently being planned to open in 2011 with David Cromer directing and Scott Rudin serving as producer. A revival opened on December 29. Logan Ramsey. John Napier. The production was nominated for 4 Tony Awards. Chance rolls back into St. Sidney Blackmer. The play ran for 375 performances. It has been announced that Nicole Kidman will portray the role of Alexandra Del Lago. Diana Hyland. however Chance is distracted by Heavenly and never pursues Del Lago any further. in a production directed by Edwin Sherin. she intends to retire because she is embarrassed about her last movie role. Directed by Elia Kazan. Berman Richard Brooks Paul Newman Geraldine Page Ed Begley Rip Torn Bronislau Kaper Music by Cinematography Milton R. Krasner Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer March 21. Madeleine Sherwood. 1959 by Cheryl Crawford at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York City. Bruce Dern also played a small role. and Rip Torn. Geraldine Page. but it will be a little more difficult this time if only because of the notoriety of Miss Del Lago. 1962 120 minutes Broadway The original production was produced on March 10. Heavenly. [1] .Sweet Bird of Youth Years later.

page 34. 1985 at the Haymarket Theatre in a production directed by Harold Pinter and presented by impresario Douglas Urbanski it starred Lauren Bacall and Michael Beck with James Grout and David Cunningham.nsf/story/kidman-returning-to-broadway_1166942) Contact Music. Rip Torn and Mildred Dunnock. It opened on July 8. and was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Geraldine Page) and Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Shirley Knight). Valerie Perrine. 201 Film and television adaptations In 1962. The movie was adapted and directed by Richard Brooks. [3] Harrison's Reports film review. 17 September [2] Variety film review. lead character Madeline Ashton is depicted as the star of a Broadway musical adaptation of Sweet Bird of Youth called "Songbird!" Notes [1] Kidman Returning To Broadway (http://www. Shirley Knight.Sweet Bird of Youth London It took 26 years for Sweet Bird of Youth to reach London's West End. This production later transferred to Los Angeles under the direction of Michael Blakemore. George Scudder Corey Allen as Scotty Barry Cahill as Bud Dub Taylor as Dan Hatcher James Douglas as Leroy Barry Atwater as Ben Jackson Charles Arnt as Mayor Henricks Dorothy Konrad as Mrs Maribelle Norris • • • • • • • • • • • • • • James Chandler as Professor Brutus Haven Smith Mike Steen as Deputy Kelly Thordsen as Sheriff Clark Edith Atwater as Undetermined Minor Role Robert Burton as Director William Forrest as Bennie Taubman Roy Glenn as Charles Sydney Guilaroff as Hairdresser Regis Parton as Man in Car Davis Roberts as Fly Eddy Samuels as Jackie Jeffrey Sayre as Man at Political Rally Les Tremayne as Trailer Narrator (voice) Dale Van Sickel as Dissenter in Car Cultural references • "Youth of a Thousand Summers" by Van Morrison is based on this play. February 28. Mark Harmon. Jr. Finley. starring Elizabeth Taylor. Mildred Dunnock as Aunt Nonnie Madeline Sherwood as Miss Lucy Philip Abbott as Dr.contactmusic. March 10. Ronnie Claire Edwards and Rip Torn. 1962.[2] [3] It won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Ed Begley). • In the Robert Zemeckis film Death Becomes Her (1992). Sweet Bird of Youth was made for television in 1989. the play was made into a film starring Paul Newman. Geraldine Page. Madeleine Sherwood. page 6. 1962 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Chance Wayne Geraldine Page as Alexandra Del Lago Shirley Knight as Heavenly Finley Ed Begley as Tom Boss Finley Rip Torn as Thomas Tom J. 1962.com/news. Ed Begley. . It was adapted by Gavin Lambert and directed by Nicolas Roeg.

com/title/tt0056541/) at the Internet Movie Database Paris Blues Paris Blues (1961) is an American feature film filmed on location in Paris. Connie Lampson (Diahann Carroll) and Lillian Corning (Joanne Woodward) respectively. directed by Martin Ritt from a screenplay by Walter Bernstein. and with cinematography by Christian Matras. The film also features trumpeter Louis Armstrong as Wild Man Moore and jazz pianist Aaron Bridgers. The two men romance two vacationing American tourists. and Paul Newman as trombone-playing Ram Bowen. 1961.Sweet Bird of Youth 202 External links • Sweet Bird of Youth (film) (http://www. Paris Blues was released in the U.imdb. on September 27. The film also deals with American racism of the time contrasted with Paris's kinder treatment of African Americans. starring Sidney Poitier as expatriate jazz [1] [2] musician Eddie Cook. Cast • Paul Newman as Ram Bowen • Joanne Woodward as Lillian Corning • Sidney Poitier as Eddie Cook • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Louis Armstrong as Wild Man Moore Diahann Carroll as Connie Lampson Barbara Laage as Marie Séoul André Luguet as René Bernard Marie Versini as Nicole Moustache as Mustachio the drummer Aaron Bridgers Bridgers as Pianist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen as Bass Player Serge Reggiani as Michel Devigne Emilien Antille as Man with alto sax in jazz cave when Armstrong enters Roger Blin as Fausto the moor Charles Bouillaud as Luggage carrier in train Michel Dacquin as Guest at Devigne's party Hélène Dieudonné as The Pusher Michel Garland as Club 33 customer René Hell as Man with dog in the park Jo Labarrère as Club 33 customer Jack Lenoir as Club 33 waiter Frank Maurice as Luggage carrier on the platform Niko as Ricardo Michel Portal as Musician Claude Rollet as Club 33 customer Albert Simono as Guest at Devigne's party André Tomasi as Club 33 bartender María Velasco as Pianist Dominique Zard . It was produced by Sam Shaw. S. both play musicians within the film.

on two tracks. who lamentably failed to swing the big band as the absent Sam Woodyard could have done all by himself. were disappointing examples of how too many cooks spoil the broth. however. was quite critical of the release stating "both movie and music.Paris Blues 203 Soundtrack Paris Blues Soundtrack by Duke Ellington Released Recorded Genre Label 1961 May 2 & 3. One of the few moments of truth occurs in the finale.. Paris Blues (both the film and the soundtrack) is worth owning by jazz collectors".. composer and bandleader Duke Ellington recorded and released on the United Artists label in 1961 and reissued on Rykodisc in 1996 with additional dialogue from the film and the film trailer on CD-ROM. for the main NYC sessions. [4] A review in Jazz Times by Stanley Dance.[5] ." when Johnny Hodges is briefly heard". 1961 Jazz United Artists Duke Ellington chronology The Great Summit (1961) Paris Blues (1961) First Time! The Count Meets the Duke (1961) Paris Blues is a soundtrack album by American pianist. in my opinion. [3] It features performances by Ellington's Orchestra with Louis Armstrong guesting Reception The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 3 stars and stated "Although not a classic. no less than five drummers were brought in. "Paris Blues.

"Paris Blues" .alto saxophone. "Paris Stairs" . "Nite" . "Guitar Amour" . S. Philly Joe Jones. 2010 [4] Yanow.com/title/tt0055278/) at the Internet Movie Database • Paris Blues (http://tcmdb. Jimmy Hamilton . Allmusic Review (http://www. flute • Aaron Bell . 1961 Personnel • Duke Ellington – piano • Louis Armstrong .5:53 • Recorded at Reeves Sound Studios.alto saxophone Russell Procope .3:32 9.tenor saxophone Harry Carney .imdb. 2010 [5] Dance. Britt Woodman . "Take the "A" Train' (Billy Strayhorn) . A Return Reservation . Lawrence Brown. Dave Jackson. September 27. Ray Nance.trumpet (tracks 3 & 9) • Cat Anderson.com/articles/7704-paris-blues-soundtrack-duke-ellington). S. Paris Blues Soundtrack Review (http://jazztimes. bass clarinet • Harry Smiles .clarinet.oboe • Les Spann . clarinet.Jazz Times. tenor saxophone • • • • Johnny Hodges.allmusic.htm) accessed May 14. clarinet Paul Gonsalves .com/cg/amg. "Wild Man Moore" .bass • Sonny Greer.0:45 "Mood Indigo" (Ellington. 7.trombone • Juan Tizol . 1961. External links • Paris Blues (http://www.baritone saxophone. Jimmy Johnson. 1961. Murray McEachern.2:14 You Know Something? .3:15 "Autumnal Suite" .1:49 10.0:24 "Battle Royal" . Max Roach . March 1999. Barney Bigard. 3. Irving Mills) . 6. I Wasn't Shopping .com/title/title.depanorama.1:59 What's Paris Blues? . [2] Harrison's Reports film review. Ed Mullens.Paris Blues 204 Track listing All compositions by Duke Ellington except as indicated 1. [3] A Duke Ellington Panorama (http://www.0:21 12. 5. page 150.4:31 "Bird Jungle" .3:05 11.net/index. Willie Cook.2:02 13.dll?p=amg&sql=10:jbftxq9gldhe) accessed May 14.3:14 8. New York on May 2 & 3. page 7.jsp?stid=16151) at the TCM Movie Database . Oliver Nelson .valve trombone • Arthur Clark. 2.0:33 14. 4.drums References [1] Variety film review. Clark Terry .guitar.trumpet • Louis Blackburn. September 23.

Eddie surges back to being $1. losing. Eddie gets ahead $11. He sends out a runner. but Eddie insists the game will end only when Fats says it is over. Eddie is ahead over $18. Fats agrees. Arriving at Ames. Preacher." After initially losing to Fats and getting involved with unscrupulous manager Bert Gordon. Minnesota Fats. to Johnny's Bar. and suggests raising the bet to $1. The film was shot on location in New York City. Eddie . A real pool hustler was inspired to adopt the name of Gleason's character. Scott Kenyon Hopkins Starring Music by Cinematography Eugen Schüfftan (as Eugene Shuftan) Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Followed by Dede Allen 20th Century Fox September 25. gaining a reputation as a modern classic. and George C. but really to get professional gambler Bert Gordon to the hall." After 25 hours and an entire bottle of bourbon. and character garnered a number of major awards. but only after paying a terrible personal price.000. It stars Paul Newman as Eddie Felson.000 and Charlie tries to convince him to quit. ostensibly for a bottle of whiskey. but loses it all along with all but $200 of his original stake. Fats arrives and he and Eddie agree to play for $200 a game.000 a game.000 (estimated) The Color of Money The Hustler is a 1961 American drama film directed by Robert Rossen from the 1959 novel of the same name he and Sidney Carroll adapted for the screen. At their hotel later.000 that night. Its exploration of winning. Eddie declares he will win $10.The Hustler (film) 205 The Hustler (film) The Hustler original promotional poster Directed by Produced by Written by Robert Rossen Robert Rossen Walter Tevis (novel) Sidney Carroll Robert Rossen (screenplay) Paul Newman Jackie Gleason Piper Laurie George C. Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats. Plot Small-time pool hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson travels cross-country with his partner Charlie to challenge the legendary player "Minnesota Fats". Fats agrees to continue after Bert labels Eddie a "loser. 1961 134 min USA English $2. Piper Laurie as Sarah. Fats's home pool hall.000 ahead. it is also credited with helping to spark a resurgence in the popularity of pool. After initially falling behind. The film was a major critical and popular success. Eddie returns to beat Fats. It tells the story of small-time pool hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson and his desire to prove himself the best player in the country by beating legendary pool player "Minnesota Fats. Scott as Bert. and to use the association with the film in his search for celebrity.000.

However. but with reservations. Eddie loses badly and Bert refuses to keep staking him. but Eddie. Eddie stashes his belongings at the local bus terminal. Bert agrees to let the match continue at $1.000 stake on a single game. Eddie refuses and Charlie figures out he plans to challenge Fats again. Eddie agrees to Bert's terms. who had hustled pool himself as a youth and who had made an abortive attempt to write a pool-themed play called Corner Pocket.000 a game. Boxing champion Jake LaMotta also has a cameo as a bartender. an alcoholic "college girl" who walks with a limp. she scrawls "PERVERTED". Eddie realizes that Charlie held out his percentage and becomes enraged. for the Kentucky Derby.000. He wins game after game. After the game." Bert. believing that with that money he could have rebounded to beat Fats. not pool. twisted and crippled. invoking the memory of Sarah. Bert arrives first and subjects Sarah to a humiliating sexual encounter. Bert calls him a "born loser" but nevertheless offers to stake him in return for 75% of his winnings but Eddie refuses. Bert demands a share of Eddie's winnings and threatens Eddie over the issue. Eddie and Sarah travel to Louisville. where he meets Sarah Packard. optioned the book and teamed with Sidney Carroll to produce the script. Sarah pleads with Eddie to leave with her. Kentucky. Eddie dismisses Charlie as a scared old man and tells him to "go lie down and die" by himself. Scott as Bert Gordon Myron McCormick as Charlie Murray Hamilton as Findley Stefan Gierasch as Preacher Pool champion Willie Mosconi has a cameo appearance as Willie. When his thumbs heal. and "CRIPPLED" in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. including by Frank Sinatra. Director Rossen's daughter Carol Rossen speculates that previous adaptations focused too much on the pool aspects of the story and not enough on the human interaction. who breaks Eddie's thumbs. "TWISTED". putting up his entire $3. Sarah cares for him and tells him she loves him.000 share and decides to walk back to the hotel." Eddie moves into a rooming house and starts hustling for small stakes. He collects his $3. beating Fats so badly that Fats is forced to quit. who holds the stakes for Eddie and Fats's games. Eddie returns to challenge Fats again. He finds Sarah again and this time she takes him in. but he cannot say the words. They go back to her place but she refuses to let him in. but attempts to adapt it for the screen were unsuccessful. Eddie finds a poker game where Bert is sitting and Eddie loses $20.000 to challenge Fats again. Bert warns Eddie never to walk into a big-time pool hall again. Rossen.The Hustler (film) leaves half of the remaining stake with a sleeping Charlie and leaves. The game turns out to be billiards. saying that the world he is living in and its inhabitants are "perverted. where Bert arranges a match for Eddie against a wealthy local socialite named Findley. [1] . Production The Tevis novel had been optioned several times. Eddie hustles a local pool shark. deciding that a "twenty-five percent slice of something big is better than a hundred percent slice of nothing. At Johnny's Bar. 206 Cast • Paul Newman as Eddie Felson • Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats • • • • • Piper Laurie as Sarah Packard George C. shames Bert into giving up his claim." he refuses. After. Charlie finds Eddie at Sarah's and tries to persuade him to go back out on the road. Bert tells Eddie that he has talent as a pool player but no character. Eddie arrives back at the hotel to learn that she has killed herself. He figures that Eddie will need at least $3. He meets her again at a bar. Seeing Eddie's anger. saying he is "too hungry. Eddie comes back to win $12.

in pursuit of the style he termed "neo-neo-realistic". and the Manhattan Greyhound bus terminal. by accepting reality instead of his dreams.. which served as the Louisville home of Murray Hamilton's character Findley.[11] Early shooting put more focus on the pool playing. Fast Eddie. entirely in New York City. This relationship.The Hustler (film) According to Bobby Darin's agent.[10] Scenes that were included in the shooting script but did not make it into the final film include a scene at Ames pool hall establishing that Eddie is on his way to town (originally slated to be the first scene of the film) and a longer scene of Preacher talking to Bert at Johnny's Bar which establishes Preacher is a junkie. For example. but during filming Rossen made the decision to place more emphasis on the love story between Newman and Laurie's characters. Eddie finally appears above Bert in two shot when Eddie returns to beat Fats.[8] Rossen. [13] [2] 207 Themes The Hustler is fundamentally a story of what it means to be a human being. being committed to star opposite Elizabeth Taylor [3] [4] in the film Two for the Seesaw. clear look at the ego-affirmation of the one-on-one contest. through the positioning of the characters in the frame. when Eddie is playing Findley. at the inhumanity of the winner or the castrated vulnerability of the loser.. Much of the action was filmed at two now-defunct pool halls. ending up on top of him. [17] the character "makes a decisive break with the extraordinarily feeling tough guys of the 'rebel' era .[12] Despite the change in emphasis. Martin Baum. of doubt rather than certainty."[16] Mordden does note that while Fast Eddie "has a slight fifties ring". When Sarah enters the room." [8] Film and theatre historian Ethan Mordden has identified The Hustler as one of a handful of films from the early 1960s that re-defined the relationship of films to their audiences. citing The Hustler as "one of the few American movies in which the hero wins by surrendering. also noting that the film lacks noir's "Treacherous Woman or its relish in discovering crime among the bourgeoisie. When Taylor was forced to drop out of Seesaw because of shooting overruns on Cleopatra. Mordden rejects the comparison based on Rossen's ultra-realistic style. When Eddie is kneeling over Sarah's body. Paul Newman's agent turned down the part of Fast Eddie. Robert Rossen said: "My protagonist. The film crew built a dining area that was so realistic that confused passengers sat there and waited to place their orders.[7] Willie Mosconi served as technical advisor on the film[6] and shot a number of the trick shots in place of the actors (except for Gleason whose shots were his own and filmed in wide-angle to show the actor and the shot in the same frames). Newman was originally unavailable to play Fast Eddie regardless.[5] Rossen filmed The Hustler over six weeks. He attains self-awareness only after a terrible personal tragedy which he has caused — and then he wins his pool [14] game. Mordden asserts. couched within the context of winning and losing."[16] Although some have suggested the resemblance of this film to classic film noir. Rossen offered Darin the part after seeing him on The Mike Wallace Interview. No one associated with the production officially notified Darin or his representatives that he had been replaced. [17] . Eddie is positioned below Bert in a two shot but above Findley while still below Bert in a three shot. which he accepted after reading just half of the script. he writes. wants to become a great pool player. [b]ut he does end up seeking out his emotions"[17] and telling Bert that Bert is a loser because he's dead inside." [15] No film of the 1950s. McGirr's and Ames Billiard Academy. Rossen still used the various pool games to show the strengthening of Eddie's character and the evolution of his relationship to Bert and Sarah. Bert again appears above him but Eddie attacks Bert. [6] Other shooting locations included a townhouse on East 82nd Street." Roger Ebert concurs with this assessment. enrolled them in the Screen Actors Guild and used them as extras. they found out from a member of the public at a charity horse race. hungry bank clerks and lusty wives. is "one of challenge rather than flattery. she is below Eddie in two shot while in a three shot Eddie is still below Bert. "took such a brutal. but the film is really about the obstacles he encounters in attempting to fulfill himself as a human being.[8] [14] Describing the film.[9] hired actual street thugs. Newman was freed up to [3] take the role.

20th Century Fox responded by stepping up its promotional activities. for Best Writing. he writes. It currently holds a 97% "fresh" [29] rating at Rotten Tomatoes. calling Newman "first-rate" and writing that Scott's was "his most credible performance to date."[8] TV Guide calls the film a "dark [30] stunner" offering "a grim world whose only bright spot is the top of the pool table. which generated a great deal of positive word of mouth."[30] The four leads are again lavishly praised for their performances and the [30] film is summed up as "not to be missed. While he found that the script "strains hard to give an air of menace and criminality to the pool hall" and also declares it "full of pseudo-meaning". Black-and-White (Eugen Schüfftan). The Hustler tied with the Soviet film Ballad of a Soldier for Best Film from Any Source.[18] Initially reluctant to publicize the film. with Carroll. concurred in part with this assessment. Rossen received nominations for Best Director and." He further cites Fast Eddie Felson as one of "only a handful of movie characters so real that the audience refers to them as touchstones. economical" direction. 1961." The New York Times. The Hustler has cemented its reputation as a classic. on September 25. Newman won for Best Foreign Actor and Piper Laurie was nominated for Best Foreign Actress. direction. Laurie was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role. and cinematography and adding laurels for editor Dede Allen. Kauffmann strongly praised the principal cast. Kauffmann lauds Rossen's "sure. [23] Newman was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Stanley Kauffmann. echoing earlier praise for the performances. [25] Gleason was honored as Best Supporting Actor by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures and the film was named among the Board's ten best films of 1961. Roger Ebert. yet [with] characters [who] maintain a shabby nobility and grace. Richard Burton hosted a midnight screening of the film for the casts of the season's Broadway shows.The Hustler (film) 208 Reception Critical The Hustler had its world premiere in Washington. Variety praised the performances" of the entire main cast but felt that the "sordid aspects" of the story prevented the film from achieving the "goal of being pure entertainment.C. cites the film as "one of those films where scenes have [8] such psychic weight that they grow in our memories. The film was also nominated for Best Picture and Newman was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The film won two. gives her part "movingly anguished touches" (although he also mildly criticizes her for over-reliance on Method acting). especially in regard to Gleason who." . Black-and-White (Harry Horner and Gene Callahan) and Best Cinematography.[19] The film was well-received by critics. nonetheless found that The Hustler "speaks powerfully in a universal language that spellbinds and reveals bitter truths. writing for The New Republic. It is the best [21] use of a manikin by a director since Kazan photographed Burl Ives as Big Daddy. Prior to the premiere. for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration. does not so much act as "[pose] for a number of pictures which are well arranged by Rossen. he says. At the 1962 BAFTA Awards." Laurie. Gleason and Scott were each nominated for Best [24] Supporting Actor and Scott was also nominated as Best New Star of the Year."[22] [20] Awards The Hustler received nine Academy Award nominations. despite finding that the film "strays a bit" and that the romance between Newman and Laurie's characters "seems a mite far-fetched". [28] Legacy In the decades since its release. D." Variety also felt the film was far too long. Scott refused the nomination. Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.[26] Rossen was named Best Director by the New York Film Critics Circle Awards[27] and Rossen and Carroll shared the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written Drama. Gleason and Scott were both nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. although with the occasional caveat.

. [37] Perhaps the greatest beneficiary of the film's popularity was a real-life pool hustler named Rudolf Wanderone. "The Talent of Paul Newman". DVD commentary. Ed Parker. [9] Kilgallen." Carroll and Rossen's screenplay was selected by the Writers Guild of America in 2006 as the 96th best motion picture screenplay of all time. "The Hustler (1961)" (http://rogerebert. [23] "The Hustler — Awards" (http://www. 40 [20] Variety staff (1961-01-01). 29 [17] Mordden p. Retrieved 2008-03-31.org/browse/film/25327). 1961-10-05. The Hustler was acknowledged as the sixth best film in the sports genre. was virtually unknown to the general public.[33] In June 2008. [26] "Awards . 76–7 [6] Dyer pp. Stanley (1961-10-09). including Ronnie Allen. 77 [3] Newman. [8] Ebert. The Hustler: The Inside Story.com). The New York Times.org/awards/film/nominations/?year=1961). The Galveston News. A H (1961-10-08). to have served as models for Fast Eddie.cfm?year=1961). (2001). despite having won multiple world championships. [24] "Awards Search: The Hustler" (http://www. Paul. 117–9 [7] "'The Hustler. DVD commentary.bafta. and Eddie Pelkey.Y. The New Republic: pp. Dorothy (1961-05-29). Retrieved 2008-03-31.dll?p=avg&sql=1:23961~T4). Retrieved 2008-03-31. Retrieved 2008-03-31. Retrieved 2008-03-31. [13] Casty p. with greater or lesser degrees of credibility. The Hustler Special Edition [2] Starr p. Roger (2002-06-23). David (director).1961" (http://www. . the Library of Congress selected The Hustler for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as "culturally. . who. In 1997.html?categoryid=31&cs=1&p=0). Author Walter Tevis denied for the rest of his life that Wanderone had played any role in the creation of the character. for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. . 1961-09-08. Wanderone immediately adopted the Minnesota Fats nickname and parlayed his association with the film into book and television deals and other ventures.com/review/VE1117791850.goldenglobes. [10] "Dream Street". historically.variety. or aesthetically [32] significant. "The Hustler" (http://www. [22] Weiler. The Hustler Special Edition [4] Starr p. National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. 28 [16] Mordden p. "Edith Piaf Worries Friends". New Castle (PA) News.[36] The film also brought recognition to Willie Mosconi. which had been on the decline for decades. Retrieved 2008-04-24. [11] Rossen p. .[39] 209 References [1] Rossen. 76 [5] Starr pp. [38] Other players would claim. [21] Kauffmann. 28. 43 [14] Casty p. Filmed On Location In N.com/cg/avg. Variety (variety.suntimes. "Voice of Broadway". AFI released its "Ten top Ten"—the best ten films in ten "classic" American film genres—after polling over 1. "Provocative Duo: 'The Hustler' and 'The Mark' Again Show Films Can Hit Social Ills".com/apps/pbcs. Chicago Sun-Times. Lowell Sun. [film].' at Martini. [25] "Film Nominations . 41 [15] Mordden p. Dorothy (1961-04-21). A number of observers and critics have suggested that this Oscar [8] [31] was in belated recognition for his performance in The Hustler. [19] Casty p. Ed Taylor.The Hustler (film) Paul Newman reprised his role as Fast Eddie Felson in the 1986 film The Color of Money. 189-92 [12] Kilgallen. Uniontown (PA) Morning Herald. who at the time was known as "New York Fatty".allmovieguide.org/awards/past.[34] [35] The Hustler is credited with sparking a resurgence in the popularity of pool in the United States.nbrmp.500 people from the creative community.". Carol. British Academy of Film and Television Awards. Hollywood Foreign Press Association.com. . .1961" (http://www.dll/article?AID=/20020623/REVIEWS08/ 206230301/1023). allmovieguide. 30 [18] Naylor. Mosconi claimed in an interview at the time of the film's release that the character of Minnesota Fats was based on Wanderone.

Retrieved 2008-03-20. Alfred A.com/m/hustler/). R. 119 [37] Dyer p. "Review: Hustler" (http://www. php?id=46072).net/movies/h/hustler.net. Muf Books. New York. The Films of Robert Rossen.html).aspx?id=1807). [28] "WGA Awards" (http://www.com. James (2002). [29] "The Hustler" (http://www. The Library of Congress Information Bulletin (Library of Congress). Taylor Trade Publications.gov/loc/lcib/9712/nfr.org/awards/awardssub. LCCN 70-175418.org The Hustler (http://www.filmsite. .The Hustler (film) [27] "New York Film Critics Circle: 1961 Awards" (http://www.jsp?stid=78742) at the TCM Movie Database .tvguide." [32] "New to the National Film Registry" (http://www. "25 years late. . New York Film Critics Circle. "AFI Crowns Top 10 Films in 10 Classic Genres" (http://www. Knopf.comingsoon. ISBN 0394571576 • Dyer. Retrieved 2008-03-20. Retrieved 2010-04-17. Wimpy Lassiter. • Rossen.net/news/movienews. . . December 1997.com/title/tt0054997/) at the Internet Movie Database The Hustler (http://www. The Museum of Modern Art.wga. External links • • • • The Hustler (http://www.allmovie. [34] American Film Institute (2008-06-17). . 127 210 Bibliography • Casty. Medium Cool: The Movies of the 1960s. Retrieved 2008-06-18.org/hust.php?year=1961).com/hustler/review/101552). LCCN 68-54921. and Lilith. TVGuide.loc.nyfcc. [31] Berardinelli. [35] "Top 10 Sports" (http://www. Retrieved 2008-04-24.com/m/hustler/) at Rotten Tomatoes • The Hustler (http://tcmdb. Newman won the Best Actor Oscar for playing Fast Eddie. 121–2 [39] Dyer p.com/title/title. and America's Great Age of Pool.com/work/23961) at Allmovie The Hustler (http://www.net.rottentomatoes.html). Writers Guild of America. Retrieved 2010-04-17. • Mordden. A.com/awards.html) at Filmsite. New York. New York.html).rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2008-06-18. Three Screenplays: All the Kings Men. .wga. • Starr. Reelviews. Alan (1969). Bobby Darin: A Life. Michael and Michael Seth Starr (2004).reelviews. .org/subpage_newsevents. Retrieved 2008-03-31. The Hustler. Ethan (1990). Jersey Red. ISBN 156731807X. [30] "The Hustler" (http://movies. Retrieved 2008-03-31. Hustler Days: Minnesota Fats. Robert (1972).afi. [36] Dyer p.imdb. ComingSoon. . [33] "101 Greatest Screenplays" (http://www.com/10top10/sports.Rotten Tomatoes. American Film Institute. New York. . Anchor Doubleday Books. 117 [38] Dyer pp. ISBN 1589791215. (2003).aspx?id=1551). Writers Guild of America West.

Jill Haworth. Eva Marie Saint. Felix Aylmer. David Opatoshu. ASC Louis R. The film stars Paul Newman. English Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Exodus is a 1960 epic war film made by Alpha and Carlyle Productions and distributed by United Artists.S. by Leon Uris. . Hugh Griffith.Exodus (film) 211 Exodus (film) Exodus Original film poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Otto Preminger Otto Preminger Dalton Trumbo Leon Uris (novel) Paul Newman Eva Marie Saint Ralph Richardson Sal Mineo Ernest Gold Sam Leavitt. Exodus. Alexandra Stewart. Ralph Richardson. Gregory Ratoff. Loeffler United Artists MGM (DVD) 15 December 1960 208 min U.A. was written by Ernest Gold. John Derek. Sal Mineo. Peter Lawford. Cobb. including the frequently covered title theme. Lee J. Victor Maddern and George Maharis. The music. The Super Panavision 70 cinematography was by Sam Leavitt. Marius Goring. It was produced and directed by Otto Preminger from a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo from the 1958 novel.

and Ari threatens to blow up the ship and the refugees. 212 Summary The film is based on the events that happened on the ship Exodus in 1947 and dealing with the founding of the state of Israel around 1948. Taha. plot to attack Gan Dafna and kill its villagers. only to get caught in a police trap. hundreds of prisoners. Ari swears on their bodies that someday. she is ambushed and killed by a gang of Arab militiamen. opposition to the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states is heating up. The British relent and allow the Exodus safe passage. That same day. especially since the British have put a price on Akiva's head. Kitty.) Kitty and Ari have fallen in love. a radical Zionist underground network. During this time. leading to dozens of fatalities. Meanwhile. Karen's father has been found. She has taken up the Zionist cause. the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. killed by Arab extremists with a Star of David symbol carved on his body. He makes his way to Abu Yesha. He fears that the Irgun will damage his efforts. The movie was shot entirely on location in Cyprus and Israel. Ari is also badly wounded. he is contacted by members of the real Irgun. Because of his activities. Ari Ben Canaan (Paul Newman). Dov is interviewed by Ari Ben Canaan's uncle Akiva (David Opatoshu). (An actual kibbutz named Dafna is located now present Lebanese border.Exodus (film) Director Otto Preminger helped to end the stigma of the Hollywood blacklist by hiring Dalton Trumbo to adapt the [1] screenplay for the film. Karen and Taha are buried together in one grave. After he is freed. during which the camp's doctor dies. (For the historical incident on which this is based. a young Danish-Jewish girl searching for her father. ecstatic over the prospect of a new nation. manage to escape. Barak (Lee J. Jews and Arabs will live together and share the land in peace. The refugees stage a hunger strike. All goes according to plan. Dov assures her that they will marry someday. a fictional Jewish kibbutz near Mount Tabor at which Ari was raised. including Akiva. When the British find out that the refugees are in a ship in the harbor of Famagusta. Before swearing Dov in. Akiva forces the boy to confess that he was a Sonderkommando in Auschwitz and that he was raped by Nazis. Dov goes to an Irgun address. Meanwhile.) Akiva is fatally shot by British soldiers while evading a roadblock set up to catch the escaped prisoners. but Arab nationals commanded by Mohammad Amin al-Husayni. who had hoped to take young Karen to America so that she can begin a new life there. but Uncle Akiva's imprisonment is an obstacle. the body of Taha is found hanging in his village. Nurse Katherine "Kitty" Fremont (Eva Marie Saint) is an American volunteer at the Karaolos Internment on Cyprus. and a Palmach contingent . Akiva has been disowned by Ari's father. and Karen's young beau Dov Landau (Sal Mineo) proclaims his desire to join the Irgun. When Dov successfully bombs the King David Hotel in an act of terrorism. and he manages to get the children of the town out in a mass overnight escape. obtains a cargo ship and is able to smuggle 611 Jewish inmates out of the camp for an illegal voyage to Mandate Palestine before being discovered by military authorities. As Karen returns to Gan Dafna. An independent Israel is now in plain view. Kitty has grown very fond of Karen Hansen (Jill Haworth). They sit in anticipation of the day they will be liberated. At the Jewish burial ceremony. The movie then ends with Ari. who had managed to elude the arresting soldiers. Dov discovers her lifeless body the following morning.Holocaust survivors . as they have no homeland to return to. they blockade the harbor. where thousands of Jews . from whom she was separated during the war.are being held. Kitty is brought there and treats his wound. Karen has gone to live at Gan Dafna. Karen. much to the chagrin of Kitty. Ari receives prior warning of this attack from Taha. turns himself in so that he can use his knowledge of explosives to rig the Acre prison and plan an escape route. finds Dov (who was out on patrol outside the town) and proclaims her love for him. Dov Landau. Cobb). an Arab village where his lifelong friend. but he is suffering from clinical depression and does not recognize her. is the mukhtar. and Ari must devise a plan to free the prisoners. a Haganah rebel who previously was a captain in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army in World War II. see Acre Prison break. who heads the mainstream Jewish Agency trying to create a Jewish state through political and diplomatic means. Akiva is arrested and sentenced to hang.

Barak Ben Canaan • Sal Mineo . Cannes Film Festival The film was screened at the 1961 Cannes Film Festival.Dr. DC. premiered in 1958 in Washington. Golden Globe Sal Mineo won the Best Supporting Actor Award Grammy Award Ernest Gold won Best Soundtrack Album and Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards of 1961 for the soundtrack and theme to Exodus respectively.Ari Ben Canaan • Eva Marie Saint .Mandria • Gregory Ratoff .Kitty Fremont • Ralph Richardson . It is the only instrumental song to ever receive that award to date. Oddly. Paul Newman on Exodus DVD cover Awards and nominations Academy Awards Composer Ernest Gold won the Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 1960 Oscars.David • Martin Benson . The film was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Sal Mineo) and for Best Cinematography (Sam Leavitt).Von Storch • Alexandra Stewart .Maj.[2] .Dov Landau • John Derek .Exodus (film) entering trucks and heading toward battle.Lakavitch • Felix Aylmer . 213 Cast • Paul Newman .Gen. the first notes of the great dramatic theme are identical to the opening theme of a somewhat obscure orchestral piece by Quincy Porter.Akiva Ben-Canaan • Jill Haworth .Sergeant • George Maharis .Reuben • Victor Maddern .Karen Hansen Clement • Marius Goring . Caldwell • Lee J. but was not entered into the competition for the Golden Palm. Cobb . Sutherland • Peter Lawford . New England Episodes.Yoav John Gielgud turned down the role of General Sutherland.Jordana Ben Canaan • Michael Wager .Taha • Hugh Griffith .Mordekai • Paul Stevens . Lieberman • David Opatoshu .

17. A sample of the Exodus was used also in Ice-T´s song Exodus from the Album 7 Deadly Sin. [3] Dylan performed this song in the early 60s.festival-cannes. References in popular culture In "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues" a Bob Dylan character says To my knowledge there's just one man that's really and truly an American. Retrieved 2009-02-22.com/#/songs/talkin-john-birch-paranoid-blues). Classical pianist Maksim Mrvica and T. Retrieved 2008-08-11. who broke the blacklist months later by publicly announcing that he had hired Mr. festival-cannes.imdb.Exodus (film) 214 Soundtrack The main theme from the film has been widely remixed and covered by many artists. the director. Trey Spruance of the Secret Chiefs 3 rescored the theme for "surf band and orchestra" on the album 2004 Book of Horizons. Other versions were recorded by Mantovani.com/gst/ abstract. The New York Times: p. See also • Exodus (ship) • List of Holocaust films References [1] Nordheimer.bobdylan. A portion of the main title was included in a montage arranged by composer John Williams and performed at the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony. but it wasn't officially released until 1991's The Bootleg Series 1-3. as a sample for Bankhead. Trumbo to do the screenplay . A version by Ferrante & Teicher went all the way to number 2 on the Billboard Singles Chart.I.." [2] "Festival de Cannes: Exodus" (http://www.com/title/title.com/title/tt0053804/) at the Internet Movie Database • Exodus (http://tcmdb. Another notable version was recorded by jazz saxophonist Eddie Harris.com/en/archives/ficheFilm/id/3241/year/1961. and Nas's song "You're Da Man" from the album Stillmatic. [3] Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues (http://www. bobdylan. El Da Sensei's song Crowd Pleasa uses the sample of Andy Williams-The Exodus Song During the 6th episode of the 1st season of Mad Men there is a reference to the original book behind the movie Exodus in which they mention how the book had been a bestseller in the US for 2 years and how the film starring Paul Newman was to be released in a few months. Jon (1976-09-11). Oscar Winner Had Been Blacklisted" (http://select. who sang the theme with lyrics written by Pat Boone. "Dalton Trumbo. Connie Francis. and the Duprees. Film Writer. .html). .com External links • Exodus (http://www.. Howard Stern uses it for comedic effect when discussing aspects of Jewish life. Dies.. it was Otto Preminger.. Other artists include Gospel pianist Anthony Burger (in the Gaither Vocal Band's "I Do Believe").html?res=F7091EFE395C137B93C3A81782D85F428785F9&scp=3&sq=dalton trumbo exodus&st=cse).jsp?stid=22950) at the TCM Movie Database . ". Peter Nero. that's George Lincoln Rockwell: I know for a fact he hates Commies 'cause he picketed the movie Exodus. singer Edith Piaf who used french lyrics.com.nytimes.

Samuel emotionally withdrew from his family thirteen years earlier after the death of his beloved son Billy. Alfred receives word that his father has died. Samuel begrudgingly offers his son a position in the family business. but Mary defies them. Myrna Loy. Ina Balin. after which Samuel suffers a heart attack. The screenplay was written by Ernest Lehman based on the 1958 novel by John O'Hara that tells the story of a the estranged son of a Pennsylvania factory owner who marries into a prestigious family and moves to New York to seek his fortune. With his uncle's money. and Leon Ames. Plot In Philadelphia in 1946. but Alfred is moving to New York to launch an aircraft business with his old friend Lex Porter. Alfred asks his father for a loan to finance his share of the aircraft company. Mary is secretly engaged to Dr. the owner of a prestigious iron and steel company. A furious Alfred storms out in disgust.From the Terrace 215 From the Terrace From the Terrace Directed by Produced by Written by Mark Robson Mark Robson John O'Hara (novel) Ernest Lehman Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Myrna Loy Barbara Eden Elmer Bernstein Starring Music by Cinematography Leo Tover Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Dorothy Spencer 20th Century Fox July 15. and still resents the fact that Billy died while Alfred lives. John. Joanne Woodward. Alfred makes a play for Mary St. but Samuel humiliates Alfred and begins to sob for the lost Billy. Barbara Eden. 1960 149 minutes United States English From the Terrace is a 1960 American drama film directed by Mark Robson and starring Paul Newman. Jim Roper. While attending a party at the estate of Lex's wealthy uncle. Alfred goes ahead with the ceremony. the victim of years of neglect and abuse from her husband Samuel. Alfred becomes impatient. On his wedding day. Certain that Samuel has timed his death to spite him. . Lex and Alfred then fund the Nassau Aircraft Corporation. and soon the two are embroiled in a tempestuous relationship. the stunning daughter of a Main Line family. Mary's snobbish parents object that Alfred's father is a nobody and his mother is a drunk. but she is sexually drawn to Alfred. but when Lex shows more interest in perfecting aircraft designs than in selling planes. David Alfred Eaton returns home from the war to find his mother Martha a wretched alcoholic.

Alfred travels the country for MacHardie. 216 . invites Alfred and Mary to dinner. and when Alfred asserts that his goal in life is to earn more money than his father. Alfred confides to Natalie that her warmth and generosity has made him realize what a sham his marriage is. his given first name. Duffy smirks. Alfred plunges into the icy waters to save him. Alfred unexpectedly encounters Natalie in front of the hotel. whose position is threatened by Alfred's acumen. After she seductively retires to her bedroom. Later that night. Alfred impetuously invites her on a date. He is informed that Mary has been having an affair with Dr. suggests to her husband that they share an open marriage. Alfred and Natalie find themselves unable to resist their attraction to each other and a tryst in a hotel room ensues. for both their sakes. Lonely and self-pitying. however. a shrewd businessman. Photographers hired by Duffy burst in and capture their indiscretion. threatens to blackmail Alfred unless he suppresses his report. Mary. Mary vindictively calls Roper and makes a date with him. Roper. Obsessed by success. where he meets the man's beautiful and compassionate daughter. MacHardie offers him a job in his investment firm. One night. He leaves her for good and returns to Natalie's home and a new life. The boy's grandfather. Alfred then issues the uncensored report exposing Duffy's duplicity and walks out. but it is too late. uncertain if Alfred's main concern is to save her reputation or his career. Mary runs after him. At work the next day.From the Terrace One wintry day. his former firm.. Natalie. as a possible investment. MacHardie ushers in Mary to celebrate Alfred's surprise promotion to partner. only to see Alfred rise and denounce MacHardie's hypocrisy of placing success and social position above personal responsibility and happiness. but she refuses because he is married. Somehow sensing that Alfred and this woman have been intimate. his career prevents him from requesting a divorce. Alfred goes to meet Natalie and tells her that although he is estranged from Mary. Alfred goes to Pennsylvania. Creighton Duffy. Natalie reconsiders and arranges to meet him at a drive-in movie the following evening. considering it a failure in the employee's character. They kiss and she discovers that Alfred would prefer to be called David. Upon returning to New York. seeing whomever they please. Natalie. while leaving a party with his wife. senses Alfred's drive and ambition. the scandalous photos are delivered to Alfred at his home. James Duncan MacHardie. Duffy. leaving Mary alone for months at a time. MacHardie. MacHardie's son-in-law. Alfred begins to investigate Nassau Aircraft's business practices. meanwhile. Alfred is immediately summoned to MacHardie's office. Alfred and Mary are driving home from a party when they see a little boy fall through the thin ice of a frozen pond. Invited to dinner at Benziger's home. a prosperous coal mine owner. MacHardie also assigns him to analyze the Nassau Aircraft Corp. Mary begins to resent Alfred's constant absences. But the archly conservative MacHardie proceeds to warn Alfred that he will not tolerate divorce within his firm. After an ugly argument with his wife. suggests that Alfred spend two months in rural Pennsylvania checking out the business aptitude and prospects of Ralph Benziger. Natalie still believes they must end this relationship before it goes any further. Lonely and overwhelmed by her sensitivity. who has become unethically involved with Nassau and will reap a financial windfall if MacHardie invests in the company. the most famous financier in America. decides to leave.

com/title/tt0053841/ .imdb. John • Ina Balin as Natalie Benziger • • • • • • • Myrna Loy as Martha Eaton Leon Ames as Samuel Eaton George Grizzard as Lex Porter Patrick O'Neal as Dr.From the Terrace 217 Cast • Paul Newman as David Alfred Eaton • Joanne Woodward as Mary St. Jim Roper Felix Aylmer as James MacHardie Ted de Corsia as Ralph Benziger Barbara Eden as Clemmie Shreve External links • From the Terrace [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www.

Tony becomes acquainted with Wharton's much younger wife Carol (Alexis Smith) and steal the job from his classmate.The Young Philadelphians 218 The Young Philadelphians The Young Philadelphians Directed by Produced by Written by Vincent Sherman James Gunn Richard P. she marries him. She gives birth to a son. English The Young Philadelphians is a 1959 drama film starring Paul Newman and Barbara Rush. he encounters socialite Joan Dickinson (Barbara Rush) when she has a minor car accident. but she is unwilling to . However. Joan's father Gilbert Dickinson persuades Tony to postpone the wedding until next June by offering him invaluable career help highly esteemed law firm of which he is a full partner.A. Anthony "Tony" Lawrence. as it did him. Chester "Chet" Gwynn (Robert Vaughn) warns her not to let social pressure separate her from the one she loves. Robert Vaughn was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Pictures May 30. Believing Tony has allowed himself disillusioned Joan sails to Europe. Kate learns that she is a widow. is impotent. When he leaves her on their wedding night. Living and working at Wharton's mansion. Powell. though Joan is expected by nearly everyone in her lofty social circle to marry millionaire Carter Henry (Anthony Eisley). Years pass. Tony (Paul Newman) is an ambitious. energy into his work. Ziegler Warner Bros. but he cunningly defuses the dangerous situation. When Tony asks her to elope with him. she agrees. (John Williams) and a job at the to be bought. The film is based on the novel The Philadelphian by Richard P. she seeks comfort from longtime working class friend Mike Flanagan (Brian Keith). Powell (novel) James Gunn Paul Newman Barbara Rush Ernest Gold Starring Music by Cinematography Harry Stradling Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language William H. and raises him in genteel poverty. working his way through school as a construction worker with his sights on becoming a lawyer. William Lawrence III (Adam West). 1959 136 minutes U. He asks her to divorce her husband and marry him. The next day. Plot Newlywed Kate Judson Lawrence (Diane Brewster) is distraught to discover that her upper class Philadelphia Main Line husband. One day. When Carter follows her. smart college student. They soon fall in love.S. She comes to his bedroom one night. Their mutual friend. a He channels his Fellow student Louis Donetti (Paul Picerni) tells Tony about a wonderful opportunity he has to assist John Marshall Wharton (Otto Kruger) in writing a law book. Tony impresses his employer with his expertise. and directed by Vincent Sherman. Tony is stunned. but Carol becomes attracted to him.

Arthur Allen (Billie Burke) needs her will amended. "Chet" Gwynn Otto Kruger as John Marshall Wharton. Forced to work over the Christmas holiday. Tony reluctantly agrees. He also begins mending his relationship with Joan. and decides to specialize in the relatively new area of tax law. Success after success follows. Donetti (now a public prosecutor) has Chet taken into custody and charged with the first degree murder of Morton Stearnes (Robert Douglas). Tony survives the conflict without injury. drunken friend. Shippen Stearnes Adam West as William Lawrence III • Anthony Eisley as Carter Henry • Richard Deacon as George Archibald . Chet resurfaces. Tony accepts. are more interested in avoiding a scandal than proving his innocence. He also gets Shippen to admit that Morton had a brain tumor and was mentally depressed. Arthur Allen. At the trial. However. When Joan offers to hire a reliable attorney. fearing that his relatives. The jury acquits Chet. Chet loses his arm. J. and Tony becomes well known and respected by the Philadelphia elite. One night. and steals her away from her longtime lawyer. Gilbert Dickinson. the Korean War breaks out. Shippen Stearnes (Frank Conroy). J. but others are not as fortunate. Partner in Wharton / Biddle / Clayton Law Firm Paul Picerni as Louis Donetti Robert Douglas as Morton Stearnes Frank Conroy as Dr. he is available when the very rich Mrs. He breaks up with her. he gets a lucky break. 219 Cast • Paul Newman as Anthony "Tony" Judson Lawrence / Narrator • Barbara Rush as Joan Dickinson • Alexis Smith as Carol Wharton • Brian Keith as Mike Flanagan • Diane Brewster as Kate Judson Lawrence • • • • • • • • Billie Burke as Mrs. Owner Allen Oil Co. Chet's uncle and tight-fisted guardian of his inheritance.The Young Philadelphians start over. However. Chet insists on Tony defending him. When Tony returns to work. he shows her how to avoid paying a great deal of taxes. before they can leave. George Archibald (Richard Deacon). particularly family patriarch Dr. and Carter is killed. Tony discredits the testimony of Morton Stearnes' butler. John Williams as Gilbert Dickinson Robert Vaughn as Chester A. Wharton offers Tony a job at his even more prestigious firm. His work is further complicated when Shippen Stearnes threatens to reveal that Tony's real father is Mike Flanagan if Tony embarrasses the Stearnes clan. Tony and Joan reconcile. Tony realizes that she still does not trust him and fears that he has sold out once again. Tony is called to the police station to pick up his disheveled. With his specialized knowledge. Despite having no experience with criminal law. and that he might have committed suicide. where there is more opportunity for rapid advancement.

imdb.com/work/56003 .The Young Philadelphians 220 External links • The Young Philadelphians at the Internet Movie Database • The Young Philadelphians [2] at the TCM Movie Database [3] • The Young Philadelphians at Allmovie [1] References [1] http://www.com/title/title.jsp?stid=26570 [3] http://www.com/title/tt0053462/ [2] http://tcmdb.allmovie.

Mockridge Music by Cinematography Leon Shamroy Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Louis R. Boys! (film) Rally 'Round the Flag. United States English Running time Country Language Rally 'Round the Flag. Boys! is a 1958 film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Max Shulman starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.Rally 'Round the Flag. 1958 (NYC) February 1959 (nationally) 106 min. Loeffler Twentieth Century-Fox December 23. . The title comes from a line in the song "Battle Cry of Freedom". Boys! (film) 221 Rally 'Round the Flag. Boys! Directed by Produced by Written by Narrated by Starring Leo McCarey Leo McCarey Max Shulman (novel) David Hedison Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Joan Collins Cyril J.

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (film)


Plot summary
Set in the fictional town of Putnam's Landing, Commuter Harry Bannerman (Paul Newman) is slowly going insane because of his wife Grace (Joanne Woodward), who insists on attending every civic committee meeting. When the government selects their town for their new missile base, Grace joins a committee to stop it. Harry is made the liaison for the military, and Grace's activities cause him no end of trouble. Added to the dilemma is Angela Hoffa (Joan Collins) whose efforts to get Harry for herself lead to dizzying recriminations and misunderstandings.

Production on Rally Round the Flag, Boys! started in mid-June 1958 and ended in mid-August. The role of Captain Hoxie was originally going to be portrayed by Paul Douglas, but was taken over by Jack Carson after Douglas ended up being ill, according to a July 1958 The Hollywood Reporter news item. A March 1958 item noted that New York-born actor Mickey Shaughnessey was set for a featured role, however, he did not appear in the release. A Daily Variety news item says that in March 1958, Buddy Adler was set to produce the movie, and was considering the film to star Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr and William Holden. Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! first premiered in New York City theatres on December 23, 1958.

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! was nominated for the Golden Laurel Awards held on September 23, 1959 and received 4th place for both Top Comedy Female Performance (Joanne Woodward) and Top Comedy. Director Leo McCarey was later nominated for the Directors Guild of America Award in 1960 for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures for Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Harry Bannerman Joanne Woodward as Grace Bannerman Joan Collins as Angela Hoffa Jack Carson as Captain Hoxie Tuesday Weld as Comfort Goodpasture Dwayne Hickman as Grady Metcalf, Comfort's suitor Gale Gordon as General Thorwald Tom Gilson as Corporal Opie Robert Banas as Delinquent William Benedict as Bellhop Robert Bohanan as Man at Phone Tap Canutt as Soldier Alan Carney as Bartender, Owner Richard Collier as Zack Crummitt Richard H. Cutting as St. Regis Hotel Clerk Franklyn Farnum as Man at Town Meeting Bess Flowers as Red-Hatted Lady at Town Meeting Jack Ging as Hoxie's Driver James Gonzales as Commuter • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • James Goodwin as Young Drunk David Hedison as Narrator Percy Helton as Waldo Pike, the Plumber Joseph Holland as Town Official Jess Kirkpatrick as Train Conductor Stanley Livingston as Peter Bannerman Jon Lormer as George Melvin Ken Miller as Delinquent Jimmy Murphy as Soldier Burt Mustin as Milton Evans, Town Meeting Chairman Sammy Ogg as Delinquent Nora O'Mahoney as Town Meeting Speaker Ralph Osborn III as Danny Bannerman LeRoy Prinz Jr. as Delinquent John Roy as Air Force General Page Slattery as Club Car Commuter Charles Tannen as TV Director Arthur Tovey as Man at Town Meeting Nick Venet as Delinquent Murvyn Vye as Oscar Hoffa

O.Z. Whitehead as Isaac Goodpasture, Comfort's Father •

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (film)


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• Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys at the Internet Movie Database • Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! [2] at the TCM Movie Database [3] • Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! at Allmovie

[1] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052117/ [2] http://tcmdb.com/title/title.jsp?stid=87650 [3] http://www.allmovie.com/work/107219

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film)


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Starring Richard Brooks Lawrence Weingarten Richard Brooks James Poe Tennessee Williams (play) Elizabeth Taylor Paul Newman Burl Ives

Cinematography William Daniels Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Ferris Webster Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer September 20, 1958 107 minutes United States English $3 million $26,355,483
[1] [2]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a 1958 American drama film directed by Richard Brooks. It is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name by Tennessee Williams adapted by Richard Brooks and James Poe. One of the top-ten box office hits of 1958, the film stars Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and Burl Ives.

he falls. Maggie "the Cat" (Elizabeth Taylor). She got scared and ran away without going through with it. The news is that Big Daddy is not dying from cancer. she and Brick reconcile. terminal condition he actually bears. Big Daddy and Brick defend her lie. Big Daddy forces the issue. Depressed. Gooper. along with Maggie. . Numerous allusions are made as to (Maggie the Cat) in an early scene from the film their tempestuous marriage--the most haunting of these are speculations as to why Maggie does not yet have children. However. and the film ends with two kissing and about to make love. Once he finds his father. Brick decides to spend his days inside drinking while resisting the affections of his wife. Big Daddy learns that he will die from cancer and that this birthday will be his last. with Big Mama stepping up as a strong figure. Big Daddy (Burl Ives) and Big Mama (Judith Anderson) arrive home from the hospital and are greeted by Gooper and his wife. Gooper and their kids to draw his attention to them. She claimed she wanted to ruin their relationship "by any means necessary. Brick descends into the basement. When Big Daddy is fed up with his alcoholic son’s behavior." She intended to seduce Skipper and put the lie to his relationship with her husband. portuning the dire. Brick and Big Daddy confront each other before a large cut-out of Brick in his glory days as an athlete.Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film) 225 Plot Late one night. Brick. but it is revealed that he actually blames himself for not helping Skipper when he called Brick hysterical. his wife. but the family wants him to remain happy. Big Daddy is a terminal case. when he then begins to encounter severe pain. are seen the next day visiting his family in Mississippi. the doctor later meets privately with Brick and Gooper and divulges that it is a deception." In the end.) Maggie begs Brick to put care into getting his father’s wealth. Finally. this deception seems foolhardy. in an otherwise credible drama. leaving him dependent on a crutch. a drunken Brick Pollitt (Paul Newman) is out trying to recapture his glory days of high school sports by leaping hurdles on a track field. After being called a liar. dragging Maggie into the conversation and the revealing moment ensues when Maggie tells what happened the night Brick's friend Skipper committed suicide. Meanwhile. a labyrinth of antiques and family possessions hidden away. Big Daddy has eyes only for Maggie. while Brick's brother Gooper (Jack Carson) and his wife (Madeleine Sherwood) have a whole clan. he demands to know why he is so stubborn. many of which run around the "plantation" (as Big Daddy's estate is called) unsupervised and singing obnoxiously. Despite the efforts of Gooper's wife Mae. The rest of the family begins to crumble under pressure. who taunts him about the Paul Newman (Brick) and Elizabeth Taylor inheritance of Big Daddy's wealth. dreaming about his glory moments as a youthful athlete. alright. waiting to celebrate Big Daddy's 65th birthday. Brick angrily refuses to answer. he retreats to the basement. but Brick stubbornly refuses. Maggie. Even Gooper finds himself admitting "That girl's got life in her. and Brick argue over Big Daddy's will. Brick claimed to blame Maggie for Skipper's death. along with his wife. even though they know it to be untrue. since Big Daddy's initial exuberance about his being declared "healthy" lasts for about four hours in the context of the story. Maggie says that she'd like to give Big Daddy her birthday present: the announcement of her being pregnant. Unexpectedly. Shaken. Maggie reveals she was jealous of Skipper because he had more of Brick's time. (However.

Production began on March 12. Bowing to the tenor of the times. at which time she returned to the set in a much thinner and weaker condition. Ben Gazzara played Brick in the stage production and rejected the film role as did Elvis Presley. and Best Director (Brooks). Go home!" Academy Awards Although the film did not win any Academy Awards. and Best Writing. 1955. the suggestion of Brick's homosexuality was toned-down for the film. On March 21. "This movie will set the industry back 50 years. Color (William Daniels).[4] Tennessee Williams so disliked the toned-down film adaptation of his play that he told people in the queue. Lana Turner and Grace Kelly[3] were both considered for the part of Maggie before the role went to Taylor. Best Actor (Newman). it received several nominations including Best Picture. and all passengers were killed. 1958. and by March 19. Beset with grief. thus causing George Cukor to decline MGM's offer to direct the film. See also • List of American films of 1958 External links • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [5] at the Internet Movie Database • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [6] at Allmovie • • • • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1976) at the Internet Movie Database [8] Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1985) at the Internet Movie Database Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [9] at Box Office Mojo [10] Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at Rotten Tomatoes [7] . The film also received nominations for Best Cinematography. Taylor had contracted a virus which kept her off the shoot.Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film) 226 Cast • Elizabeth Taylor as Margaret "Maggie/Maggie the Cat" Pollitt • Paul Newman as Brick Pollitt • Burl Ives as Harvey "Big Daddy" Pollitt • • • • • Judith Anderson as Ida "Big Momma" Pollitt Jack Carson as Cooper "Gooper" Pollitt Madeleine Sherwood as Mae Flynn Pollitt Larry Gates as Dr. 1958. Taylor remained off the film until April 14. Best Actress (Taylor). she canceled plans to fly with her husband Mike Todd to New York. Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. with Ives and Sherwood in the roles they subsequently played in the movie. The plane crashed. where he was to be honored the following day by the New York Friars' Club. Baugh Vaughn Taylor as Deacon Davis Production notes The original stage production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opened on Broadway March 24.

com/title/tt0074295/ [8] http://www. New Rochelle. 1958. New York: Arlington House Publishers. August 16.com/title/tt0051459/ [6] http://www. 1958.boxofficemojo.htm [10] http://www..allmovie. Stanke. page 130.imdb.com/m/1003755-cat_on_a_hot_tin_roof/ . Gregory W.Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (film) 227 References [1] Variety film review.com/title/tt0088888/ [9] http://www.imdb. The Hollywood Beauties. (1978). p. page 6.com/work/8605 [7] http://www. 329 [5] http://www. p.rottentomatoes. 326. ISBN 0-87000-412-3 [4] Parish. Mank. August 13.com/movies/?id=catonahottinroof. Don E. James Robert. [2] Harrison's Reports film review.imdb. [3] Parish.

1958 102 minutes United States English Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language The Left Handed Gun is a 1958 American western film starring Paul Newman as Billy the Kid and John Dehner as Pat Garrett.The Left Handed Gun 228 The Left Handed Gun The Left Handed Gun Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Arthur Penn Fred Coe Leslie Stevens Paul Newman Lita Milan John Dehner Alexander Courage J. Peverell Marley Folmar Blangsted Warner Bros. May 7. .

Vidal revisited and revised the material in 1989 with a TV-movie entitled Billy the Kid. Bonney's plan for revenge.The Left Handed Gun 229 Production The film was directed by Arthur Penn in his first work as film director and the screenplay was written by Leslie Stevens from a teleplay by Gore Vidal for a television version in which Newman also played the character. hunting down and killing all responsible. McSween Tina Menard as Mexican Woman Boyd 'Red' Morgan as Soldier . endangers not only his surviving loved ones. known as 'Billy the Kid' befriends a man known as 'The Englishman'. Cast • Paul Newman as Billy The Kid • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Lita Milan as Celsa John Dehner as Pat Garrett Hurd Hatfield as Moultrie James Congdon as Charlie Boudre James Best as Tom Folliard Colin Keith-Johnston as Tunstall John Dierkes as McSween Robert Anderson as Hill (as Bob Anderson) Wally Brown as Deputy Moon Ainslie Pryor as Joe Grant Martin Garralaga as Saval Denver Pyle as Ollinger Paul Smith as Smith Nestor Paiva as Pete Maxwell Jo Summers as Bride Robert Foulk as Sheriff Brady Anne Barton as Mrs. Photographer Cecil Combs as Deputy Jess Franco as Young Gypsy Man Terry Frost as Angry Townsman Robert Griffin as Morton Norman Leavitt as General Store Clerk Eve McVeagh as Mrs. [1] Plot William Bonney. though it is now known that this was a false conclusion drawn from a reversed photograph. His friend is murdered by corrupt businessmen. but the international peace set up for the entire territory. Hill George Bell as Deputy Joe Bell as Peddler Orlando Beltran as Mexican Farmer George Berkeley Lane Chandler as Townsman on Street with Mason Mary Lou Clifford as Gypsy woman Stephen Coit as Alexander Ganz. and he shoots left handed in the film. [2] The title refers to the belief that Billy the Kid was left handed.

Richard W (2001). ISBN 978-0389204084.The Left Handed Gun • • • • Tessie Murray as Gypsy Woman Joseph V. pp. [2] Slatta. 230. Barnes & Noble. p. The Illustrated Guide to Film Directors. David (1984). Lore. ISBN 978-1576071519. ABC-CLIO. Perry as Clerk Stephanie Pond-Smith Henry Rowland as Man on Street with Deputy 230 • Oreste Seragnoli as Priest • Morgan Shaan as Man in Crowd • Dan Sheridan as Bucky • Fred Sherman as Clerk • Jorge Treviño as Ramírez • Glen Turnbull as Sergeant • Ernesto Zambrano as Old Gypsy Man References [1] Quinlin. The Mythical West: An Encyclopedia of Legend. External links • The Left Handed Gun (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051849/) at the Internet Movie Database . 45-48. and Popular Culture.

[1] . Hot Summer 231 The Long. Hot Summer The Long. Hot Summer is a 1958 film directed by Martin Ritt. Lee Remick. primarily "The Hamlet. Hot Summer Directed by Produced by Written by Martin Ritt Jerry Wald William Faulkner Irving Ravetch Harriet Frank Jr. with Newman winning the award for Best Actor." The film was entered into the 1958 Cannes Film Festival. Angela Lansbury and Orson Welles. Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Anthony Franciosa Orson Welles 20th Century Fox April 3. It is based on stories by William Faulkner. Joanne Woodward. 1958 115 minutes United States English Starring Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language The Long. Anthony Franciosa.The Long. starring Paul Newman.

virile blood into the family. He buys the land from Ben. The incident brings about a reconciliation. thinking he might finally get out from under his father's thumb. to try to bring fresh. is a mama's boy. but eventually comes to see something in Clara beyond that. he cannot go through with it and lets Will out. not the kind of son-in-law Will wants. the fire causes trouble for Ben. widower Will's longtime mistress. hot summer. is (seemingly) unimpressed with the crude. Meanwhile. Will sees in the brash newcomer a younger version of himself. if magnetic upstart. Clara's boyfriend. When Jody finds Ben alone. Clara drives up and rescues him. Ben is first made a fellow clerk in the general store. then invited to live in the family mansion. Jody is elated. After examining one of the coins. sadly lacking in his only son Jody. When the two men find a bag of coins. however. He is also disappointed with his schoolteacher daughter. is dissatisfied with her situation and wants a wedding ring.The Long. she has other plans for him. in Will's opinion. Hot Summer 232 Plot Ben Quick hitches a ride to Frenchman's Bend. Alan's sister and Clara's close friend Mabel Albertson as Mrs. he bolts the entrance and sets it on fire. Meanwhile. Mississippi from two young women in a convertible. Out of gratitude for her saving his life. who has been smeared with the reputation of his barn-burning father. at the age of ten. He tells Clara how. Late that night. All these strained relationships come to a boil during the long. Jody is crushed. Will finds his son. However. Will later claims responsibility for accidentally starting the fire. still digging. The smells bring back bad memories for Ben. When he later finds his father alone in their barn. he tells Clara he is leaving town for good. Clara Varner and her sister-in-law Eula. the domineering owner of most of the town. Clara's father is Will Varner. Townspeople assume he is the culprit and start toward him with a rope. However. Minnie Littlejohn. but Ben talks his way out by telling Jody about buried Civil War-era treasure he has found on some property that Will gave him. These qualities are. Joanne Woodward as Clara Varner Cast • • • • • • • • • Paul Newman as Ben Quick Joanne Woodward as Clara Varner Anthony Franciosa as Jody Varner Orson Welles as Will Varner Lee Remick as Eula Varner Angela Lansbury as Minnie Littlejohn Richard Anderson as Alan Stewart Sarah Marshall as Agnes Stewart. he had to sound the warning against his father as he was about to set another fire. he pulls a gun on him and tells him his body will be found downstream. much to her father's delight. a down payment to seal their bargain over Clara. Ben at first is attracted by the wealth Will offers. She. genteel Southern blue blood Alan Stewart. he notices that it was minted in 1910. He schemes to push his daughter and Ben together. Jody becomes increasingly alarmed when he sees his position in the family being undermined. Stewart . ruthless and ambitious.

Don Johnson. Ruth Roman. External links • The Long. for Outstanding Miniseries and Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or a Special. Pat O'Malley as Ratliff • Bill Walker as Lucius.imdb. . Hot Summer • J. References [1] "Festival de Cannes: The Long.festival-cannes. airing in 1965 and 1966.html). Hot Summer (http://www. with Jason Robards. with Dan O'Herlihy. Lana Wood. Nancy Malone. though set in Mississippi. and Cybill Shepherd (in the role of Eula).com/title/tt0051878/) at the Internet Movie Database . The remake was filmed in Louisiana and Texas. and Edmond O'Brien. Remakes It was remade as a 26-part television series of the same name.The Long.com/en/archives/ficheFilm/id/3469/year/1958. It received two Emmy nominations. It was remade again for TV in 1985. Retrieved 2009-02-10. Roy Thinnes. They married after the completion of the movie. 233 Production It was filmed on location in Louisiana.com. Hot Summer" (http://www. the Varners' head servant This was the first teaming of Newman and Woodward. festival-cannes.

Delia moves to Wellington to work for the Navy. who is one of the city's few remaining bachelors. where testimony prompts Barbara Leslie to flash back to the events that led to the trial. are preparing to leave for World War II duty. but Barbara defends Delia's decision. Michener included in his 1951 anthology Return to Paradise. the sisters come to resent Shiner's abuse and are happy to see him leave for active duty. based on a story by James A. Kress Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer October 8.S. and Delia live in Christchurch. including their brother Kit and Barbara's new husband Mark. focuses on four New Zealand sisters and their relationships with U. the lonely local women are flattered by the attention they . known as "Shiner".[1] [2] The screenplay by Robert Anderson. Repressed and judgmental spinster sister Anne disapproves of the upcoming nuptials. 1957 94 minutes United States English Until They Sail is a 1957 American black and white CinemaScope drama film directed by Robert Wise. Within weeks of the marriage. Michener Jean Simmons Joan Fontaine Paul Newman Piper Laurie David Raksin Music by Cinematography Joseph Ruttenberg Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Harold F. but word of Kit's death dampens the celebration. where most of the male residents.Until They Sail 234 Until They Sail Until They Sail Original poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Wise Charles Schnee Robert Anderson Based on a story by James A. Evelyn. Marines during World War II. Delia announces her engagement to Phil Friskett. When several hundred United States Marines are shipped to Christchurch following the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. Plot The film opens in a Wellington courtroom. She and her sisters Anne.

she finds herself attracted to Jack.. and he advises her that wartime romances stem from loneliness rather than love.. When he announces his imminent departure for duty. and a strong friendship between the two blossoms.. He eventually returns to New Zealand to recuperate from an injury. Andy introduces Barbara to his friend Jack Harding. Anne invites him to dinner.. When Evelyn invites Capt. he is given offshore duty. Jack celebrates Christmas Eve with the Leslie family. which now includes Anne's newborn son. Richard Bates to dinner. Bates sends money to finance Anne and her baby's move to Oklahoma to live with Richard's family... Phil Friskett ... Anne accuses him of trying to seduce them.. He accuses her of infidelity and she demands a divorce so she can leave for America with her lover. Upon reflection. Capt. he declines the offer. Anne is outraged by the lewd comments made by American servicemen in the lingerie shop where she works and writes a letter of complaint to the local paper.. who has just returned from war.. and a romance between him and Anne blossoms. Concerned about Delia... Back in Christchurch. Jack arrives at the Leslie home to conduct his investigation of Anne. He proposes.. As Anne's departure approaches. Anne Leslie • Paul Newman .. Anne sends Barbara to Wellington. where she suggests he uses alcohol to avoid intimacy. She plans to divorce Shiner and emigrate to the United States.. Jack Harding • • • • Piper Laurie . Shiner is now a prisoner of war... Although Barbara intends to remain faithful to her husband... she packs her belongings and arrives at Jack's hotel to tell him she's ready to embark upon a new life with him. leaving Anne expecting their child and unsure of what the future holds for them. and Delia has become involved with an American lieutenant named Andy.. Barbara refuses Jack's invitation to leave New Zealand with him. he and Barbara share an amorous embrace. Barbara Leslie Forbes • Joan Fontaine . a soldier investigating the prospective New Zealand brides of American soldiers. during the murder trial. Weeks later. Evelyn Leslie Wally Cassell .. Shortly after she discovers Richard's name on the latest casualty list. Evelyn's sweetheart Tommy returns from war and proposes to her. Delia goes to Wellington to see her off and to meet Shiner.. He breaks down in her arms. but not without attracting Anne's eye. 235 Cast • Jean Simmons . Soon after.. and Richard arrives with a gift of perfume for each sister.. Shiner kills his wife with a Japanese sword he brought back from the war. Following its publication. Mrs. Barbara sees an ad from Richard's mother in a newspaper column containing personal notices from American families and writes to her. Barbara and Anne learn of Mark's death and Richard's departure for active duty. George Hotel under her maiden name. Richard is sent to the Leslie home to deliver a formal apology on behalf of the Marine Corps. Richard Bates Sandra Dee .. but before the required marital investigation can take place. where she discovers her sister is registered at the St. Weeks later. Jack meets Barbara at a local dance. Infuriated. Capt. Delia Leslie Friskett Charles Drake .. Months later.Until They Sail pay them. Jack is forced to reveal his investigation report detailing Delia's many affairs with American soldiers. Barbara tells him his assessment is heartless.. Upset that her sister's infidelities seemingly have justified her savage murder.

Until They Sail 236 Music The score for the film was composed and conducted by David Raksin. [6] Critical reception Bosley Crowther of the New York Times observed.imdb. No.html [7] New York Times review (http://movies. Production Robert Wise and Mark Robson had originally purchased the rights for Michener's story when for RKO. . .tv/movie_database_results.[5] He had originally intended to shoot the film in colour. 12.S. 2)." [8] References [1] Variety film review. . is honest and straightforward . California. Scott (2009).html [6] http://www.html)for David Raksin at MGM (1950-1957) by David Raksin (CD online notes). Robert Anderson's adaptation . page 6.com/title/tt0051141/) at the Internet Movie Database .com/wise/films/until_they_sail/until. 1957.com/movie/review?res=9506EFD71330E03ABC4153DFB667838C649EDE) [8] Until They Sail at Turner Classic Movies (http://www." [7] William K.tcm. Unfortunately there is a good deal of introspective soul-searching before this narrative arrives at its sad and happy endings. When the company made The Kentuckian instead. September 25. October 12. 1957.php?action=title&id=2967 [5] http://www. but filmed the movie on the MGM back lot.tcmuk. Release notes (http://www.filmscoremonthly.[4] Wise visited New Zealand to familiarise himself with the nation and the people. Los Angeles. [3] The complete score was issued on CD in 2009. [4] http://www.jsp?stid=2967&category=Articles) External links • Until They Sail (http://www. on Film Score Monthly records. MGM acquired the rights. "The genuine tugs at the heart are few and far between in this bittersweet but basically restrained chronicle. page 162.nytimes. first intending their contract lead Glenn Ford playing the lead Marine.filmscoremonthly. Zinsser of the New York Herald Tribune said the film "has moments of genuine tenderness and truth. The title song included lyrics by Sammy Cahn and was performed under the main titles by vocalist Eydie Gorme.: Film Score Monthly (Vol. [2] Harrison's Reports film review. Casting problems forced them to delay the filming when the rights went to Hecht-Hill-Lancaster who were going to cast Burt Lancaster.com/notes/until_they_sail.afi. .A. Robert Wise than reacquired the film through MGM in his last film of his contract with the studio. U.com/tcmdb/title.com/notes/until_they_sail. [3] Bettencourt.

She anguishes over her romantic relationships with both him and Russell Wade. Stephen Longstreet. whose promotion catapults her to fame as a Broadway performer in Show Boat and a headliner in her own nightclub. United States English The Helen Morgan Story is a 1957 American biographical film directed by Michael Curtiz. a wealthy. Plot Morgan begins her career as a Chicago carnival dancer and catches the eye of fast-talking. She loses the bulk of her money to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Wall . McCord Editing by Distributed by Running time Country Language Frank Bracht Warner Bros.The Helen Morgan Story 237 The Helen Morgan Story The Helen Morgan Story Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Michael Curtiz Martin Rackin Nelson Gidding Stephen Longstreet Dean Riesner Oscar Saul Ann Blyth Paul Newman Richard Carlson Starring Cinematography Ted D. married attorney. The screenplay by Oscar Saul. Dean Riesner. double-dealing Larry Maddux. When she realizes the caddish Maddux merely has been using her to support the upscale lifestyle he has come to enjoy. 118 min. she turns to drink. and Nelson Gidding is based on the life and career of torch singer/actress Helen Morgan. with fictional touches liberally added for dramatic purposes.

The film's ending suggests this was Morgan's first step on the road to recovery. and is hospitalized in the alcoholic ward in Bellevue. Maddux has a change of heart and arranges a gala testimonial dinner. hosted by Walter Winchell and Florenz Ziegfeld. 238 Production In 1950. her voice was dubbed by Gogi Grant. which were in direct contrast to Day's wholesome screen image. citing she did not want to portray the sordid aspects of Morgan's life. and happiness. hits rock bottom.[1] [2] Cast • • • • • • Ann Blyth as Helen Morgan Paul Newman as Larry Maddux Richard Carlson as Russell Wade Gene Evans as Whitey Krause Alan King as Benny Weaver Cara Williams as Dolly Evans Soundtrack • Why Was I Born • I Can't Give You Anything But Love • Medley: If You Were the Only Girl in the World/Avalon/Do Do Do/Breezin' Along with the Breeze • Love Nest • Medley: Someone to Watch Over Me/The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else • • • • Body and Soul April in Paris Speak of Me of Love More Than You Know • On the Sunny Side of the Street • The Man I Love • Medley: Just a Memory/Deep Night • Don't Ever Leave Me • • • • • Medley: I've Got a Crush On You/I'll Get By Something to Remember You By My Melancholy Baby Bill I Can't Help Lovin' That Man Although Ann Blyth was known to be a talented singer. in her honor. Boxoffice announced Warner Bros. was planning to release a musical biography with Doris Day as Helen Morgan. success.The Helen Morgan Story Street Crash of 1929. A soundtrack album is available on compact disc. . which was not the case in real life. This is one of the few studio projects Day refused to make.

dorisday." Variety called it "little more than a tuneful soap opera" and added. 2007. It's all about as heart-warming as an electric pad. . "STUDIO PLANS FILM ON HELEN MORGAN. sweet and timorous in the role. [2] The Films That Never Were at DorisDay. would have provided a finer film. giving the part authority and credibility.com/movie/review?res=940DEFD7103EE23BBC4B53DFB667838C649EDE) [4] Variety review (http://www. The New York Times. . familiar fare . most of the wobbly plot is fictional. Weiler called the film "as uplifting as soap opera" and added. . but Miss Morgan's career. this film offers only a slice of a fabulous and unforgettable career .H.variety.html) [3] New York Times review (http://movies. . .The Helen Morgan Story 239 Critical reception In his review in the New York Times. "Helen Morgan was the greatest torch singer. but she cannot manage to project the idea that she is [3] swaying audiences either by singing or emotional force. "The indestructible tunes and the producers' fairly honest approach to the sleaziness of the speakeasy era should generate genuine nostalgia. February 23. A. .nytimes. which is unfortunate since Morgan's true story was much more spectacular and. on film.net/Film_List/Films_that_never_were/films_that_never_were. Blyth turns in a sympathetic but not always [4] convincing performance. appears to be uninspired. Director Michael Curtiz has done a good job with the material at hand.imdb. .html?categoryid=31&cs=1&p=0) [5] TV Guide review (http://www.com/title/tt0050494/) . [she] is fragile. injecting a pacing and bits of business that help maintain interest. Warners Lists Life of Singer for March 15 --No Star Is Named for Title Role". . 1956.com/movies/helen-morgan-story/review/125771) External links • The Helen Morgan Story at the Internet Movie Database (http://www.tvguide. Newman is very good as the rackets guy. ." TV Guide says. Ann Blyth . . and the production gets added benefit from a series of hit tunes of the era . desperately attempts to capture the essentially moving qualities of the performer . . More a profile of those songs than a detailed exposition of her life. "The story line sometimes strains credulity and the dialogue situations occasionally give the production a cornball flavor . . had it been followed. a petite brunette who sat atop pianos plaintively warbling sad songs about the men who mistreated her.com/review/VE1117791577."[5] References [1] Pryor.net (http://www. Thomas M. Accessed January 12.

Ira Hansen • Robert F. Edward W. Loew Jr. Simon as Law Officer (as Robert Simon) • • • • • Trevor Bardette as Court President Adam Williams as Sgt. Hall Jr. Dudley Smith Barry Atwater as Maj. United States English The Rack is a 1956 American war drama film. Sam Moulton Walter Pidgeon as Col. Col. an American officer returns home. Miller • Cloris Leachman as Caroline • Robert Burton as Col.[1] [2] It was directed by Arnold Laven and starring Paul Newman. 1956 100 min.The Rack (film) 240 The Rack (film) The Rack Directed by Produced by Written by Arnold Laven Arthur M. Byron Phillips . Wendell Corey. Frank Wasnick Anne Francis as Aggie Hall • Lee Marvin as Capt. Kress Marshall Neilan Jr. • • • • Wendell Corey as Maj. MGM November 2. Stewart Stern (screenplay) Rod Serling (teleplay) Paul Newman Wendell Corey Walter Pidgeon Edmond O'Brien Anne Francis Lee Marvin Cloris Leachman Adolph Deutsch Starring Music by Cinematography Paul Vogel Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Harold F. John R. Lee Marvin and Walter Pidgeon. He is forced to defend his actions in court. After two years in a North Korean prison camp. only to be charged with collaboration by his own side. Edmond O'Brien as Lt. Otto Pahnke James Best as Millard Chilson Cassidy Fay Roope as Col. Hall Sr. Cast • Paul Newman as Capt. Edward W.

imdb. page 62.jsp?stid=1380) at the TCM Movie Database . page 6.com/work/1:107104) at Allmovie • The Rack (film) (http://tcmdb. 1956.com/title/tt0049652/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Rack (film) (http://www. April 21. External links • The Rack (film) (http://www. [2] Harrison's Reports film review.The Rack (film) 241 References [1] Variety film review.com/title/title. 1956. April 18.allmovie.

Somebody Up There Likes Me (film) 242 Somebody Up There Likes Me (film) Somebody Up There Likes Me Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Wise Charles Schnee Ernest Lehman Paul Newman Pier Angeli Everett Sloane Bronislau Kaper Music by Cinematography Joseph Ruttenberg Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer July 3. Edwin B. Joseph Ruttenberg was awarded a 1956 Oscar in the category of Best Cinematography (Black and White). Keogh Gleason). and later directed West Side Story (1961). [1] [2] .[3] The film was directed by Robert Wise who also edited Citizen Kane (1941). Willis. Malcolm F. The film also won the Oscar for Best Art Direction (Cedric Gibbons. 1956 114 minutes United States English Somebody Up There Likes Me is a 1956 American drama film based on the life of middleweight boxing legend Rocky Graziano. and The Sand Pebbles (1966). The Sound of Music (1965). Brown. F.

Rocky fakes an injury and avoids the fight altogether. Main cast • Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano • • • • • • • Pier Angeli as Norma Graziano Everett Sloane as Irving Cohen Eileen Heckart as Ma Barbella Sal Mineo as Romolo Ray Stricklyn as Bryson Robert Loggia as Frankie Peppo Steve McQueen as Fidel References [1] Variety film review. When he is interrogated by the district attorney. all in uncredited bit parts. whom he falls in love with and later marries. . 1956.com/title/title. he becomes a boxer. page 6. Starting a new. His manager gets him a fight in Chicago to fight Zale the middleweight champion. Needing money. and undergoes a long history of criminal activities. and Paul Newman was asked to take the part. but loses a title fight with Tony Zale. Robert.S. [4] Wise. he refuses to name the blackmailer and has his license suspended. 1956. While working his way to the title. NY Times. He joins a street gang. [3] "NY Times: Somebody Up There Likes Me" (http://movies. A person he knew in prison finds him and blackmails him into throwing a fight. . Rocky wins the fight. After his release. [2] Harrison's Reports film review.Somebody Up There Likes Me (film) 243 Production The role of Rocky Graziano was originally to be played by James Dean.allmovie.com/title/tt0049778/) at the Internet Movie Database • Somebody Up There Likes Me (http://www.nytimes. Retrieved 2008-12-22.com/movie/45561/Somebody-Up-There-Likes-Me/details). but runs away. he rises to the top.jsp?stid=90744) at the TCM Movie Database . It also marked the film debuts of Frank Campanella. Robert Loggia and Dean Jones. July 7. clean life. July 4. He is sent to prison. and resumes his career as a boxer as a result. he is drafted by the U. but he died before filming began.com/work/45561) at Allmovie • Somebody Up There Likes Me (http://tcmdb. (2006).imdb. . where he is rebellious to all authority figures.Somebody Up There Likes Me Commentary. and finds that he has natural talent and wins six fights in a row before the Army finds him and dishonorably discharges him. He serves a year in a United States Disciplinary Barracks. External links • Somebody Up There Likes Me (http://www. he is introduced to his sister's friend Norma.Turner Entertainment. once more. Army.[4] The film was also notable for being one of Paul Newman's first starring roles and for being one of the first films in which Steve McQueen appeared. page 106. Story Rocky Graziano has a difficult childhood and is beaten by his father.

Gibbs Paul Hartman as Mr.imdb. Plot summary Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Frank Sinatra as Stage Manager Paul Newman as George Gibbs Eva Marie Saint as Emily Webb Harvey B. Webb Charlotte Knight David Saber Ernest Truex as Dr. 1955 Running time 90 minutes Our Town is a 1955 episode of the American series Producers' Showcase directed by Delbert Mann and starring Frank Sinatra.Our Town (Producer's Showcase) 244 Our Town (Producer's Showcase) "Our Town" Producers' Showcase episode Episode no. Dunn Shelley Fabares as Rebecca Gibbs Sylvia Field as Mrs. Soames Anthony Sydes External links • Our Town (Producer's Showcase) [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http://www. Directed by Written by Season 2 Episode 1 Delbert Mann David Shaw (adaptation) Thornton Wilder (play) Jimmy Van Heusen Fred Coe Featured music Production code Original air date September 19. Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint.com/title/tt0177079/ . The episode is an adaption of Thornton Wilder's 1938 play Our Town. Gibbs Carol Veazie as Mrs. Webb Peg Hillias as Mrs.

Cast It marked the film début of Paul Newman as an artist named Basil (né Ambrose). United States English The Silver Chalice is a 1954 historical epic film from Warner Bros. It also featured Virginia Mayo as Helena. who was given the task of making a silver chalice to house the Holy Grail. Pier Angeli as Deborra. Walter Hampden as Joseph of Arimathea. based on Thomas B. Costain's 1952 novel of the same name. Alexander Scourby as Saint Luke. He travels to Jerusalem and eventually to Rome to complete the task. and an appearance by Natalie Wood. Joseph Wiseman as Mijamin.. who plays Helena as . a nefarious interloper is trying to convince the crowds that he is the new Messiah by using nothing more than cheap parlor tricks. Meanwhile. Release date(s) December 20. Costain (novel). 1954 Running time Country Language 135 min. Lesser Samuels (screenplay) Virginia Mayo Pier Angeli Jack Palance Paul Newman (debut) Franz Waxman Music by Distributed by Warner Bros. the villain. Lorne Greene as Peter. Plot A Greek artisan is commissioned to cast the cup of Christ in silver and sculpt around its rim the faces of the disciples and Jesus himself.The Silver Chalice (film) 245 The Silver Chalice (film) The Silver Chalice An early VHS cover for the film Directed by Written by Starring Victor Saville Thomas B. Jack Palance as Simon Magus.

a parade around the time of the town's annual winter carnival. which won a competition selling Christmas Seals. Audio/Video releases The film was released on VHS and. Saville.[1] Newman called the film "the worst motion picture produced during the 1950s".) External links • The Silver Chalice (http://www. Newman's view on the movie Paul Newman was apparently not proud of his performance. When the film was broadcast on television in 1966. Angeli and Palance attended. The elaborate musical score has been prized more than the nearly forgotten movie. wooden spoons. and whistles and encouraging the audience to offer noisy critiques.imdb. Mayo. and Film Score Monthly released the surviving portions of the soundtrack recording in 2007. and requesting people not to watch the film. References [1] Susan Wloszczyna. " Paul Newman: A rare breed (http://www. in 2009.htm)" (USA Today. Elmer Bernstein recorded a suite in 1975. This backfired.The Silver Chalice (film) a child. and participated in. Premiere The film had its world premiere in the small town of Saranac Lake. New York. he took out an advertisement in a Hollywood trade paper apologizing for his performance. created by the stage designer Rolfe Gerard in a striking departure from the normal practice of the day for Hollywood biblical "epics. Victor Saville was the director. handing out pots." A notable musical score by Franz Waxman was nominated for an Academy Award. accessed 2/23/2009. on DVD.com/life/people/2008-09-27-newman-obit_N. He once screened it for guests at his home. The premiere itself was hosted by television personality Art Linkletter. 246 Style The film featured unusual semiabstract settings and decor. The film is sometimes referred to as Paul Newman and the Holy Grail. and the broadcast received unusually high ratings. byline 9/30/2008.usatoday.com/title/tt0047494/) at the Internet Movie Database .

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