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9. 4.

1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 98/31

Tuesday 15 December 1998

The following spoke: Mr Crampton, on behalf of the PSE − joint debate on the Roubatis, Barros Moura and Torres
Group, Mr McCartin, on behalf of the PPE Group, Mr Eisma, Couto reports on human rights in the world
on behalf of the ELDR Group, Mr d’Aboville, on behalf of the
UPE Group, Mrs McKenna, on behalf of the V Group, − Schaffner report on human rights in the Union
Mrs Langenhagen, Mrs Fraga Estévez, chairman of the Com-
mittee on Fisheries, and Mr Monti, Member of the Commis- − Pradier report on prison conditions
The President closed the debate. − Kuhn recommendation for 2nd reading on consumer
goods ***II
Vote: Minutes of 16.12.1998, Part I, Item 17.
− González Álvarez report on CO2 emissions by private
cars **I
25. Food programme for Russian Federation *
(debate) − Kestelijn-Sierens on private car fuel consumption **I

Mr Colino Salamanca introduced his report, drawn up on − Graenitz report on ozone layer depletion **I
behalf of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Develop-
ment, on the proposal for a Council Regulation on a
programme to supply agricultural produce to the Russian 11.30 − 12.00:
federation (COM(98)0725 − C4-0678/98 − 98/0343(CNS))
− voting time
The following spoke: Mr Herzog, chairman of the Committee
on External Economic Relations, which had been asked for its
opinion, and Mr Monti, Member of the Commission. 12.00 − 12.30:
The President closed the debate. − formal sitting
Vote: Minutes of 16.12.1998, Part I, Item 18.

12.30 − 13.00:
26. Agenda for next sitting
− possibly, continuation of voting time
The President announced the agenda for the following day’s
17.30 − 19.00:
09.00 − 11.30, 15.00 − 17.30 and 21.00 − 24.00:
− Question Time to the Council
− topical and urgent debate (objections)
− joint debate on a report and statement on Vienna European
Council and Austrian Presidency (The sitting closed at 23.50)


Secretary-General President