@ECHO OFF prompt $p$g title algeeroidbiletdoux System FlashX :Shredder color 02 CLS ECHO.

ECHO algeeroidbilletdoux System FlashX ECHO DRIVE SHREDDER ECHO. dir /a/w ECHO. ECHO "PRESS THE TAB KEY IN YOUR KEYBOARD TO SELECT ON THE DIRECTORY" ECHO. SET /P M= SHREDD IF NOT EXIST %M% GOTO :driveShredderERROR attrib -s -h -r %M% del /f /q %M% IF NOT EXIST %M% GOTO :SHREDCOMP RD /S %M% :SHREDCOMP COLOR 0A echo MyBox = MsgBox("File/Folder has been Shredded. File/Folder deleted this way will never go at the recycle bin.", 6000, "algeeroidbilletdoux System FlashX") >driveshredder.vbs start /w driveshredder.vbs del /f /q driveshredder.vbs GOTO :Shredder :driveShredderERROR COLOR 0A echo MyBox = MsgBox("The File/Folder you type does not exist and match in the di rectory.", 6000, "algeeroidbilletdoux System FlashX") >folderatt.vbs start /w folderatt.vbs del /f /q folderatt.vbs GOTO :Shredder

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