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1 Processs Flow Diagram - Lessons Learned

1 Processs Flow Diagram - Lessons Learned

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Published by: ishuaib on Nov 24, 2010
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Lessons Learned Process Flow Diagram

``` Clarify Lesson with PMT NO Forward Categorized Lessons to Respective Network/Team Leaders

Compile Lessons Learned in Project

Prelim nary PMT oiLessons Capture Categ rizat Categorized ion in Workshops Lessons

Manually Input Lessons into System

Does the Lesson already exist? YES

NO Acknowled ge Receipt

Is the Lesson Relevant to Network? YES Prioritize & Further Categorize Lessons within Network

Stored in Databa se Queue

Inform of decision & Thank

Notify & Track completion of tasks electronically by responsible authority for pending actions

Forward Lessons to responsible Subject Matter Experts

Recognition & Record


Feasibility & Value Added Analysis of Lessons? YES Finalize Necessary Improvements

Develop Preliminary Finding

Form Taskforce to enhance process & Manage Change


Are Improveme nts required? NO Document Lessons Learned in understandable form with respect to type of knowledge (Tacit / Explicit) Store Approved Lessons in Accessible Online Database

Establish Analysis Team (if necessary) to orient lessons to deliverable action items


Is Training /Knowledge Sharing Session Required?


Revise Standards, Procedure, Work Process or Policy

Create / Revise Training Module or Schedule Knowledge Sharing Session

PMT & Network Members Review Lessons Learned Library Online Users send Queries & Generate Discussions in Online Forums within the relevant Network to Clarify Lessons with Subject Matter Experts YES

Monitor Access & Application of Lessons by conducting periodic audits

Apply & Enforce Improvement Actions

Conduct Training /Knowledge Sharing Session

Follow-up & Support implementation

Incorporate Value Added Lessons into Standards & Best Practices Publish & Inform Network Members of Updates to Lessons Library

Is the Database Informati on Relevant?


Delete/Archive / Update Obsolete Lessons Publish & Inform Network Members of Updates to Lessons Library

Post Implementation Analysis

Extra ct Document

Decisi on Multi Document

Alternate Process Manual Input

Process Acces s Stora ge

Preparati on Store d Data Displ ay

Project Management Team Network Activities Knowledge Management Coordinator

Display Summary of Lessons Library & New Approved Lessons on Network Member Dashboards

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