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Oracle DB Sizing Process Info

Oracle DB Sizing Process Info

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Published by Sankar Ghosh

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Published by: Sankar Ghosh on Nov 24, 2010
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Dear Requester, The sizing team is very happy that you have requested us to do a sizing for you with

IBM and Oracle DB Technology. We wanted to take a minute and explain the Oracle DB sizing process in order to help you to understand how your request is processed. We also want to help you understand the sizing teams’ process flow for Oracle DB requests, and more importantly, how we prioritize Oracle DB Sizing requests. First, please understand that the normal time to process Oracle DB Sizing requests is five to seven days. Also note that this is the minimum number of days that we will be able to return your results back to you. There can be scenarios where 7 days is not a possible given the complexity of the request and it will take longer. We understand the pressures you have in the competitive world of server sales today and we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to expedite your requests. This increased time to deliver Oracle DB sizing results is due to several factors. First the amount of detail needed to size Oracle DB requests is much different then our normal sizing of a packaged application solution. Since these requests are "Custom" front-end applications accessing a back end Oracle DB then we need to drill into the details of those front end applications in order to understand how the DB sizing will be affected. This is different from our competitors in that we do not size from the box out to the db. We size from the application thru the db to the hardware. This is more like a workload characterization and it begins with the completion of a questionnaire to help us with the workload characterization. One of the key factors in the delay of Oracle DB sizing results is that the questionnaire is not competed correctly. Please ensure the questionnaire is completed with all known information at time of submission. We are asking that you please set priorities with your specialists, sales teams, BP's and more importantly your customers. If you have properly set the expectations this is the priority we will use in handling your requests. Here is the priority of our work: 1. Valid Siebel Opportunity Number (For ANY GEO, A process exists to check for everyone) 2. For BP’s the same rules apply. We will be asking for expected sales close date and odds. 3. We must have the date you need to results deliver back to you. If your request for the sizing does not contain the date needed we will send it back asking for it PRIOR to beginning work on it. 4. Qualified CURRENT quarter opportunities get first priority. 5. Siebel odds greater than 75% first, greater than 50% next. Odds of less than 25% will not get much priority above other requests. 6. If you are an IBM’er and you cannot provide a Siebel Number then you will be required to have your Sales Executive send us a note with the information on the opportunity PRIOR to us working on it. 7. If you are a Business Partner we require the sales info or a Siebel number from an IBM sales resource. 8. America’s opportunities are handled above other GEO's as we are funded by the Americas. 9. All other GEO requests meeting the above requirements are handled next. 10. All other Americas opportunities next.

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