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POSITION TITLE: (this may or may not be a title unique to TRIUMF)

BASIC FUNCTION: (this should be a brief statement or two which summarizes what the position
does or what service the position provides). An Example might be: The Administrative Assistant is
responsible for providing overall administrative and secretarial support to the Division Head, as well
as providing general clerical support to other divisional staff on an as needed basis.

• what position does the incumbent report to
• who does the incumbent interact with on a regular or irregular basis, both inside or outside of
TRIUMF, and what is the purpose of their interactions.
• how are these interactions characterized
Example: The administrative assistant reports directly to the Division Head, and interacts on a day-to-
day basis with other TRIUMF Admin Assistants, supervisors and technical staff regarding matters
related to divisional issues, or to obtain information relevant to the function of the division . Key
external contacts are with senior officials at various universities, travel agents and government agents.
These relationships are characterized by professionalism and competence.

PRINCIPLE RESPONSIBILITIES: (List key areas of responsibility or duties) Example:
• coordinates meetings
• arranges travel
• prepares correspondence
• maintains filing system

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: ( Indicate the level of supervision that the incumbent receives,
and from whom). Examples might be: works under general direction; works independently; minimal
direction except where controversy exists; exercises own judgment as opposed to following standard
procedures, etc…

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: (Is this individual responsible for supervising or overseeing or
guiding any other employee? If so, what positions? What level of supervision?)

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: (Summarize the essential knowledge and skills required to be
effective in this position).. Example: oral and written communication; planning or organizational
skills; coordinating skills; attention to detail; flexibility to deal with changing priorities; good internet
skills; basic understanding of computers

QUALIFICATIONS: Summarize the minimum education, training and experience required
(experience should include reference to a number of previous years in a similar position). Also include
specific computer software use, email/internet or other equipment etc..the incumbent should be able to

What would be, if anything, the negative impact to TRIUMF if the incumbent were not competent.
How crucial is this position to the success of the organization? What could go wrong?