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BFA in Digital Art and Animation

BFA in Digital Art and Animation

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Published by: DigiPenEuropeBilbao on Nov 24, 2010
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Art & Animation

Bachelor of Fine Arts in production Animation
e d u c At i o n F u n dA m e n tA l s
DigiPen’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production Animation (BFA) program is designed to prepare students to enter into various sectors of the digital media industries as production artists and/or animators. The focus of the BFA curriculum is on developing a solid foundation in fine art and animation techniques. At the beginning of the program, students will focus on their foundational fine art skills, studying figure drawing, sculpting, and painting. Additionally, students will take courses in human and animal anatomy. 2D and 3D concept and design work will follow and includes environment art, storyboarding, and character design. Furthermore, students in the BFA program will be offered elective courses in film and cinema, sociology, English composition and storytelling, physics for animators, and acting for animators.

Applied t e c h n i c A l s k i l ls
BFA students directly apply the foundational and technical skills they learn throughout the program by forming teams to create animated films and/ or games in both 2D and 3D. Students are not restricted to any particular software package; therefore, they can easily apply and adapt their skills to a broad range of technologies and development environments. Throughout the program students will have exposure to the following software packages: • 3D Studio Max • Autodesk Maya • Photoshop • Blender • Mudbox • Z-Brush • After Effects

i n d u s t R y F u s e d w i t h Ac A d e m i A
The art faculty at DigiPen come from a wide range of backgrounds and includes individuals with professional experience in games, film, and the fine arts. Recent faculty publications include Animation from Pencils to Pixels: Classical Techniques for the Digital Animator by Tony White and Achieving Invisibility: The Art of Architectural Visualization and Rendering by Adam Crespi. Finally, DigiPen’s BFA program is reviewed annually by a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) made up of representatives from industry leading companies in order to ensure that the program curriculum meets the standards of rigor and relevance for a life-long career in the field.

With a degree in Production Animation from DigiPen you could be a... Concept Artist Storyboard Artist Character Artist Character Animator Environment Artist 3D Modeler Animator Technical Artist

Places B.F.A. Graduates have worked...
Sony Online Entertainment Airtight Games Fishbeat Turn 10 Rhythm & Hues Hidden Path Games Cartoon Network Bungie ArenaNet Junction Point (a part of Disney Interactive Studios) Monolith PopCap Bend Game Studio (Sony)

Recommended couRse sequence chARt
Course ANI 101 ART 101 ART 115 BIO 100 ENG 116 FLM 115 ANI 125 ANI 151 ART 125 ART 151 BIO 150 FLM 151 ART 201 BIO 200 CG 201 CG 225 PRJ 201 ART 225 ART 251 CG 251 CG 275 PRJ 251 ANI 300 ART 300 CG 300 ENG 315 ART 350 PRJ 300 ANI 350 PHY 115 CG 350 FLM 201 PRJ 350 ART 401 FLM 250 FLM 275 ART 450 PRJ 400 ANI 400 SOS 115 CS 115 LAW 115 PRJ 450 Course Title Introduction to Animation - Theories and Techniques I The Language of Drawing Art and Technology Visual Perception Storytelling History of Film and Animation Acting for Animation Advanced Animation - Theories and Techniques II Tone, Color, and Composition Basic Life Drawing Human Muscular, Skeletal, and Kinetic Anatomy Visual Language and Film Analysis Advanced Life Drawing Animal Muscular, Skeletal, and Kinetic Anatomy Two-Dimensional Raster Graphics and Animation Introduction to 3D Animation Two-Dimensional Animation Production Three-Dimensional Design and Sculpture Character Design Two-Dimensional Vector Graphics and Animation Three-Dimensional Character Animation Two-Dimensional Vector Animation Production Acting through an Interface Perspective, Backgrounds, and Layouts Three-Dimensional Environment and Level Design Story through Dialogue Storyboards Limited-Scope 3D Production Voice Acting for Animation Introduction to Applied Math and Physics Graphics for Gaming Cinematography Three-Dimensional Animation Production Conceptual Illustration and Visual Development Digital Post-Production Fundamentals of Music & Sound Design Portfolio Capstone Project I Cinematic Animation Media and Ethics: A Social Science Perspective Introduction to Scripting and Programming Introduction to Intellectual Property and Contracts Capstone Project II Core X X X X Semester Total X X X X X X Semester Total X X X X X Semester Total X X X X X Semester Total X X X X X X Semester Total X Credits 3 3 4 3 4 3 20 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 3 3 3 3 5 17 3 3 3 3 5 17 3 3 3 4 3 5 21 3 3 3 3 5 17 3 3 3 3 5 17 3 3 3 3 5 17 144 min.

Semester 6

Semester 5

Semester 4

Semester 3

Semester 2

Semester 1

X X Semester Total X X X Semester Total X X X X Semester Total Degree Total

Note: Please see the Course Catalog for an explanation of core courses and course descriptions.

Semester 8

Semester 7

Admissions RequiRements
In order to be considered for admission to DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe - Bilbao, all BFA applicants MUST meet the following minimum requirements: 1. Have completed Bachillerato and Selectividad 2. Have achieved at least an advanced level in the English language 3. In addition, BFA applicants are encouraged to take mathematics coursework at least through trigonometry prior to applying, but this is not a requirement. All BFA applicants must submit the following application materials: † Application for Admission (paper or online) † 200€ Application fee † Official high school transcripts † Official university transcripts (if applicable) † Official scores for the Selectividad - No minimum score requirement † Two letters of recommendation (optional) † Personal statement - Please see the website (www.digipen.es) or the Undergraduate Admissions factsheet for the required personal statement topics. † Art Portfolio: Please see information on the Art Portfolio for specific requirements † Proof of English language proficiency. Proof can be demonstrated in one of the following ways: a) A minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language, such as TOEFL b) Completion of four years of high school in the United States at an English-speaking school c) Completion of a bachelor’s degree at an English-speaking institution d) Other English proficiency exam scores, Cambridge English Level Certificates or similar

Please note Admission to the B.F.A. program at DigiPen is competitive. Applicants who exceed the minimum requirements by demonstrating strong academic backgrounds and dedication to their artwork are more likely to be accepted to the program.

DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe - Bilbao Alameda Rekalde 50 48008 Bilbao, Bizkaia Spain

Teléf. 94-4706400 or 94-4706500 Fax. 94-4706401 admissions.es@digipen.es www.digipen.es

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