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AS/400 and iSeries Tutorial
What is it? The successor to the System/36 and System/38, IBM's black box is the AS/400 re-branded as the iSeries, System i and i5. From a user standpoint these systems function identically aside from enhancements bewteen OS releases same so the names will be used interchangibly throughout the tutorial. The AS/400 is a rock solid platform with reliable hardware it is well suited for business applications like ERP, CRM, and data warehousing solutions. It can be run in various businesses settings including distribution, manufacturing, logistics, and banking applications. When it comes to security the AS/400 operating system OS/400 is tough to beat, and is even capable of C21 level security standards. Generally you won't find any off the shelf hardware in these systems, as the iSeries is completely proprietary. This type of hardware setup results in a relatively expensive (when compared with standard x86 architecture found in typical desktop PCs) yet reliable platform. Hearing of an iSeries hardware failure that takes down the system is few and far between (and typically occurs during an IPL) and it is rare that the system needs to be brought down at all. There are many third party applications (check the software vendor section for a listing) available to handle all facets of business including accounting, sales, supply chain, e-commerce, and warehousing. Be prepared to learn some new jargon when working with one of these systems. For example you don't load a service pack onto an AS/400 you apply a program temporary fix (PTF), you don't reboot an AS/400 you initial program load (IPL) it. You work with user profiles and store data on DASD. Where is Windows? Primarily the AS/400 and iSeries systems run a specialized OS called Operating System/400 aka OS/400 and now known as i5/OS. For those of you still clinging to your old System/36 systems you are in luck because OS/400 can perform System/36 emulation. I once encountered a food service distribution company that was running an AS/400 model 170 with System/36 emulation and RPG II programs for daily operations and never touched the actual OS/400 side except for an IPL. The newer iSeries systems can run a port of Linux and also features Logical Partitioning (LPAR) technology that allows you to run several virtual server instances on one physical system. OS/400 is tightly integrated into a flavor of the DB2 relational database known as DB2/400 and


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as400tutorials. and Lotus Domino/iNotes.http://www.html?Open . Period. Neither of these yearly maintenance agreements will come cheap but you really must have them! Never contract a third party to do hardware maintenance on a business critical AS/400 system. 2 AS/400 HTTP Server Redbook at http://www. You can save a bunch of cash buying a used machine instead of new. The very low end machines start at P5 and the next step up is a P10. Pay attention to what processor group aka P group the machine falls under. you can even find them for sale on eBay… the most important part here is to make sure the machine you buy can be put under an IBM hardware and software maintenance agreements. whereby you purchase a system at a certain price and can have additional processing capacity turned on (for more money of course) as needed without the expense of purchasing a new Windows. Small to moderate sized companies can get away with P10 systems as each model of AS/400 that comes out provides more and more processing power for the same P group class system. AIX or OS/400 at the same time or in a single instance (again through the use of LPARs and virtual I/O devices). iSeries i5 The latest re-branding of the iSeries is the i5. You can also get capacity on demand. You need to be selective when buying an AS/400 system. Software maintenance is where most of the money goes. Cost If you are used to running low end Windows based servers get ready for some sticker shock when moving to the AS/400 world. then P20 and so on. except for keeping user logons and passwords consistent. These systems are not cheap in comparison! To further add insult to injury AS/400 software vendors charge outrageous prices compared to Windows based software.redbooks. Size your system accordingly… AS/400s are efficient compared to Windows machines and you will need a lot less storage capacity then you are probably used to. These systems have been standardized on a consistent chip platform and can run Linux. However with the release of Enterprise Identity Management (EIM) software in version 5 of OS/400 a single sign on type solution can be can be enhanced with IBM's other software and e-commerce solutions such as HTTP Server2.AS/400 Tutorials . You can even get special cards that plug into an iSeries that will run a Windows server for networking emulation and integration. Software vendors will charge you more money for a machine that falls under a higher P group… why charging more to have the same exact software run on a faster machine is accepted is absolutely ridiculous but that’s the way this industry Why you would ever want to taint your beloved iSeries by integrating a Windows server is beyond me. WebSphere Application Server.

Just like cars a lease tends to be a bad idea and costs more over the long haul. IBM HTTP Server. . Although PC clients in the past used emulation cards and an IBM program called PC Support (or your favorite emulator capable of using a twinax card) to connect via twinax. If you plan on using Twinax I would highly recommend turning autoconfig on. Running SSL requires additional software configuration to OS/400 and a compatible emulator. Recent improvements in OS/400 allow you to use TCP/IP connected printers instead of having to rely on more expensive twinax cards and printers. printer. To get a better understanding from the command line issue the command "wrkcfgsts cfgtype(*ctl)" locate CTL01 in the list and select option You will be assigned an IBM business partner and they will do the selling and initial support to get you installed and going. this allows your system to detect devices and makes adding new terminals a snap. To accomplish this on the iSeries you will need to install and configure the Digital Certificate Manager. Twinax networks use controllers that directly attach to your system. Work with your IBM business partner but don’t let them just snowball you into buying whatever whiz bang system. As a side note. Clients can connect via network or twinax. while dumb terminals connect via Twinax networks. and IBM Cryptographic Access Provider. Connectivity PC clients connect to the system through an emulation program. To get around this happening I usually unplug the printer. In most up to date installations however the standard is pretty much Ethernet and twinax. Typically AS/400s are purchased outright. although it can be somewhat difficult to setup if you don't know what you are doing.as400tutorials. For reliability with dumb terminals and printers Twinax is a good solution. it ultimately depends on what your needs are going to be. Although this may seem a bit daunting.AS/400 Tutorials . This will create a printable table listing each controller port and all connected devices with switch settings. PC Support is no longer supported in recent versions beginning with OS/400 version V4R5. change the switch setting configuration and then plug it back in the new location. autoconfig is great except when you relocate printers to new ports OS/400 will automatically create and assign a new writer to it. For those who are security minded the iSeries is capable of using SSL encrypted sessions for clients. Each device must have a unique switch setting (you set switch settings on the device itself). What is twinax? Twinax is the default network connection used for devices like the system console and some printers. however IBM does have the option of leasing them. you can run systems with 50 or more users running green-screen applications on a very modest system especially since the processing capability goes up each time a new model iSeries is released. One such emulation program for the PC platform is IBMs own Client Access Express (aka iSeries Access) that incorporates a full 5250 emulation program and other nifty tools like the Operations Navigator that allow you to configure and control a system. etc) daisy chained to it.http://www. using a network sniffer you will find that without SSL logon credentials are passed in clear text which can be a serious security concern for some businesses. each controller has six ports and each port can have several devices (terminal. from the Work with Controller Descriptions window select option 12.

and very reliable even across a WAN.html . DB2/400 As mentioned previously AS/400s run a version of IBMs heavy weight relational DB2 database specifically designed for AS/400s called DB2/4003. but in modern networks the preferred method is TCP/IP over Ethernet and this has more or less become the standard connection. Generally commands are three letter abriviations of Commands The 400 is a menu and command driven system. Another new element is that it allows you to click on menu selections instead of entering them in on the command line. This works well for remote offices that have devices requiring a twinax connection with an existing TCP/IP WAN.AS/400 Tutorials . Perle carries twinax terminal servers that are used to connect a twinax device (printer or terminal) to it and connect to your host using TCP/IP. I have configured and used the eTwinax controller and they are pretty slick. Mochasoft produces another emulation program.http://www. active is act and job is well Other connectivity solutions include using middle man programs like SNA. BosCom is a maker of another emulation package BosaNova. One of the major benefits is they support Advanced Function Printing and IPDS so you can use your special fonts and type formatting with a compatible printer. it has a similar look to Client Access. Symtrax has free text and web 5250 emulator programs. IBM has the web enabled Host on Demand program that is essentially a Java 5250 emulator that has features like file Here is a partial listing of useful commands: Writers and Spool Files Commands 3 A thorough DB2/400 manual is available at http://www. NetManage has the RUMBA line of emulators for connectivity with 5250 and 3270 systems. If you put these three together you get wrkactjob which is a command that displays all of the active jobs presently running on the system. It is also capable of SSL. For example work is wrk. TN5250 is a great open source 5250 emulator for both Windows and Linux that supports features like printer emulation. They also produce the eTwinax controller for connecting up your twinax devices via TCP/IP. That is you can select options from a menu to run program and you can also enter commands on the command line.redbooks. This is a fully fledged db with all the features you will find in just about any robust database system.

useful for changing the outq associated with a writer. Perl. embedding it into RPG can quickly speed up the process of formatting and sequencing data without creating a bunch of logical files. SHIFT+SysReq. PHP. displays. and no more need to use the opnqryf command! . Most commonly you will find RPG and CL programs in use. including drive usage and ASP usages wrkusrprf <username> work with user profile (for resetting or changing user passwords) wrkdevsts+F4 work with system devices(controllers. CL tends to be more used for 'gluing' various programs together or for shell scripting type tasks. wrkoutq <queue/blank> work with an output queue. wrkwtr work with all writers/printers. used as a compiled scripting type language).as400tutorials. For those familiar with creating subfiles the use of embedded SQL now allows you to have them sorted in different ways without having to create a new logical file for every sort. COBOL. RPG is a very nice language for accessing the underlying database tables quickly and efficiently. chgwtr <printer> Work with writer. go licpgm Show installed programs Programming OS/400 supports a wide array of programming languages including RPG (report program generator) through its many versions. writers) handy for checking status of connected devices and varying them on and off. dsplog show system log file (you may want to use F4 and specify date limits with this) edtlibl Edit library list (like DOS PATH statements) sndbrkmsg+F4 send a break message to users. SQL. wrksplf <username/blank> work with your spooled files or spooled files for a user.http://www. CL (command language.6 show QSYSOPR messages System Menus go main AS/400 main menu go tcpadm TCP/IP protocol administration go ptf download/apply/work with program temporary fixes go power Shutdown or IPL the system. A great feature in modern RPG IV is the availability of embedding SQL statements right in your RPG programs. C/C++. System and Job Administration Commands wrkactjob work with active jobs wrkjobq work with a job queue or blank for all queues wrksbmjob <username> Shows status of submitted jobs(jobq/outq/etc) endsbs <name> end subsystem <name> strsbs <name> start subsystem <name> wrksyssts display system status. REXX (an IBM cross platform scripting language) and probably some others as well that aren’t worth mentioning.AS/400 Tutorials . Although SQL may be less efficient.

AS/400 Tutorials . rather it will be integrated with Java programs. popular. He makes some rather interesting points and states that RPG isn't going away. it may be time for the iSeries to be more modernized. I actually ran across a company that had written an order entry program entirely in RPG II and used Lattice to run it on the sales force laptops. I tend to agree. Using a cross platform language also allows companies to migrate existing programs over to the iSeries with minimal or no modifications. If you are looking to do TCP/IP programming in RPG IV on the iSeries Scott Klement has put together a very thorough RPG sockets tutorial. I have created inquiry type programs in RPG IV and a keyed logical file (using only chain operations. On the flip side just how well Java applications perform on the iSeries. no embedded SQL) that can pull up a record from files containing several million records almost instantly. It would appear that IBM is betting on Java as the future of the iSeries system. and I wonder how well Java would run in a similar application. With Java now taught as an introductory CIS course in most colleges there are certainly more programmers with Java experience then RPG (are there any colleges other then Rochester Community College that have courses on iSeries administration and RPG programming?).com/ . Is it possible to run OS/400 on Windows?! Lattice has the AS/400 emulation and development system that allows you to write and run RPG programs right on you’re PC. The ODBC driver is a great tool for making data transfers from the iSeries to the PC world much easier. presently (and is changing in each release of the operating system) OS/400 is optimized for running RPG programs. However the nitty gritty business programs and interfacing with OS/400 and underlying APIs is better handled by CL and RPG.as400tutorials. you should use the right product (or programming language) for the job and when it comes to web services Java is much better suited to the task then RPG. Although I do not want to see modern RPG (RPG IV anyway. and portable one (although these qualities come with other issues). II and III can go far away as far as I'm concerned) become obsolete. Although it’s a bit dated now RPG programming guru Bob Cozzi4 wrote an article in 1999 about the viability of Java on the iSeries.rpgworld. Using Perl (or your favorite scripting/programming language of choice) on a Win32 system I have been able to generate Excel reports on the fly and email them off with relative ease issuing SQL statements through the ODBC One of the great features included with Client Access is the availability of a Windows ODBC driver.http://www. or building Win32 programs that need access in real time to iSeries data. with an equivalent driver also available for Linux used to get data into your own programs and spreadsheets. it seems to be a good idea especially by migrating from a proprietary programming language to a more standardized. In the end we 4 Bob Cozzi is an expert in RPG and his website is located at http://www. Java IBM has made a push for AS/400 professionals to get up to speed with Java converting over legacy RPG programs to webfaced Java running on WebSphere.

Instead of having to manually enter in the table specifications (although there are CL commands to accomplish this as well) you type them into a file using the DDS syntax for the file name. I have seen this in action with several applications and it ran pretty well. With Java you can utilize JDBC to connect to the iSeries tables to run external applications as well.http://www. Typically these programs work by FTPing your source files to and from your iSeries. I almost always use SDA to create screens and will edit them by hand in SEU to fine tune or tweak certain settings.AS/400 Tutorials . and fields. DDS is also used for creating display files and may need some of that pixie dust or a pair of magic binoculars to know how much Java will play a role in the iSeries future.as400tutorials. DDS DDS specifications are for creating database files. Query/400 allows a user to build SQL based queries ranging from simple to complex from database tables quickly and easily. screens and report files. Like RPG and CL you typically enter DDS through Source Entry Utility and then have to compile them. if you plan to do any serious coding on the AS/400 get it. Coding Utilities If you’re going to do any serious amounts of OS/400 programming you probably are going to want an offline source editor (unless you just really really like using SEU). flat file database. Query/400 A really handy program is Query/400. This is a great tool. Not a bad program. and download files that can be imported into other programs like spreadsheets. it has some fairly nice features. For all but the most obscure screen designs SDA can handle most anything and contains quite a few features and allows you to see the results immediately without having to compile. IBM now includes the "WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries" with your software subscription. Features include being able to join data from several tables to create printable reports. For beginners the SDA (strsda) program is very useful for creating screens. CodeStudio is no longer being developed but is available for sale as shareware. Linoma Software has the aXes program that web-enables your screens. CodeStudio by RPG expert Bob Cozzi. and menus from a GUI type interface. . Unfortunately Query has limited logic capabilities and doesn't quite cut it when trying to tie information together from multiple tables with unrelated data (tables that do not have matching fields). certain attributes. You can start query (if you have it installed and licensed) by issuing the "wrkqry" command. learn it and use it. subfiles. in which case creating an RPG program is a much better solution.

One such offering is XL400 and StarQuery from Symtrax. To simplify things even more myriads of programs have cropped up to query and pull down data. . Pulling data into Excel allows you to do some advanced manipulation like pivot tables or to pretty much slice and dice the data any way that you see fit.as400tutorials. If you are strapped for cash but want to be able to build your own queries from SQL statements this is definitely the route to go. Another creative way of using SQL (if you don't have the SQL compiler. AS/400 and Excel Downloading data from an AS/400 database into Excel spreadsheets is an incredibly hot topic. Typically you will spend more time trying to find the right data tables to use then spent building a report with Query. or Query/400 installed on your system) is by using the CRTQMQRY and RUNQMQRY programs to create a Query Management Query. you don't have to learn any SQL syntax to create reports quickly. making it handy to generate reports rather quickly. You can also issue SQL4FREE from a CL program. however in modern times getting data from your iSeries to a PC is a routine and easy process to do. Now users can satisfy their own reporting requests. Although simple to use Query has some more advanced functions like sorting. XL400 and StarQuery allow users to create and save queries to data on your iSeries and dump them right into Excel. If you know SQL but don't have any SQL programs installed you might have the SQL4FREE program that you can use for issuing SQL statements. and grouping. The drawback to using this is it won’t convert packed field data correctly. As touched on previously there are several ways of going about this and there are several commercial software packages on the market as well. SQL4FREE is a nifty utility and it definitely served a good purpose but it seems to have dropped off the radar and can’t be found The main feature about Query is its menu driven. and packed fields are the standard field format for storing decimal data. although I am unaware of any limitations with SQL4FREE (other than having to type in the statement every runtime) it is a really great program. many people running huge queries over many files all at the same time can quickly swamp your system. If you are using Client Access or iSeries Access you have the ability to download files using the Receive File from Host function in emulator. although this solution can be a mixed bag.AS/400 Tutorials . Getting Data to PCs Back in the early days this used to be a really complicated and cumbersome process. By far you most often will see the use of the ODBC driver to connect and download data into spreadsheet or Access databases.http://www.

. There are several products available to convert and transfer spooled files over to the PC world in various formats including plain text.9 . Unfortunately you are limited to only downloading spool files as ASCII or text based formats. Included with this is the Explorer program which allows you to look through out queues and copy over spool files to you PC like Operations Navigator. however transferring them over to your PC is a different situation. Spooled File Tools from BVS Tools allows you to convert and email spool files. System Monitoring and Maintenance There are a few commands used in OS/400 for monitoring several aspects of your system including CPU usage and disk subsystems. Kisco has the WebReport/400 program that allows you to copy spool files over to HTML. . pdf.13 .0 Auxiliary storage: System ASP . pdf. .AS/400 Tutorials . . Spool files Any printable output on an iSeries is referred to as a spool file. : % DB capability . . : G 1. .com There are however some other methods to doing this.as400tutorials. . . Keep in mind that the aforementioned commands don’t allow data selection constraints. : 60. One such way is using Operations Navigator included with Client Access and simply 'dragging' the file over to your computer which translates it to a text file. . You can use the CPYTOPCD and CPYTOIMPF commands to copy over an AS/400 physical file to a file located within the Integrated File System (IFS) that can then be downloaded to your PC using Operations Navigator and imported into your database or spreadsheet. Brad Stone has some other nice programs available and is the author of several books on iSeries programming related to web applications. . so they essentially replicate the entire database file to the target file located in the IFS. although they are a bit more cumbersome compared to using an ODBC driver. and optionally send them as emails. . Work with System Status(wrksyssts): Work with System Status S199999 04/30/04 15:04:13 % CPU used . . . rich text. text.http://www. after processing a spool file is will also move it to an outq of your selection. . I have used the WebReport/400 program and its pretty slick. Symtrax has the Compleo suite that will monitor out queues and can even search for a matching string within a spool file and route it accordingly. For printing or viewing on the screen spool files are nice. and HTML.

0 . System Pool 1 2 3 4 Pool Size (M) 149. .37 Reserved Size (M) 47.07 .0 .0 .3 Bottom Command ===> F3=Exit F4=Prompt F11=Display transition data F5=Refresh F12=Cancel F9=Retrieve F10=Restart F24=More keys Work with Disk Status(wrkdsksts): Work with Disk Status S1999999 04/30/04 15:06:08 Elapsed time: Unit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Type 6717 6717 6717 6717 6717 6717 6717 6717 00:00:00 Size (M) 7516 7516 7516 7516 7516 7516 7516 7516 % Used 60.0 .0 .0 .76 5. .0 .0 Write (K) . : . .321 % system ASP used Total .0 % Busy 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bottom Command ===> F3=Exit F5=Refresh F12=Cancel F24=More keys Work with Active Jobs (wrkactjob) .0 .8 60.http://www.8745 Jobs in system . .0 .0 Request Size (K) . .43 .0 . . .0 .00 Max Active +++++ 55 5 18 -----DB----Fault Pages .7 15.0 .11 56.0 .0 .as400tutorials.0 Read (K) . . press Enter.0 .8 I/O Rqs . : . . .0 .0 .0 .0 . : 00:00:01 5906 .8 60. . 60.0 .0 . .0 . .0 .0 .0 . . .00 .7 .9 60.AS/400 Tutorials .0 .0 .8 60.0 .0 . .0 . .0 .0 . . . : Type changes (if allowed). : .13 2560 3185 .0 .187 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .8 60. : 60.0 .0 .0 . : Current unprotect used : Maximum unprotect .0 .0 Read Rqs .0 .0 .0 . .0 .8 60. .7 1.0 ---Non-DB--Fault Pages 1.8 60.0 .0 .com Elapsed time . .0 . G % perm addresses M % temp addresses M .0 Write Rqs .0 12.0 .74 300.0 .0 .

http://www. at the bottom of the report you will see a line with how many deleted records are in the file. ODOBNM.0 .0 . ODOBSZ. Here is the CL command to do so: ===> SBMJOB CMD(DSPOBJD OBJ(*ALL/*ALL) OBJTYPE(*ALL) DETAIL(*FULL) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(TEST/DSPOBJDP)) JOB(DSPOBJD) JOBQ(QPGMR) This will submit the command to the QPGMR subsystem and when finished running a file named DSPOBJD will be in the library TEST.0 .. Parameters or command ===> F3=Exit F5=Refresh F11=Display elapsed data F7=Find F12=Cancel F10=Restart statistics F23=More options F24=More keys If you are running out of ASP disk space a quick way to find out which objects are taking over is to run Display Object Description "dspobjd" and dump the results into an outfile.0 .. To get an idea if your files should be Work with Active Jobs 07/04/04 23:22:21 CPU %: . ODOBTP.0 Elapsed time: 00:00:00 Active jobs: 120 OS400 Type options.as400tutorials. Generally your software should provide the tools to run reorganization of the pertinent physical files for you. Running this command on all libraries can take awhile. ODOBTX FROM test/dspobjdp ORDER BY odobsz desc A good maintenance task is to reorganize physical files. .0 .0 .0 Function 7=Display message Status DEQW RUN EVTW DEQW DEQW TIMW TIMW TIMW TIMW CMD-WRKACTJOB PGM-QEZSCNEP PGM-QZHBHTTP More. typically when running this I will submit it to batch..0 . Here is an example SQL statement: SELECT ODLBNM. After running this command you can then run query or SQL statements over the file and order it by object size.AS/400 Tutorials . run a wrkf on your heavily used or large physical files and select 8 to display file description.0 . This process will remove deleted records from files and helps to keep things running smoothly and minimize problems. Type SBS INT BCH SBS SBS BCH BCI BCI BCI CPU % . 2=Change 3=Hold 4=End 8=Work with spooled files Opt Subsystem/Job QBASE QPADEV000G QSYSSCD QBATCH QHTTPSVR ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN User QSYS QSECOFR QPGMR QSYS QSYS QTMHHTTP QTMHHTTP QTMHHTTP QTMHHTTP 5=Work with 6=Release 13=Disconnect . press Enter..

most of them are going to charge you for having the software installed on two AS/400 boxes (even though one installation is going to be in use at any given time) and these costs can be incredibly exorbitant! If you have some forethought try and negotiate these fees with your software vendors before buying the software… this is especially true in the ERP arena. You can setup your system to automatically check for and download any new PTFs. After running any kind of data purges you should also reorg files. thereby running at the same priority as your interactive jobs.pdf Remote journaling information can be found at You need to be aware of some caveats when doing your high availability software selection. First check with your other software vendors.as400tutorials. These are full blown redundancy software systems that essentially mirror two AS/400 systems including all data files. Keep up to date on PTFs. It may also be a bad idea to change the class for batch jobs to process at a run priority of 20 or with a large timeslice. If your running low on ASP you should permanently apply your PTFs. and classes.html . classes specify parameters to use when work is processed and pools are memory allocations that subsystems can use to process work. High Availability The ability to mirror your systems has become a hot topic for disaster recovery scenarios. If you are feeling very ambitious and want to get your system performing optimally for the type of workload being thrown at it you will want to make some changes to the processing systems. memory pools. 5 6 Work Management Guide available at http://publib. For more information take a look at IBM's work management guide5.AS/400 Tutorials .redbooks. This includes changing and creating (but is by no means limited to!) subsystems.boulder. With the ability for AS/400s to do remote journaling6 in recent versions of OS/400 software vendors have burst onto the scene with packages to accommodate AS/400 users’ high availability needs.http://www. If your ERP software does not provide the functions to reorganize your physical files you can do so manually by using the Reorganize Physical File Member "rgzpfm" command. For example if you run a lot of batch jobs in QBATCH subsystem you may want to allow more than two (the default for QBATCH) jobs to be running at any given time. likewise it would probably be a bad idea to set the associated job queues Max Active to *NOMAX (thus allowing an unlimited number of jobs). the point is to review how these are setup on your system and adjust if needed. configurations. Subsystems are the places where work is processed (in batch and interactive jobs). and then run the reorg on each user profiles and more in real time or as close to real time as possible. as files that are being reorged cannot be in use by other processes. otherwise the system retains two copies. You can create a CL program to bring the system into a restricted condition (or end subsystems like QINTER and QSERVER). Keep in mind this is extremely oversimplified once downloaded PTFs can be temporarily or permanently applied to the system.

midrangeserver. Unfortunately the maintainer of this project James W. and convenience industries. SAP.http://www. Integrated Distribution Solutions provides software for food distribution. WRKDBF is a great shareware utility for changes database files. Software Vendors Innovative Systems LLC is the creator of FROG for i5 a utility browsing files. JDA makes purchasing and supply chain .com Also keep in mind what your data requirements are since that will drive bandwidth decisions. Infor now owns most all of the ERP systems that run on AS/400s. MAPICS has now been purchased by Infor Global Solutions. If you are going to mirror your production system with another sittings across the room you won’t have any isses… but if you are running a large system with lots of data transactions all of that data is going to be replicated to your backup box and that can require large amounts of bandwidth.who has now been acquired by Oracle. grocery. Help/Systems have several automation programs for the AS/400. WyattERP is an open source ERP program for the AS/400 and iSeries platform. It used to be free but it is still inexpensive.Need I say more.redbooks. MAPICS software for manufacturers.AS/400 Tutorials . Weblinks www. executing SQL scripts and more. IDS has been aquired by Retalix. ERP Application Vendors JD Edwards For those of you who are living under a rock JD Edwards was acquired by PeopleSoft .ibm. ProData Computer Services has many utilities and are the creators of the popular DBU database utility program. JDA has aquired E3 Corporation the makers of purchasing programs like E3 Trim. Kilgore has passed away and it hasn’t been updated in several years. Presently the largest vendor in this arena are Maximum Availability and VISION solutions since they aquired most of the competing HA software packages on the www. Newsgroups comp. www.misc .com www.AS/400 Tutorials publib.as400.boulder.search400.

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