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HRMM001 People in Organisations

Assignment 1
(worth 50% of the module mark)

Submission date 11th November 2011

Assignment Brief

For this assignment you are required to, with the use of
academic research:

a) conduct a critical appraisal of the concepts of either

organisational culture or organisational structure and

b) appraise the relationship between your choice and the

impact that it may have on the style of management in an

Your analysis must be based upon relevant academic literature.

It must also make specific reference to conceptual models and
theories. You may also refer to a real-life organisational
example to illustrate your findings. (The example selected may
either be one that you are familiar with or one that you have


Your assignment should be in a report format and not exceed

2,500 words, excluding the reference page(s) and appendices
(which should be kept to the minimum).

All references to academic journals, literature and other

published sources must be attributed using the Harvard
referencing system, which must be accurate attributed.

Improper citations or plagiarism will result in work being

referred to the School Academic Misconduct Officer who will
make a decision about any penalties that may be applied to the

Assignment Submission

A hard paper copy of the report must be submitted to the

Student Assessment Office by Thursday 11th November

A copy must also be submitted electronically via the submit

button on the HRMM001 NILE site by Thursday 11th
November 2010

Failure to submit the assignment to both the Student

Assessment Office and NILE site by the stated deadline will
lead to a grade of ‘G’ for non submission.

Assessment criteria
Your assignment will be assessed against

 The postgraduate marking scheme;

 The extent to which you have addressed all parts of

the assignment brief;

 The extent to which the analysis demonstrates

knowledge of the subject matter, evidence of critical
thinking and the development of firm conclusions
based on an accurate reflection of the research

 Presentation of the assignment – you are expected to

produce an assignment in a report format, that has a
logical and systematic organisation. The presentation
of the assignment must be coherent, accurate and
reflect work at a post-graduate level including Harvard