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Fallout 3 Commands

Fallout 3 Commands

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Published by: Matt Proctor on Nov 24, 2010
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Fallout 3 Commands o tfc - toggle free camera o player.

additem <base_id> <amount> - add item to your inventory, at full health. o player.additemhealthpercent <base_id> <amount> <quality> - add item to your inventory, with a specified condition. Quality should be given in decimal form. o player.removeitem <base_id> <amount> - remove item from your inventory; useful to get rid of useless quest items o player.showinventory - Lists Inventory with object id's suitable for using player.additem with o player.setweaponhealthperc - Changes the currently held weapon's health. o player.moveto <ref_id>, moveto player - move player to NPC / move NPC to player. o additem <base_id>, removeitem <base_id> - add /remove item in NPCs inventory. o equipitem <base_id>, unequipitem <base_id> - equip /unequip item in NPCs inventory. o ShowInventory - display items in NPCs inventory (including those you cannot see in the trading window). o sbm - show barter menu with the NPC (useful for inaccessible traders, but could lead to crash if used with non-traders). o OpenTeammateContainer 1 - opens the selected NPC's inventory (as if they were a companion, or knocked down) and allows you to transfer items to or from your own. o resethealth - restore NPC's health. o kill - make NPC die. o resurrect - resurrect NPC (will also "reroll" the inventory, meaning you could get different items). o resurrect 1 - resurrect NPC as if he/she was unconscious (this can give you some silly animation). o setally <faction1> <faction2> (0/1 optional) (0/1 optional) - sets a faction as an ally with another specified faction. 0=Ally 1=Friend. o setenemy <faction1> <faction2> (0/1 optional) (0/1 optional) - sets a faction as an enemy with another specified faction. 0=Enemy 1=Neutral. o setessential <base_id> 0, setessential <base_id> 1 - make NPC mortal / immortal. o disable, enable - delete NPC from the game / make NPC reappear. o startcombat, stopcombat - start / stop combat with selected NPC ("stopcombat" will not make an NPC unhostile).

o player.placeleveledactoratme <base_id> - create/clone an NPC and place it at the player. o player.getav <variable> - read out a character value, for instance karma, intelligence or smallguns, xp, health,etc. o player.modav <variable> <amount> - modify a value; the value will max out at its normal maximum value (100 for skills, 85 for resistances, 10 for S.P.E.C.I.A.L., etc). Negative values lowers the variable. o player.addperk <variable> - add a perk

sets the timescale.rewardxp <amount> .move player to current quest target o showquestlog . o movetoqt .placeatme <base_id> <stack amount> <quality> . o getstage <base id> . o killall . player.list all quest objective levels (stages).gets the objective level of a quest. . if true = 1 false = 0 o resetquest <base id> . everything the player has encountered and done o Getquestcomplete .sexchange .unlock doors.advlevel .checks if the current quest is complete. say a door. that is normally operated by a switch o setownership . you can of course also lock. o coc <cell edid> .list current quest targets o tmm 1 . and so on.remove a perk o player.Turns on all Pip-Boy map markers.reset quest o sqs <base id> . o tfow .removeperk <variable> .make the item yours (for instance a cabinet or a bed) o player. For example. the ratio determining how fast game time moves relative to real time. For example lock 1 would create an easy lock. Use with setstage.setlevel <level> . Adding a number after lock sets the difficulty.set level o player.o player.sets a quest to an objective level useful for resetting bugged scripts o sqt . safes.Kills all NPCs in the area. o tgm . lock 0 a very easy.Toggles fog-of-war in the Pip-Boy local map.show the quest log. o activate . setting the timescale to 1 would cause one second to pass in game time for every second in real time.advance one level o player.place an item next to the player.give player karma or xp o unlock .Toggles "god mode" o tcl .rewardkarma <amount>. the default setting is 30.activate an item.toggle male/female (remember to remove your facial hair if you're changing male to female otherwise it will stick!) o player. terminals or any other locked container. for many items only a stack amount of 1 is valid o set timescale to <scale> . o setstage <base id> <Quest Objective> .Teleports the player to the specified cell.Toggles clipping.

God mode .Faster sneak * setgs fjumpheightmin X .Add indicated amount of points to your skills (Y = stat type.Add indicated amount of Karma Points (X = amount) * setpccanusepowerarmor X .A.Adds indicated amount of Tag Skill Points (X = amount) * advlevel .Toggle debug display * tlv .Set player reputation with faction.setweaponhealthperc 100 .All mapmarkers * tdt . X = 0/neg or 1/pos.additem 000000F X .E.L.Get indicated amount of caps (X = amount) * removefromallfactions .Set Special Points (X = amount) * settagskills X .Complete current quest * getXPfornextlevel .No clipping mode * tmm1 .I.C. stats (Y = stat type.Toggle Power Armor use (X = 0 or 1) * setreputation F X Y .Toggle leaves * tfow .P.Fallout New Vegas Commands * addspecialpoints X .Sets weapon health to 100% on equipped weapon * player.List all console commands * modpca Y X .Add indicated amount of Special Points (X = amount) * addtagskills X . X = amount) * player.Set player level (X = level) * player.Sets Tag Skill Points (X = amount) * setgs fmoverunmult X .Level up your character one level * GetQuestCompleted . 4 is default (X = amount) * setgs fmovesneakmult X . Y = amount) * setspecialpoints X . default is 75 (X = amount) * tcl .Toggle fog of war on local map * tgm . (F = faction.Remove player from all factions * rewardKarma X .Faster running.Add indicated amount of points to your S. X = amount) * modpcs Y X .Gain one level * help .Higher jump.setlevel X .

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