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How Do You Generate Referrals

How Do You Generate Referrals

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Published by Dan Garlick
Ways to generate referrals to potential new clients for your business !
Ways to generate referrals to potential new clients for your business !

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Published by: Dan Garlick on Nov 24, 2010
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How Do You Generate Referrals?

How do you currently generate referrals ? How could you generate more ? I posed these questions to two of the best in the world at this; Frank De Raffele Jnr and Phil Berg. Both are BNI Executive Directors, both are very successful because they think outside the box. As a Director we're meant to support, mentor and encourage our chapter members to get the most from their BNI membership. Here's some questions you can ask next time you're visiting one of your chapters. 1 - Who wants more business ? They will all say yes 2 - How many of you have employees ? Some might say yes. Ask the next question to them. 3 - How many of those employees represent you in a BNI chapter ? 4 - Your chapter members are your sales team. They are your INTRODUCERS ! If you don't have your employees representing you what's the best case scenario you can hope for in terms of how many people can you introduce you to potential new business ? (NOTE: The answer is the number of members in the chapter) 5 - Now think about this; How many people do you know? Friends, acquaintances, business colleagues. Doesn't it make sense to leverage the people you already know and have working for you to generate referrals? 6 - How many people do your employees know ? Friends, acquaintances, business colleagues. How many times could you replicate what you do ?

7 - What's your BNI income strategy ? How do you determine how much business you've generated and would like to generate ? This is the single most powerful part of your business marketing approach. Where else can you leverage the efforts of other people to introduce you to potential new business ? Doesn't it make sense to spend some time on creating the life you want ? 8 - Do you use a BNI Hour once per week ? This is where you spend one hour consciously setting out your BNI income strategy and updating and refining it each week. This one hour could be the difference between success and failure. It could be where you realise what it takes to attain your business goals. 9 - Now I'll ask you again; How do you generate referrals ? 10 - Do you use simple techniques like using your BNI card wallet at every opportunity?

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